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Computer will not boot up, Power supply shows green led light on mother board

Question: Computer will not boot up, Power supply shows green led light on mother board

I just recently Inhearted a computer from school, after my IT teacher couldn't get it to run. Both my IT teacher and I thought for sure it was the power supply or the power switch. The Problem is that the computer dosn't do anything at all when you press the power button. My teacher told me that when he first started having the problem he would press the power button, and maybe Once out of every fifty times it might boot up. then the problem got worse, and only started like every 100th time, now it dosn't work at all. The system is a Used MDG with a 1.5GHZ cpu, and mostly all stock parts. The system came with a stock 300 watt PSU. When I first took it apart, I pulled out the power supply completely, and tried to put in another one, that I had laying around, however it had the wrong connector, so I just put the old one back in. when I put the PSU back in, it seemed to have power, as I could hear the electricty following thorugh it, and a green Led light would light up on the mother board, however if I pushed the power button, it would still do nothing, the CPU fan wouldn't even turn. The only time I actually notice the CPU Fan do a quick turn, is if I disconect the power from the PSU for a long period of time, then reconnect it. So I went to the local computer store tonight with the switch, and the man tested for me, and it did end of being a faulty switch, so I purchased I brand new. I then put it into the computer, and still nothing, and believe me I tired many different configurations on the front panel hookup on motherboard. so that only led me to think that it might be a CPU, so I replaced the old 1.5GHZ cpu, with another 1.7GHZ I had, and still nothing. Is it still possible that this could be a PSU problem? I mean it still lights up the green led light on the motherboard, but then again this is not alot of power, so I'm officially stumped. I'm basicly open to any sugestions at this point,and hoping that this isn't a motherboard issue (if it was, wouldn't it still power up, just blink error lights, or beeps, or somthing). I would really really appretiate any help that you guy's could offer me.

thanks alot

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Preferred Solution: Computer will not boot up, Power supply shows green led light on mother board

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Computer will not boot up, Power supply shows green led light on mother board

computer won't boot

I think youve got a bad psu. I've had a similiar problemand replaced the psu. Check the voltage outputs and if not in range replace it. twildet

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my hp mother board lights up the green light on the board but it doesnot power on

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ya know that free computer I presented in this thread

I got the original processor and the ram I ordered ended up not being to the description of the seller and it doesn't fit.

so I borrowed a 512 mb ddr stick from my buddy and put that into the machine, and put the original processor in to, and nothing showed up on the monitor. I was expecting to see the bios but nothing was displayed.

the motherboard looks like it'd brand new, and the fans power up and everything, but still nothing shows up on screen and I can't find a little green light on board.

can this comp be saved or should I get to selling all the peripherals I purchased for it?


Answer:uh oh, no green light showing up on the mother board?

Auto123,restart the computer and if ever you don't hear the startup beep, try reseating the memory modules and the processor. If that doesn't work, check the monitor cable connections and the video card. gudluck!

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My wife told me that her computer just turned off. I came home and found out that the power cord had a short in it and I replaced it. I tried to turn it back on and it started to boot up and then it turned back off. I tried again with the same results. I tried it with the power cord disconnected, with the battey (and the battery will not hold a charge long), still the same thing. I took the battery from my computer which is the same as hers, and it booted back up. If you turn it off and try to boot it up it will turn off after the windows logo. note: I just put a new motherboard in this computer about a week and half ago. I removed the memory one at a time and then it started to boot up, screen went black and then a short blue screen and looped back to start up. don't know if it is the motherboard or not, one thing I did notice, with the computer off the charge light isn't lit up at all. The power supply light at the plug is blue but no charge light. When the computer is up and running, in the systems tray you can see that the indicator shows power plugged in and charge indicated but still no blue charge light. I have a HP dv2171 with a AMD prossessor. Can anyone help me?

Answer:power supply, mother board or battery system turn off during boot up

I would run chkdsk /r on the hard drive from Recovery Console as going down probably created some magnetic shock to the drive, that can fix.

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hi guys
as per one of my friend I could replace my memory (RAM) up to 32GB, so I've ordered a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX so I've took slot 1+2 and replaced 2 4GB Hynix RAM by 2 8GB HyperX...
Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to the board or RAM... 
Startup: 2x BEEP (No BIOS)Motherboard Light: Solid AmberBootup Light: Flashing AmberPower Supply Light: Solid Green
I've tried booting from  a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two, and nothing has changed... anyone can help?
Motherboard: 0Y2MRG i7 2700Primary: SSD Kingston HyperX Savage 240 (added)Secondary: Seagate 1.5TB + 2TB (added) Barracuda (7200)New RAM: ts/HX316C10FK2/16 RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-H9

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System: Dell Inspirion 2205 (All-in-one)
4GB mem, Win 7, 500gb hard drive

I have a short version and long version in case someone needs more details.

Short Version:

The system will not boot so I am trying to isolate the problem to either the mother board or power supply. (I replaced the battery on the mother board to rule the battery out). So my question is if I remove both 2gb memory modules and boot the system, shouldn't I hear at least one beep? I did just that and the system does not beep at all. I also tried booting with one mem module in Bank 0 and still no beep. And of course I swapped the modules around etc and tried various combinations. Bottom line is that it does not beep.

So is it safe to assume that the mother board is bad?

Longer version:

Normal boot up was that I push the power button and after a second or two the power button light would go from orange to white and the system would boot up.

Then the other day, no lights came on at all when pushing the power button and the system wouldn't boot. So I replaced the battery on the mother board.

Now, when pushing the power button, I can hear the fan going and the hard drive start to spin up. After mabye 2 or 3 secs the drive stops spinning and the light remains a steady orange but the system won't boot.

That is when I removed all of the memory modules etc as I stated above in the short version.

I don't have a spare power supply/adapter to test and don't rea... Read more

Answer:Bad mother board or power supply?

One beeps indicates a "successful" POST (power-on self test). You would have to have at least one stick of RAM to complete POST.

Do you used to hear beeps? Note that many systems today don't have internal system speakers.

Because everything depends on good power, you really need to swap in another PSU to make sure that is not the problem. Perhaps you can borrow one from a trusted friend. Or take your PSU to a shop for testing. Most charge only a nominal fee, or will do it for free.

Lights, drive motors and fans spinning only suggest partial power. The PSU must output +12VDC, +5VDC and +3.3VDC.

Swapping PSU is much easier than motherboards. And finding a replacement board is not always that easy and can affect your Windows license if you do not find an exact replacement.

Note this could also be your CPU.

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Hey i am trying to upgrde my pc and this is the first time i have ever tried to so i am tryingto figure out where the power supply plugs into the mother board thanks for any help

Answer:mother board and power supply

The plug is different then the other ones it should be a large rectangular connector

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I have a MSI K7N2 Delta2 motherboard and a Coolermaster power supply #RS-430-PMSR.Should these work together or do I have to change some of the wires?
Please help

Answer:mother board and power supply compatibility?????

Yes it should work fine

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was wondering if anyone can answer this for me...

i want a graphics card along the lines of ATI X1900. it needs a 400W+ PSU, my system has a 250W PSU.

if i install a 400W PSU will it effect the other components in any way, eg... blow the motherboard? fry the HDD?

searched already for an answer but could find a specify yes or no... cheers guys

Answer:Power supply and mother board compatibility

Most likely no. There are some older Dell systems that had a proprietary power supply where the pins were switched around so that only a Dell PSU could be used.

As far as pure wattage goes, have no fear. 1000w power supplies are just as safe if not safer than that 200w in the current system.

Really, if your planning on investing in such a nice graphics card, you might as well put just a little more into the PSU as well, maybe a 450w or 500w.

