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Dell Inspiron 6000 keeps losing sound

Question: Dell Inspiron 6000 keeps losing sound

I'm working on an inspiron 6000 and it doesn't have audio. I reinstalled the audio drivers (sigmatel STAC 975X AC97) and it worked fine. Sent the customer home with it fixed. She called an hour later and said there is no sound. I confirmed with her that it wasn't muted or something dumb like that. She brings it back and sure enough there is no audio. The device shows up in device manager like it should, no yellow ? or anything like that. I re-reinstalled the audio driver again and it worked fine......until i did a reboot.

Any Ideas why it seems to fail over and over after reboots???

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 6000 keeps losing sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Inspiron 6000 keeps losing sound

try reseting the primary ide channel by uninstalling it in device manager and restarting the computer

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Now, this proves to be an elusive solution. Even when I first had to worry about this back about a year ago. Unfortunately I cannot find the answer anymore.

I was unfortunately put into a situation in which I had to get Vista on my computer (I for some reason didn't even think to set up a dual-partition) which is the Inspiron 6000 by Dell. With the Sigmatel C-Major Audio card there don't seem to be any primary drivers that work with Vista. I know there is a third party one out there somewhere, however I have had no luck. Does anyone happen to have a solution to this? It is driving me mad.

Answer:Sound Driver for Dell Inspiron 6000 gone

Hi Develop! Have you tried here? Hope that helps. If not, just Google 'Sigmatel C-Major Audio. There's a whole list pertaining to your card.

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Thank you so much for having this great forum on the internet! If you can solve this problem I will be really happy.

Computer / Driver specs below.

PROBLEM: When I play midi sounds its very choppy. Sounds in games are ok but after 1/2 hour or so can become choppy and sound needs to be stopped and restarted. When playing WMAs WMVs or MP3s sound can become choppy after 1/2 hour and only resolution is to stop sound from playing and trying to restart application and continue from where I left off.

This began a year and a half ago so no way to pinpoint now what cause was.

1. I do not experience this when I play a CD on my computer.
2. Also note that when I use tunebite which passes audio through my sound card and recaptures and saves it in a different form there are no issues either. I have recorded over an hour of pristine sound with no choppyness and played this sound on an mp3 player.

I suspect that I am having a hardware issue with my dell sound card but I need a way to prove that I am not experiencing an issue with driver conflicts on my computer. I wish I could download and run a diagnostic test to find out at which level the sound is being corrupted.

I have made a detailed image map attached with all information pertaining to my sound drivers.

Dell inspiron 6000
windows XP home SP 2
intel pentium M processor
1.86 GHz w/ 2 GB of RAM

Please see Driver map at:
From the image you can see from the highlights that ... Read more

Answer:Dell inspiron 6000 SigmaTel C-Major Audio choppy sound issue

SigmaTel C-Major Audio

Anyone know of a way of diagnosing whether or not this driver works correctly?

I downloaded the driver directly from and followed their instructions for upgrading this driver. No luck.


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Question: Dell Inspiron 6000

Ok so heres the deal! I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that works fine as long as you have the Powercord plugged in! The minute you unplug it, it shuts down. Wait Wait! No it's not the battery because I have tested it in another laptop and besides that it's brand new. Any thoughts??


Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000

RezRunner said:

Ok so heres the deal! I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that works fine as long as you have the Powercord plugged in! The minute you unplug it, it shuts down. Wait Wait! No it's not the battery because I have tested it in another laptop and besides that it's brand new. Any thoughts??

:confusedClick to expand...

It is the battery :-D I'm sure you've already done this but double check your battery has the same spec's as your old one,the voltage and connectors are exactly the same,next check the battery connectors on the laptop aren't broken,loose and protrude out far enough to connect with the battery,if you still have your old battery check the voltage and amperage and then put that in the laptop that works and see if it charges,this will tell you two things 1. There's nothing wrong with your old battery 2.The batteries are compatible with both laptops

The next thing I would do is unplug the motherboard power connector,usually this a white connector with black and red wires right next to the battery compartment,unplug it and with only the battery connected check the voltage to make sure your mobo is getting power,this may or may not be above your experience level as you may have to remove the rear laptop cover.

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Question: Dell Inspiron 6000

for some reason animated gifs and avatars won't play on this thing and I have it enabled too..anyone have any ideas....

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000

Won't play where?
In Internet Explorer?
In a picture viewer?

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Question: Dell Inspiron 6000

Hey guys, one last question before I purchase a new hard drive for this laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000).

Ok, I've picked out a compatible (I hope) IDE drive. The drive that's getting replaced is toast, so I can't even load up an operating system. I can get into BIOS. My goal is to put Ubuntu on the new drive.

My question is, when I screw in the new drive and push the power button, what steps do I need to follow to load my Operating system?? Is it as simple as putting the cd with the Ubuntu image on it in the CD tray? The drive is bare, unformatted, etc.


Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000

I never knew a modest mouse

Just make sure the cd/dvd drive is first in boot order. then you're fine. Just pop the disk in and enjoy the ride.

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Question: dell inspiron 6000

I have a dell inspiron 6000 laptop When I turn it on it says Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:windows/system32/config/system You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup cd-row Select r at the first screen to start repair. I have tried this but i dont think i have the right cd to do this I welcome any help that anybody could give me Thank You I forgot to say I'm running XP

Answer:dell inspiron 6000

Try this is as solution:

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I have been offered a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, which is less than 4 months old. Is this a good model, what are the goods and bads about it. What would be a fair price, considering that it is 'as new' condition.Seller wants to get something better!.Transaction to be completed by late this evening, as other parties are interested in possible purchasing this laptop.Thanks for any feedbacks.

Answer:Do you own a Dell Inspiron 6000 !

click here

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I am trying to help a friend that has a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop running Windows XP Professional.

When the computer opens up to the desktop, I can't open My Computer, My Documents, My Music. I can open up Microsoft Office and even open files that i have saved on an external.

If I go into Safe Mode everything works fine. I can open My Computer, etc.

I have run a disk check and it shows no errors.

I have also run Malawarebytes and it found no malaware, viruses, etc.

I updated the virus definitions for Avast and ran a full scan. Found nothing.

I asked if he had a Windows Professional reinstallation CD and he said no.

I have done several system restores but none work.

I have a feeling it needs to have Windows Professional reinstalled. He doesn't have the disk. I just don't understand why everything works right in Safe Mode.

I believe some of the problem has to do with the hard drive. It is only 33 gigs. There is only 9 gigs free. I would think that if the RAM has been used and it switches to the swap file that there just isn't much resources on this computer.

I would sure appreciate any and all ideas that I might take. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Need Help Bad!!

Since it works in safe mode, let's do a clean boot and see what happens.

Open msconfig and on the General tab choose "selective startup" (uncheck all three items) and reboot. Does the problem still occur? If not, start adding items back to msconfig one or two at a time, rebooting after each change, until the problem reappears and you'll have identified the offending process. This is clearly a time consuming procedure, but it is the best way to determine if some process loading with the system is the cause of your problem.
After you've isolated the cause, do not use msconfig to permanently disable the process. Instead, if it is a service go to START - RUN and type: services.msc (then press enter) and disable the service OR, if it a program, you can download & run a simple app such as Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel ( to enable, disable, or otherwise manage startup programs.

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My Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook computer is underclocking itself. It is a Pentium M that is listed at 1.5GHz, but is actually running at between 1 and 1.1 GHz. I always have the computer plugged in, so power consumption is not an issue. Also, the backlight is broken, so I use a side monitor as the display instead, reducing the heat generated in the computer.

