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PC in re-set loop + CMOS problem

Question: PC in re-set loop + CMOS problem

Hi there,Hope someone can help?.. First problem I had related to the PSU not working properly. The PC kept cutting out on start-up, it was only after pressing the start button/re-set button several times that the PC managed to finally get to the desktop. This problem has got worse and a few days ago during the usual dozen or so attempts at trying to get it started I noticed an error on the first start-up screen (the one where it does the memory check). The error message was:-?CMOS checksum error ? defaults loadedF1 to continue. Del to enter setup/Dual Bios, F9 for xpress recovery08/02/2004 nvidia-nforce-6A61BG0MC-00?I took the F1 option and it got as far as the windows logo appearing with the scrolling progress bar. The pc then did a re-set by itself but this time there was no cmos error message. However it again did the re-set at the windows logo. So it seemed to be caught in some kind of re-set loop. I switched it off at the PSU as this was the only way I could power it down.The next day I couldn?t get it to power-up at all. The PSU had packed in I guess.I replaced the PSU with another and on start-up it went into the re-set loop again.After a bit of research I replaced the cmos battery from my other PC and tried it again. This time the old CMOS error appeared but this time when I took the F1 option it loaded up windows without any problem. However the processor speed is not appearing correct in the device manager, but I think I know how to fix this in the BIOS/mobo. Unfortunately when I now re-start the PC it goes back into the re-set loop. The only way I can get the PC to boot ok is by taking out the CMOS battery and putting it back in. This only works once and after a re-boot I need to do it again.I am actually using the pc now to post this, and it?s been working ok for about an hour, but I know if I re-start I will get the re-set loop problem.Can anyone offer any advice?Thanks in advance.IanSorry for the long post.

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Preferred Solution: PC in re-set loop + CMOS problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: PC in re-set loop + CMOS problem

Get a brand NEW CMOS battery instead of pulling one from another machine...'bout 4 Bucks U.S.Post back and see how it goes.

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Hi there,

Hope someone can help?..

First problem I had related to the PSU not working properly. The PC kept cutting out on start-up, it was only after pressing the start button/re-set button several times that the PC managed to finally get to the desktop. This problem has got worse and a few days ago during the usual dozen or so attempts at trying to get it started I noticed an error on the first start-up screen (the one where it does the memory check). The error message was:-

?CMOS checksum error ? defaults loaded
F1 to continue. Del to enter setup/Dual Bios, F9 for xpress recovery

08/02/2004 nvidia-nforce-6A61BG0MC-00?

I took the F1 option and it got as far as the windows logo appearing with the scrolling progress bar. The pc then did a re-set by itself but this time there was no cmos error message. However it again did the re-set at the windows logo. So it seemed to be caught in some kind of re-set loop. I switched it off at the PSU as this was the only way I could power it down.

The next day I couldn?t get it to power-up at all. The PSU had packed in I guess.

I replaced the PSU with another and on start-up it went into the re-set loop again.

After a bit of research I replaced the cmos battery from my other PC and tried it again. This time the old CMOS error appeared but this time when I took the F1 option it loaded up windows without any problem. However the processor speed is not appearing correct in the device manager, but I think I ... Read more

Answer:PC in re-set loop + CMOS problem

what are the specs of the machine? the psu?

try updating your bios and all device drivers you are using, particularly those of the chipset and video card. a PSU that failed as such could have caused data corruption in the ram, which could have corrupted files on your hard drive. also, there is a possibility that the hard disk is going bad.

whenever i get a machine that behaves this way, i boot to my copy of knoppix (on CD-ROM) and run memtest. if that passes, i boot knoppix. if everything runs fine, you should suspect the hard disk. knoppix is available at but before going through all that i would use memtest. (

is the hardware being properly detected in the bios? everything come up, as it should?

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I have a failed upgrade to Win 10 and then downgrade to 8.1 which is giving me problems. Currently the laptop is stuck in a boot loop where the BIOS starts and looks for something to boot to, gives a "please wait" message then shuts down and starts over again.  Hitting any keys (F2, F12, F8, F11, etc.) does not do any good.  Not sure if an external KB would even help.  I have tried creating a bootable rescue DVD (from another computer) with no joy.  Tried a couple of of bootable USB keys, also with no luck. Have tried removing, reducing memory to force a rejog, switched drives (I was using the old OEM drive and not the bigger one that I normally use).  Tried removing the CMOS battery for over an hour, also with no luck.   Took it out and am waiting to see if it erases.   I have also tried holding down the power button with AC and battery out. ANy other suggestions? This must be a special "temporary" set up for installations but now the machine is stuck!