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Hi All,
I have a HP Pavilion 7950 desktop PC running WinXP Pro.
After the computer sat unused (and plug into the electrical outlet) for a few months. The PC will not turn on. (It worked fine before it sat) The status lite on the back of the case at the power supply is illuminated green. There is no boot up, no bios, splash screen, nothing.
Here's what I have done;
Tried different electrical wall outlets
Different (but confirmed) power cord
Visual inspection inside the case ie. wiring, swollen capacitors etc.
Swapped out the ram
Unplugged each drive one at a time, then undid all at once
Unplugged fan at processor chip
Held power button for ten seconds or more
Checked cable connections at power button.
Checked cable connections at the mother board
Here's something that did happen. After I discovered the PC wouldn't start, I moved the PC to my basement workshop and it sat unplugged for a few weeks. I started to work on the PC I plugged it in to the power, and it started to boot up, fans were turning etc.. I did not have a monitor plugged in, so I turned off the PC to connect the Monitor and after words, the PC would not power on again. I unplugged the monitor (to make sure it was a video or cable thing and the PC still would not start.
How can I tell the difference if it a Mother Board problem or a Power Supply issue? I don't have a spare power supply close enough in similarities to swap out.
Thanks in advance,

Answer:Power supply or Mother board prob?

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Is it possible to take the power supply that has both ide and Sata cable and hook it up to a mother board that has only ide? And be able to use the sata out of the power supply to hook up a new hard drive?

Answer:power supply with sata to ide only mother board?

As long as the power supply has all the plugs needed for the system and hard drive its going into then yes. There's also adapters and splitters you can buy as well like this: (the reverse is also available)

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I had to order both a new Power supply and mother board. The mother accepts different connectors then what's on the power supply? Are there any adapters or do I have to buy another power supply?


Answer:Power supply to mother board adapter??

The mother board is an ECS K7S5A. The PS is a Linkworld model LP15-2, 230W.

But yes, the receiving connectors on the motherboard to not match the kind of connectors on the PS. So you cannot connect the two.


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can any body help me plug the power supply back to my mother baord, i unpluged it, and then lost the power supply. the mother bard is of an unknown brand. you plug two 6 pin plugs into it. one plug has orange,red, yeloow,blue, purple, and then black, and says P8. the other has 3 red in a row, a white, and two black and says P9. the board is pretty old it has a pentuim 200.

Answer:power supply connected to mother board

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Is there any conflicts on using a new ATX PSU (Without Pin No.18 (-5V)) for PENTIUM 4 MOTHER BOARD? My old PSU has (-5V).. My computer shutdowns in an instant for 1-30mins of use..Please HelpI replace my old & out of range ATX PSU (3.3V defective) with a new one. When I've turned my PC it shutsdown in an instant from 1-30mins of used.New ATX PSU: DAO KOREA BLACKHOLE 450W Ver.1.3 ( Board:Manufacturer: Super Grace ElectronicsModel: 848P-87X2Chipset: i865/PE/G/1848  REV:A2Southbridge:8280 IEB (ICH5)BIOS: Phoenix Tech. LTDGraphic: AGP VER.2Processor:INTEL (R) PENTIUM(R)4 2.6GHZFCmPGA478P4N(NORTHWOOD)PENTIUM4(130nm 1.6-3)

Answer:Mother Board Problem or Power Supply?

So, your computer shuts down "in an instant from 1-30mins of used", both before you changed the PSU and after, right?  In other words, changing PSU made no difference, right? I don't know what the problem is but I do know you have a very cheap PSU - assuming my currency conversion is correct - there and cheap is not good when we're talking about a PSU. Is the currency on that website Philippines Pesos?  If so, 650 Philippines Pesos is about equal to $13.50.  So, it's a very cheap PSU.  I can't imagine buying a PSU for that price.  To begin with, I can't imagine finding any new one at that price.  Are you located in the Phillipines?  Do you have plenty of sources of better quality PSU's there?

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here lately my power supply fan has been making a lot of noise. I actually took it out and appart the other day and blew all the dust out of and put it back in my computer. It seemed to work fine and I no longer had to smack it to make it quit whinning. Well about a week later I woke up and the computer wouldnt wake up from sleep mode. I finally had to power down and attempted a reboot, but nothing happened. The computer went to the blue HP screen and then a black screen with a cursor flashing. Thats all I've been able to get ever since. Actually sometimes it doenst even go to the blue HP screen and just straight to the black screen with a curser. I noticed also that the fan on the power supply no longer runs at all. It seems that the power supply is bad. Do you think if i replace the power supply it will fix the problem? Could the power supply malfunction messed up my mother board? The current power supply is a 200w which amazed me. I actualy did attempt to use a old 150w power supply to only run my HD and grapics card for a lower power boot, but I had the same outcome. Someone please help. Thanks.

Answer:Power supply bad? Did it kill the mother board?

Best bet is what you were thinking, get a new powersupply, and make it more than 200 -.-

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helllo....yesterday my power supply had a little smoke show and i replaced the power supply but now the video will no longer go to my monitor..would this be my video card or mother board dead???
the fan on the processer is still spinning around when started up and seems as if it boots

thanks alot

Answer:power supply blew...mother board fried??

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I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard

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I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


Answer:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.

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All in one won't start. power supply light is green but when conected to computer it goes off or start blinking very dim. comp won't start or make any noise. I brought a new original power supply and the same situation.

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I am working on a frends desktop that recently might have been hit by lightning. After a big storm their desktop would no longer power on. Now, I am no stranger to computers. I unplugged the motherboard main connector and I get a solid green light when I plug the psu in. Plug the main connector back in and plug the psu in I get blinking light again. So either its the PSU or mainboard. Im thinking psu since usually that is what goes first, but at the same time I am leaning towards mainboard. what do you all think? On another note, Are these boards proprietary? I have a few standard ATX PSUs I could test my theory with but not if I have to rewire them.

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Answer:laptop will not turn on have green led light on power supply...

please help if u can thanks

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My sister-in-law has an eMachine that she turned off and unplugged before leaving for vacation. A week later she returned and plugged it back in only to find it won't turn on. I don't know much about this pc other than it's a tower and about 3 or so years old. I figured it was probably the PSU (power supply) but wanted to verify as many things as possible. Basically, there is a green light on the back of the pc (on the PSU) that will flashes on and off when you try to turn on the computer. The PSU fan doesn't spin and nothing else makes any attempt to turn...just dead.

I pulled all the power connectors and jumpered the power switch pins (15-16), this gave me a solid green light on the PSU and the fan spun normally. I tested with a voltmeter and got the proper voltage on all the pins. I am thinking that this probably rules out the PSU but not 100% as something could be 'pulling it down'???

Any ideas on what else to look at? I hate to buy a PSU when it appears this one is ok. That pretty much leaves the MoBo and/or CPU. I've pulled all the cards and memory trying to get it to do anything and nothing affects it. I suspect there is something wrong with the MoBo but don't know how to verify that.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:eMachine power supply (PSU) green light flashing, won't turn on

What you need is a PSU Tester which you can get on eBay that will tell you if the power supply is bad.

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When I plug a power cord in, the power light instantly (almost) lights up, whether or not I've pressed anything to try powering it up. When I DO press the power button, nothing changes. Nothing sounds like it's running at all. Someone suggested moving the RAM around, so I placed it in a different slot, but that didn't change anything. This was a frankensteined computer that was given to me, so I can't even really provide much in the way of specs. It's an IBM ThinkCentre S50 (shell anyway), but appears to be loaded with a 40GB Seagate HDD, Intel P4, 512MB RAM, and an AcBel power supply. In case this matters, and I don't know enough to know or what I would do about it, but there are a few open plugs for power. The motherboard has a couple plugs running into it, but one still open. The HDD has two empty plugs, but one plugged into it. I would have no idea how to play around with the power supply. Not to say that's the problem. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Computer shows power light upon plugging in, but no boot, noise, or any startup

It could be the power supply (officially called a "PSU" or Power Supply Unit) that's faulty and needs repalcing, but you were right not to go messing with it as even a faulty one can give you a nasty shock from the power that's stored up inside it. I've worked on fixing & upgrading computers for many years, yet even I draw the line at changing a PSU. I let my local PC shop do it for safety reasons, plus I believe in supporting little independant PC shops whenever possible.

