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Best BULK Email free program?

Question: Best BULK Email free program?

I have about 500 customers
I want to make groups to send mass emails to them once a month
best Free program to do that?
suggestions appreciated


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Preferred Solution: Best BULK Email free program?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Best BULK Email free program?

Your not plannin on spammin' are you dude?

actually I dont know of anything to help you...sorry!

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Yes, I'm looking for one of those. So far I have tried about 6 or so bulk email verifiers, and none of them work (they won't even tell me that my own email account exists). Can anyone recommend a free bulk email verifier that will actually give me accurate results? I need to verify many, many emails. Or, you can give me any feedback you like about this topic. Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer:Is there a free, functional bulk email verifier?

I think it's best that we refrain from assisting with such a request as it can be used by spammers.

Closing thread.

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Win XP not allowing Management-Ware Mass Mailing News to work


Recently switched OS to Win XP Pro from Win 2000 Pro. Also have laptop running XP Home. Neither can run Management ware Mass Mailing News (ONLY for Opt-in mailing list). On Roadrunner but have disabled all firewalls, routers. Its is a smtp-server based program where I simply input smtp-server name. Was working before on Win 2000 and still works on son's desktop running Win 2000. Can also run the program successfully thru gmail server. Fairly new to XP but can't find anything that should block access to smtp server. Get error message "Connection has failed because connected host has failed to respond". Anyone...any ideas on what to try?
Thanks so much in advance for your time and trouble.

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I have amassed 50 groups of 50 people each in OE over a few years from enquiries to my website.

I email them once a year, and it is a bit time consuming to do 50 emails - is there a freeware/shareware Bulk Email program that someone can recommend that is free from bugs or malware - can't be sure what you download nowadays ?


Answer:Suggestions for a Bulk Email program

Your problem will be that many ISP's now limit the numbers of emails in any time period, to stop spammers and 2,500 emails would certainly trigger such limits!

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I was using Pegasus and uninstalled it when I started having some connection issues. Before I reinstall it, are their any other email programs out there that I should try?

While on the email subject, I have thought about Thunderbird, but I could not figure out how to set-up seperate identities for me and my family. Is this possible? It irritates me that I cannot use something designed to work specifically with my browser. And I aint switching back to IE so I can use Express...PFFFTTTTT.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Answer:Good free email program?

Using T-bird now, but used this before:

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Hi whats the best free program that can detect and delete Duplicate emails ie in Outlook Express?ThanksRob

Answer:Free Email Duplicator Program

This click here is a trial version, you get 30 days, the trial version finds all duplicates but removes only 5 per task performed.

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I am looking for a FREE email program I can use with Outlook Express. So, it must be a Pop3, I do NOT like web-based email. Anyone? Thanks!

Answer:Looking for free pop3 email program........

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That's pretty much my question.
Is there a free program to tell me if one of my sent Yahoo emails has been opened by the person I sent it to?

I used to use one that was undetectable, and free, but now they want money for it.

Does anyone know of one that is still free, AND works with Yahoo?(the only email I use)


Answer:free program to tell me if my sent Yahoo email is opened?

There are many for POP accounts using OE, Eudora, Pegasus, etc., but not so many for web-based mail. And spam blockers can prevent the system from working properly.

But here's one that works with any email account:

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I'm looking for a good program to rganize my email. I don't want to spring for Outlook.

Answer:Solved: Good Free Email program

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Does anyone know of a free program that lets you make your own digital id? (I want to use it for securing email and Firefox). I have iSafeguard the free version, but it doesn't make certificates in the right format. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Free Digital ID Creator Program for Email Security

Just post in one forum please.

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Does anyone know of a free program that lets you make your own digital id? (I want to use it for securing email and Firefox). I have iSafeguard the free version, but it doesn't make certificates in the right format. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Free Digital ID Creator Program for Email Security


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looking for a program to runs on windows 2003/2008 that I can send snmp traps to and get alerts via email on some. I had a techrepublic article but misplaced it


Answer:snmp program to send email alerts hopefully FREE?

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Hi, I had what I thought was a simple problem, and that is send a message to my address book, but it's not so simple.

The office where I work has moved and changed our name, so all I have to do is send a canned message to my whole address book, there is only about 260 addresses.

I use Windows Live Mail because I access MSN accounts and such, but they can't do it, it says I have to many names in the TO or BCC fields. I suppose this may be a limitation of header size, and not WLM, I don't know.

I did a quick Google, and didn't come up with much, anything that is free or has a free trial still won't let me handle more than maybe 100 addresses at a time. And secondly, these programs seem to specialize more in repeat mailing lists and subscriptions and automation, etc... I just need to send a message to a bunch of people one time and be done. I also need the message to have the right reply address because I am requesting responses to update my own address book.

So there you have it, where can I send a bulk mail to 260 people with the right return address, no weird spams or ads placed in my mail, and hopefully can do for free cause it's a one time deal. Of course, I'd consider buying it if it's very cheap.
Can Outlook do it? I don't have it installed, but I do have Office if I have to.


Answer:Any free bulk mailers?

Here's a list of them here:

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Every year, my family does some fundraising for a charity we support.

We kick off our campaign with an email to past supporters, and to give it a "personalized look" (basically name in the salutation, and a reference to how much money they've given in the past), I've used the ancient Pegasus email program, which, the first time I had this need, was the only free email software I could find that could handle my requirements.

Those requirements are:
Let me compose a formatted (bolds, underlines, colors) email template
Take input that is generated from a spreadsheet (in Pegasus's case, the sheet gets saved as a tab-separated text file) turned into a data file
Then a "merged" message is sent out, one to each recipient from the data file, and formatted as the template message is.
Pegasus is a klunky and less-than-intuitive piece of software that I always have to relearn to be able to use, and I'm wondering what's out there, free, easy to use, and better today.

