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Gmail as pendrive!?

Question: Gmail as pendrive!?

thought you might find this intrusting...

richard.jones said:

GmailFS provides a mountable Linux filesystem which uses your Gmail account as its storage medium. GmailFS is a Python application and uses the FUSE userland filesystem infrastructure to help provide the filesystem, and libgmail to communicate with Gmail.

GmailFS supports most file operations such as read, write, open, close, stat, symlink, link, unlink, truncate and rename. This means that you can use all your favourite unix command line tools to operate on files stored on Gmail (e.g. cp, ls, mv, rm, ln, grep etc. etc.).Click to expand...

here is the link

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Preferred Solution: Gmail as pendrive!?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Gmail as pendrive!?

The Portable Virtual Privacy Machine

Carry your entire Internet communication system on a tiny USB drive.

Contains a complete virtual Linux machine with privacy-enabled Open Source Internet applications.

Carry your Internet applications, email, bookmarks, history, web cookies, download files in your pocket.
Perfect for travellers - nothing to be scanned, started, poked, or prodded at the airport.
Get English keyboard support no matter what computer you use.

No installation needed - just plug the drive into any Windows or Linux computer, and click on the Virtual Privacy Machine icon and you're ready to go.
The VPM's network connection will auto configure and run seamlessly on any machine with a working internet connection..

All Internet session data (cookies, history, downloads, etc.) are stored on the VPM, not the host computer.
Runs on any rewriteable media (USB drives, Flash Memory cards, Secure Digital devices, iPods, etc.)
This PR1 release runs on Windows and Linux - final release version will also run on OS X.Click to expand...
just might be in the front page tommrow
GmailFS might be too

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my pendrive is detected but other pendrives are not detected my lapy.
i have windows 7 pro os registered but i dont have product key. i forgott my key.
now my windows 7 is format so i need product key.
could you please give a my win 7 pro product key?

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What on earth do I do?


Midday, a spam email was sent from my account to all my contacts. I could still log on, see my emails and send new emails but no incoming mails were reaching my mail box. Asked a quesiton on Gmail Answers forum, but got a useless response

Tuesday, by 2pm my account was suspended completely, I can;t log in? I can't reset my password? there is on line form to fill out to contact customer care, I filled it out, but no one has responded.

Wednesday, still can't log in to my account, filled out the form again, but again no response

Thursday, still can't log in to my account - 8 years of emails lost. Lots of security and privacy concerns. Tried phoning Gmail, but the london number[Removed]is for billing enquiries and you need a credit card, I don't pay for any services from Gmail, and this is not a billing enquiry.

HOW DO YOU CONTACT GMAIL, and I don;t mean an online form, I have done all that, I mean telephone and speak to a person, or LIVE CHAT with a human not a "Bot"

So I want to ask what is Genuine Gmail Phone Number For United Kingdom, is 0800 086 8676 Gmail Contact Phone Number UK



Hi, welcome to TSF

Google don't offer phone support for these kind of problems, only online forms, so be very careful if you decide to use that 0800 number. ie. don't give any personal details over the phone.

It's better to use their official support lines:
Problems signing in to your account
Having trouble signing in?

Do you have a link to the customer care page you used? There are lots of scammers out there pretending to be google support.

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I am having some problems with the Gmail application and Notifier as of late. Basically the Gmail Desktop Notifier I have is unable to connect to my Gmail account.

A quick run down of what I know.

* No matter what web browser you tell Gmail to use as the default, it always goes through IE to access your Gmail account.

* The notifier doesn't actually use POP3 or IMAP to the best of my knowledge, meaning if something is messed up with IE/Gmail the application won't work correctly.

* I can access my Gmail account from any non-IE browser (but can't use the notifier).

*I can technically access my Gmail account from IE, but I have to clear my cache/cookies to do this and every time I reboot the problem returns and I can no longer access Gmail from IE.

* I have both Gmail and IE set up to use SSL2 encryption, makes no difference enabled or not.

* I have tried uninstalling the notifier, removing all traces of it from my system, clearing IE's cache/cookies, and reinstalling with no luck.

* I have reset IE7 to defaults and this made no difference.

* I have tried without a firewall/AV active

* Using a fully updated XP Pro SP3

* This is a new problem that has plagued only my last few reformats, even though I am using the same disk as I have for a while and have never had this problem previously.

* I am using an nLite disk, but it has worked fine for at least 10 reformats before I started having problems.

Thanks for the help. If I have left out any... Read more

Answer:Gmail Notifier Unable To Connect To Server, Can't Open Gmail Webpage In IE7


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Hi I ve just had a couple of rejections when trying to share files on onedrive.
The recipient has a gmail account and I have been able to share with them previously

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I've tried searching everywhere, & I cannot find a solution to this problem.  I have a contact who shows up in my Chat list on the left of my Gmail, who I would like to remove.  He has two e-mail addresses, one gmail, the other is (his college address).  I've tried deleting him entirely, but the latter address still shows up in my Gmail Chat list, to my frustration.  He never uses that address anymore, so I desperately want to unclutter the list by taking it off.  There is no option to block, remove, or set it to "never show", so I'm coming here for help.  Hope you all can help me out!

Answer:Removing a Contact on Gmail Chat (No gmail e-mail address)

From the Web: How to remove a contact from chat list? - Google Product Forums
1. From your inbox, click the bold link on the left:
A list pops up with all your groups:
"Friends, Family, Coworkers, Gremlin Trainers, Most Contacted, All Contacts... etc",
2. Select All Contacts.
A list pops up with all your Contacts. You can even search, if thats how deep you roll, but that probably means you have too many contacts and why not just leave that one?
3. Select that person you don't really hate per se, but just don't want to see in your chat status list...
A window pops up with various options for where to move/what to do with that contact, including: "Show in chat list"4. Set that contact to: Auto, Always, Never, or Block.