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So today I was just watching a YouTube video, not gaming, not doing anything too intensive. Suddenly my computer shuts off with the power button blinking green. No BSOD, just powered off and won't turn back on. I tried unplugging the power cable and holding down the power button for 30 secs with no luck. My computer is pretty hot idle at 60 degrees Celsius. But it's been this way for years with no problem. Could something overheating just by watching a YouTube video? When a CPU overheats it goes into blue screen right? So it can't be my CPU. I have a cooler master PSU. CM is a trusted brand. And I also have an MSI motherboard.

Answer:Computer randomly turns off with green blinking green light on power

Doesn't necessarily mean the screen will blue out because of heat problems mate run the BIOS and post back the readings for the CPU temp (seems a tad high to me for idle) and the CPU fan speed.

The other thing to do is check out the PSU as well via these
PSU - Jump Start

but try the BIOS first and if you do the PSU stuff DO NOT attempt to open the device itself you just need to measure the volts on the leads. However volts does not necssarity mean enough current (amps)

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Hi, When trying to turn on the computers power light comes on, but the monitor quickly goes black to sleep mode.  The monitor checks out OK. The power supply has the green light on and yellow off, supposedly normal. System board is AMD 64 Athlonx2. Is there a check for this board being bad? If it is can I get an inexpensive relacement board? This is a Lenovo 3000 series J 115. Thanks

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the monitor power light just blinks green

Answer:Monitor power light blinks green on boot

do you get any beeps when the machine starts?check the video cable is connected correctly to machine and monitor.try another video you see the post messages?check that your video card is correctly seated.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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Ok, i tried searching the threads but cant find what im looking here goes

I was given a compaq p3 as a donation for a day care. so when we i powered it on it did not give me a picture just a black screen. so i tried it on a monitor that i know works same thing no picture not even the " no signal msg" so i tried switching the video card and still nothing. popped out the ddr ram chips unplugged every thing the 2 cd drives the floppy the ribbon connectors and the power to the mother board then put them all back in with no luck.

when i power the pc i get the green light in front the cpu fan is working fine but the thing i do notice is the hard drive does not make that sound it should make when a boot sequence takes place. it does sound like its spinning but wont make the " boot sound"

oh yeah i also tried a different power supply with no luck

also all i have conncted is the mouse key board and monitor. the mose and key board are all getting power

Answer:Compaq Computer won't boot...mother board maybe?

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Dear Friends I have a 3000 H desktop lenovo pc (8823 5AQ), can any one supply mr the mother board cd, I completely lost some time during last 5 yeras whch don't require me to use the cd. Olease help tp install my drivers. Regards

Answer:Supply Mother Board Driver

@balimela,You may search the chipset drivers for your desktop here.

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i replaced the motherboard in this machine now when i boot up it show a sysem  board is missing or invalid error SYSTEM BOARD (00A) then after it boots to windows normaly though

Answer:after replacing a mother board in an hp laptop it shows a s...

A motherboard, whwn replaced, needs to have its 'ID' restored by a technician with the appropriate tool. An HP CE would normally do this after replacing a m/b. If the CE didn't, please call HP support and have that done

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Story time: a few years ago I started upgrading my pc an hp a6244n I bought a cpu and a gpu GTX 550 ti And an Intel e7500 the gpu worked but the cpu did not because the mobo could not support it so I bought a mobo that could i.e. (P5b-vm do) but the chord for the power button did not match so I recently bought a case to get it all working a rosewill fmb-01 and got it together only to find there's a green light blinking on the mobo when I went to plug it in I also bought a PSu Rosewill 450W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Power Supply CAPSTONE-450 Black

Answer:New pc case and mobo p5b-vm do green light on board

The manual that came with your new motherboard should tell you what the blinking green light means.

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I can't get my computer to boot at all, not into CMOS, not anything. It doesn't power up. And the green LED light that comes with the power supply is constantly flashing.

This has happened before, normally when I wait a while before trying to boot, I can get the fan inside the power supply to spin just a little bit. The last time it happened, I fixed it by taking out one of the memory sticks.

I have no other power supply to test, so I don't know whether it's a problem with the motherboard, or the power supply. However, I notice that when the 24-count connector pin isn't connected to the motherboard, the light doesn't flash, it just stays lit green. When I plug it in, it starts flashing again. Maybe it's the motherboard, maybe the pins are bad, I'm not sure what that suggests.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose this clearer?

Answer:Computer won't start, power supply light flashing.

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Hi friends,
I have windows xp sp2 on 80gb harddisk , mother board mercury make,intel processor now this mercury mother borad what i have donot support ddr2 RAM, i had moved harddisk to intel motherboard box.

i am able to detect harddisk and windows apologies to start safe , last good menu and start normally and command prompt appears, i tried all options but fail to start windows xp.

Pl. find me solution to loginto windows and resume work.


Answer:moved windows xp sp2 harddisk from mercury mother board to intel mother board

you cant use the same xp on another motherboard.

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I have a Compaq Presario, Windows Vista Basic, around 3 gigs of RAM.

I recently rearranged my room, and when I went to go plug everything back in for my computer, the power supply light started to flicker when it was fine the day before.
I don't remember this ever happening before; it's still green, it just flickers rapidly and I can hear it.
I thought it was a temporary thing, but my power button is completely unresponsive and it will not turn on.

I have had my power supply replaced twice prior, and I fear I may have accidentally surged my power supply when I plugged it back in.
I would like to know if this is the only cause, I have tried different outlets, and even checked to make sure that I didn't mix up my power supply cable with my monitor or printer, but the results are the same.
Even when I unplug any power source, the light flickers and gradually dies, as compared to going out immediately.

The last time I replaced my power supply was around October of 2009, due a faulty fan.
The time before, was October 2007, when the power supply just shorted out.

This time I am completely confused since it was working the day prior, and wonder if my moving it would have caused something. It seems so unlikely, but due to my bad history with power supplies, I am prone to assume it is the same problem.
But if anyone has any other suggestions, please help.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Solved: Power Supply light flickering, computer won't turn on

Since you moved the computer I would open the case and make sure all the powersupply connections to the mobo and peripherals are tight.

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We got a Compaq Presario S6500NX from a friend who had upgraded to another computer and we can't get it to work. It ran fine before he brought it to us, however, once we got it here and tried to power it up it wouldn't start at all.

On the power supply in the back the green light blinks and clicks rapidly when the cord is plugged in, and pressing the power button does nothing at all.

Interestingly, a few minutes ago I took it out of storage, (we got the computer months ago and gave up when we couldn't get it running) plugged it in by itself and it powered up just fine, the fan turned on and everything! So I opened it up and cleaned out some of the dust (I didn't have it plugged into a monitor or anything, I just wanted to see if it was still doing the same thing it had months ago) and, lo and behold, when I tried to turn it on again with everything plugged in, I got the blinking/clicking green light and no power up.

What could be the problem here? I know the whole thing isn't totally shot because it DID power up just fine a few minutes ago. But now we're back to the blinking clicking light (instead of the steady green glow that usually happens when the power supply cord is plugged in). It leads me to believe that something's loose, but I don't dare mess with the power supply box unless I know what I'm doing...

