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Power supply issue???

Question: Power supply issue???

I am the owner of a Dell Dimension 8200 computer. It has a 2.54mhz Pentium processor, 512mb of ram, and an older Geforce 4 graphics card. I have had very few, if any issues with it until now. I left my computer on overnight (it went into hibernation mode) and turned the monitor off. When I woke up this morning, I went to turn the monitor on and my computer was non-responsive. The monitor gave me an error message of not receiving a signal. I attempted to restart my computer using the ctrl+alt+delete method and it was completely non-responsive. I turned off my computer and let it set for about 10 minutes then I attempted to start my computer again. Lights, fans, and even the LED lights on the back came on but the computer failed to boot. The lights were literally on, but nobody was home. I have opened up the computer and assured that all of the cards were snapped tightly in place, no cords loose, nothing seemed out of the ordinary on the motherboard either. I removed the lithium battery for 30 seconds and replaced it. None of these things seemed to help :-/ . Any thoughts?

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Preferred Solution: Power supply issue???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Power supply issue???

My thoughts are the same as yours, PSU issue.When you boot do you see anything on the screen?

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Had to up upgrade my power supply on my hp envy 750-116. The new power supply(500b evga) does not have a power cord for the slim laptop like drive. looking for possible fix for the problem

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Hello everybody. I have a computer here that I was asked to fix, and was told that it wouldn't turn on. When I brought it home and first turned it on, it booted up with no problem, and thought that there was no problem. But, the next day it would not turn on. So, I swapped out a different PSU that I knew worked, but the computer still wouldn't turn on. I was testing different things with the computer plugged into a power outlet and sitting on my lap, and all the sudden I noticed that it had just gotten power, so I hit the power button and it booted up fine. Since then I haven't been able to get it to power up again, though.As of right now, the computer will not boot up, and only has one yellow light light on the motherboard which is the "AUX PWR" light.Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Answer:Computer Power Issue - Doesn't seem to be the power supply.

Well....the "AUX PWR" light means power is coming from the wall to the computer.You have already tried another PSU. Some now it seems it just might be the power button itself. The power button on modern PCs does not really send power to the system. Instead, it is a way to get the system to pay attention and start the power on sequence.But it might be another issue. Here is some ideas from another forum the fans connected to the motherboard, especially the one on the CPU fan header, I've seen a similar issue where the fan wouldn't register as rotating fast enough on the first "boot" but if the button was pressed again it would work (this was confirmed by manually spinning the cpu fan and it would boot first time).Does that help any?

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So my pc has been running smoothly, no issues whatsoever. The other day(Monday), to be exact my monitors were off. I thought nothing of it, because it normally does this for hibernation mode.
However, the lights on the front of the pc were off. I looked on the inside of the case, and the MB standby lights were on as well as the PS light in the back was on.
I unplugged the PS for 1/2 hour, to be sure the caps drained and then plugged back in and turned the PS switch back on. All the lights came back on, which is good. However, when I pressed the front case power switch, the case lights for a second came on and then went off and the "pfzt" sound of it trying to power up, came and went as fast as the lights came on.

Is this a PS issue or a MB issue? Please any suggestions before I tear apart the pc to send the PS back to the OCZ.

Answer:Power supply issue?or is it the MB.

Could well be your heatsink fan failing causing over heating, replace the fan and post back.

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I seem to only have this problem (recent) while playing World Of Warcraft.

The screen will chug and then freeze. I had to run my game windowed so I can simply close the window without having to reboot the computer. I have tried the Alt + Tab bit, and the "Windows" button but if I dont' run it windowed, it can freeze up and crash the computer.

I have the latest drivers installed.

Win XP
P4 2.8 GHz
1024 MB Ram (Kingston Value Ram -- may be the issue too)
Nvidia GeForce FX 6200 256 MB AGP

I ran a Microsoft Ram tester and it did come up with errors but I didnt' know how to read the errors and it kept performing the test over and over and over.

I don't smell anything and the computer is clean. Visually and I even blew it out with some compressed air.

Here's a screenshot I took using SpeedFan. Are my voltages ok?

Any ideas?

Answer:Power Supply Issue?

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Hey guys,

I may have a problem with my power supply but I wanted some confirmation. Lately, my computer seems to shut off totally. Like someone had disconnected it straight from the wall while it is still on. All the times it has done this, I was not on the computer at the time. Another thing, While I am actually on the pc. every once in a while i will hear a noise from the computer comparable to the noise my pc makes when I shut it off but the computer keeps running. I bought the computer used about a year ago. It was a custom built machine. If you are wondering how much stuff I have drawing power from the PS Ill tell you. ITs a 350 watt ps. I run:
2 internal ide hdd
1 external hdd
wireless card
add on LAN card
add on sound card
two disk drives
pocket pc dock

Answer:Power Supply Issue?

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I haven't kept up with power supply technology at all, on my old PCs that ran Win 95 thru XP, I generally had 250W-450W power supplies that were pretty noisy. The power supply fan ran all the time, and expelled quite a bit of warm air.

On my new PC with Windows 7, I have a "700 watt" power supply that seems to work OK, but I notice that after Windows loads the power supply fan seems to stop running, or runs so slowly that you can't hear it. There is very little air movement coming out. During bootup the power supply fan (I think) whirs and hums like I'd expect; but the instant the Windows7 logon screen comes up, the fan goes silent. Are power supply fans supposed to be variable speed or load-dependent, now? Is the power supply tied in to the OS somehow?

Thanks... although everything seems to be working fine, I don't want to fry my PC and/or power supply.

Answer:Possible power supply fan issue w/ Win 7

You didn't specify brand/model of the PS, so I can't make a flat statement, but yes many PSs have internal thermal controllers which only run the fan when needed. I'm not aware of any direct control of this fan via the OS, but when any Windows OS finishes loading they power requirement would lower, thus reducing the need for the fan. My PS has both a bottom fan for intake, and a back fan for exhaust, and only the intake fan is thermally controlled. I might be somewhat more concerned if the exhaust fan wasn't spinning.

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Hello Im Ryan andI need help,

Ive gotten a 8800GTS today from newegg and it needs 12v and 26Amps

My Current is this
My thing is, does my current PSU have dual Rails with 18 amps on each? To make a total of 36Amps on Combined Rails?

My Specs:
Windows XP Pro SP3
Intel ViiV Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz
4 GB GSkill
7900GTX 512MB (8800GTS 320mb in hand)
Stock MB amd PSU 375Watts
= Dell XPS400

Answer:Power Supply Issue

No it doesn't, and even if it did, it wouldn't be 36 A total. 18 A would be dedicated to CPU, and 18 A for other devices. Get this at least: or something better for future proofing.

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I have just finished upgrading my PC with a new motherboard/processor/memory bundle.
Current Components: 300WATT POWER SUPPLY (StarTech)

ASUS P4P 800 Motherboard with on board audio and LAN
Pentium 4 2.6 MHz processor with hyperythreading enabled
ATI ALL-In-Wonder Radeon 7500
Adaptec PCI Firewire card
Floppy Drive
80 GIG Maxtor Harddrive
60 GIG Maxtor Hadrdrive
Memorex DVD+RW/+R
Sony/CD/DVD Rom
1 case fan hooked to power supply
1 case fan hooked to motherboard

I thought I had a previous problem fixed in that my PC would not even get to the post when booting up. When I would press reset, The PC would post and boot up normally. Recently, it stopped posting even after hitting reset. I pulled the cover from the case and double checked all the connections.After trying every other option, I decided to try a new power supply. The new power supply is a 350 watt (made by "PowerUp") that I borrowed from another system I'm building.

The system booted succesfully after the install.

Is my previous power supply defective or simply not enough wattage (300) to handle the load of the new motherboard?

If I need a new power supply, does anyone have any suggestions as to a good brand? I have a hook up on my motherboard to monitor power supply temperature. Do most of the newer power supplies have this hook-up available.

Thanks for the input.........

Answer:Power Supply Issue??

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It's a Gateway 350 p11 win 98.. When I turn it off, and it's been off for awhile... maybe a couple of hours.. I get no power. I actually had the power supply replaced.. ah they didn't fix the problem... I found if I unplug the major plug that connects to the mother board from the power supply... and put it back in... it works.. so any ideas... Thanks Joel

Answer:power supply issue ?

it sounds like a power supply problem. I would just skip the gateway and get a new power supply , something like 300W and above and if you really can afford a PC Power and Cooling one

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I have a Powerspec 6002 . The computer will only boot to the "Powerspec"
logo screen. I pulled the cover off. The CPU cooling fan runs but the case cooling fan is not. Also, the normal "beep" at boot up is not there. So my question(s) are:
1.) Does a power supply failure always take out the mother board?
2.) Will the cpu and ram be reusable?
3.) Should I take it to a shooting range and practice with my 9MM?rolleyes
4.) If decide to test the power supply, where should I ground the negative test lead?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Power supply issue?

Since the PC starts to the boot screen (and doesn't turn off by itself), I doubt it's the power supply. Here are a few quick tricks to diagnose the issue:

* Unplug the PC, remove the CMOS (button size) battery from the board for about 60 seconds, reinsert it and restart the PC.

* Disconnect the hard drive(s) and attempt a reboot - if it goes as far as a "no disk" message, try booting Linux or DOS from a CD or USB. If this works, replace the hard drive and reload Windows.

* In any case, replace the defective cooling fan unless you end up trashing the PC.

Hope this helps.

