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installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed

Question: installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed

Hi-I bought a used Dell Optiplex 780 with no o/s installed to replace my old Dell Dimension 3000. I have a brand new copy of Windows 7 to install on it. I've reinstalled xp on my old computer 2 or 3 times so I'm not completely new to this but, I thought I'd try to find out as much as possible before I begin. Any advice will be appreciated. I am wondering - when I connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the Optiplex with no o/s, will it recognize the components so that I can begin the installation of Windows 7?

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Preferred Solution: installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed


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I receive this message whenever the computer attempts to boot now. First time was during the first reboot of XP setup. I googled around and found it is a common problem apparently, and that the only fix (to restore 7) is to use some sort of "Windows 7 Recovery Console" which apparently doesn't exist.

Anybody have any clue how I can restore my computer? I'm no longer interested in dual booting at all, I just need access to my W7 back. >.<

Answer:Installed XP after installing 7 --> Error loading operating system

the recovery console is on the 7 DVD, looks like XP screwed up the boot.ini file for 7

boot into the 7 disc and run the recovery console

EDIT: Looks like you can do it without the DVD

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will some kind,clever person be able to help me please? I have purchased a new computer and have set it all up....but now....1. the monitor says no signal input...check video cable and then goes into stand by mode.2. there is no operating system installed...I have the windows xp disc but canīt do anything because i need the monitor working to see what is going on....any help will be much appreciated....thanks

Answer:new computer with no operating system installed...

Check that the graphics card did not become dislodged during transit.Do you get any beeps when you power up?

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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake. Foolish. But that's what happened.I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes.When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart.I inserted the "Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit" and eventually I got my computer to startup.So I am still able to use my computer normally.But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data1 and Data2 are completely missing. I know this is true because I saw the above info while using the Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.It seems that I am stuck with a corrupt computer.What are my options?Is my only option to reinstall windows 7?Or do a backup from an Acronis image file? What can I do?Moderator Edit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forumRoger

Answer:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

try using sfc /f

if that fails then wat i would try next is a repair install.

Run a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd. just make sure it is the same version.

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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Foolish. But that's what happened.

I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes.

When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart.
I inserted the "Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit" and eventually I got my computer to startup.

So I am still able to use my computer normally.

But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data1 and Data2 are completely missing.
This is what the Windows 7 Repair disc showed when I ran it.

The Repair disc labeled the Operating System that it finally found as "Recovered". But it was a corrupt Operating System.

But I am able see and browse all my drives and files whenever I turn on my computer.
How can that be?
The Windows 7 Repair disc says everything is corrupt.
But my computer looks perfectly normal when I turn it on.
Is my computer corrupt or not?

I tried to create an image backup of my computer using Acronis.
It gave me the below error message:
Backup failed. No reason given as to why.

Anyway I tried to fix the corruption by trying:

I tried using sfc /f
It didn't find any problems.

I ran a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd.
It didn't find any problems.

I tried to do a system restore to an earlier point in time.
None of the system restore options worked. All failed to restore to an earlier point in time.

It seems that I am st... Read more

Answer:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Do you have everything backed up? If so, you could do a clean install which should get you back to the day you bought it. Do this as a last resort if no one else comes along to help out.

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I recently purchased a new computer for my daughter and wanted to put Window ME on to it. However the CD just would not run. I therefore used my own XP Pro disc which the system recognised. The problem being that I cannot register her machine with my own COA so it lock out after 30 days. I reloaded XP but this is time consuming and not an effective way to go about things - I do not want to buy another XP COA hence I wanted to use my old Windows ME on it. Can anyone offer any advice please?

Answer:Installing operating system on to a new computer

"However the CD just would not run."Can you post a bit more detail of what's happening when you try please.

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Hi all. My pc would not boot up. I used my XP install disc and tried all the repair options. As I was worried I might lose everything I took the pc to a computer shop and he said he would have a look but that I might have to do a full re-install.
I came back and he had wiped the drive and installed Windows 7 32 bit (I had previously been running XP).
I was gutted but he said that was my only option.
I've since seen tools advertised for repairing such issues, i wish i had been able to try these.
I have since tried a couple of free recovery tools to try and rescue some valuable documents, but they don?t find anything.
A) have I been badly advised ?
B) is there any way I can recover some of my old documents ?
I am very sad :(

Answer:PC would not boot - computer shop installed new operating system - have i lost everything ?

What free tools have you so far tried? Someone here 'might' be able to offer further advice.
Though I fear you have probably lost most, if not all, of your stuff. I guess a costly lesson re: Backups, has be learned!

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Hello Just recently June 23, 2012, I built a computer and I am having trouble installing an operating system to it. As my monitor, I am using my Samsung Flat Screen via HDMI, but when I turn on the computer, a message pops up telling me that there is no signal detected on screen preventing me from installing an operating system. So I was wondering whether I have to plug in my desktop to a normal monitor first before going directly to HDMI to install the operating system. If there are other ways to install the operating system directly through a flat screen and not a normal monitor, help, advice and suggestions would be very helpful

My Computer Specifications:
Intel Core? i7-3770 Processor
Sapphire 3GB Radeon HD 7970 Graphics
Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Motherboard
Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W Power Supply
Corsair Vengeance 8gb Dual Chanel DDR3 1866MHz Memory
Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 32mb SATA HDD
Thermaltake Level 10 GT Case

Thank You

Answer:Help Installing Operating System on Recently Built Computer

It should still normally work. Make sure all your connections are secured; specifically the RAM.

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I installed a Windows XP Home Edition SP2 in my Windows XP Professional Edition. When my computer restarted I saw that I have 2 operating systems. I realized my mistake, so I did a system restore on Windows XP Pro. I had set it before I installed Win XP Home. When I restarted again, it then boot in Windows XP Pro.

While I was using the computer, it gave a warning that I was low of space. So I had my disk clean up. Then I did the Disk Defragmenter, it said I only had 14% of space and it wont be able to defragment because it needs at least 15%.

Is the Win XP Home still there? Or did the system restore delete it? If it's still there how can I delete it? What do I do?

Answer:Help! Does system restore remove an installed operating system?

i assume you installed it on it's own partition so format it

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This may should like a stupid question but I am not sure so I felt that i should seek assistance from on of the most reliable places I know of.

I have a system that I want to give away but i cant give it away with the current operating system as it is under educators license. Currently the system is running windows xp pro. It is possible to put my older operating system back on the machine. I have been told that I can't by several people but I figured if anyone would know the people in here would ..

I appreciate any and all help with this.

Answer:operating system question about going back to prior operating system

yes you can. if you have NTFS and want to put back win98 or winME you need to format the volume with FAT32. you can use a win98 or winME startup diskette. or you can download one from .

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


Answer:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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Do you know anything, like what i should do?

Acer Extensa Laptop 1.9GHz 2GB 120GB

Answer:System continuously crashes when installing operating system

At what point in the installation does it crash. Like, what does it say it's installing on the screen when it crashes?