Another question is, if the power supply isn't fixable, would it be possible to replace it with the power supply ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Power supply light blinking/clicking, computer won't turn on

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 I have an E Machine W3507 it has a Celeron D Processor 2 gigs ram ( upgraded ) ATI Radeon Xpress 200 video. Every thing but the ram is factory. My husband had it in a questionable position, and it fell and the power box plug-in shattered. When i found out i opened it up to see if any other pieces had fallen off, nothing looked unusual on the mother board. I took out the power supply to see what the damage was. It was a goner. So i took a good look at the mother board, it isn't cracked and nothing looks fried. A friend suggested a piece feel off that i didn't notice. I replaced the power supply and now the power light and a light on the mother board are the only things that come on. Nothing turns, the fans don't work. Only lights come one.  Could the mother board of cracked and i just cant see the crack? Could i have gotten  bad power supply? Could something of fallen off the motherboard that would make it not run?

Answer:Power Box Or Mother Board?

you might have cracked the motherboard and cant see it

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Answer:A 31 Power leds on inverter board are out-all leds on Mother board are ok-No video to display

Welcome to the forum! Any other signs of running, media drive spinning..? Good luck and let us know. 

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Hey guys and gals. I got a real prob. I recently purchased memory for my comp. and whe i went to power up i got nada. The green LED light on the motherboard is on just seems like its not turning on. Checked all my connections over 10 times. I was just wondering if i should clear the cmos and if that would help? Any suggestions would be a big help.My system is as follows.
asus a8n SLI prem. MB
amd ath. 64 3700
maxtor 250 gig sata
antec 500 watt psu
kingston 1 gig pc3200 X 2

Any other info i will gladly give. HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Answer:Mother board wont power up need help.

So you are trying with a total of 2 sticks? You are not running with your old sticks in there as well are you?

Try the ram in different slots and see if you can boot up. Also try with just one stick at a time. You can also try resetting your CMOS, sometimes that will help you to boot up.

If you put your old ram in there, can you boot up?

Let us know how it goes.

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Hello AllOk, I've just take deleivery of my new motherboard, (Asus A7V8X-MX), CPU, (Xp 2600+ 333fsb), Ram (512 DDR 333) and Fan (Rather Funky Cooler master aero 7 lite) (201)Basicly, in a nut shell, the only problem i've had so far, are the lights, and turning it on and off. I'm not 100% sure i have got the wirering right, because when i put the mains power into the power supply, the machine starts booting up straight away. The only way i can turn it off after shutting down windows (because xp does'nt, and never did before installing the new parts anyhow) is again to unplug the power. And when i Do try to use the power button, it just makes the power light blink on and off slowly, and the screen goes blank till i press it again and it comes back on.Any idea's?

Answer:LED's and Power Connectors on Mother Board

(it just makes the power light blink on and off slowly, and the screen goes blank till i press it again and it comes back on. )Try setting the bios Power management To >soft off by PBTN instant off! might help..The actual wording may vary but results the same OFF..

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Is it possible to connect 2 power supplys on 1 board & select either just by changing the power cable?

Answer:2 power supplys-1 mother board

Why would you want to ? ?The only conventional way to do this would be disconnecting the 24pin cable...not switching by a long stretch.

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i have a asus a8n-sli premium mother board and a antec true power 2 550W power supply however when i look at the motherboard i have a 24 pin EATXPWR and a ATX12V connecter... the power supply only has a 24 pin connecter and not the 4 pin connector as well. acording to the power supply manual i can 'snap off' the 4 end pins to connect to a mother board with a 20 pin and 4 pin connector but what do i do to one with a 24 pin and 4 pin motherboard???
any help would be greatly appreciated


Answer:mother board power connectors??

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my motherboard does not seem to be getting any power only when i connect the black and green together on the 24 pin power socket then the fans start up and usb works inserted a tester when i do this and it reads FF there seems to be no power going to board from 24 pin connector i think ive tried power switch on motherboard tried to jump it but there is nothing no power at all any body help please.thanks

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Dear Team,
I am using HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC  with Serial Number (removed content).
Machine was working perfectly fine months ago while it was running on windows 8 but when i auto updated it to windows 10. it does not shut down properly , it shows power lights on and HDD lights on, i have to force the machine to power offf by long pressing power key.
Also after sometime of work if i dont use the machine it goes in sleep/hibernate(not sure which mode it takes) and when pressing any keyboard or mouse key machine does not wake up

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This may sound stupid but here it goes..When I plug the black power cored into my power source, it's OK. but once I connect the prongs to the white thing on the mother board it makes this really weird noise. Literally it sounds like "EEEEEEEEEE" but then when I unplug it, it goes "oooooo" and stops. When it's plugged into the motherboard, the green light doesn't show, but when it's not, the green light shows.

Answer:Motherboard or Power source on mother board.

Quotebut once I connect the prongs to the white thing on the mother board it makes this really weird noisewhat prongs? what white thing? a picture would be nice.

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hi all. im trying to power up an asus mother board, i have used 4 diffrent power supplys. i know the cpu is getting hot but i cannot get any on screen display, the mother board has a 5 switch ece switch. and im bigining to think this maybe the route to solving or partly solving my problems......... i have never had this type of problem befor. and i have sucsessfully built a numerious amount of pcs. but this one has tobe the daddy of all brain emerages. please is there anyone with the free time to help me bring this thing to life.

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So i have a really old computer. The mother board is a Asus M2N MX SE Plus and i'm having problems doing the last step which is plugging in those Power cables to actually turn on the computer. So there's a 2 pin with the label, "Power sw", another 2 pin with the label. "H.D.D Led", another 2 pin with the label, "Power Led" and lastly a 3 pin with the label, "Power Led E". On the mother board, i know where the panel is for these cables but i just don't know where each one goes. There's intotal of 9 pins with 4 on top and 5 on the bottom. Please if someone knows where to put each on this old motherboard pleaseeee tell me

Answer:Solved: How to Plug the Power Cables on the Mother Board?

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 I have lenovo H530 Desktop. I lost Motherboard to Hard Disk Drive power cable. Through research i have Purchased Cable from china. When i connected power cable i did not get display monitor. Without cable connection Display will be there. I have tried in his way also. I have purchased SMPS, 24pin to 14pin converter. i have try to give direct SMPS power. this time also same display problem. Please help me on this issue. Thanks & regards, Srinivaas 

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Hi there

My Pc is custom made and is around 1 year and 4 months old, about 6 months ago i noticed that the Pc would take a few seconds from pressing the power button to turn on (A minor concern) Then around 2 months ago I came back from christmas break, plugged the power cable back into the mains and it would not come on, the motherboard light was off and no sign of life. I turned everything on and off checked cables ect. By magic a few hours later the light came back on.

Today i put it into sleep as i was only leaving for half an hour or so, i come back to find that the light has gone off again and has now been unresponsive for around 4 hours. I have suspicions that it might be the CMOS battery, due to turning it off at the mains after shutting down therefore draining the battery. I have noticed no performance issues or odd noise,s this has happened very apparent.

Went to a shop and got the Psu tested, turns out it has blown. I've bought and installed a new one (Corsair 750w) modular. Now i fear the motherboard is fried aswell. Green light comes on however the fans and leds flash on and off
*Update the 2nd*
Took out both sticks of RAM and GPU one by one and tested, no life, ordering a new board

OS Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Asus p8z77-vlx motherboard
Psu Xfx Pro series 850w modular
Corsair Vengance 2x4 DDR3 Ram
Intel i7 3770 lga 1155
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660
2 SSD's x2 120gb
1 HDD tb seagate drive
Optical drive

Many thanks

Answer:Solved: Custom Pc has stopped working. No power to mother board, Help!

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Everything is pluged in but no noise nothing comes on but the little green light on the front .Help Help

Answer:No Power But Have Green Light

Green means go. In this case go check inside the case to see if all fans are turning and if the power supply appears on when started. We can go from there.

