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Data Recovery on Damaged Partition

Question: Data Recovery on Damaged Partition

Hello,I have a Seagate 500GB SATA drive that is no longer detected by my PC (Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2). I currently have it connected via USB in an external enclosure. It shows up in Windows explorer and Disk Manager as an NTFS partition. I see folders but can get to none of the files. If I attempt to use CHKDSK I get the following response:The type of the file system is RAW.CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.I ran DISKPART and when I list disks it shows up as 466GB and Online. List Partition and List Volume also show up as follows:DISKPART> list partitionPartition ### Type Size Offset--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Partition 0 Extended 466 GB 504 KBPartition 1 Logical 466 GB 536 KBDISKPART> list volumeVolume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Volume 0 E DVD-ROM 0 B No MediaVolume 1 C NTFS Partition 100 GB Healthy SystemVolume 2 D HP_RECOVERY NTFS Partition 12 GB Healthy* Volume 3 F Robs Storag NTFS Partition 466 GB HealthyIf I reconnect the drive internally it is not detected by the system at all. I have tried a couple of free partition recovery programs but they don't see these partitions at all. It is no longer under warranty so I was hoping to I could fix it on my own.Does anyone have any suggestions?Thanks in advance....WKCook

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Preferred Solution: Data Recovery on Damaged Partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Data Recovery on Damaged Partition

If there's nothing important on it (Volume #3, I assume), use Disk Manager to delete the partition, create a new one again and then format it. Then connect it internally and do the same, if necessary. You can also connect it internally and use the Seagate Seatools to initialize it.

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HP recovery damaged recovery partitionHi GuysThis is the only place I get simple helpthis is the problem,my recovery partition is damagedso I cant do a recovery to factory conditionI creaated the recovery discs which I havewhen I run them I get a menu which states1)Remove system recovery partition2)Create a new data partition3)Run mirosoft recovery console4)start system recovery from the recovery partitionNo 4 I can't do because the partition is damaged and don't do anythingNo3 don't help me at allSo what I am asking has anyone used these discs and what options do I useMy computer is HP Pavillion 1170 xp media centreI am sorry if I have not made myself clearBut your help would be appriciatedregardskimo

Answer:Hp Damaged Recovery Partition

Assuming your recovery disks are OK, choose 1). This will erase the partition which is naff all use in any case. You will then be asked to create a partition, click 'yes' and the disks should take you through the re-installation. If all else fails you can buy system restore disks from HP at around £30.G

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How can I check if the Recovery Partition on my HP is damaged or corrupted ? (specs below)

The story:
I was experimenting with the boot manager PLoP in order to get a way of booting from a USB device as this is not supported in my BIOS. I had downloaded the stuff and apparently successfully burned the files to CD, and it did indeed boot into PLoP. I just wanted to test the software, and it was apparently working, so, my test having been completed, I wanted to boot from the HD as usual. The two principal options for doing this are HD1 and HD2. (I only have one physical HDD on my computer). I selected HD1 (obvious choice it seemed to me), but then went it into the recovery manager and a white progress bar marking seemingly showing rapid progress appeared with a message like 'starting Compaq recovery procedure'. Now I definitely did not want to erase years of evolution (even though my data was backed up) by returning the machine to factory state [2003], so I did the only thing I could think of: power down at the front panel button. I wish to know if this has in fact damaged my (original and never previously used) recovery partition (not too serious if it has, I have backed that up and also have recovery CDs) as I feel it's better to have the original. (selecting HD2 boots normally I subsequently found of course)


Compaq Presario S5160UK DT261A under XP/SP3
Processor - Celeron 2.7 GHz
Motherboard - MSI MS-6577 v2.... Read more

Answer:Damaged Recovery Partition ?

I wouldn't worry about having damaged anything, after all it's only the same as if you had had a power cut. It used to be a possible problem back in Win 98 days but XP and later can take it. If you really want to know for sure though then just do the same again. I doubt there is any other way to prove it.

If you want to experiment with things like PLoP, which tamper with the boot sector, then it's really essential to have a full disk image handy in case of the unexpected. Data backups and recovery disks won't be much use if you you hobble XP and it can't boot. If you don't have an imaging capability at present then I would recommend Macrium Reflect. It seems rock solid these days and can restore your entire sytem and data to exactly how it was when the image was taken.

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Hi,the recovery partion boot gives me the error message that does not exist.About 2 month ago I partitioned hd in two unit (OS and Data), now I have only one partition OS and the recoveryas below: Can you help me, please?? 

Answer:E50-80 Recovery partition damaged

Hi afuschino86 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
The recovery partition is hidden on the harddrive but any changes like repartitioning can damage that same image.
Depending on what repartitioning tool you have use, check it for any option to undo if possible to place back the recovery partition on the same sectors. 
Document information here : 
I would suggest that you try to first create your Recovery Image on a USB too before proceding and back up your files.
It would help you for future repairs similar to this thread . 
The factory partition can only be done by sending it to the factory for reimaging but they would need to erase the entire drive too. 
You may review those links before deciding on the next step. 
Update us how it goes. 

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I was advised to post my FRST logs here... please see attached. I was booted from system repair command line for the scans. Here is the original thread describing my situation: Laptop won't boot & Recovery partition corrupt... Rootkit?

Basically, a few days ago, my Toshiba laptop's recovery partition disappeared (0GB full, and unknown RAW file format). It appeared that the boot flag had also been moved there, from the System partition. This may have been caused by either a forced powerdown gone bad, or an infection after visiting my cousin and being on her suspect network for a week. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Background FYI -- I experienced a targeted hack and RAT last year which might or might not have returned off an external drive, but I did restore this laptop's Windows 7 from Recovery partition just ~1 month ago, and I've only installed a handful of programs (bbex stands for Blueberry, which is a audio/screen recorder). No file-sharing nor any remote programs/connections are installed or allowed. I keep two separate accounts for admin and user, with strong Windows login passwords. Thanks.

Answer:Recovery partition or MBR was damaged


Not quite sure this is a malware issue...the laptop is able to boot to Windows 7. However, with a corrupt or missing boot sector the partition cannot be accessed.

Please take action Downloading ListParts
Save to the Desktop.

Double-click ListParts64.exe to launch the program.

At the program console, press: Scan

When done the tool produces a report on the Desktop: Result.txt
Please post the Result.txt in your reply.

Also, please Download RogueKiller (Official website)

Select the x64 version.
Click the applicable button to download.
Save to the Desktop.

Close all windows and browsers.
Right-click the downloaded file and select: Run as Administrator

At the program console, wait for the prescan to finish. (Under Status, it says: Prescan finished.)
Press: SCAN

When done, a report opens on the Desktop: RKreport.txt
Please provide the RKreport.txt (Mode: Scan) in your reply.

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I have a 2.5in HDD out of an oldish Toshibe laptop which failed and I have successfully replaced. Unfortunately, the duff HDD has a lot of photos on it which I have been unable to access. I bought an external caddy, hoping to plug it in to my desktop PC and maybe find some way of getting at the data on it. I thought all 2.5 HDDs were the same, but apparently not as the drive will not fit the caddy. The Toshiba drive carries the identifier HDD2H02 MK2552GSX. Can anyone tell me how to specify the type of caddy I need.

Answer:Data recovery from a damaged 2.5in HDD

It s a standard 2.5 inch SATA drive, what caddy did you buy?

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HiThe power supply to the pc was switched off while the HD was running - We gave it to a local PC repair man who is unable to recover my photo's.Can anyone recommend a company to recover my photo's who is not going to rip me off ?

Answer:Damaged HD data recovery

If you can access the drive, perhaps put it into a USB Enclosure click here, you would probably be able to recover all your photo's using click here

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Could anyone help me?

I have a damaged HDD!

How is it damaged?! Well it's damaged because it fell about 2 inches in the case while it was on (my fault for not putting it in properly). Then there was a electrical burning smell, and now my computer doesn't recognise the Hard Drive

But I really want that data back, there's every photo I've taken on there, all my Uni work EVERYTHING important to me.

I don't think that any data recovery software will work, so does anyone know of a good data recovery company in the area of Lichfield/Staffordshire?! (I know it's a lot to ask but also cheap!! - I am a student!)


Answer:Damaged HDD Data Recovery

When my HDD started failing to boot, then eventually became useless, I stuck it in a spare external enclosure I had lying around and I hooked it up to a working computer and suprisingly, I could read and move the files, so I just backed up all the needed files and afterwards, tossed the failed HDD away.

If your files are worth enough and you don't have a external enclosure, it's more than worth it to buy one, after that, you can buy a spare HDD in the future and use the external as a backup drive, win win situation!

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I recently accidentally overwrote part of my NTFS partition (the header to be more precice) with an extended partition, while trying to recover from a messed up partition table.

I am now unable to access the data on that partition from either Win2k or Linux.

