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Lost printing after router/print server died

Question: Lost printing after router/print server died

My Netgear FM114 router/firewall/print server finally gave up on me, after some research I've bought a Linksys cable router. However since I've taken my old HP Laserjet 2100 off the print server and attached it directly to the printer connection on my pc I'm not printing, my pc shows that the doc has been sent, but it never gets to my printer. The printer works when i do a test page from it, so it's not the printer, I've deleted and re-installed the printer, I can only think that my print spooler is still trying to send the document to my old router'print server.

I'm running Vista

Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Lost printing after router/print server died

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Lost printing after router/print server died

Go to the properties of that printer, and make sure it is using the correct port for communicating with the pc. LPT1 is the preferred port for parallel connection, and you could create a new port for a usb connection.

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Hello. I am a computer novice reaching out to anyone who might be able to help me get my small(and what should be simple) network set up. The purpose of my network is for file sharing between two computers and for printing from each computer to a single printer. After exhausting
calls to Linksys tech support and HP / Windows support, I have finally been able to get my computers to communicate. I am currently able to share files between the computers, and both computers are able to communicate with the router and print server.

Here?s my setup: HP desktop computer running Windows XP Home edition Service Pack 1 (HP pavillion / AMD Athlon XP 3200+ / 2.19 GHZ / 448 MD RAM). This computer is directly connected via ethernet cable to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (model WRT54G). The router is connected to a Linksys Print Server (model PSUS4), which is then connected via USB cable to a Brother printer (MFC-8840D). I also have a laptop computer running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 with an internal 54G wireless lan card (Mobile AMD Athlon 4 2400+ / 1.05 GHZ / 448 MB RAM). My internet service is via dial-up, which I am not trying to share or configure through the router (each computer connects directly from modem to wall jack).

I should note that I successfully used this same network setup for more than 6 months without any problems with a pentium 2 desktop computer running Windows 98. All of the problems arose when I got the new HP desktop runn... Read more

Answer:Linksys nightmare -- Can't print while online via router / print server

Have you tried instead of using a print server just connect the printer to the desktop and enable sharing? Try that and get back to us.

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I've installed a Hawkings USB print server and it seems to work except I can't print! Here's what I did:

Installed print server using wizard
Installed new printer (HP) using the print server port
Test Page - nothing - print manager status show printing but nothing.

Used Hawkings config software.
Print server along with printer shows up - says congratulations - would you like to print a test page - yes - nothing!!!

Tried a different printer (Lexmark) - same results.

Any suggestions as I continue to wait for a non-busy tone reply from Hawkings?

Answer:Help with printing using a print server

What is the exact model of the thing? How exactly did you set it up?
What printers did you test with? Try using a different type of port (if possible)?

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Here is the issue.

out of the blue, no one can print to a shared printer on a print server. On the server test pages will not even print. Check ip address, can ping the ip. Also if i go to my desktop and create a local tcp/ip printer to that ip it works fine. I deleted printer from server, deleted port, re added port and printer still nothing. went to a different server ( both MS 2003 server ) tried to create port and printer again, will not print even a test page. Again, I can go and create local tcp/ip printers on desktops and it prints fine. All the other printers work fine as well.

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Hi i have a wireless network functioning in the house. Desktop (Win98se)wired to switch which in turn is connected to a bb modem and also a WAP. Laptop (XPpro) runs a pcmcia card which connects to the wap.I have just bought a wireless print server. So my inkjet is now connected to the wps. By typing in the ip address i can access the print server from both machines. Oddly, it does not appear in network neighborhood on the desktop - but I have been able to manually add it as a network printer. So I can print quite happily from the desktop to the wirless print server. I cannot do the same from the XP laptop and cannot figure out why (especially as I can access the prnint server via its web browser). Has anyonwe got any pointers ?

Answer:printing to wireless print server

the printer or print server, but I've had a client with a similar problem in the past with a Hewlett Packard print server/printer set up.In that case the problem was caused by not running the supplied utility software on both computers, and not naming the network correctly. Once I sorted that out it all worked perfectly.

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I just deployed two new Xerox Phaser 3600 Laser Printers and shared them through our Server 2003 Print server to replace older printers. Now some strange stuff happened. I set the same IP for the new printers as the old ones and when I powered one of them on it started printing what the print server had queued even though it is an entirely different printer. Also somebody was able to print to the other printer without having to add the new printer.

I am not an expert on printers and just wondering why this is happening without installing the drivers? Everything is working great other than this strange occurrence.

Answer:New printers printing old printer jobs from print server

The server may have still had that old print job in the spooler, perhaps it was backed up, or send to the old printer just before you disconnected the old printer and connected the new one. Once new printer was up and running..the server spat out that print job again...and it went to the printer. The server didn't care what make printer was on the other knew that printer by its port..the IP address. Could have been an HP Laser 4000 you disconnected...soon as you connect any other printer to that same network IP address...the server still thinks there's a laser4000 there until you remove that hp4000 share, uninstall drivers from the server, install new Xerox drivers, and share it out.

Many printer drivers will work with other printers...especially laserjet drivers.

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My setup is this

Two desktop computers, hard cabled to a Linksys wireless broadband router model WRT54G and two laptop computer communicating with the same router using Linksys notebook adapters model number WPC54G. There is a Linksys printer server model number EPSX3 ver. 2 hard wired into the router. The router connects to a cable modem. The two desktops are running WinXP Home and the two laptops WinXP Pro.

A HP Deskjet 5650 printer is connected to one of the ports on the print server via a parallel port lead. The printer is also connected to one of the desktop computers via a USB lead.

WEP encryption is set on the router.

When I send a Word document to the printer via the print server there is a delay of two to three minutes before printing starts.

If I send the same Word document via the desktop computer that is connected to the printer via a USB lead then printing is almost instantaneous.

What am I doing wrong. Can anyone help. Please keep in mind I am a newbie to networking.

Mike Mason

Answer:Slow printing in Word using a Linksys print server

Is there virus scanning software on both computers? In the past I've had to exclude virus scanning on the spooler directory (C:\WINNT\system32\spool) to speed up printing.

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I have a windows 7 laptop printing over the network. HP psc 2175 printer is connected by usb cable to a desktop running vista home premium. Currently, I have to be logged into the desktop in order for network printing to work from the laptop. Is this typical? I'd prefer to be able to print from the laptop without logging in on the desktop. That would be more convenient since it is the CEO's desktop and I don't want to mess with it when she is traveling. Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Network printing: logged into print server required?

shouldn't have to.
as long as the desktop is turned on, you should be able to print.
unless maybe, for some reason, the print spooler service isn't running at the logon screen?

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I'm having sporadic issues with many users connected over the network to a print server. If the printer is their default printer the application used to print will freeze/lockup until they log out / restart their machine. The only way to fix this (from my experience) is to set their default printer to something else (like Adobe PDF) or bypass the print server completely and do it by direct TCP/IP.

Has anyone ever heard of this issue and know of a fix? Think it is a driver related problem?

Answer:Application locks up when printing over the network via print server

right off the bat, it sounds like a driver issue or MAJOR dns issue. Are the default printer drivers PostScript by any chance? Are you offering both 64 and 32 bit drivers?

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This may be a very stupid question, but can't think of the logical answer. Let's say I have a Win2k print server and both Windows and Unix clients that need to print to the HP printers.

Now would it be possible to have a unix print server as well? Or no, because the two print queues would not know about each other, so what would happen when a windows client prints to printer1 the same time a unix client does?

Or is there a way to set up the unix clients to print through the Windows print server?

We also have a samba server in our network if that changes things?


Answer:Unix and Windows clients printing to a Win2k Print Server?

If you run samba on the clients, you can send to Windows print queues. I don't have any links on hand, but check out for a how-to.

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I am a not-for-profit organisation having 6 laptops/desktops (Core2 Duo + Win XP/7) connected through wireless. I now need to connect 2-3 printers to be accessible to all through a wireless print server that is independent and not connected to a computer. Is this possible?

I am not very clear if this is workable...since the D-Link is specifying the printers it will work on and I dont find my printers there (see below)

HP K8600 A3 Inkjet Duplex
Canon MF 4350 Duplex

I have identified the following 2 products in India that I could buy:
i. D-Link DPR-1260 RangeBooster G Multifunction Print Server
ii. Belkin 802.11g Wireless USB Print Server

Would appreciate advise on which way to go since I wish to stash the printers away in the pantry area. Thanks


Answer:Printing through independent wireless print server without connecting to a computer

... to be accessible to all through a wireless print server that is independent and not connected to a computer. Is this possible?Click to expand...

Yes. But, as you pointed out, you have to make sure the print server and printer are compatible.