Unfortunately, heat seems to be a problem, with software telling me that the computer is already running at around 60C.

Is there any way for me to disable the underclocking, and would it be dangerous because of the heat generated? Since it is a Dell, I believe the clock speeds are blocked in the BIOS.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 is underclocking itself.

dells usually over heat.. get a lap fan for it

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I have read in different places online which I can't recall right now in which people suggest reformatting these computers' hard drives as soon as you receive them because something like 3-6 GB is partitioned for a reformat, but it is actually unnecessary. Any comments or clarity on this?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 reformat

well i no that ive seen and worked with some that partition a 'backup' of the o/s installation (winxp) and take up around that space.. but it wouldnt do much harm other than take up space

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I need to download the drivers for this computer.  I went to the dell site to get the drivers for the computer, but Im not sure what to download for network controller.  I also need to download the driver for a wireless connection, but here also Im not sure which one to download, theres so many of them to choose.  I had downloaded and installed the Intel driver for the PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection, which is what I think the computer had before I deleted the driver, but this time around I cant get it to work.So which drivers do I need

Answer:dell inspiron 6000 laptop

Did you reinstall the operating system or simply delete the drivers? If you just deleted them, try doing a system restore.If you just did a clean install then can you give us your service tag number?

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This was originally posted as a hardware issue.

One night while looking at my husband's blog, my ESET antivirus told me that I'd been attacked twice. It "deleted" the problems; all good. Then I asked ESET to scan the computer; all good. Later, my husband tried to turn the computer off, but could get no response. He held the power button until the computer turned off.

The next morn I tried to turn the computer on. The Dell screen came up, then a black screen came on with the cursor in the upper left corned blinking twice then disappearing.
I tried, when the Dell screen came on, pressing F12, to do "Diagnostics"; it did some tests, then it said, "No diagnostic utility partition found. To run diagnostics, insert Dell "Drivers and utilities" CD, then OK to restart system and boot off the CD." Is that bad?

Then, I did this...
Try booting into Safe Mode. Completely shut down and then press the power key. Tap F8 repeatedly while it is starting up. This should put you into Safe Mode, which will tell you if your operating system is still in tact. It will also give you the option of restoring the system to a previous state. This often will overcome a startup problem. Also, if you get in this way, backup your files! There's a good chance you're going to lose something valuable from this point on.


This came up:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\system32... Read more

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I have a dell inspiron 6000 that was improperly shut down and when i turned it on the next day it wont boot up, in fact i think its locked up-- how do i fix??

Answer:dell inspiron 6000 locked up

Usually turning it off improperly a second time will make it give you options like repair my computer and safe mode.
Try that and launch start up repair, you can also get this to pop up by pressing F8 during the post

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One night while looking at my husband's blog, my ESET antivirus told me that I'd been attacked twice. It "deleted" the problems; all good. Then I asked ESET to scan the computer; all good. Later, my husband tried to turn the computer off, but could get no response. He held the power button until the computer turned off.

The next morn I tried to turn the computer on. The Dell screen came up, then a black screen came on with the cursor in the upper left corned blinking twice then disappearing.
I tried, when the Dell screen came on, pressing F12, to do "Diagnostics"; it did some tests, then it said, "No diagnostic utility partition found. To run diagnostics, insert Dell "Drivers and utilities" CD, then OK to restart system and boot off the CD." Is that bad?

Then, I did this...
Try booting into Safe Mode. Completely shut down and then press the power key. Tap F8 repeatedly while it is starting up. This should put you into Safe Mode, which will tell you if your operating system is still in tact. It will also give you the option of restoring the system to a previous state. This often will overcome a startup problem. Also, if you get in this way, backup your files! There's a good chance you're going to lose something valuable from this point on.


This came up:
" " " &q... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't boot

This is a software issue, with the potential of being a virus issue. There is another forum here suited this question as at the moment it isn't a hardware issue.

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Relevance 76.26% friend has a Dell Inspiron 6000 and it has a bult in mic in... it says everything is working fine but yet she cannot use emic will not actually produce sound out over the internet......even tho everything looks good..wondering what could be some solutions.


Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000...mic will not work

control panel> sounds and audio devices>

Everything ok there?

control panel> sounds and audio devices>voice>test hardware

Everything ok there?

Try a plug-in mic?

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I was having trouble with my charger it had a short it in it. well with it being right before christmas i was trying to make it last until afterwards because god for bid I have to be without my laptop for a week. Well I kept moving the cord to fix the short and keep it working, when finally it quit charging all together so I bought a new charger and nothing no battery light not so much as a noise you hit the power button and it is Dead! So I took it apart and re soldered the charger plug thinking I had busted a solder on the plug because i kept miving the cord around to keep it charging. Used ohms meter and there is power to the plug and all the solders but still nothing. Any Idea what the problem could be i am desperate here too much of a computer geek to have my laptop down.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't power up

a short may have fried the mobo. replace it and the PSU.

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When I press the power button, absolutely nothing happens. No lights, no sounds, no display. The adaptor lights up, but once I plug it into the laptop, it goes out. I've tried removing and re-inserting the battery, which should be charged up, but nothing happens. Does anyone know if this could be a hardware or power supply problem or something else? My warranty has expired, but I'd rather not have to take it to a repair shop. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't turn on?

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

Here is another tutorial: Tutorial: NO POST / Power General troublshooting

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Hey guys,
I've got a laptop from my sister that has a HDD Error, drive not detected. It's a DELL Inspiron 6000. From what I know, the thing had a hard drive crash before, and she received another from Dell, and this is now crashed (after awhile). I hear all the time that Dell is crap...however, I was not consulted prior to the don't give me too much grief .

I ran a diagnostics on it and everything checked out as passed, except this:
"Start DST Short Test: Fail
Error code: 1000-0141
MSG: No drive detected."

Well, not being a tech savvy family, they told me to do what I want with it. I'm wondering if I purchased a new IDE (required) hard drive, would it work again?? What do you guys think? I realize I will need to install another OS, so i will probably experiment with Ubuntu.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 HDD Error

You can get a hdd on other sites or retail. You don't have to buy it directly from Dell for it to work.

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Dell Inspiron 6000 gets very slow after a day of being up. I put in 2 GB RAM and new hard drive when old drive started going bad and reinstalled everything and it was ok for a little while. Now it gets very slow after a a short while sometimes, I use 100 Mbps network line. I restart and sometimes defragment the drive and it gets fast for a little while. Any suggestions on what to do. I run CA anti virus, anti spam and Windows firewall.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 gets very slow after a day

Are we talking computer speed or internet speed? Remember your computer very little to do with your Internet Speed other than if it has a virus.If it is computer speed then it is either too many programs that start up automatically, viruses, or hardware. If you rule out the first 2 then it is probably hardware. If your CPU fan fails or is clogged the system could be over heating. Being that you just switched out the hard drive I would look into this. You can check your computer's temps using speedfan... it is software then we need to know what is running on your computer. You can get this information by running the following command...TASKLIST > c:\tasklist.txtOpen your C: drive and open the tasklist.txt file and post the contents.

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Hello, I am new here and came across this forum while googling for tips on getting my Dell Inspiron 6000 fixed. This forum seems very helpful from what i've read and so I thought I should post my problem to see if anyone can suggest a solution to me.

I recently was watching a video file on my laptop when the computer just shut down. When I try to reboot now, I get an error message saying "Internal HDD Hard error! Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility". When I hit F1 with my windows install disk in the CD-rom drive, I get an error saying that there is no Hard Disk Drive recognized and to make sure that the Hard Drive is powered on, etc.