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hi people this my fist time on here so i hope some 1 can help .....i got a emachines 3210 pc and it was working fine .went to turn it on yesterday and got no power but i got a green light on motherboard i really need to get this sorted as i borrowed the pc off a m8 and i dont really want to folk out for new bits . it would be great if some 1 has anyidea wat it could be.other wise its off to bank get some money and get a new motherboard lol.... oh i got a 2.70ghz celeron processor if that helps in any way cheers

Answer:No power to PC but I get a green light on motherboard

The eMachines power supply (and possibly the motherboard) is bad. Just because you have a green light, doesn't mean that the power supply or motherboard is good. It takes many separate voltages to operate a computer. The geen LED means only that you have +5volts to the motherboard

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Current systemPent 4 3.2Mother board Intel 915 chip setsata hard drive 3.0Win XP  sev pac 2New SystemIntel Motherboard chip set 965Intel dual core  E6600Same sata hard driveSame memoryWin XP  serv pac 2The system comes up to the point where windows xp screen starts. It will then go the windows screen with startup options i.e. normal  safe mode and then will go to a blue screen or it may go straight to the following blue screen Saying that windows has shut down in order to prevent damage to the computer. It goes on to say the problem might be a virus or check the hard drive for proper installation. Then run chkdsk/F. I do not know how to run this test since I can?t get that far in windows. But I really doubt this is a problem since I have tried two different working disks and still get the same result.The hard drive works perfectly well in my current computer.  I also tried another hard drive which also works perfectly in my current computer. The memory is good and is recognized by the bios. After the above failure I erased one of the drives using drive scrubber 3.0. I did this because I could not boot to reformat the drive even with the win xp disk. Hence I then removed the dive from my current computer and reinstalled it in the new one and tried to boot it using winxp cd. However I received the exact same message as noted above.

Answer:New mother board and processor will not boot into windows xp

Here is the tec info noted at the bottom of the blue screen mentioned in original emailStop: 0X0000007B (C0XF7908524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out if the power supply on my hp is bad or not. The green light on back of the tower is flashing and the computer won't turn on. I've tried all of the preliminary things and nothing works -- the green light keeps blinking until I disconnect the large plug to the motherboard, then the light stays on and doesn't blink. Once I have the power cord disconnected and the main plug to the motherboard disconnected as well, I then have tried replugging the power cord and then replugging the main plug to the motherboard (kind of trying to jump start it), the fan tries to come one (but only for a second, then goes back off, so it won't boot).Does anyone know if this means that the power supply is bad or if something else might be wrong? I'm wondering if the power supply would be bad when the computer is clearly trying to start, but not quite making it.

View Solution.

Answer:no power and green light on my hp pavilion is flashing

If the PSU blinks it needs to be reset.unplug the electrical cable from the wall and the PSU.move the red voltage selector to the opposite position it is in and then slide it back. If you live in the USA 120Vac-->220Vac-->120Vac see the image below.  After you have done this you can plug the power cable back into the PSU.  Connect the power cable to the wall power. If the PSU is still serviceable it will no longer be blinking. Best regards,erico Edited to fix the broken image link.

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My PC wouldn't turn on on Monday night - just a green flashing light on the front. After a bid of fiddling with the kettle lead etc and moving the pc, it worked. After switching off as usual the same thing happened the next night. I replaced the kettle lead but now it just sits with the green light flashing. I've checked the forums but can't find someone with the same problem in that the pc DOES work every now and again. PC about 15 months old. Has anyone any suggestions (hoping its not the hard drive).

Answer:Solved: Green Flashing Light no Power!

Solved - had a chappie at work have a look and the fan doesn't move. By the way the green light now doesn't come on at all. It's the psu and it's being fixed later. Thanks for looking and hopefully this may help someone else!

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My Lenovo 11e Chromebook will not power on. The power light blinks orange and green over and over. I've tried all the resets and even put a new battery in it. What could be causing this? Thanks,

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Hi folks, having a problem here. I have the motherboard in the title and just yesterday after shutting down and replacing a fan, my computer will no longer turn on through the case power button. I thought it might be the case wiring that is shot, but I tried booting the system by doing the "screwdriver to the power pins" trick. I dont even get a reaction at all. I have taken all the parts off and put them back together, but still the same. So... did my motherboard randomly fry from just replacing a fan.. (maybe dust?) I'm not sure. I just need some assurance on if it is the motherboard so I can get a new one. I dont have any other computers at the moment to check the parts. Thanks guys, and please try to be swift.

Answer:Asus P7P55 Pro green light, no power

I always try another power supply first for this condition. The green led mean only that 5 volts is present. There are other voltages needed from the power supplies

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I have a Dell Dimension E510 that as of yesterday, won't power up anymore. The power light blinks orange and the computer does nothing when the power button is pushed or held in. It's about 16 months old and is out of warranty, so I'm trying to diagnose the problem myself.

I did some searching on the internet and found that this seems to be a common issue on these Dells, sort of a long term infant mortality issue. The most common causes seem to be a bad PSU, MOBO or a shorted USB input.

I've done some diagnostic checks/testing so far and am now stuck. Here's what I know.

- The USB ports don't appear to be shorted. I also disconnected the connector for the USB (which includes the power switch :banghead and it doesn't change any of the results that follow.
- I removed the power supply and jumped Power On (terminal 14, green wire) of the main ATX connector to ground. The fan comes on and all voltages (3.3, 5 and 12v)check out, including around 5.35v at Power Good (terminal 8, gray wire).
- With the power supply back in and everything connected, there is only 3.3mv at Power Good. As I understand it, this would normaly point to a bad power supply; however, all of the voltages check out when the unit is disconnected from everything.

Is is still possible that the power supply is bad, or is it more likely (or definitely) that the MOBO is the culprit.

Any help, including suggestions for additional testing is greatly appreciated.


Answer:Dell desktop won't power up - blinking orange light - power supply?

Dells have four lights in the back. What color are they?

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have a T7500 that when rebooted, will take anywhere between 10-15 shutdown/startups before getting boot screen. Power button is green and 3 4 stay green when it is attempting to boot. I can't find what error this might indicate... any help would be much appreciated...



Answer:T7500 green power button 3 4 green lights, takes several attempts before getting boot screen

ubearcat,The led error represents ACPI S3 Suspend to RAM Windows Standby State. Try the steps below to resolve.Changing the power management options in the operating systemSometimes just changing the software settings in the operating system power options will fix the issue. Access to the power options in Windows can be done through the Control Panel. Depending on your version and view by settings, you may or may not see a power option link. In that case, look for power options under the hardware category. Once there, create a new plan or modify an existing plan, changing the advanced settings as needed.If changing the operating systems power options does not fix the problem, you can try changing the APCI setting to the computers Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).  Once there, you need to look for Power Management Options. There you will find the different ACPI standby states.

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My father-in-laws desktop computer is acting funny. When the power button is pushed on the light around the button comes on and the fan starts but thats all it does. The fan usually comes on and is quite loud and then it quiets down and you hear the rest of the computer booting up. Nothing is on the monitor except "no signal" and the fan is the only thing heard running. It worked fine the day before and it was shut down properly.

Any thoughts?


Answer:Computer won't boot but fan and power light is on

The first thing I would try is to make sure that all the connections to the monitor are tight. If they are, I would try another, known to be working, monitor and cables to eliminate that problem.

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hi i just upgarde my hard drive when i plug the power supply back in then go and turn it on it it dose not come on there a bule light that comes on that's it. there olny one fan stay on and the other one come on then gose back off

Answer:desktop won't power up - blinking bule light - power supply?

What is your computer hardware specs?

Try disconnecting that new hard drive out, it may be hanging up on that.

