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laptop net connection and restart problem (sony vaio w/vista)

Question: laptop net connection and restart problem (sony vaio w/vista)

the computer is a Sony Vaio and operates on windows Vista.we use satt internet with a wireless router. The computer has been updated on virus issues and will connect to the net fine most of the time. but after being idol for a while the net will loose connection yet the wireless card is pickiing up router and there is no issues with the actual satt connection. Normally I have to restart the computer and the connection comes back with no problems. Though alot of the times the laptop will not fully restart. It goes to a screen saying "computer restarting" and will just sit there and never restart.. I have to turn the power off and back on. Then the operating system comes to the black screen and asks if i want to start in normal mode or safe mode. I click normal mode and it starts back up fine until the net locks up again.. It usually runs fine as long as i dont sit idle long enough for the screen saver to come up. Any help on the issue is would be appreciated.geeray

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Preferred Solution: laptop net connection and restart problem (sony vaio w/vista)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: laptop net connection and restart problem (sony vaio w/vista)

DownloadMalwarebytesandSASRun full scans and see what comes up you may also want to tryAVGIf you have no anti-virus software

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My sony vaio pcg-61611l doesn't let me connect to the internet, or download anything from it, however, it does let me when i open internet explorer 64bit. My wireless connection is alright(I've checked it 10000k times )
My friends told me that what is causing the problem is my internet see...i am not a modern person ^~^ dunno **** about computers. So i wanted to know a way to fix my internet drivers, now remember that i cant download anything from the internet u.u please help q-q

Answer:Vaio Sony laptop pcg-61611l internet connection problem.

Oh Oh i forgot to tell you guyz that once my laptop crashed down so i had to take it to someone and that person placed a whole different system on it, now i cant access sony recovery wizard ( i think thats the name) or Vaio care. Some people told me to reset it to factory settings but heck i dont know how to do it Q.Q. So im asking you guyz please tell me whats the best method to solve this issue q-q thanks.

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I am running a widescreen laptop on 1280 X 800 resolution. I need to keep running the laptop screen at the same time as having an external display on a 4:3 ratio of 1280 X 1024.How do i set the laptop up to do this?

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop VGA Connection

What is the onboad video, eg NVidia

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I currently have a problem with my Wi-Fi connection on my laptop. It will be working fine then suddenly wont find any connections! I then restart the laptop then it will work for a while then cut out again. Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks.

Answer:Sony Vaio Wi-Fi Connection problem

More info required please - What is the OS; have you Updated drivers or anything recently?
Possibly a simple visit to Device Manager would fix it.
First of all find the Wifi Network Adapter and uninstall it. Restart the laptop and let it reinstall the Adapter and see if this solves the issue.
If not then select the Adapter properties and update the Driver.
If still no good, visit the Sony Website and download the latest driver for your OS.

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Hi all,

I was wondering whether you could help, ever since I bought my custom built Sony Vaio Duo 13 SVD1321C5E Hybrid Laptop back in July/August 2013 I keep on experiencing intermittent connection issues where the connection keeps on dropping
when browsing the Internet, remotely accessing the network at work using Remote Desktop and downloading files in which I have to keep on switching between our broadband connection as well as my 4G connection in order to temporarily fix
the problem as well as switching between the dongle Sony provided to me when I complained back in 2013 with again switching between our broadband connection as well as my 4G connection in order to temporarily fix the problem.
I'm now at a point where I am so tempted to reinstall the laptop using a fresh of copy of Windows 8 Pro as it came with this OS to begin with in which it has now been upgraded to Windows 8.1 with the latest Sony drivers, I did upgrade to Windows
10 Pro last month but was informed by Sony on their information pages that a couple of the laptop features wouldn't work when upgrading to Windows 10 Pro in which downgraded within the 30 days of upgrading to Windows
10 Pro and had to do a further refresh as the display tiles on the Metro screen in Windows 8.1 Pro wouldn't display properly and reverted back to Windows 8 Pro with all the software that came... Read more

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I have a Sony Vaio Laptop . Spilled some liquid and it is not able to connect to internet using Wifi or through ethernet cable.The USB ports also have stopped working so i cannot connect it to a wireless adapter.

Showed this to Geeksquad agent at Bestbuy and he told me that this could be a motherboard problem and nothing much can be done about it.

So basically i have a working laptop that i cannot to internet.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop Wireless and Ethernet Network Connection not working

probably is a mother board
did you dry it out completely

some vaio have a PC expresscard slots - its possible this may work

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hi looking for some advice please i have recently bought a sony laptop vaio vgn-ns11j/s complete with windows vista! thing is i wish to remove vista and put xp on! what is the best way to go about doing this? i have been on the sony website and followed the information to do this on there by getting xp drivers but either the site is not working properly or its just not very good! can anyone help? many thanks

Answer:downgrade from vista to xp - sony vaio laptop

Don't take this the wrong way:-You would be better learning to use Vista,new equipment you wish to add / use with the laptop is unlikely to be provided with XP drivers in the future.You could always try a Dual boot system - XP and Vista on same machine - useful for old programs that don't work on Vista.

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Dear all

My laptop has had to be restored a couple of times over the last week and now won't boot past the microsoft tram lines - what can I do?

Many thanks


Answer:Sony Vaio laptop - windows vista

H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics: (read the details at the link) (read the details at the link)

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cannot automatically repair Sony vaio laptop windows vista. command prompt says OS not detected in the c: drive, also says boot manager failed to find loader and boot configuration data store repair failed. I don't know what I am doing
panicking. need my data. never backed it up. also, disc tray does not seem to work now. HELP can I still get my hands? important things. I need help really badly. have sick mom, brother died suddenly, nervous wreck.

Answer:Sony vaio laptop windows vista

for access to the os system its possible to use a linux, live disc like
ubuntu. its a stand alone dvd. it can be used as a live disc without install. the machines boot order needs configuring, this will help to set the cd 1st boot.

a linux/ ubuntu dvd can help to move off your crucial data to a flashstick or portable hdd.

if its possible to have access to another machine, download the ISO from the link. the iso will need to be burnt as a boot disc, (iso) not as data.
look to the lower part of the page: Not now, take me to the download ?

another option would be to slave the HDD to another machine, (if available). using a usb cable or enclosure. plugged into a usb of another machine it would be seen as an external drive and the personal data could be transferred over to the internal hdd, disc, or another usb.

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I am probably way off base asking this here but i have a older 2007 Sony VAIO laptop that works just fine and would like to keep it safe, which I cant do running Vista as it is no longer supported.  I believe the machine has the required hardware  
processor a 1.67 Ghz and 2GB of RAM.  I apparently missed the free upgrade to windows 10 but i was reading somewhere that you couldn't  upgrade from Vista to windows 10.   Yes I have other newer laptops so its not like I need to go out and get
a new computer but it seems a shame to ditch a perfectly working laptop [albeit it  is a tad heavy] because its  OS is  no longer supported.

Any hints on how i might update the OS to windows 10 or do i take this as an opportunity to learn how a linux system works and just use another OS entirely.

Thanks in advance

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Help, I have a new SONY Vaio laptop running Vista (ultra / ultimate?) and am attempting to connect to my simpleshare nas 400.
I am not running Norton firewall.
I have tried with and without the windows firewall on and both fail.
My primary method has been to map a network drive to the network share; e.g. \\simpleshare\chicago
each time i see a dialogue - i think it detects the simpleshare.
It then prompts me for user id and password, at which time it rejects it.
The same user id and password works on my windows xp pro boxes just fine.

Please advise. I'm getting desperate.

Answer:vista sony vaio laptop can't connect to simpleshare 400

Is it giving any error numbers, or is it just saying invalid username/password?

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Hello expert,

I have Vista Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-CS14 G/B Model and want to upgrate to Windows 7. I can see that from sony vaio official web site this model is no longer compatiable to upgrade to Windows 7.
Please suggest me if i can still go for upgrade to Windows 7 to my laptop ? what are the steps to do it ?
Do you think any hardware problem is exits if i do this upgrade to my laptop ?
if the above option is not OK then can i downgrade to Windows XP ?

Please suggest me for above two option, if the dual boot way is good ??