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I have a hp  notebook stream laptop my product number is  T649UA#ABA I was updating my laptop to Windows 10 in the middle of the update my laptop shut down and now when I turn it on there is no operating system installed how to fix this with a USB drive

Answer:Operating system not installed

Aisha_Zahir Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Wish I had good news for you, but I don't ... According to the HP product page for your laptop, it came preinstalled either with Windows 7 or Windows 8 -- which is NOT good news for updating to Win10. The older version of Win10 (10586) that came out last November tended to fair better with the older PCs than the current version (14393) that came out this August. So, if you attempting the Update from the current version, that could explain why it failed. My desktop has been running Win10 without problems since the earliest days of the Insider Preview over a year ago and it's sailed through Update after Update without problems.  So, you can imagine my surprise when the latest Upgrade  trashed my PC -- to the degree that I restored it from an image backup. Had you come here PRIOR to the Upgrade attempt, I could have provided instructions for doing an image backup of your PC and NOW, you would have something to use to restore it.  But, it's now too late for that. Ordinarily, I would recommend using HP Recovery Media to restore your PC to its original condition. That would erase the entire drive, format the drive, and install the OS, the drivers, and the HP utilities.Unfortunately, there is no HP Recovery Media linked to the HP Product Page for your PC. This could be an oversight by HP, or it could also mean that HP no longer stocks the recovery media for your PC. They no long s... Read more

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So, my old hard drive on my M91p Tower was failing, and I was unable to boot into Windows 7 Professional. I replaced the hard drive, reinstalled Windows 7 Professional. It authenticates, all was good, I was happy. Then I left it installing software overnight. I woke up, it was 'asleep'. Wouldn't wake. Had to turn it off, and then when I restarted, I got the intel black screen 'OS Not Found' screen. Finally, I managed to insert the installation disc, shut down without installing by declining to reinstall it, and when I booted back up it started normally. My question is: What's going on? How do I fix this?  I didn't have Lenovo media to reinstall from, and used a Windows 7 ISO disk install. How do I fix this?  My last week have been a gauntlet of trying to fix errors. I really want to put to rest the issue so I can go on with my work regularly. What can I do?

Answer:HDD died. installed a new one, installed OS. Now it give black screen "Operating System Not Found

It is hard to diagnose without seeing it.  You left it reinstalling software..  It is possible that some installation failed and left the machine in a state where it needed to be completely powered off.  It is possible it is a hardware error in the M91p.  As I said, it is hard to diagnose without seeing it.

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in my system 4 operating system installed but how can remove the operating system

Answer:in my stystem 4 operating system installed bu

Please explain what you have exactly and what and how many you want to remove,In general you can use your Windows 7 install disk to delete the partitions that contain the OS's you do not want. If then you cannot boot then you will need to use the disk to do a start up repair. If you have too many OS's listed still at boot up you can use msconfig>boot tab to remove the ones that no longer exist.Post back details for more specifics.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Dear Fellow Tech Users,

After successful installing Windows XP operating system, I began to attempt to connect to the internet, I have two other computers currently connected too the BT hub. With both internet connections working perfectly on those.

However, on the currently new xp installled machine, I cannot seem to connect at all. I have looked under the drivers "network drivers" and it states, "VIA compatible fast Ethernet driver (v2.66.0)" and "1394 Network adapter". So there are drivers there.

When I went too my network panel, it simply states " Acquiring IP", for which I have left it hanging there for over 2 hours with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. I have ran driver tools but they require an internet connection to do the scan. So I'm feeling I'm in a creek without a paddle.
I am new at this computerized gizmo talk so please bare with me.

My computer specifications are as follows:

Packard Bell - Windows Xp /Media Center Edition Version 2002 SP2
Imedia/ MC 2469

Any help of this issue would be much appreciated.

Answer:Re-Installed Windows Xp Operating System

Go to Start/Run and type inetcpl.cpl and press enter/Connections/LAN Settings. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Now go to Start/Run and type ncpa.cpl and press enter. Right click the Local Area connection/Properties scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)/Properties. Make sure Obtain an IP Address and DNS Server Address Automatically are both checked. Now go to Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. IN the Command Prompt type ipconfig /release and press enter. the IP Address changes to Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Now type ipconfig /renew. Now type ipconfig /all. You should have a new IP address try it again. If you still cannot connect please include the text output of your ipconfig /all in your next post

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help please
my lap top went very wrong so i took it to a shop and asked them to re install xp home sp1 as i have the licence for this on the reverse of the comp
BUT they have installed xp pro and a pony copy at that . so my licence is incorrect for the operating system .
they dont have xp home to put on it.
is there a place that i can download xp home sp1 from as i cant get any updates for the comp
many thanks for your time
darren west

Answer:xp wrong operating system installed

Take it back to the shop, and get what you asked for!

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I tried to install windows xp on a gateway computer. The xp disc I had came with a dell, so it was not compatible. Some of the files copied but not all of them, so when I start the computer it gives me a message that it's unable to find the file. I need to know how to remove the partially installed operating system, so I can install a different one. Please help!!!!

Answer:partially installed operating system

If you get an OEM XP cd, and boot to that CD, and start the installation program, it will ask you where you want to install windows to. The partition will show you the current install.

You press D to delete the installation, then Enter and L if I recall and the partition will be gone. The you press C to create a new one in it's place and chose a size.

You will format the new partition and continue the setup process.

So in doing a new install, you will be blowing away the old install.


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Whats the best Software for backing up Files and Operating System on HP Pavilion Slimline..OS is pre installed..running Vista 32 bit.

Answer:How do I Backup Pre-Installed Operating System

My preference would be Acronis True Image. You can buy it at Amazon as well.

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Hi there,My laptop has xp home edition installed on it, my children have done something - not sure what, but now when it boots up it shows the setup screen for xp professional as though it is part way through installing this version of xpIf I switch off and restart it will load windows home editionIf I start up in safe mode it gives me the choice to load xp home edition or to load xp professional set up - it selects the xp professional setup as default optionhow can I sort this so it just starts with xp home edition and loads windows normally?thanksGordon

Answer:half installed operating system

  Well, You can just hide the 'XP Pro setup' option.Right-click on 'My Computer';select 'Properties';go to 'Advanced' tab;click 'Startup and recovery' settings;select Your XP Home as default operating system in drop-down menu and clear the checkbox prompting for 'Time to display list of operating systems', then confirm changes.

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What is the best way to create an image or back-up disc of a pre-installed operating system when no OS media is provided with the PC involved?

I have a PC with the 64 bit Win 7-Pro OS pre-installed but no media was provided. The OS has been updated thru October 2016 but nothing else has been installed on the hard drive. What is the best way to create a back-up DVD of the OS should a complete re-installation of the OS ever be required due to hard drive failure and similar disasters?

Thanks, in advance, for any comments, advice, and/or suggestions.

Answer:Pre-installed Operating System Backup

Most of us use system imaging with Macrium reflect free
It has startup repair in it's winpe cd or flash drive media and is easily created with a simple cd not dvd
Imaging with free Macrium

Create Backup Image with Macrium Reflect by Britec - YouTube

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Please can anyone help?
In task manager I accidently closed an explorer process, the laptop then crashed. So I closed it down, then it now is unable to find the operating system. Can anyone offer any advice on how to help it find the files it needs to boot?

Can this be done by using the command prompt? Start up repair ran for over 24 hours with no success.


Answer:Operating system can't be found computer loading with system recovery options

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

Do you have your Windows Vista CD?

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i am trying to install a windows 10 operating system but when i boot with hard disk but i get a message install operating system on your hard disk

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How do I find out what this key means: H09468SP

When I check Toshiba EMEA for my unit details it shows this as the pre-installed software package.

The reason I ask is that my installed software is different from the license key and I would like to know what is supposedly the official Toshiba software.

Answer:Pre-installed software key -how to verify what operating system it is?


I think you misunderstood something;
The H09468SP number is the Toshiba Recovery CD/DVD number and it?s not a license key or anything else?

It?s a recovery disk number and can be helpful if you want to order an new Recovery disk from Toshiba!


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Hi, I am planning to buy a lenovo essential laptop(G580) which comes with preinstalled Disk Operating System( DOS). After buying the machine, if I install a copy of an windows OS(win7/win8) or any other operating system, will my one year warranty get void?? Thanksrk18

Answer:Lenovo warranty if new operating system is installed??

Welcome To Lenovo Community
The warranty is for the hardware, which is independent of operating system
So warranty will not be void for any hardware, except any damage is done to the hardware part
Please refer below link for more details
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

                        English Community   Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Espaņol

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I use drive 'C' as OS' drive and install all the other software on drive 'D'. I use a lot of softwares so if my system crashes I do have to install all the softwares. I want to backup my operating system as well as drive 'D' and when I recover my system it should install OS plus all the softwares.

