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MS Clipper Tool Disapeared

Question: MS Clipper Tool Disapeared

Operating System: Win 7/64
Computer: HP Elite i7

Problem: Somehow, the Clipper Tool (part of Windows 7) has disappeared. I did not receive the installation disks with my computer. What can I do to reinstall the app?

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Preferred Solution: MS Clipper Tool Disapeared

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: MS Clipper Tool Disapeared

I guess you mean the snipping tool. It has probably simply disappeared from the Start menu so type snip in the Start > Search box. Snipping tool should appear above.

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Yankee Clipper III YC3

A powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar "Outlook" interface. Freeware.

Features: Current version:
Saves past 200 text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafile, and 200 URL clipboard entries.
Has the ability to save and re-use "boilerplate" clippings. Simply right-click on the item and select "Send to boilerplate". Unlimited boilerplate collections can be created.
URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched.
Can float on top of other applications for fast pasting.
No size limits for "clippings".
Prints any text clipboard entry, nicely word-wrapped.
This is a simple program to understand and use.
Has a global hotkey to make the application visible when hidden, and another to instantly show and select past "clippings" without showing the application.
Clippings can be dragged & dropped to/from YCIII.
Can strip unwanted "quote" characters ("<", "|") from "clippings".
Supports ordering of boilerplate items.
Can automatically re-connect to clipboard when rogue applications break clipboard chain.

Answer:Yankee Clipper III YC3

This sounds like what I've been looking for, but does it work with Win 7-64? The site mentions only 32 bit systems.

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I'm about to use Evernote Clipper after months. Ive tried multiple times to change password and log onto Evernote Clipper. It tells me the password I'd just changed it incorrect. I've closed/opened Chrome, Evernote Clipper and my computer - and gone to download the latest version - evidently i had the latest. This is feeling like a mobius loop. Any thoughts? Thank you!message edited by Chrisjh

Answer:Evernote Clipper - can't log in

Have you spoken to Evernote support?

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Question: Clipper Summer87

Hello! I have never debugged in Clipper Summer87. Could someone tell me how step by step? I use Plink86 to link and link using a .bat file.

Example of .bat:

clipper @prog -l
clipper main.prg -l -m
clipper index.prg -l -m
clipper rept.prg -m -l

plink86 @prog

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Clipper Summer87

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Am I the only one still having to modify and keep running mid '80's software, yes, prior to windoze. The s/w is run daily in a very large corporate in a win2000 environment.

Does anyone have any info on what I could use to help transfer the code to something more modern? Of course, the user interface would have to be rewritten.

Yep, I'm very old too.

Answer:dBase III+ and Clipper

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Question: Clipper program

Hi all!
After upgrading Clipper program I cannot open DBF format file.
The error message: 'Corruption detected Clipper'. I tried to search from google but no answer.
What's the problem? What should I do?

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I installed the plug in webclipper, from Its not working right and I just want it off my computer. I get no response from their tech support, and I can't find the application under add/remove programs. What do I do? And I need a recomondation as to some good virus software to install on my 350 mhz Intell Pent. II. I have a creative 48x cd-rom, and a V.90 56k Us Robotics voice Fax modem. Would the wrong driver stop my fax from operating? Does anyone know where to get the right drivers? HELP!

Answer:Web Clipper-from

I like Norton AntiVirus.

If you want to try one for free though, go to - it's pretty good too.

USR modem drivers:
[edit] - fixing my bad link
[This message has been edited by LarryCore (edited 03-11-2000).]

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Hey i have a large .mpg file and i want to clip a section out of it. Do all programs need you to re-assemble all the parts before you play? I want to take a playable section out and delete the at specific start and end times and everything and then have a playable piece. I did a google search and there seems to be TONS of "editors". And they seem to do so many other things it all seems really complicated to go through all the programs. I would worry wich ones have spyware or would de-stabalize my system if they're done by amateurs.

Any Suggestions?

Answer:best MPG clipper/editor??

This is freeware. Not to hard to figure out.

1/ VirtualDub. If you want a close enough good enough edit just use virtualdub.

I've only used it on avi files but it seems to support other formats.

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I am running a clipper program on a novell network, and my client machines have been running on Windows 95/98.
I have been operating with the following line in the autoexec.bat :SET CLIPPER=E:00;F:250;SWAPPATH:'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\'

I have a machine that is not running on Windows XP, and i have no idea where to add the above line, or how to make it work..
each time i try to run that program i get the following error "Unrecoverable Error 5311; cannot create VM swap file"
where do i set the variables in Windows XP?.


Answer:Need help with clipper program!


Go to C:\windows\system32, and edit Autoexec.NT and Config.NT there is where the environment variables and DOS configuration must be set, every Dos Box that is opened will use the values within this files.

Don´t expect to see them if you type the SET command, but they are initialized and the clipper program will read them.

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Question: Yankee Clipper III

I don't know why, but I can never seem to understand the software instructions. I can get stuff to YC by highlighting it and clicking Edit>Copy, just like usual before I had YC. (I am surprised that the instructions don't say how to get stuff to the Clipboard.) But then how do I paste the stuff, say, in a document I am composing in MS Word? If you don't mind, I need the instructions you would give to a kindergartener. Thanks, grandpaw

Answer:Yankee Clipper III

If it is a Windozs app all the Windoze shortcut keys should apply

Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + V = Paste

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Question: Yankee Clipper fix

My YC has been dropping clippings. The YC website had me download a fix for that. Where I am now is that I have renamed to old YankClip.exe file to read YankClip.exeold, and now my YankClip[1] folder shows that old renamed file with a MS icon and the new file with a YC icon, just as was the case with the old file before I renamed it.

The YC instructions tell me to “Get the ZIP, stop the program, rename the old EXE, and finally copy the new file into the installation directory”. I wasn't sure at what point I was supposed to stop the program, I presume meaning the zip program, and how I was to do that, so what I did was to rename the old EXE first, and then download the new one without interrupting the program

Does what I did amount to “copying the new file into the installation directory"?

Since YC dropped clippings only sporadically, I am wanting to find out now if I did the fix right rather than just wait to see if the dropping problem happens again.

Thanks, grandpaw7

Answer:Yankee Clipper fix


From what I'm reading, when they say 'stop the program', that may have been the YC program, not the zip.

The way I read it is as this..