I thought that maybe my hard drive had died on me so I purchased a new hard drive and it is the same exact problem still occuring. Any tips or links on what I might need to do would be very helpful...Thanks for your time!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 - internal HDD

Most Dells have a diagnostics program (F12 at boot).
Run the tests and see what they say.

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I got an inspiron 6000 from a friend who said it would not boot. I found the cause, which was one of the USB ports was missing the little plastic spacer, and shorted out whenever something was plugged into it. It worked fine for a couple weeks when that USB port was not used. One day, I was using it and it died, and a little smoke came out the right grille. Now, when I try to power it up, the Caps/Num/Scroll lock lights come on, and after about 5 seconds, it shuts down again. There is no video, and seemingly the fan does not work, but the hard drive spins up. It does this on both battery (fully charged according to the lights), and AC power. I 'drained the power' and took out the CMOS battery for a day as suggested in the No POST tutorial, but it still will not boot. As a little experiment, nothing changes when the RAM is removed. I disassembled it, and nothing seems to be toasted. I suspect a dead mobo, but I want to confirm this.

EDIT: Would the Dell BIOS choke on a dead fan? It actually has been about 4 months since it started, and I just now dragged it out. I'm thinking that the fan could have blown up, and that would be the cause of it not spinning.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 not POSTing

This is usually kimsland's job, but here is the no post tutorial.

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I got a free delll inspiron 6000 laptop. it wouldnt load the os after a virus scan was done. didnt have original cd soo reloaded copy of xp pro never used before onto machin in attempt to repair. repair wouyld not work soo i reformatted the machine and installed new copy of xp pro. Since i reformatted and reinstalled i can no longer get my wireless card to show i check device manager not sure what to look for or what driver to update. maby its not even a driver issue . Please help . any ideas appreciated

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 wireless

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i have a dell inspiron 6000 laptop running XP
everything was fine until yesterday when it refused to boot. it just said loading pbr 2...done. then nothing.
after reading a lot of forums i used my windows cd and went into the repair bit. i've already run chkdsk and fixboot but no luck. i then ran fixmbr.
now when i try to boot it says disk read error.
i can still boot from cd/dvd drive and get into setup etc
i checked the bios and the hd is being recognised so i dont think its fried.

i fear i've done something bad to the partition... is there any way to fix this or will i have to reinstall. thanks for taking the time to read this...

Answer:Dell inspiron 6000 will not boot..

Have you tried to do a Repair Install?

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My Dell Inspiron can use up to 128mb ram, and since the system has 1gb ram, i would like the graphics to have much as it can. At the moment it's only using 32mb. I have absolutely no idea how to increase it to 128mb, i can't see it in my manual. Thanks

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 graphics help

Most likely from within the BIOS - the screens you get at startup when you see a message like "press del to enter setup".

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hello everyone
I ve just bought a dell inspiron 6000laptop on ebay, and after switch it on, the grey screen appears with a commend about confirming system authentication password...after third trial the computer switch off. the person I have bought it from is no available any more.
If anybody can help me how to turn my laptop into use?
please, i will appriciate that

Answer:dell inspiron 6000 problem

You need to take the laptop to someone who's familiar with clearing the CMOS memory on a laptop. Another option is to find someone that can wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall an operating system.

Am I detecting that English is not your primary language?

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My friend has a Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop.

She recently recruited me to help her figure out why she's coming up with the following method:

Unmountable Boot Volume
0x000000ED (0x81334868, 0xc0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

now i know that there have been multiple posts with this sort of problem, but i have yet to see someone conclude their threads with a "I fixed it!" or... "that was the solution i needed!"

i tried to dskchk /r.... it gets 39% done and tells me there are unrecoverable files
i tried to dskchk /p.... i get the same response

i didn't know if fixboot would erase some of the hard drive, which i'm not trying to do because i want her to have a chance of recovering some of the information off the hard drive. i was reading about cables and slaving the drive to another hard drive, but i don't know how to do that with a laptop or if that's even possible.

i'm still learning the ins-and-outs of my computer and whatnot. i'd hate to test my skills, or knowledge on someone elses stuff, you know?

are there any other suggestions for fixing my problem?
please let me know. thx

Answer:BSOD - Dell Inspiron 6000

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Hello all,

First time posting here. This looks like a strong community and I hope somebody can help me.

I've got an Inspiron 6000 that is several years old and has never given me any major trouble until last night. It's a Pentium M 1.6 with 1.25 Gigs ram on two modules - 256 MB that came with it and a 1 Gig module that I added a couple of years ago. It runs Ubuntu Linux.

I was watching a movie and using firefox when it simply shut down. And I don't mean went dead - it actually shut down quickly but gracefully. X clearly died first and then the rest of the OS went down, much faster than normal but not just a total power failure. When I turned it over it was very hot on the bottom, so I figure it overheated. It's never done it before but I haven't blown the dust out of it in a while.

Now it won't turn on, at all. The test button on the battery shows a full charge and the AC adapter light functions normally, but pressing the power button does nothing. It's had about 8 hours to cool now so I know it's not still hot. Any ideas? What should I check and how do I check it?

Thanks for your help,

Answer:Help! Dell Inspiron 6000 won't power up

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

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About a year ago, my motherboard fried, and I just recently replaced it with a new one.
Since my brother has the same laptop as I do, we have at least 3 power cords.
I thought my power cord was the problem, so I switched to using his.
It would power my laptop, and charge my battery, but the computer will not turn on.
When I press the power button, the LED lights will turn on for about 3 seconds, then turn off.
I'm not sure what's happening. D: Help?!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Booting.

try contacting Dell

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When I turn on the laptop I get no boot sector on internal HD - No bootable devices - strike F1 to try to reboot then I get 2 beeps.

I ran a diagnostics and it fails at the DST short test -

I cannot reformat it as it will not boot up to the CD no matter what I do.

Harddrive failure? It is 4 years old. It is used as a 3rd computer to check email, surf web, etc. etc. and I would like to get it fixed. Besides this problem I've had no problems with it whatsoever and it's been a pretty good little laptop.



Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't boot up

Try removing the hard drive and put it back in. Turn on your laptop and see what happens.
Did you do F2 and change the boot sequence to boot into your CD rom drive? then save and exit and then try to boot into your CD.

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hell guys, been having a serious problem. I have a dell inspiron 6000 , which i reformatted and installed windows xp service pack on it. However everything works except the audio, i even went to dell and downloaded the chipset and still no audio. when i go to control panel and sound and audio devices it is all greyed out and says no audio device. also when i try to install the drivers which i downloaded from the dell website it starts to install and then an ero comes up saying "C- Major audio device not present " and also to restart the computer and try reinstalling. I am new to this and can aynone please help, like i say its a dell inspiron 6000 laptop, and its motherboard chipset is Moblie Intel Alviso-G i 915M . Please can anyone help urgently?

Answer:no audio in my dell inspiron 6000

You need to download the Sigmatel audio driver from here:

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I have dell INSPIRON 6000 has Intel Pentium M processor 1.70 GHs. One day I turned the laptop on without the battery. accidentally I unplug the power cable since that time my laptop become too slow. I tried to reinstall the windows and still run slowly. Then I tried many software to see what is the problem is. but all of them tell all hardware run without any problem. I check my laptop with Intel processor identification utiulity and reported my laptop run at speed 0.13 Ghz and expected to run at 1.70 Ghz, so what is seem to be the problem. is my processor damaged ?