- I've tryed Scandisk/Chkdsk, both couldn't recognise the partition.
- GNU PartEd doesnt support rescueing NTFS partition (not much of a surprise) :-(

I am sure, that only a few bytes were overwritten after the partition was accessable, so the files are all still on the harddrive. As such I am now looking for a way to either repair the NTFS partition header, or at least extract the files to another harddrive.

I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

Answer:Recovering data from (or reconstructing) a damaged NTFS Partition

Try the software at this link it works really well.

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Hi, when I use Onekey Recovery I see 'partition has damaged...'. I need reset my Windows 8, because the system stopped loading and began to automatic repair (with no result)..Please help me

Answer:OneKey Recovery - partition has damaged

Hi janzdanowski,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
  This seems to have been because of a Bad partition, or Possibly Bad HDD,
If the system is still within Warranty I strongly suggest you Call Lenovo Technical Assistance.
You need a Recovery CD to reinstall the Windows from scratch but- You need to make sure that the HDD is OK and does not need Replacement.
Solid Cruver

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I'm trying to use one key recovery to re-install windows 8.1 that came with it but I keep getting this message "one key recovery partition has damaged so do not launch the main application" and I can't get anywhere, I realized that this has happened because I resized the partitions when i first got my laptop but I'm trying to fix it now i'm including a screenshot of my partitions and disk management , so if anyone could tell me what to modify on the partitions types because I don't know what the original ones were and also is it normal that the recovery partition is 100% free because I read on some threads that's normal, so is it?if anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.  Partitions Screenshot Disk Management Screenshot   

Answer:Lenovo Y50-70 recovery partition has been damaged!!

Peter_Emad wrote:I'm trying to use one key recovery to re-install windows 8.1 that came with it but I keep getting this message "one key recovery partition has damaged so do not launch the main application" and I can't get anywhere, I realized that this has happened because I resized the partitions when i first got my laptop but I'm trying to fix it now i'm including a screenshot of my partitions and disk management , so if anyone could tell me what to modify on the partitions types because I don't know what the original ones were and also is it normal that the recovery partition is 100% free because I read on some threads that's normal, so is it?if anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.  Partitions Screenshot Disk Management Screenshot   There are several threads in the forum that discusses some procedures on how to make OKR work after resizing the partitions. Why not search for them?  

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Hi,i have a Y50 laptop for 1 year. last week it have gave HDD error and i sent it to service. They changed the hdd. But they have installed windows on only 1 hdd partition on whole disk.So i resized partition with easeus disk manager and created a second partition.after that i can not enter one key recovery with nova says that Onekey recovery partition has damaged so do not launch the main application i searched a lot and tried lots of things. i have set ids, enabled recovery in windows etc. i called support center and they said that they will send me recovery cd in 10 daysbut i must use my computer i can not wait 10 daysplease help i believe that there must be a very simple solution but i can not find iti didnt changed any partition except windows partition. so they should not be broken or damagedthere is many things in internet about easeus and one key recovery please help to rescue it. important note: i have backed up my clean installation of windows on my external hdd i want to restore it. it is not neccecery to wait recovery dvd for 10 days i think. there must be a way to recover it.

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Happy new year to all you good people!

Unfortunately for me the new year has not been going too well so far........
Hello there!

i fell asleep whilst listening to my 4th gen ipod and when i awoke i found the poor thing lying on the floor. When i turn my ipod on now i get the apple icon and then an icon showing a folder with an exclamation mark in a triangle. I have tried to plug the ipod into my pc and it is not recognised and i have tried to plug it in in disk mode again to no avail. I am aware that i can restore my ipod to original condition using the ipod updater restore option but i would lose all data. This, in terms of my music collection is not a problem, as i have all the cds already, but i have just recently returned from travelling around europe and i used my ipod as a hard disk to store my travel photos which are obviously irreplaceable. I would like to know if anyone has any bright ideas as to how to recover these photos as they are important to me.
Thanks in advance guys, any help will be greatly appreciated!


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my toshiba mk8025gas 80gb notebook (winxp sp3) disk seems to have suffered some serious damage some days ago. i actually only placed my notebook from one desk to another and then restarted it when it suddenly didnt boot windows anymore, neither in safe mode. it either freezed or said the ntfs.sys file was corrupt. i replaced it using the recovery console but no change.

first try using chkdsk /r on the first (of two) partitions (the one the OS is installed on) stopped at 75% saying the disk had unrecoverable problems. after some retries it actually finished chkdsk /r saying it repaired some errors. still, windows was unable to boot. so i took the disk out and placed it into an external usb-case. copying my documents and all the important files & folders from the first partition to another (healthy) drive went perfectly.

the second partition - the bigger one with the really important data - however, makes me mad. chkdsk /r and norton disk doctor both say

"The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters
detected in file 376 of name .
An unspecified error occurred."

the drive has a total capacity of 54GB, 12GB free (unfortunately i already deleted 2 folders containing about 4GB in order to freemore space and possibly help chkdsk/disk doctor to replace those bad clusters, not thinking about possible further corruption caused by that stupid action..).
surprisingly i managed to copy my whole music folder (29GB) perfectly, without any prob... Read more

Answer:harddisk seriously damaged - data recovery essential!!!

We can't possibly tell if that company's techs can do it or not... we do not know their capabilities. But with the right tools and enough money you can recover your files.

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Hi, I looking for some advice and information regarding the recovery of data from mechanically damaged hard drives. Any help would be really appreciated.

Answer:Data recovery from mechanically damaged drives

Have you tried booting from a live CD ? There are a bunch of options for live CD's. Once you get into live CD, if your drives spin and can be read you should be able to save your data. I expect there are more advanced answers, but that is what I'd try first.

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I just purchased my Lenovo G580 notebook. As usual and as I make to my any computer, I added 5 partitions because 2 partitions are not sufficient for me. Later on, I had to use the recovery option for some reason and to test, but when I was booting by recovery button, it said the recovery partition is damaged  (not the exact wording) not the exact wording but similar words) and it did not recover. I started the notebook again and launched one button recovery on Windows. I selected "backup" , it said it can not backup on this laptop. I thought I deleted the recovery partition but after some research I found there is a hidden partition named pbr.dr as the last partition, starting with symbol "*" , and it is a GPT unused partition. So it was there and I thought may be the contents were deleted - but explored inside and it is not deleted? How can I reactivate and make reuseful this partition?

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My Dell XPS 17-L702X is no longer booting. I get Error 0xc00000e9 when I try to boot. It has been upgraded from the pre-installed Windows 7 Premium to Windows 10. When I tried the Windows 10 system reset it got as far as about 5% then abandoned itself.
I have tried downloading a new Windows 7 ISO from the official Microsoft site (

Answer:Recovery partition damaged - how to obtain new Windows media?

Sounds like a bad hard drive is a strong possibility - power on,press F12 at boot into the Dell diagnostics.  Run an extended (2-3 hour) diagnostic on the hard drive -- if you  encounter any drive errors, replace the drive.
It is not necessary to install WIndows 7 -- you can install Windows 10 onto the system from scratch.
If you need the install media for 10,

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I have a Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 and its hard drive has been damaged, so I cannot recover the special partition (I've tried also with the 0-key bootup).

I haven't create a restore disk from windows 7 because nobody told me to do so!

I'd like to re-install my windows 7 licensed copy (at the moment I've installed an ubuntu linux).
How can I do?


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1T8 - How to install Win 7 if recovery partition is damaged

No way to recover a genuine Toshiba laptop? Is it true?

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I made a backup of some very important files by useing drag and drop. I formated the disk and draged the files onto the disk in explorer. I tested it when I did it and the files where on there. Now when i insert the disk, it shows that the space on the disk is taken up but when i open the disk in explorer it shows no files? I can use cd roller and isobuster and the files are readable, but i cannot afford 40 bucks for this one time use. I think i may have double clicked the dvd rw drive e: too early and it started to format the disk? What do i do?

I am on windows vista home premium.

Manufaturer cd\dvd +rw drive

dell inspiron desktop 530s

Answer:Damaged Data dvd recovery. Drag drop dvd shows used space but not files are showing!

Thanks again! Your Great

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I just lost a partition. It changed, something happened I cannot access my hard drive now.

I have used R-Studio data recovery in past and it has worked well for me. I was just wondering what other people out there think is the best data recovery software for a lost or changed partition?


Answer:Best data recovery partition for a partition loss?

Maxtor External HDD Unallocated?

I answered this question here.


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I just lost a partition. It changed, something happened I cannot access my hard drive now.

I have used R-Studio data recovery in past and it has worked well for me. I was just wondering what other people out there think is the best data recovery software for a lost or changed partition?


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can i know which software i can use to recover a partition that i unfortunately deleted but i have not formatted my the drive having that lost partition and it still has very imprtant data that i would wish to recover.if you can direct me to a software that i can download so as i can recover the partition or the filed that were in that partition for that matter.thanks./Godbless Paul

Answer:partition and data recovery

You should find one here, courtesy of herePlease Green-tick your other Thread, otherwise confusion will reign! One Thread for One Subject!

