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Invalid drive u: and wrong document ownership

Question: Invalid drive u: and wrong document ownership


I am installing some software on a laptop (Toshiba L300, Win XP pro, Dual core 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram)

I get an error message Invalid drive u: and the installation fails.

I followed an article in microsoft knowledge base to edit registry.

In shell folders there is an entry for personal which had u: in the data field.

The documents folder should be a network drive y: so I changed it to that.

The program installed but now when I try to open a document from the network documents folder it says I don't have permission.

How can I fix this?

I have been thinking about this problem.

I cloned the drive from an identical computer registered to jbloggs, then copied this clone to this laptop changed the computer name, user name and network documents folder to asmith.

Some of the registry settings and document ownership is still jbloggs.

Is there something else I should have changed somewhere?

Any help appreciated

Regards Melissa

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Preferred Solution: Invalid drive u: and wrong document ownership

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i am trying to install a program off the net, windows installer opens , starts , then says invalid drive:f:/ and terminated the installation how do you redirect windows installer in xp professional? Thanks

Answer:invalid drive wrong

Have a look over here:

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i have looked around a bit trying to find information on this but nothing pertaining to my specific problem..
basically on my secondary hard drive i have a incomplete non activated copy of windows i only use it for file storage while running windows on my main HD.. somehow a few folders full of files became decrypted.. im fairly sure i never did it.. but i tried to get onto the other hard drives version of windows to change the permission and decrypt it.. it shows it being owned by the SID: s-1-5-21-73586283-2111687655-725345543-1002... which as ive read is a SID for a old deleted account.. so i cant log onto the user that has ownership of the encryption of the files to decrypt them.. i have tried going through the security settings giving other profiles full permissions and switching ownership of the files to try and get the cerypt option but no matter what i try it just keeps the encryption checkbox greyed out so i cant uncheck it.. any ideas?
and i apologize for my lack of puncuation and possibly spelling mistakes

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Recently my microsoft office document icons have lost their original word, excel, etc. isons (whether old or newly saved docs) and have switched to the "default" or "unknown" icon which consists of an image of a program window on a piece of paper as the icon. I cant figure out how to fix/change this and I am really bugged by it. Please help. thanks

Answer:What is wrong with my document icons?

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I have a problem in which I am moving data from one file server to the next (using xcopy) and some of the folders have had permissions changed on them. To be more specific, I need to change the permissions to move the folders using xcopy. I need to view the ownership of the folders before I take ownership of them (production server) to move them. I know how to take ownership, but when clicking on the security tab, I get the 'You do not have permission to view or edit the current permission settings for <folder> but you can take ownership or change auditing settings'

Is there any way I can determine who has ownership of the file/folder
before I take ownership?


Answer:[2000 Server] Determining File/Folder Ownership without taking ownership?

Could try subinacl?

subinacl /file filename /display=owner

subinacl /subdirectories foldername /display=owner

Kinda interesting, always thought that setting ownership was not possible for security reasons, only taking ownership. Guess I never tried before.

subinacl /file filename /setowner=domain\username

subinacl /subdirectories foldername /setowner=domain\username

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Dreamweaver document windows all wrongAll of my Dreamweaver site files and new files have been opened correctly up until now, with their title tags at the top of each one so I can switch back and forth between them for working on. But now when I open them they have their content inside, but look like any Windows XP window with the blue title bar at the top. And if more than one site file is opened, I have to shut one window in order to see the other.This isn't right at all and I really don't know what I've done wrong or how to correct it.This software cost me a fortune and I'm just praying I haven't done something irreversible.Please help!Regards Cowgirl66

Answer:Dreamweaver document windows all wrong

and please don't make me wait for a reply in Webdesign forum as no-one seems to help me in there.Thanks

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Dreamweaver document windows all wrongAll of my Dreamweaver site files and new files have been opened correctly up until now, with their title tags at the top of each one so I can switch back and forth between them for working on. But now when I open them they have their content inside, but look like any Windows XP window with the blue title bar at the top. And if more than one site file is opened, I have to shut one window in order to see the other.This isn't right at all and I really don't know what I've done wrong or how to correct it.This software cost me a fortune and I'm just praying I haven't done something irreversible.Please help!Regards Cowgirl66

Answer:Dreamweaver document windows all wrong

You also have a topic running in the help forum at this link, click here I don't have the answer, but plenty of members use this program and they will soon tell you which button to click to put it right again.Don't worry though, you have not broke Dreamweaver, it will most likely be a simple click of one of the buttons to put everything right again.

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So I did something stupid and now my computer isn't running properly. Ever since I took ownership of the C Drive it takes over an hour, almost two, to boot up. Luckily for me this is the only problem I have noticed.
I cannot revert back to original ownership (Trusted Installer) but I'm wondering if I do a clean reset and reinstall Windows 10? Any advice to how I can revert my C drive if that doesn't work?

Answer:Took Ownership over C Drive

Welcome to the forum. If you delete all partitions and reinstall from dvd or usb it will all be brand new and work

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I did this once before but have forgotten how to take ownership of "C" drive and specifically so I can put files into my "Documents and Settings" folder.
Help please!

Answer:Drive ownership rights

Hi, there have been changes since Vista to these folders you see them in vista\seven as backwards compatibility, they are known as "junctions" this MS article will help:-

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hi folks,a few days ago my external hardrive wouldent let me in and showed this message=I:/rome is not accesible, access is deniedIts a maxtor 500gb external HDD and im running xp.So i was advised this was a case of having to take ownership of he i did the below1.restarted in safe mood2.logged on(tried my log on and the administrator thts only apeared since safe mode)3.right clicked on,security tab,then problems start=theres 5 group user names=administrators, creator owner, everyone, system, wheni try to change any of the groups permissions this message apears=Unable to save permisson changes on local disk. the file or directory is corrpted and if i go to advanced, owner tab=a=if i tick the replace owner on sub and objects box and apply or ok i get this message=you dont have permission to read the conents of directory\device\harddiscvolumes\rome do yu want to replacedirectorry permissions granting you full controll.all permissions will be replaces if you press yes.pressed yes and another mesage apears=an error has occured applying security info to \devicedevice\harddiscvolumes3\romeaccess is deniedb=if i dont click the replace owner on subs and objects box and appy and ok i get this message=unable to set new owner on local disc(I) the file directory s corrupted and unreadable.ok im really sorry iv wrote such a massvae message but i thought if i write it all down it might be easier to help, im stuck and extremely frustrated ... Read more

Answer:unable to take ownership of my drive!please help?

What make is your computer? Are you using Norton?I fixed an Acer the other day which had loaded Norton 2008, and and couldn't get into the CD/DVD Drive. It turned out Norton was conflicting with Acer Security.

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Hi, i have 2 copies installed on different partitions, I usually use this (32 bit) version (not because it is better lol.) and a few days ago I was trying to save a word file trough the software to the HD, but i got the error 'a required privilege is not held by the client' message.
I downloaded and installed the Take Ownership right-click menu item from this site, and I used it on the partition with no success (it did what it said, but the software were still unable to save to the drive)
A day later I wanted to fire up my other windows 7 (64 bit), but right after I have highlighted and pressed enter in the boot menu, it restarted itself, so it could load nothing of the OS.
Questions are:
1. Can i get back that copy to life? Shall i change the owner again?
2. The error 'a required privilege is not held by the client' is still a problem.

Any help would b greatly appreciated

Answer:Taken Ownership over drive with Win7

Did you set up a Administrative-level account when you installed the second Win7, and did you install correctly from the booted installer and not by running the installer from the other Win7? You will know this because the drive letter of the second-installed Win7 will not be C when you are booted into it.

Unless you don't trust yourself, I would run an Administrative-level account with UAC turned on - or try running the Program in question as Adminstrator by right-clicking on it's .exe.

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Hello to all,

I have removed a hard drive from a computer and replaced it with a new one and the old one is now in an external enclosure.

My issue arrises when trying to view the files. I HAVE been able to get ownership of the files but only one folder at a time rather than the whole drive and its file structure, so I can get to the security tab in properties.

So...How do I take ownership of the entire drive and all its folders and files?

Thanks to all!

