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Re. Lost H/drive space.......C drive Not D drive!

Question: Re. Lost H/drive space.......C drive Not D drive!

Hi folksI have just lost about 4Gb of hard-drive space and I don't know why!Just prior to this I had burned a DVD using Nero 7 Startsmart. The file copied where AVI & Nero recode files.I'd burned them as Data files as nero wouldn't let me copy them 'as they were' 5 onto one 4.7G DVDR.Being new to Nero (and computing generally) I am still finding out what it Will do. I realised from this that nero apparently recodes AVI files to normal dvd file to copy to a 4.7G disc. I started to copy one of these movies to a disc for a friend but wanted to watch another movie that was on my H/drive. The system crashed and I aborted the burn process. It was after watching my movie that I noticed I was about 4G down on free space. This is annoying as there is now only about 2G left on my C drive.I've tried to find the offending data files but without success.Can anyone give me any leads to regain my lost 4G of free space?

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Preferred Solution: Re. Lost H/drive space.......C drive Not D drive!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re. Lost H/drive space.......C drive Not D drive!

I think you answered your own question.Nero copies to the HDD before burning the DVD. Since your computer crashed before the burn operation was complete, Nero did not have a chance to delete the intermediate files or ask you if you wanted to delete them.

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I have 11.4 gig available on my Hard drive. Rescue and Recovery reports that there are backups of 42.7 on the HD and 35.4 on the USB drive. Lenovo System Tools says I have a total Drive space of 128.1 GIG on my HD. We know that 42.7 GIG is a Backup image on HD, and 11.4 is available on HD, and we are now using 35.4 GIG of space on the hard drive. Therefore 42.7 + 11.4 + 35.4 = 89.4. There is still a missing 38.6 GIG even if I could remove 42.7 GIG from the hard drive. Does anyone know how I can remove the 42.7 GIG backup image from my hard drive and also recover another 38.6 Gig of space? Rescue and Recovery / advanced tab will only let me remove 35.4 GIG on the external USB Drive.   

Richard N. Kaufman

Answer:I have lost 80 gigabytes from my 128.1 GIGs of total drive space (160 GIG - 5400 rpm drive)

You have not mentioned which OS you are using?Did you check out system restore and the space allocated to that?

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I have just fdisked  my sons hard drive with winxp on. and then formatted it. I used a floppy disk which I downloaded from the internet called Ranish partition manager version 2.38 beta 1.91  the problem is I can't install winxp. In the fdisk programe the fixed driveDisk      Drv    Mbytes       Free    Usage1                    24986                     100%            c:       57242I now have less than this now half the 57242How can i get the drive back to normal.

Answer:Lost hard drive drive space.

Why are you using Fdisks when the Windows XP CD-ROM can create and remove partitions for you?

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I have a WD Red 2.0 TB drive (1.8 TB formatted) and have been watching it fill up (%used) for some time now. I have lost 1 TB to "unknown" according to WinDirStat. VSS is NOT RUNNING, which I read about in the tutorial here: System Protection - Turn On or Off.

So, what could be eating this space and how do I recover it?

FYI - the usual litany - No viruses; Disk Cleanup was run; Drive diagnostics pass; Chkdsk, defrag, etc. all OK.
Also, the thing I use the drive for is to maintain program libraries. I perform a lot of temporary folder copies and delete old copies. The recycle bin is empty. Have no idea why this space is lost.

Answer:Lost space on external drive - Lost 1TB of 2TB drive

I've always found WinDirStat results a bit cryptic.

Maybe you can get a more sensible result with a similar free application:

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

The usual suspects are hibernation file, System Restore points, page file, malware/virus, or some program doing something you don't expect it to do. For instance, we recently had a case here where someone was using a cloud backup program that was mis-configured and putting the backups on local drives, rather than in the cloud.

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Relevance 88.56% more......

Answer:Lost drive space maybe this can help

That does not look very useful at all. How would drive space simply dissapear?

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Yesterday I restored my Acer Extensa laptop, Vista with 160gb hard drive and 2 gb m to the factory default image using discs made when I purchased the laptop. On my C drive I now only have 28.2 gb when it should be 69.5gb and the D drive is 69.5gb. Have I done something wrong? Where has the space gone.

Answer:Lost space on C drive

I forgot to say that I still have 74 updates to instal so there will not be much space left.

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Can anyone tell me why my hd has gone down in size after a defragIt was 2.03gb now 1.69gbwin 98se

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Hi, I have T60 with 55GB hard disk space.Recently I noticed it's consistently 85% full.I also noticed that C preload drive only has 16.8 GB used by few other disk utility programs (or if I simply add up each folder sizes under C:\).I can't figure out what happened to about 30 GB space on my drive.I did clean system restore points, IE caches and usual items.Is it being used by Thinkvantage program,etc?Any help will be appreciated! 

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i partioned my 640gb drive using the linux based parted magic livecd/usb and put in os and when i started pc again in vista it reads the whole drive as only 596gb someone told me linux can do something to your drive to cause this and windows cant see it so i put in a disc with linux mint and it saw the whole 640gb does anyone know how this happened and particularly whay i can do to get bk my missing 40gb.

Answer:lost hard drive space

click here

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I have a 550cpu with 20gb hdd. I lost 18gb, fdisk would only recognize 2gb. I had updated norton antivirus with internet firewall but it must have been a virus unless there was hdd failure. How can I tell? Can I recover? How large hdd can my system handle? Meanwhile I bought a new system from Wal Mart. Thanks for any help. charog

Answer:Lost hard drive space

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Hello,I have a 40 gb western digital HD that came out of my old computer and I did a format on it and use it for an external drive.I checked the space available and there is only 492 mb available on the disk.I don't know if the jumpers would have anything to do with it but they are set on master.The disk is completly empty. Thanks for any help.

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I have just got a 16GB PNY flash drive 2 days ago so i could attempt to create a boot drive on it. I doubted i had set it up right so i wanted to start over. I formatted the drive, and now half of the space is missing. I am using Windows 7 so i tried using the Disk Management tool to try to find out what happened. In Disk Management I saw that the missing space still exists as unallocated space. I then tried to delete the partition so i could re-allocate all the space as one partition, but the delete option was grayed out. so now i have no idea how to get my space back.

So my question is how can I get my flash drive back to having 16gb of space on it?

Answer:Flash drive space lost

Gparted, Included with most Linux distros (I personally use Puppy Linux)

EASEUS Partition Master for Windows

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A USB hard has malfunctioned and lost 100Gb of it's original capacity. Apparently it just disappeared one day, the drive was formated in an attempt to restore it but the drive still registers only 50Gb. I have checked the drive in Windows Disk Manager but it states 50Gb 'Healthy'. I've never known a hard drive to do anything like this before and I'm stumped. I've seen drives that will not read/right past a bad sector or right sectors off, but all signs show that these aren't the case.

Answer:USB Hard Drive Lost Space

Is it supposed to be a 150GB drive?Was it originally partitioned?Did you lose any data?Who makes it?

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I wiped clean and reformatted my hard drive with Windows 98 (from XP).  I am now missing 8gb from my hard drive space.I have no idea what the solution is, much less the cause of it all!Help!

Answer:Lost hard drive space

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Okay, this has been going on for a while, and I'm getting sick of it.

Since a couple months ago, roughly July of last year, I've been losing disk space on my C drive even when I haven't downloaded a single byte or installed any programs. Though this might sound crazy, I've looked for viruses like a detective, in hopes that it's what's causing this. But I don't have a virus, and I'm down to 16.4 GB out of a 232 GB HDD. I'm going crazy, because since then, I've had a 32 GB average of anything on that drive, and I had a couple games and programs on there even with that in there. In 3 weeks, I've been losing at least 3 GB.

