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Outlook 2007 "Enter Network Password prompt" and wont retrieve emails

Question: Outlook 2007 "Enter Network Password prompt" and wont retrieve emails

Outlook 2007 "Enter Network Password prompt" and wont retrieve emails. I have already deleted and reset the account & have changed ISP email password so we know it's the right PW, sort of at a loss right now. Any help greatly appreciated TY in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2007 "Enter Network Password prompt" and wont retrieve emails

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Outlook 2007 "Enter Network Password prompt" and wont retrieve emails

Removing and setting the account back up was the right move. Some people swore a reboot was needed after this was done.

Just to be 100% on the password, try going to a web service like and see if you can retrieve your email. At least then you're sure the email and password are working just to eliminate the obvious.

I also read that if your mail servers settings are "" for example, remove the mail.

Are you accessing the mail from multiple devices? That can cause an issue.

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When testing the account settings in Outlook, a pop up window keeps on alerting me to "Enter the Network Password". Cox technical personnel was not able to assist me solve the problem; even though, I have a Cox e-Mail account.

My system is Windows 7; and,
my e-Mail is MS Office 2007

Does anyone know how to get past this problem? Otherwise, I am unable to synchronize my e-Mail.

Thank you,

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I keep getting the "Enter Network Password" dialogue box when I try to send/recieive email in Outlook 2007. I have tried repairing the install, resinstalling, deleting and re setting up the user avvount and the registry edit from the link below.

Also, I have setup a remote desktop connection and it won't save the login password for he RDC. I was wondering if maybe these two problems were interreated.

The errore message says the following:
Authentication error has occured (code 0x507)
Remote Computer <IP Addr>

Then it loads the remote PC and I have to type in the password.

Answer:"Enter Network Password" Outlook 2007

is this your own outlook account or a works account!?

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Parameters: Vista. Outlook 2003. Yahoo pop3.

I know. This problem is not new. I did search through the web and trying to find a solution but was in vain. I uninstalled my Outlook; deleted all .pst records and reinstalled Outlook. The problem kept coming back.

I do not have a problem with another account running in the same Outlook. There is also no problem logging in directly from the yahoo mail website.

I would appreciate it if anyone could share his/her experience in succesfully solving this problem.


Answer:Solved: "Enter Network Password" prompt

you can not access yahoo through pop3 or mail client unless you are a premium yahoo user (only pay yahoo accounts can have access to their email through pop3 or imap)

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Hi! I'm trying to connect my Macbook to my PC, and every time I double-click the name of my Mac, the prompt comes up.
I've turned off password protected settings(both) and made Reading and Writing available for everyone on my Mac, and this prompt still comes up. I've used every password I can think of as well.
After many tries of turning the setting off, even though I've read you're not supposed to have to, I reset my computer, and even that did nothing.
Anything helps, I'm stuck in a rut and can't get out.
Here's a screenshot of the window if that helps:

Answer:"Enter Network Password" Prompt

If you are connecting to the MAC book you need to authenticate using credentials on that MAC book and not the local account being shown. For example, if I had your MAC book with a username of Josh on it I would click the 'Use another account' option and enter the following:


Password: {password that was configured on the mac book for that user account}

Unless you have the same username and password on both your Windows machine and Macbook you would end up with that screen.

In terms of allowing everyone access you would need to look into the share permissions itself.

Hope This Helps,

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I've been using Outlook 2007 for a while with no problems. I used to select my account, and when the "Enter Network Password" box popped up it had the focus, so I would just immediately type in my password. I did a set of Windows and Office updates a couple of weeks ago, and now when that box pops up the focus is still on the main Outlook mail reader screen. I have to click the Password box to shift the focus so I can type in my password. Is there a way to restore this automatic focus for the Password panel when it pops up?

Answer:Lost focus on Outlook "Enter Network Password" dialog box

No one else has seen this?

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Hello, I need some help. I cannot send or rec e-mail. When I open Outlook, a box pops up that is already populated with my info. It says "enter network password" It has my cable provided in the  server box then a user name box is next with my user name already in it, then the password box is next and already populated. I click OK and it goes away but comes right back. I know I have e-mail in there because I can check them remotely. I need some help and dont know where to turn. I did search this subject but I could not find any thing like this or how t0 fix it. Thanks

Answer:Microsoft Outlook "enter Network Password" box keeps popping up

Welcome aboard...Try here:

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I'm running Outlook 2003 on XP

Today I changed my verizon password, so went in and changed the POP3 password in my Outlook.

Now I get the "Enter Network Password" box. I click the save password box and ok, but it keeps popping up repeatedly. The password and user namer Are correct.

I can send emails. I can't receive them.

I have tried to add another profile. I have also gone to microsoft and tried to troubleshoot. I can not open my Outlook in safe mode.

I have also made sure it was not my firewall or antivirus that was the problem.

My question:

I have the installation CD. Can I do a reinstall? If I can, do I need to uninstall it first? Will all my saved emails be gone?


Answer:MS Outlook 2003 "Enter Network Password" box popping up

check the smtp in your account,I have this problem,too.If you can't receve the mails then your smtp is not right.Checkthe manual from your ISP.

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How do I stop pop-uo "Enter Network Password" in Outlook 2207. Running Office 2007 on Win7 x 64 with MSE for anti-virus.

I've three email accounts: yahoo, gmail, and the never used ISP's email all POP3 ... My Smartphone running Android also checks for gmail and yahoo mail.

Outlook is set for send/receive every 10 minutes. The oh so WAY too familiar pop-up box "Enter Network Password" appears intermittently and seems to be related to the Yahoo account's download/receiving process. I can close the pop-up, hit F9 to retry sending and receiving, and on all accounts all is well...for a while.

Then, it happens again....for a few days now. I increased send/receive to 11 love.

Of course, I am interested in stopping this. It's happened before. I suspect 'changes' at Yahoo, with no more foundation for that suspicion than I have that Santa is on my roof ....still, I don't want to format C: and re-install everything only to discover that another day or two of doing nothing would have yielded the invisible fix and gotten me past all this.


and Happy Holiday

Answer:How do I stop pop-up "Enter Network Password" in Outlook 2207

As your Outlook does work some of the time it's near certain the problem is external, so changing account or other settings is unlikely to resolve it. I would sit on my hands and use webmail for a week or so, see if it improves.

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Hit the road today and got online with the hotel broadband. Fired up Outlook '03 and downloaded mail from 3 accounts, no problem. Went to send one, and now I keep getting the "Enter Network Password" dialogue box. Never had a problem before, and nothing's changed. All 3 accounts had their pw's saved, and there are characters in the pw field (the right number of characters as well), but I can't send mail. Sent a test from webmail, and after a couple of tries, Outlook received it OK. Any ideas?

Answer:Outlook 2003 "Enter Network Password"

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I'm running Outlook on Windows XP. For some reason today it's asking me to enter my network password. When I do this, the same message pops up again.

I seem to be receiving emails fine but I can't send.

