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Question about backbone networks

Question: Question about backbone networks

Hey guys,

I have question about backbone networks. Need Help!

If an organisation has 3 departments.

Key servers are in different departments ? so a user from 1 department X reads and writes to file servers in another department Y. And both users access mail from a server in department Z.

The traffic and broadcast storms originating in one department is causing bandwidth saturation in other departments.

The core of the network is slow and is unable to meet the response time requirements of various critical business applications.

What is the solution based on core technology design, LAN technologies and design solutions to address inter-departmental traffic issues?

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Preferred Solution: Question about backbone networks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Question about backbone networks

The traffic and broadcast storms originating in one department is causing bandwidth saturation in other departments.Click to expand...

major faux paux. Broadcasts should not go beyond the current subnet.

I would guess

you're departments are co-located in the same building
and all are on one subnet
For large companies per the above, likely the 192.168.x.y is insufficient and your lan is using a subnet like 10.x.y.z for ease of network administration.

Broadcasts should be limited to resource online/offline and contained within the network segment where the device is attached. Users / systems in HQ do not need the status of a printer going offline the the shipping department.


segment the departments into unique subnets
then add static routes between them according to their need
eg: the company domain server would be needed by all (dept <-> srvr)
including the email and directory system.

FEW departments need access to the sales group or its data

You need to analyze the departmental workflow to begin this project, and implement one network change at a time.

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Hey guys,

I have question about backbone networks. Need Help!

If an organisation has 3 departments.
Key servers are in different departments so a user from 1 department X reads and writes to file servers in another department Y. And both users access mail from a server in department Z.
The traffic and broadcast storms originating in one department is causing bandwidth saturation in other departments.
The core of the network is slow and is unable to meet the response time requirements of various critical business applications.

What is the solution based on core technology design, LAN technologies and design solutions to address inter-departmental traffic issues?


Answer:Need help - Backbone networks! Please Urgent!

homework, by any chance?

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This is not a real life situation, it's a small part of a report I have to do for college.

Basically I have to plan a full network for an 8 storey college building. I will place serveral networking closets (IDFs) to provide full coverage. Because of the size of the building, i'm guessing a fibre backbone will have to be put in place, this is where i get confused about the equipment I need.

Core level - Redundant Routers with GBIC interfaces
Distribution level - Fibre Switches?
Access level- Ethernet Switches with GBIC interfaces

I need to have a good redundant setup in place. I've looked into the fibre switches and I have calculated I will have at least 20 fibre runs to the closets (also need room for expansion).

I can only seem to find some kind of HP fibre switch that has 16 empty GBIC slots, which runs for 5,000 plus all the GBIC cards.

Can someone give me a hand to tell me if i'm going the right way and what equipment i should be checking out?

Answer:Fibre Backbone Help..

when dealing with fiber, there are a few things to consider:

single-mode vs multi-mode (need based on distance requirements)
SC GBIC vs LC SFP (connector types)

those are the main things, but if you are planning for expansion, i'd look into a fiber patch panel and fiber trunk cable. that way you can run the fiber once and patch in when you need new connections. I wouldn't run fiber for anything except the 'backbone' of your network (between stories/floors).

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This one is about as detailed as it gets but its from '06. Looking for something a little more recent.

Answer:Anyone know of a more up to date backbone map?

ya, would be curious if there is one.

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Question: Network Backbone

I have a question in regards to a network backbone. From what I understand, the network backbone generally is capable of a higher throughput than other connections throughout the network. For example lets say that I have a network consisting of one hub, three nodes, and two servers. The three nodes are connected to the hub via CAT 3 UTP @ 10mbps, hub is connected to switch via CAT 3 UTP @ 10mbps, and from the switch the two servers establish a connection via CAT3 3 UTP @ 10mbps. Now if I wanted to enable quicker access to the servers, could I just replace the NIC cards in the two servers with a 100BaseTX NIC and replace the existing CAT3 cabling with CAT5? Is this essentially what a network backbone is? Please help me understand exactly what a network backbone is and how it should be properly implemented.


Answer:Network Backbone

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My firewall picked up an IP address that was a hack it tried 24 times to connect to my PC.The IP is: found out that it is registerd to ConeXioN Corp. or something. Some of it is private. Coming from Nombres Telecomunications in Spain. And one odd thing it is connected with various nodes (backbones in this case) that IP is it's hostname.And the backbone is, Santa Clara (I think), CA. Then I got to find that the nodes on the network were other backbones, all registered under this hackers 213-99-69-223 IP address.Can anyone else find anything about it, this is all what my firewall did. I think whoever it is has connection illigally to a backbone, can someone help me please?ThanksI need to know more about this hacker to do anything says my ISP so this is why I am doing this, can anyone do some traces on it for me. Thanks

Answer:An attempted Hack from a Backbone>?? Uh


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My firewall picked up an IP address that was a hack it tried 24 times to connect to my PC.The IP is: found out that it is registerd to ConeXioN Corp. or something. Some of it is private. Coming from Nombres Telecomunications in Spain. And one odd thing it is connected with various nodes (backbones in this case) that IP is it's hostname.And the backbone is, Santa Clara (I think), CA. Then I got to find that the nodes on the network were other backbones, all registered under this hackers 213-99-69-223 IP address.Can anyone else find anything about it, this is all what my firewall did. I think whoever it is has connection illigally to a backbone, can someone help me please?ThanksI need to know more about this hacker to do anything says my ISP so this is why I am doing this, can anyone do some traces on it for me. Thanks

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Ever wonder what the wiring of the Internet looks like? The major node-to-node connections
are the backbone of the Internet. From any backbone node, major players connect one to another
(eg Universities and ISPs) and we (the home users) get service from there.

Here;s a site that maps the Internet with the ability to select by geography
(US, Europe, Asia, ALL) and then by network owner (AT&T, Quest, Ten, ESnet) and many more.

Point of interest is the link from the US to Europe is only the latter two.

From my perspective (ie: Los Angeles, CA), the path to TS (in Dallas, TX) is
AT&T World Net

Operations:select viewing options at the top of the page, then
select one or more Network Providers in the lower left.

Mouse over a node and the site location and details are shown in the lover right.​Site:Backbone Maps​Requirements: Java (it loads a Java Applet into the browser)​

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Hi all,I am currently working on my CISCO CCNA1 Case Study and I need a high speed backbone for the network I am planning. Fibre optic, i have been told, it a good medium for this.Here are the specifications of the network - 7 Enterprise Servers (MDF) connected a central fast switch.This switch then connects to 8 routers (7 different depatments and the internet)Each department has at least one switch and a departmental server plus numerous workstations.I have been looking on the CISCO website for information about fibre optic switches (if there is such a thing!!) but I dont really know how it would all come together.Any help would be great,Thanks a lot.

Answer:Help Creating Fibre Optic Backbone

Both Cisco routers and switches can come with fibre interfaces, the older systems have fixed but hte newer ones have changable interfaces so you can switch between fibre and cat 5. A quick search using 'Cisco fibre optics' brings up loads of info.Good luck

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Hello everyone,

I'm about to embark on the process of upgrading our backbone switches from 1Gbit to 10Gbit, and was wondering if I should go all-fiber for the backbone (All SPF+), or go with 10Gbase-T with SPF+ uplinks?

Basically, I'm debating between getting the Netgear XSM7224 or the Netgear XSM7224S. Any thoughts or possible pitfalls I should be concerned with?

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

- Space

Answer:Upgrading Backbone of our network - Looking for advise

SFP+ is generally uses less power and the add-in NIC's are cheaper. Honestly, the downfall is the lack of interchangeability/cross-compatibility on DAC's. Generally crossing brands of optics works but if DAC's is your goal it can get dicey. Long range capability & low latency is also nice. Fiber is cheap and generally easy to work with especially if you aren't new to it. If your upgrade involves running wire, i recommend using the best fiber you can afford/justify, taking the distance into consideration. Future-proofing for 40Gb & 100Gb could be attractive, just be sure to run a minimum of 5-pair (10 strand) fiber on long distance runs.

10Gbase-T is just about standard for new servers with 10Gb capability built in. You are seeing less and less SFP+ based NIC's built in. Standard CAT6 patch cords can be nice in a data-center is nice if that's what you are set up for (if you have fiber trays as well it's not really an upside). Downfall is shorter distances, higher latency and higher cost for add-in NIC's. The latency could be enough to warrant using optical based media in storage network environments. We aren't talking huge difference but in the storage world it makes a difference.

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Thanks to Woolyss I am now using Chromium without WebRTC (and using command switch --disable-reading-from-canvas) and surfed to Browserleaks to check IP and Canvasfingerprinting.

In my memory using Norton ConnectSafe from Netherlands always showed a server in Ireland, Browserleaks showed a DNS in London (Level 3 communications). So I clicked on the DNS IP and to my surprise it was part of the Neustar infrastructure.