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Computer was taking forever to start up programs and my browser kept freezing for no apperant reason.The computer's only a year old and I've never had this problem before. I shut it down to give it a break since I always leave my computer running. When I turn it on it usually shows a screen for my motherboard and a "press delete to enter BIOS settings" at the bottom, but for no longer than a second. Now when I start my computer it is stuck on this screen and I tried waiting it out but it never went past this point. I hit delete just to see if I could get to my BIOS, but there was no power going to my keyboard. I had three internal hard drives and one external plugged in and the problem with the key board made me think it could be a power problem. I unplugged all hard drives except the one with the OS on it and it had no effect. Any of you guys got any ideas what could be causing this?

Answer:Possible power supply issue?

try a cmos reset and see if you can access the bios

what are you running
video card brand and model
power supply

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Question: power supply issue

ive talked about this before and came to an answer which.. cannot really happen so i'll explain it again..

my psu gives out 4 molex power connectors
1 to my hd
2 to my cdrw\dvdrw
the one left goes thru 2 power run throughs with fans and then is used for my led light on my case

i recently bought a new x800 pro video card which requires a molex connector..
i would get a molex splitter off of ebay but the account there is at 2.50 or so

so i need to find a way to somehow get power to my card.. by macgyvering it into a fan connector or unplugging it or what..
any suggestions or places i can get a very inexpensive solution

Answer:power supply issue

Molex power splitters are as cheap as chips!

Failing that, why dont you just pinch the connector from your CDRW drive as your DVDRW should read and write all you need for those dont really need two optical drives unless you wanna rip from disc to disc!


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I have had an HP Pavilion A375C that decided this morning to stop working. When I got up, I noticed the computer wasn't on. I tried to start it but nothing happend I checked the surge suppressor and it looked okay. I shut itf off then pushed the reset button and this allowed the computer to start up. I walked away since it will take a while to boot up. I noticed it completed the POST and started to load Windows then switched to CHKDSK to run a check. I let it run assuming that it would boot in to windows when it was done.

When I came back the computer was off. I checked the switch again and it started up. I decided to verify that the surge suppressor wasn't the issue. I plugged the computer into the wall socket by passing the suppressor. The computer started and went into CHKDSK again. It finished the initial check and was about half way to through the second check when it rebooted. It chugged and groaned and eventuall shut off again. When you push the button it wouldn't start. I unpluged the power cable and replugged it back in and it went through the whole process again with the same results.

I replaced the power cable and still got the same results. I am running Windowss XP with the latest SP, I believe it's 3. I can't get to safe mode to by pass the chkdsk.

I believe it's not the suppressor nor a bad cable, I guess it could be a corrupt hard drive but normally I'd get a "cannot find NT.LDR or another error dealing wit... Read more

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So I have recently relocated my ASUS CG Desktop to another room in my house. About two days after moving my PC, my Power Supply Fan began running much louder than before. I took a look at it to make sure nothing became dislodged, and I regularly dust clean my rig. I have not installed anything new since the move, and as far as I can tell, there have been no changes to the PC that should have caused it. I am far from an expert on computers, so I was looking to see if someone could give me an educated opinion on the possible problem before I go spend money replacing internals. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

Answer:Power Supply Fan Issue


Originally Posted by BDell92

So I have recently relocated my ASUS CG Desktop to another room in my house. About two days after moving my PC, my Power Supply Fan began running much louder than before. I took a look at it to make sure nothing became dislodged, and I regularly dust clean my rig. I have not installed anything new since the move, and as far as I can tell, there have been no changes to the PC that should have caused it. I am far from an expert on computers, so I was looking to see if someone could give me an educated opinion on the possible problem before I go spend money replacing internals. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

What kind of power supply brand do you have and how old is it ?

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Hey guys, so I have an issue with a PC. I am refurbishing an HP Pailion a1477c, and it has a Cooler Master 500W Power Plus Extreme for the PSU. I have a feeling it's corrupted, so I've been spelunking in my IT teacher's office for a good PSU. He has several, but their from machines back form 99 or 2001. They don't have PCI-e connectors, and they have 20-pin connectors instead of the 20+4 pin connect my Cooler Master has.

I was wondering if you guys knew where I could get a good power supply to refurbish the machine. I'm planning to spend some money on the SDRAM the old thing uses, as I need 4GB to run Windows 7 on it. My budget is $100, and I'd prefer if I at least had some money left over for peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. If you guys know where I could find a decent one for a good price, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Power Supply Issue

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Friday, my desktop turned off sometime while I was at work. When I came home and attempted to turn it on, nothing happened. I unplugged the power cord from the back of the computer for about five minutes, then plugged it in and attempted to turn it back on. Fans came on and all the LED's started glowing - and then it suddenly switched off. I pulled the desktop out from where I have it sitting and noticed a distinct ozone smell. Figuring at this point the power supply was bad, I bought a new one and installed it, making sure all the connections were correct. Still nothing.  At this point I'm overly frustrated and call it a night.Saturday I open it back up and re-dust everything, making sure to clear out all the fans, including the one on the graphics card. While doing so, apparently I hadn't plugged the power button back in correctly. Whoops! Fixed that. Still no powering on. I moved the power cord to a different power strip, at which point the desktop booted up just fine. Unfortunately, I can't keep the desktop at that power strip, so I moved it back to no avail at getting it to power up. More annoyance, so I goofed off on Xbox Live for the rest of the night.On Sunday, I figure the power strip itself might not be working, so I go out and buy a new one. With battery backup, hooray. Nothing. Plug it into the second strip, and it boots up. So, at this point, I switch where the UPS power strip and the second one are. Computer boots right up, no problems. ... Read more

Answer:Power supply issue?

Doesn't seem like a computer.  More like a power problem at your house.  Sounds like you need an electrician.

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Question: Power Supply Issue

I'm having issues with my power supply. It's an interesting story.

I'm using an ACER Travelmate 2200 (with 512 ram added by yours truely). A couple of weeks ago, I started occasionally having issues where the computer would stop regestering the power supply, and start going on battery power. It would work on battery power until the battery died. As soon as the computer died, I would turn it back on and it would realize that the power supply is there.

It has now gotten to a state where it never registers the power supply unless the computer is turned off. So, I can use my laptop as long as the battery lasts, and then I have to let it charge before I can use it again. It's quite frustrating especially since customer support just says buy a new battery (what kind of a suggestion is that?! the battery isn't the issue!).

The computer obviously realizes that the power supply exists ... its just SELECTIVE on when it does. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, this laptop is better than my pc at the moment.

Answer:Power Supply Issue

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Ok - so I bought an emachine computer a year and a half ago and the other day the thing simply won't power up. We had been gone for a few days and the computer was fine when we left but totally dead when we got back.

I confirmed that it wasn't the outlet, the cord or anything else. The computer had zero power. (no lights, no beeps, no nothing)

So I bought a replacement power supply off of ebay. The power supply was not the exact same one as the original but the seller swears up and down that it's compatible. I installed the new power supply and here's what happens ...

As soon as the computer is plugged in the lights on the front of the machine turn on and the internal fan starts running. However, the on/off switch has no effect on anything. The front light stays on and the internal fan just keep running - but the computer cannot be powered down or booted up.

Any ideas as to whether it could be the power supply is not working properly or whether I should be replacing another component as well?

Answer:Power Supply Issue

check to see that the the tiny cords coming from the front of your case (mainly the one from the switch) are plugged into the right spot for your motherboard

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Question: Power Supply Issue

I have a PS tester and was testing a friends computer which wouldn't start.

I put the 24pin connecter into the tester and it failed the test.

I also noticed that when I took out the 4 pin MB connecter, the PS passed the test and all green lights lit up

Does this mean the MB is faulty - I took out graphics card etc with no difference.

I tried a new PS and duplicated the results....


Answer:Power Supply Issue

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For unknown  cause the power supply had short or something and u can smell smoke .When i opened it u can see the burn  ,its model ATX-300GU  which has P4ATX 12VX1 connector .I have an old power supply from an old PC but it doesn't have  the P4ATX 12VX1 connector .would that make any different if i replace it , because when i did the power runs but all lights are steady and the monitor is not turn on ! Could that connector be the issue or it's not important connector ?Second , could that short have burn the HDD too? " the PC was off when the smoke and the smell from the power supply happend ".i just don't want to buy new one if the one that i have could work .Thanks.

Answer:Power supply issue !

I hate to tell you this, but you need hands on trouble shooting at this point.  If your PSU went out so badly that things were smoking it could've damaged the motherboard or some daughtercards.

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Wasn't sure where to post this (slightly off topic but I figured someone on here would be able to shed some light on this). I have an HP DV7-4285DX laptop, the machine runs Windows 7 Home Premium and is performing quite well after a good weekend of "De-OEM'ing" (uninstalling the crap it came with), however the power supply is doing something I've never seen a power supply do. Yes, it gets warm when its plugged in, but I've seen that before, however it also makes a faint high-pitched whining noise when its plugged in. HP is replacing it under warranty free of charge (had the machine only a week). So my question is, is this normal for a power supply to do this or is that power supply defective?

Answer:Power Supply Issue

sounds like a defective power supply to me

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Here is the issue. I have a system that will boot up with no errors.
I log in to the system and then after about three minutes it shuts off the monitor but the system continues to run.

The video card is integrated and I looked in the device manager and it doesn't seem to have any problems there.

I believe its a faulty power supply and unfortunately I am not allowed to test the power supply. I just want someone to confirm my suspicions.

I run diagnostics on the memory and harddrive and everything passes.

Answer:Possible power supply issue.

It runs in dos no problem but when I am in windows it shuts down the monitor.
I moved to different area to make sure the line was clean and swapped around monitors to make sure it wasn't the monitor.