Download the zip. Stop the YC program from running. Rename the exe to old, either like what you have done, or as YankClip.old, then open the zip, and extract the new exe into the same folder.

Is that what you did?



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does anyone know what happen to that "old" programming language, called clipper, like the old dbase language? what is clipper called today or computer programming language is the most similar to clipper?

Answer:ca-clipper 5.3b for dos/windows

OMG! My first job in the computer field! I was the install guy for a point of sale/accounting software for specialty gift shops, which was written in Clipper for DOS. Had to setup that program on point of sale computers for the front, and in the workstations in the office for the accounting part. They kept using the DOS version til past Win98 days, when I left that company. When I first got there they were using Artisoft LANtastic for the networking, on coax.

Pig of a DOS program, had to learn the art of fine tuning config.sys to get conventional memory up past 600.

The owners of the software company used to raise pit of them came to the office every day, sorta the mascot of the office. His name was Clipper.

Anyways, I'm not a programmer, I'm a networking guy, but from what I remember in the days before I left that company, the programmers there were having a hard time migrating their program to a native Windows backend.

I believe Clipper for DOS remained for DOS
and one of the projects designed to migrate it to Windows almost made it..

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I maintain some legacy programs written under dBase and compiled with Clipper.I have a couple of problems when running under some versions of Windows ? especially XPNormally the key-code for the left arrow key is identical to Ctrl-S> - both, when tested with a utitlity, are correctly shown as being ASC 19However, when running in a virtual DOS environment, while the left-arrow key works fine, the Ctrl-S> is ignored. I assume that Windows is intercepting the code for some other purpose.Using the Properties of the desktop shortcut to the DOS environment, I have tried various combinations of Compatibility (for Windows) and disabling the Windows Shortcut keys, but no still solution is found.Secondly: the programs frequently use the higher ASCII codes to build boxes on-screen. These generally work fine, but on occasion ? and I can find no reason for why this only happens sometimes ? the characters get mis-interpreted and produce other graphics characters.Would be grateful if anyone knows a solution ? especially to the key-code issue - or even just a pointer to someone who might know.Many thanksDr Philip Ramage

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The OneNote Web Clipper suddenly stopped working on all my browsers and computers. I cannot login and I am prompted to enable 3rd party cookies. I have tried deleting all cookies, uninstalling the extension and reinstalling it, but it doesn't work.
I have tried this on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. On all browsers the OneNote Clipper stopped working.
I also found a thread that started today at Microsoft:
Any ideas?

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Hi! I know, this is an old system. I program using VB but every now and then I need to make a change in an old, forgotten system and I really don't have any experience in Clipper. I hope I can find help in this forum.

I am trying to do a create. I have the following but i keep getting a TYPE MISMATCH error:

cPath = "C:\"
cStr = "TempTab"
CREATE (cPath + cString)

What could I be doing wrong? I am trying to create an empty table to store the TempTab structure info in a new work area.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Clipper Summer87 Question

What are the datatypes for cstr and cpath?

I do not know clipper, but I would guess you need to caste them to be the same, or the same as CREATE supports.

Also, a quick google makes me think you need to use dircreate to create a folder...

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I have mcafee virus scan profession and its all up to date and also my win xp is up to date but virus scan keeps coming up saying I have these viruses. I try to quarantine them it says it cant as I dont have permissoons.

I have tried turning off my system restore then going to RUN and typing REGEDIT and doing a search for each virus then deleting but when I restart they are back again.

The files that mcaffee detects are


any help is appreciated


Answer:BackDoor-CJO, AD-Clipper & downloader-OX

I was seeing McAfee return Downloader-OX and two other adware / virus threats. If you will look in the far right of the McAfee notification window (at least with McAfee Enterprise Edition) you will notice what applications are causing you the trouble.

I couldn't see anything in my startup files - either through regedit or Hijackthis! - I simply deleted the infected files (which turned out to be mplayer.exe and TELNET.EXE) and Windows XP restored them.

I'll let you know if I run across anything else, but I seem to be running clean. McAfee seemed to catch the infection before it spread, but everytime I ran Media Player the virus seemed to try and reactivate. Telnet.exe seemed to be automatically being called at points, but after deletion and recreation I haven't seen the problem return.

This issue must be new enough to not have very many posts. McAfee's VIL was no help whatsoever

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Hello, I am using Clipper 5.2 and would like to know how to display a logo at the top of a letter before printing it out. Please help. Thanks!!

Answer:clipper 5.2 how to display logo

If you mean the database application. You will have to embed the logo or download it to the printer.

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Download: OneNote Clipper

Save anything on the web to OneNote in one click

Keep all your web research in one place. Clip it to OneNote, organize it, and access it from any device.

OneNote Clipper - the easiest way to save anything on the web to OneNote in just one click. It's like your camera for the web.

Researching for a big trip? Gathering recipes for an upcoming party? Collecting inspiration for a home makeover? The OneNote Clipper helps you do all of this quickly and easily. Think of it as your camera for the web, snapshotting any webpage you see directly into OneNote.​

One-click to save any webpage with the extension toolbar OneNote button
One-click to view your clipped webpage in OneNote Online directly from the OneNote Clipper
All of your clips are saved to the Quick Notes section of your default notebook on OneDrive - automatically accessible and fully searchable on all your devices


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After getting my new XP computer, I downloaded the clipboard utility Yankee Clipper, which I used a lot on my older computer. However, I found out I downloaded the wrong version rather than the one I wanted and was used to. So I uninstalled it yesterday morning and instead installed the version I wanted. Then, I got to messing around trying to get YC on my startup and Quick Launch. Somehow, I messed things up so that YC wouldn't work. So I attempted to uninstall this second version of YC (the one I wanted). Add/Remove went through the usual procedure as though the uninstall worked fine. But it didn't. YC was no longer in Add/Remove, but it was big as life everywhere else although it still worked poorly. Then, I used System Restore to go back to yesterday morning before I uninstalled the version I didn't want. I wanted to start all over. So I tried to uninstall that version so I could newly install the good version. But now the bad version won't uninstall. When I try to do that via Add/Remove, I get a Wise Uninstall error saying "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

I have no idea what to do now. For one thing, I wonder if the error message means that the Add/Remove program now won't work for anything, or if that error message just applied to YC. I've thought about downloading free uninstaller but I prefer not to do anything till I can get some expert input.