Answer:how to reset cmos on 5560 (trapped in boot loop)

I tried various Win8/8.1 install DVDs ut to no avail.  It'd read the disc for a while but then restart and go into the boot loop.  Eventually bought a new MB. FWIW, the 5560 does not have UEFI so I doubt that was the case.

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Every time I turn my desktop computer on, the fan immediately starts running at 100% and won't stop. And, for example, I shut down the computer and went on a three day vacation and when I turned it back on it was immediately like this, so no, this is not a case of overheating.
I have to sit there a play with the computer - usually do several hard shutdowns (which is bad, I know) before I can restart it normally and have it not do that. When it starts up normally, it shuts down normally. When it starts up with the fan at 100%, even when I "shut down" the computer and all the lights go off, the fan still runs!I tried following the instructions on the last post of this page: but I can't even complete them because the back of my computer does not look like that diagram (do I have to remove the metal frame or something?).This is a work computer, we have no IT department, and I don't have all day to work out the problem since I have to, you know, work. I am decent enough around a computer and a diagram, but again, mine doesn't look like that, and I don't even know all the computer jargon in the step-by-step description (which is why I was relying on the non-helpful diagram and did not succeed).
I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre and I've been able to find out it's a 7373bwu. I have no idea if that means it's an M58 or not. Again, not helpless around a computer bu... Read more

Answer:M57 M58: Fan runs on high, at 100% ; how to do full CMOS reset (CMOS battery, jumper, power drain)

Solutions described should also worked for M58, not only M58p. Anyhow here are suggestions: - open PC and clean it with compressed air if you can as M58 is already old and a lot of dust is accumulated probably- check thermal sensor cable- check CPU heatsink- use procedures described in your link (diagram is motherboard IN computer, not "the back of computer" so yes you have to remove the side panel - unscrew 2 screws at back. Looking at "HMM" manual for your computer would be helpful as everything is explained there: link)- if nothing helps, only motherboard replacement will; however since PC is already old, it may not be worth it

***Disclaimer: I am not Lenovo employee. While I do work for Lenovo Partner, all my contributions are my personal, non-official and not that of Lenovo or my employer.

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This is only happening about every 10 tenth time I start the computer. When the computer is turned on, a message is displayed (white text and black background) that the "CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad, CMOS Date/Time Note Set, Press <F4> to Run SETUP".
Windows XP is started and the time for the computer is set to January 1, 2002 01:00AM. I can manually change the date/time in Windows to the correct time. However, this is happening only occasionally. How can I prevent this from happening?
I have ran anti-virus scan and no viruses were found. Also, downloaded the latest version of Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy and scanned the computer, nothing was found. Ran Disk Defragmenter and ScanDisk and no errors were found.

Answer:Solved: CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad, CMOS Date/Time Not Set - Only happens sometimes

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My pc is custom built. OS is windows 7 ultimate.Asrock mother board A770DE+. Chipset-AMD rd770.Processor-Amd sempron [email protected] is 2048 mb.Bios-american megatrends inc. Version P1.70  I recently added 1 more stick of ram.My problem is-The computer will only boot up if the dip switch is set at position 2-3 (clear cmos). I tried to clear the settings by removing the battery,repositioning the dip switch to NormalPosition (1-2). When I do this the system will not boot. I have read all of the Info. that I can find on this site but haven't seen my problem. The PC seems to run fine, even though I believe the dip switch setting is incorrect. Can someone help me out? Thank You PS. The bios screen seems to be set OK. Loaded defaults

Answer:Pc will only boot with cmos dip switch setting on clear cmos

Wrong RAM...or mis-matched...Check the online scanner at

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Hi This machine is less than a year old, and has started generating problems on booting.   At first, the problem related to the CMOS (Error 0192 on bootup I think - I don't have the error message to hand) - so I replaced the battery. This worked for a day or so, and now I get 0232: Extended RAM failed at location 1F  I can save my setup to the Flash BIOS so it boots past the message, but now it runs so slowly that it will not actually boot up Windows in a finite amount of time. Any suggestions on what to try next? many thanks anthony     