Thank in Advance

Answer:Upgrade to Win7 from Vista Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-CS14 G/B

Welcome to SevenForums. Any computer running Vista can be upgraded to Windows Seven are you considering 32 or 64 bit and what are the processor and ram in your Sony? Regarding dual booting Vista and W7.......why once you see the W7 OS you'll never look back to Vista or XP unless some old software only works in XP.

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Hi, I've been talking with people in the Windows Vista thread(s) and after a while of dabbling with various things it was suggested that I come here for some help.
The Topic I started in the Vista forum can be seen here:
Essentially I have lost access to two programs I really need to be using, Photoshop & iTunes.
I have tried numerous clean un/reinstall(s) of iTunes and associated software, to no avail.
A few days ago both programs were working perfectly, now when I try to load them, they show up in processes on initial loading, then 'Windows Problem Reporting' process flashes up and they vanish.
I have run the following programs to check for issues:
Avast Anti-Virus - Nothing found.
Malwarebytes - Found two 'PUP' issues, one in file, one in registry key.
SuperAntiSpyware - Lots of Adware Tracking cookies.
Stinger - Nothing found.
HouseCall - rootkit called 'NULL', marked under 'Hidden Files', now removed.
Dr.Web CureIt! - flagged CodeMeter.exe as a possible threat and quarantined it.
I ran sfc /scannow... It told me: "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them"
It then mentions the CBS log, but I was unable to get into it to read it, said 'Access Denied'.
I have tried a System Restore, but I couldn't go back any further than a couple of days.
I've also... Read more

Answer:Windows Vista 32-bit Sony Vaio Laptop, some programs won't start...

Adware Cleaner Scan.
Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.
Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Scan button.
When the scan has finished click on Clean button.
Your computer will be rebooted automatically. A text file will open after the restart.
Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.
You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well.
JRT Scan.
Please download Junkware Removal Tool and save it on your desktop.
Shut down your anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software now to avoid potential conflicts.
Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click it and select Run as administrator.
The tool will open and start scanning your system.
Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.
On completion, a log is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.
Please post the JRT log.
Adware Removal Tool Scan.
Download Adware removal tool to your desktop, right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.

Hit Ok.

Hit next make sure to leave all items checked, for removal.

The Program will close all open programs to complete the removal, so save any work and hit OK. Then hit OK after the removal process is complete, thenOK ... Read more

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I originally bought my Sony Vaio computer (Model#: VGN-NR285E) at Fry's with a 2 year warranty, and at the time I was told that the warranty would cover anything and everything short of throwing it on the floor and squirting it with a super soaker. I took it to Fry's a week ago and they told me any software failure, viruses, spyware/malware, and things relating to such and etc were not covered by the warranty. They then told me it would cost me 70$ to run a diagnostic on it, and if there was something wrong it would cost another 60$ to repair it. That's not including the amount of money it would cost to have them back up files that I may have wanted. When I was there; I explained to the tech that I did not receive a Windows Vista Start Up disc with my laptop when I purchased it back in late August of '08. He then proceeded to tell me that if that was the case; the computer should have it inside the hard drive. Now I just didn't understand what he meant by that, but he told me to take it home, press F10, and run system recovery. I'm now at home and my computer is asking me for a Vista Start Up Disc.

I'm not exactly a technician, but I'm pretty sure that when I can't even run my laptop in safe mode; there's something wrong. My computer has been restarting itself for no apparent reason, and now it refuses to even start windows. If I try to run Windows at all; whether it be safe mode or normally; it just restarts itself entirely ... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio Vista Problem

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to all that can help with any ideas please feel free to help ;-)
right to the problem. i use to have a dell inspiron 5160, proper old and out of date plus could never get wireless to work so i bought my second hand but a year old sony vaio vgn-n21m. all seemed good but wireless still wouldnt work?? so i phoned virgin (my supplier of broadband) and after an hour and a half they came to he conclussion hat i had a driver missing. so i called a tech guy round i know. he then after an hour said it was my router that was at fault, so i phone virgin, scream and shout and they sent me a new router. problem is still her. what happens is it says it connects to my wireless but the connection is local, means jack s**t to me but i no i cant get internet out of it, ive tried a few things off u tube lke putting ip address and that dns thingy in manually and it still didnt work.

if u need to know anything that could help you hit me up and ill get back to you but please someone help me lol PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE LOL

Answer:Solved: sony vaio IS GONNA BE SMASHED! wireless connection problem

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Sorry, wasn't sure exactly what section this problem belonged in, so i'm posting here.

I'm using my sister's Sony Vaio laptop that i decided to downgrade from vista home premium to windows XP. The first thing i should have done should've been to get all the hardware information while on vista.... but i completely forgot. I backed up my general files but not the hardware information.

Now I'm stuck with a brand new installation of windows XP and no internet because XP isn't recognizing my NIC.

I've been googling around for some hours now with nothing.

I've gone to all the main "official" Vaio Sony sites. They all ask for model or product, but for some reason my model doesn't come up anywhere i check. There is also another option to type down your serial and product key which is a 15 digit number. Whereas the first 7 digits are the serial and the 8 other digits the product key. Still it doesn't seem to be a model of any sort... No site recognizes this Vaio model for some odd reason.

Model : PCG-5K1L.

I installed service pack 3, i thought it would at least be able to detect a network card, but to no avail it couldn't.

Everest home edition has no more luck detecting.

In hardware manager the only thing detected was the 1394 firewire port.

This laptop, from what my sister said, came with no manual or other useful information; meaning none.

I'm really stumped on what else I could do. I was thinking i... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio laptop problem...

Well you might want to cehck for the drivers through the site of sony. They'll surely give a link where to download it.

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I'm using my sister's Sony Vaio laptop that i decided to downgrade from vista home premium to windows XP. The first thing i should have done should've been to get all the hardware information while on vista.... but i completely forgot. I backed up my general files but not the hardware information.

Now I'm stuck with a brand new installation of windows XP and no internet because XP isn't recognizing my NIC.

I've been googling around for some hours now with nothing.

I've gone to all the main "official" Vaio Sony sites. They all ask for model or product, but for some reason my model doesn't come up anywhere i check. There is also another option to type down your serial and product key which is a 15 digit number. Whereas the first 7 digits are the serial and the 8 other digits the product key. Still it doesn't seem to be a model of any sort... No site recognizes this Vaio model for some odd reason.

Model : PCG-5K1L.

I installed service pack 3, i thought it would at least be able to detect a network card, but to no avail it couldn't.

Everest home edition has no more luck detecting.

In hardware manager the only thing detected was the 1394 firewire port.

This laptop, from what my sister said, came with no manual or other useful information; meaning none.

I'm really stumped on what else I could do. I was thinking if there was maybe some sorta Vaio utility that could.... detect the hardware? or something.

Any help or suggestion on what to do wo... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio laptop problem...

Please tell me that you burnt off your windows vista recovery media before blowing every thing away.

The problem with Sony is that they do not put drivers up on their website. So if you happen to
1. Loose your recovery disk
2. Have a hard drive crash and not burn off your recovery media
3. Roll back from Windows Vista to Xp
then you are up the creek with out a paddle.

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I have Sony vaio laptop pcg-71b11n model. Suddenly stop working. When I press the power button ,for 10 second the processor fun run then stop. But the power button led green color and for the second time presses the power button the battery indicator led will red color .then the processor fun run at high speed .will not stop unless unpledged the power button. What?s the main problem? Is there any one to tell me clearly to trace the problem and maintain. thanks for ur help in advance 

Answer:sony vaio laptop problem

Maybe the battery is very  old had a sudden internal failure. It now draws too much power from the power brick. Can you run the laptop without the battery?Is there any sign of overheating. Be careful; in rare cases battery have become very hot and very dangerous.

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Just got talktalk router cant connect through wireless,well does say connected but cant see web pages,or globe in corner.
connects with wire. talktalk line ok. yes wireless switch is on.


Answer:sony vaio, vista wireless problem.

please provide ALL the information from this link in your next post: Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues

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Hi I have a Sony Vaio and wanted to reinstall vista. I deleted the partition then tried to format it but it wouldnt let me and when i try to install Vista it gives me an error with Vista did not find any hard disk drives...

