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DVD-R/RW drive won't write blank DVD's

Question: DVD-R/RW drive won't write blank DVD's

I've not any probs with the drive until last night went to write a new blank DVD and the drive won't even recognize the disc inserted. It will play DVD movies and audio cd's, will even write to blank cd's. Any solutions?FYI Rom drive model: HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4164B

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Preferred Solution: DVD-R/RW drive won't write blank DVD's

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: DVD-R/RW drive won't write blank DVD's

Try another brand of media...

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I was trying to write some files from my old computer to a blank disc, and found my CD Drive suddenly ceased that function.
I received this message: not accessible. Incorrect function. And the recording tab is missing from the CD Drive properties.
So, I checked the internet, found the fixes from Microsoft, but nothing.

Was wondering if it is related to the fact the Cd Drive disappeared a couple months ago from My Computer. I fixed that problem, but maybe it screwed something up?

The CD Drive is: IDE-CD R/RW 4x4x32; computer says it is working properly. And there are no driver updates, I tried. And it is just a CD drive. The computer has a separate DVD drive.
I'm using Windows XP, and no I haven't got Roxio installed. I did, but I got rid of it.

If anyone has any ideas Please let me know! I really need to fix this problem!

Answer:Solved: Cd Drive won't write to blank discs

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Hey guys, I have a new issue with my optical drive..
I want to burn some softwares on some blank CD-R...
The drive will not read any blank CD's or even write!

I have tried some obvious troubleshooting steps such as update driver, roll back, uninstall, restart AND I've tried putting in a factory CD, I had this practice N+ CD which is working perfectly fine... now I've tried to insert a blank disk again, and still getting the same problem...

any other troubleshooting steps??

Many thanks

Answer:Optical Drive fails to read/write blank disks?

Chances are that the drive is faulty. The only thing I can suggest is running a cleaning disc through it.

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I just upgraded my HP Pavilion dv2000 laptop to Windows Vista Ultimate and it seems after the upgrade I'm no longer able to burn blank disc. I clicked on the cd drive properties no recording tab is available either. If anyone has a solution it would be a great help.

Answer:CD drive No Longer able to write blank media after Windows Vista Upgrade

Did you check your burner manufacturer for possible driver updates.
Maybe your Bios needs to be updated.
Maybe your burner needs a Firmware update.

As a side note: You could try uninstalling your burner via the Control Panel, reboot and see if this solves the problem.

Good luck

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Hello, I have an Asus DRW-1608P2 DVD combo drive. I am able to play and burn movies, but can not write data to it. When I click on D: it say total bytes 0 total space 0 (full) when i put a blank dvd-r into the drive. The drive is recognized in device manager and is working properly and with no error messages. Can burn and write to cd-r media fine.
Windows XP Home,P4 2.6c northwood,1024 MB Geil Ultra,BFG 6600 GT 600/1500.

Answer:can't write data to blank dvd-r

Most likely the drive is shot. I had a drive that did the same thing to me and had to RMA it. You could try uninstalling the drive from device manager, or try flashing the firmware on the drive with the newest one from Asus.

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I have a Samsung SW 216 CD/DVD player run on Windows XP. It is two years old. The Properties of the CD unit state that the Write Speed options are times 2, times 4, times 8 and times 16. It is set now at its highest on times 16. which I guess is the default.When I go to the shops to purchase a blank CD to write Data to it from my Hard disc I have an option of buying blank CD discs with Write Speeds of times 24 or times 32 even to times 48.Which speed should I purchase ? I only ever write data or photo files to disc.

Answer:Write speeds to a blank CD.

click here

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Windows XP Pro maching with Mad Dog DVD-ROM/CD RW as a secondary master. The drive read the DVDs & CD-ROMS well but won't write. I get a message saying that there's no blank disk in the drive even when I have a blank one. I have tried putting two blank CD-Rs from different manufacturers & it still says that there's no disk in the drive.

I tried reinstalling the drive again & Windwos correctly detected the drive. But still won't write onto blank CD-Rs

A few weeks ago, I had another similar problem with my CD drive. It was slave to the harddrive. The drive would be recognized by the OS but it wouldn't read the CDs. Thinking the drive might have gone bad, I have sent for a replacement. Now, this CD writer problem has made me think as to whether there is another reason to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:CD-Writer won't write onto Blank CD-Rs

I'd suggest you try a CD Burning application other than the XP native facility. is one you might try...

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I capture all of my media using a AverMedia PCI 300 video capture card, I can make dvd's using NeoDVDstandard4. I have made a couple of dvd's using regular 1x-4x cd/rw blanks (verbatim), my hp writer is also slow at only 1x-4x writing speed. Naturally the quality can only get as good as its original source. I can play those regular cr/rw disks on my home dvd player, although the quality is terrible, but on my pc it is much better. I am looking for more space a regular crd or crdw will not hold much when put into dvd format, would a blank dvd disk work with the hp 8200 writer? I don't try and capture video on the fly but rather download the file to my hard drive, edit it, and then put it to dvd. Any advice?

Answer:Can a HP cd-writer 8200 write to blank dvd's?

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Does it ever get easy? Off to the shop to buy some blank DVD discs, confident in the knowledge I need DVD-, not +, only to be greeted with a plethora choice for different speeds no less! OK, read the labels. On the back of each goes something like "Caution. You could nadger your drives/writers if they don't conform to...blah blah" Hey ho, ask in the shop and the assistants face is as blank as the disc. So I buy 3 x DVD-RW 1-2X Speed and 3 DVD-R 4X Speed - with a view to checking drive read/write speeds at home and returning the goods unopened if necessary. The DVD player [lounge] states in its spec " 2,8,16,32 x speeds", so thats OK - I can use the new 1-2x [assuming 1-2x means anything between and including 1 and 2]. But on the back of the 4X it states ".......blah..conforms to 1 - 4x speeds". Hummm, as 2x falls in between 1 - 4x is that OK too? Perhaps it's like this to slow down piracy but we have just landed a probe on Titan and it worked! - makes you wonder. Help...and I havent even looked at the specs of my PC DVD writer yet.Finally, assuming comapibility between drives and discs - is the increase in speeds merely work getting done faster or better end result quality?

Answer:Blank DVD read/write speeds...

My PC DVD R/RW is a Sony DV-U10A which states "DVD-RW: 4x/2x" so that looks OK, doesnt it?

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I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 to burn DVDs. (XP Operating System) I have had no problem burning either R- or R+ DVD's. Then, I bought some TKD DVD's and they did not work. I read the fine print on the label and it mentioned that their DVD may not work on all DVD Burners and that they may damage the burner. Since then I cannot burn R- DVD's. I tried 4 different types. An error message comes up saying "Disk is full." I can read and play R- DVD home movies I have made.

I went to Device manager and uninstalled the driver and re booted they system but that did not work. From a previous recommendation on this site.