So either I was unaware of something good in the past (Norton DNS using Neustar backbone) or it is really a change. Anyone know whether Norton ConnectSafe was using Neustar (with paid Express DNS and free DNS Advantage service) in the past?

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Sorry if this was posted anywhere already! Take care! angel

TCP Protocol Controls Routers

POSTED: 4:47 p.m. EDT April 20, 2004

A flaw that could potentially disable large parts of the Internet has sent security experts and governments scambling for a cure, technology Web sites and other sources reported Tuesday.

The problem is with the Transmission Control Protocol, which lets servers that send out information and routers, which decide how it is transmitted, to work together.

Britain's National Infrastructure Security Coordination Center said it could be a critical problem. The advisory says that flaw could be exploited if long TCP connections are shut down unexpectedly.

These are known as "reset attacks," according to A security researcher named Paul Watson discovered the problem.

An expert described the problem as affecting the glue that holds the Internet together. reported that there has been a secretive effort over the last few months to fix the problem.

Previously, it was thought that there was only about a 1 in 4 billion chance of someone guessing the information needed to cause a reset; Watson showed that it can be guessed within four attempts.

Tuesday's announcement came just two days before Watson is scheduled to present details of his work at an Internet security conference in Vancouver.

Watson predicted hackers would understand how to launch attacks "within five minutes of walking out of that meetin... Read more

Answer:Protocol Of Internet Backbone Vulnerable To Hacks

How Internet Infrastructure Works
Content provided by

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that nobody really owns it. It is a global collection of networks, both big and small. These networks connect together in many different ways to form the single entity that we know as the Internet. In fact, the very name comes from this idea of interconnected networks.

Since its beginning in 1969, the Internet has grown from four host computer systems to tens of millions. However, just because nobody owns the Internet, it doesn't mean it is not monitored and maintained in different ways. The Internet Society, a non-profit group established in 1992, oversees the formation of the policies and protocols that define how we use and interact with the Internet.

In this article, you will learn about the basic underlying structure of the Internet. You will learn about domain name servers, network access points and backbones. But first you will learn about how your computer connects to others.

A Hierarchy of Networks

Every computer that is connected to the Internet is part of a network, even the one in your home. For example, you may use a modem and dial a local number to connect to an internet service provider. Or you may use a cable modem or DSL connection. At work, you may be part of a local area network, but you most likely still connect to the Internet using an ISP that your company has contracted with. When you connect to your ISP, you become part ... Read more

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Hi everyone,

I am new here. I work at home for a large company via their secure website. For the past few weeks, there have been many times that I cannot get on the company's website (based in Internet Explorer). The website doesn't connect at all. During these times, I can access all other websites without any problems, so it is not a problem with my internet connectivity. The company keeps telling us that the problem is "an internet backbone routing issue" and there is nothing that they can do about it. My question is if this is really legit? Can there really be an issue that only affects my ability to access that one specific website while still being able to access all other websites without problems? I've checked my download and upload speeds through my ISP (I have a Road Runner cable connection) and they both looked good during these times. They claim that they can do nothing about this problem, but it has occured every day this week. Could it be some sort of problem on their end with their servers being overloaded or something? We are paid on production and don't get paid for downtime when their website is down. Is there anything I can do about this to prevent it from happening on my end? Thanks so much for the help!

Answer:Website repeatedly not available/internet backbone issues?

I am also having the same issue. I can't access a very important website. Money is at stake actually. All other websites work but the one i am trying to use. Last night it was working untill i refreshed the page a few times and then bam, i was unable to access it since then. Please help us out!

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Anyone notice a lot of major video/picture host sites suffering and being unreachable?

I dont know the real cause or if this IS the real cause but Putfile reports that its the fault of Colorado based telecommunications company Level3. I've looked and expected this to be major news on the [H] but nothing. So now I'm wondering, is there just some major outages occuring or has Level3 really screwed the home user and partitioned off connectivity to a major part of the world?

photobucket, putfile.... even some webcomics (nothingnice for example...) all suffering.


Answer:Internet issues: Level3(backbone) and CogentCo

I think a lot of Florida is being affected.

there was a thread in genMay that mentioned it a a few Orlando people were also having problems.

I think RoadRunner is largly affected at least.

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This is a bit out of my expertise range, so this could be a completely "not possible/insane" request. However, as there are many degrees of connectivity to the internet, this has me wondering...

Right now, I am connecting to a datacenter in Chicago from North Georgia. This normally requires a route that goes from my ISP to Cogent TN, then Cogent IN, and then eventually goes to AT&T where the datacenter is connected to. There are also other stops that pile on latency as well.

However, I am curious as to if there is some form of packet "tagging" to manually force the packet to go to another network immediately off the bat. This new route, for instance, might instead go HE's ATL network, then right to HE's Chicago, followed by AT&T Chicago (possibly reducing latency.) Another option could be all AT&T from ATLN -> STLS -> CHCG.

The first hop is going to depend on my ISP's peering, but it would be great if I could manually plan the route out statically after them to the end destination.

Can this even be done? If so, would this require some sort of expensive "multiple agreements" thing with different Tier 1s, or is there some secret "route tweaking" packet option?

This almost sounds like some sort of odd internet voodoo or wizardry.

Answer:Custom Routing over Specific Backbone Routers

Theoretically there's an IP option for 'source routing', but I think that's generally disabled on the Internet, because it causes more harm than good.

You could try experimenting with IPv6 -- routing may be different / more advantageous; or you could try using an HE tunnel on either or both ends, if you find better routing through HE than your normal routing.

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I was trying to log onto a network at my house with an SSID of "Free Public Wifi". Since I bum my internet off unsecure networks, I figured that since this one was stronger than the current one I was using, I would give it a try. But, when the connection went through, my laptop gave me the infamous blue screen and froze. I had to reboot my system. When I looked at the network again on my computer, it turned out to be ad-hoc. Is there any chance the person uploading the ad-hoc may have been able to hack into my system? I locked down my firewall immediately, afterwords to avoid any further damage, but I still don't know if he may have been able to do enough damage for me to worry about. Thanks for you time. I know this thread was long and mundane.

Answer:Question about ad-hoc networks

Hard to say...

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My laptop is connected to about 5 different networks at a time and if I disconnected any of them they will all disable. I?m curios to why it?s doing this. I?m using an Ethernet cord to access the net.

-Just was wondering if there is some kind of fix to this or I should just leave it alone?

P.S - I?m using the schools connection that provided in my dorm. Guess I could ask the network folks in charge of all, but it?s late and wanted to ask here first. (I?m sure most peeps here know more than about this tech stuff)

Answer:Question about networks?

where did you notice youre connected to 5 networks?

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Trying to figure out how to setup my juniper networks 5GT i just got

My old setup was

Cisco IAD-2400 -- SBS 2003 External IP----SBSDHCP --- Local Switch

Any suggestions on how to set this up would be great I have read the whole manual but im still confused


Answer:Juniper Networks and SBS Question

So your SBS box was running multi-homed in the old setup?
I'd change to single homed..hide it all behind the Juniper.
Port forward 4125 and 443 for RWW/OWA
Port forward port 25 for SMTP mail delivery


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I'm wanting to upgrade my network to Gigabit.

Something that's always remained a mystery to me is if let's say my router has 10/100 ports that I attach to a gigabit switch. I have two computers with gigabit cards connected to the switch and I want to transfer a file between them (on the same subnet of course).

Here's where I get confused, and admittedly I don't have much more than basic TCP/IP knowledge. If I initiate a file transfer between the two machines, do the packets flow through the router for the entire transfer or just on the switch matrix itself? Would the router which is only running at 100mb be a bottleneck, or do the packets just flow on the switch giving me true gigabit speeds?

Answer:Question about routing/networks

The PC's will talk directly to one another. The switch will have both PC's mac addresses in its mac table.

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Thanks to Woolyss I am now using Chromium without WebRTC (and using command switch --disable-reading-from-canvas) and surfed to Browserleaks to check IP and Canvasfingerprinting.

In my memory using Norton ConnectSafe from Netherlands always showed a server in Ireland, Browserleaks showed a DNS in London (Level 3 communications). So I clicked on the DNS IP and to my surprise it was part of the Neustar infrastructure.

So either I was unaware of something good in the past (Norton DNS using Neustar backbone) or it is really a change. Anyone know whether Norton ConnectSafe was using Neustar (with paid Express DNS and free DNS Advantage service) in the past?

Answer:Internet Security Norton ConnectSafe using Neustar's DNS Adcantage backbone

Of course Norton uses UltraDNS... so does COMODO and others; I think Norton ConnectSafe switched in 2013 or thereabouts.


non-authoritative response

General IP Information
Decimal: 2627383256
ASN: 12008
ISP: NeuStar
Organization: NeuStar
Services: None detected
Type: Corporate
Assignment: Static IP
Geolocation Information
Continent: North America
Country: United States
State/Region: Virginia
City: Sterling
Latitude: 38.9881 (38 59? 17.16? N)
Longitude: -77.4755 (77 28? 31.80? W)
Postal Code: 20166

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Hey guys, I'd appreciate some input from you networking gurus on something.

