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Laptop display flickers

Question: Laptop display flickers

I have uploaded a video of my laptop to better show the problem:

I am thinking something is wrong with a connection or some cable just don't know which. Never fixed a laptop. I broke the panel before I figured out the screws were hidden behind tiny black covers. Also broke the metallic part of the screen on the right side but I guess I will crazy glue it somehow. My most important issue is the flickering.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know I would really appreciate it.

At certain position the screen doesn't flicker, mostly if it's set back at a greater than 90 degree angle.

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Preferred Solution: Laptop display flickers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Laptop display flickers

It's sensible to check the connectors to the screen but unless you find a video of how to get inside your particular laptop and study it you are highly likely to break other pieces too. I worked out how to take mine apart thanks to Google but although I was careful I still broke a connector. Putting that right took me ages.

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Display get flickered when use mobile near laptop or any call comes tryed recovery of os updated bois updated drivers didt get any sollution

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Recently I've came across a problem while using my dell laptop.
Whenever the brightness is lower than 100% the display starts to flicker in a strange way ( sort of video artifacts) Also happens in bios and on boot. On 100% brightness no flickers are to be seen.
I've tried updating the bios and graphics drivers none of this solutions would help, though, after updating the bios (installing any version of bios) the problem seems to go away for a little while, then it comes back.
I've seen that it is a very common problem. The laptop is fairly new, I have it for about a week or so but the problem had been there since the very beginning. 
I believe it is a software issue but found no solution to it yet.
Returning it to the shop isn't really an option as it would require me sending it back to the country where it was bought from so it will make things more complicated.
specs : i7-7700HQ
FHD Display
intel hd 630
8gb ram
128gb ssd/1tb hdd
gtx 1050 4gb.

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I have a weird issue with my G550 (which is out of warranty).  The screen flickers and distorts (fuzzy colours around objects on the screen).   If I flex the case in a certain way the problem goes away, it's hard to describe but if I apply pressure in a certain direction to the back left of the case it solves the issue... but as soon as I stop applying pressure it goes away.  I'm thinking it's a loose connection somewhere between the GPU and the display, but I'm not entirely sure where to look.  If I plugin in external displays they work fine, no flickering or distortion at all.

Answer:G550: Display flickers / distorts. External display fine.

hi deicist,

Welcome to the Lenovo Community.

If the LCD screen flickers when you open or close the lid or if tilt the LCD screen on a certain angle then the problem lies on the LVDS or LCD cable (possibly got worn out by opening/closing the lid alot of times). If you're interested in fixing it, you can get spare parts here:

Disassembly Guide here - (video)

Caution: Please be careful in disassembling your PC as it may contain sensitive parts.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Everyone,
I have Dell N5110 which had recently Display DIM issue.  I have contacted the local repair store, they've diagnosed and said it had issue display IO controller and needs to be changed.
They've replaced it and display was working fine for few weeks. After few weeks, I had my battery changed as it's health was in bizarre state after running diagnostic test and it prompted for replacing the battery. 
I have new battery installed and the display started flickering. The battery is original one as I have purchased it from dell store. I want some one to help me out in fixing this issue. 
I have installed Windows 10 recently, could that be a problem. If nothing can be fixed by troubleshooting, please help me out with nearest authorized service center so-that I can have the laptop checked once.
Thanks & Regards,

Answer:Dell N5110 Display Flickers and DIM display

Attach an external monitor.  Does it display a good image, or also flicker.
You might also want to ask the shop that did the repair what a "digitial I/O controller" is -- it sounds like they simply dismissed you with a techno-babble term.

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Question: Display Flickers

Having bought a new monitor I now find that at times, the display is prone to flickering.

Answer:Display Flickers

Does it flicker when opening certain software, like games? Have you checked what refresh rate it is set at, check by looking in display settings. Finally what graphics card do you have and are there speakers near the monitor?

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Hi Guys I had to take my laptop apart to remove the CMOS battery.   Ever since I got it back together again, at certain angles, the display will flicker totally off and on again (perhaps off for a quarter of a second at a time.) Also, it often does not notice that I have shut it (put the screen to the keyboard.) I can't see anything obviously wrong when I take a look inside again. Any clues? Many thanks.

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Question: Display Flickers

I have an HP Stream 11-r014wm. The screen flickers after it has been used for a while. I believe the driver for the display is the latest. Anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it?

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Hi, I have a one and a half year old T61. Since last weekend I have several problems with the display. There flicker some lines and some rows in different colors, the display does not start at the upper left corner, and sometimes there is something like a green cloud at the bottom that gets bigger and fills all the screen. So normaly I can't see anything at the display. Only when I rotate the display back and forward it sometimes gets into a normal mode. With an extern display everything is ok. These problems already start while booting and showing the BIOS screen, so it should not be the operating system. I'm not quite sure what really makes the problems. Is it the display it self or only the connection from the mainboard to the display? What could I do to fix this problem? Greets, Baba

Answer:T61 - display flickers and gets green

which GPU does your laptop have? Nvidia or the Intel GPU?

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Hi!I use a Laptop with an NVIDA Geforce Go 7600 and the original driver on an WinXP SP2. When I use the external display output cable, my CRT display flickers, but my TFT work properly. I now that the CRT display supports 1280x768px with 60Hz, but when I connect it with the Laptop it even flickers when I use 800x600 60Hz and 16 bit colour depth. Do anyone know what I have to change or what I can try?thxStefan

Answer:CRT display flickers, TFT doesn't; why?

I'd set refresh rate to at least 75MHz (17"), or even 85MHz (19"), if possible.

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Printer is new out of the box, the installation went smoothly: prints well, wireless connected no problem. Here's what I need a fix for:  LCD screen comes on strong, but within 4 seconds fades out and begins to flicker.  Almost unreadable.Have tried reset and restart several times with no luck.  

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3000 2049 44QBacklight of my display flickers and goes off after some time... Moreover is there any solution to overclock to overclock CPU

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Hi, first time poster on the forums, great job you guys do here

My problem is probably related to having just moved my computer to a new apartment, but I'm trying to isolate the exact cause.

The Problem: My monitor flickers at various Screen Refresh rates except the lowest one available (which hurts my eyes to begin with).

Things I have tried: I instantly thought my old CRT was on the way out when it happened, so I switched monitors to no avail.
- re-installed display drivers.

What I just recently noticed (since I rarely restart my PC), is that the screen flickers even on the Memory/BIOS screen before I even enter windows. Which leads me to believe it is not a problem with my OS or drivers.

So, I'm wondering if there is a fix or if my mobo/graphics card might be broken.


Answer:Display Flickers after moving

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I have a problem with a display that occaisionally flickers on and off to a light blue tone. This happens at no consistent time, sometimes as soon as I turn on the computer and sometimes after an hour or more. I have a viewsonic G773 monitor and a Diamond Viper II video card with 32 meg of memory. Both drivers are the most current available, and I have swapped out both the monitor and the video card alternately, and still have the problem. It seems this is a system problem not related to either the monitor or video card. What do I try now??

Answer:display flickers and changes color

I think your videocard's refresh rate isn't quite right. For a non-flickering display, it should be set at 75 or above. TRy that and see if it works

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Hi guys. I have a T60 14" laptop. Lately what happens is that if the laptop is running on battery power, the display flickers once every few seconds. This does not happen on AC power. What's going on and how can I solve it? Thanks all.

