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Can Anyone Make Me A Website 4 Free

Question: Can Anyone Make Me A Website 4 Free

I'm looking for someone who can make me and send me some webtemplates where all I got to do is add my own pictures in exchange of whatever is on the templates..I want to hook up this strip club that will let me take pictures of their girls if I build them a all I want for the site is main page which has options to see pics of the girls..specials...hours...a calender for special events...and a message board...once you go to each button it should take you to a differnt page for that button..and there must be a back to home button each page..and the girl picture page you can click on the girls button which will take you to a page with a selection of their girls and once you pick a girl it takes you to another page where theres more than one pic of that girl...are there any computer gods that can hook me up..send me an email at [email protected] if you can help..thanks in advance guys..

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Preferred Solution: Can Anyone Make Me A Website 4 Free

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can Anyone Make Me A Website 4 Free

nothing in this world is free.. well, except the free portals that are out there

try something like phpNuke

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I am up to set up my own business with a low budget , I know about wix but their templates dont go with my idea and I have been trying google but to my surprise I found teh perfect template but it belongs to a company and now they say that they are the only one that can make changes to the web an also I need to make them "owners of my web.
Can somebody help me please.

Answer:How Can I make my website for free?

What is the website for, services, products, downloads or contact information?

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I am a tutor and I need to make a completely free website (no fees, my own free domain, no payment for hosting etc). I come from Serbia and i wouldn't like the extension .rs to appear on my website. I would rather not allow Serbian people to see my website if possible. I need my website to be seen among British and American people, and in other English spoken countries. Can anyone explain how I can control who can see my website, which site to choose, how to make more people notice mz adverts?

Answer:How to make a free website to be visible in UK?

What you're asking as it stands can't be done. At the very least, you will have to buy a domain name otherwise no one will find you, and that's a recurring cost. Furthermore, even if you run it from your own computer (which is possible), you'll still need to pay an ISP for Internet access. Then you've got the power costs of running a computer 24/7. You could try one of the advertised free hosting providers, but I'll guarantee you'll pay for it somewhere and you certainly wouldn't have any control over who sees it. Nothing is free! Restricting access is pretty much impossible except by using password authentication. And that rather defeats the purpose of a website.
Yes, you can stop complete countries IP address blocks at your firewall, but all anyone has to do, is visit via a proxy based in a different country.
It's not going to happen. You need to rethink the whole concept and do some research on how the www works and understand it. It's not something anyone here can teach you in a few words that is a post. It's hours of reading and more importantly, understanding.

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Simple Website Blocker Free Portable tool to easily Block or Unblock any Website - topic here ..
New version is: v1.0
- 1st Nov 2013 First public release of SimpleWebsiteBlocker.

Download link on the developer website: :

Simple Website Blocker is the Free tool to easily Block or Unblock any Website on your Windows system.

It offers universal website blocking solution which works across all web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc. And there is no need to install any browser extensions/add-ons.
It is ideal tool for administrators to selectively block access to certain websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Also parents can use it to prevent their kids from visiting social or gaming websites.
When you launch this tool, it displays list of currently Blocked websites. You can then select any of the Blocked website and Unblock it instantly with just a click.
Once you block or Unblock a website, it is effective immediately. There is no need to log-off or restart the system.
It is fully portable and does not require JAVA, .NET or any other components. It works on both 32-bit & 64-bit systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

simplewebsiteblocker logo 100x100 enh.jpg

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I have a website that I made with Front Page 2000.

What I need now is a free website hosting site that supports Front Page extensions.

Also the hosting site must not add add banners to my site/pages. Or at least the banner should be as small as possible at the top of the page.

I have been searching different hosting sites, but most do NOT support Front Page extensions on their servers.:dead:

I need to find a free hosting service that supports FP 2000 extensions.

Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Free website hosting for Front Page 2000 website? Is there one?

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Hello does any body know where on the web you can make a free website and publish it??????
thanks in advance

Answer:is there a website where you can build and get a free website???

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Hi guys, i wanted to make a website and i want to find full details of how to go about this.

I want it to be nothing to expectacular but just a regular website with some pictures and maybe a nice background layout. Its for business, so the people who visit i want them to email or call me to put in an order.

I want someone who can make it, host and whatever else it is to do with maintaining and updating it.

Lets talk price, PM me or email me so we can talk business.

[email protected]


Answer:CAN someone help me make a website? [I will pay]

dupe to, requesting thread be closed. Please do not duplicate threads as it makes it difficult for us to track who has done what to assist you.


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I am looking to create a website where a teacher friend of mine can upload transcription files in India and I can download them here in the States. If anyone knows of a good free website builder that I can use that will offer these features please let me know. Thanks in advance

Answer:Looking to make Website

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Some help please? I'm a total newb to this.

Answer:How to make a website

How to make a website

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I want to start my own website of selling collectables, but as a bigginer to all this computer stuff, i need one that is fool proof with step by steps instrucions!Is there such a site that can help.I am with wannado and tryed there free one but found it difficult to understand.I am on broadband and running on windows XPWould prefer a free one if possthanks.Andrea

Answer:Does anyone know of an "make your own website"

WebDesign Forum are the best people to ask.Netobjects Fusion you can try click hereNvu click here

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hifor a while now i have become bored when i go onto the internet, so i thought that i would make my own website, but the thing is i do not know what to make it on,I have a lot of hobbies but i just can decide.My hobbies include,computers gamessoftwareinternetinternet security.Please can someone gives some suggestions,and also can you give me a good name.thanksben.

Answer:what should i make a website on.

Try Quantum Physics!To be quite honest, if you don't know what subject to make a website about then there is little point in thinking of making one in the first place!

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could u please give me a list 0f how to make websites

Answer:can anyone tell me how to make a website

Try the Webdesign Forum

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Hi, I want to create a website... There is two ways to go, the first one is ask some of you to do the programming or make order to some website builder like or some other builder...
What are you think about builders and your help also.
I can pay 1000 dollars for a a website with a unique desing and unique code.

Answer:Make your own website

no need take some time read up and build it yours self and save you $$ check out as a start plus most guys on here know their PHP my html/ xhtml is gd sure other here willing to chip in to help.

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I signed myself up to make a website for a club that i'm in and i've no idea what i'm doing

if anyone can help me out id really appreciate it


Answer:I need to make a website has always been one of my favorites. Get a book from the library, basically just experiment with the code. But if your looking for a quicky auto program to help you. There's microsoft frontpage, dreamweaver, and man others. But those are the most popular ones i know of. And frontpage is probably the most accessible. And even easier than that you could always make a geocities or freewebs site with premade layouts. That would really shorten your time, lol, just add text!

