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Good backup program?

Question: Good backup program?

Can anyone recommend a good freeware backup program? I have an external HD and a second HD in my CPU so space isn't an issue. Am using retrospect 5.6 but interface is too complicated. Need a simple interface. Would like automation feature.

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Preferred Solution: Good backup program?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Good backup program?


This one will do the whole HD as in a Clone/Image

These ones do files and various locations

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I have several pcs at home on my network. I know I need to back up files on all of them. I intend to use a half-a-terabyte usb drive to do this but need advice on a good program which will allow different backup names for the different machines. Any ideas folks???


Acronis True Image without a doubt.

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I'm running Windows xp and using Fabs auto backup at the moment. I would like to know if there are any free backup proframs with an automatic backup function.

Mr Binante

Answer:Good Backup program

Lexun BackupIs this the sort of thing your looking for?You'll need to install .netto use it.

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Ok I wanted to know if theres a backup program that I could backup all my stuff to a seperate hard drive?

Answer:Good Backup Program?

copy and paste

Genie Backup Pro

NT Backup

Sync Toy

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Does anybody know of a good backup program? I want something that can backup the master at a predetermined time each day to the slave.
My sister in law brought me a machine the other day that was a total mess. It is straight now but I want to kind of put a safegaurd on it so she doesn't lose her data. It is her business machine. Anybody?

Answer:A good backup program.

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Hi, Can anybody recommend a good backup program. For general home use. Thanks

Answer:Need a good backup program. link, shows how to use the back up program built into Xp, also it has links to other programs at the bottom.

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Here is what I'm looking for. I have an external USB HD I use to backup (manually) and transfer large files/programs. I am looking for a program that I can run that will transfer files and directories I select off my local hard drive to my USB drive. I do not want to sync the files. I just want the files to transfer and if the file is there, it is overwritten and if not, it is just copied. I've searched around a little... haven't found exactly what I am looking for. I thought about writing my own program to do the aforementioned task, but it would be slicker to just DL a program that does this already. Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Need a good backup program...

How about Norton Ghost??


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I've got a laptop that is hooked up to my home network over wireless that I'm trying to backup. I'm looking for a freeware, hopefully open source program, that would could take a folder and all of it's sub-folders and contents and copy them every night over my network to my home computer. I've got about 100gb of files, so preferably, it wouldn't have to over right the files every time, just copy new files that I've added. Any ideas?

Answer:Looking for a good backup program...

Syncback free should do what you want.
About half way down the page.
It's worked well for me.

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I have been using the built-in Windows Backup with both XP and Vista for a while now, but they are somewhat lacking in both scheduling and restoring. (I can't just boot off a disk and restore the whole thing at once if a drive fails, plus I get failures once in a while listed as "Unspecified error" when it is scheduled to run. yet I find nothing wrong.)

Does anyone know a good backup program that runs when scheduled and restores easily?

Answer:Good backup program?

I usually break this into two steps. I keep a clean image of the OS with drivers loaded on my server using Ghost and BartPE. Then, I use SyncToy to keep my important data backed up to the server as well. I don't have SyncToy scheduled, but I believe it can be done.

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I know there are programs to backup your hard drive. I intend to use a BartPE boot CD to enter my system and back up my 300GB hard drive.

But, I'm wondering is there any kind of backup software that would let me reinstall to my computer any program/file I have backed up to my 3TB external hard drive by pointing and clicking/selecting?

Rather than have to install everything I have put on the system by disc with the discs again? That sounds like a real hassle and I would rather avoid it.

Answer:Know a good backup program

Then clone your C: drive to your external. You can make a Drive Image Backup file to the external, then if the C: drive fails, you can restore your image clone and it will be just like the day you cloned the image. If one of your drives is a Western Digital, you can use the free Acronis for WD drives.

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I need something that will automatically back up when changes have been made to most applications such as MS Outlook, Word, Excel and various picture folders contents etc.

I know Windows One Livecare will do it but not mad keen on giving Gatesy yet another $90.00 a year for this program

Free would be nice but don't mind paying for a good application!

Answer:Solved: What's a good backup program?

I am not sure if you are talking about making image files which include program installs or just file and data updates but Acronis True Image will do either anyway and is probably the all around best program for both.

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I always really liked the Backup program included with Windows until Windows 7 (I never had Vista but I guess it had the same). I've been using Windows Backup since I have Windows 7 but a few things bother me, for example I don't like how you need to go through the entire backup configuration again each time you want to switch backup disks and that after going through all that it forces a backup to start even though I don't want to start a backup right away as I need to delete the old backup from that media first.

Are there any free backup programs that can backup open files (I always leave MS Outlook running so I need a program that can backup my email database even when it's opened). I also need it to support backup schedules and allow for easy switching of one backup media to the other. Ideally but not necessary, I'd like it to be able to restore the entire OS from a restore disk without having to install Windows first.

I realize this is asking a lot for a free program, if none are available what's the lowest cost one that does that I want?


Answer:Is there a good free backup program?

Hi, there is a long list here 34 Free Backup Software Tools (Updated August 2015) you will need to do the research on that.

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I am looking for a completely free backup program for a client.

I would like to select the directories to backup and have it do it automatically without any user intervention.

The files will just be backed up to a second HD in the PC.

Any recommendations?

Answer:Good free backup program?

NT backup?

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Hola amigos PC lovers !I am reading the book "Windows XP for dummies" which is helping me a lot to understand and operate my PC.On page 236 I read: "Backing up your data: Designed for experienced users, Windos XP's bare-bones Backup program has no frills and offers very little help along the way. To keep your data really safe ask your computer retailer to recommend you a third-party backup program that is both more dependable and easier to use".So my question to you is: which third-party backup program do you recommend me ? I have a Precision DELL 370 PC, one internal Hard Drive 500 GB and one external Hard Drive 500 GB, 4 GB of RAM, Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz, Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 3.Your suggestions will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

Answer:Good third-party backup program please ?

worth every penny

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Does anyone know of a good system backup program? Free or Shareware is great but if I have to buy one I guess I will ... LOL. I guess CD-Rs or CD-RWs would be a good way. Perhaps I could backup the full system once in a while and do daily or every few day data backups. I use WIN XP.

Answer:Looking for a good system backup program

NTI Backup Now!.

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What is a good program for making backups of hard drive or some sort of file syncronization?

Answer:good Ubuntu backup program

for making back-ups/disk images using your live cd, have a look here

i use partimage from knoppix as its already included on the disk

here is the partimage home page

hope its what you are looking for

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I need a software that allows me to control the files I want to backup from several PCs from a central server that also stores the backups splitted in DVD size to burn them directly.

Acronis true image enterprise sounded GREAT, but I could NEVER get the Management!Console working, so I couldn't manage backups from other PCs.

Which one do you guys recommend for this?

Answer:A good program to backup from different machines to a server?