If it matters, we're talking about 200-500 generated emails that would be handled in a merge.

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I am looking for a FREE bulk image downloader program or chrome extension that will not crash my browser.

I want to use the program/extension to quickly download the pics I've shared on Facebook and Tumblr. Because it would take HOURS to go through and download each one by one.

I've tried a few extensions already, but each of them crashed chrome because they tried to save them by opening a "save as" window for each. So I need a program that allows you to save them into a folder or into compressed file/folder so that it doesn't crash my browser or my computer.

Any ideas??

Answer:Looking for a free Bulk Image Downloader

Most of these sites have protected the images from be downloaded in the manner you wish.

Have tried contacting "Support" of these sites and see what they have to say?

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Does anyone use Yahoo email? A few weeks ago, I got a notice that said that a new service would be put into effect... a Bulk Mail folder... to catch spam. And that Yahoo filters would automatically divert known spam to this folder. It's never worked. It does not divert spam to it; they come into my Inbox. I contacted them multiple times via their web form contact form. Finally, got a canned reply. It still does not work. Does anyone use their service and the bulk mail folder... does yours work or not? Did you have to do anything to make it work? Does anyone know how to contact a real person there? I either have to get this solved or give it up; I'm gettting 100 spams per day.

Answer:Yahoo email bulk email

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Can anyone suggest a bulk email provider to send 360 PDF magazines out each month please?

Answer:Bulk email providers

You've already got a thread running here about this issue and haven't responded to any of the replies posted.

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Question: Bulk email sending

My neighbour who is a teacher wishes to send an email to every school in England (for a project). He does not want to find the email address of every school and send this way as it would take forever. My question is there anyway to send bulk emails to schools eg .edu. Would this way of sending come across as spam, and not be allowed.

Answer:Bulk email sending


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Attached is the HJT log. I appreciate, in advance, any help.



Answer:Bulk Email Sent That I Did Not Send

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. Please post the contents of log.txt. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until instruc... Read more

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I have a friend who is using Desktop2000 to reach about 5000 email addresses. They run a small business and use the program to send out their monthly/quarterly newsletter to established relationships. They are not out mining for new contacts. In recent months, they have noticed a higher percentage of bounced and/or simply not rec'd emails. I am one of those who has not been receiving the newsletter at neither my home or work address. I know ISPs have incorporated a lot of controls to limit spam over the past year. Is there something my friend needs to do differently now? Also, I am guessing they run the risk of being blacklisted due to the volume they submit. (They do run it in batches anywhere between 200 to 1000 at a time) Is there a way to find out if they are on any blacklists themselves?
The problem does not seem to be isolated to any one ISP, email batch, alphabet range, region of the country, etc..
Any input would be appreciated.

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I am currently looking for a bulk email solution. We send about 400,000 emails out every month. I have found some online software that could do the job, but I also want to present a few options where we could to it all in house. Does anyone have any recommendations of bulk email software? Also what hardware would be required to handle our mass mail. We currently are using anaconia's rocket mail but it takes extremely long to send mail. Any input would be great. Thanks.

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Question: Bulk email sending

Hi i intend to send bulk promotion emails (approx 5K)/day. I tried paid account from Gmail but it is allowing only 2k emails/day. Is there any other option to send 5k emails/day?
I would appreciate if someone helps me with good service provider for the same.

Answer:Bulk email sending

mshaan said:

Hi i intend to send bulk promotion emails (approx 5K)/day. I tried paid account from Gmail but it is allowing only 2k emails/day. Is there any other option to send 5k emails/day?
I would appreciate if someone helps me with good service provider for the same.
TIAClick to expand...

So you can spam me?
No thanks.

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A real estate agent I know wants to setup a bulk email process for her network of clients. She is looking for a tool which can email to several hundred recipients at once and can automatically send these notes at regularly scheduled times, (ie: weekly, monthly, etc).

Does anyone know of a product or products she might consider to do this for her?

Answer:Need to automate bulk email

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Anyone know a program that registers emails (with any site, I don't care which) in bulk?

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Dear Tech Guys:

I think I'm loosing my mind. I have worked on this all weekend. I even called in sick from today. I've got to get this solved. I've dowloaded a bulk email software. That part was easy. I just can't get it to send out the bulk email. Actually all I'm trying to do is get it to send a test message. I've gone over and over the settings until I can't stand to look at them any more.

The owners of the software tell me the the test message is going out and that my spam filters are not letting it through. But I've disabled my spam filters, and the message still does not come through.

I've done all the normal things, like disabled my firewall and antivirus, etc, etc. I doubled checked my security internet settings. I wish someone could call me and walk me through this. I really need to solve this and go to bed and get some sleep. I haven't sleep in about 3 days.

Could someone please help me.

Here's the message I get after I send the test message. Apparently, the test message is going through. Or is it?

AMS4 mail to "[email protected]" at 2/12/07 3:43:32 PM
// dns.Addr:
[ExtSMTP only]
// After DNS part started...
< 220 bizsmtp ESMTP server ready
< 250 hello [], pleased to meet you
> MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
< 250 <[email prote... Read more

Answer:Bulk Email Question

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I am looking for a tool to send about 500 emails with a different attachment on each email.

For example

Email 1 : Attachment 1 to Guy 1
Email 2 : Attachment 2 to Guy 2

The attachment are mp3 files

Any solutions for this out there ? I don't mind paying for a tool or a script. I don't mind if its an online service or not !

Thanks !

Answer:Bulk email with attachments

amazon ses
or mailchimp (no attachments)

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Question: Opera 6 bulk email

I edit the newsletter for a registered charity. We have decided that, where possible and in order to save costs,we will send the newsletter by email.Can anyone tell me how to send email to a number of people at one time using Opera 6 please?

