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mpcstar died..i was checking a burn & it died

Question: mpcstar died..i was checking a burn & it died

i have used mpcstar for 2 yrs+or-
love it
so i was checking a newly burned dvd and while moving forward on dvd mpcstar choked and died

played around trying to bring it up..nothing

so i uninstalled 3.???
and installed 4.4

still won't come up..
have checked D drive with same dvd still in..plays with vlc and win media player..
just nothing happens when i click on mpcstar...

any thoughts.magic would be appreciated...
please fix the boo i am not talented in this..but that is why i come here..


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Preferred Solution: mpcstar died..i was checking a burn & it died

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: Psu died

So my 500w fm2 enermax psu died yesterday, heard a popping sound and then smoke... smelled the psu and it stinks of burning electronics. So i know its dead, hope it didnt damage anything else. Any way im going to get a new one. Just have to order it. Had this psu for about 2 years really surprised it went.

My system specs are as follows:

cpu- e8400 c2d 3.0 ghz

video card- 260 gtx

1 sata 7200 HD

4 gig ram (2 sticks)

1 ide dvd/cd burner

asus pq5l board

Nothing over clocked. I'm getting one of these psu's for sure because the price is right for me, they are:

Ultra Products - LSP (Lifetime Series Pro) 650-Watt ATX Power Supply or - Antec earthwatts EA500 500W Continuous Power ATX12V v2.2 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC "Compatible with Core i7/Core i5" Power Supply - Power Supplies Even though the top one has more wats it not the best name i dont think so im leaning towards the earthwats. So which of these 2 would u suggest. TY
It has to be one of these because the place im ordering from only has these 2 in my price range, and im not ordering from newegg cause i dont want to wait a week for it, im in canada. So between these two which one do u suggest.

Answer:Psu died

Personally between the two in your price range I would take the Antec.

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My PC has crashed. The screen is completely black - no error message. If I reset it, it doesn't come up and the screen usually remains black, except occaisonally the CPU setup screen appears. The message at the side says something like "As you have installed a new CPU ...". In this case, if I save and exit, the PC still doesn't come up and the screen remains black with no further messages. Has my processor died?

Answer:PC has died - help!

Might be the processor, might be the motherboard, might be the battery on the motherboard, might be a RAM module.With the mesage you are getting I would be inclined to suspect the motherboard.First try taking out the processor and RAM and refitting them. Also check all the power plugs are firmly fitted, especially the one to the motherboard.

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Question: pc died

My daughter's pc was switched off but the optical mouse and web cam were flashing then it wouldn't switch on. I checked power lead etc and have now bought new power supply that when plugged into mains the fan comes on (both on power supply and motherboard) but nothing else. I am I right in thinking I now need to buy a new motherboard?Alternatively we have an older pc, is it possible to just switch or piggy back the hard drives, as there are programs on the newer one that I don't have any more + hassle of settingit all back up again.thanks

Answer:pc died

What happened before it wouldn't turn on?  You say you turned it off, did you shut it down properly or not?  Any past problems?

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Question: WIN 7 died

My WIN 7 64bit won't get past 1st base (start) System ran an ERROR search on the disc 3 times, but came back 'not repairable'. I had pictures saved on an external drive but not everything.
Need to get a new hard drive to replace the dead one. Do I start with a new OS system? I want to fix it but need to know what to get besides the hard drive.
I did go out and buy a new computer, WIN 8.1 and will get WIN 10 free in 10 days or so. Microsoft is giving away FREE WIN 10...
If you want the WIN 10 do it soon....

Windows 10 Features - Microsoft

Thanks for any help..

Answer:WIN 7 died

If you still have your original Win 7 disk and product key, or factory recovery image disks and product key, the only thing you'll need to buy is a hard disk for the computer, and reinstall.

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iv had my computer for about 2-3 years and NO problems at all EVER. but then it started restarting, and it gets worse every time, and now its come to a point that when you press the power button the fans all spin and stuff but theres nothing on the screen apart from 'no signal input'.
but then i clean it all out and iv even changed the heat sink and fan and themal solvant on and it turnes on for abit and then resarts. and now its just at the no signal input screen again.
its been dead for neally 2 weeks and nothing will get it working again.

its not the gaphics card either, i tryed others in my machine and didnt work, and i tryed mine in my dads machine and it worked, so its not the graphics card.

any ideas?

Answer:Has My Cpu Died???? :(

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Question: It Died......

I have an old windows 98SE......that I truly long as I kept it clean it worked great......seldom crashed.......mostly macfee related.
I think it has passed on into that computer narvana.
When I turned on the monitor yesterday and the monitor was black. I noticed the power light was out......did a hard shutdown and waited a few minutes and restarted. It got a light on the can symbol, it started to think (barely) and then the can light went runs.....not a power problem. I am hoping it is just the motherboard that went out and that I can retrieve the hard drive.........what do you think?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:It Died......

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When I switch my pc on the POST appears to start but I get no picture on the monitor and the pc just does a 3 sec bleep then quite for 2sec and then bleeps agains for 3sec and this continues. I have tried starting up the pc with F8 pressed, no difference. If you press the DVD drive eject the draw opens. I took the cover off & the CPU fan is spining as normal.I did have this bleeping noise once before when my hardrive went faulty, I can feel the hardrive spinning away, so I tried unplugging it & but it made no difference.Any idea what to do.I thought it might because I had accidently left my pc on overnight and all day, so I switched it off and since then it wont fire up.

Answer:help my pc has died

If you have an AGP graphics card remove it and refit it. 3 beeps is normally no AGP card detected. Don't forget to earth yourself fist as static and damage the card.

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Question: It Just Died

My desktop computer was working fine, I had just finished some work and set it to run a Windows Defender scan. I returned an hour later to find it had just died. The fans were still running, but the monitor was complaining of no input and the hard drive was silent. The reset button on the front did nothing, nor did the power switch.Removing the power cable turned everything off, but replacing it and it returns to the same state. Fans on, DVD tray will open, close and spin, but nothing happens. No monitor signal, no hard drive spinning.Does anyone have any ideas what may have happened?

Answer:It Just Died

PSU as packed in. it needs more power to get it to run

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I went to turn on my desktop PC today, and when I pushed the power button I heard a few seconds of a strange electrical buzzing noise. Then my UPS shut off and made a continuous loud beep until I pressed its power button.

To say the least, my PC will not turn on... at all. I tried different outlets and different power cables. It simply does not turn on. The UPS and everything else that was plugged into it (such as the monitor, tv, ps3, etc.) all seem to be working fine. My computer, however, is apparently dead.

My computer is one I built myself less than 4 years ago. It has a 700W power supply, which is definitely capable of powering more than I have in there.

I haven't started taking anything apart yet. I was hoping to maybe get some advice on here first...
Does anyone know what may have happened, and what I should do first? (before i try getting a new expensive psu?)

Answer:PC died... Why, god, why??

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Whenever i turn my Computer ON, the status light goes straight to orange/standby. The fan works and makes alot of noise, also i should mention the dvd drive does work fine. Other then this, nothing happens. MY monitor does not come on, as well as keyboard etc..

I came to the conclustion that my PSU had died, and so i brought a new one (same model..crappy dell 305watt one) and installed it. This fixed nothing, so can't have been the problem, now i have no idea.

I opened the case, then decided to turn it on, to my suprise it went GREEN and started up!! However i turnt it off and on again...only to go back to before. This has happened a few times but is very rare. i'd have to sit by my pc all day turning it on/off for this to happen, if it would.

I was adviced to unplug the ram/graphics card/dvd drive/hard drive. Then turn it on as i plugged one thing back at a time, to pin point the problem. This did not work either, the light just stayed 'orange'.

SO here i am, i would really appreciate some help Thanks for your time.

Karma x ( sorry for the bad spelling/grammar lol )

Answer:Has my MB died? or..

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Hmm, things aren't going to wel with my build.while trying to set up a new mobo + processor, at first I was hoping that I could get away with out doing a clean install, but to no avail. Gave up on this option and decided to reformat.But on this change I lost all graphics, nothing, not even a mention of loss of signal on the monitor, but everything was booting? I have no change to an older pci graphics card, which has set up.Does this mean that my geforce fx 5500 has packed up (even though it's only been used for a month)or is it worth now that I've got xp reinstalled to give it another go?Can't test it on my old mobo, because it doesn't take this card.

Answer:Has it died or not?

There are any number of reasons why a video card could play up but the favourite is always a loose connection. And just because it worded first, does mean it will continue to work. Assuming that you now have a PCI card, you will, of course, have to adjust your BIOS settings to restart the AGP slot, then put your card in and reboot. If that fails, double check that its fully seated in the slot - this can be very hard with a new mobo, but many cards have a locking clip - make sure that's fully home. If that fails, then its time to take it back to the retailer for checking!!

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Question: HD died?