Right now, I've got kind of a hybrid network at home. Our only cable line comes in through the garage and so we have the following setup:


cablemodem (comcast 16mbit) -> D-Link DR-655 router -> powerline (homeplug AV 200mbit)

upstairs --> powerline adapter -> Netgear N router
upstairs2 --> 4port powerline adapter -> ps3 / pc1 / pc2

The upstairs router and the downstairs router are 2 diff wifi networks, though the upstairs router is just getting the signal from downstairs. All this is because our house seems to be wifi proof and it's difficult to have one wireless router serve the whole house.

Both my dad and I work at Cisco and are planning on getting a Cisco vpn router so we don't have to login to vpn all the time. I believe it's a Cisco 871 CVO - so I'm trying to see if I can have a similar setup using powerline adapters and a 2nd upstairs router.

There is another powerline standard that isn't compatible with Homeplug AV (simply Homeplug I think?) So I was wondering if I could have a separate powerline lan using those adapters. Would the two powerline lans conflict with each other even though the devices would ignore each other?

Or should I simply use a d-link repeater I have laying around and use that to repeat the cisco router signal?

Sorry I know it sounds convoluted. It's quite possible that th... Read more

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Hello,In the past I have always used the supplied router install disc to set up and configure a wireless network.I was looking at the XP wireless configuration wizard,is it easier to use then the router set up disc.Also to use the XP procedure must the router support Microsoft Windows Connect Now ?.Any help is appreciated .Cheers

Answer:General question regarding XP Wireless Networks

I never install router or wireless adapter software, only the drivers for the latter. XP's wireless network management is the simplest and easiest to setup and configure. "Microsoft Windows Connect Now" - not as far as I'm aware.

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Trying to understand the concept illustrated here. I have a /26 network which means 62 hosts. My assumption would be that I could have hosts with IPs in between .1 and .63 (which I believe would be the broadcast address). But this is showing I could have 4 networks (subnets?)

On a subnetting site I found they show this table for a /26

/26 -- 4 Subnets -- 62 Hosts/Subnet

Network # IP Range Broadcast
.0 .1-.62 .63
.64 .65-.126 .127
.128 .129-.190 .191
.192 .193-.254 .255
So how do these 4 networks work if I was using a network of

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I have my own internet supplied by the cable company, but when I plug in my wireless reciever, I'm able to access an unsecured network.

I figure it's either the upstairs tenents or someone else close by.

1. Is it illegal to use this "free" internet?

2. Will the party using this network be able to tell in any way that it is me that is leaching from it?

3. Could they experience performance decreases from me using the network?

Answer:question about unsecured wireless networks.

I guess ill answer this one

1) Depends on the country you should probably ask a lawyer on this subject.
2) Yes
3) Yes

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Hi, I'm new to the forums here and wanted to ask a question about home networks. I have an Acer desktop PC that has a slow network card (100 mbps) built in, which I had been using until yesterday. The home network I used with Windows 7 was named "Scott's PC Network" I disabled the network card and installed an Edimax Nano wireless adapter, which is connecting at 150 mbps. I now notice that my home network is renamed "Scott's PC Network 2" and there is a "Wireless Network Connection 2" on the computer also. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if it can just be renamed to the original "Scott's PC Network"? The only thing I can think of is that since I disabled the onboard network card, that Windows renamed the wireless connection. Also, when I look at the available wireless connections at the bottom right corner, where the 5 white bars are, it shows "Scott's PC Network" with the "Wireless Network Connection 2" above it. I'm of course connected to it and there are no problems, just trying to figure out why there is different names. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Answer:Question About Wireless Home Networks

Screen shots of this problem would be really helpful.

You should be able to click on the network name and rename it.

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When sending data across a wireless network (from your PC to your Wireless Router to the destination PC across the globe), from your PC to your wireless network, is this considered a OSI Layer 2 or are we in the Physical layer already.

I'm now self-studying for an CCNA, but the OSI concept still boggles my mind to some extend.

Am I correct to say that by the time the data passes from your pc to the router, the data has already been encapsulated by a Frame (which in this case is 802.11x)?

Answer:Wireless Networks, Layer 2 Question

The link from your wireless NIC to the wireless bridge or router is OSI Layer 2 since the data payload is encapsulated in a 802.11x frame header.

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I'm out of my depth with networks, so this may well be very easy. I have a situation where there are three PC's on a company network running very data intensive applications that generate lots of network traffic. Is it possible to keep the PC's on the existing network and also network them separately for better performance? Would there be issues with domains? Would the user have to log off one domain and onto another? Any comments greatly appreciated!DB.

Answer:Novice question - connect a PC to two networks?

You can have multiple network connections on systems, as long as you remember which network you are logged into.Yes, the user would need to log in and out of each seperate Domain, just as if you were to log on locally as Administrator.

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I setup a clients office with the same IP structure as the one I did on my own personal network (10.0.1.x/ When I connect to his network via L2TP/IPSEC VPN, this poses a problem when I try to hit something on his network - Windows defaults to looking on my own network.

Is there a way to force windows to go out over the VPN or even change the IP structure of the network locally on the machine - for instance 10.0.2.x that translates to 10.0.1.x on the remote network?

Answer:Question about connecting to networks through VPN with the same local IP structure

You can NAT between the two but it can get a bit ugly.

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I am trying to re-configure my home network to allow for a secure and normal (not to secure) networks, that will not be aware of each other but will both connect through to the same router for Internet access.

Basically I want one network that will be used only for Online banking, other important transactions and store important data and another which will be used for random web browsing,web mail, games etc that are more likely to get Spyware or Viruses.

The two networks will only have a few computers/laptops on each network and obviously as this is for home I want to know if this is feasible without spending huge amounts of money. If anyone sees any problems with my thinking or has any advice please let me know.

Am I correct in thinking that all I need is 3 routers?
1. Wireless ADSL Router connected to phone line that receives Internet.
2. The secure network router that connects to 1 and several computers.
3. The standard network router that connects to 1 and several computers.

2 and 3 would each have a separate wireless SSID and workgroup and use DHCP within different ranges to allocate IP's to the various computers.

Is there anything specific that I would need to do to the routers configuration to get them to work?
would the ADSL router need DHCP as well?
Will I need to configure different subnet masks?

Any help regarding this is much appreciated.



Answer:Home network configuration question (2 sub networks)

That will work. The secondary routers need to have a different subnet from the primary router. It doesn't matter if the two secondary routers use the same subnet.

Not sure how you are using the word "secure." I would advise WPA-PSK (or WPA2) on both wireless networks.

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Hey guys,

I had a quick question about a network at home.

My house is 15m tall and 9m wide, I want to network 3 computers (mine, wife, son).

Should I wire the house with Ethernet cat 5e cable and put a 100 base T switch?
Just put a Wi-Fi access point and Wi Fi cards for the 3 computers.

I prefer wireless, but Ive heard Ethernet would have slightly faster speeds due to less aerial interference.

Suggestions? Solutions? Thank you!

Answer:Solved: Question! Home networks Please help! Urgent!

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I have one office and one internet line. I have two networks. I am trying to think of a way to connect both networks up to the one Internet line but keep the networks inaccessible and invisible to each other. So far I have come up with this configuration.

Internet into a router. One line out of the router to a switch for one network and another line to another Router to the other network. Each network would have separate DHCP servers this way and not be accessible to each other.

Anyone try this?
Anyone have any other ideas?


Answer:One internet connection and 2 networks question or suggestion

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Simple Question...

This is just a simple problem that I just cant figure out. I attached a picture so I could explain better. The purpose is that I want to be able to share all my printers and also I want to be able to transfer files between the computers, so far I have been able to look from the 10.0.100.X network to the 10.0.10.X network but I cant seem to get it to work the other way.

I am no master of networking but! This is kind of my special project, my family is going to be really glad, the thing that looks like a lightning thing means that its trough wireless, the reazon I dont use only ONE router is that the G router is mine and I do a lot of heavy transfers between my laptop and my desktop and when I get mad I want to be able to isolate their lan more easily. I hope someone can help me out here :grinthumb

Thanks and just in case, I'm a newbie

- Title edited

Answer:Sharing files & printers over different networks ( Simple Question... )

Have a look here:

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Hi, Live many others I've been hit badly by the recent wave of nasty trojans et al very recently. AVG Free (primary antivirus) disabled, installed but now SAS is disabled, MalwareBytes installed but disabled, already had HJT installed but it's been killed too ... will come back for more specific help when I am ready to move on --

But here's a question: checking the Add/Remove Program lists shows something called Move Networks Media Player (everything ese looks kosher) - is it legit or something along the lines of the Viewpoint Player foistware?

thank you

Answer:Move Networks Media Player Malware Question

Hi, got hit while on the web the other day. AVG squawked, but was disabled just after I ran scan. Virus Vault inacessable, but was able to find a list of initial infections called Trojan horse Small.AU, Win32Heur, Agent2.QLS, SHeur2.BAYE,BAYZ,BAYL,BAXZ,BAXZ, Pakes.EAM
Some infected files were:

Have a listing I can post if needed. I also noticed immediately upon hit that a hpbyv and an xhue on my c:. Still have weird "155480941" that was generated at time of attack in c: Also have strange settings.dat 0 byte file on desktop that seems to generated after running some things.