Outlook Send/Receive Progress shows an error message saying that my email server ( rejected my log-in and that I should verify my name and password in account settings, which I've done and they're both fine.

Any ideas why this is happening or what I can do?

Answer:"Enter Network Password" message on Outlook

Usually if your passwords are verified correctly. Then usually its a server problem. Try contacting your isp to verify that they aren't having server trouble.

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I've been using Outlook 2003 for a long time, but just today, when it connects to send/receive mail, a window pops up asking me to enter the network password for the account (I have 5 accounts). It seems I have to manually do this before the mail for that account will be sent or received. What brought this on and how do I stop it?


Answer:Outlook 2003-"Enter Network Password"

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Hi all--

I'm running XP Home and Outlook (not Outlook Express).

I changed servers last week, and started having incoming server problems.
Now I'm getting a dialogue box popping up very often, asking me to "Enter Network Password."
I'm also not getting to my incoming (POP3) server.

Microsoft's help section and website are, as usual, useless.

Has anybody solved this one?


Answer:"Enter Network Password" box in Outlook

when you changed servers did you input the old settings into the new one. How is the network set up. Is your e-mail coming in through the server using exchange server or do you get the e-mails in directly through the domain.

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Hello. I'm new to the forum but not new to using the tools on this site. I'm running Vista with Outlook 2007. All of a sudden I start getting the "Enter Password" box. Very annoying. I searched in the forum and noticed the same fix that I tried. That was to create a new profile. I tried that and after four hours of downloading my emails from the server I couldn't get my .PST set up correctly. Anyway, can anyone direct me to the register fix for this problem for Vista. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I attempted to enter my password. Then, realized the prompt changed... Prompt now reads "Enter System Password ".

I'm stumped and now my laptop is useless. I'll probably replace it soon. But, would love to have access to my Dell XPS 12, again.

Thank you for all of your help!

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem and was wondering if any of you experts would be able to help me please?

I'm using Outlook 2007 at work and each day when I log in I have two problems:

1. "Press CTRL+ENTER to send messages" under tools\options\email options\advanced email options is unchecked (even though I've checked it myself the day before)


2. When I click on calendar, somebody elses calendar opens and the check to show 'My Calendar' has been removed.

These aren't deal breakers but they annoy me every day!!

Can anybody help me please? :cry

Answer:"Press CTRL+ENTER to send messages" unchecks every day on Outlook 2007

are you linked to a network server at work

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Hello there

So I'm experiencing strange BitLocker behaviour. I have this PC at work. Clean Windows 8 x64 installation, 3 HDD (AHCI), no SSD.

After I set up BitLocker to encrypt "C" partition, it gave me pop-up window, that I should restart PC to test the BitLocker loader. So I clicked Yes. And after few seconds I got this:


Mind, I'm still ABLE TO type password (i can't see sh** though), after I hit enter Windows IS booting, but it's really weird to see above picture instead of:

My GFX is OK, I tested it with games, benchmarks etc.
BitLocker simply cannot, for whatever reason, use my video card properly and displays those weird lines. After all - it hasn't loaded the whole Windows yet. Than again, it IS a bit strange, as Windows installers tend to work fine.

Any thoughts people?

Kind Regards


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Please can somebody help with this minor but annoying matter. When turning on my business computer one morning, the space bar and return/enter buttons are visable when i type emails, but when i send them, they are not. I know its a setting, but can anyone tell me what setting and how to turn it off?


Answer:[SOLVED] &quot;Space bar&quot; and &quot;return/enter&quot; are visual on emails! Help

You need to tell us what email client you use as these days not everyone uses the built-in one.

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Have tried to install Win 8. Presently running Win 7 (single PC).

Everything goes fine until I come to input screen asking for password to either "login to network" or "login to go online" (don't remember exactly).

Have no idea what this password is. Can anyone tell me what is going on here and how best to determine the required password.....

Thanks in advance as I am really stuck here.

Answer:Can't get past "Enter password to login onto network (go online)"

Within a network (accessing a workgroup share), you need the user name and password used on the network machine.

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I am on my Laptop trying to connect to my iMac. It does show up under Network, but when I click it, I get this error. I typed in my Laptop username and password, but it rejects it.

What can I do?

Thank you.

Answer:"Enter Network Password" Windows Security error.

Go to your mac and setup your advanced sharing, set it to no password and share the folders you want to access.

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For some reason I can no longer access my XP shares from Windows 7 Home Premium. This was working for about 2 months (since I got this machine) but now everytime I attempt to access my XP files it asks for the network password (of course there is no such thing). Any ideas?

Answer:"Enter network password" when attempting to access XP share.

Quote: Originally Posted by drobinow

For some reason I can no longer access my XP shares from Windows 7 Home Premium. This was working for about 2 months (since I got this machine) but now everytime I attempt to access my XP files it asks for the network password (of course there is no such thing). Any ideas?

Please allow the Guest account access to all of the files on both the share security and the file system security settings.

You can start this process by right clicking the share and root directory and hitting the Security tab, then adding 'Guest' and allow entries, respectively until completed.

While you're there you may as well be sure that there are no deny permissions active.

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I have three computers running Windows 7 Pro 64.  All homegroups and connections worked fine until recently (system update?).  Now the "Main" computer cannot be accessd from the other two without asking for network name and password. (I never made
one from the beginning!).  The two computers cannot "see" USB printer on Main computer, and when browsing for printers on theother computers, the request for Network Name and Password comes up......also my new Samsung HD TV cannot "see" my Main computer
(wired connection), but it can see the other two computers fine (one wired, one wireless access point).
I have read lots of forum responses, but I have found nothing that works.  I have checked all the boxes, including the one for "turn off password" in advanced options for homegroups, also, "allow windows to manage homegroups".....everything that
was mentioned in previous forums....
?gpedit.msc?, local policies/security options, administrative tools....all these options given, DO NOT exist on my Windows 7 computer, even though they are printed under Windows 7 forum.....hmmmmmm.  Even under User Accounts, it is suggested to
click Manage Network Password (don't remember the exact term), but it doesn't exist either (maybe in XP or Vista?)...........
I have seen some suggestions to turn off secuiry settings or password, and others, but no mention of the steps to do so.
As I sta... Read more

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Hello - strange problem one of our users is having - when she picks up a draft email (she has previously prepared) then sends it, the email is recieved with the draft date, instead of the sending date. This means that the recipient cant see the new message (they will find it in listed as being recieved on the "draft" date). I have been unable to duplicate this error! Has anyone heard of this happening?
(Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007)
Any help very welcome!

Jon Morris
C&IT Services
Edinburgh Napier University

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Happening to a certain user, Outlook keeps forcing the user to "download" before opening the actual email and this only happens when the email has attachments. It does not download or open the attachments though. I made sure the Trust Settings are set to prompt before downloading anything.

Answer:Why does Outlook 2007 "download" before opening emails w/ attachments?

and what kind of email setup is this on?