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Hi,I queued a print job from Win XP to my network printer when the server was powered off, and since booting the print server (Suse 10 VM on ESX 3.5 running samba and cups) the job is still stuck queued on my laptop (Win XP SP2).In the past I found that the if I delete every queued job on XP and then send a new print from XP it works fine. However, today the print job is the only copy, and I can't print it again.I've tried suspending the print queue and resuming it, and I've tried rebooting the XP laptop, but I can't get XP to start printing again.Can anyone tell me how get the print queue going again without losing the queued job?or alternatively, where does XP spool is print jobs? and will XP recognise the file type and print it exactly the same way as it was printed originally?Thanks

Answer:XP not printing jobs queued to network printer whilst print server was down

When you re-boot all queded tasks are gone...Sorry.

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We are looking to setup a network at a small office. Hard wire 6 computers and 2-3 wireless laptops to a single cable modem. We also need a print server.

Anyone have any suggestions on a reliable router/print server?

Answer:Print Server Router

Just about any current OS could be setup to handle printer services/communications. Though the OS you choose (Windows, *nix, Mac) may depend more on your or your admin's knowledge level.

Alternate approaches would be:
1 - Having a router that has a printer port (as you pointed out)
2 - Getting a printer port to Cat5 adapter (these are usually configurable to set the IP address, subnet, etc.)
3 - Get a printer that has built-in networking capabilities (one less hurdle to manage than #2)

Personally, I think the OS-managed approach with a dedicated machine or getting a network-capable printer are the better choices.

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my problem is i want to access a print server which s behind a router but still on teh same LAN.

ok here is my network setup
all machines running win2000

i have a cable modem running into the WAN port on a 4port linksys router/gateway/firewall
i then have 3 computers connected to it
from the 4th port i have a second router inexQ (some crap brand but i got it for free and it seems to work fine) which has 2 computers connected to it
one of these computers is an ftp/web/print server

i have managed to set it up so that the web/ftp servers work to the whole network and to the outside work (internet)
however i cant manage to figure out how to share the printer between the computers on the linksys router. they only see the inexQ router as ip:
and cant see anything behind it (ie the printer. or comp4 and comp5)
ive used port forwarding on the inexQ router to pass port 21 and 80 to the ftp and web servers respectivly

can i just forward a port or do i have to do something more creative?
here is a little mspaint drawing of how the network is wired.

left click a new window will open, right click network.jpeg and choose copy to folder. ftp isnt quite working right yet, sorry

the system is setup this way due to space restaints
there is a long cable run between the linksys and the inexQ router and the print server HAS to be at that end so the wiring cant really change much (IE i CANT make the print server plug into the linksys)

please help a newtork newb

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hi all

i am having a problem setting up a print server for a friend.
here are the details.
3 computers, all hard wired to a Dlink DIR-625 router.
1 Vista, 1 XP Pro, 1 XP Home
a Dlink DP-G321 print server is connected to the router.
the print server has 2 USB ports and these are connected to 2 HP printers.
i have installed the printer software on all the computers.
i am only able to print from the original machine that i did the printer server setup on.
i am no Network Guru, i am just trying to help someone who knows less than me
if anyone could point out any errors or omissions , i would greatly appreciate it.



Answer:router and print server help

It might be that the print server software can only be on one machine, though I have not used anything like that.

Is the printers showing in Printers and Faxes? And if so can you share them?

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I have a Netgear ps105 Print Server /4 point hub that I cannot use because it has been assigned an ip address that I do not know. Does anyone know how to discover the address please?

Answer:"Lost" ip address on Netgear print server

I have a PS110 and I checked the installation disk for documentation. There is a Manual in PDF format included on the disk.Failing that try click hereFor the PS110 you can discover the set IP address by running the Netgear PRINT SERVER SETUP WIZARD. The second screen tells you what it`s set to currently. Could this be the same for the 105?

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I'm after reviews / experiences of wired router/modem/print server. You would think current info would be easy to find, would'nt you?All help appreciated.

Answer:Router/Modem/Print Server..which one?

I am currently using a wireless router/printserver click here= (not what you are after but close).Everything works fine for me as I have 2 laptops and do not want to have a separate computer acting as a print server. The router works a treat (currently plugged into an ADSL Modem but previously used with a Blueyonder Cable Modem) and is very easy to install.However, it does not have a built in modem so I cannot comment on that.RegardsIf you can find a router/modem/print server then go for it.

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I purchased a Netgear PS101 print server to share my printer with my home network utilizing a Linksys BEFW11S4 router. I installed the Print server software and connected it to my router via hard line. The problem is when I go into my Linksys Router to set up the printer I can't see where to define the IP for the printer.

The Print server software doesn't see it either. What am I missing here? Or could it be that my printer is not capable of using the printer server (Epson Stylus C62).

Answer:Print Server and Linksys Router

You are trying to configure it from the wrong place. I don't know how that print server can be configured, but the router is the last place to try.

You might need to use some special software to give it an IP/configure or maybe it wants to use DHCP to get an IP and will provide you with a web interface.

You an see from your router config the existing IP addrsses that have been given out. If you see something besides your own computers then that is most likely the print server.

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I'm in the market for a full featured wireless router. Let me explain.

I want a wireless router that is capable of supporting the usual good signal and good security (SPI, WPA, WEP, etc) as well as a print server and reserving bandwidth...I believe that is called QOS.

I've looked at the Linksys WRT54g and have read that a hacked firmware supports QOS, but the router itself does not support printing. On the other end of the spectrum is the SMC2804WBRP-G. But I am unsure if it has a QOS feature. Does anyone know? I would like to share printers with my roommate, but he is a heavy internet user and I would like to reserve some bandwidth for when I game.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Do the new wireless routers - like linksys and dlink - have printer server capabilities?

I have an older HP 2200 all in one printer that I would like to connect to a router so that any of my computers can use it without having to worry about having a particular computer on.

I think the printer only connects via USB.

What are my options? I'm upgrading an 8 yr old SMC router, as well as some other equipment.


Answer:New router with print server capabilities?

Some very new router might have a print server feature, but don't hold your breath.

google for network print server

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Hello All :

I'm having some troubles in my new house with getting my print server to work. I currently own the following products :

Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Router
Linksys RTP300 Vonage Router
D-Link DP300-U Print Server

My old configuration worked fine, and was like this. Cable modem into Wireless Router. Vonage Router and Print Server plugged into the Wireless Router. I manually set the Print Server's IP address to Everything worked great.

New configuration (driven by new living room setup, and such the location of the routers needs to be like this) is as follows:

Wireless router is in living room. Cable modem plugs in. Internet works fine. In the dining room is one wire running to the computer stuff there. I plugged it into the Vonage router. My Vonage phones work fine. I've tried 2 things that don't work with the print server.

Number 1) Plugged into the Vonage router w/the old ( manual IP address. Doesn't work at all.

Number 2) Plugged into the Vonage router w/the IP address Works if I plug my computer via Ethernet cable into the Vonage router, but not wirelessly.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can make it work wirelessly again?

TIA for any thoughts!

Answer:Print Server & Router Error

You have another NAT layer in the mix. You need to plug the print server into the WRT54GS. You could use a small Ethernet switch to split the cable to the Vonage router and allow the print server to connect in front of the Vonage router.

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I intend to purchase the Belkin N1 (F5D8631uk4) modem wireless router (at 94)to go with my new laptop , a Dell Inspiron 1720 Duo T7250 2 GHz with Intel Pro wireless 3945 802.11g Mini card. I have looked hard at routers and the reason for the N1 is to ensure coverage (old victorian house). I also have a HP deskjet 5552 printer which I want to connect wirelessly to the router in the same room, but I am having difficulty in finding a suitable print server. Would the Belkin F1UP0002 (at 51) do the job? Are there any better ones?As you can guess I am an absolute novice, and the laptop will (probably) not be used for gaming and so the spec does not have to be too high.

Answer:?Best print server with Belkin N1 router

my suggestion would be to save the 51 and connect the printer directly to the router [as it is in the same room as the router] by patch cable I am assuming the deskjet has a network adaptor installed.

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I have a D-Link DI-704P Router and a HP Deskjet 5650 printer. Ive connected the printer to my router via a parallel cable and under ports in the printer settings, Ive enabled biderectional printing.

However, on any networked computer I cannot recieve the ink level information. I talked to HP support, and they said you should be able to receivce information even if you have a print server.

I just found this page on the d-link website,

Can someone tell me what it means? Also have any of you been able to recieve ink levels when using a print server?

Answer:D-Link Router and Print Server

Dont know anyone who has gotten that to work and it looks like the link you posted explains why. It cant interpret the embedded driver codes. Just be happy that the print server works. I know a few people that cant even get their printers to work with it. My LaserJet 5p has issues with printing web pages thru it. But documents are fine.