Answer:Opera 6 bulk email

Right-click on a folder in contacts and choose compose. I have never done this, but it seems to paste all the names in the To: field, though there seems to be a limit to how many you can do at once.

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BTW, I did search your site for info. before posting. What caught my attention was a similar query from someone in Canada. Last Wednesday I sent 7 emails, each to individual recipients in various countries. One, to Canada, was received with [Bulk] prefixed to the header -- which I only discovered when she responded.

I've checked with the other 6 correspondents: their emails did not have [Bulk] in the header.

Since then, paranoia has set in. I've repeatedly updated/run my current security programs (AVG, with Spybot as double-check). The firewall is ZoneAlarm. I've now installed rootkit checkers. I've also used on-line virus/malware checkers (Kaspersky, Panda and McAfee). Apparently, my system is clean. However, until I get to the root of this, I'm afraid to buy or bank on-line.

My Canadian correspondent has emailed to say that she sometimes receives emails with [Bulk] in the header, even though she knows that they were individual missives. Co-incidentally, there were 6 emails in the Spam box, albeit none from Canada, all dated yesterday, when I logged onto my AOL email today. (I rarely find anything in the Spam box.)

Something must be wrong somewhere! Is it at my end? Or is it at the Canadian end (their ISP/email account is rogers)? Help!!!

System: WinXP SP3

Answer:[Bulk] in header of email

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im looking for a prog that can take a db of addresses and print them on labels in a way that will allow me to get bulk rates from USPS. i think there is some sort of sorting that has to be done b the software...
im looking for something reasonably priced and easy to use.


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Answer:Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 our Bulk Email Se

550 5.7.1 our Bulk Email Senders

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HiCan anybody advise any free software which will enable me to send out a HTML email/Newsletter to my email list (approx 500+ members ). Thanks.

Answer:Bulk Email List Software

to mass-mail my clients because it's hereUnfortunately it's not free, but it's worth every penny.Be aware that some ISPs will detect a 500 mail send as a spamming attempt, and may block it.

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I have just received an email and when I printed it there is a list of every recipient. I know it is possible to hide these addresses but how is it done?

Answer:How do I hide addresses in bulk email?

Enter their addresses in the bcc field.

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Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone could advise?

We are setting up a web site where users can subscribe. Each day we plan to email subscribers with links to that day's news articles. Each e-mail will only be around 10Kb to 25Kb in size, but if the site goes well and we get a lot of subscribers, there could be a lot of e-mails going out. If my calculations are correct and we have say 5,000 subscribers, then we could have:

5,000 * 25Kb per day (or 122Mb of data)

We aould expect to setup a dedicated mail server to do this (for reliability etc) but does anyone have a feel for the amount of data going out - is this something that the average broadband connection could handle reliably?

If subscribers get into the tens of thousands, how would this change? I suppose if we have this many subscribers (and income) we could purchase a bigger 'pipe' to handle the traffic.

I presume that the big e-mailing houses get much more traffic than this.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


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My ISP has notified me twice that bulk emails are being sent via my modem. They said if it happens again my internet will be shut off until I have proof of my computer being cleaned by a professional. I'd rather avoid that and take care of it myself. I ran Spybot and found various malware/spyware. Then I ran PC Tools Antivirus. It found over 100 infections, most of which were worm.P2P.BThree.B.Gen. I ran PC Tools Antivirus again today and it found about 10 infections by the same name. I have included my HJT log file below. Thanks for any help you can offer!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 9:00:42 AM, on 8/7/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_08\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\3ware\3DM\3dmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\eFax Messenger 4.2\J2GDllCmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\pcAnywhere\awhost32.exe
C:\Program Files\Prevx2\PXConsole.exe
C:\Program Files\PC Tools AntiVirus\PCTA... Read more

Answer:Solved: Bulk email being sent via my modem

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Im thinking of adding a field in my database which will have the customers email addresses. I was wondering if theres a shortcut/easy way to send a bulk email using this data i would have on the database. I dont want to spend ages going back through the 100 + orders ive already entered adding their email if im going to have to copy and paste each one into a new email message.

I know i can add them to outlook into a group quite easily which is what i will probably end up doing but is there a way to do it using access?

thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Access Help - Bulk Email

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I am creating a new website for my photography business. It is only a hobby so I don't want to spend a fortune on it. The last step for me is to copyright my images. I need to create coyright watermarks on all images. I've only seen free wtermark software that does one picture at a time. I have thousands of images so need a batch or bulk watermark software. I prefer to download it as well. Not go through some watermark website each time I do watermarks.

Answer:Solved: Free Bulk Watermark Software? Does it exist?

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Occasionally, I find a need to copy files from one disk to another and when I do, must answer "yes" or "no" when asked whether I want to replace a newer or older file.

This is not bad for a few files but if a few hundred files are involved, it would be nice to have a program or way to tell it to automatically replace older files.

Anyone know of a way to do this or a program that will do it.


Answer:Need program to update files in bulk

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There's a public list of some 400+ shops, record collectors and more whom have listed theyre email addresses on a site publically as wanting to hear about records for sale. I've tried emailing as low as 10 at a time and still get return messages/ I'm on NTL, and have read the limit regardless of email service used is 50, well I cant even get above 10. I basically want to email all of these publically available email addresses the same email of the record list they want to hear about and have listed theyre address publically for that, and for them to not see eachothers addresses.

I have hotmail, gmail, ntl acounts, the only thing I can see is hotmails group but how can I add 400+ email addresses in one go as a group, and would this even work!? I've seen some of the list/subscription orientated software but thats not best or suitable is it!? I basically want the easiest way to get this email out legitimately to these publically available lists, at least 50 at a time. Tips on services, software, things to do, anything greatly appreciated, thanks.

