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Headphone Issue

Question: Headphone Issue

I recently was forced to reformat a relatively new laptop. After the reformat, my speakers work fine. When I plug my headphones in, the computer recognizes them. I can test them in control panel and hear the test in my headphones. But that's it, I hear absolutely nothing else with my headphones. Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Headphone Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Headphone Issue

first, get yourself another working pair of headphones and connect to your computer and test. let us know how it is probably something wrong with your current headphones IF your computer's speakers and sound card are good and in working order.And what brand is the headphones you use and how old are they?

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Question: Headphone issue

Hi Guys,

I have 2 JBL speakers hooked up to my desk top (windows 7) and they work fine, however when I plug the headphones in (front of the speaker) I do not get any sound through the headphones.

If I press the jack plug in 1/2 way I get sound through the headphones however it also continues through the speakers.

I have checked the speaker setting though realtek and control panel and everything seems good.

I have also tried a couple of sets of headphones including top of the range AKG's and it makes no difference, so not sure why I am having this trouble.

Thanks in advance for you help guys it is much appreciated.

ps I have spent 1/2 hour trying to find the answer in the forum with no luck so apologizes if this questions is posted somewhere else as I could not find it.

Answer:Headphone issue

Greetings, acapro.

If I press the jack plug in 1/2 way I get soundClick to expand...

This sounds (pardon the pun) more like a hardware problem with the speaker jack. Have you attempted to plug the headphones into your sound card's or onboard audio's headphone jack?

Also, another shot: I had the same symptoms once (mine are Boston Acoustics) - the headphones would not work when plugged into the master desktop speaker until I rebooted. Have you restarted your machine lately?

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I purchased my s10-3t about 2 weeks ago, and upgraded to windows 7 home premium about a week ago. A few days ago I started having the following problem: After some amount of time using the headphones after a typical boot up (could be 5 mins, half an hour, an hour, or more), the headphones will suddenly stop playing music or whatever, and instead produce really loud static noise. I am certain it is not the headphone's fault because they still work on other music devices and this problem happens with other headphones too. On a few occasions I could still hear the sound it's supposed to play but really really quietly (and still drowned out by the really loud static noise). Also, the volume of the static does not change if you change the volume level. When this problem happens, the speakers will work fine, except they will sometimes be "unsure" whether the headphones are plugged in. The speakers may or may not produce sound...sometimes they'll only produce sound if the headhpones are plugged in half way. I am not too concerned about the speakers - I don't use them anyway. I just want my headphones to work again. The only way I have found to correct this is to reboot my computer (which always works to fix the problem), but I don't want to have to keep doing this. Thanks 

Answer:s10-3t headphone issue

I will try to plug-in a speaker into headphone and play music over night.Which audio driver you use?Win7 inbox aduio driver or S10-3t Audio driver?   

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Hi, I have a problem
I am in a CS CAL Team and the new CAL season is starting up. That means late night games, and where late night games come in comes the issue of being quite for the rest of the house while they try to sleep. SO! I plug in my headphones... but they don't work all I can hear is a very faint incoherent fuzz.

I am running on XP Home, and got a Creative SB Live! Series (WDM) card running on Version 5.1.2603.0. I was wondering if there is some way to fix this issue. If it is my crap old soundcard? the headphones? or what?


Answer:Soundcard/Headphone Issue

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The laptop doesn't register headphones frequently- occasionally 'unplugs' randomly, or if they're moved/knocked a little. I've tried updating the audio drivers and using different headphones and that's not helped at all. I figure it's probably a hardware issue and I need to send it off to be fixed, but I'd rather avoid having to do that if I could. 

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HelloThe headphone jack stops working on my T460s everytime I close the screen and re-open it again. I have to do a restart to get it working again. How do I fix this? The laptop is barely a year old. ThanksIan

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I've just bought a XPS 15, and today I realised that when I plug in headphone into the headphone jack, buzzing noise emits, and renders the headphone useless. Laptop speakers works fine, just the issue with the headphone jack. 
I've tried updating the drivers to no avail. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

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My front headphone jack is not working. I've tried everything I know to fix it--no luck.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8100 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 206 GB (26 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, 30C7
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

Answer:Headphone Jack Issue

did you make sure the front headphones jack is plugged into the motherboard's header? Maybe it came loose?

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I SOLVED this in my reply below!

Hi everyone,

I have updated my Compaq Presario V3030CA to Windows 7 Home Premium and only since then I have not been able to use my headphone jack for audio.

I have read many threads on this issue in this forum and elsewhere on the Internet, tried several of the solutions offered but to no avail...

As with many others, I do get sound through the laptop speakers. When I plug in my (perfectly working) pair of headphones, the sound on the speakers does not turn off and of course I am not getting anything in my headphones.

Here is what I see when I go to the Control Panel/Sound. In Playback, I get Speakers - High Definition Audio Device - Default Device. Clicking on its Properties I see the High Definition Audio Device driver is from Microsoft. I have tried to disable, uninstal, update this driver but to no avail. I have also tried to replace it with other drivers recommended in different forums (including from the Compaq website) but that also did not work.

Back in the Playback window, I see the Digital Audio (S/PDIF) icon with Ready state. There is no Headphones icon even when I right click and Show Disabled Devices.

In the Recording pane, the Line in icon shows a status of Not Plugged in with a red arrow pointing downwards.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!


Complete laptop specs here:
Product Specifications Compaq Presario V3030CA Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (Canada - English)

Answer:Headphone jack issue in W7 ?!?


I uninstalled the W7 audio drivers. I tried again to download the audio driver from Compaq (Select software and drivers Compaq Presario V3000 CTO Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)) but this time while I reinstalled that driver, I noticed that W7 was reinstalling its own drivers b/f the Compaq driver could be installed. So when the Compaq driver installation paused to ask me a question, I went back in Control Panel/Sound to again uninstall the W7 audio driver. I went back to the Compaq driver installation, let it finished and my headphones are now working!!!!!

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Have had numerous issues since day 1 (Jan 2017)  with headphones.
Latest issue - Headphones only recognized if plugged in on boot.
MaxxAudioPro never recognizes the headphones.
Realtek HD Audio Driver -
Windows 10 Home Build - 1703
Dell Detect says all latest drivers/firmware installed.
Any idea on resolution?  
Very disappointed with Dell phone support on my prior sound issues as their proposed solution caused my PC not to reboot. I've fixed my prior issues myself but this one has me stumped.

Answer:XPS-13 9360 Headphone Issue

rjbhayesHeadphones only recognized if plugged in on boot.
That was an issue on the XPS 9350 and 9550 models. Many owners reported it was fixed by having the audio port circuit board replaced. (Your model might or might not have that part). Your post is the first one I have seen about the problem on an XPS 9360.
rjbhayesLatest issue
That Realtek driver just came out May 3rd, so if the problem exists from that date I would say try "roll back" driver and see if the previous driver works okay. 
Turn off Windows Update, then
1. Open the Device Manager.2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers"3. Right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio" to open the context menu.4. Click Properties.5. Click the Driver tab at the top.6. Click Rollback Driver.
If Win10 Home does not allow for turning off Update, then disconnect from internet, but if Update is on it might re-install the newer driver when connected again.