Norton Ghost 10 works great for me. it does every thing you just metioned.

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looking at putting a second 250gb hardrive in my computer as a backup incase my primary hard drive fails. I would like software that I can select certain folders and files and it will always keep those files backed up on the second hardrive hopefully free... any ideas?

Answer:good free data backup program?

here is a free backup link

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Some of you may remember my common posting on this forum and others on this site saying that my System Restore does not allow me to create a restore point, and numerous people have tried to help me but to no avail. My SR strangely refuses to work, so I need a recommendation of a good program that can back up and restore my system in case of a virus or anything else. From what I know, there are a little bit. ERUNT was recommended by someone on here and as I learned recently when I finally ended up having to use it, it does more harm than good as it strangely ruined my internet connection. So, what other ones are there, and which ones are worth downloading/using? Any good recommendations of such? Please.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Reccomend me a good system backup program

Hi Domiy,

Have you considered doing a 'clone' of your complete system onto another spare HDD?

What are your thoughts?

Kind Regards,

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I fielded a question about this today and didn't really like my own answer.
If one wanted to use the builtin/embedded Windows 7 Backup package, for what reason would one use it? It can't really restore a running/activated hard drive image... and its overkill for mere stashing of copies of important data, so .... why?

And, to show my bias a bit.. IF one were just INSISTENT on using the package, and subsequently one had a real hard drive crash/burn, how would one go about restoring a running/valid/active volume with all parts intact, all programs working normally using the archive created by Win7 Backup??? I'm guessing one of you smart guys has done a tutorial on such

Answer:WHAT is Win7 Builtin Backup program really Good for?

You use the "system image" component of backup. I used it to image my 1TB seagate, when I moved instead to a 1TB Western Digital. Worked just fine.

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A registry backup that can be restored seems like a good way to get the computer back to a point before any problems began.

I tried ERUNT. This was fine accept in order to use it I had to effectively shut down the Account Control Settings. I did not want to reduce the protections that that offers.

I found other programs out there. But they have not been reviewed. I would think that the FULL registry backup would be something that would be popular.

Any ideas as to what is good and has received good reviews?



Answer:Looking for a Good Program to Automatically Backup Registry

The registry is only one component for possible trouble. It is better to backup the whole system. Most imaging programs can be scheduled to run automatically.

I use free Macrium since years and it has never failed. Imaging with free Macrium

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I wish to backup to CD my Finance program,my requirements are that I must be able to run the Finance program when backed up from the CD.Suggestions please?

Answer:Require a Good Backup Program,suggestions?

HiWhat finance program are you running?Microsoft Money has (rarely for Microsoft) an excellent backup procedure; that will save a copy of the "database" whenever you exit the program - you can then periodically copy the file to a CD for storing...Are you not interested in backing up the whole PC?If you were; then Acronis TrueBackup has worked wonders for us in the past:-click hereBest [email protected]

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I'd like suggestions on a simple-to-use image backup to save my entire 'C' hard drive on a WD 120 gig external drive. I have read comments about Norton vs Acronis, and would appreciate comments about the most simple, foolproof backup choice between these two.

Also, any others that anyone can suggest.


Answer:Good, foolproof image backup program?

Well, I'd recommend Acronis True Image, available from for $30 on a downloaded purchase. It doesn't get much more idiot proof than that.

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I am after some software that will ONLY back up data when CHANGES have been made and NOT the entire selection usually made in the backup schedule.

Ones like Nero and Windows certainly do a good job but as they back up EVERYTHING day after day or whenever I choose the date, it soon fills up the external HDD I is use for this task!

There has to be a program that only backs up the CHANGES that have occurred in files without doing the whole lot over and over again.

Being paranoid about backing up and saving "stuff", I like to do it daily so after a week, my backup drive is chock a block!

Any suggestions or advices much appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Advice on good backup program thanks!

are you backing up the programs and windows -or just the data

I have a backup setup at various clients using second copy , I like second copy as it does not create just one backup file that then needs the application to restore.
I had been in a situation using backup now , where the version they had worked on XP but would not work on windows 7 and so needed to buy the later version and so on the New PC , they could not restore the backup files without purchasing replacement software - or use a trial - I as a test set the trial up on a windows 7 PC and tried to backup and it failed.

just my personal opinion, I like to see the files that are backed up and be able to test the restore process and with second copy the files are all present and visible

Also you can set so that it only backs up when a file has changed
Which does mean if you do change a file a few times and want to go back to an older version on the backup you cannot - I take a full copy of the data once a week for that reason

with secondcopy
only the data files - and things like Music files and photos do not change themselves - so only get copied once as a backup

What windows version are you running - Most backup programs should be able to only backup the changes

you probably should take an image copy frequently to cover the windows system and programs

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Well, I FINALLY have an extra hard drive exclusively for the purposes of backing up my main hard drive. I want a program that will make an image of my entire C: drive (windows XP 64 bit) and dump that on my G: drive automatically, every night. Are there any good, simple, and hopefully free programs that will do that? I want the image to be in some kind of standard format (iso?)so I'm not locked into one kind of software if I have to restore...

Answer:Good hard drive backup program?

Acronis True Image.

Imaging software doesn't make "ISOs" unfortunately, that's not how they work. They all use proprietary image formats for themselves, but you typically get some way of making a bootable recovery CD as well. True Image allows "live imaging" meaning you can back up/image your system without needing to shut down - although a restore operation (if required) will.

There are several different apps out (True Image, Ghost, DriveImage XML, etc) but, for the feature set, ease of use, stability, and general reviews, nothing beats True Image.


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I'm looking for Good Free Automatic Backup Program that works on XP/Vista/Win7, that I will be able to configure on a standalone user's PC, and that can just make automatic backups of files (Like my documents user folders) to a External HD that will always be connected.

I'm trying to find something that is free, and robust enough to keep working on its own without needing any help, and the users will be less technical and will not be able to trouble shoot many backup issues.

Answer:Good Free Automatic Backup Program to a External HD, fo


Maybe you could take a look here and see if it's what you want.

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I have a RAID 0 array and i like to back it up occasionally, however I am looking for a program that allows my say if my RAID array fails i can use the other drive as the primary drive or have the data easily accessible. And preferably if i need to do a restore i dont have to reinstall Windows XP the upgrade to Vista again (upgrade disk). Any suggestions? Doesnt matter if its freeware shareware or something you have to buy.

Answer:Whats a good backup program for backing up onto a external

Acronis True Image 10, is my choice, works with Vista, Raid0 arrays and is restores your array just as if nothing had happened, you can do full image backups, selected files/folders etc.

is paid retail software but a very good buy, why not have a go at the trial

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My current needs are that I want to back up the files on one hard drive to anther but the files/directories are not organized the way they should be so I want to be able to have a program look at directory 01 on drive A compare it to directory 02 on drive B and copy and replace only the files that are newer over to drive B. Make sense? Does this type program exist and if so is there a free version. I will get into organizing my drives correctly later... just gotta do this for now.