Please help me, I've tried:
-Deleting every restore point/shadow copy except the most recent
-Overlooked the winsxs folder, it's only 8.35 GB, I can live with that.
-Downloaded TreeSize, found that a folder called [Files], taking up 201,663 MB: should I delete this file? The owner is called 'TrustedInstaller' according to TreeSize.

Thanks so much for any reply.

Answer:Hard Drive Space lost?

hey man, i no you said u deleted all the restore points, but if you go to "backup and restore center" and go to "create a restore point or change settings" if u still have a hard drive checked thats where your losing your space. i had that issue on my laptop and i was deleting the the backups but was still losing about 500mbs a day. after i unchecked it everything was back to awsome.

hope that helped in some way

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OK so I have an external hard drive with some incredible magic disappearing space. Here is what I did.

I use this FAT32 hard drive to transfer files from mac to pc and vice versa.

I had about 96 gigs of stuff I wanted to delete and I moved them to the trash bin on the mac. I tried to delete, it would only let me delete about 60 gigs reset was locked or something.

I gave up on the mac cause im better with the pc and went to the H:\.trashes and found the files. (External is H:\ obviously.)

there was 36 gigs left of stuff which i tried to delete via recycle bin. While it was deleting the 96,000 files, i accidently hit the upper-right hand red "X" to close the dialogue box, and it closed. Now my hard drive is missing about 30 gigs of unallocated space. Is there any way to see the files that OBVIOUSLY and due to my own stupidity are still there?
Thanks in advance for any help on this one. You guys are the best.

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I suddenly appear to have lost a big chunk of my HD. It seems to have happened since I began edit my Hi8 video form AVi in Ulead Studio 7.
I have a 60GB HD and realising that AVi files are very large, have only been downloading in stages of around 6GB, then editing and converting to MPEG2. I then remove the AVi files before doing the next batch.
My HD generally has around 10GB in use which goes up to around 15 to 20GB with my AVi files, on checking my system today I only have 16GB of space free, yet my Video folder is only holding 6GB's!
Where has approx 28GB of space gone?
Any help or advice on how I check this will be much appreciated.
Many thanks

Answer:Lost Hard Drive space?

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I recently tried to download a game by RUN instead of SAVE, when the download was finished I pressed RUN, but I waited for a while and nothing happend no startup, nothing. so I restarted my computer and now the 1+GB or HDD that the program took is now taking my HDD space and I can't find it so that I can delete\end the program and get the HDD space back!

How can I find that process if its hidden *I already checked Task Manager, but couldn't find the program* or How can I find this group of files so that I can delete it *It is NOT in the windows/Temp (folder)*


Answer:Lost hard drive space!! PLEASE HELP!!!

You can try this: Temp File Cleaner

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During a routine check of Hard Drive space, I was surprised to see I was using 60GB

However, I set explorer to display everything, selected it all, and got 40GB.

I've uploaded a picture of it.

I can't explain it. Where in the world did 20GB of space just... vanish?

Answer:[SOLVED] Lost space in C: drive

Hi and Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista!

I would suggest that you use TreeSize to look deeper into your system for answers. It will provide you with a detailed folder-by-folder analysis of the space used by the hard drive. You can download it HERE.

By far, the largest difference that you will see will be in the \users\ folder. This folder contains files that Vista does not allow you to see, regardless of the level of your admin account. Excluded \users\ folders by Vista include the subfolders \Default, \Public and \appdata.

Here is a screen shot of the system that I am currently on to show the difference between that which Windows repots and TreeSize:


Regards. . .


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after trying to install sam linux 2007,when i run windows it say's i only have 503mb of hard drive space,when i know it's a 10gb drive.yet when i run sam 2007 live cd it detects 10 gb and six doe's not see any.anyone know whats gone wrong or how to correct it.

Answer:hard drive lost most of it's space

What version of Windows, what model of hard drive, and how many partitions are really there? Did you use some sort of drive overlay software? Any kind of compression being used?Details are helpful, including what is SAM Linux?

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I installed a new hard drive 40GB.
After install I used Partition magic to create 3 partitions.
Using Fdisk I see that I now only have 32015 Megabits total.
Where did 7985 Megs go.

40Gb hard drive
256 Memory
Hp Pavilion Machine

Answer:Lost Hard Drive space

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I have a computer that someone ran fdisk and then formatted. The 10 G hard drive now reads 503 mb. We ran the fdisk and reformatted and still have the same thing. Any ideas as to what has caused this???

Answer:Lost Hard Drive Space

Check in the machine's BIOS setup if the disk mode is set to NORMAL, it should be in LBA. Another reason is that if your PC is an old machine, u would have to use anyway the Ontrack Disk manager to allow full capacity recognition...

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I?m using Windows XP Pentium 4, 1000gb RAM.Over the past month I seem to be losing space on my Hard Drive it is only 50gb big enough for what I want. I was using 10.5gb 4 weeks ago now it is 12.5gb. I have installed a couple of programmes and uninstalled them using Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006, I have also ran CCLeaner, Regseeker. I have know idea where the extra 2gb have come from. Running Duplicate File in Advanced Uninstaller there are 408 Duplicate Files in 200 Different Groups, there are a number of ATI Support files and plenty of Empty Folder Group can I safely delete them or should I leave them alone.

Answer:Lost space on Hard Drive

Not sure of those but often system restore will take up a lot of space. Go into it and reduce the space it uses.

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Hey Everyone, I'm having an "interesting" problem with my PC. It says that I have 80 gigs left on a 120 gig HD. The problem is, I've only had my computer for a month now, and there is no way I've used up 40 gigs worth of space. I used a HD scan - treesize - which shows I've only used about 10 gigs of HD space. Does anyone know why there is this discrepancy between what the HD says I have left and what the HD scanner says I have. This problem is really annoying, since the computer seems to be telling me I'm losing about a gig of HD space a day. Yesterday it was 85, today it's 83.

Answer:lost hard drive space - or is it?

Where are you seeing the reported sizes ? ?Easiest way would be to open Windows Explorer and see where th largest files are...

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Hello everybody. I hope I can keep this post as non-confusing as possible, but the other day when I was going through my drives, I saw like 2.5 gigs free on my D drive, which has all my music and programs.

Today, I come to my machine after installing nothing and I see 35mb free space...and that very annoying "Low Disk Space" bubble in WinXP.

Does anyone have any ideas what could've happened?



Answer:Lost ALOT of Drive Space

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I recently installed Windows 7 Premium Home edition and last week I noticed a mismatch with the space taken up on the C:/ drive and with that shown on the 'Local Disk (C:)' icon shown when I click on 'Computer'.
It originally showed 148 GB spare out of a total disk space of 465 GB. When I go into the C:/ and click on 'Select all' from the Edit menu it will read 234 GB when I click on Properties from the File menu.
The amount of free space seems to be getting progressively less - it was 148 GB about a week ago - it is now 134 GB - despite the fact that I have only downloaded a few MBs of graphic files.
Any one any idea of the cause of this and how it can be resolved?

Answer:Lost disk Space on C:/ Drive

Most likely to be "Restore points".
You can set the amount of space devoted to this - mine is set at 5% (16Gig)
If you have CCleaner it is easy to see how many restore points - (tools-system restore. Try deleting the oldest one and see if you get more space). Come back if more details needed.
Another useful tool is Treesize free. You can see where stuff is.

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Re: Lost Hard drive space.Dell: T-600 XPS Desktop.Hard drive: 20gb.Windows: 98SE.Ram: 768mb.Dear Computer Hope Community:I had recently performed a "Webroot Erase drive" cleanout of the whole hard drive in order to start anew. I utilized their function known as the Guttman method, which entailes 35 passes to completely erase all data permanently. This is better than just reformating the hard drive, of which this is not guaranteed to eliminate all of the prior data. Upon my reinstallation of the Windows operating system, I had checked the storage capacity on my hard drive and I have lost 18 gb, or it had indicated that the drive has only 2 gb instead of 20 gb. Could someone who is familiar with such, please explain what had occurred and how to solve this mystery. This will be very much appreciated.Yours sincerely,Eddy.