Answer:T60: Display flickers on battery

Try increasing the brightness to maximum.  Not a totally satisfactory solution but frequently works.  

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Okay, so my problem is that my screen flickers everytime i type ANY charactor, have ANY mouse movement, or ANYTHING is being loaded. I have already reloaded my video card drivers and that did not help. I see horizontal lines every time i type, then sometimes the whole screen goes black untill i stop typing for a few seconds. I assume this has something to do with refresh rate because i only have a problem when something moves or new is added like a new letter to this paragraph. I would also like to mention that some letters seem to be jumbled for a moment, then when i type again they are fixed. I am not editing my thread because when i submitted this i was givin a message on a black screen that said "2 Digital input cannot display this video mode."

Thanks for your time, and hopefully someone can help!

FYI it is a Dell LCD monitor of 17", approximately 4 to 5 years old.

Answer:LCD display constantly flickers

Sounds like the backlight is about to go out. There is a fluorescent tube inside the monitor that has only so many thousands of hours of life,like fluorescent lights at the office. My friend used to repair LCD monitors. When you buy refurbished LCD monitors,they are used monitors with a new backlight inside. You could replace the backlight now or buy a new monitor since prices have dropped.

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I can start up the computer, it gets to the windows screen then the screen flickers on and off then the whole thing dies and I get nothing.

What could this be? I can't press anything or go to any diagonstics because I can't get past the windows screen.

I haven't installed anything recently.

Answer:Display flickers then dies

Can you provide us with some more information? What kind of of system are you running? Windows screen displays after bios, can you access bios setup? It could be so many vastly different things at this point, that's probably why you haven't gotten a lot of answers yet.

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Hello,I have an IBM Lenovo T61 laptop with windows7 64 bit enterprise edition installed.When I bootup the laptop there is no display on the screen and sometimes when there is display the screen starts to flicker and then after 10 min starts to dump memory, with windows blue screen.Also sometimes when i tap the screen it returns to normal for a short while and starts flickering again.This problem is also visible on the bios screen when I ran a hard disk drive disgnostic.Can anyone help me trying to pinpoint the faulty hardware. ThanksSanjay

Answer:Lenovo T61 Display flickers

Hi and welcome to the forum!
Try hooking it up to an external monitor, if the issue continues then your graphics card is about to die, otherwise your screen is going out, or perhaps both scenarios are correct

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I've installed the AMD video drivers for my Satellite S50-B-15N, but the display flickers on a web game (java-based).

How do I tell what card I have and whether I have the correct drivers installed?

Answer:Satellite S50-B-15N - display flickers on a web game

With other words you don't use driver from Toshiba download page but driver downloaded directly from AMD, right?

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I've had this problem since the first day I got it. I don't think it's my monitor's problem since it's the same situation on two different displays. I'm running windows XP. Today I decided I can't live with it. I've tried everything I got from online knowledge base. I just updated my BIOS and display driver. I adjusted the graphic power plan setting to "on battery". I even ungrounded my display's plug. None of them works. Forgot to mention, it stops flickering whenever I unplug and run on battery. And interestingly enough, whenever I start skype video, the flickering stops too. More update: the flickering stops if I set external screen as the only display. And update: I unplugged my ethernet and now it's not flickering! Gotta go with wireless!

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Hi all
Ive got an assembled pc running windows xp. Its screen flickers (horizontal lines keep on dancing) constantly when i start my pc till i shut it down despite any application. I changed monitors, tried refresh rate, but no luck. Is it a problem with my motherbord. Is there any other option than replacing it.
Plz reply.

Answer:Display flickers from boot to shut down

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I have two problems.

1st. If I use the S11-128 with the supplied power supply and an external LCD monitor, an annoying flickering effect is visible. It disappears if I run the laptop out of the battery or with an old Tecra M2 supply (2004, electrically equivalent). Is my supply defective or is it a common behavior?

2nd. I composed a detailed and polite message, but the forum language filter doesn't let it through, so you get a condensed version X-( X-(


Answer:Tecra S11-128 flickers on external display

> 1st. If I use the S11-128 with the supplied power supply and an external LCD monitor, an annoying flickering effect is visible. It disappears if I run the laptop out of the battery or with an old Tecra M2 supply (2004, electrically equivalent). Is my supply defective or is it a common behavior?

These symptoms are typical for grounding issue.
I read a lot about flickering on external monitors while notebook is connected to AC adaptor.
In most cases an 3 pin adapter cable could solve this issue.

I recommend getting in contact with an local ASP and to order such cable.

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when i boot my E6420 with AC adapter connected, the backlight doesn't come on. (i can see the screen image with a flashlight so the LCD is working).
with the computer booted, when i remove the AC, the backlight comes on at full brilliance but it flickers and flashes.  (flicker--very quick dimming;  flickering--very quick alternating between LCD on and totally off).

then when i reconnect AC, the screen dims to the level it would be on battery (dimmer than on AC) but still flickers--but the flashing is gone.

if i boot with AC not connected, the backlight works properly for about 10 seconds, then the backlights flashes between on and off every 1/2 second.  after a couple of minutes, the frequency of the flashing on/off goes to a couple of seconds, and when it is on it flickers.    so---flicker flicker flicker  flash off   flicker  flicker   flicker   flash off   etc.
i ran the pre-boot diagnostics.  it flags the LCD cable as bad, but the display is passed as OK.  I can easily replace the LCD cable, but any other ideas?

i thought maybe the DC in jack/cable was bad, but i replaced that to no avail.

thanks in advance


Answer:E6420 display backlight flickers/goes out

in the second sentence, i meant to say:
flickering--very quick alternating between backlight fully on and then dim but not off;  flashing--quickly alternating between backlight fully on and fully off

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Hey there!I just received my brand new W500 with the 1900 resolution display. 1 minute after the first system boot the screen turned black but the backlight still seems to work. The system is not hybernating it is fully working.After playing around for a bit (moving around, pressing at the battery, reboot) the screen startet flickering and came up again and worked until the next reboot....seems to me like a loose cable or there anything i can do on my own before driving miles to the support center on monday? everything else seems to work fine besides a occasionally buzzing sound from the top left region....thank you so much for your help! 

Answer:LCD Display flickers or just stays black

it sounds like a bad or loose cable.   there are a few 3.3V power leads on the cable itself and if those are disconnected or broken then you'll lose the whole image.   if the inverter were bad then you wouldn't see the backlight. you can try removing the keyboard, then removing and reseating the LCD cable on the planar.   this link has video instructions for the T61--just apply the same method to your W500.   if "pressing at the battery," as you say, sometimes helps the issue then it could very well be loose on the planar.  if that doesn't work then it's either loose at the LCD or somehow damaged, or something completely different like a GPU problem.

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I have the X61 and the ultrabase.  I have not updated the drivers for the video since I purchased this back in March/April.  Over the past month or two my external monitor (Viewsonic 17" LCD) now flickers often.  Not contantly.  Just every few minutes a flicker here, a flicker there. When I plug the monitor into the video port on the side of the unit rather than the ultrabase, it seems to work fine.  Lenovo and I thought it might be the ultrabase so they just sent me a new ultrabase, but it is still doing the same thing.  What else can I check.     

Answer:External display flickers when plugged into X61 ultrabase

make sure the refresh rate is set right.

