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Computer won't boot - blank screen!!

Question: Computer won't boot - blank screen!!


I was playing Tiger Woods 2007 yesterday and my computer was running a bit jerky which i thought was strange but what I thought was even more weird was when it just turned off; no power, screen black all of a sudden, dead.

My machine is:

AMD 64 3700+ Clawhammer CPU
Asus K8N-e Deluxe Mobo
1gb Kingston RAM
250gb SATA drive
X1600 256mb Radeon Graphics Card

So, my spec isn't THAT bad, quite good i thought but it did just die! Now every time I turn the thing on I get life inside the case but nothing on screen (not even a bleep from the hard drive to say it's alive - though I can hear it spinning).

I've spent a while now taking out parts, blasting them with compressed air to remove dust, putting them back in, testing, retesting, re-retesting and so on. I've tried a friends graphics card ( i burned my last one out video editing and playing games! so checked this first!) and have tried different memory in it too in all the available DIMM slots so I know it's neither of these. I've looked at the processor and no pins are bent, no signs of overheating, the motherboard looks ok, i've tried booting from an old hard drive that was installed in the same system a while back (even though when I was doing this I though "well even if it was the hard drive I should still get life from the BIOS atleast!").

The only thing that I think it could be is the CPU or motherboard but don't see how and I don't want to go out and buy anymore because I am poor (!!!) but will do so if I have to. I'll take it to a repair shop if needs be but I hate doing that because of male pride or whatever (i've built a lot of computers and managed to solve the problems that have come up with all of them so far).

Also, as I can't tell what's going on because the screen is black I got on my friends computer to see if my files were still available on my home network...they are not. I thought that atleast if I can get to my files then I know it's something like my graphics card or even monitor causing the problem, but like I say, that doesn't work either.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE throw me some ideas i'll be really greatful.


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Preferred Solution: Computer won't boot - blank screen!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Computer won't boot - blank screen!!

Got a spare power supply laying around?

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A little more than a year ago I built a decent computer (with your help. thanks!).
A couple of months later the computer mysteriously stopped working and the only sign of life was a lamp glowing on the motherboard. The fans also spun for less then a split second when trying to power the computer for the first time after plugging in the power cable. I figured it was either the motherboard or the CPU, but I didn't have the time or the money to look into it back then.

Now, more than 6 months later I've found the time and some money to try and take care of it. Yesterday I tested some parts and bought a new motherboard. After installing the motherboard, the computer will turn on, but it will turn off after a few seconds then turn back on and remain that way until i turn it off manually. During that time my screen remains black. I've tested all components except the CPU now so I'll probably have to buy a new one. But I have a few questions before I do that.

First off here is my Specs:
1x MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 580
1x Corsair TX750
1x Intel i5 2500k with stock fan
2x Gskill Ripjaws X 4gb
1x Samsung SpinPoint F3 HD103SJ 32MB 1TB
1x NZXT Hades case
the new motherboard I bought was: ASUS P8Z77 LK
and the old one was: Asus P8P67 Pro B3

Do you think there is anything else that might be causing my problems? I've tested the ram, Graphics card, Psu and Hdd on another machine and they all work. I've tried putting the ram in different slots with the same result as earlier. I've trie... Read more

Answer:Computer won't Boot, Blank screen

Have you tried to setup the system out of the tower. You could be getting a ground out. Just find a box to set the motherboard on and put on your video card ram CPU and power it up.
You will need to cross the two power pins to fire it up.Try with just one ram stick if you have two then try the other. after you try that and if you still have no luck. take off your CPU fan and put your finger against the CPU chip and fire it up for just a few seconds to see if the CPU starts to heat yo. If it does you still have voltage going to the CPU and it no doubt is still good.

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Now i have a blank screen. Computer worked fine, but than after shutting it down i turned it on the screen shows up blank and it the tower is not making the same sounds when it loads up. It turns on and thats about it, no loading, no beeping, even the keyboard light doesn't come on. Any ideas????
Anything will be appreciated, Thank you!!!!!!

Answer:Blank screen, computer won't boot up

Work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot starting with the hardware tests.

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Hi all,

I have an Acer laptop that will not boot. The Acer insignia comes up as it starts then there is nothing after that but a blank screen. I cannot even run a Windows XP recovery or reformat the HD. When I set the bios to boot to CD first. The same blank screen shows up.

I installed the HD into another known working Toshiba laptop and the same problem occured, the Toshiba insignia comes up then...nothing. So I don't think it's a hardware issue. I then took the drive out and put it into a 2.5'' USB HD enclosure and I was still able to see and transfer all my info from the drive so the data is still there, it just won't boot. Shamefully I must admit I haven't updated my virus protection in some time. Could this be some kind of boot virus?

Thanks in advance for all help offered.


Answer:Computer will not boot (XP) - blank screen

If you can put the drive into an external enclosure and see it, can you format it from another computer? This may be the only option as Windows setup isn't working.

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I'm horrible with computers so I don't really know anything about my computer except that it's a Dell Dimension E521 and has Vista Home Premium..

My problem is that when I start my computer, after the BIOS loads and where it would normally go to a log in screen it just stays a blank screen (no cursor or anything.) I tried loading it in safe mode and it just freezes at "crcdisk.sys" and I also tried using system restore which says "the disc OS (c:) has errors) and tries to repair it (to no avail.) I also tried the "Repair Your Computer" thing and left that running for about 12 hours and that didn't do anything and so I finally tried to reinstall Vista but I couldn't even do that (the disc loads and lets me click install but it freezes after that.)

I guess I should say when my problem started.. I clicked a youtube link and then some error came up saying (I don't remember but it did say something about C (not the disk but the code)) well after that error Firefox froze so I tried closing it (through the task manager) but it just said access denied so I tried to restart my computer but explorer was frozen so I had no choice but to use the power button after which my problem started..

Also in the system settings error log it says there's a POST error Keyboard error every time I try to restart my computer..

Answer:Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS)

try another keyboard

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My computer will boot up, and makes all of the same booting sounds, but instead of going to the desktop, it is is a blank black screen with just the mouse appearing on it. I don't know what to do, and what has happened to my computer.

Answer:computer will boot, but then blank black screen

Hi and welcome to TSF can you boot to safe mode tapping F8 on boot how does it behave then

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I have Windows XP Home installed on a Mesh computer. Everything was fine until recently but now the computer will not boot and there is absolutely no indication on the monitor. I plugged the computer into a friend's monitor and still there was no indication that the monitor was picking up a video signal (the amber light did not turn green and the screen remained blank). I then installed a known good video card but that gave the same result. I installed another HDD, changed the motherboard battery and got the same result. The computer will not autoboot from a bootable CD (and I can't get access to the system configuration menu). The fans are running and so there is power to the computer.

Any ideas what is wrong and how I can overcome the problem?

Answer:[SOLVED] Blank Screen - Computer Will Not Boot

I found out how to solve the problem - which may help others who view this thread. I reseated the RAM and then the computer booted normally. However, I don't know why I did not get the 'beeps' to indicate that there was a memory problem.

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When I turn my computer on it goes to the blue hp logo and then to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner. If I hit f8 when booting it gives me 2 options...f1 to setup and f2 to resume. It won't let me go into safe mode or anything. I have tried booting from the xp cd, but nothing happens. I have tried replacing the battery and that hasn't done anything.

It started when trying to open a program, the computer just went blank. When trying to reboot, this mess started...

Any brilliant ideas? PLEASE!

Also, I just got this error message, which is new...i got it after I unplugged the computer for awhile...
warning 251: system cmos checksum bad - dafalut config used

Answer:Computer won't boot - blank screen with blinking cursor

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the problem is when i boot up the computer, the busy light is constantly on and it will not show anything on the screen. i changed monitors and the same thing occurred, something is not allowing my computer to boot, maybe a virus, but how do i do a virus scan when the computer wont boot? i changed hard drives and the same thing occurred. i am sure that the problem is not monitor related but something else. all the wires and cords are connected and nothing seems obviously wrong. i put in a boot disk but it wont recognize it. any help would be great, if you guys need more information just ask, thanks

Answer:XP: computer wont boot, will not go to bios, blank screen

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I'm going to assume my processor went out on me here, or motherboard.

I usually leave my computer on overnight and woke up to find it off the other morning. I turned it on, fans ran, power light and HD light was on but my screen was blank and in screensaver mode. I shut down and tried again a couple times and after the second or third time I had no power at all.

Thinking my PS was bad I replaced that but had the same outcome as above. I then tried a new video card and had the same outcome again.

Gigabyte 945P-S3 MB
Processor, can't find the paperwork but it is a core 2 duo processor, possibly 2.93GHz but it's 3 years old so maybe slower.

My processor heat sink was pretty loaded with dust so assume I burned it out. I seem to be pretty limited on inexpensive replacements but may try a Pentium Dual Core E6500, not too expensive but I'd hate to be limited in MB's if that is gone.

I put in a cheap 400w power supply to check that, then a Gigabyte HD 6450 video card.

I did pull the processor, all ram, reset everything but also took out the MB to look it over, no signs of burning.

I did try booting up without the floppy and CD drive, same result, as well as swapping ram to different locations, no change.