I have no problem with R+ DVD's but they will not play on my family's older players. That is why I want to go to R- DVD.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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XP home edition, already have ide Asus dvd burner works fine but when i connected sata dvd burner as well ,the sata dvd burner will only read disks that are from manufactures and will not reconize blank media but the Ide burner still works fine

Answer:new sata dvd burner will not read or write blank discs

Remove IDE power/data connector from PC Asus DVD Burner and use only your SATA Burner and recheck the issue. Is it bought Brand new or not?

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Well, I've been having this problem for a while, but now it's getting a bit out of hand. When I go to stand-by and get out of stand-by, it says 'Unable to read/write from drive C:' and other times (just regular surfing, playing CS, etc) the HD locks up for about 10 secs. It also does a thing I'd like to call "HD-turns-off-then-turns-back-on-again-with-a-grinding-sound".

I've tried reformatting which had some '...trying to recover' errors. And I've tried ScanDisk on thorough A LOT of times and it came up with some bad sectors on some of the scans. I've also tried Western Digital's disk drive utils. but it has some weird error now saying the IDE isnt plugged in correctly, but it is.

40GB Western Digital HD
[ I won't say all the other specs. I don't want to intimidate other people ^_^; ]

Answer:Hard Drive acting weird. Unable to read/write on drive C:, and other errors

Hi trunten

A grinding sound with a hard drive and many bad sectors is not good. It sounds like your drive has bit the dust. Since it is 40 gig there is a good chance that it is still under a warranty as most hard drives come with at least a 1 year warranty and many have a three year warranty. You could recheck the drives jumpers (master/slave) and reseat the data cable but I don't think that will help. BOL

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I have the exact problem with drive A. When trying to backup to it, a frequent blue screen write error appears. In searching the web, others have experienced this problem. I have not found a clear solution to the problem short of reloading all of windows. Can someone help?


Answer:[SOLVED] Floppy Drive Error: Unable to write to disk in drive A

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I receive the following error whenever writing multiple or large files to my floppy disk:
Disk Write Error
Unable to write to disk in drive A:
Data or files may be lost

It occurs about every 5 seconds when writing files. Some files, typically small ones, are written with no problems.
I've replaced the floppy drive with a new one and the problem remains.
I swapped in a known working floppy and cable from another working PC and experienced the same problem.

Please suggest a solution.

Answer:[SOLVED] Floppy Drive Error: Unable to write to disk in drive A

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   We have windows 2008 r2 domain controller and Windows 7 Pro clients. There is a requirement that user perform some run on software and software generate test file / result which are save on local D drive, now we need to assign permission that
domain users can read. write, modify, create new files/folder on d drive but do not rename or delete files/folders. For that i set following permission on d drive:
Full control for domain admin, local administrator, system
for domain users allow modify, deny delete and delete subfolder and files 
Owner of the d drive is domain administrator
After that user can read files but at the time of saving files the error is "you dont have suffieceint permission to modify files on this location" and o kb file created but if user try to save second time than the file will save on that same location
So  user need to save files two time and one file created with 0 kb. 
Please suggest a solution. Thank you.

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I had a regular install of Windows 7 on a WD 1 TB drive with the usual C:\ as the boot drive.

I just got a new SSD, so I set up a parallel or dual boot of Windows 7 on the SSD which is set up as the B: drive.

So when I boot into the Windows on the SSD (B:\) and run the WEI, it fails because it can't write a file to the drive.

Any suggestions? - I don't want to start changing the drive numbers as that will mess up my file associations. I tried editing the xml files under the Performance directory, but still can't get it to work.

Answer:WEI fails (cannot write file to hard drive) Boot drive set to B:\

Generally B: is not assigned to a hard drive, but can be used for a volume. I don't know if this is the reason you are having problems. I'd think modern BIOS might not have an issue with this, but older BIOS always assumed A: and B: were floppy drives. A Guy

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Hi i have a Leader pc win 10.1 pro Intel i7-3770 non k nvidia gt 630 4gb edition 24gb ram. Im having trouble trying to copy my stuff off of my pc to a external hard drive my write speed is usually 100mbps+ but now it will start as 300kbps then go to 0 and completely stop and repeat every 5 minutes so i cant copy from any drive on my pc and it keeps freezing from time to time.

Answer:Cant copy from c drive or d drive no disk write speed

Hi @ScottCooper89!

The issue could be related to the connection, which is why I'd suggest to try the basic troubleshooting steps in such situation:

1. Try a different USB cable, and
2. Plug the external in a different USB port as well.

See if this will help and let me know how it went.

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I have recently upgraded one of my PC's to Win 98 SE and ever since then it
has locked up regularly. It's very frustrating. It seems to happen
whenever it wants and it is almost every time the PC is on for more than a
1/2 hour or so. The keyboard and mouse will stop responding and the cursor
just blinks for a little while then eventually the screen goes to blue
screen and shows an error that says "Disk Write Error. Unable to write to
disk in drive C: Data or files may be lost. Press any key to continue." I
can press any and all keys and nothing happens. I always end up powering
down. I went to Technet on Microsoft and I found the exact error in the
knowledge base. However, it mentions that this is caused by use of an
EherFast network card. This PC is standalone and not networked at all and
there are no legacy cards in it at all. What else could possibly be causing
this error? Any help is most appreciated. This is really frustrating.

Thanks In Advance

Answer:"disk write error. unable to write to disk in drive C:"

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When I want to copy data directly to Cd , Xp can not write them in to cd .
ANd when i want to use same cd to copy data , xp prompt me that insert blank cd in .
please help me to sole this problem .
thanks .

Answer:I can not write to CD RW drive In XP-Sp3

Why did you install SP3?

You do know that the currently available SP3 is a BETA (aka RC = Release Candidate)?

The real official release of SP3 will be via Win Update.

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I got a blue screen with the warning--error, can not write to c drive, hit any key to continue. This happened 3 times followed by freeze-ups. Booted into safe mode and ran AVG-ADAWARE-SPYBOT-CRAPCLEANER. I`m asking if this is a warning my hard drive is starting to fail.
DELL 4100
So far the operation is normal.
Thanks. moif

Answer:can not write to c drive

Probably a good idea to run scandisk, then use Chkdsk to see if any bad sectors have been registered.

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Hi all,

I just bought a HP dvd writer300i about a week ago. It does everything great except write dvds? I can watch dvds with PowerDVD and copy files to a dvd with Recorditnow that were in the software bundle I got with the drive. The DVD writer I got with the drive was ArcSoft Showbiz and I can't get it to work. It checks the drive, then starts "transcoding" the DVD and locks up at this point. After 4 hours on the phone with HP the best they can tell me is the setup discs were bad and they will send me new ones in 5-7 business days. Anybody have a similar problem or idea what I could try? Any free DVD writers out there I could try? My system specs are Pentium 4, 2.4 Gig processor, 512 MB DDR memory. 80 Gig HD, Geforce4 MX440 64MB Netvidia card. Any help would be greatly apreciated.


