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outlook 2007, create a field for date/time/group military thing

Question: outlook 2007, create a field for date/time/group military thing

we use outlook to view messages in the military. these messages are most likely refrenced by their date time group. in the message ( body of the email ) it will state the DTG.. example DTG: 291323Z Apr 10

i would like to make a field in my view so i can have the messages displaed by DTG. is this possible? if so how?


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Preferred Solution: outlook 2007, create a field for date/time/group military thing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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cell A1 has military time, 04:25:00condition if the value of time in A1 is between 07:00:00 and 15:00:00, then B1 should display "a"; if the value of time in A1 is between 15:00:00 and 23:00:00, then B1 should display "b";if the value of time in A1 is between 23:00:00 and 07:00:00, then B1 should display "c";

Answer:how to create nested if function for date and military time

Try this and see how it works:=IF(OR(A1<TIME(7,0,0),A1>=TIME(23,0,0)),"C",IF(AND(A1>=TIME(7,0,0),A1<TIME(15,0,0)),"A",IF(AND(A1>=TIME(15,0,0),A1<TIME(23,0,0)),"B")))EDIT:Hers is an updated formula:=IF(A1="","",IF(OR(A1<TIME(7,0,0),A1>=TIME(23,0,0)),"C",IF(AND(A1>=TIME(7,0,0),A1<TIME(15,0,0)),"A",IF(AND(A1>=TIME(15,0,0),A1<TIME(23,0,0)),"B"))))If A1 is empty, this will blank the cell.MIKE edited by mmcconaghy

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The company I work for has asked me to work with the DB (as you may well guess in this economy I now have to learn how to work with Access DB. This DB was created by someone who had a book “Access 2000 for dummies” in 2002, I have since then converted the 2000 DB to 2007 accdb format. That being said, in a form that is used to track records-TS# is the primary key, they want a YES/NO or actual name- Completed *check box for yes and blank for no*. I created the check box as you may know that was easy enough. The problem comes in when I go to the next record the box remains in whatever state it was on the previous record and does not show up anywhere else. I am sure this is likely because there are steps that I am omitting or not aware of. Any help offered would be amazing as I continue to work on this train wreck.


Answer:Solved: Access 2007 YES/NO field with time/date

Mike, the Check Box field has to be in the Table that the Form uses as it's Record Source. The Check box has to be "Bound" to that table's field, i.e. it's "Contorl Source" of the check box in design view must be the table field.

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I would like for my Access 2007 database to automatically record the date/time when the data in a SPECIFIC field is modified (not when any data in the record changes).

Here is a simplified explanation of my scenario. This database keeps track of cases in my office. A data entry form named "Cases" feeds a table named "Cases." The form includes text boxes that correspond to the fields in the table. Three of these are: "Case_Notes," "Case_Status," and "Date_Status_Change."

I would like for the "Date_Status_Change" field to automatically reflect the current date/time whenever the data in the "Case_Status" field changes. I do not want the date/time to change when information in the "Case_Notes" field is modified.

What code would accomplish this?

The following code will enter the date/time for a change anywhere in the record:

Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
Me![Date_Status_Change].Value = Now()
End Sub

But I want to limit it so that it dates changes ONLY in the ?Case_Status? field.

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I need this date (3:44:42 PM)to read military time. I also need to add a month and year (4/15) in the same cell so my end result will be
I am able to change to military time. However, when I add the month and year 4/15, the cell content change, and the military time disappears. Is there a way for an excel cell to contain two different cell formats? Or, is there a way to ‘hardcode’ the military time so it doesn’t change.
I am adding the month and year by hitting ALT/Enter to take this piece to a new line within the same cell, but as soon as I do this, the Military time changes and the result I am looking for ’15:44:42 4/15 never shows up. Any ideas?

Answer:Military Time plus month and date in same cell

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I use due dates on my Outlook tasks. When I customize my Tasks list (in the Calendar view) to group by due date, I just get too many groupings (one for each due date!). I would like to know if I can create a custom field called 'Due Month' and/or 'Due Week', extracted from the 'Due Date', so I can view my tasks by what is due during a given week or month. If the answer is yes, any suggestions on the technique I would use would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi All,

First post.

i need to see the reply date time stamp for each email in a inbox is it possible to add it has a cutom column or maybe vba etc.

really could do with some help on this asap.



Answer:Reply Date/Time Outlook 2007.

yeah its possible you need to change the email settings and then you can able to get the time and date as well. Outlook PST Repair

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If I am in the wrong forum, please let me know.

About a month after I started using it, the Say the Time clock program I bought stopped launching the management menu when I right click the date/time field in the task tray (notification area).

Therefore, I can't use or edit the program.

Neither the touchpad nor the cordless mouse works.

Other than this problem, my computer works great. Every single item that's meant to be right clicked works for me.

Is there a way I can generate a log to show the software manufacturer (Provenio) that it's their problem and not mine?

I am a novice user but I can follow instructions.

However, I don't want to put my computer at risk if I make an entry error.

Or is it obvious that it's a software problem?

I've been using computers for 18 years and I've never had this problem until I bought this software and used it for about a month.

I just wanted a conclusive way of putting the ball back in the manufacturer's court.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Answer:Say the Time Date/Time Field in Task Tray Doesn't Launch Menu

You can use VEW by Vino Rosso
and save it to your desktop

Double click it to start it Note: If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will need to right click the file and select Run as administrator and click Continue or Allow at the User Account Control Prompt.

Click the check boxes next to Application and System located under Select log to query on the upper left

Under Select type to list on the right click the boxes next to Error and Warning Note: If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 also click the box next to Critical (not XP).

Under Number or date of events select Number of events and type 20 in the box next to 1 to 20 and click Run
Once it finishes it will display a log file in notepad

Please copy and paste its entire contents into your next reply

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How do you insert a date field in Word 2007?

Answer:How do you insert a date field in Word 2007?

In Office 2010 at least, it should be under the "Home" or "Insert " tab. Then there should be a sub-category like "Date" or "Time".By the way. In the future, you'll get better office results here: and Answer. The way of learning.Dell Dimension 8300Intel Pentium 4 HT @ 3.20 GHz4 GB RAMNvidia Geforce FX5200

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Hello, I need help with the following:
I have a field (called Date_Time) which displays for example 1/31/2005 12:00:00 AM. I would like to run a query that converts that value to '200501' in a created field.
I tried the following below but I keep having problems.

select Account_Number, Date_Time,
concat(year(Date_Time), month(Date_Time)) as Date_Time_Modified
from table
where Account_Number = xxxx

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Answer:Concatenating Date and Time Field in SQL

Just wanted to add some more examples:

Account_Number: Integer Type
Date_Time: Date Type
Date_Time: Modified: Character Type

Account_Number Date_Time Date_Time_Modified
3246 1/31/2005 12:00:00 AM 200501
4920 11/30/2008 12:00:00 AM 200811
5932 6/30/2011 12:00:00 AM 201106
... ... ....