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Hello everyone

This is my first post, as well as my first build attempt, so please be gentle.

P4 3.0 ghz
480w psu
1 stick MD4412UOE 512MB DDR-400 PC3200 Power Memory
Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics

I purchased all of my parts from newegg, and i finally found the proper time to put everything together. After getting a cpu fan that was too big, i purchased a AeroCool cpu fan. I had to remove the P4 retention module, and I now have the fan installed. I installed everything else (cd-rom, hdd, disk drive), and I turn the power on, to find that nothing is happening. I have taken the mobo out of the case to make sure it isnt grounded, and none of the fans power up. The only indication of power I get is the green stand-by light located between the second and third pci slots, and the keyboard lights flash on, then off. Whenever I turn the power switch on, the same thing happens with the keyboard and the rest of the mobo.
I have a buddy who is also putting together his own build, and he said that it was strange to hear that not even the psu fan is starting up. The psu has two power receptables, that I can best describe as female and male. Dont know if this makes any difference. I dont know what to do, and I was wondering if this sounds even remotely familiar to anyone. Am I missing something with some of the jumper settings, or does it sound like a huge problem?

Thanks again in advance for any help, and I'm glad I found my way to this ... Read more

Answer:No power to the psu bios...nothing but a green standby light on the mobo.

Have you plugged in the seperate 12V lead (4-pin) to the motherboard? It's used to supply the processor power.

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Hi, my X240 laptop has suddenly stopped turning on. When I press the power button, the indicator light flashes green three times. I've switched out the AC adapter, same result. Can anyone tell me what the three flashes indicate? Is my motherboard fried or is it potentially something else I can troubleshoot? Thanks!

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I have tried everything several thing to get my MOBO powered up ..Right now there is only a green light ..i have tried to switching the PSU .I have tried crossing the pinns with a screw driver and nothing
what else ?

the MOBO is a P4P800 se

please help

thank you

Answer:No power to the psu bios...nothing but a green standby light on the mobo

Try assembling the motherboard outside the case to see if it will boot then

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I have a problem. Moved computer to another location in my home and the power supply was blinking green and the computer would not turn on. After reading some posts online, while the power was connected to the computer, I pulled the main power plug to the motherboard. After doing this the green light was not blinking anymore and was solid green. While power was still applied to the computer, I reconnected the power plug to the mother board and the light stayed solid green. Pushed the power botton computer now started up properly, And by the way this is a Compaq Presario Media Center SR2020NX Desktop PC with xp pro, what would make the computer do this? Next time i unplug from the wall plug i will be in same boat. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: power supply blinking green

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I have a problem. Moved computer to another location in my home and the power supply was blinking green and the computer would not turn on. After reading some posts online, while the power was connected to the computer, I pulled the main power plug to the motherboard. After doing this the green light was not blinking anymore and was solid green. While power was still applied to the computer, I reconnected the power plug to the mother board and the light stayed solid green. Pushed the power botton computer now started up properly, And by the way this is a Compaq Presario Media Center SR2020NX Desktop PC, what would make the computer do this? Next time i unplug from the wall plug i will be in same boat. Thanks.

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I had a lightning strike and I think my Power Supply may be shot.

I had it plugged into a cheap surge protector, but I don't trust it.

When I plug it in, directly to the wall socket, the green LED on the back of the power supply just flashes constantly. But when I try to turn the computer on, absolutely nothing happens.

I tried a new power cord with no luck...same thing.

Might there be a reset switch in the power supply, or does this flashing green light mean that it is dead.

Thanks...I appreciate your help


Answer:Lightning hit...Power supply flashing green

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we had a storm the other day and think a power surge hit my computer, even though it was on a surge protector. I also lost the vcr with the surge so i know it's not a virus problem.we think it was the lighting that hit close to the house. the computer i have is an e-machine t1105 with windows xp. When i push the power button on the computer the light dosen't come on but the fan starts and it sounds like it's running. the cd rom will still open but won't seem to load anything. i tryed the reboot disk to see if it would read but i get nothing but black screen and monitor says check pc the screen is ok. the green light on the back off pc where plug goes is still lighting up green. Is there any hope for my computer? even if there isn't any hope do you think the data on hard drive may be retreivable? or a part that i could have switched out and have a computer again without having to purchase a new one?

Answer:storm came now computer won't boot and power light off

Sure doesn't sound good

Off top of my head, fan spins, nothing else comes 'on', possible

Memory / CPU / Video card / Motherboard malfunction.
PS: if fan comes on, but no power light, could be a faulty/buggered up power supply too I suppose ( I woulda thunk the power light would come on before any fans spun )

DOH !!! can't even blame Microsoft on that either.... its hardware.
Is it a microsoft computer?? hehe

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the board of my sumsung computer  desktop has gone bad and was replaced  to new  another, but it seem the memory of the neww one is too low, how do i increase it and to what extent?can someone pls helpi am abubakar shayausokoto state nigeria


ok we need more info like specs on the machine OScpuram mobo name for both old and newetc

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I have a 5 year old e Machine that the mother board went bad. I ordered a new board from from .The one I order needs one 24 pin power and a 8 pin 12v power supply. Board is a EM945G Serial ATA.Can anyone tell me where to get a power supply with a 24 pin and a 8 pin 12v setup for a mATX Case.Thanks to all who may be able to help.

Answer:Computer Mother Board Replace

 i believe you can just get one at geeks. don't be confused by 20 + 4 pin as i believe it means it is compatible with the old 20 pin power + the 24 pin power connectors. just do a little research on model you want and i think you will find just what you need. any psu made in last few years have all the connections you need.

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I shut down my Pavilion Elite for 1 week while away and now it will not turn on. The power supply light is on, I replaced the CMOS battery and the power switch is ok.

Answer:Pavilion elite power supply light on, won't power up

As you did not mention any message or display on the screen, I would use this tutorial for a step by step diagnostic.  It also helps to remove the side panel, and visually watch the CPU and rear case fan movement(s).  As you press the power button, pay attention to the fans. Also does the Power Supply LED stay ON? Or did it go OUT when you pressed the power button?  

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The other night my power supply died on me. I have been able to trouble shoot my computer before but I am kinda stuck not sure where to go.

I installed a new thermtake 650watt power supply and ditched the old one.

I believe I have installed all power cables correctly.

After I hooked it all up i noticed that the power light on the front of my desktop was on but the computer wouldn't boot, no fans, or anything. I think I may hear I slight click when I do press the power button

Here are my specs.
Asrock fm2a78m-HD+ motherboard
AMD Radeon CPU
650 watt thermtake power supply

Any ideas or help would be great.

Answer:New power supply, Computer won't boot

At this point its tough. You could have damaged the mob when the old power supply died, it has happened before to other computers numerous times.

Are you SURE you have ALL the power supply leads plugged into the correct ports?

If so, I would unplug the power cable fropm the PSU to the wall outlet, then remove the CMOS battery from the mobo and press and hold the POWER button for 60 secs.

Now reinsert the CMOS battery and the power cable and see if it will boot now.

If still no booting, remove the ALL RAM modules from the system and try to power on, it should have a series of beeps if you have a mobo speaker connected and/or flashing light patterns.

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I just wanted to see if someone could confirm what I think is wrong with a computer. I had computer shipped to me from a friend. When the computer arrived the CPU fan was dangling from its wire. At first I did not notice any other damage. I tried to power it up after I reseated all the components. The computer acted like it would start and then it immediately shut down and tried the power button again it was dead. Instantly I though power supply I had a brand new one in my spare stuff that fit the requirements of the motherboard. After installing new power supply the same thing happened. It will try the first time you hit power (the fans will run etc) but then it shuts down straight away. I stripped the unit down to the bare essentials just one memory chip, CPU and CPU fan. The unit will not power up. I look at the motherboard closer. I do not see any burnt spots but I did notice one of the capacitors slightly bent over. This leads me to believe that the mother board maybe damaged and the cause for failure. If someone else with more experience than me would like to confirm that or give me another direction to go I would appreciate it. Thank You
Sleep better!

