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Seagate 1TB problem

Question: Seagate 1TB problem

I have an older system I am converting to a data storage server. It has an Asus P5GD2 Deluxe motherboard. Windows XP is installed on a seperate disk as I want these drives for storage only. I am attempting to install 3 Seagate 1 TB drives on the onboard Sil3114R raid controller for use in a raid 5 array.

Retail box ST310005N1AS-RK drives.
7200.12 Firmware CC36

Bios for the controller is set to RAID. On boot the system hangs when the the bios gets to the point where the Sil3114R bios is detecting the drives. It lists the first drive and just stops. I have tried various combinations of 1 drive, all 3 drives, different ports out of the 4 available, etc...

I have also tried connecting the same drive to the onboard ITE 8212 controller and boot is fine and the drive is seen properly in Windows.

This doesn't seem to be related to the recent Seagate firmware issue I have been reading about. Any ideas?


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Preferred Solution: Seagate 1TB problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Seagate 1TB problem

A bit more research. This seems to be the same issue I am having.

The fix seems a bit painful.

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hi everyone
First i am wishing you all a very happy new year to all of you.
please i need your help
Today i received my Seagate SSHD hard disk model: ST2000DX001.
it is working fine,but i can't use any software from Seagate website,the software are:
-Sea tools for windows:when i use the software,the software doesn't see my hard disk it can only see (Generic USB SD READER)
-download finder software:again doesn't recognize the hard disk
-Seagate/Maxtor serial number locator,again doesn't see my hard disk
-Drive detect utilitydisk drive section) i can see ST2000DX001-1CM164 SCSI disk device
i already installed windows OS,with all the windows updates,internet security,utilities softwares
-Please can i use (disk defragmentation) software,with this hard disk.
The softwares i have for degragmentation:
-iolo system mechanics
-Glarys utilities
-Ashampoo win optimizer
i use the defragmentation software one at a times.(please reply to this question as well)
I hope to hear from you very soon
My kindest regards

Answer:seagate SSHD(hard disk)doesn't recognized any software from seagate website

Please can i use (disk defragmentation) software,with this hard disk. The softwares i have for degragmentation: -iolo system mechanics -Glarys utilities -Ashampoo win optimizer
Yes you can but none of those products offer a decent defragging method and defragging is not really required that much either.

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Answer:What Makes Seagate So Quite? Any Differences Between Seagate And Other HDDs?

from seagate's website:


The SoftSonic motor is a new, engineering breakthrough feature of Seagate's sound barrier technology (SBT). Using industry-standard tests, the Barracuda ATA IV one-disc model emits only 2.0 bels while spinning and 2.4 bels while seeking; the human ear can't hear sounds below 2.5 bels. Seagate's SBT also reduces noise using specialized seek algorithms, SeaShield. top cover and internal dampers, resonance reduction, spin commutation and other mechanical and materials design optimizations.

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Hi, trying to reformat a laptop and a re-install Windows XP. Getting the "unable to delete extended partitions while logical drives exist" message in Fdisk, but all logical drives have been erased.I don't know what make of HDD the laptop has, but am I safe to use the Seagate Disk Wizard Starter Edition to erase/zerofill the drive ready for XP to go back on?Thanks.

Answer:Using Seagate Starter Disc on Non-Seagate drive,

Might not be a good idea, as all it does is little more than FDISK or Windows XP Setup. Yes, Windows XP Setup. Simply pop the CD in the drive, restart the laptop (to boot from the CD) and it will give you a screen allowing you to choose your partitions and filing systems. For safety, use NTFS file systems.When you press the Continue key (F9 I think), it will then re-partition and format your drives for you!Howzat?

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Question: Seagate HD Problem

GCHA2I have recently acquired a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 drive Model No st380011A which I am trying to install it as a second drive on a PC running WIN 98SE. The drive is recognised correctly by the BIOS and shows as a Generic Drive Type 47 in Device Manager but does not show in My Computer as Drive D.What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Seagate HD Problem

Probably needs formattingType diskmgmt in the run boxcan you see the drive iin disk management (disk1)click the drive initalize and thn click and format

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I have a BIG problem with my seagate 80gig HDD last week I was in windows xp last week and I was working with some graphics and music, I later restarted my pc and before I went to bed it said one of the hal.ddl file was misssing and couldn't boot xp and to reinstall it. I did that and windows xp pro was getting ready load its 2nd step for reinstalling itself but I got a message that said disc read error so I got the ultimate boot disc and used the seagate tool to fill the hard drive with zero's and turned off my pc for 8 hours to let the whole system cool down before using it again.
My main problem is the IBM aptiva does not want to use the hard drives full capacity 80gigs instead it will use 31 gigs for windows xp and thats it. if I resize it to hold more than that I get a disc read error or windows xp can't boot up at all. with the seagate tool can I add 35 gig partition to my HDD without screwing up the windows xp partition ? also does this mean my HDD might die soon ? if so I am in the process of getting ready to buy a new HDD. if its not getting ready to give way should I buy a 120 HDD and slave the 80gig HDD for archiving video and software ?

Answer:Seagate HDD problem

If the OS is already installed I believe the only reliable partitioning software you should use is Partition Magic. You can find older copies (7.0+) for cheap on Amazon/ebay, I got mine for $18 I think. Great utility.
I'm not the best at stuff like this but I suspect a portion of your hard drive may be corrupted or something. Have you tried running chkdsk /r
or any hd diagnostic softawre? The ultiamte boot cd has several of these, they'll look for mechanical problems and stuff like that.

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Hello everyone I was wondering if someone can help me with my problem. I bought a Seagate 4 Bay NAS that has 4 x 2GB Seagate Nas drives and I was setting it up as RAID 5 and was in the process of synchronizing and was at 39% and all of a sudden the power goes out The power came back on and now I have the status light and HD LED lights blink white red white red. Does this mean it will take some time to rebuild/synchronizing, or is my drive screwed? Does anyone have experience on Nas?

Thanks for your help the model number of the NAS is STCU100

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Question: SEAGATE problem..

Hi i have a seagate ST360021 (60gig, 7200rpm) hdd and an epox 8k5a2 motherboard. I am always getting delayed write failed on my hard drive when i try to save a file or view a web page. When i try to copy my files to another hdd, it says Data error (cyclic redundancy check). Please help me as there are some important files on my hdd.

Answer:SEAGATE problem..

It could be caused by a improperly installed data cable or just a bad cable. Make sure the cable is fully seated at the drive and motherboard. If that does work try replacing the data cable. See if that resolves your CRC problems.

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Question: Seagate Problem

My Seagate external HD doesn't power down and isn't recognized on my computer and a laptop.
I don't want to lose any data. What do I do.

Answer:Seagate Problem

Right click my computer, go to manage, and click on disk management when the external is plugged in and everything, it might be that one of your existing drives shares the drive extension (A: C: D: etc..) and it doesn't show up because of it. also make sure all your wires are plugged in all the way and such.

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I bought a 250GB Seagate USB 2.0 external hard drive to free up my internal HD. XP does not seem to like it. I have copied many small files to the new drive with no problem. However I just tried to copy some large video files to it without success. The external drive has 230GB free. However when I try to copy a 12.4GB file from my system to the external HD, XP tells me there is not enough room and that I should delete files beore trying again. There is plenty of room on th external HD and XP has got it wrong.  The weird thing is that when I right click on the external drive's icon and view it's properties, XP tells me there is 230GB free. How can I solve this problem?

Answer:Seagate ext HD + XP problem

What file system is the external drive?FAT32, which most drives come formatted as, has a file size limit.If I were you, I'd reformat it using NTFS - right click on the drive in Windows Explorer, choose Format, then choose NTFS for the file system.Make sure Quick Format is not checked too.This will take a while with a large drive, my external 250Gb took around an hour or two.Hope this helps.

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I have a little problem.I have recently bought a Seagate 160 Gb SATAII hdd but my PC started to behave strangely.(Everything just stops working -especially in some games- without any error report and i have to reset my system)I have no idea why.I replaced almost everything without any succes.So I think my new hdd might cause the problem.Before of that I had a Seagate 80 Gb ATA 100 and my PC worked perfectly.I have an ASUS A7N8X-XE Mb, 2X512 MB RAM Kingmax DDR 400, ATI Radeon 9600 XT VC.So what might be the problem?Maybe my Mb is not compatible with SATAII?

Answer:Seagate SATAII hdd problem

Some older motherboards do not support SATA-II drives. On that specific drive I believe there should be a jumper that lets you set it to SATA-I. Try that & see if it behaves better.

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Hello all! I was wondering if anyone has or knows a fix for this. There are broken icons when your in the NAS web interface (Picture Below). I tried resetting the NAS back to factory settings and nothing. Does anyone have a idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

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never had one issue with seagate satas over 137gb
it is a windows driver issue or the bios is not set right

Answer:Problem with my seagate st3250823as

Hi everyone

I bought a seagate st3250823as, and that's where my problems started.
My sys can see only 137gb of a disk space.
I've got ga-k8n-sli main board, I installed the drivers for sata from the mainboard install cd, and nothing happend(i'm using win xp pro sp 2).
Can anyone help me??