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Dear Forum Members,I have recently bought a notebook, Lenovo G550L with a LED-backlit display model BOEHydis HT156WXB-100 (according to Everest 5.02 by Lavalys). I am kind of satisfied with the computer itself, but there is one thing that really gives me tough time. If I adjust the backlight brightness to a level other than maximum, it controls the brightness of the LED-backlight using visibly Pulse-Witdh Modulation at very low frequencies depending on desired brightness. If I want to spare power or am on a dark place or it's night, I always turn it down otherwise its brightness is kind of blinding my eyes, at the same time these low frequencies with PWM causes my eyes to strain and sometimes I feel moderate headache on the side. I'm looking for a solution to alter the method of my LED-blacklight or raise the PWM frequency. I tried to address BOEHydis (now Hydis) with the problem in e-mail. I was referred to BOE by a Hydis representative, who wrote me that BOEHydis don't exist together anymore. With his help I could find BOE's new website and found this product on it. I sent them a letter too, but haven't gotten an answer yet.The display itself appears in Windows' (XP, SP3) device manager as a standard Plug and Play monitor. My question is that is there any software (or even hardware) solution or a more advanced alternate driver for this type of screen that I can raise PWM frequency or somehow alter the method of adjusting brightness?Thanks in advance,str4ngS

... Read more

Answer:LED display disturbingly flickers at lower brightness

Anyone here?

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The Win 10 System updates seem to provide a new driver. Every version since Win 10's first release causes display to intermittently go beserk.  I overcome by reinstalling the OLD Lenovo posted driver.  Lenovo ever going to fix this problem? Machine type model: 80AY / Yoga2 Pro 13" / 20266 / Windows 10 (64-bit)

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro: Display Flickers/Blacks-Out. Long-te...

Good day.
As you mention that you have video problems following a Windows Update push of a new driver, and that the problems are resolved by reinstalling the Lenovo-provided driver, you may wish to consider turning off WU's ability to update hardware drivers. This will necessitate that you manage all hardware drivers yourself, though.
Personally, WU is not allowed to touch hardware drivers on any of my machines.

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Hi,  My HP EliteBook 840 display flickers. I used also monitor but the issue remains.I tried to update the drivers but it didn't work.Could you please suggest what shall I do to fix the issue?  Thank you! BR,Ivo  

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As mentioned, I've this problem of flickering whenever I don't run the screensaver! My machine is still under warranty and this problem has been persisting 3 months from now. Please tell me if any configuration or any measures to be taken...

Thanks in advance and regards,
Sanjeev Gopinath V

Answer:Satellite U400 - Display flickers when idle


Did you notice this flickering on external monitor or only on notebooks screen?
Or maybe on both?

If you have noticed this only using an external monitor then you could check if a usage 2 prong AC Adapter would solve this issue because of a grounding issue.

But note; this are only suggestion to solve the flickering on external monitor.

If your internal monitor flickers then you should contact the ASP in your country for a check.

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My A60 is not that old and after 20 minutes after turning on, the screen flickers constantly for approximatley 10 minutes then stops and then starts again. I thought it might be something to do with the computer over heating, but its not even hot and the fan isn't blocked. Any Suggestions? Also seems to take ten minutes to load up which seems long for a 2.8GHz computer or is that normal?

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Equium A60: display screen flickers constantly

Hi aleeg81, it sounds like the power to the backlighting maybe suffering from some kind of malfunction or there's a loose connection to the video. Have you tried adjusting the power saving options and screen brightness to see if that improves things??. If the problem still persists and your laptop is within the warranty period I would recommend sending it to Toshiba for investigation. Flickering is not normal and shouldn't be tolerated whether your laptop runs hot or not. Windows shouldn't take 10mins to load either maybe you need to remove and tweak a few things to improve this see:
for more info :)

Richard S.

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My Packard Bell Easy one silver, laptop working fine for years.The serial no. X 239740392But recently The display flickers and dimmed ocassionally then after 2/3 days the problem is solved automatically. Again after 10/12 days it goes mad again. I am using Windows XP Professional edition.Please give me any suggestion.

Answer:Packard bell-Easy one Silver: Display Flickers

This sounds as if the Inverter is on its way out. or possibly dogy connection with the ribbon connector between screen and puterIf you are a DIY'er then have alook around,otherwisethe repair shop.

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My Laptop has not had a working lcd screen for about 3 weeks now but I have still been using it through my television display. When I press the Function and F8 keys at the same time my screen will flicker on for a second then go back off. I am going to take it apart and look for what the problem could be. I have a newer laptop and an external with everything backed up. Where should I be looking for the problem? could It be a simple loose wire or what could it be?

Answer:Dell Inspiron E1505 display flickers for a second then goes blank

If you take a flashlight and shine it on the screen, can you see a faint image. The LCD inverter may be bad. Be careful taking things apart. You can really mess things up if you don't have laptop repair experience

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I have an ASUS x750ja laptop running Windows 8.1.

The problem: From startup (including bios logo), the screen briefly displays what it should, then goes black. Bios logo, then black. If I enter the bios, it goes black at the first screen. It'll flash the Windows logo, then go black.

I've hooked it to a secondary monitor via HDMI. It seems like a hardware error, but whenever the monitor gets a signal to refresh, it flickers back on. For example, when I have it hooked to the external display, and configure it to extend the display, the laptop screen turns on for a second.

Furthermore, the brightness keys still function.

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Answer:Display screen flickers (blinks goes blank or black) sometimes

Hello Ankit_DwivediThanks for using the Lenovo forums.Try to download the Video and Chipset drivers for the unit from the support page.
Make sure to reboot after an update on the unit.
Also, try a static discharge for this, it may help to resolve the issue or at least get rid of any built up static on the motherboard.(If the battery is internal, please just skip the remove/replace battery steps.)1. Turn the unit off2. Remove the battery and the Mains adapter3. Press and hold the front power button for 30 seconds4. Replace the battery and the Mains adapter5. Turn the unit on as normal DESKTOP1. Plug the cable into the socket and the machine. 2. Turn power off at the wall. 3. Hold down the power button on the front of the machine for 1 minute 4. Turn wall socket back on. 5. Turn machine back on.
Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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I have a M70 - 164 witch has a ATI mobility Radeon x700 with dedicated 128MB. I installed Windows Vista Business on it, but sometimes, when the LCD resolution changes (ie, when I start a game, when I close the LCD and open, When I log in,...) the screen becomes stupid...

You know, with a lot of colors, but I can't understand nothing in it! Like you were whatching a coded TV Channel, flicking and with no defined image.

Does anyone knows what can it be? It started to happen when I installed windows Vista. I have already done it twice, but the problem is still present. I have already used the Vista drivers, the drivers from ATI website, drivers, drivers from other toshiba computers...

I don't know what to do more. If you can help, I would say thank you.


Answer:Satellite M70-164 PSM71: After Vista installation display flickers


For me it looks like a graphic card driver issue.
Your M70 seems to be a European model and therefore you should use the graphic drivers which are designed especially for this notebook model? but unfortunately? I have checked the European driver site and found nothing :(
I have noticed Toshiba releases every week new drivers for different notebook series.
Perhaps you unit series will appear in the text time?

But nevertheless this problem is very strange?a friend of mine has installed Vista on the M70 and something like that did not happen?.
Maybe it?s not a driver problem ;( but hardware related ?:|

Hmmm? did you update the BIOS???