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Now a days Each GMail account comes with a 7 Gb (and counting) storage capacity but how many are actually utilizing it fully? Here is a ways how you can turn your GMail into an online storage. That’s right, a 7 Gb web storage to keep/retrieve anything you want online simply just by uploading/downloading them. How to use Gmail Account as a Online Storage?
The best method is “Gmail Drive” . You all have to do is Just Install Gmail Drive. Once you installed the Gmail Drive you will see a Drive names as “GMail Drive” will be appears in My Computer. Preview: Once you will click on “Gmail Drive” a PopUp will appears like this:
Just Login in it via your Gmail ID & Password. How to Upload Files via “Gmail Drive”?
Exactly. Drag and drop
So, Ready to use Gmail Drive? Download it from the Following Link: Download Link & More info here

Answer:Change your Gmail into Online Storage Machine with Gmail Drive

hi !
old news, it?s been available for years...
7GB ?
Windows Live, Skydrive=25GB ! SkyDrive - Windows Live

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Gmail Customer Service for Gmail Is Not Working on an iPad, Gmail account cannot get or send email , GMail configuration not working, log messages useless, Why is my (Google) mail account not work after Forgot Gmail Password? Gmail password recovery Contact Gmail Customer Service

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I got curious about the gmail drive shell extension application, so I installed it and it worked just fine while at university (ethernet wired connection, very fast). Today I was home and saw I couldn't open gmail. It said 502 Server Error.

SO I uninstalled gmail drive extension, and deleted all cookies, temp files, ran registry cleaning. Then restarted.

Upon restart, I STILL got that 502 server error.

What could be the problem? I would rather not do system restore because I have installed a lot of programs since then, and really don't feel like redoing it. But I don't know how I could fix the problem manually.

If anybody has any suggestions, please. Thanks!

Answer:Gmail Drive Shell Extension Uninstalled, Still Cannot Access

Has it only been today that you have experienced this issues?I know that Gmail had an outage today due to technical issues.Source

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I have searched for an option of updating the password, but have found none. It seems to want to make me delete the account in order to fix it.

Answer:I updated my Gmail password from another device and now Gmail won't synch on my Surface.

Could you join the site and reply in this thread?
HOW are you accessing this Gmail? In an App? Via Browser?
Can you not simply sign out of the Gmail and sign back in with the new password?
Try this: Control Panel > view by > Large Icons > Credential Manager > Web Credentials > Find the Gmail account on the list > click or tap the Down Arrow to get more detail > Remove
This will force a log in next use.

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Gmail customer Service Tech support for Windows 8 Apps Don't Connect to Your Google/, Forwarding to Gmail Not Working, Email-button not working with Gmail App, Gmail's 'Undo Send' Option Officially Rolls Out.

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 As soon as you get into contact with Gmail Support Number Help Desk, you will be able to resolve severe trouble and start commencing emailing tasks in a while. You can easily regain your lost Gmail password by the guidance of our well trained technicians. Why waiting for other option when our Gmail customer care providing with best resolutions. Just contact Gmail Support Number Help by dialing 1-844-442-6444 toll free .

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From a list I am on, It looks like there is a huge security flaw in Gmail.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Gmail exploit
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 20:26:54 -0400
From: Adam Fields <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]

For Politech, if you like

There's a Gmail exploit that allows an attacker to steal your Gmail cookie, which thereafter identifies them as you to the system, even if you change your password.

This seems like a huge problem for Google, above and beyond the actual security breach. Remember that Gmail uses the same unlimited lifetime Google cookie. The data in that cookie is, presumably, extremely valuable for their tracking efforts, and I'd guess that this will be difficult for them to fix in a way that maintains that.

I've blogged this:

Answer:Gmail security flaw (the real reason not to use Gmail)


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Gmail Customer Service Support for solving Gmail account not working , Internal Microphone not working in GMail Voice-Solved, Gmail Notifier not working? Email forwarding to Gmail not working, Fixing Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Gmail Bug, Use Gmail? Not working with Outlook?

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I set up a gmail account a couple of years ago (as a precaution when it looked like tiscali might die a sudden death). I've never really used it, but I've just tried sending a few emails and noticed that emails I send (using the gmail account) from Outlook Express then immediately appear in the Sent folder of the gmail webmail.Not only is this not what I want (as I have a copy in my OE Sent items), I find it rather odd given that gmail has a setting that removes received (Inbox) items from gmail webmail once they have been accessed with POP (e.g. downloaded to OE), so begs the question as to why gmail wants to keep copies of sent items.Or is there some setting in gmail that I haven't been able to locate?

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Helping a friend move to Windows 8. We cannot figure out how to move contacts from Gmail on XP to Gmail on Windows 8. We have Exported to a thumb drive (.wab) and plugged into the Windows 8 computer. Dialog box asked if we wanted to import and we said yes. Going to gmail there is NO contacts list.

What do we need to do to get the contacts transferred to Gmail?

Answer:Move contacts from gmail on XP to gmail on windows 8

Gmail supports importing contacts from CSV format so you need to export the contacts to a CSV file from XP then from the brower, log into gmail, click on Contacts then click on More->Import then click again on Import and select the CSV file.

Once you have setup the Gmail from Windows 8, the contacts should be there.

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The cursor bounces all over the place, messages close while I am typing, go to 'draft' etc......