What should I look at next?

Answer:Computer won't boot, fans run, blank screen, screensaver on

If you do decide to get a new processor, make sure they have a decent return policy if it ends up not being the cpu but the mobo. The E6500 is sort of dated but they have a good price right now. I was looking at them just the other day for a cheap backup unit to replace my 1.8 northwood P4 system.

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Yesterday my PC was working perfectly. No new drivers, updates, components or software have been installed. Recent virus scan was clean. Seemed to shutdown fine. However, I turned it on today and now it takes 41 minutes to boot up!! Heres the sequence of events:
23.35PM - Turn on PC. The monitor comes on, motherboard makes a beep, and displays the POST (Power On Self Test) as normal, then a dash _ blinks a few times in the top left corner, after that the monitor just goes completely blank (not even a cursor).

00.14AM - Finally the Windows loading bar appears. Longer than usual delay before the Windows circle icon appears, but from here everything appears to load fine.

00.16AM - Into Windows.
Ive reset several times and it always takes this long (even in safe mode). Though once in Windows everything runs like normal, no errors, no corrupt files etc.

Heres what Ive done so far to try and fix it: reset bios to default, took cmos battery out, removed all peripherals apart from keyboard and mouse, tried different keyboard and mouse, using different monitors, removed soundcard, checked connections, checked fans, tried different graphics card, run virus and spyware scans (clean), defragment, scandisk, registry scan, hard drive health checker, checked boot order.

Additionally, Ive inserted the Vista disk and clicked "Startup Repair" but it found no problems, so manually entered "x:\bootrec /fixmbr" into the command prompt to repair the master boot r... Read more

Answer:My Vista Computer Takes 40 Minutes To Boot! Blank Screen Shown. HELP!

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So, been handed a laptop to take a look at, now the problem she has is that she was playing Sims one night and left the laptop on for 10 mins whilst she went downstairs, now when she returned the laptop screen was blank. She turned it off and back on again and the screen just wouldnt light up.

I had a look myself and can confirm that something is wrong, i asked if she had accidentally pressed any keys on the keyboard i.e FN+screen off and she said she hadnt.

I plugged it upto my tv using the VGA port both at boot and after leaving the laptop 10 mins and nothing, the laptop is booting, you can hear the fans and harddrive and the lights on the front are all giving a positive response but as above the screen wont turn on.

Anyone able to help?

Model Name: Equium P200D-139
Model No.: PSPBNE-0040KS
Microsoft Windows Vista


Answer:Equium P200D-139 - Sudden blank screen and now blank from boot

Try to start notebook with AC adapter only or with battery only.
Disconnect both and leave it for a while and check if the same will happen again.
You can try to remove HDD and see if notebook will starts properly (BIOS and Toshiba welcome screen).

Do these small tests and post the result.

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This problem started just last night and I've gone through a series of possibilities, and I'm pretty sure I've ruled out it being the Video Card, at this point I'm assuming it is the Hard Drive, but I wanted to get an opinion that has actual value rather than my own >.<

Last night I shut down my computer via start menu and went to turn it back on and when I did the screen went blank/black after the "boot menu" (not 100% sure what that menu is called, its where its kind of blue (i have an hp) and you can hit Esc, F9, F10, F11). After that happened I figured oh well maybe it just loaded wrong, so I shut it off, now when I hit the power button, rather than having to hold it down, I just press it once even lightly and it just shuts down completely. Normally when you hit it you have to hold it down to shut it down completely (or so I think).

Now I'm currently using an 'Nvidia GeForce GTX 260' video card, I swapped that out with a working one which was an 'Nvidia GeForce GT 520', not 100% sure if the 2 were compatible or not, but it fit and everything ok. Computer still did the same thing with the other video card. I didn't try the current one (in the broken computer) in the working computer, to rule it out completely. I just assuming that was the cast, besides it wouldn't fit in the other computer, or didn't have some of the cords.

Which is why I came to the assumption it is the Hard Drive, A; (as... Read more

Answer:Problem with computer going to black/blank screen after "Boot Menu"

See if you can boot off something like Hiren's Boot CD and then run a hard drive diagnostic tool.

That will rule in or out a hard drive problem. It could be that your Windows system files got corrupted and maybe you could fix by doing a repair of Windows from a Windows 7 dvd.

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Someone told me this is going to be a hardware problem? Just in case not, and it is software related, please direct me to the right person? I am also currently running the thread for some bad trojan I picked up


at the following url:

There are hijack reports there, as well as dds.scr logs.

Today, I tried to boot up my PC. It flashes the usual Acer boot screen, the cursor flashes at the top left corner, as always and then nothing...blank.

In safe mode, the last line before boot-up freezes:


I have tried the option of "last configuration of functional settings" and nothing.

My battery seems to have been fried (only ever gets to max 70%) and I thought it might be due to a power surge. To check, I let it run down last night, to recharge it this morning and see if it would charge fully. I was watching a tv series on vlc, and everything was functioning as "normal" apart from the usual issues the trojan would dole out...I was completely surprised and utterly disappointed to find that this morning I have NO computer at all, while I have been patiently waiting for the team to help me axe this damned virus. I want to scream.


Answer:Blank screen after Boot screen, no boot up in safe mode either

I HAVE posted this new problem in the original thread. I have not heard from Cookiegal since Friday?

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I'm trying to run a windows repair disk, I've changed the order of the boot-up sequence in F2 (Setup Utility) and F8 (Boot Manager), but neither of these does anything to change the boot sequence, my CD Drive works fine and is propely represented in the boot manager, but still no luck in getting the repair disk to run.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, wondering if anyone can help with this issue. I am looking to install xp so I wrote the .iso onto a bootable USB and changed the boot order in the bios to boot from USB first. Then after it rebooted, the screen stays black with no bios screen etc. Not sure why it doesn't come up, any suggestions? Thanks

This is an acer aspire one netbook running ubuntu 10.04. 120gb hdd and 1gb Ram. Have absolutely no problems in past with it and it's about a year and a half old.

Extra info :-: when trying to hit the caps lock in the blank screen, the light does jot come up and the keyboard seems to be unresponsive. I am letting it cool down as it was on all day whilst o was researching the xp installation so will attempt to turn it on again soon but fear it may be to the boot order change.

Answer:Solved: Blank screen on startup after changing boot order to boot from USB.

Any POST messages?

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I have here my Mother in Laws C670-14D and its developed an issue whereby when you power up the screen is blank. it does have backlight and you hear the windows startup sound that you get before you login as windows starts up.

I can see the screen if I start in safe mode, in fact I'm using the PC in safe mode as I type this.

I did hae a similar problem in the past with another Toshiba laptop and that was windows 8, the issue was connected with power save settings but I've tried all of those and no luck. Also tried the remove battery suggestions, nothing has worked.

I'm guessing windows has done an update that is causing this but I'm at a loss and google has turned up nothing.

Running Windows 10 Home edition 64 bit

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance


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After the Starting Windows screen a blank black screen with a cursor that I can move pops up that lasts a minute (shouldn't happen with SSD, used to be ~10 second boot). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal and everything works as normal. This doesn't happen when I boot into safe mode.

I attached a list of start up services, installs, and scheduled tasks, along with my latest boot log.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows 7: Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello and welcome, try this to see if you have something that's going you don't know about. Use the free version.

SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!

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I was using the laptop, then it went to suspend mode due normal timeout.When it came back, the fan start to spin full throttle but it was functionating  beside that, normally. I restarted but then it never boot again.This is the process where it gets stuckedBoot to Splash Screen, Beep, then a black screen and the fan start to spin at full speed.(In the post in diagnostic mode, shows no error, pass the memory check, shows the info of the processor )  I tried this: Retired Hard Disk,Press 60 Seconds  (Reset BIOS) - without battery and power cord Press 10 times the power button an then 30 seconds -- without battery and power cord  Visually there is no damage in the usb ports, maybe i  will need  to disassembly to get a better view to check if there is a short somewhere.  With this symptoms , what should else i try.  Could be a memory issue? Thanks for any help you can provide me.     

Answer:L512 Wont Boot , Splash Screen then stuck blank screen and Fan in full throttle

I have tested  with another Dimm, with the same result. So that  let me discard  a module issue.
Here is a bios summary : 
An here is how it boots right now:Video
Moderator Note; picture showing s/n edited for member's own protection

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Hi Everybody!

My problem is the following:

When I start my formentioned notebook, the screen remains blank until the graphic screen of the OS doesn't load. So I get no toshiba screen, can't log into the bios nor can I install a new operating system. My laptop was in service twice. They replace the video card once, and the motherboard once. Please tell me if you had experienced something like this, and if there is a solution, then please share it with me. Thank you!


Matthew Lampert

Answer:Satellite M100-222 Blank boot screen, but OS loads with screen


I?ve got two different Toshiba notebooks at home and never had any similar problems with my units.
In my opinion your notebook?s hardware seems to malfunction.
It?s hard to say what could be wrong because nobody here could test your notebooks hardware parts.
First of all the RAM modules should be checked. If the modules are ok then an motherboard itself or an part on the motherboard could be affected.

