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Questions about a gaming mouse program. Is it the program or the device?

Question: Questions about a gaming mouse program. Is it the program or the device?

Hello,I'm an avid World of Warcraft player, and a year ago, I purchased the SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming mouse. For a year, I used and loved the device, finding no issue with it. However, it did finally cease to function, and I replaced the mouse with a warranty still in effect. So, here, I have a new mouse, and it's identical to the previous one.However, there are issues with this new one. The mouse overs a wide selection of buttons, ranging from Standard Mouse Buttons 1-5, and then some. The problem is, though, no matter how I set the program that was coupled with the device, some actions just aren't taking. For instance, though in the program only one button is supposed to behave as Mouse Button 5, there are two others who activate the same functions when pressed. One is supposed to act as Mouse Button 4, and the other is just plain disabled.In short, if a mouse fails to take to the setup of the program it comes with, is the device faulty, or is it something with the program?Thanks,MNeidig.

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Preferred Solution: Questions about a gaming mouse program. Is it the program or the device?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Questions about a gaming mouse program. Is it the program or the device?

Did you reinstall the driver or did you just plug the new mouse in and start playing with it?

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MS Intellipoint is programmed to abort the Key Assignment popup menu (in Program-specific settings) when an "Esc" keystroke is received from the keyboard. But "Esc" is what I want to record into its Key Assignment cell, and assign that to a particular mouse button. Every time I hit the keyboard Esc button when in that cell, the menu immediately closes without recording anything.

Esc is not part of Intellipoint's list of present commands you can select with a simple mouse click, so there's no alternative but to go to the Key... Keystroke Assignment popup menu to try to get it programmed in. I've tried entering the Ascii-equivalent Alt-027 from the numpad and Ctrl-[ alternatives in that cell, with no luck.

Anyone know of a prefix or alternative code that can be used to get the Esc signal recorded in the Key Assignment menu? Many thanks.

--Windows 7 64k, MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0, Intellipoint 8.2 (IPx86_1033_8.20.468.0.exe)

Answer:Intellipoint: How to program Esc as a program-specific mouse button?

I attempted the same thing but figured out a workaround. Assign a macro to the button, create a new macro and add a special key. Esc is available in the special key options.

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Greetings everyone long time no see.

But now ugh!
So many issues I thought I should post it all in one post.
And questions about virus scanning the right way.
And Programs for Windows XP.
All in no specific order.

1.I have been having programs/files/folders not all the time.
But quite often lately, that take ages to load.
Either you get the mouse timer after the program loads and if it has a minimize/maximize tab it's stays grayed out for several minutes.

2. If you click on programs/files/folders to open does not matter what they are
or when they are located it can take as long as 6 minutes for them to open then they usually all open at once. Many times the minimize/maximize tab
are grayed out for another 3-5 minutes.

So far today
I have run ad_aware it found nothing.
I ran AVG everyday this week that goes for today.
No virus found
Both are updated.
As is my Windows XP.

No I have not run Hijack this as of yet but will.

~~~~~~~~~Free Programs needed~~~~~~~~~
1. Are there any free programs that scan your computer not for a virus,
but for missing import Windows files (I use XP_Home edition).
I would like to find one that will Once it finds will also fix, locate, and or tell you what files need to be replaced?

2. Is there a free registery checker that will scan and take care of all the needed fixes it's self for free. (For us not so savvy computer people)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Virus Scanning~~~~~~~~~
1. What windows folders alway... Read more

Answer:Program problems and program questions, ETC

try ewido from the link below, update it first then scan
when thats done try housecall....this will take 30 minutes plus
spybot would be next in line, download fom here

post back

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Greetings everyone long time no see.

But now ugh!

So many issues I thought I should post it all in one post.
And questions about virus scanning the right way.
And Programs for Windows XP.
All in no specific order.

1.I have been having programs/files/folders not all the time.
But quite often lately, that take ages to load.
Either you get the mouse timer after the program loads and if it has a minimize/maximize tab it's stays grayed out for several minutes.

2. If you click on programs/files/folders to open does not matter what they are
or when they are located it can take as long as 6 minutes for them to open then they usually all open at once. Many times the minimize/maximize tab
are grayed out for another 3-5 minutes.
So far today
I have run ad_aware it found nothing.
I ran AVG everyday this week that goes for today.
No virus found
Both are updated.
As is my Windows XP.

No I have not run Hijack this as of yet but will.

~~~~~~~~~Free Programs needed~~~~~~~~~
1. Are there any free programs that scan your computer not for a virus,
but for missing import Windows files (I use XP_Home edition).
I would like to find one that will Once it finds will also fix, locate, and or tell you what files need to be replaced?
2. Is there a free registery checker that will scan and take care of all the needed fixes it's self for free. (For us not so savvy computer people)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Virus Scanning~~~~~~~~~
1. What windows folders always need to be scanned?
2. Wha... Read more

Answer:Program problems and program questions, ETC

None have seemed to help.
Even posted by HijackThis log
here is what I did and also my hijack log.
I updated the programs I could before running test.
1. AVG full virus scan_ nothing found.
2. Ad_Aware scan_ nothing found.
3. Ewido scan_nothing found.
4. Housecall___ FOUND.
A. 1 HTTP cookie : cookieSe.49714 "Deleted it"
B. Vunerbility in Word pad , I downloaded the fix for it.
5. V_cleaner_nothing_ found
6. Spybot___ FOUND.
A. Wild Targent "Spelling"_ I deleted it."
B. Windows Security firewall disabled notify "I deleted it"
7. Restarted computer.
8. Hijack this ran log below.
9. Forgot this one. Vx2 scanner_found nothing

