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problem with toshiba software modem

Question: problem with toshiba software modem

i ran into a rather tough problem with the modem of a toshiba satellite a105-s101 laptop. the laptop has a toshiba software modem by agere.normally i connect to the web via dsl. but when dsl is down, i use dialup. at the start everything worked fine. then several months ago, the modem started acting up.the phoneline i use for dialup has an extension phone. whenever i try to connect using the dialup, you can hear the extension phone ringing (dialing to be more precise). after a minute or so, you get the message "no dialtone". i tried disconnecting the extension phone but i still get the same message.i checked device manager for the modem properties. it says the device is working properly. i tried a different phoneline but the same message comes up. i already tried checking if there's a problem with the phone. i connected a different pc and attempted to dialup. it worked just fine.i uninstalled the modem driver then re-installed it. i even loaded an updated driver from toshiba's support site. i still get the same problem.

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Preferred Solution: problem with toshiba software modem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: problem with toshiba software modem

Try running the phone line directly from the wall jack to the PC...nothing in between...make sure it is plugged into the correct modem port...then post your results.

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i'm currently trying to update my drivers. unfortunately, i've been having a problem trying to update the driver to my toshiba software modem. i think i've got the right driver this time. but i thought i'd better ask around just to make sure. i downloaded the agere systems hda modem driver v2.1.88 with the assumption that toshiba may have changed the name of the device from "agere systems hda modem" to "toshiba software modem". was my assumption correct?

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My modem on my Satellite M35-S359 laptop has recently stopped working. I called Toshiba went

through some things with them , uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and we could not get

it to work. They want me to send the laptop in to them, but I thought I would try and see if

you guys could help me.

When I go to Device manager and go to Modems and properties the Device status says working

properly. When I try to Query the Modem under Diagnostics I get the following error message

" The port that the modem is attached to could not be opened. This may be the result of a

Hardware conflict. Check the device manager to verify all devices are functiional. "

In device manager that are no yellow exclamation marks, so everything seems ok.

When I view log under Diagnostics the last line in the log says "Opening the modem device

failed with error 000005aa"

It seems to me that this is a com port problem rather than a driver problem.
Thank You for your help.

Answer:Toshiba Software Modem

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when I try to hiberbate or standby, I will get an error message like system Hibernation failed "The device driver for the 'TOSHIBA software Modem' device is preventing the machine from entering hibernation. Pls close all applications and try again. If the proble persists, you may need to update this driver. pls help me out it is driving me crazy. Thanks....

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I own a Toshiba A105 laptop and it has a software modem and I have tried for several months to get it to connect to the dial up in my house but I cant get it to work. At first I thought it was just because I used aol and there was something wrong with it and had to deal with their tech support people alot and never fixed my problem so now I have a different ISP, a local one, Hawaiian Telcom, and it does not connect either. I get some error messege telling me that the remote computer is not responding. I know that the connection works because I can connect on my desktop computer. The phone jack and the cable also work fine. I was wondering if this is a problem with the modem and have been told that a software modem is "fake" and for cosmetic purposes, so is it? Is there some way to fix this or would it just be better to buy an external modem?

Answer:toshiba software modem

The software modem should work fine. It has hardware components but is software driven, it's virtual in some respects but not fake as you describe.

Iether the driver is not loaded, the hardware is faulty or you have not set it up correctly.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M10. Recently I discovered that the Toshiba AMR software modem was not installed. I do not what I{ did to delete it. Anyway, I have the original disks but although it has modem drivers on the tools and utilities disk, when I ran this it still did not install the AMR Software modem. How do I reinstall the Toshiba AMR Software modem without rebuilding the laptop?

Answer:Toshiba AMR software modem

Try Toshiba's website for the right fileclick hereDemora

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Hi guys; First post. I have a Toshiba Portege 3500. I did clean install. The modem driver version now is (Location: On ALi Audio accelerator WDM). I tried to install the new driver (v 2.1.63) but couldn't install. I donloaded the file, unzipped it, ran setup file, chose yes to install. The progress indicator ran about 80% and disappeard. I checked the modem driver still the same.

Answer:how to install toshiba software modem?

Where did you get the driver from?

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Hi everyone,
I have a problem that is driving me insane. I'm using a Toshiba Satellite M35-S395 laptop and trying to connect to the internet via the Toshiba Software Modem manufactured by Agere. I should note that I am in Ukraine. I can use wireless networking and my network card fine to connect to the internet. I was also successful in using the software modem to dial up for a couple months, until it completely stopped working.

The modem would not connect, then it would give me sporatic responses when queried, so I left it alone for a few months (didn't really need to use it). Now I'm in a situation where I have to get it functioning again.

Here's the latest - When I set up a dialup connection and try to connect, I get DNS error 633: The modem is already in use or not configured properly. When I go to hardware manager and open up the modem properties, it says it is working properly. When I go to the diagnostic tab and query the modem, it says the port cannot be opened, which may be a result of a hardware conflict. In device manager, no other devices seem to be conflicting, however when I check the "show hidden devices" option in the "view" menu, one device is listed with the yellow exclaimation mark: "Serial" which says "This device is not present, not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed". I don't know if that's related. Back to the modem. Here... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Software Modem Mystery

COM1 uses IRQ4 at address 03f8h
COM2 uses IRQ3 at address 02f8h
You may have disabled these ports in the BIOS and/or in the Device Manager.
Modems try to find COM1 and IRQ4 or COM3 and IRQ4, in most cases.
You can disable COM2 or leave it if already disabled.
Older modems have an IRQ and/or COM jumper on them, but I assume yours is probably a newer type.
Perhaps give us the make/model-number if you can.
Try and remove the PC-card from the PC and uninstall the modem. In Device Manager, tick the option Show Hidden Devices. That modem may be there in a few occurrences.
Reboot without the modem. Then switch off, re-insert the modem. Windows should find new hardware and reinstall it.
The modem could also show more than once in your network settings.
Another place to check would be in IE/Tools/Internet Options/Connections tab.
If that is not set to use Dialup you can't get through.
Don't use proxies if you don't have to.
Try these things out, hopefully they get you going.

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My step daughter has formatted the hard disk and couldn't re install windows 98.I have loaded an old copy of mine and then upgraded to Windows 98 SE. It doesn't appear to be finding the modem though. If I use add new hardware it doesn't pick up a modem.Do I have open up the laptop disconnect the modem and then reconnect it for it to be recognised?Any help you can suggest would be great. I have been on the Toshiba website and downloaded appropriate driver files without any success.Thanks

Answer:Modem Problem Toshiba Notebook

no need physically open it upread Toshiba manaul about how to get into bios, it is called "system untility" or something similar

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Hi I posted this under Toshiba Modem Mystery. But since that is an old one and seems to be resolved I guess I will put it here afresh as this is a different type of problem and I cannot use the paper trick as my laptop does not seem easy to open at the bottom.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A-100 laptop with agere software modem. I am having some different problem. I have a desktop at home Netvista IBM model and it connects to the internet through the same wires and telephone lines without any problem. But when I use the same telephone wires and power socket for my laptop I have problems. I tell you about the telephone wire and power line to tell you that I am having a doubt that there is some power interference between my chargings system (battery) and my modem and yet the same power lines are okay when I work with Netvista. The problem is as follows:-

When I click "dial" I hear the sound of static in the line. Hence I presume the modem does not connect easily. Btw when the modem connects properly there is no static and the sound of the handshaking is followed by a metallic rippling sound and I have noticed that when that sound comes my modem connects perfectly. So in this case the modem connects after a lot of time and sound and then the data does not flow. The pages do not open. This problem does not happen when I take out the power cord. When the laptop is on battery the modem connects easily and also the speed is okay. In fact I have seen if I am connected ... Read more

Answer:Different type of Toshiba Modem Problem

shan said:

I do not find it desirable to take my laptop to the service centre and that too just AFTER ONE MONTH of purchase (since the problem is from beginning!!!).Click to expand...