Answer:New DVD drive won't write DVD's

u first have to decrypt the dvd's in order to burn them, then will also need another program ( such as DVD shrink 2.3 ) to compress the decrypted files so that they fit on a standard dvd

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Hi, I just booted up my new sl410 lenovo think pad with windows7 on it. On startup I configured a user account which has admin priviledges and set up the password. I can login fine and access the internet etc. However when I try to create a .txt file on the c: drive it gives me an error saying I don't have permissions to write on this drive and should contact the administrator. Any idea how to be able to write to c: drive? Thanks,-Taqdees.

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My home PC was built by my son so I'm not really sure what it's capabilities might be.... that being said, the CD drive cover indicates it's a Read/Writable drive. I formatted a CD at work using EZ CD Creator, but am unable to write to the drive at home. I would like to be able to transfer data files to the CD (not audio or video) for backup purposes. Is software required to accomodate this?

Answer:Write to CD-R Drive

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I have run a custom built machine with an Asus motherboard and XP Pro SP3 with two CD/DVD drives (of unknown make) for 2 years. I seldom use CD's these days but yesterday I attempted to copy some files to a Verbatim CD-R and CD-RW and received the response "No disk in drive".

I ran a live version of LinuxMint which found both drives, recognised the disks and wrote an deleted data. I then checked the drives with audio disks and previously written or commercially imprinted disks and these were recognised and ran without problems. Device Manager reported both drives as working and normal. Recording was ticked in the Properties menu.

I searched the Web and found a Microsoft article "Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media" but the Automated Troubleshooting diagnostic would not run despite Powershell and MXMXL 6.0 being installed. I followed up the related article 982116 "Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognised by Windows or other programs" and followed the instructions to delete Upper and :LowerFilters in the Registry. I do not have iTunes or Zunes installed, nor any Roxio software but I have had Nero 6 for years.

I also took the steps to uninstall the drivers in Device Manager, reboot and then allow Windows to reinstall the drivers without improvement. I also asked Device Manager to search for updated drivers but it did not find any. At this stage I now found that the "No disk in drive" had... Read more

Answer:XP does not write to CD drive

<<...but unfortunately Windows finds a problem with my licence despite the fact that I have only changed printers.>> rules do not allow us to assist members where it is evident that they have an illegal install of XP. I suggest that you take care of your license issues before further pursuing this subject."No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences."Louis

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Hi all,A friend of mine's having a problem with her new(ish) computer. She's getting the error "Can't write to drive __" (The __ is the drive letter), along with a whole load of bluescreens from WinXP.She's got an Asus p4s533-e motherboard, and is using a ata controller card which came with the HD (Western Digital 180gb). She also has a second, 40gb drive which doesn't seem to affect things whether it's in or out of the system. No problems when the 40gb was in on its' own.Any ideas, anyone?

Answer:Can't write to drive...


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At my work we use a 100Mg Iomega Zipdrive for backing up the main computer. For some reason we can no longer write to any of the zip discs. We can read the drive, but cannot write to it. Same problem with each of the three discs we use for backup. I figured the Zipdrive itself was crashing but when we switched it out with an identical Zipdrive we have the same problem.
I have tried reinstalling the driver and I've installed and run Iomega's utility and all that did was check to make sure my driver was up to date (which it apparently is). The troubleshooter was of no help either (both Windows and Iomega).
I've also tried using another USB cable, which had no effect. I'm out of ideas, hopefully you can help.
I am running XP home on an eMachine.

Any thoughts?

Answer:can't write to zip drive(s)

just wondering....
are your zip discs write-protected using the IomegaWare™ software?

if it is, u need to disable write protect for it to be able to write to the zip discs again.

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As this is my premiere speech, I shall try to be brief:

My area of expertise in computers is concentrated in the keyboard. I am only a bare novice or advanced newbie on hardware. Recently, I added an IDE PCI controller card and second hard drive, as I have lots of data I want to store. Works Fine!!!

However, my DVD drive has gone wonky. I can read DVDs, I can read CDs, but I can't write DVDs, and I want to back up my system!

To try to answer questions which might be asked, its a generic clone with 512 MB of memory (working on that) and when I look at the system, for the hard drive it says, "HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H455N SCSI CdRom Device". It says LG on the outside.

Can someone help me figure this out?

Answer:DVD drive won't write

DiscInfo should tell you the drive capabilities:

Once extracted
Click on View (in the DiscInfo window)
Then capabilities info
This will tell you if it can write DVDs

You can also click on View and firmware updates

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I've opened ImgBurn and I try to write a file to E:// (DVD Drive) and it picked up the disk inside the machine before, but then it crashed and it won't detect it again.
It was doing this with SONY discs so I thought I'd buy more and see if it made a difference, although now these brand new discs won't even .. load to write (did before).
I tried on another computer and I do believe that has the same issue and says there's no disc within the drive.
So I don't know what I can do to fix it or anything,
Any help?

Answer:E: DVD drive won't write

Is there any error listed for the drive in the Device Manager? or does it show working OK? In either case, RIGHT click on the entry for the drive to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers (CD/DVD drives use the default Windows drivers there are no 3rd party drivers). After uninstall, restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the drive. If there was any status corruption between Windows and the drive this will fix it.

You didn't list the drive model, but some drives will only accept DVD+ or DVD- discs and others will accept both types.

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I have been trying to make some cd's on a few different programs Roxio, Windows Media but they won't finish the cd and stop and say they can't write the files to check if the disc is dirty or cracked or scratched but these are new cd's. I used a cleaning dics to see if that would help and it didn't. I think that maybe my drive is messed up but I don't know?

Answer:Drive can't write Cd's

Hi there and Welcome!

A few questions/ideas:
Im assuming you have a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive? (it will usually say so on the disc tray)
Is this a laptop?
Are you using 98, 2000, or XP?
Will cd's work/play when you put them in? Are there any other occasional problems using the drive? (skipping, slower than usual, etc.)

Have you tried closing every window/program except the Windows Media or Roxio? Try burning a cd after everything is closed, and dont touch anything (i.e. surf the net) until its done.

Let us know some of this stuff and we can help you better.

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The CD drive on a T60 no longer can write CDs and does not recognize blank CDs although it can play DVDs and CDs that have content.  The computer runs XP Pro Service Pack 3. The CD/DVD model is HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4246N. There are no device errors or other error messages. Any ideas on possible causes or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:CD Drive will not write

Welcome to the forum!It's quite possible that your media drive is simply getting old and needs to be replaced. Try cleaning the lens first with a q-tip with some isopropyl alcohol.Good luck.

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I have been saving photos on CD's as a backup and also to take to Jessops for printing. I want to continue to use CD's in this way but have just purchased a new computer which only has DVD and DVD RW. Is it possible to burn to a CD in the DVD drive or will I need to purchase CD RW hardware?