Thank, grandpaw

Answer:Can't uninstall Yankee Clipper

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I am using Yankee Clipper III (YC3) under Win7 64bit. Occasionally it looses the boilerplates and I can't get them back other than by recreating them. Under Win XP, according to what I have been able to find, the boilerplates are kept in Program Files/YCIII. That doesn't seem to the the case for Win 7. I have restored the YCIII portion of Program Files X86 from a True Image Backup but the boilerplates are still not there.

Will someone please help me get around the problem of having to recreate the boilerplates each time YC3 looses them?

Thank you very much.

Answer:Yankee Clipper III looses its boilerplates

About a year ago I posted this problem and never received a reply. I have nor used this machine very much until recently. The problem just occurred again so here I am again.

Yankee Clipper III looses its boilerplates

I am using Yankee Clipper III (YC3) under Windows 7 64bit. Occasionally it looses the boilerplates and I can't get them back other than by recreating them. Under Win XP, according to what I have been able to find, the boilerplates are kept in Program Files/YCIII. That doesn't seem to the the case for Win 7. I have restored the YCIII portion of Program Files X86 from a True Image Backup but the boilerplates are still not there.

Will someone please help me get around the problem of having to recreate the boilerplates each time YC3 looses them?

Thank you very much.

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I have used Yankee Clipper for a number of years now and it has been a great deal of help to me, largely because of its simplicity. But after I got XP the YC icon on my System Tray started to disappear, not always, but when it did I couldn't find a way to get the YC window to display. When I would click on the YC icon on my desktop or go to YC in Windows Explorer, I would get a message that YC was already running and to look at the System Tray (where the YC icon was no longer there).

YC told me that the problem must have something to do with XP, but couldn't say what. YC suggested that I click Ctrl/Alt/Y. That sometimes brought up the YC screen but not always. It didn't restore the icon to the System Tray.

I wonder if anyone has a suggestion as to what might be the problem and how I can solve it.


Answer:Disappearing Yankee Clipper icon

Perhaps it's not in your startup and should be (and used to be)?

Hit Start-->Run and type msconfig and hit enter.
Go to the Startup tab.
Do you see anything that resembles Yankee Clipper?
If you do and it is NOT checked, check it.
If you don't, reinstall Yankee Clipper. See if you're asked if you want it to start when Windows starts (or to put an icon in the system tray) and say "yes".

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We are in the process of developing apps for a manufacturing company and we are stump as to which programming language will be best. The apps wil include all accounts, production, warehousing, etc. and we estimate that it would involve a rather large database. We are thinking of using the ca-clippper language to develop the apps.

Pls give us you opinions and advices. We truly appreciate all opinions and advices.

Thanks & Regards.

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I want to ask about porting / converting ancient (20 years old!) dBase / Clipper source code and files to Modern Windows XP environment.

Should I use Codebase and re-compile the program for Microsoft C?

Is there any other better / simpler ways to port text only applications?

Thank you.

Answer:Porting dBase/Clipper Source Code And Files

Are you asking if there's any way of automatically converting the source code or you asking whether you you should rewrite the application. Codebase will not convert an XBase DOS program to a windows program. From what I understand Codebase is a library that allows you to manipulate XBase databases (DBase, Clipper, Paradox etc) with a windows language such as Visual Basic.

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Each time I try to update the OneNote Web Clipper app via the Windows Store, it says the following in the screenshot.

Answer:Problems updating OneNote Web Clipper app from Windows Store

I have ran troubleshooting steps on this problem. Nothing seems to fix the problem. That's why I have came here for help. Please help!

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Like the title said .. one of my HDD (D disapeared from This PC .. not showing up anymore but its still listed in Disk Management .. how to bring it back with my other HHDs ? thanks.

Answer:One of my HHD disapeared from This PC

Can you assign a drive letter to it in Disk Management and see if it appears?

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Ok... So it worked fine an hour ago...

Then, suddenly the DVD Drive disappeared. Its not on the "My Computer" list. Its found on the control panel with the rest of the hardware. However, the drive is marked with an exclamation point. I cant seen to find the drivers anywhere. *not sure that would fix it* Theres no CD to reinstall anything from.
Compaq Presario f500
Vista Home Premium
CD/DVD Lightscribe drive.
Any ideas/help is appreciated. Thanks--


Answer:Help! DVD-ROM Disapeared!

Welcome to TSG popcornprincess

There are several ways to fix this problem. Let me list you the most simple ones.

1. Restore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer

2. Copy the code below into a Notepad file and then save it with a desired file name. But make sure that you change the extension to *.reg from the default *.txt.





Double click the file and answer Yes to the prompt. Reboot.

3. If you find the above just too complex for you to understand or you are just too lazy to do so, then download the file included as the attachment. Open the zip file and double click on the *.reg file. Answer Yes to the prompt and you are done. Reboot.

4. You can also manually edit the registry but that will be a very daunting task. Instead, I recommend you to stick with the above three methods. But if you want to do it by yourself, then I am including the link.

Restore Missing CD or DVD Drive

Hope that helps. Good Luck.

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My command prompt has totally disappeared from my laptop. Window 7. Someone help. Info on where or how I can download and fix this problem would be much appreciated!

Answer:CMD has disapeared need help!!


Do you mean you cannot access it this way:

1. Click START
2. In the box where is says Search programs and files , type CMD, and hit ENTER


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After updates were done. My DVD / CD has disappeared. All attempts to find results in not being there. I have an HP All in one with windows 10

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When I find the AVG 8.5 in prgrams & click "Application cannot run due to an error while veryifying its electronic certificate". Im on dialup net and I update weekly and scan.
What has happened, how do I fix it?

Thank you,


Answer:my AVG icon disapeared

Your version of AVG is very outdated.

The latest version goes by the moniker "AVG 2013". I strongly suggest you visit the website, and download the latest version of their freeware.

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After coming out of airplane mode yesterday, bluetooth has disapeared from settings, action center, device manager, etc.  The only place it exists is in the two services currently running.  I did a system restore and a system luck.

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My toolbar has disapered, it is there when I put the mouse over where it should be but I also don't have my task bar it is just the internet explorer pager and nothing else, how would I fix this because it is just annoying!!

Answer:toolbar disapeared!!

A Toolbar is at the top of your browser and the Taskbar is at the bottom of screen.

If your Taskbar is hiding on you right click on an empty space on it>Properties>Lock the Taskbar>Ok

Post back if that's not your problem.

