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Xp Sticks And Won't Work Properly

Question: Xp Sticks And Won't Work Properly

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 that I bought in April 06 and I am having trouble getting the thing to work properly. It has been locked up since I last used Skype and will not run any programs like Skype, MediaPlayer or Limewire. Also, I cannot access the Internet at all and there are two popups that occur whenever I reboot the computer. One says, "Notification dll has not been registered program will not work properly." and "The application failed to initialized properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."
Since the computer froze the Skype. Take a deep breath popup also occurs when I reboot as well as Windows Live Messenger. Any ideas? I have run anti-virus programs forever and they all come up with nothing. I am at the end of ability here.

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Preferred Solution: Xp Sticks And Won't Work Properly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Xp Sticks And Won't Work Properly

>> I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 that I bought in April 06 and I am having trouble getting the thing to work properly. slimbosansean <<

Hi Sean,

With all of these multiple problems you listed here and considering the fact that; according to your last post, you have had these problems for over a week and they have gotten only worse over time: My suggestion would be to back up all of your docs, picture, music, email settings, and files and then reformat and reinstall Windows XP.

I mean, if you think about this for a second: A reinstall of Windows will take only about a few hours or so; and with all of these problems you're experiencing (which could take weeks just to figure out what the problem actually is; much less fix it) you are better off doing the reinstall of Windows XP in my opinion.

If you do not have the Windows XP install disk you can get one from Dell support, either via their support site or by calling them. You can also call Dell directly at this number 1-800-WWW-DELL. Here are the three Dell Service Dept numbers as well (800)-820-8965 or (800)-624-9897 or (800)-627-1170. You can also try contacting Dell via this online tech support link.

Last year I bought a Dell 8400 (from eBay) which did not come with the Win XP Pro disk. Someone in another forum told me that Dell support would provide a Dell Win XP Reinstall (at either no cost or perhaps a small fee or shipping). All I had to do was to provide the express service code and prove that the computer was in my name. To my surprise this actually worked! They send me a Windows XP Professional disk in the mail!

Before you call (or contact them online) make sure that you have the Service Tag and Dell Express Service Code ready. This Express Service Code is a conversion of your Service Tag to a numeric format that allows for easy entry into Dell's automated call-routing system and online site tools.

Side Notes: A couple of tips here for when you actually call Dell Support: First of all be very polite. These support people take crap from just about everyone who calls; and politeness goes a long way. Be sure to briefly mention (at the beginning of the call) that all of your relatives use Dell computers and their very happy with them, but you need a replacement reinstall disk. Finally, don't waste time telling the Dell support person all about the numerous problems that you're having. Just tell them that you need the replacement reinstall disk and that you'd be happy to pay for shipping.

Good Luck!

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To provide some background information, I will explain what happened to 'cause' the problem in the first place:
I was on vacation with my parents (it's their computer, by the way) and prior to that we took out all the plugs of the computers just in case. When we came back, all that was done was re-plug the computer, and then we tried booting it. It turned on, but the display didn't work.

After some fooling around, it was identified that RAM was the issue, because when I took out a single stick, it suddenly showed video again. However the next boot it didn't, so I took the other stick and tried it, but it didn't work, so I put it in the other port and then it did work.

Long story short, I have tried both RAM sticks together: doesn't work. Tried them individually, and they both work SOMETIMES. Sometimes one of them works in one port, then it works in the other, then it doesn't and the other stick has to be in one port, then the other. It seems completely random, and I haven't been able to identify any other issue.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the right section of the Forums, but since I restarted the PC about a hundred times, it seems like I am.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Realised I forgot to mention that the motherboard is an ASUS M4N78SE and the RAM are 2x2GB 1066 DDR2 Fatal1ty (OCZ).

Answer:Computer won't boot with 2 sticks RAM, though both sticks and slots work

Did you get this fixed?

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I have a PC running Win XP SP2. All USB devices are recognised and work absolutely fine. Until recently this included USB memory sticks but for some reason they have appeared to stop working. I have tried various different memory sticks and tried them in different PCs so I know that is not the issue.Any ideas why my PC would all of a sudden just refuse to recognise the memory sticks??

Answer:USB sticks won't work!

Refresh USB PortsUse Drive clean up to remove USB device drive info from the registryclick hereorIn device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB, reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.Your equipment should now be recognised.

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Ok, so i got a stick of 512 SD DDR RAM for Christmas (on top of the 512 I have in my PC). Both sticks have been tested separately on my PC and work by themselves. However, for some reason, my PC continuously restarts, right after the windows loading screen when I have both sticks in the slots. I only have 2 slots. Both sticks are IDENTICAL and are the same size/company/specs.

I'm running Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2)

My motherboard is a PM800-M2, with the Phoenix-Award Bios.

Could it be something that needs activation in the bios? I searched and searched but could not find anything.

The manual for the MB can be located here:

Any suggestions?

Answer:Two sticks of 512 RAM won't work


I'd make sure your motherboard supports two double sided sticks..

oh.. and to note Are you trying to run it in dual channel mode or something? If so disable that option in the bios. that can cause it if the memory hates each other..

troubleshooting ram is very hard to do.. Very hard to track down probs :/

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I have no idea what my sister and her friends were doing on the comp for a couple of days that i decided not to use it, but now:

- a few programs take forever to load or don't load at all, but they do show up under the processes tab in the task manager
- after pressing Ctrl Alt Del, the task manager icon appears in the system tray, but the thing only shows up a minute later
- my system recovery is "not able to protect my computer," and restarting does nothing
- actually, when restarting or shutting down Windows, it stops at where it only shows my desktop background and cursor [which is still able to move] and nothing else after that, so i have to hold the power button and force it to shut off
- when I right click the desktop and click on "Properties..." [or something similar to this action] it doesn't show up at all, and whenever I try to open any application after that, they don't even load at all either

Things i've tried to get rid of these problems:
- Virus scan with avast!, a couple viruses found and fixed, but nothing changed.
- disk clean up, nothing changed
- registry clean, nothing changed
- CURRENTLY defragging my C drive, hope something changes..

Anyone know what the heck's going on!?
Anyone got any suggestions on what to do next?
Anything helps and would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Apps not starting properly, sys. recov. doesn't work, can't shut down properly, etc..

no replies yet?

anyway, just stopped by to say that when shutting down, it takes forever to get to the "Saving your settings..." screen, and that's where I decided that it stops and nothing else after that.
Defragged my C drive, still no results besides the computer feeling a bit smoother-running o_o

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I have compaq windows xp that two sticks of 256 mb of RAM. i upgraded to two 2GB of RAM and computer wont turn on

Answer:New RAM sticks wont work?

"compaq windows xp" Microsoft develop XP, HP/Compaq manufacture machines.Did you check the memory you bought is compatible with the Compaq whatever model and that 2GB is supported ?http://www.crucial.comGoogling is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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I have a home built computer MSI K9A platinum (MS-7280) with an AMD 6000 CPU, Antec Tri Power 650 Watt PSU, Serial ATA hard drive and dvd rewriter,Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit, Antec 900 Case and I had two 1Gigs sticks G Skill pc2 6400 ddr2 800 ram running,also 2 HIS video cards HD2600XT in a crossfire config.System worked flawlessly. I just got Farcry 2 and was having problems running according to what it looked like in Process Explorer that my RAM was maxed out so I bought 2 more identical sticks RAM 2-1Gig sticks G Skill pc2 6400 ddr2 800mhz installed all four sticks so I could continue to use dual channel and computer would not restart uninstalled one of the new sticks tried again started fine ,switched new sticks so still just three sticks again started fine tried every combination of ram slots filled with 3 sticks worked every time although according to Process Explorer its only seeing 2542 MB RAM .Adjusted RAM voltage in bios previously had set to 1.9V tried 1.95 and 2.0 with all four sticks never started no lights no beeps the fans don't even twitch. G Skill is approved for my Board 4 sticks up to 8 Gigs Checked RAM timings of every stick all good, don't know what else to try, any suggestions ?

Answer:Solved: 4 RAM sticks won't work

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Hi, so I came home from a lan party today, and when i tried booting my pc, lights and fans turned on, but nothing on the monitor or keyboard. I removed 2 sticks of ram and it booted (overcloking failed came up) but it booted, I then moved the 2 sticks to see if the slots were broken, and it still booted. When I have all 4 in, error 55 shows up, then the pc turn on and off until I stop it. what the fuck is going on..
Sorry for shitty Engslish..

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Alright, bear with me, this is a question for a friend of my dad's, and the information I have about the computer is what I can remember him telling me.

I talked to him on the phone (it's really frustrating trying to troubleshoot for people if you can't see their screen and they know nothing about computers :blackeye He insists that the two RAM sticks are identical, and he read the numbers to me, and they're both the type of RAM the motherboard supports. Two 512MB DDR PC2700 chips. One is new and the other is old, both different brands.