My second hard drive no longer appears in the windows.
And when I'm starting the windows appears this:
Disk Offline.

Its recover it?

Answer:HD died?

Most likely. However, 'cause I'm not familiar with that Intel technology -- better get another opinion. Hope you have restorable or clonable backup image[s] on some external device[s].

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For the last few months my monitor would occasionally black out and then return a few seconds later, i'd miss a couple seconds of audio during a movie or game, but that was all. Today the screen went black and the computer restarted. When I booted back up in normal mode, the resolution was back to default along with the windows basic color scheme and the the monitor couldn't be detected. below is my speccy readout. My monitor is attached to the GPU with an HDMI to HDMI mini. I'm trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. I know the GPU is rather old, and am happy to replace it but I wanted to make sure this wasn't maybe a power supply or other contributing issue. Cheers and thank you all for the help!

Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz 34 C
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 679MHz (9-9-9-24)
Standard Monitor ([email protected])
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (MSI)
119GB SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series ATA Device (SSD) 24 C
465GB Seagate ST3500320AS ATA Device (SATA) 27 C
1862GB Western Digital WD My Book 1140 USB Device (USB (SATA)) 29 C
Optical Drives
ASUS DRW-2014L1T ATA Device
ASUS DRW-2014L1T ATA Device
Realtek High Definition Audio

Answer:I think my GPU died?

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Question: HELP! OS died ...

I was chugging along using my computer, and everything was working great. Then, earlier today it just started running slower than molasses. It was just taking forever to load ANYTHING. Finally it wouldn't even restart. Said windows/system files were corrupt and i needed to do a repair install from the disk. That didn't work. System restore wouldn't work either, even though I know there are several restore points.

I tried to reinstall the OS, and that didn't work either. So, with a new hard drive, I'm reinstalling Vista again.

My question is:
How can I get my Emails from the older install of Office 2007 (Outlook)?? Is there any way to do that? I have all my contacts and appointments backed up on my PDA but I get far too many emails to want to sync all of those to it.

Is there any way to get those emails onto a new install of Office '07, even if I didn't export them to a PST file in advance?

Answer:HELP! OS died ...

Once you have installed Windows + office, you can copy over the Outlook.pst file.
You will need to manually add your email account details and you will need to reconfigure the default contacts list.

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Question: It died....

I hope I don't sound too ignorant but I need help with a power supply problem. I have a Gateway Performance 500, P III puter. It has a Newton Model NPS 200PS-96C power supply. I use it for the grand daughters video games. Turned the system off on evening, everything was fine. It hasn't turned on since.  I also checked the on/off swith on front of the case. No fans work, no lights are on, no noise at all. I check some of the connections with a volt meter and get no voltage going to anything coming out of the supply. Ive tried three different web sites trying to buy a new supply, even gateway doesen't service this supply any longer. I'm not looking for this particluar type or size, I just want a supply. I was told by directron flat out that they couldn't help me. Is this the only supply that will work in this machine? Can I install one with more watts? I would be grateful for any advice and my two grand daughters said thanks also...

Answer:It died....

I believe it was HP that bought out Gateway you might have some luck at their site.Also if there is a repair shop in your area then remove the PSU and take it to them and ask if it is a "propietary" design. Explain your problem they may be able to tell you either way and or sell you a new one.As to the wattage the general rule is too much will do no harm but you never want to go lower...especially if you have added/updated any components.patio.  8-)

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Well I think it is my mobo or perhaps mobo/ps combo... but here is the drill.

System started behaving oddly. Would not recognize a sound card on-board or otherwise with different driver revisions. So I say... lets rebuild this probably have something corrupt right?

So I reboot and go about rebuilding selecting drivers and everything and no matter what driver I choose now it will not recognise the on-board raid controller... well it will but on reboot it either blue-screen locks or insta blue-screen reboot depending on drivers selected.

So I ponder this for a while and then reload again this time not using the on-board raid controller a la gigabyte. I now use the on-board intel SATA 2 controller. I have to use the second bank because the first bank will not recognise any drives at all.

The second bank recognises the drive but for some reason is seeing the drives as less and less space. Both drivers are 340 gig drives. SATA II. Perpendicular write drives.

Also the system runs very hot.

When I do the install though even with only one of the drives connected it will get to the last stage even do a successful reboot. But it will never finish finishing the installation.

Odd eh?

Any ideas? I am looking at mobo and or power supply.

Potentially memory I suppose. But I want to get the power supply replaced regardless just because it is running too hot for my tastes.

Answer:What do you think died?

Considering it only started when you started messing with software- it's probably where the problem lies.

Have you tried a system restore or something to get everything back to how it was prior?

What about removing the RAID card and running w/ minimal hardware- does everything still run OK?

Just doesn't sound like a hardware problem to me.

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I am on a borrowed PC .. last night I was going to install a 1394 firewire card on my pc to work with my camcorder and I thought at the same time I would install some more ram a friend gave me................ well the pc makes noise and acts like it is starting up it gives me 1 long beep and nothing else........
it has windows XP the upgrade on it.......................... I do not know much else and I am a beginner ,I uninstalled the extra Ram again and the 1394 card but the same beep thing is going on,,, what happened can it be saved?

Answer:HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC died

VERY hard to diagnose from afar. Be sure all periphials are properly seated (video, modem, etc) and verify all cables are also connected properly. An easy mistake to make is to accidentally loosen a cable or card when you are tinkering in the case and not even know it or even see it when your looking for it. This is a first step

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Question: died of old age?

Recently I pulled out an old computer for our exchange student to use. It hasn't been used in quite some years.....last semseter the student we had insisted on buying his own. This computer I am positive worked fine when it was last used, and now it seems the motherboard may be shot. I'm curious if it is possible for the motherboard to die over a long period of no use. It seems odd.....but I can't think of anything else. Also......we have three of these things....all identical. I pulled the other two out and they do the same thing.

When I power on, the hard drive will start spinning, the power supply doesn't really spin....but I'm not sure if it's defective or if the fan doesn't spin right away because it's a 75W ps. It just sits at the startup screen displaying the compaq logo. Doesn't POST......doesn't let you get into the bios. It just sits there. Any ideas?

Compaq 4505
P133 Mhz MMX
48mb ram
75W ps

Answer:died of old age?

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I've got a huge problem and would be really grateful if someone could at least tell me what's wrong with my pc.

Yesterday, while playing League of Legends, my pc froze and nothing I did helped, no key combinations, nothing, I had to manually restart my pc. Thinking it was a one time thing i continued playing and the same thing happened 4 times.

I figured it had to be due to the game itself, but then I tried playing 2 other games and the same thing happened in those 2 other games as well.

Since I hadn't formated my hard drive in a year I thought it had to be due to my hard drive getting suffocated so I formated it. Windows 7 installation went fine, but again as soon as I started a it 2 minutes od 1 hour into the game, the pc would freeze and I was forced to manually restart it.

I read online that faulty memory modules are mostly to blame so I opened my pc and switched the places of the memory modules but as soon as I started my pc the boot screen was all grainy and the letters barely readable. My pc started up in the lowest resolution possible and since my motherboard (asus P5K) doesn't have a vga card I wonder how I can see anything at all. My pc doesn't recognize my GPU anymore (GeForce 8800 GT) and neither does it show up in dxdiag or hardware list.

I try to swap memory modules again, try to leave only one inside and then try the other...but to no avail. The fan on my GPU is still rotating but I'm starting to fear my GPU has died. I've never ever O... Read more

Answer:Has my GPU died? Please help

Oh come one...I'm not expecting a full diagnostic just someone to read what I wrote and write his or her opinion.

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Question: PC Died

I'm looking for some hardware advice. My wife was using my HP XT933 when everything just froze up, the screen displayed ok, but no mouse or keyboard. She also noticed a strange oder like something burning. The only way out was to knock the power down. I let it set a few minutes & turned power back on.

CPU and monitor are getting power however the mouse, & keyboard appear to be dead (no light on optical mouse). The CPU appears to cycle, that is the power light comes on & the disc busy light comes on for a few seconds like it would normally do when booting. In addition the screen just remains blank & the power indicator on the monitor remains amber instead of turning green.

Any advice would be appreciated..

HP XT933
mem. 256

Answer:PC Died

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Question: LAN died?

I left my desktop on overnight. I hadn't used it in two weeks (I had been away). It was working perfectly until I went to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, I quickly shut it down (correctly) and went to class.

When I returned from class, I turned it on, but the LAN wouldn't work. Several restarts later and it still doesn't work.

I have tried it in both Windows XP and Ubuntu. There were no physical changes to the desktop, the RJ45 jack, or the RJ45 wire.

It it giving me a IP address. When I try ipconfig /renew, it says "An error has occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. The request timed out."

I'd really appreciate some help. Should I just buy a new NIC?

Thanks so much!

Answer:LAN died?