None of this has helped computer still having same issues as above
~~~~~~~~~~~~~(HijackThis report)~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:05:47 PM, on 2/6/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido anti-malware\ewidoctrl.exe
C:\Program Files\Co... Read more

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Program/ set up questions
ok although i have never had a virus im just looking for some answers
i also got scammed by bestbuy into giving the 200$ for a Virus that wasn't on my computer

ok i download a lot of stuff and i mean a lot of stuff weekly
and im looking for a good setup right now this is what i have

Webroot complete trial version
Malwerbytes completely turned off using its settings and msconfig to avoid conflicts
Superantispywere completely turned off using its settings and msconfig to avoid conflics
Ccleaner use cleaner weekly-registry clean only if necessary
Secunia to Detect updates and patch stuff i do not use the downloads it provides
Sandboxie for things im iffy about

and my computers defragment

i was thinking about doing and want to do is

Bitdefender Internet Security

some peopel said i should have a firewall but i donnt understand anything about that
but im looking for a sold set up and a permanent antivirus from all the research i have done the top 3 are and im still not completely sure
1 webroot complete
2 bitdefender internet security
3 Kasprsky pure

i dont want to keep using trials because its geting annoying and i hear it can screw ur computer up i use a Asus G74sx Laptop and im looking for opinions facts and advice are these programs ive listed a good idea bad idea should i stop using one or add another cause im going to start over and Restore to factory settings

i apologize ahead of ... Read more

Answer:Program set up/Program questions

Let me get this straight. You're using trials of paid AVs? Do you know how crazy that is? It also assumes that paid AVs are better than free AVs just because you have to pay for them. It's not true. Something like Avira or Avast or MSE is just as good and frequently better than a paid AV.

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I was on looking at the Logitech gaming mice and keyboards. In particular, this keyboard:

And this mouse:

I've never owned a gaming mouse or keyboard before. So I am wondering what the benefits really are in gameplay. Starting off with the mouse, I can't recall what my Microsoft laser mouse DPI is but I'm sure it's nowhere near the 5700 of the Logitech gaming mouse above. How much difference does that really make say when playing a shooter? How does it affect gameplay? Is it easier to aim quickly and accurately? Does it help you to play better? There must be some reason people like them. I'd like to understand how beneficial they are. As for all the extra buttons I don't honestly see myself using them. Do people really find all those buttons on a mouse helpful? What for? What do people activate with them?

On to the Logitech gaming keyboards. The one I linked above I think is their entry level model. I like the backlit keys feature. That is pretty cool. Some of the other stuff seems pretty useless to me personally. The defining feature of this keyboard really seems to be the macro keys. So the question is, what are they good for? I'm trying to imagine what I'd want to macro in a shooter for example. What would I want to macro playing s... Read more

Answer:Gaming keyboard and mouse questions

The mouse buttons can come in handy for things like reloading during gameplay. Hitting the mouse button with your thumb can certainly be quicker than hitting it with a finger on the keyboard.

The sensitivity and the acceleration (measured in G's, for g force) can be quite important, but so is having a good quality mouse mat to go with it. Ultimately speaking the higher the rating the more accurate the mouse is, and how sensitive it is to movement during gameplay.

Having adjustable DPI settings can be useful for things like sniping, where you can knock it down a touch to make the scope sight move slower. I use my Logitech G9 mouse at the highest setting all the time, but the option to reduce it on the fly can be handy some times.

As for the keyboard, those extra buttons could be used to perform multi-button actions during gameplay, or just used to perform certain functions in replacement of the existing keyboard buttons in use.

I must admit that having owned many gaming keyboards, I've ever really used the macro functions, so someone else would probably be better explaining this.

The backlit keys are indeed very helpful, especially in late night gaming sessions.

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I am really struggling with this anoying issu. When i open anything and it does not open full screen, when i move the mouse twords it accross another page the program file anything disapears to the back and i have to minimise evrything and chase it back to the desk top. I am dont really know where to start. I have a twist running 8.1 Help !!! 

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I play my PS4 using a mouse and keyboard, i have a Titan one device that connects my ps4 to PC, on my pc i use software that captures my mouse and keyboard inputs, to do this i enter a capture mode, my mouse for some reason clicks out of this window sometimes, causing my inputs to stop going through and i lose control of my character any ideas?

Answer:Mouse clicking out of a program that captures the mouse inputs

What software ? ?

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I play my PS4 using a mouse and keyboard, i have a Titan one device that connects my ps4 to PC, on my pc i use software that captures my mouse and keyboard inputs, to do this i enter a capture mode, my mouse for some reason clicks out of this window sometimes, causing my inputs to stop going through and i lose control of my character any ideas?

Answer:Mouse clicking out of a program that captures the mouse inputs

What software ? ?

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Question: Program Questions

i recently used Advanced System Care 5 and it made and is making my computer run fast as hell but what i dont get is Ccleaner and when i do everythign that Advance system care dose manually it wasn't as fast also Kaspersky Internet security disabled auto run And now i think System care enabled it how do i Manually disable autorun and is it good if i do?

also Is Advanced system care bad to use It has messed my firefox in the past but now the (free version) seems to some how incresed my computers performance to how it was when i first got this computer and it is noticeable

Answer:Program Questions

ccleaner, system care, registry mechanic, and all of the likes are typically a bad idea for cleaning your system. You may notice results, but repercussions can be monumental.

Software that advertises to automatically clean your registry is a bad idea, because, like people, every registry is unique. Everyone has different software, different software settings, different windows settings, and their interactions can be pivotal to one another. Using software like the above mentioned list can ultimately affect programs you won't be able to tell yet, cause blue screens, and more.

As for your specific problem, when you say "disabled and enabled autorun" are you talking about Windows autorun, where you plug in a USB drive or put in a disk into your optical drive, and it asks what you want to do with it? I don't see why either of those two apps would interact with autorun.

In the mean time, you can check your autorun settings and manipulate them yourself here:
Start->Default Programs->Change Autoplay Settings

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Question: program questions

I need some opinions on the below programs please: | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!

Bleeping Computer Downloads: ComboFix Download

Answer:program questions

If you want to use what most of those in the know, at this forum use, you may be interested in
Microsoft Security Essentials and a very good, and free, anti virus from Microsoft.
Addition a once a week scan with the free version of Malwarebytes

If you use the above two you will have excellent protection.
You can have enhanced protection by using Super Anti Spyware

I would not suggest combo fix as it requires more expertise than most other protection.

Not really an anti virus, but it notifies you of any change to the computer as well as other features. It is a great psuedo anti virus

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i have installed windows 8
1-but when i want to open a picture file and when i select the windows photo viewer to open that file , and double click o that , nothing happens?
2-i have installed pess 2012 and the game runs correctly but a file next to the .exe file of the game with the name of pess2012settings.exe does not open. it opened for one time when i installed the game but after i closed that it does not open?
3-if i want to update my drivers for example the gerrafic , do them compatible with the windows 8?

Answer:some questions about opening a program

Hi and Welcome to EightForums!

In response to your query

1. Have you checked that the program hasn't opened as a Metro App? If you press the windows key + Tab you can cycle through the metro apps and i believe it should be in there.

2. I believe that the PESS2012settings.exe is only to be used for the first time setup of the game, in otherwords it checks your hardware and sets up the most compatible settings. If you want to change this you could try running the exe with elevated permissions by right clicking it and run as Administrator.

3. Depending on your GFX card will depend on what drivers and software you want to install to run it with, Brink (The Tutorial God) has A couple of posts in the Graphics Card Section that Might be of use to you to read through, oh and Dwarf did one.

Here they are:
Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8
Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8
Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

I hope that helps some, and if it doesn't let us know and i'm sure other people or myself can help you figure the problems out
P.S As a side note, i think you would do better by creating three seperate threads in the appropriate boards, this is because Guru's who like a certain area generally stick to them and you will get more responses per problem then just throwing them all in together like this.

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Ok, so im really a beginner at internet security.  I've worked in IT and have tons of experinece with hardware and such, but internet security is so confusing.  Anyway.
I've been trying to lock down my PC better, working in the Windows Firewall and also running scans with Wireshark to see what is going on in general.
I've noticed the same several IP addresses trying to get into my VNC port.  (I know, I know, VNC is really not great to open to the world, but I need access and have no clue how to make an IPSEC tunnel or SSH tunnel or even what those mean, but more on that later).
Anyway, as soon as I switch my VNC port, within a day, it's happening again.  ( Yes, my realVNC is password protected, and of course, virus scans, malware scans all negative etc etc, my computer is seemingly clean).
Here's an example packet:
 source                 destination   protocol  length TCP        74
[TCP Retransmission] 58787→5903 [SYN] Seq=0 Win=29200 Len=0 MSS=1460 SACK_PERM=1 TSval=359065360 TSecr=0 WS=128 496
 5903 is my VNC port of course.
This is coming from an IP address registered to Purdue University in Indiana (what the heck?).
A few questions:
(1) Why does this keep happening? Who the heck is at Purdue trying to scan my ports?
(2) If my VNC is password protected, does the fact th... Read more

Answer:How is this program trying to get into my VNC port? And other questions...

Mate to be honest, running any service exposed to the net you will always see bots crawling the net looking for exploits, weak and or standard username/passwords for routers, etc.
Try running a web server mate then you see all sorts of exploit URL requests.

The main countried i would rate as running spider bots would be , Russia, china, india, and a lot of traffic from germany also.