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In the past I made the mistake to use my Gmail account to create a new Microsoft account (previously known as Microsoft Passport). At that moment everything worked like a charm. Reading mails on my WP8 was easy and worked as expected.
Then Google decided to boycott Microsoft. They made sure that it was almost impossible to connection to a Gmail account from a WP device. Luckily MS gave us a way to connect your Gmail to a account (as described here Because my MS account used the same login (ex. [email protected]) as my Gmail account, this was a very easy way to fix things. I immediately did this and at first it did what it had to.
After a while I found it frustrating that my emails were now synced on 2 mailboxes using the same login. On my desktop (where I use Outlook 2015) I connect directly to the Gmail account and on my phone (now WM10) I can only connect to the one. This is annoying because when I read mails on my phone, they are still unread on my PC.
I read that it is now possible again to connect directly to Gmail on WM10. So I tried to add my Gmail account again. I then found out that this wasn't possible because there was already an account with the same login ([email protected]). Normally you can just delete the old account ( before adding the new one. But since my [email protected] is also known as my MS account, I can't delete it. It is tied to the account and will always connect to... Read more

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How to receive gmail on two computers in same household using the same email address. When I try to imput the gmail address on the second computer it tells me that the gmail name has already been used.

Answer:receiving gmail on two computers with the same gmail address

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I have been using my Gmail account for years on my PC without having to sign in (already saved) and my written down saved PW now doesn't work (on my laptop after I reset it). But if I want to access my Gmail from another computer (which I do) I cannot login.

I have a recovery AOL email address but as I had not used it for more than 90 days I had to renew it - the PW remains the same but when I get Gmail to send a PW reset code to that AOL address nothing arrives.

As that Gmail PW is somewhere on my PC how can I access it and read the characters?

Can anyone advise please?

Answer:How to recover Gmail password from Gmail already open?

Do you have another PC that can login to gmail? If so, what browser are you using on the PC? What email client?

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I have a P4 computer but its RAM is just 256 MB. If anyone knows any method to use a pendrive as a RAM, please tell it to me. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Using Pendrive as a RAM on XP

This is not recommended, not practical, and I don't think it's possible. USB Storage Devices store memory as Flash memory, which is different than the type of memory used in your RAM. They are accessed differently and have different characteristics.The main difference is that the Flash Drive retains its memory when the power is turned off, whereas the RAM is completely erased when you turn off the power.Also, if you manage to get the USB Drive working as RAM, it would be like driving a car without circular wheels. It is just too slow to be used as RAM.Can you not purchase any more RAM? It doesn't come too expensive.

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Question: About pendrive

My pendrive have virus.. if pendrive have virus can it be format away those virus? thank for help.

Answer:About pendrive

Yes, you can format it, but you should check with the manufacturer to see if they have any recommendations.

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hi i have a 4gb usb pendrive ,i want to keep all my photoes on,(about 2.5gb ) in total i have loaded all of them from my h/d onto the pendrive,but i can only view 1 gb,all the otherscome up with an error saying that i can not open them because the are in a(pcd file extension) it alos give me the oppertunity to rename them but that dose not work, i am sure they were all in "jpg" on my h/d ,so i cant figure out whtas going total i have 84 folders in jpg format on my h/d,on the pendrive i have 84 folders, i can only read 22 in jpg all the rest are in (pcd).i hope someone on here can understand what im saying many thanks for reading this

Answer:4gb usb pendrive only using 1gb ?

this is a blind guess but it could be the 84 folders some equipment does not like too many folders. Could you start again but nest the folders inside other folders so that the drive sees a smaller no.

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Question: pendrive's

HI,I was reading an article the other day about a chap who had spybot and other spyware software on his usb pendrive,and not on his pc i was wondering if it wasn't installed on any pc how was he running the spybot etc, on any machine to check for errors spyware without it being installed on the pc it was just on his pendrive.Puzzles me or is it me? help.Thanks daiol.


I think he probably had the installer executables on the pen drive. Then he could go to any PC with a USB port and install the program without having to download (especially if the internet connection wasn't working).I've done a similar thing with a collection of anti-malware and diagnostic programs burned to a CD.

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Question: PENDRIVE

is there a pen drive which supports  - LenovoYoga 3 Pro - 1370 i need to use it as like microsoft surface tablets pens.


Hi achussaini,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If you are looking for a working pen for your Yoga 3 Pro, then this discussion here.
It uses multipoint capacitive touch technology and not with the pressure sensitivity offered with active type pens.
Other pen choices that works fine with others are also discussed here.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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i want to play movies on my LG lcd TV through Pen Drive.

plz guide me or give me software for that

thanking u

Answer:use pendrive on lcd


Have you checked your tv manufacturer's website to see if your tv can play movies from just a usb flash drive as most lcd tv's don't do that if this is what you mean. The usb slot on a TV is there mainly for updates for itself, although having said that there is a few that will let you play a slideshow of pictures from it.

Have a look online at LG's website typing in your tv's make model/serial number, it will definitely tell you.


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Question: os on pendrive

how can i install xp on my usb pendrive?

Answer:os on pendrive

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Dear Friends
This issue may be repeated, and may occur to any of us
I have a USB flash drive, of 8GB
it worked fine for months,
but unfortunately, it is not working any more!
If inserted, the computer recognizes it as a flash drive, and places it in the "Safely Remove Hardware",
but if we tried to open it, it says "Insert disk in drive..."
I saw it's properties it says: Rmovable disk>>> Size 0MB !!!
where the media gone?
I tried to format it says "no disk in drive..."
I tried to fix using HP recovery, and other utilities, but it insists on, "No disk in drive"

Is there is something to do?
Please help...

Answer:USB pendrive 8GB=0MB

This can happen when the drive is not removed properly.
Plug in the drive,then go to "my computer".
Right click the drive and click eject.
Remove the drive and restart the computer.
Try the drive again.