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Hi, after much annoyance stil have not had this issue solved, (including having the motherboard removed and tested in the shop..), when ever i plug my headphones (my pc) i have no volume control via the knob on my logitech speakers....unplug them i get the volume knob control back, the speakers work fine on my laptop and how they should, iv tried another soundcard thinking it was the onboard sound causing a problem , but stil the same issue.............only way i caN Turn the sound up and down with headphones plugged in is with the slider on the taskbar, or via an external app like winamp, IF I am playing games what i mostly use headphones for i have to set it manually outside of the game which is a pain in the proverbial, that u can't adjust as you r playing, ...............any help at all would be awesome, somehow to me it stil seems to be a hardware issue, ..???

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I just got my brand new XPS 15 and this thing screams. I'm impressed at how quickly this machine processes my videos on Premier Pro. However, right out of the box, I'm having a major issue with the headphone jack. 
Upon inserting any set of headphones, I get, I would say 35% sound on the right channel. The left channel sounds fine. The fix is either to wiggle the headphone jack until the sound comes through. Or, to press down hard next to the left Ctrl and Shift keys. 
I've tried both the Audio Technica ATH-M70x and Creative Aurvanas, and both have the same issue. Is this new laptop destined for a new motherboard, already? I can't imagine this would be a driver issue.

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Hello, problem is when I plug in my Apple headphones into my laptop the left earbud doesn't work unless I pressure the jack upwards with my finger, if I let it go it stops working again. So only the right earbud works on its own. I have downloaded and reinstalled the latest audio driver for my computer and the same problem persists.  Driver I'm using: This only started to happen just recently when I let my younger cousins play on my laptop, before it was just fine. Maybe they damaged my audio port in some way? If so is there a DIY solution to this? My warranty is up and I don't want to pay probably $50 to fix a small audio issue. I did not download anything else that modified my audio as far as I know. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: This is not a problem with the earphones, they work perfectly fine with my phone and other devices.

Answer:Acer v5-571 Headphone Audio Issue

99% is an hardware problem on laptop headphone plug, check with a light if the leafs inside the plug hole are well aligned. you can try with a toothpick to move it a little and check if one is not moving or are blocked in the plug chassie.

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i bought an Ideapad Z570 in June 2011.  i use a headphone often. However, the headphone jack won't go into the headphone port completely now and there are problems in listening. i checked with the jack of multimedia speakers and they won't go in completely either. Both the headphone and speakers work fine.  

Answer:z570- headphone jack issue

If this is the case with any make of headphone,have you taken it to the nearest service center?

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My X220 doesn't seem to detect headphones properly.  Sound comes out of them instead of the internal speakers, but the audio mixer still shows the device connected as "speakers."  My old laptop could detect when headphones are plugged in and kept separate volume levels for headphones vs internal speakers, should the X220 be able to do this? I'm running Windows 7 on an i5-2520M with 8GB RAM.


Go to Solution.

Answer:X220 Headphone Detection issue

Actually this made me curious, so I checked out my X220, and indeed it worked like you described. However, I found a way to change that to provide the effect you're looking for. In Control Panel, click the Smart Audio icon. This will bring up the Smart Audio panel. Click Audio Director, one of the bottom icons. This brings up two choices, Classic & Multi-Stream. Changing to Multi-Stream recognizes the headphones when plugged in, and indeed maintains a different volume level. Hope that works for you!

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Hello there,

The headphone jack on my laptop broke some time ago, so I had to buy a USB replacement jack. Under Windows XP this worked brilliantly, but since I've upgraded to Windows 7 (Home Premium, 32bit) I've been experiencing problems: namely, I have no control over the volume. Whether the volume is all the way up or just above zero, the sound is blaringly loud through the headphones. (I can still Mute the volume.) I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the jack via the Device Manager, but I haven't had any success. Help?

Answer:USB Headphone Jack Volume Issue

Quote: Originally Posted by cxg

Hello there,

The headphone jack on my laptop broke some time ago, so I had to buy a USB replacement jack. Under Windows XP this worked brilliantly, but since I've upgraded to Windows 7 (Home Premium, 32bit) I've been experiencing problems: namely, I have no control over the volume. Whether the volume is all the way up or just above zero, the sound is blaringly loud through the headphones. (I can still Mute the volume.) I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the jack via the Device Manager, but I haven't had any success. Help?

USB headsets' volumes are controlled by Windows via the drivers for said headset. IF the drivers are not installed or improperly installed, you may have a tough time doing anything with it.

Some headsets also have volume controls in-line on the cord. Is this the case for you?

What headset do you have?

Also check your device manager under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers. If your headset is actually listed there like it should be, it should not have any ! or ? symbols on it as well.

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Every time I have to listen to something with my earphones, I have to make  my lap top detect for problems so it can reinstall the audio driver and  it's annoying. How can I fix this so when I plug in my headphones, noise automatically goes to the headphone jack. 

Answer:Headphone Jack Issue xps 15 9560

fcbjarro99,Click the link below to download and install the chipset drivers for your computer. Reboot the computer and then download and install the Audio drivers, reboot again. Also, right click on the volume control icon in the taskbar and choose playback devices. When your headphones are plugged in choose to make them the default device.Dell XPS 9560 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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I have made a post on this before but there have been some changes to the machine since then. So here is my problem. Sometimes the audio will work fine, during these times I am happy with it.When playing audio over the main speakers with nothing in the audio jack, it will think there is something in the audio jack and route the audio there, so I cant hear anything. I can tell this is happening because the system volume control will now display the headphone level. It will also flicker between the speakers and headphone audio levels which is the only reason I noticed this.When the headphones are in, they tend to work more often than the main speaker. However it will also think that the headphones are not plugged in and switch back to the main speakers.Its common for it to switch between states rapidly and repeatedly for several seconds. The problem should not be related to the headphones I am using. I use 3 different pairs, all of which use the headphone jack and not USB (never tried usb or bluetooth audio actually). For some reason touching the case seems to matter. I dont know if its in my head or something, but oftend putting a little tension on the front of the case seems to help, like putting a dice under the left or right front rubber foot. So I have looked around and tried many solutions.I have tried upgrading to windows 10, problem remainedI have reinstalled the OS com... Read more

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Hello, Earlier today the tip of my 3.5mm headphones snapped off and is stuck into my headphone jack.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to disable the bypass to headphones so I can use the regular speakers? And how to remove the piece that is lodged in the jack.  I've tried putting epoxy on the end of a toothpick but that didn't work.   I took apart my computer hoping that the jack was accessible from the other side but only got to where the magnisium cage covers it completely. Any help would be appreciated. Oops looks like I posted this in the wrong topic... I forgot that I don't have a T series anymore

Answer:Thinkkpad W520 Headphone Issue

I've pulled many of these out over the years, usually with a very thin pair of tweezers works best.   Unfortunantely, since it is lodged into the connector it is unlikely that even manually switching the output device in the multimedia settings would fix the issue. 

Thinkpad T500-2081 CTO | T9400 2.53GHz | 8 GB RAM | ATI HD3650 + Intel GM45 | 15.4" LED WXGA+ | Windows 10 | ATI Catalyst 13.1 (non-switchable)Thinkpad 390x | PII 333 | 256mb ram | NeoMagic 256AV | SVGA LCD | OS/2 v4.52

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> I have a Compaq Presario F750US, running Windows Vista.

> I'm trying to use a standard iPod headphones (earbuds) with the 3.5mm headphones jack entrance on the laptop. However no sound comes out of the headphones. They are working fine as I tested them before. When I connect the headphones, the sound still comes out of the laptop's integrated speakers.