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I had to take out my battery then went into the CMOS setup utility then I loaded the optimized defaults, now I need to know Do I save the CMOS to the BIOS or it asks me if I want to Load the CMOS from the BIOS?? What's a girl to do? (smile)

Answer:should I save CMOS to BIOS or Load CMOS from

Defaults are just a starting point (or fall back point if you screw up) & are generally not the best performance settings, even though there is an option to load "optimized defaults". It would be nice to know your system specs (motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc). If you don't wanna get into customized BIOS settings, simply click "load optimized defaults", then save & exit.

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Dear experts, I run  a small business from home, today my main computer wouldn't boot up, I checked the error messages and it tells me that the CMOS settings are wrong and also that the CMOS memory size is wrong, I am not that computer literate and every time something like this goes wrong it costs me money that right now I cant afford, the operating system is XP, please could one of you wise people tell me what I need to do to put the problem right ?, a mugs guide would be appreciated step by step preferably, failing that do I need to get the computer seen by an engineer ?, I do hope note as I am officially signed of work with anxiety and depression and don't need too much extra stress or hasle at the moment.

Answer:CMOS Settings & CMOS memory size on XP please help.

Post the exact wording of the on-screen messages, please.  And tell us exactly when they appear onscreen.
Thanks .

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How do I unhook this cable ? It's the cmos cable, tried everything and it won't budge . 

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Question: cmos problem

hi, I'm trying to install xp home, I am replacing pro and I can't get the computer to boot off the CD. Is there something that I'm missing? I set cmos to boot from the CD-Rom and the CD starts when it should but it goes right to the regular boot-up and xp pro starts up. I tried a pro and home CD and neither one will boot at start up. Any ideas? Thanks Rick

Answer:cmos problem


Did you remember to save before you exited the BIOS setup menu? Have you considered doing a Format of the drive and then doing the new install or is there data that you are trying to preserve?

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i want your experince men, Sorry I'm Not Very Good at English, But I Like It.

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I Want to Know a good answer to my problem, I have a PC Personal Computer That have me problem. I Want To Resolve My Problem, And This Is it:

I Have "Award Bios Motherboard" And A DeepFreeze Program, When I Lock My DeepFreeze... Any One Can Change The Clock At The Bios Setup And I Lose The Security Or The Deepfreeze Program and i want your experince men, Sorry I'm Not Vaery Good at English, But I Like It.

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I Have Award Bios And A DeepFreeze Program, When I Lock My DeepFreeze Any One Can Change The Clock At The Bios Setup And I Lose The Security Or The Deepfreeze Program and Will be my pc not protected, Coz The DeepFreeze Will Be Disabled.

And When I Put A Password At My Bios Setup, Any One Could Put "AWARD_SW" Password, It's A Master Password For The Award Bios, So That Happenes Alot With Me....

Plzzz, Tell Me The will not be protected, Coz The DeepFreeze Will Be Disabled.

And When I Put A Password At My Bios Setup, Any One Could Put "AWARD_SW" Password, It's A Master Password For The Award Bios, So That Happenes Alot With Me....

Plzzz, Tell Me What To Do?!!!

Answer:Problem At CMOS !!!

I'm sorry, I am not familiar with "Deep Freeze". Never heard of it. You may want to post your country in your profile. Perhaps another member who speaks your native language can help you.

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Question: CMOS problem?

Hi All,

My folks computer began forgetting the time and BIOS settings so I just assumed it was the CMOS battery (it is 6 yrs old) and replaced it for a new Energizer CR2032.

It seemed to work except for when the system was put into S3/STR and later brought out of standby the there would be no picture on the monitor and it would not shut down. So since then we have avoided standby and just shut it down.

However this evening it has begun forgetting the time again and the new CMOS battery is only 2-3 weeks old so I was wondering whether the CMOS has had it on the motherboard.

Could anyone shed any light on this?

The system in question is a MSI 648-Max Mobo, 2.4GHz P4 Northwood, 1GB DDR400


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Question: CMOS problem?