Answer:Lost hard drive space capacity.

During reinstall of OS be sure to delete all prior partitions prior to installation. It should come up and state that it found a FAT32 partition or other partition type and delete to delete this and create a new one. You should then get your full storage capacity back, less than 20gb but greater than 17gb due to the 1000 = 1024 mislead of drive manufacturers.

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I downloaded a free trial program called PC Optimzer, to clean up space on pc. But i run one of its programs called,Secure Dealete Disc Driveswhich removed a big chunk of my free space,about 7GB. please can any one tell me how i could get this back, i have tried to contact PC Optimizer all week with emails and phone, to no luck...

Answer:lost free space on hard drive, where has it gone.

Which OS are you using ?Have you tried System Restore ?

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hi everyone
my hard drive is 250 gb which was split into 4 partitions, made with norton partition magic. i deleted all the partitions except for C: and reformatted the drive. re-installed xp and now my C: drive is only 120gb, when i deleted the other partitions, i thought they would just go back on the C: drive

how can i get that space back without having to format again, any help would be great

ps: file system ntfs

Answer:lost h drive space after partition and reformat

They are now unallocated space, use NPM to redistribute the free space to C. Then defragment your system.

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For the second time in 6 months my win 7 has gone through a update sequence that windows failed. The system then goes through a sort of undoing process. Very lengthy process. After witch I have lost roughly 18GB of drive space. I did a drive clean-up only to regain under 2GB of space back.

sound familiar to anyone? Can help? please

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Please can you help!! i have XP, 256 ram, 2.28 GB hard drive. been trying to remove east asian language pack installed year ago, whick took huge chunk of my disc space. so set a system restore date then reinstalled EAL pack from XP CD ROM thinking i could uninstall it easily and maybe regain some space. however it didnt uninstall by my unchecking box in Regional & Languages/Languages/East Asian Languages. I found I lost even more disc space, so did system restore but it didnt correct it - did a 2nd system restore and now i am down to 8% free space (194 mb)! dont know what to try next! I know I should have left well alone as I have been operating quite well on 27% free disc space (about 600 MB)up to now. obviously got too much time on my hands!!

Answer:Lost all my hard drive disc space!!

Try and remoove the language packs in safemode.Failing that, buy a bigger hard disk. 2.2Gb really isnt alot for a system running XP as it will take up nearly half that with windows alon.You can add a second hard disk without having to reinstall windows or any programs.

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I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 / 320 gig hard drive. I installed in older computer and only recognized 131 gigs of space. On the advice of a friend I went ahead and formatted that partition with the thought that after I installed Windows 2000 I would reclaim the lost the entire hard drive. WRONG! Now no matter what I do it only sees that 131 gig. The rest is gone. I have even installed the hard drive on a friends computer who is running Vista and it only sees the 131 gig. Is there anyway I can recover this hard drive?

Answer:Help! Reclaim lost Hard drive space

Once it is formated you have two choices. You can use a utility such as Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director to stretch the partition. Or partition and format the unused space as D and E partitions.

Another option is to do a fresh install, this time using a Windows 2000with SP3 or higher CD (supports large drives).

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Hello, I recently just noticed the max capacity of my hard drive had reduced by about 30GB. It went from a max capacity of 160GB to 127GB. I recently installed Windows Vista Ultimate x64 from Windows XP Professional x32. At first I didn't notice this, but after I installed a few games I realized my free space was much lower than it should have been. On XP I'm almost positive it always said I had 150+ GB. This is a self built machine, so there was no manufacturer software on it. There is no visible partition. Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Lost Hard Drive Space

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Hey guys
So I bought a windows 7 netbook a few months ago, and within the first couple of weeks it caught a big virus and almost nothing in the computer was working anymore. So I panicked and since this was the only computer I had, I downloaded a copy of linux, put it on a bootable USB and installed Linux over windows 7. Then eventually I made another bootable USB for windows 7, and I put it in and it only showed one hard disk where it was possible to install windows, and it was the C drive with only 97 gigs of memory (the computer actually has 250 gigs). So I installed windows over linux and now Im wondering where is the rest of my hard drive? Is there any way to get it back?


Answer:Hard Drive space disappeared/lost

before you install windows on the choosing your hard drive to install to, from there you can choose to create partitions, delete them, or format entire volumes.
Your best bet is to format the entire drive this way and do a fresh install.

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I've just installed a 160 GB SATA hard drive to use as a slave and have formatted it but it reads as 149 GB. I know one or two GB may be used up here and there but is about 10 GB right?

Answer:Lost space when formatting a hard drive

P.S. The other 11 GB or so appears as "unallocated". Can I "allocate" it so that I can use it?

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A few days ago I had about 26-27 GB of free space on my hard drive C.
Today I only have 17 GB of free space.
The only thing I remember doing was installing a few programs because one of my programs stopped working suddenly so I needed an alternative program.  The alternatives didn't work either so I uninstalled them.  But now I still am left with about 10 GB of lost space that I don't know what happened to.
I feel like I don't have lots of programs installed onto my computer(or any large files) and the ones I do have are not big.  So I feel like I should have more free space available, and I feel like something bad or unnecessary is taking up space on my computer.  So I'm hoping someone here can help me free up some space or find what could be taking up this space on my computer.
I ran a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scan and it found nothing.  I also ran CCleaner and it didn't free up much space.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium.  My computer is a ASUS Notebook K52F/K62F Series laptop.
Hopefully somebody can help me, thank you.

Answer:I lost about 10 GB of hard drive space in a few days.

Hello, possibly a rootkit infection, we should get a deeper look. Please follow this Preparation Guide and post in a new topic.Let me know if all went well.

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SO my 80GB laptop crashed, and went insane, so I had to reinstall XP, when I finally get back in I appear to have lost half my hard drive space, and also have two hard drives. One says it is FAT and has a 7 MB capacity, and the other says it has 37 GB of space. I am no genius, but I am confused and in dire need of help!!

Thank you!

Answer:Lost 40GB of hard drive space!

Sound like you might have accidently partitioned your hard drive when you reinstalled XP.

To check stick the XP cd in & boot up. Follow the screens as if you were going to format again. Don't worry you can back out. See what it says about your hard drive there. If you want to go back to just one 80gig drive you will have to delete the partitions & install again. This will be a format (you will lose all your files so back up what you need) not just reinstalling.

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Hey guys,
I have my laptop partitioned into 2 drives. One for system and one for everything else.

On my system drive i have 60Gb and the D drive is 300ish. I have started to get the "Low resources" message on the C drive. I have looked around everywhere for the 60gb's and it gone. Vanished into thin air.

I navigate to C:\users and check the properties. it says there is 35gigs being used. Inside there users\kcameron - thats me - it says used 34gigs.

When i check through all of the libary folders inside i cannot find more then a few megs of stuff. so 34gigs is being used, but i cannot find it.

anyone have any ideas, or tools i could use to check this out? Its to the point where i cannot open many things without the system getting angry. I could always re-format, but other then this problem everything else is find.


Answer:Solved: Lost hard drive space

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Hi. My friend recently gave her thumb drive to me, and asked me to try and figure out how to fix it.

It's a 2gb thumb drive (1.97gb, it reality), and it worked fine. However, a few days ago, most of it's files disappeared, with only about four remaining... the funny thing was, according to cmd, explorer, and even foldersizes (that's a program from keymetric), the drive has 700 Mb worth of used space, even if the four remaining files were only about 500 Kb each (*.mht files).