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My laptop uses windows 7.

When I click on the network I want to connect to (or any other network) the box where you would normally enter the password does not show.

Can anyone help?


Answer:Trying to connect to a network and "enter password" box will not show

Hi and welcome to TSF try this How to remove the existing wireless network profile in Windows 7 - Welcome to TP-LINK

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I reached the limit of my patience well over an hour ago, and I'm praying that someone has the answer I can't seem to find anywhere.

I have three PCs: Hal, Falcon, and Athena. Hal and Falcon are desktops running 7 Ultimate x64. Athena is a netbook running 7 Home Premium 32bit. All of them played nicely with each other across the network, and not a single "Enter Network Password" prompt was to be found. From Hal I could get into Athena and Falcon, from Athena I could get into Hal and Falcon, you get the idea.

Yesterday, I reformatted Athena with the same OS it has now, 7 Home Premium 32bit. Post install, things went pear shaped. Athena can get into Hal and Falcon. Hal and Falcon can get into each other. Hal and Falcon cannot get into Athena. From both of those machines, I get an "Enter Network Password" prompt. I spent literally all day looking for a solution. I did not find one. I rebooted, I searched, I double checked all the settings, I ran a troubleshooter that said I didn't have permission to access the Share (this is the default Share by the way, the User Folder Share), so with my limited knowledge I checked the Permissions. To my eyes, everything was identical to the other two computers, and there was no reason I shouldn't be able to walk right in.

Today, I spent much of the day, again, looking for answers before finally giving up this evening in frustration and reformatting again. After the format, things looked good, I got in! I ran Window... Read more

Answer:Need help resolving "Enter Network Password" issue

It looks like you already are using different names for each PC, such as Hal-PC and so on.

Other that that make sure the time/date settings are in sync with those machines as this will cause problems such as you are describing.

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I've got a desktop computer with XP Pro SP3 and a laptop with both XP and Win7(dual-boot). These two computers are connected through a router in a network(desktop comp-wired, laptop-wireless). Everything works fine, except the sharing in Win7. From the desktop computer I can access all resources on the laptop without problems. From the laptop, everything works fine too, when I try to access the desktop computer's shared folders and printers, but ONLY FROM XP. Every time I want to do this from Win7, I'll be prompted for a "network password". I have no idea what I had to enter - I did a search over the internet, and found following suggestions:

-turn on network discovery, file and printer sharing, public folder sharing at the Advanced Sharing Settings, and disable password-protected sharing
-both computers are in the same workgroup
-disabled the limitation of blank passwords in the group policy editor

NOTHING WORKED. (firewall might not be the reason, because I use Windows Firewall, and it's configured to enable sharing)

What username/password do I have to enter, or how could I access the resources without a password? Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Windows 7 prompts "Enter Network Password"

Try this adjustment on the XP machine. This usually works to get rid of the password prompt.

Goto... Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > Security Options

Scroll down to... Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts

Select... Guest only and not Classic.

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Sorry if this has been answered, but I can't seem to find a thread that applies to this situation:

Just installed new router, linksys e3000. I'm on a Win7 box, wired, and connecting fine to the internet, and the Tivo and my ipod touch are connecting fine wirelessly. so far so good.

I can see the router via from my BROWSER and adjust settings etc, all as normal, and as with old routers I've had.... again, so far so good.

The new router has a USB port, so I thought I'd see how that worked. Plugged in a USB HD to the port. The router recognizes it in its router admin setup pages under So far so good.

Here's the problem. On the Win7 box, I go to "Network" and I see two things under "Computers". I see "WIN7PC" (my windows box) and I see "BOBNET" (the name I gave the router during setup). Clicking on WIN7PC I see my shared folders, as usual. Clicking on BOBNET, I get the prompt "Enter Network Password: Enter your password to connect to BOBNET (user box)(password box) domain WIN7PC "

I've entered every combination of user and password I can think of, nothing lets me in.

- I have NO password associated with my Win7 user name "Bob".
- I tried "admin" and the router password, as if I was logging into the router via the browser. No joy.
- I'm not part of a "Homegroup" as this is the only Win7 box. My shared folders are seen by my wife's Macs, no password required.
- I tri... Read more

Answer:Linksys e3000 "Enter Network Password"

A quick Google and a look in the router manual shows quite an extensive set-up and control system for the USB drive sharing (3. Advanced settings P27)

the log in details may be Admin / Admin or admin / (blank), but in any case this should be settable from the router end

I suggest that you add an additional user with the same name and password as your win7 username (depending on the router firmware / OS you may have to provide a password.

Having the same user / password in win7 and the E3000 should make things easier

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 In Windows XP with sp2 I am repeatedly asked to "Enter Network Password". I do not have a network password,never had or used one, how can I stop getting this constantly repeated request on my screen?malcolmy

Answer:Unwanted "Enter network Password "prompts

Is there any action you're taking that you can associate with this?

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OK. I'm ready to pull out what's left of the hair on my head. I have a customer with 2 Win7 Professional machines on the same network we'll call them System1 and System2. System1 can see system2 ok but when we try to access system1 from system2 I get the "Enter Network Password" popup. Now the strange thing is that sometimes it works. If I futz around with it enough it will start working but eventually it comes up with this error again. I've tried everything I know and followed numerous posts on how to rectify the issue but nothing seems to work. I have the same username and password on both machines and I have "Turn off password protected sharing" selected on both machines. Everything I try has no effect. I need help..... Please........

Answer:Win7 asking for "Enter Network Password" when trying access

Quote: Originally Posted by Porschedave56

OK. I'm ready to pull out what's left of the hair on my head. I have a customer with 2 Win7 Professional machines on the same network we'll call them System1 and System2. System1 can see system2 ok but when we try to access system1 from system2 I get the "Enter Network Password" popup. Now the strange thing is that sometimes it works. If I futz around with it enough it will start working but eventually it comes up with this error again. I've tried everything I know and followed numerous posts on how to rectify the issue but nothing seems to work. I have the same username and password on both machines and I have "Turn off password protected sharing" selected on both machines. Everything I try has no effect. I need help..... Please........

If you are using homegroup, it uses IPv6 and has known issues with some legacy systems. You can keep what hair you have left by enabling a workgroup (IPv4 instead) and it wont require a password.

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WinXP Pro SP3 - Office 2007 - the owner of this PC uses both Outlook Express (OE) and Outlook for email. Why? Who knows. OE is working fine, but all incoming mail messages in Outlook are listed twice in the Inbox. Outgoing messages are sent just fine. I've never been a fan of Outlook (or OE for that matter) as it seems to be cumbersome and problematic (IMO rolleyes ). Anyway - I haven't had much success Googling this problem; I can't quite come up with the right set of serch terms.... so - why the heck are all incoming messages listed twice in the Outlook Inbox??? And how do I get it back to single listings?


Answer:Outlook 2007 - incoming emails are "doubled"

Googling 'duplicate messages in outlook' throws up quite a lot of results, though whether any will actually be of any use is ????????????