They both work individually with no problems, they just won't work together. The computer won't boot, the monitor just stays blank.

What could be the cause?

I had him reset his BIOS settings. No luck. I figured that maybe the chips weren't getting enough power, since he has a 430W and is trying to run two sound cards and two video cards. But I didn't want to tell him to upgrade without knowing for sure, you know?

I thought it could be bad slots, but he's tried them individually in every slot and they work. I'm as confused as he is at this point.

His PC is a mutt, it's got different parts from everywhere. His motherboard (ASUS P4V533-MX) supports 2GB of RAM and he ordered a 1GB stick online, now he's worried that that one won't work with the rest either.

I've been all over Google, I can't seem to find anything useful. Thanks in advance for any info t... Read more

Answer:Two identical RAM sticks won't work with each other

So, the Asus manual says PC2100/1600 support. Has a Bios release increased that?

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I have a GIGABYTE-K8N Pro motherboard which has 3 DDR Memory slots with a max capacity of 1gb per slot thus making it able to support 3gb. I have 2 sticks of Kingston 1GB DDR PC3200 ive also tried with 512mb DDR Kingston equiv. All memory works when put in the first DDR slot closest to processor however none of the work together. Anyone have any idea how I can trouble shoot this further? Are my ram slots dmg'ed and do I need a new mobo?

^^thank you for any help you can provide^^

Answer:Memory ? All sticks work when only 1 put in but not when more than 1??


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I just purchased an Asus Mb and 2 (1 gig) sticks of ram. It will only allow my monitor to come on if I have 1 stick in it. Of course it is in slot one. I dont wanna have to send my motherboard back and have to wait. if you know anything i can try id appreciate it. thanks for all the help in advance.

oh one more thing . there are only 2 slots for ram on my motherboard. my mb supports 800mhz. and my sticks are both 800mhz 1 gig kingston. and both sticks work.

Answer:monitor wont work with 2 sticks of ram.

1) Newer systemboards don't care which slot you use so try the memory in the other slot. This will let you know if it is a bad slot or,
2) Unless they are exactly the same, matched memory, you need to disable interleaving in the BIOS. Interleaving gives a slight improvement in performance by alternating which DIMM it uses; but, requires the memory run with the same timing.
Get the free version of this for testing: Memtest86

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I have a 3-4 year old desktop running W2K with two USB slots at the front. In the past when I pop my USB stick in, the computer recognises it as a new drive and I can access it via My Computer.

Recently, for no apparent reason, it no longer works. Tried the slots with another USB stick and also doesn't work. So I tried another plugging in a USB mouse in the same slots, and works perfectly fine.

So I thought the USB sticks were faulty, but when I tried them on a Mac, they work.

I've made no changes to any configuration, and nothing's been changed as far as I know.

Anyone have any ideas why?

Answer:Solved: USB sticks don't work anymore..

ok. try insterting the usb sticks into different ports. including the back of ur pc. scan the usb stick for any viruses.

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During a conference 4 of 5 sticks provided by presenting colleagues didn't work. The Installation process started, the usual messages flashed in the status line but then the installations couldn't be finished ("Der angegebene Dienst ist kein installierter Dienst", i.e. "The specified service is no installed service" - my translation).

The problem can be reproduced here with a Sony 4GB Stick, which cannot be brought to work.

BIOS update didn't help, installation of new TI mass storage driver (both from Toshiba site) didn't help.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance,

Answer:Several USB Sticks don't work on our Satellite A100

Sorry, I didn't name the OS: It's WinXP MCE

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Ok I just tried to install 128 megabyte PC800 RDRAM modules into a Sony Vaio ---there were already 2 sticks of the 64 meg RDAM previously installed--am I missing something here? What could cause the RDRAm to not work with each other? I have four slots--previously there was a 64 stick and then the cimm, a 64 stick and then another cimm. I changed it to 2x128 and then 2x64 -- and the machine wouldnt boot. I heard that RDRAM can be bitchy about using sticks from diffferent manufacturers--is this possible? how about could it be a mismatch of ECC and non-ECC? I cant find any info on the old sticks to detremine if it is ECC or not. The new ones are non-ECC.

Answer:128 sticks wont work with previously installed 64's

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This is Windows XP, Pentium processor.

When I turn the computer on, the LED light signifying that the keyboard is working turns on until Windows starts to load, and then it suddenly shuts off.

When the Desktop loads, it is a nightmare to use. I click on folders and files half a dozen times before they open. Then I move the mouse and it selects everything in its path, though neither side of the mouse is "clicked." Finally, when I try to write an email (or other text), it opens, the cursor blinks, but my typing has no effect.



Answer:Mouse click either doesn't work or sticks

Hmmm........I would try to boot into safe mode and scan the computer for any viruses and spyware. Do boot into safe mode you will need to keep pressing F8 when you turn on your computer. Then a black screen with plenty selections comes up and choose "safe mode". Once you get to safe mode scan your computer for any viruses and spyware.

Did this happen all of a sudden? If the virus and spyware programs dont detect anything then I recommend performing a windows repair on that computer. You will need your windows xp CD to do this of course.

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I have the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 with the laser mouse. It seems to work fine for everything but in COD or MOH it stops responding or sticks when i try to walk forward or whatever. I have to let go the key and hit it again. I updated the drivers from M but it didnt help.

Any ideas?

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I just reloaded my windows from scratch and it wont recognise usb mem sticks.

Answer:usb memory sticks dont work on laptop

Check in device manager if you have any red or yellow exclamation marks against the USB drivers.

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OptionenLadies and Gentlemen, After reinstalling Windows on my IBM Thinkpad T42           2374F82               the ethernetport does not work anymore and the screen is hanging when  scrolling. I also have in the Device Manager located in the picture. I can unfortunately not represented here, but do I have ???????   under "other devices'':''for multimedia audio controller'',''Ethernet controller'',''''Network Controller, PCI Modem''', '''unknown device'',''USB controller''and''Video Controller (VGA compatible-)'''. I've been trying to upload several drivers from the Lenovo support and install, which also has works only properly (no error message or something similar), but nothing changed the problem. Also, the Lenovo ThinkVantageToolbox has brought nothing. Can you help me please. Many thanks in advance Sincerely FredNiem


<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
Moderator edit by bananaman: Masked serial number to prevent misuse.

Answer:T42 ethernet port doesn`t work and screen sticks when scrolling

Installing the driver is just the first part of the process, after that you must go into Win subfolder and run the setup files from there. For instance, your graphics driver would be in C>Drivers>Win>Video and your Ethernet in C>Drivers>Win>Ethernet
You get the idea.
Don't forget to download the chipset driver available on T42 driver page.
Good luck.

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I ordered some computer stuff at 4a.m. and I had a major brainfart when doing so.

I ordered some Crucial ram that came in 2GB sticks, sold is in doubles and triple packs, my thought was well, 6GB is better then 4GB when ordering but after doing so I thought, wait, don't you normally run ram in two's for dual channel?

So tomorrow I have 3, 2GB sticks showing up. Should I order a forth? I mean I KNOW I can run just 3 sticks but that puts is out of dual channel mode, correct? Does it REALLY matter when you get upto 6GB of ram? I mean computers are so quick now days, does it really actually matter?

I have this motherboard: - ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

I intend to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 tomorrow on this new motherboard and a Dual-Core CPU.

Answer:RAM... Two sticks, three sticks, dual channel, triple channels, huh?

Most MB's will let you run the 3 sticks in dual channel mode. One channel will have 4GB and one will have 2GB. Check you MB manual and it should show which slots to use.


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My Apologies if i have missed a fix for this somewhere. I have a problem with the volume control sticking as if i was pressing it down. This happens as soon as I press a key on the actual keyboard. The virtual keyboard will also not come up after an actual key is pressed and the windows button in the middle of the screen will not work either, only dims screen quickly and does nothing unless pressed a bunch of times really fast. I also had to roll back to an earlier driver version for the mouse pad to halfway work, this also was not working after an actual key on the keyboard was pressed. I Have done all driver updates with no luck.

