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i need help from somebody, regarding putting windows xp (2005) in MS-DOS mode

Question: i need help from somebody, regarding putting windows xp (2005) in MS-DOS mode

hi, i was wondering if u could help me, my lil bro's computer is hacked or something, his OS is windows xp media center edition 2005, and i read that i can completely erase his computer by restarting it in MS-DOS mode? i cannot find out where it says "restart in MS-DOS mode" option in the shut down windows dialogue box, all i really need to know is how to restart the comp in MS-DOS mode so i can erase everything, get back to me if ya can please. thank you.

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Preferred Solution: i need help from somebody, regarding putting windows xp (2005) in MS-DOS mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: i need help from somebody, regarding putting windows xp (2005) in MS-DOS mode

Windows XP doesn't use DOS.If you want a fresh start, you have two options:1. Use Windows XP CD for clean install2. Use Recovery CD to bring the computer to its original state.NOTE. In both cases, all personal data, and installed programs will be lost.

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I just got a brand new laptop with Windows Hello. It's very useful for logging in, but my laptop now goes to sleep every time I leave my desk. The red light next to the infrared camera blinks often when I'm using my laptop (which is also pretty annoying), and then if I get up, even for a few minutes (to grab a snack, notebook, etc.) my laptop goes to sleep. I'm pretty computer illiterate, but I suspect that the camera is still looking for me while I'm using my computer and then decides my laptop needs to sleep when it doesn't see my face anymore. Is there any way to change this? I like not having to use a password, but the red light and going to sleep is annoying, especially since I tend to get up from my desk a lot just to stretch. It also seems like having the camera on all the time would drain the battery pretty quickly. Am I way off base here?

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For no apparent reason when I am downloading torrentds windows says , in the notiifications, that it has pu Torrex Pro into suspended mode

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Trying to put my parents' PC into Standby mode but the only thing that was closing down was the monitor. What am I doing wrong?Is it okay to leave the PC on Standby all day and then turn off the PC at night?Could someone please tell me the difference between Standby and Hibernate - in very simple terms - and how do you set it up to Hibernaye?

Answer:Putting PC Into Standby Mode

Standby continues to supply power to RAM and certain other system components with the aim of keeping your Windows session in memory. It powers up quickly.Hibernation saves the contents of RAM to a portion of the HDD with some appended data, then shuts down everything completely. To all intents and purposes, it is the same as a shutdown, bar the fact that Windows cannot perform the tasks that it normally performs at shutdown. It boots up quite quickly.

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After I click on Start and then the arrow, the field with "sleep" disappears as I move the mouse toward it. Is there a way to prevent this from occurring or is there a short cut for putting windows 7 into standby?

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I recently purchased a Sony Bravia XBR55X900E tv and I connect my pc to it via HDMI.  Here's is my setup:

Dell XPS 8700 connects to HDMI 2 on Sony TV.
My TV receiver connects to HDMI 1 on Sony TV.
My Sony AVR connects to HDMI 3 on Sony TV, strictly for audio purposes (ARC).
Logitech Harmony one universal remote.

My issue is this:  Whenever I switch between activites (example PC to watching TV), after the TV switches to HDMI 1 from HDMI 2, this puts my Dell into sleep / standby mode.  If I press the power button, it lights up like normal.  If I go back to the PC activity, again once the TV switches from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2, the computer again goes into this "sleep" mode and I again have to press the power button to take it out of it.
All of my pc settings are set to NEVER with respect to monitor or PC going to sleep / standby mode.  Prior to this TV I had my pc connected to an older plasma TV and this never happened.
I contacted Sony to see if it something with their Bravia sync but the person said that everything looked good from the TV's end.
I'm hoping that someone has come across this and can steer me in the right direction as it is really frustrating and I don't know what else to try.

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For the past week my computer will sometimes put itself in sleep mode while I am using it. It doesn't matter whether I'm playing games, word processing or on the internet.

Answer:Computer Putting Itself In Sleep Mode

Could be a hardware problem. How old is it? Are all the connections okay?

Is it working off a battery? Is it set to shut down when the battery is low?

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Monitor put into power save mode. Suspect a virus. Ran avg scan in safe mode and it found and supposedly removed a Trojan called backdoor.hupigon5.bvbf but when the pc is restarted in normal mode the problem recurs.

Answer:Virus putting into power save mode

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If this machine is 64-bit...

Please download aswMBR.exe to your desktop. Double-click aswMBR.exe to run it.
When prompted to download the latest Avast! virus definitions, please choose Yes
Click the Scan button to start scan.
Wait until it says, 'Scan finished successfully'. ( Note - do not select any Fix at this time)
Click Save log, and save it to your desktop.
Click Exit.
Please post the contents of that log, aswMBR.txt, in your next reply.

When you run this tool, remember to choose 'Skip' not 'Cure' if it finds s... Read more

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For Christmas my parents bought me a Canon Zr 60 Digital Camcorder. In the manual it tells me all about how my camcorder has night mode, but it doesn't tell me how to set it up. Any help on how to set it up would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Problem Putting Camcorder in Night Mode

Page 44 of the online manual tells how to use menu and settings dial and in that section once you learn the menu and settings dial you will find the night mode setting some where in there. I think you just need to see what the different settings are when you turn that dial to find it.

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I got my T61p since January and I'm pretty tired of this issue. I've read on the net that it is an issue with some laptop that has a defective motherboard when using two stick of memory (which is my case). Is there any mean to get this fix? Everytime I start to game for a little while, I have to use a lapcool or else it shut itself off. The heavier the game, the faster it happen.  So please.... 

Answer:T61p putting itself in sleep mode while gaming

check your GPU and CPU temp, with HWmonitorPro what is your temp???

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Please help,

I have a HP NC6400 laptop at work,

Everytime you put it into sleep mode it reboots

Ive tried checking the power options as so may sites refer to them but i have no hibernate option

network cable unplugged same thing just reboots after screen going blank and showing some HDD activity

Please help

Answer:Vista reboots when putting Laptopo into sleep mode


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This is driving me absolute nuts.   Whenever I switch to tablet mode it seems the wifi antenna powers down despite the system showing it's still pwered on.    Any idea on how to fix this?    

Answer:I lose wifi when putting my X220t in tablet mode

Does it help if you leave a little gap between the back of the lid and the keyboard?

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Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode, it has crashed several times and is somewhat repeatable, Has happened with previous versions of Powerpoint
· OS - Windows 10 x64· What was original installed OS on system? Windows 7 OEM· Age of Hardware? 3 years· Age of OS installation? >1 year· CPU - Intel Core i7 - 3720QM - 8 cores, 2.60GHz· Video Card - NVIDIA Quadro K1000M· System Manufacturer - Lenovo· Exact model number - W530· Laptop

Answer:Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode

Appears to be an application issue, rather than a system issue.
More Possibly Useful Links
Moved topic from Crashes/BSODs to Business Apps forum.