Also found at some point were a thru e.exe's and a mbam.exe.

I need to get the system up and running for hubby to jobhut, kids to do homework. This is what we've done and a HJT log. Sorry if post too long, but thought info would help.

Ran CCleaner, was able to eventually run SuperAntiSpyware, Combofix, never got Malwarebytes to run, ran RootReveal and MGtools. Think I have logs to get to you if needed. System better, no longer getting missing dlls at bootup, but I know it's not clean. Bootex's were being dumped to removeable drives - that seems cleaned up, but whenever I access the HP_Administrator Docs & Settings area I get "Feature unavailable while... need to connect online" (System has been pulled from DSL) so I know something is still trying to access things, and as noted above I seem to b... Read more

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I have Toshiba laptop and Win 7. It is brand new laptop and original windows. I tried to install AWUS036H and it was successful but unfortunately adapter doesn't detect any networks. It happened with my old laptop with Win 7(Acer) and I had to reinstall windows fresh and it worked. But I wouldn't like to do it again here. As you may see on picture internal adapter has X in corner and it is working but RTL8187 doesn't, it just says Enabled and nothing happens. No networks detecting. In device manager everything is fine, no yellow icons. Also it is not detected by my ipconfig/all command. The same thing happens in safe mode

Adapter is not broken, it is working on linux. This is image from win 8.1 but it happens on my Win 7

Answer:WiFi adapter finds no wireless networks. ends up with No networks

What driver is currently installed?

Try this

Download the latest ar956x driver from here:

Release: 2014-07-22 [July '14]
OS: Windows 7 32/64bit
Status: WHQL
File: (2585 KB)

Unzip the package and note the location
Uninstall the driver from the device in Dev mgr, remove software if presented (checkbox or prompt)
then update the driver from within Dev mgr using the unzipped inf file

Some reports on the Qualcom board indicate that you might have success with an earlier version, but I only see then on the site I linked.

Try the newest first , then the 255 (270 was the one the poster on Qualcom complained about)

Maybe the Toshiba site has a version that works. My method is to install the base or original driver from the PC OEM support page and work up if the peripheral board driver doesn't help solve the issue.

Please fill in your SevenForums specs so members can be more help - All I know is that you have a Toshiba laptop with Win7 on it.

Please don't waste your time typing the information in a post - place it in your system specs - then any time you create a thread, people can look at your machine specs in the lower left hand corner of any post.

Specific model information is important, there are usually many Satelltite models.

See the Easy specs link in my signature for a tool that makes it really e... Read more

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Is there anyone here that has some solid info/experience using Wifi Sense. \

Me and some fellow network engineers are trying to figure out how big of a security risk this is or is not in an Enterprise environment. We have 40,000 employees, we provide an Aruba wireless network for them to connect their personal devices too and another Aruba controlled network for them to connect to using company issued hardened laptops.

My security team is asking if we think WiFi Sense would share Users credentials from their personal phones/laptops with Wifi Sense enabled and for some dumb reason they turn on sharing.

MS could not even give as a straight answer.

My assumption is that it if Enterprise security is in play that MS would have built in policies to not allow WPA2 Ent type configs be shared?

Our Aruba environment is extremely complex but user Auth is set up such that they provided a 4 digit pass code and the email they use on the website to sign up is the username. Aruba Clear Pass Network.

Answer:Wifi Sense - Enterprise Networks - Aruba Guest Networks.

glad you got Aruba, you can shoot all of those wifi-sense methods down, if you dont want them to harras the network

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I noticed this morning I could not access the internet:The computer says No Networks availableSure enough, the router on my computer is not detecting networks and any networks I had in the computer have been removed.What is happening? please in plain English and with instructions because I know nothing about computers. I am currently running System Restore to see if there was an issue there. I have disconnected and reconnected the main WiFi connections and routers. I have turned off and on the computer and ran system problem detections but all it says is router cannot find WiFi connections and that router may be disconnected, which doesn't seem to be the case by I don't know

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I Have An HP Dv5t Pavilion With An Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz, My Wireless Internal Network Card Is A "Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN".

I Have Been Using This Laptop For 2 Months With No Problems At All. And Just On Thursday My Norton 60 Trial Ran Out, So Of Course I Deleted It From My Control Panel. And After That, Is When I Started Getting This Problem. I Have Looked Around The Web And Tried A Dozen Different Solutions That Do Not Work For Me. And It Has Been Pissing Me Off So Much To the Point Where I'm About To Format The Hard Drive. I Do Not Wish To Take Such Drastic Measures. So Will Any Of You Please Help Me

Answer:My Wireless And Wired Networks Only Show Up As "Unidentified/Local Only" Networks

First off, the capitalization of every word is a little annoying just fyi.

Second, try reinstalling drivers for your network card, and make sure your computer is updated. What are you using to monitor the WiFi card? The vista program or a third party program?


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I have two networks showing. I use the one called Ghi
The second one I think is a leftover from when I had this computer set to share printing and files with another computer on my home network.
Is it safe to delete the second one if my assumption is true that it is a leftover?

Hasiel in Sunny AB

Answer:Two networks showing on my "Manage Wireless Networks" in Control Panel

If you're not using it, yes.

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I am at a bit of a loss and would greatly appreciate any direction and suggestions.

I recently renovated my house and ran all new CAT6 cables throughout. Everything terminates in a closet in my basement, which is also where my Home Office is.

The office houses 6 workstations, MFP and TV with a HTPC. My servers - both office and home entertainment - all sit in the closet in the basement. I have a 12TB NAS along with a number of application servers and web streaming servers.

The home network consists of a few stationary computers, network printers laptops and tablets, as well as three HTPC's that all stream from a NAS server in the basement.

The home is a three floors and due to the length of the runs from the basement to the top floor I opted to save some coin and run a 'sub panel' on the top floor, which is where all the LV cabling terminates just for the top floor (the rest runs all the way to the basement. I have left the choice of wire to 'patch' the two cabinets open and right now it is a single CAT6 wire.

I have rigged it up to work in a temporary fashion with some crude patching and crappy patch cables - all of which I am now on a mission to redo correctly and permanently. The hardware I am currently using is a Arris cable modem connected to a Linksys E4200 for router and WiFi duties, after that I have a Cisco SR2024C 24-port Gigabit switch which splits up all over into a bunch of crappy switches all over.

Needless to say it is a big big m... Read more

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I have recently had a problem with my computer showing no wireless networks. There are other computers that can log on without a problem (obviously, one which I am using).

It is well noteworthy to mention that a few days ago there was an accidental download that initiated. Trendmicro caught it and says the last virus/malware found is: TROJ_DROPPER from C:\WINDOWS\system32\eventlog.dll.

(I thought trendmicro caught it, and Prevx cleaned my system, but it may be contributing to the problem or has done damage)

Since then, at school, I have noticed my computer was connected to the internet (I could still surf the web) but would say that it was NOT connected. When I went home, my computer would say it detected a wireless network, however, when I clicked on it it would say "no wireless network detected"

I tried a few things including:

1.Uninstalling the Network adaptor
Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN and letting it reinstall on start-up (No luck)

2.running HostXpert

3.and a few other things like, checking to make sure some necessary functions are started such as the wireless zero config. (et al).Click to expand...

Here is my ipconfig report:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\*************>ipconfig\all
The system cannot find the path specified.

C:\Documents and Settings\***********>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Patrick
Primary Dns Suffix . . .... Read more

Answer:Solved: Wireless networks detected - no wireless networks found

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I was wondering if, in Windows 8, there's a way to configurity the priority/order of wireless networks? In Windows 7, it use to be under "Manage wireless networks", but I can't seem to find it in Win8. I have two wireless networks in my home, and Win8 always seems to pick the one with the weaker signal (farthest away).


Answer:No "Manage Wireless Networks" (order/prioritize wireless networks?)


Found the answer:

Manage Wireless Networks observation

I added a shortcut on Desktop with:

explorer.exe shell:::{1fa9085f-25a2-489b-85d4-86326eedcd87}
and I can now bring up "Manage wireless networks" and change the network priority/order from there.


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hi! all,

under "wireless network connection" settings, there are "show available networks" & "manage known networks" options that can be clicked. however, when I tried to click on either option, nothing happens. if I tried to click on the wifi icon on lower right hand corner of the task bar, I could not see available wireless network window either.

the only way that I can attach to a new wireless network is at the login page and click on the wifi icon, then the available wireless networks window will show up.

please help!