Trying to upgrade a P3. Took apart and cleaned (filthy). Put together again and booted up to check drives configured OK. Only got initial screen identifying processor and memory – no drives. LED lights were coming on and getting POST normal beep suggesting all OK. Pruned it down to main drive only (excluding FDD & CD). Nothing further, just hangs there. Checked all cables and memory seated correctly, memory displayed accurately, checked by adding a further RAM module, and display showed additional memory (but not as “new” memory). Also showing incorrect date. Suspected problem with CMOS. Checked battery correctly seated and took out to turn around. Now not even getting POST beep, and black screen, nothing else. Replaced battery with known good one, and checked correct way round, terminals touching, etc., but nothing. Also tried moving the only jumper I can find which seems to be labelled JP4 Help, please, daughter desperate to recharge her IPOD!

Answer:CMOS problem?

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Question: Cmos problem

I have a Gigabyte GA-8simlnf board with p4 2.7 GHz chip on it.
Every time i started the PC, it would switch on, but no VGA signal came on screen. I would have to hold power button in for 10 secs to turn off and then the next time i turn it on it works. I firstly thought it was the ATI AGP Card, so i replaced it with a different card but no difference. Tried a PCI grapics card and it did not get any signal at all. SO then i thought, maybe if i remove the CMOS battery for 30 secs it may clear the bios as maybe there was problem there. I had the power plug in during all this. Now i get "CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad" message on bios screen when pc starts up, it says i can press F1 load defaults & Continue to change values and F2 to Setup. f2 does not take me to Bios and when i press F1 all that changes is were the message above also savys F2 : Setup F8: Boot Menu, it changes to F8: Boot>Network.
This is very frustrating, i would appreciate all the help i can get. thanks

Answer:Cmos problem

Read this link and follow the guidance therein - and for heaven's sake, when tinkering inside your comp, pull the power plug and make sure you are electrostatically discharged first.

It is also recommended that you hold the power-on button in for a few seconds after pulling the power plug (so I have read and do).


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Question: cmos problem

Hi guys
well I bought a dell latitude D610, at a garage sale the guy said he couldn't get it to get past the load screen so i said i would take it, figured what the hell cause it was only 20.00$...
here's the problem:
when you turn on there is a cmos password and won't load without it, is there a way to hack the password or clear it, I went to dell but they want 50.00$ for the password from the service tag #...
can someone help with this and here is the service tag number if needed FKPFZB1 express service code is 33903794557

thanks for any help you can give


Answer:cmos problem

That Dell would even give you the $50 password recovery without a proof of purchase is remarkable.

If this is legit, I would take that deal. $70 total for that machine isn't too shabby.

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I have a pentuim3 with a gigabyte m/board.
Everything works fine without any problems.
When I want to change my boot order under the advanced tab in the cmos it only says:"View DMI event log"
Then it just goes back to the main menu.
Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem.


Answer:Problem with the Cmos

Several thoughts...

(1) The setup screen (and the CMOS) is a function of the BIOS - not the processor or the mobo. Different BIOS chips have the boot-device pick-list in different areas - you might find it someplace else. Otherwise, you will have to find and relate to us the exact maker and level of your BIOS (it should flash on the screen when you first power on).

(2) The boot-device pick list can only be populated with devices that are "eligible" for booting. Some devices which the BIOS recognizes and can deal with are simply not eligible to be boot devices. Sometimes, devices need to be set (marked) if they are going to be allowed to be boot devices. And, finally, some BIOS versions simply will not support booting from every device in the system (usually the more exotic devices like Zip drives and even some CDR's or CDRW's).

** I have seen cases where computers that are "inherited" from a corporate environment will act like yours. This is usually because the corporate Tech-Support folks have gone into the BIOS and disabled CDR's and Floppy drives so the employees will not be able to boot strange things and corrupt the machine or import a virus.

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Question: CMOS Problem

I can't get into CMOS because I don't know the password. I heard that you can correct the problem by a temp. removal of the battery and clearing the CMOS. When you remove the battery from CMOS/motherboard and it "clears it." What does that mean? Does that mean all the settings are gone? Are there default settings? Will the PC still boot up? Or is the password restriction removed?

On the same PC, it has been booting up to CMOS. It has stopped doing that and now it is not shutting down completely. What does that indicate? Motherboard going out? CMOS trouble? What can I do? Please help.


Answer:CMOS Problem

Ok, calm down, that's a lot of questions.