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Need help here.

I have a HP laptop DV9543cl with 32bit Vista. Last Thursday (6/3/2010), Vista update icon showed up and asked me to install the update. As always, i did that. Once install was done, it asked for a reboot which i did. It started booting up again and when it finished Windows logo screen, it went blank and no display with all the other lights were in correct status. I waited for a long time before attempting a reboot. Since then i don't see anything on the screen after the initial BIOS screen (Which is also all jumbled up). I tried F8 (BIOS) and F11(Restore) but no screen. Don't know what to do but i am pretty sure that Laptop is working ok just not displaying anything. I am going to try Remote desktop on it now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Blank screen after initial boot screen for HP Laptop with Vista

have you tried ringing up HP support line?

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Bonjour mes amis.

I recently have started getting the infamous black screen of death at my computer's startup, very similar to this fellow user's problem. Basically, Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup. The black screen lasts at least two minutes on average, before the windows login screen comes up. Everything else runs fine!

I think it might be my antivirus, Bitdefender Total Security 2013, and I've posted on their forums about it, and I've gotten responses from other users saying:

The Black screen issue is known by BD Support till now they have not able resolved that issue.
hope BD 2014 resolves the issue.

And the booting time issue is been solved.

However, I uninstalled Bitdefender and the problem still persisted. I proceeded to uninstall every program i could remember installing before the problem started, so before the start of June. This was painful because I updated all my software, so everything was listed as installed recently.
My startup time after removing all these software is attached below; 156 seconds, compared to before with the speed ranging from 200-500 seconds, with the worst at 472 seconds.

Although this sped about my startup, I still got the annoying black screen issue. I am sure it is a software issue because the black screen is present, but lasts no longer than about 5 seconds when starting in Safe Mode with Networking, and is present even int he low graphics.

What should I d... Read more

Answer:64-bit - Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello mate try some of these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 start at point 15 then do chkdsk Disk Check

The go through the other stuff.

Oops should have mentioned this one too start at point 7 - option 3 Optimize Windows 7[2]=Performance Maintenance

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Nothing appears on the screen when booting the computer from a powered off state. Not even the Thinkpad spash screen appears on the display when I press power. The backlight appears to come on but the display is still mostly black. So the LCD cables are at least partially connected. I doubt it was related since it was a driver, but the last thing I did in Windows was update the Wacom drivers since the pen was not tracking correctly in slate mode. This is what I triedPressed Fn+Home a few times then Fn+End a few times. The backlight increased in brightness but the display was still mostly black. Pull the AC power and the battery. Press the power button a couple times to discharge lingering charges in the capacitors. Installed the AC power only, then pressed power. Still nothing. Powered up the system then pressed the blue ThinkVantage button immediately. A single beep was heard but nothing on screen. Plugged system into a monitor with a VGA (D-Sub) connector and set the monitor to VGA input. Nothing appeared on the screen. Pressed Fn+F7 a couple times on the tablet to see if it was set to a different output for some reason. Repeated with another monitor with displayport. Again nothing on the tablet display. Pulled the RAM, booted with no RAM. No beeps. Reseated RAM and powered up, nothing on screen. I don't have any 1333 MHz DDR3 laying around. I also traded RAM with a known good system in my inventory at work. Is there a key sequence to rese... Read more

Answer:X220 blank screen at boot, not even POST spash screen

You should've gotten beep codes when you booted without ram.  That's not a good sign.,
There isn't any key code that I know of to reset the bios without actually being in the bios.
The old procedure for ThinkPads was to take out everything that is in a slot, hard drive, RAM, wireless card and modem, battery and unplug the ac adapter and hold the power button down for 30 seconds and then put just the ac adapter back in and push the power button and see what happens.  If you get beep codes, put 1 stick of ram in and hit the power button again.  If nothing, take out that ram stick and put another one in and try it again.  Try it in different slots.  See if the bios splash screen comes up.  If it comes up, start putting components back in one at a time and rebooting each time until it doesn't.  Save the hard drive for last.
Are any of your indicators lit and does the fan come on when you hit the power button?
It sounds like you already tried most of that, but that's the only thing left to try that I can think of.

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Hey, first time posting here, so sorry if this is the wrong section or anything.

Lately my laptop has been experiencing a problem when I boot it up. After the Starting Windows screen with the glowing Windows logo, a blank black screen pops up that lasts for ages (I'd say at least 5 minutes). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal.

When I log in, the desktop appears quickly, but when I try to start any programs, like my browser, they are slow and freeze often (usually I can run programs with no problem when the desktop appears). Sometimes the laptop will hang every three seconds. It takes a bit of time before the programs and the laptop run like normal.

I've tried several things without success:
-Uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers (I've never updated my drivers because no updates are ever available for my driver; is that normal? My laptop is about two years old)
-Defragging hard drive
-System Restore (I don't seem to have any restore points)
-Clean bootup
-Startup repair (or whatever that first F8 option is called)

Answer:Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Welcome to Seven Forums Tienjt.

You can run this SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and post back with results.
Below my sig is a link to MalwareBytes, download the free version, update it, and run a full scan.

Have you installed anything new, hardware or software? Sometimes OEM's don't/won't have driver updates.

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I have done a silly thing to the Kernel on my pc which runs XP pro. A while ago i loaded a fancy boot screen(swissboy).I wanted to load a service pack and the system says it couldn't because of a core kernal not being original, So i tracked it down to being the boot scrn i loaded so i tried to undo but when it came to reooting i lost the boot screen and it doesn't go any further so a BIG OOOPPS.. is in order.If i get it going again i will be sticking to the normal programs that come with software. Anyone know how i can get around this as i have lost alot of info as you can imagine. Thanks..4 Any help

Answer:Boot up Screen Blank Pc wont complete boot up


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Started in the beginning with me booting up my computer. And no live screen occuring. ie. Monitor is on but goes to sleepy mode. (orange light instead of green light). I'd have to boot again before it'd run. However, now no matter how many times I boot it does not cause a live monitor. I bought a new stick of ram. PC3700 400 Mhz. Even though my MO takes up to 333 Mhz but that should be okay as it'll just bump it down. I also reseated my graphics card and changed the slot in which my RAM was in.

If I reseat the graphics card the computer will cause a live screen, but crash shortly after with a computer freeze. And I'd have to reseat everythign again before I'd get another live screen. Usually holds long enough to load windows and get in for 2 minutes before freezing.

When the monitor does not become live, there are no beeps. When the monitor does show (before the freezing problem) the mo beeps once. Hardrive, fans on power and graphics card all work. mother board light is on. No weird sounds. Monitor does work as I've tried multiple monitors. I'm running out of ideas, Suggestions?

Answer:Blank / Black Screen on boot usually and when it does boot freezes

Looks like something is up with your graphics card. Try the onboard monitor output (if you have one) or another graphics card. Hope this helps.

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I have a Win XP Home edition that fails to boot; the POST screen loads, then a choice of operating system configurations (see later), and selecting  one of them (the last on the list) returns can’t find hal.dll.
The other two options, one of which I have set up in the course of trying to sort this out, both end up with a blank screen.
Safe mode hangs up in the middle of the driver list.
The problem started after a power cut.
I have fairly exhaustively investigated and tried to fix this as follows:-
Seagate 250Gb disk in four partitions, C,D,E,F. Using a partition tool confirms that the active and primary partition is C. The files on all the partitions are all visible using file explorers on bootable recovery CDs (ERD Commander and HIRENS). I have been able to back up the important data. The operating system files are on C partition only.
Run disc diagnostic – passed, no errors
Run Memtest86+ - passed
Run chkdsk /f – fixed a couple of errors
Via recovery console on original disk
          Run fixmbr, reboot, not fixed
          Run fixboot, reboot, not fixed
          Run bootcfg /rebuild fixboot. Reboot, not fixed (this is the most recent listed configuration)
Tried repair install from recovery console. Copied files etc, then automatically tried to reboot but stalled at same place.
I have also tried the disk i... Read more

Answer:Failure to boot, blank screen after POST screen

I would clone the drive, then do a clean install.

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Hi everyone,
I have a friend's Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop. It can't boot into anything. I have tried using a Windows USB stick, but it just goes to a blank screen. Even automatic repair won't boot - It just says preparing then fades to a blank screen!

Is there anything that will fix this?

(P.S. I have not tried a Windows DVD, as I don't want to buy one unless there is a good chance it will boot.)


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hello everyone
When i turn on my coputer it goes up to my windows boot screen where the bars move than after that the screen goes blank. I havent made any changes and it was working fine just before it. Does anyone know what i can do.

Answer:screen goes blank after windows xp boot screen

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Can someone please help? My daughter has a Gateway running XP. After the boot screen finishes what it does the screen goes totally blank. Help someone!

Answer:Blank Screen after Boot

Can she boot up into safe mode?

1. See if she can. This is how:

If safemode loads, then there is possibly either a process or startup program that is causing her computer to hang.

