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Windows Vista-Uninstalling a program deleted Recycle Bin icon

Question: Windows Vista-Uninstalling a program deleted Recycle Bin icon

After I used the Revo Uninstaller utility to remove a program from a Vista laptop, the icon for the Recycle Bin was removed from the desktop. When I manually deleted a few files afterwards I also noticed they took about a minute to actually delete. This came after I not only uninstalled the program but also scanned he Windows Registry for leftover files and folders and deleted those.

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Preferred Solution: Windows Vista-Uninstalling a program deleted Recycle Bin icon

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows Vista-Uninstalling a program deleted Recycle Bin icon should fix it

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Hello,How do I get my recycle bin back onto the desktop? I have tried to find it but have drawn a blank. I know I still have a Recycle Bin (somwhere) because deleted items get sent there.Many thanks in advanceUXB772

Answer:Accidentally deleted Recycle Bin icon - Vista 64

click here

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I am pulling my hair out. I thought the transfer completed to my external hard drive so I deleted my photos and emptied my recycle bin. I have been attempting system restores (unsuccessful) and file recovery software all day long. It seems like it is doing nothing but giving me a couple pictures along with porn. I am so frustrated. There has to be a legitimate way to recover my entire Picture folder? Please help! Thank you!

Answer:Windows Vista Need to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

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My computer is setup to use a 120gb SSD for my OS (Windows 7 ultimate 64bit) and a 2Tb hard drive for my program files, user folders etc. I use junction points to link the program files and user files from C:\ to D:\. This normally works like a charm however I recently updated iTunes and it deleted my C:\Program Files (x86) junction point and created a Program Files (x86) folder on the C:\ drive, this completely roots my system as all my Program Files (x86) are stored on my D:\ drive and now my computer can't find them since the junction point has been deleted. How can it do this and most importantly any reason as to why it's doing this? It's an easy fix on my end as all I have to do is put back in my windows installation disk boot from it and remake the junction point but it's a real pain to do it when it shouldn't happen in the first place.

Also after remaking the Junction point I decided to uninstall iTunes and it once again deleted my junction point while uninstalling.

(Note: My Program Files, and User, junction points have worked as normal and have not been deleted just my Program Files (x86) junction point. I am creating my junction points using the command mklink "C:\Program Files (x86)" "D:\Program Files (x86)" /J)

Does anyone have any ideas to why this is happening? Any help is much appreciated.



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I uninstalled a program and it's not in the recycle bin. How can I restore it?Windows 7

Answer:deleted a program and it's not in recycle bin

From your backup.When you un install a program a numbers of changes are made., some are not reversible.

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I want to reinstall Norton Systemworks 2002. I need to do this after having had a virus, eliminated it, and reinstalled Windows.

However I cannot do it without uninstalling Norton Antivirus first. The Systemworks setup program tells me this.

Problem is that, when I go to Control Panel Uninstall/Change, neither the Norton Systemworks or Antivirus icons are in there.

When I look for them in Search they are all there but I don't know how to get them into the Uninstall Window. I cannot drag an icon into it.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Uninstalling - Hidden Program Icon in Xp

I found my own answer in the AntiVirus Help File. Here it is for any of you in a similar situation (That new virulent [email protected] virus disables Norton Systemworks but they have a downloadable removal tool):

To uninstall Norton AntiVirus

Once you begin uninstalling Norton AntiVirus, you will not be able to access this help information. You should print out these instructions before beginning the uninstall.
Note: During uninstall, Windows may indicate that it is installing software. This is a general Microsoft installer message and can be disregarded.

1 On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Programs > Norton AntiVirus > Uninstall Norton AntiVirus.

2 Click Remove to confirm that you want to uninstall the product.

3 Click Next.

4 If you have files in Quarantine, you are asked if you want to delete them. Select one of the following:

Yes. Deletes the Quarantined files from your computer.
No. Leaves the Quarantined files on your computer, but they are inaccessible. To repair or submit the files to Symantec for analysis, reinstall Norton AntiVirus.

5 Click Finish.

6 Click Yes to restart your computer.

7 If you have no other Symantec products on your computer, you should also uninstall LiveUpdate and LiveReg.

To uninstall LiveReg and LiveUpdate

1 Do one of the following:

On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
On the Windows XP taskbar, click Start > Control Panel.

2 In the Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Prog... Read more

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I accidently deleted my recycle bin from my Vista Home Premium Desktop Where can I go to restore it this is so freaking weird I never knew that you can delete your recycle bin please help

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin From Vista

1) Right click the Vista Desktop
2) Click on Personalize
3) Select: 'Change desktop icons'
4) At the Desktop Icon Settings, place a tick next to: 'Recycle Bin'.

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Hi, iv just deleted my recycle bin by accident, before i did it it said something like 'to undo this go to the restorisation in control panel', please can anyone tell me how to get it back?

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin in Vista-Please help?

click here

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Hopefully I just deleted the shortcut?

Any way to get the recycle bin back on the desktop?

Answer:Please help: accidently deleted recycle bin in vista.

This should take care of the problem:

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I can't figure out how to get my recycle bin back to the desk top, and I can't find it else where.

I think I wanted to just EMPTY the bin, but I accidentally deleted it..

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin.. (Vista 32) How to get it back?

Try going to control panel -> personalization -> change desktop icons (top left) and see if that helps.


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Lulz, such a weird problem. Seriously, though. It happened. I can delete stuff, but I can't figure out how to empty the recycle bin. (sigh)


Answer:Vista. I somehow deleted my Recycle Bin. Now I can't get it back. Lol. Help!

Go to Control Panel and type recycle. Click "Show or hide common icons on the desktop." There ya go.

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i am running win vista ultimate my problem is i have a file that vhas been deleted but is still in my recycle-bin can any one have any solutions to this problem so i can get rid of it

Answer:deleted file stuck in recycle-bin in vista

Have you tried deleting it directly from the Windows Explorer/Recycle Bin folder?