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I did search for similar posts on these forums, but all of them either seem to have bad slots or bad sticks or can boot to bios.  My W530 came with 2x8GB of RAM. I bought 2 more 8GB sticks (specs below).  2 sticks of RAM work fine in any combination, in any slot:various sticks: 2 original, 2 new, 1 original and 1 newin various slots: 2 under keyboard, 2 in the back, 1 under keyboard and 1 in the backBut 3 or 4 sticks won't boot (in any combination, in any slot):keyboard lights flashscreen stays blackfan does not come onfunction keys do nothing (only power button works) What I already tried:Upgraded bios to 2.66Reset bios to defaultsPull out battery, hold power button (to reset capacitors?), put battery back inPowered on and off several timesRan diagnostics through bios (all passed) Specs:Original RAM: 2x8gb Hynix/Hyundai HMT41GS6AFR8C-PB (1.5V unbuffered SODIMM non-ECC DDR3 1600MHz 204Pin)New RAM: 2x8gb Crucial CT2KIT102464BF160B (dual voltage 1.35V or 1.5V unbuffered SODIMM non-ECC DDR3 1600MHz 204Pin)Laptop: Thinkpad W530 2447DA2 with graphics: K2000m, LCD: FHD, CPU: i7-3520M @ 2.90GHz  Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:w530 i7 won't boot or post with 24GB or 32GB of RAM, but all slots and sticks work with 16GB

Hello and welcome,
I'm way out of my comfort zone answering this since I've never had a W of any kind....
ISTR that you need a quad-core processor to support 4 RAM slots.  i7-3520M is dual-core.
Please don't take this as gospel, but maybe it gives you something to check.
Hmmm, here's an on-topic thread

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I am trying to get my two sticks (2x 2Gb) of Corsair RAM (CM2X2048-6400C5C) to work in my Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo.
Both sticks work perfectly because I have tested them in all slots individually and the computer works flawlessly.
However, the problem that I'm having is when I put both sticks in, be that in A1/B1 or A2/B2.

With both sticks in, the computers powers on, the fans spin up but the computer progresses no further and does not POST - a blank screen.

What could be wrong? Is there a setting to adjust?


Answer:Mobo & RAM: two sticks individually - good, two sticks together - bad

The sticks should be in A1/A2 or B1/B2. Try that configuration.

See page 2-11 of your motherboard manual. If you don't have one, go here:

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The title pretty much says it all. I'm honestly at the end of my rope. Device manager replies all is well, yet sound stopped working overnight.

It isn't muted,I'm not that oblivious.

I own Advanced System Care Pro ( and consequently, Driver Booster ) so I have already all of my drivers up to date, as well as any other problems I might have had.

Used a bunch of other scanners to figure out the problem to no avail. Plugging some headphones in also doesn't cut it, so it made me think that perhaps the hardware was actually fine and some software conflict was the cause of the problem. I have no freaking clue anymore, should I just get mad and yell at my computer for an hour or so to relieve stress now??

Answer:Laptop audio refuses to work, all devices work properly, sound isn't muted. Help?

First we need to know the EXACT make and model number of the laptop in question. Secondly the only place you should be looking for drivers for you laptop is the laptop manufacturers support website. Driver scanners really are not helpful.

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Hello People Im in need of your expertise. here are a few scans i ran I hope these can help you tell what my problems are...ComboFix 08-07-31.04 - uuurbody 2008-11-02 8:36:39.2 - NTFSx86Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.256 [GMT -5:00]Running from: E:\Documents and Settings\uuurbody\Desktop\ComboFix.exe.- REDUCED FUNCTIONALITY MODE -.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).I:\Autorun.inf.((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2008-10-02 to 2008-11-02 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).2008-11-01 22:03 . 2008-11-01 22:03 <DIR> d-------- E:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nero2008-11-01 19:08 . 2008-11-01 19:08 0 --a------ E:\WINDOWS.0\Irremote.ini2008-11-01 18:16 . 2008-11-02 08:37 <DIR> d-a------ E:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TEMP2008-10-22 13:12 . 2008-04-27 09:33 765,952 --a------ E:\WINDOWS.0\system32\xvidcore.dll2008-10-22 13:12 . 2008-04-27 09:35 180,224 --a------ E:\WINDOWS.0\system32\xvidvfw.dll2008-10-22 13:12 . 2007-06-28 17:55 77,824 --a------ E:\WINDOWS.0\system32\xvid.ax2008-10-15 01:11 . 2008-08-14 05:11 2,189,184 -----c--- E:\WINDOWS.0\system32\dllcache\ntoskrnl.exe2008-10-15 01:11 . 2008-08-14 05:09 2,145,280 -----c--- E:\WINDOWS.0\system32\dllcache\... Read more

Answer:comp is slow Nero doesnt work properly doesnt always start properly

ComboFix logs should not to be posted outside the HijackThis forums. It is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Please create a new topic explaining the nature of your problem in the Am I infected? What do I do? forum. Describe pop-ups and system tray or desktop icons that have appeared. Explain what is "going wrong" with your computer. Note any tools you have used and their respective results.If needed, we will direct you to our HJT Preparation Guide.Thank you for using BleepingComputer as your malware removal source.I will have a moderator close this topic.

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My Sat Pro 6100 has just been away for the usual motherboard and power board replacement with Toshiba, but now I have a strange keyboard problem.

When I turn it on, all the keys work. After a few minutes, '3' doesn't work, then 'r' fails, then '5','7','8','9','0' stop working. At this stage I can feel something getting very hot under the middle of the keyboard. A reboot and no keys work. Another reboot with an external PS2 keyboard, and the internal keyboard is still faulty (some keys work, others don't) but the external one works correctly.

Now if the pc didn't get so hot under the middle of the internal keyboard, then I would conclude that the keyboard was faulty, but for it to fail slowly and sequentially like this, and it fails the same way every day (Since the Toshiba rebuild!).

Maybe, internal keyboard controller overheating?
Does anyone know what this might be? :-(


Answer:Keyboard on Sat Pro 6100 doesn't work properly after remedial work

Right under the keyboard of your pro 6100 is the VGA graphics controller (the keyboard cable plugs into the same card). It is normal that this part becomes warm during usage.

It's strange that your problem appears after a while and not right away.

It might be just an improper reseating of the keyboard cable (it's a thin layer like a photo film-negative) that easily pops out, but... it can be something more serious, too. (Especially since you had the upgrade done where hardware had to be changed)

I would consult the service center once again and ask for instructions how to deal with this. Don't ignore it (by using an external keyboard instead of the malfunctioning internal) as it might end up into something more serious soon...



P.S. Please keep us updated on your steps

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So, here's the deal. I recently bought a new XPS 8900.  I have switched out the 1TB HDD for a 500GB SSD.
Now I want to increase the RAM. It came with 8gb (2 x 4gb sticks). To be absolutely sure I got compatible sticks-I bought 2 x 8gb sticks from Dell.  My machine has 4 slots, so I can have 4 sticks...
My Question is: can I use all 4 sticks ( 2 x 4gb and 2 x 8 gb ), or will mixing sizes screw up something?
Thanks, for any advice!

Answer:Dumb Question? OK to mix 4gb RAM sticks with 8 gb Ram sticks?

Yes  Make sure to keep the matching sticks paired in matching slots. or in other words, put the two 4GB sticks in the white slots and the two 8GB sticks in the black slots. ( or vice versa).
You might consider running the built-in memory diagnostics after installing the memory.

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As the Title says I have 2-2 gig sticks of memory that are only showing up as 2-1 gig sticks. I have had this problem a while, but it is really aggravating. I overlooked the problem because I was running Win XP x32 and it doesn't allow 4 gigs of memory to be accessed. Plus my mobo (Asus M3A) states that no more than 3 gigs should be used with Win XP x32, but that more than 3 gigs will not be a problem, just not used,
So, I updated to Win 7 x64 to see if the memory would kick in but to no avail. Still only 2 gigs.
I ran the Windows Memory Scan program and have run Memtest which both report no problems.
I also reset BIOS to default values and had already downloaded the latest BIOS from ASUS.
Siw tells me BIOS is seeing some kind of error, I am posting that info here.
Property Value
Memory Summary Reported by BIOS
Warning! Wrong values reported by BIOS
Maximum Capacity 8192 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size [unknown]
Memory Slots 4
Error Correction None
DRAM Frequency 260.0 MHz
Memory Timings 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)
Device Locator Slot 1
Manufacturer Patriot Memory
Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 (PC2-4300)
Speed 266 MHz (DDR2 533)
Supported Frequencies 200.0 MHz, 266.7 MHz
Memory Timings 3-3-3-9-12 at 200.0 MHz, at 1.8 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)
Memory Timings 4-4-4-12-16 at 266.7 MHz, at 1.8 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)
Data Width 64 bits
EPP SPD Support No
XMP SPD Support No
Device Locator Slot 2
Manufacturer Patriot Memory
Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 (PC2... Read more

Answer:Ram Error - 2-2 gig sticks show as only 2-1 gig sticks

You can start by making sure that the timings are correct in the BIOS,either 3-3-3-9-12 at 200.0 MHz, at 1.8 volts or 4-4-4-12-16 at 266.7 MHz, at 1.8 volts.

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I have an old Dell PC with Windows2000. A few years ago I noticed that the it would not play cd's without skipping. I have had to use another computer for my ipod. A few months ago, the cd rom would no longer open so I just replaced it with a Pioneer DVR/DVD and it still skips while playing a cd! It also would not import to itunes. I was told my drivers could be bad but I am really lost while trying to find ones to update/ install. Please help!!!