Answer:Looking For A Good Hard Drive Sync/Backup Program, Suggestions?

It's called an incremental backup and windows 7 does that with their backup program (included in the OS).

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Hey guys...I am trying to find a solution to a problem that I'm having. At work we have about 6 PC's that I would like to make drive images for in case of drive failues. I was wanting to use an external drive for the backups and was looking for a one touch feature but I don't think it would work with multiple machine backups.

I was trying to avoid having to install software on each machine to perform these backups.

So what I was thinking of doing is trying to find a program that can reside on the external drive and will run from there.

Does anyone know of a free reliable imaging program that will do this?

I had found one at one time that did just this and worked great but I can't remember for the life of me the name of the program!

Any help or ideas appreciated!!


Answer:Good drive imaging program to backup multiple systems with an ext. drive? Free?

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I have just got w7 and was wondering whether to use it's backup, I was using norton ghost 15 and there was to many bugs not like previous versions that I,v used for years with xp and win 98.
Can I back up ALL my complete os including all apps and return w7 to exactly the way it was every byte?
Has any one used w7 backup if so whats the best way to use it so if possible you can return everything just the way it was.

Regards Steve

Answer:is w7 backup any good compared to 3rd party backup apps


It is good, I use it

This is what you do.

Make a copy put it on an external hard drive and forget about it.

Every month make a new image and keep it on the internal hard drive. Ever need a backup you have a current one.
If for some reason you cannot use the current, (virus, hard drive failure) you have the one you hid away.

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Because the amount of data stored on my drives is continuously increasing, I've decided that it's time to find a way to backup the most important part of it.

So, I'm looking for a software capable of making a backup copy(on a secondary HDD) of certain folders and of certain files(from certain folders) and keeping it updated.

I'm also interested to make a backup copy of files that are locked, if possible.
I have some VMs and I'd like to back them up too if possbile.(I'll check to see whether VMWare Workstation can backup itself by taking snapshots on a different HDD at certain moments).

The software really needs to be able to cope with paths longer than 255 characters, it has to be able to retain all the file's attributes(creation date, modified date, attribute fields, etc), and it has to ba able to do bit-by-bit checking in order to prevent corruption.

Also, there are some large files that I can't backup(it would take too much space), and in this case I'd like to have a list of their names and sizes, and if possible a checksum(TTH or emule's MD5), in order to redownload them easily in case of a disaster.

What software would you advise me to use?
BTW, I'm also very interested about your backup methods for your sensible data.

PS: Neither RAID nor a ZFS NAS box are solutions for me at the moment, and I'm not looking for a software that does backup to an entire partition.


Answer:Looking for a good backup software/backup plan

You dont want much do you Nick?? Im not aware of any program that will do 100% of everything that you have listed ... that would require custom software ... the easiest solution IMO would be a program like Acronis/Macrium image, backed up to an external 2tb hard drive ... it may not be the most elegant solution, but it would work...

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I'm looking for a better backup software. I have togeather ideas of what I am looking for in it and which ones I have used.

To multiple locations (USB Drive, Network, FTP)
Run when not logged in (service?)
Backup active files?
weekly full backup
incremental - Daily
keeps 5-7's of backup files
Beable to go back 5-7 days to get a file
Files stay in readable state. - not in some proprietary state

Recent - Cobian Backup - had issues backing up files that were open.
Recent - Live File Backup - had issues getting FTP over SSL working. Was no that user friendly IMHO.
Syncback Free


Answer:Good File backup backup software?

Server or workstation?

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I am looking for a good Backup Software - for a full backup. I have 3 that i may decide on1. Macrium Reflect (free/paid)2. Acronic True Image 2012 (paid)3. [email protected] (paid)I am leaning toward Macrium Reflex is that a good backup software All 3 do a Image backup I just bought a Seagate Go Flex 1TG External HD. There is software included on external HD, but it doesn't do a full backup.

Answer:Looking for a Good backup software for full backup

Seagate HDD's ship with Acronis...Although Network and NAT imaging and scheduling are all disabled in that version it DOES do full backups...If Free is an alternative then Macrium is a fine app for your needs.

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i have a post on here trying to figure out pse7. i am really trying to figure out what is a good digital imaging program that you can use so you fix photos and make slideshows on. i had one person say the picassa program and another say use photoshop still. does any one have any good advice.
i like to edit photos but put them onto a slideshow or something creative.
please let me know.
thank you

Answer:what is a good digital imaging program? any good advice?

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I keep getting an error when I try to use the Backup Program. As far as I can tell there are no hidden partitions. Using the Administrator tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management tool, I deleted all the partitions on my external ESATA drive which is larger than my boot drive. Then I recreated two partitions, one a 30G partition and the other uses the rest of the 320G drive. After formatting them, I tried to do a backup and received the same error. I have done this twice now. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this?

I used the external drive dock in USB mode and got the same errors. I tried two different external enclosures and still the same errors.


Windows Backup Error:
A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information. (0x81000019)

VSS Warning:

ASR writer Error 0x80042416
0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.
Operation: PrepareForBackup event Context: Execution Context: ASR Writer Execution Context: Writer Writer Class Id: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4} Writer Name: ASR Writer Writer Instance ID: {628b20aa-214f-4935-9b7a-722e0bf2200b} Error-specific details: ASR Writer: System partition (partition marked "active") is hidden or contains an unrecognized file system. Backup does not support t... Read more

Answer:Unable to backup hard drive with Backup Program

That error seems to be referring to your system partition, not your backup destination. Make sure you're logged in as an admin.

Now run an elevated (admiinstrative) command prompt
Start > Cmd > Right Click Cmd.exe > Run as Admin
Type in: sfc / scannow

If you get errors, run that three times.

If that doesn't help you could try a System Repair or Repair Install.

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Do I use clone or backup on my hardware backup program?

Answer:Clone or backup on my hardware backup program

I would do a clone each month, a weekly file backups. How often you do the file backup depends on how much data you create and update each day.

PS there is no 'hardware' backup program. I assume you mean some backup program included that was included with system purchase.

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I am new to this forum. Does anyone know how to modify a bootable backup program to load RAID drivers and which drivers would work with the program.
I am considering Acronis, Ghost, and Bootitng. They all make bootable CDs or floppies but I dont think any of them will recognize my RAID array.
I have an ABIt VT7 with a motherboard VIA RAID controller. I don't need to see the contents of the RAID partitions just the presence of the drive and the partitions to select for backup. I know this is possible since when I boot, the BIOS shows the raid drives present, but when Acronis boots it does not see them. Any suggestions is appreciated - but please no lectures on failure rates.

Thanks - Lee Gordon

Answer:RAID 0 Backup from boot backup program

Mee Too

Me too,

I purchased Acronis based solely on the consensus of another chat that it would see the disk(s) image and not the independent drives. It doesn't. Even though the bios sees the raid array. Windows sees it only under the device manager but not under file explorer.