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I made sure that the custom size option is selected for the recycle bin. I can delete files, but the recycle bin does not show any of the files that have been deleted. The recycle bin does show the full icon when items are deleted and I can undelete the last file that was deleted by right clicking in the bin window and selecting undo delete. No other previous files deleted show or are able to restore. I just re-installed windows, but I have been getting alot of advertisements in my email from some bogus job search engine. That has to be the only thing it could be that has caused this. Other similar forum entries I have viewed tried alot of things but never solved the problem, also 2 of them state that the problem fixes itself after a couple of days.

Someone plz help!!

Thank You,

Answer:Recycle Bin does not show deleted files Vista

Greetings, nateb4s5...

A few things to try, if you haven't already:

1. Right-click the recycle bin, click Properties, and make sure "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted." is not selected. (illustration below)...

2. Open an elevated Command Prompt window by clicking Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator...type the following command and press ENTER: 'rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin' (sans quotes)...(this clears out the $Recycle.bin folder for the C:\ drive - you may have to do this for each hard disk partition in your system)...type 'exit' (sans quotes) to close the Command Prompt window...reboot your machine, see if there's a change in symptoms...

3. Boot into Safe Mode, delete some files, and see if they are visible within the recycle bin and if you can restore and/or permanently delete them - this could tell us if there is some startup and/or 3rd-party program that is causing the problem...

4. If you don't already have another User on your computer, please create another user account. Delete some files (I would suggest deleting files you do not need, or create some new ones, then delete them). Then see if you can view those deleted files in the recycle bin. If you can, then your profile is probably corrupted in some way...

Try those - keep us posted...


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I've been running Vista Ultimate a year and two months (one of the really early adopters) and have had problems but also seen corrections. For the most part I feel it is fairly stable.

I am having a problem I hope somebody can help me with. My recycle bin doesn't show that it has items to delete. It just shows an empty basket. When I go and check I see things in there so I delete them.

I have deleted the recycle (intentionally) and the went to Personalize on the desktop and chose to set all the defaults. It works for awhile and then it just goes back to showing as though there is nothing in it.

Has anyone else had this problem (I can't be that unique!) and found a way to correct it. Please post and let me know.

Thanks for all your help!

Answer:[SOLVED] Vista Recycle Bin not showing deleted items!

Maybe this will help:

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I can't find my recycle bin which used to be on my desktop before. Where has it disappeared?

Answer:Vista recycle bin icon has disappeared

Right-click a blank area of the desktop, choose 'personalize' & then select 'change desktop icons' - make sure there's a tick next to 'recycle bin'."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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Hi everyone, or should I say anyone...

The story is, my Dad installed some sort of utillities program in XP, it's called "Gizmos", he uninstalled it from "add/remove" and later we removed all that was left from searching for files.... Now 2 of the icons remain on the desktop, can not delete, move, put into a folder.... nothing. They just sit there taking up space. Is there any backdoors we should be looking into... maybe the registry, anyone have any tweaks or tips we could try??

I told him my friends from Techguys would help, so I'm calling out...


Answer:Deleted Program, but desktop Icon won't go away...?

"Can not delete"...

What exactly happens if you try?

Have you tried from safe mode?

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Hey all, have an annoying issue that seems to persist across all versions of 7 and even 8. I have a desktop icon for a program that resides on a network drive. If the drive gets disconnected, the icon gets deleted automatically. Any way to stop the icon from being deleted? Thanks in advance!

Answer:Icon for network program being deleted automatically

Anyone have any ideas?

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I downloaded this program called ExpoThemes, decided to delete it, and have gotten rid of all traces of it from my system. When I enter the letters "ExpoT" into Search Everything, they can't be found. And yet, in the Nottification Area Icons control panel, it's still there. Why is this?

Answer:Why do I still have a notification area icon of a program I've deleted?

Jesse Newell said:

I downloaded this program called ExpoThemes, decided to delete it, and have gotten rid of all traces of it from my system. When I enter the letters "ExpoT" into Search Everything, they can't be found. And yet, in the Nottification Area Icons control panel, it's still there. Why is this?Click to expand...

Now this is where CCleaner comes in. Open CCleaner and scroll down to Advanced and check Tray Notifications Cache. Run CCleaner. Then, open Task Manager > Processes. Click explorer.exe and then End Process (bottom right). Don't be alarmed at what happens. In Task Manager, click File > New Task (Run...) and type explorer. Click OK.

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my PC freezes up when I mouse over my recycle bin on my desk top. I have my recycle bin on the upper right side, and I have my task bar on the right. This started happening last night after I did a factory recovery(not a system restore). I have to restart it when that happens. I have tried to open my browser from the start menu, but I can't use it-it's stuck. What can I do?

Answer:Hover mouse over recycle bin icon hangs Vista

start by scanning your PC for malware using various programsSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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I am trying to uninstall PCStitch 9 Pro from my computer and I keep getting this: Installscript Launcher has stopped working- I cannot uninstall this program. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. What can I do? Please help. I am not very computer literate. Thank you!!

Answer:Uninstalling a Program in Vista

Since you are not presenting a useful tip on how to use a computer, I've moved your thread from the "Tips and Tricks" forum to the "Vista" forum where you will be more likely to get a question answered.

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I have tried in vain to uninstall a trial version of a program and it has caused such a mess on my computer. First when I tried to uninstall it using the program's uninstaller I got the following error message:

"File C:\Program Files\DVD Cloner\unins000.dat does not exist. Cannot uninstall"

I went into the Control Panel's Programs and tried to uninstall it there and I got the same result. So I figured maybe if I download the latest version of the software it will fill in this missing file and then I would be able to uninstall it. Not such a good idea because now I have TWO versions on this BLEEPIN' program and BOTH throw the same error message when trying to uninstall. Now I have found an article that teaches how to manually uninstall it by deleting everything from the registry but the one I found is for XP. Does anybody know of one specifically for Vista or whether or not it even matters?

All help is greatly appreciated.