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I know there is software that you can use to extract email addresses from Outlook, Thunderbird etc. - but i have a Gmail account with thousands of customer emails and wish to extract their email addresses from the email in the Inbox.I know you can add them to your contacts either individually or by replying to their original email - but as there's so many this would take an age.Is there a way to extract in bulk their email addresses? Or a way to add them to my contact list - which i can then export?Many thanks

Answer:How to bulk extract email addresses from Gmail?

mailwasher might be of herejohnny.

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A friend of mine who is not computer savvy received an email with a list of email addresses (14). These are contained in the body of the email message. She would like to place all these addresses in a single entry so that she can email all these recipients with the same message. She uses which is how she uses email. It is very similar to Yahoo. She goes online to access the email webpage. It is not Outlook or an email software program.
Can anyone explain in simple step-by-step instructions how she can accomplish this? She is an ESL teacher and these addresses are students in the class.
My thanks in advance.

Answer:Creating a Contacts Bulk Email List

i'm not sure what delimiter you would use on that email system
BUT usually its a , or a ;

i would copy the 14 email address into notepad
then add the , or ; between each address
and then copy them all into the BCC: address field NOT in the TO: field

you dont really want each email address to see all the others
also you dont want them to reply to all - and everyone get a copy

Also that will count as 14 emails against your quota - Most email servers have a quota - some have x emails per hour or day

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I recently downloaded about 350 email messages from hotmail to Outlook express.
The thing is I want to send them all to another email account.

I can forward them one by one but it will take for ever.

Does any one know if I can send them all at once (without having to press "forward" for each one!!) using Outlook or if there is any other program that does it?

Thank You

Answer:Send or forward bulk email from outlook

Just open Outlook and select the emails. Then right click and select the forward items.

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I have a large group of friends & family that I want to email all at once to notify them of my new email address.

To be polite, I send it TO me, BCC to all the names. The email SHOWS sent in my sent folder, but no one (including myself) receives the email. I even tried it with all the names in the TO section. Still nothing.

I am running Windows XP Home, Office XP (Outlook 2002).

Can anyone help? Am I missing something?

Answer:Outlook 2002 won't send bulk email...

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I tried doing a search here for this, because I'm sure others have had it, but I can't find anything. My yahoo email account is sending out bulk spam to contacts showing a link for pharmacuticals, etc. I understand this isn't a virus, but what steps should I do? The few things I've seen online say to change passwords and even email addresses. This seems pretty extreme, others said it only lasts a few days, and they move on. What should I do?

Answer:Email account sending out bulk spam

Bulk spamming can sometimes be caused by malware. And other times it may be that someone has hacked your account. Have you changed passwords for you email account ( do it from a different PC - make sure the PC is a secure PC ).

If you want to be sure it is not related to malware then work thru the below:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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Our internet ISP, Netscape, has blocked our email account because they say we are sending bulk email. They said it must be a virus on our computer that is doing it. They said to scan our computer, change the password, and they would have our account open within 48-72 hours. We have a dial up connection.

Is it possible for this to happen without our knowing it?

What would be the best program to scan our computer to look for and get rid of this bulk email sending virus?


Answer:Virus sending bulk email from my laptop?

Back scatter is a side-effect of e-mail spam, viruses and worms, where e-mail servers receiving spam and other mail send bounce messages to an innocent party. This occurs because the original message's envelope sender is forged to contain the e-mail address of the victim. A very large proportion of such e-mail is sent with a forged From: header, matching the envelope sender.The bulk email software should produce a number of valuable reports that will provide statistics pertaining to unsubscribers.

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I have a small business and have accumulated a mailing list of I have a small business and have accumulated a mailing list of customers (not spam). I am using SBC Yahoo for my emails. I am trying to send each one of them an email without doing a Cc (I don't want them to see each other's email addresses). If I send it out Bcc, they all receive the email (and don't see each other's addresses) but the "To: " line of the email is not customized. That is - all of the recipients see the same "To: " line. I would like to have their own email address be in the "To: " line. But it seems like the only way I can do this, is to send them each the same email, one at a time. Is there a quicker way to do this so that they will each see their own email address in the "To: " line, but will not be able to see any other the other recipients email addresses? Thanks for your help. Terry

Answer:sending a bulk email to my address list

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I tried doing a search here for this, because I'm sure others have had it, but I can't find anything. My yahoo email account is sending out bulk spam to contacts showing a link for pharmacuticals, etc. I understand this isn't a virus, but what steps should I do? The few things I've seen online say to change passwords and even email addresses. This seems pretty extreme, others said it only lasts a few days, and they move on. What should I do?

Answer:Email account is sending out bulk spam

Changing passwords is not an extreme measure, you need to do it or else the spam will just keep coming and your account will continue to be hacked. Be sure to change your recovery questions as well. I would also scan your computer for viruses and malware, the spammers had to have gotten your email address and password from somewhere -- could have been from a keylogger on your computer.

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Greetings all,

I have a bulk send email software that keeps stalling at about 100 or so. I have goten back with the vender but they are slow to reply.

Here is my question. When I turn on the computer I get alot of error messages that say This function has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

I exit each one of those to get to where I can flow online.

then when I am using the bulk email software, and I have two different kinds they stop mid way and read as follows.

Is it the software or the computer. I use windows 98

DS2000 caused an invalid page fault in
module WSOCK32.DLL at 0167:75fa9c2f.
EAX=75fa9b55 CS=0167 EIP=75fa9c2f EFLGS=00010246
EBX=75fa9aba SS=016f ESP=006e0000 EBP=75ba802d
ECX=00000000 DS=016f ESI=75fa9b5f FS=0dff
EDX=0129c014 ES=016f EDI=0129c01e GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
e8 fb ff ff ff cc 20 01 00 43 3a 5c 57 49 4e 44
Stack dump:
75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34 75fa9c34
What should I do ?