Next, you will want to use msconfig to par down your startup programs and services.
See this article on how to do it:

See here:

Let me know

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HELP!! my laptop won't boot anymore. It was okay at first then I noticed that the programs started to hang. But after a few minutes it would work again. I downloaded a few songs 'n afterwards I decided to turn off my laptop. When I turned it back on after a few minutes it no longer works. Only a black screen with a cursor on the upper left corner would show. I tried turning it off again 'n turn back on. Still the same thing. Removed the battery, placed it back. Still nothing. The same thing happened before but the first it happened luckily it just worked after a few minutes. But now... no luck. So please... HELP!! 'n my laptop's still under warranty 'til june this year.

Answer:S10-3t won't boot, blank screen

Unplug the power pack, take out the battery, press and hold the power switch for five seconds.  Try the reset button on the bottom if there is one. 

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hello, this is my first post, be kind

right, past few weeks i've been battling a massive attack from spyware and i keep correcting it but keeps coming back (that aint the point- just some background history)
the other day i left the computer to shutdown, as it did that it installed automatic updates , came to switch it on the next morning, dell loading screen comes up, then it goes blank, no xp or dos, i try different boot modes but still to no avail, so i ask a few people what it could be, one surgested it was a dead hard drive and the other said its been locked by an automatic update, which is it? and how'd i go about solving it.

many thanks

Jamie C!

Answer:XP Won't boot- blank screen

Download and burn to CD one of the Kanotix Live CD os's then use it. From the running live cd you will be able to tell if your hdd is faulty. It is not rocket science so you should be able to do that.

Report back when you know for sure if your hdd is working or dead.

You could use any GNU/Linux Live CD but Kanotix is easy to use for a newbiee.

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I been having problems with my graphics card for sometime. It will hang when i am playing games occasionally (fifa 08) and also when i am viewing videos in youtube/yourfilehost it will randomly hang, and when i am boot up everything is ok.

Today, it hanged after entering windows and whilst loading the start-up problems and now it can reboot properly.

When i start the computer, it shows the screen where i can enter the bios, but it doesnt load anything thereafter and the computer is just idle with the monitor power button in still 'green'. I would think its a VGA card problem.

Motherboard: ASUS M2N-E

Answer:Blank screen after boot-up

Since your monitor light is 'green' there is a signal from your HDD and I believe that you need to get a better GFX card. I did read a few reviews of that card and the general word is it's not really a gamer. I think it has been deteriorating: now it's at the point where it won't work at all: even just to give you a Windows program video. I don't know how much ram that you are running but if you do upgrade your card (I think that you have to)...make sure you have at least 2 gigs of ram. It's really cheap now. Make sure to buy a ram model # that is on your motherboard's compatibility list.

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Running Mint 11 on an Acer Aspire One.

The netbook suddenly won't boot. The power light comes on, I get a blank screen and I can hear the drive whirring but nothing happens. I thought maybe it was doing some diagnostics so I left it running for an hour. No change. I had to remove the batteries to turn it off. Several reboots later and there's no change. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Yesterday I recognized, that my screen was blank at start up.

I rebooted in safemode, and then the screen was ok.

There I restored the computer to an earlier state, and it ran ok after

The same ocured this morning, and now I don't have the opportunity to
restore as there is no restore point.

What I did when the computer ran ok was that I started up NFS.
No more.

What could be wrong here ?

Answer:Blank screen at boot up

Now after a little over 2 hours the screen waked up again.

The screen was not black, but silver.

The graphics card is a NVIDIA, where I have the VGA connected to one monitor, and
via a DVI to VGA adapter another monitor is connected.

I have encountered, that something is slow, and I have seen it a while.

The DPC is ok, and also the CPU load measured with Process Explorer.

I have defragged the computer, and yes, I have ran all what O could get aware of
to have a clean computer.

BUT I might have overseen something.

CAN it be the Grapichs Card ?

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On power up my screen occasionally is blank .i.e. no Widows boot information. However, I can hear the hd going through its boot rituals. I have found that disconnecting/reconnecting the mains power supply resolves the problem but further on/offs consequently bring the problem back again.My thoughts are the power unit or graphics card. Any further thoughts?

Answer:Blank Screen On Boot

Sounds more like the monitor. If your graphics card is disconnected or u/s, you usually get a message on your screen to the effect "check your video input" or something like.Do you get any "white lettering on black background" on the monitor during initial stage of boot?Forget px unit if fans/drives are still working.Check all connection to your monitor and don't connect/disconnect mains WITHOUT powering down Windows (press and hold the PC ON button until everything stops).

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I have two laptops running Vista. On one of them during the startup process as it starts to load the finla few icons in the system tray the screen goes completely bank and black for about five seconds. It is a little disconcerting. Any ideas as to the cause?

Answer:Blank Screen During Boot

try it in safe mode, if it load ok then probably a graphics driver problem

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I have A57, 9859-71G. Trying to connect new 21,5" full HD monitor from Acer (VGA). I can't see the boot process on a screen, but WinXP loading is good and the screen-resolution is 1920×1080.Please advise

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so my DELL OPTIPLEX GX50 (Windows XP SP3) wont boot properly i see the dell BIOS screen when that disappears the HDD activity stops and i am left with a blank screen, i've tried making a new MBR (Master Boot Record), chkdsk,and fixboot bit nothing helped can any 1 help me!!!i have the CD

Answer:Blank screen cant boot!

Have you tried slaving your HD atleast for checking? Or have run any Diagnostic test for the troubled HD?

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I went to swap out my processor(Athlon Thunderbird 1.4) with another processor(Athlon XP 2400 1.93)and my computer will not boot now. My motherboard is an Iwill KD266. I get nothing but a blank screen. I put my original processor and fan back on the motherboard and the cpu still doesnt boot. I reset the CMOS jumper settings as well and still no boot.
All my other components seem to be working fine, its just the motherboard that isnt booting. Neither one of the processors are burnt or harmed either. Is there anything else I can do to reset the motherboard so it will start back up?

Answer:Cpu will not boot up.....Blank Screen

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hi folks, my s10-3's hard drive died, so lenovo sent me a new one.  i installed it and tried booting (intending to install win 7 via usb).  However, the screen is now completely blank - no bios post messages, nothing.  The power and battery lights turn on, and the hard drive flashes for a few seconds, but then nothing.  Pressing f11/f12 during boot doesn't do anything. anyone have any ideas?  will i have to send this into warranty support (which is a pain for me as i'm outside the US), or can i try fixing the issue somehow? any help greatly appreciated! thanks...

Answer:blank screen on s10-3, won't boot

Hello mate, Remove the RAM and boot your computer. If there is no beep when you turn it on your motherboard is dead.

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I just installed windows 7 which installed fine.

Now when I boot it goes through the bios and sits at a black screen with flashing cursor.

I went into the bios and made sure it wad booting from hdd.

Also checked there is no disk in the drive.

Any ideas?

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Running XP-Pro for many years --- no h/w or s/w changes and suddenly at Boot Up my system proceeds correctly 'till the XP splash. At which time the the splash fades to a Blank Screen - then minutes later I can see my mouse then a minute later I get to the welcome screen. (the sytem will reboot but takes for ever and gives me this blank screen)
Any idea what could cause this. I ran anti virus nothing same on spyware.

Answer:XP Blank Screen and Boot Up

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Have swopped monitors, changed Graph Card and replaced RAM but monitor indicates no signal being received. Mbd does not have onboard graphics so can't try that. Only really the mbd and P/Unit left. Any suggestions?

Answer:Blank Screen on Boot?

Solved it.....faulty P.Unit!

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I was recently having trouble with a dll file crashing Star Citizen. I tried a million different things to try to fix that, and none of them worked, including the installation of a bunch of older and newer drivers. I eventually tried replacing the dll file itself, but that caused a different error. After that, I was unable to replace the file back to the original.
I decided to try Safe Mode, because I planned to completely uninstall my old drivers and do a clean installation of new ones (BTW, I was using Windows 7 64 bit and I have Nvidia GeForce 560 Ti running driver version 331.65). However, tapping F8 caused my PC to not finish booting. It would go from the black, monitor-off to a blank navy-blue screen. That is, the monitor would come on, but nothing else would load.
So, I tried to force my PC to start up in Safe Mode. ...And now I'm eternally stuck on that navy-blue screen. Nothing loads. I have to force shutdown my PC to get it off. I've tried starting it up and tapping F1, F2, F4, F8, F9, and F10 upon start-up (each separately and waiting at least 10 seconds between attempts), but that did nothing.
If anyone has any suggestions or if it appears I should just go ahead reinstall Windows, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks.

Answer:PC Won't Boot Up, Blank Screen

Win7?s no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall

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I just bought a new computer, and I gently moved my old one aside (without unplugging anything) so that I could transfer files from it, but now it won't boot up anymore. The fan goes on, the lights flash, but no picture. I've researched the problem and tried all of the troubleshooting tips to the best of my ability: checking the power source and cable connections (they're good), testing the monitor by hooking it up to the new computer (it works), pressing F8 to try to get into safe mode (I can't), and opening the computer to ensure that nothing slipped out of place during the move (something seemed a little loose, so I pushed it back in). But I still haven't been able to resolve the problem. Any other suggestions? The computer is running Win95 if that helps.

Answer:Blank screen on boot up

Are you getting any bleep codes when it powers up?