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Question: USN pendrive

I have a new laptop on XP Home and a user account as the administratoraccount.Plugged in a usb2 pen drive and I am told on screen "that aceess to the pendrive is denied. Consult your adminstrator".I open up my user account and cannot find any help on how to gain that access.

Answer:USN pendrive

First question, do you use USB for anything else?In other words, could it be turned off?

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I have 2 GB ram in my Computer. I want to upgrade my ram if i will buy it from market it can be very costly so i want to use pendrive as a ram is anyone is here who can help me how to use pendrive act like as a ram.

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Question: Pendrive

while am formatting...this error is showing"windows is unable to complete the format".
how can i format it?please post the answer


Select Quick Format and format it to FAT32.

Try various other options one by one if the above does not work, like NTFS, exFAT etc.

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My USB pendrive is not being detected. I tryed on 3 differents computers, every time the Windows install the pendrive but I can't see it nowhere, not even in disk management in computer management.
Can anyone help?

Answer:How to fix my USB pendrive?

Time for a new pendrive I'm afraid... The don't last forever

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How do I get my mail? I was expecting some very important mail. It says my gmail address, but there none there! Can someone please help me? Thanks.

Answer:can I get google gmail with Edge? It says gmail but none is there?

you mean

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Solved please remove

Answer:How to add secondary gmail account to my gmail?

You missed an email address on the top if you'd like to remove and edit the image
How To Combine All Your Email Addresses into One Gmail Inbox

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I have 2 gmail addresses one set up to forward to the other, the forwarding has stopped working. Both are set with POP disabled and IMAP enabled. I am sending emails from windows live mail to the gmail set up for forwarding, it is received, but not forwarded. I have deleted and re-entered the forwarding address and completed the confirmation last night, but it is still not forwarding, what next please.

Answer:gmail to gmail forwarding not working

Dear i have just applied the email forwarding process between my 2 gmail address and it is working fine. Here my IAMP Access option is DISABLED. POP Download option is enabled. I choose the middle radio button "Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on". You please follow my setting. I think it will do.

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I have an old gmail account that i donīt use anymore. can i transfer the files, recieved and sent messages to a new gmail account? For a reason i canīt use the old one anymore.ThanksUnnar

Answer:How to copy mail from gmail to gmail?

Go here these guys deal with this regularly:

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Question: boot from pendrive

hi i am using an acer aspire4736 model laptop.unknowingly i have cleared registryfiles with tuneup software.From then my system is not loading o.s.just it is showing boot options then a blank screen is appearing and again boot options like that.and i tried to boot it from pendrive but it is showing the option to boot from pendrive but i was unable to boot.then i tried with a DVD then it is not showing any option to boot from a DVD.please help me.

Answer:boot from pendrive

rams395 said:

hi i am using an acer aspire4736 model laptop.unknowingly i have cleared registryfiles with tuneup software.From then my system is not loading o.s.just it is showing boot options then a blank screen is appearing and again boot options like that.and i tried to boot it from pendrive but it is showing the option to boot from pendrive but i was unable to boot.then i tried with a DVD then it is not showing any option to boot from a DVD.please help me.Click to expand...

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error in IOCT call.... what is this? how can i recover my removable drive.
i am unable to format it. i tried it in command promot too.but no hpe..

Answer:formatting my pendrive

does there any site that can scan&remove virus from removable disc incase my system is all ready affected by virus.

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I got one weird problem with my new pendrive (bought 3). Cannot copy any dvd or avi file inside the pendrive (Steelmate 32gb). All data related to dvd/avi cannot be opened. I've try already with regular pendrive, evrything fine. When I bought the pendrive, seller state inside the auction page "designed exclusively for microsoft office data only". Other file like worksheet/picture/software running smooth with
the pendrive. I really think there no faulty hardware error with the drive. Maybe some kind of unlocked thing. Hope somebody can give me an idea. TQ .

I've already:

Format the pendrive
Scan for faulty
Zip the dvd/avi n move to the drive

p/s u can check the pendrive picture here:

Answer:Cannot copy dvd/avi to Pendrive

What format is the drive?
IF it claimed to be for other OSes it might of been FAT, when you reformatted did it format FAT32 or NTFS?
Are the files larger that 4GB?

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Question: Pendrive site

I was going to recommend the YUMI multiboot creator from pendrives. I know a number of people here use it but this what Norton thinks.

Web of Trust (WOT) also rate the security of the pendrive site as poor.

Answer:Pendrive site

No problems were found by a Virustotal scan.

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when i connect my usb pen drive to my pc it shows 'usb does not recognize' this happend me after i had put it on my friend pc, os is xp, kingston usb pls help me

Answer:problem with usb pendrive

How old is it?  Does it work on another computer?

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Question: pendrive locking

my pendrives nowdays are frequently been stolei dont know who did itso now i wanna ask your help to lock the pendrivei tried using bitlocker but i doubt the securityi want it to be locked,unwritable and most importantly unformatable i google for the softwares but each software has it own functionis there other ways to lock my pendrive?additional- i dont know if this sounds logic but can you trace your pendrive?maybe by putting something in the pendrive and track it when the person plugged the pendrive and then we trace it over the internet find their ip address maybe?

Answer:pendrive locking

no you cant trace it through ip it which is your pendrive company some pendrive companies have their own locking program

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i have pen drive. it contain some folders. after inserting in my friends system.. it shows all my folders as shortcuts. but in drive property space is not reduce. i was scanned with my avast5.0 and latest McAfeeit detected two viruses bit it didn't bring my files back..