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Access 2007 Update Query For Updating A Date Field

Hi I have been asked to write a query for an Access 2007 db

I need to update a date field in a table based on another date field in the same table

1st date field is the person's start date (StartDate)
2nd date field is the person's project date (ProjectDate)
Without going into too much detail, the Project Start date always begins on the 1st of the month

If the person's StartDate is between the 1st - 14th the project start date is counted as on the first day of the StartDate month/year

If the person's StartDate is between the 15th - end of month the project start date is counted on the 1st day of the NEXT month

StartDate = 7/1/2011
ProjectDate = 7/1/2011

StartDate = 7/14/2011
ProjectDate = 7/1/2011

StartDate = 7/15/2011
ProjectDate = 8/1/2011

StartDate = 7/30/2011
ProjectDate = 8/1/2011

I would like to update the ProjectDate in an update query

Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:Access 2007 Update Query For Updating A Date Field

Create a Column heading like this
numdays: format([StartDate], "dd")
numdays: datepart("dd", [StartDate])
this will give you the day of the month on it's own
add a second Column
NewProjdate: IIf([numdays]>14,Format([StartDate],"mm")+1 & "/01/" & Format([StartDate],"yyyy"),Format([StartDate],"mm") & "/01/" & Format([StartDate],"yyyy"))

This will give you the date to use in the update query.

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I've searched the forum and can't find the help I need...perhaps I'm not using the right keywords.

Anyway, I want to automatically have a time stamp entered in a field named "CancelDate" if a yes/no field named "Cancel?" is checked. On the form I use an action button for that field.

I'm new with VBA, but after some research I entered this code in the AfterUpdate line in Properties:

Private Sub CancelDate_AfterUpdate()
If Me.txtCancel?.value = 1 Then Me.txtCancelDate = Now()
End If
End Sub

...and it doesn't work. It seems to hang up because of the question mark. I get a Compile Error: Expected:Then or GoTo.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 Record Date When Field Updated

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It's been a long time since I last posted here, but hopefully all you wonderful people will be able to help...

Here is my problem:

A customer of mine has a SQL database where one of the fields is a date/time field that looks like this:

13/02/2003 14:32:58
14/02/2003 08:59:10
15/02/2003 17:09:37

Now, I need to delete all the records for a particular day (One of their HD's failed, and they had to restore the data and lost a day, but the entries are still in the database, and can not be re-entered until the old entries are deleted).

How do I structure a query to delete all the records for a particular day? Preferably, I would like a SELECT statement first, just to check that the records found correspond to the delete criteria, and then the DELETE statement.


Reuel Miller

The Ex-NT moderator on this board

Every morning is the dawn of a new error

Answer:SQL Query help required with date/time field


Not to worry chaps, I figured out the answer all by my lonesome

the statements I used were:

select * from {database name} where {date field} > '14 February 2003' and {date field} < '15 February 2003'

delete from {database name} where {date field} > '14 February 2003' and {date field} < '15 February 2003'

Reuel Miller

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I have a field that is date/time, formatted to display the long date (which starts with the day of the week). This has been extremely useful for some append, update and delete queries.

However, I would like to be able to do an update query based on the day of the week for each record. I know that the date/time field is stored as a number so I can't search for any string of letters. But, is there a way to take the long date format and copy what's there as a string so I can then extract the day of the week out of it? Otherwise, I guess I'm stuck with adding a separate field for day of the week, and manually inputting it. Seems like such a waste.

Answer:Solved: Access, Date/Time Field to String -- is it possible

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This one has got me. Has anyone figured out a way to do this easily? I can create a new column and extract the right characters and make it work ... but just wondering if there is a quicker way out there!

Thanks in advance for your time/help ...

Answer:Excel: Extract hour ONLY from a date/time field

Ok, got it to work ... but not sure if there is a better way.

I created a 2nd colummn and used the =RIGHT(D107,5) to isolate the time (10:32) from the date/time field (JAN 12,2014 10:32)

I then created another column and used =TIME(HOUR(C107),0,0) to pull out the hour ONLY in 10:00 AM format.

Is there a quicker way out there?

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The following hyperlink in Microsoft Word opens up a contact from Outlook. Is there an easy macro that goes to that contact, and adds to the work document, the words from a certain field in the contact. I have new fields in my contact form, and want the word document to show the words from some of those fields.
Here is the easy hyperlink to a contact in a subfolder of contacts:
Outlook:Contacts/Subfolder Name/~Contact Name Thanks very much.

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Hello - strange problem one of our users is having - when she picks up a draft email (she has previously prepared) then sends it, the email is recieved with the draft date, instead of the sending date. This means that the recipient cant see the new message (they will find it in listed as being recieved on the "draft" date). I have been unable to duplicate this error! Has anyone heard of this happening?
(Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007)
Any help very welcome!

Jon Morris
C&IT Services
Edinburgh Napier University

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I want to be able to place the date in reverse order in the subject line of new emails when I press a button on the toolbar. The format of the date should read '20061003' for the 3rd Oct 2006 - I know i should be able to use a macro or write VB scipt, bit i am not that clever - please help - many thanks

Answer:MS Outlook 2003 - Reverse Date in Subject Field

06.10.03 - subject.It's easier to read and there will not be a filing problem for the next 94 years or so.I'll leave the technical stuff to others

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How do I create an Outlook group or distribution list with people I regularly get emails from but who I haven't added as a contact. These are the contacts that automatically come up when you start writing their email in the 'To' box of an email but aren't in the address book as such.

I have a couple of hundred of these type of email addresses to add to a group so it'd be great if I can add them in bulk somehow.

I've been looking around the help forums on Microsoft and various other places but I just can't find out how to do this.

Please help!

P.S. This is for Outlook 2007

Answer:How do I create an Outlook group from...

Can anyone help with this?

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I would appreciate if any of you could tell me how I could write a macro that was launched whenever the from field of a new email message window under Outlook 2007 is populated with a particular email address [email protected] from the list of available email addresses.

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I build an XP SP2 pc with all critical updates, with an anti-virus, and a remote software. I use IE to access a particular url so that an employee can clock in or out. I start IE automatically with a process that checks to see if IE is running and if not runs a shortcut to reopen IE in kiosk mode and to the appropriate url. I deny right click usage, control panel, run, etc, through the registry. I am hoping to do this through a local group policy that I can have the Active Directory administrator import into an OU so I do not have to lock down every time clock I build manually. I am not familiar with Group Policy Editor, so if you tell me to create a GPO that sets IE's proxy server setting to a non-existent server, I know what you are saying, but I don't know how to do that. I appreciate any advice anyone might have for me.

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Hello all,
I'm trying to do something that I'm starting to think can't be done in Outlook 2007.

I would like to sort my 'sent items' by date/time and then by 'To'. This is easy enough except there is one additional condition.

Example. In my 'sent items' I am looking for 'Bill Gates'. I want to see all emails I sent to Bill Gates sorted in chronological order. I want this filter include emails sent to Bill Gates and I don't care if Bill is the only person in the 'To' field or not. I want all the emails to Bill Gates.
By Default Outlook will group emails to Bill Gates and only Bill Gates as one sort/group. Should there be an email sent to Bill Gates and Jill Gates this message will not be in the sort order by time among messages sent only to Bill Gates.