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Hi! Didn't post for a long time, still didn't forget why, but I try to forgive. So, I have a GTX 650 that I recently replaced with a 660, but when I needed to put it in my brother's PC, it refused to display anything. I tried it on my computer (I have a Corsair VS650), thinking that his PSU was passed (only has 350W, but they are 100% real, the PSU was free, good enough price LOL ), but still refused to work. Before I replaced it, it was 100% functional, all it did before plugging it into my brother's PC was to sit. What could have happened and what to do?

Answer:My GTX 650 may have died

Minimum...and i do mean minimum on that card is 400W...So yer brother's PC ain't gonna run it...

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Question: GPU Died?

Hello guys!Today, computer locked up (hang) after playing Battlefield 3 for about 5 minutes or so. I restarted it and again run the game and the same thing happened. Then for the third time, after lowering my graphics' settings, I ran the game again, but the computer again froze up. There afterwards, when I restarted my PC, it failed to detect my GPU at all (in the Device Manager), though it was using the DVI port of the same GPU to display very low quality (CPU emulated) visuals, even during the BIOS POST and subsequent start-up phases. So, I had to resort to internal graphic card after this happened and it's working fine. I have been playing normally for past 2 years with no problem at all. So what can be the possible reason for the current problem? Is it some kind of problem with the motherboard (like faulty PCIe controller) or has my GPU started malfunctioning?My PC specs are below:Intel Core2Duo 3.0 GHz4 GB RAMEVGA GTS 250 (512MB)ASUS P5KPL-AM MainboardAny help would be welcome!

Answer:GPU Died?

It would be best if you could test the GTS 250 in another computer.Did your graphics card shows signs of malfunctioning(artifacts, corruption, etc) before this issue?

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Answer:Please help, my old pc died!

Hello, Please could somebody help me, my old pc has just died. It won't boot at all, HDD light just flickers for a few seconds and then goes out. I've tried a new HDD but still same problem. Could it be Processor (P3 750), memory failure (128K SD - I really used to make it work/struggle!) or motherboard? I've tried checking all connections and re-seating all components. If it sounds like CPU could someone tell me where I can get a replacement from reasonably cheaply?Thanks in advance

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First thing I'm no corrupter whiz but I'm no idiot with computers just put that out thereOK well week ago my PSU died on me. So i took it best buy and did the test since i wasn't sure and the guy said it was PSU. so i just looked up how to replace it looks easy enough so i took it out to see the stats on it so i can find out what to buy and replace myself.So really my question is what's a PSU i can buy at a decent price or what do i need look at when deciding one? because the stats on the PSU i really don't understand what they mean and what to look at. Also reading about old computer have 20 pin connector plus 4 and new PCs has one 24 not sure what all that means. But on my PSU it has 1 (20 pin) has hook lock on it, 1 (4 pin) that is a square also had lock on it,  4 (big 4 pins) 1 (small 4 pins)here is the model i have now HP-A2027F3 don't plan on upgrading my PC anytime soon unless i need to. i don't do really do big games on it besides few web games and i just use it to surf the web and type up papers for school. So i don't need a end of the line PSU just need one to meet my needs and last a while just like my last one Thanks for reading and  to whoever decides to help me

Answer:PSU died need help getting new one

According to this website: you cannot replace this power supply with a normal ATX PSU because the original one is shortened to fit. I would recommend buying the same exact one that you have already. Just to be certain that it will fit and work correctly.

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Question: xp key died

i have a system here that is asking for a cdkey - but when i enter the cd-key it just keeps comeing back to the pop up, and yes i did buy this copy of xp, i think i have had it on for 30 days and forgot to actavaed it? is there a fix for this becuz i dont want to reformat it

Answer:xp key died

Yes Call MS, Issues of activation and weird cd key issues (like this) I think are issues that they don't charge for

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Question: PC died

Well, here it goes:

About a week ago I was playing a game on my old 4 year old PC untill suddenly the computer turned off.

I opened up the computer and felt the PSU, it was pretty hot so I just assumed that was the problem and thought no more of it.

However today I bought myself a new 400W PSU, plugged it in, turned on my computer and... Tasted failure . The fan span for about half a second and then stopped.

So basically my question is this:

What do you think could be the problem? I think it must be either the CPU or Mobo (or maybe I hooked up the PSU wrong, it was my first time but I doubt it).

Thanks, Nooblah

Answer:PC died

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Question: pc has died help

I have just tried to switch my main pc on and a big nothing fans lights or nothing...have checked fuses and the one in the plug had blown.....put a new one in and that blew aswell....was only using pc last

Answer:pc has died help

have you got a power surge protector this can help towards shortages like power cuts.

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Question: PC died

last saturday, it was booting up and after about a minute (i wasn't looking at the screen so i don't know if windows had started yet) it simply stopped, everything... accompanied by a slight burning smell...

the activation button on the front of the tower didn't respond until i turned the switch at the back of the tower off & on, making the lights on the keyboard flash...

i tried the front button again and the same thing happened, the beginning of a boot up cut short with the slight burning smell... the second time it happened it took less time to stop...

i tried this a few times to try and find the source of the smell, each time, turning the power switch at the back off & on, then pushing the button at the front, each time the same thing happened taking less & less time each time...

until it was taking less than a second to turn itself off, the fan in the power supply and the CPU fan would begin to turn but it would stop almost immediately...

thinking it was the power supply (wrongly) i ordered a q-technology quiet power supply (which i wanted anyway) which arrived today,

i plugged it all in and it does exactly the same thing...

my current guess is it's either the motherboard or the CPU... both of which scare me...

any thoughts?

thanks in advance


Answer:PC died

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My packet written [Direct CD/Drag To Disk] CD-RW has just died.Placed CD-RW into CD-ROM drive and 99% of my folders containing numerous files have disappeared. I have not deleted them. The disk still shows the same Used/Unused space ratio indicating that all my data is still there.Similar CD-RWs inserted into the same drive are OK.Is there any way of recovering the Folders/Files on this CD-RW?

Answer:Help - CD-RW Has Just Died

Did you create a multisession disk? sometimes when you do you can only see the last session you did,so you need to open the copy software and change the session to be able to see the files on the disk.At least i have had to do this with nero somtimes when the data doesnt show.I think its under disk info not sure havent used it in a while.

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Question: has my pc died?

Any ideas folks - no life at all upon switch on. mains lead tested ok and supply getting to pc but no further. no prior problems or indications of faltering supply or dodgy fan etc. no evidence of 'burning' or overheating inside case or on power supply unitNo cooling fan or anythingIs it the power supply?Worthwhile buying a new one for a 4 year old pc?Any and all advice gratefully receivedThanks allRegardsSteve

Answer:has my pc died?

Sounds like you need a new power supply unit,harpo, not expensive, about a tenner will do it.

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Question: My G5 died! :'(

I'm disappointed, it didn't even last me a year!

It has been screwing up lately, for the past month or two. It would randomly screw up and I'd have to turn off Setpoint and then turn it back on and it would be fixed for maybe 10 minutes before it did it again. Occasionally it would completely turn off and I'd have to unplug it and plug it back in.

Well, it has completely died now. No lights whatsoever (even the little LED near the weights compartment) and Windows says there is an unrecognized USB device plugged in.

So, I've ordered a new one. I have to play games with a ball mouse for a week. o.O

It's not even quite a year old yet, maybe 9 or 10 months. Did I just get a lemon? Anyone else had this happen?

It didn't convince me to get a different mouse though, I LOVE this mouse.

Answer:My G5 died! :'(

that baby comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Look into getting it replaced. If you already got a new one you could sell the replacement. worth a try.

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Question: P70 died.

Hi. Last night my P70 died while plugged into the charging brick. The battery was down to 0% and wouldn't do anything even though it was plugged in. When I unplugged it from the back of the machine and plugged it back in it started charging and booted up.      Today the machine has shut down while in the port replicator several times but only after it was idle for a while. Ideas?Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:P70 died.

Sounds like a flaky power supply -- either the brick itself, connecting cable(s) or motherboard circuitry. What does Lenovo tech support say about this?

______________________________________________P70, Xeon 1505 CPU, 64 GB ECC RAM 2 x PCIe NVMe 512 GB Drives, 1 TB HDD, DVD-RW, 4 K Display, NVIDIA Quadro M4000W700 model 2757-CTO (8 GB RAM, Crucial MX-100 SSD + Hitachi TravelStar 1 TB 7200 RPM Drives, Bluray R/W, NVIDIA Quadro FX3700M, WUXGA); Windows 7 Ultimate SP-1, W700 Mini-Dock

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Really need some advice here.

Have this laptop that is running on XP SP2.
Tried upgrading to SP3 on the Microsoft website.

During the upgrade, got this message "Setup cannot copy the file xpsp1res.dll"
So i solved it by do this "The specific dll file you are looking for is not under the directory you show. It should be at: C:\Windows\System32"
* i keyed in c:\windows\system32 for it to search.