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i have a seagate 1 tb. exturnal hd this morning window 7 could not read it. it keeps saying it has an input / output error please any body i need help. the drive has all my g-ma old pic's that i have been restoring and we dont have the origals anymore.


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A while back I bought a Seagate 1TB harddrive, but until recently it was just stored away and not used.
Recently I wanted to expand a XP system I have containing a M4A79XTD Evo mboard, so I just popped in the 1TB. But, to my surprise, the harddrive showed up as only 32MB. So I went into Ubuntu(dualboot with XP) and format the drive, then restart. Back in XP it finally showed up as 939GB. Then I turned off the computer. When I turned it back on later, the drive was back at showing 32MB.

The only thing that worked was when I used ext2 on Ubuntu to format the drive. I wanted to do a clean OS install on the 1TB, but no OS under the sun wants to install, because it jumps back to showing 32MB. I can only store files with Ubuntu under ext2.

I've tried the drive in other computers, with various cables, external enclosures, etc.

So now my question is, do I have a nice looking paperweight, or do I miss something important?

PS: Seagate ST31000528AS

Answer:Problem with Seagate 1TB harddrive

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I am attempting to replace a Seagate Barracuda ATA iii HD in a Compaq Deskpro EN slimline. It will take an identical Seagate HD with no problem. However, when I try 5 other HD's the computer recognizes them, tells me what kind of HD it is saves the HD configuration when I press the F! function key.

However, in every case I receive the following message
NTLDR missing
Press any key to start.

I have seen this message when a non-system floppy disk is in the A drive but there is none.

As soon as I put the Seagate HD in the system works .

Any suggestions?

Answer:Problem replaceing Seagate HD

You will have to format and install windows.

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Good day!

I need help please. I have a seagate hard disk 80 GB. the problem started with a disk error then the bios now only detect 11BG of the total 80GB. How can i resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Seagate Harddisk Problem

Go to your HD manufacturer's web site download and run the HD diagnostic utility.

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This is my first post so please bear with me. Previously I partioned my periperal 600 GB Seagate HDD and all was well. Later it stated it wasn't accesible and was corrupted and I haven't been able to access it. The main partion"M" that I am trying to access I notice does not have the word NTFS in the title like the other 2 partitions in the HDD do.
My question is, do you think I can add an NTFS file to it or since it is not accesible my only option is to format it and forget about it; of course this would be my last resort as I would like to recover the files on it if possible?
Do you think you can help?

Many thanks.

Answer:Seagate peripheral HDD Problem

Try it on another computer. If another computer doesn't see it, the hd could be part of the Seagate hd problem.
One news article from January 2009

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I recently bought a new Seagate ST3500631NS 500GB SATA HDD, only to find that when I use the Seagate DiscWizard to create a partition, whilst part way through creating the partition, I receive an error message saying that it cannot write to a certain sector one the HDD.

If the Seagate DiscWizard won't work, it seems to me that the drive is most likely faulty and I should get a refund or exchange it, although this may not be the case. So, can anyone please give me a second opinion on this situation, as I'm not the most tech savvy person around.

Any help is much appreciated.


Answer:Seagate HDD Installation Problem

Did you just try to use Windows Xp Disk management to set it up and not their 'fancy' utility?

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i had a 300 GB Seagate external HDD which was working fine until now.. have lots of important data on it.. was transferrin some files to a friend's pc today and worked totally fine... once it was done disconnected it using the safely remove hardware option and turned it off... then had to connect again to transfer some data but the hard disk never came on.. a removable disk was detected in xp but when i double clicked it got the error I/O device error... tried all sort of stuff with it.. removed the casing and again tried it using the usb connector alone.. the power cable is fine.. and the hard disk dint turn on.. earlier whenever power was given it used to have d normal hdd vibration and sounds.. now absolutely nothing.. except a small continuous ticking like from a clock.. tats it.. pls tel me wat the issue could be .. is the hdd dead or is it a problem with the external interfacing... i tried connecting it to 3 pcs wit same result.. pls help

Answer:problem with external seagate hdd

It may be the case or the drive. You'll need to connect the drive to a PC internally to test it and see if it works. You may need an adapter.

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Hi guys,

I'm really in desperate need of help right now. My harddrive just died and all my essays and school stuff are in it and the due dates are within days.

So I turned on my pc this afternoon,did some stuff and turned it off,then i wanted to turn it on again but the harddrive is no longer detected by BIOS.The bios gives the typical message of no harddrive detected,plz insert boot media and press a key blah blah blah.i also noticed that the whole start up becomes incredibly slow,even for loading the bios setup. I bought this new pc during xmas and its just been a lil bit over 3 months.

seagate barracuda 7200.11 500Gbytes
motherboard is Asus P5QL Pro
4gig mem.
geforce 9800gt
intel 2.5Ghz

the machine's been perfectly normal for 3 months except very occassional blue screens,and now the hd is not dectected all of a sudden.

i did not install anything or remove anything in hardware/software,i tried a different sata cable for dvd-rw which is recognized by bios,plugging into a different sata plug on the motherboard,and nothing happens.

when i start the machine i can hear that there's a couple clicks in the harddrive,so obviously its still running,but after that its all silence and there's no activity at all thereafter.

does this indicate a dead harddrive that can only be replaced?is there any chance i can recover the data on the harddrive?

thx tons for any reply!!!

Answer:seagate harddrive problem

This happened like a day ago for me with the same drive. I fixed it by resetting the cmos, it was either that or the cable was loose (because i took it out and put it back in) so check the cables, if that does not do it, try a cmos flash.

EDIT: wait, the cmos flash fixed my 1tb drive, not the 7200.11, my bad.

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Hi there ,

A seagate HDD suddenly decided to get out of service and stopped working !! A hardware store for fixing hard drives diagnosed it , that the HDD's chipset is malfunctioning , my Q is there any possible solution for hard drives chipset issues ??

This HDD contain extremely important data , and any piece of help is much much appreaciated !

Thanks for ur time

Answer:Seagate HDD chipset problem ?!

There are places that can recover data off of dead hard drives. It is quite pricey, though. Do a Google search for it.

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Hey guys,

I bought an external hard drive to store all my movies, TV shows, etc..

However when I try to put something on this hard drive it COPIES the files instead of MOVING them. This takes a lot longer than it should because I'm not wanting to copy, I just want to move it over. I've tried deleting all the software files in the drive that may run the program but that doesn't help.

Any suggestions?



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Hi, I have a problem with my new FreeAgent Desktop 250GB drive . The device manager starts fine but it won't save any of my backup plans or let me use the manager for a manual backup. I click on Backup Now in the system tray (since the manager doesn't even have the manual backup button) but it just asks me to set what I want to back up (which it doesn't save) then returns me to the drives screen. I checked the backup log and it said that a backup was done but it says zero files where actually backed up. HELP!!Cheers

Answer:Seagate Freeagent Problem

I don't think its a problem with the actual harddrive as i can copy and paste files on to it. Just wanted to back up automatically like it should.

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Hi guys,

I am trying to move a file that is about 29 gigs on to an external HD that has about 90 gig worth of free space; however, it says there isnt enough room on the hd to move the file.


Answer:Seagate external HD problem

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I have tried to get the computer to recognize the freeagent pro with esata port but for some reason it just doesn't. I have read others who have had the same problem on google but did not find an answer. Does anyone know what I need to do. I am using the AM2 mobod from gigabyte. gam-57sli. Advice on what I need to do will be welcome. Vista Ult. OS

Answer:Seagate freeagent pro problem?

You have been posting around the Web with this... You plugged in the cable securely and it started working. Is this still the case?

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I have tried to get the computer to recognize the freeagent pro with esata port but for some reason it just doesn't. I have read others who have had the same problem on google but did not find an answer. Does anyone know what I need to do. I am using the AM2 mobod from gigabyte. gam-57sli. Advice on what I need to do will be welcome. Vista Ult. OS

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Every since I updated to Windows 8.1 my seagate external hdd has been randomly turning off and coming back on when I start to use it or open a program again, do you know what this could be maybe? Thanks.

Answer:Seagate external hdd problem

People have been reporting this sort of issue since upgrading a lot.

The only things you can try is making sure your power options don't have 'turn hard drive off' set to anything but 'never' and that the system properties for the drive don't allow it to be powered down , other than that there doesn't seem to be anything that helps.

Many people have checked these options and their external drives STILL power down after a period of non-use.

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When I try and run the program I get a popup box saying " This device may not support pass through. ". If I click OK I get the same box again and upon clicking OK again I get a box that says something about enabling JIT ( just-in-time ) to debugg it but I have no clue what that is and either to quit or continue. If I let the program continue it does nothing.

My HDD is a Seagate ST316081 1AS SATA ( Another thing that annoys me but Seagate says is fine.. ( Windows says this HDD is a SCSI HDD and not a SATA... Oh well )

Answer:Seagate Seatools problem.

This is exactly the same error I get.

My main drive is a Seagate ST3500630AS. I get the pass through error twice (probably due to the HDD having 2 partitions) but my other drive a WD Advanced IDE works fine with it.

I can't seem to see any trouble shooting info online.

The SCSI seems to be a normal thing since my brothers SATA's both appear as SCSI drives in the remove devices safely list.