I wish to keep my backups on the same HDD (but on different partition off-course).
Should I just write my OS drive's image on a CD/DVD to recover windows (plus softwares) or what?

Answer:How can I backup my whole operating system plus installed softwares?

Please check this tutorial: Backup User and System Files - Reset to Default Configuration

You are better to backup to an external drive. If you backup to another partition on your hard drive and it fails, you lose everything - Windows, applications, personal data, backups - the lot.

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After returning a Dell laptop that was covered in some form of vomit (Link here) upon arrival, I decided to buy a Lenovo.  Unfortunately the Lenovo (a Z370) arrived without an operating system, a PCIe controller that failed after POST, some missing and stripped out screws holding th chassis together, and a wireless card who's wires would not connect fully. In Lenovo's defense, I did buy a refurbished Z370.  However, normally refurbished computers work on arrival, instead of being dead on arrival. Naturally, I called up Post Sales and told them my problem.  They were helpful, but decided that I needed to contact Technical Support to determine the cause of the problem.  I called Tech Support, and after a 20 minute wait was told it is a hardware fault and it would need to be sent in to be fixed.  They told me to contact Post Sales again, and begin the repair process.  They also gave me a Case # WN447216 (for any Lenovo Reps here).  I called Post Sales again and was told that they cannot handle repairs and that I would have to contact Tech Support again!  I argued that I had been tossed around a few times, but the support agent would not help any further.  Now, I'm waiting on hold for Tech Support (15 minutes and still on hold) to answer so I can get a repair initiated. Someone PLEASE tell me that this is abnormal!  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:IdeaPad Z370- No Operating System Installed

Hi rdfloyd,
Welcome to the community, sorry it has to be under these circumstances.
Yes, a refurb computer should be refurbished,
Also, your experience was not normal.  I think it was the interaction between post sales and tech support that got messed up.  Dealing with just tech support usually isn't too bad.
Tech support will send you an email asking you to print out an Inventory Control Sheet.  Make sure you list all the problems on that sheet.  Completely.  It sounds like you won't be able to list all the problems in the three lines provided, so use a separate sheet for additional problems.  Make sure you fill out the hardware that is in your system, everything.
Don't send in the battery and ac adapter.  They don't need it, unless there's a problem with either, only then send it in.
Make a copy of the filled out sheet that you're sending in.  
I sent a U160 because of an intermittent stuck key and a bios update took out the serial number in the bios.  I had it back in 7 days with a new keyboard, it was cleaned and all the numbers were back in the bios.  
Having the parts in stock or having to order parts for the repair is going to determine how fast you get it back.
My experience with service was excellent.  You won't find many customers here in the forum extolling the virtues of service. You'll see the problems here.  Customers usually don't post thei... Read more

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I want to resize my c: drive. It is on a 120gb harddrive. It is partioned with c: and d:. I have tried several partioning programs but it won't let me increase the size of c:. I have reduced the size of d:, but it wont let me increase c: which has the os on it. I have win 7 ultimated 32bit installed on it. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Can I resize C: drive with the operating system installed on it

You may try this ... Option two should work.

Partition or Volume - Extend

But after that, you may need to run Startup Repair , for three separate times .

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i want to intall two operating system in one partition (c: partition) on one computer-----windows 98 and windows xp or adding windows 2000. i am afraid that they will influence each other.WHich friend could give some advice and suggestion,or tell the explain why not to do or do that . thanks on advance.

allow me to say again the question that i am afaid.i am afraid that the system files ,for example,.dll or device files will overwrite each other in one partition. Please give me some help.

i am looking forward to receiving the right answer and reply.
i am waiting for .........

Answer:that tow operating system are installed in one partition is influence each other???

IF u do install the 2 Os's on 2 different partitions ..then nothing of the sort will happen ..Don't worry 'bout it ..

The only thing that u should keep in mind is that u use NTFS on the XP partition ..then u will not be able to access that partition from Win98.If the second OS is 2k ..then u have nothin' to worry 'bout

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I had xp running on my D400 laptop and wanted UBUNTU.

I messed up the install (only installed half the operating system) I cannot remember what program i used i think it was called UNETBI? something like that.

Anyway when i start my laptop i get 'MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM'

I installed slax to my usb drive and accessed/backed up my files within windows.

I am wondering how i can change the boot.ini file from the windows area so that it will boot ok again?

It will not let me edit the file from within slax, only read.

Please help

Thanks alot.

Answer:Had xp, installed ubuntu, now missing operating system

thanks for the quick reply

ONLY problem is i have no cd drive on the dell d400

I could get hold of an external next week but id prefer to leave that as a last resort (so i can maybe learn something)

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Hi - I have a laptop with no operating system. I would like to install windows XP on this. I have the windows disk and started up the machine with the disk in place, hoping it would jump into life and tell me what I should do - alas no.I just get the message - "no operating system".I know you clever people on here will know as you have taught me so much already.Thanks for reading

Answer:Installing XP on a pc with no operating system?

You must first set up the BIOS for the CDROM to be the first boot device.

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I bought a used Compaq armada m700 laptop Pentium 2 with no operating system, when I try to load Ubuntu program it starts to load but then goes to a black screen and the computer doesn't respond. the computer originally had the windows 98 install. any ideas?

Answer:installing an operating system

It's most likely a hardware mismatch... I would verify with as I know they have very limited hardware support.  Or you might try a different flavor of *NIX such as Red Hat, Solaris, or FreeBSD Wiki on Ubuntu - Hard, Rock Harder,D.

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The hard drive on my Toshiba laptop has been replaced (with a 20GB model)as it had bad sectors. I also had the memory upgraded to 128MB. However I need to re-install my Windows 98 operating system and drivers and I don't have any of the original disks. What is the best way of going about it?Also what is the best way of recovering some files from the original damaged disk?Many thanks

Answer:Re-installing operating system

You will have to pick one up on ebay,unless you upgrade to xp.

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I have a small business where I provide home computer service . In my service I include Windows Installation . I know for a fact it's really risky installing an ISO version of Windows activated , but how risky is it because I guarantee most computer service use ISO versions of Windows. To this day I always followed the rules and told clients the CD is recommended. What are your thoughts, should I continue with the same rules. I need your advice!

Answer:Installing Operating System...

MS Business Guide.

Old Version:

Quote: Originally Posted by Microsoft

A new Windows license is not required for a refurbished PC that has:

(1) a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for a Windows operating system affixed to the PC, and
(2) the original recovery media or hard-disk based recovery image associated with the PC.

The COA constitutes proof that the PC is licensed for the version of Windows named on the COA and the
refurbisher can use either:

(1) the original recovery media or
(2) the original hard-disk based recovery image to re-install the operating system software named on the COA.
If the refurbisher does not have the original recovery media, they may be able to obtain the recovery media from
the original manufacturer of that PC.
A new Windows license is required for a refurbished PC if:
(1) the refurbisher cannot obtain the original recovery media or
(2) the PC does not have a hard-disk based recovery image.
Then, the refurbisher must purchase a new license in order to deliver a genuine Windows operating system
experience with the refurbished PC.

New Version:
Registered Refurbisher FAQ

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My sister gave me her old sony laptop computer without the operating system. She had everything deleted on hdd. My question is can I install my xp home on this laptop? I have the disk from my desktop. Her laptop did have xp home on hdd. Her product key is labeled on bottom of laptop.

Answer:installing operating system!