To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 5:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 3:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 1:00pm

To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:30pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:20pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 1:30pm

I would like to be able to see a sort view that would do this:

To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 5:00pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:30pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 3:00pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:20pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:00pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp:... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2007 Sort by 'To' regardless of additional addresses in 'To' field.

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To begin, I am not knowledgeable about Outlook 2007, 6 months ago I was on xp with Outlook Express 6 and have used outlook for years and years.

This is what I have right now: when you click on the inbox, it opens at the right top with preview at bottom. The inbox has these 'headings' columns, fields : From Subject Received Size. I have those fields set so that it sorts by From Ascending.

Whenever I open the inbox the From column/field has this light aqua background. I absolutely hate this and cannot find anyway to remove that highlighting. It seems to be part of the program since if you change your field, say chose Subject for the sorting process then that column has that background color. So my first question, is it possible to get rid of that highlighting, if not to change it to white so it wouldn't show?

If it isn't possible to do that, this is what I wondered: I figured out how to create a column/field and move it so it is the first one, but if I click on it it so that this column becomes the 'main' sorting column which makes it look like there is just an aqua left side border it changes the email column putting them in a different order. So, is there some way to get that newly created user/defined column to use the from column descending order, for how it sorts?

I know this sounds crazy, but that background color being there drives me nuts, one of those 'little' things, everyone has one, like the cap left off the toothpaste Thanks for any he... Read more

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I have 650 contacts in my address book in MS Outlook 2010. I need to create a Contact Group to send an announcement to. Not all of my contacts have email addresses. I would like to select only the contacts that have email addresses and add them to a new Contact Group so I can send out the announcement. When I try to do create group I have to add members individually. I would like to be able to so a sort of those only containing email addresses and add multiple contacts to group at once . Is this possible?

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I need a date field changed into a text field of YYYYMMDD so for example the date of birth field is 3/17/1953 and I need that converted to 19530317 in the Excel spreadsheet. Thanks.

Answer:I need a date field changed into a text field of YYYYMMDD

under the format options.

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In excel 2010 new sheet, I would like to enter order number on column A1 then column B2 will show time and date automatically then after entered data then A1 and B1 should locked the cell and won't change anymore. Is this possible to do it?Thanks

Answer:Auto create time and date in Excel 2010

If B2 will be empty the first time an order number is entered, then this code will enter the date and time once and will not change for subsequent changes to A2.If there will already be something in B2, then things get more difficult and I will need more specifics.(BTW...I am assuming the A2 and B2 are just examples. The code actually applies to the entire Columns A & B)
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

'Determine if change was made to Column A
'and respective row in Column B is empty
If Target.Column = 1 And Cells(Target.Row, 2) = "" Then

'Unprotect Sheet, Enter Date/Time in Column B, Protect sheet
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="zzzzz"
Cells(Target.Row, 2) = Now
ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="zzzzz"
End If
End SubClick Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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My DAQ system outputs the time and date for each data point collected in the first column along with the various signals in other columns, and I have at least 4k data points in each column. Time and data is given as shown below.11:54:23:11 - 23 MAY 1011:54:38:11 - 23 MAY 10I am trying to extract the time diference between the two data points by subracting the info in two cells, and obviously Excel does not recognize the info in the cell because of the presence of ":11" after hh:mm:ss info.How would I delete ":11" from the column and convert the given info to a Excel readable time/date format so that info in two cells could be subtracted to get the time difference.Thanks

Answer:Time and Date Format in Excel 2007

Are the Time & Date together in one cell?If the times are in there own cells, then Custom Format as:[h]:mm:ss.00This will allow you to keep the full time.MIKE

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While running that Combo Fix tool (I think that's what it's called), my time was switched to military time, and my date was switched to day/month/year. How do I switch it back?

Answer:[SOLVED] Military time (05 00, for example) and switching back to normal time...

Go to control panel then regional and language options and you will find all you need in there.

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Is there a way to enable/disable the reminders on a group of appointments at one time. I have hundreds of appointments that were entered without reminders and now I want them. Is there some way to do it without opening each one?

Answer:Outlook 2007 Reminders - Group Change


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Hi guys,

Stumbled on these forums when searching for a solution to my problem...

The office I'm in would like a shared/group calendar displayed in Outlook, so they all know what each other are doing. If they were using MSExchange this would be simple, but they aren't. My original plan was to create a google account, and sync the GCal with each of their Outlooks, using the Google Outlook Sync application, so they can all add to it etc. What I didn't realise was that this would also sync all of their personal (or own work related) appointments with the GCal one. I thought it would create it as a new calendar in Outlook, but I guess not.

This isn't ideal, as a few of the guys use Outlook Calendar a lot, and having all of their appointments show up on everyone's computer is a bit of a pain. What they want is to be able to add to the group calendar "Bob - Out of office" or "Tim - Holiday" etc etc, rather than the specific personal events. I hope this is making sense?

I use a Mac so don't have access to Outlook to fiddle around with things, although I can get on it if I need to, just not for long periods of time. That's why I want to get a solution down before I go applying it to machines/fiddling and testing things.

Does anyone have any experience with what I'm trying to do/have any suggestions? All help is appreciated!

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I am using MS Word 2007 - I use on a daily basis the track changes function - however, I am not (as used to be the case with MS Word 2003) able to see the Date/Time Stamp and the Reviewer's name when I drag my cursor onto the relevant "tracked" change (i.e. the insertion or the deletion). I have tried to contact Microsoft, but they want to charge me a fee equal to the purchase price of the Office Suite just to answer a simple question in respect of their own product. Can anyone please help me?

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I have pasted data in to Excel that is in two columns
Col A contains a list of dates, dd/mm/yy; col B times hh/mm/yy. How do I set about calculating and displaying the period in dd/hh/mm/ss that elapsed between col A row B with col B row B, and col A row C with col B row C ?

Answer:Excel 2007: a question about date and time manipulation

Post a picture of a sample worksheet containing sample data so I can fully understand what you need to do.

I will replicate the picture you post and can probably figure it out.

As I understand it, column A contains only something like 13/6/2007 (June 13, 2007). Column B contains hours I guess, but I need a sample to actually look at and ponder.

You want to calculate the total time elapsed between some time on June 13, 2007 in column A and some later time as shown in column B??

Column A contains no reference to hours? Hours are found only in column B?

More info please.

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I have Office 2007 running on a Windows 7 64 bit Toshiba laptop. I am trying to separate the data and time in an Excel file in one column and put the date in one column and the time in another. I need a "how to" procedure to do that.