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hi! all,

under "wireless network connection" settings, there are "show available networks" & "manage known networks" options that can be clicked. however, when I tried to click on either option, nothing happens. if I tried to click on the wifi icon on lower right hand corner of the task bar, I could not see available wireless network window either.

the only way that I can attach to a new wireless network is at the login page and click on the wifi icon, then the available wireless networks window will show up.

please help!



Answer:"show available networks" & "manage known networks" disappeared

Just roll back to a restore point before this happened. This usually happens when a user changes Services or installs software for managing Wireless connections, which stops Windows Wireless Zero Config.

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Question: Two Networks

I work for a small charity that has a network of 7 computers in the office with a broadband connection through a Netgear DG834 routerWe have now been given 10 pc?s that are about 3 years old and we wish to set them up for students to use. They will need internet access and we would like them to connect through the Netgear router. Our problem is that we do not want them to have access to our network. I?m sure I read somewhere that I could use a second router (Netgear RP614) this would allow me to setup the office network behind the RP614, this would be connected to the DG834 allowing office PC?s to still have internet access.This will allow the student machines to be connected directly to the DG834 via a switch.Can anybody confirm this will be okay, or perhaps have a better solution thanks.

Answer:Two Networks

Unless one of those 2 ADSL routers can have the ADSL portion disabled so it will act as a pure Access Point, you will have a problem trying to connect them to just one broadband connection.You can connect an Access Point device to an ADSL router.So for example;ADSL router connects to your existing 7 computers, and a Device acting as an Access Point.The 10 PCs can then connect to the Access Point.I hope they already come with ethernet connections to save your charity the costs of buying ethernet cards, and you the hassle of fitting and troubleshooting any installation issues!Not too sure, but I think the 10 PCs can be setup as a separate workgroup to your existing 7 PCs which will prevent access?

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Question: No Networks

Laptop shows me no networks. Running Windows XP Professional. Network switch is on. Connection is wireless. Model X300 by Lenovo. Does anyone know how I can fix this. Second request.


Answer:No Networks

Go to Start/Run and type ncpa.cpl and press enter. In Network Connections is your Wireless Disabled? (eg) has a Red X? Right click it and choose Enable, if enabled already the choose Connect.
You can also Right click and choose Diagnose.
Power Cycle your Router/Modem (eg) unplug the power cables, wait 15 seconds and plug the modem in first if a separate device and then after all the lights are on, plug in the Router.
Do other devices on your network connect wirelessly?
If other devices connect to your wireless network but not this computer you may be infected.

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I once typed a command into the command prompt on Windows 10 that hid all of the networks around me. Now when I go to a new location, my computer says "No Wi-Fi networks found." I am able to get online while k am at home, but not when I am somewhere that has a new signal. Is there anything that I can do to be able to see all of the networks again?

Answer:How do I see all of the available networks around me?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I once typed a command into the command prompt on Windows 10 that hid all of the networks around me. Now when I go to a new location, my computer says "No Wi-Fi networks found." I am able to get online while k am at home, but not when I am somewhere that has a new signal. Is there anything that I can do to be able to see all of the networks again? netsh wlan set blockednetworks display=show

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Question: p2p networks

Tried to send a link to a friend to find that kazaa lite is no longer being maintained and links do not appear to be available. E-mule is suggested - I have no knowledge of this. What is this product like is it full of spyware etc. or clean.

Anyone with information, appreciate a reply.

Answer:p2p networks

Thats a boo boo,the site doesn't support p2p programs as per the owner.

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Question: NETWORKS

My ideapad FLEX 4 will not show any Networks upon start up. I have to go into Troubleshooting for it to fix the issue, but it's temparary. I have to do this everytime I start up my computer. any suggestions on how to elimenate the issue.  Your help would be greatly appreciated,  Thanks


First try rolling back the driver if you were able to connect before:  
1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Device Manager, and then select Device Manager from the list of results.
2. In Device Manager, select Network adapters  > the network adapter name.
3. Press and hold (or right-click) the network adapter, and then select Properties.
4. In Properties, select the Driver tab, select Roll Back Driver, then follow the steps.
If that doesn't help, try updating the wireless driver:

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I am very new to networks and do not understand them very well. Please explain in "everyday" terms your answers and steps. Thank you "hugely" in advance.

Here's what I have. My desktop pc is a Dell, and it is running XP Home. My internet connection is cable (Comcast).

I also just got a used Dell Inspiron e1505 laptop. I'm not understanding this either. When I go to "system information" it says, its a Dell Inspiron I6400. Is it is the same thing? Also, under RAM it says, "794MHz, 0.99 GB of RAM".... is this good? It doesn't sound like much to me, but the laptop is pretty fast.

But to the point.... I would like to be able to hook the laptop up to the internet. I really don't care about the 2 computers being connected to each other, unless that is the only way I can connect the laptop to the internet. I could not tell you what stuff is installed on the laptop as far as hardware and such. I know there is a program I could run, but I dont know how to get it on there without an internet connection.

Wow, sorry for rambling on, but what I'm asking is, could you please tell me what I need to do to get the laptop online? Could I even just install the Comcast software on the laptop and just disconnect the desktop from the internet? I would like wireless internet for the laptop, but .... not sure how to do that either.

When I got the laptop, I also got a thing that plugs into a USB port. It i... Read more

Answer:New to networks, need your help please!

Yes, you can install comcast on the laptop, but you can access the Internet with either computer at a time, not both at the same time. If you want to do the latter, you need a router.


Since you have a Wireless G adapter in the laptop, might as well look at Linksys Wireless G router for about $50. You can wire the router to the PC through a network cable. Or buy a wireless card for the PC for about $20.

Go to start, control..., add/remove programs, look for any existing wireless program, uninstall it, restart pc, install the Linksys driver.

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Question: Networks and SP2

We have a network at our church. I usually have pretty good luck keeping it running. However, when it came our server's turn to have XP Pro updated to SP2 it shut down the network. I got everybody working again by using system restore on the server and all terminals (XP Home). Every once in a while some newbie will accept the Window upgrade to SP2 an it takes a few hours to fix it. It is probably some software on the server that causes this. I suspect Norton Internet Security. Any suggestion would be welcomed.

Answer:Networks and SP2

Welcome to TSG.

I'm not fimlar with XP Home but try logging in as administrator, then right click My Computer, Select Manage, then services, scroll to Automatic Updates, right click it and select properties, stop and disable it.

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Question: No networks seen

I have an HP Pavilion B & O laptop. I unplugged it from its power cord in order to take it outside. Now, it doesn't see any networks. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the network adapter. I have tried disabling and reenabling the network adapter. I have tried resetting the modem. I have restarted the laptop several times. Other devices connect just fine, but not this laptop. The laptop recognizes my bluetooth headset, but it does not see any wireless networks. There is no physical network adapter switch.

Please help. I am missing work and school. Thank you!

Answer:No networks seen

Hopefully some of our members will chime in soon.
@Malnutrition @phillpower2

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Question: Networks

My ISP just installed my Internet they use fiber. There is what they call a smart box in my garage. My home was hard wired when built having 3 connections up stairs and one down. He said he was only responsible for one "hot" wire in what they call the smart panel and i make my connections from there. I should have asked if what he install in the box was just a modem or modem/router. I was going to place my wireless router in the box in the garage but he said to put a switch which I did and was able to have connectivity in all rooms. I further placed another switch in my office to run printers etc all hard wire. I then hooked my router to the switch which worked and provided me with strong wireless upstairs but weak downstairs. I was wondering what would be the best solution for signal strength downstairs, range extender,another router, access point. I considered placing the router in the garage but I foresee the same problem upstairs and maybe not great downstairs as it would be in the garage. Need suggestions. I have an 8 port linksys switch in the box, an 8 port linksys switch in my office and an E4200 wireless router connected to the switch in the office.

Thank you


By "weak", do you mean you are unable to connect? You could try just re-orienting your antenna(s) or adding a larger one before moving things around. If you are able to connect and seem to get a god enough signal, I wouldn't worry about the objective signal strength too much.

You may also be able to increase the power of the router in its settings, but that may only affect transmission. That may be enough.

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Question: Networks

Sorry but I'm totally confused by all the jargon. What is the difference between an adaptor and a network card and a router ?. I have just got broadband and want to use my laptop from anywhere in the house by wireless. I am told that I can attach the adsl modem to my pc but I dont want to have to connect that to the internet before I can use the laptop as I understand this slows the connection. Also my wife has an old 133 mhz laptop which does not have a usb port so could she use a small card thing to talk to a network ? Can someone explain in VERY simple terms what hardware I need and where I should connect it.Thanks.


from the out set lets just say that wireless and simple dont really belong in the same sentence but with patience perseverence and a little help from your friends (here) you should be OK. 1) adaptor,NIC and network card are the same thing. this is the thing that you plug into your machine to enable it to communicate with a network. you will need wireless NICs for your PCs and Laptops (you may run into some serious problems with your wifes antique but I wont be the one to tell you that they will be insummountable)For the PC I would suggest using a PCI wireless NIC and in the laptops you should use PCMCIA cards. 2) Next you will need a router ,Which is a standalone box that acts as the bridge between the internet and your network. having a router will mean that you only have to have the computer you are using switched on (but considerable funds could be saved if this should be an issue, using the PC as a gatway will not slow anything down, the data transfer speeds of even broadband internet connections are very slow compared to local network traffic). I would recommend that you take a look around Dabs, Simply or wherever you like to shop online (or out there in the real world (shudder)) and look for a Bundle deal . Its kind of pointless getting into the details of setting things up right now until you have done you shopping Read The Manuals.