Hope that helped,

<3 Zach

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Question: make own website

My daughter is DESPERATE to make her own website. She has pages & pages of information ready to go on it! Her friends are using Piczo but the parental guidance sets a lower age limit of 13 (she's a mature 11) and I'm not particularly impressed with Piczo anyway with the pop ups, etc.Can anyone recommend an alternative website creation site/tool, etc?Thank you very much

Answer:make own website

Can she use word processing software?If she is familiar with using that kind of software she might be OK with a WYSIWYG web editor. Take a look at Nvu: it iopen source (free). click hereIf you don't think that is suitable have a look at your broadband provider's web site: they may give you free web space and provide a web authoring tool.

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How can I make a website think my computer is in England?I'm currently working in Italy until March and I need access to this website I can't login as it says that my computer is not in England. And it must be in England to gain access to this site.I can't ask anybody in England to give what I want as most of the time I need the info there and then.Please be as detailed as possible with your answers as I'm not wonderful with the computer ie where to get it from (if program) and how to set it up.Any help would be very grateful. Windows XP Pro Sp2 Pent 4 80GB HDD 512MB RAMBrowsers: MSIE 6, Firefox

Answer:How Can I Make A Website Think I'm In England?

I looked at the site. They provide a link if you have any problems. Contact them and explain as you did here. If they still don't want you to be able to log on, then I suppose they have their reasons (I can't imagine what they might be, though).

If they still don't want you to log on, then that is their decision, and helping you to "trick" them would be "breaching security", and I doubt that anyone here would be willing to help you.

Good luck!

EDIT: They do say in the lower left corner that any breaches in their policies will be "vigorously pursued".

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hi every one

the questions is how to make a torrent website
i just want to know what all the thing you need to make a torrent website like
pirate bay

so what do you need like the servers and all that kinf of stuff

first thing to say is i dont want to make a torrent website i am just curious how you make it and what things you need if you also are thinking of hosting the torrents on your own server
not only links like some of the webiste do but like pirate bay hosting the torrents also

so if soemone can tell me how to make a torrent website and what all the things you need that would be great
like servers and all that kind of stuff the hole thing like making your own tracker

i was always wondering how they make a website like that


here are the question in order

1. can you start a torrent website in a country without copyright laws and not getting in trouble if yes why are some torrent site stay online for 5 years or 6 years like the pirate bay.
2.where can you get a torrent website source to build your own torrent site like mininova the pirate bay or isohunt
3. what things do you all need to start a torrent site where you also host the torrent and you have your own tracker much are these torrent site earn and i mean the sites like mininova isohunt btjunkie

hope that soemone gives some answers about this questions i started this post because there is non infoon the net how those torrent sites work... Read more

Answer:How to make a torrent website

Computer Forums - Announcements in Forum : Browser & General Internet Questions

We can't help you with this. As much of the stuff provided by these sites is illegal material and falls under our rules against Piracy and Warez. If you wish to know, contact them.

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I wondered if anyone could give me some advice regarding my dog walking website.
I realise that I could get someone to completely redesign it from scratch but I'd like to see if there's anything I can do myself to make it a lot better before I go down that route and of course it is very basic.
I have no experience whatsoever with making websites other than just googling stuff and trying to work it out for myself. At the moment the site looks a bit like something an individual would set up on their own but I want it start to look a bit more like a business.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:How can I make my website look more professional?

Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look and also for writing me such a detailed reply.
I agree with all the points you have made. I actually did a little bit of alteration yesterday which included adding the contact details to the bottom of each page, additional photos, the google places map and some quotes dotted about. I guess you saw the site after I had done these. I may also make the "area" map on the "areas covered" page a bit more interactive.
The font/font size is something I have been questioning since day one so I will at some point today go through it and reduce them all plus I'll look at the other fonts that you have suggested and swap them over.
The gallery I did hastily and agree that I need to go back and organise it better as the margins in between the photos are poor. I never used to have a gallery but I think its good for people to see that you do have existing "clients" as it provides some reassurance that people are indeed using your services.
I agree with you about the name of the site conflicting with the personal nature of the business. At the moment this is a one man "operative" but it is something that I will be developing into a stronger brand and increasing the size of the business quite a lot in the coming years so the name will come into its own at that point. "I" is also going to become "we" in the New Year, so it will represent two people at that point and will grow beyond that so those adjustments can be made.
Good point about... Read more

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I don't know how to explain this, but I will try my best.

My brother died recently but a few years before his death he created his very first website (which he had never tried before) for a local tennis club, which he maintained and updated.

I am going to give the tennis club the domain name and they might change the look of the website in the future.

I was wondering if it would be possible for me to save the website as it is to remember what he did?


Answer:Possible to make a copy of website?

Once you give it to them then any changes they make will wipe out what he did. Only thing I know of is to save all pages using your browser then keep in a safe place.
Sorry about your brother.

EDIT: Don't know if he used a third party service for site building but if so they may have a way to save/backup the entire site on your local computer. If he did it all himself then you may already have it on whatever computer he used.

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I have internet explorer and mozilla firefox installed on my computer and IE is my default one but when i get emails on OE and they put a web site in for me when i click on it the mozilla always opens how do i alter it so IE always comes up on instead this also happens when i use the keyboard web/home button

Answer:make IE my website not mozilla

Go to Control Panel look for Internet Options icon double click check through settings as this is IE set it to Default Browser. I know you say its Default but check it in the above

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Anyone here familiar with making installer progs? I would like to make the first year of my website, Watch, downloadable and installable, if possible as a special on September 11, but I haven't the faintest idea on how to do it?

Just a simple in/uninstaller function would be great, making it possible to access the archive for the whole year easily from your harddrive.

Any ideas on programs/tutorials would be very much appreciated.

Here's Watch btw:

Answer:How to make an installer for a website?

Nullsoft has a very easy to use tool -> NSIS

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I have made personal websites for friends etc, but I have been wanting to make something more important - and have been asked by a local carpet company to make a website for them.Could anyone please give me any advice on how to do this - eg what host to use, where to get templates, how I should go about it etc... I have been playing around with MS Frontpage, which I getting used to now.Thanks,tom

Answer:Advice on make a website

Microsoft FrontPage has about all you will need to create a superb website. The only other software you could do with will be a good image editing program to prepare still images for display on your web pages.Paint Shop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks and so on will all do more than you will ever need for image editing.If you do not have any of the programs listed you can use a freeware image editor like IrfanView click here which can do pretty much everything you will need it to and doesn't cost anything but the time to download.Believe me when I say the last thing you need is to march out and spend money on templates. FrontPage has a lot of themes, some of them look better than others, but all of them are fully customisable and you can alter them to suit your own preferences.Inexpensive web hosting can be found at Web-Mania click here or Web Attention click hereBoth of the above were originally brought to the attention of us here by one of our members who goes by the nickname of Talented Monkey.The links supplied in the reply by Matt45 are for his own web hosting site and his own web design site where he also sells templates that originate from this site click here I think it's only fair to point that out to you, although the choice is obviously yours whether you decide to use him or not.

