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Western Digital Internal Hard Drive

Question: Western Digital Internal Hard Drive

I have a genealogy software program (and the associated files) installed on a completely separate internal hard drive (L:/). There is nothing else on this hard drive. All other programs are on the main internal hard drive (C:/). Recently the genealogy program failed to open due to file corruption (that's what the warning message said anyway). After spending a lot of time trying to get it to open, I decided to reformat the L:/ drive and reinstall the genealogy software. About an half-hour into the formatting the electrical power went off. After it booted back up I ran the format hard drive again 3 or 4 times (it took hours) but it didn't work. I can see the hard drive listed in the "My Computer" window but it has no "properties" and doesn't work at all.I'm running Vista Premium and the hard drive is Western Digital WD2500KS (WD Cavier SE16). Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Western Digital Internal Hard Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Western Digital Internal Hard Drive

I would suggest travelling to WD's site and DLoading the DATA Lifeguard tools.Follow the instructions for creating a bootable CD with the tools on it.Use the tool that is for preparing a new drive for first use...Good Luck !

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I have a 250g Western Digital internal hard drive (L:/) which is only used for a genealogy program. After having a "could not open" problem with the genealogy program, I decided to reformat this same internal hard drive. A few minutes into the disk reformatting our electrical power failed and there was no back up power supply. The hard drive still appears under "My Computer" and asks me if I want to reformat the drive. I click "yes" and it starts formatting but never finishes. I'm running Vista Premium and a Western Digital Internal SATA Hard Drive. Any help fixing the problem will be greatly appreciated.  [Saving space - attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:Western Digital Internal Hard Drive - Problem

Try running the Data Lifeguard Tools ( Free ) from WD's website and see if they will complete....Choose remove all partitions and then re-create them.NOTE: It needs to be formatted after you create the new partition/s

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I bought a Western Digital Scorpio 320 GB SATA internal hard drive to back up some files. I'm trying to use it in an enclosure kit so i have an external hard drive. well i put the drive into the enclosure kit and my laptop installs the drivers. problem is, my computer doesn't recognize that there is an external drive at all. i know that the enclosure works cause i took another internal drive and filled that one up with files (granted the drives arent the same company...). so im just looking for some answers to make it work cause i really want to use this drive.

Answer:Trouble with a Western Digital Internal Hard Drive...

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okay i used to have a 40gb seagate hdd that was giving me i/o device error. I went and bought a new 80 gb western digital drive and it is giving me the same error. I formatted it using win xp pro and under ntfs. I did this same procesdure on another comp in my house and its secondary drive fyi. What is going on. i have an a8n-sli delux mobo win xp pro sp 2, 512 ram, 2.21 ghz amd processor. this problem has been on me for days and im getting sick of it. Please help me. The jumpers r set to CS and my 160 is on master and my 80 is set to slave. the hard disk in in computer management but when i go to disk management its not there. what am i doing wrong?

EDIT: btw in my computer in the win xp enviroment, when you single click on a drive the specs are on the side (like when i clikc on my 160 gb hdd it says

Local Disk

File System: NTFS

Free Space: 131 GB

Total Size: 156 GB

However on my secondary drive all it says is...

Local Disk

Could this be the problem?

it is set to boot in my bios so i dont understand

Answer:I/o device error on internal Western Digital 80 gb drive


The jumpers r set to CS and my 160 is on master and my 80 is set to slave. the hard disk in in computer management but when i go to disk management its not there. what am i doing wrong?

It's a little difficult to tell from the description exactly what the setup looks like.

This rig would use an 80-conductor IDE data cable. The blue connector into the mobo's blue IDE adapter, the other end (black) is the master and the middle (grey) is slave. Both drives would be jumpered for CS. Western Digital Jumper Settings

If this is the current setup and the previous setup was the same then it's likely the data cable is faulty.

Right click Disk Management select Rescan, does DM show both disks now?

Device Manager
IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
Primary IDE Channel / Advanced settings on DMA? Resources-no conflicts?
Secondary IDE Channel / Advanced settings on DMA? Resources-no conflicts?

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I installed the western digital data lifeguard tools and ran full tests for both hard drives that I have and they passed. However, under properties for each drive it says Health Status - Warning. I was wondering what this exactly means.

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive

I had scanned my hard drives (maxtors) with a similar tool and it said that a brand new hard drive had 3 moths to go (this was almost a year ago now) and one that was 3 years old had more than a year. It might be nothing to be concerned about.

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i dont know you but i need help with my hard drive it is a 120 gb hard drive form western digital and i am currently trying to install win xp on it because my old drive got a virus and got messed up but twoards the end of the installation it said the HD got stuck in a loop can you help me?

Answer:help western digital hard drive

QuoteHD got stuck in a loopWas this a Windows installation message?All I can think of is to re-do the whole hardware installation, checking bios then re-installing the OS again.I've never seen a 'stuck in a loop' warning before.  

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I bought a new Western Digital hard drive. The size is 160 GB, however, when I install it into the compute the size is 137 GB. How can I get 160 GB of hard space or 152 GB of hard space.


Answer:Hard Drive- Western Digital

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My issue is I had my old computer that I gave to my aunt to use as her old dell from 2001 died so they have had my computer for maybe 1 year to 1,5 years and I had had it fro like 3-4 years before that. It was custom built not that it matters. Anyways the computer has been working just fine and they have not experienced any issues whatsoever until yesterday when they woke up and the computer was sitting at a black screen saying select proper boot device etc etc. They said when they went to bed it was on the yahoo homepage and when they woke up like this. So my initial thought was maybe it got bumped and a cable came lose, not the case then I tried different sata ports still nothing. The drive doesn't even show up in the bios and so I ended up taking the PC back home with me and I took the Hard drive and put in an an external case I had and it spins up then starts like a whirring noise and then click, click,click not very loud but it's there if you hold the drive close enough to your ear.and obviously the drive doesn't load up using the enclosure. So I asked her had you been experiencing any issues at all I mean anything lately and she said no everything was working perfectly fine until that morning. So my question is which I am pretty sure I can guess the answer, but is three anything I can do to for the drive so that we can try and salvage some stuff off of it. I mean she said it's not the end of the world and theres not a ton of stuff but still If I can ... Read more

Answer:Western Digital 500 GB Hard drive

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Please can you confirm that this p/c can take a second hard drive.I have a new 2TB WD20EARS-OOMVWBO (or 00MVWB0) cant tell if they are zeros or O"s. notice this comp fromn HP website can take 2TB WD hardrives with some issues on the 5400rpm models but still can use.I belive this on is a 7200rpm version so shouldnt expect any probs. However when after fitting i only get the BIOS screen displaying details of my proccessor,Ram and Drives includind cd/dvd drive. However it seems to register it as it displays its details but says IMINANT HARD DRIVE FAILIURE BACKUP URGENT.cant do anything from there when i press to continue just mess saying something fatal has happened and then crashes. Please advise have i just got a bad one or am i missing steps to install this hard drive??
Please provide previous troubleshooting steps, or information that can help HP assist you.: have tried swapping the sata leads round onto diffrent connection on motherboard still receiving same results,just on a diffrent port thats all. Any help will be appriciated should i send it back???

Answer:Western Digital hard drive

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I Have A Second Hard Drive And I Want To Use It For Storage Only
Do I Write It Back To Zeros ???????
Do I Put The Jumper On The Cs Or Sl Or Ma On The Back Of The Hard Drive??
Remember All I Want Is Storage On The Second Hard Drive
On The First Hard Drive The Jumper Should Be On (ma) Correct??

There Are 10 Pins On The Back Of The Hard Drive
* * * * *
* * * * *
Ma Sl Cs
Cable Select
What Are The Other Four Pins For??????
These Are Both Western Digital Hard Drives

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive

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  i got this hard drive in august and now it seems to me broken, whenever i try to run games like Counter Strike 1.6 or Counter Strike: Source i hear a click from hard drive and my computer freezes :/....happens all the time, so I put my other hd in my comp and all the games running, but with this your hd it wont there any way to fix it?

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive

Does the drive work when not playing games?  Is it all games or just CS that don't work?

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If a hard drive cash and it also make noise. Is anyway to remove the data from the hard drive. I tried to install it as a slave drive, but the computer not Recognize hard dive.


Answer:Hard Drive- Western Digital

If the drive has been damaged to the point where it cannot be accessed, then the easiest way to get the data off of it is to use a data recovery service. This would be very expensive, but in most cases, it is your only option.

You say it made a noise. What kind of a noise was it? It sounds like the motor or heads are damaged, which would definitely make data recovery your only option. However, if it is only the controller board that has failed, it is possible (although difficult) to replace the board with one from an identical, working drive.