You will see a lot of Universities with kids learning how to write scripts etc but even when you have all the info, the network admins just say "Too bad we cant be bothered" and no discipline is served to the s|<ids doing it!

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hello, i am wondering if anyone here knows how to change the name and icon that appears when you minimize a program. for example, if i wanted to have a game program appear as something else when i minimized it, how would i do that?

Answer:Program minimize questions

From what i know you cant. The minimize is just a reduction of the application. So you would have to change the whole coding of the application to change just that.

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i'm getting a new pc -- my first since 1997. it's a dell 2300, pentium 4 processor 1.8 ghz, 256 mb memory, 40 gb hard drive, and has windows xp. i'm going from a 33.6 modem to 56k. i'm very excited. the dell guy is installing it tomorrow.

my question is this -- should i make a list of my downloaded prgms or zip the existing ones to re-install? my word97 and symantec utilities 2000 are the only ones on cds now. neighbor was going to add a second hard drive with 60 gb for me last winter; he took out my a drive, threw it away, and never finished adding the second hard drive. i still have that unused hardware. can it be used in this new pc sometime down the road? i may have to use voice recognition because of my disability, and i understand that memory and the size of the hard drive'll help it function better.


Answer:existing program questions

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Well I have a few questions to ask and do not know if I am in the right selection. I love the way AOL looks and everything is just right there to click on but have been thinking about switching to verizon dsl and have heard dsl is not so great. Can anyone give me feedback on this before I make a terrible mistake. Also I would miss my friends on im who are with AOL. Can you download the im somewhere and use it and not be charged.

The instructions for dsl to me look complicated since I am not a wiz at computers. It says I have to have a Ethernet card which I ahve no idea waht that is.I checked on my manager device and this is what it says.
Under Network adapters it show ADMTEKAN983 10/100pci adapter. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers it shows USB Printing support
USB Root hub,USB Root hub, VIAREV 5 or later host controller and then shows this a second time. I don't know what this means. Do I have a USB whatever or Ethernet card. I don't understand what they are for .
Could you please help. I dont want to go into something I will be sorry for. I was switching because for the same price I can use my phone line while on the pc and it says it is faster and would be cheaper tthan switching to power link or the higher AOl sources . I don't know if I would like the MSN they offer for free with it either

Answer:Questions about switching to another program

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Hi guys,
I have external speakers set up to my laptop which work perfectly fine. Plays everything like they are supposed to. However, when I try to play this other program's sound, the audio goes through my laptop speakers. This is all the while my external speakers are still playing audio from everything else.

My Independent Duel Headphones are set to my default, and I have also tried redownloading my audio driver.

Any ideas?

On another note, is their any way that I could route a programs audio to my headphone jack?

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
System Model: HP HDX 16 Notebook PC
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz (2CPUs) ~ 2.3GHz
DirectX Version: DirectX 11

IDT High Def Audio CODEC
Driver Version: 6.10.6225.0

Answer:Audio program questions

If you are playing audio and then want to play addtional audio from another source that can cause conflicts and even confuse the software.

What programs are you trying to simultaneously play audio from?

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Got a question what program is good to use to backup important data files on windows xp or vista pc's. When I say data files I guess i'm talking about the most common files people want to keep like document files such as word, excel, pictures, etc etc that usually are in the "My Documents" folder right?

Heres my situation I have my own Computer tech bussiness onsite/mobile service I started not to long ago, and I myself can copy and paste/so called backup my own files and folders on my own pc no problem to a external drive or whatever. But i'm trying to see if theres a easier, faster way with a program to install on customers pc's if they ask me how to back up their stuff. A program that also only backups files that have been change would be nice feuture too.

Answer:Backup program questions.....

I Installed and currently testing DriveImage XML and I dont get something about it. I created an image of my whole drive c: and saved it to a usb external hard drive. Ok now what you can do with that .xml image file is restore it or you can simply browse the image file and look at all the files and folders in a exployer window and extract files and folders if you want which is handy. But if you restore it you have to choose another partition/drive you cant restore the image to the same current drive that you created the image in the first place.

This is the part I dont get whats the purpose of creating and restoring the image to another partition, I thought if your current windows install messes up with a system error, viruses etc etc you can restore the image to the same drive and your back in working condition. By restoring the image to another partition what does that accomplish? Also cant you load up the pc in dos/command enviroment and restore image like that, like if you are installing the OS freshly.

Let me know thanks...

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Hi all....

I have some questions about the following start up items:

1. What is RECGUARD?
2. What is KBD?
3. What is ctfmon?

4. Do I need these 3 items to start up automatically when I go online every day?

Answer:Solved: Start up program questions

Startup Control Panel
MZ Startup Manager
Startup Control Panel (Exe version for Vista)
Emsa Startup Manager
EM Startup Manager
WheresJames Startup Manager

Startup Programs Reference

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Hi all. Just getting started on removing a bunch of junk from a recently purchased Dell Diminsion 2350 running windows xp sp2 (purchased for $30, figured I couldnt go wrong..LOL). Not sure what happened to it but when I first got it everything had been deleted (by PO) so a friend supposedly wiped everything off the hard drive and reinstalled xp. unfortunately friend didn't backup any of the drivers so had to go online and download drivers before doing anything else. I think that may be where all the spyware, popups.. and so forth have came from, that first unprotected venture onto the web for driver downloads. Anyways..
I just printed off and started going thru the read & run me first steps and am doing the preliminary house cleaning but am not sure about some programs in the Add/Remove list, if someone could help me figure out if these are good or bad programs, I would appreciate it.

List of programs:
Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX
Dell Resource CD
Logitech Desktop Messenger (I am assuming I need these Logitech programs for my cordless mouse and keyboard to work??)
Logitech iTouch Software
Logitech MouseWare 9.79
Logitech Resource Center
Musicmatch Jukebox
Search Bar
Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Add/remove program list questions

Search Bar I would remove the Icons one I have no idea what that is but guess it could be some glitzy icon software or theme you have installed, if you dont need it remove it, the rest look fine.

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I've just swapped internet security programs and haven't read up fully yet. The last one used to block "mobile code" and the little emoticon men didn't move. The new one has everyone moving again - I asked when I rang about something else and was told that they scan the code for nasties and will alert if anything is found. Is there any "danger" in having moving men or is it just the different approach of each of the programs and both are ok?

Answer:Change In Security Program - Questions

tekchallenged, exactly which internet security program did you change to?

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Dear Forum, I posted this on another forum and saw a "N/A" notice next to my post. I assume that I posted on an incorrect post, so I am re-posting on this one for Windows 10. Here it is. I hope this is the correct forum this time:

Hello, Everybody. I have a question.

I have Windows 10. How do I access which programs on my computer are activated at start up? I believe some of them may be slowing my computer down, and it's possible I don't need one or more of them. And, how do I determine which programs are necessary, besides the Windows and security ones? I may not use some of them knowingly, but my desktop might think they're important.


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Many times when I do a shut-down I will get an error or window that pops up stating a certain program can not shut down or is not responding. It is not a name that I am familiar with at all. How do I go about finding that file/program to see what is going on? It's called ShellIcon (something like that).


I have a Dell Notebook Inspiron 6000 that says it has 1.5 GB or RAM. I installed an additional card (memory card into it after I got it). Is there a way to see that? Is there somewhere where it shows how much memory it had/has/and that it was installed?

I bought my laptop prior to getting married so it is registered under my maiden name. Is there a way to change that info? So all my programs or folders reflect my married name?


Answer:End Program Error And Memory Questions

While searching for the issue, I first found a webpage that had someone with your exact problem... It Is Here In that post is a link to (one of) the supposed solutions to the shelliconhiddenfile or whatever its calledits found Here Chances are you have that same program and unisntalling reinstallling it may help, If you do not have that program and those instructions do not help, Ill have to do some further digging..How much RAM did you have prior to install is it 1.5 prior? If so how much more did you put in, if you put too much in, which isn't a problem , THen windows may actually just recognize 1.5 gigs while the rest is there, But invisible...I know usasma has stated multiple times he has 4 gigs in his system and it only actually identifies 3.25 of it or something around there so it may just be there, But windows doesnt' recognize that muchRedoing your name Im not sure how to do that, I know that its probably under the control panel system function but Im not 100% so Ill let someone else answer thatas far as how much memory windows says it has, You can find that by going Start Control panel, System and under general tab it should say "COMPUTER:" and it will say how much ram it sees, And how fast your processor is etc..

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Do I need to purchase Parted Magic to do a secure erase on my newer Dell laptop with m.2 drive? or is there another program that is recommended?

I have not done this process before and I am concerned about messing up the mbr or something that would brick the machine or interfere with doing a fresh windows install from USB.

Answer:Secure Erase Program Questions

Why are you try to be sure that the data is erased?
If you are getting rid of the machine then there is a need, but if just rebuilding the system, there is NO need.
Normally a clean install of the OS will wipe that data, this includes the option of doing a Factory Restore.

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What file sharing programs are fairly easy to use, fast and good? I have SoulSeek and its fast and easy but is only good when it comes to music. I downloaded eMule and it was HORRIBLE, let me tell you. I want it to be spyware-free to. Any recommendations?

Answer:File Sharing Program questions