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ok so I'm trying to make these forms for my website. I have already set them up ( but when I click submit, i get an error message that says "Resource not allowed" What the heck does that mean?

Feel free to try to fill out the forms yourself and see what the error is...just make somethin up for the fields and then click submit.


Answer:Trying to make forms for website...

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Hi.I have created a website. But If I go to any search engine i cant find it. How do I make my site appear in search engines? I have used the title page as a direct entry in the engine, but it still wont appear.Despite this, I have 2729 hits so far! by giving out the address.Any help ? Is it easy? does it cost? (all been 'free' so far. Download of city desk and webspace comes with internet account)Ian

Answer:How do I make my website searchable?

There is no single 'magic bullet', but these links might hereclick hereclick here

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I think i have read or heard long time ago that you could make webpages/websites using visual basic, is that possible?

Answer:Using visual basic to make a website?

Not exactly. You still have to create your webpage with plain old (X)HTML, but if you choose to add some behaviors to your website, you can do that in VB Script. The downside is that it will only work in Internet Explorer, whereas Javascript or ECMAScript will work in basically all browsers.

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I had MSN USA as my homepage. I have already removed malware and my system updated and now my homepage is MSN India. Every time I go through the steps to get my old homepage back it changes to MSN India. How do I get my old homepage to stay permanently.

Answer:Help me Make MSN USA website (not MSN India) My Homepage

Open up your web browser's Options menu, go to the Homepage (or General) tab, and put as your homepage.Are you from India, by chance? They may be redirecting you automatically, though I can go to just fine and I'm not from near there.You mentioned malware but didn't specify everything you did to clean it and all that you know about the threat you had. I would start with downloading and installing Malwarebytes Free, updating all available definitions, and then running a full system scan. Clean up the threats it finds and post the report here afterward. Do the same with SuperAntiSpyware Free, but don't be too concerned with the tracking cookies. SAS is pretty dramatic about them, so just delete them and report back actual threat results.--------------------------------------------------Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily, but you're welcome to PM me as a reminder.message edited by Xps86

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I want to make for example:Q. Select the owner of Microsoft:* A. Bill Gates* B. Bill Gites* C. Bill Goats(* is a tick box)RESULT!!! ButtonThis then tells you if the answer is correct.I would like it in HTML or Java please, if possible.I can remember doing this once but now I cannot remomber for the life of me.Can anyone explain or give a template to do this?Thankyou,

Answer:Website help please - How do I make an Online Quiz


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how can you make a website login for like the one on pca with the email address and the password....i no how to make the fields but am a bit confused on how u send it to what server/computer and howi want to make a website with a login screen can anyone point me in the rite direction?

Answer:How do you make a website login form

web design forum?johnny

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Hi there,
I would like to know how to make a website with the homepage being a mosaic of pictures, and if you search for "tags" then the picture you search for, it zooms into it.
I would like to know how do I go about doing this. I know NOTHING about web design
Also how much would this website would cost.
Thank you very much in advance!

Answer:Want to make a mosaic website! HELP NEEDED!


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is there any website or program that make benchmark between my computer and others ?

(i want to test my new Laptop)

preferable free tool

thank's in advance

Answer:is there any website or program that make benchmark

Hi goldE,

You can try any of these...

SiSoftware Zone
AquaMark 3 download from


Windows Outreach Team

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hi there,i have a website for my local football teamclick hereas you can see it's only for a bit of a laugh and it's very basic. just out of interest i decided to make the index look better. i found some script on the net and played with it a little (see below). i have a working contents frame where a closed folder (folder.gif) becomes an open one (ofolder.gif) and the links appear below. also if there are no subheadings the folder simply opens and the target page appears in the main you can see my knowledge of script is very limited. (anyone know any good online basic learning site?) what i need help on is how do i change the script so when you click on main heading (eg players) the rest of the links open (eg..defenders, midfielders, etc). at the moment the rest of the links only open when you click on the folder.also i was wondering how hard it would be to have subfolders. for example if you had fixtures, which opened up to subfolders - months; which each opened up to links on their own - each date; which linked to a match report for that datei've tried all them menu makers and i just don't like them. i like to keep it simple so i can change it easily and i can learn a bit of javascript. html> head> title>Title /title> script>function test1(element){ if (element.className=="Outline"){ var targetId = + "d"; var targetElement = document.getElementById(targetId); if ( == "none") {"block"; element.src ... Read more

Answer:Football Club Website - Help make it better!!

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title>Title</title><script>function test1(element){ if (element.className=="Outline"){ var targetId = + "d"; var targetElement = document.getElementById(targetId); if ( == "none") {"block"; element.src = "ofolder.gif"; } else if ( == "block"){"none"; element.src = "folder.gif"; } } }</script><STYLE type="text/css"><!--A { text-decoration:none }--></STYLE><base target="mainFrame"><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"></head><body text="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" alink="#000000"><DIV ID="Out0"> <a href="players/players.htm"> <IMG border="0" SRC="folder.gif" ID="Out1" CLASS="Outline" WIDTH="16" HEIGHT="16" onclick="javascript:test1(this);"> <b>Team List</b></a> <DIV Id="Out1d" STYLE="display:None">    <IMG SRC="button.gif" WIDTH="12" HEIGHT="12"> <a href="players/goalkeepers.htm">Goalkeepers</a><BR>    <IMG SRC="button.gif" WIDTH="12" HEIGHT="12"> <a href="players/defenders.htm">Defenders</a><BR>    <IMG SRC="button.gif" WIDTH="12" HEIGHT="12"> <a href="players/midfielders.htm">Midfielders</a><BR>    <IMG SRC="button.gif" WIDTH="12" HEIGHT="12"> <a href="players/strikers.... Read more

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right now, my default home page are several tabs (,, However, when i add a new tab, it goes to a blank page. Is there a way i can make it open a specific website or something?


Answer:how to make a new tab in FF 2.0 RC3 open a specific website?

TabMixPlus has a bunch of options for that kind of thing. Unfortunately the current version stopped being compatible at 1.5.

However, there is a RC of the new 2.0 compatible version at:

Since this is still designed FOR FF1.5, just compatible with 2.0, you will lose some of the tab functionality of 2.0 (such as the drop down list of open tabs on the right hand side of the tab bar) but tab mix has a bunch of restore options and whatnot. His next version will be designed for FF2.0.