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Hi, I have T440s with Windows 10 (64-bit) installed, after latest update from MS and Lenovo (BIOS 2.35) ntb beeps while putting in sleep mode (and a blank screen)  Four cycles of four short beeps and a blank screen: System board (Security chip)  Does anybody know what might be the problem and how to solve it?  Thanks.  Since I have installed Windows 10, there are repeatedly problems...  ZK


Go to Solution.

Answer:T440s - beeps while putting in sleep mode (and a blank screen)

I got same symtom.. My solution :1) Go Control Panel -> Power Options ..2) You may see the "Lenovo Power Optimized" selected.3) I changed it to "Balance (recommended)"Everything goes back to NORMAL. Hope this helps,Lee

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Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode, it has crashed several times and is somewhat repeatable, Has happened with previous versions of Powerpoint
· OS - Windows 10 x64· What was original installed OS on system? Windows 7 OEM· Age of Hardware? 3 years· Age of OS installation? >1 year· CPU - Intel Core i7 - 3720QM - 8 cores, 2.60GHz· Video Card - NVIDIA Quadro K1000M· System Manufacturer - Lenovo· Exact model number - W530· Laptop

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I read something on the Windows website that says Media Center Edition 2005 has a power option called Away Mode. The settings it has are perfect for me, but it is not in my powercfg utility. Is there an extension I can download for the program to get Away Mode? Please note I'm not talking about one of the Power Schemes. I'm talking about a whole seperate power mode available that turns off the monitor, mutes the sound and slows down the graphics and CPU.


Answer:How do I get Away Mode on MCE 2005?

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Just bought Lenovo notebook with Windows 10 Home.

On my old VISTA laptop, when I put my computer in sleep mode and then woke it up, I could always view my connected MP3 player and its files.

When I do the same with my new notebook, I have to unplug and re-plug the usb connector in order to view the mp3 files.

I tried fixing by going into device manager, power management for the USB hubs, and unchecking the "allow this computer to turn off..." setting.

I alsodisabled this:
I appreciate help, thanks

Answer:Putting computer in sleep mode stops viewing my connected mp3 player

If you disable USB Selective Suspending and uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power', your MP3 shouldn't have any problems. Perhaps double check witch device you unchecked.

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I received an Arris TG862 modem from Time Warner Cable quite some time ago and have generally avoided it until now. I had always assumed that the TG862 was already in bridge mode and that I was only using my NetGear R6300 router for wireless, firewall etc. Recently, I was trying to open ports through my R6300, but no matter what they would always remain closed.

Sometime later, I realized that my Arris modem was most likely to blame, so I turned off both its firewall and wireless and switched it over to bridge mode. After restarting the modem, I am unable to connect to the internet. I can still connect to both my router and my modem's login page via the cord that goes from my modem -> router -> computer, but my router is not getting anything. I tried restarting my router as well, but that does not seem to help my situation. In my router's login page, it clearly tells me that the router is receiving no internet from the modem.

For now, I've factory reset'd the modem and the internet connection is fine but I still need to put the modem in bridge mode.


Answer:Putting Arris TG862 Modem into Bridge Mode cuts off internet

can we see a ipconfig /all when connected just to the modem please

ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above those entries

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop.
Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

Now press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /AL... Read more

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I got this kiwi plastic dust plug charm for my windows phone but it's putting my phone into headphone mode. My ringtone still works when somebody calls me but when I go to answer the call I can't hear anybody until I take it out. Is there anyway I can fix this?

Answer:Why is my plastic dust plug charm putting my phone into headphone mode?

The dust plug is probably a bit too long and opening the phone jack contacts.

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recently i costom built my computer around the time vista was released, its been working smothly on my comp untill a weeek ago it all went wrong and crashed, to be on the safe side i rebooted in safe mode, after then again reboooting it and putting all my settings back to the way they where i thought that it was all over untill recently i noticed little thigs like video's on u tube or any other site not working, aswell as sertain links on a page would not open. this personaly has confussed me! im kinda stuck on how to get it to go back to wat it used to be like before i went into safe mode, please help me!!!!!!!!!!

thanx!!!! yours greatfully Elan2jay!!

Answer:after putting vista into safe mode it will no longer opn java script or flash players

Unless you actually made some changes to the configuration, things should have returned to normal once you rebooted from Safe Mode.

Vista's "System Restore" would probably be the quickest fix for this and you will lose nothing by doing it.

However if you are using Internet Explorer, you might want to go to Tools > Add-Ons and make sure that all the Adobe Flash stuff there is present and enabled.

Also in Internet Options > Security Settings > Custom you can reset all settings there to their defaults.

Finally if you are using a 3rd party firewall -- some of these scripts can be blocked by their configurations.

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Help, I cannot load Norton antivirus 2005 in safe mode (windows XP - service pack 1).

It generates an error and says the symantec integrator has generated an error??

Any ideas how I get this service started manually?

Answer:No Norton Antivirus 2005 in SAFE mode

Norton will not install in Safe Mode.

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Good evening,

I have a friend running Windows XP Home and her PC will boot in nomal mode but immediately shuts down. She advises that she has not installed any new hardware or software or downloaded anything. She can boot to safe mode and work without crashing. She is not running any AV software. My question is, can she install Norton AV in safe mode? ANy help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Feral Geekj

Answer:INstalling Norton AV 2005 in Safe Mode

I tried installing AVG in SAFE mode and I cant, so I would assume you can't install Norton either. Sounds like you have a mess on your hands.
If you are able to install the antivirus in normal mode, I usually run the test in safe mode, seems to run faster on those computers that are really infested.

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I am getting these crazy popups right now called WinFixer and WinAntiVirus 2005 popping up pretty regularly....Please help if there is any help at all for this is my Hijack This log

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:38:36 PM, on 9/3/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
c:\program files\\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMax4PNP.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Modem Event Monitor\IntelMEM.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\PCMService.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\DVDLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mm_tray.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Progra... Read more

Answer:WinFixer 2005/WinAntiVirus 2005 Infecting Me...HELP!!!

I think I've gotten rid of it finally...a friend of mine helped me solve the issue and I've been 'WinFix 2005' popup free for 3 days!!!

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Has anyone tried using the PC Backup 2005 pgm included in "Jan 2005" PC Advisor's CD/DVD?There's very little info on how it works via the very limited help files and I can't seem to source any other user documentation.

Answer:PC Backup 2005 ~ PC Advisor Jan 2005 issue

Can anyone point me to a web site where there is more information on what this program does please?It seems to be very basic from trying it out. E.g. I'm not sure if selecting the number of days when the program is run means that a scheduled job is setup to run automatically, or whether it is entirely manual.