BearShare. There is a free version that installs Weathercast but as long as you have Spyware programs installed nothing bad happens.

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Hello Vistsa forums. I have a question about anti virus programs.

Recently I had some trouble with malware and came to realize how truly useless McAfee is, as my friend put it "its a DCS anti virus (doesn't catch ****)".

A few people recommended AVG and after doing some research it seems to be the way to go.

I was wondering what your opinions on AVG are and if there is anything else I could use to keep my comp safe. (I have ad block plus for firefox and malwarebytes but thats all. I feel bad for not being more careful with my poor machine, it's been abused)

Another thing. Would it be smart to just go ahead and remove McAfee from my computer completely after I get a new virus program?

Answer:Anti virus program questions. (AVG?)

AVG is a good antivirus program but MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) does the job as well as if not better and is a lot less intrusive. In either case, yes, you should remove the old antivirus program (running two is not recommended, ever).

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Can someone please tell me what is stored in the Documents and Settings folder in Windows? Also, what is stored in the Program Files folder in Windows?

Thank you in advance.


Answer:questions about stored in Windows & Program.

Hi and welcome!

This has a pretty good explanation of the Documents and Settings folder:

And for Program Files:

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I apologize if the format of these questions is terrible, I'm better at putting parts together than I am fiddling with software.

I currently run Win7-64 off of a 60gb SSD (which is almost full) and have been considering doing a fresh install. If I were to bother, I would have to burn a win7 ISO to a flash drive and boot from that as I cannot find my CD ( I did manage to use something from another forum to find my key however so I can still legally activate the new install). I figured that, since my current SSD is a few years old and has 0 extra space on average anyway, I may just buy a 500Gb or even a 1Tb drive since they're currently on sale at my local Microcenter. I also figure this would be a good time to try upgrading to Win10, but I want the option of switching between 7 and 10 to try and smooth out the adjustment.

The plan was to partition the SSD into 3 sections;
Win7 partition
Win10 partition
Program/game install partition

I would like to use as little space as possible for each version of windows, and had hoped to install ONLY windows/drivers in their respective partitions.

To this end, I had hoped to install programs (Steam, winrar, firefox, etc) to the program partition. I currently have MOST programs installed on a separate drive, and have found that when I have had to reinstall win7 to the SSD in the past the system does not automatically recognize or find programs installed on a separate drive. For the sake of convenience, I would like to be able to simpl... Read more

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Hi....I am not sure this is the right forum for this question. But here goes and if i need to ask somewhere else, if you could send me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. I am a member of an email list where this person is asking for a copy of the excel software. I thought that this was illegal. Am I wrong? Can you just give someone a copy of your software?


Answer:Questions about legality of selling software program

NO totally illegal

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//Mod edit: Moved from Windows XP Home and Professional forumHello all. I am new to the site please bear with me if I am not following correct protocol. Can you please help me with the following ?1. After running Symantec’s One Button Checkup, I get 10 errors found. All of them state “cannot access necessary file, “msvcr80.dll.”” What is this? How do I fix this problem?2. When I run the Norton Startup Application Manager, I have found these running programs. Can anyone tell me what they might be and if I need them?C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\DESKTOP.INIC:\Documents and Settings\Dell 2400\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\DESKTOP.INI%systemroot%\system32\tscupgrd.exe3. The highlighted (red) entries look strange to me but I am computer illiterate. 4. Any other problems you might see.Thank you for your consideration,MarkLogfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 9:16:58 AM, on 4/4/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\... Read more

Answer:Questions About Starup Programs, Program Errors And

Sorry for the delay. If you are still having problems please post a brand new HijackThis log as a reply to this topic. Before posting the log, please make sure you follow all the steps found in this topic:Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis LogPlease also post the problems you are having.

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Question: program mouse

need a program that allows me to simply tell my mouse buttons (4 and 5) to preform key strokes like scroll lock, print scrn, pause, etc. especially scroll lock. thanks anyone know of it? or possibly how to self write the key binding?

Answer:program mouse

Also, if you have the cd that came with the mouse it will usually give you options on functionality.

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Windows Insider Program: Frequently Asked Questions

The Windows Insider Program has been in full swing for almost a year now with countless Insiders helping shape Windows 10 as you see it today. Windows 10 is an ever-evolving operating system that relies heavily on Insiders' feedback to help shape the way it will evolve for the better. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Insider Program.

The Windows 10 Insider Program offers Windows users access to Insider Preview builds of Windows 10. Preview builds are effectively beta releases with the sole aim being for Insiders to test the build for stability, bugs, compatibility and general performance prior to the build being released to the general public.

As should be expected with beta software, Insider Preview builds can cause compatibility issues with programs (including anti virus software), drivers or hardware, damage or loss of data and network connectivity issues. With this in mind it would be advisable to not use your daily PC with an Insider build as your main operating system, but consider setting up a dual boot with your existing installation of Windows 7/8/8.1, creating a virtual machine or install on a completely separate system for testing purposes. It is also recommended to back up all of your data prior to setting up a dual boot.

The Insider Program is recommended if you:

Want to test Windows 10 while in the development stage.Want to give your feedback abo... Read more

Answer:Windows Insider Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Well done Gav!

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hey guys & gals,

If interested I have started working on a small macro that will calculate your optimal TRD / performace level value for your system. If you don't know what that means, then you probably don't need this tool. If some people will find this helpful I will create it (won't take me long).

Now I have a few questions of my own on memory timings...

1) Which other timings , besides TRD, have the most effect on performance (memory bandwidth)? I believe TRD has the largest effect but I'm not sure..

2) For DDR2 800 memory (well its 1066 but downgraded it to 800 b/c of stability issues), I am getting about 5500 MB/S read speed. If I put in another stick to make dual channel, will this bandwidth go up and by about how much?

3) What is the easiest way to determine the bottleneck between CPU, video card and MEMORY? Is there a small program to do this or certain calculations I can use?

Thanks techguy!

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Windows Insider Program: Frequently Asked Questions

The Windows Insider Program has been in full swing for almost a year now with countless Insiders helping shape Windows 10 as you see it today. Windows 10 is an ever-evolving operating system that relies heavily on Insiders' feedback to help shape the way it will evolve for the better. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Insider Program.

The Windows 10 Insider Program offers Windows users access to Insider Preview builds of Windows 10. Preview builds are effectively beta releases with the sole aim being for Insiders to test the build for stability, bugs, compatibility and general performance prior to the build being released to the general public.

As should be expected with beta software, Insider Preview builds can cause compatibility issues with programs (including anti virus software), drivers or hardware, damage or loss of data and network connectivity issues. With this in mind it would be advisable to not use your daily PC with an Insider build as your main operating system, but consider setting up a dual boot with your existing installation of Windows 7/8/8.1, creating a virtual machine or install on a completely separate system for testing purposes. It is also recommended to back up all of your data prior to setting up a dual boot.

The Insider Program is recommended if you:

Want to test Windows 10 while in the development stage.Want to give your feedback abo... Read more

Answer:Windows Insider Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Well done Gav!

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Hey all,

First of all, been around the forums a few days, but just registered last night and this will be my first post.

About a week or so ago, I decided to upgrade my PC to Windows Vista. I gave it awhile, mostly didn't want to deal with an upgrade and all that. System has been fine on XP for years...why mess with it. But having gotten a new video card, I just wanted to be current on my OS again. As it turns out, I like Vista alot and have had little to no trouble with it. If you look at my system config, nothing is more than a year old at most, so my computer, at least for my needs is still "current."

Having tried and like Vista 32bit (Home Premium) I have decided to take the next step into 64bit and that's why I am here. My system is 64 bit compatible, so I figure it's time to take full advantage of it. I have important apps I use for school for 3D that have 64bit versions I've been wanting to try, and I have 2 Gigs of RAM coming today which will make my total 4 and 64bit is the only way I can utilize it all!

I'll probably be doing the format install sometime tonight, which finally brings me to why I posted. In my research of Vista 64, I have read some blurbs about it giving youo 2 program files, Program Files and Program Files x86 (Or something.) I've also read that in some cases it can be important to make sure you install a certain program to the right one. My system has 3 physical Hard drive, that I partitioned in several total for storage, windows,... Read more

Answer:Moving to Vista 64, questions about Program File Directories

Basically, your Programs folder is 64 bit apps, your programs x86 is your 32 bit apps. I run a few 64 bit 3D apps as well.. Maya, POVRAY, a few other lighting and rendering apps so utilizing as much ram as possible was a deciding factor for me..( next motherboard will be 16GB capable!!) LOL placement can be an issue but very rarely as Vista seems to do a good job of putting things where they belong.. although.. I did have to create another programs folder for POVRAY, it needs to re-write to the INI files as it renders and Vista tries to protect itself from outside intrusion by not letting the programs files be written to or changed?? ( this is how it was explained to me in a raytracing forum..) I did as they said and its working fine. Welcome to 64 bit!! The gurus here will advise you on how to set up and the best ways to keep things working..

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I'll be reinstalling Win XP soon. I've partitioned my hard drive and put my data on D: and will be installing Windows on C:. I'm doing this in part so I can make a drive image of the fresh installation and copy it back to the system partition every 6 months or so when Windows starts slowing down, thereby avoiding having to re-install everything after a reformat.

