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deleted Recovery D Drive. Vista Home Ed.

Question: deleted Recovery D Drive. Vista Home Ed.

I deleated Recovery D Drive, on Dell 530. I did a Manual restore. Dell says I won't be able to recover same. I have rebooted my C Drive.Can anyone help me restore computer to factory settings Vista Home Ed.

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Preferred Solution: deleted Recovery D Drive. Vista Home Ed.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: deleted Recovery D Drive. Vista Home Ed.

You will need to call Dell back and order a Recovery CD...

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Dear All,

My colleague mistakenly deleted all the file from the Windows 7 recovery drive, drive is still there and nothing have been copied in that drive after deleting the recovery files. Machine is HP Probook 4530s. Is there any way to restore the windows 7 recovery reset the system to its factory settings?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Recover Deleted Windows 7 Recovery Files from Recovery Drive

You might be able to use a free recovery tool like Recuva or MiniTool Partition Wizard. But there are no guarantees that all deleted files will be recovered or that they will be in a usable condition.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

MiniTool Partition Recovery

It may be safer to contact HP support and buy a set of recovery disks for your particular machine. I'm taking a guess that you are in India?

Contact HP - Office locations | HP? India

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I have recently tried to recover several e-mails that i mistakenly deleted. I have looked under the folder option, but there is no " Recover Mail " option as some sites suggest. Also there is no Deleted option under the different folders, only the Trash option. Again, it was suggested to me to right click on the Deleted folder option and a recovery option would be available, but this appears to be not so. Does this mean i have no means of recovering some of my deleted e-mails?



Answer:Recovery of deleted e-mail from Outlook from Office 365 Home.

Have you checked with your ISP about whether the messages may still exist on their E-Mail Server?

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We recently had trouble with our laptop and decided to restore it back to manufacturer settings with the recovery Media CD. My son decided to do it and when he booted up the program he chose the Delete partitions option instead of overwrite.

Now it has completely formatted the HD removing the OS (Windows XP Pro).
When I bought the laptop it came with WXP Pro already installed and just has the Certification Sticker on the bottom of the laptop.
Is there anyway that I can receive a Windows XP Pro installation CD?

Answer:Recovery on a Satellite A100 (PSAA9) - Deleted partitions and XP Home not Pro


normally this notebook model is delivered with XP Home, so on the recovery CD is also home edition.
You should contact the shop where you bought it to get the software you payed for.


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Hi, I had memory issues, as have many on these boards. Following the advice I first updated my lenovo system and then pointed the rescue and recovery to an external hard drive and saved a new base backup. At some point I was asked if I wanted the existing backups deleted and I said yes, however, I don't think they can have been deleted as their has been no increase in memory available. I also ran the SpaceMonger program recommended on the boards and it was unable to scan 60% of the hard drive. So, can you please let me know how to get to, and delete the original backups? thank you 

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I originally had Vista on my computer when purchased. The computer had C:, D:,. The HP recovery was on D: with everything else on C:

I deleted the Data from the D: recovery disc as I had no more use for Vista and most of the programs that came from HP would not work with Windows 7. I have recovery disc if I do need them at a later date to reinstall Vista.

I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on C: This left D: partition empty. I have most recently used D which is about 13 GB for4 abackup of some of my programs.

I also have another 640 GB hard disc which is G: that I use as backup for my windows system.

I would like to do away with the D: partition because I can also put all my program backups on G: as well.

How do I delete the D: partition and incorporate that space into the C: partition? I think I know but am not sure of myself and would like advice.

I forgot to mention that C: drive is also 640 GB as well.l

What are your suggestions as to deleting D: or leaving it?


Answer:Deleted Vista Recovery Data

First you have to clear or delete D which is in this tutorial.
Partition or Volume - Delete

Then you extend the C into the unallocated space that was drive D.
Partition or Volume - Extend

Not to hard. Just follow the steps. The tuts are well laid out.

Any questions post back here.


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Im new to these forum, so please bear with me. I attempted to clear some files from my d:\ drive (recovery) and I deleted the entire drive. So I went and did a restore from a previous save and the drive was still not viewable under my computer. The reason I tried this was due to the drive being full and I was unable to create a new restore point. I performed this action under administrative tools.

Any help woulod be greatly appreciated


Answer:I deleted my d:\ drive (recovery)

Did you look in the recycle bin?

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I deleted by admin account and created a new one without taking out my important files in my documents folder. Is there a way to recover the files from the deleted account profile using system restore and file backup, or any other means? The files are so important that i must recover them in any way. your response is highly appreciated.


Answer:Deleted profile file recovery vista

i did not write this, but it might help you

Extreme recovery measures for Vista

Some time ago I wrote a workshop about how to use Bart's PE to create a Windows recovery disk for Windows XP. It is a version of the Preinstallation Environment that computer builders can use to test hardware and install Windows.
Bart's PE is a great way to recover an unhappy computer and it also can be used with the backup software DriveImage XML. Some preparation is required before the computer goes wrong but this is time well spent in my opinion. You will need either a Windows XP disc or a folder called i386 with the Windows files in in order to create the disc.
Someone on our forums brought up the question of what to do with Vista, as Bart's PE does not work here. It's a bit of a shame but thankfully there is a recovery environment included on the Vista DVD.
I wrote a workshop for the Ultimate Guide to Vista Troubleshooting but here are some of the more important steps.
Insert the DVD into one of the optical drives on the computer and restart the computer. Press the space bar when the message ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ appears. The Windows setup software will load. Set ‘Language to install’ to English and ‘Time and currency format’ to English (United Kingdom). This should also change the ‘Keyboard or input method’ to United Kingdom, otherwise set this as well. Click on Next
Click on Rep... Read more

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HiI was trying to resize C drive but ended up deleting the complete drive. Now C&D both are deleted & hence unable to recover from D drive also.Mine is a new Notebbok - just 3 months old. How do I get the installation or recovery disk fro Y550? I didn;t rx any disc with my Notebook.Pl revert asapThanks 

Answer:Help: I deleted my Vista Home Premoium 64 bit on Y550

/sigh the only disks that come are for drivers if I remember (one key recovery defeats the purpose of a 2nd disk) call customer care, or a friend with Vista and install it using the product key on the bottom.

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Hey,I accidently formatted the recovery drive partition in my laptop. Is there any way that i can recover it back.I just bought the laptop 2 days back

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I recently deleted my recovery partition that is included with HP pcs. I'm now left with 5gb of unused harddrive space, which isn't formatted (I think). I used it to store some random files but didn't like how it worked, and it's now empty again.My question is, will it pose a security threat, and is there anyway I can combine that partition with my main one?Here's a screenshot of it: .

Answer:Deleted My Hp Recovery Drive Partition

An spare partition is in now way any kind of threat. Since you working partition is 106GB then adding another 5GB won't add that much capacity percentage-wise. You would be much better off resizing the partitions so that the OS partition, volume C:, is 20GB in size and the rest of the drive is devoted to a partition used just for storing data files. This way when (not if) you need to reinstall the OS your data files in the other partition will be unaffected and waiting for you there.

I can reccommend Partition Magic as a great tool for creating and resizing partition in Windows without losing any data.

You will need to beg, borrow, buy or steal an XP installation CD in order to reinstall the OS when (not if) the time comes.

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I have accidently deleted  (formatted)  the recovery drive D in my NotebookIf possible download it again and put it back in the partition D Thanks

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220T CPU @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8062 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941450 MB, Free - 900404 MB; D: Total - 10450 MB, Free - 10344 MB; E: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 456384 MB; F: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 105234 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2AFB
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

How can I restore my D: drive recovery contents? I accidentally deleted the contents since it had become over capacity and was in the red-colored status continually.

Answer:Accidentally deleted my recovery drive contents.

You can't. Recovery partitions are generally full and that is not a problem. It won't cause you any problems that you deleted it but you just won't be able to restore your computer back to factory state without ordering a set of recovery discs from HP.

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I accidently deleted Cyberlink Power2Go V. 5 from my Vista Home Premium in my HP Desktop. It is not in the Recycle Bin. I tried System Restore at the Back date but it is not there. How can I recover my Cyberlink Power2Go V5 from my Recovery Disk.

Please Help.
Thank you

Answer:I accidently deleted Cyberlinl Power2Go from my Vista Home Premium

Did you have a full copy of the software? Do you have the CD of the software?

Did the software come with the computer?

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I went on a hard disk clean up rampage the other day and accidentally deleted the ehome program folder. So voila, Media Centre has gone to the dust bin. And of course I emptied that out before realising what I had done. It used to work just fine but is now obviously history!

Is there any way of bringing Media Center back by reinstallation? I do not want to go through the hassle of a full reinstall as there is just too much software to have to reinstall after that, so if that is the only way, I guess it is bye forever!