XP Home Edition

Answer:Take Ownership Of Entire Drive

To save typing go to

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Is there a way to prevent Windows from taking Ownership of External Drives, and other Partition other than C: ?
Thank you.

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I have a folder which has no owner and allows no access. Attempting to do any security related operation causes a denial of access, of that folder (a problem in itself). So, I thought changing ownership of the c: drive would help. With the hope that some recursive operation would allow me to delete the unwanted folder, which was created off the c: drive. I changed the ownership of the c: drive from SYSTEM to my only ID, which that ID has Administrator authority. The ownership change of the c: drive did not allow me to delete the unwanted folder. Without knowing the peril I was in, I thought I might be able to delete the unwanted folder from Safe Mode. Now my account is disabled and I can't log in, no matter what I attempt to boot.

Searching the Internet for answers has made me realize the I mistake I've made. But, the search has not answered all my questions.

I can't use System Recovery Options because I don't have any Administrator ID other than the one disabled. And those options are password protected.

Barring a re-install of Windows 7 ... What options if any, do I have? Can I connect the hard drive to a different system and restore the ownership or recover my data? Are there any applications that would help? Is there any bootable solution of a thumb-drive or disc that would allow me to change ownership or access data?

Answer:Took Ownership of the C: (Windows 7) drive

System Restore may help, see here: System Restore Scroll down to Option Two.

You can also do this by booting the Win 7 Install Disc or a System Recovery Disc: What are the system recovery options in Windows 7&#63;

If you do not have a Windows 7 installation DVD, you can download a legal copy with SP1 integrated from here:"]Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River[/url].
Make sure you get the same version you have, Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate and 32 or 64 bit. Note that Basic or Starter is not available.

I recommend using"]ImgBurn[/url] at 4X speed (or the slowest available) to create the DVD from the downloaded .iso file.

You can do this on any computer capable of burning a DVD.

For techies or folks who work on computers:"]Create Windows 7 Universal ISO With All Editions Selection On Install with ei.cfg Removal Utility[/url].
This will fit on a 6GB flash drive or can be burned to a DVD.

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Hi,I was running vista ultimate but have finally decided to go back to XP. After reformatting my C: drive I went to access my documents on the D: drive and they are all there but 'i dont have the permissions to access them' I need to restore my previous permissions using XP... Can anyone help with this?Thanx

Answer:lost ownership of a whole drive

This works the other way round, you might be able to work the same principles with XP. click here

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I have a 2.5 sata drive that I am trying to get data off of. I have it hooked up through one of those usb devices that will allow me to see it. I have done this before a few times and it has always worked. When I try and take ownership of the drive it will not allow me to at all.

I go thought the security tab, try and change it so that my username is the new owner and i just keep getting an error message saying that either the file can not be found, or permission denied.

I am the admin on this computer as well, so I do not really know what the issue is here... any ideas?

Answer:trying to take ownership of hard drive.

try the following...

Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

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Is there a way to change ownership of the C drive to everyone?
I tried right clicking, Security -> Add -> Everyone (check name showed ok), then set it to full control, and hit apply, but when I open a command prompt and type echo # > bla, it still fails??
I can see its going to be hard being a developer on windows 10

Answer:how to change ownership of c drive to everyone?

You do not want to change the ownership of the whole C: drive. Many files are system files which are locked and or Hidden. These files are set to System as the owner. These files are locked or hidden for a reason. They don't want you to mess with them. Changing permissions on System Files may make Windows unbootable.

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I am trying to save a word document containing a .oft font as a editable template to send to the office, and the font will not display correctly when saved, it converts into a different one but still has the downloaded font name displayed. The font is installed on all computers, confused as to why this is happening; would this be related to the font license? It is listed as editable? I have read you can't embed .oft fonts in word, which i presume would solve the problem(?). I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this and embed the font or at-least save it so the font displays correctly.

Answer:Problems saving .oft text, displays wrong when saved in word document?

Or is there is a way to convert open type font file to true type font file? Please help.

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I just reinstalled and it seems my D drive that has all my data, and i use for my docs. Has lost ownership i guess. First noticed because FF wouldnt download to it, to my downloads folder. Next tried to extract something and it wouldnt work.

I can delete but have to hit continue, on the prompt that says it needs administrator access.

I figure the permissions got messed up somehow, this has never happen before though...

Answer:After reinstall of pro, my D drive lost ownership?

do you think a reinstall would fix this? I have done everything in book. Change permissions, ownership.

Only thing that allows me to use my D drive is totally disabling UAC.

Also for this install i used the iso from MSDNAA, instead of a leaked iso. That couldnt cause the problem could it?

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I DID take ownership of the Win7 Drive, yesterday, after re-installing Win7 Ultimate. What sturm un drang should I expect for doing so?

Haven't noticed any difficulties yet. I tried to give myself more permissions for c:\windows but got too many access denied so I removed myself from the 'list'

BTW, I frequently run into problems with computers, sys, freeware, etc. however I do so knowing quite well that someone I know or have yet to meet will do something similar. The 'learning curve'' I think of as education, any damages as tuition.

Thanks for any replies!

Answer:I DID take ownership of the Win7 Drive, yesterday. Now?

Here's a similar thread listed on the bottom of your question,
Took Ownership of the C: (Windows 7) drive

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Hello everyone,

I recently installed Windows 8 Pro onto an SSD. I have another 500gb HDD plugged in to store programs, games etc. However, I cannot do anything with the drive. I add folders etc. I have tried to change permissions, add permissions and change ownership but I get an error trying to do all 3. I have also tried changing ownership through an elevated command prompt and also tried logged in as the local administrator. It's really bugging me now, any help would be appreciated.


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Laptop went. Took out hard drive connected to desktop to download files. Laptop was vista. Desktop is XP. But new "recovery" drive was lock on it What can I do to get the files open on desktop ?

Answer:How to take ownership of laptop hard drive

its not the recovery partition that has your files - this is usually the partition on the drive to go back to factory setup

have a read here

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I have had this problem for a while and i have tried many different solutions but none seem to fix the fault.

when i put a disk in the DVD drive it give Unknown icon on the drive and when i try to enter it says
"f:\ is not accessible. Access is denied"
but when i start the pc in safe mode or use the default Administrator account, the Drive works perfectly.

when I go to the owner tab under advanced security it says
"current owner: Unable to display current owner."
and when i try and set the owners it never changes.

In the permissions window it says
"No permissions have been assigned for this object."
and when i try to add my user to the permission it says
"unable to save permission changes on ( f: ). access is denied"

I have removed the device and drivers completely and reinstalled them but the problem continues.

Answer:DVD drive Ownership and Permissions problem.

Have you tried to create a new administrators account and see if it works then? It could be a matter of corruption in your account. If a new admin account solves the problem, transfer everything over to the new account and delete the old account.

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I pulled my failing hard drive (win7) out of my old computer and installed it in my brand new HP desktop (win7 home 64). I can see all of my data on the old drive but can't access it. I am trying to take ownership including subcontainers and objects and it is taking FOREVER. It's been running for 24 hours and I'm still running through the appdata folders and millions of .tmp files! Every 20 minutes or so it stops and I have to click a "continue" window due to some error.
I've tried the registry hack for take ownership, no luck, I've tried command prompt but I can't get the format right. Any suggestions please??? One thought I had was to use EASEUS Todo Backup and copy the whole drive to a new internal and maybe go through the change ownership process faster. My wits end is rapidly approaching.

Answer:Changing Ownership of failing drive

Ok Somehow I got it to work, right click properties, security, add permissions, click ok, cancel, left click take ownership (registry hack) and I have ownership. I have to do it in that order or it doesn't work. Weird but I have my data!

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I have an external hard drive and when i try to open it, it says access denied..
when i try to see the ownership, it says unable to determine owner.
When i try to change the ownership through various methods like cmd promp takeown or by going to the properties of the drive, it says unable to set new owner, access is denied...
Please help!!

Answer:Can't take ownership of external hard drive

External Hard Drive Access Denied [Solved] - Windows 7 - Storage
- sounds similar

What's the history of the external drive? Has it had Windows installed on it? Is it encrypted?

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did someone found a way to take complete ownership (includig copy and paste files) of a "windowsApps" folder WHICH IS NOT in drive C?