My question regards the pros and cons of doing a custom installation so that either the Documents & Settings folder, the Program Files folder, or both are on the data partition instead of the system partition. Actually, I should rephrase that, as the pros are rather obvious - not having to backup and recover all the data in those folders if I have to/choose to reformat.

I'm wondering what the potential downsides are. For instance, if I have an app installed when I make the drive image of my system partition, update the app sometime thereafter, and then put the old drive image back on the system partition, will I run the risk of creating some type of conflict which will cause me many headaches? Are there other potential risks involved with separating Docs & Sets or Prog Files from the system files?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...

Answer:Program Files/Docs & Settings Location Questions

I'm not entirely sure as to your questions. But I figured I would chime in because I do a similar thing. I have a 74gig drive for C: and I keep all my data on other drives so I can format if need be. I just keep a copy of my documents and settings folder on a backup drive, along with the latest versions of all the programs I regularly use.

I don't know about keeping the Program Files folder on another drive for backup because just copying that over the new folder after a format wouldn't actually install those programs. There's stuff that will need to be entered into the registry as well as other things. You could keep a copy your registry on another drive too, but then what would be the point of reformatting if it's not going to be a clean install?

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Hey guys,

I was on the very latest Windows 10 Home Preview build, Microsoft released some security updates that sent my PC into a boot loop where it would keep saying update failed unloading and then loop around to install again so I used the "Go back to an earlier build" options in windows update rolled me back to Build 10166.

The roll back went perfect but many things have become broken I cannot open the store, weather, xbox app and calculator.

Here are my questions related to this:
How can I update Windows 10 to update again beyond 10166? Windows update shows no new updates
If I remain on 10166 until the Global release of Windows 10 will my system update again or am I stuck?
Is there anyway to fix the store and other apps?

Maybe useful info I am enrolled in the insider program I'm not using ISO's from anywhere on the web I'm only using what Microsoft gave me to start with and the updates after that.

Answer:Gone back to earlier build, program problems and questions

Do you still have the windows~bt folder? (You probably have to set the PC to view invisible files and folders.)

If it's still there, and the .esd file still exists (less than 3GB in size), you can create an .iso from that.

ESD to ISO - Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 ESD File - Windows 10 Forums

(I use the original esd_decrypter. It's pretty simple to use; I don't see why anyone would have bothered to create a "simpler" version.)

If you don't have the .esd, I believe that you can get it using a link here:

Windows 10 10240 ESD Download Here : Windows10

(The US English X64 link there is live, at this time.)

Hope this helps.

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I've got on board sound, a PCI sound card, and a usb headset. what i want to know is, is there a program out there that will let me tell a program (like itunes.exe. hl2.exe, or vlc.exe) to use a certain sound device? like i want itunes to always use my pci card, and same with hl2, but i want vlc to use my usb headset. i can do this now by right click the sound devices in the bottom right corner of windows and going to properties, and changing it before i start itunes or hl2. but what i was looking for is a program that you can run in the background, and have it pre configed so when you start up some program it will forward the sound from that program to one of the sound card without me having to do it manually.

so what i'm trying to say is to have it automatically set a specific application to a certain sound device.

Thanks for your post

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Alright I have a dual screen setup right now for my main pc. I also have an extra PC and the monitor is off to my left. I am looking for a program , device or a combo of both that will let me when i move my mouse off the side of the left monitor go to the second computer to control it.

Is there any such program or device i can do this with? Can it be done via my network? That would be awesome but i havent seen anything. Help

Answer:Help me find a program/device

"Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. It's intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own monitor(s)."

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Is there a way to set a specific sound device for each program in WinXP? Reason being, I want to set my games, specifically Battlefield 2, to run on headphones , so they don't annoy my wife, but I want Windows to run on speakers. I have the speakers plugged in to a soundcard and the headphones into a usb port. Right now I just disable the headphones when I don't want to use them. I would really like not to have to do that all the time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I'm looking for a 64-bit compatible mouse button scrolling program that does Adobe Acrobat style grab and drag to scroll. Simulating scrollbar dragging, except anywhere within a window, instead of having to actually grab the scroll bar button.

Programs I've tried:
Grab and Drag - the absolute best. It can do an exact one-to-one simulation of the scroll bar!! [just a FireFox add-on]

MouseIMP Pro Live! - what I used to use, works smoothly. Loved it on 32-bit XP doesn't work in x64 [free but no longer developed]

Pointix Scroll++ - x64 compatible, good program but performs exactly like a scroll wheel (I already have scroll wheels on my mice). [old pay program, now abandonware]

Scroll Navigator - x64 compatible, very buggy, mouse cursor inadvertently jumps over to the scroll bar plus it interferes with middle/right-clicks depending on which button you choose. [modern pay program]

MoScroll - x64 compatible, can only use right-click button, can't adjust scrolling rate & operation not the smoothest. [free but no longer developed]

Various extensions for Google Chrome, [they're only extensions]

Answer:Mouse Scrolling Program

im sorry if i misunderstand ,but dont you just press the scroll wheel to get the drag to scroll function in windows.

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As well as other specs, like the ms and such. I bought a mouse from China on Ebay for about 8$ new. The specs say its the same as the death adder, but I have my doubts. I am sure its still a good mouse for the price, but Im curious how good is it? I wanna know did they copy paste the death adder specs or did I really get a smoking deal on this mouse?

here is the mouse btw

p.s. the damn dragon light is blinding me while I type, can I turn it off with software?

p.s.s. the middle mouse wheel is slow hmm (compared to my old mouse)

Answer:What program can I use to detect my mouse DPI?

It seems hard to believe that the sensor would be the same.. But I have no ideas on how to actually test.

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I need to run two computers running each running a copy of the same program, or any program, but with one mouse. For example, if you click on something, both programs would be clicked identically. Any actions or usage of the mouse would occur at the same time on both computers.Is this possible?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need to run same program on two PC one mouse runs both

I do not know. But I doubt it could work, because even if thetwo computers are identical and running identical software,their internal timing would not be synchronized, so that mousemovements would not be interpreted identically. When youmove the mouse, the motion would be detected and actedon by one computer before the other computer detected themotion, and the mouse pointers would end up in differentlocations. Hmmmm.... Unless you use a tablet that outputsabsolute location instead of motion.... Hmmmm. You wouldstill have to watch to see that both computers received andinterpreted the position input identically. Maybe.... -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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I have an old DOS base PCB CAD program loaded into XP pro. The program runs fine using the screen menu and keyboard commands. The mouse works fine as long as your in the graphic placement screen. Problem is whenever you use the mouse to access the pulldown menus in locks up the mouse movements. You can still run the program with keyboards stroke accessing the pulldown menus but the mouse stays locked to the menu bar you last tried to go to. You can load files, put down graphics manually but no mouse control. Only way to get the mouse to move again is the close the program with keystrokes accessing the pulldowns then restart. Mouse works again until you reach a toolbar or pulldown.

You can jump back to other programs running in XP and the mouse is fine, switch back and it is still stuck where you last left it.

Any ideas anyone?

Compatability mode to Window 95 doesn't fix it.


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I need a program that I (someone with no scripting knowledge or experience) will be able to assign ALT + F1 keys to the middle button of my mouse. That way when i click the middle button on my mouse it will be trigger ALT + F1.

Answer:Hotkey/mouse program?

Download and install AutoHotkey. Copy the following code into Notepad, save it as a .txt file, rename the extension to be .ahk, double-click on it and a green H icon will be in the system tray. Right-click on the icon and click Reload This Script.

Send, {Alt}
Send, {F1}

This would press Alt first and then F1.

If you need to press Alt and hold it down while you press F1, use this code:

Send, {Alt Down}{F1}{Alt Up}

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I'm looking for a program that will allow me to make game profiles. I need to be able to bind keys to my mouse and have it activate when I start the game. (Certain older games wont let me key bind the extra mouse buttons within the game--so I need an external program to do it)

I'm using:
Logitech MX 510 mouse
Logitech Elite Keyboard.
Win Xp PRO-SP2

YES, I've already searched Logitech's site and there's NOTHING there, not even any info. on other programs and Logitech's mouseware software does NOT do this.

Thanks in advance


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1) has anyone been able to use the beta 2 drivers on pre-rc1? for me they just hang during install (i think when trying to switch resolutions). i've seen comments on the web that other people are having this issue as well. is there some sort of compatibility trick to make them work?

2) i'm looking for a program that will work in pre-rc1 to make virtual cd drives out of .iso files. nero explodes, tried several versions of daemon tools and couldn't get them to work either.

3) attempted to play an opengl game and the game claims it can't load the opengl subsystem. is this because of an incompatibility with this specific game (soldier of fortune II), or do the microsoft drivers that ship with vista not include opengl support?

other than these 3 issues, i've got my hardware and software working in vista and i'm trying it out as my main OS. so far it seems to be pretty good, but it's only been one day. guess time will tell. i've got itunes, firefox, adobe cs2, office 2007, and codecs for video (Combined Community Codec Pack) up and running. these are the main apps that i use day to day, so i'm happy to see they all work

also, for anyone who wandered in here wondering what vista looks like, here's a screenshot of my desktop:


Answer:vista pre-rc1: questions regarding nvidia drivers, cd image program, and opengl