To install, just download the .xpi file and put it in your C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\%whatever%\extensions folder. Restart Firefox and it will prompt you to install the extension.

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We have a website with thumbnails that show 6 screens from our program and when you click on them you get the larger picture. What we are trying to do is make the thumbnails much sharper, so that it's not so blurry. Is there a way to scan the images, or edit the images in some software that will really sharpen them up?
We are not image savvy here, so we are at our wits end. Any ideas?

Answer:How to make website thumbnails sharp?

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I was just wondering if you guys know any good free tools to create a website with.
I'd really enjoy trying some of them out!

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Yea, I know I sound like I am dreaming, but I am kind of short on time - between school and, well, school, I do not really have much time to learn. I was looking at Joomla, but do not understand what really to do...

I can design the website in Photoshop, but other then that, I do not have a clue.

Are there any other suggestions? I am basically clueless, so go easy

Answer:What's the fastest/easiest way to make a website?

Thread should be in Webmastering/Programming.

Fastest way? Use a WYSIWYG HTML editor like nvu or SeaMonkey.

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Hi everyone iam alway want to make a Runescape Helping website that like and zybez

If anyone know a Free Website That and zybez using or know a good website that is free please post here

and if anyone know Code or html for Runescape Treasure Trail or Anything that got

please post here

i really want to make a Runescape hleping site

Feel Free to post any code that help me a make a Good Helping site

Answer:How to Make a Runescape Helping Website

Well I don't know if this will help you but our Forums has this:

And this:

I guess you could implement thoose into your website. IF you do choose to join ours though, make sure when you sign up that Dude8 referred you.

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Hi just wondered if its possible to make a website big when viewed on both 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 without having to do any horizontal scrolling. I see some sites can do this. Just wondered is it easy?Phil

Answer:website size problem, is it possible to make big?

Do you mean have it stretch to fill the width of the screen or have it scale it's font size so it appears the same in both resolutions?

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I am working on an e-commerce website using php,mysql that can be access in LAN.I m Using XAMPP and Dreamweaver 8. I have made database in phpmyadmin but don't know how to acess it.Do i need to install php seperately as php codes are not executing.When i try to browse website in LAN ,it give error 404,what does it mean.If any one have idea of connecting website to server Please help me.

Answer:how to make a e-commerse website using XAMPP

Lets take things one at a time.Is PHP running? Here is how to test if it is. Copy this code and save it as a php page (info.php will do)<?phpphpinfo();?>Open this page in your browser. If PHP is running, you will see a whole lot of information about the set up. If is not you won?t. Post back and let us know.

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okay. so i am buying an account at a website and my friends wish me to share it with them, but i have emailed the site and they say if they detect the account being accessed from 2 diffrent places simultaneously my account will be blocked and i will lose my money. So what i want to know is, is there a way to make a URL that looks to the website that i am accesing the site from one ip adress when in fact 2 people are accesing the site with 2 diffrent I.P adresses at the same time. I have heard of a static ip but i dont know how to configure it to work on an URL, it always seems to involve messing with routers and my friends are not tech savvy.

Answer:is there a way to make a URL that that makes a website think one person and one ip is

No; and we wouldn't help if it were possible. Closing.

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My club has a website which at the moment is about 17Mb in size. We're looking to move to a free, or very low cost, hosting service, but are a little confused by what's on offer.
Googling results in several hits for free web sites, but most of them are in the US. Is there any disadvantage to having a US-based host?
Secondly, the ads mostly mention available space, plus bandwidth per month. What does that latter figure refer to? Does it restrict how many people can view our site, or does it restrict how many mods our webmaster can make to the site in a month?
One reason triggering this quest is that we've just found that our present host doesn't allow our site to be recognised if the user doesn't put the "www." in front of its name, as most web sites can these days. How do I find out if that's possible with potential hosts that we're looking at?
Finally, several of the ads mention how many email addresses they offer; our present host recognises almost any prefix in front of our web site name (e.g. [email protected] org. uk, or [email protected] org. uk) as a valid email address. Is this the same thing they're talking about when they mention the number of email addresses, or are they referring to stand-alone email addresses?

Answer:Trying to make sense of website hosting providers

There are a number of questions you are posing and some don't have straight forward answers. They depend very much on who your registrar is and how much access your hosting provider offers. The old saying of; "you get what you pay for", is never more true. You can't expect decent control on free or almost free hosts. They are designed to give you minimum flexibility and hook you in, in order to upgrade you at a later date to a more expensive option. Keep in mind also, some of the larger providers have European servers. So it may be a US company, but your site may not necessarily be physically hosted on US servers.
That said, your site is a minimal size in today's terms - almost minute! So as far as hosting in the USA is concerned, you would suffer some delay, (known as latency), but it probably wouldn't be perceptible.
Your second question - bandwidth, refers to the amount of data transmitted and received at the server. This will be directly affected by how popular your site is (number of hits) and the content. Clearly streaming video is far more bandwidth intensive than text files, but given the size of your site, it's more likely to be the later I would think. Hosts have the ability to measure the amount of data transmitted and once your allowance has been reached, often charge extra for exceeding that allowance. Sometimes by x amount per 1GB. Generally, there is no restriction on how often you can make changes.
The www. issue, is nothing to do with hosting, but i... Read more

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Hey all.
I would like to make a login script for my website so users can register and access special fetures, much like the login here. Im planning on using either tripod or topcities to create this page at this current time, before I possibly go with my own domain.
But one thing that I'm worried about s people trying to brute force (or dicionary) the passwords of other users.
Is there a way to log the passwords that are entered, as well as the IP address there coming from?
Thans in advance

Answer:Solved: Make Login script for website.

This is definitely a question for the TSG Web Development Forum. Rather than double-post, click the triangle on your post and ask a mod to move this over.


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i thought there was an option to "make available offline" on my other computer... am i mistaken? is there any way to make a website or webpage available later when i'm not connected to the internet?

windows XP

Answer:Solved: is there any way to make a webpage or website available when i'm not online?

That option is available under the "Favorites" tab if you are using Internet Explorer.

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For a presentation, Im planning on making a website thats designed to run straight from a cd. Is there a way to make the cd run automatically as soon as its put into the drive, opening the users browser in the proces?Free cd's that come with various computer magazines oten use this format of presentation. Thanks

Answer:Make cd based website play instantaneously

type Autorun into Google it will give you choices of software and tutorials to achieve this.