Similar for part magic (ver 7 ?), and ghost. Maybe there's a later version of these programs which works. I am trying to move an image to the raid but the problem is the same regardless, namely hardware raid on the 680i is not complete and additional software is required to see the image and not the individual drives.

I too am very interested in this problem.

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My Sharp Organizer is discontinued so I feel unsafe putting new contacts in there. Is there a great free program independent of Thunderbird? I'd like it to stand alone so I don't have to go into email for a number. Thanks!

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Im looking for a program sync program between my two computers that just sync via internet everything that I don't have on the other computer. I want one of the computers to be the "master" so everything on that computer copies to the other computer but not the contrary.

Every tip is better than nothing so just spam me with diferent programs..

Thanks in advance.

The headline is a bit wrong, sorry for that.

Answer:Solved: Backup program and sync program

Some well written info at Tech Support Alert for free progs, hope it's of use:


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I use Microsoft's WIN XP backup program only to back up specific files onto a RW CD. With the Microsoft WIN 98 & ME backup program, I could save the backup job, thus allowing me to backup those specific files at random without having to reselect them. If I added files to my computer, I could simply add those files to the backup job and save it. I have not yet been able to figure out how to save a backup job in XP's backup program. Each time I run a backup on XP, I must select the specific files for backup, a process which I find tedious and wasteful. Has anyone figured out how to save a backup job in XP's backup program?

Also, a note of disappointment to Microsoft: The XP backup program does not recognize the qic file created by Microsoft's previous backup versions. When I upgraded from ME to XP, I had to restore my backup files on a WIN 98 computer, copy the files to a RW CD, and then copy them to my XP computer. It seems that Microsoft should have made provisions for the XP backup program to have the ability to restore backup files from their previous backup programs.

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I use Microsoft's WIN XP backup program only to back up specific files onto a RW CD. With the Microsoft WIN 98 & ME backup program, I could save the backup job, thus allowing me to backup those specific files at random without having to reselect them. If I added files to my computer, I could simply add those files to the backup job and save it. I have not yet been able to figure out how to save a backup job in XP's backup program. Each time I run a backup on XP, I must select the specific files for backup, a process which I find tedious and wasteful. Has anyone figured out how to save a backup job in XP's backup program?

Also, a note of disappointment to Microsoft: The XP backup program does not recognize the qic file created by Microsoft's previous backup versions. When I upgraded from ME to XP, I had to restore my backup files on a WIN 98 computer, copy the files to a RW CD, and then copy them to my XP computer. It seems that Microsoft should have made provisions for the XP backup program to have the ability to restore backup files from their previous backup programs.

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i am looking for preferably free backup util that will back up to another drive. i have a 40GB partition on an 80GB drive that is split for WinXP PRO SP2 and Linux FC3. i want to back up my windows stuff. (including settings, windows state, files, folders, and possibly attributes.)

i need a programn that is better than the default one Windows provides. it doesn't work for me ne ways. and i installed from a custom made slip stream of XP Pro so i cut out alot of the fat but i am pretty sure i left the backup util in there.

if someone could help me that would be most appreciated.

much thanks in advance

- NoRiN

Answer:anyone know of a good Backup Util?

Good luck finding something free that can do windows state etc.

Norton Ghost is good for backing up entire drive/partition to another drive/partition/image and keeping all settings in tact - ocasionally muffs the boot sector but this is easily fixed. It can compress to an image file.

Backup assist is a great overlay for NT Backup, but you say your NT Backup doesn't work so that's not much good to you.

The Hooligan

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Having just bought myself a 250gb USB2 hard drive I think its probably time I stopped hoping for the best and started to back up my pc. I?ve installed Ntbackup.msi from the xp cd and backed up my computer on to the external drive. I?ll not really know whether this is sufficient or not until the first time I need to restore. So my question is have I done enough or should I consider buying Ghost or something similar?

Answer:Is Microsoft’s xp backup any good?

To your thread title NO

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Hiya everyone, just looking for help here on a certain matter. Im thinking of purchasing an external HDD (Western Digital USB 2 80GB), and so was wondering if it is possible and how to, keep a fresh install of windows on it incase the actual computer goes belly up and then to boot from USB and then just copy the whole thing over after formatting the corrupt drive! Is this possible and if so how would i do it?Thank you so much for helpJohn

Answer:External HDD For Backup! Any Good?

there is a great array of backup software on the market, the one i recommend is norton ghost but others will differ. if you have xp it has backup software built in and a useful wizard to guide you through. definitely a good idea so do it straight away and keep your backups up to date. H

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In the past I have always separated system files from user data, in order to back up each appropriately. So I'd partition my hard drive and go through the exercises moving my user directories onto D: . Then I'd take a full image of my C partition once or twice a month and incremental images of D: daily. I'd save enough image files that I could roll the OS back a couple of months. And the incrementals of the user data served as version history.
Then I got my surface pro 3 and it all seemed like too much unpaid IT labor ;) Besides I wanted to try the windows file history thing for versioning.
But I wanted to keep the imaging software I was using (Easeus) because it let me explore and copy files from the image file, whereas windows backup produced an opaque file. So I imaged the whole disk every couple of weeks and used FileHistory for versioning.
Then I contemplated rolling back windows, and realized I would also be rolling back my user files, and FileHistory wasn't going to work like a backup and let me restore all my files to their latest.
So my question is, how can I back up system and data appropriately without two partitions?

Answer:What is a good backup strategy?

Correction, the windows backup is not opaque, but it does include the entire disk so restoring it restores user files to whatever state they were. The author of how-make-full-backup-windows-pc says
The downside is that you cannot choose to restore individual files. It's meant to restore everything, bit-by-bit to the same (or replacement) hard drive. (Though, you can easily access the backup files and extract documents, photos, music, and other files, if you need to.)
In addition, if you don't backup regularly and a system failure occurs, you could lose valuable documents, settings and software because you can only restore the data since the last backup.
He or she refers to System Image Backup as an image that does not contain user data (?)
... and refers to File History but does not explain how it could be used, say in a bare-metal restore

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I have one of those WD book external drive and the memeo software that comes with it kind of sucks. Locks up alot and restricted to folder/files with a specific number of characters.

Can any one recommend a good free backup utility? One that backups as soon as the file is changed would be nice, but not necessary. Thanks!

Answer:Good backup software?

SyncToy is great, and it is free, but it won't do an immediate backup. You can run it manually, or schedule it.

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What are some good full disk backup programs?


Answer:good backup programs

Are you looking for disaster recovery bootable restore when os fails or just a data backup?

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Since XP only allows backup to floppies, tape, or another hard drive does anyone know of commercial (or free) software that would allow backup (or ghosting) to CD's? Any opinions of such pieces of software? And also, opinions for external or portable hard drives in case I just decide to go that route for backup would be appreciated as well. Thanks for the help.