Answer:Computer will not boot up even with new power supply

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Hi there I hope this is the correct place to put my post
I upgraded my one pc's mother board and chip to a Jetway Intel G31 series mother board and a 2.5 duel core chip set. I used my IDE hard drive that I used on the previous motherboard to boot up but as soon as my pc start to boot up and want to show the xp logo the computer reboots.
I only see the xp logo for about 3 second before it reboots.

Any assistance will be appriciated

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Dont Want To boot XP after mother board and Chip Upgrade

Moving a hard drive with XP already installed rarely works because the hardware is different, as you have found. You can do a repair install if you have your Windows installation CD. Are you able to boot XP in Safe Mode?

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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I have a question .

My Grandma has a windows xp computer. In the past I have replaced the hard drive as well as the power supply. The computer now has a new issue which started this week. I suspect it is the motherboard but would rather be 100% sure of it before I advise my granma just get a new machine.

When you boot the computer the / sign appears and takes twenty minutes to boot. Also , one of the DVD drives have completely dissapeared from recognition and the one it does ackowledge it shpws to be occupied when it is not. Any input would be appreciated. I am Going to go to her house and troubleshoot the computer when I get a chance and was just wonderin what you takes would be on the situation. Thanks , Rob

Answer:POSSIBLE MOTHER BOARD PROBLEM! 20 minute boot and issapearing drives

It could be that the drive (or drives) are failing and the BIOS can't recognize them. That would cause a long POST (Power On Self-Test). Do you get the Windows XP splash screen or just a black screen?

You could try disabling the drives on the secondary IDE controller of the BIOS and reboot. If it boots up normally, then most likely the drive is beginning to fail. Check the BIOS to see if it recognizes the drives, as well. They "should" be on the secondary IDE controller.

Hit me up if any of this helps.

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I know this is a windows forum but there are so many people who are hardware guru's as well as windows' so sorry for those whom are offended...

I have a power supply and want to see if it works without having to disconnect my power supply presently in my computer. I remember when I bought it from the display at the store where it had a little jumper wire somewhere on the terminals to simulate the board being plugged in.

Any one know which 2 terminals get jumpered to make this work? Or perhaps where I can get the information?

oh yeah it's an xt power supply.



Answer:Power supply without the board

An XT power supply has an on/off Switch attached to it.
AT supplies don't.

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We bought around 40 of these X220 I5 before xmas and now more than 20 of them have failed. The company we bought them from tried everything but they ended up switching the mainboard on the first two that failed.We were told it was a batch issue with the serial number R9-HNXXX and now all of those are changed into T420. But today we had the same problem with serial number R9-HXXXX that was bought two weeks earlier and with different config - I7 and SSD. All of them with the same problem that is described in subject. Are there any known batch issues? The problem is not with the tablet version and sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Thx


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Answer:X220 - no post and green light around power button flashes every 3 - 4 second

I was preparing a X220 for a VP in my office and i left on vacation. When i came back, the laptop was dead and i can't power it on. I unplugged the AC and removed the battery and waited a bit, plugged everything in again and still the same thing. The battery LED blinks 3 times then nada. (no fans, nothing) I tried a little trick from the S model, removed AC and battery and pressed power button for 30secs and re-plugged everything but it didn't work. Anyone have any ideas?

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My neighboor has a Pavilion P6710f that won't turn on. The green light on the power supply is steady. My Dell Inspiron had the same problem a few months ago and after replacing the power supply it works fine.  how can I tell if the power supply in this Hp needs to be replaced?

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256 DDR
Gf4 4200
tbird 1400
CoolerMaster hhc001
antec 480 psupply
maxtor 40 Gig
All i did was take out my tbird 1.4. I went to 7-11 to get a drink, came back. put in an xp1800+ and now it wont power up.
Ive reseated the mobo,took uot all periphrials,cleared cmos,I think it might be grounded but i checked This has plagued me for almost 6 hours please help!

Answer:comp wont power up when i hit pswitch. The green light on the mobo is on

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When I shutdown the vista PC the monitor power light stays green and a box saying, "self test feature check" floats all around the monitor. My XP machine after shutdown the power light turns amber with nothing being displayed.
Does anyone have any ideas? The monitor should hibernate when the PC is shutdown.

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My HP Pavilion s5206 won't boot, fans working, green power light is on. Monitor won't come out of sleep and keyboard is dead.

Answer:computer won't boot,fans are working,power light on,

The monitor won't come out of standby mode until it gets a video signal from the PC, which it evidently is not getting. Coupled with the fact that the keyboard is not working, it's very likely a faulty motherboard.

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Desktop Computer Won't Boot Up, Monitors are off, but Power light is on

Guys, this is what has happened.

(1) A few times, when I get home from work, my computer had unexpectedly turned itself off
(2) After pushing the ON button, the light turns on, but it doesn't BEEP and doesn't boot up
(3) The monitors are blank
(4) The fans are on

I've tried taking out all the components and wires and putting them back in, but nothing is doing the trick. The funny thing is that this has happened many times recently, but when I turn the computer on, it's fine. Now, this time, it just won't boot up, even though the power is on. My computer was behaving normally prior to this event.

I have an Acer AM5630-U5209A with upgraded 600mw power supply.

Thanks a lot for any help guys,

Answer:Desktop Computer Won't Boot Up, Monitors are off, but Power light is on

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Good day Majorgeeks, I hope this is the right thread for this.
(sorry for my bad english)

My PC restarts for every few minutes then after a few moments it doesnt boot up anymore.

Green and red light stays on and no beeps

I tried isolating each part to see whats causing it.

-no boot
-Green and red light on
-no beep
-Fan OK

-no boot
-Green and red light on
-no beep
-Fan OK

No Processor
-no boot
-Green light
-Fan OK

I tried Google some says its connection problem

Im suspecting its my mobo my PC is more than 5 years i think

Help will much be much appreciated. TIA

Answer:CPU No boot(Green & Red light ON)

Im inclined to agree. If you get no beep without memory in then it doesnt sound like it is even trying to access it. Motherboard would be first place I would look

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Hey i just swapped my old power supply for a new one on my computer and now my computer won't boot again sometimes the fans will turn for a fraction of a second and then nothing i need help thank you for any help

Answer:Computer won't boot after a Power Supply swap

Does it work with the old power supply?  What new power supply are you using?  Have you connected all cables to the motherboard including the 4 or 8pin one near to the CPU?  What spec is the rest of the system?

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I have no indication of any power at all.
I've tried a lot of what has been suggested in doomsday thread with no luck.
I have a new case and 250W PS. New Intel D815EPEA2 mobo and an celeron 667 CPU. Reason bought new mobo was it was cheap and supposedly match the CPU.
CPU was in a machine that was struck by lightning and when it was taken to technican, he said old board was dead.
So in my great wisdom I figured I could setup a fairly cheap computer by just replacing the board.
I bought a board that matched the CPU but didn't fit the midi case that it needed go into. (Another highlight to my first built ) so I had to buy a case which I am also disgusted with because I went cheap and the D#%n this is so flimsy. The E-machines have better quality than the one I got. Strike Two.
So what I have got is a cheap board, a cheap case/PSU, a possible dead CPU or PS that I'm trying to revive.
What I need to know how do I test each component to find out what is the cause of the no boot.
Is there a easy way of testing PS and CPU? I am going to assume that the board is OK. Right?
Educated guess that the CPU got fried also? I just don't what to buy another CPU until I know that it is the cause of my problem.
I can't test it with any of my other systems because the Intels are to old(166/200) and the newer ones are AMD.
Thanks for any help.