> I think I have an integrated audio driver, as the "Sound" window reports the current audio driver is a "High Definition Audio", nothing else.

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Every 2 seconds i get a notifacation that my headphones have been plugged in/unplugged.
i do have headphones, so this is REALLY annoying. i use realtek and many people have this problem but they're not on a laptop/have headphones. can anybody help me? do i need to provide more info? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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Before I continue, I'd like to say I did not upgrade to Windows 10. I bought my laptop not even a year-ago from Best Buy with Windows 10 already installed.

A little background, I've been using my "Skullcandy Ink'd Earbud with Mic" to talk with people on both Skype and Discord using my laptop. I've had these earbuds for more than three-months and I've never had an issue with them until today. Suddenly people can't hear me, but I can hear them while my sound remains perfectly intact. I thought maybe my earbuds were broken so I tried them with three different devices, but the Mic still worked just fine. Afterwards I updated my Sound Drivers thinking that might be the issue. Yet, even after updating the problem wasn't fixed. I'm really confused as to why I can't be heard through the Mic when I plug the earbuds into my laptop. Especially, when it was working not to long ago. Has anyone else experienced this? I really need help.P.S. I used the earbuds/mic three days ago an they worked fine. The next day the mic couldn't be picked up, also it only has one plug. 

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Hi, i am using Dtell inspiron N 5110.Sound drivers are correctly installed and i am able to listen audio in built in speakers in laptop.
but i am unable to listen audio while plugging pin of speakers/headphones.
anyone please guide????
i am using win7 64 bit and installed sound drivers from

Answer:Sound issue on speakers/headphone

Hello. Download and install a fresh copy of the Realtek audio driver. If doing that doesn't fix the problem, switch to the windows native audio driver.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked .7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, sometimes you have to restart, sometimes not.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If the headphones still don't work after doing that, it is because of hardware failure.

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Anyone else with the XPS 15 9550 have problems with headphones / internal speakers not working correctly?
On booting the PC without any headphones, the speakers work. However headphones do not work if inserted.  On removing the headphones, the speakers then cease to work.
However if booting the PC with headphones inserted, the headphones do work.  On removing them, the speakers do not work.  The headphones do not work if reinserted.
Both these scenarios are fixed by rebooting the PC.
Windows 10 and all drivers - including audio and BIOS - are up to date as of 17/11/5.
This issue seems similar to the one described in:
Does anyone else have the same problem?

Answer:XPS 9550 Headphone / audio issue

I have the same problem. Here's the steps I took to fix the issue on my computer (no guarantees this works for everyone!)
1. Updated audio drivers to latest (Audio_Driver_37Y88_WN32_6.0.1.7628_A03.EXE)
2. Updated BIOS to latest (XPS_9550_1.1.19.exe)
3. Restart
4. Open the startup manager(Esc+Shift+Ctrl, navigate to startup tab)
5. Disable "HD Audio Background Process" and "Waves MAXXaudio Service Application"
6. Enable "Realtek HD Audio Manager" if not already enabled
7. Restart 
After restarting plugging and unplugging headphones work correctly. Hope this helps!

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I've recently bought a Bluetooth USB Dongle for my Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop so my wireless headphone could connect to it. The dongle connected and installed fine but when I pressed "Add a device", it saw it as a keyboard and when it tried to install the driver for it, it gave me a "No driver found" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device. It is a Ciberspeed Sports Bluetooth Headphone and it has worked for my iPod so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I appreciate any help.

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I'm guessing that it's probably just a compatibility issue... or just how it is, but I'm curious:

I updated my laptop from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro a while back. It started out as just a minor inconvenience, but it's getting to be very annoying. When I plug in my external speakers (via the headphone jack) or my headphones, Windows doesn't automatically switch the sound output to the headphone jack. I have to manually switch it ("Manage Audio Devices"). The same is true for the reverse, when I unplug my headphones.

Is there any way around this, or is it likely an issue with the compatibility of my sound card?

Please and thank you!

Answer:Headphone jack/on board speaker issue

Do you have the correct Windows 7 drivers for your Audio system? The XP drivers are not compatible and you need at a minimum Vista drivers as Vista and Windows 7 handle sound functions differently than XP.

On most newer "HD Audio" systems the jack is "auto sensing" and switches "logically". On many older PC systems that is a mechanical function with the jack.

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Hey, I have a flex 14 ideaPad and up until recently everything's been running smoothly audio-wise (when headphones were and were not plugged in), except for randomly a couple of days ago when I plugged headphones into the jack and no sound came through either the headphones or the speakers, although the headphones were detected by the laptop. When I unplugged them sound would come through the speakers again. I tried again with a different set of headphones but the problem reoccurred which lead me to believe the problem is with the laptop, after searching for solutions online I decided to delete and then reinstall the audio drive (Realtech HD Audio Manager). This fixed the problem for a couple of days but now the same problem has returned. I am confused as to whether this is a hardware/software based problem as when I reinstalled the driver it did solve the problem so it couldn't really be hardware related. Would anyone know what the problem is? Should I just keep on deleting and reinstalling the driver? Again the headphones are detected by the laptop, they do not appear as their own playback device though (is this always the case?) Thanks, Tiernan

Go to Solution.

Answer:Flex 14 Headphone Jack/Audio Issue

The Realtek configuration on the Flex has Windows only show a single, common device for all the audio outputs.
Here's the latest Realtek driver. If the issue persists after, I would recommend a warranty call.

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Hello, I recently bought a Flex 2-14 with Windows 8.1 installed and upgraded it to Windows 10 (Education Version). I haven't tried the sound on the 8.1 system - directly upgraded to Windows 10.Symptoms:When I plug in headphones, the notebook doesn't recognize them. When I unmute/mute using the F1 keys sound comes through the headphone - terrible quality, though. When I change the volume using the F2/F3 keys that switches it back to the loud speakers and so on.It seems to me that the laptop doesn't recognize the headphones at all. When I look into the sound devices in the taskbar, there aren't any headphones listed.Failed attempts to solve the problem:Updating the drivers from the Lenovo website.Updating drivers from Realtek directly.Sleeping/waking the notebook.Turning off the multichannel option with the Realtek HD Audio-Manager.I think that's pretty much all I've tried so far.Most of the times the problem just stayed the same. Sometimes it wouldn't switch back to the speaker when pressing the F1/F2/F3 keys, but that is all that my attempts changed so far.I'm thankful for any hints!

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x220tWindows 7 Professional I just got a new motherboard, and now my Thinkpad will does not detect headphones.  When I plug headphones in the jack, no sound comes through the headphones, and sound continues to stream through the built-in speakers. Things I've tried:- I updated the drivers and the problem persists- I checked the SmartAudio settings, including toggling between the classic and multi-stream modes.- I opened the box to check the obvious connections -- nothing obvious appears to be disconnected, but I'm not an expert, so I wouldn't know how to check soldering or the like. Other notes:- There is a USB port next to the headphone jack, which works fine.  - When I plug in the headphones, I can hear the static sound that results from a cable making it's connection.  This tells me that there is power going to the headphone pins.- I've tried both regular 1/8 in XLR stereo headphones and the kind with a built-in microphone, with the same results each time. At this point, I think it is probably a hardware issue, but I really don't want to put my work machine back in the shop again, so if anyone has an idea, I would love to hear it. Thanks!Scott 

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 I have an HP Probook 450 G1. I'm running Windows 7 (64 bit). I have the latest audio drivers (Intel HD audio). I usually use a headset with microphone, but suddenly it doesnt work. This is the second time this has happened, now 2 days in a row. The FIRST time audio would play out of my system, but not my headphones while plugged in. This time, while plugged in, audio does not play in my headphones, or from my system's speakers. Last time repeatedly juggling the same options seemed to eventually work. But this isn't.  Furthermore, no settings have changed. I do not know what is causing the problem, or what the solution is. What SHOULD happen is that sound should play from my onboard speakers, and sound be recorded from the onboard microphone. When I plug in using 3.5 jack) headphones or microphone those devices should take over.