Answer:Separating date and time in Excel Office 2007

Excel has formatting for Date and Time.
For column A use a Date format, and for column B use a Time format.
To copy the value from column A to column B a function in column B like this should work
= IF(A1="","",A1)

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The group typically gains a foothold in sensitive networks by attaching booby-trapped documents to e-mails, according to a 62-page report published Monday by Crowdstrike, a firm that conducts forensic investigations on behalf of customers who have suffered security breaches. When employees click on the documents, the attackers are able to gain control over their PCs. The attackers then use the PCs to take control of servers housing blueprints, customer lists, or other sensitive data This is a perfect example of why you should never click on attachments from unknown sources. If you ever get a email from unknown/ suspect source's JUST DELETE it. You can't rely on your antivirus to protect you, even email's from family and friend's are suspect especially the ones with those stupid joke attachments. PC security starts and ends with you. Nick

Answer:Chinese military tied to prolific hacking group targeting US aerospace industry

My uneducated, but perhaps rational, response to this and other attacks using Office would be:
1. assume that Office will not be free of vulnerabilities for 'quite a few years'
2. MS - make a secure version that always runs inside a sandbox (built-in to Office)
3. Equip it with detection abilities, such as provided by buster sandbox analyser
4. Take action when 'buster' is suspicious e.g. abort Office
5. Always empty the sandbox when Office closes
How much easier is that than reactively fixing vulnerabilities as they arise ?
It just seems to make more sense ???????????

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First the background: We are gradually deploying Office 2007, but not everyone in the agency has it. I have both 2003 and 2007 installed on my system, but I do my work in 2003, and none of our databases have actually been converted to 2007 format (at least, none that I work with). There are occasionally people who use 2007 when viewing databases, but I don't know if any of the people who are working in this particular database are using 2007. The problem is reproducible in 2003 and so I've been trying to fix it here. The query behind the problem report used to work. It has been a problem for several months (it is run monthly, and every month for the past five they've had problems with it) and I've finally gotten to the root of the actual issue.

The purpose of the report is to generate invoice for outstanding loans. The DateNextPayment is a calculated field based on the payment plan for the loan. It is calculated using a function in the query named qryGetSitesDDInvoices1. This is the function that is called (I did not write this function, I'm supporting this db long after the original writer has left):
Function DateNextPayment(PaymentSchedule As String, DateFirstPayment As Date, Balance As Currency)

On Error GoTo Handle_err

Dim Date1 As Date
Dim Date2 As Date
Dim Date3 As Date
Dim NextQtrDate As Date

'The code adds one month to datenextpayment at start of each month. Or yearly or weekly

... Read more

Answer:Solved: Date Parameter Failing in Query from calculated date field using DateValue Ac

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I am not very experienced and running windows XP with IE6. My time shown on toolbar and all dated material (old items in outlook express folders, etc) has changed to showing military time -6:00 PM is 18:00 PM. When I right click the time on toolbar and get the actual clock, it is showing it correctly as 6:00 PM. This just happened sometime yesterday and I find no settings to get it back to showing regular time. Any suggestions as how to get it back?

Thank You tlh99

Answer:Solved: Time shown changed to military time

Control Panel, Regional and Language Options?

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Hi! Does anyone know what is the format of the date in the field "(battery) Manufacture Date" informed by Lenovo Vantage (Hardware Configuration > Energy)? It seems not to follow Windows setting. In my case, it is set to Brazilian Portuguese DD/MM/YYYY, but there is not a leading "0" in the returned value (see attached image). Does it really disregard the Windows setting and presents it in a fixed format (maybe American English)? When was my battery manufactured (Oct. 07 or July 10)?Thanks in advance.  

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When I reply to a mail I get the mail stuck in the Outbox with Date: None.
The only way to get arround this is the reply to all and then it gets a date, but if I had another mail with a date waiting in the Outbox, that one gets a Date:None

Can someone help ?
I am under Windows seven

Answer:Outlook 2007 Date: None

Set up Outlook so that outgoing mail is sent immediately instead of being sent to the Outbox.

Open Outlook.
Click "Tools >> Options".
Click "Mail Setup" tab
Put a tick in the check-box "Send immediately when connected"

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Hi everybody,

I upload an excel file to help understand my problem.
So I have date and time and in column 2 I have my parameter value.

Note 1) not all the data is at 04:30:00, and this is a huge problem in the macro I found online.

1-1-16 0:00 1
4-1-16 4:30 1
8-1-16 4:30 1
11-1-16 4:30 1
15-1-16 4:30 1

What I want to create is the missing data time, associated with a column 2 blank and not 0 if possible

So the final result should be like
1-1-16 0:00 1
1-1-16 0:01 "blank" (not zero if possible)
1-1-16 0:02 "blank"
4-1-16 4:30 1
4-1-16 4:31 "blank"

Thanks for your time

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I have a large report of application forms which have been submitted including the date when they were submitted however the dates are formatted incorrectly.

1. Although the cell formatting is dd/mm/yyyy the data is being shown in mm/dd/yyyy which means the dates are incorrect (e.g. 2nd January would read as 1st February.)
2. As a result of this dates which are passed the 12th of a month are not accepted as dates (it reads the day figure as months and there is no 13th month etc)

I have tried to use the text to columns function but that makes no difference and I have tried to extract just the dates but I've had no luck.

Can anyone help, I've attached a small sample of the data.



Answer:Exported date field not recognized as date in Excel

Where does the data come from?
What do you get if you have no cell format?

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I accidentally formatted the date cell & it only accept numbers

Answer:how to correct a date field when you enter a date a number a

I don't know what you mean by "it only accepts numbers".Why can't you just format it as a date again?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi this morning i went down the hall for about 5 minutes then when i came back it said my computer has been infected and my desktop turned with a thing saying your privacy is in danger. I downloaded spybot and i got rid of the red background and the annoying pop ups. Since then where my time is displayed in military time and sas virus alert next to it. i am very confused. I need help

Answer:Virus alert near time which is in military time

Welcome to TSG

Before we start fixing anything you should print out these instructions or copy them to a NotePad file so they will be accessible. Some steps will require you to disconnect from the Internet or use Safe Mode and you will not have access to this page.

Download SDFix and save it to your desktop.
Double click SDFix.exe and it will extract the files to %systemdrive%
(this is the drive that contains the Windows Directory, typically C:\SDFix). DO NOT use it just yet.

Before we start with the fix, we need to fix the restrictions.
Navigate to the SDFix folder (usually C:\SDFix).
Right-Click on XP_CodecRepair.inf OR W2K_CodecRepair.inf depending on your Operating System.
XP for all versions of Windows XP and W2K for Windows 2000.
Click o Install
Your desktop may refresh a couple of times, don't be alarmed.
Please reboot into Safe Mode and follow the instructions below.

Reboot your computer in SAFE MODE" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup [but before the Windows icon appears] press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".

Open the SDFix folder and double click RunThis.bat to start the script.
Type Y to begin the cleanup process.
It will remove any Trojan Services or Registry Entries found then prompt you to press any key to Reboot.
Press any Key and it will resta... Read more

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Hi everybody

I have got an hourly meteorological data for 10 years. The problem is that some of the data entries are missing. e.g.

23-April-2006 19:00
23-April-2006 20:00
23-April-2006 22:00
23-April-2006 23:00

I need to insert the rows for missing hours. Rest of the columns in the inserted row are needed to be blank. e.g.

23-April-2006 19:00
23-April-2006 20:00
23-April-2006 21:00
23-April-2006 22:00
23-April-2006 23:00

Please also note that for some years, the data entries are for half past hours. e.g.