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Installed win 7 on my old dell inspiron 6000.Aero works ok but cant connect to internet now via lan or wireless. lan did work when first installed but possibly an update has stopped it.Did not get Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG card to work. Driver properties say working ok. Any ideas what to do next?Has anyone had same issues for this lappy & used any drivers that worked?Cheers

Answer:win 7 & dell inspiron 6000 drivers

Before one upgrade to a new OS on a computer one must first make sure that the divers are available The Dell Inspiron 6000 cannot be updated to Vista or Windows 7, as drivers are not available from Dell support site it is a ?Windows XP Machine Only? at presentYou can possible find the Vista/7 Drivers for each piece of hardware by searching the Internet Best suggestion would be to reinstall XP until a later date and than check if Win7 drivers available Dell Inspiron 6000 Windows XP Drivers click here

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Hey techguys,

I've hooked up my laptop to my TV and the picture's working fine, except it's in black and white... Any ideas why?


Answer:Connecting Dell Inspiron 6000 to TV

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My lcd is dark and I can see the image if looking at the right angle in the right light. I've looked into this and believe that the problem is either or both the inverter and lamp. I ordered the inverter by part number (ebay), installed and still have same problem. Not much help from Dell- they say replace the whole screen. Is it worth trying to replace the lamp? Any advice and procedural links would be appreciated.

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I have a old dell inspiron 6000 that I want to upgrade but don't know where to start or how to go about it. I want to upgrade the core with more GHz, upgrade the screen with better resolution, and install a wireless card. Problem is I don't what parts to get that would work or if any would and I plan on doing it myself so tips would be appreciated. I'm trying to upgrade for PC games because my desktop got stolen. So I need more space I guess.

Answer:Dell inspiron 6000 upgrades?

The Dell Inspiron 6000 is a low-end laptop that's several years old and worth less than $100.00.

It's NOT a gaming laptop and can't be upgraded to work as one.

If you want a gaming computer, you need to buy or build one that has the hardware to support the demands of gaming.


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My laptop will not charge. Sometimes I can get it to work if I wiggle the cord around inside the receptor, but on the whole, it doesnt work. I've replaced the ac cable & the battery so I know they're not the cause, so I only think it can be the receptor itself.

I've bought a new one but have no idea how to fit it. Can anyone help?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't charge!

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Hi guys,
Currently having some problems with getting windows 7 to run correctly for me on my Dell Inspiron 6000. Im not a big computer guy so let me give you as much relevant info as I can.

A. Two weeks ago my computer crashed while running Windows XP. We took it into my moms work (software development company) and had a new hard drive put in as well as the Windows 7 Enterprise (serivice pack 1) Operating System.
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60 GHz 1.60GHz
Sytem: 32-bit Operating System

B. Everything was working fine until i tried to play an online game (Maplestory). After it was installed I tried running it and i get this message. Error -2147467259 (unknown error).

C. Did some research and found that this problem is mostly caused due to the video/graphics drivers being out of date or not properly updated.
Display adapter: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
But some further research lead me to believe that the "above" is not my real driver, its just the name given to it when windows doesn't know the real name. I had it search for updates on all known drivers and all of them said they were fully updated.

D. I went digging around online and found "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor". It supposedly checks your system and lets you know whether you can run Win 7 or not with your current hardware. I ran it and heres what i got;
System: Windows Aero Support-My current graphics adapter does not support windows Aero
Devices: Video Controller-It says unkn... Read more

Answer:Win 7 on Dell Inspiron 6000 problems

When the Dell website says your model is not win7 compatible, it means Windows 7 won't run properly on it (which is true, as you've discovered) because Dell has not commissioned any Win7 drivers for it. Therefore, Dell's statement about it being incompatible is quite correct.

As for the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on Microsoft's website, you are supposed to run that before upgrading so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to upgrade the OS or buy a new PC with Win7 pre-installed instead.

The "Standard VGA Driver" is a 'real driver' that Windows uses when no other suitable third-party video driver is available, but it's only a generic driver with low resolution & low colour-depth, so quite unsuitable for games or apps requiring high resolutions.

The problem you have is that Dell hardware is custom-made so custom-made drivers are required. Only Dell has these custom-made drivers because they were specially written for that company. That's why you should have checked the driver situation on the Dell website before going ahead with the upgrade.

If the only problem you have is the lack of a proper video driver, you've been lucky.
You'll either have to live with that or re-install XP.

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Dell Inspiron 6000 wireless
I got a free delll inspiron 6000 laptop. it wouldnt load the os after a virus scan was done. didnt have original cd soo reloaded copy of xp pro never used before onto machin in attempt to repair. repair wouyld not work soo i reformatted the machine and installed new copy of xp pro. Since i reformatted and reinstalled i can no longer get my wireless card to show i check device manager not sure what to look for or what driver to update. maby its not even a driver issue . Please help . any ideas appreciated

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 wireless

you need to go onto the dell website and download all the drivers for the laptop

on the laptop will be a tag number
use this in the dell website and it will take you to all the drivers for that machine

in device manager I suspect you have a lot of yellow ? - these are the items with missing drivers

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 running on Windows XP professional sp3.

I opened Device Manager and I am missing the Multimedia Audio Controller and Video Controller.

I've searched through every other thread concerning this computer model and drivers, and everytime I click on the driver, it links me to the Dell site, which for whatever reason isn't functioning for me. It sends me to a blank internet page whenever I download the drivers.

I have the chipset, modem, wireless--everything else has been installed. I'm only missing those two.

Please help!


Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Missing Drivers

Okay, an update: I managed to install the audio driver, but when I attempt the video driver, it says that a file is missing or corrupt.

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My laptop won't boot up completely. I booted up yesterday and it did the same thing - only loaded 7 items but not the rest - most importantly the network connection so I can get on the Internet with wifi. I am away on vacation and will need this during this week for work. I rebooted a 2nd time and it was fine. The same thing happened today but I have rebooted 5 or 6 times but it only loads the save 7 items: kaspersky, Google drive, snippy, touch pad, task bar shuffle, volume and safely remove hardware,
I tried to go to control panel and look at the network connections but it won't open. I tried to go to add and remove programs to remove malware bytes because it was booting up every time I booted up and it was slowing everything down plus it was annoying so I wanted to delete it but add and remove programs won't open either.
Now what? Please advise!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't boot up completely

Never mind - I got it figured out.  Don't waste any time on this!

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can i ask some question here??? meron po ba kayong driver nang motherboard dell 6000 inspiron???? do you have any installer??? pls post., i need this one., pls ., ill wait., i need this pci modem,video controller, network controller., ill wait guys^^

Answer:dell 6000 inspiron driver pls mainboard

Here are all the drivers you will need: Drivers & Downloads

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My Dell Inspiron 6000 is only about 15 months old and there is a problem with the AC Jack in the back where the AC Adapter will not charge it anymore. It helped to hold it at an angle or jiggle it to get a charge but now it does not respond to anything and is completely dead. I've been told the solder joints need to be resoddered, which they will probably just break again, or to replace my motherboard? I heard about the class action lawsuit regarding other Dells having the same problem but apparentely doesnt include 6000 model. Dell said they would fix the joints if possible but most likely just replace the motherboard (both at high cost of course). I'm afraid to get it resoddered cuz it will just break again im sure. I'm hoping this can be related to the lawsuit somehow as I hear it is a common problem with the 6000 models too. Any suggestions anyone??? Thanks!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 AC Jack Problems

Well, if you don't get it fixed, it's likely to short and ruin the MB, so I suggest you get it fixed.