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i installed my new HPphotosmart printer onto my vaio (usb installation)everything goes ok and works then i ran the belkin print server wizard so i can plug my printer into the printer connection on my router,problem is that now the printer will not print,is there a way of finding the printer through the belkin settings page has any had my probs,thanks

Answer:new belkin router with print server

Which model?

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My trusty SMC 7004AWBR with a built-in print server has finally croaked after 5 years of use so it's time for a replacement. Wireless G Routers with print servers (like the USR5461) are very cheap and reliable right now but I'd rather not waste money on G technology if I don't have to.

Is there a MIMO router out there with a built-in print server? I can't seem to find one.

Answer:MIMO Router w/ Built-in Print Server?

I have yet to see one.. worst case you have to buy a seperate print server.

Plenty of G routers with them.. but dont know about mimo.

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Help, My Canon Pixma Mp 780 Printer Cannot Print From My U.s Robotics Router Usr 5461 - With A Built In Print Server.

Can Anyone Tell Me What To Do?
Thank You Very Much.

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I'm selling off my 7004AWBR soon, as I bought a new laptop with 802.11g.

I'd like to retain print server capability if possible.

Answer:reccomend a good 802.11g router. (print server a +)

Originally posted by NecessaryEvil
I'm selling off my 7004AWBR soon, as I bought a new laptop with 802.11g.

I'd like to retain print server capability if possible. Click to expand...

How about I sell you an ethernet print server instead....

Haven't seen any wireless routers w/print servers.

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I am researching a suitable wireless router for my NTL cable service. I would like it to have a print server with a usb interface so i can print to my epson R200.i have found a Draytek Vigor 2900G which has the features i need. click here Any one used one? If so, any probs so far?Does anyone know of any other good ones they can recommend?Cheers Wyatt

Answer:Broadband wireless router inc. print server -Which


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i recently posted about my router which supports a printer ,accept that it won't print! after many fruitless sessions of manual reading, and no joy from the belkin web site,i called the uk helpline which gets me straight through to india they then tell me its because ive got an all in one printer , if have a dedecated printer (no scanner etc) then its all systems go,this fact is not mentioned in the box or in the manual as far as i can see,pc world say they'll give me a refund but say it's news to them,has any one had this trouble

Answer:belkinF5D7231-4P router with print server no worky

News to me too, but noted anyway. I have so far only used standalone print servers and I can't say that I have ever used one with an MFD, just inkjets and lasers.

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Will any one please help me.. How to get a direct print from my android device
My hardware is

printer HP 1320n Laserjet
router with print server option
and android phone with kit kat

Answer:print server option enabled in router

Have you tried Google Cloud Print?

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I have a Belkin F5D7231-4P wireless router with built in print server, I have the printer setup & it prints, but I have no printer status such as ink levels, progress, etc.

I have a desktop which is connected to the router via a cable & a laptop via wireless & they both have the same problem. It's been the same with two different printers, the first being an Epson R300 & now a Canon iP5200.

I had to setup the printer through usb first then add a printing port to the router & when it was connected directly I had printer status. Does anyone know how to get the printer status showing again?

Thanks for any help

Answer:No 'Printer Status' on router/print server

I don't know the answer to your question; but have a question of my own. Do Epson and Canon say that the printer status is supposed to be available over a network for those two printers? I have an HP "network ready" printer and about the only status is 'connected' or 'not connected.'

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Hi Tech Support Guys and Gals,

This is a toughie. I'm trying to connect to a Linksys Print Server that is setup and working fine connected to a Linsys 24 port switch on my network. This switch is connected to the LAN Provider's modem (Static IP's).

Now, I am connected to the LAN Provider's modem, and behind a VPN Firewall Router.

Phew. . . Is there anyway possibel I could get to that print server and get the printer installed????

Answer:COnnecting to Print Server behing router.

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The printer is an older parallel port printer. It needs to have a parallel port print server, 802.11bg wireless, and of course a firewall. I would like to stick to D-Link or Netgear, but if you can give me reason to use another brand I will.

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Hi, I have a quad core 8GB ram desktop system which has most of my hardware connected to it like external hdd, external dvd and printer/scanner/copier, this system is running Windows 7 64bit.

I also have a Compaq presario laptop running windows XP 32 bit, the laptop is extremely stable and works really well so i do not want to upgrade it to win 7 just yet, but I would like to be able to connect via my netgear wireless router to use my desktop as a print server.

The laptop has a built in wireless LAN card and this connects to the internet through the router, the router is hard wired to the desktop.

My desktop has the IP

The router is IP

The laptop is IP

I can share media player from the laptop and play music files on my desktop PC but dont seem to be able to do it the other way round, when i view the network map on the desktop it can see my laptop for file sharing (pictures) but cant seem to access them.

How would i go about setting up a network for these two machines so that the laptop can print vis the router and desktop and also so that the XP machine can see the files that are on my desktop running Windows 7???

I have looked at the home group aspect but it seems to suggest that i need to be running windows 7 on both systems for that to work.

Any help appreciated.... thanks

Answer:Using windows 7 desktop as a print server via router!

Basically, you would share the printer and access the printer through the share on the laptop.

You have to setup the Share on the Printer itself though first.

Also, you may need to share other folder locations if they are not shared by default.
ie. the desktop is not a shared resource by default.

Also, on the XP machine you need to install a patch for ..... Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder (KB922120)

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Trouble with my SMC Barricade Router Print Server

A question for you do you ever get printing to work with XP? I now have many XP machines and cannot install printers as it says for win2k in the manual. I believe i need pointers on how to configure a print client with XP.

Following the instructions in the manual, I get as far as to choose a network printer and then entering the IP any possible way and and/or using anonymous account or windows user account or user name(admin)/password or no password.....nothing works....error is "printer not found" or "unable to connect"

Logging into the router is ok, check status? this says printer is ready! when unplugged it says no printer found, when turned off it says printer offline.

The manual points out that win2k has a print client already, Using the SMC driver disk print client(which is for win9x) on XP only prints one line of erronious garbage as the test page and nothing for usual docs.

Frustrated does not discribe my condition.

Answer:Trouble with my SMC Barricade Router Print Server

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So I have friend that's wireless router recently died and needs to get something new. However, she recently bought a new laptop and wants to move away from her desktop, which is about 6yrs old, and do everything wirelessly. This was information that I was not privy to prior to having her buy a D-Link DIR-615 and now needs to upgrade.

Anyways, she uses HughesNet as her ISP (remote area) and the router will take some special configuration to work with thier NAT/DHCP based satellite modem. Anyways, am I right in assuming as long as the router has a USB interface that I should be able to hook up any USB printer to is and be able to share the printer on the network? I am currently looking at getting her a D-Link DIR-628 if the above is true (and no brand does not matter but price does, less than $100, cheaper if possible).

Answer:Wireless Router with print server recommendations....

is it an all-in-one printer (scanner fax), or is it a standard printer? I'm sure there's a compatibility list of approved printers. Those All in ones often don't play nice with wireless bridge's or print servers.

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I'm looking for a wireless router (802.11g) that will act as a print server, and possibly even turn my external USB 2.0/Firewire drives into NAS devices .. .I went to Best Buy tonight and they told me that there is no such thing as a Wireless Router with Print Server built in.. .I know the kid was an idiot, so I just left.. so now I come to the experts - you guys.

I've got Cable Internet, a PC that I want connected to the router via ethernet, two laptops that are 802.11g, and a printer that I want to share with all three computers., not to mention a NAS, and 2 external hard drives that I'd really like to hook up to the router if possible.

Answer:Gimme suggestions - wireless router/print server...

TBH, I'm not sure if the USB hub will work if you attach it to the router...though i'm not sure...


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I have a laptop computer (wireless integrated, WinXP-Media) that I would like to use to print on one of two printers located remotely in my house.

I have the Linksys WRTG54 router configured to access the internet on my laptop. I have a WPA secured wireless network configured on the router (if that's the right terminology) which I can connect to successfully with the laptop to access the internet. I purchased a Netgear WGPS606 Wireless Printer Server.

My understanding is that this PS can be added to my wireless network and can be used by computers in said network without having to have the printer(s) connected to a dedicated computer or hardwired to the router. Am I totally off base? If I am, just tell me and no need to read further!

If I'm OK so far, here is the situation. I ran the Netgear setup and all was fine -- it sees both printers, printed a test page OK on each, etc., but then when all was said and done I realized I was still connected to the printserver with the ethernet cable. When I disconnect the ethernet cable I have no communication with the PS.