If its only a month old you have to take it back or else you risk breaking any warrantly.


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I upgraded windows Vista on my Toshiba satellite L300 (intel 45 express chipset,core 2 Duo 2GHz processor) with Windows 7. All drivers taken automatically. But when I started Webcam (chicony webcam) a message appeared: "Webcam driver open fail.Please restart Camera or Computer." Message persists after restaring repeatedly. Same with Modem, When I tried to connect internet on Dial up modem, message appeared "Dial tone not present." Actually Dial tone was present. Device manager is showing both devices as "Working Properly". Can any one suggest solution?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L300 notebook,s camera and modem problem in Windows 7

Hi iqbalhuma and welcome to the forum!

Please go to Toshiba support web and download your drivers from them as there are vista drivers for your model.


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I have just spent 2 hrs getting to this page from Though I'm using a dial up modem, it used to be reasonable until my brother suggested that I connected to Yahoo messenger for video chats with him. Now my page connection times have gone through the roof. The problem isn't the number of users on my ISP but that my modem is sending back 7000 bytes compared to the 200 bytes it receives. On starting the internet connection, it receives more that it sends (check totals etc) but after a couple of pages the roles are reversed and e.g. 6,000,000 bytes sent, 1,220,000 received. I have cleaned my system using SPYBOT and AD-AWARE and also used AVG. I have also cleared my cookies and history. I am on WINDOWS 2000. Can any one help? Thanks. Vlad.

Answer:Problem with IE6 or MODEM or SOFTWARE?

connect to the internet using the dialup connection only (control panel, network and dialup connections) then go to start, run and type cmd, press enter and in the window which appears type netstat then press enter, if there are programs accessing the internet they "may" show up here.

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I've U.S Robotics 56k faxmodem pci for Windows.
I clicked on Robotics folder and opened it and saw control center. I clicked on more information I don't see the model numbers amywhere. Where do I click to see the modem numbers since I would scroll down to see "usr5699b" and then how do I reset the modem software? Do I put the modem software?
Thanks, Bob

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I have a Toshiba laptop. Replaced screen. Bought from (business hours M-F). Will contact them.. Specs seem right. I have wi-fi set up for 2 computers.
Booted computer, picture seems out of contrast(not sharp) and has green back ground with green pixels where they shouldn't be(should be another color), hard to explain, anyway not normal.
Ran an Avast boot scan (just installed Avast free program).

Showed 4 problems of these with only diffence in the 4 was Inno 0002,0003,0004,0005.bin
Below is actual listing
File C:\Users\Katelen\AppData\Local\MS\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content IE(Sor5)\OPGH1ZTZ(Z's could be 2's ) \AppGraffitisetup[1].exe l>Inno 0002. bin error 4(Z or 2)145 Installer archive is corrupted.

I found this curious about the Inno 0002, etc, because the screen replacement model was an InnoLux sceen. I am using another computer to post this. I can run TSG SysInfo on Laptop and send if necessary.

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen problem;hardware or software????

Closing duplicate, please reply here:


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I have problem using Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 on Satellite L750-1MT (PSK30E-02T002B3) with no OS preinstalled.
I do the following:

1. Install Windows 7 x64, SP1.
2. Install LAN driver (device was not recognized by Windows 6) (downloaded from [ MP_RESULTS_PAGE&partNumber=PSK30E-02T002B3&serialNumber=&USER_ACTION=Serial%20number])
3. Install all Windows Updates from Microsoft
4. Run Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 - it installs a couple of drivers and then asks to reboot.

Here is the log file for the first try (win7update.log):

Update started 12\28\2011 at 21:11
Installed TVALZ_O.INF
Installed IO & Memory Access Driver
driver_bluetooth_TC00241200A.exe /s /log /test has been installed with the result code of PASS
util_tvap_TC00215000H.exe /s /log /test /wait15 has been installed with the result code of PASS
Update completed at 21:29

After reboot I run it again and the result is:

Update started 12\28\2011 at 21:38
Toshiba Bluetooth stack has already been installed.
Toshiba Value Added Package has already been installed.
Update completed at 21:40

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Problem using Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 on Satellite L750-1MT

Wait a moment.
What are you doing exactly?
Do you try to install own operating system?

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I have a Toshiba laptop. Replaced screen. Bought from (business hours M-F). Will contact them.. Specs seem right. I have wi-fi set up for 2 computers.
Booted computer, picture seems out of contrast(not sharp) and has green back ground with green pixels where they shouldn't be(should be another color), hard to explain, anyway not normal.
Ran an Avast boot scan (just installed Avast free program).

Showed 4 problems of these with only diffence in the 4 was Inno 0002,0003,0004,0005.bin
Below is actual listing
File C:\Users\Katelen\AppData\Local\MS\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content IE(Sor5)\OPGH1ZTZ(Z's could be 2's ) \AppGraffitisetup[1].exe l>Inno 0002. bin error 4(Z or 2)145 Installer archive is corrupted.

I found this curious about the Inno 0002, etc, because the screen replacement model was an InnoLux sceen. I am using another computer to post this. I can run TSG SysInfo on Laptop and send if necessary.

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen problem,software or hardware????

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Hello there, I am having a heck of a time getting my Dell modem on hold to work. I have call waiting and yet when I connect to the internet, it's dialoge box or what not says not connected, what gives...any ideass here would be very much appreciated thank you! -Adrienne

Answer:DELL modem on hold/ BVRP Software Problem


The "Modem on hold" feature of a V.92 modem will only work if its supported by your ISP.

Does your ISP support the facility?

But that should not have any effect on the "not connected" message.
Are there any error numbers associated with the "not connected" message"
Are you really "not connected" or are you actually connected but the message just says you are not.

Its hard to fathom exactly what the nature of your problem is when reading your post.

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I own Toshiba Satellite A110-110. After using this laptop for a two years with pre-installed system, CPU and RAM I have decided to upgrade it. So, I change Celeron M410 for a Core Duo T2450, 60 GB HDD for a 250 GB HDD and 512 MB RAM for a 2 GB RAM and Windows XP HE for a Vista Business.

Installation of all parts and software went fine. Then, I downloaded and installed drivers for Vista. So what is wrong you might ask?

An ATI Xpress 200M, which could get from RAM up to 256 MB for graphic on Windows XP, now, with Vista, this graphic card in control panel displays only 128 MB obtained (shared) memory. What is more, there is no option to change settings and have that old 256 MB. Maybe someone knows the solution?

As the second main problem after upgrading my personal system is total lost of all Toshiba utilities like Connectivity Doctor, Wireless LAN search (transparent oval radar hide on the right side of screen with other options), SRS WOW Sound panel and other which were in based configuration.

Vista doesn't display anything though I put to the system some of it. If anyone can help to solve this problem and has knowledge where I can get that kind of software please give me a tip, and write what kind of idea you are able to share.
Thank you for any help!!!

Answer:Satellite A110 Upgrade - Xpress 200M problem, lost Toshiba software

The thing with your graphic card is, that memory sharing is different in Vista. It shows the current amount of video ram in use and you can not set this amount manually as you could do under XP with some registry tricks.
You will have to deal with it.