Answer:[SOLVED] Bulk Email Utility software

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My ISP (rogers) joined with Yahoo so instead of checking my email online through webmail I now have to use Yahoo.

I normally use Outlook Express though and I was wondering if there is any way to block the bulk folder from downloading onto my computer. I only want the contents of the inbox.

I looked on the yahoo site and couldn't find anything and there is no point calling my ISP, they're mostly idiots there anyway.

If anyone knows that would be great. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Yahoo email bulk folder

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So I'm making the switch from one email client to

One problem: I had all of the mail from my previous email account forwarded to the one to which I'm switching, meaning I have over 50,000 emails (literally) that I need to delete.

When I try to delete them in bulk (right click: empty folder), it suddenly disconnects.

On, it just gives me an error message when I try to do the same thing.

The errors include: "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with right now"

And: "There was a problem with the service (a temporary network connectivity issue that has nothing to do with your computer). Please try again."

Is there an easier way to just remove every email in my inbox without all of these issues?

Thanks in advance,


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I am an IT specialist for a publishing company and am running out of ideas. The software we use is called imail, and I am working with their tech support. We send out about 300k messages a day, but usually at 50k/hour bursts... this worked fine for over a year until december.

1. we have raid 5 scsi, 2x2dual core xeons, 6gb ram, win2k3
2. we have 10mbs up/down constant connection

For some reason our email lately is leaving port 25 very very slowly. We send email to the mail server at about 30 messages a second... the mail server is only kicking out emails at about 3-10 messages a second... after about an hour our "queue" builds up and we have 50k messages waiting to be delivered. Then... if we need to send new emails or test what we plan on sending out... we have to wait 1-2 hours to receive our tests.

Do you guys have any ideas or tweaks for a win2k3 server? We are behind a cisco firewall and have a fast server. We are pulling hairs over what to do next. I reset the tcp settings, updated drivers, updated imail's software etc... slow. Any ideas?

Answer:slow email delivery... (bulk mail)

I'd check DNS to make sure that requests aren't timing-out. Are you running Exchange? Lotus?

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I'm looking for a program that can add a watermark to images in bulk. This isn't the standard watermark where it is overlayed onto the existing image. I want to be able to add, say, 50px to the bottom of the image canvas and write the watermark there on the new white space.Freeware would be nice but anything will do.

Answer:Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I haven't used this or any watermark programs, but this one surely warrants a look:

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I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.

Answer:Mass/Bulk Image Converter Program

Blown Cap said:

I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.Click to expand...

ImageMagick makes it very easy from command line, and being command line there are no bells and whistles.

When installed and the DLL is registered you have all the commands available from command line, no need to start any programs to do graphics manipulations, tons of options if you read up on it on

What you want would be as simple as opening a command prompt, go to the Dir with your pics, and type...
mogrify -format jpg *.bmp
...and that's all.

But as said, it can do MANY other things, if you read up on it.

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Hi,I'm having trouble opening some files which have the file extension .bcp I've tried using the windows web service to find a program which can open them but had no luck - I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what I can do or if it's something to do with my computer itself (its about 4 1/2years old, with windows XP home on it).Many thanks,Jenny.

Answer:Opening bulk copy program (.bcp) files

You need to install the software that created the .bcp file. I think it was this:

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I believe the program 89exinjs.n.exe in this hijack this logfile is sending bulk emails out to random addresses. According to spyware terminator the parent process is svchost.exe, but I know you can't delete that as it is essential to the OS. It seems to spew out those .n.exe files, and I have had enough of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:44:22, on 13/11/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\UPHClean\uphclean.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLDial.exe
C:\Program Files\BT Voyager 105 ADSL Modem\dslstat.exe
C:\Program Files\BT Voyager 105 ADSL Modem\dslagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Terminator\SpywareTerminatorShield.exe
C:\Program Files\iolo\System Mechanic Professional 6\SMSystemAnalyzer.exe
C:\Program Files\AOL 9.0\aoltray.exe
C:\... Read more

Answer:program sending random bulk emails

hi, welcome to TSG.
Disable spyware terminator until we are finshedas it may interfere with the fixes!
Right click spyware terminator on the bottom right of your status bar and
choose exit.Then tick the box and that is spyware termintor disabled!

you don't appear to ahve either a firewall or an anri virus program. donlaod thee form the links below and install them, update anti vi when installed!

Comodo firewall. Sign up it's free!
Threads on comodo!


Click Start > Run > and type in:


Click OK.

In the services window find Winlogon Notify: winkve32
Right click and choose "Properties". On the "General" tab under "Service
Status" click the "Stop" button to stop the service. Beside "Startup Type"
in the dropdown menu select "Disabled". Click Apply then OK. Exit the
Services utility.

Note: You may get an error here when trying to access the properties of the
service. If you do get an error, just select the service and look there in
the top left of the main service window and click "Stop" to stop the service. If that gives an error or it is already stopped, just skip this step and proceed with the rest.
Also disable this file!
Windows Log
Download the pocket killbox

D... Read more

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I just opened Outlook Express (my email is Hotmail) and there was one email in my Inbox and one in Bulk, both from the same person! And to make it even stranger, it was someone who is in my Address Book and who has written to me before (my wife to be exact!).

So, my questions are:
1) How did it happen? Is it because the Bulk one had the word Hello in the title and the system decided it was "Hello Boys Looking For Some Action?"
2) I am running Hotmail through Outlook Express. Where do I set the various safe list and junk protections? I cannot find anywhere in OE, and my guess would be that I use Hotmail's options, since it is Hotmail that receives the mail and OE is just how I read it one it has reached my PC.