If its not the monitor then it must be the video card on the MOBO

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Question: Power Supply Issue


I've got a power supply that is acting a bit weird. When I plug it in, the computer turns on immediately and powers up. (I.E. you don't have to push the power button). The previous motherboard in the computer went bad and I'm wondering if the PSU was the reason it went bad. What would cause the computer to come on immediately after being plugged into power?

Answer:Power Supply Issue

check the power button, it could be stuck in....

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I have a gateway gt5408 and 2 days ago we had a power outage. Now when I turn it on the power button light is the only thing that stays on, nothing else does. The fan starts then stops. Would that be the power supply that is out?

Answer:Is thi a power supply issue?

That's a pretty old system. Power supply a possibility. You can help diagnose by removing the load on it to see if it will post (wakes up). Basically unplug all non essential hardware inside it- non essential as in DVD, hard drives, extra pci cards in slots. Just motherboard with CPU and its fan, ram and video. If it wakes and says missing operating system, good plug in hard drive and try again. (Kinda testing load it can push if it did wake up or if one of the extras shorted). If no post at all power supply could have blown or worse..something on main motherboard. Need a digital voltmeter to really check and even that can not test amperage well. On say the 4 pin power to a hard drive or DVD if metered when on should see 3.3vdc, 5vdc and 12vdc normally orange,red,yellow. Black is ground. Voltage can vary a little from this but very little. Even if these are in range good it may not have the wattage needed to power up system. Be like starting a car with a bunch of "D" size battery's, just not enough power even if you got the volts. But overall power supply good place to start.

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Question: Power supply issue

Hi all,

I need your help, I have a small problem with my power supply. It has got 20 pin to plug onto the motherboard and I need to have 24 pin to plug onto the motherboard. I have got a 12v power supply with 500 watts with 20 pin.

However, I have been advised to get a new power supply with 12v and 350 minmum requirement to be safe.

So I am thinking about to get adapter 20 pin to 24 pin to see if it would work so I could plug them onto the motherboard. Would it cause any harm to the motherboard if I get adapter cable?

Do you think it is a good idea to get adapter cable or if I should get another power supply?

I don't think I would need to get another power supply, because you have only change the watts and the cable, nothing is else.

The motherboard I have got is AsRock 980DE3/U3S3.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Power supply issue

Never use an adapter. If you need a power supply with a different motherboard power lead, get a new power supply.

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Question: Power Supply Issue

After electrical storm, power supply LED light blinks, but fan doesn't spin and computer doesn't start. Does the power supply need to be replaced, and if so, what part do I order? The part number on the existing power supply is HP 5188-2859, and that one cannot be ordered (or so it says). 

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Question: power supply issue

Was pulling my computer out.
It was turned on.
Computer quit.
Hit power on button
Lights Flashed
Turned Back off
Hit it again
nothing happened
hit it again
lighs flashed
went back off

My power supply model is: atx-300-12eb3

I've found if i leave the four pin power unplugged everything will start running but the monitor and back panel won't recieve any signal. So is it safe to blame this problem on my power supply and not my mother board?

To make the it all worse I was thinking at first that i might have knocked the power switch and reset button loose. So I yanked them all out, they are all single pins. I put a 450 watt power supply into the computer and when i pushed the on button it burned out. I saw a flash and i smelt the smell.

nothing too major i dont guess i just need the worlds best troubleshooters to help me out...

Answer:power supply issue

what burnt out? sorry a bit confused, did the psu burn out or the mobo? Sounds like you are talking about your mobo burnt up. If it was the mobo check the capacitor. If they are plumped up then the board is dead. You will need to check all your cards on a diff comp to make sure the power spike did'nt frie them.

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I think I need a new power supply for my computer. I have a 400w PSU right now.

The problem I am having is that I just installed a 250 GB Maxtor SATA HD 16 MB cache. After I did this my game pad has been acting up. It does not respond the way it used to in games. I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. It then works for a couple minutes. I calibrated it then tried testing it and it completly stopped working. It connects through USB. It also, has been saying it is not connected then shows it is connected. Like it is cutting in and out.

Before I put in the HD it was working fine. Could it be the PSU or something else I did when I was installing the HD. I am 99% sure I did not do anything wrong while installing the HD. Everything else works fine.

Any suggestions on what I need to do? I do have alot of stuff in my computer I will list everything I can here:

400W PSU
ASUS P4C-800 E-Deluxe MB
P4 3.2 Ghz 512 cache 800 Mhz FSB Hpyerthreading
2 x 512MB PC 3200 400Mhz dual mode RAM
LG GSA-4120B DVD/CD burner
10/100 NIC
250 GB Maxtor SATA HD with 16 MB cache
256MB GeForce FX 5950 Ultra Video Card
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Floppy Drive
USB optical mouse
USB headset
USB gamepad and USB joystick
USB Printer

I think I included everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Power Supply/usb Issue

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Have a strange issue with my computer. Started recently, when shut down, power switch will not turn on computer. If I pull the powercord for 20 secs or so, it will power on fine. Tried a new power cord, same symptoms.... Is this a failing PSU or motherboard issue?

Answer:Power Supply Issue

It could be either. It could also be the case switch.

You can try these tests if you are comfortable working inside the case and with electricity. Please use proper static precautions!

On the motherboard there are the case headers. This is where the wires from your case connect to the motherboard.
One of those connections is the Power Switch. 2 wires. It will be marked PWR or SW. Remove this header, then (power supply plugged in and switched on) touch the 2 pins with a flat screwdriver blade to electrically connect them just briefly (you do not need to hold the connection long).
If the computer starts right up without problems it is your case switch. Replace it.

The second test:
Turn off the computer, switch off the power supply, remove the power cord.
Disconnect all the power connections to the motherboard and components, including the 20/24 pin main motherboard connector.
Find the Green wire to the main motherboard connector and note the pin it goes into (usually #14 on a 20-pin, #16 on a 24 pin)
Find any black wire, closest to the purple wire and note the pin it goes into.
Plug in the power supply, switch it on.
Using a small piece of wire bent into a horseshoe shape, connect the two pins together (connecting purple to black). This connection is constant. The supply will turn off if you disconnect your horseshoe wire.
If the power supply comes on without issue the problem is on the motherboard.
If the problem remains, it is in the power supply.
Please do not attemp... Read more

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Recently, i had been enjoying a nice game of Warcraft 3 and having a great day... then suddenly my pc shuts off. as usual i reach down to turn it back on, but there was a problem, it doesnt turn back on, i touch the side of my tower, and the area near the power supply is burning hot.

What i have done to check to see what the problem is
1. I have removed the ram and checked to see if they are defective
2. I currently bought another power supply and the odd thing is, the computer will Still not turn on
3. i have tried another power cord just to make sure it wasnt defective and yet again, i failed to turn it on.

However i have noticed that when i turn the power strip on and activate the powerr supply it makes a small buzzing noise its very soft and it seems that the power is getting through or something, but i still cannot figure out as to why my PC will not turn on. i would apreciate it if anyone could help me out here, im desperate to get back on.

Answer:Power supply issue?

have you tried to bypass your surge protector, it may have received a hing voltage spike causing it to become damaged.

have you tried resetting your CMOS settings. this can be done 2 ways. remove the CMOS battery, and or checking the clear cmos jumper setting.

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Ok .. before we jump into it let me give you a little bit of background on the system.

MB : MSI A8N Neo2 Socket 939
CPU : AMD XP 64 3700+
Memory Modules
2 x 1gb (Matched Pair Kingston Valueram)
1 x 1gb (Patriot (same speed as kingston)
1 x 512 (corsair) ** I know the risk of running different brands in the system **

2 x CD Rom Drives (1 dvd burner, 1 cd burner)
6 Case Fans
3 UV lights (2 long, 1 1/2 size)
1 Counter-strike lighted fan decal (outside of case)

and now .. on to the problem.

The other day playing BF2 had a small issue and had to roll back my system, did the system restore and as it went into the restart portion.. The computer Posted. I see the CPU register but when it gets to the memory it either hangs there or it posts 1024kb .. now this I thought right away was a bad sign.

I figured it was my ram so I removed all the sticks and left 1 stick in. ( i played musical slots and musical sticks for about 20 minutes) same thing on all of them. At this point I figured it was either my mb or the PS.. I took out the power supply and went down to my local pc store brought my motherboard, cpu, memory sticks and video card. Plugged them all in there with one of their power supplies and the system was able to post. I purchased another power supply there and went home, plugged it all in and it worked .. for a day.

got home the next day booted it up .. same errors as the day before .. so I figured .. well I just replaced the PS .. mabye its the motherboard .. got the same ... Read more

Answer:Possible Power Supply Issue ?

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Question: Power supply issue

Hello i recently tried to plug in a case fan and my power supply sputters or so it seems and doesnt kick on all the way it freaked me out so i unplugged it. the conector where the fan went in was a bit wierd to me like it was pushing the whole thing into the psu not just onto the pins i didnt think of this till after the sputtering but needless to say i think my psu is shorting or sumthing please help



xfx 8800 gts,gskill 2gigs of ram,sata lightscribe asus,seagate sata hardrive

Answer:Power supply issue

I'd take out the power supply, open it up and see what it looks like inside.

Make sure the fan is designed to fit with that particular power supply.

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So if you've seen my previous thread, in reference to me buying a new power supply for my computer - you can what it is exactly i baught.

My computer just stopped working one day, i took the power supply out and plugged in a new one. The new one is not turning the computer on at all.

Its supply illuminating the power button to a green light (as if it were on) but yet there is no power being distributed throughout the whole system.