Now, at first, the simplest solution was that the original files that 'disappeared' were simply hidden. this was not the case. The files simply aren't there, or are hidden by some arcane way that I can't fathom (for example, that old win98 trick of renaming, via .bat file, your folders with ASCII characters that make Windows unable to access them).

We are not discounting the fact that it was a virus that caused all this grief (in fact, i'm pretty sure some form of malware caused it... there was one that was detected by my Kaspersky 2009 the instant I plugged in the thumbdrive). However, we were hoping to avoid a REFORMAT, since we were hoping to salvage those missing files... they were pretty important. We keep hoping that the missing 700 MB are actually the missing files (though my friend can't give me a definite answer as to whether the actually files that disappeared were 700 MB in size).

Any helpful comments? Thanks.

Answer:Lost space on USB 2.0 Flash Disk Drive

700 MB of its capacity is propbaly gone bad by some means. There are quite a lot of programs for file recovery out there. Hope it isn't totally unaccessible.

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Please, MY E: hard drive pie is blue and full need help solving this. Thanks.


Let me google that for you

Im assuming this is a joke , if not that link will help you anyway

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Ok so basically I was playing an older game, which when i was quiting, ended up freezing and crashing...I had to manually turn off my computer. I turned the computer back on saw that I had gone from having 279gb of free space to only 267gb! I've tried to defrag with Defraggler, cleaned about 17gb worth, but still nothing to add to my HDD. I checked my disk cleaner Ccleaner and it said that I only needed to clean 8.67mb? how is that possible, I just defraged the computer, I should have plenty to clean up.

How should I go about recovering that space that I lost in the crash, and how exactly do crashes cause this to happen?

Shadow Storage :

0gb used storage
0gb allocated storage
1gb maximum size

Answer:PC Crash = Lost Hard Drive Space!!! HELP!!!

I'd try running the chkdsk /r command on the boot/system partition.You may get a bunch of chkdsk files which may need further effort.Recover CHK FilesLouis

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Hi, I have reformatted my laptop which is a hp compaq 6715b. Before i done this i had 250g of space, since doing this i only have 127g of space. Any ideas where its gone and how to get it back? Thanks

Answer:Solved: Lost hard drive space

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I posted the other week and was told that i had a Ramnit virus and it was best to reinstall windows, so i did.
A friend of mine said that i should first use XP as that would format my drive then upgrade to Windows 7. (not sure if that was correct but he knows a bit so i did). When i tried to install XP it showed 2 drived "c" and "d" both as 132000mb (can't remember exact figure) so i formated "c" leaving "d" as it was. My "d" drive only had saved data on it and no programmes. Later i realised that it had not shown all my drive as i have 2 500gb drives and it only showed 127gb on each. I installed XP then used my windows 7 to upgrade. When i checked My Computer it showed 2 drived both 127gb. I went on to the control panel and to disk management where i could clearly see the missing part of my "c" drive and activated it so i now have another drive "k" which is 337gb and i formated the drive which is showing as blank. On the disk management page though the list at the top shows my "d" drive which it now calls "e" as being 128gb but the bit below shows "e"as 465gb NTFS healthy and active primary partition. Also the problem that i had with the redirect virus still seems to be there. When i search on google it first takes me to another page which i then close and on the second click to the link it takes me to the page i wanted to go to. I also get ramdom blank pages opening up t... Read more

Answer:still redirects after re install and lost hard drive space


If still having redirect issues please follow the steps below.
Download OTL to your desktop.
Double click on the icon to run it. Make sure all other windows are closed and to let it run uninterrupted.
When the window appears, underneath Output at the top change it to Minimal Output.
Copy-paste following contents into custom scan -area:
%systemroot%\*. /mp /s
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\Results\Install|LastSuccessTime /rs
Click the Run Scan button. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. The scan wont take long.When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows. OTL.Txt and Extras.Txt. These are saved in the same location as OTL.
Please copy (Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy) the contents of these files, one at a time, and post it with your next reply. You may need two posts to fit them all in.

Let me also know if you're using a router (what brand & model).

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Yesterday I had 40 GB of free space and today I have 7 GB. I was hoping no one was using my system to store things, or if this might just be a reporting error. I physically can't see any extra files.

Maxtor n256 80GB

I was deleting files from the drive and also deleted a movie that was 6+GB so having 7 GB of free space doesn't make sense
The content of the drive is pictures some movies, a few program files, and some word documents.
I emptied the trash on my Dell. I analyzed the drive and the defagmentor says I only have 7 GB of free space.

Is there a program that will account for the files and sizes of the files on my drive?

I have Dell dimension 8400, running XP 2002, service pac3

Thanks for any advice

Answer:external hard drive lost free space


Can you download this program. It will show you exactly what files are taking up the most amount of space on your computer. It's called WinDirStat and once you have run the program, it will start detailing your pc. Let it do it's thing and when finished it should show you what is taking up space and where. Simply hover your mouse over the colours at the bottom of the window to see what the file is and where it is. If you see one that looks very large, click on it and it will be highlighted for you at the top.
Let us know if this helps.
Which defrag program are you using?

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Hi there,

I found a problem at my (almost new) Toshiba Satellite C650-15X laptop I bought several months ago. It has hard drive with 500GB volume in 2 partitions: C and D- with 250GB each; and Windows 7 Premium, 64/bit operating system.

There is something strange at D partition: it's 225GB of missing space! After marking all files at D partition> Properties, there is only 25GB in use and really small amount or no free space! There isn't any system or other hired files together with this 25GB's. More than 220GB in D partition is just disappeared.

Partition C looks normal. Was tried all known Windows tools: disc check, defragmentation, troubleshooters etc without results. Any suggestions or idea what?s happened and how to fix it? Thanks advance!

Answer:Lost Hard Drive space on Satellite C650-15X

Can you please open Computer Management > Disk Management. Make a screenshot and post it here.
I would like to see exact HDD structure.

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how do i get it back? my total disk space in c is 37.28 gb. i had 80% free space in c before i did a clean reinstall as my hubby messed up something. im now down to 69% free space. what happened to it? the computer is working fine and i know windows xp home sp2 uses a lot of space but this is a puzzle to me. any suggestions welcomed. ive cleaned the disk and defragged but it didnt give me back much free space. i thought a clean reinstall is supposed to wipe everything out and put you back to brand new.

Answer:lost free space in drive c after windows xp reinstall

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I had my system setup as dual boot (with separate drives) while making a change over from win7 home premium to widows 7 ultimate. After i got everything set up the way i wanted it, in win 7 ultimate, I figured I would delete the home premium and clone the drive with easus utility. this way i could have just one drive and one OS.
When I cloned the drive with my new OS on it, to my 600 GB hdd that I had just formatted but not partitioned. I lost all the space on the 600GB empty drive. the drive property says that it is a 700 MB drive now and that it's 3/4 full but when i click on that drive it says this folder is empty. also the OS is running on a 160GB drive and will not start windows unless the 600 GB drive is present. with the 600GB drive by it self will not boot either.
What Did I do wrong? How can i get the OS ultimate to run on its own drive again?
How do i get back the space on my 600GB drive. And how can i move my New OS to the Main C: drive?
any input would help shed some light, I can usually figure these types of things out but there seems to be something i am not grasping here. thanks for listening.

Answer:cloned hdd with easus back up, lost all drive space

Post a picture of Windows Disk Management with both drives connected so we can see what is happening.

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I used the system restore on my computer, but since I didn't have any restore points it went back to its original state.
Afterward I noticed that my hard drive lost a whole bunch of space. Is there a way to recover that space?

Answer:Lost space on hard drive after system restore

I never use Restore, however, I would imagine the lost space is the original system backed up.