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you just have to attend one of the events on that page and they give it out for free. this ain't spam. yall know me! just something i found at

Answer:Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

Um no to get in your going to pay $400 depending on what event you go to. They generally give out free stuff but it isn't promised. But I do agree they probably will give it away but you still have to pay to be at the event.

MSDN is another way it can be free. But again there is the subscription fee.

Besides these I don't know of any other ways to get it cheap.

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Need help putting a legal copy of XP over an old illegal copy. My computor wont let me do it. It says you already have XP. But with this illegal copy I cant get the updates I need to protect my computor. Ive just started getting lots of trojans and crazey adds popping up.

Answer:Need help putting Windows XP on.

You have format the disk first with the XP setup. Make sure you backup anything you want to keep before formating.

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I have just re-installed windows and got all the updates to this date

After re-installing windows, every once in a while when i place a cd in my dvd-rw drive the drive will begin to read the cd and then my whole computer will freeze

Here are the specs on the comp:

512 mb ram
120 gb wd hd
p4 2.8 ht


i am running nero as my main burning program.

any help would be much appreciated

Answer:Windows XP Freezes after putting in a cd

Do you also have InCD? I, and a lot of other people have had problems with InCD. I got rid of Nero and went to B's Recorder Gold5. Also, is this Nero you are running a full version, or did it come bundled with the DVD-ROM you are using, or did it come bundled with a different DVD-ROM? The bundled software is ususally tied to the hardware it came with, and will more than likely cause problems if used with other hardware.

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So i got my lenovo y580 and it didnt come with any cds (or even my activation code on the bottom of the laptop)windows 8 is already preinstalled on my msata  so im wondering how am i supposed to switch the hdd with ssd and put windows 8 on the ssd And i think i mightve done something really dumb by resetting my laptop to factory settings and not writing down the activation key does anyone know if my activation code is somewhere else? 

Answer:Putting windows 8 on new SSD? y580

Please refer to this thread on finding the product key on preinstlled windows 8 systems which says it might be embedded in the bios. Stil give a try installing windows 8 on a ssd. you will have to have windows 8 disks.Just for your information, installing windows 8 on ssd is not a god idea as rapid drive for windows 8 hasnt beem released till now. Your ssd will get full rapidly.RegardsIshaan

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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hello i just inharited a mac laptop from a fried of mine that passed away but i have no clue how to use one and have no use for a mac nothin against them or anything but i need a laptop if there any way i can put windows on it can i just like wipe the hard drive and load windows on it? and he worked at a school so they had to have him put restrictions on it and stuff and id like to restart it and take it all off so how would i do that can any one help me with that even if it lets me i dont know how to do it. and sorry for all the bad grammer and spelling

Answer:putting windows on mac laptops

.............................................. You're screwed. Unless you want to put in a PC emulator, like Virtual PC: )

You actualy need OS X installed, (since it's just a program that pretends to be a PC on your computer) so you can pretty much forget about wiping the drive and starting over.

It wont play any PC games, either.

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My HD in my laptop went bad on me Friday afternoon - BSOD with "unrecoverable_error", chkdsk gets about halfway through, the works. Not quite certain what happened - had just cancelled a defrag, and had been deleting lots of stuff off of it (it had been performing really slowly for a while, so I was trying to clean it up); probably just a confluence of events that created a toxic environment. No big whoop. BUT:I was going to mount it on another machine, pull off the data I needed (hadn't been backed up in a while - it was the machine that basically ran all the home backups, but there was still a few bits and bites to recover.Then I was thinking I'd go ahead and reformat it - but I wasn't certain if I could set it up as a bootable Windows disk while it was mounted on another machine. I mean, I'm certain it's possible - but I sure want to avoid screwing up the machine I'm on (particularly as I've got the original XP recovery disc, but the machine I'll be using is running 7).I could always plug it back into the original laptop and reformat it, but I'm on the road for a few weeks. So I have the drive, but not the machine. So, I guess the question is, is it possible to format an external drive and put a bootable XP OS on that drive?Thanks

Answer:Putting Windows on External Drive

Windows will not install /boot properly from an external HDD...MS designed it that way ...Your best bet would be to mount your drive in an external enclosure and/or use a laptop to IDE converter on a working desktop machine...Then retrieve whatever data you need...format it...then re-install it in the laptop and do a clean install of Windows...Best of Luck...

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does anybody know if bootcamp will support this version of windows because i want to buy win7 and try it out

Answer:putting Windows 7 on aluminum iMac

oh and how much of my hard drive will i need to run Win7 because i have had this iMac for a year now and i have only used 9 gb of my 320 gb hard drive

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Here's my situation. I bet there's an easy way to do this, but I'm not quite a computer genius (which is why I'm here!).

The hard drive that's running XP right now is a small 6GB drive, and I have recently bought a new 120GB drive. I transfered all of my large files on the new drive (that's now acting as a slave drive) such as music and games. Now, my old drive is getting too cluttered, and I just wanna wipe it clean and boot from the new drive. I want to install Windows on the new drive while retaining all of the things existing on the new drive. By the way, I have everything from the old drive backed up.

What should I do in this case?

Answer:Putting Windows on a new hard drive

Make your new drive master

Put your XP cd in and boot from it

Install keeping current os on new drive so you don't format it.

You can copy your "activation" file over from your old drive and it likely won't even ask you to reactivate.

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I'm a newbie and don't know wat forum category this belongs under but im going to put it on both hardware and software and you can delete the one that is wrong.

anywayz onto my problem, i had a windows ME compaq computer that suddenly wouldn't start , it would get to the red logo compaq and quit, i tried to the Q/R cd's but they didnt' work,
I hooked up the old hard drive to an windows Xp hp computer(the one im on now) and want to reformat it and put either xp on it or windows ME back on it.
I've read many places how to do this but they all say you need the original cd that came with the computer, but i never got an original windows xp cd or a windows me with either computer
Is there some files that i can copy from xp to make a cd and burn it onto the hard drive or something, or is this impossible
thanx for the help

Answer:putting Windows ME, or XP on old hard drive

i doubt it buddy....but i think you can make an image of your XP Hard Drive using Norton Ghost and put it onto the other drive. Is that right guys?

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is there a way to put a comma in my user account name? such as "lastname, firstname". when i try just putting it there it lists commas among the characters that you cannot use.

Answer:putting a comma in windows xp account name

Won't work, but i think you can use hyphens.

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There must be some kind of security chip in these models I also have some lenovo thinkcentre dual core also the M series I think m57  I want to upgrade the atu model from xp to 7 and also upgrade the dual cores from vista to 7 none of these machines will let me no matter what security features I disable in bios or clearing the cmos nor putting in a different optical drive. Why can't I put windows 7 on these systems regardless of single core or dual core nor if they were originally designed for xp or vista. There must be some security chip I do not know about? I should be able to upgrade these systems to 7 ? Please any help solving this would be greatly appreciated Thank You.