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I bought new Satellite P300d-13j, I liked it very much, but from the first day I have problems with it.

1. When it is on battery the display flickers - it goes from bright to less bright just like i am shaking the laptop (which i am not doing :) )
2. The battery is not stable - when i use battery power the indication of remaining time is going from little to much, I mean for example on 90 percent it says 59 minutes and on 60 it says 1hour and something when is on 50 it say 30 minutes and when is at 25 percent it says 25 minutes then at 23 percent it gets to 17 minutes.
I suppose the problems are connected but i don't know what to do. Should I contact the service, or should I install some software?

3. A third problem is a small white spot on the display - it is about one pixel or at most 5 pxls and it is too bright. I suppose it is a dead pixel(s) but i am not happy when a new laptop has such problem(s)

So if someone can give me some advice I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite P300D - display flickers and battery is unstable

Hello Hio

Do you still use ?factory settings? or you have installed your own operating system?
Have you noticed issue one and two from the first day?

What to say about death pixel? I know it is not nice but I am wondering you didn?t react immediately after first or second day and try to talk with your local dealer and ask for replacement. Please check follow documents about death pixels:


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I have noticed that when my new HP Spectre x360 15 (2017) laptop PC is operating on battery power and the screen brightness is turned down, the screen brightness changes intensity (flickers) a little for a few seconds after opening up a program window.  It only experiences this condition upon opening the first program window.  Opening subsequent program windows after the first does not exibit this condition.  On AC power, I do not observe this condition at all.  On battery power, I observe this condition for several seconds at lower screen brightness intensity levels.  Is this normal?

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x360 spectre 15-bl012dx windows 10. display flickers when I enable VT in BIOS.  Turning it off fixes issue (not an option - need VT)I state this b/c twitter support told me to reset BIOS, which defeats the purpose. Changing drivers does not fix issueTried latest HP driversTried previous HP driversAttempted to use Intel driversChanging resolution does not fix issueChanging refresh rate to 40hz decreases frequency of the issue but it's still thereConnecting to external monitor over HDMI and extending display the issue stopUsing the Microsoft Default video driver the issue isn't present (but dispaly performance suffers) Not sure what next steps here are to resovled.  I have not heard of other users having issues, but I'm not sure how many people may be turning on VT here.    

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**Post Windows 10 upgrade Issue** With display set to 1600 x 900, (the ONLY setting where 100% zoom is possible), when my laptop sleeps and then resumes, or the display powers down from power setting, then wakens, the display beings to flicker and produces a digital mess on the screen.  I can change the settings to the MAX settings and apply it, and it stops.  I can then go back to 1600 x 900 and apply it again, and it works fine until it goes to sleep again. I have the Pro Dock and it does NOT have this issue at all when the doc is in use and both are set to 1600 x 900.  It's only when it is on its own. I have also tested with an HDMI cable plugged in to a monitor from the laptop and it does not have this issue.  I have (in the last week or so) began experiencing an issue with the HDMI, when I lock the screen and walk away, when i come back, the signal will no longer output to the monitor.  I had to plug into my TV at home and the signal started working again, then when I hooked back up to the monitor, it was working.  But since, it went off again and i had to use the dock with DVI cable. Installed newest Intel Graphics HD 5500 driver dated 9/2/2015 and this did not resolve the issue.

Answer:X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) Display Flickers after resume from Sleep on 1600 x 900 I solved it by reading that thread, Dell worked with Intel to resolve the issue (Lenovo pls). You need to update to the drivers located on the Intel page. I used 10/26/2015 which works fine so far for me. Not sure what features you lack from Lenovo's customization but the issue was far too annoying to not solve.

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I've got the same issue and HP was of no help.  In fact,  support got on my machine and 15 minutes later they gave up and said they don't support the VT configuration and left me stranded.  I too believe it is Intel graphics issue.  It's a very nice box but poor support from HP (expected).

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Dear all, I am facing massive problems with my X1 (i5, Windows 7 64 bit). The internal and external displays start flickering randomly, sometimes even directly when booting the system. In Windows when this happens very often the dislay settings are gone, so I have to set them manually again. Sometimes the green power button flickers also, while the display flashes.  This happens without any periphery as well as with different external displays. Things that have been done already: new mainboard (by Lenovo support)new OS installation (only 5 days ago)updates of all drivers using Lenovo toolupdates of Windows  One thing that might be an indicator to the problem: The resource monitor says that igfxsrvc Module has been aborted, often shortly after the problem occurs. Has anyone another idea, what to do and what to look for?  Thanks a lot!

Answer:X1 display flickers, grafics settings are lost all the time

Hello Kigugu,
This is really hard to arrange the display setting again and again, In order to resolve the issue I suggest you to update the Video driver, Power Management and BIOS of your system manually. Kindly download and install the Display driver, Power Management and BIOS update utility from the below mentioned web link as per your Operating System.
This may help you to resolve the issue. Kindly update your BIOS at last.

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I did not noticed the exact moment when this problem occurred. The display flickers, brighter colors become darker grey. Also I see red color traces on brighter colors when I watch videos. The quality of everything I open looks lower than before. Even computer properties or other opened windows are lower quality and not detailed as before. The problem disappears when I adjust the screen and support it with wall or if i slightly bend it. I know that the problem might be because of the malfunction of the flat flex cable but I don't know exactly.  It would be great if experts could help me or customers that have fixed this problem and know what to do.

Answer:Display flickers, low quality view = not detailed, bright co...

Go into UEFI diagnostics (F2 as you power up) and look for the component tests and there is a display test. Run it and report results. The cable can go bad but very rare. More likely it is the display panel itself and it goes bad at the cable connection point. This will create intermittent issues for a while then the screen will go out. 

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Hi, I just received my new Thinkpad Edge 14. Whenever I plug in the laptop to the power cord or plug it out, my screen goes blank for a second, and then comes back up. Very weird.  I've tried making the brightness level the same in both settings (power and battery) and I turned off the graphic display management option for "battery" in graphics properties. I would like to see if this can be rectified soon (within my returnable period), or is this is a harbinger of display problems down the road (so, I should return it?) thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Display flickers (goes blank) based on power/battery

Forgot to add. I have the i5, 4GB RAM, 64 bit, Intel HD Graphics BR 1004 01Y1, Monitor Thinkpad display 1366X768

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When ever I'm a low lit room or in pitch dark outside I of coarse set display brightness to automatic so I don't have a bright screen blaring in my face .Anyways when my phone is on this setting in the dark I've notice the l screen flickers its quite irritating and distracting Is this normal, does anyone have a 1520 with this same issue or is it just me.I have only had this phone since June so its still pretty new .

Answer:Display backlight flickers when brightness setto Automatic on 1520

Same with my 1020 too.

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Hi, I've had my all-in-one for about a year now and a month ago the display the screen would occasionally flicker when starting up and about half the display would go a grainy green color for the first couple of minutes after booting up. Since then it's progressed to the display flickering a lot on start up (green/pink/red colors) and the grainy green on half the screen is pretty much permanent. Is this something that will require me to send my computer in to support or is it something with the videocard that I might be able to fix?

Answer:IdeaCentre B540 display partially green/flickers on start up

if it happens before windows starts up it will be a hardware issues as no drivers load until windows logo shows

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Can somebody please help me?