Answer:about virus in my pendrive

You can use avira to remove these virusyou can use trojan remove too can use this software to recover your usb data

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Is it possible to install XP onto a USB pendrive and boot it from there? If it is possible, how to do it?

Also, does it have any drawbacks, disadvantages? I think I read somewhere that flash drives have a maximum lifetime, which is measured in write operations performed on them. If the number of write operations exceed this number, the flash drive will eventually get unreliable.
And, given that Windows is using the pagefile almost constantly, it will ruin a flash drive in a few hours. Can any expert confirm this?



PS: A little background for those interested.
I want this because I want to separate my internet banking operations from all the rest I do with my computer. So I need a second system, which is securely away when I work or surf or play, and which, therefore, is inaccessible for any possible attacks originating from viruses or hackers. (So a 2nd partition won't do, because it's part of the system all the time.) I don't like the idea of always changing hard drives, whenever I want to do banking, so I need an external source for booting the OS. USB pendrives came to mind.

Answer:Install XP onto USB pendrive?

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need help to solve my pendrive...
cannot format

showing "NO Media"

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Question: Pendrive problem


Today, i bought myself a 512mb pendrive, i wanted to use it, windows recognized it as a removable drive without any problems, so i drag-n-dropped a file onto the drive window, but it froze at 30 percent

Ive tried rebooting but no change, the files were still freezing at 20-50 percent

Ive tried to disconnect, and then connect my pendrive, but this also didnt work

I went to a friend of mine to see if this is because of a badly manufactured pendrive, but at his place everything seems to work out ok

Now, im quite a newb to computers, so if you guys could hook me up with any solutions do this, id be very thankful

My system is winxp sp1

Answer:Pendrive problem

first i would say, get sp2 and all the updates, and you'r sure you have no bugs, i would try to copy one file using xp right click. can't get much in 512mb.but clean temps. defrag, run chkdisk, unplug it, restart, nothing else running, try again.

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Question: pendrive problem

i everyone,i bought a pendrive 4gb a week ago n now it isn't working.
'the disk needs to be formatted' apperars upon inserting it n 'windows cannot complete formatting' appears wen i try to format it. i cannot open or explore the pendrive. it also shows zero capacity. i'm using vista home premium, RAM: 4gb and HDD: 250 gb. plz help.

Answer:pendrive problem

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I was formatting my pendrive and msg came windows unable to format and now my pendrive is not shown by any computer nor in disk management not in device manager wat to do its 16 gb v215b is not detected by computer...pls help

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Question: Pendrive problem

I am using moserbaer pen drive (4GB) . When i plug it into my USB port, I get the icon of it in system tray but i could not see my pen drive icon in the explorer window.

Not only with pen drive even with the card reader the same problem( i could not see the contents of the memory card)
Please help me.

Answer:Pendrive problem

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i recently bought a 8Gb pendrive and i faced a problem in detecting it....after a few month using it i found that the pendrive couldn't be detected by a PC or laptop...i was wondering what is the problem and if anyone could help me to solve this i would be very thankful...

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My pen drive can't be detected in any computer.
when plug in to pc shows, 'USB Device Not Recognized' and ' One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, Windows does not recognize it'. When i check in device manager it shows 'Unknown Device'. Please help me coz got some important data inside. Dont have back up too. Ur help is highly appreciated. thank u.

Answer:Pendrive does not work in USB

welcome to TSG - I have moved you post into a thread of its own,
please do not put your questions in other peoples posts

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i formatted my pendrive with Innostor Mp Tool and then it changed to Innostor NAND Flash Drive.Now i cant access it,format it nor create a partition.i tried many softwares but none helped.The VID is 1F75  and PID is 0916.please help!!!!

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Pendrive is not showing when plugged in the computer. But it is showing in the device manager.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers from device manager and reinstalled by just plugging the pendrive to the laptop again. And also checked for updates but it says the driver is up to date.

I have uploaded the Images just in case needed.


Answer:Pendrive Not Showing

Ignore the info regarding registry cleaning

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Question: Pendrive Atech log

i have develop software and tu atech pendrive to get pendrive history...

but get history a above 1 month.

Answer:Pendrive Atech log

Do you have a question? Or are you promoting your software?

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Hi, I have an r32 and I'm trying to boot from a pendrive to start Ubuntu.  I used the Ubuntu creator to make a bootable pendrive. When I press F12 and choose "usb external drive" it boots into windows xp.  So far I changed the setting allowing usb to run as "a" drive but it still boots into xp.  The Ubuntu live cd boots up fine. Thanks,

Answer:Booting from pendrive in R32

Welcome to the forum!R32, like any other ThinkPad from that generation (A31/p, T30) will NOT boot from a pendrive.It WILL boot from a conventional USB CD-ROM or FDD.Hope this helps.

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i have a problem with my pendrive.
when i'm going to disk manag here it shows the unallocated space of my pendrive at that time what i do please help me.

Answer:problem with pendrive

Hi. . .

You can either create a partition and format giving you two partitons or re-format the pen drive in NTFS format. Right click on the area in the disk management box for options.

Regards. . .



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Sir, I have 4gb kingston pendrive. I want to partition it into three parts(three drives)
Is it possible if yes plz tell me how

Answer:Partition of pendrive

1) Windows will not let you create or see multiple partitions on removable media. But you can do it with linux. See this page.

[SOLVED] Making multiple partitions on USB memory stick

2) Another approach is to try and turn your USB drive into a fixed disk by ‘flipping’ the removable bit in the firmware. This is the digital flag that tells Windows whether the drive is ‘fixed’ or ‘removable’. You can do this using the Lexar BootIt utility.