Answer:My new cd rom does not work properly

 cluelessblond ..... Have you tried deleting your Pioneer optical drive and then rebooting the machine and have the drive be redetected .......? dl65  

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My "gamer" -PC has lost its connection to the rest of my LAN, WDlive, laptop.
The laptop can not "see" my "gamer" -PC more. And yet. Do I open a cmd in my "gamer" -PC and writes PING PHOTO PC (called my laptop), then the corresponding fine, but in the Windows network can not be seen, and I can not connect or network drive to it. Oddly enough, I have always had a network drive on "gamer" looking for PHOTO-PC, and this old connection still works fine, even though I reboot both computers
As I see it, so can the PCs well find each other in a CMD, but not in Windows Explorer or Total Commander. Both PCs are members of the same workgroup. I have been through all the settings in "Network and Sharing Center" and they are 110% identical (there are not corrected in them, since that time it worked).
Is there perhaps a service not running? Or a policy that has been changed?
The laptop and WDlive can see each other, and the laptop can easily see the wife's PC when she is on (it can "gamer" -PC'en no longer).

If I create entries in reg.databasen, it connects the network drive just fine after a reboot. See picture for examples of drive Y and Z. Both networking places are available as network drives, and in a CMD prompt with "PING PHOTO-PC" for example.
It is only in Windows Explorer that it can not find the names and / or network sites. Therefore, I believe that it is a service or a policy that has gone w... Read more

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Okay, i got dev c++ and i was following the tutorial and when i tried doing the hello world program it wouldn't start properly. heres my code

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf("Hello World\n");
reurn 0;
please note that i did compile and link it...

Answer:Dev c++ won't work properly.

return 0;

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DDS (Ver_10-11-03.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Anne at 7:43:29.83 on Fri 11/05/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18975
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Basic 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.1917.909 [GMT -5:00]

SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k imgsvc
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k WerSvcGrou... Read more

Answer:IE won't work properly

Hi all,
I am not sure how to post everything correctly, yes I read the instructions, but take a look at my screen name :-)

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Hey! I was wondering if this RAm would fit in my PC:
(Scoll down and click Specifications for all the information on the RAM)

Here is my computer:

And the computer's motherboard:

Thanks for any replies!

Answer:Will this RAM fit and work properly in my PC?

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OS=WinXP Pro, 64-bit, installed on drive partition "D:\".

Have tried " sfc /scannow", following instructions online as follows:
1) copied folder I386 to "D:\"
2) Regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup>ServicePackSourcePath, where I changed location to "D:\".
3) Restarted computer, re-tried "sfc /scannow", after which still got "...need XP CD for more..."This was supposed to prevent the latter request for the CD, which didn't work for me anyway.
Will any of this work, specifically in XP 64-bit?
I need to check my system for errors: can you help to get sfc working for me?
Thanks in advance.
Art Miller

Answer:SFC won't work properly

Did you also change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup - SourcePath to D:\?
And does the CD have the same service pack as is installed on the PC?

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I have a laptop hp 15 ac 042 tu before one years ago. down keys is not work correctly, some times it press atomaticaly.

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Answer:cpu fan does not work properly

i get the message cpu fan does not work properly every time i try and install a new better cru cooler everytime i go back to my old one it works fine first i tried a heatpipe (coolermaster) and then i tried an artic copper silent and both gave me the same message what am i doing wrong??? i know how to put on thermal paste and ive been using artic silver any ideas???

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My CD/DVD rom shows up in my device manager & states it is working properly.
Any disc that I put into the drive is not recognized. It pulls up zero info from the disc as if it can not read it. If I simply select play (even though no info is showing) I get the windows notice to add media to that drive.I thought the drive had died and I was ready to install a new one. BUT..
I ran the installed PC-Doctor program that is a HP diagnostic program and during that test, the drive played just fine. There are multiple test for the DVD/CD rom and it passed every test in the PC-Doctor program.
But after the test, I again placed different CD's , DVD's into it, and nothing.

Answer:DVD RW/CD Rom won't work properly

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On my laptop I have a DVD CDRW combo drive (ie. I can watch DVDs and burn CDs). However the past three times I have tried to burn a music CD the buffer rate goes all the way down, then fixes itself, but shortly after completely fails and the burning process stops at 30%.

>I have not changed the type of CD I use when burning since I have had the laptop.
>I have always used Nero burning software.
>I have installed new RAM recently.

Basically, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this error. If it is the RAM that caused this (I'm pretty sure the errors started shortly after new RAM) will taking it out fix it? Should I try a new burning suite? If the problem is not fixable the laptop is still covered under a 12 month HP warranty and 3 year extended warranty so I can get it replaced or fixed but I would rather that be the last resort. Any help would be great, I don't know anything about hardware issues, etc.

Answer:DVD/CD-RW won't work properly

"(I'm pretty sure the errors started shortly after new RAM)"

well you found ur problem
try this
change back to the old ones, and try to burn, see if it works
if it works, ur new ram are not very compatiable

are the new rams same brand and PCXXXX as the old one?

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IE & OE do not work properly. IE tabs slowly and hesitates and OE is slow to start. I tried the microsoft editing the reg fix from the 251787 article but no luck still have a problem. I tried everything that i know of, reintall windows 98 SE, IE 6.0 etc.. nothing corrects it. I even did the imagehlp.dll extraction and that didn't work either any ideas?


Answer:IE & OE do not work properly

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After installing windows 7 cpu fan won't run higher then 3125 rpm. So for the desktop applications it's ok but when i enter the game cpu temp. goes to 60 - 70 celsius. Before win 7 i had xp and it worked just fine.

So if anyone have any solution, please help.


Answer:CPU fan won't work properly

Turn off AMD cool and quiet.

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I have an older Socket 478 Intel Motherboard, with DDR memory.

Right now I'm running 512 Megs (256 X 2) and looking to upgrade to a whole Gig.

Now, buying another 512 would be certinaly cheaper, but, I was told that if I do that (buying another two sticks of 256) and take up all four DIMM slots, that it would actually SLOW down the computer instead of making it faster, because of the memory in all four DIMM slots.

Another question, would it work if I just bought a third stick of 512 and put it in say, DIMM slot 2 or 4? Or does it have to be 'balanced'?

Answer:Solved: Two Sticks vs. Four Sticks of RAM

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have purchased a SOHO broadband router from maplin to connect my pc and my wifesboth pc have win xp pro wife has amd duron 800 over 600mb sdrammy pc has xp2000+ with over gb of ddrcan get both sysyem talking then the system stops and cant connect to the netbroadband provided bt telewestcan any one help or give advicetelewest wont support the routerthanks in advance ray

Answer:cant get router to work properly

Which model router have you, telewest will only work with a cable router not an adsl router.

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Hi im new to this so here i go...

I recently bought Farcry (the first one) for my vista laptop, it says on the box that its vista compatible.
But whenever i boot it up i get a black screen for 5 mins until it eventually works, then every time it loads (at beginning of level or when i die) i have to wait 3 mins for it to start to load and then 2 mins after its loaded.
This is very irritating, boring etc and is spoiling the game for me. I am very sure i have the lastest drivers and i definetly have the 1.4 patch for Farcry... i really dont know what to do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

System info:
Windows Vista 32 bit
Model: HP Pavillion dv9700 Notebook PC
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.00 GHz

Answer:Getting Farcry to work properly

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I'm using Win 7 64 bit, IE 9 and Chrome. Recently downloaded JAVA 7 update 45. Didn't work on either browser including 32 bit version of IE.

Deleted all Java through Control Panel, used Revo to get rid of leftover files. Used offline Java installer to install both 32 and 64 bit versions. Used Java control panel to delete temporary files. Java still not being detected/working properly. Don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, JTU

Answer:Can't get JAVA to work properly

What are you specifically trying to view with Java?

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My friend has a sony vaio desktop pc which he bought like 2 years ago. The problem is the DVDRW.

It reads original Audio/Video CDs, ORIGINAL DVDs, CD-Rs. But it won't read DVD-Rs. I thought the problem could be the laser beam. Since its 2 years old and used really efficiently, laser beam might be losing its strength?

What other problems could it be? We've formatted hdd and installed windows xp again but it didn't help.

Since its under warranty, should he take it to sony? will they change dvdrw just because its not reading DVD-Rs? Should he try to break it down completely somehow before he takes it to sony?

Any suggestions, ideas, opinions are welcome!


Answer:DVDRW Don't Work Properly

Did it read DVD-r's before? what DVD-R's have your tried? ( brand) also what DVD burning software is installed on the machine?

taking the burner apart will void the warranty.

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I had currently built a pc for the first time. It all went swell until my moniter displayed: "no signal". I had looked this up and I've tryed everything to prevent it.I had also an extra pair of eyes but they didn't know either. So, I came to the understanding that it might be the parts which might be the down side to this error. My Build:

Zotac 1060 3gb.
AMD Athlon X4-860k CPU, 4 cores, 3.7 - 4GHz.
Kingston HyperX 3k ssd 120gb.
Aerocool 80 plus 600w PSU.
GA-F2A68HM-HD2 gigabyte.
16GB 2x8GB DDR3

(Budget build for the time being)

All the wiring is done correctly and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've followed the manual redid some of the steps so I'm just thinking its one of parts but which one?
(I know the cpu is probably bottlenecking but I plan to upgrade it in the future.)