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Hi all, first post here (great site)

Looking for help with the following problem:

Having a problem with some blank email's within Microsoft Outlook 2007 using exchange 2007, Within some of these messages, I can see the source and attachments with no problems. The messages can also be viewed within Outlook Web Access.

I have re-created the local outlook profile, switched to cached exchange mode, and have even re-installed outlook, and still having same problem. Have also tried disabling the local anti-virus on the machine (mcfee)

The messages can come from any place, either internal, or external to the company.

Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance. Jeremy

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I have searched for a way to do this but have had no luck. Sometimes outlook just cannot connect to certain email servers (usually comcast). It gets very annoying having that window pop up every minute. I have TweakUI Version and I don't see any solution in there. I have no use for the window, if I ever want to change the username or password I'll do it in tools>e-mail accounts.Any help would be great.Thanks

Answer:How can I disable "Enter Network Password"?

How often do you get this message?Does it only appear when you open Outlook or Outlook Express?Does it happen when you first boot up the computer?

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There are certain sites, mostly porn, that will pop up an Authentication error message asking me to "Enter Network Password." Then it lists the site name and the realm. Under that it prepopulates with my user name and wants me enter a password. What password are they talking about?? I also have network settings active that I don't want to be active. I made the mistake of trying to Network with another home computer without knowing much about it, and now I want it to go back to when I had my WinME as just a single user computer with no prompts or choices for ANY kind of "network" garbage. This password this has really got my knickers in a twist!

Any help?? Puh-leeeese?


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I just recently upgraded my machine to a broadband internet connection (Comcast); & of course had to install an Ethernet card. Now, every time I boot, I'm prompted to enter a network password. I'm tired of hitting the "cancel" button (Windows won't load until I do); & would like to be rid of it altogether. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


Answer:Remove "Enter Network Password"?

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I’m just wondering if any one can help me with this problem that I’m having. The problem is, when I try to access in to certain websites, it’s keep on popping up this “ ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD”

I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my computer or something wrong with those websites.

Can some one please help me? Thanks for reading



Answer:Help With " Enter Network Password" Problem

Tylor said:


I&#8217;m just wondering if any one can help me with this problem that I&#8217;m having. The problem is, when I try to access in to certain websites, it&#8217;s keep on popping up this &#8220; ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD&#8221;

I&#8217;m not sure if there is something wrong with my computer or something wrong with those websites.

Can some one please help me? Thanks for reading


Cheers, Click to expand...

You are entering a restricted part of thier site, only autorized individuals who have an special account can access

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When I click on FORWARD and then add the recipients email address(s) and then click SEND, the message happily goes to the OUTBOX and sits there forever!

Trying to re-forward it does not work and the only way is to copy the contents and paste to a new message and then away it goes quite happily.

Very annoying - wonder waht is causing this?

Answer:Cannot "forward" emails in Outlook 2007

What happens when you click on "send and receive" when a forwarded message is in the outbox?

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I keep getting the mess.. Not all the time. How in the heck can I get pass this

Answer:keep getting "enter network password" nag


Are you selecting "Connect Automatically"?


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Every now and then when Outlook checks my email, it asks for Network password.
Anyway to keep this from popping up since it is very annoying.

Answer:Why do I get an "Enter Network Password" every now and then?

I take it there isn't a save password checkbox on screen when it prompts you for the password? This is Outlook and not Outlook Express, right?

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When trying to access my other computer on my peer network (both Win2K) the "Enter Network Password" box shows up saying "Incorrect password or unknown username for:" with boxes for "Connect As" and "Password". The problem is I don't have any passwords, I have always been able to connect without this password box showing up.

The only thing that has changed since I have been able to connect is that I installed a new hard drive and transfered everything over to the new drive. I am connecting thru a router but my connection is right because I can see both computers from the other in My Network Places.

What could have changed to cause this to happen and how can I resolve it?


Answer:"Enter Network Password"

Yes I have!

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The network password prompt keeps popping is driving me crazy.
can anyone help?

Answer:outlook 2007 network password prompt

Does this help..?

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Ok - I have searched the forums first and apart from the three things shown in here -

None of which have worked - I see that there are many unsolved threads where people have the same issue.

Please will somebody tell me if there is actually a fix for this ( having tried the above link already ) - or am I , and others wasting our time.

Perhaps I will just go back to Incredimail as this is getting SO annoying now.

Answer:Outlook 2007 'enter network password'

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I am using Outlook 2007 with my Windows Vista O/S. Every couple minutes I get a popup asking to "enter network password". Everything has been configured correctly in Outlook, but I can't stop this popup. I have spent hours searching for a solution to no avail.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of it?

Answer:Enter Network Password - Outlook 2007

Not sure if iam a allowed to post this link but this may help your question. sorry if i did this wrong to the moderators kat

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My system crashed recently and I have had to restore everything. I reinstalled Outlook 2007 and was able to restore my PST file from a backup I had using the genie backup product. All my files and folders are now restored.

When I click on the send/receive button, I get this message "The operation failed. An object could not be found"

I deleted my email setup account (I'm downloading from my att account) and re set it up using the instructions on the att site. I also ran the 'repair' function off the Office CD and did the Office diagnostics.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2007 wont send/receive - error message "operation failed"

Can you give us the exact message.
Are you saying you did a clean install where you formatted and partitioned the drive?

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I've just moved a .pst file from one computer to another. Both are Office 2007.

I can see my emails and inbox folders but have the following problems:
It didn't copy over my calendar items, contacts, tasks.
I keep getting a prompt for a network password.

Can anyone help?


Answer:Outlook 2007 - Network Password Prompt/Missing Items

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When I read an email and click delete, it is suppose to go into my DELETED folder. When I go to my DELETED folder, all it shows is the unread emails. I am sure I did this by choosing some option when I first set this up....I am new to Outlook but now I can't figure out how to undo it. I want to be able to see my 'read' emails. Thank you for any help you can give this 'older' lady.

Answer:Where are my "read' emails in Outlook 2007

Before we begin are you talking about Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer or the web site?

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So i was having issues with my drive and cannot run a reinstall of windows vista on it.

So installed vista on another drive i had, plugged my original drive in as a lave drive and i can still see old my old data

If there a way on my old HDD i can get all my old emails from outlook or not as there is a few i need and i did keep them on a PST file

Answer:Can you retrieve emails from Outlook 2007 on a 2nd HDD

Hello lowndes8 and welcome to the forums

My name is Tom and I will be assisting you with your problem

It sounds as if we should be able to get them back for you, no promises, but I'll try my best.

Can you do the following for me please?

System Look

Please download SystemLook from one of the links below and save it to your Desktop.Download Mirror #1
Download Mirror #2Double-click SystemLook.exe to run it.Copy the content of the following codebox into the main textfield:

Click the Look button to start the scan.When finished, a notepad window will open with the results of the scan. Please post this log in your next reply.
Note: The log can also be found on your Desktop entitled SystemLook.txt


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I have a text box that acts as a search field. There's a "Go" button right next to the search field. The "Go" button has an onclick event that executes a macro. How can I make it so that after someone types something into the search field, they can just hit "Enter" instead of having to click "Go"?