Lexar tool makes creating bootable USB flash drives easy

Create separate partitions on your Corsair USB flash drive &#171; Corsair? Blog

Let me add that the Lexar utility may or may not work on your particular drive, so use at your own risk.

3) The safest option is to buy a few cheap, low capacity drives and use them for individual purposes.

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I use kaspersky internet security but it does not protect my pendrive. Today I saw something called "newfolder.exe" was automatically creating folders and subfolders flawlessly but kaspersky did nothing. Actually kaspersky couldn't prevent. Also detected "autorun.inf" and asked me to do a restart. I restarted thne again same thing happened. Then I went to my friends house then I scanned my pendrive on his pc with Norton. norton detected something called trojan and immediately removed that shit from my pendrive and helped me to get trolled as I'm a kaspersky fanboy sorry I forgot to take screen shot.
How to get rid of this kind of usb virus or so?????

do note that norton deleted virus from my pendrive along with all my documents without single permission.

Answer:Best pendrive protection for pc

I am pretty sure kaspersky can scan usb drives. If you enable auto-scan when inserted in kaspersky settings it will always do it.

Maybe you have it turned off?
I just googled quickly and this is the first site i found to show how to enable it in kaspersky settings.


How To Make Kaspersky Automatically Scan USB Removable Drives

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Question: Boot from pendrive

Satellite m30x...
I can't boot from a bootable pendrive.
I tryed different pendrives (USB1 & 2) and boot system files.
Any hint ?

Ciao from Italy

Answer:Boot from pendrive

Hello fabri22,

I have found this on Toshiba knowledgebase.
Maybe it will help you. [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccc hadddjhjfhddcgfkceghdgngdgnn.0&ct=SB


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I had purchased a Transcend Jet Flash 700 USB 3.0 16 GB Pendrive from Flipkart in mid September 2011. The pendrive is not even a year old.

Yesterday I inserted my pendrive in a friend's laptop to transfer files of around 1.5GB. The pendrive had more than 10GB free space. 70-80% of the transfer was done but then his laptop's battery drained off and the laptop obviously got shut down. Since then, whenever I insert my pendrive in any device the blue light on it blinks for around 10 seconds and then the light turns off too. The pendrive is not detected.

I have tried reading the pendrive on my friend's laptop, on my laptop and my tablet too. On each device, the pendrive's light blinks for about 10 seconds but nothing happens.

Please help, is there any way by which I can fix it?

Answer:Pendrive not being detected - Please help

Do you get any error message?

Does the pendrive show up in Disk Management? If so a screenshot will be helpul to give a trageted solution hopefully.

That said, if you do not have any data that you may want to recover, you may try Jetflash Online recovery

JetFlash Online Recovery

Keep us posted. Good luck.

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Hello mate here,

I have such problem in the my job, one PC does not recognizes usb pendrives, i re-install windows, all .inf files are in system folder but when i connect usb pendrive computer does not recognizes, pop ups error from the right low side of monitor.

what is a problem? please help me . thanks in advanced.

have a nice day.

Answer:PC not recognizes any USB pendrive

See if the suggestions here help, especially Post#5

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Hello,I was fomat my laptop after that it was not detecting any pendrive so what can I do?

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i can't format or copy any data into my pendrive
It shows that Pendrive is write protected..!!
please do help...

Answer:pendrive not able to format...!!

Worst case: Your pen drive is dead. A pen drive that has gone through thousands of Read/ Write cycles can die a natural death when its flash controller decides that it had had its full run and it is no longer safe to write any data on it.(simple non-technical explanation. )

Since you have not given any details about the pen drive in question like the model/make/capacity, for how long you have been using it, whether it is still under warranty, whether other pen drives works normally on your computer,whether you had tried this pen drive on another computer and with what results, and if it shows in the Windows Disk Management how does it appear (is it RAW) etc., etc., it is not possible to give any specific suggestion to deal with that problem.

So here you go on a round-trip.

How To Fix Write Protection Errors On a USB Stick

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Question: vista and pendrive

I have just bought a 4 gb pen drive. My laptop which runs vista will recognise it but my desktop pc does not and also when I insert the pendrive my pc crashes and will not restart or close downAny help on solving this much appreciatedIt is a sandisk

Answer:vista and pendrive

inserting the drive before you start the PC?What happens if you do that?

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Good day.
Been using True Crypt on my desktop and its working fine,I have several important medical info stored in the True crypt file.And I also have a backup of the files.
Now what I'm looking for is for some easy explanation on getting True crypt to work on my 8GB pen drive,Would that be possible on an 8GB drive or would I need a larger one,The files that I have saved on the desktop are in PDF format so maybe the 8GB would be okay?
Now is it straight forward for me to get this software on to my pen drive which a backup of the files in question are on it.
Looking for a straight forward method,Do I leave the pen drive in the FAT format or would it have to be changed?
Many Thanks In Advance.

Answer:Using TrueCrypt on a pendrive

See this:
Encrypting a USB drive using TrueCrypt (Windows users)

Note: I have not done this. Read the article and you know as much as I do.

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In all computer my pendrive have some promblem.I connect pendrive in my computer It have some message.The message is see below and driver didnot instal.what can i do. pls help

Answer:pendrive did not detect

this was image

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My pendrive not recognize message comes when i plug my pendrive. This is due to in past i try to format pendrive and that time it shows unable to format and the message appears 'usb not recognize '.what is solution pls tell

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Question: pendrive virus

I had got a friend's pendrive and double clicked it to open. All of a sudden my antivirus Kaspersky got disabled and my pc crashed. After restarting I got the following as my XP sp3 opened:::
A window appears with the title:
"Can't run 16 bit windows program"
Within the window it states:
"Insufficient memory to run this application. Quit one or more windows applications and then try again."
Then I could not run any system .exe files like command prompt, msconfig, etc, nor did my antivirus work(it was still disabled).I couldn't open my web browser google chrome or firefox. I am currently using IE7. Then the weirdest thing happened. I installed a game after all this happened and it worked quite fine, but as soon as I inserted my XP cd to format, my system could not detect it. Even when I inserted my Kaspersky disc it did not detect the disk, but any other disc is easily read without any trouble. Both XP and Kaspersky discs are otiginal and I am stcuk!!! Please help!!!!