Answer:Manually Uninstalling a Program in Vista

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When I run appwiz.cpl and uninstall this one program called Logger Pro 3.6.1(it does what it's name suggests, make graphs and tables and such) it tries to install instead. Since I don't need the program anymore I find it irritating to have that thing just sit there. I followed this tutorial on how to manually uninstall programs ( Things were going great, except the program is still listed on appwiz.cpl. I can't find anyway to remove it from the list, and when I try clicking on it, it tries to install itself again. Is there anyway to completely remove this thing from my computer?

Answer:Solved: Need help uninstalling a program(Vista)

Try uninstalling the program with Revo Uninstaller.

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Good afternoon,
Hopefully someone has experienced this and can offer advice.

A user is deleting files, but they are not appearing in the recycle bin

- user is deleting from her computer, and not a network location, or flash drive
- computer is not partitioned - only has a "C" drive
- computer is W7 32-bit
- user is not a local admin
- Use has 6 different recycle bins (right-click on RB desktop icon > properties > recycle bin location); some of the locations are "My Pictures", "My Videos" etc.... We are not able to manage the size of
these locations.
- all of the RB locations are set to "Custom Size"
- have tried:
a. deleting everything out of the RB
b. (running as admin) RD /S /Q C:\$Recycle.bin
c. set to view hidden & system files/folders, gone to "C" and deleted the $RECYCLE.BIN folder. clicked yest at all the prompts, including: Do this for all current items

** after both b & c, rebooted the computer

So far, nothing has worked. Might anyone have any other suggestions?


Answer:Recycle Bin: deleted items not appearing in recycle bin

Hi jkotsonas, welcome to seven forums.

Not sure if this is your issue, but with different users, each will have his/her own recycle bin and as such, items from one user won't show in another user's bin.

Is this the issue?

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I deleted all my music acidently is there any way to recover it.      Dum  i know.

Answer:wIndows 10 i deleted all my music in the recycle bin.

If you only deleted them and emptied the Recycle Bin, you can recover them with a data recovery software like Recuva. You see, Windows doesn't actually delete files when you empty the Recycle Bin, they just "disappear" from the computer but are still recoverable by third party software. After a very long time though, those deleted files get overwritten by new files when the hard drive gets filled up and are never seen again. 

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Trying for two days to uninstall Adobe Flash so I can reinstall it, When I click to uninstall the program in Control Panal's Program Management, at first it acts normal, with the exception that no progress bar comes up and the next program I try to uninstall gives me a message saying "please wait while another program is uninstalled".This began two days ago and I have rebooted my sytem, used system restore, done all I know to do but that program uninstall has been in progress for two days straight now! HELP Please.

I even downloaded Adobe's uninstaller and it uninstalls Flash player but not the other Adobe components. So I am assuming this is one of the other components that refuses to get the hay out of my PC and has hijacked my Control Panal's remove repair programs feature.

Also...let me just say. VISTA BITES. I have 128 "problems" on my gateway that Vista's problem reporting and solution "Has found no solution to". I have multiple multiple freezes in programs and Internet Explorer.

Now...seems to me the FAIR thing for Bill Gates and Microsoft to do is offer EVERYONE with a LEGAL registered copy of VISTA to get a FREE upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out since it's fairly unanimous that Vista is even worse than ME was and you can't buy a new machine with operating system loaded that is not Vista. Instead, their repsonse is to contact the various program's support and have them provide a solution to... Read more

Answer:Vista Control panal hung up on uninstalling a program.

Try removing Adobe flash by restarting into safe mode then use add or remove programs to remove Adobe Flash player

Reboot into SAFE MODE
1/Click Start and then click Turn Off Computer.
2/In the Turn Off Windows dialog box, click Restart, and then click OK.
3/As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8 repeatedly.
4/Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.
5/If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, choose the installation that you need to access using the arrow keys, and then press ENTER.
Note: If Windows launches before you can choose a safe mode, restart your computer and try again
PS/ Sometimes it maybe the F5 key

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I just realized that I may have made a big mistake.  Some time ago, I typed all of my passwords onto a thumb drive using Microsoft Word.  I then deleted them all and deleted them again from the recycle bin.  Are those deleted passwords now accessible to hackers or malware?
Thank you,

Answer:Are files deleted from recycle bin secure in Windows 7?

As you are no doubt aware nothing is deleted from Windows until you empty the recycle bin but deleting a file does not actually wipe the data on the hard drive, it merely removes the file's address from the file allocation table leaving the space free for future use. If this space is not used by a later file, the data is still there. This is how recovery software  like Recuva is able to work.
So yes, it is possible for someone to access your hard drive and recover deleted data from it. But, since they would have to run some sort of recovery software the possibility is very slight. I can think of two ways to eliminate the risk. One would be to do a defrag since the moving of files would almost certainly overwrite the sectors used. The other is to use a wiping software to overwrite unused sectors, but carefully !  One example would be Ccleaner by Revo which includes an option to wipe unused sectors.
Personally I would think hard before using this sort of tool and definitely make sure that all my data on the drive was backed up first.
Chris Cosgrove

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My phone was set up for Google Drive for 30 days. It apparently sent to my recycle bin on laptop after the 30 days. I didn't recognize what was in the recycle bin and hit empty. I now know they were all the pictures from my phone. Can someone help me retrieve them? Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to I restore deleted items in recycle bin windows 10?

If they were in the Recycle bin and you emptied it, then I would say that you can Kiss them Good by.

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how do i restore deleted recycle bin files, lost file drives to help my computer performance

Answer:Need to Restore files deleted from Windows XP recycle bin

Use recovery software like one of these free ones: recovery is more likely if the drive hasn't been defragmented or otherwise written to since the files were fully deleted.

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Windows 8.1 in right click does not have a properties option, so no restore option, either. Anyone have a solution to restore the Recycle Bin, other than a complete Restore or Refresh?