So SP3 was installed. Then it prompted me to restart for effects to take place.

Restart was done and from there it keeps auto restarting. Unable to get into main page anymore. Keeps getting "kicked out"

Im unable to enter safe mode as well.

Can any kind souls offer me your solutions on what i can do to salvage my files and bookmarks in it. Dont mind forsaking the laptop, badly need the files inside.
Thanks for advices.

Answer:XP SP2 to SP3 then died on me

Two main methods of getting your data:

1. Live Boot Disk:

If your going to do the live boot method, I'd recommend Ubuntu or some Linux build. The Ubuntu site can be found here Download | Ubuntu . Once you've downloaded the OS, you'll have to burn it to a disk using a disk burning utility like ImgBurn. After which you simply put it into the disk drive on the system your needing the data from, boot it up, and boot from CD. It will then give you an option to either perform a Live Disk test or install the OS itself.

If you'd like to, you could instal it and then have it access the data that way, but it's more preferred that you just use the live disk option to run it directly from the disk to get to your data. Once you locate your files that you want, get a USB drive/Floppy/whatever and put them on it. Once you've gotten your files, you can get out of the OS your using and do a clean wipe of the system for a new OS to be installed.

2. Hard drive to other machine:

This will require a few tools to do, but can often times be easier to do.

You'll need an IDE/SATA to USB cable/adapter in order to achieve this easier. You could always plug it straight into any other ports your other machine has available, but this method is probably the better way to go.

You can get a cable/adapter by going to most computer parts/repair stores, like this one here: - VANTEC CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter

They are usually within 20-30 USD ( United States Dollars ), so they... Read more

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Question: Fan died

Meh. crappy Tt LED fan just died in back of my computer becuase i was unplugging and replugging cables to make look neater and i pulled the control cable that locks in with the little arrow shaped things, my hand slipped and ripped cables out of head. plegh, didn't even hitem hard. tried alligning cables and pushing them into rubber wire casing they puled out of, but no luck, it ran at full speed even though hardcano was on lowest, any ideas on how to fix it? if not i have a $13 replacement fan in my wish list i'm too poor to buy, PM me for newegg ID if you're feeling particulary generous

Answer:Fan died

Wow, you must be poor.

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Question: CPU died?

Hi my pc has been running absolutely fine for the past year (since I bought it new). I was playing on ets2 yesterday with no issues, after I decided to watch something online while getting to sleep.

The show had been playing for about 10 mins with no probs but then it started buffering every now and then.

Thought nothing of it, it got more frequent though until it stopped loading all together. I tried refreshing and opening a new tab etc but got blank pages with nothing loading, I then crossed the Web off and from then on nothing would load.

All I got after was the egg times spinning constantly.
I tried shutting it down and restarting but wasn't having none of it, so did it by the power button.

When it came back on it was stuck on the windows loading screen for half hour ish until I turned it back off and on again, this time it gave me the option of windows repair so did just that, took me back to an earlier date and seemed to boot up with no trouble.

None of my start up programmes loaded and couldn't click anything again though.

So I tried in safe mode but is so slow, I've managed to get dxdiag to finally load the info but next to processor it says n/a.

Does anybody have an idea why that might be? And also what you think is the problem.

I thought it may have been my phone at first, haven't plugged it into the pc for nearly a year and already have kies on there so don't see how it could be but was about 5 mins before it started doing th... Read more

Answer:CPU died?

The (boot) hard drive may be corrupt or going bad... Try re-loading Windows fresh

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Question: Has HDD Died

Last night I went to my second PC and there was a message saying something like, Disc failure press Cont, Alt, Delete to ?? I did and promptly turned it off. This morning it will not boot up, after a couple of seconds the light on it remains constant and that is it. Has the HDD died it is a 40gb one which I took out of the main PC a few years ago and used it in the second machine which has had very little use.I don't suppose there is any way of making sure that everything else is OK before going to expense.

Answer:Has HDD Died

Take the disk out, set jumpers to "slave" and install as second drive in other computer. Now se if it is found in "my computer"

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Question: Has it died ?

I have an acer travelmate2410, an error occured from a corrupt file download
( C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch| The computer would switch on but only the right 1/3 of the keyboard would work. Every time I tried to start up, skan disc was automatcally cancelled as if the / key was being held down. I tried to remove prefetch from the windows folder to the recycle bin, which created a further error \Recycled| The computer now switches on, showing the power light on, the hard drive light flashes for 10 seconds or so but the screen is blank with no sign of life. Is this terminal ?

Answer:Has it died ?

It shouldn't be, though there is a chance it could be related to hardware failure. When you power it on do you get any video signal at all? Trying pressing the delete button after powering it on and see if you can get into the BIOS.

If you get no video at all, try stripping your PC down to a bare bones system (just motherboard/cpu, video, and memory), then slowly add hardware until you find what is giving you problems.

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This is a HP PC. I hear the key is stored in BIOS. If I just somehow get a OEM iso of 8 will my key in BIOS activate Windows 8?

Answer:HDD died, any way I can get my key

When you get a new hard disc and install Windows, it should activate properly. If it doesn't, Microsoft will activate it manually, you will just have the nuisance of a phone call to get it activated.

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Question: S10-3T died

Best Buy had a great price on the S10-3T, so I put in an order for one.  It was delivered a few days ago after being on backorder for a week.  The first thing I did was boot it up to make sure everything worked, which it did, then I installed an SSD and 2gb of ram.  I did a fresh install of Win7, installed drivers, and it worked great.........until last night.  I was playing the game Plants vs Zombies for about 15 minutes when suddenly the thing died on me. The screen went black and all the indicater LED's went out.  I hit the power button to turn it back on and the HDD and power LED flash for a second, and thats all.  It will not power on anymore.  I reseated the battery, still nothing.  I reinstalled the old HDD and 1gb stick of ram, and again nothing happens.  Has anyone else had this issue?  What would be my best course of action to get a replacement ASAP? Thank you. 

Answer:S10-3T died

Be sure to try the reset button on the bottom if there is one.  Also try pulling battery, pull power and press and hold power for 20 seconds.

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Question: PC Died?

I have a 7 year old PC that seems to have given up life....Its starting up, so its not a PSU.It gets as far as the desktop (sometimes) then when try to access something from the the HD, it just shuts down.Sometimes, it tries to start up, but only gets as far as the memory test screen, then repeatedly restarts, until shutting down completely.A few weeks ago, it started restarting whenever I inserted a USB 4way adapter, so I stopped using that. Now it does not want to know.Could it be the motherboard? The HD? A Virus? Old Age?Either way, its probably only worth about 50 quid, but its served me well and I'd like to try to get it up and running again.....

Answer:PC Died?

It may even be the PSU - old PSUs gradually lose their capacity - it may be enough to start the system, but not quite enough to run it.Otherwise - it's unlikely to be the Hard Drive (as it restarts even during th POST. Same with Virus.It may be a fan failure - have a look inside, notably at the CPU fan.It may be bad connections on plug-in boards and/or RAM and Processor.Failing the above best guess is RAM or Motherboard.The only way to troubleshoot is by substitution.

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Question: Has my SSD died?

Hey there. I let my U410 (with HDD+SSD cache) sleep overnight and after about 8 hours I turned the computer back on to find that it had shut down unexpectedly (instead of hibernating). I then received an error message informing me that Intel Rapid Start Technology was not enabled on my machine. For the past few months the laptop had been suffering from a bit of instability (which I intuitively put down to a SSD caching driver issue because the laptop would pause or freeze occasionally when pulling data from the cache), but now it seems like it was more likely a hardware issue because my SSD is now not being detected at all. In the BIOS the Intel Rapid Start Partition Status is marked as INVALID (and the SSD section is blank in the boot order page) and no software on my computer (CMD; HDTune; Intel Rapid Storage; Disk Management) can see any SSD installed. Should I send my laptop in for repair? Or is there another explanation?

Answer:Has my SSD died?

I have the exact same problem as the above mentioned... Can anybody help ?!Thanks

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Question: my pc died

well lets see, my lifeline to the outside world is dead!! (im on moms computer lol) anywho, i was surfin the net when all of a sudden my computer powers off, and i dont mean shutdown and close programs, it shut off immediately. so i wait a minute, and turn it back on, log in and it shuts off, so i try a few more times, and it shutoff each time earlier than the last... it was running hot a while before this happened but i let it cool down a ton, and tried again and i got further into logging in but it just shut off again. any help to diagnose this problem would be great... just started summer classes at college, perfect timing huh? thank you everyone.
by the way, i run an HP pavilion pentium 4, winXP pro, 786MB ram, 60GB HDD, and 200GB HDD, geforce 5200 vid card. i call it my souped up ghetto piece of sh*t

Answer:my pc died

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Question: help it died

my computer wont start i turn on the power and the fan comes on for a second then shuts stright down please help

Answer:help it died

some more information would be useful.

