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How can I remove/replace this CPU heatsink backplate (where the CPU socket is screwed)?

Question: How can I remove/replace this CPU heatsink backplate (where the CPU socket is screwed)?

I'm replacing a motherboard for a HP laptop. I need to replace this backplate for the CPU heatsink to the new motherboard. I've tried to pull it out but it seems to be glued onto the motherboard.
If I manage to pull it out, should I replace the glue, double-sided tape or whatever is underneath?

HP G62-b80SS laptop.
Intel Core i3 CPU.
Thank you

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Preferred Solution: How can I remove/replace this CPU heatsink backplate (where the CPU socket is screwed)?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How can I remove/replace this CPU heatsink backplate (where the CPU socket is screwed)?

It is probably double stick tape used to insure it stays in place. Replacing it is your call. As long as the heatsink is mounted correctly, it really doesn't matter if the backplate is loose or stuck in place. Sticking the backplate simply makes mounting the heatsink easier to manage.

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For old testing/download PC I would like quiet cooler, something like Thermalright SI-97A:

The cooler must have the top-down airflow, so it cool the hot mosfets and caps near the CPU (they are heated up pretty much) and also it should have at least 92mm fan (for replacement to quiet Noiseblocker fan).

The most problematic part is, that the Soltek SL-KT600-R mainboard have NO HOLES near that CPU socket, so only heatsinks that attach to the ZIF socket are usable. The Zalman CNPS 7000Cu is not usable as well, as many other CPU heatsinks that require these nice installation holes... damn.

So, suggestions? And no, ebay search turned out as no results for Thermalright SI-97A

Answer:Socket A CPU top-down heatsink

I have used something similar to this socket A cooler; it worked well and was reasonably quiet

Still available from the egg.

Note when you install any socket A type cooler, be mindful of the following;
1 There is a lip on the mb bracket that must fit in a recess on the cooler
2 Socket A type cpu has an exposed die and as such is pretty easy to crack when installing the cooler. Be sure that you are careful when installing the cooler.

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I'm going to get a 3200 winchester or venice (if it arrives here soon) and will be overclocking but don't know which heatsink and fan I'll need to handle the heat.


Answer:Socket 939 Heatsink (need one)

how much have you got?

this is a very good one.

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hey, i've been looking everywhere for heatsinks for an Amd Athlon64 FX-51, and I can only find them for socket these fit on the socket 940 as well?

this is the one I'm looking at:

Answer:Socket 940 Heatsink

I think it might, Zalman themselves donít mention the 940 socket, but a few sites list that cooler as working with the 478/754/940 sockets.

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Im looking for a top of the line scoket 775 heatsink. Price range up to 60 dollars.

I cant find any good thermaltake ones so im looking for preferably a nice thermaltake. Right now my CPU is running high 50's with AS5 and idle.

Tell me a good site or links to a good one thanks all.

I checked frozenCPU found one that is ok.

Its here

(I dont know how to add link.)

Answer:CPU socket 775 heatsink

This one ?

Or this one ?

There were more but none were Thermaltake. Do you have a specific reason for wanting a Thermaltake ?

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Right . Upgraded To A I5 CPU and 1155 Socket Board . will my Socket 775 Cooler Work on this board ? as it have the same push and twist heatsink secure pins etc ..


this is the board ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P8Z68-M PRO

just wonder if this would . fit ... it looks like it would fit but whats different ???


Answer:Socket 775 Heatsink !!

No, the mounting pattern is different.

Stock hsf or a new one is the only solution.

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edit: just saw the screws, ignore this

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I have an AMD Athlon 2400+ XP processor. I recently swapped the motherboard out with a different brand, and the old one allowed a piece of software to control the CPU fan speed. This motherboard I have now doesn't allow that (or the software doesn't support it). So now, this fan that my dumb *** bought a long time ago that can run at 7500 RPM is stuck at that top speed...and it sounds like a hair blow dryer anytime my computer is on. I'm pretty tired of the noise.

So, I'm looking for a cheap heatsink that will work, and also be quiet.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Need a QUIET heatsink/fan for Socket A AMD...

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I am sick and tired of the noise my Intel P4 CPU fan/heatsink generates. Even using q-fan control in my bios the stupid thing still makes too much noise for my liking. Since the pc is on 24/7 and i sleep in the same room i need it to be quiet.

So here i am looking for a new CPU Fan/heasink for a socket 775. Any recomendations, I want it to cool nicely and be super quiet, noise is the reason why i need a new one.


Answer:Socket 775 CPU FAN/HeatSink Recomendation

Yeah get a better case or sound proof your current one. Get $200 or so saved for liquid cooling system.

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Hey guys...I've been reading some reviews here and there ...and I've come to a conclusion that the stock heatsink fans, are not effective at all when it comes to a little overclocking ...So I was wondering...within the price range of about 25-30 US bucks, or about 35 Canadian, what would be a good and effective heatsink fan...Socket A(462), or even a universal one. I'm not carrying my case I guess weight is not a problem...also I don't want to be TOO loud...if it's loud a little, it's o.k. Thanks guys.

Answer:Good Heatsink Fan for Socket A

Thermaltake Silent Boost for AMD Athlon Xp.

Their Volcano Series heat sinks are good for OverClocking, but they are noisy unless you mod them.

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i noticed yesterday that the fan & heatsink on my athlon xp (2100+) processor is pretty full of dust. can anyone please tell me how to go about
detatching that clip that holds them to the mobo socket so i can clean them out? i built the pc, but have kinda forgotten exactly how the clip latches down & i don't want to exert too much force on anything in that area.
is it correct that i'll also need to regrease the bottom of the sink with thermal grease? is this grease available at places like best buy or circ. city?

thank you!

Answer:How to remove athlon xp heatsink/fan for heatsink cleaning

Forgive me, but I find it hard to believe that if you put that machine together once, you forgot how to take it apart now.
It is human nature to never forget something that you did on your own.
That hold's true for computers also.
Maybe it will suffice if you just unscrew the fan from the heatsink and clean the fan and heatsink fins with a 1/4 - 1/2 inch paintbrush.

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Answer:In what way does a heatsink have to match a CPU other than socket type

Things to consider, socket of the board and processor being the main things.

Also will you be Overclocking the processor? The motherboard model so you can see which dimms will be populated, and then you need to know how much headroom you have in the chassis.

Once you have the above determined then you can logically shop for the heatsink that will serve you the best.

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Hi all, new member here.

I'm about to upgrade from a Sempron 2600+ (which came with a heatsink (PIB)) to an Athlon 3000+ (which doesn't come with one).