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I want to install vista ultimate on my pc to replace xp pro. I would be grateful for some advice on the process.1) Transferring files/backupI want to transfer all of my data to my laptop which is currently wirelessly networked to my pc. I've tried transferring the data by dragging and dropping the folders to the laptop drives but this seems to take forever. I've got 40-60gb of data to transfer. I've heard in vista you can create a direct connection via an ethernet cable to transfer data. Would this method be faster?2) Restore point - would it be a good idea to create a restore point once I've loaded vista, and another one once I've loaded the software?3) Reformatting hard drive to load vista. I can't remember how to do this. Do you run fdisk from the dos prompt? After I've done that do I put the vista disk into the cd drive and then set up the bios to boot from cd first?4) Would vista ultimate 64 bit be faster than my current xp pro. I have an amd 3800 and 2gb ram. Would vista ultimate make better use of the amd 64 cpu than xp pro?

Answer:Installing new operating system

In 1) my laptop has vista basic installed

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hi, i have windows vista home basic and i have just brought office professional 2003. how would i go about installing it? would i have to remove vista first?


Answer:Installing a new operating system

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Hello, I just finished assembling my computer (1st build), I set up the BIOS, rebooted the computer put the Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit CD into the drive and I kept getting an error message "Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press a key." I tried rebooting the computer with the CD inside, taking the CD out rebooting the computer and injecting the CD when prompted but it still displayed the same error message. I did some research online and found some methods. I tried changing the boot order so that the computer looks
first to the CD/DVD and then to the hard drive, when that didn't work I tried changing the boot order so that it looks first to the Hard drive then to the CD/DVD drive, all the while getting the same error message. I then changed the storage configuration to ACHI from IDE (There were three options; IDE, RAID and ACHI in that order) Once that was done I rebooted the computer, and got this message. "CD-ROM Boot Priority ..No Medium Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press a key" After I got that message I tried switching the CD/DVD and Hard drive order once again, but to no avail.

My system specifications are. . .
OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit English 1pk

CPU Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz 8M L3 Cache 4.8GT/sec QPI Hyper-Th

Motherboard ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA1366 Intel X58 DDR3-1600 A... Read more

Answer:Installing Operating System

Did you attach the dvd-rom to the right channel on the motherboard and to the psu?

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I currently have winxp pro, but would like to be able to run opensolaris 10 as a 2nd operating system. Is this possible on a laptop? 512mg of ram, 40g hd, Acer travelmate 2000. Partitioned to C and D drives, each about 17g. Please advise.

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Will I lose my files if I need to install a new operating system? My computer began to tell me I had an invalid copy of Windows XP and then would not allow me to access the internet or certain programs (my pictures). I bought a new operating system (Windows XP) and when I began installing I got nervous that I would lose all of my pictures and programs. Will that happen?

Answer:Installing a new Operating System

Hi,Installing a new operating system will always result loss of some data , its always better to make backup for it.You could also read:Installing a new operating system can overwrite at least 1 GB. All the files that were once located on this area of the drive are irretrievably lost. The directories entries (FAT) and MFT entries (NTFS) located there will be lost, leaving only files without reference ("lost file"), that had been allocated in undamaged areas beyond the 1 GB area.In FAT this will also destroy the FATs, thus causing the fragmentation problem. All you possibly can recover will come from the not overwritten area.Hopefully this helps till experts give their advice.

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ok well my compouter had windows xp on it and it crashed. but what do you know the only OS disk i have is windows 98 so heres the problem. i try to install the os and it tells me that there is an error while trying to format the hard disk partition. so how to fix it?
comp has 20 gig hd 512ram and not sure of the processor

Answer:installing operating system

maybe the computer crashed because the hard drive is dead?

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I recently built a computer with removable hard drive bays so that i can scan hard drives for viruses, format them, or reinstall an operating system.

My question is: Is it possible to get a program that will install the operating system without having to boot from the disk. I want to be able to still use the computer while the operating system is installing.

Thanks for the help in advance

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OK. This is my problem. I have an old dell that had windows ME on it (yuck) About 3 years ago, I upgraded to XP and installed service pack 2. Since then I have set up 2 laptops, broadband and a wireless network. But the old dell in the office (the main one that the high speed modem and linksys is plugged into) needs to have the operating system re-installed again. It has reached its half life...a nuisance, a pain, unbearable, unusable! When I tried to re-install it wouldnt let me because the version on the computer is a newer version then the one on the disk. )Probably because of upgrades and the service pack 2 already on there???) Anyway, it said I could boot from disc but it wouldnt boot. I know that there is a key you can keep tapping to get a black screen and it asks you if you want to boot from disc. F10-F12??? I can't remember....What is the best way for me to go about this. I plugged everything back in so I could go back online on my laptop and get more info. I quit and came to you guys-the only true source of real help on the internet. Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Re-installing operating system XP

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I want to install a second operating system on my computer so that from the boot screen I can select which system I can run. How can I do this. I have a total of 8.00GB and free space is 2.50GB. When I boot from the Windows XP CD it says the unpartitioned space is 8MB. How can I install the second operating system on my hard drive without deleting the other operating system?

Answer:Installing second operating system

That's not a lot of free space. I would recommend a second drive, or else replacing yoiur drive with a bigger one. It also sounds like there's some confusion between free space and unpartitioned space. Use the Disk Management control panel to take a look at your disk partitions to see what's going on.

Many modern operating systems will detect the existing installation and allow you to install a second operating system. When this is done, you'll see a menu at boot time where you can select the OS that you want.

I used to set up my machines with a multi-boot configuration but I don't do that anymore. It's a pain to configure and you need to be careful not to mess up things (there are many ways to mess up and I've run into most of them ;-). I would recommend this only if you have a really good reason to do so.

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So I've been trying to install an OS on my buddies laptop for the past couple days. Its a HP dv6000 laptop, its not too shabby, its dual core with 2gigs of ram and a half decent video card. Anyways... his computer is pretty messed up..., originally he had vista but now when you turn on the laptop it goes to a black screen saying "Operating system failed to load". So I figured I would try and re-install a different OS. Tried XP originally... didnt work (Partition Error?), Tried Vista.. didn't work (partition error again)... Lastly I tried Windows 7 and it doesn't work either... Does anyone know why I'm getting these partition errors and im unable to install an OS to my friends laptop? Could it be some sort of hardware failure? Thanks for any help guys, really appreciate it

Answer:Help with installing operating System... please

bump... anyone?

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I was given a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 8665C PC by a former employer that was upgrading its hardware. The PC came without any operating system, I therefore purchsed the PCbeginners "Utilities Suite 2006 CD in order to install an operating system. For the life of me, I cannot get this thing to work. I must be doing something wrong because the advertisement says that the process is relatively simple and I just can't seem to get it. I know a little about computers but by no means am I savvy at this. I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance in getting this computer up and running. Thanks.


Answer:Installing an operating system

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I was given a Sony Via laptop and I'm having trouble installing an operating system on it. When I turn it on, it says no operating system found. I have Windows XP Professional to install on it, but it seems like it may not be reading the disk, not sure of that one, and not sure about the Bios and things like that, since I don't understand about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Need help with installing operating system.

With XP you just need to boot with the XP cd and follow the prompts to do the install. If that's what you did then likely either the cd or cdrom is not in good shape. Make sure the disk is clean. You may want to get a cdrom cleaning disk and run it too but often you just need to replace the drive.Or, you didn't list the specs of the laptop, perhaps it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for XPReal men don't use AntiVirus; they just reformat

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I have a Dell optiplex GX260 that I recently aquired for $50.00.
The labels on the computer says it has intel pentium 4 and windows xp. However someone previously removed xp and installed windows 2000. I have not been able to use the computer because I do not know any of the windows passwords. I tried several password recovery/ cracks to no avail.
I would like to reformat the hard drive and install windows xp. I have a copy of a Dell operating system disc with XP Pro, still in a sealed envelope.
I know that this operating system should load onto any Dell computer. My question is do I use the product key that is on the computer I am installing the operating system on, or do I use the product key from the machine that the Dell operating system disc came with?

Also, what is the easiest way to reformat the hard drive prior to installing the new xp operating system?