For Toshiba tools and utilities check this download page: (Support & Downloads)

You can find Config free, Hardware setup tool, other utilities and the sound card driver which should contain the sound panel.

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I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 using custom install and now my Toshiba software (eg Toshiba Camera Assistant) are missing.... is there anyway to get them back?

I also downloaded the Toshiba Utilities PC Diagnostic Tool.. but that only helps me update drivers, but I think I need the software... And I don't know where to find the software. Help? Thanks!

Answer:Toshiba software (eg Toshiba Camera Assisant) are missing?

And which notebook model do you have?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I think it became infected with ad ware. I removed the ad ware with anti virus software, but now my laptop runs very slow. I'm trying to use my Toshiba recovery disk to erase everything and reboot the whole computer. when I put in the recovery disk in, it starts the process but then it says NTLDR is missing and wont complete the process.Is there anyone out there who knows what this means and could help me with this.

It's a A-100/A 105 model

Answer:Help reinstalling Toshiba software in Toshiba satellite?

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Due to my gaming habits I went out and bought a hardware modem because I was told it will perform better for online gaming. So I went out, spent $80 on a USR5610b performance pro hardware modem. Brint it home and randomly throughout the day, the internet stops responding (no disconnection) and forces me to disconnect the connection and reconnect. Basically what I mean is that if I was browsing, I can no longer browse and check my e-mail or play an online game until I reconnect. This never happened with my going on 6 year old Winmodem, plus the Winmodem connects at a higher speed. I am limited to a 28.8k connection because I am on a pair-gain system through the telco. The 5610b would only connect at 24k or lower. I put the old Winmodem back in and no more problems again. Put the hardware modem back in and back to the internet stop responding problem. So I figure bad modem and bring it back to the store and exchange it for another. Bring the new one back home and the same thing happens.

I call my ISP and after a couple months of back and forth, they still do not have an answer for me. I called US Robotics and they say that it isn't the modem and they can't explain why the Software modem is out performing the Hardware modem.

So I put my Winmodem back in and forget about the problems. That was about 1 1/2 months ago or so. Then last week, my faithful Winmodem fails to connect to the internet and I figure that it gave up the ghost as it were. Put the Hardware mode... Read more

Answer:Software modem out performs a Hardware modem??

I think you are confused on the wording on this.

You purchased an external modem, not a hardware modem. You "software" modem is an internal modem.

The only reason to buy an external modem is if you don't have any room to put in an internal modem in your computer. I'd take back your external modem and just buy an internal modem. Internal modem are a heck of a lot cheaper than what you pay for an external.

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Question: Toshiba Modem MTBF

Based on a sample of one, I put the MTBF of the Toshiba PCX1100U cable modem at about 36 months. I spend a few days trying to unravel the mystery, since that's the one component I can't just substitute, due to the fact that I have to have the MAC address in the Comcast system before it'll work.

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i have a toshiba sattelite M35-S359......never needed to use the modem built in since i have broadband..but noticed under modem options that it was "not attatched"..use to be listed as present at COM3..but now it shows its not present..its not listed in device control panel>phone and modem options it shows toshiba soft modem.....but "not present"..tried add new hardware and scan for new changes under device manager but still wont show up..any ideas??

Answer:toshiba laptop modem

Look in the BIOS - or the setup being as it is a Tosh.

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i have a toshiba satellite A20 and recently i had to format my C drive. i re-installed XP and then realised, because my laptop came pre-installed with XP, that all the TOSHIBA stuff that was originally on there was gone. so i went to the website and downloaded the modem drivers. i unzipped and it and asked me if i want to install drivers and i said yes. Then it would start doing it and then it would get to about 80% or so then just disappear!!! I thought it just finished really quickly but then nothing had changed.

I cant even see my modem and i am getting really frustrated with it. anyone no why the installer thing is just stopping or canceling? or does someone no how to get the modem working? thanks in advance.

Answer:TOSHIBA modem not working

Hi, nowadays laptops are becoming more advanced even in driver installation, before u install all other drives,u have to install the north bridge or chipset or system or SMBUS drivers so that it cant activate the rest.there u wil be able to see your modem and instal its drivers.wish u luck. Robin

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I am buying a new PC from Velocity Micro this evening and I need to know, which is better a software modem or a hardware modem?
Unfortunately I still use dial-up though I hope to get high-speed soon. I will not be doing any online gaming with this computer while I have dial-up.

Here are the preliminary specs on the PC if matters:
Velocity Micro Vector GX Holiday Edition
Motherboard: Genuine Intel P965 Chipset Motherboard with DDR2, PCI Express.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, dual 2.13 GHz cores, 2MB L2 Cache
RAM: 1024MB Corsair DDR2 PC5300 DDR667 (1 x 1024).
GPU: 256MB eVGA NVIDEA GeForce 7600 GS.

Answer:Software modem or hardware modem?

If i remembered correctly, hardware modem will work with other OS such as linux. Who uses dialup anyway? save your $$$, get the CHEAPEST modem as you will upgrade to broadband soon.

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How do I reset my toshiba laptop internal modem? It has been affected by a virus. It says it is in use or simply not connected.

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hi need some help !! when i have my dialup working and start outlook express it kicks me off line !! just finished a new install of win 98se and everything else is working fine !! im no puter whiz so any comments are welcome !!! thanks

Answer:toshiba sat pro 4000 modem probs

hmm give us some of your computer specs if you know them. also say what other programs you have running , your isp, etc.

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I have a Toshiba Portege 4010 laptop and when I went into Phones and modems the two inbuilt modem drivers PCIMCA and AMR software modem both had not present next to them. I then uninstalled the modem drivers from the device manager expecting them to be automatically installed on reboot but that did not happen. I then installed the modem drivers from the Tools and Utilities CD after installing the drivers and rebooting the computer I went back into Phones and modems in the control panel and it was blank. I then tried installing the modem drivers from the Toshiba Website but that did not work either. Does anyoone know where I am going wrong or how to resolve this problem.

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Hope you guys can help out. Lost my modem on a satellite 2180cdt running win98. Load driver but the hardware is not detected. Loaded a lucent Winmodem instead and hardware is found drivers are loaded BUT now Com 1 in modem diagnostics and device manager has nothing attached to can I link the two?

Answer:modem probs on toshiba 2180cdt

I think you're modem is screwed. But you can try booting to safe mode then opening the device manager and removing ALL items it has listed for "Modem". Then reboot and see if the PnP picks it up. If not then just go buy a new PCMCIA modem....they're cheap enuff anyway.

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I was wondering if this would work. I have 2 PC's, both with Win98SE, hooked up in a dial-up network through a Linksys router for printer sharing only. All hooked up with Cat5 cabling.

We can dial out, one or the other on phone line "B", or both at the same time, using Phone line "A" and "B".

We need a public IP address, for my wife only, as she has remote Sabre software for her travel business. (CANNOT have a firewall).

The upshot is, dial-up stinks! I want to go back to Cable, but without a router, which would bring back the firewall business.

Now, Toshiba has a model with both USB and ethernet
connections, where they say you can hook up 2 PC's at the
same time, through the different connections.

With the Modem at my machine, I could hook me up to the USB
and run my wife's PC on ethernet. (She's 60' away in another room).

Does this sound feasible? Would my machines suffer because of the different connections?

With this hook-up, I will most likely lose my printer sharing, however I could get a second printer for her use.