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Hi! Didn't post for a long time, still didn't forget why, but I try to forgive. So, I have a GTX 650 that I recently replaced with a 660, but when I needed to put it in my brother's PC, it refused to display anything. I tried it on my computer (I have a Corsair VS650), thinking that his PSU was passed (only has 350W, but they are 100% real, the PSU was free, good enough price LOL ), but still refused to work. Before I replaced it, it was 100% functional, all it did before plugging it into my brother's PC was to sit. What could have happened and what to do?

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Question: has my pc died

i came to put the kids pc on and it wont boot up it just shows the asus logo, it wont f8 or anything

Answer:has my pc died

are you getting any post beeps? are the fans running? is there hhd activity?

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Hi, I have a Dlink wireless ADSL router and a dlink airplus G wireless connector with BT broadband basic. Everything was working fine yesterday morning. Left pc, came back to find that i could nto connect to the internet. Tried tweaking lots of settings (put back to original when didnt work).I have managed to 'solve' this by reinstalling the original bt voyager 105 modem. Connected Ok. I then unplugged this and have gone back to my dlink set up. I can now connect to the internet and everything seems fine.After all this, my question is what went wrong yesterday so that if it happens again i can put it right?Cheers

Answer:something died on me

"Tried tweaking lots of settings" and I wonder if you tried the most basic - and usually most effective - tweak, that of powering down the router for about three minutes, and then restarting?Around 90% of all failed connection problems are cured by rebooting routers. Try disconnecting the router from the ADSL phone line as well during this process.

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hi thereMy old pc has just died. When I go to switch on, the pc powers up then switches itself off after a few seconds. The led comes on and the fan whirrs in to action but thats it, no boot up.Afterwards it just wont come on at all.Have tried different power leads and sockets, to no avail. Haven't opened it up yet, any suggestions?1.0 ghz athlon384 sd-ramati 9200 gpuwin-xp pro

Answer:Please help, my pc has died!

Try holding the Ctri key during startup to try different startup procedures. Ie safe mode etc

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Hi there everyone,

My PC died some time ago and ive only jst had th courage to open up the casing for myself, i have never done this before. I am new to this.
I think after some research on the net I understand what most of the things are, anyway..
When i put the power on my PC the fan starts up and the light at the front goes green however nothing appears on the screen. I know it is not the screen because that works with another computer.
I had a look at the graphics card and noticed that the smnall fan on it looked worn. I tried puting another card in but the same thing was happening. I also tried puting another HD in but again the same thing.

Does anyone have any idea of what i can try?? Is it possible that the graphics card i tried is not compatable with my pc??

Any suggestions would be most welcome..

Answer:PC has died on me.. Please help!!

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Question: PC Has Died...

Hi,My dad's pc, an Hynju computer has recently died and to be honest I am not sure whether anything can be done to fix it.When we switch the PC on, nothing happens, no fan whirrings or any BIOS beeps. The computer power light remains constant, and the monitor goes blank with 'no signal input' flashing.I've removed as many components as possible - gone to 1 stick of RAM both are in perfect working order and were tested in other machines. Just the basics needed to start up with no joy. I've also tried removing components one at a time and that yields no results.The wiring has been checked to the fans, heatsink and motherboard and all is correctly fitted and secure. As the power light remains on, the power supply seems ok.The fans are fine, as we've booted the PC without the cover on completely, and the heatsink and fans begin to spin and then stop. We've also tried cleaning the fans to remove debris to no avail. The outer case being off makes no difference to the booting up, as the PC also fails to boot with the outer case securely fitted as well, we wanted to see if something specific was failing.The heatsink is fitted correctly and secure, and all connections to the drives - hard drive and opticals are connected securely. Keyboard and mouse are also plugged in correctly, and nothing was incorrectly removed from the PC on a last Windows XP Shutdown.We've tried booting with a restore CD and that fails to respond - even a Windows XP disc. The floppy boot fails as well.Any ideas ... Read more

Answer:PC Has Died...

click herecouple of things here you may want to try..

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Question: new pc died

just built a new pc for my son-in-law. AMD64 3700 MSI neo4 mobo 1GB ram XP Pro sp2. Was working fine downloaded all updates and installed avg - ms defender - zone alarm etc. Transferred all data from his old pc and all appeared fine. I uninstalled my adsl software and took the unit round to his house. I plugged it in and the first sign of a problem was that the green light of the monitor went off after a few seconds. I then realised that I had heard no beeps. I have removed and checked the memory which is fine in my pc and the msi pci-e video card which also works fine in mine. With everything disconnected from the mobo except the power supply I get no beeps at all. At this moment I can only assume it is either the mobo connections from the psu [24 pin plug and 4 pin plug], the mobo itself or the AMD chip that has failed. When powered up all the fans run ie psu; cooler on top of cpu and small fan on the mobo. Could anyone suggest a way of determining which has failed. All suggestions appreciated as usual.

Answer:new pc died

I have removed the mobo from the case and placed it on an insulated pad. When powered up with nothing connected there are still no beeps but the fans are running.

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Was shutting down my pc earlier today and the power went out. after the power came back on i turned my computer back on... nothing. It starts up, displays my graphics card info, shows the intel splash screen then goes to a black screen with a single "_". This blinks a few times then disappears and that's where my pc stays.
I've treid to enter the bios to start it in safe mode but can't do that.
I put my Windows XP cd in, to boot from that, with the following result; same as above excpet after the "_" blinks a few times it says "press any key to boot from cd", i press a key. a few moments of black then "setup will scan your hardware configuration" (or something along those lines), then back to black and there it stays.

Can anyone come up with any suggestions for me? I'll be forever grateful.

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Question: PC died

Using my PC yesterday, it suddenly cut out and everything was quiet. It will now not switch on, however there are still lights glowing on the keyboard and optical mouse.

Answer:PC died

Try borrowing a PSU from some-one and fit it. How? click here

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Question: My Pc has died :(

I was getting problem with my pc a week or 2 back, freezing and crashes, and mega slow downs, well one day i came home and the pc wudnt even gt on to the desktop so i tried to wipe it. At first it didnt show a partion to wipe from the CD ( something to do with drivers :S ) but eventually after switching it off from the plug and turning it back on it found a partion and i wiped it and started installing vista again. Half way through ( it was taking ages ) it came with a error saying a file was missing and it needed to be reinstalled, i trieed again but the sme problem came up. It would sometimes even freeze when i was trying to enter my windows code or at the entering screen and the pc would make a wierd beeping noice, i thought tht might be trying to tell me something.

So at this time i was rather annoyed eventually it could not find a partion again saying the same thing! since then i coudnt gt the thing to even pass the BIOS and it just freezes at the screen where you can go iinto bios etc but its frozen.. so pressing delete etc doesnt work...

Im kinda stumped.... i thought a virus had ripped my pc apart, i just need some help I hope new hardware wont be needed..

Please reply =D
also a note: while my pc was actually working it would sometimes come up with a blue screen saying its shutting down to prevent damage, and some other words but would just restart.


Answer:My Pc has died :(

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Hello, HDD just died and I can't use the warranty because now, I'm living in another country. So, i bought and Samsung 850 Evo to replace the dead drive. But the problem is that i lost everything of the HDD...I tried to use an external case, but it didn't connect to my friends notebooks I was unable to access neither the Lenovo Partition with all the drivers. So, when my ssd arrives...what should I do to install it? Is possible to get back my win 8.1 license? The One Key Recovery will work? Best Regards

Answer:HDD just died...Y50-70

You can't make the OneKey Recovery work with the replacement without a backup. Without OKR backup, you can proceed to download the microsoft media creation tool which you will need to download a copy of Win 8.1 installer. The installer can be burned in a pendrive or in a DVD whichever is convenient for you. The product key which is embedded in the bios will be autodetected during the installation. For driver requirements just visit the download center and locate your model. Note: Do not choose to download the PRO version of Win 8.1.

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Question: HDD died!!

hi everyone my lovely 500 GB HDD died 2 days ago so now I'm posting my problem here so I can get as much help/suggestion/advice as I can, so I know what do with my HDD.

Here is the story:
Last summer I bought a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500Gbytes, it was working fine. But since I'm such a reckless person! I tried to move the HDD from my pc to my father's pc, while I was holding the drive on my hand walking towards dad's room, my hand slipped and the drive fell down on a ceramic floor!!! I picked it up and then went on to my dad's room.

I installed the IDE cables and everything on my father's pc. Unfortunately the drive didn't get recognized in the 2nd pc (it was undetected in the BIOS, and the drive was making a strange sound) so while I was working on changing the drive's IDE cable I accidentally pulled off the power cord cable of the drive, when I did so the pc shut down and wont power on. Then when I pulled the drive's power cord off, the pc started to run again. So the problem now is that whenever I connect the power cord to the damaged HDD the pc won't switch on. So what does this mean?