Answer:Putting windows 7 on a 6073-of model

Hello moondog, Have you downloaded the Microsoft compatibility check to make sure your PC's are able to run Windows 7? Can you post the Machine Type Numbers (Please do not post your serial number of either machine) so that I can do some research regarding OS Compatibility?

A+ Certified

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Hi my friend gave me this tower. My old one fell out of the truck when i was moving. I was fairly upset. Well I got this thing on but I noticed there is a star like icon in the tray and it says 'your system may be at risk'I tried loading in my XP disk but I get an error. I have never reinstalled before. I have tried looking throgh the Q&A but I am not finding what I need. I am not sure what to do. Please help. I am fairly sure this computer has a few viruses and such I seen Zango in the process window and My Cool Websearch somewhere. I don't want to deal with all that . I just want to get a fresh and clean comp. There is absolutlely nothing on this I want saved so that will not be an issue either. Please help and I hope I am posting in the right section.

Answer:Need help putting a Validated Copy of windows on this PC.

Quotehere is a star like icon in the tray and it says 'your system may be at risk'This is a warning from Windows Security Center. Normally, it means, that either firewall, or antivirus (or both) is not installed, or turned on.Since it's a computer from your friend, probably clean install is your best option.What EXACT error are you getting?Windows XP clean install manual:

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The hard disk on my Dell Optiplex 240 died. I got a replacement disk from another computer in the office, but it was wiped clean and has no operating system on it. The orig drive had windows 2000 on it, but I thought I'd put XP on the new drive using a CD.

When I started up the computer with the new drive in it, I pressed F12 and the setup menu came up. I thought I'd be able to change the settings so that I could have the machine boot from the CD drive, but the screen indicated that the CD drive was not installed. The CD drive had worked previously, so I don't know how to proceed. Any suggestions?

Answer:putting windows XP on a new hard disk

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windows 7 keeps putting folder like "my videos" "contacts" "my pictures"ect.. on my desk top and putting back in my documents. I have deleted them from the desktop and my documents but they reappear when I start my computer. It is not always the same sometimes its "my searches" or the "favorite" folder that shows up. Does anyone know how to permanently gets these off the desktop?

Answer:windows 7 keeps putting folders on my desktop

in fact this is not how PCs use to work ..the only thing i could think about .. is virus thanks to you i know the idea of it .. so you have 2 things to do 1- download NOD32 or any softwere you could trust ..then scan your pc ..2- fight back .. go to ( my computer )>( C drive )>( users )>( your user folder )the virus copy the files from here .. you could try to delete them but this may not be the smart move as you wish just dont be lazy to download lol

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Im wanting to install Windows 7 into a partition on my RAID drive. I know there is a way to dump the drivers onto the DVD because I dont have a floppy. I still am amazed at this date that Windows 7 still requires any storage drivers to be on a floppy drive? WTF?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Putting RAID drivers onto the Windows 7 DVD?

With vLite it's probably possible ( but as Vista and Windows 7 can read such files off floppies (ugh), CDs, DVDs, and even USB sticks or Flash media, or an external drive of some kind, it's typically easier to do it that way if it's a one shot.

If you want it permanent then go check out vLite and see about slipstreaming them.

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Hi there, one of my computers is a laptop and it's running windows XP HOME edition. Another computer of my, which is NOT a laptop, is running windows xp HOME too. If I want to set this computer to sleep cog, I can't. Because you have to have windows XP pro for this function. I tried by pushing the shift while i'm at the shut-down menu but that doesn't work, so I thougt, there is no function for windows xp HOME for that. However, if the accu from my laptop is up, it put itself to sleep cog. Does anyne knows how I can put my not laptop computer to sleep cog?greetzblackberry  

Answer:putting windows xp HOME in sleep cog

Sleep "cog" - had to Google to find out what I think you mean..Start>Control Panel>>Power Options>Power SchemesThen change the appropriate settings for Home/Office DeskGood luck..

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I was thinking of putting something like windows xp and windows 7 in a laptop

So i was going to create 2 partitions a small one ( about 35 gb) for windows xp, and the rest for windows 7.

I wanted to do this because of some things i like to use on xp operating systems which have some compatibility issues with windows 7, and i don't feel like carrying another laptop so i just wanted to have both OS in 1.

Then if i somehow get a virus in either one i can still use the other until i fix the issue in the other OS.

Any of you have a similar configuration? I was either thinking of doing that or having Linux/windows7 both.

Answer:Is putting 2 windows OS in 1 pc/laptop a bad idea?

No, its not a bad idea, although I would look into Windows 7 Pro and XP mode.

Just don't mix OSes on the same partition.

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I use my laptop almost exclusively at home so I don't have a password when Windows starts. I am going on the road for about a month with the laptop. I would like to put in a password on start up, but when I back home next month I would like to allow Windows to start without a password again.
I just want some advice to make sure I do this the right way so I'm not locked into a password.
Thank you.

Answer:Putting in and taking out Windows Password

Here's a helpful little article you might enjoy for laptop security.

You will be able to enable and disable the BIOS password function in your machine. Just make sure that you set the password and REMEMBER it, it is very hard to reset and no one on this board will be able to help you reset it. But it is a sure fire way if you follow the article.

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Hi allI want to put windows onto a second hand laptop, which has not got an os on it at all. Is it possible to get windows on floppies? Help please

Answer:putting windows onto a laptop without a cd drive

Hi, yes I believe it is possible - have a look here -click here Cheers.

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Hi everyone,

I have a client (a hotel) who is redesigning their front desk / lobby area to be sleeker and nicer looking for the guests. One of the revamped design aspects will be the computers that are stationed at the front desk. The hotel executives saw and liked the Sony Vaio LS series and wanted to use those, so we ordered one for testing.

When it got here, we found that the computer came with Windows Vista Business preinstalled, which would have been ideal, except for the fact that the hotel runs a very specific and critical piece of software which, we have heard straight from the developers, absolutely positively will not run on Vista, no way, no how.

So we still like the idea of using the Vaios for the front desk, but they will need to be reformatted with Windows XP instead of Vista. I already attempted this a short while ago, but after a fresh install of Windows XP, absolutely nothing worked right out of the box (there was no sound, no Ethernet, no wireless, incorrect video drivers, etc.). I went to another computer and downloaded all of Sony's drivers from their web site, but as soon as I tried to install them, it told me the drivers were only compatible with Windows Vista.