Comments please. . Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Cable Modem - USB AND Ethernet

if you are going back to cable why network them at all. Get a separate cable for the wife. Its installed from a splice on your cable inside your home.Call your cable supplier and ask them about the added expense. shoudn't be that bad

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I have a tosh satellite a100-200 which is connecting to our dial up at 38600 or 40000 kbps. The acer I was using before connected at 44000 kbps on same connection. This is not an aol issue. Any ideas about speeding up modem? Tried updating driver - no change.

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I've been using the laptop since Christmas with no problems at all, then suddenly, one day it stopped working. Any attempts to connect to the internet using dial-up result in a "No dial tone" Error. According to the device manager, the modem is working correctly. The troubleshooter was unable to solve my problem. It's not because of my phone lines or anything, I'm connected on the same phone jack on a different computer. Tried contacting my internet provider, no help at all.

Anyone experience anything like this before?

Answer:Need help with Toshiba Satellite modem, no dial tone.

Luckily the modem card is replacable. Modems fail easily and quickly if you are living anywhere that lightning storms are present. You will get small voltage, invisible lightning coming down the phone lines that comes down the phone lines. Phones are tough enough to handle it, but laptop modems are not.
The symptoms of lightning or electrical damage (it doesn't take much) are what you describe. Of course you would want to try a different modem first, if you could, before you buy one. So try the bench where you bought it, or a friend with a similar one... you can determine exactly which it is by running the free Belarc Advisor or the free Everest.

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My new housemate from France has arrived and was going to connect wirelessly to my network. But when he clicks to join the network we are waiting for like 30 mins for the computer to connect. Then when we change the settings for WPA, it doesn't accept the WPA key. We've tried everything and dont know what we might be doing wrong or what settings. He has a Toshiba Satellite and Windows XP.
I can't help much because he's got his settings and interface set to French and we've tried to change it to English twice and it just doesn't convert to English! it's doing our head in. Please Help! ASAP!!!!!!!!


Answer:Toshiba Satellite not recognizing WPA or WEP key on DLink Modem.

Does he have service pack 3?

Can he successfully connect by ethernet?

Does he have the latest correct wireless driver?

While connected, or trying to connect, by ethernet and Wi-Fi ...

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I'm going to post this in the driver forum too, but there is more traffic here, and i'm in a BIG hurry (I know that's not your problem) but anyway...I need the modem driver for my Toshiba 1625cdt laptop, that is compatible with windows 2000 professional!! Typically this would be no big deal, but I don't want to take the laptop apart just to find out what modem is in it!!! All of the software that came with the computer is for win 98!!

I went into the device manager with my fingers crossed hoping to find out what it is, so I can go online and download it, but it just says "PCI Simple communications device"!! So that wasn't any help!! I surfed the Toshiba site, but came up with nothing!! I would use Everest Home Edition, but will it still recognize it if it is not technically installed??

I'm pretty sure it is a V.90, which obviously tells you it is a dialup modem!!!!

Don't mean to be pushy here but I'm leaving on vacation here in about 1 hour, so any quick responses would be GREATLY appreciated, so I can use it on the road!!!!

Let me know if I missed anything...i'm thinking fast so I might have left out important details!!


Answer:Can you help me find modem driver for toshiba laptop

sadly only driver I'm locating at present for that model is the win98 driver.... seems to be no W2K ones

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i have a toshiba satellite laptop model no. day after thunderstorm its modem port (through which the telephone line is to be connected for internet) stopped i connect internet through USB ethernet adapter...that works can i enable the port to work again? how can i check whether it can be corrected throgh some software upload or i have to get it repaired?

Answer:MODem port not working in toshiba laptop


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Im looking for the modem driver for a toshiba tecra a9 PTS53C-MJ079C... ive been searching for a while and i cant find any on the net. ive tried the modem driver from toshiba's website and it didnt work.


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Hi all,

I have a problem with my Modem in my laptop. I read the solution in this forum. However I couldn't locate the modem in my laptop. I searched for Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552 Service Manual on the web unfortunately I couln't find it.

I need to know where my Modem is on the back of my laptop before I remove all the screws.
Can anyone help me for that?


Answer:Locating Modem in Toshiba 1135-s1551

The modem is a tiny chip on your laptop's motherboard. I assume you are looking for the hole to plug a phone line in?

Also, didn't you think of looking on the Toshiba website? Maybe you would have ended up here:

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Whenever I connect to The Internet via my Toshiba dial-up modem (TOSHIBA Software Modem), it freezes all open programs, and the only way to fix it is to restart. How can I fix it?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:14:09 PM, on 30/10/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\IWP\NPFMntor.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\RegSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\TOSHIBA Applet\TAPPSRV.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\SAVScan.exe
C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

Answer:Solved: Toshiba dial-up modem freezes all open programs

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i just installed XP on a second-hand A30/PSA33E laptop (dont have a recovery CD) from scratch.
Also i added all the drivers from Toshibas driver-page.
Everything worked nice - except audio and modem (exclamation mark in XP device listing),
because XP refused to install the drivers from Toshibas web site ("not the right driver for this hardware").

After investigating the thing further (i work as a programmer, so i know that stuff)
i could figure out that XP is right - the drivers don't fit the hardware in my laptop.

For example - PCI vendor-ID for the modem is 0x1002, device-ID is 0x434D,
but if you look at the ".inf"-files from the (two) avaiable modem-drivers for the A30
this PCI-device is not supported by any of the two drivers.

For audio i could use the Realtek AC97 audio-drivers from the Realtek website as a workaround,
but for the (soft-)modem i have no idea on how to find a working driver.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite A30 PSA33E - correct sound and modem drivers missing on Toshiba page


I cannot believe that you are not able to install the modem driver.
Since several years the A30 and the drivers are available on the market and all drivers functioned.
So, in my opinion it?s a only a installation issue.

All drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in the right order!
The chipset utility is important and should be installed at the beginning.

You ask for modem driver??? Well, I found on the Toshiba page modem drivers for different countries.
For example; the 2122ALL05 and 31116ALL5 driver version is available for United Kingdome. Check these both versions.

In my knowledge the notebook uses modem chip ?Askey? from Agere Company.
If you want you can search for an driver which supports this kind of chip

Good luck

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I have searched high and low for an answer and am at a loss as to how to fix this issue. I have a u300 modem that with smart view or just drivers seems to work fine directly hooked to my computers. However when try to attach to the cradlepoint router it recognizes the modem however it shows it as off line and network miss configured.

Both modem and router have up to date firmware. I have used 3 different ctr500 routers with the same result. And yes it is compatible according to cradlepoint. And yes I have tried to connect another usb device that a friend had and it connected with no problems.

My service provider is melinicom who is a reseller for the sprint network and yes the device is a sprint franklin u300 device

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I bought Punch Home and Landscaping Design software for my Toshiba Satellite C655 and tried installing it, but my laptop can't seem to read the disc. I overlooked the details on my laptop and the software requirements, and the laptop appears to have all of them. However, when I insert the disc into the DVD drive, the computer goes into a weird mode where it tries over and over again to read the disc. If I try to open up any windows, such as internet or games, the computer seems to basically freeze, yet the mouse moves around. The only way to get the computer to stop attempting to read the disc is to eject the disc, but this can be harmful to the software and the computer. What can I do to get my laptop to read the disc?

Answer:toshiba laptop won't run software

Is the software Windows 7 compatable ???

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I think I finally got the ESET securtiy software installed on my Toshiba laptop, but it gives me the message that it cannot communicate with kernel. What can I do??

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I just purchased (June 3, 2011) a new Toshiba Satelitte L655-S5150 laptop. It comes with a lot of Toshiba software that I don't recognize from other computers. I usually buy Dell, but this was a lot cheaper.