Can anyone point me to what else may be the issue or possibly what im doing wrong with the power supply.

Everything is plugged in correctly to the motherboard.

Answer:Power Supply Issue Again....

What symptoms did you have with the other power supply that you thought you needed a new one??

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Question: Power supply issue

The power supply fan has failed in one of our HP Elite 8200 SFF units.  We have spare Elite 8100 SFF PC's.  Will the power supply from the Elite 8100 work properly in the Elite 8200 unit?  Thank you!

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Question: Power Supply Issue

My PC is setting off warnings that my PSU is going out. Now I want to purchase a Coolmax PSU - got great reviews from

But the problem I have is - the fan grill for the PSU is on top. My case doesn't have an opening for the fan grill. Can I still use the PSU in my PC?

The back of my PC sort of looks like this: back.jpg


Answer:Power Supply Issue

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Question: Power supply issue

hi guys , I was checking the voltages for my power supply for the both connectors , it didnt read anything ,,,,,is should read the same voltages in mainborad's manual right??????????????????????????????

Answer:Power supply issue

if you are tyaking the readings with the connector off the motherboard, they will read zero. The power supply needs to be turned on and the switch is connected to the board.

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Okay I recently purchased a power supply(Dibalotek DA Series PSDA350 350W ATX) to replace my friends burnt out one on his old computer. I've never installed one before....but I Plugged everything in from my computer to it. Then I plugged the power cord into a working socket...flipped the switch on and nothing...power supply didn't turn on. It is brand new out of the box. Any special reason why its not turning on? Or did newegg sell me a broken Power Supply?


Answer:Power Supply Issue

Assuming there are no issues with the motherboard of that computer, and the power supply was installed 100% correctly....

Newegg currently sells that power supply for $16.99 - I would stay away from power supplies at such a low price range. It is most likely DOA (Dead on Arrival), and needs to be replaced.

As far as brands I would recommend, Antec and Seasonic first and foremost.
Thermaltake makes some decent ones as well as Coolermaster.

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Question: Power Supply Issue

Alright so here is my problem: when I start my computer it SOMETIMES(cold starts only)( turns on for a second (fans spin hdd kicks in).. then turns off. Then once again turns on again without me hitting the button a second time.. I find it weird but once the system is booted up and running I have no problems.. seems like it may struggle with power to boot up any ideas? When I had it slightly overcloked it would randomly freeze up on I no longer run it overclocked.-Power Supply is a Corsair HX 620W Power Supply. If you need any more info feel free to ask.
(Also sometimes from sleepmode it will not kick back in, I have to manually turn it off then back on again)

Answer:Power Supply Issue

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The power supply on my PC works, but the fan is making an intermittent "tic-tic-tic" noise, so I decided to replace it.

After installing the new power supply, I got nothing. No LEDs, no fan, no hum... nothing. So I pulled the new power supply out, manually jumped pin 14 to ground, and it fired right up. I checked the voltages on all of the pins and all are in spec.

While I was doing this, I reinstalled my old power supply and my PC worked fine, so I guess the socket and the on/off button were not damaged in the switch over.

So I reinstalled the NEW power supply again and I got... nothing. Again.

This has me stumped. The new power supply is fine when outside the machine, and the socket and on/off button in the machine seem to work fine as well. Any ideas?

Answer:Issue with new power supply

What is the wattage and what brand is the new supply? Check the pins in the 24 pin connector, maybe one is not fully inserted so its not making contact with the motherboard connector(?)

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Question: power supply issue

SMPS unit of the CPU is not working. We have already registered complaint with no. 4777577000 which has been forwarded to limited Haldwani, Uttrakhand on 22 Sep' 2016. Till date no body turned up from your service centre which is highly unprofessional on the part of the reputed brand like HP. Kindly look at the matter very soon.

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Hello, today about an hour ago I was playing world of warcraft, i was standing still and then suddenly my computer shut down, i thought that was odd and when i reached for the power button to turn it on, it wouldn't work. I opened up my computer to check if all the power supply plugs were in place they all seemed to be. I checked the back and when the power supply was plugged in the ethernet lan card light was on but I still couldn't turn on my computer. Nothing was working except the lights. I tried to raise and lower the voltage but my computer still wouldn't turn on. I'd like to know if this is a power supply issue since i'm planning on buying a new one tomorrow, I just don't want to waste my money since I don't got much to spare at the moment.
My current power supply came with my case from
It's ASYS 450w PS Fan Controlled ATX12V Model #: LC-B450E
If it is a power supply issue I am planning to replace it with an Antec 430w Dual Fan PSU
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Power Supply issue?

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Question: Power supply issue

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad n586. Got it a bit over a year ago, and for the past few months I've been having an issue with (at least from what I can tell) the power. Currently, I use this laptop mostly for gaming, as well as using it for random art ideas. For the past few months, I've had an issue whenever I start playing a game. I'll start up something (for example Team Fortress 2) and for about 5 to ten minutes everything will work fine. Then the batter light will turn orange and flash, with the power light remaining on. after that, the battery will not accept charge, but the computer will continue to work. It will only accept charge when the computer is in sleep mode or turned off. The problem seems to persist when I restart my computer, but after waiting for some time (I usually wait an hour or two) it seems to work fine again. When I take the battery out, it's a similar situation but instead of the lights flashing, the computer simply turns off entirely. Now, I don't know the specific problem or what caused it, but here's what I've found so far:
-The battery and adapter work fine, there doesn't seem to be any problem with them.
-All my drivers are up to date.
-I haven't had any blue screens or major software issues.

That's about all I've got really. I'd really like to avoid getting a new computer, so if there's a way to fix this that you know of or can dig up, please let me know. Thanks for your time, and anyt... Read more

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I have a Toshiba A105 Satellite and I'm having some issues with my AC adapter and the computer recognizing power.

This problem started a week or so ago. The problem is that the laptop, with the ac adapter will be plugged in, will all of the sudden stop "recognizing" the charge. I can't say with specificity as to any factors that might be contributing to this. Sometimes I have to finagle with the part of the ac adapter that plugs into the "brick" to correct the problem, although sometimes it seems as though it is an issue with the part directly plugged into the computer.

Answer:Power supply/charging issue

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Hi there,

I don't know if anyone can help me out. After I got a power surge the old power supply blew. I've bought a new power supply the old one was 300W the new one is a 350W Enermax. I took out the old power supply and replugged the new one in. Putting the main power cable and all the other one to the peripheral. But the problem is when I click on the power button to turn it on. Everything switches on but it doesn't seem to start the computer. Even the CD-Rom doesn't open when I push the open button. I don't know if anyone can help me out.

Answer:Power Supply Issue After Installation

Fault isolation: Un-hook main power. Just connect power to the motherboard ( and any fans on the motherboard) and one CD drive. Disconnect the ribbion cable form the CD rom drive. reconnect main power and hit the start. If after start up, when you hit the "door open" button the drive door fails to open there is a good chance that you have purchased a bad Power supplly or the reset needs to be punched, (if it has one). If the drive opens you may have fried more than your powersupply when you had that power surge.

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My dad recently fixed this laptop for my kids to use, but we are having major problems with the battery.

When the laptop is plugged in and switched off the battery will charge, when i switch the laptop on, the battery will show on the system tray as plugged in and charging, but it actually lowers by about 4% per minute.
If I remove the battery and try to run the laptop from mains it will not work, and if i press the power button more than once, with no battery in, all the leds on the front switch off.

I have tried uninstalling the ACPI using device manager and reinstalled, but it did not work
I have tried another battery but that didnt work
I have tried cleaning the contacts but that didn't work
I've also tried blowing the fan with compressed air (from underneath ! i didn't open the case yet)

Can anyone suggest what might be causing the problem, i can see this is a common problem according to various forums but i cannot find a cure as yet.

I have another a60-157 for spares, but it has a suspected issue with the motherboard.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Power supply issue on Equium A60-157

>If I remove the battery and try to run the laptop from mains it will not work
This is not ok mate?
Even if the battery is disconnected, the notebook should functions connected only to AC adaptor too?
Therefore I don?t think its something wrong with battery but probably the motherboard is faulty.

What to say: A60 is old? new motherboard would costs a little fortune? not quite sure if you want to spend some money to get new motherboard? in my opinion its worth to purchase new notebook as to spend 200-300? for new motherboard.

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Hello, Not sure if I am in the right category for this, but I moved a computer from one location to the other... the computer turned on fine before moving, now when I plug it in, the green indicator light keeps blinking and the computer won't turn on.. I checked all the connections and they are all Ok...Am I right in assuming the power supply may be toast?.. (the little red switch to indicate 115 or 220 has not been move, still on 115).. is there any resolving the issue without purchasing a new power supply??Thank you,Larry

Answer:Potential power supply issue

Before you give up on the PSU i'd try removing a side panel and double check all drive connectioons...remove and re-seat both the vid card and RAM modules as well...As always unplug all power and take anti-static precautions...