My question is: - can I use the heatsink from the Sempron on the Athlon? I'm guessing that the heatsink supplied by AMD for the Socket 754 processors will be the same right across the range, but I'm not certain about that.

Has anybody got any thoughts on this, please?



Answer:Heatsink for Socket 754 Athlon 3000+

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What is the best heatsink for a socket 462 amd athlon xp 3200+ if I want to overclock it?

Answer:Best Heatsink Socket A (462) Athlon XP 3200+

First of all, you are not going to get much [if any] overclock out of a 3200+ That is the last of the xp line. When you have the last of any series of cpu, the mfg has already gotten just about all there is out of the cpu.

Next I had good luck with mascool hsf back when xp were being used. There is not much to choose from now however this one looks pretty decent.

For all socket A type hsf, I always recommend pulling the board to install the hsf. This is so you can be sure that you get the hsf installed correctly. Socket As are easy to install backwards and the lip on the cpu socket ends up stopping the hsf from making full contact with the cpu die. Next reason is the socket As have an exposed die. It is easy to crack the die if you are not careful when installing the hsf.

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Ordered a new Athlon 64 3800+ on a MSI K8N Neo4 mobo. Wonering what are some good heatsink/fan combos for it. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Suggestions on a Socket 939 Athlon 64 Heatsink/Fan?

Did you order a boxed version ? It comes with a heatsink/fan which does the job well. Otherwise a Zalman 7000Cu (or 7700Cu even) does the job quietly & well.

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Looks like the fan is going, cpu tempts are way to high and the fan makes wierd noises sometimes. Looking on for socket A heatsink fan combos has me slightly confused. It lists socket A about 5 different times. Are they all just compatible with the different numbered chipsets listed and socket A or what? Just want to make sure I don't order the wrong kind.

My cpu is 1.33 T-bird socket A. Any recommendation on which heatsink/fan I should purchase? I really don't need a fancy one, I'll be replacing the mb/cpu soonish, just need something similar to the retail fan/heatsink.

Answer:Need a heatsink/fan for Athlon socket A, some questions

Some heatsinks work with multiple Socket/CPU types so thats why there's several listings - its not the best arrangement and makes it confusing.

I like this one because its quiet, does a very good job, and its priced nicely:
It also comes with Thermal Paste.

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I'm stuck between


The volcano 10 defenitly looks better, and I;m familiar with the volcano series of heatsinks, but I can't find any reviews for it. The small heatsink makes me wonder how good it performs.

The other one is huge, and has a 80mm fan which is great. huge heatsink = more heat transferring, but it's not copper, like the volcano 10 is. This heatsink seemed to receive a lot of reviews (probably becuase its thermaltakes "off companys" first few products)

I'm leaning toward the big one because it logiclly made more sense and got great reviews, but I'm looking for some imput from some more experienced members.


Answer:Heatsink for Socket A Athlon 2600+

The Thermaltake TR2 M3 is available and its $10. The Volcano is not.... so not much of a choice there. Actually, lucky that there is anything to choose from anyway.

Both fans are spec' to properly cool upto an AMD-Socket A 3400+ CPU... the temp issues jumps on the 3000. Your 2600+ isn't going to have problems.

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im looking to OC my 3800 x2 and im wondering what aftermarket heatsink youd reccomend. I willing to spend around 70ish if nessacary.

open to any ideas

Answer:Good socket 939 heatsink for OCing

thermalright xp-90+panaflo 92mm 42cfm / 36.9$

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Hi all,
I have just ordered an Intel Q9650 processor for my budget gaming rig and was wondering if the heatsink i have been using for my socket 775 pentium D 2.8 ghz will provide sufficient cooling.

Answer:Solved: Will an Old socket 775 heatsink for a pentium D processor be sufficient for a

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This is the last thing I need for my new build, and it's starting to make me crazy... almost to the point of wanting to re-think my choice of mobo. Anyone suggest a top-rated heatsink that'll work with my ASUS P7P55D-E Pro LGA 1156? I'm looking to spend in the $50 range and would really like to buy at Newegg if possible, but anywhere really is fine as long as it's a trustworthy site.

Going into a COOLER MASTER HAF 932 case if that matters. Processor's an i5-750.

Answer:Solved: CPU Cooler \ Heatsink compatible with LGA Socket 1156

If you want to go with one with a 120mm fan then this is probably
the best bet.
It has a low enough profile that it shouldn't clash with the side fan.
Otherwise,you probably want to stick with a 92mm or less.

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Hello there.I have a spare motherboard of a Probook 6360b laying around, and I'm planning on making acustom case for it to make it into a mini dekstop solution.I have already acquired a i7-2640m and it is tested in this system, even though it doesn't say it is compatible, and I have also acquried an GTX770 desktop graphics card, mounted on a external adapter solution that will also sit in the case.I'm interested in getting an aftermarket CPU fan solution as I have some future plans. The question is: Is there an aftermarket heatsink/fan-combo that fits the hole pattern to the stock heat sink?  ---------------------Kinda off topic information------------------- I do not need questions asking why I do this as this is just a hobby to keep me busy and learning something as I go. And yes, this is a budget project as I have had this laptop since 2011 and have already done a upgrade to a bigger battery, 8GB's of ram (scavenged from a broken laptop) instead of 4, replaced the CD-rom with an expansion bay sporting a 1TB SSHD for general storage, and the original HDD for a 128GB SSD for running Windows.Compared to the original 6360b, this is already heaps faster, and as long as it's not catching on fire,I will NOT change this laptop for another one. This laptop have stood the test's of time, and is still standing- I recently by accident spilled a whole glass of soda over it and got a spare Probook for free that have seen better days on t... Read more

Answer:HP Probook 6360b cpu aftermarket socket g2 heatsink/cooler

No unlike desktops laptops are designed one-off so the motherboard and auxiliary components like fan and heatsink are unique designs. You can enhance the cooling with copper shims, but there is no other fan/heatsink you can buy to fit on the motherboard than the OEM original part. 

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Hey there,
I am having temp problems (Intel Pentium D 820 last temp read at 67 C) and need a bigger, better heatsink than the standard size. Can anyone recommend a good alternative that is cost efficient?