How exactly do you have the drive set up as a slave (what channel, what jumper setting, etc.)? Does your BIOS recognize that it is connected?

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I have this 80 gig WD HD that was working good until I had to reformat it( cloning my running HD to the WD messed up before completeing is the reason for the reformat) and now all it shows is 46 gig. I have trouble with WD HDs all the time. What do I need to do to get it back to its correct size?


Answer:Western Digital 80 gig Hard Drive

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Answer:Western digital hard drive

If it is formatted with an NTFS partition and transferred from another computer, you need to take ownership of the folders and files as described here:

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A friend has bought a Western external hard drive for 39.99 from Tesco and there were no instructions on how to back up files to it, apart from Chinese! . Eventually I opened the My Documents window and opened the External drive window (F drive) and selected the whole of My Documents, including My Music and My Pictures, and dragged and dropped and it copied all of the selected files to the external drive. I safely removed it and insterted again and checked the files were copied to the drive and managed to drag one back to desktop and it copied it back ok, but I wanted to transfer some of the files to another computer, and it would not recognise the USB in the second computer. I feel worried that if the need to re-establish these files onto a new computer, if the backup was needed, that it would not work. Any ideas. When I first inserted the USB for the external hard drive autoplay did not come up and I had no idea what to do, but treated it the same as a flash drive and it seemed to work. But it should surely open on another computer, as that would be the point of the backup.

Answer:Western Digital External hard drive

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I have an external Western Digital USB hard drive that recently has seemed to die. When it is plugged into the AC outlet, it sounds like it is running, but when I connect it to any USB port on any computer it won't be detected (show up in the drives list in explorer). After a while the activity light will light and stay on too.

This is self-contained unit bought from a store, not an enclosure for internal hard drives. What can I do to retrieve data off of this USB drive? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:External Western Digital Hard Drive

If its still under warranty, take it back to the place you bought and explain your sitaution and problem.

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New HArd Drive arrived today

This one:

Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (WD7500AAKS)

and I screw it in and realize there's no power connector ???

Am I clueless or should there be a power connector on my hard drive?

Answer:Queer Hard Drive? (Western Digital)

Sata power connecter dude. Its that wider slot next to the sata connection.

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I have a 433 mhz celeron running win me, with 64 mb ram and a 30 gig western digital hard drive. The HD has never been the greatest, it runs off of ez bios, and takes forever to detect. Then I changed the power supply in the system( it is an AT power supply) and starting up the hard drive makes much noise powering up and only autodetects half the time. I rechecked the cables, everything seems fine. Additionally, the power supply came with a green cord hanging off the power switch button, and this cord has a circle at the end. I would assume this is a ground but there is no place to put it. What should I be checking first?

Answer:western digital hard drive prob

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As I type this, I have 2 hard drives in my computer:

1. A 60 GB Seagate with Windows XP/Software
2. A 120 GB Seagate with a bunch of my music/pictures/other geek stuff

I obtained a western digital from a friend (120 GB that was corrupt, he gave it to me and I planned on wiping it etc.) When I exchanged it for the 120 GB seagate, i got the error "No Hard Disk Detected!" when I would boot up. I thought that the hard drive was just dead for good, so I threw it in my closet, thought nothing of it.

This morning, my cousin came to me with his hard drive that crapped itself. It is the exact same western digital hard drive model. I decided I would put it in, and that one gave me the same error! It only runs this error whenever I put those HDs in there. I tried to set my BIOS to boot from my 60 GB seagate, but the option is surprisingly not available when those Wester Digitals are in there. What can I do!? I've considered booting up in linux, but I really don't want to have to do that, I just want to use Windows. I'll use a Live version of Linux if necessary (and if it will work [which i think it will]) but can anyone please tell me why its not working with these hard drives!? Any help is appreciated!

- hater2win

Answer:Hard Drive Not Being Detected! Only When In With A Western Digital...

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I am planning on buying a Sata, external Hard Drive. I plan to use it now with Vista Home Premium 64, with my new OS 7, when I receive the DVD, in Oct., and finally just with 7. Does anyone have any experience with this hard drive and its compatiblity with Windows 7. Thanks

Answer:Western Digital External Hard Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by richc46

I am planning on buying a Sata, external Hard Drive. I plan to use it now with Vista Home Premium 64, with my new OS 7, when I receive the DVD, in Oct., and finally just with 7. Does anyone have any experience with this hard drive and its compatiblity with Windows 7. Thanks

WD had a bad period for a couple of years in the race with Maxtor, but their products have improved to the level they once had, since last year.

If you connect the sata drive with USB2, it will be horribly slow.

If your computer has an e-sata connection, buy an e-sata external disk and the performance will be equal to internal drive.

There are also e-sata adapter boards to put into your computer, allowing you to connect the e-sata drive.

Just something to think about.


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Hi, this is my first post in these forums, and I hope that someone may be able to help me with the following problem.I have a Western Digital My Passport Elite external HDD that I've recently purchased.The drive works flawlessly with my Mac, and installed itself, complete with all it's software in under 2 minutes, but when I connect it to my Windows XP laptop, it simply won't work.XP detects it as new hardware, but doesn't recognise it as an external HDD. It appears in devive manager with a yellow exclamation mark.I'm sure that the device is supposed to be plug-and-play, which it is with my Mac, but Windows can't seem to do anything with it.My computer is up-to-date, including it's BIOS, all drivers, and all Windows XP updates.I've also purchased a USB Dual power cable, just in case the drive needed power from 2 USB ports instead of one in order to run, all to no avail.I know that the drive works, so what am I doing wrong that prevents it running under Windows XP?Any help, suggestions or advice would be immensely appreciated.Kind regards,Lee.

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive Won't Work With XP.

Have you checked WD support site for the product?

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I recently installed a second HD. A 120gb WD. I'm using it to hold all of my media files and have installed it as a slave F:. My problem is when I formated it I only got a thrid of HD space. I used the format/setup disk it came with and even downloaded a diffrent one from the net and the same results. Any bright ideas? Thank you for you help.


Answer:Western Digital hard drive format

did you check to see your mobo could cope with that size of drive, my old board could only cope with a 36gig drive tops.
there is sometimes a jumper get-around-check the manual of the drive and board

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I have tried to install a Western Digital My Book 2 750GB external hard drive on my friends Toshiba Windows Vista laptop. It does not show as being on the laptop other than when you go to safety remove hardware. I have successfully installed it on my Toshiba Windows Vista laptop without any problems. I have been to the WD website and downloaded software which had to go straight on to the hard drive. Obviously I could not do this on my friends laptop but could on mine, with success. However this has not helped for my friend. Can anyone help please. Johanne

Answer:Western Digital External Hard Drive

If you go to the device manager, does the external show and have a drive letter assigned?

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I have a 300gb Western Digital Sata 3.0 Hard Drive. Recently there was a power outage in my area that caused my computer to shut down. A few hours after I turned it back on everything was running fine until I recieved a numerous amount of errors in windows XP, forcing me to shut down the computer and run the check disk utility. While running the check disk utility, around 10 or so files were deleted because of being corrupted. Then when I booted back into windows xp it stopped at a black screen and never went to the desktop. So I decided to try and repair windows by booting directly from my windows cd which is slipstreamed with sp2. everything was fine until the cd began copying setup files on to my hard drive. At about 50 percent I got an error with one of the files saying it wasn't able to be copied correctly and said that my cd may be damaged. I decided to ignore the file and continue installing, but the next 20 files or so had the same error. So after reading this I decided to use another windows xp install disc (I have about 4). That and the other 3 I used all got the same error when repairing windows on various setup files on the disc. So i just decided to format my hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows. After I partioned and formatted my hard drive using windows xp, it began copying the setup files and at about 50 percent, I got the same errors as before. I then tried all my install discs again and I was still getting the same problems. A friend suggested tha... Read more

Answer:Problems with my Western Digital Hard Drive

go to western digitals web site and aquire some diagnotic software appropriate for your HDD. (you will probably need an error code from this software before you can RMA the drive)

A low level format is not an option, this needs to be done by the manufacturer to preserve the file structure on the disk.
If you low level format with anything other than approved soft from the manufacturer you seriously risk permanently destroying the drive.

Have you tried running a full chkdsk from the recovery console? some thing like chkdsk c: /r

Edit: additionally, thinking about it you should test your RAM, it may be your RAM than is faulty an causing these problems so get memtest86 and run that for a few hours.