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Help, Just spent 3 hours on the phone with HP and got no help.
I recently purchased a HP 6180, Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5ghz. 6 gig of ram, 1333 fsb. Here is my problem. I purchased a Corsair 750 watt power supply to run the new video card I just purchased. I believe in installing one thing at a time and test it to make sure all is well. (I have not installed the video card until I get the power supply Issue resolved first). The power supply was a pretty basic install. When I start the system everything runs ok until windows starts to load. The black screen with the little green night rider bar then the system shuts down. I went into cmos and looked for adjustments and tried a few and no luck. I ran the diagonistics for the processor and hard drive and ram. All checked out ok. The power supply is working ok, otherwise I would not be able to do anything. Every time windows vista 64 home prem goes to boot the system shuts down and then restarts. I tried the reload f11 tool and no luck. As soon as I reinstall the 300watt stock power supply back into the computer, everything works fine.
Please Help. HP is sending me recovery disks or something, but I don't think that is the problem. Maybe if I reload windows with the new power supply installed it will work.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Power Supply Change Issue

That is strange, the power supply should have nothing to do with windows. It just supply's voltage to your drive and motherboard. Windows has no clue what kinda of psu u use or anything. Do you have a good multi-meter to check the voltage's out of power supply to make sure they are good! Do you have all the cables hooked up right?? The 24pin to the mobo, and the 8pin to the mobo also?

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Hi, I'm new here, but I have a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me?
I shut my cpu down today and opened it up to clean out some of the dust in there.
I go to turn it back on, and my monitor is staying in power save mode. And it says on the monitor "Monitor is in power save mode"
I didn't think I unlugged anything from the motherboard, but I'm not exactly the smartest when it comes to computers. I checked all the cables and wires, and they seemed in the right places.
I recently installed an Antec 400w power supply because my last one died on me.
If I remember correctly, I think I had the same problem as before.
The computer is turning on, but the monitor is staying in power save.
Does anyone have a clue what the issue is?
Should I try using a friends power supply in my cpu to see if that's what the problem is?
Thanks for the help.

Answer:Monitor / Power Supply Issue?

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I am currently on the verge of buying a new Power supply for my PC.The current one one i have is the Integrated one which is a FSP ATX-250PA. I checked their website and couldn't find the same exact name but I found one that said ATX-250 and it said that dimensions were 140 x 150 x 86 without stating which is the W/H/L.The one I am looking at is this one the specs it says its dimensions are W x H x L150 x 86 x 140 mm5.90" x 3.39" x 5.51" inch Are they the same? I want to make sure so that I know it will fit in my tower.The this is the PC I have

Answer:Power Supply Dimensions Issue

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I recently bought a Corsair TX750 Power Supply that was an "open box" from a computer store's clearance (it's for my build that has a quad 3.8GHz processor) , it's basically new. The only problem is, it doesn't have a 2x2 12volt connector (see Is this basically the same as a 4 pin molex? If so, can I get an adapter to convert the plug type, and where?

Answer:Solved: Power Supply Issue

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Hi there, I've had an Edge 11 for a couple of years now and have barely encountered a single issue with it. However now I have run up against a problem which is beyond my modest technical abilities. There's a problem in the power department. The computer will turn on if the battery's inserted but the battery doesn't charge. If the battery isn't inserted and I try and run it directly from the AC supply, it doesn't turn on at all. I've tried using a different AC supply cable but that makes no difference. I also only have a few minutes of battery power left so I can't do much fiddling around with the thing on. Any help would be much appreciated!

Answer:Edge 11 - AC Power Supply Issue

Hi genp5 and welcome to the community,
It sounds like it could be a problem with the power jack on the laptop.  It should look like this:
power jack assembly
Either that or a problem with the charging circuit on the board itself.  I'd try the jack first.

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Ok, I like to think myself fairly knowledgeable about my own computer, however, I can't for the life of me diagnose this problem. The computer will randomly freeze, nothing that hasn't happened before, but a hard reboot doesn't solve the problem. The computer doesn't give me the one beep POST after a hard reboot, that indicates whether or not the system will boot. In order for it to do this I must flip the switch on the power supply off and on. The system doesn't indicate that it completely failed (no suggestion to boot in to safe mode or anything), and there is no visible loss of data. I've narrowed it down to the power supply, or a failure on the motherboard's part. I don't think it's the power supply completely because all of the fans turn on and I can hear the hard drive start up. Could be the motherboard because it has always sketched me out. At any rate here's the specs if that helps things

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+
RAM: 4 GB (2x2) Corsair DDR2 800
HDD: WD Caviar 500GB
OS: Windows XP SP3

Any suggestions would be great.

Answer:Confusing Issue with Power Supply?

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I tried to use my frends power supply adaptor for his laptop discovered that the ouput from his adaptor is 19.5 volts whereas the input required for my laptop is 16 V.

there was no activity in my laptop, do you guys think i might have messed up my laptop. we swapped batteries and my laptop seems to work ok, the final litmus test(i guess) would be to check if my adaptor works on my laptop

Answer:laptop power supply issue

probably not, what type of notebook do you have...i can not recall seeing one that was not 19v aprox. I will assume that you are using a barrel connector on the end of the cable. what you have to watch for is the polarity, usualy the inside is "+" and the outside is "-" if you plug one in that is reverse , it could damage, alot will have a diode to protect from reversals

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Hey guys...

I have an ASUS G71G-Q2 Laptop, and recently I have been having some major problems with my power supply when the laptop is running..

Basically, I have no problem charging it when it is off, and about 60% of the time I'm using it there doesn't seem to be too much of a problem...
However, for that other 40%, while my power cord is plugged in the laptop keeps switching from Battery Mode to AC Mode ever 2-3 seconds, and eventually stops recognising the power supply all together...
Also, when I fiddle with the nose of the power supply in the laptop, I find that its searing hot - so much so that it has burnt my fingers quite a few times....

This is a pretty major problem for me because everytime the laptop switches power supplys, the entire screen freezes for about 1/2 a second - and as you can imagine when this is happening every 2-3 seconds its fairly infuriating (a few pens have gone flying heh)

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this / a solution?

Answer:An issue with my power supply on my laptop

I believe there are two primary possibilities here...

1. A defective socket - or other issue with the AC Power Supply. (Eg transient open in the cord) Either would cause "high resistance" in the line and might result in the heat you are experiencing.)

or (Less likely) 2. The battery is bad. (This could cause a high current from the power supply as it is essentially trying to charge a battery with an internal short - again resulting in heat.). (I think this is not likely; since you say it charges fine.)

Since this is a "high end" machine (or was when it debuted), and since it is relatively new, you might want to check whether warranty is still in force, and whether a warranty repair may be possible.

Otherwise, I would consider swapping PSU (~$65), Battery (~$90), or both.
Of course, if it is the socket itself that is bad, swapping either or both (PSU / Battery) will not help. Hence, a physical evaluation by a service tech may be the best first option. (~$50? 100? or more?) But a bad socket, on a machine only about a year old (?) I would be inclined to push for warranty repair on this kind of hardware issue.

Someone else may weigh in with a different POV.


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Hi, thanks for reading. I've just installed a new Gigabyte (GA-M61P-S3) motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ processor, 500W Rosewill PSU, and 2gb DDR2 800mhz RAM, but I can't get it to boot, post, beep, or anything.

The strange thing is that the processor and PSU fans will stay powered on when I have the 20+4 connector plugged in, but I only get a short power up (less than 1 second of fans and lights) when I have the 4-pin ATX 12v processor power plugged in.

I've stripped it down to just these components and have even removed the mobo from the case to be sure it's not shorting. I've searched endlessly, to no avail, and I'm throwing my arms up in frustration. Any thoughts?

Answer:Power supply issue with new system?

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Hi everyone. I have a Thinkcenter M93p with 280W Power Supply. I bought a graphic card which needs 400 W at least. i'm looking for a power supply with 14 pin cable, but i can't found them. but i see 24 to 14 pins adapters, so i must buy a psu not original. i lose the warranty of the computer? is it safe use this kind of adapters? is it possible burn the motherboard?thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:Issue M93p power supply

Search above right for info on the power supply adapter, they are known to work.

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I recently bought a new computer from Dell and a new graphics card from newegg. The computer is a Dell Inspiron 545 and my graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT. The graphics card requires a minimum of a 400 watt PSU which unfortunately Dell only gave me a 300 watt PSU. So I replaced the 300 watt PSU with a 460 watt PSU that I purchased from a store near my place, but when my computer is shut off, the motherboard would make static noises. The noises sound like a cross between clicking/static that appear around 5 minutes after my computer has been shut down and start to fade away after an hour. The noises would only go away if I switched off the power on my PSU. I replaced the new PSU with my old PSU and the static noises went away.

The power supply that I purchased was this:

I called Dell about my problem and they said that the motherboard could not handle a power supply of more than 300 watts. I bought the computer and graphics card online so it would be a real pain to return and I'm not really fond of replacing my motherboard.

I was wondering how I would be able to get rid of the static noise.

Answer:Motherboard and Power Supply Issue

Dell lied to you, the motherboard has no idea on the wattage of the power supply, it simply draws as much as it needs. That said Dell's are cheap systems.

The power supply you got isn't of the best quality, and it may also be faulty. Return it for a higher quality brand and see if that resolves your problem.

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Hello All,

i have a computer whose PSU (Power Supply Unit) was broken. I could have easily replaced it by anyother new PSU but the original PSU had a pretty unique 14 pin connector for the Motherboard instead of the usual 20 or 24 pin.

I googled the 14 pin configuration and luckily found the pin config. I had a spare 20 pin PSU, now all i had to do was to rearrange the pins so that each pin gets the correct voltage. i did that and now when i turn the computer on the power LED blinks ON and OFF (twice in like one second), the LED on the motherboard also blink the same way, like its turning everything on and off periodically. nothing comes on the monitor.

Please suggest a solution because otherwise i will have to abandon the whole CPU which will be a waste

Other technical information is provided below:

14pin PSU pin config:

20 pin PSU config:

- i had to modify the following things: the pins 3 and 6 (FAN OFF and FAN CMD) of the 14 pin PSU didnt make any sense to me so i gave nothing on them, they are disconnected. what to do with them?