can you not hide icons in quicklaunch anymore? I hate having any visible over there on the right.

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I am trying to locate procedures on how to restrict access to program files and devices for casual users on a guest login pc. I realize that guest has several restrictions already associated with it. I also would like to have the pc automatically startup the internet explorer program and only allow access to the internet.

Answer:program and device access restrictions

Which version of XP are you using, HOME or Pro?

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I was wondering if it is possible to set a different default playback device for specific programs? Like could I have all sounds that come from my media center come out my speakers and all sounds that come out of the internet browser come out of my headphone jack?
Thank you!

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I have an irritating problem which not infrequently occurs with USB  storage devices, HDs or flash drives.
In this case it is with a pair of HGST HTS72532A7E630 2.5in 320GB disk drives (one at time).
Connected as an external USB drive, on trying to eject (safely remove), I get the message on my screen something like "Generic Device cannot be stopped because a program is accessing it".  It seems the program is permanently accessing the drive.
(it's a generic disk because it suddenly loses NTFS format to become RAW format after computer drops disk, I safely eject it, stop power to it. and reconnect everything.  Despite being set to always on, after running SeaTools and finding no errors on the disk, I left everything, and when I returned hours later, the computer had "dropped" the disk - didn't show in My Compute. That was when I ejected the disk reconnected, and it was in RAW format and non-ejectable)
The HD is assigned the letter H: . Even with no applications running (ie task bar is empty, none shown in Task Manager) I get this message.  Using procmon, a search for "H:\" shows nothing. 
How do I get to "safely" eject this disk without powering down the whole computer ? 
Compaq Presario S5160UK DT261A under XP Home/SP3
Processor - Celeron 2.7 GHz
Motherboard - MSI MS-6577 v2.1 'Xenon'
RAM - 2 (1GB +1GB max) DDR PC2700
PSU - OCZ 500W
BFG GeForce 6800GT graphics ca... Read more

Answer:Generic [USB] Device is being accessed by a program

If I had to guess, and I mean really just guess, I'd say it's probably some antivirus or anti-malware software that's trying to scan the drive.  Just a guess though, without actually being in front of it it's hard to say for sure.
That or it could be actual malware or a virus such as one of the crypt-o ransomware viruses busy at work encrypting data on it.

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If I want to extract a program like say PowerDVD, is there a way I can move the program from the computer onto a flashdrive? I've tried moving the folder directly from the Program File folder to my flashdrive, but that doesn't seem to work.

Can someone explain to me why it won't work if you move the program from the program folder in the computer onto a portable device?

Answer:getting program files onto portable device

It should work... What message(s) do you recieve when it fails to do so?

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Hi there

Ive written a program for my android device and its installed and working on my phone (S3), BUT ive just lost my PC HD and though id saved my eclipse android coding but to no avail, the program is only a small one but took me a while to perfect so i need to recover it into eclipse to edit it more and save it.

Any ideas?


Answer:Recovering program from Android device

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Good Afternoon,

A few month ago it started when i wanted to extract an file it suddenly freezes.

does someone know how to solve it?

Answer:Right Mouse click Program freezes

What are you using to extract the file ?
If its a third party program,try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

If its the win7 extractor go to command promt and right click it and run as admin
Then type SFC /SCANNOW
That will try to fix problem directly related to Windows 7

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Although I have been using my Logitech cordless mouse on my newest computer, for many months now, I can't reprogram the buttons with the on-board mouse utility. I went to the Logitech website where I found that the download for this particular mouse is only offered for XP or older OSes. Is there a way that I can get a utility that will allow me to see and program my mouse?

Answer:Can't program older mouse in Windows 8.1

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Hi, I recently bought a Dell optiplex GX620, running XP pro and I'm using a Logitech cordless click plus mouse with it. Everything works fine except for one problem I cannot seem to correct. There is one solitary program, Scriptware (screenwriting software), which will not respond to the mouse wheel. My previous desktop was also an Optiplex running XP Home, and the same mouse was completely functional in Scriptware. I have tried managing the individual program settings using the Setpoint Logitech driver, but that doesn't work. I also tried uninstalling Setpoint and using a Microsoft intellipoint driver, but no luck. The truth is I don't need any of these drivers for the mouse to work fine in virtually every program, but I just can't find a driver that will prevent this conflict from plaguing me! Thanks for any suggestions you guys might have!

Answer:mouse wheel won't respond in ONE program

You've tried all I would suggest except that some programs have mouse settings themselves. Check all the options and preferences in the program itself, too.

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I need a program to can edit keys or mouse functionabilty. For example in a game where u need to move keeping right click contious pressed (is hard...) i want to asign to asign to a key the right click of the mouse, so i dont need to keep presed the mouse. Sry my english...

i fount some programs but are not able to asign to a key a mouse function, only other key

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One of the tasks a fellow employee at work has to do is circle of a bunch of signature lines in a PDF document. The PDF document areas to circle are always the same and so there should be some program to automate this.

Basically the PDF is 20 pages and on about 10 of the pages there are areas for the customer to sign. They are different spots on these 10 pages (but consistent between customers). The task is basically going though with Adobe and using the red circle tool and drawing a circle around where the customer should sign on these 10 pages, then saves the PDF for the sales person to give to the customer.

I'm thinking that as long as the 20 pages are the same for customer A as they are for customer B (atleast on where to sign) and you setup Adobe Acrobat (or any particular reader/writer) for like 100% view and full screen that there should be a program out there that you can program to essentially macro this task out by doing it once and then it saves the mouse and click movements as well as keyboard strokes (page down).

Any ideas of such a program? Or any other method that you may find more efficient? Is AutoHotKey the best solution for something like this?

All I know is that spending 5 minutes going through 20 pages to circle 10 different spots many times a day is a waste of this guy's time.

Answer:Program for Mouse/Click Movement

This may sound silly, but if the PDF document areas are always the same why not modify the PDF to have the circles in the first place and just print the PDF when needed?

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Hi, I'm just looking for a mouse macro that won't lag. Can anyone give me the link to the best free mouse macro or the cheapest macro that you have to pay for?

Answer:I need a good mouse macro program

This one is not free but worth the money if you ask me.

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I installed a Windows 3.0 program on Vista via compatiblity wizard. It appears that the programs would run okay (sound/visuals), but the mouse doesn't function. Can that be resolved?

Answer:How do I make mouse work in old program?

turf the wireless mouse and get a usb or ps2 wired mouse, see if that worksSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Hey, I know there are programs out there, but I just cant find any. Anyway, im lookin for a program that will let me program certain mouse movements so it does it over and over again..

Ex. Move mouse, click click, move back, move mouse, click click.. etc..

Can Anyone help?

Answer:Program to repeat mouse movements.. etc?

Originally posted by MastaKilla
Hey, I know there are programs out there, but I just cant find any. Anyway, im lookin for a program that will let me program certain mouse movements so it does it over and over again..

Ex. Move mouse, click click, move back, move mouse, click click.. etc..

Can Anyone help? Click to expand...

It might be very easy to do on a Mac, but I know of NO way to do it on a PC.

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I like to record a radio stream overnight of a fav. talk show, but the player that they use senses inactivity after a certain period of time & disconnects the stream.

I was thinking I might be able to use some type of a mouse movement program that would simulate movement, or even web surfing.

Anyone know of a freebie pgm. that would work for this use?


Answer:Auto mouse movement program?

You could record a mouse macro and just have it playing on a loop.

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Is there any software which replaces the all the mouse functions, if not 100% upto 90% or so.

Answer:Solved: program to replace mouse

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Running Windows 7, an Agama m-355t wired mouse.

The drivers install fine, but the 4th and 5th buttons (on the sides of the mouse) don't have anything mapped to them by default. The software that came with the mouse to program it appears to possibly not be installing properly, or possibly just be badly-written, because it doesn't do anything. I've installed it off of the CD, uninstalled it, installed it off the Agama website, same thing happens every time.

Is there some way I can manually go into my registry or settings (the 'Mouse' settings on the control panel are no help) and map the mouse buttons? Even to just map them to something random so that X-mouse Button Control can intercept it.

Answer:Manually program mouse buttons

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I need a program that can click somewhere between a certain place on the screen randomly, its like a square on the screen and i could get the coords, and also wait a couple seconds after it has clicked randomly between like 1-2 seconds. Im sure I could set this up but im not sure what program could do this?

Suggestions! Thanks a lot!

Answer:Looking for a Macro Program or mouse clicker

This is not free but is probably one of the best ones out there according to one of my friends who uses this program.

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I used to use Volumouse, but it's not working too well on Windows 10. Are there any alternatives?

Answer:Want a program to control volume with mouse

You could try this program:
I use it myself i like it quite alot. There is a setting to allow you to scroll on the taskbar so that your sound goes up or down

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After running your recommendations, my cpu is back (Win XP Media Center Edition) with C and D drives, so thank you. Data files and desktop is there, but icons do NOT start their programs by double-clicking from the desktop, and they don't start by left-clicking from the Start menu either. If they open at all, I must right-click, then select 'open'. I've checked the mouse settings, and all seems normal there. MS Office won't work at all (Windows Installer Service could not be accessed), and Internet Explorer starts then stops. I've run the programs suggested several times (RKill, Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, Hitman Pro, Unhide, RogueKiller, and EmergencyKitScanner ..... both SmartScan and then DeepScan later ...... removing all threats in each case). There were only folders 1 and 2 in the smtmp folder, and those 2 have been copied (no folders 3 or 4). Quick Launch icons are all gone. I suspect my biggest problem is Admin rights ........ I don't remember setting a password years ago, so all "fixes" were run under the User login (no password).