I'm off to read about JIT and how to turn it off. I'll report back if I sort it out :major

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I have a 500 GB Seagate drive as my main drive - but I can't seem to get my thinkpad to recognize when I put one in the Ultrabay. I can take the same drive (I actually have 2) and put it inside the Z61p (and format it there via the Vista boot disk), but when I put it in the Ultrabay it doesn't even show up under "manage computer" or with acronis or anything. In fact, it won't boot if I have one in the ultra bay.  I can only put it in after booting.  Once I do put it in, it just constantly spins. Any thoughts?

Answer:Problem with Seagate 500 GB in Ultrabay

You sure you have not got anything set to raid mode? as far as i can remember you can raid these devices. (correct me if im wrong )

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Hello all! I was wondering if anyone has or knows a fix for this. There are broken icons when your in the NAS web interface (Picture Below). I tried resetting the NAS back to factory settings and nothing. Does anyone have a idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

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Basically i have them plugged in. yet you have to hold the touch power button to get the drive to power up and light to go on, then the system see's it and i can open it and add files. Also the same applies to turn these drives off, push and hold, the light will turn off, and it will disconnect from the computer and I thought they were off. Here's my problem. both have been on this entire time. (over a year). today i felt one and it was decently warm and spinning. it spun all day even tho the power light was off. and the second drive is doing it as well.. so why do they always run?? i had to unplug the drives to get them to stop spinning and to turn off and cool down.

So what is the deal here.. is this just how they work. i dont want my ext always running.

Any help would be great.. Thanks!

Answer:Seagate FreeAgent Pro Ext HD Problem

Does not sound right to me, i have a terabyte FreeAgent Desk and it is recognized the second i plug it in and spins down within 10 minutes i would guess.

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Diagnostic Tool.Ok, HDD got winxp installed fine, but I always like to check the HDD when there new so I downloaded the Seagate HDD for my SATA HDD and it will go to 99% only of the Short Diagnostic test boot from floppy.My Motherboard doesn't have SATA II and the HDD is a SATA II but there are no required jumper settings required to knock it back to 150 SataSop because it will not let me test the hdd would you suspect I have a problem with the HDD ?

Answer:Seagate ST380817AS will not test with Seagate

If XP is installed fine and you can read and write to the drive then I wouldn't worry.

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hi guys i have some problem with my hard disk
but first il let u know my p.c config

1. p4 motherboard with a dual core cpu 2.66ghz each
2. 2 rams 1gb each
3. 2 hdd
80gb hitachi
500gb seagates
4. 1 sony dvd writer

now il hit the prob
you see till yesterday night my seagates hdd worked perfectly but in the morning wen i switched it on it showed 0mb size in the bios and also windows would not boot with the seagate HDD on the motherboard,the Operating system was installed on my hitachi drive'
i tried connecting the cables over again
nothing helped
wen i removed the seagate drive from the motherboard everything worked fine windows booted well from the hitachi drive
i just want to know if there is anything i can do get it working again by myself other then returning it to the vendor
i had lots of data stored in it
if i return it to the vendor then everything would be lost in vain
please help guys

i need ur help
no 1s replying

Answer:Seagate hard disk problem

Most members find it difficult to read this broken English (actually so do I)
ie Instead of saying:

i need ur help
no 1s replyingClick to expand...

Instead write: I need your help. No one is replying

I note that your entire original post has been written poorly this way; and as we are not presently SMSing on a mobile phone! It would be far better (for you) to write clearly, if you need clear support.
ie I could just as easily write back: "Get S.Tools 'n chk; o ty Im dve 2 comp bck, u no."
Well, no doubt any support member can eventually work out what I mean (possibly even you) but I look at posts like these, and I think, why bother! You don't have the time to write correctly, and I don't have the time to reply (except to help you to post correctly, it would seem)

By the way, bumping your thread only after 5hrs is not correct to the board's guidelines. Try to be more patient. Or better yet re-write (via using Edit) your post.

b wen u do i hlp u on hd prob. k?

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Hi guys,I'm back for more help from my favourite geniuses.I have a seagate external ard drive which is powered by a mains adaptor and plugs into the usb.I have been using this to back up my photos etc quite happily since Christmas but suddenly there is problem.The light on the power lead is a steady green light unti I switch the drive on. Once the drive is on both light on top of the drive and on the power lead both flash. The drive does not register on the pc. Any ideas please? I don't wan to lose the photos of my kids I stored on there.ThanksAlye

Answer:Seagate External Drive problem

Try click here

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I've used DiscWizard to generate an image of my 40GB HDD onto my MaxtorOne-Touch III Mini USB drive. I now want to transfer that image to a new 80 GB Seagate HDD. I've loaded Win 2K onto the new drive. Problem I have is that the "bootable" disc generated by DiscWizard doesn't boot-in fact if I browse the first disc generated there are no files on it, this despite the DW report that it had been successfully generated. I have now made a second "bootable" disc which has on it:
1 Folder-Recovery Program
In that folder:
bootmenu, bootwiz.sys. f11.cfg, kernel, mouse, ramdisk,
It does not boot.Net result of this is that I have an image I can't copy to the new HDD.
Anyone have any ideas, I've searched the knowledge base on the Seagate DiscWizard site.

Answer:Solved: Problem using Seagate DisWizard

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Hi !

I need help for solving a problem.
I wanted to change my Qosmio F60 hdd for a Seagate momentus XT (hybrid SSD). I though it was simple but no.

First, my new HDD was not recognized in the bios setup. So i put a jumper to force the SATA 1 mode on the hdd.
Now, it appaears on the bios setup.

With Media recovery creator, I creates a USB boot drive.
So i plug the usb key, I switch on the computer, media recovery launch, it creates the partition, copies the files, all is ok, but when it reboots, it's written to insert a system disk...

Why am I wrong, is there a problem using this HDD ?
I precise that is usb, the same hdd works perfectly.
Is there something to do with the Bios ?
I have not the last update, but my version is from september 2010 I think.

Thank you for your answers.

Answer:Qosmio F60 and Seagate Momentus XT problem

I reply myself, but is there a way to choose IDE/AHCI HDD somewhere in the bios or HW setup ? I think the solution is here.
Thank you.

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Ok, I am trying to install a new SeaGate ST3320620AS as my second Hard Drive.

I currently have the ECS P965T-A Mother Board. When I installed the drive it had a little pop up saying "found new hardware, ST3320620AS" message, but, it wont show on "My Computer". When I go into Bios, it shows it in "Master 02" spot, and my other HD as Master 01. It also shows my Drive in my Device Manager, right next to my other HD. Both Drives are SATA. And yet, it still doesn't show it on My Computer.

Any Ideas?

Answer:SeaGate ST3320620AS Install Problem

right click My Computer,goto Manage, Disk management. Initilise the disc there and format

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Hey there,

I recently picked up a Seagate 250 GB SATA HDD (model number: ST3250824AS). When I installed it, I did as I was exactly told. I disconnected the power and turned of the system, plugged the SATA cable from the HDD to the motherboard (I have an ASUS P4P800 motherboard), hooked up the power cable from the power supply to the HDD and closed the case up. When I powered up the system, Windows (I'm using XP Professional) recognized the HDD and added it to the device manager... but the problem is; its there is no icon displayed in My Computer. I dont know what to make of it. Could it be something with Windows? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Seagate 250GB SATA HDD problem

Did you go into Disk Manager to initialize the drive, create a partition and format the drive?

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I have a computer which I think is a Cyrix 333.It has a Seagate 4.3 Gbyte hard drive.Kids loaded a fee game from cereal packet and scan disk appeared later on saying there was a problem.Tried to reload windows 98 but would not format disk.Went to buy new hard drive but told that min was 20 Gbyte which my old computer would not accept.Found used Samsung 4.3 Gbyte hard drive and fitted it, windows formatted it ok but tried to copy cd on rewriter and system turned off and went to scan disk, only detecting 1,050.625 of clusters out of 1,054.200 and then screen freezes.What can I do?


Try this but I do not know if it will sort it but worth a try. Start uor comp with start floppy and type Fdisk/MBR and press enter restart with floppy and type scandik press enter and see if it complete?s

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I was reformatting my windows when I accidentally unplug the Ultra ATA cable.. when i plugged it back in there was this blue screen with an illegible error message. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Answer:Seagate Barracuda ST3100011A HDD problem

Bump,please help?

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- to install WinXP Home on. Very confused on this one, I have ran Seagate tools to Erase the HDD and also ran Seagate Tools Diagnostic and it passed. O, then going to install WinXP using a Intel Celeron 2.6GHz CPU on a ASROCK P4i65G motherboard it formats then goes and ask's which partition you want to install winXP on then warns installing another version of XP over this partition is not recomended and can cause problems.So you see the big partition and a little 8MB partition. I know its the bigger partition to install XP on as the 8MB is the remaining unused bit that won't delete.The HDD was from a Dell and was fitted in a Raid array with another 160GB HDD. Any forum users got any suggestions to try and get the XP installed on or is the HDD Faulty after all ?

Answer:Problem formatting a Seagate SATA HDD

My WinXP Home with this machine is WinXP and no Service Pack. I need to install SP1 at the same time of WinXP Home er think its called Slip Stream or something.Never done it and no idea what to do. Help please.