How can i solve this? thanks

Answer:Problem installing Vista on Sony Vaio VGN

try making volumes of harddisk instead of partiotions...........
this might help u out

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I have recently purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop with wifi support that is inbuilt or onboard. I already have a Asus P5E3 Deluxe motherboard at my home with ram 2 gb, 9800 gtx card and a quad core processor. Now, I connect this pc with a broadband connection at home running 1mbps speed. This motherboard also has a wifi onboard connection. What I am trying to do is setup this wifi connection so that my laptop can also connect to the internet wirelessly. For this I have installed the wifi driver of Asus (something called Asus WiFi-AP @n software) and configured it with giving it a proper connection name and a password. I have successfully done all the wifi network setup wizard on the pc and it is working well. Now the problem is that, my laptop is able to find this wifi connection but after sometime it gives an error saying to troubleshoot network connection and the wifi network disappears from the laptop and again i have to search for this wifi network and the cycle continues. Similarly, when I am trying to connect my Nokia e90 mobile phone with the pc via wifi, my phone is able to pickup the wifi connection and sometimes it is able to connect to the internet and I am also able to browse different websites but sometimes it gives me a gateway time out error. So, can anyone tell me how can i connect my sony vaio laptop to the internet wirelessly by using the Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi-AP @n connection? Also if possible, then please let me know how to connect my phone as well, which i... Read more

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Hi, I bought a new Sony Vaio Laptop Model SR 520G from Best Buy 10 weeks ago. It came with Win 7 Professional installed. Now I am getting the error message

"The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. Press OK to hibernate and remove". as soon as I turn it on. It works fine if I remove the battery and run on electric power.
It will only hibernate, I cannot click anywhere else, or get past this. How do I overcome this error? Thank you.

Answer:Battery Problem on New Sony Vaio Laptop

I would contact the the supplier as it maybe the battery has failed.......

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My sony vaio laptop PCG- 61317L, when i plugged it in to charge, the battery icon starts blinking but it says "plugged in, charging" also the charging LED is blinking orange. When the PC is off the charging LED is fine and battery charge fine also.
What can be the problem? any help?

and how do i add a video so you can see the problem?

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Hi guys,

I have the strangest problem with my Vaio.

When the battery is plugged in, nothing works. No power up. Zero. Hit the power button as many times as you want and nothing happens at all. This is with AC in too.

As soon as I remove the battery, the laptop goes back to normal with no problems at all. Runs as usual.

Would this be the battery or something more serious?

Please help guys this is driving me insane!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Very strange problem with sony vaio laptop

This is most likely a short in the battery, replace it!

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Hi I have a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop.
When I switch it on it lets me login then the screen goes black and I can't do anything.
Does anyone know how I can fix this or if it's a known problem?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Annoying Sony Vaio Laptop Problem

When I switch it on it lets me login then the screen goes black and I can't do anything
could be a corrupt profile can you log into another account?
which version of windows are you using?

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Hi I have a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop.
When I switch it on it lets me login then the screen goes black and I can't do anything.
Does anyone know how I can fix this or if it's a known problem?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop Annoying Problem

Are you able to boot into safe mode ? If so what happens then.

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I recently bout Sony vaio laptop , it came wid preinstalled windows 7 home premium OS.. But i din liked d os so i upgraded it to windows 7 ultimate... i copied all d drivers from window.old folder.. n everything is working fine except for wifi..
wifi drivers r availabl on sony vaio drivers section for 64 bit windows ultimate but none is working..
my wifi is off & i cant on it..
everything is fine except d wifi

Sony vaio drivers section is crap..installed evi available wifi drivers but of no use..

plzz help me..

Wifi is only working wen i restore my laptop in home premium version..

My Laptop model : SONY VAIO SVE 15118FN

Answer:Problem Regarding Wifi in sony Vaio laptop

d wifi network adaptor is displaying not connected.. had copied d wifi drivers frm windows.old folder & it got installed properly but still not working :-(

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My wife's Sony wouldn't start up today. I started it in Safe Mode with Networking, got to the admin sign in screen, I put in the password, it starts, but then nothing happens. Windows doesn't launch.

All I see now is the words "Safe Mode" on all four corners and "Microsoft Windows (Build 6001: Service Pack 1) on the top.

I can't do anything. Please provide instructions how I can fix this problem. Thank you.

System specs:

Sony Vaio
Windows Vista
Other unknown


Answer:New problem on older Sony Vaio laptop...

Hi -

Boot into recovery using your Vista DVD or the recovery partition. Run System Repair; if no-go, try "Windows System Restore"

Regards. . .



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When I press the power button, the screen immediately goes gray before the Sony opening even pops up. I hear the normal bootup sounds and see the front light flickering, and even hear the fan going, but I don't see anything on the screen. I am trying to boot up the laptop but all I get is a blank screen that slowly changes colors from black to blue and back and forth extremely slowly.

I've tried F8 while the computer is starting and can't get into Safe Mode. I've removed the battery and had the computer solely on AC power and that didn't work. I've tried every possible key combination into a blank screen and screen and nothing works.

Please help! Thank you

Answer:Booting problem on Sony Vaio Laptop

It sounds as it the backlight or the power supply to the screen has failed. You need a specialist shop to fix it. If you are in the UK, sent me a PM and I will give you the name of a repair shop near Bedford where they can be trusted to fix it.

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Hi all! I have a sony vaio VGN-NR120E it seems as though there are a number of critical updates available (from Sony) but I have been unable to download most of them. I contacted Sony support, they said the problem is in my Vaio updater, some sort of registry error I think. I tried scanning/fixing my registry but same thing. The sony website has Vaio downloader updates available but I can't install them due to this problem. The lady from sony said I can't download manually til the problem is fixed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:sony vaio laptop update problem

thanks for your response! and no, that's the site I was using. The updates are there- i can download but won't install on my computer. It states "The update(s) for your models is not available at this time. please try again later. (MessageID=0008)."

File Description UPDATE VAIO® Update Software Update Release Date 6/24/2011 Version File Size 19.70 MB This utility updates the VAIO Update software to version and provides improved performance of the VAIO Update application.
File Description CRITICAL VAIO® Update Software Update Release Date 7/09/2010 Version File Size 9.95 MB This utility updates the VAIO Update software to version and provides improved performance and features of the VAIO Update application.

---->wont install on my laptop

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I'm working on my brother's Sony Vaio laptop (model VGN-SZ120P) and per the device manager it has a Matshita UJ-842D dvd/cd drive.  I just reinstalled windows xp pro and was updating all his drivers when I noticed a conflict in the device manager for this.  Under the properties I get the message "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged.  (Code 19)".  I've tried locating a driver for this drive online but the only place I've been able to find that claims to have it won't allow me to download it without becoming a member of their site.  I've also gone through the Sony website and downloaded drivers from there, but nothing helps.  Any suggestions?

Answer:Problem with dvd/cd drive in Sony Vaio laptop

Nevermind, I found a solution by googling "Code 19"...

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Hi Guys

I was updating my friends computer last night. The system was running very slow so I cleaned his registry and removed the junk files using Ace Utilities.

I then proceeded to run Windows update that told me it was going to install Windows Service Pack 1.

It was stuck on 15% for about an hour so I cancelled it and tried again. It eventually completed and I restarted the computer.

Now the Vaio welcome screen starts up, the screen goes blank and files appear to be updating in the top left hand side of the screen. It gets to one line and that line flickers continuously. I left it like that overnight but there is still no change. Restarted the computer a number of times and still no change. I am also unable to start it on safe mode.


Answer:Sony Vaio/Windows Vista major problem!

If there is a recovery partition you might have the option htere to do a system restore. On boot look for an F_ key to load to recovery partition.
Good luck.

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My laptop is showing problems on display. Below is the link to video of problem.
click here
Details are as follows:
Laptop is 6 years old and the problem started a few days ago.
The display freezes some times during use and than restarts but after windows logo appear while restarting, the laptop reboots again showing different visual effects and vertical lines.
Sometimes the problems goes away and returns on the same day or next day.
I thought the problem must be with graphics card.
But I restored the C drive of laptop to factory condition first using recovery disks that I created when I bought the laptop.
But the problem started again the next day.
Than I restored the C Drive again using the Recovery Partition on HDD of laptop, after which the problem went away for a week. Than the problem started again.
Now I have restored the complete system to Factory condition and waiting to see if the problem will return.
Now I think the problem is with software maybe as the problem goes away when C drive is restored to factory condition.
Does anyone know what is wrong with the laptop?