Here's the software list that I'm interested in learning if I can get rid of it.

TOSHIBA Application Installer
TOSHIBA Disc Creator
TOSHIBA Face Recognition
TOSHIBA Hardware Setup
TOSHIBA Media Controller
TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA Quality Application
TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
TOSHIBA Service Station
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application

Anything I can already do with Windows I want to dump. Too much of this is hard to find on the Internet except on the Toshiba website, where it's all important, so I ask the community here.


Answer:Toshiba software on my laptop

I suggest that you read your Toshiba owner's find out what is what and what you might want to try to eliminate. It should all be detailed there.


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I got a toshiba laptop from a friends, and would like to keep some of the "gadget" software that comes with the laptop, however, the software is on the Recovery disc. Is there a way to transfer it from xp to win 7

Answer:XP>Win7 - Would like to keep my toshiba software

Most likely? Not! The problem there is unless you can browse the disk itself for separate installation files/folders and everything isn't simply zipped up in self contained archived files for restoration purposes only no go.

For compatibility issues with the newer version of Windows you face another problem there as well since those were more then likely written specifically for XP making the compatibility mode options and troubleshoot compatibility tool obsolete. But if you find separate executables you can still try but be advised this is all prepackaged softwares by Toshiba there.

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i am looking for a copy of a Configuration Builder CD For Satellite 1555CDS. i lost mine when i moved. can anyone help me? dawn jones

Answer:Toshiba software request:

Welcome to MG.

While you are waiting for a more definitive answer, you might try a google search for Configuration Builder CD, and another for Satellite 1555CDS Configuration Builder CD.

Also a visit to your nearest Toshiba website and search for Satellite 1555CDS Configuration Builder CD might prove helpful. Let us know how you go. Bazza


dawnjones said:

i am looking for a copy of a Configuration Builder CD For Satellite 1555CDS. i lost mine when i moved. can anyone help me? dawn jones Click to expand...


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I'm thinking about formating my A100-454's hard disc, starting from zero and installing Windows Vista Ultimate.

I would like to know what (last version, and preferently, in portuguese language) software/drivers should i install. Is there any webpage that gives that information?, without being "dumped" by a search that gives "any software any drivers any version" downloads (yes, i'm forgetting the filters...:) )?

I ask because, as you all know, the laptop cames with many software/utilities installed, and, at least i, don't really know "what does what " and i would like to see a page that objectivelly, would say "for A100-454 ... install these software and drivers, this software does this, this software does that..."

Regards, from Portugal

Answer:What is the best way to see what toshiba software can/should be installed?

Select your model and download the drivers for your operating system.

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Can someone please help me get some of this stupid software off of my laptop? I've got a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2386 running Windows XP. It's got all these Toshiba programs on it that I don't want - like Flash Cards - that it won't let me uninstall through the control panel. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Answer:Help uninstalling Toshiba software

you could try this software which is recommended PC De-Crapifier 2.2.5

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Every time I try to run Software Upgrades (for Toshiba) it gives me this error message. Even if I Run as Administrator it gives me this error. Any suggestions?

Answer:Cannot run software upgrades for Toshiba

Welcome, yes several suggestions

Try with the secret administrator
Administrator Account - Vista Forums Works the same in 7

Try in safe mode

Try in safe mode with the administrator. Hopefully one will work.

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I wish to stop the Toshiba Camera Assist and Toshiba Button Assist at startup, can some one please help?

I've got a Sat Pro A200 laptop running Vista.

Cheers in advance

Answer:Turning off Toshiba software

Hi there,

I have an interesting link for you:,1697,2151341,00.asp
The site decribes how to speed up the bootup procedure of Windows Vista which includes the removal/maintainance of the startup list where the tools you?ve mentioned are listed.

Check this site, download the mentioned VistaBootPro bootmanager and remove all unneeded entries from your startup list. You can also use Tuneup 2008 which is commercial and which costs some bucks (but not the world) but it?s definetly worthy.


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Hi Everyone,

I can't seem to access my Westell 2200 from the usual address:
I can't remember if I may have changed any settings to have this happen. I know my DLink 634m has no addresses with configured with it.

I've even tried connecting the modem directly to a computer to access it and no luck. I've already done the "hold reset for 10 seconds". Is there another way to do a hard reset so everying on the modem is factory default? Is there another way around this? I can't access my modem and I can't get Internet either.

Thanks in advance

Answer:DSL - Westell 2200 Modem Problem, only the modem!

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First, I have a computer which is connecting with an external modem. It has worked fine for a year, but now the modem connects then redials over and over again. It is connecting and verifying then says logged on then immediately redials. I have replaced the external modem with the same result. It's on COM3 and I changed that and the modem speed. I'm thinking about reloading windows because I'm out of ideas. What do you think? It's windows 2000 pro.

Now on my Mom's computer. I got mad and deleted here TCP/IP Dial-up in Network Neighborhood because she was going over her 5 hour limit on the internet and yelling at me about it. So I quickly disconnected it because when I deleted the dial-up connection my nephew made a new one and took her over her 5 hours again. Long story, sorry. Needless to say I broke it. She has Windows ME and I haven't been able to add the TCP/IP Dial-up back and get it working? I don't know what else to try. Any ideas?

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I have used Windows 8 for weeks now. Last week all my VPN connections and UMTS modems suddenly stopped working. Before they were working perfectly. Whenever I try to connect to our company's SSTP VPN I get an error 633 "The modem (or other connecting device)
is already in use". I get the same error when trying to connect to the internet with my UMTS stick. Both connections (VPN and UMTS stick) work fine on other computers.
This is what I already did:

Restarted the PC (of course) - did not help.Recreate the VPN connection from scratch - did not help, same error.Looked into device manager (with and without devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices) - no errors shown there.Created a RAS log (see relevant pieces below) - I did not find the root cause of my problem there.
Anyone having an idea how I could analyze the problem any further?
Here is the RAS log:

[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: RasDialW
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: IsRasmanServiceRunning=1
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: _RasDial(start)
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: GetPbkAndEntryName
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: ReadPhonebookFileEx: called for pbk C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\rasphone.pbk, flags 8
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: IsPublicPhonebook=1
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: path=C
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: full path=C
[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658:  IsVirtualizationNeeded: return value = 1

[2964] 11-12 08:21:28:658: GetLUAPhonebookPath: Return value 0 hiddenpb... Read more

Answer:Problem with VPN and UMTS modem: Error 633 modem already in use

Problem solved. I uninstalled all UMTS dial in software, rebooted the computer and now it works again.
No idea what led to this. I did not install anything related to dial in software since I have installed Windows 8 on this machine.

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Hello. Heres the problemCurrently we have ADSL connection and have previously been using a USB speedtouch modem, which is fine for 1/2 pc's. NOW WE NEED 3!We now have an ADSL modem router that didn't come with any software but we managed to install it through device manager and windows found the driver.When we click on status in network connections the new modem is 'connected' but we cannot load internet explorer on any of the pc's.There is a flashing SYS light on the modem router which may be the source of the problem?modem appears as connexant usb network adapter under connections.The local connection (connexant) says it's connected but it doesn't work when we remove the speedtouch pile of junk.We've tried reinstalling tiscali through the new modem router but this doesn't work. maybe we're doing it wrong?PLEASE ANSWER THIS PART:****SO how do we basically scrap the useless speedtouch modem that tiscali gave us? and get the modem router working and connected to all pcs?****if you need any other details we'll reply immediately.thanks all!