Thanks for reading.

Answer:Does my build work properly?

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Hello my new PC arrived today from Dell, and i have to say wont load wont load and MSN wont either, i have to say that msn Messenger i mean wont load on my but will on my net passport @ink4-u.

The websites will load in my AOL browser but not my IE!

I am having the same trobule on my other pc as well, but my laptop seems to be fine, any help? Cheers Jay

Answer:IE and MSN dont work properly

Will Firefox load them?

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Hi folks
I recently placed an advert in the paper for my small business, and when someone clicks on the advert, it should bring up a box where readers can email me for more information.
However, I have tried this out myself, and when I click on the advert, a box appears on the screen, and on top of the box it says ‘enter your user name and pass word for the following server’. Underneath, in the same box, there is a sub heading saying
Server: Underneath in the same box, the user name heading appears and my first name automatically is filled in there with a password. (about half a dozen asterisks).
No matter how many times I press the ok button in that box, the box reappears and does not go away. While all this is happening, there appears a larger box in the background which would enable readers to email me there queries for more information etc.
So, at the moment, I am totally confused with why this is happening. More importantly, does that mean I would not be able to accept emails from readers?
By the way, my inbox does except ‘normal’ emails from other users.
Thanks in advance for your response.

Answer:How can I get my emails to work properly?

Difficult to answer without knowing what the "paper" is that you've placed the advert in and the format of the ad. Normally, a link to send an email takes the form...
mailto:[email protected]
...and clicking on it opens a new message window in the user's email program.

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Dear readers.

Just bod an Acer with Windows 7 Home Premium .
After running the Windows 7 install ( with all available updates downloaded) it looked perfect.
But then I found out that something was NOK

Problem description.

As example, I start up Skype ( it runs ok)
Now I want to quit the program ( not using the X, but terminate it)

I click on my Windows task bar and select Skype

Then I click my right mouse button and again a pop up menu appears (still ok) with several options for this program amongs them the desired option Quit
I select quit

Now the problem occurs:

When I click on the choosen option, a system file opens.
That?s it. ( its applicable for all options and the command opens always the same file)

Computer/Acer C:/windows/system32

This happens for all programs in the Start menu.
Nothing else happens, the system runs normal but the desired operation is not been performed.. I can quit the window with the sysyem file appearing . All looks fine but of course the program is still running

When I now really want to stop a program I need to go to taskmanager (by pressing CRL/ALT/DEL) to abort it.

Whats wrong with my Windows 7?
Started an SFC scan, no problems detected.

HELP please, thx.

Answer:TASKBAR doe not work properly

Can you post a screenshot of this?


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July 5, 2004

AMD Athlon 3200XP+ (2.2GHz - Barton)
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Motherboard
- 400MHz FSB
- nForce2 chipset
- Dual DDR 400
Corsair TwinX1024-3200C2PT RAM (2x512)
PNY GeForce FX 5900 AGP (128MB DDR)
Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS
(2) 80GB Maxtor SATA drives (Raid 0)
Mitsumi 1.44 floppy drive
Sony DWU18A DVD +/- RW 8X
Microsoft Keyboard and IR Mouse
Antec 1080AMG w/420 watt true pwr supply
Windows XP Professional w/ SP1

Current nVidia nVidia GForce2 driver (WHQL)
nVidia graphics driver 53.03
MS DirectX 9.0b

Originally I had an ATI Radeon AIW 9800 Pro graphics card installed. Windows Desktop viewing and television viewing worked fine; however when running MS Flight Simulator 2004 or Rainbow Six
games the system would crash. Either a bluescreen or just exiting back to the desktop. Sometimes it would note there was a serious error and it wanted to send a report to Microsoft. PC is not
connected yet so I've never sent a report.

Replaced the ATI graphics card with a PNY GeForce FX 5900 and completely rebuilt the OS. Again Windows Desktop viewing was okay, however MS Flightsim 2004 and Comanche 4 games would run for about a minute and then crash giving either a bluescreen or error report.

I have removed the SoundBlaster card using instead the onboard audio, and then rebuilt everything - still have same problems. Also I've tried either RAM stick by itself to no avail.

A local PC shop performed diagnosi... Read more

Answer:Videocard won't work properly

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I am a hold off and planned to keep Windows 7 to EOL in 2020. I recently did a Windows 7 to 10 upgrade for a friend and was so delighted with it that I now updated my own system to Windows 10. Very smooth install, update a few drivers and some programs, but working very well. Except for Mail.

What kind of joke is this Windows 7 Mail? It has to be the prettiest mail client I ever used, and the most inept and useless one at that. I install my AT&T email accounts and they configure nicely, but some never sync. I send myself some test mails, they never arrive but do arrive on my Android phone. There is no contact list, but typing a few bits into the To: line offers contact suggestions. This AT&T account I use most for friends and when I get, say, 2 emails and read them, they are gone! I must have hundreds or thousands of old emails, yet NONE show on Win10 email. Nothing to see. I used my Live 2012 server settings for win10 mail, did not work, says outdated settings. One hour later, "Not synced yet". Blue dots moving, no significant data downloading. No way to use with One Drive so I imagine sending 6 full size high res images will be a thing of the past. The gmail account synced well, I have mail going back to 2011 in that folder. My GoDaddy domain name email is working and showing past mail.

I will send a test mail from AT&T account to yahoo account to see if I can even send mail. Syncing, up to date, message present. Yahoo inbox somewhat full but I neve... Read more

Answer:Win 10 Mail, does any of it work properly?

Thunderbird. I went independent of MS after they swapped from Outlook Express to Win Mail then took that away (some of that is STILL there in Win 10!). MS wanted to play 'now you see it, now you don't' with email clients, and I just didn't want to play any more.

Too tiresome working out how to move their randomly distributed email client data around.

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i am using a pair of tsunmi speakers, i can hear sound when i dial up, but got no sound on anything else anyone got any suggestions please

Answer:my sound does not work properly

Hello, and welcome to techspot!

We need to know a bit more about your computer. Please fill in as much info as you know in your "profile".

A couple of questions:

1. How long have you had the computer?
2. Did it EVER have sound?

The problem is likely one of two things.

1. You have the volume on mute in your sound settings
2. You don't have the drivers installed.

Do you know how to check to see if it is problem #1?

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Hey Guys

My laptop decided to stop working today :(.

It wont go further then the XP Bootscreen, it just freezes there.
I can get in with safe mode and everything looks fine.
So I reinstalled my OS but I got no luck.

I have updated my Bios but still no luck .

What can it be? I have never seen anthing like this before.

Thanks for your help


Answer:Qosmio F20-137 would not work properly


so, check your RAM with the help of Memtest86, because this sounds like a hardware issue. Or maybe it will better to download a knoppix-live-cd from the internet and try it with this one.
I don?t want to say that you have a hardware failure, you can test it, if you just remove one of your memory modules or exchange the harddisk, to check if one of these components is faulty and causes
the "freeze" of your machine.

If you encounter after all that checks the same problem, then you only the choice to bring your machine to a authorized service partner or your dealer, they have to check your machine then on hardware failures.

Good luck


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Hi, I've made a bit of a mess of my computer and now don't know what to do. It won't start up properly at all now. It's a Packard Bell, about 1 1/2 years old, operating on Vista Basic.
Basically, I downloaded a film that I think was dodgy and now it's caused me all sorts of problems and I'm worried I may have lost everything on my hard drive. After I realised the film was no good, I deleted it and thought I better run a quick virus scan, just in case. I use AVG for this. I started the scan and walked away but a minute or two later I heard the pc 'pip' as if it was turning itself back on. Then I got the black and white screen and just two options ; 'Start Windows Normally' and 'Start Windows Recovery'. I tried to start normally but after the splash screen, the screen just stays black and nothing happens. Then I turned off/on and tried the 'Windows Recovery' option. From the menu within this option, I took the ioption to go back to a restore point, which involved several scans to fix any problems first (which lasted about 45 mins). The scans said that they could find nothing wrong with the system but it still wouldn't start from the last restore point. I also tried other options in this menu, such as letting the Windows recover try to fix files etc. but still no good. When I start the computer, I still just get the two options, both of which seem a bit futile now.
Is it worth trying to start the system in Safe Mode (even though at the moment it's not giving me ... Read more

Answer:Can't get my computer to work properly - Help!

You'll have to see if the data still exists on the drive before doing anything else.
There's several ways to do this, the easiest way is to access it by the Command Prompt option in the Startup Repair menu (which I think that you're getting to).