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I have just got my self a Sony VAIO 850 series. When ever I use Microsoft Office or Works and try and press the letter k I get "spell check is complete". This only happens in Works/Word/eXEL. The k works fine in other types of programmes. There are further problems with the letter u and l. When using Works the letter 2 brings up the help pages. If I use the virtual desk top keyboard from Accessablity there is no problems. Any ideas please as its driving me crazy. Someone suggested a possible hotkey has been set up maybe in the registry or such like. I cannot find any hotkeys set up within the programmes themself. Any Ideas as how to check this and remove. Regards David

Answer:Solved: Keyboard problem with Sony Vaio laptop

If you just got it like you said, take it back. Why suffer the problem with a brand new & expensive machine?

Other thought to check is "sticky" keys setting being turned on?

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Hello, I have a Sony vaio PCG-71312L for around 2 years. After trying to install a program it freezed and didn't answer any commands, so i shutdown it by pressing the power button. When i tried to boot it, it went past "start" window to black screen only with mouse on it. I can turn on caps lock and num lock. I've tried loading default settings in BIOS, I've tried removing battery, removing and replacing RAMs, I've tried recovering after pressing F8 button, restoring it to last successful boot. After all this it's still black screen with mouse on it, did anyone have this problem, could you help me ?

Answer:Sony VAIO Laptop black screen problem

have you removed the battery and ac adapter and held the power switch down for 60seconds ?

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I have problem with my laptop if I opean it he work good with film n every think else but if I opean autocad. Or some programs strong he flash shut down n I dunno why , hi was working good till now can someone help me or tell what I need to do Thx you

Answer:problem with video card for my laptop sony vaio


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i have a sony vaio VGN-CS13G.. the volume adjustment buttons and all the extra buttons aside from the keyboard including the touch pad is not working properly.. any of you guys have any idea which driver to install? is there a driver for these buttons to work??

Answer:Windows 7 Sony VAIO laptop hardware problem!!

you should have got a driver/utility disk with your machine, if not you can download all the drivers and utilities from sony vaio site, they have a tool that checks your machine and offers all the specific drivers you will need.if you have the disk, put it in and open device manager any part not working correctly will have a yellow asterix next to it, click on it, update drivers and aim the updater to your disk.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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Answer:Hdmi tv dispay problem with sony vaio c series laptop

Are you extending the desktop onto the TV or cloning the desktop? If you are cloning the desktop, both screens use the same resolution. If you are extending the desktop, then ensure the display properties are set to the TV's native resolution.

The display settings (varies by chipset brand/drivers) should have options for "TV" use and allow you to manually adjust the screen size. There may also be options for "overscan".

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Hey so I have a Sony VAIO S Series Laptop Model (VPCSB11FX) on Windows 7 and I have a graphics driver issue. My laptop comes with switchable graphics (Integrated Intel 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 7400m) and I want to use the AMD graphics card. So I disabled my integrated intel and switched it over to the AMD one in the driver manager, however it says that theres is no driver even though in the manager it says my drivers are up to date. This makes it very confusing for me.
Any info about this is appreciated and I can provide additional information if needed.

Answer:Sony VAIO S Series Laptop: Graphics Driver Problem

Download the driver here: and let's see what happens.

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I have a problem with my Sony Vaio. the problem began at first with a random restart every few days, as anyone could imagine the problem progressed and became 2 or 3 restarts a day, and now it's 2 or 3 restarts an hour. I'm not really great with computers but I will post the error things as best I can:


I know that is a very broad range, and each one can mean 1,000 different things... but on stop code I get a alot is something like this 0x000008E. and that's really all i know. If anyone here could tell me how to get advanced error info from my system log, i will do that and post them. I'm not sure if this is software related or hardware. But I took it to best buy, They ran a Diagnostic on it, and suggested I replace the Graphics card, that didn't work, they eventually told me they could not resolve my problem and refunded my money. So I took it to a better place and I Just got my computer back from them, they are a reputable computer repair shop in town called INGRAM Computers, the situation was again unable to be resolved.

I've installed a new WD 120 GB HD and did a system restore using my reestore disks, New Graphics card, new ram... and tried different variations of all of them to try and resolve this problem, still no luck.

Just incase anyone needs my system specs to help me:
Sony Vaio RS-530g
512 mb factory installed ram
ATI 9200 128Mb Graphics ... Read more

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I have a Sony Vaio E14. Model No. SVE14A3C5E
It runs Windows 8.1.
I can't get past the VAIO loading screen when starting up but can get to the Assist mode when starting up. I have turned it off and on many times.
Anyone know what I need to do?

Answer:Sony VAIO laptop stuck on VAIO loading screen

I don't know your laptop or Windows 8 but from experience I would say your probably have a corrupt driver. Have you tried booting in Safe Mode? I understand this is not as easy as it used to be but see i.e. click here

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Due to problems with my Sony VAIO laptop's processing, I have recently decided to re-install Windows XP, though this is the "Home Edition" (due to being unable to retrieve the other version of XP that I used for this laptop). Following the installation, I have attempted to also install some VAIO drivers, including one that concerns the wireless connection. However, once successful and re-booted the laptop, during the procedure, I right-clicked on the Wireless Network Connection (after clicking on "View network connections), called "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection", then, in the drop-down menu, I clicked on "View Available Wireless Networks". Once there, I can see the available networks, including the name of the router that we use. Below the selection box of available networks, a message says "This wireless network requires the use of a network key (WEP). To access this network, type the key, then click Connect. After I entered my security key, I encountered this error message repeatedly:

"The network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your network configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters."

Consequently, I am unable to access the Internet because of this message!

If it helps, the model of this laptop is a Sony VAIO VGN-FS740/W, and we bought it in December 2005. In terms of the system specifications, this is, again, t... Read more

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Recently the sound on my Sony Vaio will play initially, but afterwards won't work. It doesn't say it's muted and the little green part that shows sound in the speaker area also doesn't appear when something is playing. I have tried to test the speakers to see if that plays sound but when I do it says that they are being used with another application and to close it before I try to test them, even when nothing else is open. If I restart it, the same thing will happen again. Why is this happening?

Answer:Sound on Sony Vaio plays and then stops until restart

Its not unique to your Sony. I have a Dell Vostro, and after one of the automatic updates downloaded a couple of weeks ago, the sound started doing exactly the same thing, i.e. works intermittently. Sometimes re-booting sorts the problem out, but sometimes it doesn't. Three of my colleagues with the same model laptops have experienced identical issues, so this is clearly a Windows 8 / 8.1 thing - which I wish they would fix, and quickly, because I'm becoming very irate with it.

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I have had a Sony Vaio Desktop for three years now and have just recently had problems. Currently my problem is Win XP will not load completely.

Here is what happens---

When I start the machine it loads normally at first.
Then I get a screen asking me if I want to boot in safe mode, last known good configuration, etc

I have experimented with all the options available and get the same result
After I choose a boot method, (i.e. safe mode, etc) I will see the Windows XP logo with the green meter running below it, then a blank screen after that for about 15 seconds.

After that, the machine will automatically restart and will continue to do this until I shut it off.

I have been hesitant in using the recovery wizard (F10) because I am not backed up. I would like to get get back to normal so I can get backed up

Any ideas?
Need further info?