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I have win2000 on my Laptop. Is it possible for me to have a second LAN connection so when I go into somebody elses network I can see them and the can see me instead of changing all my settings.


Answer:two different networks

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Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to create two separate networks using one external IP address. I don't want the networks to be able to communicate with each other.

I read about cascading and also read where you get a 3rd router and connect two routers to it. Taking off DHCP and assigning static IPs.

Not sure the best way to go about this and any input from you guys on the most secure way to do this would be most appreciated. You'all never steer me wrong.

Answer:Two Networks One IP

I'm not sure if there are any consumer routers that would allow you to setup two inside subnets, but you could always do this with Cisco (and I'm sure other) hardware. I'll use what I know about this with Cisco terminology, just for the record.

Should be able to take a router and setup PAT (NAT overload) with one outside interface and two inside interfaces, or with a single physical interface with multiple sub-interfaces configured (one for each inside subnet). If you setup two physical interfaces then you could have DHCP running on each and then just connect a switch to each interface. With the sub-interfaces on a single physical port you would need a managed switch with the uplink to the router set as a trunk, then setup VLANs for each separate network.

Not sure if you are asking for home or business, or how much knowledge you have in this area, but it is certainly possible and you don't necessarily need to assign IPs statically.

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I like to stream content to my xbox. I have two internet connections on two different networks. How would I go about being able to share from both networks to my xbox without giving up any net bandwidth between them? Is there a way to do this?

Answer:2 networks together

A few ways, one is to get a multiple-uplink router (Linksys has a couple VPN routers with dual WAN ports), another is to build your own *nix router that has support for load balancing. I don't know if the Linksys hardware supports load balancing, but I think it does.

EDIT: yes it does, link to their 4 port version below

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I just installed a new ASUS router. I have two laptops connected wirelessly, My desktop and a printer are connected via ethernet cable. I cannot "see" or add my printer from my wired desktop, though I can from the Wifi laptops. When I look at the network map through the router admin page, I can see everything, but the desktop sees only the router, and the laptops see everything but the desktop. Obviously they are interacting as two separate networks, I want them to be one of course. How do I correct this issue?
Windows 7 64 bit on all machines

Answer:Two different networks

For the three PCs please show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following commands:

nbtstat -n


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Is it possible to set up a number of different networks with my P.C? I want to set up a Wireless Network between my P.C and my P.D.A for internet access only, but I also want to set up a seperate Wired LAN between the same P.C and the other two computers in my house.If possible could somebody direct me just a little bit please.Thank you,Anthony

Answer:Two Networks...One P.C????

I believe so aslong as you have a separate NIC for each connection, in this case a wired NIC and a wireless NIC.Just set up the wired connection first and then then wireless one between your PC and PDA.

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Question: Zen Networks ?

I have been asked to install a Zen network in my home PC so I can comunicate with the computers at work.While I know a lot about the internet and LAN networks I have never heard of Zen Networks before. Can anyone help me with some basic data.They want me to pay 100 ($160) for A Zen Adaptor and I need a network card and still need Broadband to make it operate. Am I being sold a bill of goods?

Answer:Zen Networks ?

I found the answer on the net. Zen is an ISP that charges a 50 connection fee, you buy your own modem and then 30 a month for a 1/2 meg connection. Used for business.

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I initially thought I had resolved this last December in this post, but am now having issues related to remote file sharing.

I've got 1 WAN and 1 LAN network set up. The WAN router is set to an IP of which must remain. I've set the LAN to an IP of

I have a notebook running Vista where the WAN adapter connection is set to obtain the IP address automatically. Its LAN connection is set to the custom IP of, subnet mask of, and no default gateway as instructed by zx10guy to enable access to both networks simultaneously.

However I've just discovered that the notebook is using the WAN to transfer files to the PC tower that now has Windows 7 beta 7100 installed. I don't know if the problem existed prior to the switch to Win7 on that system.

The way Win7 deals with security for network connections seems to be different from Vista in how it deals with a 'Private Network' and a 'Public Network' through its new firewall and file sharing functions. And I must confess, I don't know much about these things.

The IP settings for WAN and LAN in Win7 on the tower are set up as they are on the notebook running Vista SP1. But the two systems will only access both the Internet and remote file sharing via WAN.

And the WAN adapter on the tower running Win7 has to be set to a 'Public Network' connection type in order to access both, where the notebook can access both with its WAN set to e... Read more

Answer:2 different networks, WAN and LAN on 1PC?

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Question: vpn networks

I have 3 pc's in the office all on Win2k peer to peer, I want to put these on B/B using a netgear DG834 router. That I can handle. Next I want to be able to connect to the office from home using a VPN connection, but I am not sure how to go about this. Do I need some third party software? Also have B/B connection at home. Thanks for any advice.

Answer:vpn networks

You can set one of your Win2K pro machines to answer incoming connections, including VPN's. This is straight forward enough as there is a new connection wizard that you can follow.You will then need to make sure that the computer you have chosen has a static IP address and is left on when you want to VPN in from home. When you have done all of that you need to set up your Netgear router to allow the VPN traffic into your network and to NAT it to the IP address of the PC that you have chosen to answer incoming connections. You will need to NAT tcp port 1723 to the ip address of the 2000 box.

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Question: Networks????

Have 2 computers that I want to network. I have done the network setup wizard on both but one says limited or no connectivity. Please can someone tell me how to setup a network. It is a wired network by the way. I want them to both be able to use the internet and play games over LAN.Cheers


click here

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I must start by admitting my ignorance about networks, but I see that my PC is suing something called a "Local Area Connection", while both my mobile 'phone and my Kindle reader are successfully using a network connection which involves a password. While this is working satisfactorily, should I rather be using one standard network connection which encompasses the three ? If there is no benefit in this, so be it, but the question is just for my own information.

Answer:Different Networks being Used

You are using the same network except your computer is connected with an Ethernet cable and your mobile devices are connected by wireless. This is a completely normal setup and nothing needs to be changed.

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Question: Wot, no networks?!

HP G70-212EM laptop.Vista Home Premium version 6.0 SP2 32-bit.Pentium T34003 GB ramAtheros 5007 wireless cardHi All, I started the topic a few days ago and whilst some very kind and knowledgable people have offered suggestions and advice unfortunately I am still unable to find any networks via wireless.On the face of it all seems to be working re wireless: Wlan on, blue wireless lamp, Atheros device 'working properly' but no Network can be found (three other wireless devices connect so I know the router is working).Windows Wireless Service is not working (and I'm being told by Windows that it can't be repaired-clue?); also System Restore is not working (even in safe mode).MBAM has removed hundreds of malware (some serious inc vundo) and is now giving a zero reading.I ran Windows Defender Offline (via usb stick) and it found Exploit:Java/CVE-2012-0507.D!ldr. After this I regained control of Security Centre.Superantispyware found Trojan:FakeAlert and cleared.One suggestion was to try combofix but I'm here to be told otherwise.Appreciate any help.CHeers.

Answer:Wot, no networks?!

If you want some help in this forum you have to put the other topic on hold until we're done here.

Did you check if wired connection works?

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My boss would like me to buy a PCMCIA wireless nic that can be used on 802.11 a, b, and g networks. Does one even exist?

I know G can work on B, but not A.

Your thoughts?

Answer:802.11 nic that can be used on A, B & G networks?

It will have two radios. There are many so called tri band client devices and AP's. Actually it's dual band 2.4 ghz and 5 Ghz) but they support all three 802.11 specs.
Google: Tri Band hardware

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Hi. I'm having a problem with streaming movies from my pc (XP service pack 1) to my xbox running XBMC. Here's the deal.

I've been using my pc as a file server for XBMC. Everything was working fine. I could stream without a single hitch.

Then i go and buy a wireless adapter so i could play online with my PSP. Installed the card and after reading a 'how-to guide' about setting up the pc and psp for online play, i ran the home network wizard. It detected all my devices and things were looking good. At first. The internet was working fine. but i couldnt stream movies to my xbox anymore. The connection seems to timeout in XBMC. (My Xbox is connected with a crossover cable to an NIC in my PC by the way.)