Have you double checked the graphics card is slotted firmly in?

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Yesterday, when I woke up to start up my computer and press the power button, the comp tried to start up for about 2 secs, with the HDD light flashing... then turned right back off. I was puzzled at this and proceeded to troubleshoot. I cleared the CMOS and checked all the cables and tested the RAM... all turned out fine. Then it actually proceeded to have it stay on and everything and all the fans were running and whatnot. Then I disconnected the HDD and suprisingly, it finally allowed me to get to the BIOS and I changed a couple settings. Then reconnected the HDD and everything was peachy keen.
Flash to THIS morning.... the same thing has happened. Except this time, with the methods that I have tried, it is not working. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve before I start to hit the panic button though. This leads me to believe that it is either the PS or the mobo that have crapped out on me. Any suggestions and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated at this point. Here are my specs:

WinXP Pro SP2
P4 3.2 gHz Prescott
ASUS P4S800 MoBo
2x512 Kingston HyperX 3200DDR RAM
XFX GeForce 6600GT 128 MB
200 GB Seagate IDE HDD
and Axio Technologies 500W PS(crappy PS, which is why I think this is it)

Answer:Blank Screen on Boot

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Are you getting any failure beep code at post?
Typically video, ram, and cpu.
Are you running the dvd and hdd on separate ide?
Check for bios updates.
For trouble shooting:
Swap out the Psu if you can.
Bare setup, then add each componant.
It may take longer but I like to start with
the cheap stuff first, then once ruled out go up.
Do yo have another systen to check out some of your componants?

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I'm having a strange issue with RC1 x32 on my Dell XPS M1330. Everything was working fine a few days ago. It's a relatively fresh install (all I have is avast, itunes, firefox). Now when I boot all I get is a blank screen with a mouse in the center. There's hard drive activity, and I can move the mouse, but I can't login. I've tried typing my password and hitting enter to no avail. Also tried sleep cycling it, no luck.

I think it might be related to a driver called zFlashpoint that I just installed for my SSD. It's been rumored to corrupt parts of the registry. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this if it's the case? I have a desktop which I can put the SSD in to perform repairs.

Answer:Boot to blank screen

Only thing I can suggest is to try a DVD startup repair, or else a System Restore.

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Hey guys, Need some helps. When I switch on my laptop, I hear there's 2-3 beeps.Screen justblank or nothing shows up. I observed that the fan, dvd-rom, led light on the right side of laptop still on. And when I push on/off button, there's another beep before laptop power off.

Original description: T2400(1.83GHz), 512MB RAM, 80GB 5400rpm HD, 14.1in 1400x1050 LCD, 64MB ATI Radeon X1300, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, Fingerprint reader, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro

Answer:T60 screen blank after boot up

Hi and welcome to the forum!

What is product number of your T60? It looks like 2668-KHU and can be found on the back sticker, based on the Type (e.g. 2668), download the appropriate HMM for your T60, then match the beep sequence to one of those given in the manual.
Keep us posted.

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I  trying to resurrect a Dell 6000 laptop with Widows XP Home.  It has a Toshiba IDE 60G  hard drive.  When I initially turned it on, I could not get it to go beyond the screen which asks for me to select Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, Safe Mode with internet etc and would continue in a loop always showing this screen no matter which option I chose.  The following was at the bottom of that screen:
Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)Partition(1)\WINDOWS\System32\DRIV... Read more

Answer:No Boot, Blank Screen

If the hard drive is original to the dell you can do a factory reset by holding the Ctrl key while tapping the F11 key at power up. This will start the Recovery Manager. If that does not work, you should be able to reinstall XP using the Dell Setup disk.
The problem with XP is it is no longer supported by Microsoft with Security Updates. I would not do any banking or online purchases with a XP computer.

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Ok, I have a computer with windows vista business on it worked great I gave it to my nephew . He says the power button stuck in the case a few times and now when you turn it on there is just a blank screen no boot up or anything . It powers on but thats it .It is a hp compaq dc5750 microtower.thx

Answer:Blank screen no boot up

The motherboard is probably shot... Due to heat

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I have 2 T61's.  I had to replace the motherboard on the first one after spilling milk on it.  While I was doing that, I removed the palm rest and keyboard screws on the 2nd so I could see where the screws went on the inside.  After I finished up, I had the first T61 running smoothly, but not the 2nd one won't boot.  There is just a blank screen.  The power indicators are on and the cpu indicator comes on, but nothing on the screen.  Sometimes the fan will come on, but then it shuts off...If I leave it, the fan will eventually turn on again. If I remove the memory, I get the post beeps indicating the memory is gone. Anybody have any ideas?  I've taken it apart and put it back together twice, thinking a connector might be loose, but I don't think that's the issue.

Answer:T61 won't boot...blank screen

I have the same problem. If your T61 has nvidia NVS 140m discrete video card, that chip should be the problem. Please read the follow discussion

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I have an older S7-392 - I had this problem for about a year, but haven't had a chance to deal with it as I've been busy at work and have a Macbook that I use there. I'm trying to bring it back to life, but whenever I start it up, it just remains blank. Blue power light comes on, but no Acer logo, nothing. Tried connecting to an HDMI monitor, but to no avail. There were posts elsewhere about updating BIOS. Mine originally came with 2.07. I see 2.12 as the latest, but there's no way for me to flash it as I don't get any screen. Trying to use Fn-Esc, or Fn-F2 with the extracted .exe (.fn files, etc.) didn't seem to do anything. Any ideas of what's going on here? I haven't opened it up yet, but one of the possibilities from other posts is a blown capacitor maybe?  Any thoughts are appreciated. 

Answer:S7-392 blank screen on boot

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So I thought I had fixed the problem but when I went to install Windows on the new PC I built tonight I only see a blank screen. I don't hear any beeps from the motherboard. I've tried useing just 1 stick of ram, in both slots. I've cleared the CMOS and taken out the watch battery and put that back in. Checked all my connections and made sure they were good. I've ran out of ideas. Also, I have the motherboard outside of the case, but screwed onto a motherboard tray that slides into the case. Wanted to bring that up since I read something about a bad ground in another thread. I've got a DFI board, so I'm useing the button that's located on the motherboard to turn it on and off.

Also, about 8 hours ago I had the system working, and the Windows XP CD was in the drive and it booted from it. When it got to the main menu I opted to exit the installer, I had to go to work and didn't have time to finish the install. Then it gave me 10 seconds or so to restart and when it restarted I held down the power button and shut the system off. Don't know if this has anything to do with it not working, but I thought I should include that information.

Answer:Blank screen at boot

What are the specs? Maybe your video card isn't set all the way into the slot or it's not getting enough power??

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I recently rebuilt my desktop computer (Asus M4A79 Deluxe Series Motherboard) I have installed Windows 7 (64 Bit). When I start up the computer all is well until after the 'Windows starting' logo appears. When that disappears I am left with a blank screen for about ten minutes before windows starts properly. All then works just fine.

Any ideas

Many thanks

Answer:Blank Screen On Boot up


Its possible that this sis driver or software related, if you boot into Safe Mode (F8 at boot) does your PC boot ok?

What you could try is to disable all startups using msconfig (click start and type msconfig into the start search box and hit enter, then click the startup tab and click disable all) then reboot and does your PC boot OK, if so enable one at a time until you find the possible culprit and let us know which it is.

In Device Manager do you have any yellow ! marks by any devices? if so what?
Also are all your Drivers, Windows 7 ones, or did you have to install any XP or Vista drivers to get any devices working?

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I just realised I had posted this in the wrong forum.
When I start up my computer, the screen goes blank before Windows can start. I have XP home edition and while I've had problems with it in the past. it has never done this before. I've tried using the boot disc (CD) that came with the computer, but it says there is no hard drive. I've check and double checked inside the computer and everything is connected and (relatively) dust free. I am completely stumped, could you folks help? In response to one syggestion, there isn't a flashing curse, its just completely blank. D:

Answer:Screen Goes Blank On Boot

what does this boot disc lead you to?

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HP 255 G2 won't boot -> black screenHere's the situation:Bought a HP 255 G2 (windows 8.1)I had changed bois to legacy n installed windows 7 i then updated the drivers via wifiNow I cannot do anything with the laptop, it is not responding to ESC or F10 to get into the BIOS or bootI ialso have created an USB stick with the BIOS flash, but it won't boot from the USB stick to reflash the BIOS.Anybody have a clue as to what I can do next? Took it where i bought it they said its out of warrant

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Windows XP SP3 on a Dell desktop. More info upon request.

Last week I caught some malware on my desktop. I recognized it and ran rkill and malwarebytes, but noticed the process that had been working for me forever wasn't quite getting rid of everything. So my first move is to try to get into safe mode and get to work. Sadly, every single method I took to get to safe mode failed. I first tried the F8 method, which prevented me from getting past a blank black screen; no noise; no sound; no signs of life at all. So I held down the power button and let it start up normally, which it did fine. Then I tried using Superantispyware's Bootsafe application to try to get SAS to do the work for me. Once again, blank screen, no signs of life. Again, hold power button down and restart normally and everything's fine. So I try the third and last ditch option, check off bootsafe in boot.ini via msconfig. Now no matter what I do the desktop refuses to get past a blank black screen. The power button turns blue, the fan turns on, I hear a single beep, and then nothing else happens. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Time to pull out the harddrive and work off the laptop (which is working fine, but is ancient and cannot be used as anything more than an emergency computer).