My display flickers when I log in to my Administrator account, but doesn't happen on my Standard account. My unit model is Satellite L850-B150, comes with AMD Radeon, runs on Win7 Basic x64.

My unit is updated regularly.
I tried restarting, but still the same problem.


Answer:Satellite L850-B150 - Display flickers when starting Admin Account

That really strange?
Did you try to update / reinstall the graphic card driver using the Admin account?
Try it out.

But from my understanding the installed graphic card driver is available for all user accounts, also using admin account so the whole story sounds strange to me.

Did you notice this also using external monitor?

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I have a 9360 with the 3200x1800 touch screen and 16 GB of RAM.
When I connect an external 4K monitor and also use the internal laptop monitor, the external monitor flickers on and off every few seconds whenever the laptop is doing something graphically intensive (just zooming in and out of google maps is sufficient to trigger it, but lots of other things can too).
So far, I have tried two different 4K monitors, two different 9360 laptops, two different docks, connected directly to the laptop w/o the dock, a bunch of cables, and different intel graphics driver versions.  Currently running the Dell driver ( but they all have the same problem.
I can avoid the flickering if I disable the internal laptop screen when using the external screen - but that's not exactly optimal -  I'd love to be able to run both simultaneously.  I can also avoid it if I use a lower resolution monitor, but, according to the specifications, this laptop should be able to run 2 4K external monitors at 60 Hz simultaneously, and here it is choking on one + the internal display which isn't even 4K!
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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The laptop is just 5 days old and I noticed that whenever I receive/send a text message or call (from my phone nearby), the screen flickers about five times. Similar to how speakers make a bleeping noise when near a phone.
I'm not worried about speakers but should I be worried about my screen?
Note: I have used many laptops before, and a lot more desktops; this is the first time that I encountered screen flicker due to my phone's radio.

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I have 3 4K Monitors connected to a TB-16 docking station.  One monitor blinks erratically and has been an issue since my first purchase in May of this year.  I am on my 3rd replacement laptop and since it arrived 6 weeks ago, it has the same issue and DELL PREMIUM support says they are working on it but I have not heard back from them for now 6 weeks.  
I've seen many posts on this similar issue.  Is this just a defect that cannot be resolved.  If so, issue a refund and this will be returned.
And Yes, I've updated every driver in the order that was recommended by the DELL technician and they also did the same.  It has gotten more erratic and ridiculous that I have to pay this much money for a laptop that is unstable.  Help me escalate this to Mr. Dell and get this working or refund me. 

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3520 INSPIRON SCREEN DISPLAY FLICKERS WHEN TURNED ON AND CASE AROUND KEYBOARD IS TOUCHED. Is it possible the case is shorted or any pressure placed on the case around the keyboard is pressing/smashing the circuitry below? How do I troubleshoot and repair this issue?

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Dear community, I recently installed Windows 8.1 professional 64bit (UEFI) on my T420s.I tried the official Drivers from Lenovo, and also the latest Drivers from NVIDIA.I also set Display in BIOS to "Discrete" and "Optimus", but nothing worked. I use an external Monitor and the integrated Laptop Display and I am not able to play 1080p Youtube Videos in a normal framerate. They are very choppy and the sound also..The fan is working nearly fulltime in full speed.. Also the integrated Laptop Display sometimes flickers.  The Laptop just feels sooooo slow and that's a shame for such a decent device.. =(  Anyone has a hint for me? Do you need more data?Kind regards, Tim 

Answer:T420s, NVS4200M, Docking Station, 1 ex Monitor - 1080p video very choppy and Display flickers

Does it also happen if you don't have an external monitor attached?

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Hello, does anybody when clicking the bookmark arrow or a folder with bookmarks in chrome gets a small (i mean very fast!) black flickering???

Also in Windows 7 Jumplist sometimes when opening it will show aero glass before populating with icons (also very fast)

Can someone check this out to see if it behaves the same as my pc??

It's not annoying but just wanted to know if it happens to someone else


Answer:Windows 7 Jumplist flickers and Chrome menu flickers

No one?

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Question: Laptop Flickers

I have the Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop. When I move the lid the screen flickers. This has just started lately

Answer:Laptop Flickers

Get it check as the ribbon cable from the PC to the display is starting to fail

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Guys i hope you could help me out with my problem..i just got my laptop last february had no problems with it until recently i noticed there's this green line that flickers below the monitor is it the video card that's malfunctioning or there could be a loose thing inside my laptop help would greatly be appreciated

Answer:Laptop LCD flickers

If you have 60 hrz setting/ Most likley its a video pblm.Send it back {warrenty]


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    5 month old laptop screen flickers... What's the cause? Technician don't seem to know as well..Spoiler (Highlight to read)  

    Answer:laptop screen flickers..

    Hi 28subash Could be a loose/faulty ribbon cable. Has you technician checked this? By the way, your "Spoiler" is blank!

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    Model: IBUYPOWER CZ-17

    Greetings Tech-Lords,

    I first noticed this issue when playing Counter-Strike. My screen brightness was flickering bright and dim - as if I was unplugging my AC adapter. The game was unplayable, I was lagging hard.

    The battery LED on the front of my computer blinks orange, and the battery says that its 'plugged-in, not charging'

    After much troubleshooting I replaced the AC adapter. This actually worked, until I was an hour into my gaming session - the problem returned.

    I bought a third AC adapter, and verified that the voltage was correct. However, the problem remained. This convinced me the issue was internal.

    I purchased a replacement battery, kicking myself for thinking it was the adapter. The replacement battery worked just fine, yet the problem persists.

    I've now convinced myself the problem is either with the motherboard, or the circuits that communicate from the adapter to the motherboard.

    Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to have this diagnosed professionally. I can't afford a $100 diagnostic followed by a $200 fix.

    Any recommendations that you guys might have would be wonderful. I'm getting ready to give up and migrate to my desktop.

    Answer:Laptop 'charging' flickers on and off

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     I bought an hp pavilion au003tx laptop in august 2016. After few weeks from purchase my laptop screen flickers.All the drivers in my laptop is updated and the laptop blinks even in bios mode.So what should I do???

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    Hi I've just gotten a new laptop (well not new, a hand down from my dad) it's a hp pavilion ze5300. Ive noticed that the backgound seems to constantly be changing briteness levels and i cant figure out how to fix this. I got the latest drivers off of hps site for the videocard (shared 64 mb) but it still seems to do this. Anyone have any ideas how I might be able to fix it?

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    I got a HP laptop. Offlate,my screen has been flickering a the extent that i cant even see a thing. If i give the screen a small jerk i.e move the lid up and down, the flickering stops for a while and starts again. The flickering has got so severe now that the screen does not stay stable for more than a couple of minutes.

    Is it just a loose wiring problem? Could i solve this at home with a proper set of screwdrivers?

    If not, could you please let me know what kinda problem this is, and how do i work it out?

    Answer:Laptop screen flickers a lot

    It sounds like you have a break in the ribbon cable that runs from the base to the screen. I have the same problem with mine, but it is ok if I don't try to close the lid. These cables get stressed every time the lid is opened and closed.

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    So this has been happening for quite a long time now. I missed my chance to send it in for warranty, so now I need to try to fix it myself.