Yes, I have reinstalled the fan/heatsink with a fresh layer of Artic silver after cleaning thoroughly but its been no help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Can anyone recommend a good oversized Fan/Heatsink for socket 775/asus motherboard

zalmans 9700

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I have a compaq presario SR1010NX. When I upgraded my computer to Vista, the pins holding my heatsink/fan on top of my processor broke. I have to place my tower on it's side in order for the fan to be running. When I place it upright, the cpu shuts down and the fan doesn't work. As long as I have it on it's side, it will work perfectly. I have another compaq presario that was recently given to me (tower only no monitor or keyboard), but it is a model S4020WM, and I don't know if I can use the heatsink/fan on my motherboard. Also, I would like to know if the processors in the computers are interchangable..any help would be greatly appreciated..

Answer:How to replace a heatsink and fan

You need to buy a new Socket mPGA478 heatsink and fan. These are pretty inexpensive, so try a website like or Make sure that you get one that is suitable for the Celeron 2.8GHz processor (it will tell you the suitable CPU's on the listings).

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The stock hsf on my non-overclocked +2500 barton is rather loud, and I would like to replace it. Is it possible for me to simply buy a new 60mm replacement fan without having to buy a completely hew heatsink and fan?

I was looking at some nice 60mm panaflos that make around only 21 dbas but are labeled as case-fans. Would I be able to screw one of these panaflos onto my heastink?

Answer:Replace heatsink fan?

Standard case fans are 80mm X 80mm x 20mm. An 80mm fan will do you no good if you seek to replace a 60mm fan. A 60mm fan may work provided your heatsink has standard mounting brackets. However, be advised this will cause your cpu to rise in temperature (most likely) if the fan is slower.

A better solution is to replace the heatsink/fan entirely. I personally favor the ThermalTake Volcano 9 for low-cost high-effectiveness Socket A cooling. You can pick it up online for only $14, and it has three different ways of choosing cpu fan speed: Automatic speed sense based on a thermal probe, which you can place wherever you wish, a rheostat which you can turn to choose the speed at which the fan spins, or a simple jumper to set it to either low or high speed mode.

Case in point: In my shop machine I have an overclocked Athlon XP Barton. It is a stock 2500+ and is sitting at 3200+. I am using a volcano 9, and have the CPU fan forced to ~1100rpm - Barely audible, even when I am close to the computer. If I'm more than five feet away, the machine is inaudible. The cpu is quite hot, in fact at full load it sits at 64C, but this is fine for me.

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Hello I have an HP Vectra VL400 pc. I am currently running a 800mhz Pentium 3 (Spec# SL4CD) processor with a 133mhz bus on an Intel Solano i815 chipset. My Socket 370 does not allow the later 1.4ghz Tulatin Penitum 3 processors so I had to buy a FC-PGA to FC-PGA2 Socket Adaptor on ebay. I got that in the mail already. I just bought a 1.4ghz Tualatin Penitium 3 (Spec# SL6BY) processor off ebay today.

1. I am wondering what kind of compound I should use on the processor between it and the heatsink I currently have which is a small Copper Based XP Cooler w/Fan (Model# C41(DC1206BM-L/610-P-CU). I can't really tell the brand of the heatsink w/fan but I think it says Microfin & CE. Keep in mind that I have to piggyback the socket adaptor on top of the original socket on my motherboard, and than place the heatsink w/fan on. So you have to imagine that being that my pc is going to be in a vertical position, the adaptor may cling off a little, or it may create gaps of air because the heatsink w/fan may pe weighing on it. I have not tried to install it yet as I have'nt recieved the Tualatin processor in the mail. I heard there is something called Thermal Pads. Let me know what I should use. & especiall what the best thermal stuff to use is. Let me know brand name, etc. My cooling decision has to be right. I obviously still need to use the heatsink w/fan. But what is the choice I should go for what goes in between them knowing the problems that may arise from m... Read more

Answer:Cpu Adaptor, Heatsink, And Thermal Compound Question. Upgrading a FCPGA socket 370.

Thats tons of info and you have done exceptionally well. STAY AWAY from thermal pads, they will only last a short time and can and will dry out and become not effective! Either way with the piggyback setup or not your heatsink (HS) must be flush with the top of the CPU otherwise any thermal interface material (TIM) will be a moot point. Imagine if air gets in there and all the assorted molecules that consitute our atmosphere becoming heated excited and generating more heat (big no-no). It must be snug.

Okay one the best market products are called ArticSilver 5 and you can view it at this link (sort this idea or air pockets quickly otherwise there will be heat issues):

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need to order the right fan at the right place for my laptop along with the heatsink...HP G72 b54NR


View Solution.

Answer:need to replace my fan and heatsink want to order the right ...

Thank You so much for your help while I was looking at the link you sent my husband also found one brand new for a little bit more.NEW HP G62 G72 G72T G62-A G72-B G72-C COOLING FAN HEATSINK 606013-001Yeh we had the whole thing apart yesterday and that is why we opted to get all of it together...looked like it could be a bear trying to get them Again THANK YOU its good to have you guys out there to help us non tech savy people...Sheree

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how  do  we replace  the  heatsink part of  659335-001.  i can't  get  the  metal part  to budge. it  does  wiggle  on its own. the  fan is  easy  to  replace, is  the  tape on  the  bottom heatsink  tape, or  just  normal  tape,  what  the  normal non chicken frying  temps  for a gigabyte  angelica.  do  i  basically have  to  gut  the  computer, pop  out  the  motherboard, and  push  the heatsink  pins out  from the back? or just  yank  at  the   white plastic pins  with a  needlenose?

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i want to replace a standard intel cpu heatsink fan, which was applied with a thermal pad. how do i remove/clean this properly without damaging the cpu? also someone gave me an extra heatsink fan, but he didnt know which cpu this was for. how do i know if the fan can be used? if it fits the 4 pegs in the motherboard, can assume that it is an appropriate, fitting heatsink fan?

also the pc is placed so, that in front of it (at about 1cm distance) there is a wall. the front side of the pc has 1 fan, aimend at the hdd's. at the back, left, and right side there is no wall near. i cant move the pc, but i want to know if this may damage the pc due to temperature increase?

Answer:replace standard intel cpu heatsink fan

First of all, just because the fan fits on the board does not mean it is the correct fan. The hsf must remove an adequate amount of heat energy. Failure to use the correct hsf can result in overheating.

Next to remove the hsf you release the four push-pins by turning counter clockwise. Lift off the hsf. If it will not lift off, then it is most likely stuck on the cpu. To fix this, pw ON the mb for 30sec or so and shutdown. Now you can remove the hsf. Clean parts with 91 or 99% alcohol. Do not use the 50 or 70% stuff you find in the supermarket. It contains lanolin and will leave a residue. Apply thermal compound IAW [in accordance with] the mfg's instructions.