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I have an external hard drive and when i try to open it, it says access denied..
when i try to see the ownership, it says unable to determine owner.
When i try to change the ownership through various methods like cmd promp takeown or by going to the properties of the drive, it says unable to set new owner, access is denied...
Please help!!

Answer:Can't take ownership of external hard drive

External Hard Drive Access Denied [Solved] - Windows 7 - Storage
- sounds similar

What's the history of the external drive? Has it had Windows installed on it? Is it encrypted?

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First off, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong topic, I pondered for quite a while trying to decide where exactly I should present my questions/issues and ultimately decided on this topic because but for Network and Sharing issues, I don't know I would truly understand the depth of the problem(s). The ownership and control issues I'm having ultimately prevent the sharing of the files and folders.

I've run into the problems identical or at least very similar to what I'm asking about now on versions of Windows dating as back as the initial launch of Vista, but I am in fact now using a desktop PC (AMD Athlon 64II, 8GB ram, nVidea GPX with an additional 2 GB video RAM).

I have an array of disk drives and currently the issue(s) pertain mostly to one and the initial cause seems to be from migrating the physical drive into a completely different environment (i.e., from "Computer 1" to Computer 2") or in a few passed occasions, int he instance of format/re-install circumstance.

My first solution, of course was the use of the utility found elsewhere on this site, "Take Ownership with Delay," which appears (and reports) to work each time, but that further inspection and testing proves I have gained no more control that I had before.

My questions:

Is there an inexpensive, effective application that affords a much higher level of "real" control over files or, even better, entire drives at one time?Could the desired outcome be reached thr... Read more

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First off, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong topic, I pondered for quite a while trying to decide where exactly I should present my questions/issues and ultimately decided on this topic because but for Network and Sharing issues, I don't know I would truly understand the depth of the problem(s). The ownership and control issues I'm having ultimately prevent the sharing of the files and folders.

I've run into the problems identical or at least very similar to what I'm asking about now on versions of Windows dating as back as the initial launch of Vista, but I am in fact now using a desktop PC (AMD Athlon 64II, 8GB ram, nVidea GPX with an additional 2 GB video RAM).

I have an array of disk drives and currently the issue(s) pertain mostly to one and the initial cause seems to be from migrating the physical drive into a completely different environment (i.e., from "Computer 1" to Computer 2") or in a few passed occasions, int he instance of format/re-install circumstance.

My first solution, of course was the use of the utility found elsewhere on this site, "Take Ownership with Delay," which appears (and reports) to work each time, but that further inspection and testing proves I have gained no more control that I had before.

My questions:

Is there an inexpensive, effective application that affords a much higher level of "real" control over files or, even better, entire drives at one time?Could the desired outcome be reached thr... Read more

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Folders and files in one of my partioned drive was made Read-only by oversight. As a result i am not able to crete any new files/folders.

I did see this forum vide searching the internet and went through the steps as in "How to restore TrustedInstaller as a owner of a file in Vista" (TrustedInstaller - Restore as Owner) . In step 6 of this presentation when i enter the object name as "NT Service\TrustedInstaller" and click the "Check Names" button i get the following error message:

"An object (User , group or built in security principal) with the following name cannot be found : "NT Service\Trusted Installer". Check the selected object types and locations for accuracy and ensure that you have typed the object name correctly, or remove this object from selection".

Note : Have not made any typo nor any spaces between words

Appreciate if someone can throw some light. Are there any other options available to ensure that my d: drive (including its folders and sub-folders) are enabled to "TrustedInstaller". Otherwise technically am unable to save any data in that drive.

Thanks a lat.

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My old computer motherboard died.  Bought a new desktop and pulled out old hard drive and made it into an external.  I'm only able to view my files on the old hard drive by selecting each one individually and taking ownership.  Is there a way to take ownership of the entire drive without having to select each and every file?  They are not password protected.  I have hundreds of pictures and music files.  I'm running Vista Home Premium.  I appreciate everyones help.  Thanks a lot. 

Answer:New comptuer, old hard drive, ownership issues

Try booting into Safe Mode, right click on the Drive, click Properties,  then look in Security and take ownership as well as Add your user name  ot the permissions giving yourself full control.  Similar to the method  mentioned here: [...] -us;823306

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I messed up something so that now I no longer have admin access to the c drive,,,,running windows 7 HELP!

Answer:regain access and ownership of c drive, windows 7

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I've googled and tried many methods to fix this over the last two hours but nothing so far as worked.

I have an old hard drive with data on it from my old Windows XP Professional computer attached to a usb port on a converter. Win 7 claims it cannot display the owner, if I try to take permission it says permission denied.

If I take down the UAC the hard drive no longer appears in My Computer.

I have tried to go in as the administrator account specifically it keeps giving me access denied. I tried using the administrator account in normal mode and using the command line 'take owner' command and it says access denied.

I tried going into administrator safe mode, but again the external hard drive won't show up.

Shortly I am planning on reformatting the current C drive and putting on Windows Xp Pro 32 bit, Win 7 and Ubuntu. Should I just wait till do that and hope it will miraculously identify it if I take control of it with Xp Pro? I'm really hoping this isn't going to indicate problems sharing files between the two operating systems on the same hard drive. Any thoughts on this would also be appreciated.

Other info: I'm using Windows Home Premium 64 Bit. There are two internal hard drives currently. The external hard drive keeps showing up as drive Q for some reason.

Thanks ahead of time for your help

Answer:Not able to change ownership on external sata drive

Try this.

Plug in your USB drive, go to Device Manager and uninstall it.

Plug out the drive, reboot and then plug in the device. Let Windows 7 install the driver.

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My Windows XP computer recently died. The hard drive is perfectly intact, so I removed it and got a hard drive enclosure for it. Now I have it connected to my Vista Home Premium PC via USB.

Everything seems fine, but there's a problem: I can't view the files I have under my Windows XP user (Documents and Settings/.../My Documents, etc). back on my XP computer, i had set absolutely everything under my XP user to be private from other users.

I want to be able to access them again. I'm aware that I can go to Properties, Security, then Group and User Names, but this process is painstakingly long (especially with subfolders) and most importantly, I can't access applications, txt, and zip/rar files just to name a few.

Is there any way around this?

Answer:Taking ownership of files from another PC and hard drive

Quick google search shows a registry hack zip file thats called That gives you a right click context menu to take ownership. I have never used it, nor can vouch for it's usability. But many seem to like it, and enjoy the ease of operation.

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Something I need to do from time to time is transfer user data from an old Windows computer. I usually put the old hard drive in a USB enclosure, navigate to the user profile folder properties/security tab/Advanced/, add the admin user on the new PC, give "full control" to "this folder, sub-folders and files" and then wait. This works fine, but often takes a long time because the OS has to change permissions on AppData folders. Since I have no need to access anything in AppData is there a way to avoid this and save time? I just want to get access to the Desktop, Pictures, Music, etc. Thanks for any help with this

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Hi Major Geeks,

Can someone help me take ownership of my external hard drive using Windows 8. I have found a few resources on the web, but most are not for Windows 8; and the ones that were seem to be missing a step or 2, as after following them I still don't have access to the files on my ehd.


Answer:Help taking ownership of external hard drive

TELME said:

Hi Major Geeks,

Can someone help me take ownership of my external hard drive using Windows 8. I have found a few resources on the web, but most are not for Windows 8; and the ones that were seem to be missing a step or 2, as after following them I still don't have access to the files on my ehd.

Thanks!Click to expand...

See the following from a discussion yesterday.

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how do I take ownership of a mapped drive on windows vista that maps to an XP machine? UAC is off, firewalls are off, thanks in advance.

Answer:VISTA to XP mapped drive ownership, QUICK HELP! UAC is off!!

Are you an admin on that machine? You have to have admin rights or you will never be able to get on there at all...

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The question is, when you find a computer in the street or a dumpster, does the Microsoft XP EULA allow you to "take ownership" (LMAO) of the serial number for XP?

I probably will upgrade it immediately to Windows 7, not interested in XP.

THE STORY, if you're interested. I was walking to my office this morning (starbucks, that is) and looked down the alley of a building near my house, and lo and behold, there was a Dell desktop computer sitting pretty, leaning against a mattress!! What's really funny is that the mattress looked like someone tossed it out the window the way it was laying.