31-Dec-2001 23:30
01-Jan-2002 00:30
01-Jan-2002 01:30
01-Jan-2002 02:30

Muhammad Zeeshan

Answer:Solved: Inserting rows for Missing Date/ Time data (Excel 2007)

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I have quite a conundrum. My Outlook calendar is set to a start time of 7am to and end time of 3pm Monday through Friday. I have turned on auto accept meetings and turned on auto decline conflicting meetings. This all works great. It has declined and added new meetings and all is working wonderfully.... EXCEPT one MAJOR issue.

The auto accept accepts during times that are not my standard work hours. If I set a start time of 7am and an end time of 3pm why is my Outlook accepting meetings at 12pm and 8pm and on weekends?

Answer:Outlook 2007 autoaccept meeting only during start time to end time.

*bump* still can't find a solution.

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Suddenly, in Sent Items, the date sent for all of my Outlook 2007 messages appears as None. If I create a sub folder and move the messages to it, the date sent appears. In addition, when in the original "Sent" folder, when right clicking, I am no longer given the option of deleting messages in the Sent Items folder. I have seen references to the first problem on the Internet, but so far no one has explained how to solve it. Any and all help will be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Date sent appears as NONE in Outlook 2007

Just found it! View - Current View - Customize - Fields.

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Hello. If I select Date from the "Arranged By" field in Outlook 2007, it sorts by the date each message was received. I know that I can sort by the sent date by clicking on "Custom", then under Sort selecting Sent. This is a pain to go through all of this, however, since Outlook reverts back to the received date every time I sort by something else or search for an email, etc. I'd like to know if there is a way I can change Outlook so the default date sort is the sent date instead of the received date. I'm fine with editing the registry and what-not if need be.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Outlook 2007 default sort to sent date

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Help! This should be easy but I can't get it to work.

I have a report that must group by Trip# and sort by ascending activity date all of the various activities that took place on multiple days of the trip.
Further, the trip with the earliest date must come first regardless of the Trip#.
I've accomplished getting the earliest starting date trip first and grouping its detail with a unique string made up of the earliest date of each trip formatted to YYYYMMDD+Trip#. This prints a trip total and works fine.

But the daily activity for the trip is out of date sequence.
Adding a Date field to the 'Sorting and Grouping' insists on breaking on and printing a sub-total for each of the trips activity dates.
Without the sorting & grouping by date the trip records are out of sequence even though the data source query is sorted ascending by activity date.

(see attachments that show the above)

The only solution I can think of is to create a sub-report sorted by activity date.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Jim Shannon
JES Computer Systems
Access Developer.

Answer:How sort by 2nd field (date) without grouping when date changes?

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I had a macro in Outlook XP that entered a certain amount of text and formatted it.  We use it in most of our emails and immediately run it when creating a new email.  It worked fine.  (For what it is worth, I copied it into a Word 2007 macro and it worked fine there also).I cannot figure out to create this macro in Outlook 2007.  I went to trust center and enabled all macros with no security at all.I went to Tools, Macros, Visual Basic Editor.  In the top left box I created a new module and pasted in the text of the macro.  But now I cannot figure out how to run it in a new email.  In a newly created macro there is no tool option to call up a macro.I try to run it within the visual basic editor, but I get an error message that says macros in this project are disabled and refers me to online help for how to enable macros.How do I create a macro that I can run upon opening a new email that is to be sent?If it matters at all, the text in the macro is:Sub EmailProtocol()'' EmailProtocol Macro' Macro recorded 8/22/2006 by Gisele Prive'    Selection.InsertDateTime DateTimeFormat:="d-MMM-yy", InsertAsField:=False, _         DateLanguage:=wdEnglishUS, CalendarType:=wdCalendarWestern, _        InsertAsFullWidth:=False    Selection.TypeText Text:="  "    Selection.InsertDateTime DateTimeFormat:="HH:mm", InsertAsField:=Fals... Read more

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HI friends

I'm using outlook 2007 my company email id. my dought is when i sent mail someone in my outlook it's goes to automatically in my gmail . i dont know how to create rule in outlook 2007 .i'm not familier in outlook. i hope u help me.

Thanks ,


Nazeem Rahaman

Answer:how to create rule in outlook 2007 ???

You can use these steps to easily create a new rule to forward your emails to another account.
Automatically Forward Email in Outlook 2010/2007

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Question: Military time

How do I get Win 10 to show military time instead of regular format 5:45pm I want 1745 to show

Answer:Military time

Search for Time, and click Change Date and Time. Scroll down and click Additional date, time, & regional settings. You will find it underneath the heading called Related settings.

In the new window under Region, select Change date, time, or number formats. Change short and long time to the capital H version that you find. For example, Short time is set to h:mm tt - Change it to H:mm. Long time is h:mm:ss tt - Change to H:mm:ss

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Just finished getting rid of a bunch of trojans and other issues on my pc. Now I have Military time instead of my normal time.

I went to help/support for HP but nothing there helped.

Answer:Can't Get Rid Of Military Time

Start> Control Panel> Regional and Language Options. Click on customize next to English (United States) or similar. Goto time at the top and change the setting to hh:mm:ss or something with the lowercase hh.

Click apply, and it should be back to normal.


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Question: Military Time

HelloQuick questionDoes anyone know how i can program my laptop to read regular time and not military time.  I have already been to the control panel and tried the 'date and time' area and it says the regular time but the bottom right hand corner of my screen still shows it in military time.  Thanks in advance for your help,christina

Answer:Military Time

Welcome to CH.To change military time to standard timeGo to Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language OptionsClick the Customize buttonSelect the Time tabIn the Time Format area use the down arrow to select: h:mm:ss ttClick ApplyClick OKClick ApplyClick OKRestart the computer.

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Question: Military Time

Yeah my clock is stuck in military do i fix it?

Answer:Military Time

Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Customize button

1. In the Customize Regional Options dialog box, click the Time tab to specify any changes you want to make.

NOTE: To configure the settings so that the leading zeros in single-digit hours, minutes, or seconds are not displayed, type a single uppercase H, or lowercase letters, such as h, m, or s.

2. If you do not see the format you want in the Time format box, use the following guidelines:

? To display time in a 24-hour format, type an uppercase H or HH for the hour.
? To display time in a 12-hour format, type lowercase h or hh for the hour.
? To display leading zeros in single-digit hours, type HH or hh.
? To display a single letter to indicate AM or PM, type lowercase t.
? To display two letters to indicate AM or PM, type lowercase tt.
? To display text, type single quotation marks (') around text.

As an example: h:mm:ss tt

Would right now return on my Taskbar clock 9:56 PM and for internal use show 9:56:23 PM

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My friends clock at the bottom of his desktop keeps Military time.He wants regular time.We are having a time with this...can't find settings for that.Windows XP Home Ed.

Answer:Military time in PC?