This leaves me in a rather dire situation. The Vaio cannot be returned, so we really have to get it working somehow. Is there any way to get just the base drivers working on Windows XP? The machine has a bunch of extra stuff we don't need (like the camera and TV tuner for instance) -... Read more

Answer:Putting Windows XP on a Sony Vaio LS

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I am putting a new harddrive in a HP Pavilian Notebook Computer, series DV5000. I had to order an HP Recovery Disk for windows XP as there was not any recovery disk available for this computer. I would like to be made aware of any problems I may encounter before I start loading XP onto a new harddrive. What Microsoft product number will I use for the software. Hopefully this number will be located on the outside of the disk when I receive it, or should I use the one on the bottom of the computer. This disk is on order and has not arrived yet. Will there is any problems activating XP with a new harddrive installed? Thanks for any help you can suggest.

Ordered Harddrive from here:,Laptop,Part,HM160HC.aspx

I ordered the HP Restore Disk from this location:

Answer:Putting in a new hard drive and installing windows xp

product key on bottom of computer. put in disk, set to boot from cd, follow on screen instructions.

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I can't find any help with this problem. I'm use to using Windows 7 file explorer favorites. Under favorites/desktop I have a file named cyndy in which I created folders for my pics, musics, documents etc. Apparently things don't work the same in Windows 10 Quick Access. In desktop I created a folder named cyndy in which I created folders for pics, musics, documents etc. The problem is Windows creates a desktop icon for the actual folder not a shortcut. If I delete the folder from my desktop, it deletes all my files in the folder. What am I doing wrong? It's driving my crazy. Thanks

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how do i ut windows vista on an external hard drive so i can go to another computer plug in my external hard drive and run it on that computer? basicly use it for a hard drive for computers i use.

Answer:Putting windows vist on a external drive

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Hello, i've a problem. I started windows 7 and logged in, i put it on sleepmode. Later, i wanted to start the computer again, but there's no starting! Although, there's a little light burning at the USB ports. But the CPU and the Power light seem not to start.

Help please! Seriously, im out of cash for a new PC.

Answer:Putting Windows 7 to sleepmode crashed the motherboard?

Quote: Originally Posted by CommandoBob

Hello, i've a problem. I started windows 7 and logged in, i put it on sleepmode. Later, i wanted to start the computer again, but there's no starting! Although, there's a little light burning at the USB ports. But the CPU and the Power light seem not to start.

Help please! Seriously, im out of cash for a new PC.

Just reboot it and see if it still does the same thing.

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I have an HP pavilion g6 notebook laptop computer. I have recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I had occasion to put my computer to sleep! I had been working on my college courses for a few hours, when I needed to take a break. I put my system to sleep, but when I returned to complete my assignments my computer would not turn on! It went to an off black screen, and locked up! When at sleep the power indicater blinked, which indicates that it was in sleep mode. When I tried to awaken my Pavillion it locked up, and the only way to regain control was to manually force it to shut down (i.e. hooded power button down.) thinking this may be due to system clutter I cleaned both user disc & system files using the Windows disk cleaning function, found through the control panel, looked for both HP updates, and Windows updates. Later I again tried to awaken my machine after putting it to sleep, and had a repeat in the inability to awaken it! A third and the last time I tried to awaken my PC from sleep I noticed that for some reason, and somehow the indicator light was solid, the screen black, and I heard my computers fan running! Can anyone give me advice as to solve this puzzle?

Answer:Why won't my computer awaken after putting it to sleep in Windows 10?

You can maybe give this a lookHP sleep-mode fix

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I've got both...and personally I think EA's hockey is a much better game than ESPN, the skating looks much better, actually all the graphics are better. The only cons to the game are that there is no multiplayer online (from the same xbox) and you can't setup custom music tracks.

Of course ESPN, has better online support, commentary, and way more extras.

It's a toss up. As far as gameplay itself, I have to give the nod to EA. As for everything else, I have to say ESPN did a great job.

I have a feeling I'll be playing EAs game more...unless there are several people over and we want to play online...

What are your thoughts, which game do you think is better and why?

Answer:XBOX: EA NHL 2005 or ESPN NHL 2005

considering ESPN 2K5 is now $20 I would go for that. but since hockey is not my game I wouldn't even care much about it.

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Hey guys. This is my first post here, so Hello. Before you turn away and refer me to the other threads on the same problem, I'd like to tell you that I've checked out every thread, forum and discussion on the topic all over the internet, and no solutions worked for me.

I'm using an Asus K53E laptop (details given below), and I've been using it for a year. Two weeks ago, I reinstalled windows OS, and even then everything was fine. For the last three or four days, however, there's been a problem.

1. When the computer goes to sleep automatically (due to power management settings) it wakes up immediately after that, and then it doesn't go back to sleep on its own.
2. If I put the computer to sleep, it wakes up in the same way, but after it wakes up once if I press sleep again, it works fine. If I wake it up and try putting it to sleep after about 15 minutes, it wakes up immediately again.

Every time, when it wakes up on its own, it does not turn on the screen. It only lights up if I touch the touchpad, and it's on the log in screen.

I've tried all powercfg commands: S3 sleep is activated, devicequery returns no results, last wake says wake source is 0. I've checked power management and sleeping while media sharing is allowed. I've checked device settings and network adapter is not allowed to wake up computer.

Just as a last resort I reinstalled my OS again, because since the last year nothing had gone wrong with it. Right now I only have mozilla firefox installed, and this ... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Professional wakes up immediately after putting to sleep

try setting the power settings to 'high performance' set 'turn off display to NEVER and 'put the computer to sleep' to NEVER
check the advanced settings and try setting the following (remember this is just a test-it's my experience that the high performance setting resolves most sleep issues and is most consistent)
1.require password--NO
2.Hard disk-turn off hard disk-NEVER
3. sleep--sleep after-NEVER
4. hibernate after-NEVER
5.allow wake timers-DISABLE
6. power buttons and lid-power button action-SHUT DOWN--sleep button action-SLEEP (some laptops by default sleep when lid is closed)
7.PCI Express-link state power management-OFF
8. Display-turn off display after-NEVER

finally--change your screen saver setting to NONE

test to see if it functions as you desire--tweak settings one at a time and test after each tweak

here are my powercfg results

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit runing on my Acer Desktop PC. Often when I switch on my PC the machine boots to the login screen. I enter my password and get the spinning icon, My PC hangs like this untill I power off. When I reboot the PC loads normaly.I can start in safe mode.
Thanks for any help

Answer:Windows 7 Hangs after putting in password on login screen

What happens when you boot to safemode directly after logging in? Does it goes straight to windows? Have you tried creating a new account and check the difference? Download Speccy and then install the program.  To post and publish a snapshot of your PC.. In the Menu bar, click File -> Publish Snapshot. Click Yes > then Copy to Clipboard. On your next reply, right-click on a empty space and click Paste on reply box then click Post. Download MiniToolBox and run the program. SelectList Last 10 Event Viewers, List Installed Programs and List Users, Partitions and Memory Size then click Go.A notepad will open then copy-paste the report on your next reply.