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I have recently bought a Seagate Personal Cloud 3TB single disk but am having no success with getting my Win 10 laptop to see it properly on my home network. In File Explorer under This PC I can see the Personal Cloud but only the public folder (and the music, photos etc that Seagate stick there as standard); however I can't seem to copy anything into it. I can't see the Private folder at all.
If I click on the Network icon I can see the Personal Cloud and log on to it with my device username and password. However this doesn't make the private folder appear in File Explorer.
I have copied over a lot of files into the Private folder by connecting directly without going through the router and can see them all when logged into the Personal Cloud as per above. However I achieved this by switching off my firewall to gain access and them switching it back on again once I had connected – not a sensible long term solution.
Neither my Hi Fi streamer nor Smart TV can see the Private folder (although the TV can see the Public one) so presumably the problem lies somewhere within the router settings (I have a BT Home Hub 5).
Can anyone suggest any solution? Seagate's documents imply that I should be able to plug the NAS into the network and that all I need to do then is map the Private and Public drives – simples!!! I can't replicate that anyway.

Answer:Problem with PC seeing Seagate Personal Cloud

Sorry - that last comment seems a bit confusing. I meant that I can't replicate being able to see the Private folder by disabling my firewall.

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Hi all. This my first post here. Problem I am having is I recently bought a seagate 320gb sata 7200.10 and well its dead now.A chip on back of it burnt out.Now I own like 4 320gb and 1 500gb all seagate so this be my first hard drive to return to them. What I want to know is, will they honor my warranty? I dont want to waste $$ on shipping just to be told warranty void. Help anyone?

Answer:Seagate 320gb SATA Problem

I tend to think that once you are issued an rma# they will ship the new drive upon receiving your old one. I have never had to return a seagate drive, [WD and Maxtor yes] in every case with the rma# the new drive is shipped.

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I've used this free version of Acronis numerous times to clone an HDD to a new/larger one. On this Acer W7 64bit laptop with a 150Gb Toshiba drive, DW recognises the old drive and the 250Gb Seagate one in an external caddy. The process seems to go normally until the first reboot - the screen shows 'starting seagate loader---' for a few seconds, then goes blank. Nothing happens after that.
Any ideas Folks?

Answer:Seagate DiskWizard Problem after re-boot

have you exchanged the drives after cloning? as that is the point of it. if you have two drives with bootable os on both windows will not know which to boot from

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Hi Everyone,

I have just found a solution to the problem I was having and thought I would share it in case it helps anyone else.

I bought a Seagate Freeagent Desk 1TB about a year ago and it has worked fine until recently. Now when I plug it in it takes about 3 or 4 minutes for it to register on the computer, and autoplay pops up. When I started copying things to or from the drive, it worked for about 1 minute and then froze. Canceling the operation caused a crash on the system and when it had recovered, the drive was no longer accessible. I ran checkdisk which failed after a minute and the same problem - mini crash and drive no longer accessible. When I unplug the drive and plug back in, the drive is recognised once again. In short, anything you do works for 1 minute and then fails.

Eventually, i decided to open it up and remove the actual hard drive from the casing. I connected it to a desktop pc, and it simply would not boot up with the drive in. I had to disable smart check first and then cancel checkdisk when it started. Once I got booted into windows, the drive was visible but would disappear after a minute of activity. I tried recovery software which also failed after 1 minute. Finally, I have just succeeded copying everything off it by removing the hard drive from its casing along with circuitry which plugs into the back of the actual HD, acting as a usb port converter. I put the hard drive on a laptop cooling tray whilst making sure none of the circuitry came int... Read more

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Morning all this Seagate Barracuda 2nd drive 3000GB was in my PC as storage for photos, videos etc when i noticed that it was not appearing in my Devices and Drives, so i took a look in the Disc Management it did show the drive as connected BUT it says Unallocated space, this drive was working fine a couple of days ago is there any chance of getting back what was stored on it if i plug it in to SATA Caddy or will that cause more problems by trying to accessing it. Appreciate any help with this. Thanks.
Windows 10
8 Gig Ram

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I have a Seagate GoFlex External hard drive (2TB). I originally formatted with an apple computer, running OSX, which I no longer have. I am trying to format it to run on my windows computer. The bios seems to recognize it, but the Operating system does not. I am also unable to format it on my Linux computer. I have had the BIOS on both computers scan the GoFlex drive, but the bios says it is fine, no problems with it. Does anyone have any Ideas?
Edit: I've also tried the troubleshooting on the Seagate website, But my Disk Management won't open, it just says "Connecting to Virtual Disk Service..." and only that
It will NOT load the information about disks

Edit: I've gotten it to work, or at least that part. Do I want to initalize it with an MBR or GPT partitioning style?

Edit: I have tried to initalize it, but it says it could not because of I/O device error
The link to the error message screen shot is here:
Could this be a driver problem? or is the Hard Drive bad. (I sure hope it's not)

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I just bought seagate ST9250827AS 250 GB hard disk with transcend
casing, on 7 th october 2008. (bangalore)
whenver I try to do some sort of heavy work, like copying large data,
disk check, external hard disk gets heated upto 52 degree celcious and
casing also gets heated too much.

noramlly 43-46 C

Is there any problem in hard disk? Is it intended to operate at this
much higher ranges??

waiting for you reply

Answer:seagate SATA overheat problem

I did not realize it was an external drive. I looked around on Seagate's website, but for some reason could not get the data sheet for your drive. I did see where 55C was an acceptable temperature in the knowledge base. Perhaps you can poke around in here: And find out the answer. My external drive gets pretty warm when transfering stuff, but I have never measured the temp.

If the temperature is unacceptable to you, there are external enclosures that come with a fan to cool the hard drive. :cool

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I have a Sager Notebook and a couple of months ago after about 2 yrs of operation the harddrive crashed. A friend checked ther harddrive and got bad sectors in different places each time he checked, so he guessed there was soem dust in the hd and we tossed it. A bought a new seagate 60g and it ran for about a month or so before it decided to die on me. The problem is however, the drive is not detected in the bios. freaking out thinking my laptop has somehow retarded itself, i yanked my girlfriends hd out of her hp notebook and placed into mine. bios detected and it began to boot up. Slipped mine into her notebook and same problem, no detection.

Obv. to my theory its purely the harddrive but i wanted to get any second opinions on what may be going on here.

Answer:Seagate notebook HD detect problem

It could very well be that your hdd is fried. This is not uncommon, especially in laptops. The next HDD you get, make sure its impact resistant.



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Good Afternoon,
After the success of my last plea I thought I would ask again, but I do not expect anyone to be able to help, unfortunately! As I have said before I am still using Quicken ( XP 2004 ) for our bank accounts and shares. I have now got the Seagate portable 500 GB drive working quite well, BUT what I haven?t got is Quicken ?seeing? it. I don?t think there is a way of forcing Quicken to make it do so, and so whilst I can record/back up most things to it Quicken states that it is ?Unable to access the disk in the drive. Please make sure the drive is ready and the disk is not write protected?. I know the disk is ready all the time the computer is on and it can not be write protected ? as I have backed up straight t to it, with absolutely no problems ? as I have not tried to do this. If anyone has ANY idea as to how I could ?force?/con/inveigle Quicken into accepting the drive I would be immensely grateful!
Many thanks in anticipation and not only for reading this but for any solutions put forward.

Answer:Quicken/Seagate drive problem

I had exactly the same problem. I fixed it. But I cannot remember how!
I'll work on it.

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Hi, I bought one of these drives a few months back, had problems originally with 'delayed write failure' in XP, but managed to correct that by changing the USB cable.I'm now running Vista instead of XP and that's made no difference, its been fine, but over the last few weeks the drive hasn't been spinning down when the PC shuts down (usually takes about 20 seconds once the PC turns off), but instead keeps spun up with the strip on the front 'glowing' quickly. Its also started doing this while I've been using Windows, and vanishes from the available drives. The only way to resolve this seems to be to shut the PC down, unplug the drive from the PC and mains for 30 seconds, plug the drive back in and then turn the PC on again. This was ok once every other week, but now its happening daily - is this a Vista problem or a faulty drive?

Answer:Seagate Freeagent 500GB USB 2 Problem

Sounds like a probable faulty drive I think. If you have anything on there that you don't want to lose, better do a backup of it just in case - even if I am wrong about the drive.

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I purchased a Seagate STDN100 Diskless System Business Storage 4-Bay Rackmount NAS from Newegg, but it didn't include rails to rackmount it. I original purchased Seagate STDP401 rails, but they don't work with the STDN100 and are meant for the STDP12000100 or STDP24000100 Business Storage-Nas. When I contacted Seagate for help with finding the right rails to rackmount this NAS they told me I just need standard 1U rails. After looking around I thought Cyberpowers 1U rails were that perfect match and were exactly what I needed, but the holes were not threaded and the spring thrumb screws in the NAS are not long enough to go all the through to thread into a nut considering the hole in the rails are not prethreaded.

The picture are as follows.

This the front of the rail show the two front screws holding the rail with square washers:
This the front of the STDN100 showing the spring loaded screw:
This is the other side of the front rail showing the nuts holding the standard 1U Cyberpower rails in place:

Now that you have an idea of what my problem is can anyone help me solve it or give some good advise on where to find better rails that actually have threaded holes?