Answer:Solved: Accidently deleted Recycle Bin in Windows 8.1

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hello friends, can you please help us in giving us the ico files for the exact windows 8.1 recycle bin of empty and full?
also can you please give us the This Pc windows 8.1 ico icon too? have uploaded the photo of the recycle bin.

if possible could someone upload the original dll of the files in which they are? because do not want pixelated versions and
would like the original straight from windows 8.1

really do not like the windows 10 recycle bin and this pc. looks old !

Thx !

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I had a problem deleting an older version of Firefox. The Firefox Setup .exe file was stuck in the Recycle Bin, it wouldn't delete and it wouldn't restore. Believing that the Recycle Bin was corrupt, I used this method from the DOS prompt:

rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin

I refreshed my Desktop and when I clicked on the Recycle Bin. While the file appeared to be missing, the Recycle Bin would not load properly so I restarted my computer.

Now when I click on the Recycle Bin icon, it points to my entire computer (exactly the same as clicking on "Computer" off the Start Menu) instead of the Recycle Bin folder.

How can I restore the Recycle Bin icon so that it shows only the contents of the Recycle Bin?

My gratitude to any and all who can help me.

Answer:Recycle Bin Icon Does Not Point To Recycle Bin Folder

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I just bought my 'puter a few days ago and it had this problem.
If anyone is still having this same problem, here's how I fixed mine...
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
Then just check Recycle Bin and run the program.

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After I delete files from my Windows 10 PC, the get deleted and go to Recycle Bin. I empty the Recycle Bin and the files get deleted there too and the Recycle Bin is empty.
Now after I restart my computer, the deleted files reappear in Recycle Bin,

Answer:Deleted files keep coming back or reappearing in Windows Recycle Bin

Maybe your Recycle Bin is corrupted. Reset your Recycle Bin and see if that helps.

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Hey, both me and my husband have just run windows update, and all of a sudden, on both our machines, the recycle bin icon has disappeared. Coincidence? Probably not.

Anyways, does anyone know of a quick way to restore the icon? The text is still there, and I can still place things in there, but there's simply no icon at all, neither empty nor full.....

Answer:recycle bin icon disappeared after windows update just now

Hi Day24,

Have a look at this Tutorial (and its related links): Recycle Bin - Restore

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This is probably a simple question but does anyone know how to restore the recycle bin icon on the desktop in Windows 98 SE. Someone (although nobody in this house knows anything !)has removed the recycle bin icon from my desktop and I deleted a file then realised I needed it but cannot find the recycle bin.

Answer:Windows 98SE lost recycle bin icon

I'm on XP, but I assume it's the smae in Win 98. Open Winows Explorer scroll down to bottom left, you will see Recycle Bin. Drag the icon onto the desktop.

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Who Wants a Fully Working Recycle Bin Icon in the Windows 10 Taskbar?

I read garbage like this and wonder "How much do people really know how to use Windows?"

I have been placing my Recycle Bin on my taskbar since Windows 7.

All you have to do is, right click the taskbar and turn the Desktop toolbar on, slide the recycle bin to the top, unlock the taskbar and right click near it, then turn off Show Text & Show Title, change view to large icons, shrink till only the Recycle Bin shows, and finally lock the taskbar. The first time doing this, it can happen that after a reboot or explore restart that the default icon(personal folder I believe will slip into it's original position, hiding the Recycle Bin, but after a few time adjusting, it will finally stick. I then hide the desktop icons(they are now in the toolbar) Done!!!

Answer:Who Wants a Fully Working Recycle Bin Icon in the Windows 10 Taskbar?

I use the 'Quick Launch' tool bar in Windows 8, but never thought about putting the recycle bin in there.

That's actually a pretty good idea, although I've had two icons on my desktop (My Computer and Recycle Bin) for so long now, it would feel strange if I moved them.

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Hello forum members,

I have not had a problem for a while regarding my desktop icons not refreshing,but have recently had my recycle bin display as the full icon when it has nothing in it!?!
When I click refresh in the recycle bin menu,it remains "full"(I have even checked to see if its full by opening the "bin,but nothing shows up aftyer opening it!!),and I was wondering if anyone familiar with this particular problem might have an easy solution??

Answer:full recycle bin icon refresh problem in windows xp

robo5050, Make up a simple small text file in Notepad and save it to your desktop than right click it and delete it. Now right click your Recycle bin and choose Empty Recycle Bin.


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I've got a small, but pretty annoying issue.A few days ago, my recycle bin was sitting on the right side of the second grid row to the bottom of the desktop. Every time I try to move it anywhere onto the bottom row, it snaps back up. Yet other icons seem to move onto that row perfectly fine.I know it's a trivial issue, but it is rather annoying.Any ideas?MSI B75MA-P45 MotherboardIntel Core i3-2100 3.10GHz8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAMSAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-XSamsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD (Windows 7 Ultimate)Toshiba 2TB HDD

Answer:Windows 10 recycle bin desktop icon won't move to bottom row

Sounds like another Win 10 bug to me - maybe some future update will correct it.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Is it possible to recover/restore files deleted from the recycle bin?Any help is appreciated....

Answer:Recover deleted files deleted from Recycle bin

Doubtful, but try here:

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I accidentally uninstalled my Windows Fax program using Control Panel>Programs & Features (uninstall). Is there a way to get that program back? I do not have Vista Program CDs. Thanks,

Answer:Reinstall deleted program in Vista

You might be able to do a restore to a time before you used the delete... Good Luck..

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Hi... I have a Dell Laptop which is running Windows 7. Whenever i try to delete something, the dialogue box asks "would you like to permanently delete this file?" and seems to totally bypass the recycle bin.

I tried right clicking the recycle bin icon to change properties. The options for "Custom size" and "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" are UNCHECKED but are also both greyed out and cannot be changed!
"Display delete confirmation dialog" is not grayed out, and is checked.