The computer's side panel was off (thank GOD it wasn't one of the oyster-folding style). It had a little snow inside too lol... I figured since the panel was off, it must surely have been gutted, but it wasn't! It had 2 sticks of DDR2100 RAM, hard drive, CPU/heatsink, PSU and optical drives. Pretty much everything except the side panel!

I looked up the service code and it has a P4 2.0ghz 512k/400mhz. The mainboard appears to be a standard microATX formfactor and standard/full size ATX PSU. Woohoo!

The last DELL I found (lower manhattan) had a proprietary shaped motherboard and power buttons/connectors so it couldn't be used without the DELL Computer case (which I immediately tossed). But, it did have an Antec 400w SMARTpower PSU, and a sweet Northwood P4 2.8Ghz 800mhz cpu. I'll see if my new find will accept the 2.8Ghz CPU at full speed and ma... Read more

Answer:Dumpster drive-by... (okay, walk-by). Can I take ownership of the XP Serial?

Consult your local garbage/finders/keepers laws. Taking something from the trash is considered theft in some places.

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OK, my desktop was having a problem and was down for about a month or so until I got around to fixing it. I run Windows XP SP2 on my desktop.

In the meantime, I was using my laptop as my primary computer which runs Windows Vista Home Basic.

I wanted to copy the music from my desktop hard drive over to my laptop, so I took the HD out of my desktop and put it in my external case. Once I did that, everytime I was looking through on my laptop at the files on the HD, i was having to "take ownership" of files before I could copy them. I took ownership of all my music files on my desktop's HD with my laptop, but it never let me copy them over anyway. Now that my desktop is working again, I put the HD back in it, and it runs fine, but all my music is missing and I can't find it. How do I re-take ownership with my desktop so that I can access my music files again?

Answer:Help Taking Ownership Of Files On Hard Drive

See the following Microsoft article for information on taking ownership of files:How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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I have a NAS drive hard wired to my computer. It has 3 logical drives one of which cannot be accessed. It is listed in the Network folder as shared. When I try to map the drive the response is that I don't have the correct permissions.

When I check the Ownership panel (attached) it says that it can't display the current owner.

I've tried accessing using either of other the existing users (there are no others) - won't work.

I've tried the command net use /d \\myserver\mysharename and this didn't work either.

I've also tried system restore that didn't help either.

I know I need to restore valid ownership details can anyone advise please.

Answer:Unable to map network drive due to lost ownership

Turns out the problem was with the permissions on the NAS server. Some how they had been set to restrict access - once changed I was able to map and access the drive as before.

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Hello there, i had a problem recently that i cant access my external seagate hard drive and i get access denied msg and when i try to set my user as owner it says "unable to set new owner"
so i need help plz. thanks

Answer:Ownership problem on External hard drive

You'll need to provide a lot more detail than that. What OS and are you choosing to run/open as administrator to take ownership. Does error message give detail of why "unable to set new owner"?

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Hello everyone.

I had some problems with my C drive a few days ago. Scanning the disk revealed multiple bad sectors, and the laptop took a full night to fix itself (it literally scanned the whole night long again and again until the bad sectors were no more). Anyway, it came right in the end, but I was denied access to the C drive. Completely. For example, I could access the files in My Documents folder and the like, but I could not copy them elsewhere. I am the only user of the computer, and my user account is that of an administrator.

So, I poked around the Internet to get some information, and I did a bit of reading about taking ownership and granting permissions. In hindsight, I guess I should have read just a little bit more before doing anything. Anyway, long story cut short, I took ownership of the entire C drive, including its subcontainers and objects, and gave myself full control permission settings.

Now, I no longer have problem accessing the drive and what not, but I am beginning to wonder if it is a good idea to retain this ownership. I would LOVE for the ownership and permissions to revert back to its original settings (when everything was working fine and the bad sectors have not yet appeared), except that I do not know what the original settings are. And unfortunately, I cannot do a System Restore because there are currently no restore points on the system (somehow they have all disappeared after that one night of disk scanning).

I've read from ... Read more

Answer:Ownership of C Drive (System Drive)

I don't have answers for the questions but when I start seeing bad sectors and the number of them increases each time checkdisk is run I replace the HDD. Save what your data, anything you created and that exists nowhere else, soon.

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I keep all my data on a separate drive. The last time I re-installed windows 7 I had to take ownership of all my data even though the user name on the old install and then new install was the same. After reading the forums I understood that the SID for my user name was different between the old and new installations.

So my questions are

1) Is there anyway to assign the old user SID to the user created in the newly reinstalled OS so that I don't have to take ownership for a huge number of files/folders recursively?
2) If there is no way to assign the SID how do people store their data to allow for easy reinstall of the OS/Migration to a different computer?


Answer:Reinstalling windows 7 and ownership of user data on different drive

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My Laptop (Toshiba Satellite L305-S5875) wouldn't load windows. All I received was a black screen with a cursor. I followed various similar threads and tried to load in various modes (i.e. safe modes). Nothing worked, so I replaced the hard drive (yay, computer is back up and running great) but I need to salvage some important files off the old one. I'm running Windows Vista and am using a "Thermaltake Black Widow" Hard Drive eSATA and USB Docking Station. When I try to access the old hard drive (Toshiba MK2046GSX), I get access denied. After doing some looking online and hearing about "taking ownership", I found these instructions and followed them:
Ok, I have ownership now, but still having problems, can't access anything: "... is not accesible. Access Denied". There's some really important files I really don't wanna lose and can't afford to have a local computer repair person fix it for me. Am I just out of luck? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a network hard drive mapped as Z: which I have become unable to do ANYTHING with. I can't delete anything, change anything, or add anything to the drive. I just get that blasted "Destination folder access denied. You need permission to perform this action."

The internet has provided me with a plethora of solutions to this issue, and none of them have worked.

I'm logged on as administrator.

User Account Control is totally off.

Windows 7 will allow me to neither change permissions nor ownership of Z: or any folder or file within Z:.

I try giving Full Control to Everyone and it says "An error occurred while applying security information to (file name). Access is denied."

I go into Advanced and click the Owner tab. It states the current owner of everything on Z: is "nobody," and if I try to change the owner, it says "Unable to set new owner on Z:. Access is denied."

I've tried going into command prompt and changing ownership using "takeown /f Z:" and I just get "Z: Access is denied."

I've run out of ideas. Please help.

Answer:Access Denied and Can't Take Ownership on Network Hard Drive

Have you checked permissions on the server-side of the folder that the Z: Drive maps to? Have you tried remapping the drive? Additionally, if you go server-side to this folder, what permissions are set on it? Does your account have the appropriate share permissions for this folder?

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I have taken ownership of all the files and folders on an old hard drive, but am still unable to access many of these files. When checking in the Security tab, I see myself as the owner with full admin permissions, but still cannot open the files.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Answer:Taken ownership of files on old hard drive, still unable to open.

Quote: Originally Posted by jg4867

I have taken ownership of all the files and folders on an old hard drive, but am still unable to access many of these files. When checking in the Security tab, I see myself as the owner with full admin permissions, but still cannot open the files.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Welcome to sevenforums jg,

Since I suspect that your real objective is to be able delete, move, copy the files, then you might want to consider adding "everyone" to the list of Group or User Names, then giving Everyone Full control, then - here comes the kicker - and the step that you might want to check on from you previous takeownership,etc efforts.

Close the Security tab. Reopen the Security tab. Click on Everyone.
click on Advanced. Click on "Change Permissions" (whoa, you say-I've already done that-you are in for a surprise). Click on "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object".
Apply buttons all of the way out.

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Hi all, I migrated to Windows 8.1x64 Pro from Windows 7x64 Ultimate. In both OS's I'm the Administrator. In Windows 7 I was using a 2nd internal physical HDD for data files. Now with Windows 8.1 I'm using that same data drive, but I find that many files and folders can't be opened (Access denied). I followed these tutorials to take ownership and grant full access . Problem is that even if I follow this procedure for a folder, the files inside that folder still have access denied, and I have to apply the procedure to each file individually to gain access to it which is time consuming, even though the "all files and folders inside" option was chosen.
Is there a short way to clean the permissions inherited from the Windows 7 OS and apply fresh full permissions to the whole drive (all folders and files in it) so that Windows 8.1 won't bug me anymore with the "Acess Denied" sign? Thanks

Answer:Need to take ownership and grant full access to Data drive

You could try this WinAero: TakeOwnershipEx

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Okay - this is a really difficult issue to catagorize other than admitting that it really should be one of time travel where I go back and kick myself

My one year old toshiba laptop stopped working one morning and would not be coaxed back to life. I showed it to a few techie friends who told me to give it last rites and get a new laptop.