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hello guys,

yesterday my brother gave me a desktop computer

Here is the SPEC:

HP Compaq dc7800

Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHZ

2 GB ram "Dual channel 1 GB each”

250 GB Seagate barracuda 7200 SATA

no graphics card yet “will buy one soon"


i tried to install windows 7 because there was no system on HD "New HD" even when i start-up the computer, it told me new device configuration "Seagate 250 GB"

Anyway, the installation stuck at expanding windows files 0 %

I tried to use USB instead of DVD but it stuck at first screen "windows is loading files"

Also tried to install XP but in installation it gives me blue screen and told me to do CHKDSK /F


When I do CHKDSK /F from windows 7 DVD repair ... it gives me error

This disk is write protected!!

i searched the internet looking for solution but no luck

Tried to use diskpart tutorial...

Change setting in bios... even updated the bios

Install HD on other computer... i can transfare files to the HD with no problems

But none works


Now I’m totally lost what should I do??
and if i may ask, does these Hard-Drives have jumper because mine don't

Answer:seagate 250 GB SATA write-protected problem

Hi, where did the drive come from?
As for jumpers, you answered your own question, no jumpers.

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Hey dudes,

I have a Maxtor 160GB hard disk that I have my operating system, and a Seagate Barracuda 7200 320GB for my media/extra files++.

Yesterday I turned on my computer and when I tried to explore that disk from My Computer/..... I saw instead of

"SG Barracuda320GB", .... "Local Disk D)" and it was not accesible when I tried to click on that disk.

I thought to restart my pc, sometimes a restart saves you... but after the restart I cannot see my disk at all inside 'My Computer' window. There is only the Maxtor one, plus, I cannot see the Seagate one in the Device Manager too.
I mean, it just disappeared or something, any ideas? Cause I have really important files there.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Seagate Barracuda 7200 320GB Problem.

Go into to safe mode..
reboot the PC then press F8
select the very first on the list SafeMode

Does My Computer see the drive.. If it does then you need to go into
Control Panel
Click on System
Click on Advance
Click on Profiles and delete the one you're having a problem with...
Prior to doing that you need to backup your favorities and desktop.. if you want to save the data.

Now if this still doesn't do the trick then you might have a bad HDD Controller on the MOBO or the PSU is going bad.. Where not enough power for one of the HDD so it won't show-up no matter what you do..

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Drive: Seagate External Hard Drive 1TB
Separate Lock software bought, $45: Lockngo.exe - Keynesis Pro.
OS: Vista

Yesterday morning I used my External Hard Drive (trough lockngo.exe)
for around 2 hours without any problems.

After finishing, I locked the external hard drive.

12-13 hours later when I arrived home, I finished doing some school
work and tried to access the external hard drive to make a back up of
the file.

I double clicked on lockngo.exe and typed in the password, it then
displayed "Unlocking..." as usual but then another window popped

"F:\ is not accessible .

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Funny thing is, I then went to "Computer Management" and under "Disk
Drives" it showed my external hard drive under Disk drives:
"Seagate FreeAgent USB Device".

I then right clicked it, went to Properties and it said "This device
is working properly.".

I installed the extra SeaGate manage software, did a few error checks
etc and said that the external hard drive is working fine.

After that, I went to "Disk Management" and it showed:

Volume - Layout - Tupe - File System - Status

( F: ) - Simple - Basic - RAW - Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)

What concerns me is the "RAW" part... what does it mean? Anything bad
or is it just normal? Since I thought it's meant to say "NTFS"?

So in the end I've got a HIGH feeling that the external hard d... Read more

Answer:Seagate external hard drive problem

I just download a recovery Seagate tool;

Installed it and did a run on the program.

2 Images with links are posted below:


When the hard drive is, well was, working fine, when the driver is locked, it only shows the lockngo.exe.

But ofcourse, this locking program is so damn good that it even hides my "Xuquan" folder that contains like 170GB worth of data which only shows via the lockngo.exe program.

Once the password has been entered correctly, the folder "Xuquan" then shows.

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Hello. This teckie wanna be is now having trouble trying to get xp loaded on a new build. I put in the harddrive and now get the NTLDR is not on here error.
d945gpm Intel board.. Anyone have a clue? thanks..

Answer:Seagate 250g Sata Drive Problem

Did you load the drivers for the SATA drive ?

Is the BIOS set to the SATA drive as first boot device ?

Do a google on missing NTLDR and read the results.


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I am trying to add an old Seagate ST310014ACE 10 GB ATA hard drive as a slave to my old computer running under Windows 98. It shows up on the BIOS as a secondary slave, but not in the Eplorer window, so I cannot access it. I have downloaded drivers from the Seagate site, and set the jumpers every which way, but nothing seems to work. The Seagate site and the back of the drive says jumpers should join pins: 7,8 - Master or single drive; 7,8 and 5,6 - Master with non-ATA compatable slaves; 5,6 for Cable select; 1,2 to Limit capacity, 40 GB=32 GB, <40 = 2.1 GB; no jumpers for Drive as Slave. I have also tried to install the drive as master in another old computer with similar results. Could problem be I bought a defective drive? It does heat up, and hum as if disk is spinning.

Answer:Problem installing Seagate Drive as Slave

Open up your control panel. Go to administrative tools. Then to computer management.

Under "Storage" you will see "Disk Management." Click that. You should see your drive if the jumpers are set properly (maybe even if they're not). Right click it and set it up to run on your system (might need a format).

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Hi I m Garry,

I am facing problem in installing seagate ATA HDD as primary slave.I have samsung primary master (40GB ATA).I did the partiton of new Seagate 80 GB HDD.but after rebbot my system is hanged.I checked CMOS bios setup.Every thig is fine.Once system got boot , but new HDD was not detected but CMOS setup shows the new 80GB HDD.Then i restarted the system,system came up,detected HDD but got hanged in between.Without new HDD,systemworks fine.Pls help me.I didnt format the new HDD & i did the partition with partition magic.My primary HDD has win98 & win xp.I am doing all this on WIN XP.

Hope you people will help me.

Cheers Garry

Answer:Problem in installing seagate ATA HDD as primary slave.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I have edited and moved your post to it`s own thread in the correct forum. I`m sure someone will be along to help you soon.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi, I'm new to the forum so please bear with me!

So I've been using my external hard drive for over a year to store music and photos; it has a 500GB capacity.

But recently when I've plugged my hard drive in it's not showing under my computer, or if it does show it wont open and I keep getting an error message. Is there any other way I can go about searching for it on my laptop?

I don't know if it's my laptop or my hard drive that has the problem, and really need some help please!
(The only other laptop I have available is a Mac, which i cannot use to open the hard drive unless I format it, which means losing my data so i really don't want to do that)
EDIT: i've followed the troubleshooting on the seagate website, and discovered that my hard drive partition is RAW.. is there a way i can change this?

Answer:problem with Seagate Expansion Drive not recognised

Run Partition Wizard free's - Partition Recovery Wizard with a Quick Scan, then take a screenshot of the results and post here, quit/exit out of wizard and remove your external until further instructions from an expert.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I?ve used Seagate Disc Wizard successfully for a long time with XP.
I always created an image of my system before adding any new software so I could restore in case of conflicts or dislike of the new software.
I?ve just bought a new computer running Windows 7 64-bit with TWO 500Gb drives installed. I?m a complete newbie with Windows 7.
I understood the latest Disc Wizard was compatible with Win7 64-bit.
At anyrate, it installed without any problem.
With the computer completely free any other software, I wanted to create an image that reflected the system ?clean? so that I could restore to original in case of problems.
So, I created a backup and this too went fine. Just like in XP.
I then installed some software: Winrar - No problem.
Next I installed ?Revo Uninstaller?. This seemed to install correctly but when I tried to access or even use its ?uninstall? button , window popped up saying the system ?had encountered a problem?.
Since clearly I didn?t have an ?uninstaller? programme, I looked in Add/Remove Programs. There was no sign of Revo and none via ?regedit?. So I?m guessing nothing was installed.
Nevertheless, I thought this would be a good a time as any to run my Disc Wizard backup.
Everything looked fine until it got to the ?progress? screen.
Screen then went black and my ?AsRock motherboard? info appeared for a millisecond saying something like ?unable to mount? or No Device detected.
I can?t think what I?ve done wr... Read more

Answer:Problem with Seagate Disc Wizard & Windows 7

Windows7 has it's own, perfectly adequate built-in backup program, found in Control Panel > Backup and restore, with which you can create a system image, backup individual files, and set up a regular schedule. It is vastly improved over efforts in previous operating systems. Suggest you ditch Seagate and have a look at this. Don't forget to create a rescue (boot) disk.

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External drive seems to work fine using it with Windows XP. However, when I try and load the BounceBack Express software, it begins to load and then when searching for the drives it "freezes up" and becomes "non-responding". I have it hooked up through the Firewire with the drive as a FAT32. Seems like if it works without the software, it isn't a hardware issue yet CMS tells me to hook it up through USB (which I haven't tried yet). Anyone have any solutions?


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Dear Support,

I tried most of the forums, but didnt find a solution for this one. I have a Seagate external hard disk just 3 months old!!!