Yesterday I removed the master drive (I have an aftermarket second internal in the desktop. It has never given me any problems) and plopped it into my internal->external adapter and USB'd to my laptop. Ran Malwarebytes (af... Read more

Answer:Cannot boot, cannot get anything other than blank screen.

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I just finished on a new system for the wife..and upon first start up, of course, there is a problem. All the fans kick on every time I boot, but after turning things on and off so many times as I've troubleshot... I estimate the CD-Rom and HD only come about half the boots. I'll get a beep on the times the HD and CD drives start. Unfortunately, even when I get a beep and both drives fire up I still have a blank monitor claiming it has no signal.

-I've swapped RAM.
-I've tested the monitor.
-I've tried both the video card and onboard mobo video.
-I've unplugged to bare minimum hardware.
-I've reset CMOS.
-I've plugged and replugged about everything a dozen times.

I've just run out of any ideas. Any help or advice is so appreciated. I'm a bit new at this so I hope I've missed something easy. I'd do anything to have some display so I could at least see my bios.

System specs-
1G Patriot PC6400 DDR2 RAM
AMD A64 x2 6000+ CPU
Ultra V Series 500w PSU
BFG 8400GS 256MB PCI-Express Vid Card

Answer:Screen blank on boot

Man that sucks. I'm having the same prob. There's a 4 pin CPU power connector on that board. I would make sure thats plugged in. I've read in forums to check RAM, CPU, PSU, CMOS. In that order. Try one stick of RAM also. Wish I could help more but I'm having the same prob...

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First off, I'm fairly ignorant about computers.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong with my hard drive?

Won't boot, will work as slave.

I clicked a shortcut to Firefox and the browser window opened but froze before the homepage had loaded.

Cntrl/Alt/del didn't work so I pressed the little reset button.

I heard a beep, then saw the first page of white text (checking for memory size and offering the option of pressing Del or F11, etc). This page of white text disappears after a few seconds and is momentarily (0.2 of a sec?) replaced by some more white text (too fast to read).

Then the monitor goes black and nothing else happens. No sign of the Windows XP startup page.

I tried a few times.

I took the hard drive out, removed its jumper, and connected it as slave in an old pc. I was able to access the drive and backup my most important files. And before everyone has a go... I do usually back up to an external drive, but the missus had problems with her Mac and has swiped my backup drive. I know, it's shocking, she just plain nicked it. Reformatted and everything. Sheesh!

I'm thinking about trying a repair from the disk (if I can find it). But is doing this likely to remove any files? I can't try replacing drivers as I can't get the pc on.

Answer:Blank screen during boot up

Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD drive, and then restart the computer. Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD drive if you are prompted. When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you must access from the Recovery Console. When you are prompted, type the Administrator password. If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.Type: chkdsk /rIt's important to have a space before the "/".To exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer, type exit at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.

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About a week ago i was on my computer and it ran low on disk space so i clicked the bubble and cleaned some temporary files. But i had to go out and i couldnt leave the computer so i cancelled it. Next time i went on the computer is started up and had all the intel logo and stuff but no windows xp screen.. only a blank screen after boot.

Can anyone help? I cant get into safe mode either?

Answer:Blank boot screen! Please help!

Hi, have you tried the XP install disk, I had a similar issue with win 2k and putting the disk in at bootup gave me some options to repair windows. This worked for me. Good luck

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I have an Acer Aspire 5315-2326 laptop ... 1 gig ram running Windows Vista Home Basic.

I have had it about 3 years. No really serious trouble until now.

It will boot completely through to Windows, as far as I can tell, quite normally. The problem ... I cannot keep the screen image on screen for more than about 7 seconds before the screen goes blank. No cursor, nothing. To see the screen again I must hold down fn (function) and depress f6. At that point I get a part of a second to 6-10 seconds of the screen appearing normal. Then it goes blank again until I once again depress fn+f6.

Interestingly the PC manual indicates fn+f6 "Turns the display screen backlight off to save power. Press any key to return."

Any help appreciated. And thank you.

Answer:blank screen at boot up

Hi rhoadesbThis might be a problem is most often caused by a faulty screen inverter. What this means is that the screen itself works properly, however the backlight does not function properly.However, for this to be true the screen itself has to be working, its just that it is hard to see because of the fact that it is not lit. An easy way to check for this is to simply shine a flashlight on the screen. If you can see the desktop even though the screen is dark then it is the inverter. If you cannot see the screen at all then you have a different problem.If you cannot see the screen after you boot into Windows, then it might be a driver problem. Try booting into Safe Mode and seeing if you run into the same problem.Also try going into the BIOS (Press F2 while booting) and see if the screen stays on while you are in the BIOS.Hope that helps!

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Hi, I have a HP Pavilion 500-81ea Desktop computer. the problem i have is on rebooting the PC i get a blank screen. just flash like there is no signal to screen. I have power down the PC & taking out the CMOS battery & hole down the Power button for 60 seconds. put the CMOS battery back in then powered up the PC. if i hole the power button down for 1-3 seconds when swithing the PC back on i can get the message saying "time & date not set" then the "HP Bios Setup Utiliy" will come up & i can edit anything in there but when it restarts out of the Utiliy it will come up on screen "Out Of Range" & just stay like that. if i restart the PC by pressing the Power button it just goes back to the blank screen. there are no lights on keyboard or anything @ this point the only way i can get anything out of the PC is to remove the CMOS battery.  I have trying pressing the "window button" & B on the keyboard with the power button at start but no look.  the problem started after i restarted my PC after a window update i coundnt get to the startup menu so just press the power button to restart PC. I have tryed all the help files i have found on the HP support pages with no look.  the fan come on the CD drive spins up the & HD spins up as well .. just dead after that...  Please HELP...  

Answer:Blank Screen & No boot up

Update : got everything working buy putting in a new harddrive & reinstalling window 10. all working ok untl it shut down. it to ages to turn off & when i restarted the PC the black screen of death was back.  anybody... please .. please ... please help.. i have been reading the post on this forum & it seem to be not just me having this problem.. 

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Hey i recently reformated my computer today just to clear it up with unwanted stuff so everything went smoothly, then as i was installing programs back onto my computer i had to reset it so now everytime i boot up my computer it gets passed the bios screen then after that it just goes blank, i cant get into windows no matter what i do. I tryed going into the bios settings and changing the boot devices but that didnt work. I also then decided to just reformat it again, so i put the windows xp cd in the drive, and when it says press any key to boot from cd i hit any key and it goes to a blank screen again. I checked everything and made sure the hard drive was connected, and i made sure the video card was connected and they both were fine. Does anyone have any ideas on what else i can try to get it back and working?? Thanks

My Specs are:

AMD 4400+ X2

Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX

OCZ 1 gig RAM

Seagate 300 Hard drive

Answer:Blank screen at boot up (help please)

you might have bad sectors... i've had the problem before... check ur sectors

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Just wondering if you could help me with this problem I've been having with my computer for the past two weeks or so.When I first turn on my computer it will go through its usual DOS rigmarole of loading what it needs to load and then... nothing. The screen is blank. No mouse arrow and the keyboard doesn't do anything. I can't re-start so I have to literally turn off the computer, turn it on again and, of course, get the message that I did not shut down correctly before and that I have to boot up in Safe Mode.After going through all the tsuris making sure everything is working OK in the Windows Device ManagerI am finally able to re-start and get a working screen. But then I have to reset my monitor display and re-organize my screen icons.This, as you can imagine, is very annoying. The past couple of times I just bypass the safe-mode by punching in numero 1, Normal Mode, which happily brings up my properly set windows desktop. But of course this still leaves me with the anxiety of what's happening to prevent me from seeing this screen the first time I boot up.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Blank screen at first boot

what grahpics card are you using is it your onboard motherboard , or a diffrent card...

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Whilst booting my vista 64 home premium I have a blank (black) screen which stays for about 30 seconds (or longer) between the green loading bar and vista logo centered in the middle.

Is this normal?

What is the boot sequence - v. rough times would be good.

If its not normal how do I get rid of it - I have a couple of PCI cards that don't have drivers that I've disabled in the device manager but I might try taking them out to see it makes a difference.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Blank screen on boot?

Open SYSTEM CONFIGURATION in Administrative Tools. Make sure that under the GENERAL tab, you have NORMAL STARTUP dotted. Under the BOOT tab, nothing should be checked. Change the TIMEOUT time to a lower # if you want to decrease the time Vista waits on you to do a boot option. (ex:Safe mode, boot from cd, etc...) I use 15 secs. To short & you won't be able to hit the key fast enough.

Hope this helps,

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I have a HP Mini 110 Netbook with Windows XP. I tried to reboot in safe mode but it will stop half way. I tried rebooting with the last known good configuration and it give me a blue screen. I can not read the blue screen because it tries to reboot the computer.Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this or what to do to fix it? I really do not want to reformat my computer and lose everything on it.Thanks

Answer:Xp will boot but get blank screen after

What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?