Answer:Can I write to CD's with a DVD RW drive?

A DVD writer will write to and play back CDs as well as DVDs. You may need to use a different software burning package though. I don't think the Win XP burning software will burn to DVD.You can get Nero Version 6 for £3.49 plus postage from: click hereScroll down the page to near the bottom.Once it is installed you can update it for free to the latest version from click here

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Dear All,

I downloaded a software by mistake from this link and since then i am unable to copy or write anything to my pen drive Can anyone help me out.



Answer:Cannot write to USB drive

Instead of posting a link to the file that you downloaded, you need to post a link to a page that tells us what this file is all about?

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My CD drive was working fine untill a week ago, however, now each time I click the "write files to CD" my CD writing wizard gives me this message "there is no disk in the drive.. please insert a writable disk into drive F:\." but it will not recognize the CD disk inserted, I am using a samsug CD-RW plus DVD-ROM drive model TS492 installed in a Compaq presario s4040AP with windows XP pro. The system log gives me this error message "Device \ CD ROM0, has a bad block. I have tried other methods to write to CD including NERO I get the files ready to write but the final step which is always the writing wizard will not work.... Is there anyone out there who can help me get the drive to record ??

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I cannot get Windows XP to recognise my combined DVD/CD-R drive. I'm told by the supplier's technical helpline that the drive is still available outside of Windows (DOS recognises it), and they're going to have to talk me through reinstalling Windows. But of course I have to back up all my data before they do this - and I don't have a CD-R drive to back it up to! (There's far too much data for floppies).Is it possible to backup my data files to a CD within DOS? I am familiar with the basic DOS structure and commands like "copy", but I don't know whether I can simply use a CD-R like another drive: copy to it to backup and then copy from it back to the hard drive after reinstallation.Any advice please?

Answer:Can I write to my CD drive in DOS?

click here

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Question: Re-Write Drive

Hello there, I just bought a HP Re-Write Drive & I have no Idea how 2 put it in my computer. I hope someone can help me. I don't know what kind it is. It says 10/x4x/32x ATAPI CD=ReWritavle Drive. It also has on it +5V DC 1200mA & +12V DC 800mA. I have a home made computer if you need the name of what parts I have in the inside I can get that for you also. There is also no wires or straps or what ever you call it with it all I have is the Drive and a warranty. (I bought it at a sale thing.) So, if anybody knows of a web site that I can go to, or anything that can give me directions to puting it in my computer (specifically). Thank you very much.

Answer:Re-Write Drive

i think you need bryan or rollin on this one to help you

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Every time I try to copy files over 50 megabites to my hp pavilion computer it says, "unable to write to drive c, data or files may be lost.

I just installed a cd burner and had some trouble getting it in so I had to bend the piece of metal that the cpu is on to get screws out. I don't know why hp makes it so tight in there but it may have messed up something. Everything else seems to work fine.

Do you think I might have messed it up or is there some other possobility? It only seems to be if it comes from the cd drive.

Answer:Cannot write to drive C

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I tried to burn some 2000 and odd photos into a dvd with my SONY DVD RW DW D22A firmware version BYS2. But the process failed in many of the softwares i use like nero, sonic recordnow dx, Record now and even windows xp sp2. I get the error message that the burning process failed. Please help me because i tried updating the firmware but sony is not providing any updates to this version i believe.


click heresome things to try...Did this start after the firmware up date, it could be relevant,some firmware updates can actually render your Optical devices useless (don't see the need for them meself)..

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Issues listed below all pertain new Memorex internal 52x32x52 drive which was installed in my Compaq 5BW250 (yes it still runs) which has ME as an operating system. OK OK yes I run an ancient computer with an ancient operating system but to be honest this computer works very well. (for its age)

This issue began about a week ago when I was trying to burn files and could not. Through some research I found out that the writing/burning capablity is the first to go on a CD-RW Drive. I was trying to make an audio cd if that matters. Since I could put a cd in and run it (software cd that is) and could not write/burn in nero I thought it was the burner. So I went and purchased a new CD-RW (memorex listed above)

It came in the mail with no software at all and honestly I knew right then it was a wing and a pray. First I put it in with the wrong switch (master/slave) with some help from where I got it I got that fixed. So I was good to go.....or so I thought. When I went to use nero (5.5) it prompted me to download updates in order to use the new drive and so I did. But when I went to use it Nero told me that since my software was a bundle package I could only use it with the drive it came with orginally. (I thought that was ridiculous) So I was back to square one as I refuse to go out and buy software on top of a driver when all I am doing is making a few cd's and then will be done with both. I then tried a trial version of another burning software and it could not find my cd-r... Read more

Answer:Can not write using my NEW CD-RW Drive

Adaptec and Nero don't get along. I'd uninstall both, run roxizap to be sure that Adaptec is really gone, and use a good, old reliable burner like the free .


If you don't lke that, there are plenty of very good, free burning apps. I don't know how many of these are still around, but:

Free burning software:

DeepBurner and DeepBurner Portable for removable drives
SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner (standalone-no installation necessary)
Small CD-Writer (standalone)
Dirk Paehl's EasyBurning
CDBurnerXP Pro
Terabyte ISO Burner (standalone)
ISO Recorder for XP
Burrrn audio CD creator
MP3 CD Doctor Lite audio CD burner
BurnOn CD/DVD (no spyware but free version is adware supported)
Burn4Free CD/DVD Copy
Turtle MP3 Burner
MS-DOS Burning Tools (direct download)
Zilla CD/DVD Rip N' Burn

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I haven't used them to write for a while but both my Sony CRx140E CD drive and my LG DVD/Cd drive will not write Cd's.I seemingly have to keep enabling both drives manually to enable CD recording (they seem to reset to disable at random) IMAPI CD Burning is started and I am just copying and pasting in My Computer on XP.Whenever I start to write to the Cds I just get a message saying Cannot Complete the Cd writing wizard. Have tried 3 different types of CDR & CDRW on both drives. Any ideas anyone ????It may be a coincidence but I installed SP2 about a week ago.

Answer:CD & DVD drive will not write CDs

Have you any other CD writing software installed I.E. NERO?Windows XP and Nero conflict there is a patch on the nero site for this

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Have replaced my CD RW drive in my PC XP with a pioneer DVR-111 writer but when I have placed a DVD+RW disc in and try saving nothing happens (I can write to a CD RW disk OK).What do I need to do?

Answer:DVD drive in place of CD write drive

I think you need to format the disk first.