I tried to fix the Recycle bin settings from command prompt by running : rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin. It didnt help
I am deleting files from the local drive.
I have tried creating a
new user account but the issue was not fixed. The laptop is in a domain. The above issue doesn't occur in safe mode. I tried to find out if a service or startup item is causing this but was not able to locate any. I have ran SFC scannow
and checkdisk, it didn't help.

There is no group policy which is affecting this.
Is there any fix for this issue??

Answer:My recycle bin isn't working, files are "permanently deleted" bypassing recycle bin

Check for a key called "NoRecycleFiles" in


If present, try setting the value to 0. Alternatively, delete it.

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Hi... I have a Dell Laptop which is running Windows 7. Whenever i try to delete something, the dialogue box asks "would you like to permanently delete this file?" and seems to totally bypass the recycle bin.

I tried right clicking the recycle bin icon to change properties. The options for "Custom size" and "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" are UNCHECKED but are also both greyed out and cannot be changed! "Display delete confirmation dialog" is not grayed out, and is checked.

Also my C: drive doesn't have the Recycle.bin folder. I tried to fix the Recycle bin settings from command prompt by running : rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin. But still after restarting the computer the recycle.bin folder was not there.

Is there any fix for this?

Answer:My recycle bin isn't working, files are "permanently deleted" bypassing recycle bin,

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Hi, I have a question for anyone who can offer some help.
I had Outlook express and then installed Incredimail. I am just after uninstalling Incredimail to go back to use Outlook express and when I opened Outlook all my e-mail from Incredimail where gone?? Can anyone help me to recover these or revert back to the way it was...please. I have not touched the computer since I uninstalled the program. Any help please. Thanks in advance. Kiki

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Having issues with uninstalling Avast program from my laptop which is currently running Windows 10. Not sure what else I can do to remove the program. Used conventional methods such as 'Uninstall Program' from Control Panel as well as using 3rd party software to completely remove the program however it seems to still be there and available to run however it is corrupted at the moment. Attempted to delete files using the registry but the program (AVAST) could not be found. Could not delete manually via %program files% either as it says I do not have permission although I am administrator. Also attempted using CCleaner to remove residue files but the files are still there in my program folders.

Looking for any advice on how to successfully remove this program so i can install a new version.

Please help!!

Many thanks in Advance

Answer:Problems with Uninstalling program windows 10

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This is a typical Win7 laptop w/ Ultimate installed. Used Revo uninstaller to remove HP Essentials on the pc. It had been giving me fits and kept wanting to install from a CD whenever I started the computer. Did export copy of the registry before this, just in case. Restarted to finish the uninstall and then OS wouldn't reload. I get a screen that goes from black to blue and then black again. I can get to advance boot options but then

Getting this:

System had to terminate in an unusal way. Runtime error

Read that this was a Nvidia driver issue. Tried to run my Window7 install CD to repair this apparent driver issue. Picked 'repair my computer' . Everything seems ok up to this point. Then I select 'load drivers' and the pc starts with the screen flashing and going from black to blue and black again. Of course, it won't load the drivers.
Have read that deleting the driver would help enough to reload the OS and restore the registry or fix the driver issue.


Answer:Windows 7 won't load after uninstalling a program

Why would you be backing up the registry when uninstalling? The registry files should never be messed with.

Use your Windows 7 Disk once again but this time choose System Recovery and set Windows to an older date.

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Hello. I have a problem, one day ago i was surfing the net, when suddenly, a setup window appeared, and my mouse cursor was stuck in a place, appearently, on the "Next" button of the setup. It started clicking and clicking. After a few seconds, the window dissapeared and i saw a new shortcut on the desktop called "RegClean Pro". At first, i was wondering what is it, and i thought that it is a virus. I tried to uninstall it using it's own uninstaller, but it did nothing. Then, i deleted its files from the folders and killed its process. Before restarting my laptop, everything was fine... After the restart, the system started running very slow, so slow that it took 2 minutes for google chrome to open. Now i don't know what else to do. I scanned my computer three times and nothing. I'm pretty sure that my laptop is good enough to run faster that this... I can run games like CODMW3 and GTA 4 so i think it is good enough

My computer specifications:
-Laptop Model: Acer Aspire V3-531G
-OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
-Processor: Intel Pentium B960 2.20 GHZ Dual-Core
-Video Card: NVIDIA GeForece GT 630M (1GB of VRAM)

If anyone can help me, i'd appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows 7 Running Very Slow After Uninstalling A Program

Vlad64 welcome to SevenForums

Can you uninstall RegCleanPro from the Control Panel Uninstall section ( Programs and Features ) ?

Also go ahead and run this tool

Click here Adwcleaner

Click on Download Now button

Save to the Desktop

Right-click on AdwCleaner.exe and choose Run as administrator

Click the Search button

Upload the AdwCleaner[Sn].txt in your reply.

The log file is at C:\AdwCleaner[Sn].txt

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I'm a little frustrated with the Windows "Add/Remove Programs", as all it does in most cases is run the uninstaller that comes with a program; but often the program uninstaller will still leave behind configuration files, registry entries, etc, and I find this really frustrating when I'm trying to wipe a program cleanly off my computer.

What I want is simply a complete uninstaller that removes all files, registry entries, and any other traces of the program so my HDD so that everything that the program did to change my system is perfectly undone.

I know of programs like Revo Uninstaller and Zsoft Uninstaller that can work pretty well in most cases, but what I really would like is a uninstaller program that I run while I install some program, and the uninstaller program will watch exactly what changes are taking place, record them, and then undo them when I decide to remove the installed program in question. I think programs like InstallSpy do this, but they are commercial.

So, does anyone know of a free program that can do this? Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:A Free Windows Program for Completely Uninstalling Programs?

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So the other day my gf was trying to save some school work and accidentally deleted the desktop icon in that window instead of saving a file. How do I get that back? It is also gone from windows explorer.

Answer:GF deleted desktop icon in windows explorer...

Wait, what desktop icon? Can you elaborate more? I'm not too sure what you're talking about, honestly.