    I have an Asus K61IC laptop. The screen flickers pretty violently most of the time. Sometimes it is perfectly fine, other times it is so bad you can't even use it. When it does it the worst sometimes the screen goes black for a second or two, but it is mostly just flickering really fast.

    It seems to be worse if it is running off the battery, though it can get pretty bad while plugged in as well.

    Temperatures or load doesn't seem to be a factor. Nor do drivers or software because it flickers while in Linux Live CD's or even while the BIOS is loading sometimes.

    Also, while using external video (HDMI or VGA), the external monitor is absolutely fine with no flickers at all.

    I've never really dealt with troubleshooting laptop hardware, so I'm at a loss here. I'm thinking it is probably the backlight or something.

    Any ideas to pin point this?

    Answer:Laptop screen flickers

    WHen the screen goes dark and/or flickers, can you still see the screen image (faintly)? If you can...then it's the backlight. If the screen goes completely dead, then its either the inverter or screen itself going out. Either way... you can usually pick up a new screen + inverter for ~$100 or so off of ebay.

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    Hi I have a HP pavilion dv6 and I've notice that the screen has started flickering in the past few weeks, it didn't bother me at first but now its getting worse, i was thinking it was some virus or malware? please help, much appreciated

    Answer:My laptop screen flickers

    oh and the hp logo light on the lid, sometimes turns off and sometimes only half bright

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    I have an old CRT monitior connected through the VGA port on my laptop, but recently the monitor seems to be losing signal from the laptop.

    The monitor displays "Suspend Mode 5 secs" then flickers back on then flickers off then on, sometimes going off completely for awhile. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and this doesn't seem to do anything.

    Using WINDOWS 7 and the graphics Nivida GeForce Go 6150 ver

    Its not the power settings, if it is then its a glitch in the power settings and not the actual settings themselves.

    It seems to happen randomly and right now its up and fine, usually its fine but just recently I had a real problem with it. I can't use the LCD screen because its broken.

    A better example of what it did:

    Was on and fine.. Suddenly Black screen, monitor went off, standby light on monitor stayed on.

    Suddenly Flickered on saying "Suspend Mode 5 Secs" no count down. Stayed there for about 10 seconds then went off, then came back on for about a half a second then went off, then flickered the desktop screen then went off, then went back to "Suspend Mode 5 secs" then went off.

    I shut off the laptop and plugged the monitor into my other laptop, the monitor came on and worked fine. Then I turned off and unplugged the monitor from the power and plugged it back in and put it back on the other laptop and turned on the laptop.

    The same thing happened with the "suspend mode"... Read more

    Answer:Monitor->Laptop Screen flickers out

    Hmm. Odd. Any chance you can get another monitor to test whether it's the laptop or the monitor?

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    Not sure if this is an overheating problem, a video card problem, an LCD problem, a software problem, etc etc.It generally only happens when I'm playing a game. The screen starts to flicker, almost as if the bulb is dying or something. Eventually, the monitor turns off. The only fix I've found that works is closing the laptop lid and opening it again. In a few more minutes, it happens again. Could some wire be caught or pinched somewhere? The only thing that doesn't make sense to that though is that if I'm not playing a game and, say, leave the computer on overnight, nothing happens, it's generally fine. It's driving my eyeballs insane, so any quick help would be much appreciated.

    Answer:Laptop screen flickers and turns off

    Sorry forgot to post specs.ASUS Model G2PWindows 7 Ultimate x86(not sure what build, 7600 I think)2GB RAMIntel Core 2 Duo [email protected] 2.0ghzATI MOBILITY RADEON X1700 512mbIf anything else is needed, let me know.

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    This usually happens for a few minutes and then stops. It literally looks like someone bumped the monitor and the entire thing is rocking side to side but the laptop itself is dead still. You can see the picture moving in relation to the sides of the monitor. I have no idea what starts it.

    I've tried outputting to an external monitor but the resolution changes and I don't know if that's relevant. I'm still trying to figure out what, if anything, causes it to stop or if it simply stops by itself.

    Any ideas?

    Windows XP Pro SP3, Dell Latitude D820, should be running all correct drivers. Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M. Resolution usually set at 1680 x 1050 with refresh rate of 60 hertz. Just noticed that I have two Default Monitor and two Plug and Play Monitor entries on my Monitor tab in Display Properties --> Settings --> Advanced.

    Answer:Laptop monitor sometimes flickers like it's been bumped

    Hey Chookers

    Worst case scenario is the backlight or inverter is on the way out!

    But my best advice to you to double check things are to download and install again the Chipset driver for your Dell D820 and reboot then re-install the graphics driver again and reboot and see how you go.

    Doesn't matter if you have same versions of drivers, sometimes a corrupt driver can cause issues.

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    I have a HP Elite book laptop which is plugged into an HP docking station.

    For about 3 years now it has been fine and running 2 monitors from the docking station, but recently one of the monitors is flickering quite badly.

    I've tried swapping the monitor, different cables etc to rule out monitor and cable issues, which only leaves it is one of the following:

    docking station
    or display settings

    But Now I done know what to try or do????

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    My laptop screen keeps flickering after I log into Windows. It will flicker black and eventually just go black. I can see very faintly what is going on. I can then open and close it a few times, or connect it to a monitor and disconnect it to fix it. Its just really annoying to have to go through this each time I need to use my laptop. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?


    Answer:Laptop Screen Flickers and goes black

    If you can still see images on the screen then your backlight is the problem. It may be fixable. What is the make and model of your laptop?

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    when i scroll down a laptop screen flickers,wavers....what to do?? im very troubled...i cant understand which driver to download?

    Answer:what to download when laptop screen flickers

    ... click "start" run (type) desk.cpl [press enter]... click settings (tab) then "advanced" then adapter (tab)... what is displayed by "Adapter string?" ..... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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    All of a sudden---my HP Pavilion laptop screen flickers - at the bottom!  WHY?  How do I  make this go away??? HELP !!

    Answer:My HP Pavilion laptop screen flickers-WHY???

    Hi, Hope your machine is not this bad: From my Googling, this is a hardware problem Regards,

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    Hi, i have an acer aspire 5735z laptop and ive had it roughly 5 years. Recently when i turn my laptop on (from it being on standby,hibernate,or shut down) it flickers for a few seconds then goes black,if i look closely with a light shining on it i can see the background. I usually have to shut my laptop lid and try again until it doesnt go off. Also recently i have been smelling a sortof burning smell which seems to be coming from the laptop.

    Anyone know how i can fix this problem?

    Answer:Laptop screen flickers,then goes black

    Sounds like a malfunctioning backlight. It could be that after 5 years the connection has gotten loose, or something on the backlight has corroded enough that it's breaking and so it's only coming on every once and a while. The burning smell could be unrelated, and be caused by dust build up in your fans and heatsink and the high temperatures from the CPU and GPU are singeing dust. Alternatively it could be corrosion on the backlight in which case it's toast.

    You'll probably have to replace the backlight, which if you're not tech savvy / handy with taking things apart, could be a costly repair. Anything related to laptop screens takes about 2-3 hours which at most repair shops is a couple hundred bucks, plus the cost of the part itself.

    If you aren't planning on doing it yourself I'd go take it to a repair shop and tell them that you think it's the backlight (or ask if they'll give a free diagnosis) and ask how much a repair would be, and then decide if it's worth it to even keep the laptop.