Answer:changing modem to modem router problem.. Plz help

ok you need to put into the router your isp data ieuser id and password u should then connect

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I have a Toshiba NB505 netbook. I need all the space and performance I can get, and it seems like I don't use ANY of these pre-installed Toshiba programs:

Toshiba Disc Creator
Toshiba Eco Utility (Power saver, I do use)
Toshiba Flash Card Reader Utility (I have no idea)
Toshiba Hardware Setup
Toshiba HDD/SDD alert
Toshiba Media Controller
Toshiba Quality Application
Toshiba Recovery Media Creator
Toshiba ReelTime
Toshiba Service Station
Toshiba Supervisor Password
Toshiba Value Added Package
Toshiba Webcam Software ( I do use )

Should I remove any of these? Are they okay and safe to remove? If so, which ones should I keep?

Answer:Pre-Loaded Toshiba Software: Should I remove it?

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I've recently replaced my motherboard/CPU/harddrive and upgraded to XP. My DVD drive (a Toshiba SD-M1202, badged as a Creative drive) appears to work correctly - device manager reports no problems, I can play audio cds, view the contents of cd-roms/dvds and copy files from them. BUT - if I try to INSTALL a program from a cd-rom or dvd in this drive, the installation fails with various error messages, eg "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on ok to terminate the application". The drive worked fine under my old win98 setup - this first started when I tried to do a clean install of XP onto a formatted hard drive.I had to use my cd writer to install XP and all my software, and of course I can't install anything that's on a dvd. I guess this must be a hardware problem as it started before I installed XP - I've tried swopping the DVD drive and cd writer on the data cable, but the problem stays with the DVD drive.Thanks for any suggestions!steve

Answer:Can't install software from Toshiba DVD drive

i,m sorry icant actually solve the problem but if you can copy the files on thedisc move the setup program to your hard drive and instal from there. have you tried to find a new driver for the drive?

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Attempting to format an old L300 series Toshiba. Will not boot from HDD or Recovery Disk. I have the original Toshiba Recovery software, but it gives me a data deletion error with the code 20-FFFE-045D during the format process. Unit will also occasionally turn off for no apparent reason, suspecting PSU or HDD issues. Please advise.

Answer:Toshiba Recovery Software Not Working

Make an ultimate boot cd and try to run diags like memtest and others.Playing to the angelsLes Paul (1915-2009)

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hi All,

any update for win 7.

Answer:camera assistant software for toshiba

US site here....



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Hello Everyone,

I own a Toshiba laptop P25-S609. I looked all over the toshiba website for a utility software that would tell me if all my internals of my laptop are working correctly( fans, cpu temp.,etc.) But to no avail. Could someone please suggest to me a good utility software that I could run on my laptop to monitor this things?
Very grateful,

Answer:Is there a Toshiba Hardware Utility Software?

Are there any such monitoring progs for laptops at all? I've never came across

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Hi there,

Was going through doing a bit of updating on my P-850KFE Satellite.

As part of that I thought I would upgrade Tempro, but when I try to install it it says that there is an existing version, please remove it.

When I try and do this it informs me that Toshiba Tempro MSI client does not match and tries to search for the MSI file.

I've tried manually deleting (including registry references I can find) the old version, but now have an old version which doesn't work, but something remains that stops me from installing the new version.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Cannot install Toshiba Tempro software

Hmmm.. stupid situation.
Try to clean registry using CCleaner and after doing this try to start installation again.

Does the same message occur again?

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Greetings Geeksters,

OK, so, seems I have been crashing laptops lately and have finally settled into tweaking up a nice Toshiba Satellite A25-S2792. I have upgraded the RAM, put in a new inverter, it needs a display (parts connectin anyone?) -and I see it needs a little more...

After the crash, I had a techie install a OEM version of Win XP Home. Thing is, the Tosliba stuff, such as for the touchpad, are missing. I have not tried the Fn keys and do wonder what else might be missing.

What got me started on this is that my Intellimouse USB Optical USB mouse scroll wheel BUTTON does not open a new tab like I am used to. So...besides installing IE7 (only 6 is in now, no wonder there are no tabs)...How do I get the Toshiba functionality back? Power Save options, etc.


Dr Carl

Answer:No Discs - need original toshiba software

Try a couple of the Toshiba utilities to see what functionality they give from their driver pages for that model (there are 3 pages-bottom left to advance the pages).

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I have tried going through the F8 option and going through to the recovery screen. When I access the options menu it does not give me the option for 'TOSHIBA HDD Recovery' just the windows normal ones.

I have spoken with TOSHIBA who think that the recovery folder was deleted at some point. I have tried searching for anything remotely 'recovery' related but nothing. I have searched the TOSHIBA folders and found nothing for 'recovery'.

TOSHIBA think I need to pay ?30 for a recovery disk effectively for software that I already have that is working to some extent (I can access desktop and the internet, I just cannot save files and cannot load a user profile). I think this is outrageous considering I have a genuine copy of windows that I paid money for that was pre-installed.

Is it possible to DOWNLOAD the software to MAKE a recovery disk (i.e. NOT a disk in itself). Is there anyway else around this?!

Answer:Re: Toshiba Recovery software download

I read your previous thread and the whole situation is now pretty complicated. Problem is that you have paid to get hardware and software but it is your obligation to inform yourself about product you buy. Toshiba HDD recovery image contains small ?reminder? with follow information:


*your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. If you need to repair your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer" and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.*

*Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure that you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state,*
*even if your computer gets seriously damaged.*

I presume you have ignored it and also you didn?t inform yourself about recovery installation and recovery disc creation. I?m afraid now is too late for recovery DVD creation.

> TOSHIBA think I need to pay ?30 for a recovery disk effectively for software that I already have..
And where? If I understand you right you cannot find it and you cannot use it on regular way.

Anyway, recovery image is not downloadable. Sorry.

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I have a Portege M750 tablet. This is the first computer I have ever purchased that did not come with disks to restore it after a crash, and it is the first one that I have needed those disks! The hard drive was going bad and so it has been replaced. The person who replaced it got the tablet pen to work fine, and got Windows Vista reinstalled, but I need the Toshiba software that makes the special buttons on the computer work (such as the screen rotate button) and causes the screen view to rotate when I flip the screen into tablet mode.

How do I get this software?

In case it helps, I DO still have the old hard drive and it still works sufficiently that I can get things off it - just has a bad section but there isn't much lost in the bad section.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Portege M750 - Where to get Toshiba software?

Hi organzier,

First of all your notebook wasn?t equipped with a recovery disk because you have to create this disk yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator. Everything of these was preinstalled on your computer but you didn?t do that and now it?s too late? Why you didn?t read the user manual?

Anyway, now you can get all drivers and tools from the official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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I bought a 640 GB Portable Hard Drive from Toshiba, and it came with software to install something for Mac and PC. I formatted it from fat32 to NTFS the instant I got it, thinking the stuff on there was embedded firmware. How can I get that software back, along with the icon, and both setups.
Just in case, the part number is HDDR640E04XR

Answer:Lost Toshiba drive Software

I have used Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to recover files from a reformatted drive and it worked perfectly. However it is not free.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

You can try it for free to see if it would actually recover those files.

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I just got a Toshiba Encore Windows 8 tablet with GPS capabilities. I'm going to Europe in a few weeks and I'm looking for the best offline GPS software I can get. Any tips ?