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I have a Western Digital Elements 1Tb external drive which contains around 490Gb of data.(The drive itself is a WD Caviar Green, 32Mb cache)
The drive functioned normally for an amount of time but a while ago it started failing to spin up. I'm not getting the distinct 'click' of a dead drive, just repeated quiet attempts to get itself going.
I have removed the drive from its enclosure to see if the casing was the problem. After connecting it to an internal SATA port and power cable my PC failed to boot so it seems it is the drive itself which is the problem.
The drive shows up in Device Manager as working properly and any diagnostic tools show the correct capacity and volume of data but the folders remain inaccessible and my PC seems to struggle to perform some tasks while the drive is attempting to start. When the drive does finally show up it shows as a 'local drive' in 'My Computer' and remains inaccessible.
I have tried:
Editing the registry as advised on the Microsoft support site
Changing the drive letter
Multiple USB and power cables
Using as an internal drive

Answer:Western Digital hard drive not working

Well, if you can't access any files even when the drive is set as an external, the drive is toast... unless you want to pay someone to retrieve any data

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Does WD have any hard Drive testing utilities?

I got a client's clients computer where their data become corrupt of not reason. I just want to make sure that it's the hard drive that is at fault, and not any thing else.

Failing WD, any other third party programs that can write and rewrite to the harddrive would be helpful.

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive Testers

Have you tried Chkdsk?

The Ultimate Boot disk has the Western digital program you speak of and much more.
In fact it has SERVERAL HD diagnostic tools. And Much more, Again.

At any rate, back it all up immediatly.

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I am being told to back up my PC onto an external hard drive in case my HDD fails.I would appreciate any advice on the following:(1) Can I back up my programs (Windows etc) onto an external HDD, or is it just for files (pictures, Word documents etc)?(2) PCWorld are currently offering the following drive in their sale, and people elsewhere are saying it is a bargain: Western Digital Elements 3.5" 1TB. Sale price 68.Is it worth buying one? I don't have thousands of pictures or thousands of files, but who knows about the future? (3) If not, I would welcome any recommendations on which one to buy. Is there one that gets its power through USB, rather than having yet another power plug?Many thanks, in anticipation.And a Merry Christmas to all.

Answer:Which external hard drive? Western Digital 1TB?

I meant to add:(4) I also have a laptop which I use when away from home. If I got an external HDD, can I connect it temporarily onto the laptop for backing up stuff while I am away, or does it have to remain connected to my home desktop PC?

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the problem is that when the utility of wd is running it says "disable ddo" ive been in dos mode and i got a message that explains that the windows xp cant go beyond 137gb. i want to format so i can have 1TB.

Answer:disable ddo on western digital hard drive

Data Lifeguard should be able to remove the Dynamic Disk Overlay:

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My Western Digital hard drive (it's my D:\) keep disconnect at a random time... Each time it happens, I have to remove my desktop case and re-plug the hard drive. The wire (SATA thingy) is fine.

The model is: WD2500JS-00MB0

It's getting really annoying. Is there any way to fix it?

Answer:Western Digital Hard drive disconnects....

Tried another SATA cable just in case?
If you disconnec the SATA cable and reconnect it is fine for a while right?
How often does this occur?

See if the drive is still under warranty at
Typically the warranty is 3 years. You can look it up on the site with the serial number on the drive.
If it is, and you feel it should be replaced WD is really good about that.

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hello iam hoping some body can help i need to but my western digital portable hard drive back to either FAT32 or default FAT so i can use it to back my playstation up

but every when i go to format it there is only 2 options wither exFAT or NTFS

does any body now a way of sorting this

thank you

Answer:western digital portable hard drive

1) Open a command window by going to Start, then Run and typing in CMD.

2) Now type in the following command at the prompt:

format /FS:FAT32 X:

where X: is the drive letter assigned to the external drive.

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Hello. I'm on a Dell XPS 410 running Windows XP. For some time I've had a Western Digital My Book Premium 500BG USB Hard Drive attached on which I back up data. The recent backups have failed, and when I open My Computer the drive isn't there.

Many attempts have been made using information on the Western Digital site to find a fix for this, all to no avail. It seems my problem is not on their radar at all. The backup software seems to operate the way it's supposed to, except that the drive is not recognized by Windows, so I can schedule backups and make selections as to what gets backed up, but nothing happens.

I cannot use the Safely Remove Hardware tool to unplug it so I can reattach it because the hard drive doesn't appear in the list of devices. It does not show up in the Device Manager in Windows. I need to be able to get the data off of this drive.

I also tried attaching the Hard Drive to my laptop running XP, which also did not recognize the drive.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Western Digital hard Drive not recognized

Mabey the usb cable is not functioning properly.

Does your hard drive give any indication as to whether or not it is recieving power??

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I hope this the right spot for this post, if not I apologize. I have a my book 1tb extremal hard drive and due to the mini usb piece falling off, I had no choice but to take it out and hook it up in my computer. I have windows 7 and disk manager recognizes it as unallocated. If I assign it a drive later it says that it needs to be formatted before I can use it which is NOT what I wanna do. Going to it's properties, it recognizes it as a gpt disk. How do I get it to ntfs without deleting anything? Or at least be able to use it, still without deleting anything. Before it messed up I only had about 30 gigs left and everything on it is very important. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Western digital hard drive problem

Files that are not backed up are files you do not expect to keep.

Why was it initialized as GPT?

Try recovering the files or partition table with Testdisk (for Windows). Do not run chkdsk, or make any other changes to the drive until your files are recovered or they will be gone forever.

Some other possible tools (it may be tril and error until something sees the files). Test a file before you recover them all in case the program is not getting the real files.

Free recovery applications:

Paragon Rescue Disk Free Edition (Undelete partitions, boot corrector, file recovery)
Dr. Freeware Boot CD (also has partition tool, drive cloner and imager)
DiskDigger & NTFSWalker
Pandora Recovery (Free for personal use)
Smart Data Recovery
Recover Files
Roadkil's Undelete
Free Undelete (NTFS only)
Softperfect File Recovery
ADRC Data Recovery Tools
Undelete Plus
Data Recovery
PCI File Recovery
Ultimate Data Recovery
Disk Investigator


O&O Disk Recovery
Paragon Mount Everything (Mounts any file system, CD/DVD burning, File Manager, Partitioner)
GetDataBack (For FAT or NTFS)
Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro
File Scavenger
Recover My Files
RecoverPlus Pro
Zero Assumption Recovery
[email protected] File Recovery
Final Recovery
Recover4All Professional
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard
NTFS Recovery

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Can someone tell me the easiest way to solve this problem?

I have a western digital external hard drive that has just stopped working.

I was accessing it through a 3.5 USB 2.0 to SATA external hard drive box.

I ordered a new external hard drive box and that works fine, however the hard drive still does

not show up on my laptop.

I have concluded that the hard drive has died.

Is there any way to recover this data? Do I need another external hard drive?

Is there a way to transfer the data from the bad hard drive to a memory stick.

Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive problem

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First post so please go easy on me. I have one of the above and on first use showed no problems on my windows XP Laptop. Then i came to use it and got a block from Mcafee virus detected and prevented the WD from operating. I got onto WD help desk who informed me this was a problem they had notified Mcafee about and they were doing a fix. I should leave it a few days and then update my Mcafee. This i have done numerous times, still the same problem. The only way I can run the WD is by disabling Mcafee and installing the wdsync file again. The virus it shows is WDSYNC_ 7.0.328.exe.Another issue is that when I disconnect the WD from my Laptop I loose my wireless connection and have to re boot the computer and have windows connect the wireless connection. Probably have not made my self clear but any help appreciated.

Answer:Western Digital external Hard Drive 320

Get rid of McAfee. It's pretty worthless, anyway.

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ghosted image of xp home to western digital hard drive installed in a dell dem. 2400, bios reconizes hd when it boots get error hd 0 not found press F1 to continue. If I press F1 computer boots, all drive are set to cable select. Came from the manufacture this way. Do I need to install overlay software for the hard drive to be able to boot unassisted?

Answer:western digital hard drive dell computer

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this.

I enjoy making short films as a hobby and I run a couple YouTube channels that I upload to frequently. I went to open up one of my project files in Sony Vegas Movie Studio but for some reason, it took ages to open up. I had to sit there for a minute or so just for the program to begin and once it opened it took maybe two more minutes to open the project file.

The program was running really slowly and it was sluggish to try and edit anything. At first, I assumed it was a problem with my computer. It had been working just fine the day before so I rebooted the computer and tried again only to confront the same issue once more.

I have a 1TB HDD in my computer and a 1TB Western Digital External HDD that I use to store most everything that had to do with my films. I always have the External HDD plugged into my computer.

Anyway, the reason I think it's the External Hard Drive failing is because I noticed going into Windows Explorer that any time I would open a folder on the actual computer's HDD it would open just fine, but opening a folder on the External Drive would have me wait for about 20-30 seconds.