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I've had this problem for about a month now. It started when I put in a new Processor a few weeks after my old one died. When I turn the computer on, with the monitor hooked up to my Video Card, the screen stays blank until it reaches the Windows Logon Screen, then it is fine. It is the opposite with the onboard, it will turn on through the boot until the Logon Screen, and then it goes blank. Appreciate your help in fixing this! Thanks.

Answer:Blank Screen Throughout Boot

I think the screen frequency has been somehow set up incorrectly (during bootup)

You could try downloading the most up to date drivers from your Video card's manufacture's support page
Then fully uninstall your existing drivers
Then install the newest drivers
Then restart again

I hope it works

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When i press the power botton of my computer it turns on, however the screen is blank. Also when i press the power botton nothing happens. HELP?

Answer:Blank screen at boot up.

Could be a bad power supply. Just because the fans turn on and everything sounds okay, doesn't mean the power supply is good.

Other possibilities are bad main board, bad video card, bad memory among other things.

Also, to turn off a computer with the power button, you have to hold it for about 5- to 7 seconds.

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my r51 machine used to be nt functional few days ago....when i try to boot it up,only battery icon & charging icon light up,cpu fan spinning;HD light nt lighten up,cd drive also nt functioning.....i tried removing both ram under keyboard & bottom of the machine,reinsert them...but still no sign....just now my laptop finally boots up,bt i only managed to use about 20 mins,then suddenly it went blackout..still,only battery icon lights i hv trouble booting up the machine...any guides here? just now i saw posts which says removing & reinsert cmos battery might help...i've tried that,didnt give any sign of revive...


Go to Solution.

Answer:R51 Blank Screen--Cant Boot Up

it is probably the result of the ATI GPU detaching from the motherboard.

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When I turn on my PC it starts as normal until I get to where windows should boot up, I never see the windows black screen, all I get is a blank screen with an immovable cursor in the top left corner.

I have tried replacing the ram, I have changed the video card, I have tried to boot up the pc with my windows xp cd hoping it would work, but nothing changes, it doesn't boot the disc.

my pc is an AMD athlon 1250ghz
512 mb ram (new)
nvidia 256mb vid card (tested)

if anyone can offer me some suggestions as to what the problem is I would greatly appreciate it TY

Answer:blank screen when win xp should boot

Sounds like a cable problem, seeing as it wont boot with the XP disk (assuming you set the BIOS to boot from CD). I say this beacuse a lot of systems have the Cd/DVD on the same cable as the a cable problem can cause those symptoms. Anyway, just pull the cables out and reseat them, and try again. If that fails, my guess is that you have an O/S failure.

Try the cable first...if it dont work, come on back.


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My PC has had this for a while now.

When i turn the PC on, it will either do one of 2 things. Boot normally straight away or just stay black after it says windows xp loading and has the little green bar scrolling across.

It will boot into safe mode everytime, but only 1/10 times booting normally will it go into windows.

Answer:Blank screen after XP boot

Run a Check disk on the main hard drive click Start>>Run type cmd click OK and then in the new screen type chkdsk /r and then press Enter key and you will be prompted that it will perform a check disk on next restart click Y and then press Enter then reboot

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[/B]My acer desktop boots improperly to a blank screen. The pointer is on the screen but everything else is blank. Tried safe mode and ran malwarebytes. It detected nothing. PC antivirus will not run in safe mode. Turned computer off and on several times--no difference. It is w7 operating sys. Is this a virus? How do I clean it in safemode? Never had this problem before. :eek:Never had this before. Would system restore be useful here? Complete novice and totally baffeled. Thank you.

Answer:Blank Screen at boot

Hi -If you can get to Safe Mode, try to select "Last Known Good Config" if listed on your computer -This will often be like a System Restore to when the computer was last running OK -Thank You -

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I'm running windows XP. I disabled by mistake both my card adapter and vga adapter from within windows. Now XP loads up but I get a blank screen. Safe mode does the same. Any way to reenable VGA drivers? Maybe from a dos command? Need serious help!!!
Thanks for any clue

Answer:Blank Screen after boot up

When th computer boots up, tap the F8 key and choose the option that says something about VGA support, it may help.

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Windows Xp
Mobo msi Express Chipset p965 Ms-7235 ver: 1.1
Cpu Intel core 2 duo 2.4
2 gig ddr2 ram
Nvidia 7600
Custom built machine

I can't remember all the specs offhand and I certainly cant run dxdiag, if there is anything else I need to include I will look it up in the manuals.

Problem, after cleaning out my brothers computer with antyspywares\virus I updated all his windows updates the following day up to sp3, restarted, then the comp made a beeping noise and displayed nothing on the monitor. I know its not even going into windows because his little screen on his keyboard shows nothing. I have the windows disc but when I put it in it didnt do anything. So my guess is maybe I can put a flash drive into the comp upon start up and perhaps reroll to where it was at yesterday before the sp3 installation. I have no clue if something like this can be done.
I tried unplugging the power to reset the video card resolution with no avail, I also attempted tapping f8 with no results. I tried putting in another computers hard drive and the same thing happens. With no hard drive in the computer the same thing happens. So could the windows update have affected the mobo bios? I tried putting in a different monitor to see if that was causing the complete black screen and none of this caused any change.

I also took out the ram sticks and blew out all the dust with no affect. Tried a different video card, reseated ram, reseated video card. Took out each individual ram stick and... Read more

Answer:No boot blank screen

Try resetting the motherboards bios, or try another power supply

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I wanted to change some settings in my BIOS but when my computer turns on the screen is blank until the windows XP loading screen appears. Is there something wrong? I just installed SP1 and I remember it working when I restarted the computer.

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When I add 4GB ram to my Windows Pro 64bit, it freezes with a blank screen on Boot up.
If I go to devices and set the Graphics device to VGA it boots up with no problem. This tells me it is the Graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT) It works fine using 2GB RAM.
I have updated the NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA site.
Does anyone know how to get around this problem?

Answer:Win 7 Pro - 4Gb Ram Blank Screen at Boot

Add your 4GB and test your RAM
RAM - Test with Memtest86+

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I have a refurbished, out-of-warranty Gateway Profile 5 desktop. The screen is totally blank. I contacted Gateway. They are pretty confident the built-in display is defective. I was able to attach a second display which would also go blank just after the Windows XP Pro splash screen appeared. Using the 2nd display, I was able to access the bios. When I looked at the display setup, it was set to LCD & CRT. Not thinking, I changed the setting to LCD since I wasn't using a CRT. That disconnected my 2nd display, so I now have two totally blank screens. How can I re-access the 2nd display and then also avoid a blank screen when Windows XP boots up?

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Dell vostro 220

My computer was lagging and wasn't connecting to the internet properly, and then it froze so I shut it down. When I started it back up, the BIOS loaded but then went to a blank black screen with a mouse. I can move the mouse around. It won't load any further. I've tried all the safe modes and it does the same thing. And I tried cleaning all the dust off the computer. I've tried waiting at that screen for longer than 3 hours. It just stays there.

It's possible that it's a virus but I don't know. How can I solve this problem? Because I can't get into the computer to do a system restore. Please help, thank you!

Answer:Computer problem - computer froze, when restarted, blank black screen w/ mouse

Try a start-up repair from the Vista install disk - Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

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So I've been a Seven use for a few years now I regularly reformat my system, not always needed but I like a fresh start every 2 or 3 months, anyway since my last format (I tried Win 10, Nope) I've noticed when I'm starting or rebooting my PC I get my MoBo info and then the Windows Logo comes and goes, then it just goes off for a few seconds I say the screen goes blank, this isn't totally true, it goes to the "No Signal" screen for I guess about 15 or 20 seconds and after that it gets to my log on screen.
Very strange as has never happened before I used to get great boot times but this has killed that, I know its not a huge issue but I'd really like to get it solved and have my quick booting PC again!

I have checked boot sequence is correct but thats about as far as I can go on my own lol, I guessing it may be something to do with the Onboard Graphics in the 4790k & my GTX 970 maybe something doesnt like something else (tech speak) but I have no idea how I would proceed with troubleshooting and getting if fixed!

Any light shed on this would be great,

Many thanks for reading

Answer:Screen goes blank for a few seconds during boot

It seems to be fairly normal for there to be a short loss of video just after the Windows logo, but 15 to 20 seconds, and the "No signal" message seems a bit odd.

If I recall correctly, that little space is when the video and other drivers are loading and/or finalizing their setup, and the computer is deciding what screen to use. I have read that the GPU actually scans on of its ports on startup, and that is what causes the screen to go blank for that short period, as the GPU is sorting out which screen to use for the primary monitor. It doesn't matter how many screens you have, it still goes through the check.

I would start troubleshooting by making sure that all of your drivers are installed and up to date. Check your Device Manager screen to see if there are any yellow triangles. Those might be slowing down your boot.

If those check out, we can move on to the Event Logs.

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After setting, the bios default graphics card to discrete. My w500 cant boot up.. No display at all and only left 2 light, charging led and beside the battery both stable.. Anybody know the work around or are there any ways to reset the bios? I tried blind hitting f1, then f9 enter and f10. Nothing happen...