I know that it's my entire fault, but I'm going to fix it no matter what!!

Info: My PC

Answer:HDD died!!

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Question: My SSD died!

To all you people here that said "don't worry about writing to the SSD" :P!

It died at 6 months old! [2 days ago]

They are closed for the holiday, so I can't do crap about it...

NOW, my machine is pitifully slow, and all my work was lost...

Answer:My SSD died!

I had a 500 Gb Seagate HDD die on me after only 2 months, so it doesn't what kind of computer hardware you buy, sometimes it can defective. Unfortunately thats life.

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Question: PSU died?

Hello all, and Merry Christmas to ye!Right, I went to my parents for Christmas, I completely turned off and unplugged my PC before I left. I get back to my house last night, turn it on and nothing happens. I open the case and try again to see if there's any sign of life at all, and see that not even the little internal LEDs are on. Now, I reckon my PSU has died, but I'm desperately wanting to hear some second opinions. What do you reckon folks?

Answer:PSU died?

Sounds like a PSU fault to me. Other possibilities are mains cable and its connectors, power switch on the PSU (if you have one), or even no power to the wall socket.If the PSU has failed, it's quite easy to replace and not necessarily expensive.

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Question: PC died

I am unable to turn my latptop on I have done a hard reset and tried to turn it on without the battery in it isn't working no sound of the fans starting up it's only 18 months laptops should just die that quickly

Answer:PC died

  Hello babydollxrach, Are the LEDs blink or the computer beeps? Computers use blinking LEDs to identify startup errors. If you see the LEDs blinking (usually 1 - 8 blinks in a series) near the caps lock or num lock keys. Did you try to turn it on with a different battey?  Also you can review this link, it provides possible solutions to many common computer startup issues:  Regards

I am an HP employee

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Question: T60 Died

OK here is the situation.  I have a T60 - love it and one day it just didn't turn on.  I pulled the battery and then charge light came on - when you go to turn it on the light goes off and it does nothing.  I have pulled everything out seeing if I could troubleshoot it.  My question is this - I am willing to buy a new board for it but I was hoping to get confirmation that it is really the problem.  The boards are not cheap if you can find them but I would hate to buy it and still be in the same shape I am in right now.  Any thoughts or suggestions or deterents from buying a board would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I've got a huge problem and would be really grateful if someone could at least tell me what's wrong with my pc.

Yesterday, while playing League of Legends, my pc froze and nothing I did helped, no key combinations, nothing, I had to manually restart my pc. Thinking it was a one time thing i continued playing and the same thing happened 4 times.

I figured it had to be due to the game itself, but then I tried playing 2 other games and the same thing happened in those 2 other games as well.

Since I hadn't formated my hard drive in a year I thought it had to be due to my hard drive getting suffocated so I formated it. Windows 7 installation went fine, but again as soon as I started a it 2 minutes od 1 hour into the game, the pc would freeze and I was forced to manually restart it.

I read online that faulty memory modules are mostly to blame so I opened my pc and switched the places of the memory modules but as soon as I started my pc the boot screen was all grainy and the letters barely readable. My pc started up in the lowest resolution possible and since my motherboard (asus P5K) doesn't have a vga card I wonder how I can see anything at all. My pc doesn't recognize my GPU anymore (GeForce 8800 GT) and neither does it show up in dxdiag or hardware list.

I try to swap memory modules again, try to leave only one inside and then try the other...but to no avail. The fan on my GPU is still rotating but I'm starting to fear my GPU has die... Read more

Answer:Has my GPU died? Please help

Oh come one...I'm not expecting a full diagnostic just someone to read what I wrote and write his or her opinion.

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Question: IE 9 Just Died ?

Have been working on this for two days research and all, still I'm in limbo. Have just upgraded my INTERNET bandwidth from fast to faster through Roadrunner Time Warner Cable and for the life of me we have three other systems in the home and they all run faster when it comes to web browsing and web pages opening and up and download speeds, but my system which is the backbone of keeping everyone on par here at home and helping some of my friends at work maintain their systems running, anyway IE 9 will take forever to load or even open up say at least anywhere from 30seconds to minutes ! It ran just fine before the upgrade in cable speed, went from 20mbps to 30mbps or better download. I did not turn my system on the day the tech was here for the change out in modems as we tried the other systems and they all ran great. The very next day I turned my system on and boom ! that is when I was so disappointed . This is on Windows 7 64bit also and to answer some more ?'s have four other operating systems in this tower (98SE up on different drives) have booted in to each one and surfed with out a glitch ! Anyway here are some logs if someone would care to take a look. Have uninstalled IE9 went back to IE 8 with no change
I have since reinstalled IE 9 with the same results. Have also disabled any and everything I can think of to see what may be posing the problem. Still no change. In internet options have even enabled Accelerated Graphics under the advanced tab with no result... Read more

Answer:IE 9 Just Died ?

Bump. Still not up to Par .

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Question: Xp Died on me

My computer will not boot. I get through post ok, windows xp pro starts to boot. It never finishes, though. I can boot into safe mode, and that's about it. I tried re-installing OS, and that worked until I ran Windows Update. First my games started screwing up so I reboot. For a while it would boot once in a while, but now it's just dead. Does anybody know if there is a bad update i should be avoiding? Here's my system specs, in case they help.
shuttle AN35N-N Ultra Mainboard w/ Athlon XP 2600+(barton core), Radeon 9550 VC, 512 DDR 2700, Western Digital 120GB drive. Couldn't find anything wrong on Microsoft's HCL. Suggestions, anyone?

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Question: GPU may have died!

I purchased a XPS 15 (9550) from eBay. The system has the i7 CPU, UHD touch, 8gb RAM and 250gb SSD. There is no NVidia showing up in system manager. As far as I know the 2016 model shipped with the NVidia GPU so a bit worried that this isn't working. Any ideas.

Answer:GPU may have died!

Best bet:  ask the seller.  You're likely going to need to return the system for a refund.

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Question: VGA Fan Died

I need to replace it, but i have a nVidia GeForce 6800 XT AGP

Now will a new VGA Fan still be able to work if i get one thats compatible for a GT?

Sites list there specs for "6800 Series" but they dont mention anything being PCI or AGP. Also most of them state 3 pin, yet mine is a 2 pin connector. Any way around this, or is this soley for variable speed?

I know I'm do for an upgrade.

Answer:VGA Fan Died

It shouldn't matter if it states PCI or AGP. And the 3pin connector should work on a 2pin card but you may need to do a little bit 'finesse-ing' or jerry-rigging, but it will work. Just pay attention to which of the 2pin wires go where; ie: the black wire is on the right pin, the red on the left, and just hook up the 3pin wires so the same colors connect to the same pins. Here's a couple of fan kits that should work OK:

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Question: What's died?

Hi all

My main pc has gone down & i need some help figuring out what's broke.
my pc was on & running fine,i turned on my audio (Logitech Z5500 Speakers 5.1 Surround Sound 505W RMS) at the control box,there was a loud humming noise & i realized the volume was up full from the night before when i had my headphones plugged in,then the pc just lost power & turned off.
Now when i start it up the power supply comes on for maybe 2 seconds then turns off again then back on but the pc wont start up all the lights are on but nothing comes on the monitor.
The psu is a ocz gamexstream 600w.

Looks to me like its the psu thats gone but i ain't before i go ordering a new psu could it be anything else? or is there fuses in the psu i could just replace?


Answer:What's died?

Well, there's as they say, "no user serviceable components in your PSU". Besides, if a fuse was blown, it wouldn't come on at all, now would it?

You can buy a PSU tester for about 20 bucks, give or take. Generally though, trial by substitution is the way the diagnosis is made. To the upside, you'll likely need another PSU someday, perhaps sooner than later.

One other possibility could be that the CPU heat sink fan has come loose, and the system is thermaling out.

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Question: PC died

First one ever to die in 8 years ( this one is 3 years old)

The other day the screen froze and there was a strangle smell exactly like TCP ( not the protocol !! the antiseptic )

Now the pc will not boot, no bios absolutely nothing, the HD gets power i can hear it functioning but not going through a few boot ( what a nerd i even know the sound if my hard drive booting !!)the power supply fan is running but the processor fan is not. The monitor is blank however it does detect when it is unplugged from the PC

The Hard drive is OK and works fine on the other pc

I am thinking that the power is ok and that the processor has gone to heaven and / or the motherboard

I do not have a processor to try in the MB so does anyone know how i can determin if it is the Pro or the MB which had died, as i would prefer to replace one and not both ( yeah saving my pennies for a holiday )

Answer:PC died

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Question: My PC just died

Seriously, I built this computer from scratch a few years ago. The specifications aren't the greatest, but it served it's purpose rather well. After I put it together, it ran happily without fault, and even continuously - as in 24/7 while running programs overnight.