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I have a problem with my laptop and Im looking for some help. Im running Windows Xp media Centre Edition on a Sony Vaio. I'm not sure which version exactly but I have downloaded every Windows update as of last week. After downloading a file my antivirus software identified problems leading to me doing a sweep. When complete I had to restart, but doing so has left my laptop unable to boot up past the 'windows did not start properly' screen....This is what appears when I switch it on:'We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start successfully. A recent software or hardware change may have caused this.If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that have worked.If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Power or Restart button was pressed, or if you arent sure what caused the problem, choose start Windows normally.Safe ModeSafe Mode with NetworkingSafe Mode with Command PromptLast Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)Start Windows Normallyuse the Up and Down arrows to move the highlight to your choice..Seconds until windows starts: 'This screen is familiar as the one which appears after an unexpected reset, and so i didnt expect any problems. However it goes to the Windows XP loading screen for a fraction of a second, gives me a half second Blue S... Read more

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Hi there,

I am using a Sony PD 170 DV camcorder hooked up via 4 pin firewire to a Sony Vaio laptop. I am also using Avid Composer video editing software. The problem is that I can see the video from Avid in the viewfinder but it freezes in the viewfinder even though it is playing on the computer. This is preventing me from outputting a project. Do I need a driver for this camera?


Answer:Sony PD 170 Camcorder & Sony Vaio Laptop

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I am hoping you can help me with my problem.
My main laptop (Sony Vaio VPCCB15FG) in the last week just stopped accessing the internet via WiFi.
It says it has Limited Acess but I have no idea how to fix it.

The other 3 computers in the house (Custom desktop, Toshiba Net book, Samsung Laptop) can all access the internet as normal.

It is only the Sony that is being problomatic.
It is also running rather slow for the spec so that may be related.

Please help! I am not super computer savy so please give simple instructions.



Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop "stopped" connecting to WiFi connection " Limited acc


My name is Riyaz and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.

I May be able to provide you with a Resolution. Please post the Specifications of this computer. Mainly the Wireless Card and the Type of Operating System your using.


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We have a Vaio VGC-LA1 with a Speedtouch 510v6 ethernet modem. We have tried everything to get this thing connected to the ISP, but as usual its not them or the PC supplier. Have gone through the setup several times and even says connected. There even appears to be some traffic (at times), must in configuration can anyone help please?

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Hello all, im new here, i found the site looking for topics like this one I am about to post.

A family members sony vaio will not boot up, the computer doesnt load windows XP (The windows XP loading screen appears but will then goes blank and reboots automatically.) When the computer first turns on a blank screen appears with text saying "we're sorry for the inconvienice, etc..." then has a 30 second timer for which option i would like to choose.
These are my options below (which none work).

It doesnt work on Safe Mode, Safe Mode (Networking), Safe Mode (Command Prompt) or even the "last known to work configurations".

Im totally lost on what i can do from here. I need assistence people!!

Answer:Sony Vaio Wont boot and Continues to Restart (doesnt even work on safe mode)

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1. Just bought a Sony VAIO TT series and was trying to get logged on to the MacDonalds (Cloud?) wifi. It took ages to go through the leaflet they provide and then I got the message network not available. I had to do all the steps manually there was no "wizard" or automatic connection. First time I've ever tried this.

When entering a wifi hotspot should the wireless network appear in Manage Wireless Networks? This certainly didn't happen in MacDonalds. My wireless switch on the laptop is turned to "on" but how do I know if it's working. It seems ridiculously difficult to find a wifi connection. Am I doing something wrong? Does each hotspot need this complicated manual configuration?

The laptop works fine at home with a router and i also have a broadband "3" mobile dongle which connects fine.

2. Also getting message "Windows Media Player has stopped working". Why? How can I fix this.

The laptop is brand new by the way.

Any help much appreciated. Advice in idiot format please for a non IT/PC beginner, thanks.

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I have a brand new Vaio with Vista.I am connected via a wireless DSL network.At various times I am asked if I want to connect to internet.How do i eliminate this unneeded message?

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I have a PCV Sony Vaio desktop running XP.I want to connect to the local network to access the Internet. As the Vaio doesn't have a wireless connection what do I have to add to make it connect?

Answer:Sony Vaio desktop - no wireless connection

You need to install a "Wireless Network Adapter" which can be either USB or an internal PCI card.

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Answer:Sony vaio network connection problems

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I decided to share some of my recent blog post that are related to computers, as I normally blog about business related content. This seemed to be a very popular topic and I experienced the same issues so decided to play around a bit.

The problem I had can occur a few different ways:

1) I experienced that if I put the computer to sleep (close the lid) that when I went to wake it up, the wireless would act as if the switch was turned off, even though it was on.

2) I experienced that sometimes the computer just wouldn't recognize the wireless unless I rebooted a few times. Even then sometimes the wireless switch would show it was off.

3) I experienced that sometimes it would work perfectly fine when I first booted the computer, but then would lose connection after a period of time.

I believe that this issue is with the pre-installed software loaded by Sony. I read many blogs, tech sites, and articles about this but none of them seemed to work. Then I remembered that when I first got the laptop, I had disabled some of the pre-loaded crap that you get when purchase a computer from a store (that's for another blog entry though).


Go to Start -> Control Panel -> double click "Vaio Control Center" -> hit ok at the UAC prompt (if there) -> expand the folder "network connections" -> click "Vaio Smart Network" -> click Open

A box should have popped up with 3 little boxes/images in it. H... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio wireless connection problems


Just noticed a similar thing on a Dell Inspiron, i installed Xppro and used Dells own drivers for the wireless NIC, however i prefer to use windows to manage the wifi, everytime i put the pc into standby or similar the wifi wouldnt work and i had to start the WIFI service in services.msc, it was as i found out Dells own software that was claiming control of the WIFI, once uninstalled and just the driver installed the problem stopped.

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Hi all, I own a Sony Vaio VPCCW computer, Windows 7 64 bit home edition. My laptop has an Atheros AR9285 wireless adapter which I have updated the drivers for recently, I believe. I'm at a university that has multiple access points to their wireless network, so I DO NOT have login access to my router. Upon connecting to the wireless network and opening a web browser, I'm supposed to be redirected to a little submission form page where I enter a university username and password so I can have access to the internet.

Lately, I have been connecting to the wifi network and I have not been redirected to the login page, instead I get a "page not found" type error in chrome, firefox, IE, etc. I should note that when I am experiencing these troubles, PCs and Macs that are in the same room as my laptop do not have an issue connecting at all. This problem occurs very randomly, and it fixes itself after about 20 minutes. It would be very annoying to not have internet when I need it, however. I have read up a bit about similar errors on this forum and so I know that whoever reads this will probably ask for a Xirrus screenshot, so I have attached that. Unfortunately right now I am connected just fine, so I didn't get the chance to grab an ipconfig text for pasting here. I'll try restarting my laptop to force the problem, and I'll edit it in/reply if I can get it to work.

My network is "webster-wifi"

Thanks for looking into my problem!

Edit: ... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio Atheros AR9285, No Internet Connection

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Hi everybody.

I have a linksys WRT54G2 router that i recently bought. and i have this old laptop its from around 2004 if i remmebr right. its a sony vaio VGN-A130B, and im running windows xp professional vrsion 2002 service pack 1.

now the problem is i see all availbele wireless networks including my own, but when i choose mine and enter the network key (i believee its the network secturity key) and click connect nothing happens, it does not connect but it doesnt give me a message saying couldnt connect either....what should i do?

i was searching the internet and there was something about putting a service pack 2??? sorry guys im pretty new to this stuff please help me out.

do i have to configure my router or something? do i have to install some software on my laptop?

Answer:Problems connecting my Sony Vaio to wireless connection

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Hello all.
This one has me stumped. Recently reformatted this Sony laptop and all went well. The unit has all the up to date drivers, including the LAN. It is using LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Driver with updates to Marvell® Atheros® Extensible Wireless LAN Driver.
Both of these installed, but I had to do in compatibility mode for Windows XP. Not sure why. Tried it with normal installation and each time I received the warning "software might not have installed properly". After I did this I thought that if the drivers did not install properly that something would be messed up. Hence another reformat.
Getting to the problem (after proper install of the drivers). The unit will not connect to the internet.
I have browsed through the forums here and there are many similar cases but not exact. I have tried all the suggestions made on other forums but to no avail.
The unit sees the router.. tries to identify, stumbles around a bit and then declares it an unknown network.
It marks it as a "public" network, and connects locally only. Trouble shooting included trying all the different security settings on the router and the laptop, tried reassigning IP addresses. Put the laptop in DMZ zone, shut off UPnP, restored UPnP, ect, ect.
Then tried an open system with no security protocol ...... BAM connects to the internet.
This is obviously no good. I am running a Belkin wireless N router. There are 17 wireless devices that connect to this router with n... Read more

Answer:Solved: Connection problems with Sony Vaio VGN N220E

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Just updated my Z1 to Windows 8 inspite Sony not yet supporting this model.It went quite ok. Only feature I really need is to have the 3G connection to Internet. Has anybody solved this? I found a download for the OneClick Internet, butit says "device not found". Pls help if you have as answer.Markus

Answer:Sony Vaio VPCZ1 to Windows 8: 3G modem connection

"Just updated my Z1 to Windows 8 inspite Sony not yet supporting this model."Unwise decision. What useful feature does Windows 8 give you that Windows 7 can't do already?