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I have Vista on a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. I am the administrator. I wanted a shortcut desktop icon for Microsoft Word 2007, so I opened up Start, and then the program list and dragged Word onto the desktop. Now, when any other user opens up his or her desktop, Word is not even on the program list. (I assume that each user has to set up his or her own shortcut icons.)

Word also disappeared from the program list while I'm logged on as the administrator.

Where did it go and how do I get it back? Never had this problem before with the previous version of Windows. You made your shortcut icons, but the program name stayed on the program list. Thank you.

Answer:Word disappeared from program list in Vista after I made a shortcut icon

you usually create a shortcut and drag that to the desktop

assuming the vista settings are the same as XP

documents and settings/all users/start menu

you need to put word shortcut back into that area under the correct group ie Microsoft Office xxxx folder

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On Windows 7 i created several different shortcuts for putty that opened different sessions.
When i clicked on one of these icons to open a session it would show that shortcut icon on the taskbar.
On windows 10 it is now showing the generic icon for putty and grouping these different sessions together.
Is there a way to tell windows 10 to use the shortcut icon like windows 7 did?

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Hi guys.
One day on my laptop i accidentally deleted my recycle bin.
I was shocked and didn't know what to do but i found out i had a shortcut and put it on the desktop and it works fine but it does not show when it is empty or full (eg. if it is empty it will still have the rubbish coming out of the top of the bin) is there a way i can restore the original bin to the desktop?
Answers would be appreciated

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin

Is this the method you used to restore your icon?

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Hi this is as ridiculous as it sounds but yesterday by accident I deleted the recycle bin and now I have no idea how to get it back I'm using vista if thats any help. Thanks Alan

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin

click here

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i have somehow lost the recycle bin on my vista home premium laptop!! i need to get it back, i was only trying to empty it!any advice please?thanks

Answer:recycle bin deleted

How to find your recycle binclick here

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Can some one please advise I clicked on my recyle bin to empty it but deleted the bin in error. How do I get it back on my desktop or is it gone for good?

Answer:I have deleted my Recycle Bin

Thanks a million for your advice bin back in place

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This is sooo embarrassing. I periodically accidentally delete and replace my recycle bin, so it's normally not too big a deal. But the other day I cleverly logged on as the System Administrator and found a way to keep all accounts from making changes to display settings, thinking that would keep me from deleting the bin. It didn't. Display SettingsYour system administrator has disabled launching of the Display Settings Control Panel.But now I forget how the Sys Admin (said Dialer, pretending she's not also the Sys Admin) changed the permission so I can reenable it.Can anyone help me, please?

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin

Hi can be a bit dangerous around your PC......LOL. But seriously go to run>cmd and type gpedit.msc then go down to user config admin templates and you should find what you are looking for.

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To have full permission on the computer I let myself as local disk C owner , (was previously the Trusted Installer). Now when I delete something it does not go to the recycle bin, it is deleted permanently. Is there any way to make him go the recycle bin without changing the owner? ANSWER URGENT !!!

Answer:Everything deleted is not going to the recycle bin.

VictorPLopes said:

To have full permission on the computer I let myself as local disk C owner , (was previously the Trusted Installer). Now when I delete something it does not go to the recycle bin, it is deleted permanently. Is there any way to make him go the recycle bin without changing the owner? ANSWER URGENT !!!

Hi VictorPLopes , welcome to!

Navigate to Recycle Bin Folder, right click an empty space in the folder, choose 'Properties' and check that the option, as in the screenshot, is not enabled.

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heys.i accientally deleted my recycle bin.and now i cant find it.
what shud i do guys?

Answer:deleted recycle bin

Method #1:

1. Right-click an empty area of your desktop
2. Select Properties
3. Click the Desktop tab
4. Click the Customize button
5. Click Restore Default
6. Exit all windows and restart your computer
Method #2:

Note: Be sure to make a backup copy of your registry prior to making any changes.

Go to Start>> Run. Type in: regedit [Enter]

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace

Hold the mouse on NameSpace and right-click once. From the resulting menu, select Edit>> New>> Key

Copy and Paste the following Key code (including the brackets):


Press Enter on your keyboard, exit the registry editor and restart your system.

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Hello there.Can you help a new person to this computer stuff I have deleted my recycle bin from my computer and cannot seem to find it anywhere can someone help!!!!  Oh i am using vistaPezman

Answer:Deleted Recycle bin

How did you delete it? (What did you do?)

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I accidently deleted Recycle bin.  How can I get it back?
I was working a little too fast and mistakenly deleted it, instead of opening and choosing files to delete from it.  Now Recycle bin is gone.  What can I do?  How?
Windows Vista Home Premium fully updated, toshiba laptop P305.

Answer:deleted Recycle Bin -- Help, help, help.

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Click Appearance and Personalization, click Personalization, and then click Change desktop icons.
Click to select the Recycle Bin check box, and then click OK.
May work.

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I have just deleted the recycle bin by mistake and I cannot get it back what do I do.

Answer:Help I have deleted Recycle Bin

Control panel/personalisation/change desktop icons,if its Vista

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i have win98se and i accidentaly deleted the recycle bin from the registry, how can i retreive it back, thanks

Answer:deleted recycle bin

click here should help...G

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I need to reset my Recycle Bin. I deleted it once and when I put it back when I deleted things it did not fill up? My computer is getting full due to this? I deleted it again thinking I was only deleting the short cut, but alas, I deleted the whole thing. How do I reset the Recycle Bin and get my deleted items go there?

Answer:Recycle Bin Deleted

To get it back:
right click on the desktop -> peronalize -> change dektop icons (left taskbar) tick the box that says Recycle Bin
To disable the option to delete the Recycle Bin: 10 Tips To Enhance Windows Usability | I'm Just Being Manan (number 5)

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i did a really dumb thing can anyone help please?

Answer:deleted my recycle bin

i deleted my recycle bin icon from desktop!? where has it gone?

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I accidentally deleted my Recycle bin. How can I restore back my Recyle bin pls. Thanks.