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 - Hit "enter" to execute a macro

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Does anyone know if its possible to autofill the "from field" as a rule, when your in "another users /delegates" mailbox, so you dont have to add their address in the "from field"? (so it will autopopulate with their email address (and show "on behalf of")?
I hope this was clear.


Answer:Solved: outlook 2007 "from field" 'on behalf of" issue

No ... its not possible if the user has more than one delegate (that has added them with the applicable rule). from that point on, they will have to choose which person they want to add to "sent" on behalf of field.

However, If they have just one (one only) user who has added them with that permission (to send on behalf of), it will auto-populate with that user.

So, It does not matter even if they are "in" a specific users mailbox (and expect the "on behalf of" to auto fill with that users name). If they have more than one delegate that has added them with that permission, they will still have to choose which user the message will sent "on behalf of"

i figured this out by trail and error etc

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Hello there,

As you all know some people use dial up connection. I am one of them. I would like to click my dialup and automatically connect rather than viewing the " Username and password window " as I have saved UN and PW anyway, Basically, I would like to make it fully automatic, now this is the problem as can be seen in the ATTACHMENT.

It shows, lack of options in windows 10 when it comes to tweaking options for dialup. So please help me on how to do it without the help of GUI. As I downloaded and install the same file to install my dialer, I know there has to be a way to " Remove the tickmark from highlighted fields in the above pic "

I can use regedit or stuff like that as I've been in it for awhile, so feel free to suggest me how to solve this problem.


Answer:No " Prompt for username and password " option in windows 10 Dialup.

following thread.

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Hello there,

As you all know some people use dial up connection. I am one of them. I would like to click my dialup and automatically connect rather than viewing the " Username and password window " as I have saved UN and PW anyway, Basically, I would like to make it fully automatic, now this is the problem as can be seen in the ATTACHMENT.

It shows, lack of options in windows 10 when it comes to tweaking options for dialup. So please help me on how to do it without the help of GUI. As I downloaded and install the same file to install my dialer, I know there has to be a way to " Remove the tickmark from highlighted fields in the above pic "

I can use regedit or stuff like that as I've been in it for awhile, so feel free to suggest me how to solve this problem.


Answer:No " Prompt for username and password " option in windows 10 Dialup.

following thread.

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Hi, i have a Dell Inspiron 20 3043. As soon as i turn it on im prompted with a message thats says Enter Current Password. I called dell and they gave me a password that does not work. They ran out of options to help bypass the password. I've taken the hard drive out and booted the computer and i still get the message. I'm completely locked out of the bios and everything. I even tried taking the CMOS battery out and waiting a complete hour before replacing it. Still have the message. Im out of options at this point. My computer is a paperweight. Can anyone help me?Thanks.

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Hello there

So I'm experiencing strange BitLocker behaviour. I have this PC at work. Clean Windows 8 x64 installation, 3 HDD (AHCI), no SSD.

After I set up BitLocker to encrypt "C" partition, it gave me pop-up window, that I should restart PC to test the BitLocker loader. So I clicked Yes. And after few seconds I got this:

Mind, I'm still ABLE TO type password (i can't see sh** though), after I hit enter Windows IS booting, but it's really weird to see above picture instead of:

(at my home PC).

My GFX is OK, I tested it with games, benchmarks etc.

Any thoughts people?

Kind Regards


Answer:VERY strange BitLocker "enter password" startup screen

Up, anyone?

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I have multiple users on one machine.

The PC is constantly going on standby and locking them out. I have set the power settings for several users, but i cannot set them for all.

I have a script running that resets the power configuration to "always on" in the registry, but it does not overwrite the standy and hard disk settings under power management. If they are set to 15 minutes, it stays at 15 minutes even if the cofiguration is changed from Home to Always on.

Also I cannot have the password on resume unchecked by default for all users. It has to be manually done. I ahave triied registry and GPEdit settings for all of these but no joy.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Slarti

Answer:Removing "prompt for Password on Resume" Globally

Make all the settings you need to make on one user. Then copy that users profile to the Default user profile. The only problem is that you will have to also delete everyones profile that already exists on the computer so that when they login again, they will get the new profile. This is how we solved the issue on our network.

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Hope someone can help - i am receiving emails fine but suddenly can't send (outlook) - my smtp server is bt - when i try and send, the enter network password box appears (with all the correct information in it) and keeps flashing up so i can't send emails. I've reset my bt yahoo password and reconfigured my email settings + SMTP authentication but it's still not working. BT say it's nothing to do with them.....has anyone else experienced this? Any advice gratefully received, Janebo

Answer:enter network password prompt

Is there anything here that helps? click here

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This morning, after some frustration, I removed by old anti-virus (McAfee) and installed AVG.Everything seems fine, except every few times Outlook sends/receive I'm asked for to Enter Network Password.I'm not on a network.No matter how many times I enter the details and click "save this password" it comes up every few minutes asking the same thing. If I cancell it the send/receive fails, if I enter the deatils it's ok for a couple minutes then its back.What is it and how do I stop it.Thanks

Answer:Enter Network Password prompt

go to network connections, click your current connection and hit Properties, if Microsoft Client For Networks and / or File and Printer Sharing are ticked, untick them.

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Hi All,
I have a new (to me) pc. It is an HP Media Center PC. I believe it was manufactured sometime around 2005. Also, I just switched from Comcast Internet to Verizon Internet. I am having trouble sending email from Outlook 2003. I can get email but not send it. I've tried several things to resolve the problem but, usually, have no idea what I'm doing. I tried resetting the router user ID and password but don't know if that has anything to do with my problem. After I hit the reset button on the Verizon/Actiontec router I eventually got to a page, from Verizon, asking for a User ID and password but wasn't sure what to input. My PC was given to me by a friend who used it in a small business he owns. I believe there were other computers in his business network. Would that be the network the prompt is referring to? I don't have a user ID or password for that network but may be able to get them. There are also other Users in my house who are on the Verizon account that I use. I am not the primary account holder but am the person trying to set up the email feature. The other computers are a Toshiba laptop and a Mac. At this point I'm more confused than ever. I'd really appreciate some help. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer:Enter Network Password prompt won't go away


I just switched from Comcast Internet to Verizon Internet.............I got to a page, from Verizon, asking for a User ID and password

You have to set up your router with your Verizon User Name (Email address) and your password. Verizon Support
You must also change your Email address and password in Outlook.

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I just reinstalled Win10. Before doing so I could go directly to my password screen, without the previous window thanks to a tweak, and when I keyed in my password it would open automatically without having to press the "Enter" key. Now I must do so. Can anyone remind me how to do so please. My search has only found how to not have the first screen mentioned above but not the password part.
Thank you

Answer:How to not to press "enter" after password when booting in/powering on

If you decide to use a PIN instead of a password you will find the there is no need for the enter key.