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I've recently bought a Bluetooth USB Dongle for my Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop so my wireless headphone could connect to it. The dongle connected and installed fine but when I pressed "Add a device", it saw it as a keyboard and when it tried to install the driver for it, it gave me a "No driver found" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device. It is a Ciberspeed Sports Bluetooth Headphone and it has worked for my iPod so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I appreciate any help.

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Just picked up my Yoga 2 Pro from best buy. Updated all drivers and BIOS, and the yellow screen issue does seem to be fixed. Thank you Lenovo!  Now, sometimes when I plug my headphones in, no sound will play on the headphones. Realtek recognizes that I plugged in headphones, but no sound will play through them. When I restart the computer it works fine.   Also, I have a USB 3.0 external HDD. I use this harddrive without any issues on my Lenovo Y400 using the USB 3.0 port.  The external HDD is a Rosewill RX-358 V2 Silver. There's no drivers or anything from the manufacturer and I did not need to install any drivers on my Y400.  After plugging it into the USB 3.0 port of the Yoga 2 Pro, the computer seems to recognize it, but doesn't install any drivers and under My PC (My Computer) an external drive does show up, but does not allow me to open or access it. After a few more tries the drive icon doesn't even show up nor does the drive spool up when I plug it in. However, plugging the external hdd into the USB 2.0 port works just fine. Windows instantly recognized the drive.  I have tried USB 2.0 flash drives with the USB 3.0 port so as far as I can tell the port is not broken.  Please help

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro Issue with Headphone jack and USB 3.0 external hdd not recognized


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Hi Guys, I got a brand new U160 today and love it, but there's a loud static hiss coming from my headphones when plugged into the headphone jack.  I'm sure it's not an issue with my headphones itself because there's no hiss with other laptops or ipods.  This hiss is present regardless of the volume level and is still there even when on mute. Can someone please help me out here?  Is it simply a matter of re-installing the drivers?  The default audio drivers are Realtek which is the latest. Thanks in advance.

Answer:ideapad U160 headphone jack static issue

I tried re-installing the drivers and also rolling back the drivers but nothing worked.  Does anyone own the U160 and have the same problem?

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Hi everyone, eversince recieving my new laptop a few days ago, I found out that headphones do not play correctly once connected to the 3.5mm jack. they only play music from the right bud (It is not a balance issue).  I tried checking various headphones, and they all have the exact same problem. I updated my drivers to the latest versions (including the one located in the product page on Lenovo site), and the problem doesn't seem to be fixed.... I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Answer:Ideapad y700 - headphone issue (left bud not worki...

Hi Ranya,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
There is usually a hardware switch in the socket, which is engaged when you put the plug in. Seems like it might be mechanically broken.
Playback Devices under Sound Properties (by going to Control Panel (large icon view) > Sound > Playback Devices) and see if the Headphone is being set as the default playback device. If not, click on it and set it as the default playback device, try to play a sample sound and observe.
-Link to picture
I would suggest you to check your left and right speaker volumes example posted below
Let us know how you get on.
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Hi all Been searching on the forum for solutions as I can see this can be an old issue but none of the solutions have worked for me so far. I got an Envy X2 11-g001tu (slate+keyboard dock) but the camera isn't working, I was using Windows 10 but downgrade to 8.1 to see if result were different. Drivers from HP support don't seem to resolve the issue (sp63677.exe driver pack for chipset, camera and graphics). I've also tried downgrading to Win 8.1 but didn't work. EVery time the camera is accessed I get the message: Connect a camera (none of the 2 cameras, front or back work). Have tried with driver updater software but nothing still. Also, the headphone jack in the keyboard dock doesn't work either (it used to work before the upgrade), only the jack in the slate itself works well. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Okay this is a VERY weird thing, and might be pretty confusing, I'll do my best to explain it clearly.

I have a headset w/ microphone (logitech) for voice chatting online. When its plugged all the way in I can't hear anything, I have to back it out slightly then I can hear but the connection is not good because it's not"clicked' in and I have to hold it in the right place, so not a good solution.

I CAN hear out of it when listening to a song with it all the way in so i thought it was a stereo/mono issue. I.e. can't hear when listening to a 'sound recorder' file or yahoo voice chat but CAN hear when llistening to music.

I also have another set of headphones without a mic for listening on my mp3 player. These headphones DO WORK for BOTH types of files. The plugs are EXACTLY the same, both have two black bands, ( i.e. both are stereo headphones) i have even measured the two plugs and spacing of the black bands, bboth EXACTLY the same.

And I've also tried this on more than one PC, my laptop and desktop and it's the same on both machines.

One other thing is that the headphone/mic set DID work initially but then the problem started later and i discovered that pulling the plug out slightly made it work. And now lots of head scratching later i'm completely dumbfounded by this.

has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what is causing this? I rather not have to buy a new headphone/mic set.

thanks in advance!

Answer:Very Weird Headphone Issue- Doesnt Work When Plugged All The Way In

Seeing how it's being duplicated on a second computer, it has to be the headset/mic unit

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Hello. I've switched to SSD form default HDD and decided to install clean Windows 10 system. Everything went ok, I installed latest driver from G50-70 from the support website but when I played music on my headphones I was shocked how bad sound I had compared to previous system - vocals were really bad and backed. I looked around and decided to install separate smart audio app which is bundled with different driver ( and it's ok now - I've got same sound quality as before. Why don't you feature this app with G50-70 drivers??? It's not user friendly.

Answer:Lenovo G50-70 headphone sound issue after Windows 10 fresh install

Hey Deepy93,
Thanks for the feedback, Do you recall what software this is as the link does not seem to take me to an actual driver?

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so if i want to listen to music with headphones i gotta do this to get a balanced audio output   it was working fine then one day just went all weird.theres been several installs of windows since this happend and it does it under linux as well.would actualy like to fix this  speacialy since im running some nice senhizers now... 

Answer:audio balance issue with anything pluged into headphone jack (t430)

Hi 1ajs,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
May I know the current version of Audio driver which you have installed in your system?
Check setting the BIOS to factory default & to proceed with this, boot the system into BIOS by tapping F1 key on Lenovo logo, press F9 key to set the BIOS to default & F10 to save and exit.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read this & hopefully help me resolve my issue. May the records state that I'm not the most experienced with computer hardware, but I'm interested in it and have been learning through my friends.
That aside, I recently got a Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset. I've been plugging it into the audio/microphone jacks in the rear of my tower, and they've worked fine.
// Really great headset, by the way; very comfortable and I have no complaints about it as of yet.
Recently, upon cleaning out my tower, I found that there are audio/microphone jacks on the front panel. Who knew? I never really explored my computer tower so this was a neat find for me. I decided to see if my headset would work through them, and lo and behold, the feedback volume was significantly lower than it was in the rear jacks. To my dismay, I couldn't find out why this was, and Google ceased to give me the solution I desired.
Help is welcomed with open arms!