Answer:Re-installing operating system

"or do I use the product key from the machine that the Dell operating system disc came with?"...

"Also, what is the easiest way to reformat the hard drive prior to installing the new xp operating system?...

When you get to the partition screen starting the XP install, delete the existing partition and follow the on-screen prompts. Format NTFS quick

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Hello everyone. Im in need of a solution in installing a OS. I recently came along a semi new computer that had a bent pin on the CPU. The pin kept the machine from working properly. After repairing this bent pin the machine now boots up the way it should. However now im noticing that the built in VGA port is not sending the signal to the monitor. Every time I connect to the port the monitor indicates it will shut down in 5 seconds.I inserted a new video card into one of the slots and when I connect the monitor it sends a signal and keeps the monitor on as if it wants to work but there is no video because I assume the video drivers are not installed *since no OS is installed either* So I know the machine is functional except for the built in VGA port on the mother board.

I want to get this machine working so here is my question. Is there anyway to pull out the hard drive from this project, connect it to a functioning machine, such as the one im using right now to write this, and install the OS for the new machine so I can install the drivers for the new video card and get this running.

Help me oh gurus of computer wisdom!

~ Lord Maverick

Answer:Installing the operating system

When you power on the machine there should be a signal to the monitor which will give the BIOS 'flash' page and then at least give you the option to enter the CMOS/BIOS settings. If you are getting nothing and you know the monitor and the signal cable are both good, then there is a fault with the board. The 5 second shut-down message may be generated by the monitor itself so is not a message from the motherboard.

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I'm currently using W98SE and wish to install W XP. Do I need to un-install W98 before installing W XP? Can I overwrite W XP over W98? Do I need to save all programmes and files before installing a new operating system? Finally; how do I install new OS? Just place cd rom in drive and let pc take over?Cheers

Answer:installing new operating system

Yep, you can install over the top and all your docs should still be there.Others will argue that you should do a "clean install". It is up to you.

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I am trying to reinstall an operating system on my pc.... How do I do it for free?? It originally came with Windows 7. I tried to run the download tool from but that didn't work and I was looking at this link from Microsoft that sorta helped:

I am not sure how to fix this.

Thanks in advance

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Hello, I'm having some trouble installing windows 7 onto an SSD on a pre-setup Windows 8 computer. I've disabled secure boot but it seems no matter what I do I'm brought back to the Windows Boot Manager screen, which looks similar to this:

Keeping in mind that the information where it says "file:" says this instead \$WINDOWS.~BT\Windows\system32\winload.efi
Can anyone explain to me what I might doing wrong? I'm currently using a USB to boot Windows 7.

Answer:Installing new operating system on SSD

change efi settings in bios...

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Dell sent me disk to reinstall my operating system
can some one tell me the steps to do this all the right way

Answer:Installing new operating system??

If your installing on a brand new drive its easy. Just go into bios and
set the 1st boot drive to cd, it may be set that way already. Place cd
in the drive bay, boot, and follow the prompts.
If its a old drive that had a operating system on it previous, I recommend
wiping the drive with killdisk, free download, do a google.

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Hi All
Have a friends computer here he just updated it, so he could put a 64 bit system on it of which I was going to do, I got the extra ram, (yes motherboard is able to take a 64 bit system) anyway he originally got the computer from a computer store, ram is DDR2.
I am wondering if there is a way the shop stops booting to the DVD player/burner, so the people have to take it back to them.
Reason why I ask this is I have been into setup and changed to boot to DVD, (as I have been into boot menu only and it will not let me change anything) of which is why I went into setup itself, anyway after changing (in setup) to Boot to DVD, it even came up as press any key to boot from DVD, only it doesn't, (yes both keyboard and mouse are working)
What would be the next step for me to try and change his XP Pro System to Windows 7 64 bit system?
Any clues as to what may be stopping me from loading this operating system would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Installing operating system

Is this a real MS win7 disk or a copy?
Have you tried booting it [the disk] on another system?

It would help if you posted the hardware specs ie mb, cpu, etc. If this is a big box system, post the make and model#

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Hi, I love computers I want to know the steps are on how to prep the hard drive and install an operating system the easiest way possible. please give me some info that I should know or a webpage that is great or a boot up cd that will help. please do this for me Iam very interested.

Answer:installing operating system.


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My son has an Acer laptop but the hard drive went. I have put in a new hard drive (western digital) and need to put in an operating system. There were 3 recovery discs that came with his laptop that are for re-installing but I think because I have a new hard drive it is not working. I got to the second disc and then it had an error reading the disc so I asuming I can't use these now that my laptop doesn't have the original Acer hard drive?

I have XP discs that came with my own pc but they say that they are only for a Dell computer. Can I use these on an Acer laptop I don't know if it makes any difference but the laptop was dual core. Please help a novice.

Answer:Help in re-installing operating system

Are the XP disks Windows XP disks or are they Dell Recovery Disks? XP disks can be used on anything. Just remember to use your own cd-key that's on your laptop. It should be printed on the side or something with a barcode on it.

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hi. i have 2 hard drives. and and windows xp home one each one of them. how do i uninstall one of them without causing problems with the other operating system.

Answer:How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

could format one drive from another...take all data needed from one to another

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Hi all,

Apologies if my terminology isnt the best fisrt of all.

I have an XP PC which no longer boots (I get a BSOD with 'Unmountable_Boot_Volume')

As I was planning on installing Windows 7 on a fresh drive anyway, I figured I would just take the hard drive out, put it in my hard drive docking station, and pull my pictures and music from it.

When I try to do this, the drive doesnt show in the 'my computer' list. I then go into Disk Manager to try and rectify the problem. The disc is there, showing as a dynamic disc (?), but it has a little 'no entry' sign on the icon. When trying to click tohe option to 'reactivate' - it times out each and every time.

So i'm stuck now and have no further knowledge on this to be able to try anything else. Thought I would ask here before taking it to a shop, to save some coinage!

Can anyone help? Some stats below:

XP PRO SP3 (Loaded on Hard drive that I pulled from my PC)
160Gb Seagate SATA HD

Thanks a lot


Answer:Cannot access files from drive with Operating system installed

If the Disk is a Dynamic disk, you'll have to connect it internally to a Desktop PC, you can't use an external enclosure/docking station (though I've seen some reports that it does work, sometimes).
From XP Help and Support (emphasis mine):


Dynamic disks are not supported on portable computers, removable disks, detachable disks that use Universal Serial Bus (USB) or IEEE 1394 (also called FireWire) interfaces, or on disks connected to shared SCSI buses. If you are using a portable computer and right-click a disk in the graphical or list view in Disk Management, you will not see the option to convert the disk to dynamic.

Once connected internally, it should appear as a Foreign Disk. you can then right click on Foreign and Import the disk. It will then appear in Windows Explorer.

To access the files, you will likely have to take ownership of them;
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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I have currently a Windows 7 Prof running on XP mode for my older software. Will all that be erased?

Answer:Will Wind 10 once installed erase the previous operating system?

1. Your previous Windows install'll probably be stashed into another folder.
Even then, make a complete backup or an image of the computer. (I recommend Macrium Reflect since the built-in thing gave me issues in the past.)
You'll lose XP Mode, but then again you can easily get a VM running. (see VMWare Player and it's Unity mode, which I believe to be the same.

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I've got a problem with my daughters pc, when booting up I get the error message \SystemRoot\ System32\ Config\ SOFTWARE is corrupt on a blue screen. I've found the Microsoft page with instructions on how to fix this problem, but it states not to attempt it on a pc with an OEM-installed operating system. My daughter's pc has xp pre-installed, and we don't have an installation disc. Even if we borrowed one from somebody else, would we be able to follow these instructions or would this screw things up further as it wouldn't be the right copy of xp for that particular pc?

Can anyone help?