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Hey guys,

I tried booting up my PC which has Windows 8 installed and it was working fine until yesterday.

It has a "Enter Password" screen upon start-up and I think it's a virus because it only lets me enter 10 characters and even though, I do put in the correct password, it still says it's incorrect. The computer also shuts down after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

I have attached a picture of the screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:"Enter Password" black screen login

I found out the issue is a BIOS password. I'm looking into making a HirensBootCD to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

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I just reinstalled Win10. Before doing so I could go directly to my password screen, without the previous window thanks to a tweak, and when I keyed in my password it would open automatically without having to press the "Enter" key. Now I must do so. Can anyone remind me how to do so please. My search has only found how to not have the first screen mentioned above but not the password part.
Thank you

Answer:How to not to press "enter" after password when booting in/powering on

If you decide to use a PIN instead of a password you will find the there is no need for the enter key.

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I need help. I dont know how to start a thread. Im not very advanced. I need help to bypass this password on an Eee laptop. It says hard disk locked, enter password. Don't know it. It was put on there by some ahole. Now i can't get on it. I tried inputting AMI backdoor passwords, didn't work. What can i do, i don't want to lose data. Can anyone help?

Answer:"Hard disk locked, enter password"

I think you are referring to a BIOs password.
It's not so easy to remove these.
When exactly do you get this error message?
As soon as you press the POWER button of your computer?
Are you on your desktop (can you see your wallpaper / desktop icons?)

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So that pops up once i get my old tower/cpu running up. It hasnt been touched since 2006 so i forgot the password. Any help to get around this? Plus, please tell me how to get around this without a windows cd or to use money. Thanks!!

Answer:"Your password has expired. Please enter your password and renew."

By default Windows passwords will never expire unless set by an Admin on a corporate network or set by yourself. Is it the Windows account password you are talking about?

If so the only help that we can provide for resetting the password is by using this tutorial - Reset User Account Password

My apologies for the limited help but I cannot provide any other methods as this would violate certain legislation

Hope This Helps,

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severe outlook 2007 problem. error when trying to send emails. ("returned an unknown error"). i can't find any solution for that and i'm really desperate.

"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook."
i've tried to do many things but it doesn't worked.
i tried to install windows xp again and again and to make a new microsoft emails file (pst). and tried to make new profiles and many many other things.

can anyone lead me to a solution?
i want to use email but just can't.


Answer:severe outlook 2007 problem. error when trying to send emails. ("returned an unknown

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my pc is acting up, it has been working fine for over a year now. i have an asus a8n5x mb amd x2 4200+ an ATI x1900xtx 3 GB RAM and a Raptor hard drive. when i went to turn on my computer a couple days ago i turned it on and it is like frozen at the screen "press delete to enter bios" and my keyboard wont work . its like the keys i hit dont have any effect.

please help asap
pwnage_07 thanks

Answer:Computer frozen at the screen "press delete to enter bios" and my keyboard wont work

do you have a USB keyboard or a PS/2 one?

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I'm running Win7 Pro x64, standalone (no domain).
I have an admin account (not the default one) and a user account.
As the user, until recently I was be able to right-click a program then click "Run As Administrator" and would get a prompt to enter the password for my Admin account.
Then my admin account got locked out for too many bad passwords and once it was successfully unlocked, I no longer get the password prompt. Instead the programs try to run under my user account without admin privileges. I am able to login to my Admin account without any issues.
I've tried several UAC levels without any luck. I've googled but can't seem to come up with correct searches, the results I get aren't relevant.

Answer:Missing UAC password prompt for "Run As Administrator"

Have you tried creating a new user account and seeing if the same thing happens? If it doesn't, it might be easiest to just move everything to the new account.

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I have four computers running Windows 8.1

On three the User Accounts dialog box has the phrase, "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer."
I have deselected that box and entered the passwords and now I log in automatically.

But on one computer in the User Accounts dialog box there is no phrase, "Users must enter..." and there is not box to deselect.
What to do?



Answer:"Users must enter a user name and password..."

Hello John, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is that PC a member of a domain by chance?

If so, then the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer." box will not be available.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

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I got a Toshiba A205 S5871 laptop that I was planning to sell( was my wifes')
When I went to clean HD, I entered password and then up popped up this statement. "enter built in HDD1 password"

None of my wife's passwords worked and I cannot find a password that will open up this computer. It seems this is a password that Toshiba puts in HD and they cannot tell me anything but to ship it to them for a fee of course.

NE 1 here find a work around?

Answer:"Enter Built in HDD1 Password" NE way around this?

If you have the original OS disks you can re-install the OS and that will automatically format the HDD.

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I know there's been a few queries by people regarding this prompt, but all the ones I've read seem to be connected with Outlook or operating a laptop via wireless - neither of which I use/do.

The pop-up has just started appearing today and I have no idea why. I don't even know if I should have a username and password for this? No idea what it is.

Can anyone advise please?

Screenshot attached.

Answer:Solved: Enter Network Password prompt

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I have a backup pst file, with my account details and other info in it, but I forgot my account password and want to know if it is possible to retrieve it via a tool from the pst file in an xml or other format...

Also the problem is that I changed pc, and the one am using has the account settings for another person, and importing my pst file still keeps that previous account name and settings when I view from Tools -> Account settings. This is making me more confused, thus the need to know if I can retrieve the password so that I can manually set my account...

Answer:Retrieve account password from outlook 2007 pst

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Whenever I try to boot my computer up it is asking for a password and I really don't know what the startup password is. This is really frustrating. Can anybody tell me how to get rid off this startup password window. I have not any windows disc and I am
using Windows 7. 

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I had to buy a new (SSD) HD and had trouble booting from a disc until I enabled Legacy Mode and disabled Secure Boot in BIOS. Now whenever I boot up I get a "No Boot Device Found" message until I hit "Enter" at which point i'm allowed entry into my precious Win10 laptop.

Boot orders in both UEFI and Legacy are the same, with DVD Rom set to boot first. (Also, the settings for IPV4 and IPV6 are set to IPV4 (Legacy) when they were before set to BOTH IPV4 AND 6 and are unable to be changed, if that's important.)

I disabled Legacy in BIOS, but then i get a different "No Boot Device Found" error, and hitting "Enter" doesn't help.

Could some kind person tell me how to correct this, and possibly why it happened and the differences in each option?

I'll settle for how to correct this, though, with much gratitude.

VERY MUCH gratitude.


Answer:"Boot Device Not Found" - but hitting "Enter" afterward PC boots fine

Boot into Setup (Bios) go to the Security Tab, Disable Legacy Mode and Enable UEFI Bios. Also Enable Secure Boot.
Go to Integrated Peripherals and look for Hard Drive mode, or SATA. Set the SSD for AHCI mode and not Legacy or IDE. Go to the Boot tab, Move SSD to First UEFI Boot Device. Save and Exit.