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hey everyone, well my sound didnt JUST disapear. My brother, thinking the smartone he is Used the Windows 98 update disk, thinking it was the whole 98 OS, to start the computer over from scratch, and he ended the installation in the middle... The computer works fine, just no sound. I DID have Windows SE installed, but now everything is windows 98...BUT I NEED MY SOUND!!!! ....can anyone figure out whats wrong??

thanx in advance,

Answer:My Sound Just Disapeared!!!!

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HI there

I have a problem with my cd drive that has disappeared from both my computer menu and the shortcut icon, I have looked at the device manager and my cd drive is listed, I have then looked at something called the bios and the drive is again listed. I tried to fix it by using the Microsoft fix tool, it said that this problem could not be fixed

I then tried another fix which entailed myself going into the registry and deleting the upper filters and lower filters, the lower filters were not there but I deleted the upper filters to no avail. I then tried to both do a system restore and to uninstall my anti virus and reinstall the anti virus software to no avail either. I then tried an anti virus scan but nothing appeared as a virus, I then tried to uninstall the cd drive in the device manager, windows vista reinstalled my cd software but it still has not appeared.

If anyone knows how to fix this then this will be most appreciated, I have windows vista home premium 32 bit


Answer:Cd drive has disapeared

This is a long shot, as I feel that it may be a registry issue, that should have been fixed by system restore if you went back far enough
System Files - SFC Command

If the above does not work and you have a Vista install DVD, ask me about a repair install

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Using WIN7 IE9 OFFICE 2007. All my FAVORITES have disappeared, the folders are still there, but empty. What happened and how can I get them back. Nothing on the PC was changed. In the past few days every once in a while a single FAVORITE would disappear.
Thanks, eddie460

Answer:Favorites disapeared

What "clean Up" and "Protection" tools are you running?

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I have a IDE/USB converter, and am using a 250gig hard disk on it. Last night, it appeared that the hard disk froze, so i turned it off and on again. When it came back on, the drive completely disapered for use.If i look at disk management, it is still listed,but as "unalocated". I can right click and initialize the disk, and it then asks me to create a partition, but i cant use the partiton until i format it.If i format i cant get the data back thats on the drive can i?Is it possible to get windows to see that there is already a file system present, just that its broken? Ive got ontrack recovery, but only raw read seems to find anything, but it does find stuff!Ideally would like to restore the disk info without ontrack. Any Ideas?Using Windows Xp pro,USB2 controler card,USB2 to IDE generic caseCheersRaju

Answer:partition disapeared!

but it might work.In device manager, remove the disk and reboot. Windows might just find it again and put it back as it was. This did work for me with a similar problem, and gave me time to back up all the data on the partition before reformatting it.Hope this helps.Storic

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the titles have disapeared on folders and files stored in one folder alone all other folders fine.I am on XP windows professional and xp office professional.ty

Answer:Titles have disapeared

click here

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Question: e/mail disapeared

i tried to insert a sound in a e/mail from suond files on my hard drive and after all the procedures it says press okay and the sound file is supposed to go in the e/mail but it didn,t it just froze the pc i had to do a ctrl alt del
to end task on that email and the pc wasn,t frozen any more
and a dialoge box came up and said An unknown error has occurred. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0131 i am sorry as i am in australia and i dont no if theres any differance
over seas the other thing that also happened is all the e/mail vanished from the inbox please if any one has a answer could they explain it simply i dont no much technically thanks in advance. col.
ps. ordinary e/mail by clicking new message is okay sending and recieving.

i have just tried my e/mail which i never put in the post
it is outlok express n0 5.00.2615.200 and now its going thru the send recieve procedure and coming up with a yellow
triangle with a black explamation mark. An unknown error has occurred. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0131 thanks again

[Edited by col on 06-21-2001 at 02:02 AM]

Answer:e/mail disapeared

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Problem developed with 2 week okd Evesham (no reply to email for technical assist). CD and DVD drive showing as yellow excalmation mark under hardware and no drive D & E in system. CD/DVD not working but has power. Uninstalled secondary IDE channel and rebooted. Hardware and secondary IDE installed but still with yellow exclamation mark against them and still not working.

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Both my cd-rom and writer drives have disappeared. I look in "My Computer" and there is nothing left but C: and A:. I have gone to Device Manager and tried to reinstall but the cd-rom is not even in the list. If anyone knows how to fix this please reply. Thank you.

Answer:Please help my Cd-Rom drive has disapeared

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Something happenned with my Internet explorer and the web site address line is not showing. Any idea how to make it reappear?Thanks

Answer:Address bar disapeared

QuoteSomething happenned with my Internet explorer and the web site address line is not showing. Any idea how to make it reappear?ThanksRight click on an empty space in any of the toolbars and select adress bar

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Question: Sound Disapeared

WXP--Realtek Sound Card

The sound quit working-- drivers have been updated--then unistalled to old --then back to new--nothing a cd will play only if it plays through Real TEk Rack-- Will not play in Windows media 10, no computer sounds, and no video sounds, device manage indicates everything is working properly. Help

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Before this past week I've never had a problem, internet was working fine. On Monday there was thunderstorms so I shutoff my PC before hand. The power went out. When it came back on everything was fine except my LAN Connection said i was disconnected. I went through whole process of plugging and unplugging. I tried multiple ethernet cables which I know works for my buddies PC so it can't be that. I just tried reformatting (reinstalling just the ethernet drivers before that).. no luck so far.

Could the hardware (ethernet jack) be fried on it now? If so, what's the process of replacing that?

In anyway regard, what do you guys think?

Answer:LAN connection disapeared

Since you have verified that the cable is good it probably means your NIC or whatever is at the other end of the cable (router, modem, switch ...) is fried. Try another computer with the same connection and cable; and try your computer on another connection to be sure.

If it is an integrated NIC you disable it in BIOS or Network Connections and install a PCI card (desktop) or PCMCIA or ExpressCard (laptop). A USB ethernet adapter can be used with either, but is less desirable (less reliable).

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Dell Inspiron B130 barely finishes initial boot screen (Dell Welcome screen), but when it does, a error message screen comes up and says "The device in the system modular bay cannot be identified. It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem. Please read and complete the following steps in

Bios says that the hard drive is not there and diagnostics agree.


Answer:harddrive seems to have disapeared

check connections. Flat ide cables should have red line toward power plugin. check jumpers9one should be master other should be slave if sharing same ide cable). try disconnecting other ide devices with said hrd drv as master and auto detect. try switching to another flat ide cable. Weird noises are bad. Check the ide interface on the hard drive for bent, loose, or broken pins.