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hi,please help, very frustrated,i have a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4243N [CD-ROM drive] according to my system info.  am using windows XP.  however on the front of the disc tray DVD ROM is indicated.  so this has me complitly confused.  i have searched for manufacturer info to determine features but i had no luck. i can definately write to cd-r's and watch dvds.  but what i really want to do right now is write a data disc to a DVD-R, as i have a couple of really large projects to backup.whoaps... have done a bit more searching since i started writing... i think i found the answer on cnet.dvd-rom drives cannot burn dvd's! is that correct? am very disapointed. i only bought this computer 6months ago! grrrrgdsAtilla the Hun

Answer:can my d drive write to dvd disc's

That is correct. You would need a DVD RW drive to record. DVD ROM drives can only view... Sorry!  [glb]Flame[/glb]

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Samsung Writemaster SH-222 (Seven months old). Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
The tray opens and closes, but that's all. If I put any kind of disc in it nothing happens. I go to Computer and open the drive, and I get a message saying, "Insert disc/Insert a disc/Please insert a disc into drive D", as the disc ejects. Device Properties reports the it as working properly, but it seems to be dead. It first did this a couple of days ago while it was on burning some files to a blank DVD-R, and hasn't worked since.
I've tried uninstalling the driver forit, rebooting, then reinstalling. No go.
I've tried various fixes that have come up on Google, but no go.
I've tried restore points. No good.
No loose connections. No sign of physical damage.
Can I safely assume that the writer is kaput, and I need a new one?
The DVD ROM drive was the only component to fail in my previous PC,, but tit lasted for five years before failing. I've also had a standalone DVD player conk out before, and that hadn't seen much use.

Answer:DVD drive will neither read nor write

Which fixes have you tried? Resetting upper and lower filters perhaps?
Whilst this is under warranty I would suggest that you consider returning it under that.

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mine is an 1 gb pd.. pls help me. some solutions didn't wprk for me.. suggest me some

Answer:pen drive is write protected

pen drive is write protected

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my problem is kinda strange and very annoying
this problem started a month ago
when i try to access , copy or read data from my HDD there is no problem at all
but when i try to copy or move new data to my External hard drive copying speed drops from 30-60 Mb/s to few KBs for about a minute then spikes up few times then i get error message saying the location is not available
on task manager the External HDD usage is 100% but 0 read speed and 0 write speed
i tried checking for errors multiple times all tests were negative
today windows asked me to check for errors
i did it but this happened

i headed to events viewer to see the report it was full of

File record segment 126976 is unreadable

full report is attached
could you help please
thanks in advance

Answer:cannot write on USB hard drive

There could be many possibilities with the drive, with the USB port/s, with the USB controller on the motherboard, with the USB cable, etc. Could also be an issue using a USB 3.0 device on USB 2.0 port, a problem using a USB 2.0 cable when a USB 3.0 cable would be called for. I'd try the drive on a different computer to verify some of these points. Could also be the drive is going bad.

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Running an XP2800 with combo (sony) drive. CD RW + DVD. Get "write protect when trying to copy files to it. HW devices show 2 x drives with similar properties both shown as "working". MY COMPUTER showa drives "D" and "E". when I try to access "E" it says load disk o drive "E" but won't accept a disk when its loaded. It must be a simple problem but I havn't much hair left!!.Drive "D" reads CD and DVD OK.Thicko.

Answer:combo drive under XP, can't write to it.

What you are copying? You may see this problem when trying to backup copy a Copy Protected Game CD.

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I've been using SSD Life to track read and written data to my C drive, (90GB Corsair Force). Apparently it only reads in 64gb blocks, so I got a big shock when the data written jumped from 64gb to 128gb. I suspect it's partly because a game I've been playing (DoW2, Chaos Rising) required at least 1.5gb system paging file on the C drive (won't recognise D drive page file). I've now uninstalled the game despite not completing the campaign because it's the equivalent of smoking for my SSD drive, it's going to kill it.

Some actions I've taken today are: Set paging file to D drive and not C drive, disabled thumbnail cache. The Firefox cache location was changed when OS was installed.

Anyway, what else can I possibly do to minimise writes to the C Drive?

(PS, I want to start by changing where games are saved. It by defaults saves in C:\UserXX\My Documents\My Games DESPITE the actual games being installed on the D drive)(Changing where temp files are saved would also be a bonus)(change appdata folder?)(change user profile location?)

Answer:How to minimize write to C Drive?

can someone answer this please?

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Hello everyone! I'm new here, so have patience with me.

PC info: Gateway IBM Compatible, Windows Me, 30 GB HD, 800 M Hz, 386 MB RAM

Until recently we were able to write files to CD-R's and play music CD's in the CD-RW drive. Here's what's happening now. The drive appears to work under certain conditions, but not all the time.

1) Using the Quicken HB 2004 software, we can backup our Quicken files on a CD-RW disc.

2) We insert a music CD, and Windows Media Player shows the list of tracks on the CD, and "appears" to be playing the CD, but we can't "hear" the music. We've checked the speakers and we have sound in all the other applications software on our PC (i.e, we can play music from a Internet radio station).

3) If we use Roxio CD Creator or any other multimedia software to create picture and/or data CD-R's, we get a message that says "switch CD-RW drive properties to analog." When we go into Device Manager, click on the CD-RW drive, and then click on properties, the dialog box that comes up has the section where you can switch the drive from digital to analog "greyed out," which mean the option is no longer active.

Using Device Manager, we deleted the CD-RW device and rebooted the PC so the operating system would recognize new hardware and reinstall the drivers, however, there was a list of 3 CD-RW drives to choose from in the "Install New Hardware" wizard (the manuals we got from... Read more

Answer:CD-RW Drive Won't Write Files to CD-R

go into the bios and enable pnp(plug and play) and windows should select the correct one to install.
when you delete from the device manager,click on the monitor icon at the top and scan for h/ware changes for windows to reinstall.
it sounds like you need to reinstall the drivers for your s/card

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When making copies of CDs, my new Acer Aspire notebook will get part way through a second copy, and then fail to finish writing. I've tried using different software, but have the same problem with both. Anyone have any suggestions? I've had a similar problem before on another Acer laptop in the past.Thanks

Answer:CD Drive refuses to write more than 1 CD at once

"When making copies of CDs" Bold statement on a Pc forum!!We would need to know exactly what you are copying as any advice we give up until then could be an aid to piracy, which of course you know is illegal..

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I have an HP pavilion zx5000 with a HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GCA-4040n driver. It will read and write cd's and read DVD's but will not write to DVD. It does not recognize a Blank DVD I have spent 3hours online with HP and got no advise but to replace the drive. Has anyone had this problen that can offer any advise

Answer:dvd drive wont write

not reading DVD's

a client of mine recently had a similar problem, unfortunately he had to replace the drive but after he sent back the drive to HP and they found that is was a manufacturing fault with that one and credited him after he threatened court action.