Thanks all.

Answer:Reinstall deleted Media Center in Vista Home Premium

You can restore that folder from the backup storage that vista keeps in case of system files becoming corrupted or deleted. Keep in mind that it will be restored as it was at the last install of vista. So any settings or add-ons will be missing. Provided you did not uninstall media center since it was deleted, it should be fully functional as it was at time of last insstall.

At an elevated command prompt type :


This will reconstruct the c:\windows\ehome folder as well as any other system files or folders which have become corrupted or deleted since the last install of vista.

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Hi Folks,

I have a 5GB of Recovery partition placed on my one drive with Vista, I want the space and have no need for the Recovery section. Primarily I would just like to Format it as its the correct size for the dual boot I want to instal. Unfortuatnley windows tells me it is not possible to format the drive. (D

I have deleted everything on it and still it refuses to be formated.

I have seen this issue of recovery partitions come up before and trail off.

Anyone got a solution that will not confuse Vista?

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio TZ13 Vista recovery partiion needs to be deleted, How?

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Hi guys, i had a first administrator account on my Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit laptop. The user account name was Owner. Someone went into the control panel/User accounts and safety and either pressed "delete files" or "keep files". But i think the person pressed keep files because i went to computer\Users and still saw a folder named Owner with all my old files. I tried to find the account in Regedit.exe and followed the steps accordingly to what other people say. I didn't see Owner in regedit. I know my files are hidden but how can I get my account back, is there a system restore to get the account back?

Answer:Help with restoring my deleted administrator account?(Windows Vista Home Premium)

You can run a System Recovery from Safe Mode.

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at work I have deleted some files from a network drive. I have tried recuva, undelete and one or one or two others. they will not let me scan a network drive.

It isn't a major problem - and it would be quicker to recreate the items that to manually get the drive out and connect it locally - but is there free software that would let me recover deleted files over a network?



Answer:Deleted file recovery software that will work on network drive?

Have you seen this software:

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i try to backup my laptop data using system image recovery.. In the process, the system told me that 'the backup could take up to 16 GB of disc space.' So, i just create another partition (17 GB) on my external hard disc as a backup location. The process went smoothly. But unfortunately, all my external hard disc partition has been deleted and there is only one partition (RECOVERY 31.9GB ) that include recovery data is created.. Is it any way that i can apply to get back my deleted partition?

Answer:System image recovery has deleted my external hard drive partition

Hi Fuadansari

Can you please tell us the manufacturer and the model of the hard drive that was overwritten.

I've done that process so I think that I understand what happened. Is it an Acer laptop?

The most important thing at this point is that you DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING TO THE AFFECTED DRIVE. That means do not format it or do anything that may alter the data that is currently on it.


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Pls help !!! I have HP's dv5 laptop (Windows Vista 64 bit) and I accidently deleted the "Recovery Folder/File" from D and also from the Recycle bin to gain more storage space.
The disk space still shows high, even after deletion. I had made recovery disks when I first started using this new laptop.
I learnt lately (after deletion) that the ‘Recovery File/Folder’ should not be deleted from D drive. As such my machine is perfectly all right.
My concern is now that should I use the Recovery Discs to restore the system? If I do that, will it take the system to Factory settings? What if I don’t restore the deleted file? The Drive D is visible when I open the drives from “Computer” but I don’t see the D Drive from “HP Care”. I have few other files stored in D Drive but the disk free space is still very low. I could see once more file Program (x86) in Drive D. Also when I tried to perform Disk Clean-up for the D Drive, it was unsuccessful, notifying that the drive is in operation. After deletion of the "Recovery Folder/File", I have made several updates from Windows & HP updates.
What shall I do now – Pls advise. Many Thanks !!!

Answer:Recover Deleted 'Recovery Folder/File' from D Drive HP Pavillion dv5-1235dx

Welcome aboard.
If you use Recovery Disk your PC will be restored to the factory settings, of course.
What program did you use to delete "Recovery file" folder?
There are some free software wich can restore deleted files, like PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery 4

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Here's the question --
I had a Dell Dimension IDE XP SP3 PC but the memory/motherboard is gone. I ordered a Dell Inspiron 530S that only has 1 320 Gb SATA drive. I have access to older Dimension PCs at the office, and could use some direction or web shortcuts on taking my old HD, which has XP Home SP3 and pictures and financials and resumes (Word '03) and adding that to a PC that can "see" my home PC hard drive as a secondary IDE drive so that I can copy files to a flash drive/CD to transfer to my new Dimension SATA/Vista Home SP1 drive. Thanks in advance for your response.

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Hello all,

I have a Medion Pink Notebook which is refusing to boot into Vista and will not even reach the point from which I can get to safe mode

There is a problem with the boot sector on the HDD which cannot be auto repaired.

A disk that came with the machine is supposed to cover all eventualities but will not install windows over the top of the current installation.

As far as I can see Im left with only one option. I can access a dos prompt and I know which drive/partition the recovery image is on.

Is there anyway I can kick off this process from DOS?

Many Thanks

Answer:Vista Home Basic Recovery

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Hello Room.Please i neeed yor help.I want to download my recovery cd for my hp6735s automatically but it keeps telling me error. Please is there another way i can download it manually from the system?

Answer:can't get my recovery cd for vista home basic

can we start with the error?Have you reviewed this guide?

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So I've hit a dead end. I've recently had my vista completely crash and die on me. Instead of reinstalling and wiping, I'd like to recover some of the files before I do so. I tried reworking the boot sequence in BIOS, still recognizes the hdd so I assume thats still in working condition.
I popped in my vista disk and ran the repair to no avail so I decided to use the repair disk to get into dos and do some things myself.

I ran chkdsk and that got me to the "Windows was not shut down properly... etc." But it really doesn't matter because no matter which option I choose (Safe mode, safe+networking, blah blah) I end up with my mouse cursor over a blank black screen for an indefinite amount of time.

So I went back into dos and fixed the master boot record, ran chkdsk again, and somewhere in this mess of troubleshooting I received a message saying my master file table is corrupted, not sure of the exact words anymore. So I assume a virus or bug has completely wrecked my vista to the core of its being, but I need those files pretty badly. they are just pictures but they mean a lot to me.

I still haven't tried to pop the hdd into another computer and xfer files yet, waiting on a professional opinion before I risk piggybacking this into my other OS.

And all of this started when I couldn't boot period, was getting the error saying cannot read disk... press ctl alt del to restart

Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Answer:Vista home premium recovery

Is the drive formatted NTFS? I will guess it likely is.

Are your pictures/other files located in your USER files, as in, under Pictures, Documents, etc. of your logon account (if so, they are encrypted for that user account, and won't be recoverable unless you are able to login to the account)?

You can always try connecting the drive to another computer, OR you can try using a live distro of Linux to attempt to browse the hard drive and recover the files you need (Ubuntu live CD, etc.).

Again, though, if the say, pictures, are in say, My Pictures, Windows encrypts data associated with the user account (anything in Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. of THAT particular account), so file recovery without using that particular login will most likely result in failure. I can't be positive this is automatic in Vista, it was optional in XP. A try can't hurt, though.

The other option you have, is to install Vista on another computer, create another account using the same account name and password, and connect the drive to that... I believe that should allow it to decrypt the data if in fact it was stored in your user folders.

If you do connect the drive to another computer, you may need to go into folder/file Properties, Security tab, and take ownership (Advanced settings) of the folders/files to be recovered in order to gain access to them.

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So the other day my computer started to crash. I tried all the different scans and it just got worse, couldn't get anything to work to the point that the only way to even turn it off was to unplug it.

I was able to get the System Recovery running, the first step was creating a backup disk saving pictures, word docs, spreadsheets, etc. That all went smooth, system was restored. I ran the backup disc when it asked but now I can?t find any of it. Pictures, bids, job tracking spreadsheets are all gone (or just hiding hopefully).


Answer:HP System Recovery (Vista Home)

How did you backup your data?

You can always look in Windows Explorer.

Right click on the Start Orb> click on Open Windows Explorer.

In the smaller left pane click on Local Disk (C:) In the right pane click on Windows. You can look to see if there are any files that look familiar, or you can look at the dates to find the file which was created on that date.

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i purchased a toshiba satellite around 6 months ago. on the 24th of january it downloaded and installed updates. after restarting i became aware that my dvd drive is no longer on my computer! i tried the system restore with no luck. the d: drive is not only not powering up, but when i click on computer to view the drives its not on there. its not in the device manager either! if any one out there can help me with this issue i would be very greatful! i noticed when i googled it that there were countless other people having the same issue. i still have few months before my tour in afghanistan is over, and id REALLY like to watch some of movies to make the time go by! thank you.