FWIW I always recommend pulling the mb to R&R a hsf on an intel cpu. This is for two reasons;

1 With the board out of the case, you can check the back of the board to be sure all four push-pins are fully seated/engaged. If one of the pins is not fully seated, the system will overheat and shutdown. This is not all that hard for an experienced builder however for an inexperienced builder, it can be a real pain to get the pins fully seated.

2 I dislike having to push so hard on the push-pins when the board is supported only by standoffs. I much prefer having the board sitting in front of me when installing the hsf.

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I need replace a cooling fan & heatsink of hp pavilion p7-1207cI call hp and send me to ebay and no one work .

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I have a PIII 900 MHz processor heatsink fan that needs replacing -- it sounds like a motor boat even after removing dust bunnies from the fan.

I was wondering if I should replace the entire heatsink and fan set since the inside of the computer has not been cleaned in years and ... well ... looks like a huge dust bunny.

My second question is: Can I use Artic Silver 5 thermal paste to do this -- I've only built AMD computers and I'm not sure if it works just as well for PIII processors...

Answer:Re-Seating/Replace PIII Heatsink-Fan?

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Hi Folks, I have just bought a 733MHz slot 1 P3 processor on ebay but it doesn't have a heatsink and fan. Does anyone know how to take the heatsink and fan off my existing slot 1 processor so I can put it on the new one. I don't want to force it in case I break something and it doesn't appear obvious to me how to do it. Thanks for any help.

Answer:How to replace heatsink on slot 1 P3 processor

I've never tried it, but I found this here click here1. Remove the OEM heatsink on the processor. You may have to cut off the plastic pins which are holding the OEM heatsink. 2. Use a hairdryer to blow warm air to the heatsink so to soften the compound under the heatsink. You then can easily twist to separate the sink off the processor. 3. Clean up the compound left on the processor, using any common solvent. (Rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, should be just fine).

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I cannot find a replacement part online at Dell. Cant even find the part number. Anyone have a recommendation on where to find replacement/ Mine was really noisy and needs to be replaced ASAP. Thx.

Answer:Inspiron 660 Replace CPU fan and heatsink assembly

Hi JMB89
Thanks for writing to us.
Please provide us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message. Along with us let us know your name email address as well.
If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -

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I need replace a cooling fan & heatsink of hp pavilion p7-1207cI called to hp and but they send me to ebay and no one work .

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my system runs anywhere fom 32 to 36 when idle and i had noticed it creeping up a bit. my heatsink fan (stock intel) is only spinning around 1000 rpm and the core temp is now around 48-49. i think the heatsink fan is dying, since both pc probe and my bios agree on the fan speed. So, a few questions.

What is a good heatsink/fan for a socket 478 2.8 gz northwood chip? the mb model is below? I don't have any crazy stuff in the case so space isn't an issue.

How do I know it's really the fan going kaput and not a controller on the motherboard?

Answer:heatsink fan spinning low on pc probe and bios indicators, replace?

foycur said:

What is a good heatsink/fan for a socket 478 2.8 gz northwood chip? the mb model is below? I don't have any crazy stuff in the case so space isn't an issue.Click to expand...

I know my friend has this little sucker on his 2.8 northwood. Its a cheapie but a goodie.

But you cant go wrong with anything from thermaltake

foycur said:

How do I know it's really the fan going kaput and not a controller on the motherboard?Click to expand...

You could always get a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter, and run the fan directly off the main line. Or try another fan.

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I have a second hand PC that the CPU has become damaged to poor fitting/lack of Themal soloution.The processor on this board is a AMD Athlon 1.2GHz 200MB FSB Socket A. With the [email protected] being damaged would I be able to fit a AMD Duron in this Motherboard or do I need to find a old Athlon none XP to replace.MS-6340 Rev.1 if any good PCA forum reader can help please. Or its going to be a expensive repair with new M/b CPU & Memory as its running SDRAM not DDR.

Answer:Microstar M/b MS-6340 with Socket A CPU replace ?

Looks like it does support Duronclick here

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How do I replace a power jack cable for an acer chromebook c7 c710-2834-2834 q1vcz ac710a

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The title is the question, how the **** I remove that heatsink from my CPU. There's this bracket, and I don't know how to take it off.

Answer:How to remove a heatsink.

Be nice if you told us the socket type.

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I posted earlier this morning after thinking my p4 chip had fried..After further investigation on the net I've discovered my chip isnt fused to the heatsink but has bonded with the heat compound. I did get a burning smell on startup after building the pc and this caused me to panic.(it was the compound bonding apparently)when I removed the heatsink the cpu pulled from the socket too!The pins are not damaged so how do I now re-attach the cpu to the socket?The cpu is set like concrete to the heatsink and brute force will damage the processor.Thanks anyone


Did the same thing myself - I killed my processor separating it from the heatsink.Try the two p's - patience and prayer.After my experience I would say the best bet is to get hold of a one sided razor blade, or similar, and gently slice the two apart.The odd thing was that when I attempted it - I used everything from a jack hammer to a scalpel - the cpu stuck like it was super glued, until it started to give at which point the two parted company so quickly that the cpu flew one way and the heatsink the other. I picked my cpu up about four feet from where it started.My point is that there does not seem to be much holding the two together, it is a matter of finding the weak point. Use something which is wider than the cpu, if possible, and work it between them round the edges. I marked my heatsink using the scalpel.Best of luck - go gently!

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How do I remove the heatsink from the CPU? Arctic Silver was used.


Answer:Remove CPU Heatsink?

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My fan died on my Radeon 9700 Pro, so I bought a replacement fan and heat sink. I removed the old fan, but I cant seem to get the heat sink off. I see how its mounted, and I tried to twist the two pins holding it in place, but its not working, and I dont want to force it and risk breaking something.

Answer:How do you remove heatsink from ATI 9700 Pro?

Nevermind, I finally figured it out and got it off. This thread can be closed.

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HelloMy son installed a new fan/heatsink ( with a whole lot of trouble apparently) and when he went to boot up ,there's power from the power supply as you can see its fan operating and hear a click from the hard drive (although the cdrom and dvd drawers wont open) but theres no display or error beeps. He says he cant remember ever having beeps however. I have tested the ram, video card and hard drives, but I cant remove the heatsink to test the cpu, it is SO tricky! It seems to be in solid. He thinks he may have damaged the cpu when he was trying to install the heatsink/fan. How can I get the thing off, or, do you think its not that? I wonder if its the mobo?any help would be great, as the thing is in bits all over my dining table at the mo!Cheers.

Answer:Help! Can't remove cpu/heatsink ,any tips please?