If the data is still intact, you'll have to take measures to recover the data before proceeding. Let us know if the data is there and we'll work from that.

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After Microsoft automatically changed my Hotmail to Outlook, I started to have problems. When I click "Contact Us" on a commercial website, it states "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Hotmail right now". I've tried numerous corrective solutions (including switching back to Hotmail), but nothing works. When someone sends me a pic and then I forward it to another party, the pic shows up blank on the recipient's email. I'm using Internet Explorer 8. HELP??Wellgo

Answer:Hotmail won't work properly

Hi,I would suggest you to try another browser like chrome, Firefox etc. and check if the issue occurs on this browser or not.Thanks & RegardsDebbie B#iworkfordell

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VLC is fine, but why does Windows Media Player have problems? It always closes and says it encountered a problem playing the file. It only seems that .mkv files is the issue. Avi files etc, seem perfectly fine. Anyone else have same problems or a way of resolving the issue? Not that it's major, but still annoying!

Answer:.MKV files don't work properly with WMP?

VLC has buitin codec to play MKV. Wmp doesn't. To play MKV file with WMP, you'd need to install some third party Codecs such as:
Shark007: Windows 10 codecs - Windows 8.1 codecs - Windows 7 codecs or
Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 12.2.5

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HI: i have an old laptop using versus. It has a problem turning on the WI-FI. iT WORKS IN SAFE MODE ONLY. iT IS A SONY. It will not connect.

Answer:Solved: wi-Fi does not work properly

old laptop using versusClick to expand...

not sure - what is versus

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I recently installed a new 60GB SSD to handle gaming better, and I kept my old HDD for storage. To handle transferring my OS to it I used a program called "Migrate OS to SSD". When I did the transfer I only moved my Windows directory, and now when I start up I get an error message saying my user account was not loaded properly. I also cannot get any of my internet browsers to connect to the internet either. The only reason I added this SSD was for gaming. I am to the point where I am thinking it might be easier just to wipe both hard drives and re-install windows onto the SSD. Also, some of the programs that were left on the old HD are not working now, but I don't know if it is because I do not have admin rights or not because my profile won't load. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Trying to get OS migration to work properly


Is the SSD too small for a complete clone of the system?

If not, clone the old drive onto the SSD, when that is up & running, wipe the old drive & use it for storage.

Else you need to start again with the system & use extra space & install your programs to a storage drive (Old one or another). OK?

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I have bought a skylake desktop,everything works fine.
I installed as dual boot windows 7,(to play games that 10 will not)
win 7 installs well, but it will not see ethernet, and all my usb sockets
will not work when I plug in a key drive.
in control panel I enabled everthing in autoplay, still did not work.
I installed a different win 7 disc, got the same result

Answer:windows 7 will not work properly

you will need to load usb drivers and network drivers in windows 7

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Hi everyone,

I am facing some small problem with my built-in web cam. I am using Acer Aspire 5520. My web cam have function of video conference and take pictures manualy by clicking in webcam application. However I just found out recently it didn't work as it should, the application to take manual pics just couldnt load up the web cam, it showed black screen.While in the other hand if I am using it for video conference, it works perfectly.

Any idea how to fix this problem up? I've updated my webcam driver but still no help at all, thank you guys

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For some reason on my two computers that run windows 10, I am not able to connect to ANY VPN server that is not hosted in the US, I am dumbfounded as pretty much I am the ONLY one with this problem and have no idea where to go for help. Mind you, on my phone all VPN'S work regardless of location. Also, I switch networks every week back and forth with the same problem on both networks, so I do not think it is a network issue? Anyways please help me in my struggles.

OS: windows 10
VPN used: VPN gate

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I've got a 10/100 wireless router, and a planning on getting a gigabit unmanaged switch connected to one of the router's ports. To the gigabit switch, I will have 2 PC's each with gigabit NIC's.

Will the 2 PC's connected via the switch have full gigabit transfer speed, or does the traffic need to go through the 10/100 router, introducing a bottleneck?

Answer:Will this configuration work properly?

They will get full gigabit connectivity, the only time you will traverse the router is when you want to be getting out to the internet.

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 My device's fingerprint doesn't work properly with windows 10.Please give me a sollution.

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i am running asus k40ij laptop wth operating system win 7.but cananot use the webcame properly though life frame2 camera is installed from the driver cd.when i turn on the webcam it shows me horrizonally. my head shows bellow.

Answer:webcam does not work properly

I think this is a problem with your computer itself. Contact ASUS.

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VLC is fine, but why does Windows Media Player have problems? It always closes and says it encountered a problem playing the file. It only seems that .mkv files is the issue. Avi files etc, seem perfectly fine. Anyone else have same problems or a way of resolving the issue? Not that it's major, but still annoying!

Answer:.MKV files don't work properly with WMP?

VLC has buitin codec to play MKV. Wmp doesn't. To play MKV file with WMP, you'd need to install some third party Codecs such as:
Shark007: Windows 10 codecs - Windows 8.1 codecs - Windows 7 codecs or
Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 12.2.5

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Hello everyone.

My name is George Sebros and I owe a Toshiba Satellite A300.
The reason why I am posting this new thread is that I need a little help from anyone who knows something about my problem above:
One day, about 2 months ago... I turn on my Satellite A300.
When it logged in, not only none of my icons appeared but also the start menu didn't....
The only thing that appeared in a totally BLACK screen, was my "Documents and Settings" folder which was opened automatically.
There was no way I could find neither the Start menu (I mean the task bar) nor my icons...
So, everytime I closed the Documents and Settings folder that was appeared, the only thing I could see was a black screen....
It was a kind of shock for me and I could not believe in my eyes...

After a few days, I tried the well-known combination "Ctrl+Alt+Del" in order to see what was working and what was not.
Then, I pressed the "FILE" and then "NEW TASK" and finally, I typed the word "explorer" in it.
That was it!! Suddenly, everything turn to normal as like the day before the problem begun. I was happy because with this way, I was able to use my Satellite A300 again!
However, this is an indirect way to make my PC work!
That means that I am still fain to use that indirect way to make the icons and the taskbar appear.
Does it mean that the "explorer.exe" is not working ?
A lot of registry programs I use, notify me about some HKY... Read more

Answer:Explorer.exe does not work properly.


Seems your Vista is muddled up?
You could try to clean the OS and the registry in order to avoid new OS installation.
Please use the CCLeaner.

I use this tool as well? it free and it cleans the registry and other temporally files.
It helps really!

But if the OS will still not work as it should then you should try a new installation?
Of course this procedure is drastically because the HDD would be formatted but at the other hand you will get a clean and fully functional OS

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i may have deleted some windows programmes and downloaded a virus as i cant get my taskbar to work

DDS (Ver_09-02-01.01) - NTFSx86
Run by User at 4:09:08.47 on 25/02/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.511.88 [GMT 0:00]

AV: avast! antivirus 4.8.1296 [VPS 090223-0] *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe
C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe
C:\Progr... Read more

Answer:cant get taskbar to work properly

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. Please post the contents of log.txt. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until instruc... Read more

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Hello all :) About 3 months ago I downloaded a RC to try W7 out and I had a problem with MSN, which froze for about 2 seconds whenever I tried to open up a conversation with someone.. I just went back to Vista thinking that this would be fixed in the final version of W7.

But I bought it last week.. installed everything and now I'm having the same problem again. It's just annoying and stupid because I dont get how MSN works slow on a high end PC. Anyway, I had Eset Smart Security installed, I unistalled it and went back to my old version of Nod32 Antivirus, and this seemed to fix the problem somehow for most of the day. Late at night it happened again. I have to close MSN and re open it to fix it for a while it seems..

I'm running a 64 bit OS by the way. Any help is appreciated :(

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For a couple of days I cannot open messages anymore, either send messages.
Opening the messages: The "hand" comes out but the opening does not take place.
Sending messages: I can open the NEW tag but noway to put an address.

However emails continue to arrive as usual but of course they are piling up as I cannot,
open them.
Anyone can help fix that ?
Thanks a lot.

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Hey, So I updated the Y510P to windoes 8.1 (Most regretted thing I've done with this laptop, that includes doing a battery reset.)  As many people have found out there are issues with 8.1 and SLI. I used the recomended BIOS update, and that seemed to fix the issue.  Unfortunatly, for some reason I'm not sure about, the 750M does not seem to be working right. Before the windows 8.1, and after updating the BIOS, League of Legens ran at the 60 FPS capped at max settings.  After the 8.1 and now, LoL will run around 10-15 FPS at max settings, and only 25 FPS at the lowest graphics settings.  I'm not sure why the laptop's performance has dropped.  I'm also getting major lag in Path of Exiles, where I used to have no issues playing it.  As I mentioned, I have used the BIOS update, and it did fix the issue I had with 8.1  I've specified that the laptop use the 750M as the default graphics GPU, and in the GPU monitor, the games show up and using it.  But as I've stated, their performance is at par with using the integrated  Intell graphics card.  Any thoughts or suggestions of what I can try to fix this issue would be greatly appreaciated. Sincerly,Jinotad.