After this, I ejected and unplugged the External Drive and tried to open a Project File in Vegas that only used things stored on my computer and it loaded just as quick as always. So I would be lead to believe that the reason it was running so slow is because it was loading a Project File that used components stored on the Exter... Read more

Answer:Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive Failing

Have you tried plugging the external into some other port on the PC?

You need to go to WD web site and download their disk tool for that particular drive. It will have a couple of tests. Try the simple quick one first.

And look up the return procedures for the drive at the WD web site if it fails the drive tests.

You might want to make an image of the drive with a tool like Macrium to preserve whatever is now on it in the current state.

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Is it not a good idea to leave it on with my computer all the time? I've heard mixed comments on this. My computer is on about 17 hours a day, and it gets shut off at night most of the time. Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: New Western Digital External Hard Drive

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I have to western Digital external hard drives and when I plug them both in to my computer at the same time, only one of them shows up in "My Computer". I have to keep plugging them in one after another to get the other to pop up. I have to transfer data from one drive t o the other but I can't do so because they won't appear at the same time.

When I go to Device Manger they both appear there but only the first drive that was plugged in is accessible.

Any one have any answers?

Answer:Western Digital Ext. HArd drive wont show up.

if they're external drives without a separate power source, you may not be getting enough power from the USB ports to run both simultaneously

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System: Dell Dimension 9150XP Home SP2External Western Digital USB 250Gb hard driveThis drive has worked with the PC since I replaced my old PC in April 2006.This weekend, when I plug the usb cable for the drive into the PC, the My Computer window freezes, the drive won't auto load, the system loses some function. All I can do is switch off [and see below about that] and cold boot.Have removed and replaced the mass storage usb drivers. Can't do System Restore to pre the weekend as system won't permit it.Tried the drive on our second Dell system and it works fine. My other WD usb 80 Gb drive works fine still, as do the two 120 Gb usb Seagate backup drives that I have.Around the same time, the system started to freeze on shutdown - I have to switch off at the wall each time. Might be a connection I suppose.Any suggestions as to how to get the 250 Gb drive working again on the 9150?

Answer:Western Digital USB hard drive stops working

Hi, have you tried it with no other usb devices attached?

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pl help extra local disk drive just 1tb over all system my os windows 8.1 Lenovo b490 pl help me

Answer:1TB Western Digital External hard drive crashed

You need to post more information about what exactly happened or what is happening now. Just saying "external hard drive crashed" is not informative enough.

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It's about time.

And my birthday's coming up for anyone who wants to get a extra one for me


Answer:Western Digital Raptor X WD1500AHFD Hard Drive

dang and i just got the 74gb for 180, coulda paid 100 more for 150. i still got time to return thnx
and Happy Birthday!!

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operating system: win XP

external hard drive: western digital WD 5000AAK

my brother just took my external hard drive to his friend to copy some series from him (vista computer!!!) and when he connected the hard drive to our PC again and opened the "series" folder, the hard drive crashed, closing everything including explorer.exe. after some seconds, explorer shows up again. we never had this problem before, i suppose the problem exists because of the different operating systems

i would appreciate your help!!!
thank you!!

Answer:western digital external hard drive keeps crashing

can anyone help me???

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A friend of mine thinks he has fried his 120GB Western Digital External USB hard drive and wants to know if there's any way to retrieve the data and/or fix it.
It is a WD Model WD800B008-RNN 120GB drive.

What he did was he accidentally plugged the 30V power adapter from his printer into the 12V hard drive. He brought the drive to work today and I can even smell the fact that it is slightly burnt.

He says when he plugs it in now, the two lights on the front (one green and one red) light up, and his computer seems to recognize that the drive is there, but he can't access it.

Is there anything that can be done to recover the data? Or is the only possibility that of bringing it to a disaster recovery company which charges an arm and three legs just to attempt to fix/recover it (which often still isn't possible).

Answer:Possible Fried Western Digital External USB Hard Drive

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I have got a serious problem with my 1TB WD hard drive, wd10000eb035-01.

It has been working okay up until yesterday but now it freezes whenever I try to do anything. An example, I tried copying across a folder but after doing 1/5 of the pasting it freezes - been waiting 2 hours now and it hasnt moved anymore.

When I first got this drive I did some research and I went along with someone's advice to Fat32 format it. I understand this was perhaps stupid. The problem I have is that the information on here is seriously important, on it I have the only copy of my daughters baby photos and I cannot lose these. Ironically this weekend I had freed up some time and planned to back these up to my laptop.

Since I pretty much started using it upon connecting it to PC a box has always asked 'scan and fix' or 'continue without scanning'. I always chose the latter because one time i chose 'scan and fix' and i lost all my data.

My question: I have had an idea, do you think if i partition this drive and copy the needed data to the new partition i would regain full access to the data? OR I know there is software that can change the format type to NTFS, has anyone ever done this?

I should add that this problem seemed to me to get worse when i pulled the cable out because everything stopped responding and that was the only option.

Thanks for reading, i would be really grateful of any advice.

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Hi folks.

I'm wondering if anyone can answer this question for me...

I recently rebuilt my computer: ripped out the drive, put in a new one, partitioned it, etc etc.

As part of the rebuild I bought a new Western Digital External Hard Drive (from BestBuy) that I'm using as a back-up drive (where I'd copied the contents of my old drive (minus software and programs. Just my old files)).

The new drive comes loaded with a few programs and folders: Acrobat, Skype, Google toolbars and desktop, Picasa.

I haven't run the install on any of these folders. Frankly, I just want an empty drive, so I'm tempted to just erase these folders.

In any case, at some point today I copied my old files back to my new hard-drive. And then I installed BitDefender on my computer and ran a scan (the computer is NOT hooked up to the internet yet).

The scan included a scan of my WD External. And -- surprise surprise -- the scan comes up with warning telling me that one of those prepackaged Google files on that drive is infected.

The file is: GoogleToolbarInstaller_pt-BR.exe

and the trojan it's telling me I'm infected with is: W32/MalwareHiderPatched-based!Maximus

Is it really possible that the new HardDrive is infected? I did connect the hard-drive to a second computer (in order to re-copy my old files to a THIRD hard-drive), and that computer is connected to the internet. But BitDefender has told me that that computer is clean. Which means the infecti... Read more

Answer:Brand New Western Digital Ext. Hard Drive Infected?

I've never purchased a new Hard Drive that was pre-loaded with anything from any supplier.I may be wrong here, but me thinks you've been given a used drive?Send it back to start and get another.Thereafter address your questions again in the "Am I infected" forum.

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Is anybody using one of these? I need a hard drive for rebuilding my old PC and want to use the one in my current machine (Abit AT7-MAX2, Athlon 2800 XP+(Barton core), XP pro). I've fancied one of these since it was first reviewed in PCA last year. The feedback on Ebuyer and Dabs is very positive but a search on this site regarding SATA drives in general, is less convincing. Seem to be stability problems and people needing to do regular reinstalls. However some of these postings are quite old, have drivers been improved? What's the general consensus? I'm not bothered about the extra cost.

Answer:Western Digital Raptor SATA hard drive.

I've been using one for several months using Via drivers on an Asus A7V600 m/board. Very fast and no problems. I now have a second one and run them in a striped RAID 0 configuration. Now the enterprise spec drives really come into their own, very very fast! Just make sure you have some air flowing round them and be prepared for more noise than 7200rpm drives.

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How do I reformat my 320GB WD Passport Elite? I really don't know anything about computers or hard-drives, and I can't figure out how to do this. Help would be much appreciated!

Answer:Reformatting a Western Digital external hard-drive help

Go to Computer Management-Disk Management locate the drive in question, right click on it and select format.

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Hello everyone,

I have a WD 120GB external hard drive that is not being recognized by my computer anymore. It just stopped working.

When I plug the USB cable in, I get the following message - USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned.

Also, I have right-clicked on my computer and then the Manage option, and under Disk Management, I do not see the drive.

I have all of my sports games and music on the drive. I just need some help on how to recover the data on my drive if my drive is corrupt which it looks like it is now.

Answer:Western Digital external hard drive problem

USB device (particularly a drive) not recognized can be a USB power issue

Are you plugging into a laptop or desktop?
Does the drive have it's own power cord? Is it plugged in?

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here so please bear with me.

Lately I seem to be having problems with my WD 1TB external hard drive. I noticed the problem about 2-3 weeks ago when I went to play some music from Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player took a very long time to open and when I went to play some music files it would freeze up and I would have to end the Windows Media Player process through the Task Manager. After that I tried going directly into my external hard drive to play the music, but Windows Media Player would not play any file I chose. I noticed as I was opening the external hard drive through Windows Explorer it took a very long time for all the files to load and there is only 48GB worth of data on the external hard drive. I then started looking around online and found that it may be some type of security issue or that I should run CHKDSK. I tried to change the security settings so I could gain access for my files, but it kept coming up as Access Denied. Then I decided to run CHKDSK, which was somewhat of a mistake/problem because it took about 4 or 5 days to finish (I checked both boxes in CHKDSK). After CHKDSK finished it said that some problems were found and fixed, but as of now I am still having problems trying to access my files.