FWIW, the reason this happens is people carry the laptops around with the power plug hanging out, or are careless and trip over the power cord and put a lateral load on the connector. Here's what happens if you keep wiggling the cord with power on and the jack loose.

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I have the DELL Inspiron 6000.
Does anyone know which driver will put the volume display on the screen?
When I hit volume up/down/mute it used to display on the screen, and I did a clean install of Xp Professional.
Here are the DELL drivers. I just want to know which driver will give me back the on screen display. THANK YOU!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 volume, which driver?

Control Panel, Sounds and Audio, Volume, click the little box.

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Hi, well as the title asks, can I install System 7 upgrade on my Dell Inspiron 6000? It originally had xp, then I upgraded to Vista premium.

Answer:Will a Dell Inspiron 6000 work with System 7?

Run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and I'm pretty sure your machine will run W7 but I can't imagine why you'd want to.:confused Spending a lot of bucks there for not much gain but they're yours to spend.

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I bought a new battery for my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. It is a 9 cell battery (supposedly) and it charges fine....shows 99% charged and 5 hours usage on power meter when fully charged. It works great for about 3 hours usage and then just shut down (no warnings shown). When I put onto mains power, it shows it is 28% charged and has around 1 and a half hours usage left but will not "use this last bit of power". It will not operate computer at this until i recharge it again and it seems fine again until the same thing happens. Any ideas on actions?

Answer:Dell inspiron 6000 Battery Problem

Even though the battery is new you might have a bad battery. not charging fully or at least showing there is charge left but in reality isnt might be a sign for you to go and get a replacement. also make sure you are using name brands and not a knock off ...ex. Dell needs an actual certified Dell battery ...not a dell compatible...although these compatibles are cheaper they cause the problems such as you are describing.

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Recently i wanna got a new inspiron 6000 notebook battery , but my dell book is a secondhanded one and i don't know whether the battery is  original , when i search dell inspiron 6000 battery , the all display dell battery codes 310-6321 and 310-6322 like this store (, i just want to know which one should i pick up, 310-6322 or 310-6321 ? or they are just the same for my laptop? tks.

Answer:Do dell 310-6321 and 310-6322 the same to inspiron 6000?

asloglines, truenorth

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Hello all. I desperately need some help with my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, Windows XP. Everything was working fine up until about 4 days ago when I was prompted to update Ad-Aware. During the update, the install flaked out. At some point soon after I got the first blue screen (see image LaptopBlueScreen1). I was able to reboot the laptop, uninstall Ad-Aware, and start over with a fresh install. Things seemed to be working fine again.Then, a couple days later, I woke up to a new blue screen (see image LaptopBlueScreen2). I've tried to do as it says by rebooting the computer but it goes right back to the same blue screen almost immediately during the Dell boot screen (the blue bar scrolling at bottom of screen). It says I should try to disable/uninstall an anti-virus, disk defrag, or backup utilities. I can't even get it to start in Safe mode. Nor can I get to a prompt where I can run the CHKDSK /F.Appreciate any help you all can offer. If there is any other information needed to help, please let me know. Thanks again.V/R,John

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop - BSOD

STOP 24 error...could be bad NTFS file system, bad hard drive, or bad ntfs.sys file.Preliminary step, I would try to run chkdsk /r on the partition (from the XP Recovery Console).

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Hi, folks --

I see a lot of unsolved examples of this problem, both here and elsewhere on the internet. Seems to be a somewhat common though peculiar problem. I posted about it the last time it happened to me, but I'll post again now to see if anyone has any new ideas.

Third time for the same problem within a year and a half, but always lots of trouble-free time in between.--

Dell Inspiron 6000 running XP SP3, WD 160GB HD. All working fine, then suddenly one day won't boot to HD. WILL boot to CD. Checking things out through UBCD for Windows, (and in past instances, through the XP recovery console,) the HD looks fine. All the data seems intact; passes CHKDSK all ok. Obviously something wrong with boot sector or MBR or something bootalicious...

Question 1 -- In the past I've tried a zillion combinations of fixmbr and other recovery utils to no avail, and both times ended up having to reformat same drive, reinstall XP and ALL utils and programs. Obviously, since everything looks okay on the drive, I'd much prefer some way to successfully restore only the boot stuff. Anyone have suggestions/solutions? (There are a couple of utils on the UBCD that I haven't yet tried, but I wanted to get some advice from those more techy than myself before just starting to experiment with them.)

Question 2 -- Anyone have a clue what's causing this? Just some weird incompatibility between the Dell and the HD? It does seem to be happening to other people, too, but ... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 suddenly won't boot

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Hello ....

Answer:Dell inspiron 6000 audio driver

Go here
Drivers & Downloads
Download audio driver and do right click/properties/compatibility tab,select XP SP3 click apply and run it!

Hope it helps!

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Hello all, i have a Dell Inspiron 6000 lap top with Windows XP. The problem is when i turn it on, an error message comes up, 'the instruction at 0x7c910370 referenced memory at 0x66726000. the required data was not placed into memory because of I/O error status of 0xc000009c'! Can anyone help me please? thanks

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 boot up problem

I had a similar problem yesterday (only I built my own system).I done a "check disc" scan for next reboot. And it fixed a corrupt file.Worth a try ;-)

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I have read all the posts and ordered a new inverter. It was actually very easy to change the inverter, but alas. After changing the inverter the screen still goes 'black' after a few minutes. It actually goes very very dim. I can barely see the outline of things on the screen. So, if the inverter was not the problem, what is the next thing I can try?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Screen Goes Black

Have you tried running an external monitor? Is it normal or does it go dim too?

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I reinstalled windows xp on my inspiron 6000 and it left me missing a bunch of drivers. I got the ethernet one but can't find any of the others.

I've run 'unknown devices'
and this is what it came up with

Multimedia audio controller
Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: VEN_8086&DEV_266E&SUBSYS_01881028&REV_03
Network controller
Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: VEN_8086&DEV_4220&SUBSYS_27218086&REV_05
PCI modem
Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: VEN_8086&DEV_266D&SUBSYS_542314F1&REV_03
Video controller
Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: VEN_8086&DEV_2792&SUBSYS_01881028&REV_03
Video controller (vga compatible)
Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: VEN_8086&DEV_2592&SUBSYS_01881028&REV_03

Currently the wireless network doesn't work, the laptop no longer supports multiple monitors and can't play back music visualizations or similar video graphics.

If anybody can help me resolve these issues i'd appreciate it.

On a side note--Does anybody know of a good program with which I can scan 10,000 songs in, organize them, automatically check for duplicates, and convert them all to a common format (mp3) from their current jumble of aac, mp3, m4a, wma, ogg, and more?

Thank you all for your help.

Answer:Missing drivers in a dell inspiron 6000

:wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

Here's your drivers....



(install them as listed, starting with the chipset drivers first, and always restart the PC when prompted to)

As to your music software question... check the MultiMedia section here at Major Geeks, or post the question in the Software forum.

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Hi, i have had my dell inspiron 6000 for about 6 months and i am having lots of trouble with it. it is verrrry slow, the address bar on the internet will not show (i have tried view,toolbars etc.) These are not the only problems, so i was hopeing some clever person would know how i could clear my hard drive and restore all the original settings? PLEASE?

Answer:restore dell inspiron 6000 settings

What do you have by way of restore disks, OS disks etc?

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Installed Windows 7 and all going quite well. One problem which I can't resolve - the Fn/F3 (battery) and Fn/F10 (open disc drive) do not work. Fn/F2 to deactive wireless is OK.