Answer:Good Backup Software For XP

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Anyone recommend good backup software for data?I backup weekly to an external HDD but I'm fed up with dumping everything in My Documents etc.What I want is a program which saves every file the first time I back up. Then after that only those files which have changed. In "the old days" windows used to have a backup facility but this seems to be gone in XP. There was also all that nonsense about differential and incremental backups which I never understood.

Answer:Good backup software

EzBackItUp - click hereFirst run backs everything up. Subsequent runs backs up everything thats been added or changed. Can also set it to delete anything that has been deleted.Can also make a desktop icon so you can backup from a double click.Oh and free....

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Having tried many backup programs, but none is really reliable.
Particulary flaky appears Acronis 10: after a crash I selected only F: in files restore (backup medium = ext hdd P and it happily restored ALL partitions as folders in F: which did not really fit.
So I had to enlarge the partition first...!

My strategy is making a full c:\ image twice a week, and daily incremental backups to my external hdd.

Can anyone advise on a proggie that's:
- easy to use and automatic
- working in W7
- supports "suspended file" backups (no restarting to DOS or whatever)
- really reliable

Answer:A really good backup strategy

macrium reflect free version it takes a system image and it has the option to make a luinx rescuse cd so you can restore and get files it works for me.

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I'm looking for a program to scan my hard drive for all pics vids music and documents and backup them to a usb drive... so i can reinstall the OS then put put everything back. I would like it if the program put the files back onto the new install in the same folder they came from.

this is for a customer's PC and the HDD is failing and i would like to get this all done b4 it dies for good

any recommendations would be great

Answer:Any good backup programs?

The only thing I could recommend would be SyncToy.

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I've used Acronis and Genie backup and I wasn't happy with Acronis and Genie backup craps out on my system for some reason. (Runtime error, latest version).

I am backing up a removable hard drive. I am looking for encryption, the ability to adjust cpu usage, ability to shutdown the computer when it's done, and that it puts the backup in a single file.

The appending to a backup file would be nice,but I never used it in either of the two I have used before, as I don't like that idea.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Good backup software?

paragon? try looking for that or hirens

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I'm looking for a good backup tool. I heard that Acronis True Image is good, but anyone have any suggestions for backup tools? I heard Norton Ghost is bad, but any suggestions are appreciated.

Answer:Looking for good backup tool.

I use SyncToy :

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I've been running Nero BackItUp for about a year now, using an incremental backup of selected folders from my C drive to a USB drive. I just tried to do a restore from it and failed and I'm looking for something better.

I was never very happy with the user interface in Nero; it seemed to make it unduly difficult to setup the backup and did not (IMHO) adequately explain the choices it was asking me to make at various points. I had however assumed that it was working correctly - it certainly seemed to be "doing its thing" once a week. Unfortunately this seem not to be the case!

I just tried to use the restore facility to restore a single file that I had inadvertently overwritten. I wanted to retrieve a version from the previous week's backup. This has proven to be apparently impossible to do. Despite the fact that the Desktop folder is most definitely one of those selected for back up, the file is not listed. What is in the folder seems to vary according to which of the increments I choose. I certainly have NO desire to go back through nearly a hundred increments to try to find the one that contains it and the main undated version does not. Since the file has only been there for a month or so it should be in the most recent half dozen. It's not. Each one only contains two or three files when I have around fifty on my desktop.

I figure I'm lucky to have found out with only one file that it's a crap program; basically I am NOT impressed and am looking for somethi... Read more

Answer:Looking for a good Backup utility

A lot of folks recommend Macrium, Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012, EaseUS Todo 4.0, and Acronis. Macrium, Paragon and EaseUS have free versions as well as paid. Acronis is pretty much a paid version but they do offer a free limited function version if you happen to have (I think) a Western Digital hard drive.

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i want to make a restore disk using windows backup how good is it or would i be betterbuying bacup software

Answer:windows backup how good is it

Try TrueImage from Acronis

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Its orite if u laugh at me, but ive neva used any backup for my laptop and desktop before, cuz i thought i would neva get infected. I am a medium user, which i am quite familiar dealing with viruses and malwares, which I know which sites not to go, and how to get rid of them if i get one (neva failed). Both my PCs were running at their peak performances until yesterday my laptop's hard drive corrupted badly (too old). Which i can still use a bootable media, but I know i would have to change the hard drive eventually, so I am here to ask for a good backup software that can just copy my entire hard drive fast and restore fast even if i cant boot, and takes the smallest volume of archive.

i have done search on backup software, but they are all quite similar i cant tell the diff. And i am currently using Acronis?True?Image?Home 10.0, but it takes about 20gigs to backup my entire hard drive, which i cant fit it in, my desktop's hard drive is only about 45gigs.

any suggestions? soz about the long post.

Also, is it possible to boot from an USB pen drive? I tried but it didnt work like a CD.

Answer:I Need A Good Backup Software

You'll find that most commercial imaging programs will use up alot of available resources.What about using the Backup Program on XP Home Edition.How to Use the Backup Utility For Windows XP to Back Up Files and folders.

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I'm tired of using Window's XP backup utility. It's just not good enough.Can anyone recommend a good backup utility.I would also like the option to send my backup files to an FTP server.

Answer:Good Backup Software

Syncback seclick here

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I've been searching google all morning and I can't seem to find something that will do what I want, and do it well.

Basically, I some software that will run scheduled backups of a handful of folders on my computer to an external hard drive. I was hoping to find something open source, but all I could find was Amanda software which seems like it's just too big. Not to mention, I couldn't figure out how to download it.

I don't mind buying it, I just don't want to waste money on crappy software. Does anyone know of some good stuff for this?

Answer:Good backup software?

backup exec system recovery is pretty good or even they full version of backup exec 12d either or

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Can someone suggest me few good virtual machine backup software? I found this free software called VMBAK provided by a cloud storage company Any feedback on the software? I would like to better alternatives too!

Answer:Good backup software?

Veeam - they have a free edition too

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I bought an USB-disk to make backups from my home computer. I?m going to take the disk off-site, it is to my office. Now I need to find out how to do good backups.

I tried SyncToy from Microsoft. Something went totally wrong. After sync I had more than 3000 items in Recycle Bin. I could restore them back, but I don?t trust SyncToy anymore. It did?t even take all files, though I started it with Admin rights.

What do you use for such purpose? I have also Acronis True Image WD Edition, because I have Western Digital HDD:s. I create weekly an image from my system disk to other disk inside my computer, but I?m not sure how wise it would be to do another image to USB-disk. I have to have Acronis first installed after possible crash.

Answer:Good backup policy?

Quote: Originally Posted by Opam

I bought an USB-disk to make backups from my home computer. I?m going to take the disk off-site, it is to my office. Now I need to find out how to do good backups.