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I've had a small network going from my Windows Me PC to my Windows 2000 laptop for a few months using a crossover wire and today I set up a wireless network. It was working perfectly (apart from having to disable my firewall to let it work) and everything was communicating fine. I was fiddling with different settings and when I looked at the entire network on the PC (desktop>My Network Places>Entire Network) there was nothing there, not even the workgroup and the PC itself! Other things I noticed was that since I set up my network whenever the PC starts up, it asks for a microsoft netmeeting username and password (I just ok it and it goes), but when I restarted the computer after the network disapeared, it didn't come up.
The hardware seems to be ok (it says the NIC is ok in the device manager). When I plug a cable from the back of the PC to the wireless router, it has a good connection and there is nothing wrong with the laptop's connection (the wireless card is communicating fine with the router). When I look in the workgroup that the PC is usually in on the laptop, it has disapeared from there too.

Does anyone know what might have gone wrong and how I can get the network back up and running on the PC? Also if anyone knows how I can stop the microsoft netmeeting username and password box coming up on start-up on a long-term basis, I would be greatful.

Best regards,

Matthew Dingley

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Hello, I really, really like Metro/Modern UI design and finally I became new user of Windows 8.1. In those couple of days I was happy getting used to my new OS and I didn't mess with configuration but from out of friggin nowhere something terrible happened to my bottom bar.
It was like this:
Now it?s gone (Auto-update changed something?). And when I want to pin programs I got this menu:
And I hate that pop-up window abomination, it disgust me. How to reverse it?
WP Central community please, help me.

Answer:[Help] Out of nowhere bottom bar disapeared

You've updated to Windows 8.1 Update 1, which is a new update! It is more suited for desktop users, you will now only get that bottom bar if you are on a touchscreen device. You'll get that Windows Explorer context menu if on a desktop or laptop.

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from yesterday morning first thing - hardware seems okcan't get throgh to their helpdesks - even a 'normal operator' was amazed bu tthey were engaged and not taking more calls (never known it she said)cap it all I can't get on to click here it all gone up in smoke?had to reconnect and install an old modem to get on here - so I won't hang around long I am afraidttfn

Answer:BTbroadband 'disapeared'

what has dissapeared ? , can you explain more .....have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling your broadband

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if you recall yahoo had their email compromised and suggested changing passwords
since I did this I have had lots of trouble for instance not receiving or sending yahoo emails inspite of my complaints yahoo did nothing so I have changed to [email protected]
Also which is more important and are unable to me that I have lost my free malware and I cannot get it back

aspire v3-571 windows 7
I would appreciate any help

Answer:my malware disapeared

Hi, you should remove your Email Address as soon as possible from your post above.
Or you will be open to Spam emails.
Click on Edit and remove the Email Address.
Are you referring to the free Malware program that Yahoo provided?
Download Security Check by screen317 so we can see what is installed on your pc.

Save it to your Desktop.
Double click the install icon.
If using Vista - Win 7 - right click the install icon and select "Run as Administrator"
A command Prompt window will open.
Let it scan the Pc - press any key when asked.
It should now open in Notepad.
Copy and Paste the result of the scan in the reply box below.

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Using WIN7 IE9 OFFICE 2007. All my FAVORITES have disappeared, the folders are still there, but empty.  What happened and how can I get them back.  Nothing on the PC was changed.  In the past few days every once in a while a single FAVORITE would disappear.    Thanks, eddie460

Answer:Favorites disapeared

I'd start by scanning the system with both your install anti virus app and with MalwareBytes.

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can anyone help me?! i was browsing the net today and i noticed that my little padlock has disapeared from the bottom of my screen!!! its not at the top by the address bar either... any ideas on where its gone and how i can get it back?!!!

Answer:padlock disapeared!!!!

The padlock only appears when you are on a secure site (https). It's at the bottom with IE6 and the top with IE7. It will also disappear if you click YES when you get a diagolgue box asking if you want to display both secure and unsecure items on a page.

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I was unziping a large 2gb file. I waled away to let the computer work. When I got back half of the files on my desktop are gone and they are not in the recycle bin. We are talking aout 10 gb of files. Where the hell did they go?!?!?!??! I have scaned for ad/syywear / virsues and founf nothing.

Answer:my files disapeared?!?!?!?

first of all please dont use them 3 letters. every one knows what they mean. an we do have children that come to this site.
have you tried system restore?

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Question: desktop disapeared

I need help?????I have an old machine with a 1000 AMD CPU running 98 that i use just as a word processor. I was working along quite happily, produced and printed 3 letters but at the end I wnet int windows explorer and the machine crashed.So I rebooted now no icons appear on my desktop and when I selected a program from the start menu it will not open. This machine is not connected to the internet.Any ideas

Answer:desktop disapeared

Sounds like a orrupt explorer file.Not sure how to repair easily.One method is to re-install win98 over top of old system this should replace all the system files but still keep your settings and added on programs like office etc.

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esszeeeye said:

Greetings Nopet,
Y'know,I make my kids use "Meebo "for messaging-no install needed-there are probably others like it-dunno about webcams.I couldnt say if its safer.
If I want to try something out,I Google "something reviews",then
"something problems",to see what its about.
Yeah there are a lot of scams located in Asia,be careful...,we are not exactly behind on tech stuff,just me :-D
If you follow all the "Read me and run" steps in Malware,then post logs as they tell you to,get a really thorough cleaning and advice,best anywhere.Click to expand...

my question is why did my dvd burner just disapear

Answer:DVD Drive disapeared


Moved your question from the other thread as your issue is something different.

What Windows version are you using, include Service Pack level?
Have you had any malware on your PC, if so what? if not have you scanned for any?

What new software if any have you installed before this happened?
What software if any did you uninstall before this happened?

One likely cause is faulting upper and lower filters and this FAQ should help How to fix missing DVD/CD drives not showing up in windows explorer

but the more info you can supply at the beginning the more likelyhood that your issue may get fixed quickly.

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I have 5 partitions on my HDD C, D,E,F and H. and Everything was going fine but when i was removing an app during removing it i logged off my computer and after that the E,F and H partitions with total of almost 387 gb were are some screenshots:

Answer:my partitions disapeared!!! plz help!!!!!!!