Answer:dvd drive deleted after vista updates!!!

If it's not powering up, it can't have anything to do with the Vista updates. Those don't affect power, especially before the OS even loads. Does it open and close? If it does, then it gets power.

If the drive is not in Device Manager, then it may be disconnected. Check all the connections if you can.

The only other thing that could make it disappear are BIOS settings. Has anything been changed there?

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Would love to but im a bit thickand couldent follow your thread,sorry

Answer:Problems with Vista Home Premium Recovery...

right! destructive recy will wipe everything and keep partition (factory settings) if you have (burnt or otherwise) system disks you can remove the recovery partition by right click computer> manage. this will give you 1 drive and free up space on the hdd, if you have burnt your own system disk from tools it will put the partition back.unless you have a retail copy of vista i doubt if you can install it.hope this answers some questions, why do you need to do this?

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I'm about to give a Toshiba laptop back to it's owner after getting it all back up and running. I would like to provide the owner with Recovery disks. I am aware of the repair disks at
Which I actually used to get into this laptop to begin with, but like 99% of the computers sold today, it did not come with Vista Home Premium disks nor did it have a recovery partition included.
I have done much reading and I am coming to the conclusion that Vista home premium does not have an option for creating restore disks in case at some point the computer is completely un-recoverable and would need a fresh install. Not that I am saying this IS going to happen but "Failure is NOT an option....It comes bundled with Windows" :-D
Any one have any suggestions. I plan on telling the owner to contact the manufacturer for a set.



Answer:Vista Home Premium Recovery Disks

Toshiba charges about $25 for restore disks, which is cheap enough I would consider it money well spent.

Alternatively, you can look here and click on the link in the second paragraph.

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need an installation disc.  Vista Home premium. have the recovery disc, but it seems to need the installations also

Answer:Vista Home premium. have the recovery disc, but it seems to ...

What type of recovery disc do you have? HP Recovery Discs either purchased from HP or owner created using HP Recovery Manager should not need any other install disc.

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I bought a SL500 (Vista home), and upgraded to vista enterprise, (format C only, and there are two more sections , and I guess one of them still have the vista home). however, I regret, and I just want to reinstall vista home. I know, there is button can recovery that, but the question is, I am totally have no idea about computer, so, if some one help, that will be great.thanks, emergently.

Answer:how to recovery SL500 Vista home? emergent!!!!!!!

Vista Home was on the C partition that you erased. So the only way to recover it would be if you burned the recovery discs, or made a back-up and have a Vista Home DVD to install with.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Currently Just passed the CompTIA A+ 601 with flying colours! =DOwner of an SL500 running Vista Business with 4GB of PC2 6400 RAM

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I could use some help from all of the experts on this forum...

I have a Gateway GM5474 pc that I would like to do a clean OS install on. I do NOT have any of the original discs that may or may not have come with this pc, as I am not the original owner. But, I do have the original Vista Home Premium product key sticker still on the machine.

I know this pc has a recovery partition, so here are my questions:
1. Can I do a fresh OS install using the recovery partition?
2. Do I need an OS disc to do this?
3. Can I download or create a recovery disc and do a fresh OS install without the OEM OS disc.

Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.


Answer:Vista Home Premium Recovery Partition

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I have a friend who has not burnt her password recovery disk in Vista Home Basic. Last night she had a party and some of her other 'friends' changed her password details.

Given that she did not burn her recovery disk, is there any way to reset the password? We've tried going through safemode but it requires the password there as well, and it is the administrators account!

Any help would be appreciated here. Oh, its an OEM edition and she hasn't burnt any recovery disks at all.

Answer:Password Recovery In Vista home Basic

I'mjust wondering, WHY would she give anyone the password in the first place. You DO need it in order to change the password, so that makes it her own fault.

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Hi Guys,
Have an acer aspire desktop that is throwing me an Unmountable Boot Volume error. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could download a Vista Recovery Console ISO?
I download ARCDC but I think it only covers XP
Any help would be great, thanks

Answer:Vista Home Premium Recovery Console

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Hey Tech Support Guy,

I am having a huge problem on my computer. I managed to pick up a virus on my computer and it has deleted my hard drive. My desktop is totally blank. I managed to run Anti-Malwarebytes and determined the virus was named VISTA FIX. I installed and ran HJT, but was unable to save the log file to the desktop. If someone could please help me get ride of this and somehow help me get my documents back I would greatly appreciate it!


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I just did a complete win vista home premium recovery on my daughters HP Pavillion dv6000. I used the recovery method that HP provides from their dedicated partition. My problem is that just before we started the recovery my daughter found some more files that she wanted to save to reinstall later. We didn't have any way to back these up so I made a "MY Docs" folder on the partion recovery D:drive and copied everything to this folder, thinking I would be able to copy them back after the recovery. I created this folder directly under the HP recovery D: drive just as the Recovery folder was done. After completing the recovery and also doing SP 1 & 2 I went to this HP Recovery D: drive to retrieve these files.  The folder was not there anymore.  After searching a little I found a new folder "$RECYCLE.BIN" as the first folder shown followed my several other folders with  lavender colored icons in front of each. (Never seen this type of icon before) One of these folders is the folder I made up "MY Docs" When I try and open it up it shows me an HP Icon and a warning that this is a recovery partition.  But if I right clik it and clik properties it shows me there are 1337 files and 149 folders just as I copied them there.with the size as 866MB.  This complete Recovery drive is 13G and still has 1G of free space.Can somebody tell me how I might access this folder to retrieve the files.  Needless to say but my daughte... Read more

Answer:HP recovery partition problems vista home premium

Try this. don't know if this article will help, so try This program called FreeCommander. It's kind of like windows explorer, but you can view the data that has been in the recovery partition.

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HiI was having Windows Vista Basic (OEM) in my laptop. Now OS get damaged & I like to reinstall the same. But my System Recovery CD lost some where. Please advice me what I want to do for install the original version again. (I'm having the Product Key with me)ThanksAjay

Answer:Lost Vista Home Basic Recovery DVD for laptop

Contact the manufacturer of your laptop. They should supply an new System Recovery disk for a small fee.Stuart

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Got an HP Pavillion dv2000 laptop. My friend says it has a virus and won't boot....I asked her why she thought it had a virus. She said it was AntiVirus 2010 that kept popping up and finally it wouldn't boot at all....Sure enough it wont boot. I take the drive out of her machine, attach it externally to my desktop. The drive shows up in My Computer and Windows Explorer. I copied all her documents and pictures to disk for safe keeping. While the HD was attached I did a Malware Bytes Anti Malware scan on the finds no infections. So, i take the drive, install it back in her laptop, try to it goes right to a black screen with an unmoveable horizontal blinking cursor. Looking at the drive in My Computer, it shows as Drive F and I can see the recovery partition. How can I get this drive bootable again?I can get to the BIOS and change the boot order if I need to. The owner never created Recovery Disk to boot from. According to the documentation that came with the computer, no Disk is required. F11 gets you to the recovery, but when I push F11, I get the same black screen with the cursor. I did download and create a Windows Recovery CD from here. Vista Boot ISOThe laptop will boot using the created CD. The first sreen is a black screen with a bar across the bottom "Windows Is Loading Files" then there is a "Install Windows" screen with language, time and currency, keyboard method options. I then select next. That takes me to an "Inst... Read more

Answer:Vista Home Premium Booting/Recovery Problem

Post this in the Am I Infected section you will get expert help there. Depending on the length of time the virus has been on there will determine how much cleaning and repair is required. These fake anti-virus warnings are all trojans and downloading agents that will download more nasties.

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I am trying to create recovery disks / system disks for an old laptop running Vista hp, but whenever I try Vista wants to back up all my personal files as well as the system.

Is there a way round this? Clearly it requires far more time and many more disks to do this.

I could back up personal files to ExtHD first then delete them from the machine and try again. Does this sound reasoable?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Answer:Solved: Recovery disks Vista home premium

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Hi can anyone help with this?

I did a disc recovery for my Vista and now all i coming up is log on screen asking me for user name and password, ( none have been set and all are off from bois)
it keeps telling me Domain not found ?

not sure if this means anything to anyone but when I log on to load Drivers
4 Hard discs come up
C: D: H: X:

C: is my recover X: says its boot? and on of the others just says Vista? I can't remember what the other said?

someone told me when is C: prompt to "format" D & H Drives as they were the problem Now without knowing much i'm not sure i want to do this as i can not do a full reinstall of Vista Cos i don't have the disc, i only a Recovery disc.

also i feel i need to point out when i start i get two choices come up to load
Vista Home Premium
and Vista

what ever one i click i get the log on screen come and and have the same problem as above

I have managed at some points to get come up where i need to type in an Excuteable line?
i've tried the bcdedit and still get the same thing

i will post more information here if needed but the only way i can get it is to try to log on again and write down what comes up?

sorry i'm a bit thick at times no doubt someone will tell me its something simple that a child could sort out

if i hit F10 i get this come up

Edit windows boot options for:windows vista
Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Partition 1
Hard Disk 6084ca76


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Hey how's it going out there?
I recently ran into a little problem. I some how acquired a keylogger and unfortunately my World of Warcraft account was hacked.