- as only 3V was available in the new PSU so i had to give 3V where 3.3V were required.

- the unused pins of the 20 pin PSU were properly insulated from eachother.

- the power ratings of the new PSU is 152W and the old PSU was 125W. so its well over than what is required, the voltage was equal of both the PSUs... Read more

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I bought a graphics card 3 or 4 months back because the card that came with my Gateway stopped working. After putting it in I could tell my computer was running much slower than before. Eventually it started to shut itself down and restart sometimes. Recently it would turn on for 2 or 3 minutes and now it wont start with the card in it. I thought it was the power supply because it said it required a 400watt power supply, but then i looked at the old card that i started with and it also required 400 watts. I am new to all of this and i would love to learn how it works. If any of you guys know how the power supply distributes the power to all of the cards and ports i'd be happy to know.

The computer i use is a Gateway FX7026
The new graphics card i tried to put in was an EVGA GTX 550Ti 2gb GDDR5
The old one is what came with the computer, an EVGA e-GeForce 8800GT 512mb DDR3
My power supply is Delta Electronics DPS- 400RB A Power supply, also original to the PC

Answer:Graphics or power supply issue?


Originally Posted by Zentaa

I bought a graphics card 3 or 4 months back because the card that came with my Gateway stopped working. After putting it in I could tell my computer was running much slower than before. Eventually it started to shut itself down and restart sometimes. Recently it would turn on for 2 or 3 minutes and now it wont start with the card in it. I thought it was the power supply because it said it required a 400watt power supply, but then i looked at the old card that i started with and it also required 400 watts. I am new to all of this and i would love to learn how it works. If any of you guys know how the power supply distributes the power to all of the cards and ports i'd be happy to know.

The computer i use is a Gateway FX7026
The new graphics card i tried to put in was an EVGA GTX 550Ti 2gb GDDR5
The old one is what came with the computer, an EVGA e-GeForce 8800GT 512mb DDR3
My power supply is Delta Electronics DPS- 400RB A Power supply, also original to the PC

PSU that comes in pre-built computers usually are crap, so I would get a new PSU, antec, consair or seasonic around 550 to 600 watts.

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Hi, I'm fairly new here, but I am in need of some assistance. So I just installed my new parts for my computer. (A ATI Radeon HD 4890 and a 750 watt psu)It worked fined for about a day, then i went on for a few minutes, then my computer shut down. I tried turning it on again, but i didn't respond. I felt some heat, but very little coming from inside the case. I think my PSU may have over heated, but I'm not too sure.I am running Windows Vista x64, and I have a HP m9402f with the added parts above. Please help me! Thanks a ton. And merry christmas / happy holidays.

Answer:Power Supply issue. Possibly.

I  don't think it is the PSU. But maybe the new video card.Do this.Remove power cord.Remove, carefully, the new ATI card you put into the HP desktop.Put it back to the original configuration, the the video it came with. Plug power cord back it and try again.What happens if you do that?

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Recently I have noticed a kind of burning smell (kinda of a dust burn, like you turn on your heat ac on for the first time in the winter). I also noticed that the PSU was very hot, as in touch the outside and you would get burned. Is this a faulty PSU? It's been fine since I added it in 2 years ago and I have not added any hardware to the computer so I'm not too sure why it's happening. The computer specs is AMD Duron 750, 320Mb, 1x 20Gb HDD (primary), 1x 8Gb HDD (slave), Voodoo 3200 AGP, Soundblaster SB PCI, modem, 52x CD-ROM, external USB CD-Writer (HP 8200E) HP 6L Printer and a HP 4300C USB Scanner.

Also, prior to the PSU problem, I was thinking of building a new computer. I was wondering if someone can give me some advice on what parts to get to build a new computer. My needs have changed since the computer above was built so here's what I will need:

DVD-Writer / ROM
quality scanner (epson if poss)
High end graphics card for Photoshop, Cinema 4D (creates movies) and the like. Also to have dual monitor capability
Sound not important but would be nice on some of the games I have
Speed is key, especially for the files I will do
good 19" - 21" monitor (one lcd the other normal)
quality color printer for pictures (again espon)

I need to rush out but I will add anythiing extra if I can think of it.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Power supply issue & some advice pls

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ok, so im not any genius when it comes to computers, by far, but regardless a power supply is a pretty easy thing to swap out, so after being positive that was it in my HP 533w i bought a DiabloTek 350 Watt supply. The old one lit the LED on the back but did nothing when turned on, and everything i hear that kills power supplys was done within a month of its death, including... memory upgrade, reformating, a 1000 mile trip to a severe climate change, and after hooking it up there i had nothing (also happened with my friends dell in the same place). So after changing it out i still have nothing. Now i was also givin a Emachines T3958 with a "bad power supply". Now this one i believe because it has a LED on the motherboard that when the old supply is hooked up i have nothing, when i hook up the DiabloTek or the old supply out of my HP it illuminates. But still will not power up! any tips, hints, things to check? anything!? im getting frustrated and desperate at this point since theres a lot of info i need of the hp and was sure the Emachine was my way out since its newer and has a better processor so i could just sway hard drives and forget about the hp all together! Please help!

Answer:Power Supply issue, im lost!

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I have a dell Inspirion 5150, and I have recently had problems with the power supply.

I was finding that while working on the labtop the power supply automatically switches from AC power to battery power, even when the power adapter is still plugged into the computer. From then on, the battery power would drain to 0% and the computer would shutdown.

Then after booting the machine up again it would revert to AC power again and eventually after while swtich by itself to battery power.

I called service support about this and they said I would have to send it in, to replace the mother board.

Yet recently I was fooling around with the connection at the back of the computer where the power supply jack connects with the computer. I rotated the circular plug within socket of the computer and the computer reverted back to ac power.

So my question is should I proceed to replace the mother board or just just try replace the faulty power supply port?

Answer:Power Supply issue with Labtop

The ac adapter port on the back of your laptop is soldered to the motherboard and is in bad shape. You are getting this intermittent power problem because the port is loose. You will need a motherboard replacement to fix it.

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Hey guys, our shop (military) just got some newer rack mountable (which is why I posted here) power supplies. Three of the four are having no issues, when I select amperage or voltage I am able to adjust as required. One of the units will not let us modify the voltage. Someone here may be familiar with these models (seems the XG 850 is the blanket model type) but for those that aren't..

We turn the selector knob to amperage and then adjust to what we want. The field will display just numbers when on this selection. When set to Voltage it displays rs232 and voltage cannot be adjusted. If you wait a second it switches back to 000.00 volts but still cannot be adjusted. All other power supplies simply stay in numerical form on this setting, but this one keeps displaying rs232. I have done a reset on the unit with the same results.

Any clue whats up?

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Any help here guys? I have a dell optiplex 390. When I push the start button it does nothing (no lights. no diag code.) but if if press the test (reset?) button and hold it down it will run. Of course it shuts off when I let up off of it. A few times I pressed it (power button) since it first happened and it started up (blue light as "normally" it would before) but then shuts down after a few seconds. I saw this video about how it could actually be the power button itself. (if it helps)

Thanks guys!

p.s. i did exactly everything he did. also I had a 1 GB low profile (no pin connections) card in it and the PSU wasn't that powerful. 250 Watts. Could that be the case. Everything else is stock.

Answer:Power Supply Issue (very strange)

Make sure your CD/DVD drive is empty, no stuck CD/DVDs in it. And if you have a multi card reader, ensure no cards are stuck in the slots. There is also a case open switch, even with the case open it should boot up, on some machines it won't boot if the cable is unplugged from the MB.

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I have a 3 month old t450s, and recently, it's been having some power issues. Initially, I would have it plugged in, and when pressing the power button, I would hear 3 small popping noises that would repeat, and the computer would not power on. If I removed the back battery, and then put the power plug back in, it would then power on, and I could replace the battery to charge it. Now, it won't power on no matter what I do. When I remove and put the power cord into the computer, the power button blinks 3 times, and that's it. no indication that it's receiving power at all beyond the 3 blinks. Pressing and holding the power button does nothing. I've filed a support ticket, but has anyone had any issues similar to this?

Answer:t450s power supply issue

Hi Keith2292,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
It happen if some device fails or is shorted. Can you please Check the Ethernet port to see if pins are bent or touching. Try unplugging the touchpad connector. The only way to test for a shorted keyboard is to unplug the machine, remove the battery and cmos battery. Then plug it in with the keyboard disconnected and see whether it start up?
Please let me know whether the above step helped you.
Thank you, have a good day.
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I have a gaming rig with the following stats:

500W Power Supply
9500 AMD Q4 Chip
Don't recall what motherboard I put in there, but it was functioning
Nvidia GTX 260 Video Card
1x 1TB HDD
1x 400GB HDD

In any case, there was a decently big power issue recently, and although the computer was hooked to a power strip, I'm pretty sure there was damage done as the computer will not turn on now; I can press the power button but the computer will not respond, and I went in and double checked the connections to make sure all was in working order (it was). It was in perfect working order previously, with all cables and equipment functioning, and the BIOS and everything was up to date. My issue is that I have no idea what got shot, the motherboard itself, or the power supply. Any suggestions?

Answer:Power Supply/Motherboard Issue?

Can you borrow a power supply and hook it up?

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i recently acquired an asrock pro 3 for a project budget build for a friend and have a query...

Basically, the atx 12v interface for the board has 8 pin holes, however my power supply has a 6+4, so

if i only connect the 6 to the 8 holes will it work?
if i connect 8 and have two pins overhanging will that work?
do i need to buy and adapter for 6 to 8 or 10 to 8?