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I'm getting this constant message (it is always 2 of them, one on top of another) in my browser when I open it.

The exact message is :

Please enter the password for

And that is it...with a textbox and a OK/Cancel button.

Here is a copy of that exact messagebox :

What is causing this...list below is the Hijack log :



Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:31:04 PM, on 4/21/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\xampp\FileZillaFTP\FileZillaServer.exe
c:\program files\\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\\PERSON~1\MpfServic... Read more

Answer:Getting "Please enter password" message

Welcome to TSF

I notice that you have two anti-virus programs on your machine. That's not a good idea!!
Alike firewalls, anti-virus programs have conflicts co-existing with each other & may produce undesirable results. Please uninstall one of them.

Reboot your computer to complete uninstallation.

Please download CleanUp! and install it. Do not run it yet!

Go to Add/Remove from Control Panel and uninstall if found:


Run HJT and fix this item:

O4 - Global Startup: Install Pending Files.LNK = C:\Program Files\SIFXINST\SIFXINST.EXE

Delete this folder:

C:\Program Files\SIFXINST\

Open Cleanup! by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (or from the Start > All Programs menu).
Set the program up as follows:Click "Options..."
Set the slider to "Standard CleanUp!"
Uncheck the following:Delete Newsgroup cache
Delete Newsgroup Subscriptions
Scan local drives for temporary files

Click OK
Press the CleanUp! button to start the program. Reboot/logoff when prompted.

WARNING - CleanUp! will delete all files and folders contained within Temporary Directories. If you knowingly have items you would like to keep that are stored in these locations; Move Them Now!!!

Perform an online scan with Internet Explorer with Panda ActiveScan
** click on "Free use ActiveScan" located on the top right hand corner Click Check Now & a 'pop up' window shall appear. *ensure that your pop up blocker doesn't block ... Read more

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My organisation has just rolled out an Exchange 2007 Server.
I am a desktop support engineer for my unit. We are setting up access to the server through Outlook 2003.

A small number of Outlook 2003 users get this error message when they are using a .prf file to configure their clients.

"Your Exchange Server administrator has blocked the version of Outlook that you are using. Contact your administrator for assistance."

This is XP SP2 running Outlook 2003 (error occurs on Office, Office SP2 and Office SP3) connecting to Exchange 2007.

I have tried tried applying SP2 and SP3 to Office and completely reinstalling Office but it still occurs.

I am told by the Server Administrators that this is a local problem so I am not getting any help from them. I tend to believe them that it's not server side because I set one of the profiles up on two PCs next to eachother. On one it worked fine but on the other it had this error message. I could not see a difference in the two Outlook installations.
I have read this article here but a lot of the questions it asks and tests involve having administrator access over the server which I do not have.

Does anyone know of anything in the local Office installation that I do have control over that has been known to cause this?

All the best,


Answer:Solved: Outlook 2003/Exchange 2007 - "Your Version of Outlook has been blocked..."

Hi we managed to find the solution so I'm posting it here to help others.

We inherited a number of builds that were done by other companies. It appears these builds have in the past had previous versions of Office installed. This has resulted in registry keys lurking around from the old installs.

Once we removed these registry entries it worked.

Best way to do this that I could think of is to

1) Uninstall Office and then search the registry for any references to Outlook. You can do this using AML Free Registry Cleaner (which has a search function). Ignore any hits for Outlook Express you are only insterested in Office Outlook.

2) If this is the problem that you are having then you will find registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\7.0 or 8.0 or 9.0 etc.

3) Delete any Outlook folders in the above tree. Onc eof the keys in the Outlook folder will be Version and this appears to be what is being read when the server asks what version you have.

4) Reinstall Office - it should now work.

All the best,


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Sometimes when I try to connect to a wifi network, i enter my username/password, it tries to connect for a while then I get the same popup asking me to enter my user credentials...again.
There is never any reason specified for why I am being asked to re-enter my user credentials.
This is extremely annoying. How can I troubleshoot this if Windows does not tell me why?
Event viewer shows no error messages either.
Is there any way to get Windows to tell me why I am being asked to re-enter my user credentials?

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Outlook keeps asking me to enter network password. In the last 6 hours--28 times! Driving me nuts. I have tried deleting my email a/c and then setting it up again. It looks to me like Vista x64 business is not remembering my passwords even though the 'remeber password' box is checked. When I switch to another email program the problem goes away but I want to use Outlook because of its rich features.

How do I get rid of the annoying Enter Network Password screens?

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I'm getting: "A problem cause the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". This happens within minutes of starting Outlook (in the non-safe mode)

Outlook works in safe mode.
I cannot turn off the addins.... see attached
Also attached is a snapshot from the event viewer...
Thank you
Running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64 bit) SP1
Computer: Dell XPS 435T/9000
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007

Answer:Outlook 2007 "Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working"

since when are you getting this error. have you tried a repair install from control panel >add/remove programs. you can also let this tool "microsoft office diagnostics" check for errors & fixes.

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I broke one of the "feet" on my old E-Machines PS/2 keyboard I have used for years and like. I also use one at work that's pretty close to the same layout. I am looking everywhere for a keyboard with a large "enter" and "backspace" I can't find one. I don't care if it's USB or PS/2 but hate the "flat" type that ship with computers these days you look at the key to hard and it presses. I have HUGE hands and like the "old style" keyboard that you have to press pretty hard on the keys (like an actual spring under them) Do any of you know of a specialty keyboard shop or somewhere else with a big selection? I have looked all over the internet on the "major" places. (i.e. Newegg, TigerDirect, BestBuy, Wal-Mart, etc...)

If anyone knows of a place that has "old style" keyboards please let me know. I may have to settle but for such a small purchase that I use so much, I'd like to get what I want and I can't be the only one with massive hands having these same issues. The world isn't made for us big guys.

Answer:Keyboard large "Enter and Backspace" and "stiff" keys

Actually, PS2 is still in vogue on on most motherboards, and most local computer repair shops sell older KBs - maybe for more than they are worth, but they do.

I have an older KB that is PS/2 - I'll make a pic and post it if you want it.

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Hello All! I have created a database that uses a login form that directs people to specific forms based on priviledges. However, I would like to provide a form that allows users to change their passwords (preferably with a confirm password box). Also, I have one user defined as Administrator, with a special form. I would like to create a special form for the Administrator to be able to add/delete/edit users and their security levels.

I found similar threads, but none that answered my specific questions- relative to my current setup.


Answer:Solved: Create a "Change Password" form for Login in Access 2007

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I'm using Outlook 2003 and have multiple email accounts. I just switched the default email account. However, when I send someone an email it says it is from the old default email address. I've looked at the properties of my new default account and no where in there does it mention this older email account. Outlook clearly is showing that the email is going out on my new default email account but the reply to email or the from portion is from another email account. Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Why does Outlook keep puting the wrong "from" email address in my emails?