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Ah never mind, i somehow obtained 4 gb of IE temp files

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I was steered toward this stire from
The re-installation happened(I found out later I didn't have to) after someone installed Linux in my system for a project we're working on(don't ask, long story). The addition of Linux slowed down my whole computer and I am pretty certain I uninstalled Linux(I no longer have the WXP or Linux option when I first turn on my PC). After re-installing XP(from my D drive?) there is less than a gig of space left.

The person helping me at techsupport forum suggested I download Tree Size and report back to him the results....which are the following:

n C:\
I have 24.4 GB being used:

7.3 GB Documents & Settings
6.7 GB Windows
4.6 GB Program Files
3.9 GB Recycler (if this means the recycle bin, it's currently empty)
1.2 GB Files
0.7 GB HP
many other files below are all listed as 0 GB

If I'm only taking using 24.4 GB and my hard drive capacity is 55.4 GB, why do I only have 447 MB of free space left? We've tired to open up the System Volume root folder in my C drive, but access is always denied with everything we've tried so far....very frustrating...

Can anyone help?

Answer:Reinstalled WXP - lost half my hard drive space???

It sounds like the Linux partition is still there.

When you installed XP did you reformat and install. A good possibility the Linux partition was not seen and therefore still intact.

In disk manager, how does the hard drive show up?

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Having upgraded my PC with new motherboard, SATA II hard drive, Intel P4 processor and DDR II memory, I have lost all but 2.5 Gb of a 160 gb hard drive. This has come as a result of the continuos looping of the loading of XP Pro with associated re-partitioning of the hard drive. Is there a method of recovering the rest of the hard drive? All I can see in My Computer is a "C" Drive with 2.5 Gb, most of which is occupied by XP

Answer:Lost Hard Drive space after loading Windows XP pro

start - setting -control panel - admin tools - computer management -disk managementCAn you see the rest of the drive in there?If so, right click on the unallicated part of the drive and allicate a drive letter and format as necessary.

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I rebuilt my PC with XP. All has gone well with the exception that I seem to of lost loads of hard drive space somewhere. I have lost about 90 gig. I think the loss is related to the partitioning. If there a way of getting it back without rebuilding the PC again?

Any support will be much appreciated.

Answer:Rebuilt PC and lost loads of hard drive space!

Hi Terry and welcome to TSF.
Could you say how big your disc is and what partitions are on it and how big each partition is?

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Can someone help me please. the other day my computer crashed and i had no choice but to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch. I installed everything fine but...... I have a 20Gb hard drive installed, but I have windows ME, and it says that it is only 1.99Gb, please help me because i have lost a hell of a lot of space.

Answer:{SOLVED} lost 18 gigabytes of hard drive space.

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I have just deleted a partion on the hard drive of my Thinkpad X230. I followed the instructions by deleting the volume I didn't need (which was volume D). However, free space that was in D has not been added to the the existing volume (Volume C) as this has not increased in size. Have I made a terrible mistake and lost the space for ever? It is not the original hard drive that came with the laptop - I had a solid state drive installed. Can anyone help?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Hard drive space appears lost after deleting a partition

HiHow have you deleted the volume exactly? Did you use Windows Disk Manager app or the tool diskpart.exe or what?Anyway, open the tool you need - diskmgmt.msc, delete the volume and expand existing volume. Follow application help if you need.

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So I tried installing Lineage 2 this afternoon and then I after entering in the login screen the game would crash. So I tried to uninstall, and then reinstall. The problem was that I lost about 1-2 gigs of hard drive space, so I deleted some excess videos I had on my hard drive leading me to have around 3.0gbs. So even though that was kind of odd, I try playing again, and the same problem occurs. So again I uninstall and reinstall, and now I have 780megs free. So I am understandably confused and angry! Help me, I need my lost hard drive space back!

Answer:help! uninstalling my Lineage 2 leads to lost hard drive space

oh yea and if it helps, I checked my hard drive space (it is 70.9gbs worth of capacity as it says on the pie chart) against my C drive by selecting all my files and folders in that c drive, including the hidden ones, and doing the properties thing to see how much space it is taking up, it says 65.7, so that's a good 4-5gigs of space that I have no clue went. and yes I emptied the recycle bin =)

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Hello all. First of all, I am a newbie. Second, I am not very knowledgeable about computers, so please forgive me if this question/issue seems stupid. Hoping someone can help me.

I used a utilities program called Glary Utilities. From time to time, I use the File Shredder to Wipe the free space of my hard drive. For the last couple of years, I have not had an issue and it increases my free space on my drive. Until a few days ago, the File Shredder/Wipe free space funtion would automatically shut down my computer about 65% of the way thru the wipe down process.

When I restarted my computer, I had lost over 89gigs of free space and do not know how to recover it. I tried to perform a system restore, but that did not help. Did I destroy my laptop? Is there anyway to get the free space back? Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:Lost Hard disk drive space using Glary Utilites

hi, first let me say i do not like programs like Glary Utilities,registry repair tools ,as they tend to cause more problems than fix .
my suggestion are what i use , windows defrag tool ,and TFC Temp Cleaner ,get that here ,

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Ok Folks, I sure hope you can help me out with this, as it is very frustrating for me.
This is what happend. Our windows files were messed up so we decided to do a full system recovery, starting with reformating our hard drive.

I read up on it and decided the best way to do this wast to use a win98 start up disk and do a format C: so we did.
We have a 20 gig hard drive, and we noticed after installing XP that it showed us only having a 2 gig hard drive. Now i realize that if you partition a hard drive with fdisk and answer no when it asks if you want to enable large disk support it makes your partiton a fat16 which only enables you to use 2 gigs of hd space, so i choose to answer yes, well, when i go to create a primary dos partition the maximum amount of space available is 2 gigs, it wont allow me to change it to the 20 gigs that are supposed to be available. Ive tried installing xp on the 2 gigs available, thinking that somewhere along the way it would recalculate my drive space and fix the problem, but it doesnt. So ive reformated like 5 times, used fdisk to partiton and delete partitions and tried everything i can think of. What am i doing wrong? I mean, is there a way to have dos recalculate the amount of space on my hard drive? There has to be. IT seems that the computer is stuck thinking i only have 2 gigs, and needs to erace this from memory, and recalculate the amount of space available. I also went into the setup by pressing f10 and chose to set default settings, ... Read more

Answer:Reinstall/Fdisk/partition/lost hard drive space

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Two questions, one post:

The first. I have a dell digital jukebox mp3 player that allows for storage of data or music. I tried to copy a 600mb file from the mp3 player onto my hard drive. I had a little over 600 mb of space left on my hard drive (a total storage capacity of 6GB). It said i had run out of space. So i deleted some files, move some things around and i had 1.1 GB of space free for this transfer. i tried again and this time again the message i got was not enough space on drive c:/. So i cancelled out and checked to see what i had on my hard drive, 500mb free!!!?? So i have lost hard drive space and not gain a file...So i investigated and found that i have 1.81 GB of data on c:\ documents settings\user. but once i get into user, i have 6 folders none of which display nearly that much data. They are, favorites, start menu, cookies, desktop, my documents, and a file named ntuser. the ntuser file is 1mb, and my desktop has 700 or so mb on it. So my question is how can i get back this lost hd space, its a very strange issue.

Blue screen. Im on xp pro sp1, i use adaware, registry mechanic, and im generally tidy with my windows; note, reinstalling windows did not solve this. I never used to have this issue, but lately when i go to open or close certain programs i jump to blue screen. it references trixdp.dll i think it was, and then "begin physical dump of memory" i must reboot at this point. I use VLC media player, and exiting this program mandates a blue ... Read more

Answer:Lost Hard drive space and a blue screen problem

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This was supposed to be a clean install (by a tech who supposedly makes his living this way), yet there are files from 2002 still on this computer when I had it built. This is what bothers me. This is a 20 gig hard drive and when I defrag, I find it only has 22% free space. I do download movies but delete them after viewing and I have a minimum of programs installed. So where is the other 14.99Gig space at? I don't download music and basically I do not know what could possibly be taking up this much space.I do use CCleaner every day but not the registry function. Any tips or help would be welcome.