Answer:Same email sender, some to Inboc, some to Bulk in Hotmail/Outlook. How can that be?

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DDS (Ver_2012-10-14.05) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421Run by Dennis at 15:41:21 on 2012-10-15Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.3839.1535 [GMT -5:00].AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012 *Enabled/Updated* {5A2746B1-DEE9-F85A-FBCD-ADB11639C5F0}SP: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012 *Enabled/Updated* {E146A755-F8D3-F7D4-C17D-96C36DBE8F4D}SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}SP: PC Tools Spyware Doctor *Disabled/Updated* {94076BB2-F3DA-227F-9A1E-F060FF73600F}.============== Running Processes ===============.C:\PROGRA~2\AVG\AVG2012\avgrsa.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2012\avgcsrva.exeC:\Windows\system32\wininit.exeC:\Windows\system32\lsm.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunchC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSSC:\Windows\system32\atiesrxx.exeC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkServiceC:\Windows\system32\atieclxx.exeC:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetworkC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonationC:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASCORE64.EXEC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\armsvc.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceServic... Read more

Answer:reports included- bulk spam email issue

Hello and welcome to Computer Hope Forum. My name is Dave. I will be helping you out with your particular problem on your computer. 1. I will be working on your Malware issues. This may or may not solve other issues you have with your machine.2. The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine.3. If you don't know or understand something, please don't hesitate to ask.4. Please DO NOT run any other tools or scans while I am helping you.5. It is important that you reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.6. Your security programs may give warnings for some of the tools I will ask you to use. Be assured, any links I give are safe.7. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear.If you can't access the internet with your infected computer you will have to download and transfer any programs to the computer you're using now and transfer them to the infected computer with a CD-RW or a USB storage device. I prefer a CD because a storage device can get infected. If you use a storage device hold the shift key down while inserting the USB storage device for about 10 secs. You will also have to transfer the logs you receive back to the good computer using the same method until we can get the computer back on-line. *************************************************************************Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Search.A l... Read more

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Hi I am using Outlook Express and have a large amount of email addresses sent to me by email. How do I add them in bulk to my address book rather than just cut and paste each one individually??
I have tried to add them to notepad and then save and try to add this way but it wont happen!!
Any one know how to do it please??

Answer:Importing bulk email addresses into address book

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 8650 Triple-Core Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 3
RAM: 3325 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 281396 MB; D: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 468558 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA770-S3P
Antivirus: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Wow, that was clever!! I use Outlook from Windows2007. I frequently use bulk emails, but It will only send about half, and then I get a message along with the ones that didn't 'send'. Message - Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Sent: 3/01/2013 12:54 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

Could it be my TREND security?

I contacted Securetune and purchased this and paid. I haven't received a disk and I've no idea what to do now -
2 Year Licence. 1 @ $199.00 USD each

Securetune, enhances your computer speed and optimises it to its full power
You will receive additional information via email shortly.


If you require support with your product(s), Developerts d/b/a ATPL can help you with your questions. Please contact Developerts d/b/a ATPL at [email protected].
DOWNLOAD INFORMATION - You ha... Read more

Answer:Unable to email bulk emails in a Distribution list

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There is a case, where i have bulk of user names and bulk of flat files(.txt files). I have to search each and every user name in all the flat files and if the user found it should picked up. I have to repeat this for all the user names. Is there any possibility of doing this in an easier way.. Please help..

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If I receive an email from a group member and it lists the other 100 recipients he sent it to and I need those contacts email addresses only. Is there a way I can put them as group in my contacts and add to them I will end up with 3 or 4 hundred

Answer:I need help adding bulk email to my Yahoo or G mail contact list

For gmail, see  For Yahoo, see

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I just installed Window 7 professional in place of Windows 7 Ultimate RC to which I subscribed. I was not pleased to do a clean install as opposed to an upgrade and was not informed about it.

When I reinstalled Office 2007, my outlook does not work, although exchange on the web works. I get the following error message:

There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default programs control panel 

Answer:There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default programs control panel

Louis,This issue may occur if the Outlook registry key is corrupted. When other programs try to use the Outlook Simple MAPI interface, they cannot retrieve the required information from the registry.You must first remove the corrupted Outlook registry key, and then perform a Detect and Repair operation to have Outlook rebuild the key. To do this, follow these steps:
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regedit, and then press ENTER.
In Registry Editor, locate the following subkey in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail\Microsoft Outlook
Select the subkey, and then press DELETE.
Click Yes.
Quit Registry Editor.
Start Outlook.
On the Help menu, click Office Diagnostics.
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the repair.

Important: Above section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
322756  ( ) How to back up and restore the registry in Windows.Hope above information helps.

Pooja Katiyar

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Hi Folks,

I have a problem that hopefuly someone will be able to help me with. My girlfriend recieved an email to her hotmail account last night from a friend with the subject 'fotos 27/06'. She was notified of it coming in by an MSN messenger alert and opened the email from the alert and into internet explorer. She can't remember if she opened an attachment in the email, but quickly noticed that the email was being forwarded to all her contacts. We are running avg free edition which gave a warning of a trojan being detected but unfortunately too late. We immediately attempted to delete all instances of the suspect email from her hotmail account. We ran a full scan of the computer which detected the following two entries:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\F46KS57G\fotos[1].com";"Trojan horse SHeur2.ATCG";"Moved to Virus Vault"
"C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\R5R1LWIA\fotos[1].com";"Trojan horse SHeur2.ATCG";"Moved to Virus Vault"

After removing the virus using AVG we attempted to access hotmail again but still appear to have the same problem. We run both firefox and ie browsers, and the email is being forwarded regardless of which we use. I have been able to access and use my hotmail web account with no problems, I have recieved the suspect email, but have not opened it from my account.