Try the undelete partition in the Paragon Rescue Kit 11 free edition.

Rescue Kit Free Edition | PARAGON Software Group - free partition software, hard disk partitioning

The other tools that you can try to recover partitions are

MiniTools Partition Wizard Free Download Magic Partition Manager Software - Partition Wizard Online and

EaseUS Partition Recovery Free Partition Recovery Software - Recover Deleted FAT/NTFS/Ext2/Ext3 Partition.

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I was getting ready to burn a CD and my computer froze up, then I could not get the drawer to open. I have two drawers one for my cd burner the other is my dvd burner, but when I went into my computer the only device listed was the DVD drive my other drive was labeled drive D how do I reinstall this?? I do not have the software as it came pre installed. I run widowns XP. Thank you for any help you can provide

Answer:CD Rom Drive disapeared??

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my cd drive disapeard from my computer.. its gone, dosnt show up anywhere. how would I reinstall or make it show up? drivers are updated. i have vista home premieum.

Answer:cd rom drive disapeared?

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PDF Printer Icon has disapeared from Printers and Faxes.
Have re-installed Adobe PDF and run detect and repair and restarted computer but to no avail

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Question: disapeared file

ok, so i wanted to delete a file, and a message popped up when i tried to delete...something about the file being in use by another i closed the program that was using it, and deleted...but there was one problem, before when i tried to delete it, a little message popped up saying that the file was to big to be sent to the recycle bin, and it had to be permentally deleted, so i clicked yes, and then the other previously mentioned message popped up. but the secound time a tried to delete just i check my hard drive space, and i didn't get any extra space! the file was about 4 gb...and i still only had 1 gb left on my i tryed emptying the recycle extra space...(oh by the way...the thing i was trying to delete was a folder, with a file in it) so now the folder is gone...the file isn't gone, but the file was in the can i find it?!!?!? i need that extra 4 gb

Answer:disapeared file

Try a reboot ... and see if there is any change to your free space. If not you could try rebooting into safe mode, do a search if you know the name of the file, locate and delete it. BE CAREFUL THOUGH, if it is a sys file, you may end up with more problems than lack of space.
I had a similar problem, the folder contained 2 gig's of sys volume info from another disk, I deleted it, with a lot of problems!!
Do at your OWN RISK!

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All the messages popping up in a balloon in the left bottom corner of my screen desappeared. I can hear them, for example when i'm disconnecting a device, but I can't see them. It has happened once before on my old laptop and someone has fixed it for me saying i must have deleted some registry key. I cant however ask them for help this time, does someone know what's going on? thanks

Answer:Pop up balloons disapeared

Are you talking about the balloon tips on your taskbar at the bottom right?
If so, the most direct way I can think of restoring them is downloading TweakUI.
(The download is in the right column).
After you install it, go to start, (all) programs, powertoys for Windows XP, TweakUI. Go to Taskbar and Start Menu and check the box enable balloon tips.
There may be a more direct way if you know the exact registry key off the top of your head though

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On my Start /programs menu accessories has disapeared from the top of the list. i have tried everything i know but cant get it back on the menu.please helpthank you

Answer:accessories disapeared

which version of windows

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Nevermind, cable loose

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When I click on my contacts folder it doesn't display anything, when I click on address book, it brings up message that contact folder associated connot be found? Help, how do I get my contacts back? Using Outlook 2002

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My brother recently installed new game and after he played it for some time, when he exited it, the task bar was missing. Not a single program is responding. I tried the ctrl esc to get the taskbar back, but no use. Even the task manager didn't open. Even when I click the right click the menu doesn't open. What could be the problem?

Answer:Taskbar disapeared and nothing's responding

Hello Mikadina, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like explorer is not running.

Press the CTRL + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager.

In Task Manager, click on File (menu bar) and New Task (Run...), type explorer, and click on OK. This will restart explorer for you.

If Task Manager will not open, then press and hold the power button on your computer case until it powers off, then press the power button to restart the computer. This would be a hard restart.

Hope this helps,

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i have a pc and lap both running xp set up on a lan.
when i checked my network connections on my lap i cannot see my pc.
when i check my pc i cannot see my lap.
i,m not sure what i should do next without breaking something.
if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Answer:Home Network Disapeared

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my desktop icons (short cuts) and all my files have disapeared. anyone have any idea how to get them back. system restore did not work

Answer:my desktop and files disapeared

run a software called unhide.exe and lett it run and then restart the comp

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My task bar and icons have disapeared and i have tried run explorer.exe and all that does is bring up my documents i have also tried getting in threw control pannel but it wont let me! i dont no what else to do?
please help!!

Answer:Task bar and Icons disapeared!

Have you tried?

How to start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature
To start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature, follow these steps: 1. Start your computer.
2. When you see the "Please select the operating system to start" message, press the F8 key.
3. When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked), and then press ENTER.
4. If you are running other operating systems on your computer, use the ARROW keys to select Microsoft Windows XP, and then press ENTER.

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Hi, can anyone give me any advise on how to get my picture viewer back, it was a great little program, just click on the picand it wasviewed as a thumb nail, i have win 98, its in their somware cos i tried to look in the find files, but returned saying 'picture viewer exe.' cannot open in C:/ please help and oldie, many thanks

Answer:Picture viewer disapeared!

click here

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I have a HP G6000 and have only had it about a year and i noticed that the build in microphone has all of a sudden disapeared. It makes no sense, i cant video call anymore and its really annoying me. i have tried many things and its just like it doesnt exist anymore.. have any ideas that may help???
Pleeaseee help me , its driving me insane.
Thank youuu x

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Took me ages to collect the amount of "special files" i have collected, i want my videos back, how do you get back deleted files, emptied recycle bin by the way.

Answer:My "special files" have disapeared.

File recovery :-Badcopy Pro click hereCDCheck click hereDisk Investigator click herePCInspector click hereR_Studio click hereEasyrecovery click hereTestdisc click hereDrive Rescue click hereFloppy recovery click here

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I rebooted my computer this morning & My Documents folder is gone! How can I get it back?

Answer:My Documents folder disapeared!

Right-click the desktop and select properties to bring up the display properties. Click desktop tab, customize desktop, ensure My Documents is checked. Does that help?