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wasn't sure where to put this thread. Is there anyway to recover a partition and data on the partition if the partition was deleted. Then the drive was partitioned again and data was written to the drive. I have a copy of Hiren's 9.5 does that have any recovery tools that can help.
I would appreciate any help.

Answer:Data Recovery partition

I used GetDataBack with good recovery or my data but I break it out as soon as its needed. The writing to the hard drive before you attempt a restore can cause a lot of data loss. Heres the link..........

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Hi, I want to know about the data and partition recovery from my hard disk. Actually, I was trying to recover data from my SD card but mistakenly, the logical partitions got lost and remained as unallocated, only C:/ drive was available. After that, I tried to create partitions from unallocated drive. Yes, i did it. But now question is will  I be able to recovery the data which was lost from earlier partition. Please help me with the proper solution beacause I have lost important documents and files.   

Answer:Data and partition recovery

Hi,You will need data rcovery program and will have to run it in deep scan or surface scan and the programs will probably recover files which are from well known formats. (This necessary because by creating partitions you have formatted the drive) There are many freeware programs which will probably achieve this, look out that many say they are free and after scanning will only let you recover a certain amount of data. The surface scan can take a long time nad you can let it run a whole night.Here is a site I was just looking at which talks about these programs: I would try Pandora from, what I was reading, it has the ability to perform surface scan and recognize files. Install it on c: drive and recover data to an external hard drive since if you recover to your partitions it will overwrite the data on it and will no longer be recoverable.There are also some good paid versions of software. Let me know if you need further help,David

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It's a long story, but hear me out.

So one day, while fixing my friend's PC, I asked him to lend me his external HD to backup his files from the PC. While trying to use the external HD (all plugged in), it detected it but did not show in the My Computer section. After researching a bit on the Internet, I were to go to Computer Management and initialize the disk. And so I did, thinking it wasn't harmless or anything.

And that's where the problem kicks in.

After initializing it, and heading to the drive, it asks me to format the HD. Apparently, my friend said that his sister's files (portfolios...) are in the HD so we tried plugging back in her sister's Mac laptop and it did not initialize the HD properly. Tried to repair and failed. I began to panic, so I rushed back home to find any solution into getting the data back.

I've tried a few data recovery programs, and some of them did the trick. HOWEVER, certain files are found corrupted (ex. .avi, .mp4, .mov files not opening properly), some .jpeg files contain grey/green areas, distorted images (corrupted?), and so forth. Is there any chance I can fix these files or is it impossible to fix it? The data recovery programs tell me it's the hard drive's problem (bad sectors, etc.), so is it possible to undo the 'initializing' I did from the very beginning? Should I use some programs to recover the bad sectors and try using the data recovery program again?

I feel really bad for my friend's sister, since she literally c... Read more

Answer:Partition/Data Recovery Problem

you should have use erd commander 2005. I have use recovery programs that had a history of corrupting data. erd never failed me

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Hi, I am using T500 with Vista Business 32bit. I found out that I can switch to Vista Business 64bit using the same license key. Is there any program that I can change the recovery partition with? I would like to replace Vista 32bit with Lenovo soft for new 64bit version. I tried to ask on our czech forum, searching lenovo pages and asking lenovo czech tech support, but no response.            Thanks Jakub

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i brought ideapad Z570, apparently the main (OS) drive was around 652 GB, while the other drive (backup drive) was 30 Gb approx... I recreated partitions (without affecting partition structure table and boot partition and hidden partition) to get around 200 GB three drives a 30GB partition. But OKR recreates all those partition back to two and deletes all the info on other drives too.Is it possible to edit the info of hidden partition data so that it creates multiple drives and format only one drive (system drive) without recreating all the partition(Editing /OKRBACKUP/factory/MBR.okr file or any other files too) By this, we can create multiple partition, OKR will still work and the data on other drives will be saved too, meaning a customised one key recovery feature...

Answer:modifying the one key recovery partition data

You say it recreated the partitions back to the original format? Did you boot of factory discs to do this or just restore from the hidden partition?There are some other discussions on this subject In my case OKR left my newly created partition (created after shrinking the OS volume) alone, but it wiped the contents.As for modifying the behaviour of OKR in this respect... I have no idea, maybe but I doubt you can modify the contents of the *.okr files to achieve this easily if at all, though.

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

Answer:HDD Data Recovery from lost partition

After 2 installations, you are wasting your time trying to recover anything. It is all gone. Hopefully, you had everything backed up, right?

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hi,guys. I got a problem now, I install a free software a week ago, then when login the windows, always had a babylon 9 advertisement pop up at the right coner of the screen, so i use the anti -malware to remove it ,unfortunately it didn't workeven worse I lost the total data of q recovery  partition, my questions are how to remove the disturbing ad.  and how to back up the system.   thanks    

Answer:Lost data from recovery partition

First, some info:What anti-malware program are you using?Also, did you create restore disks when you first used the system?What free software did you download and install (the name of the program that keeps creating the ad)?I'm assuming that 'Q:' just doesn't show up in 'Computer', correct?Can you tell me what happens when you go into Start>Search for 'Computer Management'>Storage>Disk Management? Do you see 3 blue boxes in total, and is one of them labeled 'Lenovo Recovery'?Finally, what version of Windows are you using, and on what kind of Thinkpad?

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

Answer:Data Recovery from lost Partition

Do not double-post.

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I am having a problem with my 400GB HDD not displaying correctly - it displays as 127GB - in a new install of Windows XP on a seperate drive.

My original setup was as follows:

* 400GB SATA HDD with Windows XP as the Operating System plus Data - Single Partition - NTFS.
* 300GB SATA HDD with purely data - Single Partition - NTFS.

I bought a new HDD today (SATA 320GB) and installed it in the PC. The original XP install saw it was installed and offered formatting options from Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management - no formatting options were taken.

I then installed Windows XP (non-SP2 install, SP2 has been installed afterwards along with Video Card and Motherboard drivers) to the new HDD without removing the old drives first.

The current state of the HDD are as follows:

* 300GB with purely data made it through unscathed and has all the data on it and is detected by the new install.
* 400GB drive is now showing as an unformatted 127GB drive under Windows XP.
* 320GB drive that Windows XP was newly installed to is also showing as 127GB but is formatted (NTFS) and has Windows XP installed - this I understand can be resized, but would prefer to get the data from the 400GB back before doing anything.

I've loaded an Ubuntu LiveCD and gnome partition manager shows the space on the 400GB HDD as unallocated, the 320GB having an NTFS partition of 127GB and the 300GB as NTFS (Full, as it should be showing).

I am unsure right now if all the ... Read more

Answer:Data/Partition Recovery (NTFS)

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I was given a laptop recently with the task of saving some files from the hard drive. The laptop won't boot, so I connected the drive to my computer via an eSATA dock. It shows up as RAW. When I run a partition repair tool, such as Partition Wizard, it correctly identifies the drive's capacity and amount of data. The drive is given a letter and shown that it is NTFS, however, when I try to access the drive from Explorer, I get the prompt to format it.

So, would something like Recuva work to access the files, or do I need something more "intense"?

Answer:Data Recovery from missing partition

Hi DeaconFrost,

Why not try TestDisk? It may be able to rewrite the partition table if it can find.
I have only run a mock trial here Regain a lost drive using Test Disk - An Illustrated Guide ( deleting the partition table from a working drive and then successfully rewriting it with TestDisk).

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Bought an ASUS UL30A laptop a few years ago with Windows 7 OEM. There is no drive for CD's or DVD's and I do not have an external optical drive. The default setup is 485GB worth of space on the SATA for the OS and a 15GB recovery partition.
Over time I noticed that some programs (or portions of them anyway) were showing up in the recovery partition and if memory serves me, almost the entire 15GB of space on that partition was used. Now when I click on properties of the Recovery partition it shows that only 107MB of space is used and 14.8GB is free space. I have absolutely no idea what happened to all of the 'programs' and other data that was on that partition but it's as if that partition was formatted (which I did not do).
My basic question is this: This OEM notebook with no recovery discs and no way of playing them has 107MB of data and it's for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. One other .exe (SIW.exe) is in a Programs folder, but that's it. I run CCleaner every week just to get rid of cookies, clean the cache of the browsers, etc., but that's it. No program runs on a maintenance schedule and am at a complete loss as to what happened to that recovery partition (nothing was lost on the partition that contains the OS). Any ideas on what MAY have happened and is there anything I can do to get the Recovery OS data back? Though I do not have discs, I do have the following info from small keyfinder program:

I'd really appreciate some solid ideas on the best approach at... Read more

Answer:Possible loss of data on Recovery Partition

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder... didn't find the key for reinstall!! The product key is on a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) sticker on laptop. Please find it.... and don't post it!

Why didn't you make a recovery drive on usb stick?