Answer:[SOLVED] Recent XP re-install-lost hard drive space

First go to Add Remove Programs and Uninstall any programs and software you no longer need or use. Move any pictures, documents and music to a USB Flash Drive you want to keep, and delete those you don't. Then download CCleaner. Analyze your drive and delete the temp files it finds.
Go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter. In the Disk Management software see if there is an Unallocated space on your the Drive that has the C: partition on it. If you have Unallocated space on the same line, then use a 3rd party partition utility like Easus Partitioning Master to extend your C: partition into the unallocated space to increase the C: drive. Be sure to backup all data first.

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Ok, this is a weird question, I know, but I don't know exactly how to Google this to find the answer.

I have a 1.5 tb external drive (which shows up as something like 1.3 tb in Windows). I use it for storage, but now I have it set up to automatically back up my internal drive. Now it shows up as 1.04 tb in "My Computer." I looked in "Disk Management" and it seems to have three partitions, two of which have no drive letters assigned. So, I just have one quick question, is that normal?

The reason I ask is because today I was messing around with dual-booting Ubuntu. I just wanted to make sure I didn't mess something up.

To anyone who answers, thanks for putting up with a stupid question, lol.

Answer:Solved: Will setting a drive as a backup drive reduce what's shown as available space

What is the make and model of the external drive?

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Hi everyone,
I installed Ubuntu on my computer a few months ago and created another partition for it on my 1TB hard drive.

I didn't really care for Ubuntu so I decided to delete the partition it was on.
That might have been a mistake.

Well, now there's 87.68GB of free space on my hard disk that I can't use and I don't know how to add it back to my c: partition.

There was another post about this a couple years ago, but I don't understand the instructions and am not actually sure if it worked. Can someone explain how to do this, please?

I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I'm not familiar with partitioning disks. It was just the one time with Ubuntu.

Answer:Hard drive partition: adding free space back to c: drive

The unallocated area is actually an empty extended partition. You need to delete that first.

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I install a new hard drive because my old drive had no more available space. I then used IBM Recovery CD's to rebuild system out of the box.  Rebuild was flawless except that I now only have 618GB of useable space on the Creload partition. What happened to the other approx. 400 GB.  The recovery partition used up almost 318GB of space.  My old drive was 160 GB, and the available space on the Creload was 145 GB, so technically I should have only lost about 15 GB on the Recovery side of the partition. Here is what I found interesting using the disk managment, the recovery partition is formatted for FAT32 file system, the Creload is formated to NTFS. I did not format  the new drive just installed it and then started using the CD's.  The only thing I can figure is that the drive must have been formatted for FAT32 and the files from the CD's were copied directly over to this format and expanded.  The Creload was created properly by formatting and installing the system from the recovery partition. Before installing the rest of my software I am wondering if I should start again and reformat the entire new hard disk into a NTFS format then start all over.  Will this fix this issue and maximize the available space for this 1TB drive? Any comments would be appreciated!

Answer:Upgraded Hard Drive to 1TB - C Drive Space was limited to 618 GB, Partition used UP 320 GB

While I cannot explain what happened with the reconfiguration of the hard drive, I can tell you that your 1TB hard drive is actually 931GB hard drive. Reason being....... An OS [operating system] sees 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes.A hard drive manufacturer sees 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.The manufacturer lists their numbers in the specifications. Thus, 1TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. It would have to be 1,099,511,627,776 bytes in order for the OS to see full 1TB available.  I would suggest leaving 15GB or 16GB of unallocated space for the recovery partition and the rest for the OS. Hopefully that will work.Message Edited by ortegaluis on 03-27-2009 11:17 PM

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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I'm in a panic mode.
My files are supposed to be inside a subfolder within the drive. Now all the subfolders are visible but there is no contents inside.
That is My Computer - DRIVE F - Subfolder A (visible) - Subfolder A1 (visible) - contents in Subfolder A1 (EMPTY).

Now when I check DRIVE F it tells me 156GB of 210GB used, which corresonds to the file sizes. So it seems to recognize files inside the drive but when I go inside it's completely empty!

Any help?...

Answer:SOS: Drive space shows 156GB used but drive contents empty


Please open a CMD window, then navaagte to the drive and folder that you think has the files. Now type dir *.* and hit enter.

Please post the results here.


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Hello and good evening to you all. I have a slight problem and i'm hoping to get some help please. I have a nice samsung laptop, it came with 320gb hard drive, and when i set it up it was split into the following:
C drive: 45.9GB free of 112GB
D drive: 167GB free of 167GB
I've put some music and a few other things on the c drive, so its beginning to fill up, so I need to know HOW to increase the space on the C drive by getting more space from the D drive please.
many thanks

Answer:How to increase space on my Primary Hard Drive from secondary drive

use this but read carefully
eaesus partition manager

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Does anyone know if you can take a formatted C: Drive running W2K Workstation, that uses the whole 10GB hard disk, and then using computer management change the drive from one C: drive to a C & D drive? Some vendor told a friend of mine that a particular application should run on a drive other that C so he wants to change the drive config. without re-installing W2K.

Answer:{Advice Offered} - Resizing C: drive to make space for a D: drive

You can try Partition magic. It should be able to resize the C partition without data loss. You probably should defrag C first as that will free up the most space at the end of the partition.

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A bit of background...
-I have a Lenovo x61
-I have backup DVDs for Windows Vista to restore the computer to the factory state

So I wanted to play around with Windows 7 and I also realized that I didn't need the hidden service partition at the beginning of the drive if I had the backup DVDs. So, I figured if I were installing a new OS anyway, it would be a good time to kill that partition.

I proceeded to kill the partition successfully in Vista using diskpart and I was left with approximately 5.5GB of unallocated space at the beginning of the drive. I had read several places that if you did a clean install of Vista with unallocated space, it would overwrite that space and give you access to the whole drive in a single partition (so much for stuff you read randomly on the net ). So, I thought that probably was the same way Windows 7 worked as well. I then popped in my Windows 7 DVD and selected clean install. Everything about the install worked great...except I still have the 5.5GB of unallocated space at the beginning of the drive.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this space and merge it back into the main partition? If the solution involves reinstalling Windows 7, that's fine (since I just did it yesterday and have hardly customized anything).

Thanks in advance for the help!

Also, here's a picture of the current state in disk management. One other question, what's the other part of the HD? RAM or something to do with Intel Turbo Memory?

Answer:Drive partition problem, unallocated space at front of drive

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First off PC specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 processor - 3.4 Ghz
Nvidia N460 GTX GFX card
240GB SanDisk SSD
Windows 7 64 bit

So here is the problem. I had a Western Digital 300 GB SATA drive that was starting to quit on me. So using an Ubuntu live CD I cloned the 300 gig drive onto the 240 gig drive (I only had used approx. 120 GB on the old drive so had LOTS of free space). It seemed to clone fine, and after removing the old drive the computer booted up fine (no errors, running super fast). Windows 7 also recognizes it as a solid state drive (it doesn't show up in the defrag list). However, I just noticed that it's showing the space on the drive as incorrect. It shows up as 126GB free of 297 GB (so pretty much the same size as the old drive). the motherboard's bios shows it correctly, and my linux CD shows it correct as well.

Any way I can fix this in windows without a reinstall of the OS?

Answer:Problem after having cloned drive. (showing incorrect space on drive)

Maybe you can try to clone with Macrium free
Try loading defaults in BIOS

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Hey guys,
I have an issue that suddenly appeared. My 500GB SSD has apparently not enough space on it anymore. Sadly, that cant be true since only half of it is used and I have absolutely no idea how to fix that. Not even deleting stuff changes anything about it.
So I tried to look it up in Disk Management and in there it says that the drive is fine and good, but it also shows another 500GB SSD which is not initialized. So I counted all my drives and I know for a fact that this drive should not exist. So I assume the two issues are connected.