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When I left for work this afternoon everything everything was fine. I came home tonight and fire up the computer and all the desktop icons are gone The programs are still there and will run. I then go to each program and tell it to create a shortcut on the desktop, nothing! I then try to run system restore and get the error that it hasn't been restored. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Desk top Icons disapeared

Start > Folder Options > View > Hidden Files or Folders > change to View Hidden Files or Folders.

If this works then it shows a problem, so tell us if it does.

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Ok i just installed a sound bolaster soundcard in my computer i brought home from college for winter break and after i installed it and it asked me to restart it booted up and there is no start menu now... the bottom of the screen is just blank.

Answer:start menu disapeared

Hold control and press escape (this opens the start menu) what happens there?

Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, is there any way you can click-hold and drag the mousebar upwards? It might have been shrunken down nothingness.

Check for spyware and viruses with the stuff in my signature .

Let me know how that goes.

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I upgraded to windows 10 from 7 on April 21st on my Toshiba Satellite computer. Since then I have downloaded photos from my iPhone and created new word documents using windows 10. This morning I open my computer and the desktop has gone back to windows 7 with all my old icons. But my computer is still operating windows 10 as the blue tiles are there in the left corner of my screen, Cortana etc. I just cannot find any of the new files that I created with windows 10!! I have searched everywhere, I have even called Best Buy Geek Squad and they have no clue. Can anyone please help? I need these files back, they are priceless photos of my kids

Answer:Windows 10 files disapeared

It sounds like your local profile did not load properly and computer restarted with temp profile (which too quickly displays a notification that all files and changes will be lost when signed out). Hopefully, you did the downloads from your iPhone to your admin profile with the normal desktop. Try this - Click Start/Sign out or Switch User. Find your normal admin account and sign in. Your desktop should replace the minimal desktop.

In the future, I would NEVER place files on my desktop. I would put them in a This PC folder like Music, Pictures, Documents, etc and place shortcuts to the folders or files, NEVER the actual file, in case something like this pops up. I have had it happen to me occasionally with a failed program or update install where I find my normal desktop has changed.

Also, if the files are 'priceless' they should be IMMEDIATELY backed up to a usb stick, ext hard drive or a cloud, like OneDrive or Dropbox. Good Luck.

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Hi need some advice please.

My D-Link router is not working virgin want me to connect my laptop to the router with the ethernet cable,but it appears I do not have an ethernet driver. I need to download one but from where? I have tried system restoring but it hasnt brought it back and they say they cant fix my router until the driver is there. my other driver are realtek and I am using windows 7.


Answer:my ethernet driver has disapeared

Try downloading Realtek Lan Driver from net and install it.....

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I have been using McAfee site adviser for some time now with no issues. I have FF 3.6.20 on a Tough Book running XP SP3. Suddenly today no site adviser in the bottom right.I checked windows explorer and the program was still there.
Did an uninstall, restarted, and a reinstall from SA web site. Still no SA in FF.
Opened an IE window and SA is there.
I do not know the version of SA. Before and after the uninstall and reinstall there is an Add on in FF Add on window that says Site adviser 3.3.1 will be installed when Firefox is restarted. Don't know how long that has been there but it doesn't do anything no matter how many times Fire fox is restarted. Also, there is no disable or uninstall buttons for this add on. Just a cancel button. I clicked this but after a "are you sure you want to cancel?" box nothing happens.
I searched Google and see problems with newer versions of Firefox but no mention of 3.6.20.
Did some update come along that killed Site adviser with FF 3.6.20???
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Best Regards

Answer:Site Adviser disapeared from FF 3.6.20

A little additional info.
FF Trouble shooting info. lists the extension like this.

McAfee SiteAdvisor 3.3.1 true {B7082FAA-CB62-4872-9106-E42DD88EDE45}
I cannot seem to locate a corresponding file.

The Site Adviser plug in is listed as

I have no clue why SA 3.3.1 is sitting in Extensions as a ready to be installed item.
I had requested no manual updates. It seems Fire Fox does not know how to handle a "ready to be installed" item that does not work.

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Hi, i had to do a system recovery on my packard bell pc (windows xp), i used the original 5 disks to recover it but now i dont seem to have microsoft word on my computer, could anyone help me to get get back. thanks.

Answer:micosodt word disapeared

I'm guessing that the shortcut to word has been removed.Try a search for winword.exe, this is the application and if it exists on your system should start word.You may have to make a new shortcut to itIf woddoes not exist, you will have to re-load it back in.Terry

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I can see both my Sata CDR and CDRW drives from my bios but the operating system doesn't see them. This happened on my wifes Vista Professional with her single CDRW also. Someone told me I have to re-install Vista to fix this but I was hoping someone might know what the problem is and a way to fix it without re-installing Vista. Sounds like a driver problem to me but is there a way to re-install the CD drivers? aren't they a part of the operating system?


Answer:Both CD's disapeared from Vista Ultimate

Try this

Download CDgone to your desktop.

Right click and choose Extract All,
open folder and double click on cdgone.reg

Do Not Click on EditReg.reg

Restart your PC

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Hi, I've read many posts on this subject but haven't found anything similar to my situation. I installed Win 10 and chose the obliterate everything option because I wanted to start anew.  Everything went well and the touch pad works EXCEPT the advanced features such as scrolling.   When you look at the Control Panel --> Programs and Features, the Synaptics Software Icon is missing. (In Win 8.1, I could open a Synapics program and adjust the TouchPad.) If I go to the Device Manager, the Snyaptics HID driver is there and updated per HP support Assistant.  I tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, but no change (strangely, the touchpad worked with the driver uninstaled). I checked the Registry, but there are very few Synaptics entries (3 or 4) leading me to think the Synaptics Touchpad program is missing. The Synaptics website does not offer any downloads that HP doesn't offer.  I thought I would be able to download the proper program, but maybe I was mistaken.  I use a mouse, so this fix isn't critical, but it would be nice to fix it. Any ideas? Thanks, Larry  


View Solution.

Answer:Synaptics software disapeared

Hi @larryfalk,Please use the following link to create yourself a case number, then call and it may help speed up the call process:Step 1. Open link: 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detectStep 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options - click on Get phone numberCase number and phone number appear.They will be happy to assist you immediately. You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below!Thanks.