I tried adding the PS to the network using XP's utility and a USB drive but that didn't seem to do anything

Shouldn't I be able to communicate with the printer wirelessly via the router that communicates to the PS?


Answer:Netgear Wireless Print Server with Linksys Router

Oops! Nevermind

I'm not sure what I did differently the second time around, but PERHAPS it is that I disabled my ZoneAlarm. Anyway, I just went back through the setup wizard with ZA disabled and now both printers are working great in full wireless mode. Rebooted (which re-enabled ZA) just to make sure everything stuck. It did.

FYI for anyone that is curious, neither my HP5510 all-in-one, nor my Brother HL-2040 were among the printers listed in the compatability table from Netgear. I had both printers already installed on the laptop using the manufacturers install discs previously. During the PS setup it recognized the printers "by name" right away, and then when asked to add the printers to the computer it saw them and the drivers installed no problem. Only the print function on the all-in-one works, but that's fine by me. If I'm using it to make photocopies or scanning images, I'm not doing that from another room anyway!!

So, rocky start, but since I bothered to register here, I thought I might as well share a little success!

Have a nice day all!! :grinthumb

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I'm looking for a good wireless router that has USB ports for print server and file server functionality.

One of the most important things is that the router be able to assign "static" IPs via DHCP (based on the device's MAC address). I have a cheapo Uniden wired router that can do this. However I have had two wireless routers (a USRobotics and a cheap CompUSA one) that can't do this (at least not as far as I know.) Thus I need to keep my Uniden and a wireless router, something that increases the clutter on my desk. Right there that's two networking devices, and that doesn't even include my gigabit Ethernet switch and (non-working) print server!

Specifically I want something that can be used to run a print server as well as run BitTorrent downloads on an external USB hard drive. Right now I'm looking at the Asus WL-500G ( which is $110. It has two USB ports (for printer and HD), which is exactly what I'm looking for. I want to see if there is anything like this that is better and/or cheaper (if possible!) Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks!

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I have a Linksys wireless router connected to my cable moden. Everthing is working fine. Last night I connected a wired Linksys print server to my wireless router. Ran the software on my PC, set up was a breeze, it found the problem.

The problem, I cannot connect to the printer from either my desktop PC or my laptop. I guess the real problem is I don't know where to find the printer to connect to it. Just in case it makes a difference, the router is my network. I have my PC wired to the rounter and use the wireless feature for my laptop.

Hope this makes sense...thanks.

Answer:Solved: Wireless Router with Wired Print Server

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I've tried absolutely everything mentioned in the manual yet nothing seems to work. It is connected properly and configured according to the manual (which can be found here:

My printer is an Epson Stylus CX5300 and I am using Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2.
Any suggestions would be appreciated,


Answer:Problem with D-Link DI-704UP router USB Print server

Since you've done all the following (from the manual), consider the last sentence. (For the benefit of the casual reader, the Epson Stylus CX5300 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, etc.)

-------------- copied from manual -------------------------

Multi-Function Printers Print
If you have to install the printer using the manufactures software, the printer may not work with the router. If the computer needs to have proprietary software installed to talk to the printer, its probably not going to work with your D-Link router. You may be able to print to the multifunction printer, but the other features will probably not work. If you can use the Add Printer Wizard in Windows to install your printer drivers, then the router may be able to print to your printer.

Start by uninstalling everything: the printer software, the D-Link printer port (if installed), and the printer. Then, install the D-Link printer port software. Next, add a new printer and point the installation to the D-Link port for printing. Complete the printer installation by specifying the correct driver for you printer. If you cannot print using the D-Link port, use the instructions at to reconfigure the port to use LPR. If you still have problems printing, try disabling bidirectional printing. If it still fails to print, the printer may be incompatible with the router.

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Please help - I have a Belkin Wireless G Router with built in USB print server connected to my home computer(XP). I have 2 laptops connected wirelessly to the router running XP which function perfectly. My new laptop running Vista Home Premium connects to the internet via the router but I cannot get it to print (printer is HP Deskjet 5550). I have installed all drivers required but as soon as I send anything to the printer it brings up an error next to the printer icon. However if I turn the Vista computer off and then turn it back on again the document prints???
I have tried contacting HP and Belkin for support but have got nowhere. Help!

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I'm confused. Here's the scenario. It's small office with a wireless network. They just installed a computer downstairs with one of those giant printer, scanner copier things.

I want to connect the printer to the existing network. The computer has a wireless card but the printer doesn't have wireless capabilities and needs to be plugged in via an ethernet cable. They want to be able to print to that printer from upstairs.

Should I get a wireless router and plug the printer into that or should I get an access point? Can you plug the printer into the access point? OR, should I get a wireless print server and plug the printer into one of the ethernet ports?


Answer:Solved: wifi router, access point or print server?

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I am running suse enterprise server 10.1 as a Host OS, for VMware server 1.05 (free). For a guest OS, i have a Windows 2003 Standard R2, Server, running DNS, Wins, server and a print Server, as a backup incase of either of my physical servers go down.

When I try to add a standard tcp/Ip port IP_ipaddress and name the printer, locate the driver, eveyrthing works fine.

It shows the printer as ready, I print and it just says spooling, and then error's out. i get this in the event veiwer.
The document Test Page owned by user failed to print on printer printername . Data type: NT EMF 1.008. Size of the spool file in bytes: 196608. Number of bytes printed: 0. Total number of pages in the document: 1. Number of pages printed: 0. Client machine: \\servername 1. Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 1241. The network address could not be used for the operation requested.

(i changed the printer and server name)

Now, I can add the same network printer on our main printer server on this device and print fine, firewall is off, by GPO, and I built a 2nd server guest os, with the same problem.

I also made sure that norton was excluding the spooler folder, and have tried both the 5e and 6pcl driver.

I tried giving all domain users rights to the spooler folder, and changing the print processor to the win without luck.

The user I am trying to login and print with is a domain admin account

I am selecting HPjetdirect for a network card, and it shows the pr... Read more

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I recently bought a D-Link DP-311 Wireless Print Server, but when I try to set it up, I can't access the Web configuration utility built into the print server through my Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router.
The router has an IP address of, and the print server is I tried changing the PC's address to, and other 192.168.0.X addresses, but no matter what I do, I can't access the web utility. I also tried changing the PC's address back to the way the router automatically configured it (, and changing the subnet from to, but that didn't work either. I'm not a network expert, so I am probably doing something stupid, but nothing seems to work that I try.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Connecting to D-Link Print Server with Linsys Wireless Router

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I've been given a Belkin F5D7231-4P router/print server. My USB printer (HP PSC2110) is in my bedroom due to lack of space downstairs, and I'm sick of carting my old laptop upstairs to print. I already had an old WAP upstairs (cabled to my router downstairs) to enable use of my laptop in the garden. So I configured the F5D as a WAP and as a print server for the HP, intending to print wirelessly from my Win7 Ultimate (64 bit) desktop downstairs. I can log on to the F5D wirelessly from my PC via my WLAN, and the print server function on the F5D supports the printer fine. But the print server install onto my PC gave error 1805 when trying to install the print server port. So I've installed the printer manually as a TCP/IP port pointing to the IP for the F5D. All seems fine apart from the fact that on my PC the printer shows as offline - I can send a test print - but of course it never comes out, just sits in the print queue. The job in the print queue shows nothing for the port. I found on this site a query about the same problem using a Belkin wireless print server F1UP0001 (solution quoted below) - but have double checked the settings on both the F5D and the printer install on my PC and they're identical to what's suggested for the F1UP0001 (correct IP for my router, RAW set, correct port number for the print server on the F5D etc) I've of course tried rebooting the F5D, the printer, my router, and my PC - to no avail. Any bright ideas please? I&#... Read more

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I have four computers on a home network (xp and 7). I have one printer connected to the 7 machine.
I shared the printer and the other computer are connected to it, but when they try to print, it gets sent to the printer but it does not print. If I restart the print spooler on the computer that is acting as the print server it prints immediately. But I have to restart the print spooler every time it prints.

I tried connecting the printer to a different win 7 machine, but I get the same problem.

Answer:When printing to a shared print, I have to restart print spooler in order for it to p

is the print spooler set to start automatically? (im sure it is but have to ask)

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I have an end user that is printing to a networked Xerox printer. When he prints, his print jobs automatically show in the print queue as "paused". This only happens on the Xerox. I had him try doing this with a networked HP in his area and it doesn't happen on that printer.

I have removed and reinstalled his driver and device. It appeared to be working then a few days later, it does the same thing. We've even had Xerox flash the printer and reset their printer software on the machine as well. From what I see, most of his print jobs are mostly from Outlook and/or Word. Any thoughts here?