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Hi,I am very new to building websites and am trying to find a way to build an auction website (on the skinniest of a shoe-string budget). From my limited knowledge I can see that this cannot be done with the average webeditor programmes offered by web hosts. So, I have found several free and low cost auction scripts which seem to have most of what I am looking for (a simple model of ebay, essentially). Yet, I don't have a clue of what to with them or how to install. (1) For tne most part, are these scripts not just ready-made websites?(2) If I download a script, is it not similar to a web editing programme, like website tonight from godaddy?One site that has what looks to be a particularly good auction script is: click here(3) Do I need some sort of technical software to run this? Or just a hosting account that meets all the requirements?Please advice as to what the basic steps would be to set up this simple ecommerce site. All I've got covered so far is the domain name/hosting.Many thanks,Mark

Answer:beginner trying to make a simple auction website

1. Yes, the script will perform as a ready-made site.2. The script will come complete with a host of configurable options, and you customise it once it's installed on the server.3. You don't need any additional software; as long as your hosting package meets the script's requirements it will run.The people who sell these scripts will offer an installation service - for a few pounds they'll install the script for you, and make sure all the necessary server-side facilities are up and running. All you have to do is configure the various options, and carry out basic maintenance tasks.When considering this project make sure that you've covered the bases - auction sites can bring their own set of problems, and you'll need to have a comprehensive set of policy rules in place before you even begin. You don't want to find yourself landed with a bunch of complaints from dissatisfied purchasers and/or sellers unless you have a clear-cut dispute resolution policy in place and visible for all to see. Whatever you do, don't launch your site until you've covered this aspect of things, thinking that disputes won't occur, because they will.Running an on-line auction site can be fraught with legal complications, and you'll need to be aware of the various consumer protection acts now in force. There isn't space to go into a detailed explanation here, but I strongly advise you to consult a lawyer who specialises in consumer protection law before you commence trading. If you don't you may find yo... Read more

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I would like to learn how to make a website and also get a free website too. I see that a lot of people use Anglefire. Any good or bad feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

Answer:I want to learn how to make my own website. Is ANGLEFIRE my answer?

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Please could someone help me out, if there is a nice quick and easy way to do this, the package I use is Dreamweaver. Any help appreciated.ThanksJohn

Answer:How to make pictures and text secure on website

by 'How to make pictures and text secure'.If by that you mean how do your stop other people from copying your images and text, the answer is that you don't - there's no sure-fire, guaranteed method of doing it.

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Is there by any chance a method to make a website recognize that I'm using IE8 when I'm actually using Firefox? I don't have IE8 installed and don't want to ever install it since it's useless and terrible. But for one of my classes, I need to install it for an online portion. The login site somehow knows that I'm not using IE8 and so would like to somehow get around this workaround if possible.

Answer:Solved: Possible to make website somehow recognize Firefox as IE8

As far as i know you can't. The reason they do that is because they either have tested their site with only IE or they already know that it won't work with FF.

I agree with you on IE, it's crap. I always use FF except when the site really wants IE

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We create a newsletter in Publisher & then send to printers to print & then mail out. We are looking at creating a pdf file & either put on website or send in an email. We are not very knowledgeable & not up-to-date with technology. We have a simple website using FrontPage 2000. We are upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007. We are running Server 2008 in Terminal Services & we do not have Exchange for Outlook. We just use regular Outlook through our Internet provider. Which way would be the easiest/cheapest & what would we have to have to do it? What do we have to have to manage pdf files. Thanks so much for any input!

Answer:make newsletter availalbe website or email

Someone might write you a book to explain everything you need to know?

Otherwise some hard work on your part would be needed. As an
example, go to the library and get "up-to-date with technology."
Especially if that is where you intend to be working in the future.

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I remember after windows xp came out all these mod sites came out... could someone point me to any?

I forgot all the urls etc.


Answer:Website that shows how to mod windows XP and make it faster... ?

If you're talking about Blackvyper or blackviper whatever .com, then I suggest staying away from it unless you really know which services you are disabling.

A lot of problems arise from it.

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I have the Firefox internet browser on my PC and it really annoys me when it says "The server is taking too long to respond" (or somthing like that). I mean, I could be 0.999999999999999999999999999 seconds away from where the server responds, but my browser has decided to give up because it's taking to long. How do I make it wait longer for the server to respond? Is there a way to make it wait indefinitely?

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Hello, I'm using Chrome as my standard browser, but my university is using a very special online program for some testing, that I can't seem to make the plugins work and install properly on chrome.
So what I was wondering is, is there any way I can make a shortcut, that opens a URL in internet explorer. Rather then opens it in the standard browser?

Answer:can I make shortcut to website opening in non-standard browser?

Do you have a 32bit or 64bit OS? Your specs don't say. :-(

right click in the desktop, select New and then Shortcut

paste this in to start the 32bit IE on a 32bit OS:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
or this - to start the 32bit IE on a 64bit OS:

"C:\Program Files(x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
If for some reason you cannot get that to work... can create a regular shortcut with just the web address IE
...then drag/drop that regular shortcut into the body of IE

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I want to make a website but i dont know much about code. Is there a way of making a website with a programme i can download and then just buy the domain name and host it say with ipage? I want to make a website with the lowest monthly payments basically, how can i do this without using websites like wix which charge so much for their monthly service.

Answer:Can i make a website without paying an eCommerce Software company

Do you want to take credit cards? If you do then you will have to have a company bank account and use a third party card handler. If you just want a descriptive website then use a company like Namesco

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Google is accused of favoring its own services over competitors' in search results, but Google says it's just giving users what they want.

Facts that have put Google in the crosshairs of antitrust scrutiny: the company dominates Internet search, which means businesses that don?t rank well in Google?s view of the Internet essentially become invisible and undiscoverable. Google is also accused of favoring its own sites and services in search results over those of competitors, potentially leveraging its dominance in one area of online activity to suppress competition in others.
Google is no longer in the business of sending people to the best sources of information on the Web,? testified Yelp co-founder and CEO Jeremy Stoppelman (PDF). ?It is impossible for any of Google?s competitors to be displayed as prominently as Google itself, even if Google?s own algorithm rates them higher. In some instances, Google simply excludes competitor results as a matter of design, not as a matter of objective, algorithmically-driven analysis.?
Google says that competition is just one click away, but that is like saying move to Panama if you don?t like the tax rate in America. It?s a fake choice because no one has Google?s scope or capabilities and consumers won?t, don?t, and in fact can?t jump.

Great read at Digital Trends. | More at US Senate Judiciary Commitee website.
As fas as Google's own propertied ranking higher than the original sources - yes TWC has seen ... Read more

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I made a scrub mistake and clicked on a link to a shock website. I do not deserve any sympathy, I was being stupid. I can supply a WOT review of the site if it helps.