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Hi folks,first time poster,I have a maxtor 250gb usb drive that shows all data on the drive,can play mp3s and videos from it but when I try to transfer anything to or from my c drive the lights dim on the front of the usb drive and the data does not transfer. It has also caused some freezing when running programs from the c drive,when I turn the usb drive off the program loads right away. I also formatted recently and windows loading stuck at the windows setup screen until I unplugged the usb drive,then windows loading proceeded normally.Thanks,great forum!

Answer:Can't write to or from removable drive

Where are you plugging in the drive? If the lights are dimming it sounds like the drive isn't getting enough power. Is it a USB or self powered drive?

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Hi friends

Im using compaq presario laptop with windows 7 home premium. Last 2 days im encountering these problems. I tried to write video files into dvd using nero.The first dvd is proper and burned in 20 to mins approx. Then i tried second one and it takes nearly one and half hour to finish and it says dvd burned. When i checked up its an empty dvd like a fresh one.

help will be appreciated.

Answer:CD/DVD Drive can read but not write

Hi, Welcome to forums.

Check out for any available updates for DVD drivers. Install them. If that resolves the issue, fine. Else, you can get a new drive. It might be corrupted.

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I have been having a problem writing data to my CD-RW drive the error message I get is that the disk is full.
I have a Gateway computer with a Lite-on LTR 1610-2B CD-RW Drive.

Answer:Cannot write data to CD-RW Drive

What software are you using to write to the CD-RW? Have you formated the disk?
Did it use to work and now stopped working?

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My Transcend 8GB usb pan drive is not format. Its showing error is "THE DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED"PLS GIVE ANY SOLUTION......


Some of their Models have a micro switch to write protect the drive.

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Was wondering if anybody knew any good USB Write protection programs that you are able to put on a USB drive to prevent unwanted write access. Basically it needs to be totally portable (used on a flash drive), and deny write access but still allow read access.

Tried searching up google a bit at work, and all that I could find was shareware stuff, nothing that was really good freeware that I saw. Am planning on using this on a flash drive at work, so when I work on infected machines, I won't compromise the flash drive when I have to get AV programs off of it to install on the infected machine.

Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

Answer:USB Drive write protection?


I was interested in looking to see if I could find anything, because I never thought much about a USB write-protection program. I would have, the first time that I needed one... Seemed like a good idea to research on so I did some searching and found this link:

Thumbscrew: Software USB Write Blocker

The author of the program doesn not guarantee 100% results, but it appears to be a free program. No mention of cost anyway. Good luck in your search, Carnage.

After some more searching, (and re-reading your dilemma), I realized that:

1) You are looking for a PORTABLE program - sorry, I missed that before.

2) Most stuff I found mentioned USB drives with an actual switch on the drive. Maybe that is an option for you ?

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I just bought a WD 360gb external hard drive, I have vista home pre on my pc, every time i try to open or move a file to my external drive i get drive is wrie protected. as far as i know i did not do any thing to cause this can anyone help me remove thisconfused:confused

Answer:drive is write protected

One of these two should help you. I hope one of the two helps you out. Post and let us know. Seems that it can be fixed simply by removing your connection and plugging it back in after a few seconds, lets Windows find it again.

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How To Format This Type of Pen Drive

Answer:pen drive write protected

Error in posting... see next post

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The DVD ROM Drive on my daughters computer windows xp is not recognised in my computer window and also will not read. Before she spends any money unnecessary is there any way to determine if the drive is serviceable or unserviceable. If the drive turns out to be serviceable is there any proceedures she can follow/apply to re-instate it so it shows in my computer window and reads. Your help gratefully apreciated.

Answer:DVD ROM Drive not recognised and will not write

DVD ROM = Read Only (you can only read CD/DVDs)
DVD RW = ReWritable (you can burn CD/DVDs as well as read them)
Has the drive worked okay before and only just started to be not recognised?

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I can not write to my new Pioneer DVD external drive. I can read CDs and DVDs, but can not write to it. It says it is using the new USB 2.0 and I'm not sure if my Dell has the new USB ports.

QUESTION: How can I check to see if my Dell has the new USB 2.0 ports?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Answer:Cannot write to new Pioneer DVD drive (ttt)

Have you checked your user manual?.

if not why not try the and see if you can track down a pdf version of the user manual for your motherboard you should be able to find out all you need from that.

if you let me know what motherboard you have i can easily find out for you

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I have a new computer Emachine T3092, Windows XP Home
The drive reads manufacturers disks but when I put a blank or a disk that I backed up info on.I get unable to write to drive D,disk is blank and I know there is data on it.I want to backup my quicken files and I am unable to backup or copy anything

I already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and that did not help.Does anyone know what else I can do.I tried the support with emachines and they are terrible

Answer:Unable to write to Drive D

check that the disk is clean of finger marks ect.
in the device manager uninstall the drive and reboot and let windows reinstall

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Hello sir/maam,my USB pendrive drive is v229g 16gb pendrive and it is write protected. I want to resolve my USB problem and want to format.

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XP, 1.3Mh, 60Gb,Toshiba Laptop, internal CD RW/DVD Read, all working OK. External DVD (CompUSA) reads previously-recorded data DVD's OK--from a Sony and a Memorex external DVD (both got stolen). So far so good.

But the new DVD drive only shows in MyComputer as "DVD-RW drive (E: )" UNTIL I insert a blank DVD (I've tried 10 new discs from different manufacturers). When I put the blank disc in, that alone causes MyComputer to display the drive as "CD drive (E: )." Even though it's a DVD drive and a DVD disc.

All attempts to write to the DVD in that drive fail--'Windows has a problem' or "Incorrect Function."

The Question: what can I learn from the fact that XP decides it's a CD drive not a DVD drive once you put the disc in? If YOU have a functional add-on DVD burner, when you put a blank DVD into the drive does it show in MyComputer as a CD or as a DVD? In other words, is the "CD" readout diagnostic in and of itself?

(There are several other threads on this site on this sort of problem, most of them must have resulted in scrapping the drive because they taper off into obscurity without resolution. But the CD-DVD question has not been addressed by somebody who has a WORKING USB DVD to tell us whether the fundamental error is that XP decides it's a CD not a DVD . . .)

Answer:DVD external drive won't write to DVD's

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I have a Compaq PC with Windows XP Pro. Most of the time I use CD-R disks when I use the CD drive.

A few days ago I thought I'd try CD-RW disks. When I try to save anything to a CD-RW disk, the CD Writing Wizard brings up a box that states, "Cannot complete the CD writing wizard. There was an error in the writing process. The disc you have attempted to write may no longer be usable."

Another time a message said there was no disk in the drive and told me to put in a cd. There was a brand new, never used CD-RW disk in there.

I tried 3 different CD-RW disks and the same thing happens. When I first insert a CD-RW disk, it doesn't spin. When I insert a CD-R disk, it spins for a few seconds.

Are the CD-RW disks defective? They are Memorex High Speed/Ultra disks.
12X|700MB/Mo|80 min. Does "High Speed" mean anything that would keep them from working in my PC? Is any special set-up needed to use CD-RW disks?