What mobo/cpu/heatsink?

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Basically I don't know how to unlatch this heatsink from the motherboard.

Answer:How do I remove this heatsink from an old computer?

You push down on the silver tab and push out and it unclips from the bottom bracket.

Here's a picture of the clips, you can see the tab on the one end and the hook it latches:

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Ive got an old 1ghz Athlon computer and Im trying to remove the heatsink but im having problems. The heatsink is a standard 2 metal clip heatsink where the clip goes right onto the side of the ZIF socket. I cant seem to get the thing off, ive tried pushing down on the metal clip, pushing down and pulling it sideways with a wire threaded through it but nothing. Whats the trick to get these off?

Answer:Suggestions to remove heatsink

Might have glued itself to the processor? Try heating it SLIGHTLY with a hair dryer, then pulling it off. Worked for me.

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Hi all I have an old video card which came with heatsinks and fans on it,the heatsinks are glued onto the gpu ,what I need to know is what can I remove this glue with,it is pretty solid on there and prying I don`t think could be an option.The fans that came with this card are very inadequate,and I am going to replace thm with a much better heat spreader and fan.I have no idea what kind of glue is used to hold them on.the card is a 5500 dual gpu voodoo.thanks guys.I know the card is outdated but it playes certain games very well.

Answer:how to remove a glued on heatsink

dap a little acetone around the edges with a q-tip. this may take several applications

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Basically I don't know how to unlatch this heatsink from the motherboard.

Answer:How do I remove this heatsink from an old computer?

I believe using the tabs (that say Asus), push down, and then push inward with your thumb, so that the bottom lever of the tab swings away from the heatsink.

IIRC that's how those ones work; haven't worked with those for several years.

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Hi, Currently I'm using a dual core 6850 and I'm thinking about buying a quad core. I have a PSU of 500 W as spare.

Can i replace the CPU to a Quad Core without changing the cooling system?

Answer:replace dual core CPU by quad core what about heatsink? in Mini Tower 755 Optiplex

These are the specs of the spare PSU. Aren't they better than the original Dell PSU?
That power supply is ATX and not EPS12V
Better is not the issue.  Dell power supplys are 80 percent efficient not 70 percent ATX.  The -5v rail is an issue as well as this may cause a motherboard fire or damage your system.  Its a dead giveaway that this is a power supply from 1990 to 2000.
What current is on which rails is not trivial. There is a single 12V RAIL on that unit and its max is 17A
EPS 12V units have multiple rails of 12V @ 18 amps each.  MAX Power on the 12V rails is 264w not 204w
That unit has a lot more on the 5V and 3.3V rails at the expense of the 12V rails and CPU 4 pin connector. So no that spare unit is not likely to work well if at all.

Recommended update or replacement is EVGA 750B1

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Hey people,

Is there anyone who can help me with step by step instructions to removing the fan and heat sink, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000..



Answer:How to remove old fan and heatsink from Satellite Pro 6000

Try this pictured guide here:

The 6100 is almost the same as the 6000. So this guide should be of great help. (Click on each picture for more detailed view).



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I've been using the stock cooling for my 2.4 Ghz pentium 4 for a while now. Recently, I've clocked it to 2.96 Ghz and seem to have minor stability problems in Farcry (which is puzzling, because I can run Doom 3 for hours and it's fine).

Anyway, I tried removing the stock heatsink/fan combo to apply some thermal compound and.. I can't.. get it out. I've unfastened both sides, and the heatsink maybe lifts a few cm from the cpu, but I still can't get it out. It's like the plastic thing on top is keeping it from leaving.

This is very frustrating and I've applied a lot of force and still can't get it out. Is there a secret way to do this, or what? What am I doing wrong?


Answer:I can't remove the heatsink from my processor. And I'm not using compound.

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I was looking in my CPU because my HDD temp went up to 53C. I wanted to clean out the dust and noticed a lump of disgusting dust in my heatsink fan (if that's what it's called).

So my question, is there a picture tutorial or video on how to remove and clean them? And is it safe for someone that have little experience in this? I mean, installing RAM is one thing but this seems a little complex. I cannot risk the dust build-up and my PC end up dead (if that's even possible). I tried using the can of air thingy and that doesn't clear it.

I looked in YouTube and there are soooo many different ones but i can't find one similar or close to the one i've got.

Answer:How hard/complex is it to remove heatsink?

Quote: Originally Posted by Dj SharK

I was looking in my CPU because my HDD temp went up to 53C. I wanted to clean out the dust and noticed a lump of disgusting dust in my heatsink fan (if that's what it's called).

So my question, is there a picture tutorial or video on how to remove and clean them? And is it safe for someone that have little experience in this? I mean, installing RAM is one thing but this seems a little complex. I cannot risk the dust build-up and my PC end up dead (if that's even possible). I tried using the can of air thingy and that doesn't clear it.

I looked in YouTube and there are soooo many different ones but i can't find one similar or close to the one i've got.

Try youtube for a video.

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hi im thinking of buying.... the NV 5 cooler (Arctic Cooling nVidia 5 (6800 Series) VGA Silencer ) for my 6800 gt XFX card, but first i have to remove the stock cooler... has anyone carried out this procedure with and 6800gt XFX card before... could u give me any breif description of the removal of the stock heatsink.. or any links of removing the XFX 6800 stock cooler... i would apreciate the help greatly... i dont think the XFX stock cooler is sufficient in keeping my 6800gt cool enough... at ideal the temp is 55 degrees with ambient temp of 35 degrees.... in gaming the temp rises to 70-75 degrees and ambiant temp stays at around the same sometimes rises up to 37- 38 degrees...... i have two 80mm fans at the front of the case blowing air in... one 80mm high performace fan on the side panel window blowing air in... i have one tube fan blowing air out of the case. i also have a blower fan just beneath my graphics card blowing air out... strange thing is that the front of my 6800 GT the sticker side (one wiw the dog pic on it) is facing down in my case towards the PCI slots... i think that a bit stupid cos the 6800 gt XFX fan blows air away from the card but hot air rises and the hot air simpley forms underneath the card... lol

Answer:How Do I Remove The 6800GT XFX Stock Heatsink


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i have got a XFX 6800GT graphic card how do i remove the existing cooler for this card and install the new Arctic Cooling Rev.4 nVidia 5 (6800 Series) heatsink and fan. any web sites out there which would have some instruction to help me out.

thanks guys for ur help

Answer:How Do I Remove The XFX 6800GT Stock Heatsink And Cooler Fan

first off let us know how that XFX goes. Heard a lot of people having issues with them. Second....I believe its held on by just 4 screws on the backside...there should be a big X on the backside thats a support bracket, but I haven't even held a 6800 card in my hands so I'm not entirely sure. Should be able to remove the 4 screws from the X in the back and it should come off.