I bought my computer from and when it shipped almost a year ago it came with a Recovery disk made by CPC.

My old computer was pretty simple to reformat;
I would wipe the entire harddrive clean, install my own Windows XP Pro and proceed fine.

Well unfortunately it's not as easy I as hoped.

I guess my main question is; where do I begin?

Answer:Reformatting Vista Home Premium with recovery disk

and welcome to the Forum

Their website is incredibly unhelpfull, but you might can contact them here:

If you want to experiment, boot from the Recovery disc and look at the options

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Where/who can I get it from?

My laptop is ESystem 3115

Many thanks!

Answer:Recovery CD/Disk for Windows Vista Home Premium w/SP1

Hi and welcome to TSF

Try to contact the manufacture first.

If that does not work, maybe can help.


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I'm using windows vista home premium on my Acer laptop, my user account has a password on it and it's the only admin user account on the computer. I haven't used it for a while so i forgot the password, and unfortunately i did not create any password reset disks. so what do i do to access the computer without losing any files.As i have lots of my data stored in it and really worried about retriving those files. Help me ..plz..


Answer:Windows Vista home premium password recovery

when it comes to passwords we arent allowed to help or give any kind of advice. i hope u understand.

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Not my problem,thank goodness.Friend has emachine 128mb running xp home sp2.Tried to play DVD using Power DVD and PC must have crashed.Now cannot restore,scanner not working,but OE and IE fine.Have found out that he doesn't turn off but simply logs off (despite fact that he is only user) then switches off at mains.Also,has no recovery drive - presumably accounts for inability to restore.IMHO,needs drive format and reinstall,plus maybe memory upgrade.Any suggestions gratefully received.

Answer:xp home recovery drive disappeared

"simply logs off (despite fact that he is only user) then switches off at mains".Bit of a prat isn't he?Yes, certainly a memory upgrade needed. Ideal minimum for XP is 256mb.

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I did a sytem recovery to factory_images after a back-up (3 dvds).
can not restore my back-up files bacause windows explorer 7 can not open fbw files in current formet. file name needs to be rename from 'backup.X.fbw' to 'backup.00X.fbw'.

I tried to rename different ways but no success yet. Can someone please help me in ''how to rename fbw files in backup discs? so i can open these file and do a restoration of my data.

Answer:restoring back-up disc, after recovery - vista home premium

You can try adding another precurring 0.


Originally Posted by [email protected]

A simple solution for your .fbw issues restoring vista...
Everyone ready to kick themselves for not thinking of this?!? I was when I finally realised!!!

Simply put, add another "0" infront of all the files from 10 on...
backup.010.fbw - becomes - backup.0010.fbw
backup.011.fbw - becomes - backup.0011.fbw
backup.012.fbw - becomes - backup.0012.fbw

and so on and so forth. So simple most people wouldn't think of it.

Found here.

Might help you.

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Question I: Is it possible to install Vista from recovery disc without erasing all data on the HDD and destroying current partition configuration?

Question II: Is it possible to somehow "get" the Vista installation files from Toshiba recovery disc,
integrate 'em with SP1 and form a separate Vista installation disc?

Question III: How much space do You think I should spare for primary partition for Vista OS only ( swap file and all other software will be on other partitions )?

Answer:Installing Vista Home Premium from Toshiba recovery disc

1) No, it?s not possible to install Vista from the Toshiba recovery disk without formatting the whole HDD.
You can only use the HDD recovery function if you don?t want to erase the whole HDD. Then only the first partition will be erased.

2) No, this is not possible. The recovery disk contains the factory settings in an image and you can change something. So you must install SP1 after the Windows installation.

3) You should use 15 or 20GB for the system partition but if you reinstall Vista, you reinstall all programs to. So you can install all programs on the first partition.
Here a useful article about the Vista partition manager:

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How do I make a recovery disc, not to backup files but completely 'reset' the computer, on my Sony VAIO laptop which has Windows Vista Home Premium? I have been searching all over for a solution and so far they all involve going to the start menu then recovery subtree; but I never see any thing of the sort. Anyone know of a solution?

Answer:Creating a Recovery Disc on Windows Vista Home Premium
This is an excellent site. Be sure to burn as an ISO disk

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hi, i just bought this toshiba l305d-s5938 from fry's and set up a bios pswd and a vista logon pswd. bios is fine, but windows vista login somehow got changed? i talked to a computer shop out here and they said some models have done that and its a mfr defect or something? well im a beginner with this computer stuff and i would just like to use my brand new laptop. so how can i remove the password option-or-reset it? or just get into windows?!!! iam so frustrated. it gives me the option to reset pswd, but then asks for "removable media such as a floppy, usb flash in order to reset" i dont have reset disks- they were tossed with the cardboard packaging accidentally. anyone have suggestions?

Answer:locked out of windows vista home premium without recovery disks

Please read the rules.

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Bootable Disaster Recovery In Vista (even Home Basic)IntroductionIf you're hardcore and know your way around a PC, then you can skip the introduction, as it is aimed as less savvy users (like myself) who need some background.The aim here is to create a disaster recovery disc (or image on an external drive, thumb drive, etc.) that can be used to restore Windows Vista in the event that your system suffers a total meltdown. This process will take you a couple of hours to complete, but it will be well worth it the first time that you are hit with a virus or your system hard disk croaks.Those who spent the money on Vista Business or Vista Ultimate have another, easier option at their disposal. Although, truth be told, the process outlined herein is more reliable and flexible (see section 10 for ideas on how to extend the usefulness of this process). Owners of the above-mentioned Vista types have access to the Complete PC Backup tool, which is only included in those two verisons. The Complete PC Backup tool produces a series of XML, catalog, and data files that can be burned to optical media (or stored on virtually any device) and restored rather quickly (using the Windows Recovery Environment that is included on all Vista installation DVDs), but I was looking for an option that would be available to ALL users of Windows Vista, since I believe that this feature should come standard and be easy to use. Since Microsoft failed to meet either of those expectations, my inten... Read more

Answer:Free, Bootable Disaster Recovery In Vista (even Home Basic)

Nice work Ben! Thanks for the guide!

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For the past months I have been struggling to get my computer back to its original manufacture configuration. First of all, when it stopped working it sent me a message when I tried rebooting that said:
file missing or corrupt c:\windows\system32\config\system. So, I called HP support, they told me I had to get the recovery disks because I had to reinstall Windows Vista Home Premium. I bought the disks and it didn't read them. It wasn't a problem with the CD-ROM drive cuz I noticed that it could read another disks. Anyways, i sent my computer to this guy and he told me that the Hard Drive was messed up. I ran the self-check tests for the hard drive in the BIOs and it said it was messed up. So now I just got a new hard drive, from the same manufacturer (Seagate Barracuda 750 GB 7200rpm) which has more capacity than the old one. I physically installed it, and tried to reinstall the original version of Windows Vista Home Premium from the Recovery disks that I got from HP. But when I insert the disk, it acts like it's going to read it, but then after a few secs it shows me a black screen that says: BOOT DISK FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.

I Already rearranged the boot order to make sure that cd is 1st but even so, it still doesn't work!! I don't know what to do!!
This situation is driving me nuts! please, someone help me!!

Answer:can I install windows vista home premium on a new HD using HP's recovery disks?

Maybe you missed the short message "press any key to boot from cdrom"

This message may appear for a very short time, and if you don't hit a key, the bios will try to boot from the hard drive instead.

I would try another cd drive.


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i recently left my computer on whilst i went out, only to come back to find it totaly locked, couldn't do anything with it! i had to unplug the mains and hold down the power button for ages before it turned off. tried to reboot, and it gets as far as 'windows error recovery' screen. i have treid to boot in safe mode and normaly but, nothing. there is no 'last known good config' option?!
i get to 'system recovery options' but, there are no OS listed, i know you can then bypass this by clicking next but i don't know what to look for after that stage? i don't have any instalation/driver discs, as everything was already installed when we got the comp from HP.
i've been into the bios and ran the checks on there...

installed memory test passed!
startup check 'failed - replace hard disk 1'
HDD check where it says 'test 1 - quick test' read failure!

i have left my laptop trying to do a startup repair, and it's been going for than 7 hours now...'attempting repairs'!
up until the problem occured the CPU fan was getting pretty noisy, and had been for a few months, although now it is silent! could this have anything to do with it?

i don't know a great deal about comps, or there software so would really appreciate some help........