Answer:Recycle bin deleted-help

Read and follow this tutorial Desktop Icons - Add or Remove
You can easily go to the number 11
11. To Add the "Recycle Bin" Desktop Icon for All Users
Download the registry file on your desktop,click on the file,yes,ok.
Thats it now you have back your recycle bin.

Finish with this step and post back with results\news.

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Hi all,Please help!!!!!!!!!!I have accidentally deleted my Recycle Bin.Can anyone please help me??Best regards,Garden nome

Answer:Recycle bin has been deleted

Which version of Windows?

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I ran through the steps of going to Personalize-->Change Desktop-->Check box [x] Recycle BinThe only problem is Recycle Bin is greyed out on the check box part. How can I fix this?I've added a picture to help explain further.

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin

I'd suggest first backing up your registry. Read the directions for this free tool in order to do that:, copy the stuff inside the code window below:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Recycle Bin"Create a new text document and paste the above copy into it. Save it with a .reg extension (ie Recycle.reg) - then double click on it and let it merge into your registry. This should restore the Recycle Bin entry in your registry.I got the basics for this tip from here:

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Can anyone help me please? I have stupidly deleted the recycle bin off my desktop. If I delete something it says it's sending it to the recycle bin but where is it? Is there a way to put it back onto the desktop?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:deleted recycle bin. D'oh! Hope this helps!

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So one of my kids deleted my recycle bin from my desktop and now I can't seem to "Empty Recycle Bin" What do I do?EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin

Is this XP or Vista?Vista Method #1: 1. Right-click an empty area of your desktop 2. Select Properties 3. Click the Desktop tab 4. Click the Customize button 5. Click Restore Default 6. Exit all windows and restart your computerMethod #2:Note: Be sure to make a backup copy of your registry prior to making any changes.Go to Start>> Run. Type in: regedit [Enter]Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpaceHold the mouse on NameSpace and right-click once. From the resulting menu, select Edit>> New>> KeyCopy and Paste the following Key code (including the brackets):{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}Press Enter on your keyboard, exit the registry editor and restart your system.To back-up the registryTo backup the registry proceed as follows:1/ Click Start2/ From the menu click Run3/ In the Run dialog box type: regedit4/ The Windows registry Editor will now open5/ Click the File option on the main toolbar and, from the drop down menu, select Export6/ In the Export Registry File dialog box select All7/ Now name the file8/ Finally click the Save button9/ To return the registry back to its original state should something go wrong simply click on the File option on the main registry editor toolbar and then select Import

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I have no icons on my desktop; I like it that way. I moved all important ones down to the taskbar. I just accidentally deleted by recycle bin icon. How do I get it back?

Answer:I deleted my Recycle bin!

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I accidentally deleted the Recycle Bin on the Desktop. How do I get it back?

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin

From what I know, it's not possible to delete the Recycling Bin. Are you sure it wasn't a shortcut?Try this.

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When I delete an item, it does not say (do you want to put it in the recycle bin) it says ( are you sure you want to delete this item. ) and if I change my mind and want it back it is not in the recycle bin. nothing goes in there. where does it go?.. I never have to empty it. I don't like that. can some one help me fix the problem. I am not sure even when it started doing that.

Answer:Deleted items not going in recycle bin

Right click the 'Recycle Bin' on your Desktop. Click Properties. Is 'Do not move files to the recycle bin', checked? Is 'Display delete confirmation dialog', unchecked?

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I know that if you delete something in your Floppy Disk or Flash Drive, the files that you deleted are not in the Recycle Bin. This is because Recycle Bin is only for the hard drives. Floppies are not covered neither are flash drives.Now question is where are my deleted files go?

Answer:Deleted files not in Recycle Bin

Simply speaking, they are still there.When you delete a file, it still stays where it was before. You are deleting only its directory entry (the complete path and filename of the file). When the above operation is completed, your Operating System (Windows) sees that space as an empty space, which allows to overwrite that space with a new data (file/files).That's why, after deleting a file, and before writing anything else into its space, old file is fully recoverable.Same goes for Recycle Bin operation.When you delete a file, file doesn't move to Recycle Bin. Only file's its directory entry goes there. That's why you can easily move a file back, and forth from Recycle Bin.

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I am currently running on Vista Home Premium OS and in error deleted my Recycle Bin. Whoops........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....I know pretty stupid. I have tried to do a System Restore twice and am being told the System Restore did not work. I'm in a panic here. Can someone please HELP me to restore the Recycle bin back to my desktop.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Deleted Recycle Bin by Accident

Try this:

Right-Click desktop
Select Personalize
Select Change Desktop icon on the left hand side
Check Recycle Bin and hit apply

Does that work?

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yes...i know...stupid and how??

i right clicked to empty it but selected delete by accident ... stupid autopilot

so its gone from the desktop, and no recycle means no open recyle bin and just click restore

ive never done it before therefore im not sure how to fix it my question is how do i get it back??

thanks in advance


Answer:Accidently deleted recycle bin

There is a setting somewhere.. I forgot where it was.. Look it up

You didn't delete it, just the shortcut (but I didn't even know you could delete that :P)

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I just accidently deleted some excel documents, and I went to get them out of the Recycle bin and they arn't there  Where can I get them from??

Answer:My deleted items arn't in my recycle bin !!

Did you double click the recycle bin folder?  That should open to show contents.Also - did you delete 'normally' or use shift+ delete - which scraps stuff fully.  Chances are the files are there somewhere and you may have to find an undelete prog somewhere and do a search - there are many progs out there.

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I recently installed vista 32 bit in my PC, I just noticed that the deleted files just don't go to recycle bin..even though I did not
put check mark on "do not move files to recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted." under recycle bin property.

Please help..thanks in advance!

Answer:Deleted files don't go to recycle bin


Try this:

Recycle Bin Corrupted - Cannot Delete File or Folder

Method Two.

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Windows:vista home premium 32(Japanese), Email: windows email.