Answer:pendrive virus

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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32 gb kingston pendrive not responding

Answer:pendrive not responding

If you've had it for a while it may have reached the end of it's life. There is a limit to how many times you can write to it, and a limit to how long it will retain the data that's on it.I have found the original low capacity ones to be far more reliable, I'm still using a 1GB one after 5 years daily use, whereas the 8GB one I bought didn't last more than a year. So I no longer buy them. I use external hard drives instead. They cost more initially but are more reliable and last longer so you actually save money over the longer term.

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I have moserbaer 4gb pendrive.i use the Novicorp WinToFlash 0.6.0005 beta tool to make my usb bootable it works well i m able to installed windows 7 on my pc .But when i plug thid usb into anthor system it did not works i tried it on 4 different systems. It show the usb is not recoginized by windows XP.... i also tried window device manager properties.It did not work...Plz help me............................


Why did you make it bootable? Have you tried reformatting it?

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i have an hp pendrive which is not even seen in my pc when i plug it it is not seen any where .

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Question: Pendrive Problem

I was having a problem with my windows laptop, I have a pendrive that I want to install Ubuntu with I already installed all the files to it but when I boot up the laptop it loads windows any help?
Also it is not a problem with the pendrive I tried it on another laptop and the installation booted properly

Answer:Pendrive Problem

Boot into Setup (Bios) and set the First Boot Device to be USB/Key

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Question: Pendrive and virus

When I click on the pendrive icon by clicking on My Computer, it leads to My Documents instead. Pendrive can be opened only by getting exploded view from Folders.

When I try to go to c:\ prompt, it switches back to window. I am sure it is caused by virus.

Please help how to take care of it


Answer:Pendrive and virus

Hi, welcome to TSF!

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.

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I am Fakir Mohan Panda ,i want to know that how i can install windows xp in a transcend 4GB jet flash drive (pendrive )which is available in market ,please give me a solution for this.
thank you.

Answer:how to install xp in a pendrive

Hi, welcome to TSF.

You can't. Apart from anything else, you'll need more space.

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my DVD drive is not detecting any cd/dvd.So I want to install XP sp2 from pendrive, please tell me the procedure for this.

Answer:to install XP sp2 with pendrive

Hi durgesh_mmm and welcome to TSF !

Make sure you changed the boot order priority to CD-rom first in the BIOS.

If the DVD/CD drive is really dead then the easiest solution would be to replace it or borrow a friend's for the time of the installation. If this is a laptop you can use an external DVD drive (if the laptop doesn't support booting from an USB device you won't be able to use another method anyway).

What's the brand and model of your computer or of your motherboard ? You'll need to make your USB drive bootable, have a motherboard that supports booting from USB devices and edit several files because XP isn't designed to be installed from an USB drive.

Check this thread :

If you use the tutorial at they have a dedicated support forum.

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When I plug my usb pendrive into usb port computer hangs. If I go 'ctl'+'alt'+'del' it tells me prog.'MSQSRV32' not responding. only way out is to end task. After this if I go to 'device manager' the icon for pendrive has red X on it and properties tell me windows has had trouble accessing mass storage device. I am running windows 98se and processor is a pentium MMX.Does anyone out there have a fix for this problem.I have also re-installed the drivers and problem persists.

Answer:usb pendrive problems

it looks like a driver problem, I have never seen anything in device manager with a red x, usually only a yellow conflict sign.What type of pendrive is it, and where did you buy it?the only thing I can think of is to run the system file checker, put the w98 cd in the drive, click start, run and type sfc and allow it to replace any corrupted files from the cd.

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I have few PNY USB Pen drives, which were recognized and read properly earlier. My XP operating system had a virus problem and I had to re-format and re-install again. Since then the system does not detect th PNY USB Pen Drives. It detects and reads other pen drives such as JetFlash. I have checked the PNY Pen drives on other computers, and they work just fine.
Anybody can give me some solution to this?

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My pen drives is not working from today.Why?

Answer:My pendrive is not reconize.

What happens when you insert it?You've been helped by a 14 year old.

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Question: bootable Pendrive


Can u help me to create bootable usb Pendrive to install after windows? please give tutorial for it.

thanks in advanced.

Answer:bootable Pendrive

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

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My Hp 32gb hp pendrive not geting detected by ANY pc at all.
I googled my problem but my problem is either unique or pendrive is damaged.

here is some screen shots to rest my case.
Device manager detects it.
diskpart or disk management does not.

but it does shows in devies list.


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Hi all,

This seems like a fairly standard message - but I just can't figure it out?!

When I plug the pendrive in I can't 'see' it in my computer.

Someone has said it may be to do with the fact that I'm at work and have some network drives mapped. I've been into 'Control Panel' and then 'Admin Tools' and then 'Computer Management' and then 'Disk Management' - and then I can 'see' the pendrive is connected.

It seems to be automatically mapped to 'E:' - but then when I go back to 'My Computer' 'E:' isn't one of the drive letters being shown?!

Help please!!

Thanks - James.