Whatever the case, I need to make sure I'm clean. I don't really see any definite sign of infection though, but I'm paranoid and will not be satisfied until I've checked every nook and cranny. Though I've been having a few problems with the machine's performance lately, such as files not dissapearing when I delete them unless I navigate away from the folder. I feel it was due for a checkup anyway.

As I have a 64-bit system GMER was skipped.

DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSAMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.7.2
Run by Owner at 21:41:12 on 2012-09-04
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.6056.3728 [GMT -5:00]
AV: Webroot SecureAnywhere *Enabled/Updated* {9C0666FC-6C7D-3E97-3C40-0C6B33FC7401}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Webroot SecureAnywhere *Enabled/Updated* {27678718-4A47-3119-06F0-3719487B3EBC}
SP: COMODO Defense+ *Enabled/Updated* {FEEA52D5-051E-08DD-07EF-2F009097607D}
FW: COMODO Firewall *Enabled* {7DB03214-694B-060B-1600-BD4715C36DBB}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files\Webroot ... Read more

Answer:Need to make sure my machine is clean after being directed to malicious website

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps.===Nothing suspicious was found on your DDS log.===Reset your HOSTS file back to the default.How To: the Fix it button on the page.===Please download ComboFix from any of the links below, and save it to your desktop. For information regarding this download, please visit this web page: 1Link 2* IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your DesktopIMPORTANT....1. Close any open browsers.2. Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.3. Do not install any other programs until this if fixed.How to : Disable Anti-virus and Firewall... click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts. When finished, it will produce a report for you. Please post the C:\ComboFix.txt Note:Do not mouse click ComboFix's window while it's running. That may cause it to stallNote: If you have difficulty properly disabling your protective programs, refer to this link --> If after running ComboFix you get this error message "Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked f... Read more

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About a week ago a computer that is on my network at work was infected horribly with spyware, we disconnected it from the network but I dont know if it was to late.

I connect with my laptop when I go to the office, and today was on twitter and viewing a image, and a box popped up that said your computer is infected, run a scan to find out how to clean, and the domain was something like - It kept saying infected, so I closed the x out and didnt do anything with it and am running all kinds of scans on my computer, but the problem is - I dont know if my computer is infected, the msgs that were coming up and the domain is the same as the one that was infected on our network, since my laptop is not old and i do a ton of work on it I need to make sure its okay. What can I do to make sure of this? Here is what Im doing so far:

Running full scan with Avast, nothing found so far

Running full scan with malwarebytes, no infections so far

Running windows defender, no infections.

I have a feeling something is there and my software isnt catching it - please advise what to do next. I found the domain on a malware url site that said its a infectious site that will infect your computer immediately.

Please help me!

I have windows vista
HP dv6-1245dx

Answer:Malware Website pop ups want to make sure computer isnt infected

I'm having the same problem, I feel there is still something hiding but all of my scans come up clean... can anyone help us out? Thanks!

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I'm using chrome beta (33.0.1750.46).
I wanted to know if there is an option to make a popup (a white box in the top of the webpage. like in the picture but with my own text) that will show up when I'm opening a specific page? of course it's not for criminal using or something like that, just to make some kind of a note that I want to see everytime I
I'm viewing a specific page.Thank you very much!

(Here is an example for the box I mean)

Answer:How to make a popup that will show up when opening a specific website?

This comes from the website itself, I think.

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Hello :

When I enter '' into my search box, it automatically brings up a 'ca' product instead.

How can I get the '.com' version of Google to come up?

I don't know how this happened as to my knowledge I never actively did anything to cause this problem.

I am running version 9 of Internet Explorer

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this problem.


Answer:Solved: How can I make Google bring up the '.com' version of its website?

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Hi,can anyone please suggest a good free website provider that will enable me to make a website in dream weaver and upload it to the web server.ThanksBen.

Answer:Get a free website?

click here

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Question: Free SMS website

Any website provide free sms messages not only in uk mainland but also to others mobile phone inforeign countries ?? thanks

Answer:Free SMS website

click here

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I have always set my laptops with 1440 x 900 resolution at lower resolution because at that higher resolution most web sites are smaller and don't stretch fully accross the screen--any way to force that with the native resolution?

Answer:How can I make website display full screen with 1440 x 900 resolution?

Internet explorer 8 has the zoom function in the bottom right.
Css based sites should still scale at higher zooms.
Firefox has zoom,but it is temporary and doesn't stick.

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Am wondering whether someone can help me with this one.

I have recently created a website, and I noticed on the site below that when you scroll down the page, the images and text scroll with it so they are always visible. Does anyone know where I can download something like this to add to my site?

I'd be most grateful for any advice and help.

Many thanks

Adelaide, South Australia

(ps, I dont necessarily want menus to come out like the site below does, I just want my links and graphics to move with the page)

Answer:How to make the links & images on my website move with the page when scrolling

Looks like they did it with Javascript. Look around on the Web and I'm sure you'll find it at a Javascript site.

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Of course buying keywords from Google and Overture can make website shows in Sponsor Results, but I would like to discuss the way to make the website shows within top 20 position of Web Results in major search engines.

I designed a e-store selling brand name handbags for my client. I found that when you type in the detail special item number of the brand name bags such as 'gucci 101919', 'm41526', 'm42256' and then search, almost 90% of top 80 web results were written by Janpanese or Korean. I checked the source file of these pages and did find any special code. Many of these pages don't even have the <Meta keyword> and <Meta Description> info. I'm really curious how they can make this happens.

What is the useful information for those major search engines to collect from the page? Which is the best way or I should say the effective way to make the webpage shows within the web results of the major search engines and get the top position?

Answer:How to make website shows within top 20 postion in major search engines?

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My website is listed at When viewed at my resolution it looks fine but when I go over to my husbands computer it's bigger than it should be. Is there a way to set it to fit everyones browser who looks at it?

Answer:How do I make my website adjust to the users resolution size using GoLive?

yes just use the percent for table /cell or body size
<body size="75%">
CSS code is better you don't have to edit all the pages one at a time
do search for css edit or fix
there's about 4 good websites free tut's

dreamweaver is way better than golive
your theo page flash is great

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hi my websiteclick hereis at its 30mb max allowed from blueyonderits will cost me 4 per month to move to 100mb from themas you can see from my url ive got a long pwp name and would like it to be shorter and sharper! so id rather move to a web host with domain names etcanyideas for good cheap and easy to use compnaysmust be very simple as im not a techy, ive got very limited abilities when it comes to web mattershence my request herewilloh basic features will do as well

Answer:free website at limit, what now?