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After printing result is that some print is missing on rich hand margin: have tried going into "view" and changing size of text without success, any suggestions welcome,Edwin

Answer:Printing : Finished print is missing print on rhs

Windows Version?Printer Make and Model?Driver verison?

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I've used the Dlink 704-P for a long time now.. and its just died.. router goes on .. but nothing goes thru.. What i would like to know from all of u is whats a good cable/router that some of u have had no problems what so ever to use with gaming and hosting with. i know my way around one. but i've always had problems with the one i had when playing Pandora Tomorrow... so it dying is kinda a good thing.

I've heard link-sys are good for all round .. but i hear just as much with d-link.. but nothing on practical use.

The usage will only consist of web cam, file sharing, game hosting and p2p chat software ( trillian )

Answer:Router Died - Need Advice on getting new Gaming Router.

I'm on the DLink Super-G (108Mbit wireless), and it works excellently. Nice WAN/LAN/WLAN thouroughput, easy configuration, and reasonable price (I get to play with ciscos and sonicwalls all day at work)

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Hi. I had a fully working Finger Print Reader. Then today all of a sudden it stopped doing anything. What I checked:- It's turned on in BIOS- Drivers are installed (reinstalled them 2 times)- It doesn't even show as an option in Windows anymore - It's not in the device manager So um, hardware failure?

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I KNOW, you've heard this a dozen times. I bought a color cartridge used it a bit now it's dried out. Only had it 3 months !!...... Gawd this is such a farse. There outta be a law. Any clue as to how to make this ink last longer? Dave.

Answer:Solved: Print Cartridge Died out?

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We have a DL380 G4 with two dual-core Xeon processors clocked somewhere between 2.8 - 3.2 GHz, and 4GB DDR2-ECC RAM (two sticks). This is a relatively new installation and deployment of Windows 2008 R2 x64 with the latest updates and service packs. The Print Services/Manager role is installed.

When printing through the Windows server to a Lexmark X340 in the office, it takes an unacceptably long time to print the jobs. When printing directly to the Lexmark X340 (instead of a shared local queue that exists on the Windows server), print jobs happen fast and normal. The employees have been timing how long it takes to print through the Windows server:

2012/1/18 Wednesday, 11 invoices = 10 minutes
2012/1/19 Thursday, 17 invoices = 21 minutes
2012/1/20 Friday, 24 invoices = 3 minutes (when printing directly to the Lexmark instead of going to the Windows server)
2012/1/23 Monday, 19 invoices = 25 minutes

This symptom is applying to everything the employees print -- not just the invoices or print jobs generated by the business program that we use called Britannia.

In addition to printing through the Windows server, they have to press the green button on the printer to actually have it print the current job. If they print directly to the printer, it prints automatically without requiring the green button to be pressed. I have tried setting the print processor to RAW [FF Auto] but it did not resolve the problem, so I set it back to RAW. Both x64 and x86 drivers are inst... Read more

Answer:Slow printing through 2008 R2 server, normal/fast printing directly to printer

1) get HP printers. Lexmarks suck
2) Here are my configs for lexmark printers on my server 2008 r2 boxes.
Printer Properties on the server.
Sharing tab -> Render print jobs on the clients = checked
Advanced tab -> spool print documents so program finishes printing faster = start printing immediately

however try changing that to "print directly to the printer"

Currently my printer processors are set to RAW.

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Is this possible? I've got my free copy of server 08 and a 'older' spare PC that I'd like to install it on (I hope). Putting system requirements aside, is this attainable? The main thing that attracts me is the advertisement that server 08 can run php and side by side.

I've searched and looked around, but I haven't really found anything useful. That might be a sign...

Answer:Server 2008 as a Web Server/File Server/Print Server

I tested Server 2008 on an old HP Compaq nx9600 laptop (P4 3ghz, 512mb RAM, ATI Radeon Mobility X300) I had lying around in my cabinet in an attempt to practice migrating and upgrading WSS 2.0 from a 2003 server to WSS 3.0 on the 2008 server on the laptop. It ran slow as shit when the WMSDE database running lol.. but without it, it was as smooth as Win2003.

I say give it a try.

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I have installed a wireless Belkin G all in one print server on my Dell Inspiron 1300 notebook and connected it via usb to my lexmark 5360 all in one printer. I can send a request to print and it enters the queue but the printer won't print. Any ideas please?

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I have three printers connected to this Linksys EPSX3 print server and almost 25 workstations (WinXp pro installed) using this three printers and can print fine with all the systems. Recently have formatted and installed one workstation with WinXp Pro and connected to the network domain with DHCP enable and firewall disabled on local machine. After installing the print server driver and going to the configure the print server dialog box, Im able to browse and view the print server name and ip but when I press ok it gives a error message " addport failiure" and the whole network get jammed. Nobody can print anything from any other systems and just has to reset the print server again to make it work.Can anybody explain whats goin on..

Answer:Print server Linksys EPSX3 print problem

problem solved.. Winxp Pro SP2 installed and which adds and enables the ICF internet connection firewall. I have disabled it in control panel firewall but some how it was loading automatically at startup and running. So went to services and set to start service manually. The print server port was added without a prob..

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I cannot remember the name of the program or if I found it here or it is a FF add on I cannot find it anywhere.
The program sets your computer to change hues as it gets later. It turns the pages kind of pinkish. The reasoning being that using the computer before bed is not good for you and this program softens the computers monitor glare and color.
I really liked it. As soon as the sun when down it changed the settings of the monitor.
If anyone knows the name of the program I would really appreciate a link or at least the name so I can try to find it.
Thanks, I kow this is not a lot of information to go on.

Answer:Looking for a program I lost when my HD died

Wow sounds cool and something I need to use. I'll see if I can find anything like that.

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I'm sure I posted something about this a while ago but I can't find it.

My DIR-655 has finally, and totally died. So it's time to replace it, and since I've had a bad run with DLink's I'm willing to look at other brands.

I can do my own research, so I'm not asking anyone to do that for me, but I thought I'd ask just in case any one has such a beast, or knows for sure a brand/model that supports everything I need.

DHCP reservations by MAC address
MAC address network filtering
DDNS, Virtial Server, Port forwarding rules
IP and port filtering rules
Web filtering by keyword and domain rules
SPI, DDos protection
DNS relay, DHCP server
Time schedules, internal clock (or at least configurable time servers)
Muticast stream support
N class wireless
PPPoE support (with static and Dymanic IP address configuration
Syslog support
Internal logging...

think that's about it..

Answer:DIR-655 died; Need new router - One with the lot please

I like the Cisco/Linksys routers. I currently have an E3200 model.
I have many devices both wired desktop PC's and wireless including an internet TV, laptop and iPad3. They all work without problems.

I have a cable ISP connection and the installer told me that they have fewer problems with users that have Cisco/Linksys routers than any other brand.

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I'm really wanting to spend no more than $100, but I'm willing to spend $150 if it's worth it.
- Wired PC for internet, youtube, and occasional gaming
- Wireless laptop for web surfacing (facebook, myspace, slickdeals, etc)
- Streaming via SONY BDV-E570 (mainly netflix streaming. will be used wired)
- Xbox 360 LIVE (rarely use, but will be used wired)

I just bought a Sony KDL-46HX800 46" tv, so the girlfriend will definitely want to stream netflix movies here and there. Might do some HD movies here and there too. I had a Netgear WGR614, but it's dead. So far the routers that have my attention are:

D-Link DIR-655 $69.99
ASUS RT-N16 $92.00
D-Link DGL-4500 $114.99

I really like how the D-Link DGL-4500 looks, but scared of the reviews I seen. The Netgear WNDR37AV looks awesome, but the price is way more than I want to spend. Is it really worth it for what I'll be using it for? The other 3 have nice prices, but are they good?

If I didn't list something recommend it please. I plan on buying this online tomorrow afternoon (9/20), but will wait a day or two for more feedback if needed.

Answer:Router died. Help me buy a new one.

I have no idea what any of the makes and models mean, but:

If you're moving media around on your network, you definitely want to go with gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T), so make sure that whatever you buy supports that. If you're looking to do this on the cheap I'd suggest a $50 router and a $50 switch, which is what I'm doing, but note that if I'm going to have huge difficulty streaming from a wireless device, should I ever choose to (which I wont).

But quite frankly, that doesn't look like your concern, so why not just go with a single-channel Wireless N enabled 100megabit switch, which can usually be found for ~$50?

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Question: Router died???

Hey again, i have yet another problem wih my internet.

Today scottish power turned off the power in our street. No big deal really, but when they put it back on nmy rrouter wont work.

Its not getting anypowere from the mains. Ive checked the socket and its fine. Could it be that the router has died? Any real way to check what parts died and if it can be replaced. then again it could be a simple transformer to change. I dunno tho. It isnt taking anything from the mains as i say.