Recently however, it just gave up. One day, it froze. And I don't mean BSOD or the programs running stopped. I mean literally froze up. The last movements of the program running were frozen in time plastered across the monitor, even the mouse cursor was in suspended animation.

I shrugged, and switched it off. I figured maybe it had overheated, and seized up, right? After all, the only cooling system on board is the CPU's fan. After a while, I rebooted again, and everything seemed fine.

For about an hour, tops. Then it seized up again. Now, I'm not a novice to computers, but if you start quoting graphic card speculations and brand names, I'll stare back blankly, as these things have never interested me. Oh, and I'm a computer engineer myself, by the way. You know how it is, you spend all day fixing other people's systems, you tend to go "meh" when it comes to your own.

Back to the problem though. I took the entire system apart, and rebuilt it, after checking each component to see if something was obviously wrong. I couldn't find anything, although I may have overlooked something I suppose.

What I'm thinking is, it's definately a hardwar... Read more

Answer:My PC just died

Thanks for the book of info

Yes Ram and or Hard Drive can lock up after time, if they are faulty
Think of the hardware as only having one error in one place, that when accessed will then fault
Memory issues: Hard Drive and Ram, can also mean Video Card Memory, but it does sound like a "memory" issue

Start by running Memtest on your Ram, info here:

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Question: GPU died, or...?

Here's some background info on the parts. About two weeks ago, I upgraded my main PC that I use to game and such, so I moved most of the old parts to another case, reinstalled SP3 XP Home. Here are the specs for the old parts, which are about 2 years old except for the GPU, which is 5 years old.

Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX
Memory: CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775
GPU: SAPPHIRE 100154 Radeon X1800XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3
HDD: Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

Now two weeks ago, everything was working fine. I installed drivers for everything, kept temps monitored and it was around 30-35 idle which is fine. I was adding about 15 GB's of songs to my MP3 player yesterday, so I just let it do its thing while I went back to my main PC. When I came back 4 hours later, I found that the monitor was in sleep mode. This is normal since I forgot to set the screen saver / power saving settings so it doesn't do that. However when I tried to move the mouse, nothing happened and it monitor still showed a black screen.

So I hit the reset button. The monitor still showed a black screen. I was about to hard power it down by holding the power switch, but then I heard it play the sound it makes when Windows finishes loading up. At this point, monitor still showed nothing. I hit the power switch, and it played the shutti... Read more

Answer:GPU died, or...?

Checkthedriver- did you recently update your graphics driver ?

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Help my kids were playing a game on my computer and they installed another game and the cd rom wouldn't work. I unistalled all of there game and it still won't work. I have looked under device manager and there is nothing showing there. I have also checked when I reboot and it says the device is work properly. But when I tried to open a cd it opens and lets me put the cd in and closes then it tell the the cd rom drive is not ready what is going on here? Thanks for any help. Jan

Answer:Help my cd rom died

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Question: My PC has died :(

Hi everyone, I went to use my PC after a couple of months (I have been using a laptop instead), and it wouldn't power on. I've done a fair bit of upgrading this PC, adding sound cards, RAM, and a new hard drive, so I feel like I know my way around it. When I took the side cover off, I noticed that the light on the back of the PC, on the power supply where you plug the mains in, was flashing green, and the PSU fan wasn't spinning. I looked where the power comes onto the motherboard, and there is a small green light flashing there as well. There is no power to the power switch at the front, or anything else, it seems from looking.

Could this be a faulty power supply? I was looking on the motherboard for fuses, to see if one had blown, but I can't see any. There is obviously power from the mains because of the green flashing lights, that go off when I pull the power cable out.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong. This is an old eMachines e4026, I am ready to replace it if need be, it's virtually worthless aside from the upgrades I have done, but if there is an easy fix that someone can suggest I'm willing to take a look!

Thanks for reading.

Answer:My PC has died :(

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Question: help XP just died.

Windows xp just died. a little chronology:

Started my computer tonight, started as usual
checked my email, checked some favorite sites (including this one)
ok so far.
started live update on Norton Antivirus. is said it couldn't do it some kind of error. (strange)

went to windows update downloaded the latest critical update. it said i needed to restart.

on initial boot I get a message could not boot
file c:/windows/system32/config/system is missing or corrupted.

I have the computer dual boot with an old XP system on another physical disk. it boots ok, I am on it now. and from it i can access the other disk (two raptor sata drives on a promise FastTrak S150 TX2 plus card.) so the hardware apperas to be ok.

can I copy the windows/system/config/system file from the functioning OS to the other?

I tried a repair from the windows XP CD it just droped me off to a DOS prompt in the windows directory. My knowledge of DOS is minimal at best.

any help appreciated

Steve L

Answer:help XP just died.

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Question: pc died

I usually leave my pc on and just restart it once a day. Last weekend I shut it down and when I went to turn it back on several hours later it would not go on. It acted as if it wasn't getting any power. I checked all connections, etc. and eventually took it in for repair. I just talked to the repair guy and he said he changed out the power supply and that didn't solve the problem. He said it probably needs a new Motherboard. I'm really illiterate about this - does this sound right? And any idea what a new motherboard would run? I have a Pentium II 300mhz pc.

Answer:pc died

I would ask if any lights are lit when you power up though, if they are then you at least have power to the MB and you may have a problem within the MB itself.
If a new power supply didn't do it for you then your Tech is prob'ly correct. has motherboard/CPU combos listed starting around $89 (PII 350's). You could find something cheaper on auction or maybe your Tech has a used one, but 'NEW' has a warranty with it. Hope this helps.

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Question: Something died..

So, my computer randomly stopped working... It froze on the logon screen and i let some 2-year old hit buttons on the keyboard for a long while until he tried sticking his finger into one of the case fans... at which point i just hit the kill switch on the PSU. Sinse then the computer won't boot. I can hit the power button, the PSU turns on (the internal blue LED fan is on) and the CPU fan spins and lights up. The mouse and keyboard light up for a second and stop. Also both monitors just say PC Entering Power Save Mode (or whatever they say when they're on but there's no signal...)

My setup is as follows...

Logisys PS550AC12 550W PSU
Microstar MS-7187 Ver. 1.A MB
Intel Pentium D 830
nVidia 8500GT 512mb
1 GB of Nanya Ram (Stock to Medion)
2 GB of an unknown ram... (ordered online... no brand name sticker and i forget what brand it is....)

Thanks in advance...


Answer:Something died..

I guess your HD is corrupt. Try CHKDSK /p at the Recovery Console.

CHKDSK /? shows its syntax, use the swicth /p.

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Question: What died?

So i was playing WoW and i was on skype, then a distorted picture appears with colors everywhere and i received a blue screen. I cut it back on and it works and then i try to load WoW again and it does the same thing. I turn it off and now i get no picture. I took out the graphics card and reset the CMOS and i still get black.

Did my motherboard die? or graphics card... WHAT HAPPENED!
Im seriously stumped.

Answer:What died?

Swap video card first... Power supply then suspect the motherboard

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Question: help ! xp died

My conputer crashed yesterday and I get this error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt :


You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windwos Setup using the original Setup CD_Rom.
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

Can anyone offer any assistance ? What is this and what caused it ?

many thanks

Answer:help ! xp died

The file is part of the National Language Support (nls) and is an essential paer of the Windows Operating System.

Sounds like yours has become corrupt, and in the first instance do as suggested, boot from your Windows CD and select Repair.

The reasons for a file becoming corrupt would run into the hundreds, and would only be speculation.

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Question: Has my HD died??

Had a few problems and lots of rubbish on Toshiba Satellite A30 - Windows XP 40gb hd, Did a complete reinstall approx 12 months ago, use it as a reserve so not much data/pics on it.All good until the following the other night:

After hour of usage the laptop became unresponsive, didnt freeze, but had to power it down as not able to go through usual shut down.
Can't start it in safe mode (?) and when powered up normal I get the following screen (see attachment), preceded by "unable to load OS". This screen dialogue repeats itself approx every 10 minutes.

Made a few beeps when it started.

1)Has the HD gone into meltdown?
2)and if I need a new one can I increase it from the present 40gb
3)and would I be able to recover any of my data on existing HD
4) Or can you suggest alternatives to above, pleaseeeee

Thanks in advance

Answer:Has my HD died??

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Question: i think it died

need help my computer acts like its dead does not boot

Answer:i think it died

When you turn it on what exactly you hear any fans and lights or is it just dead??

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Question: Oh no XP has died

Hi,I have a mesh PC (apx 5 yrs 0ld) and the XP has now failed.Mesh tec. have been through all the recovery options and have now instructed me to install XP from the mesh recovery disk but warned that this will erase all programs and files etc.Alot has been backed up so not too bad but saying that I do have some photos and the odd file/letter etc that would have been usefull to recover.Mesh instructed me to take out the hard disk and add it to another system as a second disk, this way I may be able to recover what I want. Last night went over friends with disk only to find that his system did not support sata disks..... stuffed!This morning I had a thought that maybe it would be worth getting a new hard disk seeing as prices arent too bad, and doing the new install on that.Later I could add my old disk as the second in my system, possibly allowing me to take off the files I want???What do you think?Would this be a good idea or would you say dont bother bad luck with the photos etc, you probably wont be able to recover them any way??? just do the install and be happy with the newly crap free pc???What would you do?