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I am seeking advice on the correct cables to enable Sony VAIO Laptop connection to my HD TV which has HDMI connection.

I note that there is a S-Video Out on the laptop but would like to know how to connect up to enable sound etc.

Thanks, V

Answer:Sony VAIO PCG-5J5M connection cables to TV - HDMI

Looks like a cable or adapter is needed.


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Hi I purchased a Sony Vaio from another country. It came in pre-installed with Windows Vista but I find it to be very buggy so I formatted my laptop and am trying to install Windows XP on it. Though I did manage to install the OS, I couldn't get myself to install several drivers including Drivers for Ethernet. Browsing on the internet wasn't of much help either what with the Sony Website not having any support for the product at Windows XP OS. It does have drivers for SOny Vista. Can anyone please help?

Answer:Sony Vaio Vista to XP

This may sound a little weird but, have you tried installing your vista drivers on XP? A while ago I changed from XP to vista and some of the XP drivers worked on vista (and my vaio wasn't vista supported).

Alternative, you can make a list of the drivers you need and see if I can find them.

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My Sony Vaio seems to not like connecting to wireless internet anymore, and when I click on the available connections, it shows the ethernet cord as a wireless connection (but it works). There is no recognition from my computer that it is plugged in to a ethernet cord.

I have tried a system restore to 2 weeks before this all happened, and it didn't work. I'm not sure what to do, I know it's a problem with my computer because other people can connect to the ethernet cord and the wireless, just not me.

Any ideas?

Answer:Sony Vaio thinks ethernet cable is a wireless connection

and welcome to the Forum

Lets take a peek at your environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again.

How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router via the ethernet cable, , Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

Repeat this with the pc connected to the router via wireless (disconnect the ethernet cable )

then please Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get a... Read more

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I'm running Windows 7 on my Vaio and randomly while working my internet connection fails and I have to reboot the connection. This doesn't happen with my other laptop, Dell, also Windows 7. What could be the problem and an effective fix? thanks!!

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Hey guys

Ok so I was handes this sony vaio laptop model pcg-7141L to fix because of viruses. Well I removed the hdd and hooked it up as a external and dis virus scans, house call found 8 and mse found 1. So I hooked it back up to the laptop and tryed to boot but I got a start up repair screen that said it couldn't repair the problem. I can't find any restore points or recovery options and sfc/scannow refuses to even work all I get is a "windows was unable to start the repair proccess message. I'm trying my vista 64 erd disk as soon as I boot it but I don't know if sfc will work from the cd or not.

I've tried safe mode but the pc reboots, now I'm running out of options on how to fix it. Any body have any ideas I can try?

Answer:Problems with a sony vaio with vista HP 64

I suggest you connect the HDD as a slave to the other system again, copy your personal files out, reconnect the HDD to the original system and reinstall Vista x64.

Regards. . .



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My vaio is so slow it is killing me. how can I try to make it work faster.It takes about 6 min. to boot up. Often when typing it freezes for a few seconds, that's how slow it is getting

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Hi all. I have a friend who owns a SONY VAIO runniing under vista with FIOS from Verizon. His problem is that he can't seem to get on the internet whenever he plugs it to his ethernet (wired). He tried calling sony and verizon about the situation and all they can tell him is that he might have a problem with his NIC card. He is going to bring it to me so why I can test his laptop. Is there a good way for me to test his nic card?

Answer:I can't get on the Internet with my sony VAIO under vista, wth?

Best way to test the nic is to plug it into a connection you KNOW works. If he cant get on wireless either, you might have an infection that is preventing you from accessing the internet.

Plug it in wired, go to Start >> Run >> type cmd. In the black window type "ipconfig" (no quotes), if you see numbers, thats a good thing. What numbers you see if a whole different thing! If you see just "Windows IP Configuration" and thats it, you might have a hardware problem, or the adapter may be disabled.

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Internet doesn't stay connected too long. My wifi signal is high. Please help

Answer:Windows Vista/ sony vaio

Hi -

Need to obtain info on your wifi. Make sure wifi is on, then run this app -

2 Notepads will open, one behind the other. Save both as TXT files; zip them up and attach to your next post.

Regards. . .



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Today afternoon i was doing some work on my vaio and suddenly the window shuts.
I restarted the laptop but the screen started with blue horizontal lines. After several tries to repair i decided to restore my system using the recovery tool and started c drive formating.
All started well system was formated and saw the first time windows boot up screen. Now this is the time when problem starts my laptop stops at this point goes into advance mode and ask me to select the options. When i click on the safe mode to starts i get a popup window says that system cannot start in safe mode. To continue installing windows restart the computer.
I am able to go to recovery and restart the restor process but it stops at the same point and gets into boot loop.
Using recovery i managed to check the hardrive and all is intact.
I donot have recovery disk and only have genuine windows through recovery.
Pls advise how can i get my laptop to boot seems windows recovery got corrupted

Answer:Window vista sony vaio

Your Hard drive might be failing. First backup all important data, Documents, Music, pictures etc... From another PC.

Download Ubuntu Live CD ISO image and burn the ISO image to a cd using Imgburn (how to burn an ISO image using Imgburn). With the newly burned cd boot with it then select "Try Ubuntu" not "Install Ubuntu" access the Windows partition or what ever partition or hdd you which to backup files from by going to the panel on top, select "Go" click on "Computer". Select the partition, or Hard drive then directories, and files you wish to back up, Backup the files to DVD, an external hard drive or thumb drive(s).


Downloading UBCD which is in my signature.Burn the ISO Image to a blank CD using Imgburn (How to burn a ISO Image using Imgburn) burn at lowest speed. With the newly burned cd boot with the cd go to HDD>Diagnostics>The make and model of your hard drive, Seagate, Maxtor, Drive Fitness which is Hitachi, Or Western Digital. Perform a short and long test. Could also be called "Standard" and "Extended" test or also "Comprehensive" test. The Seagate hard drive test will work on most drives.
If non of the tools find your hard drive keep trying until one does. As mentioned Seatools work for some drives, so does Drive Fitness.

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Hi, I have an issue with my sony vaio model VGN-NS30E/P, Windows Vista. It restarts to a black screen with a white arrow cursor and will not boot up. I pressed F8 on restart to use repair my computer option. It will not open in safe mode or any of the option, including last known good configuration. I was able to restore to a previous point in time (Sun 04/11/12 which was week before the problem), however this did not fix the black screen issue.

I have attempted the following:

In command prompts:
1. Running Regedit.exe - Editing the shell name to explorer.exe - it changes but once I restart and go back into regedit the name has reverted back to what it was originally, cmd.exe
2. In regedit.exe loaded software hive to check the windows NT rpcsSs key was set to NT AUTHORIT\NetworkService
3. Deleted event logs in winevt
4. chkdsk /f /r
5.sfc /scannow - can't start the repair process
6. Tried Sticky keys - shift button 5 times however doesn't provide me with access to task manager
7. CTRL ALT DEL does not work
8. In repair computer options have run a memory diagnostic tool, says will see results when restart but my restarts go to a black screen.
Now the restore to a prevous point in time is unavailable as there are no restore dates available!! There were about 5 dates previously.

When I ran the repair your computer it said there weren't any problems. I have run this a few times and I noticed that the following message appeared at the bottom of th... Read more


Welcome to BC sweetiequeen.Try running Bootrec.exe tool from the Command Prompt.