I'm assuming it's a driver problem but I could be definitely wrong with this thinking.

Anybody got an idea?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Function keys

Hmm, I have an Inspiron 6000 and I never used these keys when I had XP. However, these function keys (Fn/F3, Fn/F10) require Dell QuickSet, no matter what version of Windows you have, while other function keys (like Fn/F2) work via the bios. And yes, you can use QuickSet under Windows 7, although if you search the Internet you'll find nothing but people who say it cannot be done.

Here's how to install QuickSet in Windows 7. Go to, enter your service tag, and download the installation program for QuickSet. (The one I downloaded saved as R130907.EXE, version 7.1.10.) Right click on the file, select Properties, then Compatibility tab, then select "Change settings for all users" and enter your administrator password, and then select "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)", although I did it with Service Pack 3 mode. Now right click the file, run as administrator, follow through the install, and reboot when it asks.

After you do this, let me know if QuickSet displays the volume properly when you press the front volume buttons. For me, QuickSet only displays max volume, no matter what the volume actually is.

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I plug in the power chord and try to swithch on the laptop.
3 light's on the laptop turn on for 3 seconds and then nothing .Nothing comes on the console is all black.
I have tried switching on without battery, without ram and nothing _> same light on the laptop comes on for 3-04 seconds and nothing after that.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks All

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Just installed on my dell 6000 everything is fine accept the audio does not work. Anyone have any drivers. I have tried these AUD_allOS_x5511_v5511_PV_IDTGUI_v005 with no luck. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 audio drivers

Try Windows Update?

Also maybe these vista drivers will do the trick?
Download the Sigmatel STAC 9200 series audio driver 6.1 for Windows Vista


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I have a cousin that fixes electonics. From what I heard, he had a friend that had a dell inspiron 6000 that just stopped working. Well He gave it to my cousin. He couldn't fix it so he gave it to me. I went out and bought an extra mother board and fixed it. It runs perfectly! Well then I have this extra mother board laying around. So, I got another Dell inspiron 6000 without a motherboard. Basicly, I want to fix the other on now. But When ever I power it on it lights up for 5 seconds and shuts off. I do not have a hard drive in it, but when I did it didn't spin. If you put your ear up to it, you can hear a humming noise on every part of the board. Any suggestions as to what to Do? I don't want to go Searching for another costly Board.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't stay on more than 5 seconds

type fast.

five seconds: type fast.
listen to very short songs.
play video games you know you will lose really quickly.

--but seriously: the mb sounds like toast. that may be why no one is posting any notes.

i cannot remember having te 5-second problem before. it could mean that some spot on the mb got broken or shorted out - not enuff to kill everything, but to keep it from decently being able to get BIOS rolling. Or, the BIOS is messed up.

I wouldn't even spend money replacing the bios. I would find another mb used or cheap somewher if you really wanted to take advantage of the remaining computer, supposing that everyting else is ok.

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Dear all,

I have had this laptop for over 3 years now and I found that one day, when I switched it on, the HDD light, the num, caps and scroll lock lights all lit and then 2 seconds later, they stopped. The power light was left on however. I could hear the fans spinning but nothing booted. The hard drive light was not blinking either, indicating operation. I did some research and tried the PSA alternate boot method (pressing FN and power ON) and there was a led code:

Num lock - flashing
Caps lock - ON (continously)
Scroll lock - OFF

I have tried removing all the components and powering on one by one after removal but this did not work either. I reseated the RAM modules as well in different places but to no avail. I also tried booting from AC supply only with the same results.

Can you help me find out what happened to my laptop? I would be very grateful for ANY response on this urgent matter.

Cheers, Fishpan

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 doesn't boot up!!

I would think that this is a problem with the operating system. I'm not 100% sure, but however, if you want to check, get an hard drive enclosure for $10 - $15 on newegg. Then unplug your hard drive and plug it into the enclosure and plug the enclosure into another computer and see if the OS files are intact. You could also plug your hd into another laptop and see what happens, if it boots, then the problem is not your hardrive.

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Looking for a docking station that allows me to close my laptop while in use?

Answer:Docking station for Dell Inspiron 6000?

You try Ebay?

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I decided to upgrade my computer to windows 7, after the install it did not find a driver for the network controller, or the audio controller. I went to Dells site only to find out that, they didnt list any drivers for windows 7, or vista. All I know is the chipset is Intel, any suggestions?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 windows 7 drivers?

Use PC Wizard, and see what the manufacturer of your nic is. go to the manufacturer's site and see if they have 7 drivers.

For future reference, I myself would see if there are 7 drivers before updating to it.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that is just over 2 years old. Just a few weeks ago the l and ; keys became super sensitive so that now if i even graze them this happens: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll or ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. And it's only those two keys that do that. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 keyboard problems

You may have something underneath them. With the laptop off, turn it upside down and use a new soft paintbrush carefully between the keys to shift anything that might be there.
Golden rule - no food or drink near keyboards!

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My Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook running XP is running r-e-a-l-l-y slow! I have run the standard cleanup things that the Dell Support Center recommends as well as updating and running Ad-Aware and AVG and defragmenting the disk. Where do I go from here? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 running XP very slow

you probably have a lot of startup programs running. there are 2 areas to look at.

1. click on "start" then "all programs" then "startup". that folder should be empty.

2. click on "start" then "run" then when the run box opens type in "msconfig" then hit enter. You will see a bunch of tabs, click on the one labeled startup. This is a list of all the programs that startup when you logon to your computer. uncheck the ones that you do not want to start at startup. reboot your computer and you should notice a difference.

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Anyone have any advice to find drivers for sigmatel audio for a dell inspiron 6000. I cannot get any drivers to work so far. Any help would be great.

Answer:Sigmatel drivers for dell inspiron 6000

I'm trying to find SRS drivers for HP. But no, I don't know about Dell drivers.

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I have a dell inspiron 6000 and cannot connect to the internet using a router or wireless connection. I spoke with my ISP and was told that my problem is not the internet itself, but the hardware (network card).

What can I do to solve the problem?

Where would I go to buy a network card?

What should I look for when purchasing a network card

I spoke with my ISP and disconnected from router and reconnected. Went to another wireless computer, and basically did a bunch of backflips and successfully connected to wireless network. Thanks for helping me!

Answer:Solved: Dell Inspiron 6000 no internet

What is the version and patch level of Windows on the machine? What are the symptoms of not being able to connect?

If both wired and wireless connections don't work, it's unlikely to be a hardware issue, since they use different hardware.

With a wired connection to the router, please post the following.
Try these simple tests.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

NOTE: For the items below in red surrounded with < >, see comments below for the actual information content, they are value substitutions from the previous IPCONFIG command output! Do NOT type <computer_IP_address> into the command, that won't work. Also, the < and > in the text is to identify the parameters, they are also NOT used in the actual commands.

Do NOT include the <> either, they're just to identify the values for substitution.


PING <computer_IP_address>

PING <default_gateway_address>

PING <dns_servers>



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

<computer_IP_address> - The IP Address of your computer, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above. (For Vista/Win7, the IPv4 Address)

<default_gateway_addre... Read more

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Suddenly my laptop will no longer power on internal bluetooth. When I open Bluetooth / Bluetooth settings / Power On ----- I get message to press Fn + F2 to power on bluetooth---- all this does is turn off my wireless adapter..... This has always worked in the past, bluetooth icon in task bar remains red (off) ..... Whats the dang deal? Windows XP Pro

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My girlfriend and I share a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop and it is taking 5 minutes to start up.

Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Intel Notbook I6000
1.50 GHz
239 Mhz, 256MB of RAM

How would i go about making this faster?

Please help, it is urgent.


Answer:Slow Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop

This could be a servics problem in windows.

Running a "SFC /scannow" should do the trick

click Start, click Run, type SFC/scannow , let it run, reboot when finished

NOTE: This will requite either an I386 folder (located at %systemroom%/I386) or the windows XP cd

a quick note, XP seems to tack an average of 2-3 minutes to boot.

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Apparently all my drivers work, other than the "Multimedia Audio Controller", "Network Controller" and the "Video Controller". If anyone knows for sure what site I need to go to get these drivers, I would very much so appreciate it if you could kindly share your answer with me... I feel just as upset & pissed as you were, when the person who sold u Win. 7 said " OOOHHH YEAH, Windows 7 will work great on your computer with no problems," so u trust them and then shell out the 120.00 bucks for the upgrade and now we r sitting here hoping someone knows something about how we can fix the problem we created, for trusting some idiot, who is laughing at us cuz he had no clue what in the hell he is talking about... So, hopefully there is a kind soul out there that can help this mad old soul of mine.. Thank you, Rollin007

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 drivers for Windows 7

usually the vista drivers will work in compatibility mode. if this isn't the case let us know.

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Hi. My screen goes blank after about 2 mins from startup. Does this even on BIOS page.I am plugged into an external monitor now & all working fine apart from screen.Do you think the LCD Screen Inverter is the most likely suspect?Like I say, all is well when plugged into the external monitor.Any advice appreciated.Cheers

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 screen problem

Worth a here

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I believe my Dell Inspiron 6000 has Ultra ATA. I wanted to upgrade my hard drive since it is kind of slow but I basically just want a cheap and fast hard drive. Could anyone recommend one for me?

Also, would i be able to use a SATA hard drive on my laptop or would I have to stick to Ultra ATA? thanks

Answer:Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron 6000

You probably have to stay with Ultra ATA as the connector is built-in the the board.
If your drive is 4500 or 5400 RPM you can probably see an improvement by getting a 7200 RPM drive.
There are several here:

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I want to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 6000 OS from XP Pro To Win 7 home Premium. I heard you can do it but there's drivers issues. Dell says the 6000 is not able to run Win 7. Well I've already bought the Win 7 OS. Can 7 be installed on the inspiron 6000 and run well?
I've already upgrade the ram to 2 gigs but the drivers problem has me worried.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 OS Upgrade Question

If dell does not have drivers, then I would strongly urge you not to try to upgrade. You will have problems.

check the following tests.

Windows 7 Readiness Test
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

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I have installed a new hard drive for my inspiron 6000 laptop and when i try to install any windows version, i get to the prompt of installing the device driver and I can't find it any where. I go to dell's website and I have downloaded all the drivers and when I install the disk with the drivers that have been extracted, my 6000 does not see the drivers. I'm not even sure if I have the correct driver. I have attempted to install windown 98, vista, xp, and windows7 and the laptop does not find the necessary driver to proceed with the installation.


Answer:reformated dell inspiron 6000 problem

I also checked, and the computer is not recognizing the after market hard drive I purchased. Is it because I am missing drivers??

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I've seen a couple of postings regarding the Dell Inspiron 6000, but none that sound exactly like my issue - or more specifically, like the issue my son is having with his 6000.  As it's been described to me, at some point last year, his computer would seemingly not run using the A/C adapter, nor would it recharge the battery.  However, the remaining charge on the battery seemingly was able to run the computer satisfactorily - until the battery was finally fully depleted of its charge. 
My son happens to own two Dell A/C adapters (PA-12s), which when I check them on my Dell Latitude 600, they both are able to power my laptop, as well as to successfully recharge the battery.  So, this does not appear to be a case of the dreaded A/C Adapter Not Recognized problem.  Beyond that, I'm not sure what's the problem.  The A/C power input plug on the laptop appears to be solid, and no amount "twisting and turning" of the power input plug seems to make any difference. 
So, what we have is the ability of the laptop to power-up with only the battery, but the A/C adapter is not able to provide power - and all the A/C adapter we're using all seem to be in working condition, or at least have evidenced the ability to power up another compatible Dell computer.  I'm going to solicit some help from work to ask a good Samaritan whether they would be willing to take the Inspiron battery home with them - and at least get ... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 A/C Power Issue

It's worth testing the batttery, but in all likelihood it's the mainboard that is faulty.

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OK, I did a computer job for a friend and she gave me a laptop as payment. The Dell Inspiron 6000. It has a broken screen a few missing keys and a bad DVD/CDRW Combo drive. Now, when I hooked it up to a monitor for video since the lcd was busted on the laptop, I got to the vista sign in screen. When I clicked on the user, it loaded to desktop and started flickering the external lcd I was using. Then the lcd power button would just blink orange and green, while the screen is just black. I borrowed my aunts Dell Inspiron 1300's DVDRW drive to install vista and it went well on the lcd before the desktop loaded up again. Wierd?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Video Problem

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I have a friend's Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. He was having issues connecting to the internet via ethernet cable and wireless. I currently have it connected via ethernet cable using Safe Mode with Networking. That is the only way I've been able to connect to the internet. I removed Norton Antivirus already and am still unable to connect. I have ran HiJackThis and here are the startup and uninstall list. Please Help.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 - No Internet Connection

Try running the Norton removal tool, norton is garbage

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My husband's CD/DVD rom stopped working. How can I check to see if it is a hardware issue on the Dell Inspiron 6000? If it needs to be replaced, what am I looking for--do I have to order fromk Dell? and is it something we might try to replace ourselves? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: CD ROM not working Dell Inspiron 6000

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For the last 2 years, I would get a "page fault in non paged area" error intermittently. The laptop would boot up ok after I started it again. Then yesterday, I got a new error which was " process1_initialization_ failed" and this info *** STOP: (0X0000006B (0XC0000033,0X00000002,0X00000000,0X00000000). I have several questions:
1. If it is the HDD, Dell Support offers a diagnostic fee over the phone for $59.00 and if it turns out to be a HDD, they will send me packing material for me to send it to their repair depot where, for a flat rate charge of an addtl $199.00 flat rate, they will repair it including all parts and labor not including the motherboard. Does anyone hve any experience w/this service? Of course I hve some info on the HDD that I would like to recover. Any suggestions on this? I think it currently has a Fujitsu 60GB 5400 rpm drive in it. I was wondering if I should upgrade it to the 120GB maximum that this unit would support?
2. If the info can be retrieved,will I be able to copy and run the Dell restore image partition so I won't lose the factory installed programs it came with from the factory if I install a new HDD? I had Dell send me the XP Pro operating CD shortly after I had purchased the laptop, but there are no recovery disks for the programs. If so, will the image restore properly to the larger HDD w/no problem?
I ran the Dell Diagnostics on the HDD and it found no errors. If it is possible, can I remove the HDD from th... Read more

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My Dell Inspiron 6000 wont run on it's battery. The battery says it's charged, and 100%. The battery charge indicator on the battery is 100%. I've checked the power cord and it will run the laptop without the battery connected. However when the A/C power is disconnected and the laptop jumps to battery power, it immediately dies. I've checked and updated the BIOS, and everything checks out...any suggestions would be helpful.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 wont run on battery