Start / Settings / Control Panel
Regional and Language Options
Change the time format

Mine is set to h:mm:ss tt

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I'm using Outlook 2007 and I can't figure out how to create a rule that sends all emails from a specific domain to a specific folder. Below is an example of the rule I created:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
move it to the exampledomain folder​
In addition to in the example above, I've also tried and * None of them work. Is what I'm trying to do even possible?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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There are apparently several ways to create signatures in Outlook 2007. One from Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures (which in my case does nothing); one from New Message, Signature, Signatures (which also does nothing); one from New Message, Insert, Signature, Signatures (which also does nothing). There are probably more ways that do not work, but these are the three I have found thus far.
From Tools, Options, Mail Format, the Signature button exists, but clicking it does not open the Signatures and Stationery dialog box.
In both other cases, Signature, Signatures does not open an email signature tab. It does nothing.
I'm using Outlook 2007 (12.0.6541.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6535.5002)

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I am sorta new to creating custom forms and templates in Outlook. However, I am trying to find a way to create a custom form/template in Outlook that can be saved for OM's to use on a frequent basis. I want to be able to create a custom fillable form where the only thing that can be edited is the fields where someone can enter in information. Below is the template and wording I would like to use:


Call Out ________________

Tardy ________________

Driver Appearance ________________

Equipment Failure ________________

Maintenance Issue ________________

Route Issue ________________

Driver/s On ________________
Scheduled Time Off ________________

Customer Complaint_______________________________________________________________________________________
Driver Commendment___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

All the text needs to be locked down and unable to be changed by anyone...while the "______" fields are the fields that I need to be able to be tabbed through and changed. Is any of this possible? The reason I am doing this in Outlook is this template will be brought up in Outlook, filled out and emailed on to a supervisor. Any help would b... Read more

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Can't create file: *.html right click the folder you want to create the file in, and then click Properties on the short-cut menu to check your permissions folder

i have try this option 1. Use REGEDIT.EXE to locate the following key:
(Note: Depending on your version you may have to modify that path after the "Office" key. You may have folders 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, go the highest number. This is probably the version that you use.)

2. Modify the Key "OutlookSecureTempFolder", by replacing "Temporary Internet Files" with "Temp".
For example:

OLD VALUE: "C:\Documents and Settings\sreed.dsa\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK177\"
(Note: There may be a different number than 177)

NEW VALUE: "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp\OLK177\"

3. Restart Microsoft Outlook.

but it lasted for couple of month and it came back again.
can some body help me .

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i can't find "MAIL" in the user accounts of the control panel in order to create multiple outlook profiles. help?!

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Please, instruct me in simple terms how to create a desktop icon for outlook 2007 in vista home premium

Answer:how to create icon for outlook 2007 in desktop

GO to you Start Menu. Click on "All Programs", click on "Microsoft Office, right click on Outlook shortcut, click "Copy".
Then minimise all windows, right click on empty space on the Desktop, and choose "Paste".

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I want to create Contact groups in Office 2007 outlook. My system is running windows 8.1 new machine.

Answer:How do I create groups in outlook 2007 with windows 8.1

I presume you have already a (default) contact group in your Outlook (under "Contacts"). Navigation pane is open.Assuming under "My Contacts" there is a folder "Contacts", If you select/click "Contacts" all stored/added contacts will be displayed.From the menu: "File" > "New" > select "New Folder" and enter a meaningful name of the new contact list to be created. Create or copy contacts in the newly created list.Now there are 2 folders containing a list of contacts with the group "My Contacts"To create a new group of contact lists click the blue line "Add New Group". A contact-group called "New group" is added. Rename if needed.For some reason I could not create a new folder in the New Group.Drag an existing folder (contacts list from the existing contact group) to the "New Group".Now you have 2 Contact groups with one or more contact lists.

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While opening some external pst folders in Outlook 2007 I somehow managed to change the default personal folders file outlook.pst to another pst folder file that I created called myemails.pst
Every time I started Outlook the Personal Folders would load myemails.pst folder by default instead of outlook.pst
I tried to solve the problem by deleting myemails.pst and I reinstalled Office 2007 suite hoping that Outlook 2007 would be forced to load or re-create the default personal folders file outlook.pst but instead the new installation will not start up at all because it is looking for myemails-pst which no longer exists.
How can I re-install Office 2007 with some kind of switch to instruct it to do a completely fresh install of Outlook 2007 and not carry over any personal settings from the previous installation?

Answer:Outlook 2007 - how to re-create default pst folder

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Hi there,

I have run into a huge problem. A client of mine wants to have a header and a footer that he can use as stationery through outlook. I have the 2 images designed already but am unsure how to set this up for him. Basically, he wants the header at the top (with html) then a space and a footer at the bottom. These images must also be able to resize themselves in accordance with the users screen etc. (If that makes any sense).

If ANYONE can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Have been searching the net all morning with no luck.


Answer:Solved: Create New Stationery in Outlook 2007

Ay carumba. Don't you love assignments like this?

Welcome to the forum Sam.

If it were me, I'd create an HTML table with a row for the header, a row for the client to type in, and a row for the footer. That should be relatively simple to do and will give him an expanding amount of space to type, as opposed to guessing how much room he might need.

But for the image resizing? I'm sure there are others who know better than me, but I'm not sure you can get there from here. Unless these are emails he's only sending internally, it's impossible to know what email client the users will use - they may not even SEE the picture based on how they have their settings configured. And that doesn't even begin to address people who just get their messages through their online email or on their phones. And Outlook 2007 completely changed the way Office used to deal with HTML and CSS, so that's fun too. In the HTML emails I've created, the images don't resize so if the window is too small you get a scroll bar. I'm ok with that, but if your client isn't, maybe you can send him this article. If nothing else, it might make him understand that it's not as easy as it seems like it should be. Good luck!

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I somehow changed my time to military and can't figure out how to change it back to standard? Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Military Time

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This is an awesome forum! I decided to come here because my puter's been slow and numerous popup's lately. I read in here of Malwarebytes so I downloaded it and ran it. Here's my log, is there anything else I should do?

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.30
Database version: 1371
Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2

2008-11-06 08:35:36
mbam-log-2008-11-06 (08-35-36).txt

Scan type: Quick Scan
Objects scanned: 58847
Time elapsed: 7 minute(s), 10 second(s)

Memory Processes Infected: 0
Memory Modules Infected: 0
Registry Keys Infected: 1
Registry Values Infected: 0
Registry Data Items Infected: 0
Folders Infected: 4
Files Infected: 8

Memory Processes Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Infected:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\RegistrySmart (Rogue.RegistrySmart) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Registry Values Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Data Items Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Folders Infected:
C:\Program Files\RegistrySmart (Rogue.RegistrySmart) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\RegistrySmart (Rogue.RegistrySmart) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\RegistrySmart\Log (Rogue.RegistrySmart) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
C:\Documents and Settings\O... Read more

Answer:Clock keeps going to military time

I thought I should add that I've gotten that antivirus "your computer is infected, run antivirus2009", noticed it had A9 installer in the address, so shut it down. Also, everyday, sometimes several times a day, I get the AOL Spyware blocking a Trojan Virus.

Am I rid of everything now that malwarebytes has quarantined and deleted the above?