Answer:Corrupted Registry Files in an OEM-installed operating system

>> My daughter's pc has xp pre-installed, and we don't have an installation disc. Even if we borrowed one from somebody else, would we be able to follow these instructions or would this screw things up further as it wouldn't be the right copy of xp for that particular pc? <<

Two questions:

Is your daughter's computer covered by any manufacturer warrantee?
Have you tried calling, emailing or IMing the PC manufacturer (i.e. Dell, Gateway, etc) regarding this problem?

Note: Even if they cannot help you with this specific registry problem; you should still ask them if they can send you a copy of an XP installation disk.

My sister recently purchased an older "refurbished" model of a Dell Dimension 8400 (that she got from e-bay). When it was delivered, she noticed that it had Win XP Pro installed; but came without the Win XP Pro installation disk. She called Dell and explained the situation. Once she was able to prove ownership of the computer - by providing the Dell Service Tag number - they not only sent her the Win XP Pro installation disk w/ SP2 included, but they also sent her the Dell Dimension Resource Disk (w/drivers and utilities).

Good Luck!

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Is there any good software that will backup a computer operating system. Back up windows 7 or Vista?
Some software that would make a bootable CD rom disk that could be placed in a CD rom
to reinstall programs and operating system that was installed at the time of backup?

Thank you,

Answer:Sorfware that Backup Operating System & installed programs

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So i would like to buy a whole new computer. but i want to keep the operating system which is windows 7 professional. It's installed on the hard drives as raid 5. now i know that the raid key or whatever it's called is stored int he bios so just plugging the hard drives into a motherboard that supports raid 5 won't work. So what can i do to install everything that i have on these hard drives into a new system? Also the operating system is registered online would i be able to re register it or something? i don't have the new computer yet i'm just looking around for something good and for a good deal.

Answer:Solved: Moving a Raid installed operating system

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I can barely download programs because it involves the web browser and always goes to the D drive. Is there any way i can transfer my things from the D drive back to the C drive. My c drive has like 69GM free space.

if i reinstall, is there a possibility that it will install to C drive. if so can you guide me? I have an Sp2 operating system CD, but the problem was when i tried to use same cd and cd key, it rejected it so i got an sp3 cd and it was able to install, but then it installed to the wrong drive, D. I really wanted everything to install to drive C as my primary drive

Answer:When I installed SP3 it installed my operating system to D drive

You need to make backup of all your documents, data etc. before you think of re-installing.

Then put XP Cd in and boot computer off it.
Do not choose to repair existing XP installations but do a clean install.
When the screen comes to choose a partition, choose the first partition. Later choose to format the the selected partition using NTFS.

Now you will have a clean install of XP with C: drive as root drive

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Hi ... How does one go about installing 2 clean operating system ( xp pro / 2000 pro ) ? Thanks

I should mention I have a 80gb had drive which I want to try to install 2 operating system

Answer:Installing 2 clean different operating system

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I received a dell dimension 8300 from my uncle. He had wiped everything off of it. I'm not sure the process just that he used a cd to wipe it. I have all the disc it came with and i'm trying to reinstall xp on it. when i run the xp cd it cant see the hard drives. There are two by the way. So i try again this time pressing F6 for third party. Now when i get to that point i put the floppy with the drivers on it in hit enter and nothing. you can hear it working and the screen says loading but it all ways goes back to insert into drive a and press enter. So I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

Answer:Trouble re-installing operating system

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HiI am looking for some advice on how to install linux as a second operating system.I currently have two hard drives on my PC and am running windows XP as my operating system. I would like to add Linux on to my other hard drive and run it as a second OS. Any advice and tips would be much appreciated for the installation of thisThanks

Answer:Installing secong operating system

click here for very simple instructions

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I've just bought a great barebones (no harddrive or op sys) quad core computer on Ebay and can't install windows xp pro from the cd/dvd player
I have changed to cd first start up device in the BIOS menu but when it starts it goes straight to the 'Start Windows Normally' page.
Have I missed something?
Is there another way of booting from the cd/dvd player.
Has the previous owner used a setting which stops something happening?
Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.

Answer:Installing operating system troubles

If it has no hard drive it will not work, are you sure it has no hard drive? This really is barebones.

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I have 2 hard drives.

On the C drive I have windows 98se.

On the D drive I formatted 4 gig of space as NTFS, so I can install xp on it. I run the install from the xp disk, it goes through the setup, it tells me that the setup is complete and has to reboot the computer to complete the installation. When I reboot, it keeps rebooting to 98se. I have bootmagic on my computer, I have disabled it, and it still boots to 98se. I have also set bootmagic to boot to the 4 gig part that I formatted and nothing happens then. How do stop the computer from booting to 98se so I can install xp as a second operating system?

Answer:trouble installing xp as second operating system

On your D: Xp access your msconfig. Access the "boot.ini" Tab.
You may need to configure the boot.ini to see the 2nd installation.

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So I have a laptop with a bad drive, i reinstalled a new drive, how do I get it to format windows 8 on it? I was no provided a key or a CD so this makes it a little awkward. Any help appreciated. Thank you

The old drive does not work at all, so there is no way to recover anything from it.

Answer:installing operating system issue

You're going to need installation media; probably a CD will be the easiest. And you'll also need a product key. Once you have both, boot from the CD, enter the key, and choose your hard drive for the installation location...

it's all pretty straight forward.

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I'm officially out of ideas and I'm hoping you kind folk here could help me out. I have a Hp 2140 notebook whose hard disc I formatted while transfering data from it to my computer (so I could do a fresh OS). When I returned the hard disc into the notebook I found that I could not install Windows 7 by any medium. I tried plugging in an external DVD reader and installing windows 7 like I did the first time on this notebook, but it would not read from the device. BIOS recognises it only as USB LEGACY SUPPORT. When I tried installing windows 7 from an USB, like I did many times on my computer, the screen would freeze when I pressed any key to boot from USB. I tried changing USB ports for the devices I used, it did not help and I tried changing USB memory sticks from which I booted but alas no success. I don't know if there is a way of transfering the files from the dvd onto the hard disc, make it bootable somehow, and then install the OS on the hard drive (the same one). I also tried installing other OS using the same methods (Windows 8 and XP) but have had the same problems. P.S. I haven't tried preinstalling a system on the hard drive on another computer and then inserting the HD into the notebook, hoping it would boot. I tried that once on a comuter and have had no success. Please do help, cheers

Answer:No way of installing operating system on notebook

Does this help ?

or this ?

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Would someone please recommend a tutorial (other than a microsoft site) that will guide one through ALL the steps of removal of an old operating system (windows) and reformatting,partitioning and installing a newer version (windows) on a computer that already has a single hardrive with a functioning operating system on it.A tutorial at the level of someone that is not a programmer nor a computer technician. thank you,truenorth

Answer:Installing a replacement operating system

more info plz whats the old OS and whats the new Os going to be?

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Ok i just finished building my new computer. This is the first computer I have Built. I started to install my operating system and about 10 minutes in I keep recieving this message

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this stop error scrren, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer

Technical Information:
***Stop: 0x0000002B (0xF78D2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I have already checked the connections many times, and made sure that the hard drive is set to Master. I dont know how to run CHKDSK /F. Also when I went into the BIOS I saw that the Hard Drive has been detected. It listed all the info about it. Please help me out. Thank you

Answer:Error when installing my Operating System

List all the components.

Give Links to the RAM and power supply.

If its brand new, then just reformat.

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Hello all ... I am currently I a running XP Pro on an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with 2 Gigs of RAM and 750 Gigs on 3 hard drives. Could anyone please point me to a link that will tell me how to install Linux as a second operating system?


Answer:Installing Linux as a second operating system

There are oh so many Linux tutorials, where to start...

We have a sticky right here on this forum, you may want to browse through.