Any help woul dbe great. Thanks.

Answer:Router died???

ok. it doesnt seem 2 be my router. my entire phone line is down. hoping they didnt cut it when they were working on the supply tmday. ugh. i need it back up. phone companies looking into it, who knows how long that wil take.

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G'day all

My motherboard died and i had two 80GB SATA drives setup in raid 0. I'm wondering if i can save the data on the drives if i can get another motherboard with similar specs. Does anyone have any idea about what i could do to save the data from the drives?

M/B: Gigabyte 8KNXP
Chipset: Intel 875P / ICH5R

Answer:M/B died and SATA Drive info lost???

Do the drives have the OS installed on them? If you get the same motherboard it should work without problems. I think you can also pull it off with any motherboard thats going to support raid 0, you will just have to repair XP to get your system to boot.

If they don't have the OS installed you should just be able to hook it up to any raid 0 setup and the data will be fine.

Unless of course something bad happened when your mobo fried and took the drives with it (ie - lightning).

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Hello Guys,

Is there a way via scipting to force a pc to refresh their local printer
settings from the print server ? We have enabled Duplexing as the default for
printing ( conserve that paper ! ) for our HP Laserjet printers on the
Print Server, but if a user goes on their local printer settings and unchecks
duplexing, it will not re-pull that device setting from the print server
unless you delete and then re-add the printer on the local machine. Is there
a way to have the printer settings pulled from the server without have to
delete and then readd the locally installed network printer ?

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I have a print server running 2003 standard sp2, I have been looking for a way to allow helpdesk staff install and manage printers without logging into the server and without adding them to the admin group.

So I added them to the power users group and the print operators group, that worked fine they were able to UNC ( \\servername ) to the server and install printers, drivers, as well as uninstall drivers? printers ect????.
Now the problem??? this works great from an XP box, but when we try it from a windows 7 machine we get access denied. More specifically it acts like it is going to install the printer then when it comes to the driver installation part it fails ?Printer driver was not installed. Access is denied.?

No changes have been made to the permissions I can log into an XP machine with my profile and it works fine log out go to a Windows 7 machine use the same credentials and I get the above message access is denied. I am an admin of both machines on the windows 7 machine I have UAC turned off completely. Running XP Pro SP3 & Windows 7 pro both are 32 bit machines.

I should also add that I have made the necessary group policy changes to allow printer operators to Load/Unload device drivers and under the local policies/security options I ensured that the Prevent users from installing printer drivers was Disabled.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server

How do you enter the credentials on the Windows 7 machine? I've noticed that you have to use "domain\username" rather than just the username in some cases.

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I'm experimenting with implimenting this and am having a few issues.

When I install a print device and deploy with GPO, it works great.

When I update the driver on the server to a newer version using the 'new driver' button, I have issues. It prompts the user saying they need to install the driver. If you choose to install, it prompts for administrator credentials, which obviously negates the whole point of centralized management.

If I remove the printer from deployment, delete it and the driver, then add it again with an older version driver, and redeploy, the clients are still using the newer driver (sometimes I have reasons to roll back print drivers).

One thing I did notice is the driver is not listed as a package, where the default stuff by Microsoft is. I don't know if that makes a difference. If it is, how can I create the package? Do I have to use WDS or something similar?

So, what am I doing wrong when I'm changing the drivers that it won't automatically deploy the new driver without user intervention? Also, if there is no way to force the change, is there a way to force client stations to delete the old driver without getting into a bunch of scripting (I don't care for it).

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I had some network issues and unplugged the ac adapter to my router as i usually do and when I plugged it back in there was no lights (they were on right before i unplugged) and the router was dead. So is there anything i can do to get it working again? If not i need some recommendations for a new one. I don't need anything expensive or wireless, just the modern day equivalent of the DI-604.

Answer:I think my D-Link DI-604 just died. Need new router!

be sure you try plugging it into another wall outlet before you toss it out the window. I'm still using an old Linksys WRT54GS with Tomato firmware. It's an oldie but a goodie and has served me extremely well over the years.

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Just came home today and my DGL-4300 that i have had for about 5 or 6yrs is not even turning on anymore. Seems to have croaked.

I know there are all these new fancy routers out there with all this WRT or whatever it is. My 4300 served me fine and i never had any problems with it, my speeds were great and wireless connections were great.

Is there anything NEW out there for around $60 that will offer any benefits over it? Or should i just start looking for a used 4300 to replace it?(or another used one per your recommendations for $60?)


Answer:Router Died! Best replacement around $60 new or used?

You probably want to stick with something that has Atheros radio if you got good speed with your D-Link which rules out the Asus.

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So my watchguard firebox PFsense router died yesterday from multiple power surges.
Puffs of black smoke and all..

This was only meant to be a temporary router, until I decided what I wanted next. I 've been trying to decide if I want a Zyxel Zywall 110 or a Ubiquiti Edgerouter. I wasn't ever able to find out if the Zywall would be able to run my desired QOS and traffic rate limiting requirements.

And so the winner is: an Ubiquiti Edgerouter POE. Amazon Prime says it'll be here by Wednesday.

In the meantime I 'm running on an old Hotbrick LB2-VPN,1.html

100,000 concurrent connections.

It's old, slow and very outdated but It is quite secure. I'd forgotten how snappy the interface is.

The VPN capability ridiculously slow by today's expectations and so will not be used.

So I will continue running down nostalgia lane for the next couple of days and let you know my personal experiences after I get everything setup.

Answer:router died...and the winner is..

You mean this?


If you want the most bang for the buck the ERLs are kinda expensive since you can get Baytrail-platforms very cheap nowdays and its not a speed-king by any means...


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I set up my TP-Link TL-WR541G wireless router about 9 months ago (which took an age because I bought it in China and all the menus are in Chinese). The router is connected to the internet through a Motorola cable modem, and has been since I set it up. There have been no problems at all until yesterday. My wife and I both use our laptops to connect to the web through the router while we're at home. I set up the router so that it would accept only our MAC addresses.

The problem started yesterday afternoon when we both came home, switched on the modem, switched on the router, and switced on our laptops (as is our normal procedure (we switch everything off at the wall when not in use)). The lights on the modem and router came on as normal, and our laptops both registered a connection to the router, but neither of us could open any web pages.

I tried unplugging the modem and router, waiting a couple of minutes, plugging the modem back in, waiting until all the lights were on, and then plugging the router in. That didn't work. I tried pressing the reset button on the router (held it for 30+ seconds), followed by a complete power-down, waiting period, and power-up again. Nothing.

Plugging either of our laptops directly into the modem works fine - we can both access the web that way.

This morning I tried again. The router and modem had both been unplugged all night. Tried resetting the router and going through full power cycles on both the modem and the router many time... Read more

Answer:Has my Wireless Router died?

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I have had this Linksys WRT54G for a number of years now and today it decided to die on me whilst I was at work.

my laptop wireless wasnt picking it up for some reason, endless reboots of the laptop and flicking the wireless switch on and off on the laptop... i then decided to look at the router. the only light that was on was the power!

so.. i disconnected the power, waited a minute, plugged it back in, all the lights were on (the power, LAN 1 and internet as well as wireless). I thought... ok cool we are back in business.


when I tried to find the router again... still no go. then I connected it via wire and it gives an invalid IP (a private IP).
my wireless router is "bridged" to another router which is a SKY router which has internet access. That all works but not my Linksys router

is my router truly gone?

it was fine all this time, and last night... then today for whatever reason.... boof!

Answer:Router died on me today.

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Yesterday, suddenly my laptop died when I was working on it. I took it to the repairing centre and they repaired it successfully but the bad news is that they formatted my laptop without acknowledging me. It carries my important data and I want it back. Is there anyone who can help me out, thanks in advance.

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Ok so here's the deal:

2008 domain
GPP extension on all clients

Old server:
2003 32bit
has ~150 network printers
old name

New server:
2008 x64
cannot have same name as old server

My questions:

Since I can't use Print Migrator 3.1 (from 2003 to 2008 x64) can I install the new printers on the new server without conflicting with the old printers/server? If so I should just be able to roll the new printers out via GPP to each respective OU, right? Any advice on removing the old printers from the clients? It's 4-500 clients so I can't touch each one physically. I'm aware I will need x64 drivers when installing on the server then will need to manually add the 32bit drivers during each install (on the server).

Any advice would be appreciated. I've migrated 20-30 printers but never 150 off one server before.

Answer:Advice for print server cutover? (Server 2008 x64)

From my experience you can add the printers on any server without conflict. They are basically just "there" and people can connect to them if they want to. So you should be able to set up the printers on the new server without issue.