Hp compaq 6720s
vista basic. SP1
thanks in advance

Answer:hp compaq 6720s. vista home. stuck in system recovery

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My hard drive failed last Saturday, reading "operating system not found." BIOS testing resulted in error 10009, replace hard drive. At this point, the drive won't boot, but data can still be read.

I have a new hard drive. The backup disk I made for Vista isn't working.

I thought of borrowing one from a friend, but my OEM key on the bottom has completely worn off. HP says they cannot help and Microsoft wants me to pay for a replacement key. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Is there any way to use the recovery partition on the old drive to install Vista on the new drive?

My laptop has two hard drive bays, but I only have one caddy, so ideally I'd like to connect it using an enclosure.

Also, I do have access to another computer that I could use as a "go-between" if needed. For example, if it's possible to simply copy and paste the recovery partition files, I could use the enclosure to copy them from the old drive to the working computer, then put the new drive in the enclosure and copy the files onto that.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Yesterday our laptop froze up and had to reboot and it rebooted to a black screen that said :

Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.
This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing. Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.
If you continue to receive this error message. contact the hardware manufacturer.
File /Boot/BCD
Status 0xc00000e9
Info An unexpected I/0 error has occurred.

I have had nothing plugged into the computer. Now I am at System Recovery Options screen but no operating system is listed and when I click on Load Drivers I don't know where to go after that.

Please Help me! I'm lost...

Answer:No OS in System Recovery Options (Vista Home Premium Dell Laptop)

You may have hard drive issue....Run hard drive diagnostics: (or sure, you select tool, which is appropriate for the brand of your hard drive.Depending on the program, it'll create bootable floppy, or bootable CD.If downloaded file is of .iso type, use ImgBurn: to burn .iso file to a CD (select "Write image file to disc" option), and make the CD bootable.For Toshiba hard drives, see here:

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Hi, I have a Philips Freevent LX2000 Mini PC and has just totally crashed with viruses, I don't have a recovery cd (I wasn't given one by PC world, as I was told there is a recovery partition) and that recovery partition is unreadable/corrupt.

I have a licence for Win Vista Home Premium, but don't have a CD. Where can I download an image for this? Also, I've just tried XP but no drivers exist anywhere - not on the Philips website (no mention of this mini pc at all), and it looks like PC World only ever sold this make.

I'm fully capable of reinstalling a PC, but struggling as there are no drivers to help, and want Vista back on it as that's what the license is for.

I could ring PC world, but I just can't afford 1.50 a min, I'm only a kid.

I really need help...

Answer:Philips Freevent LX2000 Mini PC Recovery CD (Vista Home Premium)

Hi- How "totally crashed" is it? Are there any signs of life? We have some experts here who may be able to help clear up the malware-

would you like a shot at trying with that? Go to our malware forum>

Read the first sticky post at the top titled "Sticky: Everyone MUST read this BEFORE posting for help in this forum" and post what it says or try least a Hijackthis log, if possible.

We do have a few malware people who are located in the UK so the times would be more compatible between a helper and yourself.

______________ If there is no possibility of trying to fix the problems, see this below: ______________

Can't you email PC World? I'm sure they have that available someplace.

You will have to make an account, or have someone appropriate help you do so, and then you can contact their support

And, they should provide a reinstall disk. (Or the manufacturer should.....this question we get coninuously here)

At the PC World site, look for a Customer Service email or chat online and explain the problem.

If not covered by warranty you may have to pay for the disk, but they are not the same cost as buying a copy of Windows at a store, at least not in the US that is true.

You cannot legally download an imag... Read more

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Appreciate any help anyone can give me here.

Turned off my PC this afternoon, with no problems that I was aware of. Turned it back on when I got home tonight. System hangs with a blank screen during normal boot. Power off and try f8 to go into safe mode - and now all of a suddon f8 brings up a boot menu with my dvd and dvd rw-drives and my hard drive, and not the advanced boot options it always did before. Cant get to safe mode, can't get to a system restore option or a command prompt or anything.

Now I'm getting a bit worried, and figure I'll break out my recovery disk. I have a cyberpower, inc. recovery dvd-rom that came with the pc - but no matter which of my drives I put it into (dvd rom or dvd-rw) and no matter which drive I boot from, the system goes to a black screen and just hangs.

I can press delete when the PC starts to enter setup, but thats my bios and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do there. f8 gets me to this dumb boot menu instead of advanced boot options (is this some kind of crazy virusb, or I am just going insane here?). No idea what to do now. Please help!

Answer:Vista 64 home - advanced boot menu gone, can't restore from recovery disk

Hello kad153,
When you get to the boot menu, high light the HDD your OS is on and press enter, that should bring up the options you are looking for, choose "Last Known Good Configuration".

If it still wont start follow this tutorial.

Create a Recovery Disc

Then this tutorial.

Startup Repair

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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I'm not exactly sure what to do, I probably will buy a reformat disk or something.

I currently have Gateway Recovery Management on my computer. I heard it's a one time use and I might just end up using it. However I'm not exactly sure if I am to buy a Window Vista Operating system cd for my current operating system or to buy a Gateway Recovery Management cd. Which do I get?

Answer:Getting a Window Vista Home Premium or Gateway Recovery Management Disk

Hello Kokito01, welcome to Vista Forums!

Have a look at the info below to see if it's a help; be sure to post back to keep us informed.

Here are the Gateway Recovery Instructions.

1. Reboot, and press F11 or the R key to start the recovery process.
2. Select either "Full System Restore (Destructive)" or "Full System Restore (With Backup)"*.
3. Click "Next", and then click "Yes" to confirm the recovery process.
4.Wait for the computer to restore itself. When it is done, click "Reboot" to reboot the computer.

*Full System Restore With Backup preserves data in the My Documents folder, but requires 4 GB of disk space.

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I got problem with my system so many corrupted files so was following one of your expertto go to the Advance Boot option and select repair your computer.After I got there I got an answear there is no back up file for factory image please insert CD/DVD.

Answer:windows vista home premium service pack1 recovery disk

What is the make/model of your machine? It sounds like the recovery partition on the hard drive may have become corrupted or has gotten deleted. In this case you will need to insert the recovery CD that came with your machine. If you do not have the original CD/DVD recovery disks, you can normally purchase them from your computer manufacturer for a nominal fee. Let me know if you still need more help. -----IT Desktop & Network Consultant - MOS Master Certified, MCP, MCSA, MCITP - Windows 7, CCNA Certificate Pending, A+, Network +::geek::

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Help !!! After I upgraded G450 to Win7, I cannot find any download of OneKey Recovery Software from Lenovo Website. The (OKR6) Vista version is not compatible to Win7. Anyone know how to get back OKR ? Thanks

Answer:On OneKey Recovery for G450 upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Win7

No body help ?

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Due to various rement programs and fear of viruses, I would like to wipe clean the "C" drive and restore the system to its original out-of-box settings using either the "D" partition or the system produced recovery disks.

Answer:Clean C Drive & reinstall Vista from Recovery Drive D / Disk

You can use either. Make sure to save any thing of value to you on cds/dvds. Then just follow on screen prompts and that's it.

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I just bought my 'puter a few days ago and it had this problem.
If anyone is still having this same problem, here's how I fixed mine...
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
Then just check Recycle Bin and run the program.

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Some beginner questions about 10. Did some reading on the forums, some important questions still left. (I thought I will just wait until Threshold 2 to come out to install it)

1. Comparing Home and Pro (and Education and Enterprise): all the ISOs are the same size. I see no benefit for the Pro for my personal use over the Home. (Enterprise or Education would be nice, but it's unavailable)

Will the Home take up less space on the drive and be more fast on a slower system than the Pro?

2. I'm planning to have Windows 10 on 2 machines: one older laptop and a new "Windows with Bing" one I will buy in the near future, presumably coming with 10 preinstalled on its 32 GB eMMC drive. if I understand, WIMboot is phased out by 10 (I will upgrade, I mean, will do a clean 10 install from my 7 system; I completely skipped 8).

The question (regarding installing on the old laptop first): what's the difference between a 10 Recovery Drive created from Control Panel and the clean ISO? First I have to install from the clean ISO obviously, then I can create a Recovery Drive from Control Panel, but later can I use the same Recovery Drive USB for clean installations as well?

3. Any information on available on how Windows 10 installations work on these 32 GB small drive machines? How do I recover, do a clean install, and how do they save space by default? I understand there is a commend with which you can compress a 10 install on a large drive, but I suppose the installs on these smal... Read more

Answer:4 beginner questions: Home-Pro, Recovery Drive, 32 GB eMMC, drivers

1. Home will take up less space than pro, not sure how much less space. It will not run faster or slower than pro. (In fact, running home might take up less resources than pro because of the extra services pro has to run - so home might gain a slight performance edge over pro).