I have a hp laptop and was connecting to it using 3.0 USB port. I was getting the error


I had quite lot of data in it, BUT, i did not mind about the data here, AS the hardware is more important for me, as its just 3 months old. So i just tried to format the disk. I also tried CHKDKS f:/R/X option and it completed successfully with out error which took almost 2 days completely. BUT formatting has become a problem as explained below.

Everytime i try to format the drive, say it starts formatting and it reaches some 16-20 % the drive disconnects itself as i hear a disconnection sound, and after that it connects itself again, as i hear sort of power on sound. Immediately i get an error from the format telling me that the drive is disconnected and the format cannot continue.


PLEASE GUYS I WOULD REALLY BE GRATEFUL IF ANYONE OF YOU CAN assist me in guiding me, as to what would be the problem.

I have already tried uninstalling the USB HOST drivers from the HP website(as i have a hp system installed.)
The drive is not even detected currently in USB 2.0. Not sure what is the reason. I just want to save my hard disk, as i paid a lot for it and its just 3 months onl

Answer:Seagate 1TB external disk just 3 months old Problem :(

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Hello, I just brought this hard drive from in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Hard Drive : Seagate Baccauda 7200.7 80013AS SATA 80.0gb 8meg

I have some problem with this hard drive.

When fresh install windows 98se the hard drive should span the entire drive. it should show 80.0 gb but it show 74.4gb where is 5.6gb go?? I used DiscWizard2003 (the S.M.A.R.T. work fine but after I format the hard drive again, the S.M.A.R.T. is not working in Norton SystemWorks 2003 Professional)

Second, few day later, my computer start to slow down while i open a explorer windows. It freeze for a moment then resume again. It really annoying me. I use the Windows 98se build X.XX.2222A include Internet Explorer 6 SP1 package with Win 98se patches.

Think you guys can help me?


Lucan (sorry about long post)

Answer:Seagate Baccauda 7200.7 SATA problem

The size difference between the "advertised" storage & the actual storage is due to the fact that HDD companies consider 1MB to be equel to 1000KB, 1GB to be equal to 1000MB, etc.

OSes & hard drive utilities will tend to count 1MB as 1024KB & there is where the size difference stems from.

Do a search on the forums as this topic has been discussed quite a lot already.

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when I connect my seagate expansion external hard disk 500gb having p/n:9sf2a2-500 in windows xp(sp2) system, Found new hardware wizard pops up and when I click next it says "Cannot install this hardware".
After which a message is shown in the taskbar saying "A problem occured during hardware installation". The hard disk did not come with any cd, also I have learnt that external hard disks doesnt require any type of software.The hard disk is not shown either in Mycomputer or device manager.I see the light blinking on the external hard disk but I dont feel any spinning of disks when I place my hand on the external hard disk.
So anyone here please suggest me what to do?

Answer:Problem with seagate external hard disk

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I have a Seagate Go Flex Home drive connected to my network which I have used mainly to act as a store for .mp3 files to be played back via a network player. Looking back it may have always been temperamental from the start (2 years ago) but I put that down to my network.
However it is no longer accessible by my PC (it doesn't appear as a drive in Windows Explorer), and the files are not visible on the network player or the players app on my iPad).
The white light on the base unit is off - which according to the handbook means that it isn't installed or is experiencing a problem. I have tried a reset which immediately caused the white light to start flashing and then go steady, but the unit did not then switch off as per the reset instructions.
Can anyone advise on anything else I can try or is the unit likely to be dead?

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Hi all,

I bought my seagate 250gb hard drive about 2-3 years ago. It has started making low buzzing noises, and has been getting worse over the past 2 weeks. I have positioned it right in my computer, at first I was thinking it may be a little out of place possibly rattling off the case but it still made the buzzing noise. I took it out this morning and obviously there must be something wrong with it, as the buzzing noises have stopped.


I took the 250gb HDD out, then put it in again. Everything was fine till I got 'Error loading OS'. So my C drive is my 80gb hdd and I use the 250gb for extra storage. I've connected the right cables but it doesn't seem to even load with the 250gb in it, I've took the 250gb out and the 80gb (original) works fine.

Hope I can get a solution to this. Thanks for reading.

Answer:Seagate 250G Barracuda 7200.8 HDD Problem

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i am trying to retrieve data from my old dell inspiron 600 seagate (e)ide hard drive but cannot get the pins to line up with my external combo ide/sata docking station. there seems to be a plastic block on the seagate hard drive stopping me from doing so,can anyone offer solution so that i can dock the hard drive to the docking station to retrieve my data.can the plastic block be removed thereby making it a straight ide to ide dock?


Answer:dell inspiron 6000 seagate hd interface problem

The adapter that is on the drive from the laptop is removable to expose the standard 2.5" IDE connector. That connector you're looking at is a caddy that is used to secure the drive into the laptop.

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I'm trying to load an ADVANT(ABB) station for my distributed control system(DCS) from ABB, in this process i am trying to load ADVANT software in a seagate make HDD which is to be done in a HP-515 series industrial grade machine. but when i'm trying to load the drive from a CD-ROM drive the process should start with loading HP-UNIX first then subsequently all ADVANT software have to be loaded.But It gets stucked up in a step where the system message is like.."querying disc device 2/0/1.6.0...".please help me.The hard disc is a new one. it's seagate make and the model no. is "ST34371N".

Answer:Problem in loading HP-UX in seagate make hard disc.

Was the drive formatted ? ?Some ship from the factory un-formatted...You can also DLoad and run the SeaTools diagnostics on it available Free at their site.

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I'm using a Laptop running Windows Vista. I have tried umpteen times to activate the Dashboard facility without success. Each time I get to the end of the procedure and it says the install is finished and I click to start, it tells me "An unknown error has occurred. Please restart Dashboard and try again." On one occasion at the end of an install it called up Windows Explorer and asked me to 'unblock' so I did, which prompted a warning suggesting this was not a good move, so I cancelled only to get the above unknown error message again. I wanted to back-up 2 smaller drives which are nearly full. I would like to use the Dashboard but if all else fails could I just copy their contents across?

Answer:Seagate Backup Plus Slim Hard Drive.Problem.

If you decide to give up on dashboard, I would format the USB ie an empty disc. Then you can easily copy to it without wasting space for Dashboard etc.

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I recently purchased "Domex DMX-3294U2W Ultra2 Wide SCSI PCI controller" & "Seagate ST173404LC SCSI HDD". I'm trying to install win2k server on it and I'm having heck of troubles. First, I made sure both hardware are working by installing them into working system. System recognized both parts, installed fine and I was even successful of formatting the HDD itself, saving some files, erasing, and reformatting. However, when trying to install Win2k on it, (after installing 3rd party scsi driver - F6) it will not let me install on the HDD... It always has I/O error, always says can not access the HDD. However, it recognized the HDD because it lists the scsi hdd model but can't access it... I went to seagate website but they state that win2k does not need seperate driver for this product and did not post any drivers...
Any ideas????
Thanks Geeks!

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I've been using a 1TB FreeAgent Drive as a system backup since early 2009. It's worked fine all that time. I've never had any problems with it. Several days ago, our home suffered a momentary (3-5 seconds) power failure while I was using my computer, shutting everything down. When I rebooted the computer, everything was working normally, EXCEPT for the FreeAgent Drive.

Under normal circumstances, it boots up with the computer, emitting that familiar whine as its logo lights up. Since the power failure, it refuses to activate. The device emits the telltale whining noise, but it does not light up, and clicks off, only to continue this cycle in an endless loop until either I shut off the computer or unplug the drive. Because the device is not active, the computer doesn't recognize that it's plugged into the USB port. I have my entire music library, hundreds of important documents, family photos and home movies in this drive, and if it's a lost cause, I might just break down in tears.

Does anybody know what exactly is wrong with my FreeAgent Drive, and if so, is there anything I can do to salvage my data without spending hundreds of dollars on a professional recovery service?


Answer:Seagate Free Agent Desk Drive Problem

First of all, files that you don't have backed up are files you should expect to lose. And the worst place possible to store them is on a drive like that which fails easier than any other that exist.

Since all drives will fail, you probably just lost your files sooner than later.

The power surge likely fried something. It may be the drive electronics, or just the case. It can cost into the $1000's to get files off the drive if the drive is affected. But you may be able to get them if it is just the case. But you will have to remove the drive from the case and attach it to another machine, either internally, or through an adapter for USB.

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Problem To Install Win 98/me In Seagate Sata Hard Disc :-
I Have A Seagate Sata Hard Disc ( 80 Gb ) .when I Install Windows '98 Or Windows Me , In The Middle Of Installation An Error Ocured.a Blue Screen Shows An This........
"your Multi Function Device (standard Dual Pci Ide Controler ) Has Some Child Devices Using 32 Bit Drivers And Others Using Compatibility Mode Drivers.this Configaration Is Not Supported , So Your Computer Has Been Halted To Prevent Corruption.
After You Restart Your Computer , Windows Will Use Compatibility Mode Drivers For Each Child Device Attached To This Multi-function Device. If You Want To Use 32 Bit Drivers You May Be Able To Obtain An Updater Driver For The Device That Caused The Problem By Contacting Your Hardware Manufracturer , Or Youcan Disable The Device.
Press Any Key To Continue………………….
System Halted…………. "
When Install Is Finished , I Found There Is No Cd Rom/ Cd Writer Drive In "my Computer " Page.but When I Install Windows Xp ,than All Problems Are Solved. Also In The Middle Of Installation No Message Is Shown.