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I can't figure out how to get the taskbar clock to read in 12 hour - a/o/t 24 hour - time.
(I.e., 1 o'clock is "13:00")
Anybody know how to change this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:military time in taskbar

Control Panel
Regional and Language Settings
Regional Options

A time format with 2 captial H's will show military time. You want one lowercase h.

h:mm:ss tt

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Windows XP Pro. I use Avast AV software (free) and ZoneAlarm firewall (free), and Ad-Aware, though I do not have A-A in live scanning mode; I update and do scans on my own. My browser is Firefox v.3.5.5 and while I have some add-ons loaded (Ad Blocker and NoScript) I had them disabled because they make navigating websites nearly impossible.

A few days ago, while at, signed into my account, I saw this notice while signing: You're internet connection has been reset while this page was loading. A few minutes later I got my first virus alert while viewing photos online. Avast gave me the option to abort the connection, which I did, and notified me that it had stopped the virus before it entered my computer. I immediately did a scan and Avast found nothing.

Yesterday it happened again, but this time I was scanning for movies on After that incident, I noticed that my clock went to 24-hour military time. I tried to fix that and followed instructions I found on Google, but the control I needed to reset it (through control panel > Language and regional settings) was missing. Also, my screen saver (one provided by Microsoft with my Windows) was missing, just a stock photo.

I've had a third virus alert since each time, nothing shows on a virus scan.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but after that first alert, while scanning, the scan was extremely slow, taking nearly an hour to complete. A scan is usually abo... Read more

Answer:Military Time in Taskbar

Hello and welcome .. please do these and let me know how it is,Please download TFC by Old Timer and save it to your desktop. alternate download linkSave any unsaved work. TFC will close ALL open programs including your browser! Double-click on TFC.exe to run it. If you are using Vista, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator. Click the Start button to begin the cleaning process and let it run uninterrupted to completion. Important! If TFC prompts you to reboot, please do so immediately. If not prompted, manually reboot the machine anyway to ensure a complete clean.Next run MBAM (MalwareBytes):NOTE: Before saving MBAM please rename it to save it to your desktop.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before... Read more

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I was attacked by a coolwebsearch and trojandownloader.exe before, then I kept on getting a message saying that I was infected, with the default background as well as the military time. I downloaded the Windows Live Onecare which took care of some of the problems, and I finished off with SmitFraudFix, Malwarebytes, Ad-Aware, Spybot - Search & Destroy and Avast AntiVirus!. But I still have the military time, I'd like to have assistance in removing it.

And as for future reference, what other programs would be useful for removing malwares?


Answer:Military Time Virus

My testing of smitfraud resets mine to military time, or at least that's what I suspectgo to control panel/region options/customize/time and reset to h:mm:ss tt;#entry839950I like this procedure for bad infection, you need to substitute something else for Vista and the ATF cleanerOften update and install the programs and then disconnect from the internetSDFix is another program that works with XP's quite powerful and best used only when normal programs can't completely remove an infectionSpybot is great for immunizing/protecting IE but teatimer can be very dangerousFirefox with the noscript addon is best for surfing to dangerous sitesUsing a limited user account is another way to protect your computer especially for other logins

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Our technology department has someone from the company that has an issue with their calendar and emails showing 24 hour military time.  He has no idea what he did to change it and we can't figure out how to change it back.
Any one have any ideas?

Answer:Military Time on IBM Notes 9

Here's some white paper on Lotus Domino Designer. It may be similar.

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my computer time is in miltary time

its 5:19 and it says 17:19

Answer:Solved: military time???

nevermind i found it

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Good Morning,

What I'm trying to do is create a schedule in excel which adds two cells containing military time without a date ex: [2200] + [0600] into a total numbers of hours. ex: [2200] + [0600] = [8.00]

I've done this before I thought I just used a simple SUM function, I can't seem to get this for the life of me. I want to just be able to enter a time and excel understand what I'm talking about. I used to simply type the times into the cell and it would appear as entered. Typing "2200" into a cell would appear as [2200], which is what I want.

Currently, I've changed the format to hhmm and when I type "2200" into a cell it appears as [0000] when I click the cell to see the value, the value has defaulted to "1/8/1906 12:00:00 AM".

If anyone knows how to do this, I'd greatly appreciate the advice. I know it can't be too difficult because I did this on a whim about 4 months ago and decided not to use it.

I worked for a company who used this as well, its where I got the idea, in February we merged into a new company which uses an absolutely insane schedule format that is difficult to read unless you're working with about 10 employees.

Answer:Military Time Excel

See if this helps

You really will have it easier if you put in the colon

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I got some sheet on me system that I can't shake. Clock won't change from military time. Ran all kinds of scans, even in Safe Mode, nothing cleaning it up completely. Any suggestions? WinXP Pro SP3.........Appreciate any help.

Answer:Clock On Military Time

Ok, first one of the main culprits of this lately is SmitFraudFix. When run, it sets the computer to 24hr time. I have no idea why.

Second, fixing this is in a place you may have not thought of. You have to fix it in the International Settings control panel/Time.

You can't fix it in the Time control panel, which is ridiculous.

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I'm running Windows Xp pro. I've been working on ridding my computer of the WinAntivurs crap. I noticed last night that my time's changed to military time. I can't find any place to change it back to U.S.Eastern time. I'm sure it's something simple. Can anyone tell me? Thank you!

Answer:Time Has Changed To Military Time

Hi jankali, to BCTo set your time format in Windows XP go to the Start Button then select the Control Panel. In the Control Panel select the option to Change the format of numbers, dates, and times.Now select the Customize button in the Standards and formats section, notice the legend for the different time formats on the bottom of the window. Now select the Time tab and then click on the drop down menu arrow next to the Time format box. You now have four different time display options to choose from, two are 12 hour time formats and two are 24 hour (military) type formats.Choose the h:mm:ss tt select to change to the default windows format. Then click on Apply or OK to finalize your selection.

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I'm using XP outlook express and I noticed the other day my incoming emails don't have a date or time under the receive column. Someone please tell me why or how to fix. Thanks.

Answer:No date & time stamp in Outlook express


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Outlook Express 6: When I view my sent items folder, the date & time in the SENT column displays the actual date / time that the message was sent. However, when I open the messasge to forward, print etc., the date displayed in the header changes to the current date & time. How do I fix this?

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I have a situation where a new user has managed to set all 2000+ emails in their bosses inbox (in Outlook 2003) to Read - the boss is not happy. I have explained until I'm blue in the face that there 'may' be better ways to organise their emails...

Does Outlook record a time / date stamp for WHEN an email was marked as read / unread, and is it possible to filter by this so we can effectively select & set all emails not Read before a certain date back to UNREAD.

And save a trainees job.


Answer:Date/Time stamp for Read in outlook

nothing? anyone?

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Hi everybody,

i got the problem in my outlook express that in the date and time.
The problem is, let say i send email on 25 Mar 2005 and the time is 1.05pm.
But when the receiver receive the email, the email date shown is 26 Mar 2005 and the time is 4.25am. That mean the receiver cannot know the exact date and time i send to him.
And my computer date and time is no problem.
So anybody can give me advce for this problem?

Answer:outlook express error date and time

But when the receiver receive the email, the email date shown is 26 Mar 2005 and the time is 4.25am.Click to expand...