Let's try to address getting the CMOS cleared first. By taking the battery out, it's going to clear what the computer remembers about the password, time and date, and the hard drives. (P.S. unplug the computer when you take the battery out, and ground yourself by touching something metal as not to short anything out).

The good news is that there are default settings, but what you'll be doing is going back into the CMOS after you've put the batter back in, and allowing it to refind the drives, and set the date and time, etc.

That's all my brain can handle right now.

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I've been working on making a new machine for a friend off and on for a month now and it's driving me nuts. I've made several before, I don't know what's going on this time but I can't even get so much as a beep out of the motherboard.Right now I have:Soyo SY-K8USA DRAGON Ultra boardAthlon 64 2800+ (also have a AMD Sempron 3400+ that acts the same)Right now if I power it up, it does nothing. The LED on the MB comes on, that's it. If I take the battery out the fan spins, no beep or anything, the case speaker is plugged in correctly.. If I power it up with just the processor, shouldn't I at least hear a beep? If i reset the cmos jumper, the fan turns, put it back in place when the battery is in and it stops again. I've tried a fresh battery and it does the same thing.  Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:cmos problem? Or something else?

Sounds like a MBoard short to me...pull that board and set it on a rubber mat on your desktop...hook up only RAM, CPU and the vid card and power up...if you get no beeps either the MBoard or the CPU has gone south.If you do get beeps congratulations the above doesn't apply.Introduce 1 component at atime until you find the culprit.

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Question: CMOS Problem

Sorry no mobo info available as it is a PC of a work associate.The problem is as follows:CMOS Battery failed and was replaced.On resetting BIOS changing settings resetting clock etc selecting exit and save yes / no and selecting yes, PC boots fine and works ok.After being powered down when booted next time get the error message CMOS battery low and all settings are lost.Tried another new battery but no success.Any suggestions appreciated.I will try to get Mobo info and post it as soon as I can.TIA

Answer:CMOS Problem

try setting the time etc again,save and exit then switch off for a five mins but remove the power cord from the back then turn on again.

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Question: cmos problem

cmos not remembering cpu speed or date and time of day

Answer:cmos problem

Why dont u re-set cpu speed by setting the right multiplier and fsb. then set date / time in windows unless of cource u arn't saving ur bios before u exit it?

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Question: BIOS/CMOS problem

Ok I'm running a gigabyte mobo (model 7nf rf or some such i believe) 512mb ddr400 ram128mb nvidea mx4000twin 80gb HDswin98seAMD sempron2400(1.67ghz)i was playing with the bios(/cmos?) overclocking i changed the proccesor from 166mhz to 200mhz and the memory to %120 hti save and exit. computer will not reboot gives me a blank screen and gives one 1.5 or so second beep about every 3 seconds. i have tried putting the jumper on the CMOS_CLR (with power cord unplugged). i've also tried leaving the power unplugged overnight and the CMOS battery out. Things have not changed at all. i would really appreciate any help i can get, am i possible going to have to get a new mobo?

Answer:BIOS/CMOS problem

Did you try putting the jumper on the cmos - clear while the battery was out?  Might try a different memory module if all else fails. Or remove 1 at a time if you have more than 1.

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OK here what happen. I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101.
I put a used hard drive in and I now get
"Warning 0251 : System CMOS checksum bad - Default configuration used"

Any ideas?


Answer:CMOS checksum problem

Is the time and date correct? You might need to replace the CMOS battery.

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Last week my sisters PC stopped working for no reason. Push the power button and all the fans jumped into life and the motherboard light came on, but that was it! Nothing appeared on the screen and no noise came from the hard drive to suggest it was starting.Someone suggested resetting the CMOS/BIOS, so I browsed the net till I found details of a similar board by the same manufacturer and this indicated which the CMOS reset jumper was. I moved the jumper, then returned it and restarted: everything burst into life and all was well. I say WAS because it has all just stopped again.The symptoms are the same as before, but moving the jumper now is having no effect.Was I lucky last week or was I right and there is something more serious wrong now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Is it a CMOS/BIOS Problem?