If Any Friend Solve My Problem ???? So Please Solve My Problem.
I Am Waiting.

Answer:Problem To Install Win 98/me In Seagate Sata Hard Disc

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Ok, something weird is going wrong with a seagate drive I bought for my girlfriend. Its working perfectly fine on my computer, and it did initially show up on her laptop too. However, her laptop froze up completely and it had to be shut down via the button while it was plugged into the laptop. Now it doesnt turn up in My Computer, but only on her computer. Its present under devices, but nowhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated and Id be happy to give any more details anyone might need to help me out. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Problem with a 500GB Seagate expansion external drive

Try this How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers

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Hi, I'm using the free Maxblast 5 drive imaging app on Win XP Pro and trying to do an image verification of an image I made weeks ago. I get an error saying "Failed to create the scheduled task....error 1722...RPC server unavailable". I followed suggestions on the Acronis site about creating the service to no avail (Maxblast uses the Acronis engine). I see no Acronis service in the list of services and running the Acronis Scheduler (DOS function) did nothing either.

Has anyone on this forum messed with this app? The Maxtor user forum apparently sees little expert traffic, so no help likely there. Seagate and Maxtor both have a similar app using the identical Acronis engine and both have the same problem. Also, when I run it from a Maxblast generated boot CD, all I get is some sort of dump of a lot of DOS mode text then it just stops. I'm sensing a "you get what you pay for" situation.

This stuff is free as long as you have one or more Seagate or Maxtor drives on the system, perhaps that's the problem (being free, that is). It does however, work great from Windows. But if you can't boot, you are screwed. Should I cut my losses, bite the bullet and just buy Acronis True Image ($50)? Or, here's another promising imaging app for $39.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Seagate/Maxblast disc imaging util problem

I use the Seagate Discwizard that has Arconis in it.
I make all my images by booting into the rescue boot disc and launching Acronis from it.

Just to note that on one computer where I installed a new motherboard, the Seagate rescue disc would not recognize my hard drives and I went the route of building a BartPE with the Acronis plugin.
This is not a common problem, however.

Or you might try the free Macrium Reflect.
I've also used it and it works well for me.

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Hello to all the Toshibians,

I recently upgraded from hd(originally: Toshiba 100GB 4200rpm) in my Satellite M40-155(PSM40) with a Seagate Momentus 100GB 7200rpm/8mb cache.

I work in the music production sector and after a lot of advice I realized I needed a faster HD to maximize audio track count(working on 40+ audio tracks projects).

This Seagate hd was installed in a pro computer shop.

When going to work, after reinstalling all the applications, I noticed everything got surprisingly faster from browsing,to opening CPU intensive applications as I use for music production BUT there I got some real nasty behaviours of the computer: BEFORE the new hd install, I managed to open quite large projects I am currently working on and AFTER the hd install I noticed the playback was kind of sluggish UNTIL I NOTICED WITH THE AUDIO-APP'S OWN CPU METER THE CPU WAS GOING WILD DISPLAYING FAST CHANGING VALUES OF THE CPU-USE goingfrom 25% to 85% to 40% to 99% NON STOP CAUSING UNPROPER PLAYBACK.

I tried EVERY audio application I have to see if it was not related to a particular program, but NO: the problem is general.

(I performed every possible scan with windows tools,my bios is up to date, I don't have viruses, there's still a lot of space on the disk, I defragmented the hd.....)

So, I have a much faster quality HD and the performance decreased?!?

I already e-mailed seagate, but am waiting for a reply.

This situation is urgent, because it's the only computer I have ... Read more

Answer:Satellite M40-155(PSM40) & Seagate Momentus 7200rpm hd problem


Sorry, this is very extraordinary issue.
I can only suggest what?s wrong or why it occurs.

The fact is that the new HDD is much faster. In this case the CPU has to deal more data and processes.
Well, I don?t know if it helps to solve your issue but I recommend to change some settings in the ?Performance options?.
Go to the ?Control Panel? and ?System?. Choose the ?Advanced? tab.
Check in the second ?Advanced? tab if the ?Processor scheduling? and ?memory usage? are set to programs. Furthermore you can check the Virtual memory settings.
You can increase the virtual memory or you can set it to ?System managed size?.

This all are tips and you should try it but I?m not 100% sure if it will solve your strange issue

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I am trying to use a UATA Seagate 400g drive in a firewire housing. I am using WinXP - Sp1 on one machine and SP2 on another. I wanted to swap the drive around as needed between work - 5 machines, home - 2 machines, friends, etc. It is intended mostly as a music/video drive. However, I can only get it to format to 132G under either OS pack when using it as Firewire. I realize the limits on formatting, and I've downloaded the drivers from Intel, Dell, and MajorGeeks to allow bigger format sizes - eventhough I already have SP1 and 2 respectively.
I have formatted a 250G and a 300G in both computers as Internals - so I know I can formatt large drive sizes, but I cannot get this drive going as an external firewire... is there a limit I don't know about when formatting via firewire? In case you're thinking it, I also tried to install it internally to both my machines.. when BIOS posts I see a meesage that recognizes a 400G drive as a slave... but as both my machines are SATA masters, and IDE slots are full, I couldn't get either machine to boot with the drive set for cable select, and with the Slave IDE connector attached... I am stumped. Any ideas???

WinXp - SP1, SP2 ( 2 machines )
Pentium 4 / 3.2 GHz HT
1024 mb RAM
300G HD
1G nic

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Hey Guys,

I've had this drive for a couple years now, but every time i installed win (i install windows on another drive (80gb WD - primary master)), it would reboot the machine on install the first time and delete the partition on the seagate, the comtinue installing windows as if nothing had happened.

This was strange, but i thought it might just be the mobo and win combo doing summing funny, so unplugging the drive on win install was the way forward from there.

Now i need to use the 80gb for another machine and tried using the seagate alone in the machine as windows drive...all goes fine until windows setup reboots the maching after copying all the files across and the damn partition is deleted again!

I plugged the seagate into the other machine and tried it...this time the partition isnt gone, BUT after restard in the win setup, it hangs on trying to boot from the drive!!

ANY ideas whatsoever? As a slave or secondary master with win running on another drive this thing works perfectly, but try to boot from it and nothing works.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..but please no crap like 'trash the drive and buy another', cause i really dont have the cash to buy another drive.


Answer:Seagate 120GB PATA problem! I'm totally stumped!

but every time i installed win it would reboot the machine on install the first time and delete the partition on the seagate, Click to expand...

I don't understand the first sentence. You put in your Win CD to do a fresh install. After you finished you OS install, you reboot and window deletes that partition? It doesn't make sense to me.

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Well friends i connected a hard drive to my computer as a slave, the computer detected it, istalled it automatically and finally the dialogue box was displayed ""your new hardware is installed and ready to use"" ....... but when i enter into my computer, i m not able to see the hard drive, i m not able to see it under computer management option also....

so i downloaded Paragon Partition magic, well it was showing the hard drive but i was not able to format it by any way, can any one tell me what to do now ???

is there any software or any way through which i can get it to work....

i also used a USB HDD enclosure, when i connected it with the usb port of the computer it sounded like a new hardware is attached, it means it's detecting it but i m not able to see it inside my computer, neither m able to explore it....

PLease help ...

Answer:Seagate 40 GB hard drive problem - OS isin't able to explore

What does it say about the drive in Device Manager? If it doesn't appear in Disk Management, there is a hardware or drive configuration issue.

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Hello everyone,

My external HDD (Seagate Expansion Drive 2TB) became inaccessible today. Bought it around 3 years ago and works fine until today.

The things I did before disassemble:
Change USB cable
try other USB slot
try connect to other computer (my macbook)
none of them works.

I decided to disassemble the drive (since the warranty is expired), take it off from the enclosure, and connect it directly to my mobo via SATA.

It can be seen in Device Manager, but in Disk Management it asks for initialize and show wrong capacity (show only 128GB).

with Seatools, Short DST pass but failed on Short Generic test. Drive Information on Seatools shows only 4 GB.

Tried TestDisk, but since it showed incorrect size, I didn't proceed further.

Mini Tool Partition Wizard shows bad disk. Didn't proceed with the scan though.

Is there any chance to get my data back? Or any suggestion what should I do next? Any help will be appreciate.

So sorry for my poor English, and since this is my 1st thread, I might accidentally break some rules here. Please apologize.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Seagate 2TB problem:inaccessible,ask for initialize,incorrect capacity

Hi Twinklestar,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Not a good news. Your drive is a goner. I have seen many users reporting this problem but not solved.( shows as 128GB drive, trying to initialise throws up an error message "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error", Seatool for Windows reporting it as a 4TB drive - your third screenshot -)

The cause for this is more or less established by reasoning - failure of the HDD Controller PCB on the HDD.

Possible solution - swap the PCB from an identical HDD - same model number. A difficult task which may or may not succeed. Though this has been suggested, I haven't seen any user doing that and reporting success.

No DIY data recovery is possible. However a truly Professional Data Recovery Service can recover the data. They may have the necessary electronics to do that.