I have noticed recently my deleted emails are not going in to Deleted Folder.
I have also confirmed by Right clicking on Recycle Bin that
"Do not move files to the Recycle Bin.
Remove files immediately when deleted" is not chosen.

Any help will be appreciated.

I have read answers in the forum but did not find suitable one.

Thank you

Answer:Deleted email not going to Recycle bin

If you go to delted items (Tree showing various folders) and right click and go to proeprties, do you see Deleted Items with an icon of the recycle bin?

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help on my problem.For some unknown reason 2 days ago all the files in my recycle bin disappeared. Now when I go to empty the bin it asks me if I want to delete all the files, so they are still there but not showing. Any new files I delete also do not show up but are in the bin itself, I have checked for a virus and nothing showing. I run spybot, ad-aware and microsoft antispyware and nothing untoward appears to have happened.I wish to restore a file I deleted so I do not really want to empty the recycle bin yet. If I have to it won't be the end of the world.I run Xp SP2 all updates are current, bullguard is my virus and firewall protector, This machine is also on a network which is shared but I no longer wish to share the pc with my other one so that won't be a problem either if that means deleting the network.Many thanks for all help recived

Answer:Deleted files in Recycle Bin

click here Scroll down to the Blue Download Registry Fix. Warning I have never used this fix, but if all else fails?Also Download and run Restoration it is an excellent program to recver deleted files which have been deleted and are on the HDclick here

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The things we delete are not going into the the recycle bin anymore.
I used to be able to delete, it would go to recycle bin, and I could retrieve it. Now it is deleted immediately.
I looked up information to fix it ==I went to the recycle bin, right click, & Properties. THE BOX IS NOT CHECKED to delete immediately.
The space amount is OK. What is wrong???

Answer:Deleted things not going into recycle bin

Take a look in Windows explorer,and see if there`s more than one instance of the recycle bin.The files may have gone into the other one.You might have to uncheck the "Hide system files" box in Tools/Folder options/View menu to see it.

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How Can I Replace My Recycle Bin. Like A Nut I Deleted It Instead Of Emptying It.

Answer:Solved: Deleted My Recycle Bin

Right click on desktop choose "personalize" then click "desktop icons" on the left side of window, then tick recycle bin and hit OK.

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I deleted the recycle bin from the windows vista desk top. How do I get it back?

Answer:[SOLVED] Deleted the recycle bin.

Hello, welcome to TSF

To get you bin back, right click on your desktop, click Personalisation, Change desktop icons, then re-check Recycle Bin.

Should do the trick.

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How can I get it back please.

Running Firefox

Answer:Solved: deleted recycle bin......doh!!!

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How can I recover files deleted from recycle bin??? Or are they permanent gone?

Answer:Deleted files from recycle bin

Normally they're permanently gone but you can try a recovery program like Recuva to see if it's able to recover the files.

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Hello,My Nephew has accidently either dragged the bin off the screen on the desktop or deleted it. Does anyone know how I can get it back? Thanks

Answer:Deleted recycle bin, how do i get it back?

Insert the Win XP cd then try start>>run then type sfc /scannow (Note the space between the "C and /")

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When I delete files from Media Centre they do not go to the recycle bin. I seem to remember in the initial set-up the question was asked and I said no (I may be wrong here). Now I would like this to happen but cannot find a setting to change. Does anyone know what to do?

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I am running xp pro. I have a workgroup set up at home and on one of my desktop computers is a shared folder called POSTOFFICE. In this folder I have 5 gigs of school stuff saved. I did a clean install of xp pro on my laptop and I wanted to copy all my files over from POSTOFFICE to my laptop. So I created a shortcut of the shared folder POSTOFFICE on my laptop desktop and then copied the folder out of POSTOFFICE to my laptop's desktop as well. The files I copied was named backup. So on my laptop's desktop I have a shared folder now named POSTOFFICE and another folder named "backup" I didn't want the folder that I just copied over from POSTOFFICE to my laptop in the POSTOFFICE anymore since it would be taking up the 5 gigs on the computer sharing the POSTOFFICE folder. So I went into POSTOFFICE and right-click deleted the folder named backup. But the problem is the folder named "backup" that I had copied from POSTOFFICE to my laptop's desktop dissapeared as well. I looked in the recycle bin on both computers, my laptop and the one sharing the POSTOFFICE folder and nothing was there to restore. I also searched for the "backup" file on both with no resualts. Does anyone know what happend. If so I would so very greatly appreciated your help. I NEED these files back. Thanks to any and all.

Answer:deleted but cant find in recycle bin.

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My recycle bin looks empty,but when i "Empty the Recycle Bin" window says
"Are you sure you want to delete these 3 items?" ( I Dont Have Anything In It?)
And when i click "Yes"
"Cannot delete Dc21 : Access is denied." comes up

Please help me if you understand whats wrong im scared its a virus or something

n ive tried "Shown Hidden Files" I still cant see anything or delete it

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I've deleted a document, it move to the recycle bin, I emptied the recycle bin.  Is the document still retrievable someone in memory on my laptop

Answer:Recovery of doc deleted from recycle bin

Firstly, no the memory on you're laptop loses all information once it is switched off, but the data will still be on your Hard Drive (that is where the data is stored, not memory). Of course, you can 'Shred' files, this will remove them permanetly and they will be totally unrecoverable.

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I recently had my computer upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. Ever since it has been upgraded, all deleted files are not going to the recycle bin. The recycle bin is empty after I delete files. I tried going to properties>global to see whether "do not move files to the recycle bin" is unchecked. It is unchecked, so I'm not sure what else to do.

Is there anything I can do to restore the function of my recycle bin?

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I deleted something from the recycle bin in Windows XP and now I want to get it back. How can I do this, is their any hope or is it just gone forever?

Answer:Deleted Files and the Recycle bin

There are a number of applications that can help recover 'deleted' files:

<A HREF="">Drive Rescue</A>

<A HREF="">Recover4all </A>

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