I don't know much about removing the existing printers from the client machines, especially with GPP. I have to brush up on my GPP skills as well as upgrade my functional domain level.

I was researching a script to delete all printers when the clients logged in and got it working, but never used it other than testing.
Thread here:

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I came home tonight and no activity lights. I tried plugging it into other outlets and no go. It has been running 24/7 solid for more than a year no problems. It was connected to a monster power conditioner along with my HT setup. I have checked the outside of the AC cord and everything looks fine. Any Ideas on what happened to it?

Answer:dlink gaming router died?

It did peacefully thats all that matters.

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I have had very poor connection from provider/router (Talktalk UK), with regular cuts in signal; I thought I had had the same on one of the 3 laptops we use through their router, but after re-booting, it still will Not connect. Have tried all Troubleshooting/Repairs on laptop, and Talktalk's own site (incl. Router site - D-Link [DSL 2640R]); Laptop says 'Contact the person who manages your network', Talktalk/D-Link says that all is well - wireless they say, seemingly, 'connected' to this laptop. Am a true Novice, and cannot figure what has happened; the other 2 laptops work fine (wireless), as does this but only through Ethernet/cable. No Wireless Networks are found on problem laptop. Was on a secure (?) e-mail site when it went down, and various scans have not found malware/viruses.
Your thoughts - in language fit for a 2 year old! - very much appreciated.

Answer:Wireless died on 1 of 3 laptops on same router

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Hello! I was just on vacation with my family. I had everything in our house unplugged while I was away which included our modem and router. When I got home I plugged them both in, and the modem is working, but the router just gives me 6 solid lights, and shows no signs of life. As soon as you plug power into it(no matter if there are no other cords plugged into it at all) the same 6 lights immediately come on: Power light, router lights 1 2 3 4, and the internet light. They are just solid lights that don't flicker or do anything else. I tried doing a hard reset, but nothing happens. Nothing I do seems to do anything. I can't get a wireless signal from the router, or anything. I think it may have suddenly died? I don't know why it would do this when it was working perfectly fine before I left. Does anyone have any idea why it would act like this?

Answer:Linksys Wireless N Router Died?

I don't know why it would do this when it was working perfectly fine before I left. Does anyone have any idea why it would act like this?Click to expand...

Maybe it was lonely!

It sounds pretty dead, but since this happened after a long time off I'd try leaving it plugged in for several hours; then unplug it again for ~30 seconds and see if it gets a second life.

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I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find a solution in the searches I've done.

What I did was upgraded my router. I had a Belkin B/G router and upgraded to a new Belkin N router. I configured the router the same as my previous router. SSID and key and everything so I wouldn't have to make any changes on my laptop. I know it's identical because I took screen shots of the previous router setup pages and made the new router identical in the setup.

Now when I try and access the home group it's broken. I can't view my other computer from my laptop but my desktop can see this laptop fine and retrieve files through the homegroup. I've run the troubleshooter with no success. I've left the home group with each computer, rebooted them and made a new homegroup, and i'm back to the same place. I turned off the router firewall and the desktop firewall and still cannot see it from this laptop. I called Belkin and of course they say it's a windows issues, nothing wrong with their router.

So what else can I try to get this homegroup working both ways again?


oh, my laptop is running W7 64bit Home Premium and the desktop is running W7 32bit Ultimate.

Answer:Homegroup died after router upgrade

Which A/V software do you have installed on those machines?

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I have a WSE I use for backing up and stoaring data. I have like 10 hard drives connected to it 8 of which are running drive pool.

The Motherboard is toast, and well although it wasn't having any issues keeping up with some cameras and file storage and backups, I guess it might be time to replace it with my 4770k office PC (ex gaming rig) and upgrade that machine.

If I simply swap out the MB's are boot off the Hard drive with WSE be able to adapt to the new hardware? Can I at least recover the CD Key because I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Afternoon Chaps,My Lappy has virtually died after 5.5 faithful years. I eed to purchase a new one, but want to ensure that the following:click herewill work correctly wifi-wise with my current router which is a Netgear Super-G - DG834GT. Cannot afford to update all the equipment, additionally my PC is XP home but the new Lappy Vista. Would this pose a problem?AngeTheHippyxx

Answer:Lappy Died, Buying another but question re.router.

there is 4 (I believe) wireless standards at the moment:G, G+, N & N1.My router is super-G, which **I think** is G+. If the internal wireless on the new Lappy is for example standard N1, then I don't think the 2 are compatible.Someone tell me if I'm right is this assumption??Ax

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OMG the day which every single EU End User hates to happen just happened. My Trusty Cable/Router has kicked the bucket and stopped working. I have had a feeling for the last couple of weeks that something was happening or just about to happen and it did. In the middle of playing SKYRIM which sucked, because I lost the link to Steam and I thought that there was a problem with Steam again but I looked over and all the LED's on the front of the router are on... 2.4GHz and 5GHz are showing as all working normal but it will not connected. the oddest thing though, it that wired is showing as media disconnected.

Okay, I've seen this before and it's a simple fix... reboot the router then the modem and wait for them to start talking to each other which they do, but not for long it seams because they then decide to disconnect and all the lights are on but nobody is in. So to speak. I tried the cable modem was a standalone and it works fine. Scratching my head, I'm thinking that it's a router problem because wireless and wired are not communicating, we know it's working because the cable modem works fine as a standalone, because of my work I've got a couple of spare CAT5 cables so I have removed all the cables and these are all new cables and I know there isn't anything wrong with them. I tired one cable in each port to all my appliances and no data, nothing but the LED is on to state it's working which doesn't make any sense at al... Read more

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Installed a wireless network at my sisters house about a year ago. HP desktop pc (win7), Dlink router, Comcast Internet cable modem, and (1) toshiba Satellite notebook pc (win7). About a week ago, the mobo on the hp fried, and my sister doesn't want to replace it. She wants to keep the notebook only. I can install the ethernet cable directly into the toshiba, or (I believe) continue using it wirelessly without the desktop, but either way, should I re-install the software that came from Dlink directly onto the notebook? I believe the answer is yes, but would like some advice. Thanks.

Answer:Desktop died, need to re-install router software?

I have never installed software that comes with a router, when used with a cable modem. You should be able to configure the router settings using the routers web interface.

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So I had a Linksys WRT600N that died on me, and I'm operating in emergency mode on an old Linksys WRT54g that I had previously used as a second WAP to extend my network's coverage. I need to replace the entire network (router, managed switch, WAPs, etc), but for now, getting a long term wireless solution in place is priority number one.

I live in a 4000 sqft 3 floor house. It's a city of Chicago lot, so the house itself is a small footprint with three 70'x19' floor stacked on top of each other. The house is wired with CAT5 to all bedrooms homerun to the wiring closet in the middle of the lower level. Wall mounting is pretty much my only option as none of the CAT5 goes to the ceiling. I'm somewhat concerned about most of the models I'm considering because the donut hole in the coverage can cause deadspots on the floor its installed.

With the old gear, my 600N was installed in the lower level wiring closer and the WRT54G in top floor rear bedroom. I had so-so coverage and slow performance. There's a lot of interference in my neighborhood because I live in the city and there are a lot of apartments in my area. Depending on where I am in the house, I pick up 15-45 APs. Devices regularly drop out of the network or just have really slow performance.

I need something better.. something that can deal with the interference and eliminate spotty coverage and measurably improve the performance.

For devices, I have a handful of Apple la... Read more

Answer:Router/WAP died, need to build out more robust solution

If the iDevices are 4S and up they can use 5GHz. I suspect using 5 vs 2.4 will help a lot with interferance. The Unifi Pros have dual radios so they can do 2.4 and 5. They are ~240ish I believe.

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I have comcast internet with a motorola modem and an ASUS router. Router appears dead -- Not even a power light while on.

As a workaround I pulled the router, connected the modem to an 8 port switch and connected my laptop to the same switch. That works fine. BUT, when I connect another 5 port switch located in upstairs office to the same switch I cannot get the desktop and other hardware located there to connect???
Same story with yet another 5 port switch in basement.

I have powered modem and switches down and back up numerous times, but keep getting error connecting to internet.

The only difference is when I had the router in the loop I connected the modem to the router and then the router to the 8 port etc, etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Help, router died--work around not working

you need a router to route multiple devices
with a modem to a switch you can only have 1 device connected

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what is next? and what router should I shoot for? any suggestions? I am trying to get something in the 50 dollars range... anything..


Answer:my beloved linksys wireless b router died..

Just a friendly reminder... do a search before posting as this question gets asked quite a lot around here.

As requested:

The following is a compilation of the 'best' SOHO performance routers, as recommended by myself and others on this forum.