I use Catalyst2 - click here.They charge 14.09 a year incl VAT and for that you get 250Mb of webspace and access to things like a database should you want a forum or mailing list on your website. You also have access to scripts with a number provided for you already. I went through the procedure of installing fora on all my sites to find that they provided the package I was using (phpBB) anyway.The one downside to Catalyst2 is that they limit the bandwidth on their package to 1Gb/month so if you think you're going to be a high traffic site then they may not be the company for you.I have to say that not one of my sites, though, have got within using even 20% of my monthly bandwidth in the 3 years I've been with them.Another company I've used are Compila - click here.They give you unlimited bandwidth so you could have 10,000 visitors a day (or hour!) and not worry about your site going down because you've exceeded your bandwidth.The downside to Compila is that you only get 100Mb with their basic package so you'd need to make sure that you have a very lean and clean website, possibly written with CSS, to make sure you don't exceed your webspace.Compila charge 22/year but do include free domain name registration if you pick a .uk one. (they charge more if you want a address).For domain name registration - should you not go with a company like Compila - you could do worse than use Active Domain - click here.To register a .com, .net, .org, or .biz TLD costs less than ... Read more

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Hi I am looking to set you a free website for my apartment block telling people some info about the block so I am looking for a free witesite I can use to do this does anyone know of anygood sites?

Answer:free website set up and usage

See here -enter link description here Personally I have never used it so can't comment any further.

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HiLooking to create a website for a friend, looking for a recommendation for a website builder, main requirement is for it to not look too templated (if you know what i mean) and the ability to place images wherever i want on the screen.recommendations appreciated.thanks

Answer:Free website builder

best advice is to try in web design forum which may be of more helpjohnny

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click hereOne of mine click here

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A friend asked me to build a website for his girlfriend to sell her wares so I'd like a free site that's business oriented to get them going and give them a taste of what's involved to get eyes on their products, the lady is smart though.

Keep it simple please, besides there's no way I could ever build a site from scratch so stay away from that.

Answer:Free website hosting


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Can anyone recommend where I can obtain free web-site forwarding.All the sites I have visited seem to just include as part of Domain registration, I can not find a stand alone site that will forward my domain to my webspace.Although I am looking for free site, I do not mind paying a reasonable one off registration, if necessary. M

Answer:Free Website Forwarding

went to the Network solutions site where all my domains are registered. They do url forwarding as part of the service, M

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Can anyone recommend a free website building software program.
I want use it for people to upload short stories to so it must have alphabet entry tabs on it. Example .... the title , Keith the wise one , would be uploaded to tab k.
I tried website x5 home 11 but came unstuck when i tried to choose a website name , the software kept rejecting everything i chose.

Answer:free website builder

If you were doing OK with website x5 home, perhaps we can help you with why the software seemed to reject your chosen website name rather than you try and find another web site builder? (The chances are, if one piece of software rejects your website name, others may do the same. Do you, for example, know for sure that the web site name you want is available? And, while the web building software may be free, as far as I know, you have to pay to get a website name registered - without that, it's not 'yours').

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Can anyone recommend a good site for clear info on building a website ?I have tried before to build a site using my ISP's website wizard and failed, mainly because I don't understand the jargon. I would like an idiots guide and/or an idiot proof program (pref free of course) that will help me to put together a site to display digital photo's of my hobbies etc.

Answer:Free website builder ?

If it's just to display digital pics etc this site is not too here

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Hi,would like to build my first website for my business.I have a host company for site which has RV-Webbuilder.Would anyone suggest a better or easier one.Thanks

Answer:Best free website builder

Serif Webplus SE click here is pretty good and free (WYSIWYG + templates), but i have only played with it. I use Network Object Fusion - you may be able to pick up a free copy (or see it on PC Mag CDs) . Again straightforward to use (+ templates) FireFTP click here is a useful FF add-on if/wjen you need to get your site to the host If you just wont to build on-line look at WordPress (lots of free themes ) or see if the host Co. offers Joomla

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Thanks in advance to whomever can get the cobwebs out of my brain!
Teach me how I can determine if this website is bug free or "safe" to download?
I can't remember how to do so?  I looked in my MSE and MBAM and did not see any settings to scan a website?
(I must be easy however, it's one of those days!!)
Self edit: Mod fix my silly subject typo??

Answer:How to verify is a website is bug free?

There are number of web resources (URL Link Scanners) which can be used to check suspicious/unfamiliar sites or get second opinions.Virustotal (Submit a URL)URL QueryAnubis - Malware AnalysisDr.Web Check URL ScanAVG Threat LabsNorton Safe WebWebroot BrightCloud Security ServicesTrend Micro Site Safety URL QueryOnline Link ScanWebsense CSI: ACE InsightWebsite Security Check - Unmask ParasitesWepawetLongURL to de-obfuscate shortened URLSURL-Expander and DeshortenerVTzilla: Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension <- right-click on any link and scan the target with VirusTotal-- Use several different vendors when performing queries to confirm the results of page content. Even doing this, you still need to be cautions of other links on the page itself which can redirect to a malicious page.

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Hi all, my friend wants to build a website. He wants to use FrontPage, but doesnt want to pay for it, unless he has to. Are there any good free website hosts, that support frontpage. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Best free website host?

Well, all free web-hosts support Frontpage, as it's merely a HTML editor. I think you mean Frontpage Extensions which you normally have to pay extra for. I think a few of the free hosts support them, but I'm not sure which.

If you can'f find one suited to you, it may be worth trying to find one that supports CGI scripts instead, as this will enable your friend to do what the Extensions can do and more. It just makes things a little more complicated though.

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Question: Free food website

hope that got everyones attention.Came across this site, seems to me if it is going to benefit those in need it has to be worth hereJust a thought but if it does what is says it does might be worth putting as a home page -to click at the start of the day!cheers all!

Answer:Free food website


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Hi all,Can any one tell me if it is legal or illegal to have a website with back up copies of software (iso's etc) for free download.I am not talking about "cracked" software or the inclusion of serial numbers etc, just a simply copy of the software disc.I, like many, have program disk's which have got scrathed etc and are useless when it comes to format/reinstall etc and being able to download the ISO free of charge would be a perfect solution to use with your 'already paid for' serial number etc.

Answer:ISO's on website for free download

such a service would be a contravention of the copyright act. You would be distributing the software, and that's illegal, unless you have the prior consent of the copyright holder (the software companies).You can make a back-up copy of software for your personal use, but that's as far as it goes - you mustn't provide copies to other people, and you certainly mustn't offer them to the world at large via a website.

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Hi folk. Been working on my website and in fear of prison (copy write infringement) have removed some good back ground images. I may just take some high quality photos of some PCs while i'm working on them to use as well but was wondering if anyone knew of any free sites that offer copy free pictures or screen shots. Just a thought, thanks

Ps. Sorry if this was posted in the wrong area

Answer:Free Images to use on a website

Did find a site called Pixabay. They get your email to spam soI wouldnt call the pictures free

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Hello guys ,please do know of a website where i can download free hip hop mp3 songs or even listen to them.I don't want the internet radio. Thank you very much in advance.