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I had to buy a new motherboard because the other one was junk, and obviously I need to transfer the CPU to the new one. I also bought Arctic Alumina compound, but do I really need to go through all of that? Will the Thermal pad included on the heatsink stay intact? I've only had it for a month, and it's been turned on about 5 times, for no more than 2 hours at the most.

Answer:If I remove the heatsink from the CPU will the thermal pad stay intact?

Sorry,but you need to clean the old pad off with something like
isopropyl alchohol and reapply thermal compound.
If it is a thermal pad,then chances are that it is made of
a wax compound and will break up when you remove the heatsink.
At best,leaving it there will cause bubbles that become hotspots
and can overheat the processor.

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This has a Pentium 4.2 Processor.  There are 2 clips on the side that hold the hood that goes to the front fan and the heat sink. It seems obvious that when you push on plastic handle on top of the clips they lock in place. I cannot see how to release them without applying too much force. I searched the HP site and in the books I have there are illustrations of all types of clips to attach heatsinks but not this.

Answer:How to remove the heatsink and hood in a Compaq Evo D510 SFF computer

Well I got myself a long needle nose pliers and with the right angle they came off without damaging the motherboard. Now I have to see if the CPU is not fried.

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Something is wrong with Add or Remove programs. I've posted a screenshot below. Basically, there is NO button to uninstall anything, it's like everything's disappeared. I have no idea what happened!

See- there's no information on the right side at ALL. I am the admin. Could it be a virus? I have no idea

Help would be appreciated, a lot.

Answer:Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs screwed up

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Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
Date:          1/17/2017 6:19:45 AM
Event ID:      351
Task Category: Standby Performance Monitoring
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Event Log
User:          LOCAL SERVICE
Computer:      USER-PC
This driver responded slower than expected to the resume request while servicing this device: 
     Driver File Name :
     Driver Friendly Name :
UHCI USB Miniport Driver
     Driver Version :
6.1.7601.18328 (win7sp1_gdr.131126-1436)
     Driver Total Time :
     Driver Degradation Time
: 55ms
     Incident Time (UTC) :
     Device Name :
     Device Friendly Name :
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB
     Device Total Time :
     Device Degradation Time
: 0ms
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsof... Read more

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Does anyone know where I can get a case backplate for a 9 pin D sub socket I can`t find one anywhere.

Answer:Need backplate for 9 pin D sub

Try here they also do gender changers click hereCheers HC

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Question: Backplate anyone?

Hi Folks,REally trying to track down a blackplate for an MSI KM4M-V mobo. Have tried e-mailing MSI with no luck. If anyone can help i'll be happy to sort out some money for it.Cheerstom :o)

Answer:Backplate anyone?

click here= might be of use?johnny.

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Question: Backplate help

would this backplate work with the stock heatsing or do i have to install watercolling on it???

Answer:Backplate help

Overclockers website said:

This backplate is compatible only with Reference PCB design Nvidia 470 GTX cards in combination with any of EK-FC470 GTX waterblocks.Click to expand...

It seems clear it is intended for the EK-FC470 GTX waterblocks and isn't compatible with the stock heatsink.

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I have tried a standard 1366 heatsink on T410. The screw distance does not fit. Can anyone tell me the dimension of the two and also the distance between the screws?

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There is a small aluminum heatsink that buts right against the bottom side of the CPU heatsink that is missing in my machine and others I have seen pictures of.This is taken from one of the tech manuals, I hope the link works because I can't figure out how to upload a pic.
I wish to know what this cools and why they are never reincluded when you purchase one refurbished. The chips that are cooled by it right next to the CPU. I have heat issues and this has been bothering me because I can't find one to replace it. Or not a Dell brand anyway. Can someone enlighten me as to what this is , why it's hard to find, what are those chips, and how do I keep them cool?

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Anyone know of a heatsink that is similar in dimensions to the stock AMD heatpipe heatsink, but performs better and has a larger fan?


Answer:Need high performance heatsink similar to stock AMD heatpipe heatsink

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Can i use a new heatsink and put it on a computer that has a different backplate.

Answer:Use different backplate for different heatsinks

You could if it lines up, has the correct dimensions, and the correct mounting options. A new heatsink, if it requires a back plate then it will likely come with one, best to use it unless its identical.

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I Googled video card backplates and there seems to be two camps. One camp says it's a good heatsink and makes things look nicer. The other says it's just a dust trap that adds weight to the system.

I have no experience with them so I figured I'd ask your opinions on backplates.

Answer:Your Take on Vid Card Backplate?

I wouldn`t have a card without one, today there`s no reason not to have one, they cost $20 if the card doesn`t come with one already.

Look how nice this MSI 980 Ti looks with a plate

I mean this is the part we see so, it may as well look the best it can be

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When putting in the backplate, the flimsy metal fingers around each port go where? Do they have a purpose (like grounding)? Should they be flat against the plate or protruding at 90 degrees to the plate? Some times hard to get the board to slide thru the openings.

Answer:I/O Backplate Installation

doesnt really matter as long as they are not blocking any of the ports.

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick question. I bought the Gigabyte Windforce3 OC GTX970 graphics card for my new PC. I really like the look of my PC as a whole but regret not buying the G1 Gaming version of this card (didn't know about it until it was too late lol). Is there any way of getting my hands on a G1 backplate on its own, or even a custom one? I have found some custom ones but I'm not 100% sure if they will fit my card as they are mostly for GTX 980's, Titans or MSI/ASUS 970's. They also claim to need the waterblock component to be fit. Here is the site in case others are interested though:

The ones I think might fit are: (GTX 980 though, not sure how different they are) (also 980 but is for the WF3)

Oh my vanity! My PC has a huge window on the side (NZXT H440 case) so I notice my mistake lol. Also, can these be used on their own? I assume I can just screw it onto the back, right?

Many thanks for any help and advice!

Answer:Gigabyte GTX 970 Backplate

You might do better by contacting Gigabyte tech support and seek their advice as to whether they are compatible or not.

Oh my vanity!Click to expand...

LOL Well, a clean and tidy case interior is certainly important for proper air flow and cooling but a pretty backplate does nothing for performance. And isn't what's happening on your monitor(s) more important?