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i have a 400gig external usb drive its 3 weeks old and has worked perfectly until now i just moved a folder onto the drive and now it is showing that there are no folders on the drive , i can access the drive as normal but there is no files there, it shows that ive used 165gig of the 400gig when i click on properties . Ive run a disk recovery program which shows all my missing files but i have a laptop with only a 80gig harddrive so the program cant back up the files to my to laptop. Is there any way of recovering my files without using another drive

Answer:usb drive folders just disapeared

have you tried to reinstall driver, unplug the usb and power and replug it and shut down the window.s

1. shut down windows and external hard drive

2, turn on the external hard drive first before computer, let it run for about 10 seconds.

3. turn the computer on and try it again.

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When I open 'My Computer' I can't see my disc stations anymore. This leads to some issueses conserning Daemon Tools and Magic ISO because I can't open the CD files anymore. And when I put a CD-Disc in, it doesn't give a pop-up of the game to start/instal/readme so I can't play it anymore.

If anyone has any clues, plz react!!

Answer:Disc Station Disapeared

Hello & Welcome to TSF,

follow this link & see it this tool helps

it is a tool that repairs the auto run that starts your cd rom when cd's are put into it


Step 1: Start Registry Editor
Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK. Registry Editor starts.
Step 2: Delete the UpperFilters registry entry

1.In Registry Editor, expand My Computer, and then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
2.Expand SYSTEM, and then expand CurrentControlSet.
3.Expand Control, and then expand Class.
4.Under Class, click {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
5.In the right pane (topic area), click UpperFilters.

Note An UpperFilters.bak registry entry may also appear. To delete the UpperFilters registry entry, you must click UpperFilters and not UpperFilters.bak.
6.On the Edit menu, click Delete.
7.When you receive the following message, click Yes to confirm the deletion of the UpperFilters registry entry:
Are you sure you want to delete this value?
The UpperFilters registry entry is removed from the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} registry subkey.

Note Do not exit Registry Editor. You must have this program for the next step.
Step 3: Delete the LowerFilters registry entry

1.In Registry Editor, expand My Computer, and then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
2.Expand SYSTEM, and then expand CurrentControlSet.
3.Expand Control, and then expand Class... Read more

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I have a fairly new Dell 410 with OEM Vista Home Premium. It has worked well in most cases, except recently all sounds associated with programs quit working. The start-up and shut-down sounds with Windows work and sound works with video playback, etc. When I go to CP and Sounds, the default sound schemes are gone. The only sound scheme in the drop down is "Modified". How can I restore the default sound schemes? Thanks

Answer:Sound Schemes Disapeared

Does anybody have a thought about this? I appreciate it.

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hi the i bought a u3 flash drive last week and the software was great but either my son or the flash drive has deleted u3, the drive is empty and i can see anywhere on thier site to download it again , will i have to buy another drive.

Answer:u3 flash drive has disapeared

Hi, is this any help?click here

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I recently updated my wireless network adapter, and it has now disapeared(Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n).I no longer have wifi, however I can connect still through my ethernet cable.

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I was on the internet, while at the same time i was listening to i-tunes. The internet then crashed on me as did the computer. I then started up the computer again and discovered that all my songs on i tunes were deleted. Does anyone have any idea why this happened?

Answer:songs have disapeared from i tunes

[quote]why this happened[/quote]Who knows? Could well be that an iTunes configuration file is lost. You can tell iTunes to add files to your library and it will pick them up again if stored locally.

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I started my machine and tried to install my old nero ... not compatible with vista based systems ..... so i tried to uninstall it and it refused with an error saying that i had files missing ... so i shut it down and came back a few hours later and turned my machine on and now all my desktop icons disappeared for no reason (even recycle bin).. is there a way to fix this???

Answer:All Desktop Icons have disapeared!

Quote: Originally Posted by monstereater123

I started my machine and tried to install my old nero ... not compatible with vista based systems ..... so i tried to uninstall it and it refused with an error saying that i had files missing ... so i shut it down and came back a few hours later and turned my machine on and now all my desktop icons disappeared for no reason (even recycle bin).. is there a way to fix this???


first thingss first we could use your system specs, and you OS was it clean install or upgrade?


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I bought the new Samsung computer that came with Windows 7 and BLUETOOTH. After getting the updates, the bluetooth is not working and saying there is no connection for it. It was working before the updates as I was using it. What is going on? Please help me fix this!

Answer:Windows 7 Bluetooth disapeared?

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I have a problem which I can not solve. At 10:14 I opened a word document. I proceeded to type about 1000 words over 4 hours. I was saving as I was going and syncing to google drive.

Then the window just closed. When I reopened the 4 hours worth of typing had gone. The file had reverted back to 10:14 version I initially opened. I've searched for restore, backup, temporary files looked in Google all versions are at the 10:14.

However, not one for going mad when I next opened word it wanted to send extracts of errors to Microsoft. In the list was sentences that came from my four hours of typing. I know this to be unique to this file because of its content.I did manage to find one fragemnt of a temp file which had a save at 10:18 with about three extra sentnaces.

So my question is what happened is there any chance of getting back the lost typed information?


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Hello there,

Well heres the case, I launched a programe and then when I quited it all my icon pictures just disapeared... on desktop, in any folder i try to go i just get title and no pictures.. its jsut blank.. Got no idea how it happened.
I ran my antivirus and it found nothing... btw another weird thing is that the icon titles are blinking constantly.. not all of them but some ar flashing like disapearing and then apearing again.

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Answer:icon pictures disapeared

Download Tweak UI:

Open it > Click on Repair (bottom one on the left) > Make sure Rebuild Icons is selected and click on Repair Now

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The address book on my lap-top running XP and aol does not exist anymore, also it does not auto-suggest an email address even when I've added some manually. My other computer also on aol has no problem in this respect and all settings are the same. I've tried asking live help numerous times to no avail - they just cant help. This is my first time on here so am hopeful one of you knows what the solution is.

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Iv'e spent 3 months downloading all my C.D's to my computer. Yesterday they all disapeared. I've checked the amount of space being used on the drive and it would apear it's still there, but the folders empty and I've tryed running a search for the albums with windows but it comes back Blank. I've also checked Recycle bin but it's empty. XP was playing up before this happened. Help!!

Answer:All my C.D's have disapeared From Music Folder

Where did you store them????were they saved as mp3"s??have you run a virus scan???

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The problem: all the buttons from the taskbar are disappeared. I try to put them back but nothing. When I try to pin a program shortcut, appear that it is already pinned, but I can't see it. Please help.
I tried with quick launch, they apear, but when I start a program the button is not activated.

Answer:Disapeared taskbar buttons

Sorry posted in wrong thread

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