I tried SyncToy from Microsoft. Something went totally wrong. After sync I had more than 3000 items in Recycle Bin. I could restore them back, but I don?t trust SyncToy anymore. It did?t even take all files, though I started it with Admin rights.

What do you use for such purpose? I have also Acronis True Image WD Edition, because I have Western Digital HDD:s. I create weekly an image from my system disk to other disk inside my computer, but I?m not sure how wise it would be to do another image to USB-disk. I have to have Acronis first installed after possible crash.

I do my backups on two hard disks in sleeves. I don't use any special software I just drag and drop the files I want second copies of onto the usb drive... Real easy.

If I ever need to restore them, I'll just drop them back in place on my main disk.

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Hi everybody,

i want to make a backup of my Windows 7 system. I've always made backup with XP and prefer to restore my entire backup because I don't like the "roll back" feature.

I've always use Acronis True Image Home (v11 right now) and I see something new: a hidden 100mb partition?!?!?!?

1st, what is this partition

2nd, does I need to include this partition in my backup? When I will restore my backup, does Win7 will be running without problem?

3rd, There is a better software IN win7 to backup the Windows7 partition and restore without problem?

Thanks alot

Answer:How made a good backup

Hello Rambytes,

The 100 MB system partition is the protected boot partition that also includes the Windows Recovery Environment for Windows 7.

It will be included only if you have that partition selected.

Acronis is a great back up program, but Windows 7 also includes a complete System Image backup feature as well that you might try.

Hope this helps,

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Question: Good backup prog?

What's a good program to use to backup my system at the end of every day? I've been using Stompsoft's Backup My PC and it's given me no end of problems.

Answer:Good backup prog?


It comes in two flavors? SE (paid), and the freeware version, which is just an older version of SE. The freeware version has full functionality, no ads, popups, or other disturbances, and allows you to back up your stuff to any media or network storage point.

Free version can be found

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Hi all,

I recently purchased an external hard disk (case & internal hard disk) with 320Gb of space. I have roughly 500Gb of data on my computer that would like backing-up.

I know I can drop and drag document etc. from my internal disks to my external one, but I'm hoping to find a program that will schedule a backup of selected folders or partitions once every week for instance.

Could anyone tell me if there is such a program? I don't mind if I have to buy it, but I want something efficient..

Thanks in advance guys,


Answer:Need good backup utility

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Hello, I am working on a backup solution for someone and would like some input on the best way to accomplish this.

The setup is three Windows 7 computers and a Windows Server 2003, what they would like is a daily backup solution in case a hard drive crashes where they would be able to restore an image of their setup and files into a new hard drive without having to re-install windows and their programs.

I have searched the forums for some good software to accomplish this and found a few good candidates such as Cobian Backup and SyncBack but I am open to suggestions.

As far as the hardware would it be best to buy an external hard drive for each computer or is there a better solution?

I appreciate the help!

Answer:Good Backup Solution

Unless they are networked, then you dont have a lot of choices. Either burn to a rewriteable DVD, thumb drive or external drive. DVD would be cheapest route as 4 external drives or flash drives could be pricey. I have used Karen's a few times and it works great. Bit outdated but still works:

Actually, with 4 computers why not get an online backup service, you know the "cloud"? Forget DVD, external drives and a thrid party program to back it all up, set up your account, let it do the work for you and sleep well. Your client will thank you.

Free 5 gigs (SugarSync is most likely the better choice:

There are paid choices:

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I've acquired some data center space and I'm looking into hosting my own offsite backup services for clients, but I need a good backup software. Here's what I need for it to do.

1) Backup to FTP
2) Run as a service
3) Use Volume Shadow Copy so it can backup files that are locked

Any suggestions?


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I have got this from ebay. It has Windows XP preinstalled and all the drivers preinstalled. I would like to install Linux but just in case if I want to go back to Windows XP I would like to back up everything.
I have tried free trial of True Image Acronis but the problem is that I don't have any XP disc to install then use Acronis to restore everything.
Is there any good back up software that I can back up everything and then boot to live cd and restore everything if possible?

Answer:Good backup software?

I meant back up Windows XP not linux.

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I'm looking for something that will backup certain directories (and make a passworded rar/zip) and can upload to a location on that computer and an ftp server. It would be great if it can run in the background and did this on a scheduled basis - ie once a day every day at 3 pm, retain backup files/folders for a week and delete (so you'll always have the last 7 days revisions of those folders in 7 different passworded rar/zip files).

I want to backup things like my trillian buddies.xml, favorites folder and various other things like these

I know A LOT of programs exist that can do this, but ideally I'm looking for the best one and thought maybe some of you have experience with them.

Obviously freeware preferred, but if the program really deserves it i wouldn't mind paying for it either.

Answer:Know any good backup software?

Freeware, use NT backup

pay, i use backup exec

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So like my title says I am looking for some backup software. Free or paid I just need it to do what I need. If it can work with unraid that would be awesome, If not I will run it in a VM but here is what I am looking to do.

I have 2 network folders that I need backed up. One is on a production machine with the folder shared to the network and the other is a Readyshare folder that is shared from a hard drive connected to the NAS port on my router. What I would like to do is back this data up and store it on my unraid server in case either of these locations become compromised. But With the back up I would like it to not overwrite the previous back up for an a period of time so that if there were changes made to a file that were in error or if something were deleted in error I can open a backup copy from say yesterday and restore what is wrong. or Restore a excel file that was incorrectly edited, saved and backed up.. This is why I don't want it to overwrite at least the last 2 - 3 back ups. Can anyone help with a solution to this.. I have looked into things like dropbox, syncthing and others but they simply sync, not backup. I seen craahplan but it looks like folks are getting away from that..

Thanks everyone who replies.

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I would like advice on a backup solution that is effective and easy to use. Specifically, I'd like to be able to create a clone of my primary HDD; bit for bit to another internal slave HDD so if disaster strikes I may boot to the slave. I am looking for software solutions that can accomplish this with a minimum of fuss. It would also be nice if I could preform incremental backups after the clone image has been set.

Answer:Solved: Good backup solutions?

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i need to back up to another drive on the network...what a good utility..not impressed with ntbackup..i need to schedule backup regularly


Answer:whats a good backup software

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I recently lost a 117gb backup because the .bkf file that Win XP created ended up being unreadable :flame: .. so, now that I've reinstalled Windows and all my other apps, I want to create a backup that will actually WORK if I ever need to revert to it.

What are some decent, but FREE backup utilities?

Answer:what's a good + free backup utility?

cygwin + tar + gzip/bzip2

I've used a free one at work called Arkeia, they have a Windows version but I think you need a tape drive for the free version.

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can someone please recommend a good backup program to back up an HDD entirely? also, can someone please tell me how to restore what i have backed in the event that my pc WONT BOOT/ thnx, -Dan The Man

Answer:Good Backup Software And How To Use It...recommendations?