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This feature worked fine in Windows 7.  At work I keep the sound muted, except when I plug in my headphones.  Windows would automatically unmute, and if I unplugged the headphones it would mute. I just upgraded to Windows 10.  I've made sure all of the drivers are up to date using Lenovo's web-based scanning utility.  This feature doesn't work - audio stays muted when plugging in headphones.  I've looked into Windows 10 forums and they blame the issue on the OEM, so here I am.  How can I fix this?

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Has anyone suceeded in using the file restorepoint.vbs with the windows Me OS. I know it was written for XP and I have followed the instructions in PCA issue 96 pp123 but it baulks at line 2 chr 1.I would like to have it in front of me at all times as I use it quite a lot when trying out new programmes, its a useful tool for a quick uninstall.

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I had to wipe Windows XP off my PC and put on CentOS 5 for a school project.

Now that I am done I wish to put Windows XP on. I insert the Windows XP disc and boot from it like normal. It gets to the "Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration" screen and then the screen just goes black.

The computer doesn't restart or anything, it just stays black until I reboot. Is there something special I need to do to get Windows back on?

Answer:New helping putting Windows back on after loading Linux

Nope... you can boot from the cd and thats it, instead of blowing your XP install away why didnt you just dual boot or use a virtual machine??

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Hi all,

Is there a way to put a link to your desktop in the windows explorer favorites panel. Simple drag and drop doesn't seem to work, at least for me. I want to be able to access my desktop from that panel.


Answer:Putting desktop in windows explorer favorite window

Hello Sixoclock,

You can open the Favorite Links folder to place a Desktop (C:\Users\(user-name)\Desktops) shortcut in it.

Hope this helps,

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My wife's hard drive was small, so I got her a 1tb one. I cloned the new drive and everything seems to work except edge. I took a screen shot in taskmanager and it showed 11 events under Microsoft Edge. I don't know what happened, but should I try to reinstall Edge again. My windows 10 pro 64 is up to date.

John Kramer

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Just curious does Windows 7 generates any errors in the background in the system files if we put incorrect passwords? for example I locked the windows and then put incorrect password or do it after turning on PC! Or anywhere where a password is required?

Answer:Does windows generate errors on putting incorrect passwords?

I locked my user, then entered a wrong password on purpose
and got these in the Event Viewer> Windows Logs> Security.

So I figure, YES.

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I got this error 0x80042428 - 0xA0019 after trying (for so long ) to transfer Windows 10 onto my USB drive via Media Creation tool.

What can I do to fix it?

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My wife's hard drive was small, so I got her a 1tb one. I cloned the new drive and everything seems to work except edge. I took a screen shot in taskmanager and it showed 11 events under Microsoft Edge. I don't know what happened, but should I try to reinstall Edge again. My windows 10 pro 64 is up to date.

John Kramer

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McAfee caught this file and cannont clean or quarentine, can it be deleted? It is the Vundo trojan it is in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\holdapi.dll can I delete that dll without causing problems? Here also is a HJT LOG and I am going to run an ewido. Is there anything you can see in the log right away that needs to come out? and how about that dll, can I delete it?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:06:40 AM, on 1/12/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit\Surround Mixer\CTSysVol.exe
C:\Program Files\MusicMatch\MusicMatch Jukebox\mmtask.exe
C:\Program Files\MUSICMATCH\Musicmatch Jukebox\mm_tray.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support\DSAgnt.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows XP SP2-I will be putting more on but I need to know if Ican delete this file-

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I have an artisan 830 printer installed wireless and in device manager it lists the same printer but says copy next to it and is shaded meaning its not currently attached

I delete the printer and it goes away, but if i click refresh it comes straight back, i tried deleting both the copy and the artisan and then reinstalled the artisan but no matter how many times i delete the copy it returns after refreshing the page

Answer:Windows 7 keeps putting wireless printer back after deleting

enter add remove programs(in control panel) remove the printer software

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Hi, I received my Y530-40516EU system with SQL Server 2005, how do I install SQL Server 2005 on my Ideapad?When I click on SQL server configuration, its opening configuration window. Is there any way to use Lenovo supplied SQL on my  system? Thank you.

Answer:Y530-40516EU system came with SQL Server 2005, how do i install SQL Server 2005 on my Ideapad?

Im not exactly certain which SQL server your referng to.  There is a small one included on all laptops but its intended to work with the veriface program. It's a re-distributable version that MS provides for free. I cant say for sure if its unlocked to be used for anything you want but I can say that version requires another program (usually custom created) to control it. bascially,  There no software on the laptop that you can use to open SQL like you would a purchased MSSQL server product.

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I have an Acer Aspire 4720Z. Since long I had been using XP. Recently it was formatted and Windows 7 was installed. But after this upgradation, the WLAN is not working. Have banged my head with drivers and all. Device manager is showing Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter (although with XP it simply showed by the name of WLAN adapter as far as I remember). When Intel Wi-Fi Technology is tried to get started, it says that 'A supported intel wireless network adapter not found' Help me guys......

Answer:After formatting my lappy and putting Windows 7 WLAN adapter can not be found.

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Phone wont let me in after upgrading from Wp 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile Preview. I can enter my Pin, but it says: You have to many times entered wrong PIN code. To try again , restart the phone. OK, I HAVE RESTARTED, WAITED, AGAIN RESTARTED, WAITED, but still nothing? The problem persists, even i took/take my PIN out from phone; same ``silly`` error/mistake. Can someone help me and others maybe too, who have experienced same or similar error like me? Any help would be great/grateful/good, who can help us!

Answer:Hello! What does it mean when I get an error after I putting in the PIN to many times, in Windows 10 Mobile Preview under the request?

Strange, try soft reset if it doesn't help I'm afraid you'll have to rollback to 8.1

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Ok - here's the situation.

A friend of mine mucked up his laptop. It is a truly ancient thing, but he wants to get it going again for his daughter. I kind of offered before he told me the whole story. Typical, eh?

Problem is, it's missing the FDD (external, weird interface) and the PCMCIA CD-ROM drive is toast.

So - what I need to do is to stick a complete Windows 98 install in there. I currently have the drive working and read/writable on an external USB enclosure. How to take it from here? I have Windows 98 SE CD.

Answer:One for the real old techies: putting a complete Windows 98 install on an external HD

No, it won't work. Even it if boots, it won't be usable.

Format the Laptop drive as a DOS partition, and then copy the Win98 CD's contents to the drive. Stick it back in the laptop, and boot to DOS. Run the setup, and you'll install Win98 from the drive, without needed external drives.