Answer:asrock pro 3 motherboard vs power supply issue

Can you give us the exact version number / serial number for the motherboard. I can only find information on an asrock Pro 3 that shows it with 10 x 2 pins (6+4 connectors) for the motherboard power. Pro3/

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Suddenly my Gateway NV570P with [edited to comply with guidelines] was shutdown and not starting at all. I was in doubt that it may not have power , Than I connected the power plug and try restart , It was not starting at all, NOt sure what to do and how fix thw problem. When I press the power switch on laptop , One BLUE light was glowing solidly for 2 secong  and another BLUE light was blinking twice and both the lights are disapearing and laptopn was not  starting at all... 
Some how this laptop parts are very loosely connected and upper part (Ke board part) easy coming from mouse side. I have to manage these two pieces intact with TAPE... Please help how to fix this power issue

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Hi there, sorry if this or a similar issue has been posted before. Several hours of googling didn't help me solve this issue.

I built my computer last year and recently it has been powering off instantly between displaying the BIOS info and displaying the windows booting animation. I have noticed that if I leave it turned off for several days I can get six or seven hours of uninterrupted usage before the computer powers off. However if I try to boot it up a few minutes after it has just powered off, it shuts down almost instantly. I thought it was a power supply issue and so I just replaced my 450w supply with a 650w one. I got about two hours of good use from the computer with no problems, restarted it, and it powered off during the windows animation. I'm totally at a loss. The computer shuts off when I navigate to BIOS setup and just leave the BIOS screen up doing nothing, and also shuts down in safe mode. This is super frustrating and I've got no idea what to do next. Thanks in advance for your help

Answer:PC powers off after several minutes, not power supply issue.

Quote: Originally Posted by andreh

Hi there, sorry if this or a similar issue has been posted before. Several hours of googling didn't help me solve this issue.

I built my computer last year and recently it has been powering off instantly between displaying the BIOS info and displaying the windows booting animation. I have noticed that if I leave it turned off for several days I can get six or seven hours of uninterrupted usage before the computer powers off. However if I try to boot it up a few minutes after it has just powered off, it shuts down almost instantly. I thought it was a power supply issue and so I just replaced my 450w supply with a 650w one. I got about two hours of good use from the computer with no problems, restarted it, and it powered off during the windows animation. I'm totally at a loss. The computer shuts off when I navigate to BIOS setup and just leave the BIOS screen up doing nothing, and also shuts down in safe mode. This is super frustrating and I've got no idea what to do next. Thanks in advance for your help

It may be a memory module problem. Try playing around with the memory chips/slots.

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Suddenly my Gateway NV570P with [edited to comply with guidelines] was shutdown and not starting at all. I was in doubt that it may not have power , Than I connected the power plug and try restart , It was not starting at all, NOt sure what to do and how fix thw problem. When I press the power switch on laptop , One BLUE light was glowing solidly for 2 secong  and another BLUE light was blinking twice and both the lights are disapearing and laptopn was not  starting at all... 
Some how this laptop parts are very loosely connected and upper part (Ke board part) easy coming from mouse side. I have to manage these two pieces intact with TAPE... Please help how to fix this power issue

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This is what has started popping up on my new laptop. When I say new, its less than a week old! The AC power supply IS a Dell 45w AC adapter, it's the one that came with the machine! Anyone have any idea what the issue might be?

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Please can anyone help?

I am not a computer wizard just a middle aged woman who doesn't want to be ripped off my laptop has been working brilliant, and then yesterday decided not to charge, it is completely dead.

I left it on charged for few hours and nothing, I tried to use it without battery in and nothing hubby checked fuse in plug that's fine.
Have no idea what to do next.

Can anyone please help?

Answer:Power supply issue on Satellite Pro C50D-A-13G

> Have no idea what to do next.
I?m afraid there is no much you can do about that. Fact is that your notebook has hardware problem. On this virtual way it is not easy to say what it is. I cannot say for sure but I presume power supply electronic is a troublemaker.

All you can do now is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They have special diagnostic tools and can check what is wrong there.

If you need addresses and phone numbers you can find everything on

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Suddenly my Gateway NV570P with [edited to comply with guidelines] was shutdown and not starting at all. I was in doubt that it may not have power , Than I connected the power plug and try restart , It was not starting at all, NOt sure what to do and how fix thw problem. When I press the power switch on laptop , One BLUE light was glowing solidly for 2 secong  and another BLUE light was blinking twice and both the lights are disapearing and laptopn was not  starting at all... 
Some how this laptop parts are very loosely connected and upper part (Ke board part) easy coming from mouse side. I have to manage these two pieces intact with TAPE... Please help how to fix this power issue

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Our daughters Xbox 360 starts to power up but then flashes red in the middle.

I?ve looked on you tube and it states it may be the power cable...does anyone have any ideas if that is the case?

Thank you!

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Hi guys,

I have just encounted a problem after replacing my power supply.

Its all connected and works fine. The problem is when it boots up I get a message asking me to fix my boot priority. So I check my BIOS and I find that it cant locate my Hard Drive.
My previous power supply blew up (sorta) it was clogged with dust. Could that have possibly fried my hard drive in the process?

This is my second time replacing the power supply. My previous replacment gave me no such trouble, I have bought an identical power supply and cant figure out the reason why the HDD cant be located. All the leads are connected, both power and IDE.

If anyone can help me, that would be most appreciated. Cheers

Answer:Problem after replacing power supply (HDD issue)

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i am using Toshiba Satellite L40-18W -PSL4CE 00H0000GAR model..

While plugging the charger, some time the power comes and some times not.
I left as it is for two weeks.
Now the power is not comming fully, so i changed the power adapter to new one still the same problem.

I just checked the laptop motherboard and there is no symptom for short circuit.

Please help me thanks in advance..

Answer:Satellite L40-18W PSL4CE: Power supply issue


I found other thread which you have created in the past:

Seems that you had some problems with the AC adaptor in the past?
Not sure if this issue could has something to do with the previous issue but the usage of non-compatible adapters could affect the motherboard too.

However, if you are 100% sure that the AC adaptor is ok, then the issue might be related to power supply electronic on the motherboard? as you see, here in the forum we can speculate only? I think only a notebook technician could provide more details after the notebook?s hardware has been checked?

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I just bought an XFX GeForce 7600GS AGP for my old Socket A Asus motherboard (A7V8X-LA). My computer just had a 250 Watt power supply so I went ahead and bought a new Thermaltake TR2-430 Watt PSU knowing I would need at least 400 Watts for the new card. Well, when installing the driver an Nvidia screen pops up and says my card isn't getting sufficient power and must decrease performance, so I just click ok and it finishes installing. Well, I definately don't want "decreased performance".

The card finished installing fine and is up and running and seems to be working great so far....I havent done a benchmark on the card yet to see what its running at.

My question is has anybody had this problem with a card or knows of someone who had the problem. If so, what can I do to get more power to the card and do I even need to do that since it seems to be running ok. The old Socket A 3200 AMD cpu I have isn't going to run any high end games even though I know this card probably would do an ok job at it. Any help or advice will be much appreciated...


Answer:GeForce 7600GS AGP power supply issue

I got a evga 7600gs agp running along with a socket 478 on 300W psu thats from like way back in '04
7600GS agp card draws ~35W
TOTOAL system power consumption is only 135 watts top

so I don't know why your 430W isn't cutting it

try another connector?

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here's the story and symptoms...

About a month ago we had a lightning strike very close to our house. Ever since then the computer has been acting weird (not surprising I suppose). Eventually various intermittent problems leading to a corrupted installation of windows so I did a fresh install of Win 7 Home. Unfortunately this didn't fix everything. Often times the computer will freeze and I'll need to shut down manually via power button. Earlier today the computer spontaneously rebooted (on it's own) directly to the login screen (twice). It did it a third time but it booted to the "windows didn't shut down properly, do you want safe mode, blah, blah, blah" this time. Also, every now and then the BIOS flash screen will take a little longer than normal to show up.

It all seems fairly random. I could go a day or so with no issues, computer running just fine then bam, locked up. I'm using it now to type this post as a matter of fact. I've ran the Western Digital DLG tool (I have two WD hard disks) and it found no errors. I've also ran memtest86 off a boot CD and my memory passed with flying colors. I'm down to the power supply or the mobo but I'm not sure if these issues are indicative of failures in those items. I think I remember reading at some time in the past about this maybe being something you'd see with a PS failure but I don't remember. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Windows 7 Home Premium
... Read more

Answer:Solved: does this sound like a power supply issue?

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2 months ago I had a problem and I had my main board changed with a new one. Before going in the toshiba's service centre my battery was holding only about 1 hour. When I received back my laptop with the brand new main board the battery didn't even hold for 1 second. It was completely dead and useless. So I ordered a new battery from ebay and I just received it today.

When I plug it into the laptop the battery LED starts blinking in orange. When I tried to power the laptop on nothing happened. When the battery is in, it doesn't matter if the laptop is on or off, the LED keeps flashing and it doesn't matter if the AC adapter is plugged in or not, the laptop doesn't want to power on. The only way I powered it on with the new battery was to remove it and power it on just on the AC adapter and then plug the battery in. But when I remove the adapter, the laptop turns off after 2-3 seconds.

I tried to delete the battery drivers and reinstall them but it didn't help. I have also tried to remove the adapter and the battery and to keep the power on button for a while and that didn't have any effect too.

Answer:Power supply issue on Satellite L850


Is this new battery original Toshiba product or some other brand?
For me it sounds like some compatibility problem. Somehow power supply electronic placed on the mainboard cannot ?work together? with this new battery.