Could it just be the battery is flat and needs changing? (Did you notice if your computer was losing time before this happened - it`s a good clue)

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hello... i am new to this post, but i am not new to computer repair, so i pose this to my fellow community members.
a friend of mine brought her cousins latitude c600 to me to repair,for the cousins son had a password on the computer, but could not remember it. immediately i see that it was not for the os, but for the cmos pw. my initial reaction was that a minute fraction of 10 year olds would even know what cmos is, an even fewer would find cmos and set a pw. am i in the minority in thinking that, or not? and of course the cousin is not the original owner and hassling w/dell over ownership, i will leave for the cousin.
what percentage of passwords were set by children? or were a lot of these models, and similar others, dumped on other buyers, or were bought from crackheads or other nefarious sellers and now many people have useless laptops.
i truly became concerned when i went to two of my friends that repair computers also and they have dells that were brought to them to repair with the same problem, and i live in a very small town.


Answer:How prevalent is this cmos pw problem?

Well according to this post, I'd say thousands have similar issues.
As for kids (possibly) putting passwords on. I'd say it's more likely that these were (mostly) corporate laptops, that had the harddrive wiped, but the password was left on.

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I'm having a problem that's driving me crazy. I have to turn on my computer three times to get to CMOS, which has to be fixed every time I want to turn it on. PNI/pcp (Configuration reset data) has to be enabled to do anything. A drive(floppy), replaced two weeks ago, failing on every boot. I've uninstalled ME, ran ad aware, solo antivirus, hijack this, and Spybot so many times I'm starting to hate them. I've tried a Windows Update, but it's having problems installing after several tries. Fans are working, but all are listed at 0 rpm in CMOS.I've taken the case off and seen them working. Intel Celeron 600 , startup list looks ok to me.

Answer:[SOLVED] CMOS Problem

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Hi friends

Mine PC is running on a AMD quardracore, Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H, 4 GB DDR III 1600 Mhz Corsair Ram & Power supply along with 8400 GT nvidia . This PC has been OC to 3.2 ghz and is currently working at 3.2 ghz.

Recently I was getting BIOS notification to change the battery as everytime the BIOS had to be reset.

I changed the battery 3 days back but again after a day I again started getting the same notification of changing the battery.

Pls tell where could be the problem.


Answer:CMOS battery problem

Was the battery you replaced the bad one with brand new? Also make sure it is a 3V battery and to be safe, make sure it has the markings 'CR2032" on it (that is what mine has). Other batteries of the same size and voltage MAY be fine, but I can't really vouch for them. Also, if you have one, it might pay to check the batteries voltage with a multimeter.

Also, if you buy a new one, it might pay to make sure that it is meant for a computers motherboard, as some may or may not be, just to be on the safe side. I don't really know a great deal about these batteries.

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Can someone help me with this problem please.

On January 1st, 2011 my PC clock reset itself to default factory date which is 2009.

Duse to this event most of my software registration and activation has been screwed up.

Every tine I start my PC, I am told that my CMOS setting is wrong. Eventhough I entered Setup to change the CMOS date to 2011, the same thing will happen all over again when I restart my PC!

Below are the details of my problem and PC:


1. CMOS Setting Wrong
CMOS Date and Time Not Set
Halt On: [All, but Keyboard]

2. Computer reverted to 01/01/2009
CMOS Setup Utility
System Date: 01/01/2009
System Time: 12:10:57
Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
Computer OS: Vista-X68
Processor Type: Intel [R] Core [TM]2 Quad CPU Q8400 @2.66 GHz
System Memory: 4096 MB
System Manufacturer: Acer Aspire M5800/M3800
System BIOS Version PU1-AO
BIOS Release Date: 12.10.57
Antivirus and Internet Security: Trend Micro Titanium

Any help from this forum will be appreciated bbefore I decide to reformat and re-install my Vista.

Thank you in advance,


Answer:Help: Cmos resetting problem

Change the battery in your computer. Reset your bios to clear any errors that may have been caused. Change the data in the Bios to how it is needed. The battery is quite cheap and will save you alot of time.

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Can anyone help?

My brother built his new computer today, everything was in the right place and hooked up.. we booted up, installed windows but now when he restarts he gets a screen saying



BIOS not installed

No device found!

Then it goes to another screen and displays


CMOS Settings Wrong
CMOS Date/Time wrong

Other than this, he can boot windows up fine, but there also seems to be a problem with the Fastrak Promise Controler in device manager

Hes running a

AMD64 bit Athlon
ASUS nvidia nForce 3 Pro150 MB
Radeon 9800XT
1gb of RAM

We've searched all the manuals but theres nothing there to help!