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I have a sony Vaio VGN-N220E which came with Vista Home Premium installed on it. I decided recently to reinstall Vista because it has just become too slow over the last year. I didn't want that 9 gig wasted partition either so I grabbed a Vista DVD I had and went ahead to do a clean install.

The DVD boots and it goes through it's install stuff but about 10 minutes into the install, the screen goes black with a white mouse (which I can move around the screen but nothing else). If I go to reboot, it reboots to a black screen and then just keeps rebooting itself every few minutes without letting me even get to a login screen.

Also, the only Vista boot disk I have is one that came with my Dell computer so I have been using that. I don't know if that will make a difference from using a OEM retail version or not but being it is the same version and I have the sony serial I figured it should work.


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I hope that any one can help me because Sony won't. I will be extremely grateful for any help. I purchased this computer 3 weeks ago and have struggled with this issue ever since. I received the computer with Windows Vista. I did the research before hand to be certain that I would be able to install Windows XP without losing any major funcitionality. According to Sony Support I would only lose camera funcitonality and possibly fingerprint scan. I can live with this. I have formatted this harddrive and installed Windows XP 4 times. I have downloaded all of the drivers and updates from the Sony site in the exact order they specified and still no luck. I have been able to get everything to function except for the power management. The fn keys work with all options except the brightness of the screen, which runs on the brightest setting all of the time. (works fine with vista) I am unable to change the screen brightness with the fn key and I am also unable to change it in the windows power management utility. It is bright all the time, while plugged in and on battery power. I love the notebook and I really want to solve this problem but the, sorry for your inconvenience, answers I have received from Sony, have me at my witts end. Their tech support are not tech's, they are $8 an hour people typing answers they find on a card. I am so frustrated and I need windows xp. I hope that someone has a possible solution, or I will be forced to try and sell this great laptop and b... Read more

Answer:Windows Vista/XP Sony Vaio

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I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-C2S with Vista Premium 2 days ago.
I got home, turned it on, connected my external hard drive...ok, connected my printer...fine, connected my Creative Live Webcam....the system got to 90% of the installation and then told me it was incompatible...
Too late though, nothing else worked.
I tried to reboot, still nothing. Computer is dead. Only 2 hours old... (((((
Of course I'm returning it to the store tomorrow, but my concern is this: Is Vista so temperamental, or did I just get a dodgy one??
Pls someone give me some advice. I want to exchange this notebook for a different one with XP, probably the Vaio SZ. Unfortunately the Series C only comes with Vista.
Is it normal for Vista to act like this? I mean, all I did was try to install a measley little webcam...
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Answer:New Sony Vaio With Vista 'frozen' After 2 Hrs...

Basically right now there are alot of programs that are not working properly with the OS. Although the system will run an automatic system recovery if you boot from the Disk which may have gotton you back to the desktop. If that did not work you get the option for a system restore. Just for future reference so make sure you get the disk.


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I am having a hard time deciding whether I should return this Sony Vaio I bought and get the HP dv2 online instead. They are both Windows vista home 64-bit. I bought the Sony Vaio NS series for $499.99 plus all those fees for a total of $563.74 at Best Buy. If I return it I will most likely have to pay the dreaded 15% restocking fee which comes to about $70-80 less in refund money, even though I noticed yesterday that this laptop was a bit sluggish, which isn't typical for a Sony Vaio which has such a good reputation. Not fair, but I have to pay it.

I browsed the web and saw a brand new, with warranty HP dv2 for only $599, everything included in the price. And I can also get Microsoft cash back on it, which is minus 40-50 dollars. I also have the ebay rewards, which is minus an additional 11-12 dollars. I know that some people get turned off by the idea of buying from ebay. However, this seller seems legit and feedback received has been favorable. I also have paypal buyer protection when i receive it.

However, what caught my eye was that the HP dv2 the seller was selling has 4gb RAM and 500gb Hard drive. Compared to this Sony Vaio, which is only 3gb RAM and 250gb Hard drive...that is a long way. I have used an hp laptop before and it lasted a good 2 years and something before breaking. Which I guess is pretty acceptable? The HP dv2 also has a small, very portable 12.1 inch screen, compared to this standard 15.4 inch screen on the Sony Vaio.

The only thing that make... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio NS Series or HP dv2 ? Both Vista 64-bit..but..

I would stick with the Sony.

The one on E-Bay states that it is still in a sealed box, well, most anyone can reseal a box. There would be NOT warranty and you are on your own.

We have had real good luck with the Sony's and each one we have had has severed us over 3 years each time. No, we did NOT upgrade to a new machine because there was problems, we just out grow it.

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i cant do recovery in my sony VGN-NR220E,

Answer:how to do recovery vista in sony vaio .........., .......... more.Demonstrative exspelling... there is logic to this madness! .im

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Hi All first post, Urgent Help required.

After trying to find an update for the driver of my Blu-ray drive as I was having problems reading CD Rom files from Cd's but plays Blu-ray disk's with no problems.


Device Status:

"This device is working properly.
Windows did not start a related device driver. To learn more, click the Driver tab and then click Driver Details".

Driver File Details:


I ran AVG PC Tuneup 2011 acepted all the reconmendations all seams to look ok, then shortly after came the blue screen.

I tried to run the following program below and got this Error! "The system cannot find the path specified"

Run a System Health Report -
START | type perfmon /report - a viewer will appear | Save as an HTML file (default file extension)

Vista . . .- x64 (64 bit)- Windowa Vista Home Premium SP2
- OEM - Age of system (March 2009)- Age of OS installation (March 2009)

System . . .Sony Vaio VGN-FW31ZJ
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T9550 @ 2.66 GHz
Memory: 4.00 GB

Answer:Sony Vaio - Vista x64 (BSOD)

STOP 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Usual causes: Device driver, hardware, System service, compatibility, Remote control programs, memory, BIOS

icrosoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\richc46\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp2_Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2[1].zip\Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2\Mini101410-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista Kernel Version 6002 (Service Pack 2) MP (2 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 6002.18267.amd64fre.vistasp2_gdr.100608-0458
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`01e13000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`01fd7dd0
Debug session time: Thu Oct 14 06:43:55.069 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 23:59:52.735
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* ... Read more

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Question: Sony Vaio Laptop?


Does anyone know anything about sony vaio notebooks. I am looking at the sony vaio k37

Does anyone know of any problems with this laptop or sony vaios in general? Does anyone think its a good decision? I am an engineering major so i need one that can handle CADD and other software. I also use alkot of photoshop, flash, and html projects. Please let me know what you think.


Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop?

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I have a friends Sony laptop which he asked if I could take a look at for him.

The laptop was already on its last legs, wouldnt charge properly, kept shutting down every 10 mins.

The laptop was switching on fine before i opened up the back case, removed HDD, CD, RAM and shot some compressed air through the vents to cleam em up a bit. I was wearing anti-static the whole time, and I didnt remove any components like heatsink or processor.

When i rebuilt the laptop to see if it stayed on a bit longer, it wouldnt post, not even the BIOS screen. The screen stays blank, the scroll lock/num lock/caps lock lights all stay on, and power and battery stay on. No HDD light, and certainly no XP boot noises.

Went back in to check monitor connections, other power connectors and all are fine.

I swapped his HDD into my laptop and it booted fine.

So i'm a bit lost!!! I have taken apart many laptops before, but mainly HP Toshiba. This is my first Sony.

Luckily he was after a new laptop, and i've filled him in on all the details and he's totally cool about it. He sees it as a good excuse to get a new one.

Any ideas? I really dont want to let him down, even if he's not bothered. Pride is on the line!

Answer:Sony Vaio laptop. What have I done?!

Weird. Have you tried your HD into his Laptop, to see if it would work?

And it seems that it has to be something on his laptop.
Let me know if you get his PC up using a different HD..
Best of luck.

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Hi all. I've got this Sony Vaio laptop that I'm trying to get it to work. A friend of mine said he used it for parts, so it is missing a few hardware pieces. However, I am having problems getting it to run.

It is missing a hard drive, and the RAM pieces.

When I plug it in, the power icon works, shows a green light.

The product name is VPCF136FM, the model is PCG-81115L.