How do I get my mouse working correctly?

Answer:Program starts and mouse control

Hello Patrick,
Please take note of the below:

I will start working on your malware issues, this may or may not, solve other issues you have with your machine.
The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine!
The process is not instant. Please continue to review my answers until I tell you your machine is clear. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear.
If you don't know, stop and ask! Don't keep going on.
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.
Refrain from running self fixes as this will hinder the malware removal process.
It may prove beneficial if you print of the following instructions or save them to notepad as I post them.
Your security programs may give warnings for some of the tools I will ask you to use. Be assured, any links I give are safe.
Before we start:
Please be aware that removing malware is a potentially hazardous undertaking. I will take care not to knowingly suggest courses of action that might damage your computer. However it is impossible for me to foresee all interactions that may happen between the software on your computer and those we'll use to clear you of infection, and I cannot guarantee the safety of your system. It is possible that we might encounter situations where the only recourse is to re-format and re-install your operating system, or to necessitate you taking your computer to a repair shop.

Because of this, I advise you to backup any pers... Read more

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Hello, I am having a problem with a Compaq 5003US computer that is using a Microsoft PS/2 scroll mouse. Every time I try to open an email in Outlook the mouse immediately freezes. It also froze once while I was in another program. I have tried updating the driver but the problem is still occurring. I even checked Windows Update but that didn't work either.

There was a Microsoft wireless mouse installed on this computer. I unplugged it and tried the PS/2 scroll mouse. I thought that maybe if I uninstalled the wireless mouse then the problem would be solved but it is still not working.

The PS/2 scroll mouse is on IRQ 12.

This all started after I copied the contents of one hard drive to another because the old hard drive was giving error messages about it being unstable.

Any help would be great.

Thank You,


Answer:mouse freezes when opening a program

I would delete all mouse entries in device manager and reboot the system.

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I have two questions I was hoping someone could help me out with:

1. How do I set WordPerfect as the default program for opening .doc files? I have WordPerfect and OpenOffice, but not MS Word, and WordPerfect seems to be the better program re: formatting compatability w/ Microsoft Word, but right now OpenOffice is set as the default.

2. I've attached a pic for the second question- I installed an occasional use program that changed the proportions of opening new windows; now whenever I open a new window, it opens a little small and I'm constantly having to maximize after opening. How do I set it to where new windows open back to their full size? The program isn't running or in use and I only use it once a month or so, but the windows still open as if I were using it.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Two questions: Setting WordPerfect as default program + opening new window problem

Re: Two questions: Setting WordPerfect as default program + opening new window proble

Ok, I googled how to change the file association, but if anyone knows how to make the windows open normally, I'd appreciate any help.

PS- just in case anyone else makes a thread about this, I'll explain the default file association thing.

Open Windows Explorer(Right-click Start Menu>Explore)
Go to Tools>Folder Options>File Types
Scroll down the list and click on the file type you're looking for(mp3, .doc, etc.)
Click Change>(select program you want to open it with)>ok

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I was accidentally uninstalled my audio devices on my computer, and predictably I lost all sounds. Unfortunately when I reinstalled the programs onto my computer it registers the programs as working properly....but I still have no sound.

I've tried many suggestions on the net but none have worked and have decided to just ask about it myself. I have very little experience with handling computers, and it would be a great help if someone can give me advice on this problem.

I have a CQ5770F model # and the maker is Compaq (now HP.) I accidentally uninstalled my High Definition Audio Device and my Realtek High Definition Audio programs.

Answer:Accidentally deleted audrio device program

Hi and welcome to MG's,

Download the free, Speccy then run Speccy and click File > Save as Text File, then attach the log as per instructions below (note: as Speccy also now lists more data it likely will have your Windows licence serial key also in the log, so look for Operating System and under that Serial Number and delete the code and Save the log)

Then attach your log to your next post as per these instructions

This will give me the required information to find the correct fix for your system.

iain.t :major

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I am running a system with two soundcards. (integrated and PCI) where I use the integrated sound for 5.1 computer speakers for gaming and windows sounds, and the PCI soundcard connected to my HI-FI system for music and movies. My problem is that not all my players allow me to select which output device i wish to use. Winamp and VLC are fine, but i also use Spotify and iTunes. But there are no menu option to select an optional audio output device in either program. So can i use som external application to achieve this? i'm growing tired of having to change the standard device all the time. It is really counter-productive. I am also using both Windows Vista and XP, so a solution that can run on both systems would be preferred.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Change audio output device for any program.

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I use Dragon Medical Practice Edition to dictate charts at work. Frequently I will play music in the background. Windows 10 defaults to using my Dell's built-in speakers.

When I make dictation corrections, Dragon is set to play the audio snippet of what I dictated that wasn't transcribed correctly. I would like this audio to playback through my Philips SpeechMike SMP3700.

Is there a way to set this so Dragon plays audio through the SpeechMike, but all other audio goes through the Realtek audio/laptop's internal speakers?

Answer:Specific Audio Device for Playback from Particular Program

Something like this...
Options are very limited.

Here's a recent MS answer.

If a specific program was run or something else detectable happened when your program played back sound, it might be possible to write a script monitoring it to change the default playback device - e.g. Autohotkey. But that would take some research.

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Some USB devices automatically start their associated command/program whenever the device comes online. An example is my TomTom SatNav; I connect it to my PC (via a USB port) and the "TomTom HOME 2" program starts automatically.

Is there a way that I can start a program for a device which doesn't have this facility? I'm thinking about my Panasonic FZ28 camera. When I connect it to my PC, I get the extra extra drive (F: in this case) but it would be handy if I could arrange for my Image Software to start.

Answer:Running a program/command when USB device comes online

Hmm, not sure if I get you right but try Default Programs Editor - A Useful File Association Editor for Windows 7 and Vista - The Winhelponline Blog

And the download link Default Programs Editor

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Ok Im a gamer, and I like computers and the convenience that they offer. So, I'd like the os to do certain things when i start certain programs... For instance, can I have xp switch the Audio device automatically when I start a program?(instead of having to do it manually?) Since i have multiple audio devices some programs need one of them and other programs I use, utilize the other device. any help or an email with a solution would be awesome.. thanks

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im trying to get my usb flash media reader to auto copy photos to a destination upon inserting a flash card. Do you guys know of any programs or scripts that do this? The computer is actually a server that has a flash media reader connected to it, so it is not operable w/ keyboard+mouse. Id like this to be an automatic thing. The photos will be viewed on a remote xbox with XBMC.

Answer:Program to autocopy photos from flash device?

Just create an AUTORUN.INF on the flash that runs SyncToy.

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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to assign a specific program to launch automatically when a specific USB device is connected to your PC? Like how iTunes opens up automatically when an iPod is connected to your computer.
I don't think the "Autoplay" feature in Windows 7 has this capability, but it does recognize when a USB device is connected.

There are a few ideas I am thinking of how to use this, but I will give two quick examples to keep it short.
Also I would Ideally like to be able to perform these tasks without having to install some kind of third party program if possible.

1.) Connect iPod and have it automatically load a program other than iTunes, for example Winamp or any other iTunes alternative programs.

2.) Connect USB thumb drive or USB external HD and it launches some kind of backup software.

Thank You For Any Help Offered.

Answer:Launch Program When A USB Device Is Connected, Such as an iPod

iPod required iTunes to be installed.

Windows do have.
If inserted, it give you several option to open the USB drive &or HDD &or Optical drive.

For point 2, if the USB do have certain software to run upon insert, it is available as option.

Hence you cannot compared between iPod and Windows, as iPod will open iTunes, as a condition.

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Is there any kind of program that alerts me when a device connects to my modem?

instead of going to my "connected clients" page?

I use a Linksys modem.

Answer:Program to alert me of device connected to my modem?

It does exist, but I can't find it ! (I did find a linux one)

But I thought of another idea (other than asking Linksys support)

You can log into your Modem (you'll need to confirm the modem's IP)
And then check the traffic
Pretty sure you can set this up for remote login too (if you're game)

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I have an Acer travelmate c110 w/ MS xp, I am trying to hook up my Sony camera to the MBP software, Import media file to PMB: I get an error message "cannot find a source device or media to import from." The camera is "on" and hooked to the USB. What do I need to do next? Why won't it work? Please help.

Answer:[SOLVED] Program does not find device to import from

Does the camera show up in Internet Explorer as another device with a drive letter assigned to it? Once you plug in the camera to a USB port, Windows should see the device and attempt to install software for it. If not, use the cd that came with the camera or download the software/drivers from the camera maker's website.

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Hi all.

I have an external hard drive permanantly plugged in which I install my games to and run from there.

Well, it crashed and I got it running again but now it won't run Sims 3. So I want to uninstall it and change over to my new hard drive.

When i try to uninstall it I get the message shown in the picture. It says the files are installed to drive F, but my hard drive is drive G. There is no F.