I did so buying a dell and also bought a docking station for the SATA harddrive so I could copy stuff on to the new PC. My new machine runs vista (your rules forbid me to tell you what I think of Vista by now). Vista insisted on taking ownership of the files on the disk before it would let me touch them let alone copy them. I let it do its stuff and it changed ownership to the administrator on vista(incidentally the same username and password as teh admin on the old machine).

So far so good but then a bit of good luck struck. A friend of a friend fixed the old laptop for me - it had been a blown relay and a faulty power supply. He fixed the relay and I ordered a new power supply. Beers exchanged hands.

I got the power supply today and replaced the hard drive in the old laptop and booted up. It resumed windows but started immediately complaining about corrupted files. I rebooted and now it can not get as far as windows because because there is a PXE E61 media failure error. I guess that this is the damage I did to the disk with Vista.

To add insult to injury I now have an error with the new dell refusing to recognise its own power suppl... Read more

Answer:XP and VIsta file ownership issues on hard drive

Have a look at the following and the document link from that page and see if that provides any useful info;

The solution going forward to never having ownership problems with your own stuff all the time is to NOT make it private when that is the option, such as when adding a password to a user profile. I've never had a permissions issue (except when learning how to get Vista hacked up enough to share folders freely over a network) because of that...the word "private" is harder to resist than most though.

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So I formatted my system today and did a clean install of Windows 8 and now my USB storage drive says cannot access. I remember vaguely adding permissions or taking ownership to the files when I was on Win 7 but dont remember what it is I did exactly. I was trying to hide my files from other users who logged into my computer and I strongly believe that I took ownership of those files. Now I went to the security properties of the drive and took ownership of the files again and the files show/run. Question is how do I remove all the permissions or give away ownership to the files and drive so that anybody can see and use the files on the drive?

Basically if I format my PC again and when I browse my storage drive it shouldn't bug me for ownership or permissions. or if I put the drive in another PC it shouldn't ask for me for ownership/permissions. How do undo this?

Answer:Windows files, folders and drive ownership issues!

Hello wildgoat,

Using the tutorial below as a guide, you could add the Everyone group (if not already there), and set it's permissions to "Allow" "Full control" to let everyone have full access to it.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Even better, set the owner to be Everyone with Full Control.

Hope this helps,

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I have 2 hard drives, 1 old and 1 new. The old one has Windows XP Professional 32-bit and the new one has Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. While on the drive with 7, I tried to access files on the drive that has XP. It said access denied, don't have the right permissions, and asked if I wanted to continue anyway, and I said yes. Well, I had no idea what this was all about since I've never used 7 before, and I started taking ownership of files and folders. I soon realized that doing so didn't always enable me to access a particular file, namely .gif's, .jpg's, .txt's, and I'm sure others. So I got the bright idea to take ownership of the entire drive; right-clicked on it on the Computer folder (where all the drives are listed), properties, security, etc to take ownership of it. Taking ownership of the whole drive took a long time; it's a 160 GB drive with lots of files and folders. After this completed, I was still unable to open my files. I figured it was an incompatibility between XP and 7 seeing as one's 32-bit and one's 64-bit. So I decided to boot from the XP drive and move the rest of my files (just a few) that I hadn't backed up onto my external hard drive to it, and then from there to the 7 hard drive. Well, I got some .dll missing or corrupted error that unfortuntately I can't remember now. Then I think I powered off and back on and it then gave me a quick blue screen with some white text that I was unable to r... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 took ownership of XP drive, won't boot, can't access files

Your Windows copy is most likely in a recovery partition on your hard drive since installation media are included when you buy a machine. No one supplies CD's or DVD's much any more.

It is probably not possible to restore your XP permissions to the way they were before so that it will boot and run normally. If you had made an image, you could have restored it.

I suppose that one possibility would be to convert your XP drive to FAT32 so that all permissions were gone. But running XP on FAT32 permanently is very insecure and a malware heaven, so not advisable. But that may get you booted and get your files accessed. You would need a third-party tool, like Paragon Partition Manager, to perform this type of conversion. I'm not sure if any free tools could do that.

But you should be able to access all your files from 7. Just take ownership of the folders containing the files you want to retrieve before you reinstall XP.

It is good computer practice never to perform any operation that you do not know how to reverse.

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Hi, I recently pulled my hard drive from a windows 7 machine and changed ownership (on winxp) of the hard drive so I could copy some files. Well now that I put the hard drive back in the windows 7 computer it boots, shows the windows 7 logo then black screen with a functioning mouse pointer.

I am guessing this happened because I changed the hard drive owner.

I tried changing the permission on the hard drive to allow everyone full access but that did not work, still won't boot. I also tried f8 and did a repair, but it did not find anything to repair.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank u so much.

Answer:Windows 7 booting issue after taking ownership of hard drive on another pc.

Since you can access Safe Mode go again to 'Repair your Computer' and run it 3 times in a row,(reboot after each time)NO matter what results you get the first two times.İf that doesn't do it,and you don't mention any error messages or the like)you may be best served by simply reinstalling the OS,if you don't have any system images at the ready.

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I'm not sure where exactly to begin on this so i'll start from where my problems all started, forgive me if it drones on a bit.

I have a 1tb toshiba hard drive that up until a week ago worked perfectly fine, i use this as a "gig" hard drive (for doing discos/karokes) so consequently has a lot of music i'd rather not lose. i bought a ps3 and decided to plug this hard drive into it to play my music through it. i then converted the hard drive from fat32 to ntfs so i could handle bigger files for backing up disc images. after realising that the ps3 could not handle ntfs i proceeded to attempt a conversion back to fat32. Partition magic decided to crash on me while converting partition to logical from primary, thus making the data on it very hard to retrieve. but i managed to get my hands on a seagate 1tb hard drive and managed to backup all the data, with just a few folders being corrupt. the problem is that on the folders in the new seagate drive, i cannot copy anything to them or delete anything from them. after persuing this matter with google i found microsofts article on taking ownership of a file/folder. but this has not seemed to work as i cannot select what permissions users and groups have over the folders. when i go to the properties of one of the effected folders (only certain folders have this problem, although it is the majority) and into the security tab, select advanced and goto effective permissions. I type in the administrator and it bri... Read more

Answer:Solved: Problems with ownership of folders on external hard drive

to anyone who is still trying to work this one out...

i have managed to take ownership of the files/folders in question. not sure how it worked but i have just purchased a new computer which has vista on it, upon trying to take ownership with vista instead of xp it worked instantly, not sure why it wouldn't work in xp though

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Hello. I'm trying to copy some files off of the hard drive that was in my MacBook and I'm having some issues. The MacBook died, so I'm trying to get some of the files off of the hard drive. I have Ubuntu dual-booting on my PC, so I'm in that, and I have the laptop hard drive connected via a BlacX.

I can navigate through some of the drive, but the Documents folder, among others, is Permission Denied. I'm able to view the contents if I do 'gksudo nautilus', but it still tells me it can't copy anything within it because permission is denied.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get the files off of this drive?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Changing Permissions/Taking Ownership of Read-Only Drive/Folder in Ubuntu.

sounds like you need to chmod the Documents folder. Something like # chmod 766 Documents -R should work, or else just make it 777 if it's weird, then change it back after you've copied the files.

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Hi to all, and sorry for my first post being such a desperate cry for help.

Two weeks ago I've done something very very stupid , very similar to what JonBastyan talked about in this thread: [SOLVED] Access Denied - Fully!
Difference is my OS is Win7, but I think that most of the help given to Jon (Win Vista) also applies to Win7.

I managed to make an awful mess while trying to establish different permissions for different OS, so that my Win8.1 partition couldn't access my Win7 partition, and while trying to solve that problem I only got things worse and now I'm at a point where I'm pretty desperate.