When I turn the machine on, screen doesn't turn on. It just stays black, I can hear the GPU fan turn on (It takes about 15 seconds for the GPU fan to even turn on), but no matter how long I leave the laptop on, the screen just stays black, it does nothing. I was thinking maybe the GPU was taken out, but I later learned the graphics card is basically embedded into the motherboard, so you can't remove it.

Anyone know why the screen isn't working? Or should I just throw it in the trash?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Answer:Need Help With Sony Vaio Laptop

Without RAM it will never run. You MUST have at least one RAM module.

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Question: Sony Vaio laptop

I've just been given a Sony Vaio PCG-R505JSK. I've been informed this is a US model so does anybody knowa) is the UK equivalent the same or how do I find outb) when it comes to buying a battery, what should I be looking for?c) same as b), but for a docking stationd) Will any external usb cd/dvd drive work with it?Thanks in advance

Answer:Sony Vaio laptop

1. The keyboard is probably different to the UK version e.g. it won't have £ sign on it. You will be able to change the region in Regional Options in Control Panel but have to compare it to a UK one to find out where all the symbols etc. are.2. click here may be able to supply a battery. A google search will bring up other suppliers.3. Again try the one at 2. or google for others. Sony have their own site at click here4. Not sure what version of USB it has. I would think most would work but you might have to fit a PCMCIA/Cardbus USB 2.0 card to exploit the full potential try click here for this.

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Question: Sony Vaio Laptop

I need a new power cord for my laptop. Does anyone no where I might find one? The model is VPCEB15FX. Sony store does not have them now.

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop

You don't mention where you are located. Here are some possible sources for the Sony part and claimed equivalents in the USA:,k:VPCEB15FX+charger

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Question: Sony vaio laptop

i have a sony vaio laptop VGN-FW370j with windows vista on it.
i went and brought windows 7 ultimate today ( a small shop was selling them early), i want to install it but im wondering how i will get all the drivers for my laptop back as the sony site is absolutely useless.

a fast answer would be awsome as im dreading every moment of vista


Answer:Sony vaio laptop

Strange, I have every driver/program for my vgn ar630e and got them all from Sonys site... You will be surprised how many windows 7 will already have. I suggest you get the drivers for your webcam. multimedia keys and you should be good to go... Let me know if you need any help...

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Hi there, I have a Sony Vaio A197VP click hereYou cant really see from the picture but one of those buttons just above the keyboard has a picture of a magnifying glass on it and when pressed it toggles between resoultions 1280 x 768 (the one I use almost all the time) and 1600 x 1200. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to change the resolutions it toggles between? I would like it to toggle between 1280 x 768 and 1024 x 768 (which I use to play a snooker game I quite like!!)Thanks a lot, any suggestions would be great and much appreciated.Using Win XP Pro

Answer:Help with a Sony Vaio laptop please.

It is probably not a windows option but there may be a program on you laptop setup by sony to configure the keys.Or may be in the BIOSHotKeys :-Hotkeyz click hereAstatix Launcher click hereThese progs can be used to reconfigure keys.

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I have a sony vaio laptop (bought it 2nd hand ) have had it about two years and it was about 1 - 1.5 years when I bought it. It badly overheats - and the dc jack (mains socket) is now loose. I have had a quote of £100 (£85 + £15 pickup/return) for these repairs - which I was willing to go with (the man found that the mother board has been burnt and would need replacing for another £100. I can't remember the model number of the laptop Its a 'PCsomething...8jlm' (i think!)- but it has a 17" screen and is a 2.6 gig (processor?) Details on laptop - with repair man !. Based on these sketchy details, can anyone advise me whether they think my machine is worth the spend, cos I said to the man I could probably buy another for not much more, he said yes, but it would not be a vaio. Indian guy - very genuine. Wondered to have a go at fixing it myself and buying the parts - I reckon a lot of the price is on labour - and I have a welding kit - but I read somewhere that this sort of thing is not for the faint hearted!..anyone got any advice on whether I should get this fixed?

Answer:sony vaio laptop - fix or not fix

buying a scrapper off ebay and canibalising it?

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Question: Sony Vaio Laptop

Does anybody know where I can find a service manual for a Sony Vaio PCG-FR720 Notebook? I wanna take a look at the guts.

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop

Start here
In the 3rd section, I can input Vaio, the PCG-FR series but there is no 720 (probably because US is selected and you are in another country).

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Question: sony vaio laptop

im running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and now all of a sudden i have no speakers or head phones connected and no sound at all ive done everything from downloading the new drivers to uninstalling it. i got nothing but a speaker with and red x thru it help

Answer:sony vaio laptop

Try the steps posted in this link. It says its for Windows vista; but the principles are pretty much the same for windows 7 I do believe:

Red X on speaker icon and getting error "No audio output device is - Microsoft Community

Here is also another link that should help:

Red X On Notification Tray Speaker Icon

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Hello Everyone,I've got a Sony Vaio VGN-FE11S with 1GB RAM and want to upgrade. The Sony site is fairly helpful and says the followingMemory Type SO-DIMM - 533Mhz (DDR2) which is helpful enough. I've found something to that specification on Dabs. However when I click to buy RAN from the Sony shop (too expensive), the ram that they try to sell me is the same but is 667mhz.I therefore have 2 questions...Can I buy the faster 667mhz and it still work? Can I get any faster than this?Also the maximum memory is 2GB, and I have 2 slots. Would I be better off buying 2 1GB, or 1 2GB and having a spare slot? It's the same price either way.Thanks in advance.

Answer:What RAM to Buy for Sony Vaio Laptop

click here and run the scan, can't recommend them highly enough

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Question: Sony Vaio Laptop

My Sony VAIO laptop will only run in Safe Mode and BIOS. I have installed every possible OS on the planet including it's own restore disks. I have done every thing I can think of shy of new RAM and CPU and HD to figure out why it does this. Please Help !!

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop

Hi there!

If it runs in Safe Mode, then it's most likely caused by a software or driver issue.

In safe mode
Check "Selective Startup"
UN-CHECK "process config.sys file" (if there)
UN-CHECK "process autoexec.bat file" (if there)
UN-CHECK "Load Startup Group Items"

click apply, then OK or Close
reboot and see!

If there's a specific error message, please post it here!

Good Luck!


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Im not really even sure if im in the right forum for this type question. but this afternoon i was using my Sony Vaio laptop for about 30 mins or and i left it on for about 10 or 15 more mins and when i came back it was off. First thing i thought was that the battery had died, but that idea was cancelled when i saw that the wall adaptor was plugged in also. The light on the wall adaptor comes on and is green. But the computer will not show any signs of life what so ever other than the green light on the wall adaptor. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG?!?!?!

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop Help!!!

but this afternoon i was using my Sony Vaio laptop for about 30 mins or and i left it on for about 10 or 15 more mins and when i came back it was off.Click to expand...

my first reaction to this is that it hibernated. Can you turn your computer on? You may want to post more specifics about your computer and the problem, such as OS, what you were doing before you left, what applications were open when you left, etc, etc.

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop.
When I turn it on, the fan spins but shuts down after a few seconds, then never starts up again. It only spins at startup.
Anyone got any tips?

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop Fan


The fan on a laptop will run for a few seconds until the temperature monitoring software loads, then it only runs when it gets hot enough.

Unless the laptop is overheating, you don't have a problem?

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Question: Sony Vaio laptop

I had to do new install from desktop disk to Sony laptop,now I do not have wireless options. Where can I get driver downloads for Sony ? Windows XP disk

Answer:Sony Vaio laptop

What is the exact model for this laptop. We may be able to find it for you on google and link here.

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Question: Sony Vaio Laptop

Ihave lost the @ symbol. Any ideas for reprogramming it in please?

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop

Does the " key give you the @ ?mike

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Question: Sony Vaio Laptop

Ive just bought a Sony Viao laptop of ebay, and the display is messed up. The picture is small in the middle of the screen even when the computer is booting up, the actual picture is aboul half the size of the screen. ow do i get the screen to fit the entire screen - lol that makes sense.

J. Knight

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop

Sounds like the power invertor for the display is dying..(common problem in notebooks) If so, your need a replacement screen invertor for that model notebook, and someone capable of replacing it.. They can commonly be found on ebay..

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