You don't need the recovery partition at all! You only need a valid product key. Clean Install Windows 7

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The HDD died one morning for what seemed to be no reason. I sent the drive out and had most of my data recovered including the recovery partition. I purchased a used but good HDD as a replacement and am trying to restore the system. I have tried several ways but cannot get the system to recognize the recovery enviroment to start. I believe the original system was either Windows 8 or 8.1. I have a Windows 8.1 full install dvd and tried installing Windows and doing a recovery that way but no luck. I know the HDD is good because I was able to install and use Windows 8.1. I put the data from the recovery partition on a usb but could not get that to boot. I used diskpart to create a system reserved partition and a Windows partition and put the recovery data on the active system reserved partition. The computer boots to recovery but with error code: 0xc000000f. A required device isn't connected and can't be accessed. I found someone said to rename the winUCRD.wim file to winre.wim so I tried that on the usb and on the HDD. It looks like it is going to boot on the HDD but comes up with a message that says "You are not able to restore this system with the media". I downloaded the Windows ADK and am thinking I might need to extract files from all the .wim files but there must be an easer way. Does anyone know how to get this data from the recovery partition to start the HP recovery environment? Do I need to extract the winre.wim file or something? I am a ... Read more

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Hi, I have recently had a virus attack, admin rights stolen, etc... Had help getting the system back. Does anyone know of a way to retrieve files behind the recovery partition? The hacker installed themselves as admin, and the recovery locked up the files due to some sort of HP Password protection? System is 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium HP Pavilion.

Thanks in advance...

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Hello. I'm going to go ahead and appologize if I'm a bit unclear anywhere in this post as I'm not 100% certain how to phrase what happened. Also if this isn't in the proper forum.
A few days ago I got the following alerts from avast.
3/4/2010 9:22:41 PM 1267755761 SYSTEM 1216 Sign of "Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk]" has been found in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\Npfs.SYS" file.
3/4/2010 9:23:08 PM 1267755788 SYSTEM 1216 Sign of "Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk]" has been found in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ALCXWDM.SYS" file.
I clicked delete when they popped up and proceeded to attempt to restart my computer in safe mode to run mbam to get rid of an "antivirus" program that installed itself on my computer. When I tried to restart though I kept getting an "Invalid form id" error and had to do a system recovery. It allowed me to keep all of my old information in a seperate partition of my harddrive though and make a new partition labeled "recovery". My question is, is there any way for me to fix the problem on the old partition and allow me to access all of my old information again? Also after I do that is there a way I can delete the new partition?

Answer:Data and partition recovery issues

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Hello every one. Im new to this site. I just need help asap. I was reinstalling my OS and the hard drive had 2 partition. When doing the installation it was created in another partition D: and the other partition (were i had all my data) was C:. So I changed it the letter path accidently thinking it was my other hard drive. So my X: drive were all my data was got created as an extended partition. I NEED A WAY do retreave my data. I have removed it and put it on a external drive and it tells me to format. I need help please....!!!

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I used fixboot and change the partition to FAT12 by accident. I'm trying to switch this back. I've tried Partition Table Doctor, R-Studio, and i'm trying TestDisk right now. Anyone have advice. If I can't fix it I need good data recovery software. Can anyone recommend any? Freeware of course.

Answer:Fix partition boot sector/data recovery

Here are some ideas:

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Apparently with some careless formatting of the harddrive, the lenovo recovery partition Q and the S partitions are gone. (I noticed it since I see those partitions on my thinkpad w700 but it is nowhere to be found on the T Series. I was wondering if it was possible to regain the information for the recovery if i was within warrenty...would it be possible to have lenovo ship out some cds so i can regain those stuff?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Is it possible to get a Recovery Partition S and Q Data Again from US Tech Support

You'll have to purchase a restore set from Lenovo if you never burned the restore discs. If you burned a restore disk set all you need to do is restore the system from them and those partitions will be recreated.

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I have a problem with a hard drive. I think the partition info has been corrupted or over written. It was a dual partitioned hard drive (approx 80/120 on a 200G drive NTFS)Is there any free software I can try to see if it sorts my problem.Failing that is there any (cheaper) software that will sort me out. I've just had a play with partition doctor and it can see my files on the first partition (the important ones) so I might buy that if I have to.I did try the software on this months cover disc and it found some of the stuff off the 2nd partition but seems to be corrupting alot of it in the saving process. Thanks for any help.PS. I just had a play with R-Studio on the cover disk and that can see the 1st partition as well.

Answer:Any free partition or data recovery software?

Have a look at Testdisk its a Dos Based Program in which will get your drives here

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I purchased a new Motherboard to upgrade my computer and new SSD drive. I installed Windows 7 again on my new SSD. I had a 3TB Seagate Drive that had 3 partitions. One partition had Windows 7 and system files. The other two had data. Now, one of my data partitions shows as Unallocated. The old Windows 7 partition is totally accessible as well as one data partition. I need to recover the data on the drive from the unallocated partition. I've tried Seatools and EaseUs partition tool. I'm going to try DiscInternals next.

Does anyone have suggestions on recovering a partition that is now unallocated? I imagine the data is still there but the partition isn't being recognized by Windows 7.


Answer:Lost Partition - Now Unallocated - Data Recovery

Try a simple partition undelete using Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

If that doesn't work try data recovery software.

Your data should always be backed up externally or to the cloud, using a modern method like Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums

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I have a friends laptop (a Satellite Pro) which fails to boot into Vista (even in safe mode) with a blue screen. I have tried booting off my own Vista CD to attempt a windows repair, but even that results in the same blue screen. To cut a long story short, I want to resort back to factory default, but the recovery CDs were never created.

I can access the drive contents (both the C drive and the data partition) by booting off a linux live CD. Is there any way I can copy the files oft the data partition, and create a recovery CD/DVD using these file?

Many thanks

Answer:Can I create recovery CD from data partition manually?

> Is there any way I can copy the files oft the data partition, and create a recovery CD/DVD using these file?
No. You cannot do this. What you can do now is to order original recovery disc from Toshiba.
Sorry but there is nothing you can do about it.

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Well, I've gotten myself into quite a pickle, let's just say me and my PC haven't been getting along very well lately . In the last 2 weeks I've successfully fought off a nasty CWS infection, subsequently upgraded to XP SP2 and all the latest patches, and now this. I was using the machine yesterday morning, and it was exceedingly sluggish. Task Manager showed that TurboTax which I'd left running wasn't responding. I repeatedly attempted to close TT, and 2 minutes later it finally closed. Instead of rebooting immediately, I went to IE to browse the web. A few minutes later the machine came screeching to a halt. No BSOD, just frozen. After several minutes of messing around and making nothing happen (CTRL+ALT+DEL did nothing, ALT+F4 did nothing, couldn't open any menus, etc.) I resigned myself to using the reset button.

On the reboot, the machine started to load XP, then reset on its own back to the BIOS splash screen. I attempted to reboot normally, same thing. Last known good configuration, same thing. Safe Mode, same thing. So, XP is hosed.

I loaded the System Recovery console and started looking around. Dir reports a problem enumerating directories on C:/. Chkdisk reports there are errors it can't fix. I ran Fixboot and it said it couldn't determine the current partition type. I started the diskpart utility and it sees a partition, but of uknown type and no data.

So obviously, the partition and possible the whole file allocati... Read more

Answer:corrupt partition - data recovery suggestions?

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This is a life-destroying moment for me. I have a 2TB External Hard drive, with 2 partitions. The first one is 50 MB (actually ~48.5MB) UDF containing setup files for veracrypt and truecrypt, and keyfiles. The second partition is a Veracrypt-encrypted partition of size 1.8TB, which was quick formatted by Veracrypt. The drive was GUID -based, and the first partition was made an OEM partition using Diskpart and the second one an EFI partition in order to prevent accidental formatting by the system. However, a sudden accidental right click has pasted this script in diskpart and ran it before I could halt it. Diskpart doesn't even ask for confirmation before cleaning a drive.

select disk 0
convert gpt
create partition primary size=300
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"
assign letter="T"
The new partition has a 300MB partition called Windows RE tools, and the rest is unallocated. I assigned a letter to the unallocated drive without formatting, hence it's a RAW partition, but Veracrypt couldn't open it. Is there any way to recover the previous data. It is extremely important for me and my job depends on it. The disk containing the backup of the data crashed last week and I had sent it to RMA. Hence I'm left with no backups.

I have opened the disk using WINHEX and I have seen the contents of the 50MB UDF partition, the keyfiles and the setup files. They are intact. Then there is a whole lot of gibberish, which I believe ... Read more

Answer:Data Recovery after Diskpart cleaned and created new partition

UDF, GPT, veracrypt - Plus you ran diskpart clean. All too complicated.

Anyway, post a screenshot of your external drive in Windows Disk Management.(Please remove all other external storage devices.)

Also a screenshot of how Minitools Partition Wizard sees it.

Third run the Partition Recovery Wizard on the external drive, do a Quick Scan. Let Quick scan complete.Post a screenshot of the Partitions shown. (See my post here for reference Raid 5 became unallocated.)