2. If you want Windows 10 activated for free, make sure you do an upgrade first - or capture the genuineticket.xml file (procedure for that on this forum in tutorials). If you have the install media created (USB/DVD), I don't see any reason to make a recovery drive. As far as I know the recovery drive has no additional or less capabilities than the install media does. The only time I make an actual recovery drive is when I get a new computer and I use the manufacturer's software to retain all the drivers and crapware on a backup.

3. I just purchased a Nextbook Flexx 10 from WalMart. It came with Windows 8.1 Bing. Make sure you make an image of that before you mess around with upgrading because you can't download a Windows 8.1 Bing ISO anywhere that I have found. I just used Macrium Reflect free to make the image of the entire hard drive into one file. I suppose making a recovery drive before upgrading would work to.

When I upgraded the Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I ended up with an additional 500mb recovery partition and the factory 5+ GB recovery partition was left intact. On 32GB eMMC machines Windows 10 will install in a compressed state by default, whether it is upgrade or clean insta... Read more

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Hi! my laptop recently erased all of its windows 7 files, I took it too geeksquad and they explained to me that I needed to get the operating system disk and I could install it and everything would be okay. I installed everything properly I thought, but when i tried to install all of my updates again I got that I was very low on space and i couldn't install the updates. I know I have well over enough space on my laptop, I tried to restore to factory settings and that didn't work, and the previous version of windows 7 is still on the computer which is useless. If anyone can help me I will greatly apreciate it. Thanks

Its A Dell Insprion 1440. I would include a picture but it wouldn't let me save it.

Answer:Re-Installed windows 7 home premium, now RECOVERY(C:) drive is full.

It seems that you accidentally installed windows 7 onto your Recovery partition. While not ideal this can be remedied. You could attempt to install Windows again, but this time, delete all partitions and create a new one with the unallocated space and install again. It should be possible to delete the old partition and extend the one you currently have Windows 7 installed to, although I remember that this is usually difficult to do. If you do not wish to reinstall Windows again, I will be asking gregrocker, our resident expert on such matters, to take a look at this thread just in case.

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Some beginner questions about 10. Did some reading on the forums, some important questions still left. (I thought I will just wait until Threshold 2 to come out to install it)

1. Comparing Home and Pro (and Education and Enterprise): all the ISOs are the same size. I see no benefit for the Pro for my personal use over the Home. (Enterprise or Education would be nice, but it's unavailable)

Will the Home take up less space on the drive and be more fast on a slower system than the Pro?

2. I'm planning to have Windows 10 on 2 machines: one older laptop and a new "Windows with Bing" one I will buy in the near future, presumably coming with 10 preinstalled on its 32 GB eMMC drive. if I understand, WIMboot is phased out by 10 (I will upgrade, I mean, will do a clean 10 install from my 7 system; I completely skipped 8).

The question (regarding installing on the old laptop first): what's the difference between a 10 Recovery Drive created from Control Panel and the clean ISO? First I have to install from the clean ISO obviously, then I can create a Recovery Drive from Control Panel, but later can I use the same Recovery Drive USB for clean installations as well?

3. Any information on available on how Windows 10 installations work on these 32 GB small drive machines? How do I recover, do a clean install, and how do they save space by default? I understand there is a commend with which you can compress a 10 install on a large drive, but I suppose the installs on these smal... Read more

Answer:4 beginner questions: Home-Pro, Recovery Drive, 32 GB eMMC, drivers

1. Home will take up less space than pro, not sure how much less space. It will not run faster or slower than pro. (In fact, running home might take up less resources than pro because of the extra services pro has to run - so home might gain a slight performance edge over pro).

2. If you want Windows 10 activated for free, make sure you do an upgrade first - or capture the genuineticket.xml file (procedure for that on this forum in tutorials). If you have the install media created (USB/DVD), I don't see any reason to make a recovery drive. As far as I know the recovery drive has no additional or less capabilities than the install media does. The only time I make an actual recovery drive is when I get a new computer and I use the manufacturer's software to retain all the drivers and crapware on a backup.

3. I just purchased a Nextbook Flexx 10 from WalMart. It came with Windows 8.1 Bing. Make sure you make an image of that before you mess around with upgrading because you can't download a Windows 8.1 Bing ISO anywhere that I have found. I just used Macrium Reflect free to make the image of the entire hard drive into one file. I suppose making a recovery drive before upgrading would work to.

When I upgraded the Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I ended up with an additional 500mb recovery partition and the factory 5+ GB recovery partition was left intact. On 32GB eMMC machines Windows 10 will install in a compressed state by default, whether it is upgrade or clean insta... Read more

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I am stressed

I have made sets of recovery disks on HPs and Gateways etc. A friend of mine just bought an Acer computer. Vista, Where does he go to make his set of recovery disks in case he ever needs them. like Start>Accessories>systemtools or where do you go? I can't find it, then also he bought the computer at wal-mart when you buy from a store like that it should already be activated shouldn't it?and my last question is it came with 2 sticks of RAM 1 GIG Each, the computer has 4 slots for ram. The guy at wal-mart sold him anther 2 gigs of ram but on one stick. With 4 slots and the first two haveing 1 gig sticks in them shouldn't he add two more stick of one gig each to make his 4 gigs? the 2 gig stick they game him doesn't look like the first two, it is as long but only half as wide as the two that arre in the computer? anyway, I put is serial number in the acer site and it won't let me pull nothing up so I can check on this stuff. It is a B32350 IT SAYS ASPIRE M1100 Can someone at least help with where to make the recovery disk at on this acer?

Answer:Solved: Windows Vista home premium-where to find you place to make the recovery disks

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Hello all, I have a Satellite L675. In the recovery wizard, there is an option for "Erasing the internal hard drive". According to the user manual, I am given the following warning: "Erasing the internal storage drive will delete all data on the drive, including the partitions",

Will this recovery wizard option actually delete the hidden recovery partitions (sda1 and sda3), wiping the entire hard drive, or just the user-created partitions (sda2, AKA C

Thanks for clarification on this.

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Hi everyone,

I'm stuck in a pretty bad situation right now and I have no idea about how to help myself..So recently I've been wanting to 'reset' my Windows 8.1 laptop, & I just cannot because my recovery environment is missing..
First when I got this problem I thought there would be an easy-intermediate level fix like every other problem. (and I love fixing stuff.)

But this one doesn't look like an easy fix or I'm not even sure If there is a fix. So the big mistake I did was, I deleted my "System Recovery Partition".

I have searched everywhere possible and I'm not getting a fix.. I would really appreciate IF YOU GUYS HELP ME!
and another problem is that I don't live in the USA or Canada.I've got a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521, 8GB RAM, intel i5 3317u.

and Dell provides Backup Media to only the people who live in the US and Canada. Please guys, I need a solution.

I have a separate Windows 8.1 Installation Disk, but what I'm scared about is If I install my Windows from the disk, my Dell features would be gone and I don't think I'd be able to have a proper Recovery Environment in the future because this Disk's installation files are nothing related to Dell. Its just a clean Windows installation disk I got from my friend a while ago. I've tried the repair my computer option from the disk and it does not help...

Thank you

Answer:Recovery Environment Missing -System Recovery Partition Deleted.

Hi ahmedrahamathulla,
Please private message us the system service tag and region you are located so that I can check the available options and assist you further. To send a private message, click on my name and send private message.

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I keep getting a message that my recovery drive E is almost full and I need to delete some of my programs. My C drive is fine and has plenty of room. I have talked to Dell and the tech man was not following my problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 x64 bit. He said I would just have to put up with this message and not to delete any of the recovery drive. I don't think he is right. When I follow the says to delete all of my recycle (which I did) and free up disc space.( I did that too) no matter what I do, it will not help the full recovery drive E.
Any suggestions?

Answer:E recovery drive on Vista


You MUST NOT delete anything from your Recovery drive. Doing so may remove your ability to repair your computer if it crashes. However, if you wish to disable the low disk space prompt, then here is how to do it. It will however, apply to ALL your hard disks, not just your Recovery drive. Another way round the problem would be to slightly expand your Recovery drive, though I will not recommend this.

Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialogue. In the Run box, type regedit and click OK.

In the Registry Editor, locate the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

If you want to disable the low disk space check for all users, use this key instead: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\

If it does not exist, create a new DWORD entry with the name: NoLowDiskSpaceChecks, and enter a 1 as the value.

Close the Registry Editor.