So after doing a thorough search all over the web, I found that thread and I thought it could help me, and I know that reinstall is always an option but I'd prefer to solve the problem, I'm stubborn.

I honestly think I'm getting closer to find the solution to my problem and regaining ownership of my C: drive, but when executing some commands suggested by jenae and jcgriff2, I got some weird results.

As I can't gain access to command prompt with any user(I lost the users while trying to solve this problem) or admin(still have it but it's useless), using the Win7 DVD I went into RE and used the command prompt to type
The feedback was Access is denied.
Then I typed
whoami /user >1 & start notepad 1
The feedback was: 'whoami is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

So I tried at X:\S... Read more

Answer:Completely messed up drive C: permissions, lost access and can't regain ownership

Since you are not logged in as a User in the RE command prompt, the whoami /user command will not work. This must be run at the command prompt in Windows once you are logged in as a user.
Booting off of the Windows DVD and choosing Repair Your Computer, should put most things back in order.
Also Your C: drive may not be the Windows OS drive in the RE.
In the RE command prompt, X:\Sources type this exactly as written.
bcdedit |find ?osdevice? (Must inc ? and the |), the | before Find is the Upper case \ key) press enter. This will tell you what drive letter the OS is on.It may not be on the C: drive.
Now use the returned as the drive letter for OS, for this example, assume C: or whatever drive letter is the os device. Then you can run the takeown command with that Drive letter.
at the x: sources type:
sfc/scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows press enter
sfc will run, it can take awhile
This will replace any missing System Files.

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HelloI have recently upgraded from vista 32bit to Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. All my important data was stored on Icybox External Drive enclosure in RAID mode (fully working before the upgrade).
Since the upgrade it is not showing up under "My computer", and then I go to disk management it is showing as an invalid Dynamic drive. I spent about 18 hours in various forums searching for solution, tried everything suggested, nothing worked.
I need the data that is on the ICYBOX and cannot convert it to basic disk until I get the data off.
The commercial software recommended did not work either.
Loosing my will to live!Anyone has any suggestions please?
Thank you

Answer:external drive showing as invalid dynamic drive after Win8 upgrade

Check here:

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My mission:Boot a P100 machine using a HDD I have which has a previous installation of Win95.An obstacle arises:The HDD is auto-detected and identified by the BIOS, but then the system hangs and I get the following message:Disk I/O errorReplace the disk, press any key to continue.The HDD in question works fine as a secondary drive (All the disk contents are there). The P100 machine boots with no problem using a HDD I have with Win98 installed.Things I?ve tried:Checked the HDD with AVG ver.8, - no problems detected.Booted the P100 with Win95b floppy ? DOS cannot see c: drive (I get the message ?Invalid drive specification?). However, if I run FDISK /status, c: drive and its partition is found!I tried FDISK /mbr, ? the problem still occurs.Norton Utilities Disk Doctor can only see a: drive.Is it time to abort this mission? Thanks,Harry

Answer:System Drive issues - Invalid drive specification

try leaving the jumper out

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Changing entire ownership of entire hard drive any risks etc ?

I am using method of

Right click entire hdd

Change owner
Find now

Name - In Folder
Users - Computername(mine is for example Furkan)
Ok this makes me even able to enter inside of System Volume Information folder

Can this cause any problems in future?

For example if i format windows can i still access these harddisks without any problem ?

Are there any details, detailed information, article about ownership of files / folders on windows 8 ?

ty very much

Windows 8.1 x64
Also changing windows having driver - boot driver ownership from Trustedinstaller to user would cause any problem ?

Answer:Changing entire ownership of entire hard drive any risks e

When I took ownership of C:\ There were numerous popups saying it was unable to take ownership of various folders & subfolders.

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Question: Invalid Drive F:

Before the hard drive on which it resided failed, I had my documents located apart from the OS on partition F: Currently, no partition has this drive letter.

This has caused problems with installation of a couple of programs, the last of which is Nero KwikMedia, which since it can't find it, as indicated in the screenshot, fails installation.

When I check the current location of my libraries, they are all on C:, as there were originally. Something is still pointing to do I determine what, and how do I change it?

Answer:Invalid Drive F:

Error 1327 usually means an invalid drive letter. This is usually caused by an invalid data key in the registry. You can change the drive letter as follows;

Change, add, or remove a drive letter

Regards....Mike Connor

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Question: Invalid drive

When I boot up the computer the first thing I get is an invalid drive error. It's the same hard drive that has been in the machine. I have a feeling that the set up is incorrect. How do I restore the setup defaults

Answer:Invalid drive

Welcome to the CH forums.Please read this

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i am trying to install the escort detector tools program and it keeps telling me invalid drive g as it starts to install. this interrupts the installation and i cant get it working. what do i do?

Answer:invalid drive g:/ ?

Hi -

It's asking for a location when installing correct? Is the VERY beginning of the location this :

"G:" ?

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Question: Invalid P: Drive

Windows XP Pro
When removing or updating certain programs like Adobe Reader I keep getting and Error message. Error 1327 Invalid Drive:\
Don't know where to find it or correct it. I have this problem on more than one PC.

Answer:Invalid P: Drive

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Hey! I took home my office desktop and bought the software (netgear usb card) to access wireless internet from our Negear Wireless Router, after loading the CD-Rom, it begins the installation process but stops at the installing part and an error message pops up that reads this:Error 1327. Invalid Drive: F:\I don' t know what this means, we tried another CD-Rom (computer game) and it did the same thing but we can load CD (music) and it will read it and play it. 

Answer:Invalid Drive: F:\?????

I may have a solution, but it involves editing the Registry. (Found it with the use of Google).However, unless you know what you're doing when you edit the registry, I suggest putting that aside for the moment.Was F:\ always your CD Drive?Can you try a System Restore to a few days before the problem?

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Question: invalid drive

G'day to all....I am trying to install a programme and get the message" invalid drive:\G." and the installation fails, when I connect my flash card it is Drive G but it is not in  the pc at the time it gives me the above message. running xp sp1. There is no drive G listed in 'My computer ' when I open it up. Any ideas?

Answer:invalid drive

Why no SP2? What adware/spyware/virus programs are you using regularly?

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Question: invalid drive e:\

Hey thanks, I tried to install "Falcon 4.0: Allied Force" but it came up with "fatal error during installation", invalid drive e:\, now I can't do anything with it, it won't reinstall or uninstall. I was putting it on an external HHD which was reformatted so as not to have it on My lap top (Dell XPS, 2gig hhd, 2gig ram,
XP pro) will not uninstall from control panel, C: drive program files, and could not figure out how from Dos? Any help there? Thanks...........

Answer:invalid drive e:\

Hi duh-yooper,

Try this:

General installation problems / unable to uninstall Falcon4 AF
In case you have problems uninstalling Falcon try this procedure:

1. Make sure that you have Administrator rights in Windows.
2. Go to this page KB290301
3. Halfway down is the download link to grab the Installer Cleanup Utility package.
4. Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and select "Run". This will install the package.
5. Go to C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up and double click "msicuu.exe"
6. In the list of programs that appear in the new window, choose (All Users) Falcon 4.0: Allied Force .... and at the bottom hit "remove".
This should allow you to first uninstall and then reinstall AF correctly."

Info source:

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Question: Invalid Drive F

Every time I try to install anything to my computer I get the message Error 1327. Invalid Drive F:\ I get this if I am installing updates, programs etc. I just tried to install Adobe Pro. Can anyone tell me how to change my install drive back to C drive.

Answer:Invalid Drive F

Give this a read and try the fix suggested-

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Question: invalid drive J

I get this error message when:
starting Roxio Creator 2012 pro
the program runs without any apparent problems

when trying to uninstall roxio creator 2012 pro
after message appears the uninstall is aborted

the operating system is Visa Home Premium

Answer:invalid drive J

Do you actually have a J: drive? If not, something in your registry points to J:

I suggest that you search your registry for instances of 'J:'.

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I have Windows XP Media Center Edition. Version 2002 Service Pack 3. When I try to install the adobe reader update I get an error message: Invalid Drive J:\
When i try to install other softer like Office 2007 i get the same message. The computer shows that the hard drive is Local Disk (C:)
I found the error on the adobe website error 1327. The instructions are :

Choose Start > Run.
In the Open box type Regedit and click OK.