Regardless of what CHKDSK accomplished, I still think that there is a security issue and I cannot figure out how to fix it. The only way that I can get everything to work is to go file by file a... Read more

Answer:Problems with Western Digital external hard drive

Check to see whether Permissions Time Machine can help resolve your problem.

Permissions Time Machine Free Download

AMYD Projects - Official Blog: Permissions Time Machine v1.4.2

Do create a System Restore point before using this software so that you can revert back if need be. ( In fact you should always do that before trying any new software you haven't used before..)

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Hi guys,I purchased a 1 TB WD external hard drive 3 months ago. I've noticed bad sector on it after I ran a hard disk test software. I was wondering if I could run a low level format to get rid off the bad sectors. If yes, what tool is recommended. Is this drive is going to keep making problems for me? Is it faulty and there is no hope for it?Please advise.Thanks in advance,Shaz

Answer:Western Digital External Hard Drive Bad Sectors

First, I would backup everything on that drive that is important to you.Then run Chkdsk.... Vista - then if problems persist return it for another under warranty

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I have a Western Digital 60 Gig hard drive. Things got so bad with crashing. and hard drive not being found when booting up that I formatted it and went for a clean install of Win XP Pro. The drive has formatted and I started to put Win XP Pro in. At one point after the system coppies the new Windows files to the drive it needs to re-boot. At this point all I get is a blue screen with whit white letters saying (STOP: c0000221 unknown hard error\systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll) end of message what is going on? is the hard drive dead or dying? When I boot from another drive I can see the Western and all the Windows files I have just put on to it but it still will not go through the boot process.I managed to extract all my working files from it even though it was acting up the other day, by booting from my other drive and and making a coppy from It. Any Ideas will be most welcome. The Drive in question was a replacement for a Maxtor that went wrong and was replaced, and can only be six months old at best.Regards Migwell

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive Problem Message

Does this help - click here

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Good afternoon,
I am sure this has been mentioned on here many times, but every time I search for my problem, I always get the same results: Third party this, format this, backup your data that.

Here is what is going on. I have a 2TB external hard drive that is more than 90% full. backing up my data via third party software is not an option because I don't have room to store the data anywhere. The copious amount of data on the drive is also why I can not just simply format the drive to change the file system. I have also tried a couple of methods involving check disk commands and using disk management. neither of these methods have worked out in my favor. This problem has really shaken my confidence with computers and troubleshooting. up until this point I thought I was pretty well educated on fixing stuff like this, but I really can not figure this one out.

So here's the summary: large hard drive, no formatting, no backing up the data, RAW to NTFS.

Thank you.

Answer:2TB Western Digital external hard drive Raw to NTFS

I'm still confused. What is it you want to do?

Try Recuva, if you think your files have been deleted!

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i bought and installed a WD 320 hard drive and my system only formated it to 127 gigs. i have windows xp home sp2. what to do now. i would like to get the full use of my new hard drive. here is my system stats:

system: windows xp home verson 2002 sp2
intel celeron CPU [email protected]
1.60GHz, 504 MB of Ram
if there is any help on this i'd really be thankful. both my hard drives are ATA Drives....

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I recently got a Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AJS 320gb hard drive as a second hard drive just for media storage. Ever since I received it, Vista has had trouble with it. The drivers have never properly installed right, yet once within the first week of having it I was able to view it through the Admin. Tools and format it. I put on a good 30 gigs of video, but the next time I used my computer Vista was back to viewing it as an 'Unknown ATA Device' BIOS recognizes it fine (I use an Intel 945G mobo), and I was able to install Ubuntu on it and it's recognized fine there, yet Vista just can't do anything with it. Any advice?


Answer:Vista not recognizing Western Digital Hard Drive

Also, I've been having a BIOS Press F1 to continue boot error because of this hard drive lately. I think it might just be a master/slave conflict, because I was using jumpers before and never had this problem. I don't really think it's relevant, but I'm by no means a hardware expert and I'm looking for any advice here.

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I have a Dell Pentium Dual Core computer with Windows 10 Pro I attached a Western Digital External Hard drive that was working just fine but a few days ago all power went out in my room and my PC with attached external HD went out as well. When I restarted my PC everything seen fine...except now my external HD is not being recognized. Ir starts up just fine I can hear it I can see the lights come on but I don't see it with a drive letter. What should  do ?bigal50

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Hey guys, I have a Western Digital External Harddrive that's 1TB. Its probably been a year and a half old now but recently whenever I would plug it in it would take really long to load. Now currently, whenever its plugged in, instead of showing up as My Passport (G like it always did, its reading as Local Disk (G and Windows Explorer freezes everytime I even attempt to click it. Help please, I have over 300 gigs of music on it that I need for parties as I am a DJ.

Answer:Western Digital 1TB external hard drive problem

Have you tried accessing this drive on another computer?

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I have a WD My Passport which was working fine until today. I plugged it into a number of computers and it is recognized, however, the message I get is " This drive needs to be formatted". I am unable to view any files on the drive, and the WD software program gives the same message.

How can I recover my files from this drive ? I have laptops, with Windows 7 and XP, a desk top with Windows 8, and I could load Vista if that would help ?

Any suggestions ? :cry

Answer:Western Digital My Passport Hard Drive Problem

You're in trouble. Try to recover everything yourself:

I usually would consider a second backup to cloud or DVD occasionally, though that's of little help now.

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I am having some problems with my Western Digital 320gb hard drive. When i load up the pc, windows starts and the desktop loads up etc. I then go into "My Computer" and the drive is present, i can access it and brouse through files. But it disapears from 1 minute to 20 minutes after complete load up. I currently have 2 hard drives in the pc, a 40gb master (containing windows) and a 120gb slave (containing programs and media). I attached the 320gb onto my other IDE cable and set it as master and connected it to the end IDE connector. I did this just so that i can transfer all my files on my 120gb over to my 320gb.

Does anyone know why the drive is simply disapearing without warning?

If you need any further information please let me know and i will help as much as i can.

Many Thanks,
Andy Gray

Answer:Problem with my 320gb Western Digital Hard Drive

That should work, humm with the hdd as the master I assume you are setting the jumpers on the cd/dvd drive as the slave? If so try making the cd/dvd drive the master. Some burners are picky they have to be the master and the third hdd as the slave. Just because it is the slave you still should be able to transfer files to it with no problems.

Edit - something else to consider maybe the PSU can't handle the load and is crapping out.

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I have a Dell Pentium Dual Core computer with Windows 10 Pro I attached a Western Digital External Hard drive that was working just fine but a few days ago all power went out in my room and my PC with attached external HD went out as well. When I restarted my PC everything seen fine...except now my external HD is not being recognized. Ir starts up just fine I can hear it I can see the lights come on but I don't see it with a drive letter. What should  do ?bigal50

Answer:External Western Digital Hard drive not being recognized

Under Disk Management in the computer look there to see if its mounted but shows up as not formatted or not partitioned. It might be there but no drive letter assigned. If you see it there DO NOT PARTITION OR FORMAT IT... instead you will need to run software to scan this drive and correct for damaged file tables. If the drive is not detected there then the drive may be damaged. If under warranty you could return the drive for a replacement but all data would be gone and potentially in the hands of whoever gets your dead drive. Or you can open the enclosure and mount the drive as a slave drive into a desktop computer and maybe then see it in disk management to work on its data recovery or if its the USB to SATA daughter board that blew on the external enclosure through this process of power loss, then your drive might mount up and get a drive letter as a 2nd hard drive in the computer in which all data would be accessible without a data recovery process needed.

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Thank you for the help last time with my 80 gb external drive. This time is a little different, as it's my two-year-old 500 gb external drive acting up. I unplugged it last night and then plugged it back in a minute later, but it didn't detect. I then turned off the computer. Today, it still won't detect. The power light is on within the external drive. There is no sound made when I plug in the drive to any USB port of my notebook, and the drive isn't shown under either My Computer or Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management. From other research, I would try to "Import Foreign Disk" but don't see that option.

Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Nonresponsive 500 gb Western Digital hard drive

For anyone curious, today--approximately 36 hours after it stopped working--the drive is working fine in its usual port. I'm marking this thread as solved, but any tips for next time would be appreciated.