Once you have snapped it, click on Cancel and close the Partition Wizard.

Let us see whether at all we can see any light at the end of the tunnel.

You said using WinHex you were able to see the contents of the UDF partition.Are you sure that all the data in the full 50MB are intact? Even if part of that partition at the beginning has been zeroed by diskpart clean I would think that even if we manage to recover the gibberish data in the other partition,it cannot be decrypted.

Post these three screenshots. Even if not me, some other member with more insight on veracrypt may chip in with some ideas.

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See what happened was....

I was getting ready to migrate to a much smaller SSD; as I've done a few times, I shrunk the main OS partition and a secondary data partition and shifted everything "left" with gparted. On next boot, which I do to let it figure out what is where and ditch the "dirty" flag, it did a chkdsk, which is normal (right? it is on 7, which I use most of the time), but it just ran a zillion messages about deleting index for file [insert file name here]. It then switched off to finish a reboot and never woke up. The partition table's all messed up now from it trying to fix itself, and honestly, it's not my computer, so trying to get her drive back whole is key here. It's GPT partitioned and a spin drive, so hopefully recoverable? Ideas? The method I tried worked about 6 times before, but on Win7 and Linux setups...

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is it safe to delete data from my recovery partition which I don't want to regain space on that partition? i want to regain some hundred mbs on this partition to backup my os and other important things - can i do this? or can't my recovery partition be modified?

Answer:Solved: is deleting data from recovery partition safe?

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I have a disk with 2 partictions. Recently my system would not recognise either one of them. However I have got lucky and XP home is able to read from one of these 2 partitioned drives. However when copying some files from this drive I get message - Data error :Cyclic redundancy check. But this is only sometimes and I have been able to copy most of my data off this drive.

My big problem is that the second partition is unaccesible. Xp recognises this drive as as drive G: but it is unable to read it.

Just for info when booting I get a Master File Table error.

Can anyone recomend any software tools to recover my data. Would really really be a huge help.


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So is the data on D safe if I use recovery?


Answer:Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using recovery erase data on D partition?


From my knowledge using Recovery Disk would format the whole HDD and all partitions would be created again during this process.
This means that your data on D partition is not safe.

But from my experience the usage of HDD recover would format only the system (C) partition? not quite sure if this applies to all the Toshiba notebooks so possibly you should test this first time? in such case would recommend backup the data in case D partition would be erased.

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I installed the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 update and now the laptop will not load.
I have a partitioned hard drive and will have to use the product restore disk.

I have a lot of photos and things on the second part of the hard drive.
I want to know if I use the restore disk will it delete the imformaton on the second hard drive or just the first?

Thank you

Answer:Equium A100-027: Does recovery disk delete data from second partition?


The Recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will also erase all the partitions created on the HDD!
This means that you will lose your pictures and all the data stored on the HDD.

Therefore you should backup the data before using the recovery disk!


PS: Its not needed to create more postings about the same theme ;)

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1st time forum poster so be gentle please!

My mum has just brought a Toshiba laptop and it's pretty decent to be fair. Taking a quick look at it though i noticed the recovery partition (that comes with most laptops now) is labelled "D:/Data and is 232GB in size. Seems a bit on the large side for me and wondering if it is incorrect?

Have got a screenshot and if someone could confirm either way i'd be most grateful. Can i attach screenshots?

Thanks in advance


Message was edited by: Rzoo89

Answer:Satellite C660-195 - recovery partition labelled "D:/Data" and seems large

Please see the screenshot -

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My niece asked me to re-install her Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop, because the windows installation is rather buggy. She didn't have a recovery disk. Using Toshiba's Recovery Disk Creator I tried creating a recovery disk.

However, the program wouldn't start. Checking the directory of the program, it would seem that the program simply isn't there. Afterwards, I checked the data partition of the laptop.

There was a map with HDD recovery. However when using Windows' advanced boot (F8 before Windows startup) there was no choice of repairing the notebook. They only choices were the standard windows options (Save mode, normal start, etc.).

In short, it seems impossible to re-install the notebook with the current information at hand.
What would be the next course of action? Is it possible to order a recovery CD from Toshiba?

Another niece has the same notebook, would it be possible to use that notebook to create a recovery disk?

I'll appreciate and look forward to your reactions.

Answer:Recovery disk Creator & data partition won't work - Satellite L300


It looks like something has been changed on the HDD?
However, fact is you?ve no Recovery disk and you cannot use HDD recovery option.

This means you need to order a new Recovery disk from Toshiba.

You can do this here:

PS: one tip? if you would use a search option of this forum, you would find the right answer too ;)

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Hi everyone, I know this must sound like a real stupid title, but please bear with me for a moment: Having wiped my R50p clean with the "Access IBM" button, I noticed that I only had a C drive with 20 GB of which much was in use. In Windows XP Disk Manager I saw that there was a whopping 55 GB on a hidden partition that I only had the option of to "remove", not to activate or anything else. Realising that this was the hidden partition with the IBM restore files, I was hesitant to take any action. After doing some research on several forums I found that the recovery part should only take up 20 GB, which corresponded somewhat to the fact that Disk Manager showed 42 GB of 55 GB to be "free" (if only I could use the free space!). In order to access those magnificent 42 free GBs on the 55 GB hidden partition, I first created a ThinkVantage recovery disc (strangely it was only one CD-R) and disabled IBM Predesktop Area in the BIOS. As a result, I proceeded with deleting the 55 GB partition and it became unallocated space, therefore allowing me to make it a new partition and assign a drive letter (in this case D), doing a "quick format (NTFS)" in order to be able to use the space available, and finally giving me the full 55 GB. Since I had preferred to leave the recovery files on the hidden partition, but had no idea how to access the useful other 42 GBs, I followed the abovementioned procedure. Now my question is whether it's possible to recreate another hidden parti... Read more

Answer:?? Restore Recovery Partition with Recovery Disc after deleting Recovery Partition

pvanedan, welcome to the forum, after reading your post several times I think I understand your situation as it is now. The answer is as follows; which you may not like sorry  You have successfully deleted the recovery partition in order to gain more space, that's the good news  The cd you have created is only a boot cd and not a recovery cd, this would be used to boot your ThinkPad and access a recovery backup which is stored on another hard drive, cd/dvds or over network. It alone is not able to recreate the recovery partition which you no longer have, that's the bad news  I would suggest backing up your files regularly and using an appropriate imaging software to backup your installation. Edit: What I don't understand is; why 55GB? The partition should have been around 4GB, maybe it was full of backups??Message Edited by andyP on 07-03-2008 07:30 PM

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Hello to Lenovo support(and community)! My laptop: Lenovo G560 (I have noticed some variable specification) I have bought G560 and it came with around 500GB hard disk;partition C: 420-430GB which is for application software, operating system, and user documents.partition D: 30GB for OneKey system reocvery and needed files, perhaps for factory restore.and two more partitions but they are invisible and only found them by running disk management. Now the problem is that I have my files(documents), app software and operating system on the same partition and I want to have only the operating system on C and have app and documents on another partition OR have a new 200-300GB(taken from C) for backups partition.**I know it is not recommended to have backups on the same hard disk, but this is a temporary solution. How can I shrink C to have unallocated space and use it to create a new partition(or more) without corrupting the D OneKey Recovery partition?   Thanks for supporting your customers!!!  

Answer:OneKey System, Recovery partition, need repartition. Will it corrupt recovery partition?

Hello OLL98, welcome to Lenovo forums!
You can´t use Onekey Recovery anymore if you change the partitions.
So please create your recovery media before, messing up with the partitions. My 2 cents.

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My computer came with one great big partition, with XP Home installed on it. For four months all my data got stored on that same partition. Then I got partition magic, and decided to make a separate partition for all my files. This turned out to be too small, after I'd transfered all my music, plus my work files to it. I then tried to repartition the drive, taking most of the spare space from the XP drive and giving it to the data drive.
Just as it started to widen the Data drive, and after shrinking the XP drive, it crashed. Now XP doesn't boot, and my data partition is corrupted too.
I've been daft and so have no backup of my data, and no partition magic back-up floppies. Is there anyway I can get the data back?

If it's any help, Ubuntu is also on the laptop, and working fine.

Answer:Partition Magic 8 has corrupted Windows partition and Data partition

Do you have the installation CD? If so, "BART PE" may be the solution. I have used it with success. Here is the link:


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Question: Damaged Partition

I am running Windows XP on a 300GB HD. About 10GB of it is partitioned where I store some files. The rest of it is the parition where Windows XP is installed and almost everything else is stored. For some reason the larger partition (where XP is installed) became damaged. I connected it to my laptop using a IDE to USB adapted in order to try and backup some data before I try anything, but I get that the XP partition cann't be accessed. The 10GB parition is fine, I was able to get into there and backup my data with no problem, but the XP partition is giving me problems. I really need help.

Answer:Damaged Partition

I found PC Inspector to be a very good use when I needed to recovery my corrupted flash drive. Its free as well!