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I have recently had a power supply issue and bought a new one to replace the old one that doesnt work anymore. The issue is there are way more connectors than the computer needs to function. I am trying to figure out which ones I might need and dont need and what order they go in? Is there a way to tell the difference between what the sata1 and sata 2 cords need to be connected to and which power supply cables need to be connected to them in order for them to work propperly? Thank you for any help in advance!! :--) (I have watched numerous videos online on how to replace a power supply... but none of them go over reconnections.)

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About a year ago, my one year old Compaq computer just died. I have no idea why and back then I didn't have the knowledge to try and figure it out. It literally went from being on in the morning before work and me checking my email, to coming home from work and I couldn't even turn the computer on.

To my knowledge, it was never turned on throughout the day and there wasn't a storm that day so I think a power surge can be ruled out. It was plugged into an outlet with a surge protector as well. Is there anyway to check and see if the Hard Drive is still good or anyway to "fix" it?

This was a $2K computer, yes ripped off by best buy, and now that I've started to fool around in the tech area, I can't accept it just dying. It had adequate virus and spyware protection as well. It was running on XP at the time, it was in the neighborhood of 180-200GB hard drive, I don't know what processor it has although I could look, and I'm not sure about the motherboard.

I'm thinking it's possible the power supply could have gone bad since I can't even attempt to turn the computer on. I don't believe it could be the hard drive but I don't want to rule it out although if it was the hard drive, it should at least turn on. Then comes a possibly fried motherboard. I think that could be the problem as well.

Please help.

Answer:Hard Drive Issue or maybe Power Supply

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My cpu with an INTEL water cooling system shows 170-180 degrees with no applications open and the virus scanner running over night. . . These voltages don't look right, so is my motherboard dying or is the power supply dying or something else?

see attachment

Answer:CPUID HW Monitor - Does this look like a power supply issue?

You can not trust that software at all, check the bios, and install Core Temp.

Get rid of HW Monitor.

Just open up the Bios and watch the cpu temp, it`s the only true reading you`ll ever get.

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Alright, so my friend let me have one of his old graphics cards and I figured anything is better than my pos onboard video card. It was a GeForce GS 8400 and when I tried to install it, my computer powered on for less than a second, then shut off. So my initial reaction was that it was a power supply issue, but I'm not sure. Here's the specs of my system.

Motherboard: Asus M4A785-M
Processor: AMD Dual Core Athlon X2 245
Power Supply: Rosewill RV2-600(it says 600W, who knows if its right)
Optical Drive: LiteOn 24x Internal CD/DVD Writer
RAM: 2x 2GB GSkill DDR2
Hard Drive: 750 GB Seagate 7200 RPM

P.s. The computer still ran after taking out the video card, so that's why I thought it was a power supply issue.
I've done multiple of the online PSU output calculators and I've never used anymore than 400W total. So apparently this graphics card takes up 200W of power? I have no clue.

Answer:Power supply issue with new graphics card?

It should be just fine.

Double check you didn't loosen any cables or the memory when you installed it.

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Hello, everyone. This is rather sudden on my part, but I've had a couple of computer hardware-related issues in the last month that have really been bugging me. Granted, the problems are solved now, but I'd like some advice or explanation for why and how these problems were caused, as everyone I've asked and everywhere I've looked hasn't given me very much closure.

Around early December, I was up late one evening and noticed that something on the inside of my computer had made an extremely distinct pop and crackle sound, and something started giving off an ozone smell. Long story short, the power supply had caught on fire. I immediately shut down my computer and pulled the plug to the supply just in case, then let it sit overnight. I called my local computer store ahead of time to let them know that I was coming in to get it diagnosed, and then, just to check if anything went wrong myself, I plugged the power supply back in and powered on my computer. It worked for hours until I had to take it in. The person they had on duty at the store cleaned it out and said that nothing seemed like it was damaged. However, a thick, ozone smell (like burnt electrical wire) continued to come from the power supply. I decided to play it safe and take it back in to get the power supply replaced.

Seemed like I was right about the smell coming from my old power supply. My computer worked just fine for about two days afterwards, then when I tried to wake it up out o... Read more

Answer:Power supply fire/mobo issue

Hi and Welcome!

Yes, If your PSU caught fire that it should be replaced! Why would you want to run something that has damage to it? Antec usually makes pretty good products so it's odd to hear that one has caught on fire.

It's possible stuff may have been bumped when they installed the new PSU.

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I'm assembling a new system and having power issues. When connected and the switch on the power supply is on, all my components receive power before I press the power switch. Fans turn, DVD drive spins and opens, yet I am not able to power up my computer. I stripped everything down to just the motherboard, CPU and RAM and I still get nothing. No POST beep or anything signaling a startup taking place.

I am wondering if this could be caused by a faulty power supply (ie a short inside the power supply) or more likely by a short in the case somewhere. Any help in resolving this would be appreciated!

Answer:Power supply/case short issue?

reassemble the minimum system components outside of the PC case on a non-conductive surface (eg the box that came with your motherboard). this will show you if its shorting to the case or an isolated problem.

What brand and model is the PSU?
Reseat all the components (ram, video card, etc).. you might want to try reset the BIOS at this stage since you've got nothing else to do

It is normal for some PSUs to start up the fans and/or other devices for a few seconds after puting in power to it or after shutting down the PC, but irregular if it doesn't die down by itself after a few seconds to a minute or if you can't manualy trigger it (shorting the two pins instead of pressing the power button to turn on the PC)

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I am running my laptop on WIndows 8.1 - 64 bit.

When the power cable and the battery are plugged in, the laptop simply will not start. When I remove the battery and only use the power cable it will start and work normally. It also seems that the battery does not load.

Who has a solution for this problem?

Answer:Power supply issue on Satellite C870-1FZ


I?m little bit confused why the notebook does not power up with connected battery.

Usually even if the battery would not charge properly due to the battery age, the notebook should power up properly.

However, if does not look like the AC adaptor would be faulty because the notebook work properly using the main power.

Therefore I came to the conclusion that battery or motherboard?s power supply electronic could cause this issue.

Since a new battery is much cheaper as a new motherboard, I would recommend you to check the notebook functionality using another, compatible and good working battery.

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I have an k410-573 desktop that has an 180w power supplyIBM LITEON 54Y8817 180W THINKCENTRE DESKTOP POWER SUPPLY PS-5181-09VSI was wondering will another power supply like PS-5281 which is a 280w power supply work in place of the one I have now? If there is another one that will work what kind is it. 

Answer:changing 180w power supply in k410 to higher watt power supply

hi mehilton,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
You can check your system's Hardware Maintenance Manual and check (page 45)
   this is a Part list and upgrade option. You'll find the Power Supply compatible for your system and its part number.

You can call Lenovo Spareparts (877 4536686 and prompts 4....3....2)    about the part number if you're planning to purchase one.
Technically a Generic ATX PSU will work on your system but the problem is some connectors on a K410 PSU is specially made for it and a feature like the Power mode Ambient light will require a original K410 PSU
see this discussion.

Hope this helps

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Hello! I have a common problem, but I can't seem to find the right answers! I am fairly experienced with PC hardware. I've been troubleshooting this problem for a couple of hours now; I checked if everything was installed properly on my motherboard and everything is plugged in quite snug! I'm torn between it being a power supply problem or a motherboard problem.

Let me tell you the series of events that happened within the last week;
About 5 days ago,I noticed that a TON of dust was caked on my heat sink fan and dust had formed a nice layer on my motherboard and graphics card. I gently cleaned it out with canned air, and cleaned out the dust from my heat sink with a q tip, pretty much just collecting dust slowly. My PC was abnormally cool as it was, so after the clean up it was doing great.
Last night I was up until about 4AM doing work and my PC was running perfectly. It was cool, it was running smooth. I left it on over night so I didn't have to exit the work I had left open; I knew I was getting up rather early in the morning to continue.
I went to go back to work at 11:30AM and my PC was off! I thought someone in my house had turned off my PC to conserve power; or it magically decided to turn off.
It decided to magically turn off, and break. Hah.
My motherboard and ethernet connection slots have little green lights on. Power is going through.
While troubleshooting, I came across this interesting occurrence. When I left my power supply off ... Read more

Answer:My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue

You really have to completely disassemble the heat sink from the CPU in order to properly clean it. Q-Tips cannot reach where the dust lies next to the CPU, the most important area to clean. You were most likely too late, in doing this much needed cleaning and the CPU or the motherboard itself has fried

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Hi,I recently built a computer and for the first few weeks it ran great. Now it will randomly freeze. When it it freezes it does not show any errors, just the screen that it was last on. Also the error logs of windows do not show any reason for the freeze. It can run for about a week or so before it will freeze up. When it reboots it loads fine. Here is a list of the build. If this sounds of more of a hardware issue, but it could be a driver issue (never seen anything like this before). Here is the build of the computer:-Sony Optiarc DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model AD-7241S-0B LightScribe Support - OEM-Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Full-(2)Western Digital Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive-ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO AM3 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard-Antec EarthWatts Green EA-430D Green 430W Continuous power ATX12V v2.3 / EPS 12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power (this has been discontinued from Antec site)-CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory Model CMV4GX3M2A1333C9-AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ955FBGMBOXI also have a fan program (Speedfan) running on the computer and it reports all temperatures on the computer in acceptable ranges. All the drivers are showing correctly with no '!'s or 'X's. The Bios has the newest update along with the rest of the drivers. Have run (windows) SFC and it returned fine... Read more

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