Next thing i did was unbridge the connections. That didnt solve anything. So i deleted the connection and re-installed the network card. Still nothing. I re-installed the streaming software (CCXstreamGUI v1.41). Everything is setup correctly but i cant stream anything anymore.

I'm stumped. No idea what to do.

The last thing i want to do is have to re-format, so is there anyway of restoring my connections? (I dont use the system restore feature in XP)

For instance completely deleting the network and starting from scratch?

Dont know how to do it. Looked on google but every tutorial is about setting up a new network. Not getting rid of a bad one.

Answer:When networks go bad!

Just guessing here... Is the firewall enabled by any chance on the NIC going to the XBox?

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Question: 2 networks?

Curious question.....

I am using one of my machines which is on a seperate dsl connection (since im still under contract might as well use it), at any rate using this machine strictly for torrents....the problem is that places it outside of my there a way to run a 2nd network card to give this machine access to my network for moving & transferring files?

Answer:2 networks?

Sure. Install the 2nd card and plug in. I think you would want to statically assign the ip address of your second NIC.

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Question: NETWORKS

I want to connect 2 pcs by using a wireless network. I do not need any special features, a wireless functional peer to peer network would be ideal. Which is the best hardware I can buy and at what price?The 2 pcs have to have the same specifications and configuration?10x in advanceRegards,Chris Micallef


I have the following 2 pcsPentium3 800Mhz512Mb RAM16Mb NVidia Vanta5.1 Surround Sound and CardWindows XPCable Modem Internet @ 128Kb/sPentium 100Mhz32Mb RAM4Mb Elsa Victory 3D CardStereo SoundWindows 98I have asked some specialists and they told me that using Windows 98 SE on the older pc would enable me to connect the 2 of them. The distance between them is about 90ft.What is the hardware I need and its costs, setup difficulty, etc?

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Question: Networks

So this laptop I was given to fix is all mine now. Toshiba Satellite A100/A105, Win XP Home SP3, Intel Celeron M, CPU 420 @ 1.60GHz, 1.60 GHz 448MG RAM (overclocked to max capability). I will be posting as things come up that I need to know, like this:

Apparently this computer was networked by the original owner. I need to find out how to stop the system from looking for or referring to other computers. There are three references to monitors in the Device Manager: Two 'generic monitors' and one Plug and Play monitor. No reference to this monitor which is ATA. Do I need to reinstall the driver for the chipset before I get rid of those? Thsnks in advance!!!

Jann thinking this is gonna be too much fun!!


I'm surprised you didn't have it completely wiped, as that's normal procedure for computer transfer...
But anyhow, I'd get the latest drivers for everything (if you haven't already.) Create a restore point in System Restore, and then try deleting those two references. Then, if all goes well, install an newer version of the graphics AND chipset drivers.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:52:29 AM, on 8/9/2005
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\HijackThis.exe

R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - {02EE5B04-F144-47BB-83FB-A60BD91B74A9} - C:\Program Files\SurfSideKick 3\SskBho.dll
F2 - REG:system.ini: Shell=Explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\Nail.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [cduvikz] c:\windows\system32\olniqu.exe r
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [System service62] C:\WINDOWS\etb\pokapoka62.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [winsync] C:\WINDOWS\System32\aqrano.exe reg_run
O4 - HKLM ... Read more


hello, You have several infections on your system that needs a special treatment, so we can't deal with this in one flow.Any reason why your windows isn't up to date? You don't have even ServicePack1 installed! Remember that your system is extremely vulnerable without the necessary security patches/updates, so malware can get installed automatically while surfing without any problems.Because your system is already infected, updating now CAN cause problems, so let's get you updated when everything is fixed again.You don't have even an antivirus and firewall installed. That's what I want you to do first... Install an antivirus and firewall:AVG, Bitdefender OR Avast are good FREE antivirus.Never install more than one antivirusscanner or firewall on your system! Several together can give problems and decreases the reliability of it seriously!Zonealarm, Kerio OR Sygate are FREE firewalls. Understanding and using firewalls: your antivirus update and perform a full scan!Let it delete everything it is finding!It's better to print out the next instructions or save it in notepad, because you also have to work in safe mode without networking support, so this page wouldn't be available then.It is also important you don't miss a step and perform everything in the right order!!* Download and install CCleanerDo not use it yet.* Download Nail/Aurora Spyware FixDo not use it yet.* Download LQfix.zipUnzi... Read more

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Question: P2P networks

For some unknown reason I can no longer download programs like Kazaa, morpheus or Gnuttella. I get through to download page, then when I press "download" message comes up "page not available".I am running WindowsXP Pro, with Service Pack 2 downloaded from Windows Update.Can anyone help with this problem, please.bucksboy

Answer:P2P networks

Sorry I can't help you but I would just like to say that I no longer use P2P networks as it is possible to accidentally download spyware, trojans and viruses. I stopped using it around 6 months ago when I had to use my Drive Image 7 backup as P2P completely messed up my internet connection and whatever I tried I couldn't get online again. Even though I can't help you this will put you to the top of the list. CW

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My PC desktop uses the network "bizz1" as how it was set up. I couldn't make the network to connect for my new Macbook, so I called the internet provider. The tech told me that the network now is "bizz123." So, I used the new network name in the MAcbook to set up the network connection. It worked. But, now I am trying to transfer some files from my PC to MacBook, yet I found that the PC desktop still using "bizz1." I should have asked while on the phone, but I did not think about it then. Although I still could transfer data from PC and Macbook by using different networks, why does the internet company creates a new network for me???

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My whole network keep going down(Wired and wireless), I suspect the reason is that there are too many G networks around me and it is interfering with my router and it keeps restarting to find a usable channel, But because I know just enough to install and secure the wireless router i wanted another opinion. So is it possible that my network keeps crashing because of the many other wireless networks within range( I count 10 right now all G, about 90% secured ).

Answer:How many G networks can you have

You need to make sure that the connecting cables are shielded and are of hi quality

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Hi, I am a ICT student and need help understading something as my teacher is not much help.

1st;- what is the best way to connect 3 LAN, together if they are 3km away from each other, making 6km distance from 1st LAN to 3rd LAN. Would it be VPN and how would that be set up? What would the IP address that join them together be??

2nd; Why would you use MAC address as a form of indentification instead of DHCP IP addresses?

and this is a question for my home network and not my ICT course. would you recommend DHCP over Static IP??

Thanks alot in advance

Answer:Networks LAN to WAN

bj00uk said:

Hi, I am a ICT student and need help understading something as my teacher is not much help.

1st;- what is the best way to connect 3 LAN, together if they are 3km away from each other, making 6km distance from 1st LAN to 3rd LAN. Would it be VPN and how would that be set up? What would the IP address that join them together be??

2nd; Why would you use MAC address as a form of indentification instead of DHCP IP addresses?

and this is a question for my home network and not my ICT course. would you recommend DHCP over Static IP??

Thanks alot in advanceClick to expand...

hi there

yes u can use vpn or some other wan technology ie fibre, isdn, t1 etc

mac addresses are used to filter / restrict machines ie u can lock down dhcp clients by mac address as mac address are unique to each nic

dhcp is ok for a large number of computers because going around manually configuring machines would b a nightmare, also manually is prone to typing errors. but for things like servers or port forwarding then a manual address is required

hope that helps

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I have 1 NIC and say i set to static on a 192.168.1.x range.

I also have a phone system usinf 192.168.42.x range.

I use a seperate program in windows to configure the phone system.

Is it possible for the NIC to have 2 subnets assigned. eg with the switch configuration as static as default VLAN and phone on 802.1Q VLAN, can i set windows up to accept tagged packets through the trunked VLAN?

Anyone done anythign like this before?


Answer:1 NIC with 2 networks

Each network interface can only attach to a single network at a time.

192.168.42.x seems like you're using the phone as a wifi/usb modem, can it be?
If so, the phone itself will become a second NIC with its own configuration and IP address, thus the computer will be part of 2 networks.

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Question: Available Networks

I am on a small home network with a wireless connection. When i lose my internet connection and go to "Connect to a network" i usually see our own network and sometimes another network listed with one or two bars showing. We,re wondering if the other network showing is a network in the area open and available for use or is just listed and the owner cld possibly be away or have their computers shut off? pls reply. thanks.

Answer:Available Networks

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Question: ABI Networks


My computer was infected with spyware yesterday. I tried to delete as many things as I could using "Add/Remove Programs," but there are three programs that would not allow themselves to be deleted. One is the ABI Network; one is Outer Info Network; and one is AFA Internet Enhancement.

I've read some other threads to learn what other people have done, so I went ahead and did the HijackThis log. Here it is:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:39:38 PM, on 6/27/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\SAVScan.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\SymWSC.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Pr... Read more

Answer:ABI Networks

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Good Morning [H] (or afternoon, evening and goodnight),

I'm renovating my home, rebuilding the basement, and now is a good time to upgrade/fix my network. I'm pretty rough in my network knowledge, but would like to do this right.