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    I thought it might be heat or video card going bad but symptons indicate otherwise. The strange thing is if it starts to flicker on a page, I can change to another page and the display is fine...go back to previous page and flicker immeadiatly starts again. It seems like certain incoming data causes the screen to this possible? Thanks for any help...

    Answer:dell laptop screen sometimes flickers

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    Hello, My Toshiba A100 laptop is all but working fine, save for the fact that when i want to move my screen a bit,, ot tilt it, it flickers. I suppose you could say, "don't move it then", but tommy cooper jokes aside, does anyone know what the problem could be for my out-of-warrentee laptop.CheersKorgY

    Answer:Laptop Screen flickers when moved..

    loose connection on cable from motherbard to screen, or cable wearing through.May cost more trouble than its worth to strip the laptop and check connections, unless you want to do it yourself.

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    every so often my laptop screen starts to flicker,it seems to start on adverts first then anytime i move the screen up down or just moving the curser about.

    Answer:my laptop flickers i blame adverts

    "...anytime i move the screen up down..."... see #8 in this thread click here ..... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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    I've used this laptop for almost 7 months now but from last week or so my monitor started acting weirdly.Suddenly my monitor turns black and white and comes back to normal after a few seconds. It's working fine when I conect it to an external monitor. 

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    A few months ago i had to order a new laptop screen because my old one cracked. When i first had a family member install it, it worked fine. After about a month of having it in, and working fine, it started to mess up. The area at the bottom of the screen, the height of the taskbar started to get lines in it. Eventually it actually started to display the very top of the screen in that small space.
    At first i thought that maybe the screen was acting up because the bottom corner screws were too tight. I don't personally know if i have a screwdriver that can unscrew those tiny screws so i never tried to loosen them.
    After a few weeks of that problem, my screen started to flicker, or jump. Not flicker on and off, but the screen would flicker around. It's difficult to explain. Now, sometimes the flickering gets so bad a can't see what I'm doing on my screen.
    I'm wondering if it's possible that the wires hooked up to the screen are bent or pinched or if their just not plugged in all the way? Or if this is a problem i can fix, and not an issue with the screen itself, because i can not afford another screen.

    Answer:Laptop screen is jumpy and flickers.

    I would remove the connections to the screen and then reconnect them, making sure they are clean and secure.

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    Couple weeks ago, the lcd screen on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite M40X) started flickering, put usually a tap on the screen would stop it... but now the flickering won't stop, and sometimes the screen freezes in a flickering position and so all in all, it's useless right now...

    Is there any way to fix this problem??? I really don't have any money to spend,
    i have taken apart my laptop before so i think i can take apart the lcd if there is any way to replace it...

    Thanks for the help!

    Answer:Laptop Screen flickers and sometimes totally goes out

    Also, i'm thinkin of reseating the connection cable i dunno if that would help... i dont wanna open the laptop just to find out that flickring has nothin to do with reseating... If that would help, on this diagram, do i reseat the cable pointed with the red arrow on the top in the middle... I dunno what the 2 skinny cables that go into the screen on the left

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    I have a new T430 laptop with Win 7 32bit. Since the beginning I have issues while watching videos on VLC media player or Winamp. The video flickers and gets stuck for couple of second whenever I move/push the laptop. I'm guessing its a hardware issue.


    Go to Solution.

    Answer:T430 video flickers when laptop is moved

    Hi Fufixa, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! I'm really sorry to hear that when you watch videos in your Lenovo T430 laptop, it flickers and get stuck for a couple of seconds whenever you try to move or push it.
    I would like you to inform that your Lenovo T430 is integrated with a technology known as Active Protection system. When the protection system detects any motion, it stops your hard drive and the system appears to be temporarily non responsive. The hard drive is less vulnerable to damage when it is not in operation.
    You can manually turn it off in Thinkvantage Active Protection System.Uncheck the "Enable Active Protection System".
    Spoiler (Highlight to read)
    I recommend you to refer this document for further information.
    Hope this helps!!
    Best Regards,

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    Greetings, As the subject describes, my laptop screen flickers quickly and at irregular intervals.  I notice it once every 3-5 minutes or so but it could be more frequent, perhaps at times when I am not concentrating on the screen or it is too light to notice.  It is quite irritating and noticable though.  The flickering started about 3 weeks ago and doesn't seem to be getting much worse.  I spend time in both Fedora 24 linux and Windows 10.  It occurs in both operating systems, but seems to occur more frequently in Fedora.   I had the original screen replaced by a repair shop last year for an unrelated issue.   The flickering is not like the problem posted here: Any advice is appreciated.  I am afraid my laptop is no longer under warranty, so I will be stuck paying to repair this issue.  If so, I would probably disassemble and replace the effected part myself since I have the tools and some experience doing this.   Thanks

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    Hi. I own a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop. It's out of warranty. Now the screen is flickering green and pink, even when I turn on the laptop (with the dell logo and everything). When I connect it to an external monitor (in this case, my TV via HDMI), there's nothing wrong with the images shown on the TV but my laptop screen still flickers green and pink. I've also tried removing the battery and putting it back in but to no avail. My graphics driver are up to date. Please advise on what the problem could be. If it's an lcd problem, how much does it usually cost to replace? THanks!

    Answer:Laptop Screen flickers green and pink

    Dell offers out-of-warranty repair. You will want to contact them.
    Compare their prices against local repair shop.

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    My laptop screen night now flickers on and off. I always gotta move my screen around to make it so it wont be dark and i can see what I am doing. I think it might be a lose connection? I don't know. Can someone please help me? Thank you

    Answer:Gateway Laptop screen light flickers on and off

    I would blame it on a loose cable however i'm sure there was one series of the Gateway notebooks that had a manufacturing problem with recall? don't quote me on that though.

    Without a number of the laptop ie Dell Inspiron 1501 i can give you specific instructions but see if your is in this list here and have a look at the instructions. Some may be similar. If not post back with the model number and we can help you more

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    hello. I'm new here and wondering if a 2002 monitor is compatible with my windows 10 Toshiba Satellite C55d series laptop. Reason I say that because my old   gateway monitor flickers when connected to my laptop. All I want is an external monitor instead of using split screens. Idk what's going on. Do I need to install driver for it?  Do I do something with the BIOS? Or do I just get a monitor 2012 and up? I figured any monitor should work. Please help asap. Thanks.

    Answer:Old monitor flickers when connected to windows 10 laptop

    That can and does happen with even new monitors.Is it a VGA connection?How bad is it?Do you want to invest time and money to fix it?

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    My laptop screen keeps flickering for like 4-5 minutes when ever i wake my laptop from sleep and on startup it stays on a blue screen for  7-8 minutes before going to login screen. how to i fix this? Please help. 

    Answer:Laptop screen flickers while resuming from sleep.