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i have Athlon xp 2000, 512 ram, agp graph, win XP, 2hard drives. my computer does not detect the drive when loading and even when used as slave. western digital confirmed that it is a drive failed and agreed to replace it, but advice me to go to a third party for data retrival. i contacted one and was quoted over 900.00 which is way too high.i am wondering if there is any way of retrieving my data.your advice will be much appreciatedthak you

Answer:failed hard drive (129GB western digital under 2y

Not having had to think about data retreival fom a hard drive, before, in the back of mind I guess when a componant fails during its gaurantee period, it is replaced no. prob. but a hard drive is different of course, its got stuff on it.My intitial thought is that it should be incumbant of the drive manufacturer or the appointed agent, to put data onto the replacement drive, is it a difficult task?

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Hello everyone,
I have a WD 500GB external hard drive that is not being recognized by my computer anymore. It just stopped working. When I plug the USB cable in, Windows recognizes that the device is there, and says that it has installed the approapriate software for the device and it is ready to use. However, the drive does not appear in My Computer. Also, I have right-clicked on my computer and then the Manage option, and under Disk Management, I do not see the drive. I have all of my sports games and music on the drive. I just need some help on how to solve this problem.

Answer:Western Digital external hard drive problem

Firstly confirm the external drive and USB cable works in another computer
This will eliminate the Drive and cable, from your computer

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Hello.I have got a X-PRO external hard drive enclosure with a Western Digital WD1600JS 160GB hard drive.Recently I knocked it off the table and it fell about 0.8m, whilst still plugged in. The hard drive actually disconnected from the internal connector in the enclosure upon impact. I wasn't reading on writing to the hard drive at the time but now it won't spin up. The sound that it makes when turned on can be located here:click hereI have put the hdd in another computer and it made the same noises so I know it is a hard drive fault. Could freezing it help? What is the problem do you think?Thanks for reading!

Answer:Dropped Western Digital hard drive - help needed!

think it's caput

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My computer shows all the files on my External hard drive, but I cannot access them. I get an error message that says the files are not found. I tried a data recovery, but the program cannot access the hard drive. Whats next?

Answer:Cannot access external hard drive ( Western Digital)

I would run CHKDSK /R driveletter:

If that doesn't work, I would remove the disk drive from the enclosure, install it internally to a desktop computer and try CHKDSK /R driveletter: again.

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I purchased a Western Digital 250gb external hard drive (My Passport Essential I think) a few years back with the idea that I would use it as a backup to my main computer and/or an alternative hard drive storage for my music. But I have been sadly deceived and luckily I have only used it as a sync/temporary access drive when I needed to print stuff away from home.

Well the time has come to upgrade to a new computer (with more space and speed etc than current) and I have been trying to find ways to transfer my existing files across.

In my search, I have stumbled across many forums/websites that advise the WD external hdd and the preinstalled software (WD Sync/Dmailer Sync whichever it is now) is not suitable as a backup drive and that if the computer is erased and at any point resync'ed, the data on the external hdd will be deleted. Also many people advise they have lost files as a result of computer crashes etc and cannot retrieve the files from either their WD hdd or their computer. All of which has prompted me to start this thread.

Can anyone please tell me, is there a way to...
1. Transfer my files to my new computer using the WD external hdd? NB. Not as important as I have alternative methods/may start another thread.

2. Turn the WD hdd into a back up drive without purchasing the Dmailer Backup software? (NB. I am not opposed to buying new software but I feel I have been "done" by a highstreet (actually retail park) computer store and I don't par... Read more

Answer:Use Western Digital external hard drive as a backup drive

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I have Dell Latitude e5410 that's not booting corectly, and I think it's a hard drive problem. I have the Westen Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows for my model. Can I make an ISO file from it and run it on the computer?

Answer:How to run Western Digital hard drive diagnostics on non booting computer

Im not sure about the windows edition but if you look up the hard drive product code on the downloads page ( ) they should have the dos version which would be bootable.

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Maplins list this as 'New'. Price is 69.99 inc vat ex store. Has anyone got/know of this drive and if so what are their opinions.

Answer:Maplins 250GB Western Digital External Hard Drive

Ordered one from Amazon 11 cheaper, delivery due tomorrow.

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Just the other day my wife and I are watching several movies on my external hard drive, which has a plethora of movies we've gathered. It's not even that old, less than a year old.

here's what I've done:

I have three computers in our house

-Windows 7 64bit Desktop (custom built)
-Windows 7 32bit laptop (Dell Vostro 1700)
-Windows 7 32bit Toshiba)

Not a single one of these computers even so much as detect the hard drive at all now. I tried a different usb cable as well, and i got nothing. I tried different wall outlets, it still blinks when I plug it in the computer, but the computer doesn't remotely see it.

Here's exactly what happened leading up to this, so no one is confused:

I first noticed a problem when I tried to download a new movie using utorrent. It started the file, and then failed saying something was wrong with like cyncro or something. Whatever, I looked up the error code. Appears others have had this issue as well, so I did what they said, "chkdsk /r" on my hard drive (J:/). It got to step five, but froze nothing, for over 6 hours it sat there and not a thing at all.

So I cancelled it, closed it out, and restarted the computer with the device plugged in.

it reboots, and now...absolutely nothing. It doesn't even see that a drive exists.

like I said, I've changed out the cables, moved power outlets, tried different computers and different ports, and done these steps on each of them:

1. Checked device manager...... Read more

Answer:Western Digital External USB Hard Drive Unrecognized in Windows 7

Look Shawn I ma no expert but have you tried DISKPART to see if it is in there - I sometimes have this problem and pretty well all the time it will show up in that.

Nb ""
"****" is just to show the letters to be typed not the quotation marks

Start > type "cmd" in search > right click the cmd at the top of the Start menu > left click "run as administrator" > let it work to a balck and white DOS screen > type in "diskpart" > Enter > DISKPART will come up > type "list disk" > Enter it will show all the drives (disks) on or in the machine.

If you know how to snip or capture the screen post back the screen.

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I have been using this WD hard drive (1 TB) for several months now without problems. My main computer crashed with a little help from my fists, now I am trying to rebuild an older computer, it was partitioned (i guess) with both Linxus and DOS, and the program files and all my original computer back up folders, videos and pics are stored on my external harddrive. When I plugged it into the DOS computer, it does have windows XP, but an error messgae popped up stating the e/drive needed to be formatted. I had never seen this error messgae and did not format the drive, but it wouoldn't allow me to access the drive. I tried again after re booting the computer, and I wasn't sure what the formatting involved so I hit YES, a WARNING message popped up telling me all my files would be erased if I formatted, and I immediately hit NO and unpllugged my drive. Now I can't see any files on the drive, although it recognizes it on other computers, it will not show the space capicity or free space, and it says it in NTFS format. Did me plugging this drive into a DOS computer change the settings somehow from FAT32 to NTFS? and if so How do I save my files? I did not format it, so I don't believe the files have been erased or it should show the free space as 1TB, right? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I will die if I lost all thiese files

Answer:Western Digital External Hard Drive Format error, please help

Hive info on the HDD is protected. Missing drive info? That's why your getting that error message to format it but you don't. What OS did you have prior?

See this link from MS for the fix using chkdsk /p

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This is not a repeat! It's just that I read somewhere about one needs to make sure that it is formatted to NTFS. My Windows XP Sp2 is formatted to NTFS so will this present no problem when I come to use the drive?

Answer:Maplins 250GB Western Digital External Hard Drive

No roblem.Used one for two years.

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I am attempting to recover the data from an old Compaq Presario desktop 20 Gig Western Digital hard drive with Win XP Pro installed on it.Unfortunately, I did the classic mistake of not backing this drive up and I'm having a hard time as a result. The drive began the infamous clicking sound and rendered the computer it was installed on inoperable. I have since connected it as a slave on another old Intel Celeron 1.1Ghz Compaq Presario running XP Pro in order to try and work on it. Initially the drive would click away and I could not access it no matter what I tried.

I then read about the "freezer" trick and connecting the drive upside down instead of mounted in its normal position. After sealing the drive in a Ziplock bag and letting it freeze for a few hours I reconnected the drive. The drive stopped clicking and lo and behold it was visible on Windows Explorer as well as Device and System managers! I then frantically attempted to copy as many files as I could but my "miracle" slot of time lasted for only about seven minutes, then the clicking began and I was back to having an inaccessible hard drive. I was only able to recover a small portion of the data I am trying to save.

The interesting thing is that I have since used the freezer method a few more times and the hard drive no longer clicks at all. It seems to spin and whir almost normally and is recognized by the Windows XP System Device manager, where it is reported as functioning "no... Read more

Answer:Western Digital hard drive data recovery misery

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Can someone knowledgeable help me by telling me which of the following 3 external hard drives would be the better choice in terms of value and reliability.