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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D620 laptop, which came with Vista (Business) pre-installed. Out of the box, in "Computer" there were two drives: the C: Drive (called OS) and the D: Drive (called Recovery). I bought my laptop with a 100 GB HDD. The C: Drive has a 91 GB capacity, and conatains all the usual (C:/User , C:/Program Files and C:/Windows etc.). The D: Drive has a 1.99 GB capacity, and contains folders that correspond to the folders in C:, except they are empty. Now, I'm assuming the D: drive must be a partition of my HDD, and is there for Windows Backup and Recovery Centre to store backups to. However, when I tried to do a backup of files yesterday, it said there was not enough room in the D: drive. As the D: drive was then full, I formatted it. It's now useless to me (which it kinda was before) So is there any way of increasing its capacity. Why is it there if it can't take what (I assume) it was built for. I'm not sure if backup in Vista compresses your files (I'm sure it must), but any ideas on what I should do woruld help.

Answer:Recovery Drive in Vista

I think you may find that the D drive was not to store your back ups (too small anyway) but it is your recovery partition if the OS fails and you need to restore C to factory settings. It looks as if you have wiped off your safety net.

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I keep getting a message that says my Recovery drive D is almost full (this appears to be a virtual drive) what do I do to correct this issue??

Answer:Vista Recovery Drive D????


i took my post out after seeing what Noyb wrote.

thanks for info Noyb

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hi, i just formatted my pc, i run windows vista home premium. now i am trying to restore my backed up files and my recovery drive(d) is telling me it is either switched off or not connected to my computer!

Answer:vista recovery drive

First up, as i fine it first, I get to say hi and welcome to TSG Hope you find it a nice place, dont worry about the wallpaper we getting new anyday soon
OK, now for the prob- Can you give a bit more info? I cant tell what drives are what! I assume you have a C drive that you installed Vista to, what is D drive? DVD, CD, recovery partition, other internal drive or partition,external drive or other? If you can put a bit more info in, should be able to give some good help

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Hi folks - I've just had a frustrating moment trying to make a Recovery Media set on my new T450.  I followed the prompts using Lenovo's "Factory Recovery Discs" program.  When prompted, I inserted a USB drive, expecting the program to tell me at some point what capacity was needed, but it never did.  So after only one or two quick optionless prompts, it began creating the media on the USB.  Quickly it stopped, and gave a message saying that the capacity of the drive was insufficient (while still not saying what size was necessary), and gave me only one option:  Delete Recovery Partition and restore drive to normal functionality - or something very close to that wording.  So I clicked OK, assuming it was referring to the USB drive - because why would a user want to delete the factory Recovery Partition at this point?  But that's exactly what it did.So now I have no Recovery Partition (formerly the Q: drive), and I can't tell if that space is still allocated (but unavailable to me), but I suspect that's the case.  I've attached below, a screenshot of what I see in Drive Management now.I'm frustrated that with one click on a poorly-worded message, in the process of creating Recovery Media, I was given the option (and only the option), to delete the Recovery Partition itself!  Mind-smoking. Any options for restoring that data, short of sending my new PC back to Newegg or Lenovo?  I suspect it's only logically deleted, (if I ... Read more

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Vista Recovery (D:) drive is full. It was not used by me to copy any data to it. Please advise.


Answer:Vista Recovery (D:) drive is full

Hi -

Check to see if system restore is on for recovery drive - it s/b OFF
START | rstrui - go through screens to CREATE restore point - if drive d: has checkmark, un-ckeck it. Re-boot.

Regards. . .



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I have Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit) factory-installed on HP laptop, and my computer has recently been ravaged by a Zlob trojan.I've tried everything from restoring the computer, Running AVG Pro, and Spyware Doctor (not in SM) to Registry Mechanic and Ccleaner in safe mode, but nothing has worked. I'm not very sure what is going on with my computer, but I think some important files have gotten deleted.Now, my computer freezes, and while I've managed to fixed a few minor problems, the performance is nowhere near where it used to be.I want to perform a complete (clean?) System Recovery. I want to know if it's possible to perform a recovery from a flash drive. If so, how can I go about doing that? Is it as simple as changing the boot order to USB drive? Or is all this just wishful thinking and I have to purchase discs?Thank you,~S

Answer:HP Recovery (Vista 32 bit) from a Flash Drive?

Hi Shonee,I think you can restore to factory settings by going to recovery manager.You should not need the flash drive option on a H.P.I did this a while ago so bear with me.Also you need to know that everything you have put on your computer will be deleted.You will have to reinstall anything that you have installed yourself and any files you have put on are history.Click on the windows circle widget button at the bottom of your screen.In the start search box type recovery manager.It will appear at the top of the white box above the start search box.Click on recovery manager.You will be asked to permit this process and obviously click allow.When you get to recovery manager you want to select to restore to factory settings.And when it has finished doing its job your computer should be like when you first got it out of the box.So you will have to reconnect to the net and install Anti Virus etc.

Your alternate option is to post a Hijack this log in the I think I have a virus forum.And the Bleeping Computer team will guide you through getting rid of your virus.Good Luck.

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A while back I downgraded a laptop which was made with Vista pre-installed to XP for gaming purposes, hence deleting the whole of C drive, wiping everything (including the HP Recovery Console) off it. So now when I start up, pressing F11 does nothing, so I cant access the Recovery Console. But I still have D drive which is a recovery drive that contains the factory settings and everything I need to recover the laptop if something went wrong. The only way I can think of to use D drive to re-install Vista is by booting it up, and to do this I need to mark the D partition as active if Im correct, yet when I try to do so the option in the drop down menu is greyed out. Im not even sure if Im doing everything right, but I would think its possible to boot up the recovery drive (D:), then install Vista, wiping everything off C drive and replacing it.. if any of that makes sense

Anyone know where Ive gone wrong??


Answer:Recovering Vista on XP using Recovery Drive..

Why are you double posting? If you made recovery discs like we suggested in your other post, then boot of of that and it will access your recovery partition unless you formatted that too.

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I have a HP Pavilion-DV5 laptop that came with windows vista..... It has 2 drives C and D. C has windows and all the other stuff and D is a recovery drive with almost 8 GB of data in it. I am new to recovery and stuff and I know its possible to reinstall the windows but I want something else.......

I want to install windows 7 in my C drive after FORMATTING drive C (not drive D of course....) and I want to keep the vista recovery option as that is ORIGINAL windows..... Is there any way to do that? I mean what if I install windows 7 and when I want my windows vista back, is there any way to install it from recovery drive??


Answer:New installation of Vista from Recovery drive...

Hello akn10red.

If you don't alter the partition structure in any way you should be able to do what you're asking, have a go at Windows 7 and later recover the PC back to Vista using the D: recovery partition; if you have the option in the start menu to create the recovery disks I would do that also and be sure to make backups of any data you do not want to lose. Below are the instruction for using the HP built in recovery partition.

click to enlarge

HP Recovery Center

Be advised that this will take the machine back to the point when you first took it of the box.
The "HP Recovery Center" will give you the option to send to backup anything you
don't want to lose, so have backup media available to use if you choose this option.

With the machine off press the power button, as soon as you do that start tapping the F11 key.
It may take several attempts to do this, if the first attempt fails, try again.
That should take you to the HP Recovery Center. When there just follow the prompts.
It is pretty much self explanatory. From the time you boot into F11 (not counting
any backups you choose to make) you should be back on a working desktop in about
30 minutes. After it restarts just follow the prompts again to finish the process.

If your first option is system restore select no, which should take you to system recovery.
You want to try system recovery not system restore, unless you have good restore points!

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Every 5 minutes a pop-up comes up saying that my recovery drive is at it's max and I've tried to copy them onto disks and it's not working. Do you have step-by-step directions?


Answer:vista recovery drive question

Hi ninilindsay

Welcome to TSF

I think maybe you can refer to this article on HP website:

Problems Occur after Using Microsoft Backup Tool in Microsoft Vista

Let me know if that works

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Hi guys, I did post this problem a few days ago in the hardware section when I thought it might have been a HD issue but now its a software one.

Acer Aspire 6930G with Vista home

My laptop froze up a few time's then wouldn't let me boot at all give me:-

For Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCIE Ethernet Controller v1.0.0.12(2008/07/26)

check cable connection!
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.

And sometimes "operating system not found" come's up under it.

I know now it didn't see an OS and was trying to boot fom a network.

ALT F11 to start eRecovery and my recovery disks dont work. I've got nothing on the laptop I need to keep as I backed it up using a caddy on to my desktop.

So can someone please tell me how I can reinstal Vista from the recovery drive or even make a copy of Vista from the recovery drive using my desktop.
I've used windows comander and can see the recovery partition is on the X:.

Answer:Reinstalling Vista from recovery drive?

Re-seated the ram and its sorted!!!