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Hello all i have a Toshiba Satellite p60 with inbuilt wifi i have this annoying problem and wonderd if i can stop it every time i put the computer into hibenation it turns off the wifi and when you switch it back on you have to press Fn and F8 To switch it back on this is annoying because if you leave it to long then it takes its time to refind my access point. But if i use standby or shutdown my computer the wireless will come on straight away. Not realey a problem just annoying so has any one have any idears?
I have tryed reinstalling the software and uninstalling it altogether but if i uninstall it the wifi will not work at all!
Thanks for reading and any replys thanks for looking steve

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Hello out there!

I have a Tecra A8-104, bought with Vista Business Edition installed on one of the two partitions.
I installed, on the other partition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and I wonder if TOSHIBA
has look after for this situation and as far as concerned TOSHIBA software utilities. (?)

Please come and share with me this.

Answer:Tecra A8-104: Is Toshiba software available for WinXP Pro x64


In my knowledge Toshiba has never delivered notebooks with Windows XP 64bit version. And therefore the Toshiba tools, drivers and utilities are not available for any 64bit OS.

But I read some computer gossips and news on different websites and possibly the 64bit Vista drivers and tools could be available in the next time.
We will see?. But don?t wait for any new XP tool renewals. XP is past?

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I recently noticed 2 promgrames installed in A/R programs relating to TOshiba speech recognition software (US). I like to know as to which program uses these installation? I cant see any programs relating to speech recgonition on start menu.

Thanks a lot

Answer:Toshiba speech recogmition software

Please don?t create several threads about one and the same theme.
Follow the first thread you have created:

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I have a toshiba A660.

My question is for my expert collegues here, which toshiba software recquires C++ distributables? (86X ans 64X)
Do you need both 2008 and 2005?

Also which tosiba software recquires toshiba speech system applications?

Thanks a lot guys

Answer:C++ Distributables and toshiba speech software !


Toshiba Speech System is voice-composition and speech-recognition software
This program allows you to turn speech and spoken words into text.

>Also which tosiba software recquires toshiba speech system applications?

Toshiba Speech System enables you to use voice commands in connection with various Windows software applications which recognize input from a microphone.
The system may also be used as a dictation tool.

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i have a brand new toshiba satallite pro L450, and i cant find no software on it for the webcam, in the manual it says " Toshiba web camera application is pre-configured to start when you turn on windows 7 (which it didnt) ; if you need to restart it go to - start -> all programs -> TOSHIBA -> utilities -> web camera application" all of this i have donr but when i get into Utilities the web camera application is not there. i have also tried to find it on the system by searching for it in the start menu search bar.. with no luck, its seems that there is just no software on the laptop for the camera.
these are what details i can get about my laptop, but not sure what you need...

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) SI-42, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 766 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 132617 MB, Free - 115316 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NBWAE, 1.00, 0123456789AB
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Not Updated
please help, as this laptop is a present for my little brothers birthday, and i dont want to give it to him when it isnt set up properly and he cant get on to the camera app thanks

Answer:Solved: no software on my new toshiba for webcam

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I was trying to take advantage of fax software came with my printer.didn't work. Is there any special software for sending fax or I need a special modem?

Answer:fax modem or software

What you need is a modem (regular 56k) and the fax software.

If you have WinXP, it comes with a faxing software pre installed and is available through the "Printers" folder near the Control Panel. There should be an option that says "Set up faxing"

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Question: Modem Software

I need a software which operates,

1. Auto Connect. (Getright has this feature)
2. Auto Disconnect. (Getright has this feature)
3. Modem connectivity call logs. (I need this feature)

and some usefull features. Please suggest any software, I am very much disturb without it.


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Question: Modem Software

Hey guys,

I'm looking for software that will allow me to preprogram a list of numbers to be dialed by a dial up modem.


Dial a phone number
Dial an access code
Dial a 10 digit number
Then save it to a location as #00 #01 #02 etc....up to 30 locations

Just trying to save myself LOTS of time

Thanks for looking

Answer:Modem Software

Actually I didn't bother looking!

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Is there any modem testing software that will see if it is going bad I keep happening to do a hard reset and i do not know way arris tm502g is what i have and armstrong cable.

I just had this modem replaced last year brand new.

Answer:Any software for modem

There's this software, low rated, but based on only 5 votes:

Might be worth a try...

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Question: Modem software

I saw a utility on cnet called, Modem Max 2.5. It supposedly
optimizes your modem speed by adjusting Windows registry

It is free for 14 days and sells for $24.95 after that.

Has anyone used it or know anything about it?

Seldom do these utilities do what they say they will but I thought I would check for any opinions.


Answer:Modem software

The only significant thing that such software does is change the MTU size for TCP/IP, most of the other "settings" don't have a measurable effect. Since it's pretty easy to do this without the software, it's a total waste of money. Here's a reference Tweak Internet Speed, sent me the money instead.

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Answer:Toshiba L350 10L Webcam Software missing!!!

Help please!!!!its missing? ,did it ever work,was it ever not missing !did you check for the software

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Hello, I'm new to this Forum. My name is Raul from Apple Valley, California, USA. I'm a Microsoft MSDN Member, and have a great knowledge of computers from Hardware to Developing (Language) Software. So If I can members help with any problems that might arise. However I'm puzzled to find out the only way to get Recovery Disks from Support @ Toshiba, is a Euro link. I can't find a USA Link. I know I can go to a 3rd party Recovery Site, (and I have several of those). So if anyone knows the Toshiba USA Link, please let me know. Thanks.

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I've been using Toshiba's fingerprint reader's TrueSuite Access Manager quite happily for five months to protect some of my important files from prying eyes. Suddenly, last week, when I tried to "unprotect" them, I got a message saying 'Invalid "File Protection Key" '. The fingerprint reader is working fine and TrueSuite Access Manager accepts my fingerprint quite happily.I'm using WinXP Pro. The only things that have happened since I last successfully access the files was a Microsoft Tuesday download last week, and my installing Norton Internet Security 2008. So, how did I get on sorting this out with Toshiba? It turns out Toshiba's TrueSuite Access Manager is supplied by AuthenTec, but in fact is just a rebadged version of ABIG's VitaKey software. The TrueSuite website has disappeared off the internet (although you can find one or two references to the fact that it once existed). Neither AuthenTec nor ABIG offer any support whatsoever. So, the only source of help is Toshiba...I traced the beginning of my woes to an application fault recorded in Win XP's event log - the fingerprint software had failed. The error description just says "Fingerprint Suite Notifier Application has encountered a problem and needs to close". Great. The application fault somehow broke the connection between the recorded fingerprints and key used to "protect" all of my files. Even having a back-up of the fingerprints was pointless because it was the link between the Fingerprint system and the Window... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Fingerprint software and File Protection

All I can say is thank you.I have this feature on my Tosh and though I have never used it I have toyed with the idea.Needles to say I will toy no more.

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Several days ago I bought a netbook Toshiba NB550D. It had Windows Starter preinstalled, but I wanted to try Linux. I installed Linux and, of course, left the recovery partition. Now I would go back to Windows.

I would like to restore the preinstalled software from the hard disk, but I can't find Toshiba HDD Recovery Software that could install on a newly installed Windows and restore the system from the hard disk. Where can I find it?

I have an entire partition needed for recovery, nothing moves or removed.

Enormously grateful for the help
Toshiba NB550D User

Answer:NB550D - Can't find Toshiba HDD recovery software


The Toshiba HDD recovery software can be started via advanced boot menu of preinstalled Windows version. With other words this feature works with preinstalled OS only.

Now you have installed another OS (Linux) and that means you can?t start the HDD recovery option anymore. HDD recovery partition is not enough to do this.