This is how the Disk Management looks like:

Any idea?

Answer:Not enough space on half empty drive + one drive too many in disk mana

Hi, here's a wild guess... maybe Windows is trying to do an upgrade, and has no free unallocated space to create another Recovery partition.

What's your current build level?
(Windows key + R, winver).

Also please post a screenshot of your Windows update history, and if possible the exact error message that indicated you had insufficient space, and when it occurred. Thanks.

(Note- the preferred way to post screenshots is to use the icon to the left of the video icon above your post- mouseover tooltip = Insert Image).

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I need to download new Nvidia drivers, and it automatically tries to download in my (OS) C: drive, and the launcher doesn't provide an option (as far as I can tell, even when doing custom installation) to select which drive to install the new drivers -- it just automatically tries to download in the C:, and then fails because of a lack of available volume.

The problem, of course, is that the C: has 116 GB used of a total 118 GB. My D: drive, however, has 670 GB free of a total 930 GB. Each drive is on separate disks (Disk 0 and Disk 1). As the two disks are not parallel, shrinking volume on the D: won't automatically free up space to expand volume on the C:.

How can I keep both drives, and expand the available space in my C: to download the drivers?

Answer:C Drive Full, D Drive Empty, Each on Separate Disks, and Need Space

Device drivers usually cannot be installed on a drive other than the one Windows is installed on. If C: and D: are 2 separate physical drives you can't expand the C: partition. There usually are inaccessible partitions on the boot/system drive that one can't or shouldn't change. I run an ASUS computer with Win10 on a 150GB C: partition on a 1TB drive with the D: partition being about 750GB or the remainder of the only drive in the system. I put all my downloads on the D: partition along with the few large programs I need, right now C: is 91GB full and 56GB available while D: is 170GB full and 610GB available. There's a few 'tricks' one can do to free up space, in Control Panel, Internet Options you can empty the TIF/Temporary Internet Files. Press the Windows key and R then type %temp% and use Ctrl+R to select all the files in that Folder and Delete them, won't get them all but will make some room.

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Hey guys,
I have an issue that suddenly appeared. My 500GB SSD has apparently not enough space on it anymore. Sadly, that cant be true since only half of it is used and I have absolutely no idea how to fix that. Not even deleting stuff changes anything about it.
So I tried to look it up in Disk Management and in there it says that the drive is fine and good, but it also shows another 500GB SSD which is not initialized. So I counted all my drives and I know for a fact that this drive should not exist. So I assume the two issues are connected.

This is how the Disk Management looks like:

Any idea?

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On a Windows 7 machine, have the OneDrive and Dropbox folders on a separate 150GB hard drive, E:.  When I open Computer, it says my E drive only has 500MB available, when I highlight everything on the E drive (i have hidden files and system files visible)
and do a properties it only adds up to 65GB of data. 
I ran a chkdsk on E and it didn't find any issues.  How can I reclaim my 85GB (150-65) of "lost" space back?  Or how can I figure out what Windows thinks is using it.

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I have a micron comp with WinxP and 2 hard drives , and thru the years I have put a lot of programs in my D drive. After the nightmare, SP2 problems and I finally got it to work. My C drive show only less than 1 G, the hard drive is 12 G. My other D 30 G's and it has 22 G's left. So, I have tried to uninstalll programs on my C drive and it keeps coming up with an error message, cant unistall b/c missing a file.

What can I do to empty my C drive and transfer my programs to the D drive?

Answer:Running out of space in my C drive and I have another physical Hard drive

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I'm not sure if this should be posted in the Windows software forum or if the Hardware forum is appropriate so I'm starting here.

I recently purchased an external USB drive (WD My Book 160GB) as an external backup drive for my desktop. My question/issue is that Windows is reporting the available drive space at a value that is far less then the total size of the drive minus the sum of the drive space of the existing files on the drive.

For example, the My Book drive is 160GB. Using Windows Explorer I determined the amount of space the existing files & folders on the drive are using by right-clicking each file or folder in the root of teh drive and selecting 'Properties' and using the 'Size' and 'Size On Desk' values in the 'Properties' dialog. The sum of the 'Size On Disk' value of each folder in the root of the drive combined with the same for each file in the root equals 120GB (rounded to the nearest GB). According to the 'Properties' dialog for the drive (right-click the drive in Windows Explorer and select 'Properties') there is 15GB of available drive space.

120GB + 15GB = 135GB

What happened to 25GB of space on the drive?

I used Windows Disk Management to verify the drive space. According to Disk Managment the USB drive has a capacity of 149GB. This raises another question, what happened to 10GB of drive space? The thing is supposse to be 160GB and yet the capacity accoridng to Win... Read more

Answer:Available Drive Space < Drive Size - Sum of Existing Files

The short answer to there's two different measurement formats used. Decimal (GB) and binary (GiB) formats. Binary is used by Windows and decimal is used by the manufacturers. Both the manufacturer and Windows are giving you the "correct" number at about 149.
That explains some of it but honestly unless the external drive has a hidden partition, which is possible as some of them put on software to backup and also do a backup image file as well.

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Hi, I'm pretty puzzled by the fact that my recently bought Y310 has a Local Disk C drive storage space of 29.2GB while my Lenovo D drive has a storage space of 189GB. Shouldnt it be the other way round? Or is this something unique for lenovo laptops? I notice that my received files and photos will go into the C drive instead of D, so I will have to transfer them manually to D drive. Is this normal? I will appreciate it very much if someone can explain to me the reason for this, or suggest remedies if this is an unnatural error. Thank you!Message Edited by novorella on 05-20-2008 08:16 AM

Answer:Re: Why is my C drive storage space smaller than my D drive? (Y410)

What OS you've got?Vista & Xp allow to change location of folder "MyDocuments" and "MyMusic" and etc.I always hold my music in disrealted to any system path folder "Music" on drive "D". Make analogies for pics, films and etc.

//help will save the world

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Ok after figuring out that I had a bad motherboard. I have now went to install my WD 120JB 8meg cache hard drive into the computer and format using windows 2000 (brand new out of the wrapper). When the bios boots it recognizes the entire 120 gig which is what I had expected, when I boot from the cd to format using NTFS filing system it says that there is only 114470 meg on disk, I ran WD's software on it with no luck and have already flashed the mobo's bios.

I figured that I would try to format with windows 2000 to see if it made a difference it didn't! it actually froze at 97 % complete. I reran the WD software but this time downloaded it fresh and ran the utilities on it where it said there were errors on the disk. when I finally gave up on it last night (@ 1000pm) to come home, I left it writing zeros to the full drive.

Any suggestions would be REALLY APPRECIATED at this point.

Answer:120 gig WD drive with 8 meg cache not finding entire drive space

The manufacture is figuring 1000 bytes=1 kilobyte, but your PC is figuring 1024 bytes per kb.

I'm bad at explaining things, this article does a better job:

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Answer: c drive has no space how do i install mozilla on d drive and make it run on d

hellomore info pleasebesides just choose for example D:\program files\mozilla for the install directory

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My old Seagate 1TB hard drive was filled to 780GB out of the 1TB. Since I was getting close to filled I upgraded to a WD Black 2TB. I used the Windows 7 back up to create a complete system image. I replaced the hard drive with the WD then did a system restore from the image. Everything works fine and everything looks exactly the same except the new hard drive is only showing 322GB used out of the 2TB. I now have both hard drives in the computer and opened up the contents side by side, they both contain the same files and folders. The 1TB drive is showing 780GB used and the 2TB drive is only showing 322GB used. Am I missing something here? Shouldn't they both have the same amount of space used?