Answer:Front Panel Headphone Jack - Poor feedback issue

I'm not sure of what you are saying. Are you saying the sound volume in the headset is lower than it is plugging into the rear Green speaker jack?

There can be a sound level difference, depending on the impedance of the particular headset. The Green speaker jack on the rear is designed to feed a speaker system which will have a different impedance than headsets. Thus there can be a difference in the sound level.

Dell does not list the technical impedance specs for this model so I can't say for sure what the Speaker and Headphone jack impedances are.

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I've searched the forum as best I could and didn't find this issue being addressed. So, sometimes I listen to music with the headphones or even after a Skype call, I leave the headphone jack plugged in. If I put the laptop to sleep and wake it back up, unplugging the headphones will not return my sound setting back to the integrated speakers; I can only hear any sound if I plug the headphones back. I tried logging off and on again: no change. I tried to disable and re-enable "Realtek High Definition Audio" in Device Manager: no change. Uninstalling and re-installing it wouldn't be a proper solution if it had to be done all the time. The only thing that returns it back to normal is turning it off and on again... typical I.T. solution. Was there a driver update to fix this? Speaking of driver updates, I assume I can't find any BIOS update or any driver updates for the ideaPad due to the Sandy Bridge recall?? UPDATE: Sorry... found the consumer support lenovo sub domain site which is different from the IBM one... argh..


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y560P sound card issue: sleep mode & headphone jack plugged in

Updated the sound drivers, still no change. Does the same thing.

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Whenever I plug in my headphones into the jack, I no longer get a notification telling me my headphones are plugged in and Audio comes out of both the Headphones and the laptop speakers. This happend recently and didn't happen before. I have tried multiple headphones, all to the same effect. I am thinking this is a hardware issue. Does anybody have any solutions to fix? 

Answer:Both Speakers and Headphone play sound when headphone is plugged into Jack

Dear AlvinLee
Welcome in lenovo community
Method A:
1.  Go to the Control Panel by right click the bottom left corner in "Desktop" mode.
2.  Search for "Realtek HD Audio Manager".
3.  Set the headphone as communication device (see image below).
Also please let me know if you can hear also the sound from the headphone itself

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I just purchased a new notebook, and I have a bit of a problem. When I plug headphones into the side headphone jack, the sound quality is downright terrible. Very shortly I noticed that it didn't sound as good/decent as my older notebook.
The speakers seem to sound fine, well you know - as good as laptops can sound. 
Right now I have two notebooks side by side: 
a friends Samsung Series 3 (NP300E5C), with Windows 8 (upgraded from W7) / Microsoft High Definition audio
my Toshiba L50 Windows 8 / Realteck High Definition
I dont have my older notebook anymore, but I do remember it sounding better. Comparing this Toshiba to the Samsung (both sitting on the desk side-by-side), the Toshiba sounds a little better through the speakers, but there is no comparison with the headphone - The Samsung is pretty decent while the Toshiba makes me cry. 
Now granted, I'm not expecting a symphony, but if I cant solve this I'm going to have to sell the Toshiba.
I've tried uninstalling Realtek, but I couldn't get the sound to work.
Re-installing Realtek solved nothing
One thing I noticed, there is no 'headphone' icon in the device manager (Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound / or simply right click the audio icon in the taskbar). Are the headphones not high definition or something?
screen capture:
The above link show the speakers playing, when I actually... Read more

Answer:Unacceptable headphone jack sound quality - no headphone icon

Well, I just went to Realtek's official website and installed their audio driver - still no luck.

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my issue is that when I download a movie then try to watch it using a splitter for the headphones, only one set of headphones will hear the audio

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Dear All,

No sound on my laptop's built-in speakers and headphone on Tecra A8 series, even while booting the system sound is not there. while u connect headphone and speakers thru USB port it works. All other operations r normal.

My laptop runs on windows xp sp2, all drivers are installed, even I tried reinstalling the sound drivers(realtek) from toshiba website, doesn't help. please can anyone help in this regard.


Answer:Tecra A8 No Sound on internal speakers & headphone but USB headphone works

Did you downgrade to XP or upgrade to Vista? Mute can get stuck if an OS has been changed.

Go into the Windows Volume Control, then click MUTE. Click MUTE again to unmute.

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I have a T500 - 2081CTO, and in the last week or less, the headphone jack has stopped working. There was a windows update recently so I'm assuming that's the culprit. I typically let it do it's auto-update thing without paying much attention, so I don't know what exactly changed or why it would kill the headphone jack. I've tried looking for Conextant drivers, but those don't seem to have changed since 2011. Win8 and the T500 has always been a bit flaky, but this at least has always worked. How can I test that it's the software and not a hardware issue? And if it is software related, what do I need to fix it?

Answer:Win8/T500 headphone jack stopped working. Conextant Audio Software issue?

Following the suggestion of my beloved brother, I stepped back through restore points and found one 2 weeks ago where sound still works. Since that time, I had installed a Java Dev Kit, SVN, redistributable C++, pando media booster, and Firefox. I'm leaning towards PMB being the culprit, but it's hard to say exactly. Windows critical updates (the first step back) didn't change anything.

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Hello Eight Forums.

My trouble is the audio output through headphones - background is louder than foreground (especially in music - I often cannot hear the vocals at all; movies however are mostly fine, for reasons unknown to me; but generally, the sound is always different in some way).

I only have one pair of headphones to test it with. However these always worked fine with previous machines, and still do work fine with my iPhone 4. Although they are surely not the case, I cannot with confidence say that if it were a loudspeaker instead things wouldn't have been different.

So this is either a software or a hardware issue.


My computer (details at the bottom) came with a SoundBlaster X-Fi MB3 equalizer program and RealTek High Def Audio drivers. I've uninstalled SoundBlaster hoping it would fix the issue (I didn't need an extra program like that anyway) but alas to no avail. Updating the RealTek drivers did no good still.

The only thing I haven't touched is the ghostly NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (can it be the source of my trouble?) - I only first noticed it now when copy/pasting the Belarc data. I'll try and find out about it in the meanwhile.


I wonder if it perhaps has something to do with my audio jack (laptop's brand new, but you can never know). I have what appears to be mic, headphone, S/PDIF and line in jacks... Is there a way to use the microphone or the line-in to test the headphones? To see if the headphone out is broken.

Any help appreci... Read more

Answer:Messed up headphone audio; want to check headphone jack

First, the "My System Specs" is where you fill in what you have.

Does the internal speakers on the laptop work? Is the audio OK on the internal speakers?

The SoundBlaster program(s) is a software enhancement to the basic audio chip (ReaklTek). Many PC's now come with some type of enhancement such as the SoundBlaster or in the case of HP PC's its "Beats Audio".

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hi !
ASUS X42F, laptop with combined microphone in / headphone out jack,
how can i connect both a microphone & a headphone ?

Answer:Laptop with combined mic/headphone jack, how to connect both mic & headphone ?

I haven't used one that had the port as a combined unit but I would assume you would need a headphone set with mic that has combined wiring, such as sets used for cell phones and such. You can also purchase an adapter that will split the port into 2 ports for mic and headphones.
Hope that gives you an idea

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I have Lenovo 3000 Y410 laptop having Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. Realtek HD Audio latest driver is installed. But from the last 3 days, when I connect headphone through laptop, following things happen : -
1) Headphone connected popup doesn't show up.
2) Mic of Headphone connected pop shows up.