Answer:BIOS and CMOS problem...

The BIOS has to be installed, if it isn't your computer won't function and there's no way you'd be able to get into Windows.

Have you tried entering the BIOS? If you can't you should try clearing the CMOS, and you may need to flash a new BIOS depending on the situation.

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Hey all, been a while since I've been here.

Today I started up my computer and I get a message "CMOS Checksum Bad"

It asked me to load default bios or to configure it myself.

I can seem to find the issue here, I have no idea what's wrong.

I'm on an ASUS MB, model K8V SE Delux with Windows XP Pro Op system.


Answer:CMOS Checksum problem

How long have you had your board could be the cmos battery easy to replace, (also if the time is not being kept in the bios) another symptom of a battery problem

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I have a problem with my CMOS batery. Everytime, when I restart my computer the date and time has changing. I weird because the notebook is new and all bios preferences besides date and time are ok.  Has someone  the same problem?Do you have any information about the place, when  cmos batery  is situated? i have T60p.Thans.

Answer:CMOS batery problem

Hello and welcome,Please take a look at our FAQ thread, which includes a link to the Hardware Maintenance Manuals which will direct you how to replace the CMOS battery: you have a brand new system, the CMOS battery shouldn't have gone bad just yet. You can try replacing it yourself certainly, but your machine is under warranty and this would be covered.Message Edited by Tim_Lenovo on 12-12-2007 08:48 AM

-----------------------------------Tim SupplesLenovo Social MediaGot a question? Don't PM me, post it on the forum!Lenovo BlogsX60 Tablet SXGA+ primary, Z61p fully loaded workhorse

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Hi I have a 3 year old evesham computer with a strange problem. Over the last week hen I start the computer it takes 4 - 5 attempts to get windows to load. First screen is black, after that a screen that says windows was unable to load due to software/hardware problem and options to start in safe/last good config/normally. It doesn't matter what I press in options the computer will only load after at least 4 attempts getting a little further each time. When it has loaded it runs fine and shuts down ok. I have done every kind of OS diagnostic and found nothing. The only thing out of the ordinairy is in device mangager there is a cross next to battery. Computer turns on ok when it has been used say 5 - 10 minutes after a power down. As a novice I am stumped please somebody HELP thanks Hilary

Answer:? CMOS battery problem

Not CMOS battery. I think the PSU is getting weak

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Question: CMOS Reset problem

Ok im fixing a pc for someone and the Cmos Resets anytime I unplug the system and plug it back in (time settings etc.). First thing i thought it was was the CMOS battery so I went out and bought another. Same thing keeps happening I checked the jumper which also didnt change anything.

So im wondering is this motherboard component failure? or can it be something else that is causing this.

Appreciate any feedback thanks.

Answer:CMOS Reset problem

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Question: cmos chip problem

If all the power is removed from my laptop (disconect power lead, and remove battery) the system time and date resets when next switched on.I've been assuming that its a problem with the cmos battery or its connection to the chip, but it has been suggested to me that it could be a problem with the chip itself. Does anyone know if this is likely/possble?

Answer:cmos chip problem

How old is the laptop ?Sounds like a replacement cmos battery is needed,cheap enough at a couple of pounds.Does the laptop keep the time ok ?

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ok so i have had my mother board (asus a7n8x-x) and my cpu (amd athlon 2400+) for something close to 2 years. and i am now unable to use my computer. At random my computer started having "start-up" problems. eg

-instead of loading to the first bios screen. it sits idle on black screen (monitor light flickers) and dosnt load until i shut it off.

-loads to bios and tells me that my CPU speed/voltage/or something like that, isnt set properly. So i go into bios set it, save and exit then find that it goes back to the black screen without loading.

the only way i have ever been able to get it past the black idled screen is to turn off computer, swap the CMOS clip (connector thing) turn computer back on and HOPE ! that it gets up to the bios screen, where it then asks me to reset the CPU speed/voltage again. After doing this the cycle repeats.

i dont know what the problem is, i was going to take it into a shop to get looked at but alot of people on here have been right about alot of things before so i thought that i should chgeck it over first.

please help. thanks

Answer:Motherboard cmos ? cpu ? what is the problem ?