I have ru... Read more

Answer:Infected email ('fotos 27/06'), apparent trojan, bulk resending of itself to contacts

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I used to see file editors back in the early days and never was able to handle them due to arcane
help files, TMI and other problems associated with pedantry in lingo.

Soon I will need to edit my HD of duplicates and no longer- needed items.

Please don't mention the "ability" to hold down the control key and make a box and delete what's inside.

No, what I need is something along the line of a wildcard delete such as delete myfile*.*

Is there anything like that in Win7 freeware? Something with a bit more control than
a screen full of highlighted things or the opposite: clicking each and every item, delete and confirm?

Answer:A file editing routine in Win7 or a program to deal with bulk files

Your title says "file editing". Your text refers to deleting.

Are you talking about identifying duplicate files and deleting the duplicates, so that you have only 1 version?

Are you referring only to files that have the same exact name, regardless of content? Or do you mean files with the same content, regardless of name?

Text files? Pictures? What file extensions generally?

You can do a lot from the command line using switches and wild cards.

There are good duplicate file finder applications. And the "Everything" search engine is great for finding files with identical names.

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I am currently running:Avast! Free EditionWindows DefenderMalwarebytes Anti-Malware (free edition)Windows FirewallI don't like Windows Defender. I want to replace it with another, free, reliable anti-spyware program. What should I use? SOMETHING THAT IS CONFLICT-FREE WITH AVAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And overall, do i have good protection? EDIT: Apparently, Avast! auto-updates every 240 minutes, by default. I thought it updated immediately when there were new virus definitions? Can I set it so that it updates like this?

Answer:Best FREE anti-spyware program? (must be conflict-free with avast! home)

1) You cannot set an av to update when there are new definitions - how would it know? 2) I don't care for Windows Defender either and I always disable it on all of my systems. You're fine without it. The only thing I would add to what you already use is SpywareBlaster free edition. It does NOT run resident and you need to remember to update it about once a week. It blocks known malicious web sites. Other than that you should be fine.

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I ran the free version for years and never had a problem. Suddenly I find that AVG no longer has a free version. Is that true or is it hidden somewhere?

Answer:Why is AVG now charging for their "free" anti-virus program not free

I found it HERE

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I've tried ERASER, but find it cumbersome to setup and use.

Is there a better free one out there, please?

Answer:What is the best Free program for wiping free disk space, please?

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Its getting pretty old, it seems every two years or so a company is bought out and you have to switch your ending email address to that provider,
and now the latest will be, add to that a couple more in the list above i forgot the endings of its quite the list for about 8yrs worth.

Gmail? Yahoo? anything else worth considering as a permanent email address?

Answer:Best free email to use?...Im sick of companies being bought = new email address

I'd say Gmail. Otherwise try I've had an account with them for about 4 years, and even if I'm inactive for a couple of months, I go back and it's still there.

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Without them bouncing back....Anyone know one?

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I use about 5 different internet based email accounts to manage my affairs( Yahoo email mostly, but also Hotmail and Gmail, etc,....NO Onboard email used at all) . Some are for friends email, some for family, others for various business interests, online purchase, etc. If I get certain emails, I NEED to know about it ASAP as I'm working/browsing on my computer.

I have used a program called "eprompter" before but found it unreliable. Sometimes it would not notify me at all that a new email had just arrived that I'd been waiting for. That is very aggrevating when they are important and need to be opened and replied to promptly. That NOT being notified at all when new a email arrives in my Inbox Can Not Happen. Most of them are TOO Important for it to just not tell me about!

And also, if I independantly just go to my Yahoo Inbox, I notice it just marks emails I have not already read. That's Spooky! I Just DON'T Trust ePrompter!!!

There Must be a good one that doesn't try to fake out whether you've seen emails or not !
Does anyone know of a free, but really good and dependable Email Notifier program to monitor all my internet based accounts at once, please?


Answer:Best free email notifier for Yahoo and Hotmail email ?

A friend uses this notifier for her multiple emails...he loves it...might help you!!! If not this site has different ones you can see if you find something better. GL.

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Hi,we need to know which antivirus program does the most complete job for virus protection and removal--Avast free home,or ,Avg free.We know Avast adds 4 more programs to "task manager" than Avg does,so does that represent Avast doing a more complete job?
Thanks for any information

Answer:Avast free or Avg free--which is the most complete program?

They both detect viruses well, but in my opinion, and others also, Avast seems to be better at removing them. Select the custom installation option and you have the option of leaving out any of the four sub-programs. For instance, since I don't have Outlook, I didn't install the Outlook virus scanner module so I wouldn't waste storage and computer resources for something I didn't need.

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My Great-Uncle has Windows 98se. He uses the newest Netscape and recently clean out his inbox using the Netscape email program. For one reason or another he had un-installed the email client and now he doesn't have any access to his emails or address book. I know nothing about Netscape because I haven't used it in like, years.

Is there anyway to obtain the emails or the address book from the Netscape email application after it is un-installed?


Answer:Netscape Email program uninstalled... need old email and address book.

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I am looking for a free program that will automatically restart other programs at certain times like every 3 days anybody know of a free program like this?? There is a Radio automation program I user if it is not restart every 3 days it will get a small bug restarting this program fixes the small bug for 3 days. 

Answer:Looking For Free Program That Will Automatically Restart Other Program??

What's the program, please?
Have you looked at task scheduling this program?

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Yahoo is spam city.

Outlook seems to be OK, sort of, but I'm not wild about the interface. is pretty good, but they keep pushing their premium service.