Also, please noticed the website is in german (I belive?) so I just guessed around till I found the right location.

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I am working on a friend's hp laptop that had a lot of viruses.  I ran recovery console and it would't save the data so I had to do a clean install.  I ran power data recovery and saved the data.  How can I restore the saved data to the original locations?  Thanks for any help.  Greatly appreciated.

Answer:Had to use data recovery because recovery console wouldn't save data

Where did you save the data and did you test the saved data before doing the clean install?

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the cd has afew marks on it from someone setting something on it i bought a $14 Memorex OptiFix Pro (it cleans cd's and can also fix them) well it worked alittle but still am unable to get some data i need off it is there any kind of software i can download that will get it off without freezing up on me and is there something around the house i could use on it to make my pc beable to read it so i can get it off and burn it to another cd

is there any software i can download that will work with my dvd rom or cd-rw to get it off?
sony 16x dvd-rom
LiteOn 52x32x52x cd-rw

Answer:how do i get data off a damaged cd?


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Not mine, it is a friends computer. She bought it in early October 2007.  I believe the warranty has expired. I cannot check because the warranty check does not work with the number on the unit.The machine locked up while she was on line. It never rebooted.I booted a recovery CD which did not seem to see the C: drive.I used the Thinkpad button to get into the thinkpad recovery program.  It shows some "scheduled" backups.  The most recent a month ago. Does scheduled mean actually created? I don't know.I didn't see any option to actually look at the C: drive.I don't know where that list comes from.  Any backups would have to be to a hidden partition.  I booted a Partition Magic disk.Partition Magic shows 1 Partiton but reports an error. but no other partiton.Does the Thinkpad Recovery program actually have access to the backup partition?I don't want to try running a restore, because there is no full backup in existence. I hope to access the partition to make a backup.I don't see any option to recover the partition information.Is there something I am missing. If the Thinkpad Recover program cannot fix this, is there a utility out there that will?The error from boot says to use the windows install disk (not avialable) and select repair your computer.  It does not say what it would do.It also says Status Oxc000000fInfo. the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.The message is not always the same.  Other times it referrs ... Read more

Answer:T61 damaged Partition table

Hello, yes, you can try the windows repair function, your data will be untouched.But I would recommend, to do a back up first. Please download a Linux Live cd like Knoppix.Boot with it and make your back up, you´ll get full hdd access. If the boot fails, the possibility of a hardware defect is high. Message Edited by Agotthelf on 25-10-2008 07:25 AM

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Hi all,

It happened all at once, I restarted my asus K52E with windows 7 x64 and a black page with a blinking underscore was shown, indicating a damaged mbr.

The recovery partition is not accessible. I tried all the Win7 mbr recovery (with the command prompt of the win7 installation disk) but didn't work
Moreover, I'm afraid of my data partition, because this one is the only not readable by the ubuntu live cd. I post here my HD partitions:
ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

I explain:
dev/sda1 is the asus recovery partition (cannot access it)
dev/sda2 (C:\), is the ntfs win7 installation partition
dev/sda5, is the ntfs data partition (I WANT TO RECOVER)

please, how can I access the sda5 partition or boot my pc without hurting the files in the data partition ?
Do you know any bootable SW?

thank you,


Answer:MBR damaged, partition unknown

Follow these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot - Windows 7 Forums

Did you have GRUB bootloader on the HD? This can corrupt Win7 beyond repair.

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My laptop HDD stopped appearing. Definitely physical damage. I had a partition that was encrypted and I haven't accessed it in long enough that I don't recall the password. I would have to try many things. I couldn't get a straight answer from the specialist I talked to on this: if the sectors on that partition weren't damaged, will he be able to give me a cloned image of it? Seems like a straightforward question to me; I know it depends on the damage, but this should theoretically work, right? He just kept saying he can give me all the folders with the files from the disk.
Thanks for any and all info!

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A friend brought over a hard drive from a damaged laptop. I put it in an enclosure and connected it to my computer. The drive spins up but is not recognized by Windows. Disk Management sees the partition and says it is not initialized, but when I tell it to initialize it, it says "the device is not ready".

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, in its Recover Partition function, simply does not see the drive.

Any ideas what else I might try?


Answer:Recover damaged partition

Try using EaseUS Partition Master and see if the program recognizes the device.
EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition - Official Website
EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition - CNET

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Hi guys,

I have a HDD in which the drive is partitioned into two areas, "recovery", which is fine and accessable via a USB caddy, and the other main partition (not named but will assign a drive letter) which is non-accessable. If i try to open it windows advises that it needs to be formated ect.
So am i correct in assuming it may be the partition which is damaed and if so can anyone recomend a good, preferably free tool/software which will repair/fix the issue?

Been looking at partition magic but for a one off job i would prefer the free option

Many thanks

Answer:Solved: partition damaged??

Try Test Disk

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so I recently installed Win 7 OEM from DVD as the only running OS on my notebook after I messed around with shrinking the windows partiton on Win 8.
But when I try to install Linux now as 2nd OS, it shows me, that all of my HDD space is unallocated, although WIn7 is installed. Gparted live says the same, so almost certainly my partition table is damaged. Gparted tells me that the partition table "has GPT signatures but is corrupted" or something like this. If I click on "information" I dont get any warnings/errors like mentioned here:
So what would be the best way to get that right again? Thanks

Answer:Damaged partition table

See this. Run Fixparts. Hopefully it works for you. Remember to backup your partition table. You can use your Linux install disk to do it. I would also back up any important data you have on the Windows partition.
Another option would be to delete all partitions and reinstall Windows 7 letting it partition and format the drive as a MBR disk. Shrink the the partition with Gparted and then install Linux.
Was there any reason you decided to get rid of Win8?

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Hi, burnt a dvd+r with nero as a data dvd+r last year. now when i insert the disc, explorer states "please insert disc"...I've tried numerous dvd recovery softwares from a google search and all bring up as disc / drive not ready...ISO Buster brings the disc up as blank so i think now the toc is damaged...Anyone help with recovering the data from this dvd+r as it's old family footage that i archived last year and don't want to lose it...thanks in advance...

Answer:recover toc or data from damaged dvd+r...

This is goodclick here

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I have used so many tools to recover
but some tools are too slow like they want weeks and some get stuck

I need a tool to rcover the data it has memories pics...

Its ok if a lil portion cannot be recovered but atleast the ok portion

Should not get stuck because of bad sectors.

Answer:Recover data from damaged cd\dvd

Check out this page, it might help. It is good software.

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I was adding more data to a DVD & something screwed up - the DVD is now damaged - and I cant access anything on it.
Is there anything I can do to recover the info?

Thnx in advance.

Answer:Recovering data from a damaged DVD...?

One of the reasons to stay away from multi-session burning!

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I've got a maxtor hd which the system currently does not recognize.
I've set it up as a slave drive hoping to check what info is on the drive. (BIOS set to auto.. but when the drive is attached .. and reboots.. the system craps out.)

It truly is defective and I've got a replacement (warranty) on the way from maxtor.

Is the any way of recovering the data off this HD?
(I'm probably SOL any way... But.. I know some data recover services exist and I want to know how they do it.)

Directions appreciated.

Answer:How to recover data from damaged HD??

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I have a damaged Hard Drive. Well, it's not mine it's a client's and he wanted me to see if I could retrieve the data from it before he spent the big money to send it out to a data recovery place.

The disk is physically damaged as the tower was dropped. It makes a clicking sound when you boot up and it freezes at the Vista splash screen.

I have done some data recovery on fried disks but never one that had any physical damage. I have a SATA to USB adapter so I hooked that up the damaged drive. My machine is XP and when I connect the USB cable it does its thing and says that the drive is ready to use.

However, it doesn't show up in My Computer. It does show up under DIsk Management but and says it is a healthy FAT system but no drive letter is assigned.

Should I try to initialize the disk or run chkdsk to see if that fixes the problem or should I just let it alone and have him send it out to a data recovery place. I don't want to make the data any harder to recover than need be.

Answer:damaged HD, retreive data?

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A friend with XP Pro had the OS go bad. It would only start to load and then say the needed files were damage or missing. I removed the hard drive and read it on another XP machine but could find no data (pictures) anywhere under “Documents and Settings” or anyplace else. So I reinstalled XP Pro to the c:\windows directory and it works fine, but can still find no data.

Is the data being hidden? How can I get it back?

Answer:OS damaged, trying to get data back

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Hi friends I am in deeeeeeeep trouble.I was using Win98 and i upgraded it with WinXP Prof.After installation my few files were damaged which are very very important.One file is Excel file named chart.xls.when i try to open this file following message is displayed.
"Chart.xls could not be found.Check Spelling of file name and verify that file location is correct.Make sure fiel has not been renamed,moved or deleted.".
And second file is of Microsoft access having name data.This file partially open but when i clicks on one of the option it gives message
"data.mdb is missing"
I think it is data file which is conencted with main file.
How can i recover these both files.These were working perfectly all right in Win 98 and all this happende after installtion which should not happen.What i think that XP has overlaped these files.Will deleting Xp and again installing 98 can retrive my files.Please givew me suggestion.
I am very upset.
Bye Moon.