Answer:w500 cant boot blank screen. help.!

you probably have a W500 with a detaching ATI GPU, you have to run it in Intel GPU mode through BIOS, otherwise it won't work. Take off the keyboard (but don't disconnect the cable, also remember to discharge any static electricity from body by touching a bare metal surface and don't wear any nylon/acrylic clothing), and put some pressure on the ATI GPU part of the heatsink, then boot the laptop up. Try to get into BIOS and change display to integrated GPU.

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i have a dell dimension 8400 running wwindows xp home. problem is that during normal boot, the screen suddenly goes blank after the windows logo screen, yet when I boot in safe mode everything is okay. What could be the issue

Answer:screen goes blank during normal boot

In Safe Mode, right click on the C drive in Explorer and go Properties > Tools > Check Now (under Error Checking). Check both boxes then click "Start Now". A message will pop up saying that Error Checking will run after you restart the computer. Restart the computer and Error Checking will run automatically after the restart. After it?s finished it will restart into Windows automatically.

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well...the fun started when i decided to try to go back to win part was trying to get the bios security to allow me to bet a usb or cdrom as a boot device.whiile doing this i had to boot it many times.....somewher along the way it all of a sudden would no longer show the hp logoit would sound like it was booting up but blank screen onlyi tried teh following:shut down...disconnect the power...held down the poer button for 15 secondsreboot while repeating hit on f10down arrow 3 timesenter twicetried the method with f5it came up once when i think it may have been attemting to get it out of sleep mode but it went back after trying to continue my quest to get it to boot on cdrom or usbsince then ichecked all seating of devices interallylastly it pulled the video card and reseated itand also tried the cmos resetbatter removalnow it boots with loud fan...for a few minutes...then shuts downnot a fun time.....any help would be greatthxMike

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well...the fun started when i decided to try to go back to win part was trying to get the bios security to allow me to bet a usb or cdrom as a boot device.whiile doing this i had to boot it many times.....somewher along the way it all of a sudden would no longer show the hp logoit would sound like it was booting up but blank screen onlyi tried teh following:shut down...disconnect the power...held down the poer button for 15 secondsreboot while repeating hit on f10down arrow 3 timesenter twicetried the method with f5it came up once when i think it may have been attemting to get it out of sleep mode but it went back after trying to continue my quest to get it to boot on cdrom or usbsince then ichecked all seating of devices interallylastly it pulled the video card and reseated itand also tried the cmos resetbatter removalnow it boots with loud fan...for a few minutes...then shuts downnot a fun time.....any help would be greatthxMike

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I really need your help guys.
I installed some drivers for my iphone, install with no props, when asked to restart, I do.

(This have nothing to do with the iPhone)
When computer automatic power on, no screen is shown, no boot, and all LED's is on.

1st try:
I let i stay that way for 20 mins, when i look to it, the fan is running like hell, and ite hot! - FAILED

I let it cool off, and try to power it on with alt key pressed - FAILED

I take out AC, then battery and hold down power button for one minute, plug in AC and try again - FAILED

I take out HD, RAM, RTC battery, let it stand empty for and hour, put it all back - FAILED

I try to take out only RAM's and plugged them back in every diffrent way i could - FAILED

6th and last:
Plugged out HD, turned on the computer, and it acted like it never had been removed - LOL?

Im pretty stucked right now, all tests has been done in every diffrent way, with AC in and out.
Also had tried with boot cd in, and have read so many post here and on HP support with no luck.


Answer:HP Pavilion DV6 - Blank screen, no boot, LED's on

Oh, and its a HP Pavilion DV6 - 2150so
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 OS

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Hello. My Windows 7 will not boot to my desktop for me like it should or even the login screen. I turn on my laptop, It loads up normally, then I get the blank light blue screen with my mouse cursor and that's it. Nothing else happens and I am not able to see the login screen. I have a Acer Aspire 7739Z-4605. I just backed up my original hard drive to an external hard drive so I saved my information. Once doing that, I did a 'restore C Drive to it's factory settings' operation on my laptop with the Acer Erecovery Management tool and that seemed to erase everything. I booted up my laptop again and ran the Windows 7 install manually on my system and it seemed to work, but even after the install said it was finished I still could not login at all and received the blank screen with my mouse cursor. I have tried a lot of suggestions and nothing has worked thus far. I didn't have the best help with the Acer customer support as they basically hinted for me to just send my laptop in so they could work on it and ultimately make money. So I thought I would try here. I do currently have a purchased CD of 'Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2011' and I was wondering if any of these options on this CD would fix or solve my issue. Listed below are the categories on the disk:

Partitioning- Create Partition, format partition, delete partition, resize partitions, merge partitions.

Backup & Recovery- Smart backup, restore, transfer files, burn recovery media

Copying & Migration- Copy P... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 will not boot (Blank Screen)

Find out the Manufacturer of the hard drive, go to their website and download, and burn the Hard Drive Diagnostic software to a CD then boot from the CD, and run the diagnostic software.

To find the HD manufacturer you will need to remove the access cover on the bottom of the laptop.

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I have an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard, 2600+ XP AMD processor, ATI Radeon 9500 Duel Pro video card, and Samsung SyncMaster 215TW flat panel display. After dealing with support for ASUS, ATI, and Samsung all blaming each other for the problem I solved it myself.

Problem: After the display had been working fine I was getting a blank screen at boot up. I tried everything all the support sites said, ?Disable USB support on motherboard, powered on the display before computer, updated all drivers.? I was only able to get the display to be detected by using the DVI-I to VGA adapter. Only once in a blue moon would the display be detected using the DVI-D cable.

After resetting my bios 30 times, reseating the video card 10 times, and testing all the ports on my display and video card, hours reading the support forums, I figured it out. When my display was detected the EDID information for my display frequency was 75Hz though Samsung reports it to be 60Hz when run at 1680x1050. My motherboard?s default bios setting is auto and does not have 60Hz. Samsung support told me to low the refresh rate in Windows when the display was detected WRONG. I would not get the port to detect monitor. If I set the bios to 50Hz for the AGP bus the computer would not boot. Then I set it to 66Hz the next setting no boot. Then I tried 75Hz the computer booted but the display was not detected. Then there was some information on a support for DVI problems with DVI-D cable and voltage levels. With... Read more

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I have a 4 yr old HP Pavilion p7qe (aka, p7-1380t) desktop. It was working fine running Win 7 until I upgraded to Windows 10 (upgrade potentially unrelated to its current issues). Upon updating Windows 10, the computer got into an infinite booting loop (WDF_Violation). I turned the machine off for a week and when I came back to try and address the software problem, there was no video on boot up. I exchanged video cards with another machine, no change. I returned the original video card (it worked in the other computer). I then removed the memory (2 x 4 GB) and received 5 beeps at start-up. I tried putting the memory back in, one at a time, into each slot and still observed a black/blank screen. I purchased new memory and installed it. On booting, I had video and the booting loop started, but on a single reboot I am back to a blank screen. Any ideas on how to proceed?

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Hi my ThinkPad L430 have black blank screen with blinking underscope. I bought one on monday and everything works fine. I install all SW I need (nothing special - adobe...), install MS updates and Lenovo recomended updates. Everything was still ok, but on wednesday I power on notebook and see only message with enter and than black screen with blinking underscope (I try to wait but nothing happens, hdd led isn't blinking and everything seems to be KO. I bought the new piece (DOA on the older one), but everything went on the same way. I also notice than I cannot go to the bios setting.But I found solution - go to the Lenovo diagnostics (from post screen) and start memory test. If I stop it immiatelly, nothing change, but If I stop it after aprox 25% than notebook boots up without problem and BIOS settings is also OK. I have ThinkPad L430, 2468OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 My question is: what is wrong and how can I fix it?

Answer:second L430 won't boot up (blank screen)

BIOS version 23 or 22 doesnt help, but run memorsy test and than F1 and change settings in BIOS help me out with this problem. It it important to change boot to UEFI mode even I use Windows 7 x64 Pro

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I am also having the same problem, on a compaque presario running on XP home.
When I tried booting up the system after a long interval of approx. a year, all i could see was the booting light go repeatedly on and off and a blank screen throughout.
TIll now i have no clue as to how to address this situation so that at least the screen comes back to life.
can anybody help out??

Answer:Blank screen - attempted boot

Specific model of Presario, please?
Did you check any of the cables for looseness?

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My R61 won't boot. It turns on, the power and battery leds are on, HDD led turns on for a short bit (removing HDD didn't do anything). I can open the DVD drive successfully. It seems that the CPU fan is not spinning and the screen stays blank, even on external monitor.Any ideas?I blew the fan with some canned air a couple of times - some dust went out but it's still not spinning. I tried removing RAM and got the 1-3-3-1 beep when both RAM boards were out.

Answer:R61 won't boot, fan not spinning, blank screen

It seems that the CPU fan is in fact spinning. However, the display is still blank (both the built in one and/or the external one). Also, there's no HDD activity after turning the system on, the led blinks once after which only the power led and battery/plug led are on

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