I like a case with a side window too. And I make sure my cables are routed and tied back because proper cable management means the cables don't impede air flow any more than they have too. But also, because it "looks" tidy and more professional inside too. And perhaps it is a bit vain on my part, but I do take pride in knowing my cases "look" clean, tidy and professional inside.

But other than that, I expect my cases to sit quietly and discreetly off to the side and not draw attention to themselves so I can pay attention to what's on my monitors.

I use the side window to inspect for dust build up, and to make sure my fans are spinning. Not to gawk over and drool. Well, at least not after the first 5 minutes passes and the novelty wears off.

I am just saying a pretty backplate will not improve your computer's performance, cooling, stability, lifespan, or efficiency. Note the description of the backplates you linked to (my bold added), "Aesthetic retention backplate". Is stroking your vanity with an "aesthetics only" item yo... Read more

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Real simple here - Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink for an MSI KT6v with Via kt600 Chipset
oh yes i scrappd the FIC peice of junk MB and use the above for now -

ty & GB,


ty & GB,


Answer:Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink

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i have got a acer aspire v5 laptop with w8 I want to remove the name I used when I set up the laptop and replace it with a new one. I went into the users settings and changed the name which now shows in the start screen, but when I click on the files my old name is there.

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Will some tell exactly what I need to remove Windows NTR from a machine and replace it with Windows 95 or 98.

I tried the method in "How to Manually Remove Windows NT or Windows 2000 (Q103049)". By following the procedure in this article, I landed into more trouble.

The system admin I asked is giving me a run around as in try this try that....

So what do I need and what do I do with it.

So far what I know is that I need a beet disk. What do I need on that boot disk (the name of the files an where do I get those files) ????

When I boot my machine using that boot disk, what do I type aat the prompt, in order to wipe out Windows NT4.0 from my machine.

I have just lent what I thought was good boot disk to a friend of mine. When she tried to use it, she got the following error:

"Couldn't Find NTLDR"

6.0 Error Messages

6.1 Couldn't Find NTLDR
This message is displayed if the file NTLDR is missing from the root of the C: drive. You can copy the file to C:\ from either the CD ROM or floppy disks.

To copy NTLDR from the CD ROM, make the CD ROM your current drive and enter the command:

copy \i386\ntldr C:\
To copy NTLDR from floppy disk, insert Disk 2 in your disk drive and make that drive the current drive. Then enter the command:

expand ntldr.$ c:\ntldr
Whay dpes all that mean???

Answer:How do I Remove Win NT and replace with Win 95.

Don't use the NT setup disks to boot the PC. Go to a Win98 PC and create a boot disk and also put and fdisk.exe on it. Boot to that disk, change to the A: prompt and type fdisk and enter. Select delete partition....option 4 I believe, then select delete Non-DOS partition if it is an NTFS partition...confirm the deletion and esc to the A: prompt again. Reboot to the disk and change o the A: prompt and type in option one to create a partition....confirm the creation and reboot. Now you should be able to boot to the disk and either run format C: /s from the boot disk or use a Win98 setup disk to begin the installation. I don't have the link for a good boot disk with CD-ROM support, but there is plenty of info out there to tell you will give you all the links you could want

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Question: remove/replace aol

HelloI want to replace aol with something else,but it is all that I've had for eight years,and all that I know about.I believe that simply disinstalling it will rid me of it.I know that any files in my mailbox will have to be relocated,and saved.I don't know anything else.I have a cable connection.Can you give me a suggestion for a replacement?I will also need some instructions.ThanksFrank

Answer:remove/replace aol

For email i like ThunderBird and for a browser i use FireFox.Depending on who your e-mail account is with you may be able to still use the account but you would access it through TBird instead of the AOL browser.ThunderBird is loaded with features...easy to set up and supports multiple email accounts and addresses.Both of these fine products are free from the good folks at the Mozilla Foundation.Click Here

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w2k intel(r) pentium (r)4 cpu 1.80 ghz   nvidia gegorce 2 gtsphysical memory 255 mbavast anti-virus, spyware terminator, superantispyware,ccleaner,antimalware,refurbed prior to purchase w/no boot disk provided, can this be done if i have the boot disk off my other computer with the code?

Answer:remove w2k replace w/win xp he

What do you mean by boot disk?It's illegal to install XP on more than one computer.

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i am trying to build my own computer. The problem i have came across is with the motherboard and the case that i would like to buy. They are both ATX and fit fine. But i noticed that the holes in the back of the case would not allow me to put the motherboard in. e.g "the motherboard has built in 7.1 sound so has 6 holes but the case will only support three holes. i have tried looking for diffrent cases that would suport this motherboard but i really like the case and the mother board.

i also asked if you can change the metal sheets at the back but apparantly not so now i need help. any suggestions................

Answer:Can`t fit mobo in case, because of backplate.

if you would like to know the specific case and motherboard here are two links sorry that the motherboard picture is so small.



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im looking for 4 tiny black screws for this card that go on the back plate, one screw where the cooler has a spring attached to it is,that holds the cooler on anyone know where you might be able to get some and thanks in advance

Answer:Backplate screws for PNY GeForce GTX 480

Let me guess, you took the cooler off to put decent Thermal compound on , and the kids found the screws?
anywho, a couple ideas. Go to your local hardware store with GPU in hand and go down the screw and bolt ect isle (the one with all them drawers) in the machine screw section, you should find some that will work. next if you live anywhere by a Micro center, they have a good section with DIY hardware and screws.
Next, check out accessory section. you can call them, if they don't have them, they will be able to order them, or aim you in the right direction...tell'em Greg sent ya (kidding)
You can try these guys...I have yet to stump them (and I order some esoteric pieces)

Hope one of them helps.

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Can't find it anywhere, but want to replace my slightly damaged yellow back with the green. Anyone know where you can get your hands on one?

Answer:Anyone know where to buy the green 1520 backplate?

I think that the AT&T exclusive color is not yet available as a replacement part. Just Black/White/Red/Yellow...

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Is there such thing as a universal motherboard backplate please. I have a board which i'm trying to build a system with for my mother but i have no backplate and it really is quite a funny configiration. Is there such a thing as a universal one please and if so where can i buy please? If not is there somewhere or someone who stocks lots of different backplates so i can try and find the one i need? The board is a Gigabyte 8s661fxm-rz. I live in UK. Any help will be very, very, very gratefully received. thank-you Max.

Answer:Universal Motherboard Backplate???

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I'm in need of a bit of help. How do I remove vista and replace it with XP?

I don't have a floppy drive, so I don't have a boot disk option.

Advice greatly appreciated.


Answer:How do I remove vista and replace it with XP?