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So,currently I have a modem in the living room (Cisco EPC3208) and then it goes all the way to my room to a Cisco WRTG54V1 router. Yesterday out of the blue it stopped working, This is because I previously had 2 routers in the network (Asus and Cisco) anyways I decided to disconnect my asus and use only the cisco,but the router just won't work,I reseted it to it's fabric settings. But when I log into it it says the router's IP adress is ? And hands out IP adresses to my pc such as,I have no idea what to do!

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\MiKi>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : MiKi-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connectio
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 90-2B-34-31-B6-8E
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::448d:137d:34ca:6197%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtaine... Read more

Answer:Router won't work properly

Have you tried pressing the reset button on the router? (long press)
I have seen this 'reset button' on several router brands/models like tp-link (tl-wr941n, tl-wr740n old version, tl-wr740n newer version), buffalo draft-N routers, cdrking routers (made in china router brand sold in the Philippines).

if the reset process I described is the same as what you typed in your first post, try to manually change the router ip address.

my wimax modem ip address =
so for the tp-link wr-740 router, I use ip address -

login to your router and change it. if there's any save button, click it. my router prompts me to reboot the router. after a few seconds, the preferred ip address I have chosen is good for use.
(I have hidden my MAC address)

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Well I only noticed this now, when I tried burning the Windows 10 ISO on a DVD. The setup doesn't work, it returns an error. I also tried using Alcohol 120% to burn the image but it also fails with an error. I had a rewritable DVD lying around so I put it on my laptop, tried erasing it but that also fails.

Basically the only thing I can do with the laptops DVD-Rom/burner is reading CDs/DVDs and nothing else. This didn't happen before? I'm really bummed, as I don't know what could be causing this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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After Microsoft automatically changed my Hotmail to Outlook, I started to have problems. When I click "Contact Us" on a commercial website, it states "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Hotmail right now". I've tried numerous corrective solutions (including switching back to Hotmail), but nothing works. When someone sends me a pic and then I forward it to another party, the pic shows up blank on the recipient's email. I'm using Internet Explorer 8. HELP??

Answer:Hotmail will not work properly

Clear IE 8's Browser Cache: How to Clear Your Browser's Cache (with screenshots) - wikiHow

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hiii have installed all drivers properly in my notebook from the hp site.But the 3.5 audio jack supposed to make trouble as though the port connect to the  headfone or audio system,the laptop speakers also sounds provide me a sloution 

Answer:3.5 jack does not work properly

Hi @iarijit, Welcome to the HP Forum! Thank you for becoming a HP Forum member. It is a dynamite location to get help from the community, get suggestions and find what has worked for others. For you have the best experience, here is a link for you to review, should you have any concerns: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More I grasp that you have updated all the drivers in your notebook, but when you connect a headset/ headphones you hear sound from the laptop speakers also. Have you run the HP Support Assistant to aid with any HP updates? Here is a link to HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting Sound Problems with External Speakers and Headsets in Windows 7 that should help to alleviate this issue. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for. Also, clicking the ?Thumbs Up? below is a great way to say thanks!

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Hey, for a new build i recently purchased an evga 7950 GX2.
i have yet to get it to work properly.

My system is:

Asus A8N SLI deluxe mobo
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
2gigs DDR ram
600watt PS
DVD burner
80 & 160gb harddrives over 150gb free
Evga 7950 GX2

As far as i have been able to determine this should be able to work.
the problem: i can install the drivers and boot up my computer, the computer seems to be completly operational until i try to start up a game. When i try to start a game the computer freezes on a blank screen. the game i have tried that freeze are Half life 2 and other source based games, Everquest 2, and 3dmark03, all seem to freeze as soon as they try to load anything 3d, the menus will load, but it freezes when i try to start the game. for some reason i can get Oblivion to run.

when i turn the Nvidia "multi-gpu configuration" from "multi-gpu mode" to "multi-display" mode i can run all of these programs without a single problem.

i have updated my n-force4 chipset to the 6.86 version and updated the bios on my board to the ASUS 1016 bios version, with these settings nvidia's
website says that my motherboard should be compatible with the 7950 card. i have also tried this list of Drivers: 91.31, 91.33, 91.37, 91.45, 91.47, as well as the evga driver that came with the card. all have the same effect.

Is there a setting that i have missed? Could the card be bad? Has anyone else had a simi... Read more

Answer:Cannot get my 7950 gx2 to work properly

Try reposting this in "Audio and Video", and you'll get more replies.

No need - I moved it.

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This is an ATAPI iHAP122W and my PC is a Dimension 3100C and Windows XP.
I have put a new DVD driver.
My PC is in the floor vertical and when I want to put in or out a disc, the drive moves the fast for me to put it in or take out.
If put the PC horizontal, it works OK.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 53968 MB, Free - 14543 MB; D: Total - 19045 MB, Free - 18980 MB; F: Total - 238475 MB, Free - 200110 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0DD332, , ..CN7082166D005I.
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:DVD Drive will not work properly.

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Cpu : AMD FX-6300 Box
gpu : Gigabyte GeForce GTX960 4GB WindForce 2X OC
MotherBoard : Ga-970a-ds3p
pcu: Corsair VS Series VS550 80Plus
Hard Drive : Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal
Ram : HyperX Fury White 8GB DDR3-1333MHz
Case : BitFenix / BitFenix Nova window

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For some reason, my LAN is not working for gaming. I CAN connect to the internet to play games online, like through and Westwood Online (for Warcraft 3 and Renegade), but I cannot seem to play on Local Area Network with any of my games except for Half-Life: Counter-Strike 1.0 (NOT the steam version). I can also access the shared documents folders on my other computers, but the games will just not work unless it's Counter-Strike 1.0.

I have just recently manually uninstalled Windows OneCare Live after a virus removal(in accordance with the instructions from, except for 2 folders inside called:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\ClientSD" and
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Database"
Inside the Database folder are six files, but I cannot access the Client SD folder. When I try to remove them, I get a message that says I cannot remove them due to write protection or current usage.

I'm pretty sure that Windows Live OneCare is the issue in not being able to play on LAN, since I could play games on LAN up until Windows OneCare Live's installation, but I am not getting any "This program is being blocked" notifications from OneCare or Windows firewall.

OS: Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2
I also have both IPX and TCP/IP protocols installed on my machine, if that even matters.

Any help would be much apprecia... Read more

Answer:Question: How can I get my LAN to work properly?

After I searched around for a while, I came across this website called Major Geeks, and it provided me a tool that automatically removed the unremovable remnants of OneCare. Here is the URL to download the auto-uninstall tool:

Major Geeks OneCare removal utility

Special thanks to these guys that I searched for. Now my LAN games are running just like they were before I had OneCare.

NOTE: Be sure to unplug/disconnect yourself from the internet whilst you run the application, as Windows Firewall is temporarily deactivated, and you are prompted to restart the computer when the removal is finished.

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I am a hold off and planned to keep Windows 7 to EOL in 2020. I recently did a Windows 7 to 10 upgrade for a friend and was so delighted with it that I now updated my own system to Windows 10. Very smooth install, update a few drivers and some programs, but working very well. Except for Mail.

What kind of joke is this Windows 7 Mail? It has to be the prettiest mail client I ever used, and the most inept and useless one at that. I install my AT&T email accounts and they configure nicely, but some never sync. I send myself some test mails, they never arrive but do arrive on my Android phone. There is no contact list, but typing a few bits into the To: line offers contact suggestions. This AT&T account I use most for friends and when I get, say, 2 emails and read them, they are gone! I must have hundreds or thousands of old emails, yet NONE show on Win10 email. Nothing to see. I used my Live 2012 server settings for win10 mail, did not work, says outdated settings. One hour later, "Not synced yet". Blue dots moving, no significant data downloading. No way to use with One Drive so I imagine sending 6 full size high res images will be a thing of the past. The gmail account synced well, I have mail going back to 2011 in that folder. My GoDaddy domain name email is working and showing past mail.

I will send a test mail from AT&T account to yahoo account to see if I can even send mail. Syncing, up to date, message present. Yahoo inbox somewhat full but I neve... Read more

Answer:Win 10 Mail, does any of it work properly?

Thunderbird. I went independent of MS after they swapped from Outlook Express to Win Mail then took that away (some of that is STILL there in Win 10!). MS wanted to play 'now you see it, now you don't' with email clients, and I just didn't want to play any more.

Too tiresome working out how to move their randomly distributed email client data around.

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Well I only noticed this now, when I tried burning the Windows 10 ISO on a DVD. The setup doesn't work, it returns an error. I also tried using Alcohol 120% to burn the image but it also fails with an error. I had a rewritable DVD lying around so I put it on my laptop, tried erasing it but that also fails.