    Hi, Check if you still get these problems if you disable Windows 10 hybrid boot - you can do this as follows. Open Settings and select System.  Select Power and sleep, then click on Additional power settings - in the following window, click on 'Choose what the power button does' in the left hand pane. In the subsequent window, first click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable' ( near the top of the Window ) and then remove the checkmark from the box against 'Turn on fast start-up (recommended)'.  Click the Save Settings button, then close any open windows and shutdown the notebook by right click the Start Menu icon, select Command Prompt (Admin) and click ?Yes? to the uac prompt. Type ( or copy and paste ) in the following command ( including spaces ) and hit enter. shutdown /s /t 0 Start the notebook and let Windows fully load. If this has corrected the issues, it may be worth turning Fast Start-up back on ? sometimes just deleting and re-creating the file will resolve the problem. Regards, DP-K

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    hello. I'm new here and wondering if a 2002 monitor is compatible with my windows 10 Toshiba Satellite C55d series laptop. Reason I say that because my old   gateway monitor flickers when connected to my laptop. All I want is an external monitor instead of using split screens. Idk what's going on. Do I need to install driver for it?  Do I do something with the BIOS? Or do I just get a monitor 2012 and up? I figured any monitor should work. Please help asap. Thanks.

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    My Asus x54l screen turns white and flickers I don't use it anymore because of this. THE STORY: one day I cracked it in a couple months later it started turning white and screens now it usually is just white I thought I just might need to buy a new screen but I'm not sure What do you think?


    Answer:laptop screen turns white and flickers

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    Dear all
    Since I bought my laptop almost 4 years ago, I have had an issue where the screen (not every day) flickers (as if its changing resolution - but it DOESNT change resolution, its just a similar flicker). I always wondered if its the two graphics card (Intel HD 3000 and Geforce Gt555M) competing with each other. Sometimes it can be really irritating !
    Any ideas what the issue is and how i could remediate? It has continued with the windows 10 upgrade and cant pinpoint what triggers it unfortunately.
    I have gone to device manager, found each card, right clicked and updated drivers - which BTW after windows checked, i had the latest for each.

    Answer:Screen sporadically flickers (Dell Laptop)

    If you had this problem since buying the laptop, you should have taken it back as faulty. Almost certainly a hardware issue. Try disabling one of the cards.

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    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask my question, but I have a HP Pavilion dv9610us Notebook, running Windows vista 32bit.
    I was working in 3ds max 2011 yesterday, and then my screen began to flicker and go semi-black with horizontal/vertical white lines, and it kept going back and forth until the screen went black altogether.
    I restarted it a few times, and most recently the screen appeared for a few seconds, and then it flickered again and kept going black, so I turned it off.
    I am not very familiar with PC computers, so I am not sure what is the problem, but I am hoping that someone can understand my issue and give a solution to it! I have read around on various sites that say it may have to do with a backlight bulb issue or something along those lines, but I have no idea if that's what it is.
    Also, I connected it to my tv, and the screen shows up on there... so I don't what that means, but hopefully it's not too complicated to fix.
    Now, I am thinking it's the screen/display inverter, but I could be wrong. Is the problem that I need a new screen/display inverter, or is it something else?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Answer:Laptop screen flickers and then turns black

    There could be several reasons for your problem, but I am leaning toward your graphics driver, see if it works in safe mode.
    Safe Mode

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    I have a Fujitsu C-Seriies P III laptop and was working fine till last week, but since after that the screen flickers every now and then but recently it has started acting more wierd and the screen goes completely blue and can't see anything.. No matter how many times I restart it remains the same.

    I would be glad if I can get help with this.

    Answer:Laptop Screen Flickers and goes complete Blue

    Never worked much with a laptop but it seems like a power problem. Bad connection , broken wire . Worth checking out .

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    When I turn on my Dell e1505 the screen lights up but flickers heavily, then goes out before the startup is completed, then flashes on for a brief moment and goes out again. It does the same thing on every restart. I've already replaced the inverter board which seemed to fix it, but then after 10 minutes it flickered out again and now shows the exact same on/off pattern it did with the old inverter.

    The screen is on, just with no light. I can see the icons, etc., very faintly if I shine a flashlight on it. Also I plugged a CRT into the back and that works perfectly.

    Is there a way to tell if it's the backlight, cables, or motherboard that's the problem? Or is it clear which one it is to anyone here who recognizes these symptoms?


    Answer:Solved: Laptop screen flickers then goes dark

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    Hello guys,

    Like the title states, I have a really serious problem on the hands recently with my Alienware m11x laptop as of late.. Sometimes during the day the laptop suddenly turns off and it tries to boot, but then it powers off with "eckk" sound and then powers on again, yet once more, it powers off with the sound... and usually before the laptop turns off, the screen kind of looks like it's flickering like how old school TV's turn off or something like and then boof! A blue screen with an error aka BSOF, right? Here's a picture of the error. Also, for some reason, if I leave the laptop off for a couple days, and then turn it on, it works fine, but then a couples day later, CRASH! Is this possibly a overheating issue, battery, AC adaptor, or RAM problem??

    Two different error code messages.

    This laptop is very, very clean, there are no virues, malware, google redirects, pop-ups, spams, no rootkits, you name it. I have avast, SUPERAntispyware, MalwareBytes, TDSSKiller, Revo Uninstaller, CCleaner, and SpywareBlasters as my defense software programs. I scan for spyware, malware, rootkits, nearly ever single night before going to bed, I also update my softwares through avast on a daily basis, updating my antispyware/malware programs, yeah I'm that dead serious about making sure everything is clean, running properly and smooth. I also doing Windows Updates frequently. I have defragged nor have I fixed any registries, however, I... Read more

    Answer:Help!! My Alienware laptop's screen flickers then turns off also BSOD?!

    First instinct is drivers, or possibly hardware. How old it the machine, and what OS/Service Pack are you running?

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    Sometimes I have flickers of the screen [turns white then back to normal in a sec] BUT that's only sometimes when it freezes or something.
    & Another thing is the cursor flickers with a drop shadow of a ugly color to it. [Not sure how to explain that] BUT i need help to know why this does this.

    & How do I know if my computer is good to run a game on it.

    PLEASE help me.

    thank you.

    Answer:Screen Flickers & Cursor Flickers.

    Please provide more information about your system. We'll need, at a minimum, the exact make and model in order to start even trying to figure out if it's capable of which games. Also, please include the version of Vista that you have (Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate).

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    Hi. I have a old Dell Inspiron 5000 Laptop and its having some issues. First of all, during the boot process, It'll freeze up. It happens at various stages (shortly after POST, During Windows XP boot Splash screen, during XP welcome screen etc.) I've also noticed that any movement of the laptop causes it to freeze as well sometimes. Also sometimes when i try and power it on, the screen will flicker vertical lines for a few seconds and just remain a black screen. Another issue is that When i power it on, the fan inside won't even come on and then sometimes a few seconds later it will cut off and then come back on (sometimes if i tilt it a certain way). I suspect a loose connection at the motherboard maybe. I have no idea how to dismantle a laptop (Only desktops) so any help much appreciated.

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    I have a T410 running Windows 7 SP1, with an NVIDIA NVS 3100M display adapter. When I have my laptop connected to an external monitor (using both monitors) the laptop screen flickers. I have observed it when connected to two different monitors, one plugged directly into the VGA port on the laptop, the other being the monitor connected to my docking station when I have the laptop docked. It seems to only happen when I move the mouse, if I just let it sit it doesn't seem to happen. The external monitors do not flicker, only the laptop screen. The laptop screen does not flicker at all when the laptop is not connected to an external monitor. Any ideas?


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    Answer:T410 laptop screen flickers when external monitor connected

    I have almost the same problem but I do have two external screens and my laptope is connected to the docking station...and one screen blinks / flickers on and of..sometimes it is every 10 sec and somtimes less

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