Answer:Sony USB 2.0 Pendrive

The E: drive is probably one of your network drives. Are you sure it is not listed in My Computer. Network drives' letters are displayed in the end of the drives description.

Just change the USB pen's drive letter in Disk Managment to something that is definently not used.

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I copied a file from my friend's laptop..
And after i copied i saw that he had a virus called username.exe and it created a "keshav.exe" in every folder of his laptop...
each is a un-openable, un-deletable, exe file of 178 kb...
Now its in my pendrive...
How can i get rid of it in my pendrive and his laptop...
Formatting the pendrive doesn't work...

Luckily i din put it in my PC so its still safe..
But there is an important file i want to copy from the pendrive..
Pls help...
Thanks in advance...

Answer:Help...USERNAME.exe in my pendrive..

The General Security forum is only for general questions regarding security software and things of that nature but not for actually removing malware as we have qualified helpers who are the only members who are authorized to assist with those matters. You can easily identify them as they have either a gold or blue shield beside their usernames. Please refer to this excerpt from the rules:

Log Analysis/Malware Removal - In order to ensure that advice given to users is consistent and of the highest quality, those who wish to assist with security related matters must first graduate from one of the malware boot camp training universities or be approved by the administration as already being qualified. Those authorized to help with malware issues have a gold shield next to their name and authorized malware removal trainees have a blue shield next to their names. If you'd like to participate in a training program, please contact a Moderator or see this article.Click to expand...

I'm going to close this thread and ask you to repost in the Malware Removal & HijackThis Logs forum for the proper assistance.

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just got myself a 16GB Kingston Drive and what i want to do is put 2 or more bootable images on there create my own boot menu so i can choose what to use when i need it

saves carrying a bunch of CD's

1 x windows 7 ultimate install
1 x windows 7 basic install
1 x Hiren's boot CD

i take it, its possible just unsure how to proceed.

something like yumi.....

Answer:2 bootable ISO's on 1 pendrive

Yumi works very well but I think you may have problems with two Windows Install ISOs. There is a specific mention of that in the documentation. I don't have any install ISOs but I have a WinRE repair ISO, A Macrium Boot ISO, Puppy Linux, Memtest86 and the Hirens CD on mine.

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Hii Everyone,
I have a problem in my laptop, whenever I insert a pendrive in my lappy it creates a shortcut of that USB and the files don't open.
If I open the shortcut and then put my file in it , the file opens, It is affecting my lappy as well as other's. Some of my friends laptop has got affected because of this issue and some pendrive have stopped working. It gets write protected and also got .dll error.
Please suggest me something as soon as possible. I would be greatful to you people. 

Answer:Pendrive having shortcut

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Download and Run FlashDisinfectorYou may have a flash drive infection. These worms travel through your portable drives. If they have been connected to other machines, they may now be infected.Please download Flash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it and follow any prompts that may appear.Note: Some security programs will flag Flash_Disinfector as being some sort of malware, you can safely ignore these warningsThe utility may ask you to insert your flash drive and/or other removable drives including your mobile phone. Please do so and allow the utility to clean up those drives as well.Wait until it has finished scanning and then exit the program.Reboot your computer when done.Note: Flash_Disinfector will create a hidden folder named autorun.inf in each partition and every USB drive plugged in when you ran it. Don't delete this folder. It will help protect your drives from future infection.===Download the version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same di... Read more

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I have 10 GB files in my pendrive but I am not able to see it those files are invisible. I change the folder option but still those aare invisible how can I get my files back . Can any one please help me to get my files back?


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Recently i have bought a Sony MICROVAULT USM8GR USB Flash Drive.After buying i plugged it in the usb port. the Usb driver installed correctly. But when i opened My Computer,the drive was nowhere to be seen. I opened Disk management,but it shows that the drive is not loated.i rebooted the computer,uninstalled the universal serial ports, installed driver....but no result....plzz help!!

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When I tried to format my pendrive is not working ,it is also showing in hidden.Help to access to my files.

Answer:My pendrive is not functioning

Welcome to eightforums,try the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - EaseUS Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Files Back ,should recover at least a Giga of your data.
Always back up and dont forget to back up!

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Today I plugged in my flash drive, but when I tried to open it, it said "Please insert a disk into (H"

I just wanted to reinstall my Windows 10 from flash, because it became very slow, and I can format my SSD from startup when installing, and that is better way.

Model: TOSHIBA TransMemory USB Device

Answer:I have an issue with my pendrive.

I do believe it has died. If the controller in the USB key can't see the memory chips (or they don't work any more) Windows reports "insert disk".

You'll have to buy a new one I'm afraid.

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no format pendrive 8gb transcend

Answer:no formate pendrive

how to format pen drive

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Question: Bootable pendrive

I know its been covered before however using a pendrive for a bootable drive are they faster than say a standard HDD due to the solid state memory?

Say for example i had a 4Gb pendrive and installed all the O/S and drivers onto the drive, would it boot faster than my 7200 160Gb HDD?

Or alternatively used the files and setting transfer wizard to make the drive bootable?

Surely the onboard memory of the drive has faster access speeds in a USB2 slot? Or does it have to be a USB1.1 because the drivers for the USB2 wont load at first boot?

Just being nosey really!

Answer:Bootable pendrive

Nope, a USB stick isn't any faster - some new SSDs (actual hard drives) are around the same speed as a good HDD.

A bootable USB stick will be quite slow and won't last as long as it has a limit on the amount of writes. They are good for playing with Linux though

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Question: Pendrive issue

My V220w 8GB pendrive is become readonly.I dont want to format it as the data is too important to me. I have tried running the command "Attribute disk clear readonly". But Current Read-only status is not changing.Kindly help.

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