Answer:New hard drive using less space after image restore then old drive?

I think it only copy your operating system drive to your new disk?
You can check your disks in Disk Management. And also you can create new volumes there.
Right click on Computer - Manage. You will see Disk Management.

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This is definitely a long shot, but can you partition unallocated hard drive space as a separate drive with it's own drive letter?

Answer:Unallocated Hard Drive Space to Separate Drive

format the space and it will have it's own partition letter

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Bit of a strange issue here - someone got fired from work and changed the password on the Windows 8 computer before they left. I just managed to reset the password yesterday but now the Outlook account has none of their previous emails and the One Drive account files seem to have all gone missing and certain files that were on the C: Drive are all gone and not in recycle bin either.

When I reset the password I noticed there were three accounts on the computer - USER (which is the one I reset since it was the default when starting up computer), ADMINISTRATOR (didn't touch this one) and GUEST (didn't touch this either).

AfterI reset the password, I'm pretty sure it was the right one as there were still a few relevant files still on the desktop. It's just everything else seems to have vanished.

When I search for certain files in the Explorer, file names come up but it says that "the file location has now been changed" so the shortcut doesn't work.

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Hello, I have a Thinkpad Advanced Docking station, a Thinkpad T60p, and an UltraBay Slim Super Multi-Burner Drive (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4083N) that I use in the docking station's expansion bay.  Whenever I restart the docking station and computer, the multi-burner drive becomes "lost" -- I have to physically remove the drive and re-insert it for the computer to recognize the drive.  Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know how to get around it?

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My C drive is full and started to make computer run lil bit slow.

my question is if i shrink my d drive which has about 70g free can i just extend the c drive to take the un-partitioned space?

I dont see why not but seen as i was on here i said id ask, i dont want to have a small usless volume if i can not add it to the c drive.

also it is 1024mb in a gig init?? im goin to add 50g to my c drive which would be 51200mb!

Correct me if im wrong please and thanks you!

Answer:If i shrink d drive can i add the unpartinitioned space to c drive??

Yes, you can shrink D and add that space to C.

But you probably will have to use a third party application such as Partition Wizard, rather than Windows Disk Management.

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Hi - I'm hoping someone can help. I think this is a fairly simple one:

I bought a computer from someone who told me that it had a 250GB hard drive. Before I took possession of it, the seller formatted the hard drive so I could start fresh.

I began running out of space pretty quickly. I have learned that the C drive (where all of my stuff is) is only 40GB and the D drive is 210GB.

Is there a simple way to fix this problem? I don't need a D drive.

Answer:C Drive Out Of Space - Empty D Drive Has Plenty - Please Help!

Do you have two different hard drives or do you have one drive that has been partioned ?

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My C Drive is 27.9 Gb with only 33Mb on space free and my D Drive is 197Gb with 185Gb free space. I recently transferred all of my Documents/Pictures/Movies/Music to the D Drive but the C Drive has filled up yet again.
Running TreeSize Free on C Drive, I can see that a lot of space (10Gb) is used in the Temp file in local settings. I am presuming, as the folders are all dated, that these are restore folders - but I not sure. There are four huge folders; 4Gb, 3.2Gb, 1.9Gb, 1.6Gb - with dates in February, March and April this year and then many folders before that that are empty or nearly empty. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Answer:C Drive/D Drive disc space problem

You could turn of system restore? It would free up space but obviously you wont be able to use restore.

You could also increase the size of your c drive(I'm assuming you have a partition) which ofcourse would shrink your d drive.

Also you could try using "Disk Clean up" in your system tools. If you go to run and type cleanmgr you will be able to clean out some temp files etc.

If you want to keep c drive as empty as possible why don't you install any programs on d drive and also save directly to d drive. You will be able to run these programs from c drive.

Thats all i can think off.

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Some time ago I installed a 30 gig hard drive and did not partition it correctly. The C drive is too small only 7.84 MB with 4.15 free space. The D drive is currently at 26.8 gig . How can I increase to C drive size? My computer is slow and old but it fine for home use.

Answer:Allocating more disk space to drive C from drive D

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I bought a 8GB USB Pen Drive off Ebay over a month ago and it just recently started on showing .98GB of space. I tried to reformat it and plugging it into another PC but it show the same thing. My OS is Vista Home Premium. I have a Dell Inspirion 530.  Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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I no longer have enough free space to defragment my C drive. I've removed about every program I think I can safely take away. I noticed that my D drive is 99% free. It is NTFS, healthy, 39.90 GB capacity, 39.87 GB free, NO fault tolerance and 0% overhead. Can I reallocate some of this space to my C drive to add memory? My C drive is FAT32, Healthy(System), 15.97 GB capacity, 2.2 GB free, 13% free, NO fault tolerance, 0 % overhead. I know the computer likes 15% free, should I defragment anyway? Thanks.

Answer:How Much Of My D Drive Free Space Is Usable For C Drive?

Defrag serves 2 purposes.
1) It reorders your files for more efficient use (and access)
2) It "refreshes" some of the stuff on your hard drive (by moving files) and lessens your chances of data loss due to the loss of magnetic charges over time.

Yes you can reallocate this space to your C drive - but it will take a special program to do it. Might I suggest an alternative? Move all of your saved stuff to the D drive and then point your My Documents folder to the D drive. That'll free up space on the C drive and will keep your stuff on another drive (in case the OS crashes).

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Hi there,I have 7.92GB free space on my C Drive, and 70.8GB free space on my D Drive. Is there a way I can transfer free space from my D Drive to my C Drive? For example, make it so that there is about 40GB free space on the C Drive, and about 30GB free space on my D Drive? If transferring free space is not possible, what are my options? Thanks, Zahid

Answer:How to transfer free space from D Drive to C Drive?

Partitioning tools:* not free- Norton PartitionMagic:* free- EASEUS Partition Manager: Partition Logic: PartedMagic:,74365/description.html?tk=nl_ddxdwn

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on my xp it says that my memory is low and it only has like 0.99gb left and i was wondering how i can get more free space?

Answer:How To Save Space On D Drive Or Memory Drive?

Do you mean your computer is low in RAM or low in hard drive space?

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My netbook has both the C and D drives as NTFS. The C drive has 43GB free space and the D has 95GB. Windows Media Player is in the C drive partition, but all my WMV files will not fit on the C dive. Can I just move Windows Media Player to the D drive? Or is there somehow I can transfer GB from D to C drive? Thanks for any advice in this matter !!!

Answer:Netbook Move GB Space from Drive D to Drive C

You would move your wmv files to d:Makes no sense to move the program since its small in comparison.

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I have an Acer Aspire 5610Z laptop which I just upgraded from Vista to Windows 7.  I use an external hard 500G hard drive to handle back ups and want to combine C:drive and D:drives (partitions of one hard drive).  I'm reasonably proficient with a computer.  I know enough to know that I can get myself in real trouble fast.I've made a System Image disk (as soon as I upgraded) and do a full back up weekly so I'm not too worried about losing files, etc., but I'm not comfortable using Disk Management.The way I read the instructions indicates I need to get rid of D:drive and then right click on on C:drive in Disk Management in order to put the "unallocated space" that was D:drive into C:drive.  I got so far as removing D:drive and chickened out before I started messing around with C:drive. Am I heading in the right direction.  Also, other than making a couple of copies of the System Image disk and doing regular back ups, what should I do to protect my files, etc.  Thanks a lot!Brightlight864

Answer:Adding space from D:drive to C:drive in Windows 7

Hello and welcome to Computer Hope.This all depends on what the second partition is.  Many laptops have a small partition that holds files for restoring the system.  You may not want to play around with that.Why don't you tell us what details Disk Management supplies for your D:\ drive.

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