I have a 100mbs cable connection (can upgrade it to 150) and run 5 hardwired connections, and 7 wifi devices. The asus router I use struggles to keep up sometimes, and is particularly hard on my PS4.

I'd like to upgrade the system, switch over 2 of the wifi devices to hardwired, making 7 hardwired and 5 wifi devices (phones and tablets mostly).

My home is wired with Cat 6 cabling, and is 1200sq/ft on the main floor, 1000sq/ft on the second floor, and the basement will be roughly 800 sq/ft once done. Router is currently at the back of the house (worst spot ever) but I'll be moving the wifi component to the middle of the house.

From the back of the house, the wifi just barely reaches the front, so middle should be fine.

What kind of system do I need, I'm guessing switch + router? Should I be separating my WIFI from the main network as it only runs mobile devices and the guest devices (I heard that the slowest thing connected slows the network)?

Thanks for your help!

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I've seen multiple requests for assistance ridding one's system of the ABI Networks / Aurora spyware. Each resolution seems to be based on the contents of the hijackthis.log file. In anticipation of being asked for this log file I am attaching it below. Walk me through purging this from my computer so I can get back to work.



Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:33:24 AM, on 7/18/2005
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\eFax Messenger 3.5\J2GDllCmd.exe
C:\Program Files\eFax Messenger 3.5\J2GTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpohmr08.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpotdd01.exe
C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZQKPICK.EXE
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpoevm08.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Bin\hpoSTS08.exe
C:\Program Files\Intern... Read more

Answer:ADI Networks pop-up ads

Hi and welcome to TSG,

Please move HijackThis into a separate folder of its own in program files or my documents but not in the temporary files, so that it can create proper back-ups which can be restored, if necessary.
Download the trial version of Ewido Security Suite here.
Install ewido.
During the installation, under "Additional Options" uncheck "Install background guard" and "Install scan via context menu".
Launch ewido
It will prompt you to update click the OK button and it will go to the main screen
On the left side of the main screen click update
Click on Start and let it update.
DO NOT run a scan yet. You will do that later in safe mode.
Go here to download CCleaner.
Install CCleaner
Launch CCleaner and look in the upper right corner and click on the "Options" button.
Click "Advanced" and remove the check by "Only delete files in Windows temp folders older than 48 hours".
Click OK
Do not run CCleaner yet. You will run it later in safe mode.

Also Click here to download
Unzip it to the desktop but please do NOT run it yet.
Click here for info on how to boot to safe mode if you don't already know how.
Now copy these instructions to notepad and save them to your desktop. You will need them to refer to in safe mode.
Restart your computer into safe mode now. Perform the following steps in safe mode:
Once in Safe Mode, double-click on Nailfix.cmd. Your desktop and icons will disa... Read more

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Question: networks

I have a laptop and desktop, and only one Internet 56k modem access point. Is it possible to use some sort of wireless setup with a non broadband modem? The info I have seen seems to suggest nto, but it's never clear.


internet sharing is possible but on 56k not really a viable option it would grind your connection to a virtual halt i have connection sharing on broad band and notice quite a slow down if both machines are on the network

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Question: No networks

Hello. I have a netgear router dg834gv4 which I have updated with the recommended update to use W7 x64 ultimate. This router is working fine with an IBM laptop , a Dell laptop and an old PC - all on Windows XP. I have purchased a brand new pc fitted with Windows 7 x64 and because my old wg111v2 adapter doesn't yet have W7 support, on the advice of the Netgear tech support I bought a wn111v2 and downloaded the latest drivers for it. Although in device manager the adapter is shown as working fine, I can't persuade it to see any networks and there are usually three or four in my area (not all mine of course). I can't see how to get it working. Help appreciated please

Answer:No networks

I just ran the troubleshooter on my network and in the detection details dialogue box I got a message

"There might be a problem with the driver for the network connection 2 adapter" and also says "Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter".

Any clues please?

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Question: 2 networks

Hi friends, I need some help!

When I made logon on Windows 7, Windows connect on 2 networks ("Virtua" and "unknown"). 'Cause of this, my internet broadband don't work.

Why windows connect in "unknown" network automatic? How to fix it?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:2 networks

Quote: Originally Posted by The Jackal

Hi friends, I need some help!

When I made logon on Windows 7, Windows connect on 2 networks ("Virtua" and "unknown"). 'Cause of this, my internet broadband don't work.

Why windows connect in "unknown" network automatic? How to fix it?

Thanks a lot!


Hi and welcome to sevenforums

Before we can help you we need to know abt your system specs, your network setup.

waiting for info


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Question: SMC networks

I have this SMC2802W 2.4GHz 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter.But I can't connect,I always get Limited or no connectivity status.On the SMC Networks EZ Connect G in the Configuration tab/Security I have This:
Authentication Type: Wep[100% sure]
Authentication Mode: Open[100% sure]
Default Key: Key 1[0% sure]
Key Type: 64-bit Encryption [50% sure]
Use Passphrase: highleted [0% sure]
then I type my Wep key.
Anyone knows why I get Limited or no connectivity status?
Thanks in advance,
Fix I got it working with teh setings bellow:
Authentication Type: Wep[100% sure]
Authentication Mode: Open[100% sure]
Default Key: Key 1[100% sure]
Key Type: 128-bit Encryption [100% sure]
Use Passphrase: no [100% sure]
Then type your Wep in the line where its says Key 1.

Answer:SMC networks

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Is there any way to set up both a wireless WAN and a wired LAN on a group of PCs running WinXP and WinVista so that each system can transfer files simultaneously via both WAN and LAN?

Weve had a wifi network working fine on a group of PCs, but in order to enable faster file transfers between systems, weve put 10/100 LAN cards in each PC and have wired them through a separate router.

The network gets its Internet access through a wireless router set to an IP address of connecting wifi adapters in each PC. Now were trying to set up a secondary network via LAN through a separate wired router set to an IP address of connecting 10/100 LAN adapters in each PC

However when connections for the LAN adapters are enabled in XP/Vista Network Connections, it kills the wifi connections. The systems will only network with one type of adapter enabled in Network Connections at a time, wifi WAN or the wired LAN, but not simultaneously.

Is it possible to have the systems set up to access the Internet and transfer files via the wifi WAN, and at the same time enable faster file transfers through a secondary wired LAN?

Thanks for any feedback.

Answer:2 different networks, WAN and LAN on 1PC?

You probably have the default gateway entered for the TCP/IP properties for the wired NIC. You do not need to add a default gateway for this subnet as you're not looking to route outside of it. Windows takes the wired NIC's properties in terms of default gateway routing as the higher precedence over the wireless NIC as you cannot have two default gateways....(well shouldn't unless under very specific circumstances.)

Also, I assume the is a typo and should read

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Question: networks

Can anybody point me in the right direction to get a dummies guide on connecting two computers together so that they may file share, share one printer, and if possible use one modem. thanks in advance.


click here any problems post back...Chris

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Question: Networks

Friends, what are the things that make the following similar and what make them different?1. WAN2. Enterprise network3. LANThanks.


Google it...

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Ok so me and my neighbor are trying to come up with a way we can "share" a seedbox. I have the crappy cable internet ( but with 3 kids, Im always broke) and he has pretty good DSL (thats truly unlimited, unlike my cable) What we would like to do is have one box both networks can use, sort of a shared folder. The deal is, if I admin the box. His IP ranges are in the range and so are mine. So basically, what I am trying to do is have a box on both networks, BUT all downloading has to done off one network.

I was playing with this before, using a wired 10.0.0.XX and a wireless 192.168.1.XXX address and if I remember correctly if I manually set the 10.0.0.XX address to use as the default gateway it wrkd. ( and I may very well be remembering wrong as I only did it once and it was a long time ago.)

I believe the issue is that were both using the 192.168.1.XXXX range where BOTH of our gateways are at So for this to work Ill have to go to the 10.0.0.XX range or some other, correct?

Any and all help is appreciated.

Answer:2 networks, one box


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So I now know not to trust family when it comes to laptops. Recently a brother-in-law asked to use my laptop to send an email (this was about a week ago) now I find that he has installed his own network on my laptop. Oddly enough he didn't ask permission to do so. And I was under the impression that he only wanted to use it just once. So my question is can I remove his network by re-installing Windows 7? He is in college and isn't here now and I don't know when the next time he will be here. And NO I really don't care what he has put in that network. He did it without permission... So all is fair as they say... But alternately is there another way to remove this illegal network from my system. Clearly I can't get him to do it. I don't trust his word anymore... Thanks... Leonard P.S.: Is it possible that he can access my laptop from anywhere he happens to be? I don't see his name in the area marked NETWORK now.... I really need help to rid me of this problem... Thanks again


Go to Solution.

Answer:Help with Networks....

Assuming a wireless network, right click the network icon in taskbar. Click open network & sharing ctr. On left side of ctr, click manage wireless networks. Right click whichever network name you want to remove. Then click remove. Jack E/NJ 

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