Browse to the following keys:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
# Verify the drive, path, or variables are valid for each of the keys.
For each of these keys on the right hand side there is a Data column. Each entry that refers to a variable or a path name - each value needs to refer to a valid drive, path or variable. These path names may be unique to your individual PC - to restore the defaults it may be necessary to examine a known working machine, or contact a Microsoft Windows technician for additional help.

I can run the Regedit and o... Read more

Answer:Invalid Drive J : \

Do you have a J drive?

In my registry, all of the entries to the far left (for these paths) are (%USERPROFILE%\Desktop) for example.
No refs to drives.

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Question: invalid drive: H:\

Whenever i try installing msn messenger and .net framework it says

invalid drive: H:\

Need help.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:invalid drive: H:\

Where are you trying to install it to?

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i saved my writing in local C, and this file is Not in "document" in libraries.
will you explain why?

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Ok here is the story the wife's computer croaked and she needs to get an important college paper off the hard drive. I moved the hd to my comp and got it up and running. The problem is I am unable to acess her folder in the my docs on her drive says the drive may be full or write protected I cant copy anything or rename it. PLease help I need to get this and yes she did not make a back up.

Answer:Help please need to get a document off drive

XP's built in security has probably restricted access to her data unless logged in as herself on the original machine.
You probably only need to take ownership of the folder.

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I was having errors and other problems with my computer so I reformated my hard drive. Everything went okay. Now when I turn on the computer a message comes up asking for the boot disk. I put in the boot disk and goes to the "A" prompt. I then type C: to access my hard drive but the message "Invalid drive specification" comes up. I thought the hard drive might be bad but I put the hard drive into another working computer and it works fine, also I tried another good hard drive but I got the same message. I checked all connections. I tried using FDISK but a message comes up saying "No fixed disks". When I boot up with my Windows 98SE cd and type "setup" it starts but a message comes up "Cannot create a temporary directory. If you have HPFS or NTFS installed on your hard drive you will need to create a MS-DOS boot partition to set up Windows. After I formated I was able to get to the C prompt and type "dir" at first and it showed but not anymore. The computer is a Compaq Deskpro 2000. I can't get into the BIOS because I need certain diskettes to do so. Pressing F10 when booting up does not work no matter how fast or how many time I press it. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:invalid drive specification

For whatever reason it appears that you lost your Command.COM file. There are no System files on the Disk and it is not boot'able.


to put the Boot files BACK on the HD.

Don't understand WHY you need diskettes to get into the BIOS?????????

Does the HD always come up in the IDE indentification phase of the Bootup?
Are you positive that the Ribbon Cable and Power Cable are GOOD and secure?

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Hi, I followed your " read and run me first" instructions and got as far as Bitdefender before freezing. On rebooting I got a boot failure message.

On using a startup disc I get "no fixed disks present. Invalid drive specification"

For some time now, when trying to run any virus scans (Trend on my hard drive and various on-line scanners) my computer has froze or shut down after a few seconds. I also have the same problem when visiting certain websites.Outlook express is also playing up and behaving strangely.

Have previously ran adaware and spybot but suspected there was something lurking in the background. I use windows 98se.

I'm using an old windows machine to visit your forum, can you help me?

Thanks, Ken

Answer:Invalid drive specification

Are you still getting boot failure messages when trying to boot from your hard disk?
Does it boot up anyway?

Do you have your original Win98 CD and is it a bootable CD?

When you used the Startup disk, what OS was the disk created with?

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I am passing on my old PC to someone and want to over write all the empty space on the HDD to make sure no data is transferred.

I have re-installed Windows 7 and am trying to use the Windows "Cipher" feature to accomplish the task.

When I try to run cipher w/c: or cipher w/ c: or cipher w/:c I always get the same result - "Invalid Drive Specified".

How can my C drive be invalid?


Answer:Cipher - Invalid Drive Specified

From Microsoft's web page on using cipher -

How to Use the Cipher Security Tool to Overwrite Deleted DataNote The cipher /w command does not work for files that are smaller than 1 KB. Therefore, make sure that you check the file size to confirm whether is smaller than 1 KB. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in longhorn.

To overwrite deleted data on a volume by using Cipher.exe, use the /w switch with the cipher command:

Quit all programs.
Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then press ENTER.
Type cipher /w:folder, and then press ENTER, where folder is any folder in the volume that you want to clean. For example, the cipher /w:c:\test command causes all deallocated space on drive C to be overwritten. If C:\folder is a Mount Point or points to a folder on another volume, all deallocated space on that volume will be cleaned.
Data that is not allocated to files or folders is overwritten. This permanently removes the data. This can take a long time if you are overwriting a large amount of space.

Note the slash before the 'w' and a colon after.

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Last night i was trying to format my c drive with a boot disk. After the bios is set to boot from the cdrom, it loads up to the screen where i get an A:>. After i get there i cant get into the c:. If i type in A:>format c: , it says invalid drive specification. I can change the A to D: but still cant format the c drive. I should mention that i have 2 hard drives, c & d. Should i run fdisk first, or is something else wrong in there. I just replaced the motherboard last week and want a clean install of windows.

Answer:invalid drive specification

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Case: My hard disk is 500 gb. It has two factory (Dell) installed partitions: #1 with 465 gb and #0 <= 35gb.
After the HDD had stopped to work diagnostic tool Victoria produced message 'Invalid drive geometry' for partition 0.
I believe that partition 0 contained a factory image to re-install Windows 7.
Partition 1 looks okay.
Questions: How to fix this geometry if it is possible?
Should I format the entire disk?
Should these 35 gb in partition 0 be forgotten and then how to format just partition 1 only?
Should the hard disk be replaced?

Answer:What does 'Invalid drive deometry' mean?

Hello boltusha. Welcome to the forum.

That message can be given because:
The BIOS (CMOS) does not report the same disk statistics that the drive does.
Bad data or power cable, or incorrectly attached cables.
Power problem (power supply)
Incorrect jumpers (ancient problem, does not apply to SATA drives)
Failed hard drive.
So first, test and re-seat all connections. Listen for the drive to spin up when you start the computer. Listen for any unusual noises. Unplug power to all unneeded drives and components (just as a test).

Second, perform a ClearCMOS procedure. This will clear the statistics in the BIOS and make the system re-discover them.

Third, test the drive in another computer. See if the problem follows the drive.

Formatting: I doubt that a geometry problem will be caused by formatting. Geometry is a basic count of the size of the drive in Cylinders, Heads, and Sectors. The file system (format) comes after all that.

Keep in mind that formatting will destroy all data on the disk or partition you format. So if you have data you need to keep, don't format or initialize the disk until you have back ups of that data.

Partition 0 probably contained the Dell recovery partition. This will format the hard drive (see above) and restore the computer to the condition it was in when you first got it. You do not need this partition or recovery provided you have:
Created the Recovery Disks (which perform the same function, just from DVDs, not the hard disk)
Create your own disk ... Read more

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I received an old computer that had files missing in Win 95. I ran format c: (no /s) on it then installed win98. Then realized that the modem and all other hardware wouldn't operate with win98 ---so, I ran format C: again (still no /s). This time it took days to format! Kept trying to retrieve something.

Now I have bought a new win95 disk and want to install it. I can get it to the point (using a boot disk for win95, it won't use 95a or 95b) where it says "cannot create a temp directory. If you have HPFS or NTFS installed on your hard drive, you will need to create an MS-DOS Boot Partition to set up Windows."

The main problem seems to be that when I try to switch to c: drive, I get the "invalid drive specification" message. My floppy is operating as A: and the CDROM is D: --I've tried other letters as you recommended to others with similar problems but no luck on that. Have I destroyed this hard drive or how do I get it to recognize the C drive. It seems to recognize it in loading but won't let me go to that drive. Help!!!

Answer:invalid drive specification

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I just deleted my partition (F:) last night and booted up my computer today. I got this message and after a couple of times clicking the "OK" button it went away. But it bugs me that I am getting an error...