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im on a dv9700 HP Pavillion with a 140 gig HD and a second 12 gig "HP recovery drive" with nothing on it.

my dumbass romate downgraded to XP on it, because we thought it would be faster, but now my CD/DVD burner doesnt work, and ive got a couple other problems with hardware.

so i need to know if its possible to install Vista from that second drive, or a usb flash drive. (im not letting my roomate do it, for obvious reasons)

Answer:how to install Vista from recovery drive?

If you still have the recovery partition and it hasn't been formatted. When booting you should see HP screen that says to hit a certain key (usually F11) to get to the Recovery Partition. Follow the instructions.
As for your CD drive not working in XP, go to the Device Manager, see if there is a yellow mark next to CD/DVD drives, if so, then you need to delete the upper and lower filters in the Registry.

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Several days ago, I began receiving the message that my recovery (D) drive was nearing capacity, which is true--almost all of the 9.9GB is full. I have a feeling that I have picked up some malware or other virus, and things have been duplicated perhaps. I've run Spybot Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes AntiMalware, SuperAntiSpyware (free edition), nothing is reported, there is no improvement. I'm working on a Dell laptop, running Vista Home Premium and have a wireless connection to the modem. I'm PRETTY good w/computers and the jargon and VERY good at following directions, and am looking forward to fixing the problems myself and learning about my 'brain'. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Answer:Re: Overloaded Recovery Drive in Vista

I doubt this is a malware issue. The only way for us to be sure is if you run the READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide.

I suspect that more likely, your recovery partition is just updating and you may need to increase its size,

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Dumb question......
I am working on a E- Machine Desktop that has Vista on it. I want to reinstall Vista. It have a D Drive that say's "Recovery" so I'm thinking I can just use it to reinstall back to factory condition, but I can't figure out how to access it.

With an HP System that I own, for example, I can press F10

any ideas?


Answer:Reinstalling Vista from Recovery (D) Drive

Try Ctrl+F11 on boot-up. If that doesn't work, please give us the model number of the computer.

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Several days ago, I began receiving the message that my recovery (D) drive was nearing capacity, which is true--almost all of the 9.9GB is full. I have a feeling that I have picked up some malware or other virus, and things have been duplicated perhaps. I've run Spybot Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes AntiMalware, SuperAntiSpyware (free edition), nothing is reported, there is no improvement. I'm working on a Dell laptop, running Vista Home Premium and have a wireless connection to the modem. I'm PRETTY good w/computers and the jargon and VERY good at following directions, and am looking forward to fixing the problems myself and learning about my 'brain'. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Answer:Overloaded Recovery Drive in Vista

Here's the guide on how to prepare logs for the malwareforum here on Majorgeeks. Just open a new thread down there.

And welcome! :-D

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Hello,I plan to upgrade from XP to Vista. I have the whole 160 GB disk allocated to XP as a C drive. I have no problems in formatting it while changing to Vista.The problem is that Lenovo gave no Vista DVD when I bought the laptop. Everything was given in the recovery partition which I formatted when I downgraded to XP. So how should I change back to Vista ?Also I was browsing through the Lenovo Drivers website becoz I need Vista drivers once I install Vista onto the laptop. There are different versions of drivers available for my laptop's type-model, so how should I know that which one works best or which one was given in the factory installation from lenovo? 

Answer:Upgrading from XP to Vista with no recovery drive.

The simplest answer is to purchase the recovery cd if you were shipped with vista. The tech center can help with your purchase but they can order only what was originally shipped on the laptop. The cost is $45.00 plus s&h and local taxes.

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I unintentionally uninstalled the DVD R/W drive on my laptop. Actually it was intentional, it just didn't do what I expected (ouch!). This is what happened:

1. Windows Vista HP SP1 suddenly could not load the driver for the dvd drive.
2. This happened shortly after (a week, maybe) I started receiving an error: hpqSTE108 "An Unsupported operation was attempted". (I found this site searching for that error.)

My intent was to uninstall the drive and then restart and let Vista find a new device... Vista is not doing that. There is no evidence that the drive is even in the laptop and Vista loads fine except for the error above.

Yikes- with red face! :-)
Help??? How do I reinstall and then let Vista find the driver???

Appreciate any help at all.

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when starting up pc i have a black screen with a whole page of writing on it .. ( i can type this all out if you want ) and at the end it says
Press del to run set up
press f11 to enter boot menu

A: drive Error
press f1 to resume

( which i then do ...) it all them seems to start up ok and i can use pc as normal .. but the time is all wrong and obviously when i switch it on every time i get the same message . It started yesterday . I have system restored it but nothing changes .. do you think i need some one to look at it before it does start to go wrong
with thanks Dawn

Answer:Drive error vista home

pres del and enter setup and open std or advanced cmos features (not sure about that) there should be warning on fdd failure check if it is disabled

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I have accidently deleted the recovery media from my (D) recovery disc/partition. How can I retrieve it and how much does it cost.  Has.

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i deleted lenovo  recovery partition on g510 laptop and don't have recovery dvd.
i need to recover laptop to original state.
please help me
Moderator comment: Post split out of Knowledgebase. Subject edited to match content.

Answer:[G510] Recovery partition deleted and no Recovery ...

hi izadfard
Welcome to the Forums.
If you didn't create a recovery drive (using this method) then I recommend you contact lenovo on how to obtain a copy of the recovery disc which restores the preloaded Win8 OS, drivers, and apps.
Alternatively, if the machine came preloaded Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can try the following:
For Windows 8:
1. Obtain a Windows 8 installation disc and use it to reinstall Windows (if the system is preloaded with Windows 8, the installation will automatically detect the Win8 product key in the UEFI Firmware / BIOS and will automatically activate Windows).
2. From here, you can obtain the drivers from the G510 drivers page and/or upgrade to Windows 8.1 via the Windows Store (see this guide)
For Windows 8.1:
1. Check this guide on how to obtain a Windows 8.1 ISO (see Option One)
2. When finished, follow this guide to make a bootable UEFI Win8.1 installer via DVD or USB flashdrive and use it to install Windows (the installation should be able to detect the Windows 8.1 product key in the UEFI firmware that will let you activate Windows).
3. If successful, obtain the drivers from the G510 drivers page 

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I recently bought HP compaq Presario Notebook.

What I want to do
1. I want to divide my C drive (OS installed Drive) which is of 150 GB into 2 drives of 80 and 60 GB respectively. as I was not able to shrink this drive not sure why I was only shown 13 gb for the shrink eventhough I had aroung 100 gb free space in the Drive

for the above action I need to format my C drive and divide and then install the OS in one of the drives.

What I have

1. I have Recovery Drive (Presario_RP) and I took this recovery backup into two DVD's

My Questions

Q1. Is it possible to format and division of the drives using the backup recovery drive without depending on any third party tools.

Q2: If above is possible then does this disturb my data in other drives

Q3. If Q1 is not possible please let me know if there is any way to do this.

Q4: How much time does it take to format and install OS Windows Vista (I haven't done it so far)


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My Vista Recovery (D drive shows nearly full at 9.9GB, but isn't if you add up the folders [about 5GB used]:
Dell 3.2GB
Program files 6.7MB
Sources 999KB
Tools 1.52MB
Users 262KB
Windows 797MB

Please advise.

Answer:Vista Recovery Drive D is full popup

Check out if you have the Vista Recovery or Backup program on. This program does a screenshot of your configuration in regular intervals and tends to get pretty big, consuming a lot of space.

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A couple months back my system crashed. I was told to back up the comp using the Recovery drive on Vista. Did that, now my question is.."How do I get the data FROM the Recovery drive. Tried to contact Gateway...They were no help. I am only concerned about the photos that are "Hopefully" on the recovery drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Recovering data after using Recovery drive in Vista

go to your start menu and click on my computer and look for your D drive, that is your recovery drive.
to get your photos just right click on the D drive and open and you will find your files and pictures there in the recovery folder.

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Hello Everyone at Bleeping computer!

I'm new, just saying hello.

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Im trying to put my comp back to windows vista after having win7 on it.i have the recovery partition but im not sure how to run it?? when i start the comp hand hit F10 or F11 it comes up in dos. i try get a pic of it soon

Answer:Revert W7 back to Vista using recovery drive

What is the make and model of your pc?Usually finding out hot to run the recovery option is not hard to find out with this info.

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I was boot device found. Totally unable to get to hard drive. As a possible solution, have ordered new sata drive. Is is possible to partition and then install Vista from recovery disk or must I go and buy new Vista disks to install from? Help for both partitioning new disk drive and installing Vista please. This is for a Dell 531 Inspiron.

Answer:Installing Vista on new drive with recovery Disk

If the Dell already has a Sata drive, then the recovery disk should work fine (assuming the recovery disk belongs to that computer).

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