If you have a legit XP disk it is bootable. Just set the bios to have the CD/DVD drive at a higher boot priority.

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I recently purchased a "kluge" computer system for my wife when her old HP system died. Everything seems to be working well, eccept that this computer has only four USB ports, two in the back and two in the front (actually five - there's a Ethernet cable connection, too). Both the keyboard and the mouse are connected by USB connections as well as the speakers. When I add my wireless adapter card, I've occupied all four USB connections. But, the HP All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier also requires a USB connection!
I tried removing the USB Mouse and driver and replacing it with a Non-USB mouse (plugs into the green jack in the back), but I've had no success.
Is there a way to do this? Or, is there some other way to get around my
shortage of USB connections?

Answer:Remove and replace USB mouse

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Relevance 46.74%

Help please.I have two hard drives fitted to my system, no 1 a 10gig partitioned into two, registered as C Drive & E Drive.A 40 gig drive partitioned into two and registered as D drive & F drive.Being a licenced Radio ham I wish to use some AR Programmes which DO NOT WORK with ME (This is accepted by many & the Programme producers).I wish to remove ME and go back to 98SE. Is it feasable to simply format drive C and not touch the others and then re-install 98SE or will I have to format all drives / hard disks.Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am reluctant to get rid of all my programmes and data and then having to start all over again re-installing everything.Help pleaseVinceG4DQP.

Answer:Remove ME & Replace by 98SE

Yes it is feasible to format just your 'C' drive and then install 98. The other partitions should be OK.

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HiMy cd rom drive has completely packed up and I need to replace it. How do I take it the old one out and replace it with a new one? I have just about managed to put a memory stick in before, is it as easy as this? Help!! Nuneatonian

Answer:How do I remove and replace a cd rom drive

It took me longer to take the case off! With the case removed you will see a flat 40(or 80) wire cable, a 4 pin power and possibly an audio (small 2 wire) cable. Pull these out of the drive, undo the 4 screws holding the drive to the case and reverse the steps to re-install. Windows will detect the new drive on reboot.Job done.

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How can I remove Vista from my Acer laptop and install WindowsXP/SP2

Answer:Remove vista & replace with XP

I presume that your laptop came with Vista (I know it sucks). However, you should find out if there are drivers available for XP from Acer for your specific notebook's model. If not, then you needing a license for XP, and an installation disc is irrelevant. Because, no drivers = no good.
good luck.

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I have a few T30's and I now know which one is the best motherboard.  too bad the top screen cover is the worse, marked up.  all screens are basic and good quality.     which is easier, remove just the top titanium cover? or swap entire top pieces of the laptops?    I can find part diagrams but not how to's on removing the top part.   


Go to Solution.

Answer:remove/replace T-30 top cover

Have you already looked at the hardware maintenance manual?  Around page 94 or so.
ThinkPad T30 Hardware Maintenance Manual (January 2003)

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Could someone advise how to create a boot usb of m$ windows 10 Install a new gnu/linux distribution onto the ideapad computer Rarely use the original m$ OS within a virtual machine, i.e. linux as host, m$ as guest

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In not sure if I am just stressing out about this to much or not but I am wondering is a backplate needed and where can I find one I looked and can't seem to locate one

Answer:I have a Titan black gpu is a backplate needed?

dominickbuff welcome to SevenForums.

No the back plate only serves a mostly cosmetic role. If you never clean the dust build up and it got heavy enough (shame on you) then maybe.....maybe it could prevent a short. Otherwise they just look cool !

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I just purchased a Titan black but it has no backplate where can I find one and is it really needed ?

Answer:Titan black backplate needed

Hello Dominick,

What brand and model number is the graphics card the backplate will be for?

I found this below for EVGA backplates.

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I am trying to build a computer from some parts that I had, and have purchased a Soyo SY-P4I 845PE motherboard off of ebay.

The case I was going to use, the back plate does not match the rather unusual port layout of the Soyo motherboard, and none of my local computer stores could help me.

I need a new back plate for my computer case that will match the layout of the Soyo SY-P4I 845PE motherboard.

Does anyone know of an online store that might have this plate or even maybe an inexpensive case that would match it?

What I thought would be a minor inconvenience has turned into a big obstacle. Any help appreciated.

Answer:{RESOLVED}Soyo Backplate source?

you should have got one contact your seller and ask for one

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Further to my recent subject on this matter, I am finding major difficulty in locating and purchasing a USB 2 backplate. I have tried MAPLINS, MICRODIRECT, DABS etc but with no luck. MAPLINS say they can supply a "generic USB 1 backplate". Will this suffice.Any assistance would be gratefully received.Thanks in advance

Answer:Purchasing USB 2 Backplate/motherboard cable

Belkin into a Google search and find what you want there. Do be aware you need to be sure both your mobo and O/S support USB2.

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I would like to get the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO for me. The problem is that I don't have a backplate cutout. Will it still be possible to install?


Answer:Can I install a CPU fan backplate even though there is no cutout on my case?

Yes. You'll need to remove the motherboard in order to install the hardware on the backside of it. I have an Antec 300 case and when I installed a CM Hyper 212+, I removed the the board from the case.

More work, but doable.

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I am using a Tuniq Tower 120 heatsink and I am about to switch out motherboards, hopefully that fixes my problem. Is there an easy way to get the backplate off? When I put it on, I removed the covering on the adhesive so it would stay in place. I realize now that may be a mistake. I did not think it would be that hard to get off. I have not tried yet but I have read that it is a pain to remove. Anybody have any tricks that make it easy? I don't mind too much if I damage the motherboard since I believe it is messed up anyways. But I would like to avoid it if possible.

Answer:Removing Tuniq Tower 120 backplate

G/l I didn't stick mine on for this reason.....

You can try using alchol to break down the adhesive and gently pry it off, adding a bit of alchol as you lift more and more.

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Dealing with an slim Dell Dimension 5150c..

Beside main heatsink there another smaller heatsink...which is extremely hot to the
touch...what is this?

Answer:Small Heatsink beside main Processor heatsink??

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hi, can anyone help me how to remove and replace the memory of sat A30-921. and also, please give a detailed instruction.

thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite A30-921: How to remove and replace the memory?


I Hope this Information is a Help for your update.
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)
Maximum 2 GB


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I use an Advent 5712 laptop running Vista and would like help on how to remove Internet Explorerand what do you recommend that I replace it with.Grateful for any offered

Answer:remove and replace internet explorer

IE is part of Windows, but if you don't want to use it you could try Firefox instead, or Google for other browsers, there are plenty of alternatives.

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