Ok basically I didn't under stand much of what you said in your post :beard: but I think I understand what you're looking for.

I'm sure you've heard of symantec? Norton AV, Ghost, Clean Sweep, etc?

Well if not now ya have Basically what you want to do is purchase a copy of Norton Ghost. Hit up google and type in Norton Ghost and bam you see Norton Ghost 2003 $24.99.

Well there ya go It's very simple and comes with many great options and features. Also if you're planning on upgrading mobo's any time soon I know for a fact that Biostar shipps with Ghost, I believe Gigabyte does and Asus as well I believe (don't hold me to it on Asus their stengy.)

Even though it's self explanitory and it walks you through it, this is beating the dead horse i know, but oh well; here are the basic steps:

1. Install Ghost
2. Run Ghost
3. Click Backup
4. Select the drive/drives to backup
5. Select destination (note: It can NOT be one of the drives you're backing up, see the note2 at the end.)
6. Click next
7. Have 2 floppies handy and insert 1 of them. Follow the automated directions when to remove and insert the 2nd one.
8. It will take it from here and finish up and bring you back to your windows prompt.

(Note2: Now you can use CD-R/RW, or DVD-R/RW, but I would suggest having another Harddrive in your system just for backups/downloads. I personally keep all downloads on my 100gig HD and my OS/installs on my 200gig. If you do not have another Harddrive... Read more

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Looking for a good backup software for windows 7 64-bit. I would like something better than Norton Ghost 15 or Acronis. Any Suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Looking for good backup/image software Win 7 64-bit

Better, how? You just knocked off 2 top products.

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Planned on getting Genie Backup Manager, but need to wait until the new year. However, I don't want to wait until then to backup my C-drive.

Was looking at using Back2zip until then. This is for a home computer needing the usual data backed up. Pictures, email addresses, data files, etc. No locked files. No encrypted files. Will this suffice?

This link is a mini-tutorial (guess you would call it that) that suggests putting everything in My Documents first after creating a new file. Apparently I will need to do this myself before running the backup software.

I am running Windows XP Home, and Thunderbird for my email. Any other information I should include?

Also remember that I am computer illiterate, so please take it easy on me.

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I have a client who needs incremental backup of drawings but doesn't want to use tapes.

He's thinking along the lines of ras access to his business network and letting his home computer control backups by downloading from server at work

Is there software that can handle this?

Answer:Can anyone recommend good backup sfotware

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OK, I have a home network with the following:

1) My Laptop, Vista Ultimate 64
2) Wife's laptop, Vista Home Premium x86
3) Son's Mini Tower, Vista Home basic x86

I am in need of a good reliable backup solution. My wife is a PHD student, and loosing her work would be a REAL issue. Ciurrently I am useing Mozy Online Backup: Simple, Automatic, Secure as a online backup but just found out that files backed up over 30days old are not kept. meaning, lets say I have a doc thats 30 days old, was backed up 30 days ago and not modified since then. On day 31 there is no backup. So as a interum solution I am makeing a DVD of her "My Documents" folder every 2 weeks, but again, thats a pain.

I guess what I am looking for is a backup/archive solution, which, I dont think I will find online. I looked into a in-expensive home NAS device, but havent been able to find one that has decent reviews.


1) Must be networkable, meaning I can put on the network while not directly attached to one of the laptops, I AM open to maby being attached to the mini-tower, but would prefer a stand-alone device. Either wired or wireless is fine.

2) All my systems must be able to backup to said device.

3) Must be able to schedule backups, either useing the built-in windows backup or other software.

I dont need more than 200GB really, all I am going to back up is data.

Any Ideas or Opinions welcome.

Answer:Need help finding a GOOD backup solution

Hi wwoods,

The built in backup program included in Vista does a pretty good job. You might try them to see if you like them.

How to Create a Complete Computer Backup and Restore Image in Vista


How to Backup Files with Optional Automatic Backups in Vista

If you want a real good 3rd party backup program, then Acronis True Image is the way to go. You can try out a 15 day fully functional trial version here.


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I have two computers (Win 7, Win XP) and want a good easy backup software that will backup my HDD and I would be able to select what files to restore if needed. I have tried the backup in Win 7 and Win XP but it always stops and says something is running and to close it and then I have to start the whole process over again. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Good Backup Software Wanted

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Does anybody know a good Back up program,and one thats quite easy to use.

Answer:A Good Free Backup Software

SyncBack Freeware V3.2.14(very straightforward) click hereEZBackitUp click hereCobian Backup click here

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I have an Ipod that I would like to backup onto a hard drive. Is there any good program (preferrably free) that can do this easily?

Answer:Good Ipod Backup Software

As I said in another post, you don't have to use software. Just make it so you can view hidden folders on your computer, then go into your iPod through My Computer. It recog's the ipod as an external drive, on my comp it's marked as the F drive

so I go like this...

My Computer -> F -> iPod_Control -> Music

the italics are folders that are not visible if you can't see your hidden files on your computer

your music will be arranged seemingly nonsensically with weird filenames, but they are still tagged with the right info if you used iTunes to dl/rip them, or if you have ID3 tags, and therefore iTunes will be able to tell you what the songs are.

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I'm looking for a good backup program that is easy to use and works.

I have used the ntbackup in xp and it doesn't work too well, some files it cannot copy and stops in the middle of the backup.

Answer:Recomend me some good backup software

Cobian backup works great and it's free.

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I just bought an external hard drive and am looking for a good backup program that will help me back up my files. Can you guys suggest some good ones? Thank you.

Answer:Trying to find a good Backup Utility

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I own a small business and enjoy my technology so I have a lot to backup. I got some externals. One for personal, one for business, and one for gaming. I wanted to back up off site. Is there any good software out there to meet my needs? preferably a one time purchase or not too costly. I planned on hooking these up to a router at relatives houses so if their house burns down I have my stuff here and if my house burns down then they have my backups. I have 1 laptop, a desktop, an android phone, an android tablets, and gaming consoles(probably will have to do that manually now and then). But what I would like to do is a full clone of the hard drive through the internet in the middle of the night when I'm asleep. At least once a week. I don't want to buy a cloud because I prefer not to have those that offer the service have my stuff. I am paranoid like that and if they ever got hacked I might loose sensitive information Especially in the business backup.

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I have a Windows 7 Ultimate system I would like to backup every day to an old laptop with an external HDD. I've tried using Windows' built in Backup and Restore software, but it insists on backing up both my 120 GB SSD AND my 1.5 TB storage drive if I want it to make an image. In the end this takes it 10+ hours to complete a backup from start to finish, which is idiotic.

So what other good backup solutions are there. I'd like one that could make a full image of a HDD (for any drive I specify, not the "all or nothing" bullshit Windows demands) and allow me to pull out individual files if need be. Of course a free option would be ideal, but I'd be willing to spend ~$20 on something if its really worthwhile.