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Want to get the  Link Edit Acer Aspire AS7520-5311 NoteBook AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58(1.90GHz) 17.0" Wide XGA+ 2GB DDR2 667 160GB DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G - Retail from Newegg.As you know you can't return the laptop.  I know someone on newegg just put the xpsp2c on his, but I can't seem to get in touch with him.  So if someone could give me some insight to how to do it.  My buddy said something about having sata drives for xp.  I asked acer, but they don't seem to tell you much over the email.This is nice laptop and i would like santa to get it for me.  Please private email me at [email protected]Thanks very much,shawnEMail removed to prevent Spam

Answer:Help with putting Windows XP SP2C on the Acer Aspire AS5720-5311 Notebook

Looking at the link, it already has a Windows operating system on it. Yes, you could, however, keep in mind, Windows XP is from 2001, its 6 years old, and not nearly as capable as Vista. Some drivers might be hard to find for a new laptop. The system you linked to is more than capable of running Windows Vista.

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I have my reasons for throwing on the older OS as this is not my main machine at all.

I may have to add a $10 craptastic soundcard since I recall the eMachines drivers are anal.

Will the 9600XT work under 98SE? The official site says it is not supported, however the Omega drivers lead me to believe there is support for this card.

Answer:Any problem with putting Windows 98SE on this eMachine? (9600XT, Athlon XP 2800)

if you're not willing to tell us why then you should just install it and see what happens.

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Hi guys

On my computer this start menu folders us used:
C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu = C:\Users\All Users\Start Menu

Is there some way to stop windows from putting program links in different folders?

Im the only user on this computer.

Answer:Stop windows putting program links in different start menu folders?

Hey ToreAA & Welcome to SevenForums!

I do not believe there is a way. You can hide folders you dont need in the start menu by right clicking and selectig properties, then choose hidden and make sure its the folder and contents. Before you do that, move any EXE files you may use out. This is what my start menu looks like

I was looking for a similar solution before and this was the best i could come up with. Hope this helps!


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Question: Windows MCE 2005

I am about to install Windows MCE this week once I recieve my PowerColor T55E-P03 Theater 550 PRO Tuner Card. I have a couple software/OS related questions:

1. I have an Nvidia 6600GT that will be also working along with the ATI card. Should I run into any software issues?

2. I enjoy using winamp for music and a couple other software apps for playing my DVD's. Can MCE match the quality and sound of those?

3. Is MCE able to use thirdparty software programs within the MCE interface?

3. Do I just set the EQ in windows media player for when I'm playing movies/music in MCE?

Any warnings/tips would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows MCE 2005

1) No, you shouldn't have any issues, as long as you use the MCE drivers.
2) MCE2005 has always sounded pretty good, once tweaked to your tastes.
3) I don't think so, but I'm not quite sure what you mean. You can't have Winamp pop up in the MCE "10 foot" interface.
4) MCE has wizards built in to tune and tweak sound and video. Just follow them once you get all your drivers installed.

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Question: Windows Mce 2005

EventType : MCX P1 : sh.5.1.2715.3011 P2 : VideoFullscreenPage
P3 : COM P4 : UXRecorderMgr_PopulateRecorderTable P5 : 273
P6 : .ctor P7 : get_Instance

I click on a channel and then it crashes?
Any Ideas?

Answer:Windows Mce 2005

Could you describe in a little more detail what is happening? It is hard to interpret short hand.

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Does anyone know if SQL 2005 tools will work on a system with Windows 7 OS?

Answer:SQL 2005 Tools and Windows 7

I didn't try it, but I know of users who installed it and it worked fine.

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I am working on a windows 98 computer with winfixer 2005 on it. I have looked online for removal instructions, but they are all for NT based machines. I am attaching my hijack this log to the post. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
- Shscomputerguy73

Answer:Winfixer 2005 on windows 98

I have already run the steps in the read this first, and have now moved on to the forum for help.

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is it possible to connect with windows 7 and Windows Messenger 5.1 to a OCS system?
We use XP with messenger 5.1 and OCS and plan to migrate to windows 7.
Perhaps anyone of you have any hints for me.

Thank you

Answer:Windows Messenger 5.1 with OCS 2005

If you migrate to windows 7 ,the Windows Messenger 5.1 will not work properly
it will keep freezing

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Does mce have all the standard functionality of xp? Is mce an app contained within xp, or is that blue screen with the option to go to: my videos, my pictures,my tv, etc all that you get?


Answer:Confused about Windows xp MCE 2005

Microsoft's website has some very good explanations of the differences. It's basically XP Pro, with some functionality stripped out, such as the ability to join a domain. The MCE 10-foot interface is run from starting an application from your normal windows desktop. You can set it to run at boot, or leave it off by default.

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I have installed nba 2005 on my windows xp, and when I try to run it I'm getting the useual windows error...
can someone please help me?

thanks ahead..

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Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to run SQL server 2005 Developer edition under Windows 7 x64.

My Vista installation is messed up so I want to try clean install of Windows 7 but I need SQL server 2005 working.

Answer:SQL server 2005 and Windows 7

i have sql 2005 express running fine, so the full server should install correctly.

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Is there any way atall that ican convert my MCE 2002 to MCE 2005, iv looked everywhere for answers, decided to post this question. I'm trying to connect my MC PC to my xbox 360 console, but need MCE 2005 for video streaming. Can anyone help, also emailed microsoft, with no reply after 48 hours.

Answer:Windows MCE 2002 to ME 2005

click here

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We have a test computer that we are using to test out various software applications. This one in particular uses SQL Express 2005. The test computer is Windows 7 Pro, 32-bit OS - 2 GB RAM - 2.40 GHz processor. Is there any known issues relating to the speed of an insert/read from SQL 2005 with Windows 7? I can put the same application on an XP machine and the database reads/writes are quick; but on the Windows 7 machine, they take quite a few seconds (~15). SQL Server is local on the test computer.

Answer:Windows 7 with SQL Express 2005

Hi there
put the DB indexes on to the fastest disks , as well as some very often accessed table spaces -- especially if these are used primarily for READ.

I think your problem isn't the SQL or Windows 7 but probably the hardware.

Your XP running system has probably been reasonably optimized for running the SQL or might have SCSI or fast disks - without knowing the hardware its impossible to say.

Your W7 machine might have horribly slow disks in it too -- this will slow down considerably ANY complex DB query.

If you can beg borrow or steal (did I say that) an SSD and can get the Windows page file and the DB indexes on to it it will FLY like greased lightning.


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I woud like to reinstall my OS (Windows Media Center 2005) but i do not want to use the recovery cd.
How can i buy only the Microsoft reinstallation CD of Windows MCE 2005?


Answer:Need Reinstallation CD for Windows MCE 2005

How you can buy a Microsoft Windows OS? ?:|
Visit a computer or software dealer and buy it?