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Hi guys i am sort of new to the whole upgrading process of computers. i have just bought a new mother board ( Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L Intel P31 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard ) and also a new processor ( Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 "LGA775 Core 2" 2.50GHz (800FSB) - Retail ) from i had wired it all up i turned it on and then it went to the windows screen where it says that it can not strat properly ( im sorry i dont know its real name) then i read on the internet that i needed to re install my operating system but i lost my disk not that it matters because my new processor is a 64bit. so i got a new windows xp pro 64bit disk and turned on my pc and then i change the bios settings to boot from cd/dvd rom and i could hear the disk spinning but then it went on to the same windows screen again it keeps doing this. when ever i select start windws normally, start windows in safe mode etc etc it just reboots the pc and i start all over again.i would reall appreciate any help because i am actually going mental.thanks in advance jack

Answer:Issues with installing my operating system.

"i change the bios settings to boot from cd/dvd rom and i could hear the disk spinning but then it went on to the same windows screen again it keeps doing this"When you went into the Bios and selected the CD Drive As First Boot Divice did you save the Bios Settings (F8)?Then When you obviously reboot you should seen on the screen "Press Any Key To Boot From CD"Hoping to press Space or what ever it should take you into the setup process.Have a read here:click here

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First of all I formated and erased all data off of my hard drive and am trying to install a new operating system and I am having multiple problems when trying to install operating system.
Whenever I try to use a system boot disk to install a operating system. It goes into the windows 2000 setup and begins loading files at bottom of screen. Then an error message comes up saying disk I/0 error and then it goes ahead anyway to the 2000 Setup where you choose to install or repair. Then I click install and continue through the setup and gets to the part where you select the partition you wished to install to and I get another message saying setup cannot access disk.

I have also tried using fdisk to partion and format drive again and it will not let me says cannot access this drive.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Answer:Installing operating system errors

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I was playing Riven on my old computer and now I have tried installing it on my new computer going from window 98 to ME. I always get an error message titled Qt32inst: Qt32inst has caused an error in Qt32inst.exe, Qt32inst will now close. The message suggests to restart my computer, and I have serveral times. The game manufacturer tells me that if I read the box that Window ME is not supported. Any suggestions how I can get this installed on by new computer? I have really enjoyed wondering around this game and would not like to see it end.

Thanks, Spititfall

Answer:Installing Riven with ME operating system

Hi Spiritfall, unfortunately, you may be stuck here. I've seen on their support site they do acknowledge limitations of games not working on newer OS's. What's really unfortunate, they don't hold out any hope of a patch to rectify the situation.

This is just a stab in the dark, but have you tried to install in Safe Mode?

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These are my computer specs:

Cooler master elite 360 mid tower

GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0) LGA1366/ Intel X58/ SATA3&USB3.0/ A&GbE/ ATX Motherboard

Product Description
Supports generation Intel 32nm 6-core processors Ultra Durable 3 technology with copper cooled quality for lower working temperature Supports newest NEC SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with superfast transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps 3X USB power delivery for greater compatibility and extra power for USB devices Provides Marvell SE9128 high speed SATA3 storage interface with superfast 6Gbps link speed Supports the Intel Core i7 processors in socket LGA1366 with QPI 6.4 GT/s Revolution energy saving design with DES 2 featuring hardware based Dynamic 6-Gear switching Supports 3 channel DDR3 2100+ memory Scalable ability to both 3 way CrossFireX and 3 way SLI support for ultimate graphics performance Unique hardware control IC to provide more precision voltage control 100% 50,000 hour lifespan Japanese solid capacitors design Patented DualBIOS with dual hardware BIOS protection Supports Dolby Home Theater audio to create a stunning surround sound listening experience Blu-ray playback outputs supported by high quality 108dB SNR ALC889 HD audio Meet European Union EuP (Energy-using Products) requirement

GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0)
Chipset Type:
Intel X58 Express
Processor Socket:
LGA1366 Socket
Installed Qty (Max Supported):
0 ( 1 )
BIOS Type:
Storage Controler:
ATA-133, Serial ATA-300 (RAID... Read more

Answer:Help installing operating system windows!!!!!!

Having everything plugged in is good, but if you haven't installed everything properly, the system won't be able to find the optical drive, which seems to be the problem you're having. There are a few items that could be responsible for that type of problem, so let's take a look and see if we can figure this out.

Just a heads-up about installing Windows, or any OS; it will install MUCH faster if the IDE devices are connected to different channels. The HDD should be the only device on the Primary IDE channel, jumpered properly, and the optical drive should be the only device on the Secondary IDE channel, also jumpered properly. If you're installing Windows with only a single IDE cable connecting both IDE drives, the installation will take a lot longer.

First of all, if you're using the HDD on the Primary IDE channel, with the internal optical drive on the Secondary IDE channel, SHUTDOWN the system, UNPLUG IT FROM THE WALL, and put EACH device at the END of their own IDE cable. Then, set the HDD jumper to "Single", NOT to "Master". Similarly, set the optical drive to "Master", not to "Slave". Many IDE optical drives are set as Master by default at the factory before shipping, but you might as well make sure that the jumper is in the right place; if someone moved the optical drive jumper to "Slave", the drive will not be recognized by the CMOS / BIOS when it polls the hardware.

Or, if you're ... Read more

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Ok, I have finally built my computer. I have a 2200+, an A7N8X-X motherboard, 512mb memory, and a 40 gig hard drive. All I need is an operating system. I want Windows XP, Home edition (the one at newegg that is only 92.00 bucks).

What are some of the first steps, like formating FAT and NFTS. Also, are partitions necessary for installation? If yes, how would I do that?

Thank you!

Answer:1st time installing Operating System...

Insert CD. Boot. Follow instructions.

PS. You can try Knoppix for free.

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I have just got an old PC from work, for my daughter to learn which has had everything deleted, including the operating system (Its a pentium 2, 64Mb ram 1gig hard drive). I have a licenced copy of Win95 on CD, but the machine has no CD drive. Can I install a new CD drive without an operating system being installed?, if so, will I need the drivers to be on a floppy disc?, as nowadays, I guess they all come on CD's? Thanks for the anticipated advice as always.

Answer:installing CD drive with no operating system - how

Yes, install the CD drive and when you put the O/S boot disk in it should give you the option of using CD ROM support in the menu.

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Hi can any1 help please, i have an acer extensa 5235 laptop, after my hd went bad i bought a new 1 and plugged in. It is saying OS not found and i have no disk to reinstall windows 7, not sure what to do

Answer:No operating system found after installing new hd

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Hello, I am at my wits end and need some help. I have a HP ze4326 Laptop. I came home one day and the laptop was shutting down and restarting by itself. It would come back up with the BSOD and then restart instantly. To make a long story short I cound not get it back up and running so I attempted to use my recovery software. The firt try went ok but after a hour or so of operating it shut down. When restarted it would come up with some missing files. Atering trying to repair the files it still would not work. I then tried to wipe out the hard drive using FDISK and then tryed to reformat. The format would would always freeze at 19%. I figured the hard drive was toast so I bought a new one. I inseted the windows XP disk and it created the partition and formated the drive. The install goes good up until it gest to where its loading the system devices and then stops. The laptop does not freeze because it still going through the feature screens but it will not finish loading the system devices. I tried all kinds of way of installing but always comes back to the same problem. I then tried to load windows 98 just to see if it would work. It goes ok up untill the point where it gets to lading the plug and play devices and then I get the error (Fatel exception OE 0028 :FF02847B) it says click to terminate or press any key to continue. When I press any key the laptop freeze and the screen seems to be distored somewhat. I tried this multiple time with the same result. I did have the lap... Read more

Answer:Operating system will not finish installing

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I really need some help, I recently formated a laptop, it had windows xp pro, something happened and it wouldn't boot up. I formatted and installed win 98, It's all I had, just to see if the computer worked and it did sort of. It loaded the operating sytem but I missing drivers made it not work right. So I then formatted and got Win 98 off and I have the computer restor disk but it's not loading. I can't get to a screen when I press f2 to tell it to boot from cd, and then me compter says invalid disk or something like that, can someone help me?