Basically the only thing I can do with the laptops DVD-Rom/burner is reading CDs/DVDs and nothing else. This didn't happen before? I'm really bummed, as I don't know what could be causing this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I'm having problems with the Tempo service.

I am not receiving ANY updates via this application (all settings of this application are correct, ie "full monitoring"). I know this because there are updates available online for my laptop via the toshiba driver site.

When I first installed Tempo, I received updates for about a month, then suddenly no updates came through. My firewall is not blocking this application either.

I have tried re-installing the application, but no change in the situation.

Does anyone know if ALL the updates that are available via the toshiba driver site come through to Tempo? Because, during the month that this service WAS working, I got a bios update, however I have recently seen a bios update online and Tempo still hasn't reported that it is available.

Any ideas on how to get Tempo to work properly?


Answer:Re: How to get Tempo to work properly?

I saw in your other thread that you have installed the SP1 on your Vista notebook.
Possibly there are some compatibility issues between the SP1 and the Tempo?

And yes? as far as I know Tempo reports all available updates!

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My CD ROM does not work properly because of corrupted drivers. I have tried uninstalling etc. How do you load new drivers or even reformat from the recovery disc when the CD ROM drive won't work?

Seems like catch 22. Anyone help?

Answer:Satellite A30 - CD-ROM does not work properly

If it is really a problem with the drivers for your CD-Rom, you can recover it.

Because you need to boot your Notebook with the Recovery CD/DVD.
This has nothing to do with missing drivers in the Windows Operating System.

And if you can not boot with the Recovery Disc, I would say your Disc drive is broken.

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I've downloaded an album in MP3 format from Amazon, and have burned it to a CD. I've done this successfully many times before, and I have a CD player that will play MP3 format music.But this time the CD refuses to behave normally. I've tried three times to create a useable one, but each time the player has had problems with it.First, the CD player clicks and stops and starts for maybe a minute or more. Then a track number appear in the display, but no sound is audible. Randomly, one or two tracks will play successfully, but then the next one won't. It all seems completely random and changes every time I try to play the CD.I run Windows 7. I'm using good-quality (TDK) disks, and I've tried burning with Windows Media Player and with CDBurnerXP - they give equally unsatisfactory results.The album plays completely normally on my MP3 player. Any ideas on why the CD version is a problem, please?

Answer:MP3 album won't work properly on a CD

Burn an Audio CD from whatever Media player you use on you PC.This will convert the MP3 to standard tracks.

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Im having "issues" with playing DVD's and CD's on the internal DVD/CD drive on my Equium M50-192
While playing DVD's the images stutter and the audio is very slightly out of sync with the video. When playing CD's, they play slow.

Have tried various players (Nero, Intervideo etc) and all seem the same.
Have also tried an external drive and this seems to solve the problem for 99% of the time with DVD's (still get the occasional stutter) and CD's play OK.

Has anybody got any ideas?


Answer:ODD on Equium M50 does not work properly

Hi there,

it sounds like your ODD has a hardware problem which needs to be fixed by an toshiba technician which means you must bring your machine to an authorized service partner.

So I suggest you to visit the following link:

Pick your ASP which is the nearest in your region and then let them do the rest.


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Hi, after a few minutes of usage, or moving the PC while running. Causes the screen to go black with dottes of colour on..

After that the comp. either shutsdown, and the little lights that shows if the PC gets power starts to blink.
Allthough, i removed the battery and im using only the power from the adapter. And then it works fine, but that means i cant move the pc, or it will shut down.
Do i need a new battery? And if i do, where do i get it?

If anyone has had the same problem as me, how did you solve it? (im from sweden btw)

Thank you, (sorry for the bad english><)

Answer:Qosmio F20 does not work properly

Hi there,

it sounds strange, I never heard that a battery would be the cause for such error. Maybe it would be interesting if you can reproduce the
error when attaching the battery back to the machine. If the error appears again, try first to update the bios to the newest available and
if the error persists, bring your machine to a local service partner.

I think maybe it?s a hardware-related problem, but I cannot tell you securely if yes or not.

If you need really a servicepartner, then follow this link to find the nearest available in your country:


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Hello, when i make a testcall to Skype i hear my voice back, works as it should.. but when i call a real person they do not hear me.It works perfect on my PC with the exact same setup and headset, I have also tried with just the speakers and mic on Chromebook but that does not work either, any suggestions anyone?? 

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I've just bought a second-hand Equium A60. The seller reformatted the laptop using the drive. However, the drive will not play any disc now (tried CD,DVD and Toshiba support discs. Device manager says the drive is working but the programme tells me to insert a disc. Using advice gleaned on this forum I have tried cleaning the lens, system restore, booting with the C button pressed, tried F12, downloaded a driver for the DVDram drive, and finally removing the drive and putting it back.
The seller says it always worked fine for him and the laptop arrived in perfect condition. Anyone got any other ideas?

Answer:CD/DVD drive of Equium A60 does not work properly


sounds tricky, especially because you recovered the machine and that means that the drive works flawlessly. So whats now your problem I don?t understand whats really the matter.
You mean you cannot read cd?s under windows? Do you have a burning program or something else which could block the drive (prevents the drive from reading)

Can you clarify your problem a little more precisely?


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Hi there

I see a load of posts about people running W10 as a VM -- I'm curious to know if it's running OK, whether they can install VMware tools (or vbox additions if they are using vbox) and what version of VMware / vbox are they using.

I can't get VMware tools to install on VMware workstation 10.0.3, IE doesn't work properly and program installs fail so currently my W10 installation is only "fit for the bin" as a Windows VM.

Linux Host is fine -- now I'm going to try it as a NATIVE (Host) installation.

I can't believe I'm the only one on these boards who have had a problem installing this as a VM under windows !!!


Answer:Vmware - anybody got W10 to install and work properly

I posted the below on another thread but thought i would post here too as you have created a new thread for it...

I have ran it in VirtualBox, everything runs fine but no additions therefore it's a little laggy and rubbish screen resolution but all in all it works ok.

I actually got the additions to install running it in compatibility mode as Windows XP SP3 but it had no affect on the VM (Didn't break it but it did't sort the resolution etc...)

I have managed to install a few apps and run chrome in it.

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Hello guys. I'm new here.

I have a very frustating problem so I hope you guys can help out.

Last week I repair my windows XP because my av deleted some system files that infected by virus. But, after repair completed, the sound icon is not displayed in the taskbar and when I check the sound properties at control panel, it says no audio device. I have installed VIA Vinyl AC97 Combo Codec Driver WDM and device manager say the driver is working properly.

I have a Intel Celeron D 335, 2800 MHz (21 x 133). My motherboard is VIARAMA U8588 (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 ACR, 1 CNR, 3 DIMM, Audio) and the chipset is VIA VT8751(A) ProSavageDDR P4M266(A) (Thats what i got from everest).

Did I installed wrong driver? What i must do to get the sound back?

Any help would be appreciated!!!


Answer:No sound but driver work properly

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I am a gmail user. Will that email platform work well in the new Windows 10 OS?

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Following my up date to Vista Ultimate and SP1 my CD/DVD disk drive stopped working.
I was able to adjuest this using the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ETC/.." but now only DVD will operate correctly.

When I try to re-install my All-in One printer the installation only reaches step 1 and I then get the follwing message. 'the Installer cannot access the regristry key - HIKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current\ControlSEt\Enum .'

The drive sems to be permanently in DVD RW. Can anyone assist.

Answer:CD/DVD drive on Satellite Pro M70 wont work properly

>Can anyone assist?
Maybe Microsoft. Many different and very strange issues occur after SP1 installation. For better overview check

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I have an Asus crossfire motherboard with two Radeon X1300 crossfire graphics cards installed, an AMD dual core processor 3800 and 2Gb memory. I loaded on Windows Vista and noticed that the computer was running less than snails pace. I put a brand new hard drive in and a 650W power supply which achieved nothing. I sent the board, CPU and DDR2 Ram back to the supplier for testing and all worked OK and at the correct speed back at CCL. If I start my PC and leave it for just over an hour, it goes into sleep mode and starting it up from sleep mode cures the problem in as much as the computers works realy fast and stable, but if I shut it down I have to wait for it to go to sleep to get a usable PC again. Has anyone had similar problems and can anyone help?Regards Greg

Answer:PC takes an hour to work properly

The main reason for a slow start up is the machine is doing too much-Think about it- all the programs that you are not going to use straight away.- Take them out of the start group.The A/V program and firewall and ad blocker etc., updating them selves.So- go to Start and on the left side you will all the programs that are initiated at start up- Do you need them then?If not right click on the icon and left click on 'Remove from Group'Now download CCleaner[free] to clean up the system.Then do a defrag.Take a look at the software list.We all install stuff for a look see and forget to remove it afterwards - If you have promgrams loaded you no longer use- take 'em out.Come back tell us how you got on

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