So. My question is - how can I remove any traces of Sims 3 from my computer? I don't care if there is anything left on the external hard drive because I'm getting rid of it. I just don't want anything left over on my computer.

Answer:Unable to remove program - device is not ready

Hello Virgobabe, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using either option in the tutorial below to change the drive letter from G: to F: may allow it to work properly afterwards.

Hope this helps,

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I have a new 1764 and I am having mouse issues where the mouse doesn't respond to my finger's movement and also when I load a software program and start running the program, it quits responding. How can I fix, or do I return a second Dell 1764?

Answer:Mouse & program problems on new Dell Laptop

If it's new like you said, yes return it....why be burdened with something that doesn't work in the 1st is called a lemon where I come from.Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Hi all, yet another question - I am looking for a screen capture program that will allow me to record mouse movements and keystrokes into dialogue boxes etc for insertion into a powerPoint presentation.I have downloaded the (excellent) 5Clicks program and have been looking at Snagit but that will not allow me to capture motion.The other offering from TechSmith, the developers of Snagit is "Camtasia" which does the jon but is well out of my budget.Any ideas?(Yes I know, Office 2003 cant do this....yet!!)

Answer:Screen Capute program for mouse movements...

I use Flashcam for making small tutorials, Smiffy99. It was owned (when I got it) by NexusConcepts but it has now been bought by eHelp click here It has had a name change, it's now called Robodemo. I tried Robodemo, but didn't like it, so reverted to using Flashcam, but they've probably improved it by now. I have never tried Flashcam in PowerPoint though.

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Nearly, I meet a painful problem, at sometime, every mouse drag event will make the app is running crash. (For example: when you IE, I select a line of text, or some time I click the mouse and drag). Everything just can fix when I restart, and I will meet again at some time


Answer:Mouse Drag Event: Crash program


I don't know much of it. But start with simple way first by replacing you mouse with another one known work well.


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hello friends,
i am doing a project which is javaremote desktop so i have done all the part of the project but i want to add one more feature that is keyboard and mouse freezing so anybody can help me please give replay to this.

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Hiya there guys!

My partner's mouse keeps disappearing when she types on her PC, almost the exact same physical and software-based machine as myself where I don't have any problems.

When she starts typing the mouse disappears and un-clicks the program she was on, this means basically if you were to have a program open then were to click the desktop so no programs are selected, this is what happens, but automatically while typing.

Also when I say it disappears and deselects I mean on literally anything; Browsers (Firefox, Opera, IE, Chrome), Microsoft Word, Spotify (search box), etc.

Under (Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options > Visibility > Hide pointer while typing) this check box is obviously unchecked, first thing I went too and I have tried other subtle fixes but nothing seems to do anything, please help!

Her OS:
Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit: Fully Updated According to Windows Update

Answer:Mouse Keeps Disappearing (and Deselecting) When Typing On Any Program

Yes, Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options > Visibility > Hide pointer while typing should be unchecked.
but mouse/keyboard may have some custom program installed where you can change this.

there is also one option under: Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options > Pointers > Allow themes to change mouse pointer checkBox

so if you have some theme installed which changes this, then you may uncheck this checkBox or change theme.

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I have an older dell laptop with windows XP and when I leave the mouse/arrow alone for a few seconds it selects or clicks whatever the arrow is on. ie a program or a different cell if in excel.  How do I turn this feature off???

Answer:Mouse Randomly Clicks on cell or program

Are you running an external mouse or is this caused by the touchpad ? ?patio.   8-)

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I can only use my microsoft word, notepad or notetab program for about 10 minutes at a time. After that, all text in highlighted. The only way to get rid of it is to reboot. I am using Word 2003, whatever notepad came with my Windows 7 (64 bit) and Notetab Pro 6.2. Frustrating trying to keep messages and writings down to 10 minutes or so. Thanks for any suggestions. I have tried disconnecting mouse and keyboard (both are wired to usb 2.0). Keyboard is microsoft 2000, mouse is logitech G300

Answer:Mouse selects all text in any writer program

The only thing I can think of; is Notetab Pro 6.2 is causing the problem.

Remove Notetab Pro 6.2 and see if you still have the same problem.

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So I was recently traveling with my laptop and had decided to bring my desktop mouse with me. After plugging it in I realized that at random intervals it would click on objects, in particular, selectable objects. My laptop is old, worn out, and had been overclocked more than was safe before I built a desktop. So I stopped using the mouse and thought nothing of it. Now my desktop is doing the same. Things become highlighted, links on pages get opened at random, and any, and at times all, currently opened programs will close, even if the mouse cursor is nowhere close. I updated and ran MBAM, with no results, Avast has found nothing.

Also, my mouse is a MS Sidewinder, so its very possible for something to get into its onboard memory.

Please Help ASAP. I have an Online FINAL TODAY, and I can't afford to have a close out in the middle of it, and this is my only computer with the required programs.

In case it will help, here is my HijakThis info:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 12:28:20 PM, on 3/14/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Unable to get Internet Explorer version!
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashDisp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\SAMSUNG\FW LiveUpdate\FWManager.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jucheck... Read more

Answer:Malware Mouse Clicks/Program Closes

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.Please take note:If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available.If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information.If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic an do their best to resolve your issues.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply'... Read more

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So, hello there. I have a bit of a tricky problem. Well, its not so much a problem as a lack of options.

I'm going to preface this with the fact i have a USB headset (i know, i know) is a logitech G35)

The way it works is this. I'm playing SWTOR lately, it doesn't have an audio option to choose the audio device (a huge oversight if you ask me). When i played LOTRO, what i would often do is set it to play the audio through the speakers when i was on skype (or vent) so i didn't have to wear my headphones, as it tends to hurt after too long. I put the audio through the speakers (which i can do with skype) and just set them down on the desk to use the mic that way.

However, because SWTOR doesn't have an option to change the device that the audio plays through it automatically goes through the headphones. Now normally it wouldn't be a big problem because i'd just change the program to use the speakers but i can't in this case, so i was wondering if there is a hardware or software way to override that. because they are a USB set, you can't even just not plug in the speaker plug.

Anyone have any ideas or am i just out of luck?

PS: I just have standard onboard sound, i'm not positive what it is, its just saying "HD Audio", its from a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 motherboard if that helps.

Answer:Option to choose audio device for specific program?

You need to go to Control Panel and adjust the Sound options. You can choose from there where you want your sound to go

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hi dearsi have lenovo thinkpad E531 with inter core i5-3320M with Graphics driver 4000 and audio driver.when i try to install last or older driver i face "the setup program failed to install one or more device drivers intel management"i tried to use "Display Driver Uninstaller" after install but no changes. Now i can't install Graphics or audio driver. i tried every troubleshoots  but nothing solve please help me. thanks

Capture.JPG ?46 KB

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Hello, I recently went and purchased an AT2020 and Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Audio Interface to improve my video's but when I go onto TeamSpeak it's ok but then every time I launch CS:GO the volume resets to 100 and I have to tab out and go into my Recording Device and edit the level back to 65 is there anyway to fix this or lock the volume?

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I am running Vista 32 bit. I downloaded from MS the Windows Mobile Device Center installation file. When I run the install, the progress bar gets down to the very end, says 0 secs left, then it sits there for about 15 seconds and then the progress bar goes backward and all the install dialogs go away with no message. And the program is not installed. When I rebooted the screen is blank, Vista does not boot fully.

I restored the computer from an image I had made previously with Norton Ghost. I downloaded a new copy of WMDC and ran the install, it did the same thing.

Any ideas?


Answer:Cannot install program Windows Mobile Device Center

I was avoiding restarting the computer for fear it would give a blank screen again, but I did restart it and it seems ok, so it did not corrupt Vista like before.

But I do not see WMDC in the Start menu. Now I am wondering if it is not supposed to show up since WMDC is just a driver, (I think) not really an application. Maybe it will start automatically when I plug in the phone, which is not here right now, my wife returns with it later.

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Any thoughts on what could cause a MS Dos program written in MS Fotran to return a "write fault error writing device PRN" error when it works fine on XP machines? Software is installed on a network and runs on a local PC. PC can print from DOS in other
apps so LPT capture etc. is not directly suspected. Also tried while logged in with admin rights. Need help with a troubleshooting direction.

Answer:write fault error writing device PRN in MS-Dos Program on Win 7

Perhaps, you may try to use “Run as Administrator” option. Please refer the following to use the option.
Right-click the Command prompt icon.
Select “Run as Administrator”.
Then type your admin account name and password.
Otherwise, you may use

XP Mode to run your DOS application or try the
Compatibility Mode. Please refer the following steps to use Compatibility Mode.
Right click on the link of the program that you want to fix.
Click on Properties.
Click on the Compatibility tab.

Click on Run this program in compatibility mode and select one of these:
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT 4
Windows 2000
Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista
Under Display settings, click to select the mode that you think that is necessary for the program to work correctly:

     Run in 256 colors.
Run in 640 X 480 screen resolution.
Disable visual themes.
Click Apply, and then click OK.
Double click on the program.

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