I've used a a few others that seem to have vaporized.

So, what else is out there that gives a relatively spam and ad free experience with POP3 and/or IMAP capabilities?

Yeah, I know about the G thing too.

Answer:'Free' ad-free(ish) email services?

If you're going to download to POP3 or IMAP and not leave much on the server then one of the free services where you pay for a larger mailbox makes sense since you'll get all the benefits without the cost. See:

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i can't email pictures from my pictures folder. message says there is no default email program associated. my email account is at&t/yahoo.

Answer:can't email pictures says no default email program

So you have to open your email at AT&T/Yahoo, write your email and add the pictures as attachment.

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Please note: I have already set the defaul email program to Outlook (tools, internet options, programs etc) and this does not solve the problem.

I have a Word template which was created when I had Outlook Express installed. When I open the template (or create a new document from the template), Word opens with the Outlook Express email "from, to, cc and bcc" fields displayed.

When I press the "send" button (inside word), the email is sent successfully by Outlook Express, not by my default email program, Outlook.

This happens even though I have now uninstalled Outlook Express (control panel, windows omponenents etc). Yes, that is correct. I have uninstalled Outlook Express, but when I press send, the outlook express "send" window still pops up.

How do I modify this template so that the email is sent via Outlook and not Outlook Express?

If I recreate the template (a pain) the email is sent correctly through Outlook, but the document does not open up with the email fields there a way to do this?

I am using office 2002 (all lates updates are installed) and have uninstalled Outlook Express!!!

Answer:Email from Word - choosing email program

You may not want to do this, but you can close Word and delete the template by running a search for: and delete it. This will delete the word template and a new one will be created when you open Word.

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My Sharp Organizer is discontinued so I feel unsafe putting new contacts in there. Is there a great free program independent of Thunderbird? I'd like it to stand alone so I don't have to go into email for a number. Thanks!

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I currently use Outlook 2003, but am having problems with it.

What other email provider would you suggest ?

Oh, and I have several different email addressess (Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Windows Live ID).

Is there any way of intergrating them so that they can be opened without actually having to load the site??


Answer:Which Email Program Is The Best & Email Integration

If you are looking for an E-mail client that will use POP E-mail, then Mozilla's Thunderbird would be an option.

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Ive been using hotmail for a while, and im starting to notice my emails dont go out very fast to people, and sometimes I recieve emails that have been sent days ago. Im sick of hotmail, whats free and is better than hotmail?

Answer:What is the best free email?

Running your own server.

At least, that's been my experience. I can do my own spam and virus filtering, and I can tweak my imap folders and filters to my liking whenever I want.

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Relevance 41.82%

Is there any free pgp program that allows me to encrypt my messages, copy and paste to any program? Or do you suggest otherwise? I am using to send and recieve emails. Or is there something else than pgp?

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Question: free email????

Does anyone know some choices for some free email accounts? I need a permanent one for more professional info.

Answer:free email????

Hi pcetch _wannabe,

There are the usual, such as Hotmail etc, but if you want proffesional, you could set up a web site. Use a free host, such as freeserve in the UK, and then make the site name proffesionl sounding. Then go to (I'll check the link in a minute) and tehn transfer.. you then have [email protected] or whatever.

Have a play, and then see if that does the job.



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Question: AOL (free) email

Does anyone know why I can't delete contacts in the (free) AOL email?
I check each box next to the contact and click Delete and then they are deleted. When I open AOL email again, the contacts are back in the Contacts section.

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Hey guys, new to the forum, just a quick one (cant see my question in the search results)

I am wondering what is the free email service out there at the moment.

I have just tried which i think is really good, but is there anything i could have missed?

Answer:The best (FREE) Email ?

I use gmail. Get almost no spam, and it's uptime is in the 99% bracket.

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Question: Free Email

My dad needs a free email that can send messages to more than 800 people at a time because he runs a news letter. I've tried gmail but it won't allow you to send to that many people at once.

Answer:Free Email

Check with your ISP. They will offer a free email account that works with MS Outlook.

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Question: Free program

I am new at this so bare with me.. I am trying to find a free version of anything that will allow me to type a professional letter...something along the lines of Microsoft Word, or Office, etc. All I need is a program other than Notepad, which doesn't give me any options to set margins, etc.... Is there a safe , downloadable option to any of these programs ?

Answer:Free program

what windows version do you have

you may already have wordpad on the PC

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Question: free cad program

I am looking for a free version of a cad program so I can view different files of prints such as PLT, DXF, Etc. I had downloaded one but the trial ran out and have been looking on Google for awhile now. If anyone can tell me of a free version to download and keep, would apprecaite it.

Answer:free cad program

Don't know if this helps, all I did was a google search for free cad software.

I'd say be careful though as I can't attest as to the saftey of this software and I'd hate to see you end up in the malware removal forum!

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Question: add free program

I want to ask about how new programs are added for download, and if there are any conditions; for example, i found a free cad program, and i wanted to ask if it could be added for downloading. I'm talking about Narocad( It would be nice to have some cad programs, for those who like to make 3D drawings in the free time.

Thank you

Answer:add free program

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Question: Free fax program

For many years I have successfully used a Cheyenne bitware fax program which came free with my first computer. In the past year I have gone on to broadband and I cannot  get the program to work. Is there anything I can do to overcome this? Alternatively does anyone please know of a good free fax program that I can download?I am using Windows XP Home edition

Answer:Free fax program

You can't send a fax from a computer without a direct phone line and a dial-up modem. Does your computer still have both of these items?

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is there a free program that would let me access my home computer from work?

Answer:is there a free program to do .....

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Question: free program

what is a free program to remove duplicated files including wma avi etc.

Answer:free program

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