Answer:Oh no XP has died

You could use a Linux Live CD to get at your Files. This way youwould not have to take your drive out. But you need to create a Live CD on another Computer. Check this link out on what you can here

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Question: It just died

HP Pavilion 510n , Windows XP Home Edition,some RAM, and a 40GB hard drive. I was updating the computer through Microsoft, already had SP1 & SP2 on it. I already had Internet Explorer 7 on it. It seemed like I was on the last bit of updates and it said it was done installing the last few and that I needed to RESTART the computer. No problem, I thought. When the computer went to boot back up, after the HP splash screen, all I get is ...." NTLDR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. When I push them I get the same screen CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. I have no clue what happend. Everything was fine. I went into the BIOS and it recognizes that the hard drive is there.
Any help fixing this computer will be GREATLY appreciated !!!

Answer:It just died

Microsoft article about your problem :

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So, I was sitting here in the middle of the day and decided to get on AIM- problem is, when I started it up, it got to the third step and sat there for about twenty minutes before I realized it wasn't going anywhere and closed it (only to get a "program not responding" message). I tried logging into AIM Express and it said something along the lines of "Instant Messaging is down," or whatever, so I figured AIM must be down altogether- how wrong I was. My bro was still able to sign on AIM- I tried to sign onto MSN and that took a good long time to respond, too. Like I said in a previous thread, I have a lot of space free now, I was wondering if it could possibly be some kind of adware or spyware (sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum). Thanks ahead of time.


Answer:AIM died on me *grrr*

If you think it is adware or spyware, then you must read:

Then post in:

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Hi all,
I have a DVD-Rom drive (internal by samsung) suddenly started having problem loading CD's at times. And upon doing some experimenting, it fails every time at track 6 of a audio CD. It keeps seeking trying to find it. Other tracks seem ok though (at least 1-5). And some data cd's that are full it usually gets the data off of it. But game CD's it has a real problem with when it gets to that area of the CD. I have tried various other CD's and they all do the same thing also all of my CD's are clean and scratch free. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or is this drive bound for the dump?


Answer:uh oh I think this DVD drive died

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i recently built a z170 skylake DDR4 windows 10 pc. i was relaxing in front of it and lost video. All 3 monitors died. I took out the video card (evga 980ti) and it still won't post video. I re-seated ram and cleared cmos to no avail. The mother board is Asus Z170 pro gaming. the DRAM led is stuck on. when i hit power the cpu led comes on then the dram led stays on. There is also no HDD light activity at boot. it does not boot loop and i can't get the on board speaker to work so i can hear the post beeps. this build was working fine and then suddenly just died. I saved a very long time for this build and am at a loss as to what i can do. At this point i believe the ram or the mobo to be the issue. I've tried to boot on mobo integrated video on each individual stick of ram as well. I haven't messed with overclocking at all.

skylake 6700k
asus z170 pro gaming mobo
16g gskill ripjaws ddr4
evga 850 psu
evga 980ti
corsair 110i aio cpu cooler

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Question: Computer Died?

Okay, I am not sure what happened, so i just need a little help on the course of action i should take. I was gaming on my PC (room is a little hot.. id say the box was around 98 degrees F), and i smelled this burning smell of plastic or rubber. It was pretty faint butn then my computer immediately powered off. It was like something popped.

I disconnected the PC took it downstairs and found a lot of dust in it. I totally cleaned it out, brought it back upstairs and it wont turn on at all now. Like, ill hit the power button and i can tell everything starts to boot up for like a split second, then it stops. Any ideas on what got fried? I'm sure its not my video card, sound card, etc cuz it has to do with power. Could it be my power supply? Maybe (hopefully not) my mobo? I am totally broke right now, so taking it to a repair shop is pretty much out of the question. I know how to install hardware etc. all of that is easy and have been doing that for a few years... finding the source is my challenge cuz nothing is turning on. Anyway, thanks for the help in advance and if you have any questions or need more info let me know.

Answer:Computer Died?

that pop was the powersupply no doubt replace it and hope it didnt fry your mobo

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allowed auto update to install sp3 on xp home edition laptop now cannot bootup in any mode 0x0 0000024 code.recovery disk disappeared and xp pre-installed what options due i have left regards jeff

Answer:died after sp3 install

Read what microsoft has to say about this error message here.

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A few days ago, my windows Xp pro installation began giving me an error screen half way through the boot process. I have tried repairing the OS, but It just keeps giving me another error screen. I have decided that I am just going to reformat the harddrive, but there are a few files that i do not want to lose. Unfortunately, I kept these files in my user folder ("c:\documents and settings\my folder") I had my login passworded and the folder is locked. I need only about 3 MB of data out of that folder, but I have no clue as to how to access it. If any one can help, I would really appreciate it.

Answer:System has died/need help

What you could do is set that hard drive up on a different computer and back it up to another hard drive. After reformatting, you could then move those files back over.

Also, if these files are very small, you could just boot from a floppy to a DOS prompt and back those files up onto diskettes (if they are small enough to fit on them).

Hope this helps.

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I have a Raedon 9800 PRO vid card. This morning the system rebooted a couple times and a saw some flickering on my screen. I poped off the side and the heatsink on the vid card about burnt my finger. The fan will not turn.

Being a guy that likes to tinker I tried to figure out a solution. Here is what I did. Please tell me if I am nuts or about to damage my card.

I poped off the old heatsink and cleaned off the chip. I dug around and found a old heatsink/fan from a AMD 2000+ chip I had. Then I put some arctic silver on the chip. I put a little superglue on the metal rim surrounding the chip. I then positioned the fan careful not to touch any thing on the card its self. /pray.... /pray.... Turned power on.

It seems to be running ok. The heatsink is barely warm, but it seems to be doing the job. My main worry is will the superglue hold with the heat.

Thanks for any help :beard:

Answer:Fan died on my vid card


what if you need to get it off, lol overheat it?

seems to be ok, why didnt you go to the store and get some artic5?

Whats the temp now?


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Question: Windows Box Died.

Ok so I don't know if windows is the root cause, or if the machine just has some bug crawled up deep in the software and programing, or anything really, fact is that I can't get the computer to start up far enough for me to get into the system tools to search for a problem.

Every Screen that comes up is messed up visually. Many lines of Pixels are off set to a great degree making the screen looks like it has lines through it. The only screen that this doesn't happen on is the screen that has the string of text that pops up after the Dell BIOS loads. And even then when I take a snap shot of it the words are extremely misspelled and almost next to impossible to understand the words, I don't mean like their above my head technically speaking but as in they have letters where there shouldn't be any and there was even one or two sets of words that should have had a space between them yet there was none.

Once it gets through all this it states the computer couldn't start up and tries to find the error. It fails to find whats wrong and states that it'll be restarting. And begin again.

Right now it seems like the only way out of this vicious loop is to do a system restore, or a factory reset. Though both of those will probably ultimately have the same result as the only system back up that was done was shortly after I was forced to do a factory reset a few months ago. I Know there should be Back ups made of the system every month or if your reall... Read more

Answer:Windows Box Died.

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Question: Keyboard Died!!!

Greetings all..

this might sound a bit weird but i don't exactly know what happened..

the weather was bad outside, thunder and lighting and heavy rain..

the electricity got a little bumpy, blacked out and got back in an instance... so the computer had to restart >.<

the issue starts here..

when i logged back in and was typing (like i am now) i realised that something was wrong with the keyboard..

something wrong:

when I press shift + delete it no longer deletes the file!

it's like i'm not holding down the shift !!!!

I hold down shift and write 'holding shift' and it comes out: HOLDING SHIF without the t

and when I hold shift down and press 5 for the percentage symbol it doesn'twrite it !

and the volume rolling button on the keyboard no longer increases/decreases volume..


i really dont know what the issue is, the keyboard is still working and i'm still typing normally using it, but those weird stuff..

is it possible that the keyboard died internally (hardware got messed up or built in software or whatever) ? or is it from windows / operating systeM?

thanks for your patience..

please help.

Answer:Keyboard Died!!!

That does sound strange. First thing I would do, if you are using a multimedia keyboard, would be to try reinstalling any drivers that came with it (that might help with the volume controls) and make sure if the keyboard uses a piece of software to enable the volume controls and other specialty keys to work, make sure in is running. Secondly, try using KeyTweak to see if you can't fix the malfunctioning keys on your keyboard. Beyond that, it might have just shorted out. It happens to all kinds of equipment; I knew a guy that shocked himself when his router shorted out.


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