1) Western Digital 1TB My Book Essential, 2 year warranty,
WDBAAF0010HBK -113.99
2) Western Digital 1.5TB My Book Home Edition, 3 year warranty,
WD15000H1CS - 139.99
3) Seagate 1.5TB Free Agent, 5 year warranty,
ST315005FDB2E1 - 139.99

I don't really need the included security software or backup software since I will just save the files that I want to be saved. If the choice was just between these 3, which would it be? I tried doing a google search and reading customer reviews on retailer sites, but it is very confusing. Some people will have good things to say and others will have bad things to say about each one. A friend of mine told me to keep #2 since he and a few other people he knows have owned and still own several Western Digital external drives with no problems.
Thanks for the help.

Answer:Which external hard drive to pick? Western Digital or Seagate?

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I have Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed. All drives work fine and there is no issue on the drives except for one major problem, and I don't have a clue as to why.

I have been having BSOD in my FAT32 500gig external hard drive. If I go to delete a file or folder, it blue screens instantly, if I check the box that says 'delete immedialtely, do not send to recycle bin', then it doesn't blue screen. If I save word document in the external HD it blue screens on me.

It is 500gig, there is around 55gig free, and it is formatted to FAT32 for accessablity.

I have some small usb flash drives I occasionally plug in the computer, they are FAT32, and they work fine.

This is my most crucial data hard drive, and it has been used flawlessly with XP SP2 32 bit, Vista Home Premium 32 bit, and Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

This is my first encounter with 64 bit operating system. Is there something I need to know about FAT32 external hard drives? Is there not enough room for it to do anything? Was it just a bad Win7 installation?

Once again I have never had an issue in any other 32 bit operating system. Could it be because it is FAT32?

Most times I can access the files in the drive, I can go deep into the subfolders on the drive, but once I try to save anything or delete anything it instantly crashes and goes to the BSOD.

Anyone please help - the files are too important (backup images, business backups, etc...) for this to happen. I could revert back to 32 bit, but I have heard ... Read more

Answer:Western Digital 500gig External Hard Drive BSOD


Backup the data on the drive and then see if there is a firmware update for it. Install.

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Happy Holidays, all.

Thank you for the help some time ago with my 80 gb external drive. This time is a little different, as it's my two-and-a-half-year-old 500 gb external drive acting up. I unplugged it normally from my computer about 68 hours ago and then plugged it back in a few minutes later, but it didn't detect. I have since turned off the computer. As of now, it still won't detect. The power light is on within the external drive. There is no sound made when I plug in the drive to any USB port of my notebook, and the drive isn't shown under either My Computer or Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management. From other research, I would try to "Import Foreign Disk" but don't see that option.

Last time this happened (July), it started working again about 36 hours later, but it's already been almost twice that.

Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Nonresponsive 500 gb Western Digital hard drive (Dec. 2009)

Have you tried it on another PC?


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Morning everyone,Please can someone help me.Yesterday I noticed that my drive was not functioning correctly and have now checked out the WD website for answers and think I have a drive failure.However, when switching on the drive I get a faint clicking noise and cant turn off the unit in the normal manner except by removing the power. The drive is also not recognised in My Computer running XP.Is anyone able to confirm my fears or recommend any software / procedure to recover my files?Thanks as always.Angry ;-)

Answer:Clicking Western Digital Media External Hard Drive

Sounds as though it is defunct, can you see it in Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer management > Disk Management?

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I can browse this forum for data recovery methods, but before I jump into that, I want to explain the events that led up to this terribleness.

I've been running this external hard drive on my XP desktop for a little over a year and have had no problems. I've plugged it into numerous other XP computers, several laptops running Vista, and even a few Macs. There have been no problems and I've been able to take files on and off with ease on all these different computers. Today though, my friend just bought a Sony Vaio laptop with Vista, and with my successful history I plugged it in without any doubts... the "installing new devices" thing, then the statement saying that the device is ready to use. But upon trying to browse the device, we get a long loading process that's halted with a "This device is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?". I've read other people's posts of their similar predicaments, but it seems that it's more of a "I just plugged this into a Mac and now I can't access it" thing. I know Sony has a tendency of ruining everything, but I really have a feeling there's something else involved. Something seriously needs to be done about such a ruin-everything process.

If I was a freaker-outer, now would be the time. Years of work gone to waste.



Answer:500GB Western Digital external hard drive - needs formatting?

So, are the other computers saying it is unformatted, too? Go through this thread, there are quite a few solutions listed.

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I've decided to buy my very first external hard drive. I want a big one (1 TB) that is reliable but also cheap. Of course it would be great if it is fast as well.

After some research, I've figured that these two below are the cheapest options. Which one would you choose? Or neither?[]=664433&ArticleId[]=1493450

Thanks in advance!

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I unplugged the external hard drive while working on some networking setups, and then plugged it back in to my pc.

Now the pc doesn't recognize the F:\ drive where it was previously.
I searched for new hardware and it doesn't recognize the hard drive.

Answer:Solved: Western Digital External Hard drive - not recognized

As a quick test have you plugged the drive into another system?

Have you tried another usb port on your system?

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Hey,I have had this WD My Book with about 400gb of space on it. I got it 2006black friday. I have only used about 100gb filled with years of images,videos,assignments,and a large amount of music from my collection. I have this in my machine that is Xp for about a year then in a new Vista computer i got last summer everything was working fun until i booted up today and when i clicked on it in my computer a message would appear saying "J:\ is not accessible, The Parameter is incorrect." I really just need to get the files off of that and onto my home computer, I despritly need those files. My Computer:Hp Pavilion a6200nWindows Vista HomeAti Radeon 8500gt 512mb3.5Gb Ram360gb HDAmd Athlon 5000+ 2.6 Rated at 7.5

Answer:Western Digital 400gb External Hard Drive Falirue

Is the WD my book an external HDD?.(see last question)If the drive shows in My Computer can you run CHKDSK or Defrag?.Have you checked Event Viewer for any error messages?.Is the listed in device manager?.If its and external HDD,I have known the USB interface to fail.If its at all possible(seek advice first),can you remove it from the caddy and use as an internal drive?.Just be careful,doing even the basic procedure could cause data loss.

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Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache Internal Desktop Hard Drive Bulk/OEM - WD1002FAEX: Electronics

Motherboard: - ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
I correctly connected the Hard Drive to SATA3_1, my second hard drive being a Seagate 360GB connected to SATA3_2, and my CD Drive being connected to SATA3_3. SATA3_4 and SATA3_5 have nothing connected to them.

I've tried connecting the Hard Drive to SATA3_5 and it didn't change a thing.
Places I've checked:
BIOS - Checked the boot section for any hard drives and even Storage Configuration. Nothing.

Windows 8 installation menu - It doesn't show up there, only my hard drive and the other partition.

Windows 7 Computer Menu, doesn't show up there. Here's a screenshot.

Windows 7 Disk Management, It doesn't show up there. Here's a screenshot.

I even checked Device Manager, not sure what good this will do you guys.

Quote: Originally Posted by OP

Possible problems:
It came with no jumpers on the pins. But it says put pins into yada yada for PUIS and yada yada to limit it to 3GB/s.

Maybe I have to change the SATA mode? It's in IDE mode right now. I can change it to RAID/AHCI but I have no idea what that is.

Also, I don't hear it spinning. It's supposed to be a loud hard drive..

Answer:SATA 3 6Gbs Western Digital 1TB hard drive not detected AT ALL

I have a WD 1Tb SATA III HDD and you can definitely hear it spinning.

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I have just installed a secon hard drive (a western Digital SATA 200GB 7200rpm) along side my Primary IDE 120GB Maxtor drive which holds windows.

Very bizzarly the hard drive appears from time to time in My Computer and then just disappears the next time I boot with no seeable pattern to the disappearing act.

I have checked all the connections and even replaced all the cables with no look. When it appears in My computer you can access it through XPs admin tools in Computer management but when its not being recognised then it cannot be found in the same admin tools. It also appears to be equally as tempramental in the BIOS and RAID utilities that can be accessed before booting into windows.

When it does manage to appear in windows I've managed to run Western Digitals Diagnostic tool (data Lifeguard) and ran some test on it and it comes up and says "Error 03 - Read SMART attribute command error". On top of this from time to time when accessing it in windows, a little ballon pop can come up and say there was a "Delayed file write error" on the new hard drive.

When I didn't have any data on it I did try to use Data Lifeguard to Zero the drive but it only took 2 hours to do the full 200GB drive which seems a little bit short to me so perhaps it didnt do it properly.

Has anyone got any ideas to get this drive working more reliable as I am wanting to stick Linux on it. Thanks

Answer:My Western Digital 200GB SATA hard drive keeps disappearing

what are the specs of the rest of the machine.