PS What is an IR module? It appears to be a 4 pin connect that hooks up on the same bar as Power on, reset, HD ... Read more

Answer:(Solved) Computer won't boot Power Supply?

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My computer was shut down one day when I came home. It wouldn't turn back on, and the power supply was dead when I had it checked. I replace it with a 600 watt OCZ game stream unit. Now the computer comes on when you turn it on, but only by using the button on the back. The on/off switch on the front will not work at all....not on, not off. I have lights inside my computer, and they do come on, also the fans work. But the monitor never comes on. There is a green light lit on my cd burner drive, and a red light on the front of the tower. These lights stay on. The computer doesnt' beep when you turn the power on either. I have an Asus A8V-VE motherboard, a AMD Athlon 64fx dual core processor, 1 gig of Ram, and have windows xp pro as the operating system. My system is a home built system of approx. 2 yrs of age. I don't know what happened originally to cause me all this trouble, but would appreciate any help anyone might give. I ordered another MOB thinking this might be the problem, but haven't received it yet to replace it. Thanks again for your help.

Answer:computer won't boot up after installing new power supply

There is a very simple test for the power button on the front of the case. You can switch the wire leads from the reset button. To do this follow these directions. Note before doing the following, do make some note as to how your case leads are connected.
1 Locate the case leads and where they connect to your board.
2 Remove both the reset and pw switch leads
3 Now connect the reset lead to your pw switch pins on the board
4 Press the reset button and see if it turns on normally. If it does, you simply have a failed pw switch on the case. If it does the same thing, then you know it is either the board that has failed OR the pw supply is defective.

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hi all, a real technical question today. I have the following set up. KT4 board, Duron 1Gz, 512mb, 40gb drive, CDROM, CDRW, usual extras such as modem, NIC, SCSI controller for the CDRW, sound card and graphics. and a 300w PSU. The PC was working fine, no downloads occured, no programs installed I was in fact rather impressed by how stable and great things were going. I turned the pc on and I heard the fans come to life, and left the room, then upon returning the PC is dead. Examine the main board and nothing is found, the PSU smells burnt so I changed the fuse out. The fuse blew out again, this time though on inspection a diode on the board was also burnt out. Upon intsalling a higher rating PSU 350w this time, the mobo fails to boot (there is no action when the on off swtich is pressed), the PSU is out-putting a smaller then I would like voltage (10.5) though not sure that this is being measured properly. The +12v +5v continuty when using a voltmeter continuity test beep for 2 secs then stop and 'reset'.In a nut shell....How do i measure the voltage on the PSU to confirm that its all working as it should be. If the main board is at fault, what can I look for on the boad as obvious signs?Hope any one can help me with this, tis beginning to drive me a little mad. :DThanks for your time.

Answer:Main board power supply

It's quite possible that a PSU fault can do lots of consequential damage. I've had them that have done no other damage at all, but just the other day had a PSU fault that blew - Motherboard - HDD - CD-ROM - Graphics Card - Modem - RAM (but not CPU or Floppy).In the above disaster, the blown chips were quite in evidence when visually inspected.So basically I'm saying anything might have gone.

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DELETED. Somehow I sent it twice

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I have an Intel D865 Perl Board witha P4 proc.. Needed to replace power supply.
Got an Antec SP 500 watt unit. Noticed the processor power connector has different color wires from the old unit. The connector from the old unit has two yellow and two black. The new unit has one each yellow, orange, red and black wires. Need to know if anyone is familiar with the SP 500 supply why the difference. I don't intend to use it util I'm sure.
This is the first time I've seen this on a power supply.

Answer:Power supply and board compatibility help

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Ok, here's something i'm not entirely familiar with. Maybe someone out there knows the answer to this one.

I'm putting together a linux box (finally) out of bits and pieces of a few old machines i have laying around. I'm planning to use a motherboard that originally was powered by a 200 watt Power Supply and a 500 mhz AMD chip. I recently bought a new case for my new build and it came equipped with a 400 watt Power Supply. Now i'm wondering, is there a such thing as supplying TOO MUCH power/wattage to a machine? I'm not sure how the whole thing works, and i admit i really should study up on electricity 101 to familiarize myself.

Will i have any problems powering my older mainboard with my newer/much more powerful Power Supply? The power supply has the right connector for the mainboard, so that's not a problem. I guess to summarize...

Does the mainboard and peripherials draw (or suck in) whatever electricity/wattage it needs, or does the power supply give a certain amount of wattage/juice to the devices depending on it's own size/wattage? Some basic electricity 101 is needed here. Just wanna know if there's a chance i'll supply too much power to my old board and fry it lol.

The more i think about it... i think the devices draw in what they need. Which means i'd be fine... right?

Answer:New Power Supply + Old Board & Electricity 101

Yes, the motherboard only takes as much as it needs from the power supply, the PSU doesn't force 400watts or watever of electricity into the Motherboard. If you read on the labe, it will even say "400Watts MAXIMUM power" or something like that. The amount of watts is the maximum amount of power the PSU can give out.

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Is it possible to get an atx power supply running for test purposes without being connected to the motherboard .

Answer:Power supply testing without m/board

Yes, but you will need some resistors to load the supply and a good (accurate) meter or on of these click here

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Hi everyone,

Hopefully this isn't too geeky for Major Geeks, but I'm trying to locate a power supply board to repair my Gateway 21" LCD monitor. We had a power outage, and when the power came back on the monitor didn't. I'm assuming the power supply board is the culprit. I've disassembled the unit and have the board here on my bench. There is nothing obviously wrong with it, but the power LED would not even light up (when it was still assembled).

The monitor may actually be made by Samsung (or at least the LCD panel itself has a Samsung sticker on it). The only clue I've found via Google is a German site ( that lists the part number found on the board (860-ALZ-2112H) as a Samsung LCD power supply board, so there is some consistency there. They talk about a "Classic Part Number" of IVB65083 if that means anything beyond something local to their site. They have a shopping cart, and I can put the item in the cart, but there doesn't seem to be any way to check out because I can't seem to select a "distributor" for the item.

Anyway, if anyone knows where I could find some sort of service manual that contained a circuit diagram for this power supply, perhaps I could determine the faulty part and replace it (there is a fuse on board which checks out OK). But I'm assuming the more likely approach is to try and locate a replacement board. Gateway tech support was rather... Read more

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I am new to this excellent forum and wondered if anyone out there could possibly help......

I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 Desktop PC. Several weeks ago I had a slow flashing amber power light, indicating a PSU or switch fault. Firstly I replaced the switch - made no difference. Then I replaced the PSU - The slow flsahing amber light has now changed to a blinking (very fast) GREEN light on the power button.

All of my research so far has suggested that this suggests the PC is in standby mode! But the PC isn't even switched on - no fans running etc. In desperation I have even plugged a USB mouse in to see if I can "wake" it up! I have a amber AUX_PWR light on the Motherboard which is on.

Nothing happens when I press the power button - no matter for how long I press it in!

Has anyone got any ideas?

Many Thanks in advance

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX620 Blinking Green Power light & won't start!

Welcome to Tech-Forums, lardy2001!!

Do diagnostic lights display anything? It's those 4 lights I believe that's located at the back of the computer.

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So I hooked my pc up after I took it w/ me to work becuase I though I was going to a lan tonight. But when I came home and plugged it back. I noticed the power supply box light was blinking. And it wont turn on. No power or what so ever. I need help BADLY


Answer:Power Supply Light Blinking. No Power :(!

Have you opened case to make sure all connections are secure? Something may have come loose while you were transporting it. Give us more info about your computer (e.g. make and model, cpu, ram, name of psu, etc.)

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