3) When I play video, sound coming from both headphone & laptop speakers.
4) When I mute sound by muting sound icon in taskbar, sound then comes only from headphone.

What I have tried?
1) Installed new Realtek HD Audio Manager.
2) Installed OS again.
3) Tried to change settings in Realtek Hd Audio Manager. But Nothing changes.

When I input headphone & mic jacks into laptop, & then check Realtek HD Audio Manager. The following image shows this : -

The green in realtek hd audio manager is for headphone & red is for mic. In the image, it is shown that headphone not connected & mic connected. But even headphone not connected shows up, sound coming form headphone.

I want to get sound from only headphone when headphone is connected. Is this a hardware problem ?

Please help....

Answer:Sound coming from both headphone & speaker but headphone is not detect

My Realtek HD Audio Manager has more options than yours.

Also, I notice you only have the microphone in the Recording Section of the Sound Panel. RIGHT click in an empty space in that Panel and then LEFT click Show Disabled and Disconnected devices. The Stereo Mix should be shown and you can enable that and make it the default Recording device.

Where did you get the RealTek driver that you installed? If you are not using the Lenovo supplied sound driver, get that and install it as a first step. I have a Lenovo Laptop and it has Stereo Mix and other functions. I haven't looked at the RealTek HD manager so I'm not sure what all it shows.

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  First time ive ever had this happen with any sort of electornics.....the headphone jack on a new pair of turtle beach headphones somehow got bent and before i realized the danger it broke off inside the output for the headphones on my AW 15 R3.   computer is less than a month away from the store....grrrrrrr   what are my options.....thanks....Tom Schuster

Answer:headphone jack broken off in headphone plug in

If you purchased complete care from Dell you can call into Dell Alienware Support at 1 (877) 330-9732. If you did not you can possibly take it back to the store you purchased it from to see if they can help you. You can also try removing it yourself. Just make sure that it is unplugged before attempting to remove it.

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Hello Guys, had this problem while,tried many of the solutions to resolve and failed,finally reset the system to factory settings thinking things will be back to normal,but still it exists!!

*Asus g74sx- windows 7 ultimate,Realtek Hd audio.

Just saw the new Realtek Hd audio driver release ,not updated yet,awaiting for your kind advise and suggestion.thanks.

Answer:Audio coming from both Headphone and Speakers when headphone used!!

thought here; have you checked all the settings to make sure the proper headphone/speaker settings are checked/unchecked?. i would consider updating to that newest driver. If it does not solve the issue you should be able to restore it back to the previous restore point which should undo the driver update.

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Standard headphone that fits iPhone and other laptops will not plug all the way into jack.  Audio continues to come from speakers.  I'm finding many others across boards that have this same issue.  HP says 3.5 will fit but it does not.

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Really need help, im a DJ and use this laptop for it!! My headphones only have sound coming from 1 side, ive tried reinstalling drivers etc and everything else ive read online.  I need this resolved ASAP so any help is appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Headphone jack only plays out 1 headphone (Right side)

Hi @chadhogan121 Welcome to the HP Support Community! I saw your post regarding the problems with sound only coming out on one side of the headphones. I will be happy to help you with that. Have you tried a different set of headphones to see if the same thing happens? This HP document No Sound from Speaker will show you how to use the built-in Windows troubleshooter. Give that a try.

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Hey everybody,

I bought the headsets. They've got a microphone as well.

Now I've got three ports: pink, green and this colorless one.

My regular speakers go in the colorless port, while the headphone microphone goes into the pink one and the headset speakers.

The thing is speakers on the headsets, as well as my regular speakers worked, but the microphone on the headsets didn't, so I tried to fix the problem, and eventually did, that is the microphone works, but the speakers on the headsets don't !

However, by inserting the headphone's speakers into the colorless port (where my regular speakers are put), in that case the headphones work, but why don't they work when I pluck them in the green port? Previously, when the microphone didn't work, the headphone's speakers worked, but after I 'fixed' the microphone problem, the headphone's speakers stopped working.

Please help me, as this is of great importance, and I've been trying to fix this problem for several hours.

Answer:Headphone mic didn't work - now it does, but headphone speakers don't

That colorless port might be for input devices, that does not include headphones. I had the same problem with my audigy 2 zs, had to plug my headset into a speaker port, its really the only way to get them to work, unless you have front panel ports for headphones.

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I tried to plug in my apple headphone in the headphone slot of spectre 13 laptop. BUt it does not get in fully. Do i need to push it hard? 

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Hi All: i have thus far been unable to confirm if the headphones jack on the right side is a headphones ONLY jack or a combo microphone/headphones jack.   It would make no sense to put in a headphones ONLY jack, but stranger things have happened in this world. I've seen conflicting reports.    May I ask for a definitive confirmation please? Thanks in advance.

Answer:X1 Carbon: Headphone jack or combo Microphone/Headphone jack?

It's crazy that the Lenovo site still doesn't have a X1 Carbon spec sheet. The photo in The Verge review gallery shows a combo jack. 

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Hi, I just bought a dell 5567 laptop. The problem is that when I try to connect ordinary 3.5mm earphones  to my laptop's headphone port it doesn't go all the way in. Do I need an adapter for this?

Answer:3.5 mm headphone jack won't fit in headphone/mic combo jack.

JSmith887Do I need an adapter for this?
No it should go in. We have been getting reports of tight jacks. Don't know if it's a quality control issue. Try some different ones and insert more firmly than normally.
If none will go in all the way, but you do hear the audio, I wouldn't be too concerned. If not getting audio (the selection popup does not appear) because it won't go in, then contact tech support or send it back.

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Okay, so I have an Asus laptop with Windows 10. I am using an Ultimate Ears Headphone with built in microphone. The problem is that i want to use the headphone part, but all the the laptop registers is the microphone.
How can I change this, as i cannot watch videos without disturbing others.

Answer:Headphone with built in microphone uses as Microphone, not Headphone

That is definitely odd.
Can you right-click on the audio icon in the bottom right-hand side of the taskbar, select Playback Devices, and then disable the speakers, and see if the sound then comes through the headset?

Another thing: Have you plugged in the headset, and then rebooted the computer? Be sure to turn off Fast Startup when trying this.

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Hi. I am having a VERY frustrating issue. I bought a Turtle Beach Earforce PX-21. (link to headset here). I use the headset for chat using teamspeak 3 while playing games. (link to teamspeak here). My motherboard is a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 (link to motherboard here).

The problem is pretty straight forward. When I speak I can hear myself through the speakers on the headset. I have the headset set as the default device for sound. I have the headset microphone set as default. When I go into the sound properties for the headset there is no option to mute the microphone playback. When I go into the recording settings there is no check in the "listen to this device" box. I have gone into the settings for the external speakers and muted everything.

The sound issue can be heard weather I am using teamspeak or not. Meaning the moment I turn on the PC I can hear myself through the speakers. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for both sound and recording devices. I have downloaded and installed the latest drives for motherboard. I have the latest motherboard BIOS.

One final note. When I have sound going through the external speakers I cannot hear myself coming through those speakers yet I still hear myself in the headset at the same time.

I am completely lost...