Answer:XP has damaged my data file??

Sorry to hear that you lost some files, but before you do any upgrades or clean installs you should always backup your important files.

Could you see the icons of the spreedsheets???

If you could there is still hope of recovering your files. But if you unistall Xp you will lose everything.

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I've been using TrueCrypt 7.0a to encrypt the partitions on my external and internal hard drives for quite some time now. In fact, because I had no other available space, I copied a disc iso to one such partition just last night.
This morning, however, when I try to mount and access that partition, Windows won't recognize the mounted partition, and when I run "repair filesystem" from within TrueCrypt -- the equivalent of running chkdsk from a command prompt, I get:

Corrupt master file table. Windows will attempt to recover
master file table from disk.

After a lengthy wait (it IS a 250GB partition), it returns the message I least want to hear:

Windows cannot recover master file table. CHKDSK aborted.

Can anyone advise me as to another way to try to recover/repair the MFT so that I can access my data?

Answer:Cannot recover damaged MFT on a TrueCrypt partition

Is the drive healthy? Have you gotten help on any Truecrypt related forums?

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Big problem here, I turned off my computer and when I turned it back on, Windows wouldnt start. I put in my recovery CD and it said
"Operating system: Unknown on (Unknown) Local Disk"

Then i went into the command prompt and put "diskpart", then "list disk", and it shows up like this:

DISKPART> list disk

DISK ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
--------- -------- ------ ----- --- ---
Disk 0 .. No Media 0 B 0 B
(sorry if it looks weird, this forum wont let me edit what I put above the way I want it to)

Will I have to get a new hard drive? Should I put "select disk 0" and then "clean"? Did I get infected by a virus?

Answer:Damaged Hard Drive/Partition

Hello and welcome KM mate before you do that do a sfc and chkdsk and if you can run these form the command prompt
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Disk Check

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I have a systemax (ascent) desktop os is XP..when running a rutine backup, power was interupted, several times I have done (factory restore) I am recieving message "Backup partition is missing or deleted" also "not reading drive J" Tech in a box along with factory installed software is gone and there is no sound. Machine freezes up and restarts frequently... can this be remedied? THANKS Charles

Answer:damaged/missing backup partition

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Without going into all thre gloomy detailks of the problems besetting my friend's PC Partition Magic hung during an operation to reduce the size of the C:\ drive and the entire disc cannot now be read i.e. Windows cannot load and the data cannot be read through another PC so that the data might be saved before r4einstalling Windows Any ideas how I might be able to get the data back, please?

Answer:Partition Magic damaged the C:\ drive

Have you tried an external caddy?

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I have a Lenovo Model H420 system Purchased 4/2012. It has had its issues along the way since I have had it for some time. this morning it did some updates, goes to restart and i get the message Invalid or damaged bootable partition. It  won't start and says it can not start so does these certain tests. I have done those tests numerous times and i still get the same message. Is it hopeless for me unless I get a repair job that will cost (maybe) about the same price as a new computer. Any suggestions or bits of information or even sorrow for me will be a very pleasant thing for me.Thank you so much 

Answer:"invalid or damaged bootable partition"

hi Debbie1346,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
It's possible that those updates that were installed corrupted a few system files that are needed to boot Windows, causing the invalid or damaged bootable partition error.
Things that you can try:
1. If you haven't created a recovery media using this methond, press F2 upon boot-up to run OneKey Recovery and restore Windows to its factory settings.
2. if Step 1 doesn't work, you will need to contact lenovo and order a recovery disc.
    - Support phone list
3. If you have the H420 that's preloaded with Win7 Home Premium SP1, try to create a bootable Win7 Home Premium SP1 installer (see this guide) and boot from it. If successful, press F10 to open a command prompt on the Win7 setup screen and run these commands:
- System File Checker
- MBR restore
If nothing works, reintall Win7 on top of your Win7 installation to do a repair install (note that you will need to re-install your programs) then activate Windows by phone.

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Okay, I had another post about this, but I decided I want to start a new thread as I've eliminated a great deal of things and feel i've narrowed this down to EFI boot partitions.  So here's the back drop on what caused it all. I had a perfectly fine working copy of windows10 dualbooted with Ubuntu. Both OS's worked just fine and I had no issues with rebooting. After updating to win10 everything was peachy, but there were some complications with grapchics drivers so I decided to do a clean install and just drop all of the old baggage, which did resolve THAT issue. However, when I did this, without thinking I just deleted ALL partitions and let windows installer recreate them. That included the efi boot partition. However, windows 10 must have done something wrong with the efi boot partition because after that I have not been able to do a proper restart from the OS. The issue persists through Ubuntu which I have installed alongside it. However! I can do a shutdown and power on just fine, and the issue ONLY happens when I attempt to reboot from an OS. I can restart from BIOS, and during the updates it will occasionally restart once, but consecutive restarts land me hanging at the ACER screen. I can hear the hdd park and it simply doesn't load the OS or the boot loader.  I feel I'm getting a little long winded, so I'll just mention what i've weeded out. Checked and tested Ram - Ram is OKUpdated Bios - Bios is fine (restarted just dandy during the process)Disabled f... Read more

Answer:Damaged or corrupted efi partition after windows 1...

I know this is really old now, but I figured I probably shouldn't keep starting new threads for the same problem. So, I've gone through all this and no change. Cleaned the disk as instructed, tried straight linux, using the recovery disk I created to restore it to as it was from the factory, and win10 again but no dice on this. It still will not reboot. But, I remembered something I did around the same time that I'd forgotten because it seemed really trivial. I was having issues with my wifi connection dropping quite frequently and suspected interference so since the factory card did not offer 5ghz band, I replaced it with an Intel Ultimate-N card that I had lying around from a previous laptop. Would that possibly mess up rebooting? I wouldn't think that'd interfere with it but... it's the last thing that could have changed. Though, the laptop is an AMD model. So, hmm I guess I can try to swap it back to the factory card, now.

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Now I can't boot from the harddrive at all,even after reinstallng windows.


I installed a new drive and since I need to test apps on multiple operating systems, I install several windows versions. I spend two weeks installing many windows versions, then updating and installing software on each, then before I was about to clone the drive to use on other systems, I installed ubuntu.

All was fine, I had Win 2000pro, win xp pro, 2k3 datacenter, and vista and seven in 32 and 64 bit versions, all living with ubuntu, until ubuntu asked to update from 11.04 to 11.10.

When done, the Grub2 bootloader would fail to load the win7 seven bootloader. After about 12hrs tryng to fix it, I decided to delete the ubuntu and use my windows disc to overwrite the grub bootloader. I did it successfully according to windows but it wouldn't load and nothin would boot.

I then try to reinstall Seven on the first partition, hoping it would at least boot that, and all seemed well during install, but as soon as it tried to boot from harddrive, nothin happened. I then tried to reinstall one of the WinXP versions, to let it overwrite the Seven boot loader, but the same problem, it's like something is stopping this partiton from booting. I didn't want to wipe the partition if I don'thave to, so I tried to use Gparted to resize and move it, making it partition2, and a fresh partition to instal win7 on, and hoped it would see and setup the booting of the other versions, but I couldn't e... Read more

Answer:ubuntu damaged my windows partition

All Linux code must be deleted using the CLEAN ALL command.As you have had linux on the HD you need do a Clean all & full format.

Type in command line

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I have a drive with two partitions. One of the partitions is damaged in some way. That partition contained programs that I could not fit onto my SSD. The other partition I believe is fine but I cannot access it easily because if I start Windows with the drive connected, Windows is so slow as to be effectively unusable. Right now the drive is unplugged from the motherboard and so I can use Windows and the programs installed on the SSD. I'd like to now tell Windows not to look for partition R (even though many programs, including ones set to run at start-up are installed on it). This will allow me plug the drive back in and recover the data from the other partition before reformatting the drive. I have a back up of the data, but my suggested solution would be a lot quicker than retrieving that remote back up.

Superfluous information:
Incidentally, the partition in question showed as "at risk" in Disk Management but my attempts to uncover what that meant and how to resolve it had not succeeded. I actually had more than one computer problem at the same time and the other took presidency. Sometimes in the past two weeks the partition would disappear while Windows was running and restarting would get it back.

Answer:Need to stop Windows looking for damaged partition

I think you can disable drives in the BIOS or in Device Manager, but not partitions.

The best partition tool used around here is Partition Wizard.

You might be able to run it and see if it finds issues with the partition.

Can you post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management with the problem drive connected? I'm wondering if any Windows components are installed on the problem partition?

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I have just completed the makeup of a newsletter - a month's solid work Logged off to take a break - try to logon again and got the above message ' 'invalid or damaged bootable partition' - I feel sick. I hadn't backed it up yet!
I guess it's pretty serious Windows 7 Dell Studio 10 monts old.