Answer:Help re installing operating system after format

Hi Baishagirl

Are you sure that F2 is the correct function key for entering Bios Setup on your laptop? Look for a banner message, or a message on the "splash screen", that says "Enter F1 (or F2, F10, DEL - or other key combination) to Enter Setup"... The key/key-combination varies between manufacturers and models. If it is simply a matter of pushing the wrong combination, that should let you into Bios Setup to change the Boot Order. Some laptops have a particular function key that can produce a "One-Time Boot Menu" = this boots to whatever device you choose from a list, but the change is only in effect for the next boot.

If your laptop has been booting from other CDs, and now won't boot to your restore disk -- what sort of restore disk is it? It should be one that shipped with the computer when you bought it, or that you created shortly thereafter. And, of course, you need to use a restore disk intended for your model. Another simple consideration is that your disk might be dirty or scratched. If smudged, try carefully cleaning it.

When you reformatted the laptop, did you reformat ALL partitions on the disk? Or just the Windows partition? Some laptops have restore partitions on them -- if you completely erased ALL partitions, you may have erased the special restore partition as well. If the restore partition is still... Read more

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Hi everyone,

okay so I have a Huge problem here. First here are the computer specs:

Hp pavillion dv9000 enterainment edition,
Vista home premium service pack #1,
Intel duo core T5200 1.60 GHz,
2gb of ram,
32-bit operating system,
dvd-rw + light scribe,
Hitachi 160gb hard drive 5400rpm
nividia Geforce Go 7600
heres my problem: I bought this computer from a private party about a month ago, the thing worked great for about a week. Then all of a sudden when I went to boot it up it took a while during the intial HP screen then said "No Operating System Found". So I turned it off and back on again a few times, and finally it booted into vista. It didnt do it again for a few days, and now here I am everytime I go to turn on my computer I have to either tap it a couple of times, Unplug the power supply from it, or open the dvd drive bay and try it again. I dont know if any of what I am doing is helping it start up or not, but I do it anyway just in hopes to get it up and going. I have do a clean install on it in hopes that it was just the Master boot record, but with no changes. I have checked the driver software and all of it is up to date. PLEASE HELP ME, summer school is about to start and I need a computer for the class....



Answer:Vista Installed. But At Start Up 75% Of The Time It Says No Operating System Found!

That is indicative of an imminent hard drive failure, or a loose cable. Please don't slap your computer anymore though. Electronics, especially heated electronics, are not made to withstand being slapped around, and you are likely to break something else.

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Could anybody advise me?
My brother recently bought a Hewlett Packard computer with the operating system pre-installed. He has now asked me if I can format & partition his h/d. The problem is that we only have a recovery disk and not the full setup disk.
I contacted HP (UK) to get one and they have told me that as far as Microsoft are concerned they (HP) would be acting illegally. I informed them that a few years ago Tiny sent me one for my own PC so they then told me that Tiny had acted illegally. This morning I contacted Microsoft UK for confirmation of this but was told it is perfecly ok for them to send a disk.
I then rang HP back and informed them of this but they are still refusing to issue one and tell me it is illegal.
This is not meant to be a gripe or a moan about any individual company but an attempt to gain knowledge regarding my problem.
If I can't get hold of a full setup disk how can I do a full system format, partition and re-install an operating system that he has paid to use.
Our only other option would be to buy the operating system (again) or to buy an OEM disk and hardware but surely lots of others must have had the same problem.
Thanks in advance for any advise/info/views in advance.


Answer:obtaining operating system (XP) setup disk-pre installed sofware

I think HP are behaving badly here and you might approach your local Trading Standards office about them, providing they're operating from a UK address.

That said, however, the only feasible alternative is to buy an XP CD, format, install and activate with the new Product Key to give your brother a fully legal and supported OS. The other way round this is to post details of his problems - why does he want to format? Someone here will help.

If he only wants to partition, there is software that can do this without losing data. Have a look in Control Panel>Administrative Tools>COmputer Management>Disk Management and see what the present partition arrangements are. HP may have left a small partition to store data which responds to their recovery disks.

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I have intel atom processor desk top system

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Hi everyone.

I'm experimenting with partitions for the first time. I was trying to install open office in my non operating system partitions, but it ended up in the operating system partition.

My question is, it should not be a problem specifically installing my programs in the non operating system partition, correct? I just need to be careful to override the default installation specs, right?


Answer:installing programs in non operating system partition

That is only if the installer allows for it to be installed on a separate partition. Some installers are forced to install on the system drive.

Other will install to the other drive but you have to remember there will be files still on the OS Drive as well. The profiles among other things will still be stored on the OS drive cause they are stored in the Profile of your user account.

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new guy here ,old and slow so go easy. dell inspiron 1000 lap top. i have IOLO system mechanic for maintenance and protection. many techs and hours of iolo working on it and still no joy. they/we put the dell re-installation disc in but it says cant log into microsoft so they [iolo] select proceed anyway gets as far a blue screen and cannot find nerd.32 sys or nurd 32 sys. they [iolo] have scanned, probed,booted/rebooted/unbooted still no joy.troubles started 10 days ago with i cant run system mechanic,no sound,no start menu/taskbar. on iolo,s web sight they say an update from them quarantined a file incorrectly rpcss.dll. hours and i mean hours of waiting for iolo to answer the phone ,getting different levels of smart techs..........................sorry for da rant

Answer:installing operating system xp service pack 3

Hello, and Welcome
Can you access Safe Mode by tapping F8 at boot? If you have System Restore enabled, see if there is a date available before the trouble began.

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Dell Inspiron 15 3542 Intel i3-4005U comes with Ubuntu OS.  I want install Debian in place of Ubuntu.
Will be better completely format hard drive when install Debian, or its make sense keep existing HDD paritioning structure and install Debian into Ubuntu partition (Partition3)? There is 5 partitions:
DellUtility, Partition 1  (367MB), FATOS, Partition 2 (3.2GB), FATFilesystem, Partition  3, (488GB), Ext4Extended, Partition 4  (8.4GB)Swap, Partition 5, (8GB)Free space 1.1MB

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The hard drive failed in our IdeaCentre B305.  I replaced it with a new one, but don't have recovery disks.  Where can I get the ISO's to reinstall the operating system?

Answer:Installing Operating System on New Hard Drive

I should add that I went straight to microsoft and entered the product key in order to download the OS but it told me that since it was a preinstalled operating system that I had to contact the mfr. However, I cannot find any information on the Lenovo website to help me and can't find a phone number that I can use to contact them.

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If a PC your buying doesn't have any operating system on it Is it possible to install one and if so could you go to a PC shop or that and get them to install it

Answer:Installing windows on a PC with no operating system Question

Yes, you can install your own operating system if you purchase the disk. You can also have a shop install it for you if you don't know how. You have to make sure the machine is compatible with the system you want to install. I.E. make sure the drivers are available for your hardware.

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Hello, I've been taking a look on here and understand that the Q partition is for the backup to factory settings and the S partition is part of the start up system (working with a 2009 T400). I am looking to install Windows 7 and have no interest in keeping my XP system recoverable. Therefore I can delete the Q partition but is there anything special I have to do in regards to the S partition? Or is it a plug and play situation once I put in the Win7 disk? Essentially-Can I delete the S: drive?-If it remains partitioned, will it need to change in some way with the new OS?-During Win7 set up which partition do I select to install on?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Role of S Partition in Installing New Operating System

Hello and welcome,
Since you don't intend to save anything let the Win 7 installer use the whole drive.  It will partition appropriately.
(IIRC) When you get to the partitioning part of the install select advanced disk options and delete all the partitions. Then just let the install continue from there.

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