In the past I used Acronis TrueImage Home which was fine, but that was quite a few years ago and I imagine there are a lot of other options out there these days.

Answer:Good + Free backup software?

Tag. I'd like to know this also. Thanks.

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I was just checking what BC suggests for good backup's a good link, very good, except that the websites didn't give me sufficient info to base the decision on.Computer is WindowsXP home. I've been using NT backup, system and all, but I hear that it's not an image backup, which would be good to make every once in a while. I have 80gig USB harddrive, Western Digital or somthing similar. I think it's NTFS, but might be FAT. The universal standard for imaga backup seems to be norton's ghost, I've seen it used at work, but I don't want it. What I'm looking for is a solid performer, i.e. tested under disaster recovery procedures. It gotta be easy to use, but the key thing is what it takes to recover in the event of trashing the computer hard drive. Did it boot, dit it lose files, did the computer worked afterwards - that sort of thing. I'm not looking for ads or magazine review type text, where I know they don't really test under circumstances where backup is so vital. Just real experience please.Free would be best. Reasonably priced - acceptable.

Answer:Looking For A Proven-good Backup Utility

hi, tos225,i use a prog 'driveimage xml''s free, easy to use, and from experience i know it works. you can install it on your computer to make your backup image to another drive, whatever. if you are restoring an os partition tho, you need a copy on a boot disk. i use the copy in 'ubcd4win' which is also free, but you can put a plugin in a bartpe or i believe any kind of linux boot disk.definately worth a try!good luck

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I have tried searching the forums, but the only posts I could find were locked ones from 2003!
I am thinking of moving away from combined Norton Security with Backup. What do folk suggest I go to to do my backups - either free software or pay for software?
If there are few recent posts on this topic then please can I have the URL's - thank you.

Answer:Good Backup software in 2016 /17

click here reflect free
make a system image make an image of you data drive if seperate store on an external drive make the rescue disk
Image as often as you like and delete older images to save space find this method works better for me than differential backups. but the choice is yours.

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I just bought an 80Gig external USB seagate to back up my labtop. What do you guys suggest as far as backup software. I would like to make an image of my hard drive, as well as plugging in my hard drive once a month and have it auto back up any new files i have created or modified. That way i have the image incase i want to boot from it, and i have all my documents auto updating when i plug my hard drive in. What do you guys suggest.. Anything Free??

Answer:What is a Good Free Backup Software

All versions of Windows include backup programs?but they do not always install themselves by default (XP Home, for example).

To install the Windows backup program: Put the original installation disk in your CD drive and navigate to the folder called /Valueadd/msft/ntbackup.

You will see a file entitled ntbackup.msi. Double-click this file and it will install the free backup program. The free backup program will then appear in the Systems Tools folder (click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools, Backup). You can now put (backup) the data on another computer, another hard drive, or a CD.

SyncBack is a really good program. Below is a link to a Freeware site that you can download it.
here the link where you can download it.

frankly speaking there are a lot of free backup sollutions, but all of them have a greate minus - they don't have support, so if something goes wrong it's hard to find out what causes it

to my mind you shouldn't save money on such products, coz they deal with you data and as for me i must be sure that everything would be ok, so i recomend you to use True Image from acronis, it's a very good prog, i've already use it for 3 years and never had unresolvable problems.

so it up to you what to choose Good luck.

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Anyone following me within the last few days should know about my struggles in getting rid of this malware known as Backdoor Tidserv Request. Well, hopefully with the assistance of the people here in these forums (which I think is becoming my third home rather quickly), I think it's gone for good.

Anyway, the one thing that I kept thinking about (or dreading) is that the person helping me would tell me to push . . . . the button. You know, the one marked "Format your hard drive". The red button. The nuclear button. Yep, that one. Yet before I could do even that, I would have to push another button. The one marked "Backup your data." Except for one thing. I have no clue how to backup my data. Other than of course using whatever CD/DVD burning programs I have on my PC and a pile of CDs/DVDs, that's pretty much all I have.

So, anyone out there can recommend some good software to use to backup my data? I have Roxio CD/DVD Creator (probably not the full version, just whatever came with my Dell when I bought it) and I think I still have Nero somewhere in my software CDS (probably not a full version either, just whatever came bundled with my CD/DVD burner when I upgraded the original burner from my first PC). Didn't Windows XP come out with a backup program?

Answer:Any good recommendations on backup software?

I use Acronis I've tried a couple of the "free" backup programs and did not like them. Acronis is fairly easy to use and I've been able to restore individual files with it.

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Hey, I need something SIMPLE.Well, not too simple, but reading through the archives here, I keep reading about ghosting and partitioning and blahblah.Here's my setup:Two computers, connected via wireless router. The "network" as it is is simply a shared workgroup in XP SP2.I have one machine set up as a kind of "server". ALL important documents are saved on this machine.The other machine is a "traveler". I have MOST documents kept in Briefcases on this machine. (So when it hits the road, I have updated copies of everything.)What I'd like to do is find a nice, easy Backup program that will:- Backup the ENTIRE "server", and regularly schedule incremental backups.- Backup the "traveler", but NOT the Briefcases (and, to conserve space, NOT the "Font" folder) - in other words, installed programs and user setups - and regularly schedule incremental backups.And I'd LOVE to do this on my salary - and, seeing as how I am unemployed, that means FREE, if possible!Thoughts/suggestions?I searced cNet, but I trust you lot.Thanks

Answer:Good Backup Software (Cheap?)

Norton Save & Restore, the latest version of Ghost does exactly what you want. I doubt you can find software that is that complicated for free. It's not all that expensive when you consider how important your information can be to you..

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I work as a computer technician for a retail company. I occasionally do side jobs (and I'm considering starting a business) where I am sometimes required to re-install or upgrade an OS, be it XP, Vista, or Win7. I currently use a standard backup software much like what you would find on an external drive that searches a customer's drive for common files then backs them up to a single folder while preserving the original structure. This leaves a lot of junk to sift through when copying back to the customer machine. I would like to find a good utility for actual migration that will allow me to hook up the customer drive before OS install and backup the common files, but then MIGRATE them to the new user profile on the refreshed or upgraded OS (which means the migration must be capable of migrating between windows OS's) so that the files are back in the usual locations for easy access by the customer. I've looked into PCMover which would be great accept for two issues: 1 license is for installing on one source and one destination (ie too expensive), software must be installed on both machines (or OS's if same machine). Many times when having to re-install an OS, installing a software on the customer machine before re-installing the OS is not feasible (however it's perfectly feasible to do on the re-installed or upgraded OS).

If anybody knows of a good solution for this type of data backup and migration, please let me know. Thanks.

Answer:Need a good backup/migration software

Hi powder21.
Take a look at the information regarding the Acronis Migrate Easy and see if it suits your needs. Hope that helps.

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