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Question: Headphone help

Hey guys, i use skype on a regular basis, and my headphones won't change to my default device. So when i use skype, only that sound is played through my headphones, while the other sounds only play out of the speakers. i've tried disabling the speakers, but it just won't let me change the headphones to my default device. what do i do?

Answer:Headphone help

By the way, i use an hp Pavilion Entertainment PC (laptop), with 2 jacks for the headphones.

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Question: Headphone help!

I have an audio slot on the front of my pc. When I plug my headphones in them the sound is horrible. It sounds like the voice is muffled and the actual music is just weird. I plug my speakers in the audio output in the back and they work fine. I am thinking it may just be the audio output in the front that is messed up. Please help with any ideas.

Answer:Headphone help!

Have you tried to plug the head phones into the port in the back and see if there is a difference?

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Question: Headphone to Mic

Sorry if this is the wrong forum guys.
Im wanting to know if I can record direct from my headphone jack direct into my mic jack which is situated on the front of my ASUS laptop?
I am ok recordind from a tape deck to the works fine using AUDACITY.
I need to record a Czech radio progran which a friend is being intervied but my sound card wont allow me to record streaming so I am hoping I can go from my Headphone to my mic with a simple piece og cable with the same connecter on each end.
Thanks to all.

Answer:Headphone to Mic

It's depending on sound card. Most of the sound cards can record even without using connection between headphone and mic jacks. You should check your sound cards properties what it is recording.
But it should work your way too. Why don't just try. It might be mono though..

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I have installed Windows XP and use the Windows Media Player Version to listen to my CD's. I can hear the music through my desktop speakers, however when I plug in my headphones I hear nothing. Any suggestions how to rectify this madness?

Answer:Using Headphone w/XP

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Question: headphone

i need good headphones for gaming and listening to music

what would you suggest (themajor suggested sennheiser pc-150, which is ~$50, a bit above my price range, but if it's really good, then i don't think it'll be a problem)

also, what do you guys think about that zalman surround sound headphone on newegg (it looks pretty cool, but i don't know how it sounds)


Ithink the PC-150 is very good, but I have no experience with other brands/types. You might be able to find it for 30-40 dollars.

The Zalman Surround looks heavy to me.

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Question: Headphone Help!

Okay so recently I have bought a Bamboo Tablet. When I plug the tablet in at the same time as my headphone set (they are Logitech Headphones) the sound from the headphones becomes distorted. However, when I unplug the headphones they work properly, sound also is fine when the speakers are used. Does anyone know how fix this?

Answer:Headphone Help!

Have you tried anther headphone?Have you put the headphone into something else to crest it out?Does the headphone have a in line volume control? Id so, have you tried different settings for the volume controls to see what works best?What do the specs for the Bamboo Tablet say? Does it require special headphones?Hey, what is a Bamboo Tablet anyway? You post has ambiguity.  Which means I don't understand what your said. Can you re phrase the question?

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Question: Headphone Mic

Using a X230, I'm trying to use a the external mic on a headset, but I cannot seem to find the way to make the mic switch from the internal one to the one plugged in with the headset on the combo jack. Help?

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Question: Headphone

i got an ipod i got from my mate and i wanted 2 know that can you use any type of headphones bcoz i tried using ma old mp3 headphones and it sounds like over compressed music or the ipod is broken or i jus have to buy ipod earfones


As far as I know you can use any hps as long as they fit in the socket.

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Question: HP headphone

i have a HP notebook 15-ay079TX laptop serial number-(removed content)
I got headphone in Hp back to college offer , but It's not working
please help me to replace that product.

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Question: headphone help

I haven't been here in a while so I hope everyone is doing good and looking forward to the new year.My question is I bought a pair of headphones to use on my computer and nothing is happening they work with the house stereo, but not the computer,any thoughts? thank you!

Answer:headphone help

Tried that already that's how I knew it had to be the computer.I think it might have something to do with configuration.Thanx!

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pc cannot detect my headphone. when i plug in my headphone, the pc speaker also make sound. Headphone and pc speaker  run at the same time. i need a solution about this problem..........

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Question: LED HeadPhone Jack

Dear All, Lenovo Y410, there have a red LED on Headphone jack,  but there is no microphone LED light, ? Thanks

Nicholas K.H.ChaiMalaysiaYM: ckhown

Answer:LED HeadPhone Jack

HiIf the red LED is inside the headphone socket then this is for optical out, i.e. connecting your laptop to a surround sound amplifier using an optical cable and the red LED light isn't for finding the connection in the dark but is for carrying digital data.   The microphone socket doesn't output digital audio so it has no LED light inside it.RegardsPhil

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Question: Headphone Problem

I have sony tmr-rf815r cordless headphones which are fine and work well with my pc.
I also have logitech z3e 2:1 speaker system working well.
Problem is if i plug the headphone cable into the volume control box,the speakers shut off as they should but no response from the headphones.
Something i missed in the control panel?

Answer:Headphone Problem

Solved . turn volume up almost FULL and it was ok!
Must remember to turn down before disconnecting headphones though.

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Question: Headphone Jack


I have a Acer TravelMate 3260. Its about a year or so old, and I am having problems with the headphone jack. For some programs it will work and others it will not. Sometimes I have to put the laptop to sleep and turn it back on before the headphones will work. Now, I have all my music on Windows Media Player, and the headphones will not work when I plug them in. I cant hear any of my music. But I can hear the sounds of the keyboard when I type, if that makes sense, the sound of the keys seems to be louder. I just want my headphones to work with windows media. There is nothing wrong with the headphones themself because they are new and work with everything else.

Please can some one help me!


Answer:Headphone Jack

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Question: Headphone Issues

Hi all

I recently got Win 7 and I couldn't open a divx file so I thought I should get the divx codec( a decision which I now regret). I installed it and my audio just messed up.
I deleted it, but the problem remained. I tried installing new codecs but still no change.
I did a system restore but still nothing.
The problem is about my headphones (the speakers work fine). My audio is muffled and sounds distant on anything I play. And if I play songs the vocals seem muffled and scratchy to the point at which I can barely hear them. I didn't find any changes in the 2nd Audio Output properties (Realtek, which I reinstalled with no apparent change). So is it something in the settings or something codec/driver related and how can I fix it??

Answer:Headphone Issues

you are using realtek soundcard isn't it? have you try updating the driver?

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My right headphone speaker wont work. I have had problems with there being no audio before but all i had to do was reboot my computer. But now im only hearing it out my left headphone. Is there a fix for it?

Answer:Right headphone speaker out

Have you tried the headphone is some other device to make sure it's not the headphone or a dirty plug on the headphone? Also wiggle the plug in the jack and see if you get the right side to work.

Finally, check the balance, if you have one in case it's set to left only. On my system, if I doubleclick on the speaker icon in the Sound Panel, another panel comes up and in the Levels section there is an option for L/R Balance.

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Headphone is not detected in my laptop. when i plugged in my headphone, laptop speaker and headphone are run simmultineously............Headphone is not fully detected

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Okay, here is a dumb question, but I have to ask. Does someone make if it even exists a cable that will allow you to plug one end into a headphone jack of a radio and teh other end goes into the microphone jack of of a computer? Reason is I have to convert some cassette tapes into computer acceptable format (e.g., .wav format) using Sond Recorder(?) and then turn that into audible CDs. I know it's a stretch but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been running a microphone out from my computer to the front of a cassette player in the past but you get that white noise crud as you all know.