Did you create a bootable USB stick using recovery media creator before installing Linux? If yes you can use this stick now to restore the original settings. If you don?t have this stick you can order a recovery medium here:

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I'm keeping with Toshiba and just got a Notebook - NB200-11H. Can I use the DVD/CD player on another Toshiba laptop to connect with the new Notebook to load up CD based software? I've access to a Satellite P35 series and a far older Satellite S2800-500.
Many thanks for thoughts and ideas - it seems overkill to buy an external DVD/CD drive.

Answer:Can I use another Toshiba laptop with DVD/CD to install software on NB200?

Yes! On the Laptop with the DVD/CD Drive "Right Click" on the DVD Drive in "My Computer" and go into the properties and enable sharing. Make sure your 2 computers are on the same network. On the NB200 in the address bar in "My Computer" type in \\yourcomputersname(the one with the dvd) and open the folder called eg. "D" presuming your dvd drive is D drive.

Hope it helped.

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my Satellite Pro 4200 got too hot and the harddisk got hit by that (scandisk stops at 84%, very slow data access). Is there any software from Toshiba available with which I can check the HD and get a diagnosis?

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite Pro 4200: Is Toshiba Software for HDD check available?

Hi Ben,

I'm not aware of any specific software from Toshiba, but you can always use the Microsoft CHKDSK utility to scan/repair your hard drive sectors. You can access this by right-clicking on the hard drive icon in My Computer -> Properties -> tools.


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Hi i need help , I live in Calgary Alberta (thats in Canada) , and i lost my toshiba 4600 satilite recovery software, i need to know where i can find it, im sure very few stores carry them, but is there anyway i can order them off the internet, and if any one knows who makes them , can u let me know, thanks a bunch
Thank u so so so much


Answer:HELP.. i need to know where i can get recovery software for me toshiba satilite 4600.

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Have bought the F50 with 2 HDD (250GB each).
I do not find the software to mirror my work HDD in order to have a back-up copy.
Is this somewhrere "deep inside" some menu or do I have to buy 3rd party software ?
Thanks for info

Answer:Re: Qosion F50 with 2 HDD - Is mirror software provided by Toshiba

As far as I know all preinstalled software is listed in User?s manuals document and if you cannot find it there I presume the software for mirroring is not available.

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I bought the Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-043 and could not find the Toshiba supplied software to burn DVDs.

My previous Toshiba laptops comes with a Toshiba DVD burning software.

Is there a Toshiba DVD burning software that comes pre-installed with Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-043?

Answer:Solved: Where is the software to burn DVD for Toshiba laptop?

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I have just got myself a Qosmio X505-Q890 and have a small problem I need help with. In the menu under Toshiba I was expecting all the Toshiba software but all I have is System Speech and under Utilities is HDMI Control and HDMI Out I thought their was a lot more tools a utilities if their are.

Could you tell me what I should have and if I can download them all in one go.



Answer:Qosmio X505-Q890 - Where to get Toshiba software?


What Toshiba software you mean exactly?
Normally everything what you need is preinstalled on your notebook, everything you can find on preinstalled Windows version.

Furthermore all tools and drivers you can download on Toshiba website:

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Can anyone please advise? I have a toshiba wireless laptop and want to set up a belkin router to work with my ntl broadband. My question is if I don't have a desktop pc, do I need to install the software which came with the router or will the laptop simply connect without the software installed?Thanks very much.

Answer:toshiba laptop and belkin router software

You do not need to install the Belkin software. Even if you were using a Belkin wifi part in your computer, the Belkin software is not recommended particularly if using Windows XP.I would recommend that the initial setup of the router is performed with a wired connection as I find this simpler. Also set up the security features (WPA or WEP encryption and MAC filtering to only allow defined wifi devices to connect).

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I have setup my Toshiba P70-A-104 completely new with Win 8.1. Enterprise. The software Toshiba Blue-ray disk player is not availabe anymroe which was available on the original Win 8 installation.

Does anyone know where I can download this software?

Answer:Where can I download Toshiba Blu-ray disk player software for Win 8.1?


I don't know why this utility isn't listed on the Toshiba EU driver page but I found the Toshiba Blu-ray player software on the Toshiba Australian Windoiws 8.1 driver page:

The software is released for Satellite P70-A series
But such utilities are not released for specific notebook model.

The only real restriction is the availability of Blu-ray disk player (optical disk drive)
In case your notebook supports Blu-ray disk player, this software could be installed on your unit.

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Does anybody know of any other software apart from toshiba's gesture control and DVD player that make use of the Quad Core HD Processor?

Any that might convert some video formats for me? The software im using now doesn't use the HD Processor, it just uses the CPU but i thought the whole point of the HD Processor was for multimedia etc...


Answer:Toshiba Quad Core HD Processor Software

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Hi all.
i have one problem with TOSHIBA burning software (one, that is distributing with toshiba hardware). I used it today to burn some data on the CD (there was some data on it, but disk was still opened). So i insterted disc, opened program, selected files to burn, and pressed OK. Software asked me if i want to delete data that was on the CD before burning. CD was just R not RW, so i pressed ok. I thought its not possible to erase data from Recordable disk. After burning i checked the data, and i have seen, data that was there before burning were really deleted, all that stayed were only new data!! I tried to check if they are not hiden or like that, but they were really away. Data were quite important, so i would like to ask you, how come they disspared from R disc, and is there any way of recovering them??

Thx alot for help. Pois0n.

Answer:TOSHIBA Burning software - disk erasing

Hi poison,

It is very strange. I have never heard something like that. Can you please tell me what burn software do you use?

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Hi, my CAS video seems to be recording out of sync with the audio. Upon recording, the video is playing back faster than the sound; and when it is recording, it seems to keep freezing on shots. I thought it might perhaps be that there was not enough free space, so deleted masses of files, but this has not made any difference.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and offer any advice on how to fix it?

Many thanks


edit: someone on yahoo answers told me briefly that I may need a driver booster (which I had no idea what one of those was at the time), but I have no idea where I can get one of those. I did a little search and found one, which did a scan, and told me that there were a few outdated drivers, but said that the camera, audio and computer was not outdated (I think?...I have gotten rid of it now). I then followed instruction to upgrade but it took me to a payment page, and seeing as I am very short of money, and I was given some doubt by the scan as to whether or not it was a driver option, I declined and uninstalled the driver boost programme.

So there are some new questions:

1. Is there anywhere where I can get a free driver upgrade?
2. What might the problem be if it is not the driver?

Some extra information is that despite being old, my laptop had only been used 3 times up until last sept so it is pretty new.

I would be greatful for any help someone can give me.

Thanks, again

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I use a Thompson Speedtocuh 330 modem/Orange broadband rated at 4mbps. On the Gadget Show website it is stated 'keep your modem software up to date.' How do I check to discover what is the current software being used and how do I find out whether there are any updates?

Answer:Modem software updates?

Here for the latest ones. click here The user guide also there tells you how to check your current version.

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hey guys, when I built my new rig I put a USR 56k performance pro modem in it from another computer I was using(XP home). Now, on that machine all of the features with the USR software will detect the modem and work fine. When I put the modem in this machine(XP pro, in sig), the software doesn't see the modem, with or without the newest drivers; and with or without the newest firmware release. (which I took it out of this PC and put it in my other one to flash it to the new one) So I know its not the modem if it still works in my other (Compaq of all things to work right) computer.

Does anyone know any setting that may not be allowing the software to setect the modem in XP pro? Or maybe its just something that was enabled or disabled in the compaq that this one isnt? I don't even really know what to look for 1st.

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