The CD-R disks are also Memorex, but are 52X|700MB/MO|80min disks. They work fine.

I have no problem using only CD-R disks, but I'm curious why CD-RW disks don't work.

Answer:CD drive won't write to CD-RW disks

Defective pile? Unlikely. 1 disc, sure. Stupid question? Old XP so is CD-RW supported by the operating system and the drive? Re-writeable CD's were introduced in 1997 and XP in 2001 so there's a chance it's not supported.

Also, sounds like you are using XP built in cd writing and well, like most Microsoft stuff, it's pretty bad.

Try this:

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Laptop Lenovo 4151Windows 8 pro The C-drive has become write protected.When I looked on the internet it seems that W8 has a problem when a laptop shuts down during use. W8 seems to lock the HD, ore thinks when starting up again that W8 is already running.. I've tried to unlock the HD with diskpart, but diskpart failed to clear disk attributes. What now? 

Answer:C drive write protected ?

Had a look here?

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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We recently had our old computer upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 Pro. We then had trouble saving to drive "A" from a DOS program. (Disk is write protected - even though the tab was in the unlock position). We got a new "A" drive. Same Problem. We got a new computer, complete with a new "A" drive and motherboard. Same problem. We had our computer guy here to test ANOTHER floppy drive. Same Problem. We've used 5 or 6 brands of disks, new and used, 1.44 mb and 2.0 mb, and have fully reformatted all disks on the computer we're trying to use. No luck. We've switched cables between computers and the cables are working fine (on the other computers). We've checked the BIOS and the CMOS settings. They are all correct. THEN we found out that the only other computer in the company that has been switched from Win 98 to 2000 so far is having all of the same problems. Our software vendor swears it's not a software issue. The only time we CAN get the computer to write to the "A" drive (on either problem computer) is when we flip the switch on the disks to the locked position, then back to the unlocked position, and retry. Are we missing something? Can anyone help?

Answer:Can't write to floppy drive

There is one weird *** problem if you've swapped computers, drives, disks, cables & still can't write to floppy.

If you are sure the bios settings are ok, then I can only imagine it may be some sort of issue with either the user permissions or the way the system sees the floppy drive.

Can you tell me the following :

Have you tried writing to floppy while logged on as administrator?

Are the machines networked?

Have you loaded any service packs? (if not, you could try doing so & see if that makes any difference)

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I have a Sony VGN-FW351J laptop (64 bit with Vista Premium) with a Blu Ray Read Only drive. I want to install a read/write Blu Ray Drive. Anybody have any suggestions on what to buy? Where to buy? Thank you.

Answer:Blu Ray Read/Write Drive

Search the net. see what looks goodFor Reviews:

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Dear Friends...
I have found that a lot of my friends have the problem with USB. Write protection.. If they are using Win XP SP2. pls follow the link.
download and execute the file...
Ur problem is solved.

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Relevance 42.23%

I noticed that I don't have premission to save files to my C drive.
Why is that?
Thank you,

Answer:permission to write to my C drive

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registry edit (Change the "Value data" entry to .0) but not resolve..
using diskpart method but not resolve... please help me..

Answer:usb pen drive is write protected

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hi........... friend suggest some ans how can i operate my usb its write protected not giveing to format or install any thing or copy paste the data in that is their any rgistry or hardware issue

Answer:write protected usb drive

Is this a U3 drive? Can you access files on the drive already but not format or add to it?

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I have repeatedly tried to write different types of files to my floppy (A drive, but cannot. The message I always get is this:

Error copying file or folder - Cannot copy <filename>: The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

I have used several different disks and verified they are not write-protected. My system is a Dell Dimension 2350 running XP Home Edition.

Any help that can be provided would be appreciated. If you need further information, I'll be happy to provide it so you can help me.

Answer:Can't Write to Floppy (A: Drive)

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How do i figure out the maximum write speed on my current cd/dvd drives?
And is it best to burn at the maximum write speed?

Answer:Write speed on drive?

Something like the Nero Discspeed utility ( would probably serve the purpose.

I personally never burn at the maximum write speed becaue I think its less reliable, especially if I'm loading the outer half of the DVD or CD where the relative rotational speeds and vibration effects are the greatest and subsequently more prone to error, especially in the less than highly precise $26 drives that I use.

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I just got a USB drive, and i forgot to buy one with the manual WRITE PROTECT feature!

My USB has been hit with one too many viruses.. (those that writes to your USB disk, or alters executables as soon as you plug your USB in)..

So is there a way to do this via software?

Answer:How to Write Protect a USB drive

No, that file will destroy the USB drive

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i am not able to read or write cd's in my combo drive sony CRX320EE
i am able to read DVD's
can someone tell what is wrong here?

Answer:i am not able to write cd's in my dvd/cd-rw combo drive!!

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Question: Read/write drive

My Smart and Friendly read/write drive is suddenly acting like a read only drive. The firm ware has been updated and it reads fine but when I write the disk remains blank even though it says it was written.

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When I try to write to a CD-RW using Nero or any other software I've tried, I've been unable to write without getting multiple read errors during the data verification process. Sure enough, the data verification process is accurate and I cannot use the CD-RW.

I have two machines running Windows XP. On each of the two machines I have a drive capable of writing CD-RWs at 24x. I use Nero Burning ROM, a drive manufactured by TDK, and another manufactured by LITE ON. The CD-RWs I use are manufactured by Memorex and are capable of writing at 24x. I've also tried writing at rates as low as 8x. This problem is only with CD-RWs though. I can burn CD-Rs perfectly. And this just baffles me. I've tried using compressed air to clean out the drive of any dust with no luck. And the drivers were provided by Windows so I'm almost certain that there isn't a problem there. I should also mention that these CD-RWs are in just about perfect condition. There was a time that they even worked on my drives. But after maybe one or two burns later, I can't properly burn to them anymore. I'm just..baffled.

Answer:CD-RW Drive Does Not Write Properly

Try another CD-RW brand. Also, update the firmware of the burners just in case.

If you have a dusty environment (your bedroom) then try a cleaning CD to clean the lenses of the burners.

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I can play an audio cd but can not copy files to it, audio or documents!

Below is the screenshot of the error I get.

This computer is a HP w/win98
The CD I'm using is brand new out of the package.
And all other apps are closed that I know of.

What can I do?:cry

Answer:CD Drive will play but i cant write to it


What is the model of HP computer you have and is your CD drive a writable CD drive?

Please also follow the below as written as this will give us the hardware info from your machine to see possibly where the issue is.

To find this info you can use the likes of Everest to find this info, at times a summary log of your PC can help, to do this

Install Everest and run
Click Report (top menu) > Report Wizard > Next
Choose System Summary Only > Next
Choose Plain Text > Finish and wait for report to generate
Click Save to File and leave the File Name as Report, then click the Save as Type dropdown and choose Report files (*txt) and click Save (n.b. Save to desktop is best as easy place to find it, use Browse to locate desktop)

Then attach your log to your next post as per these instructions HOW TO: Attach Items To Your Post Click to expand...