Take care,


Answer:Out from Headphone into microphone

Hi Roy,
The normal way to do this would be to run a cable from the cassette recorders(or radios) headphone output(jack) to your computers "line in" jack.

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Fedora 12 claims it as here
Can I do the same in windows 7

Support for Bluetooth audio devices lets you enjoy audio on your computer without the hassle of wires. That's right - you can stand right up and dance your heart out (or go get a cup of coffee) without losing a beat! Start a voice chat with friends online, or chill out with some tunes in Rhythmbox. Fedora's also got great support for many of the devices you use every day. Whether you're looking to keep your calendar in sync or keep the music flowing throughout your day, Fedora's there for you. Connect your mobile MP3 player, PDA, or smartphone, and let Fedora 12 unite all your digital entertainment.

As you can see in this screnshot

Uploaded with

Answer:Bluetooth Headphone

Not sure what you want to do! Are you asking if Windows 7 will support Bluetooth? I use a Bluetooth headset for VOIP etc if that is any help!

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Question: Headphone problem?

My headphones are having this weird glitch where it makes every audio I try to play through them sound extremely strange. How do I fix this?

Answer:Headphone problem?

Does it do the same through your speakers? Are they a 3.5mm jack head phones or USB head phones.

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Just got my brand spanking new Lenovo S405 and all is well except that when I plug in headphones I don't get any sound through them. I've tried several pairs and installed the Realtek drivers for Win 8, still nothing. When I plug the headphones in, it says "a device has been plugged into the audio jack" but I don't get any sound. Could this be a hardware issue? Not sure what else it could be. Thanks 

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plz anyone help me ! i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit .

my headphones mic not working although i am able to hear from headphone !

i am a new user . plz help me !!!
my email is [email protected]

thnx .

Answer:headphone's mic not working

Welcome to SF. Try making and unmaking the connection with the headphone jack. Also blast some air into the female socket. I also like to use a little contact cleaner on the jack, just a little and make and unmake connections a bunch and see if that free's up the spring contacts inside.

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It disappoints me, because my logitech amp 2.1 I just bought has a headphone jack but the volume control does not help my headphones. any other way to force it higher software wise?

Answer:anyway to amp headphone volume?

When you right click on the "Speaker icon" on the task bar is the volume at 100%?

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Dumb  question. There are two jacks on the front of my PC.One for a Mic and one for a headphone. Do they function just like the ones on the back of this PC in which my speakers are plugged ? I have some software that will"capture" sounds that come through my speakers, but don't want to get back there with all the cables,etc.  I tried plugging a mic into the front jack but it didn't work. Thanks.

Lenovo Desktop 3000, Vista Home Premium2 GB Memory 320 GB Hard Drive

Answer:Mic and Headphone jacks


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Question: Headphone Troubles


SADES SA-903 Headset
Hp Envy Desktop

My headset was working great yesterday but earlier today I fell out of my chair and it ripped the USB from my computer, the Hardware doesn't seem to have any issues but when I listen to music I can barely hear singing and loud sounds seem to be distorted. I really think I can fix this because my cord doesn't have any missing teeth nor are any wire frayed, my Port also works fine so it's not that. Any help or insight into this problem is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Headphone Troubles

I fixed it, I was randomly messing with my settings and when I gave my right, or left, headphone 100 (Volume) and 0 (Volume) the other it fixed it just like new.

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Question: Headphone issues

For some reason, the noise coming out of the right headphone is almost inaudible, unless I turn the volume up to the maximum, and if I do that, the left headphone is way too loud.

Everything is plugged in correctly.
Any ideas?


Answer:Headphone issues

just to rule out the headphone being the culprit do you have another set you could plug in?

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Hey all.

I have, I hope, and easy question.

At work I listen to music all day but I like to only have one earbud in so I can hear the phone ring or notice when my coworkers ask me a question. Is there anyway to push all the sound out of one side? I can adjust the balance but I noticed that some songs on my pandora I only hear music on the left earbud, and the words to the song on the right earbud. It confused me at first then I realized that the balance must just turn the level down on the one side rather than pushing the all the sounds out one side.

Anyway to make this work?

I've got windows 7 and most of the time I listen to either spotify or pandora via the pandora gadget for windows 7.

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guys i m using lenovo n500 . yesterday sound from my headphone got disappeared. headphone is ok , jack is ok because i can hear sound in headphone when i click test in sound properties. laptop speakers are working fine. the only problem is when i play a movie or song there is no sound in my headphone .i installed latest audio driver from lenovo wesite. and there is nothing mute . i m using windows vista and headphone is also detected in sound properties. can any body help me ?

Answer:no sound in headphone

If you have windows 7 you may have to check the sound settings in the control panel. My sound switched back to the speakers as the default before. Just check the setting and tell the computer your headset is default. If you have XP let us know.

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Question: No Headphone Icon

Okay so i just Windows 7, and one of the first things i did was listen to music. I switched from headphones to speakers, but there was no sound. so i right clicked on the sound icon in the system tray and i clicked 'playback devices'. After that i clicked on the headphones and then clicked on properties. From there in device usage (at the bottom) i clicked on 'dont use this device (disable)' and pressed ok. Now the headphone icon is gone and the headphone jack does not work, and yes prior to me disabling the headphones did work. So does anyone know how to get the headphone icon back?

i attached a picture of what my playback devices are.

Answer:No Headphone Icon


No problem, just right-click in the Playback tab and select Show Disabled Devices.

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I was having problems so I refreshed the laptop in recovery. Before I did this the headphones worked great.Now when I plug them in, they don't show up in Playback Devices. I uninstalled the Conexant Smart Audio HD and reinstalled it. Still not working. Appreciate some help.

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I accidenly clicked remember my choice to headphone on my laptop, and now i want it to be a mic. But i dont know how to switch it beacuse when i plug it in, i dont get to choose because it says remember your choice plase tell me how to make the window pop up again!

Answer:How do I switch Headphone to my mic?

To change your default device from headphones to mic, you can follow the steps below:1. Click "Start" and go to "Run"2. Type mmsys.cpl in the Run window and hit Enter key. This will take you to Sound page.3. On the Sound page, go to "Recording" tab.4. In the list of devices that comes up, right-click on your mic and select "Set as Default Device". This will set your mic as your default device. Hope this will help you.

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Hello, I just signed up.. I am having some really wierd problems with my headphones. When I watch movies on my pc I can hear the action noises and stuff. But the actor's voice is very dimmed... And when I play games my sound works fine. But I plugged in my monitor speakers and it worked fine. Could you help me.

Answer:Headphone malfunction

seems like the headphone mode is set maybe to 5.1 speaker. what sound device are you using?

start > control panel > sound

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I've been noticing this problem on and off, where the right headphone bud doesn't work on my Lenovo Z51-70 laptop. The headphones work fine (they work perfectly well on my phone). I have also tried with another headphone, with the same result. The sound card is a Realtek HD sound card. I have tried the following: 1. Go to Realtek HD Audio Manager and tick the "Enable auto-popup dialog when device has been plugged in". Every time I plug in the headphone, the window pops up. However, the Device dropdown is disabled. 2. When I go to Playback Devices, I'm unable to see Headphones. I'm trying to download the latest drivers from the Lenovo website but the site seems to be down (it takes me to the page, where my model isn't listed). I just tried installing the latest drivers from the Realtek website but this hasn't changed anything. What do I do?? Please help!

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