Answer:is there a free mp3 download website

hi i always use limewire to download mp3 songs it can find everything ive ever wanted plus its free.

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Hi guys, What is a website where I can make my own website for free with no ads whatsoever, but I can put my own ads on. Also one where I can put a decent amount of pages on that doesn't limit you.Looking for a free one just to start off with never done it before and would like to try it out. I know I could be asking for quite a bit but just thought I'd ask as I can't seem to find much?

Answer:Free Website Maker ?

I'm not aware of anything that is free without ads or limitations.

You could setup a computer in your home to be a webserver. I personally think Linux is the way to go but you can run Apache on a Windows machine as well. If you want to play around with it, just install Apache on your computer and direct your browser to localhost to see the sites on the computer.

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Help... I have graph image files that are generated in landscape format and some of my less tech minded user struggle to print them, these are also the guys who feel the most need to print them! Most printers default to portrait mode so when the user hits print they only get a quater page portrait version of the image. I then get the "your graphs print crap" feedback and I have to hold back my "well your IT skills are f**#ing crap" response...
I thought I could have a link to a page that is a "printer formated" version of the image ie rotated 90* then the user can just hit print. Trouble with this is there are a large number of images, automaticially updated hourly, to process and upload duplicates of every image and upload to the webserver would be very resource hungry. I would really need to be able to use the original image but be able to rotate it on the fly. As far as I can find out HTML lets your display rescaled images but does not allow you to rotate them?
Any suggestions?

Answer:Easiest way to make website images print in full page landscape?

I thought I could have a link to a page that is a "printer formated"
You only need one page. There are javascript solutions but the easiest way is to use css, These should help with wider searches if needed:

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I've been with my present ISP for years ? since the days when most of its staff and clientele used to get together for a drink every Friday night. The company's customer service was knowledgeable, polite and largely conducted on first-name terms, and I was entirely happy with the whole arrangement. However, the company was bought out some years ago when the local commercial TV giant decided it wanted to get into the internet game and made its founder an offer he couldn't refuse. Since then it has grown greatly and, in the process, has developed many of the problems that seem to afflict larger organisations: the quality of service is no longer what it was; the familiar, friendly voices on the tech support line have all disappeared, and to cap it all, better deals are now available elsewhere. As a result of all this I'm considering jumping ship. My problem is that this ISP hosts my strictly non-profit website (approx. 750MB total) for free. So I'm wondering: do other ISPs offer a similar service or is it a rare survivor from a time before maximising profit at any cost became the name of the game? I haven't seen it listed in any of the ISP comparison charts I've seen up to now.I'd be grateful for any relevant information.Thanks ? and a Happy New Year everyone.

Answer:ISPs and free website hosting

Sounds a bit like back in the good old days!Sorry I can't help with your query...Dio

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I am doing a project and need to make a quick website. Just wondering whats the best one to use...( free of course) :wave:

Answer:Whats the best free website service


there are sum ova immitations out there that dnt compare tho!

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If I want to share some photos with my friends and family, there are lots of websites where I can post the images, free of charge, so that others can see them.But what if I want to give others the opportunity to read a document - say in PDF or Word format? Are there similar websites where I could post it, and then circulate the link to my friends?I suppose I could post the document on a photo website, in jpeg form, but that's a bit clunky, isn't it?

Answer:Free document-posting website?

Try click here

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Iam using windows XP Pro.which free firewall is best for blocking website?

Answer:which free firewall is best for blocking website?

The one that comes with XP should be just fine. Are you having some specific problem?

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Have just published first website (click here) and want to know if anybody has any ideas for a company the will publish the same website but with a different URL.CHEERS

Answer:Any ideas for free website publisher

coolkid2 if you want to have a website with a proper URl instead of free ones then you'll have to pay for it, it doesn't cost alot, you can get a good deal for under 10 that'll host your website for a couple of years.

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First off, let me say I'm quite clueless when it comes to this subject but basically I have a registered domain name and I want to create some email addresses using it.

I phoned the helpline at my ISP supplier (Zen) and they told me I need somewhere to host the domain and I could use their facility named 'C-Panel' but that would involve a rental charge.

I asked if a free web site service would suffice and the tech person replied they thought it would.

So, can anybody here recommend a good and simple to use service for setting up a web site and also how do I use my registered domain name and set up email addresses?

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hi,i am just wondering is there any free software about that will automatically scan a website, and filter out any links likned to spyware and filter out pornographic images.Basically i want pornography to be filtered but still be able to access the website. I do NOT go on porn,or even i want some software that will scan a website and tell me wheather it is dangerous to visit, similar to the site advisor that is built into the google search engine. i dont want to be advised i just want to be warned if i site was going to have dangerous content and if i wanted to visit it i would have to click a safe link.ThanksBen

Answer:is there any free website scanner and filters?

click hereclick here

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Is there any free file hosting web site that has no advertising? I need to share a few small files, say 25 MB little files, to some friends oversea, they are very amateur computer users. The 1s that I have seen has ads and phoney links on it. Please help

Answer:Looking for free file hosting website

Happy Hopping said:

Is there any free file hosting web site that has no advertising? I need to share a few small files, say 25 MB little files, to some friends oversea, they are very amateur computer users. The 1s that I have seen has ads and phoney links on it. Please helpClick to expand...

YouSendIt comes to mind as a good choice, but there are still some ads. But it isn't obnoxious by any means.

Also, reconsider your question: You want to use a service without them having any means for reimbursement of the costs incurred -- electric, Internet, etc.

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HiI am currently in the process of setting up a website for my company and was wondering if it is possible to have computer related news on a dedicated papge on my site, which is automatically updated daily.Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this and if it is possible?Thanks

Answer:Free IT News Bites for Website.

are over I'm afraid - at least if you want anything that's worth having.Nowadays any decent news service will charge a subscription, although sometimes it isn't that here to see a good example of what's available. There will be others, but you need to search for one that suits your particular requirements

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Anyone know of any free website design software??

Answer:Free Website Design Software?

click here

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Hi,I'm looking to start up a simple e-commerce mail order business and am looking for some free or low-cost but feature rich, website design software and hosting packages a bit like this offering from hereA user friendly, template driven solution would suit me as my web-specific technical knowledge is limitedThere seem to be hundreds of service providers out there and it's all a bit of a minefield so any recommedations would be welcome.Many thanks,Steve

Answer:Free e-commerce website design

try web design forum?might get more help therejohnny

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