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My Western Digital external hard drive just stopped working. There was no fall or energy issues as far as I know. It was perfect until yesterday, but today it keeps flashing a white light in front of it very quickly (each 1 or 2 seconds). Every blinking is accompanied by an intern spinning sound.

The power button also stopped working, and pressing it does nothing. My Mac Pro won't recognize the hard drive anymore, and it doesn't show up on Finder or Disk Utility. It looks like the device is frozen.

I tried changing the usb port, changing the outlet and reseting the computer, but nothing worked. I couldn't check for problems via third part software or check for firmware or driver updates because I have no access to the device whatsoever, as my Mac doesn't show it anywhere.

I can't remember the model of the hard drive, unfortunately. I bought it back in 2009. It looks like an older version of the "My Book Studio", but instead of just a little dot in the front of it, it has an oval lightened shape. (the one that keeps blinking).

I am kind of desperate because a lot of my work stuff is there! Please help!
Thanks folks

Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon/OS 10.7 / 16Gb Ram / 1TB internal drive / 1TB + 1TB external drive

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hi guys, im new on here so please go easy on me! right heres the thing, i bought a 1tb western digital my book world edition yesterday, it plugs into my router and so far (apart from the 1 problem) it seems good, i can copy no end of files from my laptop, upstairs pc and downstairs pc no problem. but i have a load of mp3s (about 150 gigs worth) on a usb 2 external hard drive, when i plug this into any of my computers and try copying to the mybook vista comes up saying discovering files and preparing to copy and the numbers are going up but when it finishes discovering the files the copy window just closes, the only way i can do it is to copy to a pc hdd then to the wd drive.

can anyone help so i can just transfer them straight from the usb drive?

it happens on 3 computers all running vista


Answer:Cant copy from usb hard drive to western digital my book world

Hi, jamiem1987, and welcome to the forums.

You say this occurs on all computers on your network copying to the same Worldbook HD attached to your router?

What sort of security programs are you using (antivirus, firewall, etc...)

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Hi all, as the user name sugests I.T is all a bit tech for me {at the moment} by you got to start somewhere right, So i've been asked to set up 6 brand new Dell laptops bought for my software engineers in the industy - i have been given a 7th Dell laptop same as the other 6 which has had all the required software needed by our engineers for the machinery programing process installed on it - i've also been given a 1TB western Digital {USB connected} external hard drive for cloning the software and transfering it on to the other laptops, so this afternoon i cloned the 7th laptop with all the software on it using system back up - creating a system image file on the external hard drive, but when it came to transfering this image on to the other laptops, i thought i'd beable to restore {set up the C: drive} the new laptop from the file path E: {the external hard drive path} but it doesn't have the option {E: drive or USB input or external drive} only system restore/back up disk or network path, i can't use the network path as the company has access/permission,firewall blockers that basically stop our engineers laptops from working on customers sites when online, which kind of stops any work from happening, and is why the company I.T deparment wont help me out in this situation, any help or guidance greatly appreciated as i really have thrown myself in at the deep end

Answer:CLONING to Western Digital external hard drive = {{NOVICE}}

Sounds like the company I.T deparment, will not help due to software licensing issues.

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i have a 750GB western digiital external hard drive that i recently obtained or bought. when am copying files to it, the speeds are okay but when it comes to copying the
same files from it to say another laptop, it copies for some files normally but some are very slow whwn copying them. it recently also created another partition 230GB yet its capacity is 750GB. if anyone could me with this problem. am out of ideas. thank you
in advance for the help.

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Hi, I would like to know if the Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive would work with my Toshiba laptop (A100-SK900E), I have seen reviews of the hard drive itself saying that it will not work with SOME laptops, will this work with mine?

Answer:Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive Question Regarding to Laptops...

Seems most likely any problem is associated with driver availability in the operating system being used.  Drivers are available in XP but not in SOME versions of Vista.  Here's a link to comments by other owners.  Below is an extract dated Jan 25 this year..QuoteLike Coolreem, I have spent hours trying to research this drive. WD Support is useless. They kept insisting that something is wrong with my USB port, the drive itself, etc. After 2 hours with Dell Support and upgrading a USB port just for the heck of it, the drive still does not work. Works great on my XP! Some have suggested reformatting the drive itself but I haven't found a way to do this yet. Upgrading to Ultimate is not an option for me - I'm not putting out the money for the upgrade just so I can get this Passport to work.As much as I hate to admit defeat, I think I am throwing in the towel on this one and looking for something else. I'll just consider this poor decision making on my part and a lesson learned. I will NEVER buy another Western Digital just because of the name value. After the utter nonsense from their support department, I may never buy another Western Digital product period!Sorry - cannot answer your question, it looks like a suck-it-and-see problem and hope it's not a lemon!Good luck

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Hi there, I have some problem with an old 320GB Hitachi drive. So I bought a WD Scorpio Blue 500GB drive today. I used Ghost to do a disk to disk copy. After the copy completed, I tried to boot with the WD Scorpio Blue 500GB. Nothing happen, the cursor just blinks and blinks. If I boot from Hiren CD, I can see the WD Scorpio Blue 500GB. I use a partition tool, the disk and partition checks out all right, but I still cannot boot! I then insert a Windows XP Pro (My OS is still XP Pro) into a USB burner and boot from it. When I tried to press 'R' for repair, it claims that there is no hard disk in my system!! What is happening here? Do I need to update my BIOS for this new WD Scorpio Blue 500GB? I ran the FWSH33 boot CD, it says I don't need to update the drive's firmware. Can anyone advise for this strange problem? Thank you!! Regards, Sirius Wee


Go to Solution.

Answer:X61 cannot detect Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5" 500GB Hard drive

Try cloning the old drive with free Acronis Western Digital softwareand see if it works.

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I recently got the hard drive in my Acer V3 laptop replaced since the first one had failed, and this new hard drive seems significantly slower than the old hard drive. The first hard drive was a Hitachi and was constantly getting anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds to boot to desktop, whereas this hard drive, a WDC WD7500BPVT, is taking anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds to boot to desktop and then another 30 seconds to finish booting everything. Now this hard drive was a clean reinstall of Windows 7, so I don't understand why it's taking so long to boot. I only have about 80 GB on this 750 GB hard drive, and I don't have many programs running at startup either. Why is the old Hitachi beating this new replacement hard drive? They're both 5400 RPM 750 GB hard drives, with a SATA speed of 3 GB.

Answer:Western Digital Hard Drive is Slow- 2 minute boot times

Not good. Very slow drive can mean a failing drive. And yes, I know it's "new" -- but I had three WD drives fail me last year and one was only a few months old. If you can, go to the WD website, download their drive health checking utility (sorry, forgot the name) and run it on the drive. It's not destructive but it will check the health of the drive. IF it's only a few weeks old, and it's already failing, you should be able to get a replacement through the warranty for free.

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So I bought a used 2 TB Hard drive and it supposedly was only used a couple of times and I got a good deal.

I plugged it in and the software was installed successfully but it doesn't show up in the explorer with a drive letter. Now when I go to the device manager it does show up but I am not able to format it or give it a letter etc. Also like I said in the title it doesn't have a fat32 or NTFS File System.

Here is a screenshot:

The hard drive I right clicked is the one I am talking about. If you need more pics let me know.

I would appreciate if you could help me get this external hard drive to work so it is viewable etc.


Answer:Western Digital 1021 2TB Hard Drive - No file system and can't format?

I will assume you do not want any of the data that might be on the drive.

In the lower section of the Disk Management window there are 3 'boxes' next to Disk 2.
Right click on that middle (hatched) box and click "delete Volume".

Then Right click on the first box (System Partition) and click "delete Volume".

There should now be just unallocated space for the whole drive (black box). Right click on that and choose "Format".

Let us know if that will work.

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I have an e machine that need a new hard drive. would this work? I don't know what else to say about 9it, so i'll let you ask questions.

Answer:would a 80GB Western Digital Maxtor Hard drive 7200 RPM 40 GB work for me?

Umm. I really can't understand what is the "this" you are asking about. So, are you planning to replace a 40 Gd HD with a 80 GB HD? Please post the model of your emachine.

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I have a Western Digital external hard drive model: WD3200B007-RGB. Recently after a Windows update and reboot the computer would no longer recognize the hard drive. A reboot tried to reinstall the hard drive but could not find a valid driver and searching support on the WD website found that WD no longer supports Legacy hard drives. I have tried two other computers with no success (assuming that, of course, those have also received the most recent Window update). I am running on Vista on one computer and XP Pro on the other two. I absolutely have to have access to that drive - does anyone know where to get a new driver? This is a firewire drive.

Answer:Cannot locate updated Western Digital external hard drive driver

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