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im trying to do a low level format on my ghetto old maxtor quantium fireball hard drive, and i get this error saying "Drive write-protected. Press any key to continue..."

anyone know how to unwrite protect it?

Answer:drive write protected

Old HDD? Try looking around for a switch on the outside of the drive. Ransack the BIOS. Tell us how it goes.

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i have a 4gb pen drive which is not formatted it shows that "this disk is write protected "
can anyone help me to format this disk.

Answer:write protected pen drive

give this a shot:

1. click Start.

2. type in diskpart

3. wait for the black screen to apear, and type in "list disk"

4. find out which disk is your pen drive then type "select disk (pen drive number)"

5. type format.

try that and post results


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i am not able to find storage device police in My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDeviceP olicies

Answer:Write protected in my pen drive

From here:

In case the key StorageDevicePolicies does not exist, right-click on the Control key and select New/Key. Name it StorageDevicePolicies. Open this key and right-click on an empty spot in the right-hand side of the window. Select New/DWORD Value and name it WriteProtect. Enter 0 to deactivate the write protection.Click to expand...

Mind you, it's not in mine either, and USB are fine
You haven't just flicked the little switch on the pen drive, that write protects it have you? (some don't have this though)

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I've read it all. That being said, which software out there really works in over-writting your hard drive? I have personal information on my hard drive such as taxes. I'd like to over-write my hard drive so no person(not even an expert) can recover my taxes and credit card information.

Please help me. Thanks.

Answer:Over-Write Hard Drive

I would just do a intensive format from bios, if your PC can do that, but im not worried about that too much, i just make sure that people dont nick my PC/laptop!

You can chuck the hard drive into another PC and format it from there, that would also rid every last bit of info, but the format can take a while, (couple hours)

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HI Guys,
have new(ish) Toshiba, prob is it'll burn avi's on dvds ok, but won't play back those avi's. Will play dvd's ok, just not any avi's or data I've saved.

Win 7, using toshiba Disk Creator, other drive details:

*** HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N ATA Device ***
Type: DVD
Firmware Revision: TN08
Device Type: DVD Writer
Media Loaded: No LUN: 0 Target: 0

*** GBQTIH SD2RCXMZ SCSI CdRom Device ***

Model: GBQTIH SD2RCXMZ SCSI CdRom Device Firmware Revision: 3.5Z ... Read more

Answer:Dvd drive will write but not read avi's

[You're burning the avis out as a data disk?
You're reading them in the same laptop?
You can directory the disk?
What happens when you double click on the file on the PC? on the disk?

Check the firmware version via NeroTool and see if there is a newer firmware on Toshiba's site.

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I have the same problem. I am using an 8GB Transcend pen drive which shows as write protected. My OS is Windows XP. Pl help resolve

Answer:my usb pen drive is write protected

Which brand of flash drive do you have? How old is it?

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Dear Sir,                   I h've HP Pendrive 8 GB (HP V -220 W). It has Disk Write Protected problem...i've tried all the possibilities. but, i can read & copy that data 's from that device. i can't  FORMAT my Device. pls send me any solution to resolve this. I'm WAITING..... for your reply. Thanks Regards,     sundar J 

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Answer:My Pen Drive (HP V-220 W 8 GB ) has write protected....

Hi, Please try to disable write access to USB drives: Run Registry Editor (regedit).Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlCreate a New Key named as StorageDevicePolicies.Highlight StorageDevicePolicies, and then create a New DWORD (32-bit) Value named as WriteProtect.Double click on WriteProtect, and set its value data to 1.or return it and get a new one. Regards.

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Hi Everyone,I have a lenovo 3000 N200 0769. The operating system is Windows XP Pro. For some reason the CD/DVD  RW drive can read files from cd and dvd but whenever I am trying to write on either one of these mediums, I always received a message asking to enter a blank writable disk while the drive already has a blank disk. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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I have a Sandisk 16GB flash drive that is write protected, cant find any solution!
After trying to format the drive I tried to remove the write protection with diskpart and now the drive wont appear in my computer but is still detected in disk management. Also it keeps coming up as local disk G for some reason.

All suggestions appreciated

Answer:USB drive Write protected

Is there a partition for it in Disk Management? You need at least 1 partition on the drive.

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Hello all. I need your help. I have a USB drive and it is write protected. I cannot format it with windows advanced boot option, I am not able to change the registry value for storage policies even. I have tried multiple PCs to format it. No luck

Please help is imp.


Answer:USB drive is write protected.


Have you tried to perform a CLEAN or CLEAN ALL command from DISKPART in order to wipe the drive?

Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

Then attempt the format after that.


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Apparently, all signs point to my arranging funeral proceedings for my beloved Cd rom/dvd rom drive.

(I've already kinda posted this problem in another thread...if that annoys anyone, let me know, and I won't do it again)

The darn thing just doesn't read ANYTHING.

I put in a disc (blank cd, dvd movie, whatever, it doesn't matter) and the green light that is supposed to FLASH to indicate the process of reading the disc does not in fact flash--instead the green light goes on and does go off, for a very very very long time. Long enough for me to go outside and smoke a cigarette, at least.

--the device, according to device manager, is "working properly." Hah!
--I have not recently added/removed any new programs/software/hardware/etc.
---I have Sonic burning program stuff, which I have heard on other posts and such could have something to do with the problem.
---I have a Dell Inspiron 5160 notebook with windows xp pro.

Answer:R.I.P. Cd/Dvd read/write drive

CalvinMorall said:

(I've already kinda posted this problem in another thread...if that annoys anyone, let me know, and I won't do it again)
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Yes, double posting makes it confusing for the people trying to help you.

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Hi, I have two separate drives on compaq pc/winxp sp2 i.e., cd and dvd drive.(cd drive is Asus whild dvd drive is Sony) The sony dvd drive has suddenly stopped writing on dvd-r but writes on dvd-rw and erases dvd-rw discs. I am unable to update the firmware because its not available over net . Should i replace my dvd drive with the latest. Please suggest me...


stopped writing on dvd-r but writes on dvd-rw and erases dvd-rw discs.Laser and electronic must be ok.Try uninstalling and reinstalling your DVD writing software.

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I have a friend who has a aquired a 64MB USB Thumbdrive as a corporate gift. For some reason, the USB drive is write-protected. It has a small switch on it showing a closed padlock and an open one, but even when it is switched to the open one, the drive is still write protected.

How can this drive be unlocked for use?

Answer:USB Drive Write-Protected

What brand is it?? Does it prompt for a password in order to access the drive?? Maybe try going to website of the manufacturer...they might have a resolution for the problem posted on their website if it a problem they are aware of!!


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