Answer:Invalid or damaged bootable partition

What is the model number of your machine?

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I have this computer.  When I turned it on this morning I got the message "Invalid or damaged Bootable partition".
I have "One Key Recovery" that will rewrite the HD to factory settings but that seems a little drastic.
I also have a Norton Ghost image that is a few months old.  There is no way to test the integrity of the image before using it.
My research says I may have a damaged MBR and if I can restore it that will fix the problem.  The only bootable medium I have is a Linux Mint 17 DVD.  Can I repair the MBR with it?  How?  Could it be some other problem?

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This could just as easily be a hardware problem so feel to move it as appropriate.
I bought this  computer on November 17 so the worst case scenario is that it's still under warranty.  It wasn't $300 then, it was $200.
A program crashed and after repeated attempts to restart it crashed every time.  Thinking it might help I rebooted the computer and got the error message "Invalid or damaged Bootable partition" and it failed to boot.  This comes up after the logo displays so I should be able to get into the UEFI.  I haven't tried yet.  I made one attempt to restart after leaving it powered down for a half hour but now it's just powered down.
This is the same computer I tried to install Mint on but I never wrote GRUB and all of the Mint data is still sitting there in its various partitions and it has never interfered with Windows.
I can probably rescue a lot of data with my Mint DVD and an external HD, and I have an old Ghost image but I'd rather fix the damaged bootable partition.  Can you help?  I have just now started Googling this.
PS.  I don't have a real install disk.  Just a "recovery partition" that will restore the factory default OS.  Before I did that I'd just wipe it and put Windows 7 on it.

Answer:Invalid or damaged Bootable partition

Fixed!  Here's how. Although this is a log shot it's quick and harmless.
Once the system has started up, the first thing you want to do is choose Places \ Computer from the menu.

This should show you all the drives available in the system, including your Windows drive. In my case, that is the 52.4 GB volume.

You can try and double-click on the drive to open it… and if it immediately works then lucky you!
God bless you, Linux!

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I got a very favorite music CD, It used to play ok in every CD player and computer. For a couple of years I didn't used it, and now that I tried to play it again, it does not play anywhere. I tried playing in ly laptop, nothing; in my desktop, nothing... computers don't even recognize it anymore.

I would liketo know if anyone knows a way of fixing it. It has no scratches whatsoever... it just shows as if there's nothing in the cd drive...

Your kind help is very much appreciated.

Answer:Recovering music/data from a damaged CD

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I have to face a problem with my hard disk.My computer worked well yesterday and while I was using nero for copying one file to CD,my computer hanged.So I restarted it again.But windows xp cannot load and I got boot disk failure error.So,I tried to boot from CD.Windows setup CD start normally and it cannot continue after a while and I got this error stop:c0000221 unknown Hare Error/SystemRoot/System 32/ntdll.dll.I am sure that my CD is good.
So I restart my computer and checked my hard disk at bios setup.There,my drive is not detected.I have checked my jumper setting and cable setting, but, bios setup does not know my disk.I have checked my hard disk at another good computer ,but at this computer ,my drive is not detected.
I think that all my bios setup setting for my hard disk is correct .I have set my hard disk to auto at setup.I need to say one thing that I have heard strange noice from my disk when I restart my computer.I think that my drive is physically damage.Is it right or not?I would like to know that how can I test to my disk that it is damaged or not and how can I recover my data if it is physically damaged.

I really appreciate to your help.

Yin Minn Pa Pa

Answer:how can I recover data from damaged drive

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Hey everyone, I have a computer here in a constant reboot cycle. I'm working on it for someone and they said they want to keep all their data, as its used for a small business. I was wondering, can I install XP onto the disk and replace just the OS (XP home for XP home), therefore replacing any borked files, but still keep the data (files, programs, etc) on the disk by not completely formatting?

And yes, I've tried the Recovery console and Windows Repair. Didn't help much, sadly.

Answer:Windows damaged, reinstall over but keep data?

reformat, and use a program called getdataback for ntfs, it wont recover 100% of your data, but a lit of it

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My second hard drive in my computer is used as storage. The drive will no longer boot. When windows would load I would get an error message on the slave drive, it would not load the drive and then my clock would go off time. At first I thought it might be the CMOS battery but when I disconnect the D drive my computer runs fine. I NEED to retrieve things from that drive. My father passed away this year and ALL my family pictures with him are on that drive. Please can someone tell me if there is a way to get these pictures off the drive? I just cannot lose them.
Thank you in advance,

Answer:retrieving data from damaged drive

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Whenever I connect my Hard-disk to laptop, my laptop slows down and am not able to open the hard-disk folder. Am not able to access my data in it. As soon as I disconnect the Hard disk, laptop gets back to normal. Can anyone please help with the issue ?

Answer:Recover Data from Damaged Harddisk

If it's physically damaged, nothing you can do it in your own. You need to consult it to a professional unless you have knowledge and experience on some DIY hard drive repair.

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I guess the title pretty much sums it up.... any recommendations on a good floppy disk data recovery tool? I looked thru the data recovery section, but nothing jumped out at me. Maybe I overlooked something. This floppy is missing the metal safety 'slider', and looking at the media, I've seen some scratches. The disk is dated 2004 (old!) and when I try to read it, Windows struggles with it for maybe a minute or two minutes, then tells me the disk isn't formatted, and do I want to format it now.... is there any hope?


Answer:Damaged floppy disk-need data

Try this:

Unstoppable Copier...I've used this to recover data from floppies before. It truely does copy anything that's recoverable, but you may be surprised at how much the floppy has degraded.

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I am working on a Dell N5110 with Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) running in it. Few hours ago, I saw that the D drive (200 GB approx.) in my computer is missing. Previously I hadn't installed anything that might have caused this problem. I tried fixing it with "Active Partition Recovery Toolkit", it is showing me the data present in the drive but is not able to recover it. It keeps on showing some kind of an error.

I also checked the status of the drive through "Disk Management". There it is shown as 200 GB of free space. I have some valuable data in there. Is there any way I could recover the whole drive ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Cheers!

Answer:Unable to recover a lost/damaged partition

Quote: Originally Posted by neotrix89


I am working on a Dell N5110 with Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) running in it. Few hours ago, I saw that the D drive (200 GB approx.) in my computer is missing. Previously I hadn't installed anything that might have caused this problem. I tried fixing it with "Active Partition Recovery Toolkit", it is showing me the data present in the drive but is not able to recover it. It keeps on showing some kind of an error.

I also checked the status of the drive through "Disk Management". There it is shown as 200 GB of free space. I have some valuable data in there. Is there any way I could recover the whole drive ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Cheers!

If you have System Restore turned on for the D: drive, I would try that first. This tells you how
System Restore For future use, as soon as you get the problem corrected make an image of all of your drives using Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download and you can restore the image in 20 minutes and correct the problem. Let us know if the System Restore works.

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OK Im at a loss here. So let me give you as much data as possible. About 3 years ago bought a pc from ibuypower. Quad core intel i7 3.4 ghz, 6g ddr3 ram liquid cooling 3 case fans radieon 5600 series 1gb. Windows 7 64 bit. 1.5tb seagate HDD

Been fine for years. No issues. Running kaspersky internet security. Dont browse bad sights I mainly game and do photo/video editing and 3D models in blender and audio in audacity.

So about three weeks ago my computer crashes runs a chkdsk and im good for a few days. Again it crashes unreadle file segment chkdsk fixes it. A few more days about 3000 unreadable. Use my windows repair disc back up the last of my stuff and it dies again. Invalid or damaged partition. Repair disc again. Make sure i didnt miss any family photos or videos and try to wipe with DBAN fails.

I get a brand new HDD sata 3 western digital black cavier 2tb 64 mb cache 7200 rpms. I install windows 7 get all my software and files on and now 7 or 8 days later it crashes. I reboot no problem. Again it crashes while my wife is playing a facebook game. Now it says invalid or damaged partition...

So when I get home ill try repair disc again. Why is this happening? Ive never had this before. Any suggestions or advice would be grand.

Answer:HDD crashes boots to invalided or damaged partition

Hi have you run any diagnostic on the hard drive like seatools for dos the long and short tests if it passes then the problem could be the power supply or mother board,So please post the full specs including the power supply which I suspect could be a good candidate here, you can use speccy to get most of the info but you will need to check inside for the power supply
the free version here Speccy - Download
seatools SeaTools for DOS tutorial

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I have a hard drive that I believe lost the partition on it. It will not boot into Windows (7) and when I attach it to another computer via USB/SATA adapter, it mounts 3 separate partitions (drive letters M, N and O) but when I click on any of them I receive the error:

N:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.​
I am confused at what to do because if it was a damaged or lost partition, shouldn't it not show up at all as a mounted drive? Looking for any help you can offer.

Answer:Lost/damaged partition on a hard drive

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