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My manager's pc is running xp sp2 and outlook 2003 sp2 on a HP compaq dc7100.

When he randomly opens emails (by double clicking on them, not previewing/reading) and tries to print them (either menu/icon/right click), he gets the error "operation failed".

A reset doesn't fix the problem and I'm aware that html pages need to be opened properly before printing, but like I said, he opens them and gets the error.

Does anybody know of a solution/patch or an explanation?
Or is there anything else I should check for?


The emails he gave an example of have rich text, not plain black and white. But there are plenty of rich text emails that do work.

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Alright, this issue stems from a bizarre Outlook 2003 "feature" (bug?). My setup looks something like this:

Personal Folders
+ - Archive
+ - Inbox
+ - Sent Items

Sometimes, instead of dragging an email to "Archive", I accidentally drag it to "Personal Folders". Outlook allows this, strangely, and the email is then stored in the "Personal Folders" folder rather than the one I wanted. But, if I click "Personal Folders" in an effort to view the hidden email, Outlook takes me to the "Outlook today" screen.

I know there is a way to un-hide these emails because I've done it before: my question is how? Googling is difficult because using the words "Personal Folders" results in a bunch of irrelevant hits since the context I'm using it in is different from the normal use of the term.

Thanks for any insights!

Answer:Outlook 2003: Moving emails out of "Personal Folders"?

Use the Folders view.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking time to read my post. This started this morning; when i hit "send/receive" button, Outlook does its usual process and at the bottom right corner it shows the progress and it shows I recieve w/o any loss, but I don't see it in my reading pane. Plus after Outlook finishes "send/receive", it'll sometimes shut down. running Win xp srvc pk 2. Also when i restart i get a light blue screen and its performing a "Checking File System C:", and when it's done then it'll go to the login screen; any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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I was overhearing this discussion by the IT guys in the office, and I wanted to see if this was possible.

Let's say my company uploads/backs up everyone's email at 7pm every day. They upload all your sent, recieved, and deleted items. But is there a way that if a particular email was recieved then deleted, that there is a directory somewhere, or a function within Outlook itself that will allow me to delete even these items so that they are not uploaded at 7pm?

Answer:Outlook 2K3 - Removing deleted emails from "server upload"

Does your office use an Exchange server or just pop servers with local PST files?

If its local PST files all you have to do is delete it and remove it from the recycle bin.

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Is this possible? I Googled some suggestions, but I wanted to come here because you people have helped me before and not steered me wrong.

I am wondering if....and hoping that....I can retrieve a couple of emails. I deleted them by mistake and, of course, my boss asked me for those in particular! Not any other ones! The ones I mistakenly deleted! MONDAYS!!!

Anyway...I am curious about where the .pst file is that I'm thinking I need. We have a server here at work that we backup our emails to. Is this where any deleted files would go or do they go to the archive.pst file (on my computer) that I've been reading about when I Googled this?

PLEASE HELP ME!! Please tell me I can get them back!


Answer:Recovering "Shift-Deleted" emails in Outlook 2003

I don't actually think there is a way to get back files once they have been shift-deleted, as that bypasses storing them in the deleted items folder (unless you still hold a copy on the mail server that you can re-download).

This site seems to think that the following will work, so it may be worth a try - but I wouldn't hold out too much hope

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Hello All,

I have my GoDaddy email account setup as an IMAP using Outlook 2010. Intermittently when I receive emails, they will go straight to the 'Outlook Data File' and completely erase them from any of my other email clients. I will even be literally reading an email on my iPhone and before I can finish the email disappears to my office computer if outlook is running. Any way to fix this?

Thank you!

Answer:Outlook 2010 - Data File "Stealing" Emails

Elegantly simple my friend - just make sure Outlook is not running when you are using a different device to read emails with.

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Outlook worked fine until recently. Have it on my home computer, used it for years, have Windows 10 but that was installed some time ago & Outlook has been working until recently.
outlook is also on my smart phone, but those same people are not getting emails sent from the phone nor do I get their replies on the phone. Others get them and answer them no problem. ??

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Hi all, for over a month I've had this persistent virus (im assuming thats what it is at least) that takes over outlook whenever i open it and floods my inbox with "delivery failed" notices. I think the virus is using my email address to send out more spam or something, and its getting blocked by other people and sent back...

I've tried different virus scanners and virus protections, but nothing comes up. I also tried a trick of setting a fake account as my "default" so the virus will try and use that one instead. It seemed to work... for about a month but then the virus came back.

heres a picture of what it looks like, it floods non-stop sometimes, till my entire inbox is full!
anyone know a solution? I dont want to have to change my email!

Answer:Outlook flooding with "delivery failed" emails

Please send us a HijackThis log. To download HijackThis, go to Install it, restart, and then run the program. Select the option that allows you to create a log, and then post it here.

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Been running 2010 for about 11 months now on a hosted Exchange Server, no problems at all until this past Sunday.

Almost all of the roughly 125 emails in my inbox list the sender as me instead of the actual sender. When a new message comes in, the taskbar notification popup displays the correct sender's name but in the actual inbox my name is displayed under "From"

When I open any of the messages the correct sender's name and email address are displayed.

This is a head scratcher for sure and confusing when trying to scroll through looking for someone's message or reply. Anyone else run into this/know the solution?


P.S. Running a Dell Studio 15 less than a year old, fast processor, 8GB RAM, etc., etc. No other computer problems at all, just this quirky email problem.

Answer:Outlook 2010 "From" emails all list my name instead of senders


If you enable the preview window/reading pane, and then click one of the emails in your InBox, is the name at the top of your email as seen in the (preview window/reading pane) from the person that it sent it to you, or your name?


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Hi, my sister dropped off a gateway MT3432 laptop and when i turned it on, nothing works, It starts up but nothing shows on the screen. I hear the system booting up and spinning off the hard drive but cant get to the BIOS screen or nothing. I tried plugging in an external monitor and still nothing. I don't know what the deal is. Plz Help. I replaced the ram and the harddrive and still doing the same thing.


Did your sister say she had did anything to the machine?  Played with registry? dropped it?

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Am running windows vista home premium with office 2007 professional installed.

About a month or two ago, I've noticed that whenever I close outlook, i get an error message:

"outlook has stopped working"

Everything seems to work fine otherwise, but this is a little annoying and I'm wondering if there's any way to either fix the problem or turn the error warning off.


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So I updated to the CU over a week ago, and I noticed an odd change. The "Open command prompt here" option in the shift+right-click context menu has been replaced by "Open Windows Powershell here" instead. Powershell does not work with the apps I use (for example, an RPA extractor, Powershell just gives an error). How do I revert this change?

Answer:Context menu now has "Powershell" instead of "Command Prompt"

It's changed from Command Prompt to Powershell on a right-click on Start too. There's a switch for 'replace Command Prompt with Windows Powershell...' in:
Settings > Personalization > Taskbar

The switch has always been there, the default setting changed for the Creators Update. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to change the context menu.

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