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I have a Dell and can say I have left it on for long periods of time, sometimes until the power is drained and it shuts down. Recently I have noticed the power slowing down as I have fully charged it multiple times. It used to max out at 2 hours but has slowly made it's way to 20 minutes. I also found myself recentlyangling the AC cord in the back to keep a steady charge. The cord became harder to connect over time as well. Before you know it my CPU was dead but my AC power cord remained green. Is there a chance my battery is dead and needs replaced or I need a better AC pwer cord Connection. Or could it be something worse?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 battery power

The DC Jack (where you plug in the AC adapter) may be broken inside the laptop. The battery may also be worn out

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I recently bought a new battery, thinking my old one which was a refurbished battery just packed up as it was on the way out. When i put new battery in the power meter reads 52%. The battery is not charging however! When the power plug is pulled out the battery light does not come on! The battery is a brand new 9cell, so im sure it is not the battery. I suspect this is why refurbished battery died, or has it? Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated as im not so savvy at the tech stuff!
The computer has been running abit slower recently after upgrading memory 3 months ago to 2gb, so wondering if its caught something! I have avast protection. Cheers for ya help!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 battery not charging

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I Having the same problem. I tried restoring my laptop to factory setting but instead of getting to prompt to start the restore I got a prompt stating that I was missing a utility partition and that I could not restore it then restarts. I've tried to start up in safe mode by pressing f8 but to my surprise I get a black screeN command screen asking yes or no questions such asLoading PBR4...doneLoading DRMK Version 8.00Buffers=10 y/nFILES=20STACKS=0,0And so on. I'm not sure what to do i just want to restore the system to factory setting. HELP!!!!message edited by HeyLady

Answer:Why can't I open the Dell inspiron 6000 in safemode

"I got a prompt stating that I was missing a utility partition and that I could not restore"It appears the partition has been deleted. If that's the case, you will have to reinstall Windows using the Restore CDs which I'm sure you created a long time ago when the computer was new, right? If not, look here, right hand column: edited by riider

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Dell Inspiron 6000 won't power on bluetooth
Suddenly my laptop will no longer power on internal bluetooth. When I open Bluetooth / Bluetooth settings / Power On ----- I get message to press Fn + F2 to power on bluetooth---- all this does is turn off my wireless adapter..... This has always worked in the past, bluetooth icon in task bar remains red (off) ..... Whats the dang deal? Windows XP Pro

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When I press the power button, the bluetooth light comes on and caps lock button blinks 10 times and then the computer shuts down with a soft high pitched whine. Also when I turn it on, it seems the fan doesn't come on. Any thoughts?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop Won't Boot

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I have a dell inspiron6000 laptop,for months the power lead has been playing up,I usually have to turn it on and off a couple of times and give it a little wiggle then it will work,but today no joy.Anyone got any idea?Is there such thing as a universal power lead that might fit or do I have to buy a new one from Dell.Cheers for looking at my subject.

Answer:dell inspiron 6000 laptop no power

Is it the lead or has the jack where the lead fits into the laptop become loose or snapped.

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Hello,I hope all are well here and that you have a good weekend. I need some help immediatley and hope some of you can assist me. I get the bluse screen with the following error message and no one here in Sierra leone can fix the proble. here is the messagedriver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal can someone please tell how to fix this before i *[email protected]: the 'puter into the ocean? thank you again and have a good dayGregg

Answer:Help!! Blue screen on Dell Inspiron 6000

Hello there in Sierra leone,have a bit of a read here+

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my dell inspiron 6000 returned the following information when trying to boot:

8/15/09 Blue screen
- - -
One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. Recovery was successful.
No boot device available Strike FI to retry
FZ for set UP utility
I ran the dell diagnostic disk and received the following error code(s) when it came to the hard drive

0F00:1328--first time
0F00:0128--second time
0F00:0162--third time

I have searched all over the net and also in so many different help areas.

What do these codes mean? Does dell protect its codes? Is my hard drive dead? I am exhausted! No place is the information in plain language that I can understand.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give in simple, understandable, and doable language. I really want to understand what is going on here.


Answer:Stop error in xp dell inspiron 6000

From what I see, Dell doesn't "protect" anything...see the reference below for running the DST.

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So my laptop's low battery light keeps flashing orange even when I have plugged in. Is there something I can do to stop it from flashing? I've never had a problem with this before. If you can help...GREAT!!! THanks in advance.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 low battery indicator

The battery is reached its expected life, you need to replace it.

If its under warranty call Dell and ask to have it replaced. You could remove it and use the wall power that way you wont see alight flashing....

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Hello,My computer has been crashing quite regularly now and Norton, malwarebytes, and superantispyware have not detected anything. Please forgive me if I am leaving anything out or breaching any forum etiquette, as this is my first post. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:53:23 AM, on 11/27/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)Boot mode: Safe mode with network supportRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ZcfgSvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exeC:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\WINWORD.EXEC:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion&... Read more

Answer:Blue Screen Crashes, Dell Inspiron 6000

Thank you very much for your time.The first log was done while in safe mode. I am currently running Windows XP 5.1 with service pack 3 The following log was conducted while not in safe mode:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:25:40 PM, on 11/28/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ZcfgSvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXBCES.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXPPS.EXEC:\PROGRA~1\Intel\Wireless\Bin\1XConfig.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeC:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehRecvr.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehSched.exeC:\Program Files\Java\j... Read more

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My laptop won't boot up and DVD/CD drive won't work. After several dead ends (trying to boot from USB and buying external cable to connect laptop drive to desktop (worked once then failed - foolishly didn't get data off straight away!). Also discovering that failure of DVD/cd drive is very common in this dell laptop decided best option is to buy cheap DVD/cd drive to replace one in laptop. The one currently in is a Sony model DW-D56A-DS.Can anyone tell me if I have to buy an exact replacement. Eg I've seen ones that start with DW-D56A then have 2 different letters at end. Would a different manufacturer one work - any suggestions? From what I've read I'm not sure a new CD drive would last long in this model so the cheaper the better and I'II save up for a new laptop! Any help much appreciated

Answer:replacement dvd/cd drive Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop

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My wife has two computers.
1. first is a ibm thinkpad we bought her about 5? years ago.
     we used to use it mainly when were were away from home
     for email, backup of digital cameras etc
     it still works ok, but the screen has vertical lines [bands ?]
     and i am told it is a problem with the 'ribbon cable' or where
     the laptop opens - maybe bent too far back?   
     because of the lines, my wife doesn't like working with it.
2.  The second is a dell inspiron 6000.  This was my youngest son Adam's computer he used
      to use for work but now he has moved on to better things - <grin> bigger/faster/newer.  
    This is the computer which is the subject of this post.  
    It runs windows XP home.
    Although i have two Xp Pro install CD's, they no longer work, due to unrecoverable
    read errors.  Original Cds ie not OEM's.  I use Xp on an old Dell desktop, but mainly
    say for the last three years I work in windows7 [ on another hand-me-down desktop from my
    son Adam].   
    I've attempted to remove ... Read more

Answer:horribly slow dell inspiron 6000 laptop

Hello ian cowan and Welcome to The Forums!!Around here they call me Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back ... Read more

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i am trying to retrieve data from my old dell inspiron 600 seagate (e)ide hard drive but cannot get the pins to line up with my external combo ide/sata docking station. there seems to be a plastic block on the seagate hard drive stopping me from doing so,can anyone offer solution so that i can dock the hard drive to the docking station to retrieve my data.can the plastic block be removed thereby making it a straight ide to ide dock?


Answer:dell inspiron 6000 seagate hd interface problem

The adapter that is on the drive from the laptop is removable to expose the standard 2.5" IDE connector. That connector you're looking at is a caddy that is used to secure the drive into the laptop.

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