Don?t be mad at me but you question is really strange

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I (had) a Dell E510 Windows Media Center 2005 Edition purchased new from Dell and just after two years the system failed. I took it in to a recommended local shop where it was diagnosed as a Motherboard failure. A week later I picked up my computer (what I thought) and I now have a E520 case with 2002 Media Center Operating System with some of my components incorporated. $350.00 later.My question is after getting it home and booting it up, the whole complexion of the system looks foreign, the font is so tiny, I need a magnifier to read it. What features have I lost going down from 2005 to 2002 and do I have a case of mis-representation because I was told this was a 2005 operating system, until I got home and checked and called them up and they said OH Really! Sorry about that, have a nice day!
Here it is a few years later and that E520 has now failed to load the 2002 operating system upon booting.
The same repair shop re-loaded the same 2002 MS operating system and charged me another $130.00 and there is a huge difference in the appearance of this OS, it does (not) resemble my other 2002 OS and especially the original 2005 OS. The company still says Have a Nice Day!!!!
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
My question(s) are;

1)What are the feature differences between 2005 and 2002

2) Do I have a legitimate complaint to a supposed upstanding local business in Salem. Oregon.

Thank you so much for at least following up, You have just restored my faith in manki... Read more

Answer:Windows 2005 vs 2002 ?

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So I am looking to upgrade to a dual-tuner card, and I have not been at all satisfied with BeyondTV so far. Lots of crashes, reinstalls, doesnt work well with Remote Wonder, etc. Has anyone used MCE? How does it compare?

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I immagine its just like any other windows... but I am going to use this as my main OS... anything i should know or any advice? Any Must have Drivers/ Programs? etc?


Answer:WIndows MCE 2005... What should I know before Install?

i run mce2005 on a similar setup as you except i have an mce500 tuner. because of the dual proc you either should download the mce2005 rollup 2 which is available as a torrent or from ms if you are an oem partner. rollup 2 supports dual procs, without it you will need to set the affinity to single proc or you will get jerky tv playback. use the regular forceware drivers as the mce ones dont support the 7800 right now. this site has a lot of good info and tips.

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I currently Have: Windows XP Professional Sp2
Im looking to get Windows Xp Media Center Edition 2005.

Is it worth it.
Im a home user, I love to play games, Listen to music, and work with ALOT Of software like Adobe stuff and Microsoft Office stuff. Also I do web designing, and Alot of other computer tasks.

Im just wondering if I should stay with XP Pro or go to Media Center Edition 2005.
Any benefits? I'm not going to be hooking up a tv to it....Im just wondering if theres any upgrades to the actual operating system.

Oh and another question, Ive googled all over the damn place, can someone straighten out this SO COMMON AND OLD question.
"Is MCE 2005 Based on Xp Home, or Xp Pro."

Im sure youve heard it a bazillion times, I hope it wont hurt to answer once more

Anyways thanks for any help.

Answer:Is Windows XP MCE 2005 Any Good??????

No benifits unless you want the "media center" application so you could run all your media from that location. Or if you plan to get a remote along side MCE to use your pc as an entertainment pc then it might be worth it.

Oh yeah...MCE 2005 is built off of professional.

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Hi Guys,

Been having some issues with SP3 on Windows XP MCE 2005.

Once installed my TV Decoder no longer works, keeps coming up with an error.

I have read many forums with SP3 issues on MCE but none of the solutions have worked for me...

Anyone else had problems?


Answer:Qosmio G30 / Windows MCE 2005 + SP3

What is the Error Message exactly?

Have you tried reinstalling the TV Tuner Driver? Perhaps the Toshiba website has an updated driver.

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Help! Our company computers keep changing the year to 2005 every time upon restart/every once in a while randomly. The time and Month/Date are always ok but the year constantly jumps back to 2005 for no reason at random times. I looked this up, failing batteries?, but this simultaneously happened to 6 of our computers, 3 with internet access. We use Windows XP and half are Dell computers, half are HP. Dell ones used for 2-3 yrs, HP for 4-5 yrs.

We really need the year to be correct (it really matters) since we print out documents all day that sync with the computer time and it has been a big problem lately since it always jumps randomly back to year 2005.

Answer:windows 2005 error! HELP!!

The first things that come to my mind are..

1. Check your BIOS battery
2. Check inside your BIOS that the date is indeed set correct
3. Im sure you did this, but make sure that the computers are indeed properly pulling date information from the time servers you are using. If they arent, try some of the NIST time servers. I dont remember the IPs off hand at work though, sorry! I found them easily on google though!

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i have windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 2 ,i tried to install SQL Server 2005, but only client version is installing .where are others are running on it successfully ,is there anything i am missing out before setup ? can anyone help me out to install SQL server 2005 ? i tried express edition as well.

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Hi ppl!

I have a pretty specific problem. I'm a total newbie on databases, so I hope one of you can help!

I'm upgrading an application on a corporate server which use a SQL database. They already have SQL Server 2005 installed on the host for other purposes, but at the time of the original install the app I'm upgrading only supported SQL Express, so they had to install it on the same host and create a new database.

The new upgrade supports the full-blown server, and the wish is to move the database from the Express instance to the server.

As I said, the two SQL installations reside on the same host, and updating the app with the new database details should be easy. So I guess I'm wondering if there is an easy way to merge or import the "old" Express instance or preferrably only the database I need.

Their db-guy is out of town, and I really have to get this upgrade done halp!

They use Management Studio to manage both instances.

thanks in advance guys!

Answer:Moving SQL Server 2005 Express database to SQL Server 2005

Hey there, welcome to TSG

Are you trying to port the database or the server configuration? If it's just the database, you should be able to create a dump of it and import it into the new server. I don't know how to do that with SQL Server, but you could probably Google "SQL Server 2005 database dump" and find some relevant material. If it's the server config, is there an .INI or .CONF file you can copy over?

I guess I'm not being much help because I have no experience with SQL Server, but in general a database port should be simple enough as long as both engines support the same data types. There should be very little push-up to get from 2005 Server Express to 2005 Server Enterprise.

Here seems to be a pertinent link to a Google Answers thread:​Is there help documentation for Management Studio? I'm sure there is a built-in utility to handle imports and exports.



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Problem 1:
visual c++ 2005 restributable
i just start installer and after a while i get an error :

Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC80.ATL.type="win32".version="8.0.50727.42".publickeytoken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b".processorArchitecture="x86"". please refer to help and support for more information

i made a screenshot :

problem 2:
windows installer i just keep getting this error no matter what i try!:

Answer:cannot instal c++ 2005 and cannot use windows update!

i really need some quik help!
i need that program for far cry 2 :(

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Hi guys,
My friend has brought me their Advent laptop which is quite old. It has been throwing up an 'Unmountable Volume' error and I need to access the recovery console to do a CHKDSK...
Problem is I do not have the CD for that OS. Does anyone know where I could get an ISO that would allow me to run the Recovery Console on that machine. Even a reinstall as i have the product key.
I had a copy of Xp but when it tries to load setup files it throws up pci.sys error??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Answer:Windows XP Media Center 2005



ARCDC Disk Creation -

ARCDC How To -

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