If anyone has any clue on how to fix this please help me :D

Sean Santella

Answer:Invalid Drive: F:\ (HPProductAssistant)

Hi Deception

It look like you have delete your recovery or backup partition.

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Whenever I try to play media from my D drive, it pops up the message: The directory name is invalid. this is really frustrating because I am trying to install windows 7 on my computer. What should I do?

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I am working with an older computer with Windows95 on it and I was trying to install a Dos based golf game from a CD. You have to restart the computer in MS-DOS mode to install. There are two hard drives in the computer (drives c: and d and the CD-Rom is drive e:. At the Dos prompt when I type e:install I get a message that this is an invalid drive specification. But in Windows 95 when I look in My Computer or Windows Explorer drive e: shows up with the CD named and I can view the files on the CD.
Why won't Dos let me use drive e:?

Answer:Invalid drive specification?

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hello... i have this problem with my cd-rom... i'm trying to install a new os after i reformatted my hard drive but when i try to open the cd-rom with a drive name of E: this message appears...
invalid drive specification

what should i do?? is there any problem with my bios or cmos it hard to troubleshoot....
help pls...

Answer:invalid drive specifications

Do you have some other removable media attached to your PC, like a digital camera or PDA that is trying to use drive letter E: also?

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I am trying to reinstall my old computer ( win 95) but
when I insert the bootdisk it works good.
But then when I want to go to the D:
So that I can start the setup.exe. It say's
Invalid drive specification. What is the problem
and how can I fix it??

Thank You

Answer:Invalid drive specification??

You need to install the DOS driver for your CD-ROM. If you don't have the DOS floppy that came with your CD-ROM, acquire a Windows 98 Startup Disk which has the CD driver built in. From there, you can install Windows 95.

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I am trying to install ITunes to my laptop and I keep getting a message "Invalid Drive H:/". Can anyone help me either designate an H: drive or find it on my machine? I looked at an earlier thread and tried "Run" "List Volume" etc. with no success. My software is Windows XP 2000 Pro SP1. Thanks for the assistance.

Answer:Invalid Drive Message

do you have an h drive, or possibly it is a virtual drive like deamon tools or something? If you do have an h, then you have alot of HD's, cant you install to c, or am i missing something?

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found an old drive that i would like to reuse as storage drives. 500 gig WD sata drive. Is there a program to fix the (Invalid drive geometry) error or do i throw the drive away? I have tried a bunch and the only one that reads the drive is victoria 4.3. Any help would be great.

Answer:Invalid drive geometry

icemeister said:

found an old drive that i would like to reuse as storage drives. 500 gig WD sata drive. Is there a program to fix the (Invalid drive geometry) error or do i throw the drive away? I have tried a bunch and the only one that reads the drive is victoria 4.3. Any help would be great.Click to expand...

You might want to look at this page. It's possible a virus "stole" and is hiding on the last sector making it hidden and unreachable. There is a gentleman mentioned within the posts that may have the tools you need and he is the ONLY person that can tell you how to use them. If he can't help you, destroy and discard the hard drive.

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trying to install seagate st3250824u2-rk 250 gb external hard drive keep getting error report unable to install driver filters are invalid (os windows xp sp2)have updated usb drivers but still no success anybody got any ideas

Answer:drive filters invalid

motherboard make and model and a little more info about you machine configuration. Is this Ext HDD USB 2.0 ? are you running it from a usb port on the machine or from a External Hub.

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I just recently purchased a new scanner and when I was installing the software, I receive a message saying - Error 1327 - Invalid Drive G:/ . Then it will not continue with installation because the Wizard was disrupted. What i don't understand is that i don't have a Drive G:/ , and I can't find it anywhere or access it. I would appreciate any help on how to correct this problem ... thank you.

Answer:Invalid Drive Message

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I'm trying to wipe my hard drive clean and install a fresh copy of XP. This is what I've done:

1. Put in a floppy, right clicked on A:, clicked format, and then make MS-DOS boot disc.

2. I added FDISK to the bootdisk.

3. When I get to the A: prompt I type D: to make sure that my CD Drive can be read. But instead of giving me the D: prompt I get the 'ol invalid drive specification message! Please help!

Answer:D: Invalid drive specification...HELP!

I take it you cant make the BIOS search for d: on boot order?
If you can, you can perform a full format with the windows xp disk (recovery) on boot.
Anyhow, when in A:\ are you typing:
cd d:\ or just:

If you are just typing d: then technically the command is d: diretory in A:\ drive, which doesn't exist.

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I have a little problem. 1 of my computers is P4 1.4 ,1gig Ram, 160gig and 40gig HDs. I have windows installed etc and it all works fine, but when I boot into DOS, I cant view my HDs and my CDROMs and DVD are set to Y: and X:. So I cant install windows because its saying "Cannot find a place for a swap file"

Any idea what might be the problem? Because when I run fdisk, it can see the HDs and partitions. But in DOS it doesnt work.


Answer:Invalid Drive Spec in DOS

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I'm having a problem with an Invalid Drive message. For starters after logging on a "TrayApps" application pops up and says " Please wait while Windows configures TrayApps" then a TrayApps pops up over that and says "Invalid Drive J:/" and has an "OK" button. This has been going on for a long time but It never really bothered me so I left it alone. Today I am trying to reinstall my printer drivers that I had to download and it says that the J drive is too full but I don't even have a J drive. Can anyone help me with this? thanks

Answer:TrayApps Invalid Drive J:/

Is error TrayApp.msi, if so look here.

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Since having some warranty work done on my laptop, I cannot seem to install anything (cd or downloaded) without the above error springing up and halting the instalation (I have no drive F).I think it has something to do with the default location for installations, but I don't know how to fix it.ThanksRick

Answer:Error1327.Invalid Drive F:\

Get it fixed under warranty.

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I have been getting this error message ever since I did the following things to my computer I have tried to run and update some things today since my last post on hardware. I downloaded and installed the chips for my Dell Dimension 4700 then I installed and deleted some documents that I had stored on my USB sticks. Not sure if some that I deleted was needed. I just copied all of my documents on to them then I just copied them back and now my computer is so slow in internet exlplorer Iam using google as my home page and gmail for email.

But also my computer is so slow shuting down and then when it comes back up it hangs with a blank blue screen before it opens to my desktop. I had regtool purchased it over a month ago for the USB problems I was having but things have gotten even worse. PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I GO STARK RAVEN MAD:cry:cry

Answer:Error1327.Invalid Drive:F:\


Follwing on question from your hardware thread is that with now installing the chipset driver and any other drivers that are missing, is that you now have no yellow ! marks in Device Manager?

first off if you have RegTool then remove it, especially if its this one listed HERE

Then open regedit, click Start > Run and type regedit and hit enter, then navigate to this registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders and tell me in any of the list in the right side window under DATA heading has anything different to starting with C: (like mine in the picture below) if any have F: then this is part of your issue and you will need to change them to C:

To do this double click the key as an example again in my image above in the blue box "desktop" and you will see the box below and in the Value Data box change the F:\Users\David\Desktop to C:\Users\David\Desktop <<<<<< just an example as I dont know what yours looks like and which ones may have a F: at the start but change any that have a F: at the beginning to C:\

Then download and run this safe PC and registry cleaner in CCleaner and run its Cleaner and Registry options, run the registry one until no items are listed for cleaning

then reboot to check

But I would also check for Malware on your PC using this guide and if the scans do highlight any then please start a new thread in the malware forum and attach all t... Read more

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This is a silly problem to be having. I have two operating systems in a dual boot system. Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit, C drive, (where I am trying to run the backup from) and Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit (I drive).

It used to work fine, I think round about 4 weeks ago or so. I am not sure what has changed but it no longer works properly. Instead it identifies my data drive as being a system which needs a system image created for.

I tried using the Backup reset registry key from the tutorials section but that does not work either. They say a picture can paint a thousand words, so here are some screenshots.

I am not sure what else you need to know. Its Dell XPS 420 with a RAID 0 (striping) drive...that is to say two drives combined together in an array (as I understand it). So it acts like one big hard drive.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Answer:Windows 7 Backup identifies wrong drive as a system drive

Welcome to the forum,

From your screenshots I don't see the problem you're talking about, Can't you just select the partitions you want and go from there?

What does it show when you expand the top "Data Files" ?

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