D-Link DGL-4300 -- $124.99

Netgear WPNT834 RangeMax 240 -- $129.99

LINKSYS WRT54GX4 -- $129.99

BELKIN F5D8230-4 -- $83.99

NETGEAR WPN824 -- $99.99

BELKIN F5D9230-4 -- $49.99

Hope that helps.

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hello dear sir
I have the problem with my printers in my office . the printers are HP laser jet 1300 and 2035.
my problems is : After I print a document , printer does not stop and printing white papers until I stop print service or power down the printer.
whenI push ctrl+p  to print ,
some files like shockwave.shd appears in this address." c:\windows\system 32\spooler\printers". and these files never vanished unless i stop the print spooler.
I know that  : The following briefly describes the purpose
of SPL, SHD, and TMP files:

SPL files are the actual spool (print job) files.

TMP files are usually associated with LPR print jobs.

SHD files provide information about which printer the print job was sent to and from
whom the print job came. An SHD file is a "shadow" file that keeps track of what logical printer a (same number) xxxxx.spl file goes to. It also contains the file's order in the queue, the user who sent the file to the printer, and other information.
These files are usually deleted unless the logical printer settings state otherwise.
but these files  never vanished and untils these file were removed manually ,
printer cant print at all.
please help me .

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I had a Print Server EUSSO that connected with my old deskjet printer (HP deskjet 845c USB) to my knowledge it working fine...

Though I had bought a new printer (HP laserjet 1020 USB) hook it up to a Print Server but to my amazement, I couldn't get it to work (it working fine, if plug direct to PC)... I set it the way I worked with the old deskjet (HP deskjet 845c USB) and I don't see why it didn't work... Or maybe the Print Server do not support the new Printer? I had visit HP support site, and they just didn't give me any good solution...

Note: upon completing the setup and do a test print; I notice there aren't any error messages display... I see a queue of file on the Printer Document Name last for 2 seconds and dissappear, No errors messages...
But if I try to change the port name/number it will display error message upon printing, and the file on the Printer Document Name didn't dissappear either...

I am so curious why it didn't work?
1. I know it not the printer fault
2. Print Server is not malfunction either (unless it not meant to support my new printer)
3. Not the cable either
4. I don't see any wrong doing with my setup, since I got the first one work and running
5. Now I am sitting duck

Any feed back on this issue would gladly be appreciated...

Answer:Print Server won't print on new printer

Did you install the drivers for your new printer? (Obvious, sorry, but I have to ask) Best bet would be to uninstall all printers and printer software you have and start over from scratch.

The print server doesn't have to support your printer - all it does is take the data sent by your computer and forward it to the USB port. Your printer however has to support the print server. Some printers require a bidirectional connection with the computer and that cannot work over the network.

Does your print server suppirt several types of connection? It could be any combination of LPR, SMB, JetDirect and any proprietary protocols. Try something else than you are using right now.

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I see all these all in one type print servers from D-link and linksys. Can I just connect a printer to a computer I have setup as a server in my network and share it amoung all the other computers instead of buying one of those pre-made printservers?

Also, is a sempron 754 with 512MB of ram enough for a filserver/printserver/IPCOP rig?

Answer:Running a print server from a server computer?

right click on the printer and go to sharing

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Hey guys,

Here at my customer we are tinkering around with a few things. My boss would like me to try and implement our Server 2008 x64 machine as a print server. He would like me to remove the printers from the 3 other servers (All are 2003 Standard) so that we have one centralized source for printers. I've been messing around with it for a little while, and it seems very nice.

I'm having an issue with one of the printers, which I expect to have on a few others. I am trying to use 1 printer / user as a test, which is an HP Color Laserjet 1600. About 95% of all of the printers we are using are HP. He also would like to make sure we use the HP Universal Print Driver, which makes sense. I am attempting to set all of this up on the Server 2008. I've installed the printer on the server using the TCP/IP address, and listed it on the directory. On the user's computer, which is Windows XP x32 w/ SP2, I attempt to add the printer.

I then get an error message from the Universal driver in Windows Xp stating that it is the wrong driver for the printer, and wants me to install a different driver. I've also tried downloading the x64 1600 Driver and installing that onto the server, however I get the following error message:

I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should I be installing a Windows x32 driver, since that's what will be installed on the clients as well? Or woul... Read more

Answer:Server 2008 x64 - Print Server, Issues

You would install both. You need the x64 driver so the server can access it, and x32 drivers for the client machines.

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My wireless router suddenly died today, and now my desktop can't connect to the internet when connected directly to the cable modem via ethernet cable.

I've tried restarting both multiple times. My laptop and TV both connect perfectly fine, even using the same ethernet cable from the desktop.

Network and Sharing Center shows my computer > yellow triangle with ! > "Unidentified network" > red X > internet. Clicking the ! runs a diagnostic, but comes up with "troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem."

No error messages, device manager doesn't show any problems. Windows 7 64-bit.

Answer:Solved: Wireless Router Died, Now Desktop Can't Connect

OK, a few hours and another few modem/computer restarts, and Windows troubleshooter found the problem. Connected and working now. Thanks for looking!

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This has been going on for quite some time. Even using directives from expert links and articles to solve this ongoing dilemma, I still lost individual Bookmark Folders, and even an entire Bookmark Toolbar. Help!Worse, on my Dell Windows 7 Ultimate, Firefox/Google, I somehow deleted Netgear 35 and now have no Server! Not what!?!?Currently using a new HP 19 All You Need In An All-In-One. Windows 8.1.

Answer:Lost Bookmarks (BIG problem); Lost Server on Dell WIN 7 PC

If you are infected, anything can happen.Lets see if we can find anything & if so, break them down, layer by layer.Download Combofix to a USB thumb drive and run Combofix from the USB, just say continue to all the warning messages. guide and tutorial on using ComboFix restoring the Internet connection are circumstances ComboFix will hang, crash or stall at various stages due to malware interference, failure to disable other real-time protection tools or the presence of CD Emulators (Daemon Tools, Alchohol 120%, Astroburn, AnyDVD) so that it does not complete successfully. Also, depending on how badly a system is infected, ComboFix may take longer to complete its routine than it normally does or fail to run properly. While that is not normal behavior, it is not unusual"If you think it's frozen, look at the computer clock.If it's running, Combofix is still working.NOTE: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it is running. That may cause it to stall.NOTE: ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed.***It's strongly recommended to have the Recovery Console installed before doing any malware removal.*****Please Note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will auto... Read more

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How do you set the network printer (hp5000N) to print the user name with the print job. I have a windows 2000 server.

Answer:printing user name with print job

Telnet to the printer and set banner to ON.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 355, 4 GB RAM. I also have an Epson Workforce 610, which also works great.... eventually. (I have tried the Epson wirelessly connected, as well as direct-connect with a USB cable)

Two symptoms:
1) If I have the Epson selected as the default printer, when I start MS Office app (Word or Excel) I get a message that says "Connecting to printer, hit ESC to cancel". If I have 30 minutes or so to wait, I'll let it find the printer, but most of the time I hit ESC, or don't select the Epson as my default printer.

2) Printing in general takes FOREVER to spool, then FOREVER to print. I've talked to Epson, and they say it's not the printer's problem, since it prints fine once it gets the data. They point to data transfer speeds from my laptop.

This is frustrating... Has anyone else experienced this issue with Vista-64/Toshiba/Epson?



Answer:S-L-O-W print spooling / printing

maybe the colour settings are set to hq or something? try a greyscale print see if any difference

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Hi, I bought a new laptop with Win7 Home Premium 64bit a couple of months ago and havent been able to print anything at all. The printers that i have are HP Officejet K7100, HP Deskjet 960c. Both printers are recognized and the status on the control panel is all good, until i actually print something, thats when the spooler seems to begin the print job but it just ends up saying theres an error and no page is actually printed.
I have search a lot for a similar situation on the web, only to find that these printers dont have drivers available for download to Win7 since the OS is suppose to accomplish that task.
I really like my notebook and Win7, but this printing problem is becoming annoying. Hope someone can help me out, thank you in advance to everyone at SevenForums

Answer:Printing error, cannot print anything

Okay the hardware is listed as supported but the software is not. This could be a bit of bump in the road for you.
Hp does provide a package for the k7100
HP Officejet K7100 Color Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

and here's the installer for the deskjet
HP Deskjet 960c Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

Both of those packages are supposedly for exactly the operating system you have (win 7 home prem. x64)

Also you may want to do this
open the control panel
go to power options (you may have to set view to small icons)
click change plan settings
in the window that opens:
click change plan settings
click change advanced power settings, expand usb and ensure usb selective suspend is disabled.

As that power management setting causes problems with some printers.

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