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After following the OEM instructions by the book I still get a blinking cursor after POST.

- The Seagate copy util worked without any error dialogs.
- The bios sees the drive, POST has a line correctly indicating the drive.
- Jumpers are installed per the manual, the jumper loc is the far left position (Master ) for the 120GB and it is plugged in using the 'master' plug.
- I have used the Seagate util to reset the MBR.
- Tried the size-limit jumper located in the far right jumper location-
Response: cursor reacted the same way just blinked. System would not proceed and boot up.

Win XP, current on patches.

-Bios PhoenixBios 4.0 at 6.0.K
-Drive: Seagate ST3120026A Ultra ATA
-Previous drive: ST360020A Ultra ATA
Double boot using GRUB and SUSE 8.0
-CMOS set to AUTO.

Previous drive Seagate 60 GB worked fine, just got full.

Any ideas?!?


Answer:Install problem Seagate 120GB into HP Pavillion XT938

With the Seagate utilities did you just copy all the files from the 60 or did you "clone" it ? ? ?
If not you can re-do the entire operation by returning the 60 to it's master position with the new one as slave...

Another thing to consider when working with cloned drives and i have learned the hard way in the past.
After a clone operation it is a good idea to install the newest cloned drive as master with no other HDD's connected and make sure it boots a few times successfully without any other HDD's in the system.
At that point it's usually safe to re-introduce the other HDD as a slave...


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so my drive is connected to my HP pavillion dv6133ea laptop through a usb nextar hd dock. it has worked fine for ages but now has started to stop suddenly during access of files on the drive. it's not making any funny noises, spins up fine but after 10 to 20 minutes of use stops working. if I reboot the drive sometimes it says it needs to format disk or if I wait a while it will boot up fine again. tried to diagnose myself and doesn't sound like a crash or notorious firmware problems to me. got it to boot up and tried to run CHKDSK on it. made it about 20 minutes through and suddenly stops. scared to keep trying to diagnose because if it is dying I want to save it's remaining vitality on trying to recover files!

any help is much appreciated!

Answer:seagate barracuda 7200.11 1000Gb drive problem, need help diagnosing :)

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I have a new extenal seagate esata 300gb hard drive that is not being recognize. P5WD2-E premium mobo. I enable the eSata in the Bios, downloaded the marvel drivers, but when I try to install the drivers it begins installation and the stops and I get a message driver installation failed. Going crazy it should be simple. I tried Asus tech support but they stink!. Any sugestion from anybody. I don't want to think that this mobo is defective. I have for almost a year and no problems until now. THANKS.

Answer:Problem instaling seagate 300GB eSata drive(external)

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Happy New Year My original harddrive in x60 tablet broke so I replaced it with Seagate Momentus 7200.3 Hard Drive (320GB - 7200rpm - Serial ATA/300 ST9320421AS). I don't like the vista either so I tried to install winxp on it. After installing new harddrive, I verified that harddrive/model was recognized correctly in BIOS. I also ran the HDD diagnostic program in BIOS, it passed the test (read verification and speed test). With xp tablet version when loading phase was done and computer was about to start, I got blue screen ask me to check harddrive. With xppro, I got error message at same stage, it complained that harddrive cannot be found. Other changes I made were1. I expanded memory to 4GB corsair long time ago, it ran well under the original vista came with laptop2. I updated my bios version to 1.14 (7JET29WW) when I had problem with original harddrive Thanks for reply!Message Edited by saja on 01-01-2009 06:33 AM


Go to Solution.

Answer:X60 tablet /Seagate 7200.3 320GB HD/WinXP combo problem?

Presumably your XP OS cds are not from Lenovo right??? In which case, set your BIOS to compatibility mode, so that the BIOS can load the SATA driver, since XP don't have native SATA support during installation. Once you finished installation and everything, you can then change back the BIOS to the original setting. 

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Here's my strange problem:

I have a 120gb Seagate HDD that I use for backup storage. I have been using the drive for about 5 months now without a problem. One day I booted it up and realized that BIOS did not detect it. It is currently SECONDARY SLAVE. The strange part is, once I get into winxp, it sees the drive - albeit in PIO ONLY mode instead of DMA. Once I do a reboot (NOT A COMPLETE SHUTDOWN), BIOS sees the drive and it functions normally again - winxp sees the drive as correctly functioning and in DMA mode.

What's strange is that once I start up the computer from a cold boot, go into BIOS, and check what devices are where, BIOS does not see anything in secondary slave at first. Once, I do an "auto detect" it picks up the info on my HDD and it works fine.

I've tried flashing the BIOS and the problem persists. HOWEVER, the drive works fine as secondary MASTER. I swapped my sec. slave and master and the setup works fine. The device that I put into slave (a liteon 811s dvd writer) detects correctly and works fine in windows. I just have no idea why the seagate drive does not detect at first boot.

Here are my specs:
pentium 4 2.4
EliteGroup L4S8A2 mobo latest 1.0E BIOS
PRIMARY MASTER: maxtor 80gb
PRIMARY SLAVE: seagate 80gb
SECONDARY SLAVE: seagate 120gb (problem drive)
OS: WinXP Pro SP1

Please provide any feedback, this is driving me crazy!

Answer:VERY strange Seagate HDD problem - cannot detect on cold boot, but detects on reboot

A big drive like that 120G requires an 80-wire IDE flat-cable. It will run on a 40-wire cable but only at a reduced rate. Being on the same cable as a CD, reduces the HD to the DMA/PIO level of that CD.
The CD-drive only needs a 40-wire and will probably not even function with an 80-wire cable.
So unless you get another PCI-IDE controller, you will have some speed and/or compatibility problems.
Make that 120GB master and run that CD as slave, since that works (as you say).

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Two different T61ps.  Mine is a 6459-CTO model.  Two different Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB drives.  System boots fine, even with a second hard drive installed in the Ultrabay SATA adapter, most recently a Samsung Spinpoint 500GB 5,400rpm drive in mine, but before that 320GB and 200GB drives.  No problems with any of those drives. Install a Seagate 7200.4 drive in the UltraBay adapter though and turn the system on, and the system won't complete post.  The hard disk activity indicator stays on solid.  The drive activity light on the UltraBay stays on solid.  And the system doesn't leave post. Unplug the UltraBay and the system boots fine.  The drive can be used if plugged into the system via USB in an external USB/SATA case, and appears to work fine as far as I can tell in this mode. I have updated the BIOS in this T61p to the latest and the problem persists.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo T61p and Seagate Momentus 7200.4 POST problem in UltraBay

I have exact the same problem. Same Momentus 7200.4 in ultrabay, T61 (6465-CTO), it stops for long time and says ERROR 2102 HDD1 not initialized...or something like that..  Except in my case i was able to start it couple of times, but not always. My guess would be that ultrabay  not always can power up this hdd, may be I'm wrong...

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Someone in a forum mentioned a Seagate 7200 hard drive works prefect with no sound and lag when used in a harddrive box with extra power supply . The 500G 7200rpm Seagate hard drive makes noisy sound may be caused by quality as well as power supply. Can T510 with integrate graphics use a 90w adapter?


Answer:T510 with integrate graphics using 90w adapter may solve seagate 7200 500G noise problem

I don't think seagate has very good quality control.  The seagate drive I had in my computer when I got it was extremely noisy, and putting it in an external enclosure only quieted it down because it is in a metal enclosure.. if used open it is still incredibly loud. 
The thing is, it is possible the external enclosure is forcing a different operating mode on the drive.. keep in mind most laptop hds have acoustic profiles which can be altered.
I doubt that  a 90watt would be much different then the 65watt in this situation...
Moderator edit: Removed unnecessary quote.

Thinkpad T500-2081 CTO | T9400 2.53GHz | 8 GB RAM | ATI HD3650 + Intel GM45 | 15.4" LED WXGA+ | Windows 10 | ATI Catalyst 13.1 (non-switchable)Thinkpad 390x | PII 333 | 256mb ram | NeoMagic 256AV | SVGA LCD | OS/2 v4.52

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My Seagate 2.1GB hard disk is detecting by BIOS but it is working.
Please let me know a good diagnostic tool for recover my data.

Answer:"seagate" Hd Problem

So is it working or isn't it working?

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive.  The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.
On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else.  It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)
Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get  backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.
any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it. 
The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.
grateful for any help.

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I am in the unenviable position of trying to keep Windows 98 SE systems alive. I want to replace my hard drive to keep the old one as a backup. I have some 80GB drives, Seagate and WD, "PATA". I suspect the BIOS does not support 80GB drives, but I am not absolutely certain. Can I have a Seagate drive and a WD drive in one machine with DDO on both? It would be the seagate flavor on the seagate drive and the WD flavor on its drive. Same company -- Ontrack -- makes both flavors. Anyone know the answer to this?

Old (experienced ) User, Hanging on by my teeth......

Answer:Can I run a Seagate and a WD with DDO

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Question: Seagate 1t

I have this problem with my Seagate 1t external hard drive it was working fine the day before but today i opened in im my computer and id didnt show any of my files but in my computer it still shows that 400 gigs are being used the same happened to me usb but i just moved them on a mac and it worked but i dont have a mac

Answer:Seagate 1t

Try downloading Seagates diagnostics, SeaTools and check the drive for errors.

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