Does that happen with email from anyone but you?

The receiver (or you) should click the clock in the system tray and check to make sure the time and date are correct. And also the time zone. Other than that, it could be a server or the location of the server that is causing the problem.


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I have a problem with Outlook Express. When I delete emails I no longer want to keep (from Inbox, Outbox, Sent and any of my other Local Folders) and then run Scandisk it will frequently show an error (and sometimes more than one error). A typical error message looks like -

Window Heading - 'Scandisk Found an Error on Model 93 (C

The 'C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express'
folder contains incorrect information about 'Sent Items.dbx'

This file or folder's last modified date or time is invalid or is in the future.
This may be because your computer's clock is set incorrectly.
ScanDisk repairs future dates by changing them to your computer's
current date setting. ScanDisk repairs out-of-range dates or time by
changing them to the nearest setting within the valid range.

Then there is a choice of three repair options - I always choose to
'Repair the error'

The folder in the error message varies quite a bit as does the '.DBX' file. An other frequent error folder is
'C:\RECYCLED\NPROTECT and this is followed by a DBX file with 8 numeric digits followed by .dbx (eg 00004188.DBX

I should make it clear my system clock is at the correct time, I rarely change the time and, certainly, I don't change the time when I'm using any program (including Outlook Express).

Anybody got an idea as to the cause of these errors? Thanks.

Answer:Outlook Express Invalid Date/Time

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When viewing the list of received messages, I see the date and subject collums; but not the "From" collum. The field chooser option opens; but, when I click on "From", everything in there is grayed out and I cannot add the From field.

Answer:Outlook 2007 Doesn't show the "From" field.

I finally figured it out. The "Field Chooser" item in the manus is misleading. It has nothing to do at all with changing the view of the fields columns.

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Can I create custom colors in Outlook 2007 categories?I have lots of cateogores and need many more colors. Is there any way to create new colors from the color pallete and import/link it?

Thank you

Answer:Can I create custom colors in Outlook 2007 categories?

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Hello, i have used the customize toolbar, added a button and assigned a hyperlink to an .oft file on my computer so that i can in one click create a new mail using my home made template but outlook pops up a message security dialog box every time that i have to click ok before it proceeds, i can't find any setting to turn this off in security center.

Can i go about creating this shortcut to create new mail in a different way?

Also, can i create a similar button for reply to an e-mail using this home made template?

Answer:Create Outlook 2007 Button for custom template

Quote: Originally Posted by premier69

Hello, i have used the customize toolbar, added a button and assigned a hyperlink to an .oft file on my computer so that i can in one click create a new mail using my home made template but outlook pops up a message security dialog box every time that i have to click ok before it proceeds, i can't find any setting to turn this off in security center.

Can i go about creating this shortcut to create new mail in a different way?

Also, can i create a similar button for reply to an e-mail using this home made template?

Hello, Welcome to SF,

Can i know what is the security message your getting ??

- Captain

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Ever since I got Office 2007, I’m not able to create a new email message from another program.
For example, if I select a file in Explore and click ‘E-mail this file’, nothing happens. It used to automatically pop up a new Outlook email message. This happens in another program as well. I can create new emails fine while in Outlook. Microsoft Exchange Server is set up as the default email type, which was the first thing we checked when this problem started. Not sure if this issue is with Outlook 2007 or Windows XP.
Hopefully this is enough info. Thanks in advance.

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I can't seem to get rid of military time when I set times for events on my Nokia Lumia 520 calendar.

Answer:How do I get rid of military time on Lumia 520 calendar?


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I need help with a formula to calculate standard time to military time. The minutes part of the equation needs to be from 60 to 100 minutes. For example Clock in time is 7:52:03 and it should be 7:86:05 (multiplying the minutes by 1.66). The clock out time is 15:12:11 and it should be 15:20:18. The standard subtraction equals 7:20:08 however, it should be 7:34:21.

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Well i figured out how to change the military time change thru the regional and language settings.. but my concern is since combofix didnt appear to finish correctly that i might have missed something else that didnt change back or should be changed as a result??

Ill post the combofix log incase anyone wants to take a peek at it and let me know if i should be changing something else..

Greatly Appreciated,


Answer:desktop time military after combofix anything else??

i swear i attatched it the first time...

ok so i cant post it more then once... learn something new everyday..

heres a link to my other post..

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How can I add military time to an Excel filename?

Answer:Solved: Excel VBA -> Military Time

Are you wanting to save the file with military time appended to the name or just set the value equal to a variable? Below is an example of setting a variable equal to the filename plus underscore symbol + military time. If you want to actually save the document just issue the .SaveAs command instead of setting equal to a variable.


vName = ActiveWorkbook.Name & "_" & Format(Time, "HHMM")


'To include full path
vName = ActiveWorkbook.FullName & "_" & Format(Time, "HHMM")

vName = ActiveDocument.Name & "_" & Format(Time, "HHMM")


'To include full path
vName = ActiveDocument.FullName & "_" & Format(Time, "HHMM")

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I had two virus type problems on my computer which are now fixed (winantiviruspro and smitfraud) but now my computer time is in military time and when I change it to 1:30 it shows up as 01:30 and now I am having a problem with the date when I use the program business works. Could this be something having to do with the virus or is it just something that I can change in Windows?

Answer:Solved: Stuck in Military time

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I opened a file I obviously should not have. The background turned red and stated "This Computer is Infected." The clock went military and next to that it says "VIRUS ALERT." All my drives are missing and the start menu only has a few options. I was able to run an anti-spy I had on my computer but it did not work and I had to reboot. After rebooting, the computer loads to the desktop at which point the mouse will be free to move for a few minutes and then the computer freezes. I tried to run the computer in safe mode but it will not go into safe mode. I read about the malware removal but since I can not do anything when the computer loads I was wondering if there was some other option.

I have Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

Thanks in advance for any helpp.

Answer:Military Time Virus Alert

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list ... Read more

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This thread has helped me as well. Had the same issues.
I still have one minor one. My clock reads military time.
i.e. 20:16 at present. I've done the basic stuff to fix it, and apply.
But it's still military.

What am I missing?

Love this forum,


Answer:clock reads military time

Hello ironjack, I have split you to a tpic of your own. It is always the best way as it can become confusing replying to multiple posters in the same thread. Not certain what you've tried so try this.. on an XP machine...Start> Control Panel>select Date,Time,Language and Regional Optionselect Change the Format of Numbers .....under Regional Options tab >click CustomizeClick the Time tabin the Time Format box, select .. h:mm: ss ttClck Apply then OK

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Ever since I had some malware issues, my computer clock has been acting weird. For a while it stayed an hour behind every time I turned the computer on. Now, for the past week or so, it shows up on military time!
How do I fix this? I know how to fix it manually, but I'd like to make it stop doing this in the first place. I'm using Windows XP.

Answer:Computer Clock on Military Time

24 hour clock is a superior clock to learn as there is no AM/PM
Right clicking the clock should open clock settings. From there select 12 hour clock and click to auto update time online. If you still have problems recheck for malware

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