Check that the DIP switches on your mobo are set correctly so that they match the FSB etc that is set in your BIOS.

Also try reseting your BIOS by removing and leaving your CMOS battery out for bout 10 mins.

The other thing you could try is to hook your boot HDD to another PC and see if you can boot from the HDD at all.

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I just built a computer from the ground up - it works great except for one problem.

When I disconnect the power cord, then reattach it (with pc shut down of course), and reboot, the cmos settings are cleared.

However, if I shut the computer down, but leave it plugged in, and reboot later, they are maintained.

Does anyone agree that this is a cmos battery problem, or could it be something else?


Answer:CMOS Problem - figure this one out!!

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Running an Advent 2.2 then my Audigy Sound card got blown through a lightning strike! When I tried to replace it I now get an error message on booting up Error 251 CMOS checkdigit does not agree reverting to default config. Can anyone help

Answer:CMOS Checkdigit problem

CMOS error 251 shows that a memory module has failed. Your lightning strike may have done more damage than you think. Try reseating your memory modules and reboot. If it fails again, remove DIMM 2 and reboot. If that fails remove DIMM 1, replace DIMM 2 and reboot. Try them individually in other DIMM sockets too. If you can, try them in another mobo (a friend?).If no luck then you may need to buy new RAM - or even a new mobo too! First on your shopping list should be a surge protector strip for your PC and peripherals.

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Question: Bios cmos problem

Help, computer problem after file recovery(pictures), bios takes longer to load and windows too, when computer is idle cpu and gpu goes to 100%, mouse click 2 times sometimes... I once see a question mark in hex editor in between hex of a hard drive mft then format and it was gone.

Beginning of my master boot record starts at offset 55 on my hard drive it should be on offset 0, every time i test ports in dos debug some of values change. This happened after doing file recovery of some old hard drive.

In every computer i plugged in this hard drive, when i view the picture recovered with file recovery same thing happens. Tried low lvl format, cmos reset, batery out, difernt battery, flash bios. Bios got bricked then i reset cmos (battery out) and dual bios write original bios but still same problem.

Specs of one of the computers:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 550 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476832 MB, Free - 93325 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-770TA-UD3
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

Answer:Bios cmos problem

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Firstly, i sent my problem below in an email to eSupport (Award Bios), they have not responded to me at all in two weeks, the rest of this post is simply my email (formatted the best i can), i hope someone can help me, ive added some additional information at the end so i dont get the obvious solutions posted. Thankyou for any responses.


I am experiencing 'weird happenings' with my computers BIOS.

I bought my computer from Holly System, it has a Chaintech motherboard and phoenix-AwardBios - Bios. I cannot refer the problem i have too Holly System because they do not exist anymore.

Two or so years after purchasing my computer, i turned my computer on and was hit with an error message on boot, 'CMOS Checksum error - Defaults loaded', when the computer fully loaded up i noticed the time and date had changed, the date had gone back to 2002 and the time 23:00.

Forever onwards i just got used to turning the computer on being given the CMOS error and then repeatedly setting the computers time and date. Eventually i decided to look into the problem. I found some articles saying you should replace the CMOS battery if you are getting the CMOS Checksum error. I replaced the battery, for a few days the computer was fine, until i was hit with the error once again, i then started noticing things.

Obviously the new battery had some effect as it removed the problem for a couple of days, when the error came back and the com... Read more

Answer:BIOS (CMOS) Problem

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Question: Cmos clock problem

My cmos clock keeps loosing time, several hours a day.
I replaced the cmos battery, removed the reset cmos jumper and then reset everything in the cmos, ZERO, ZIP NADA nothing improves.
Several things result in the cmos clock being wrong, all my emails in my sent box have incorect times on them, newly created files have the wrong time stamp etc.

Answer:Cmos clock problem

Why do you think it is the CMOS? Is this system not running an OS?
If you change the clock in XP for example it sets the CMOS clock to the same setting.

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Hi All,
I have a very unusual (at least to me) problem with booting the computer. It wouldn't start so after checking all the other possibilities (hard drive, power supply and video card) I decided to pop out the cmos battery and throw a new one in. This is a 2 yr old Gateway so I didn't go there first. Well, lo and behold it started and everything seemed fine and I went in to the bios and set the proper date, time. The next day it would not start again. I opened it up and and popped out the cmos battery and reset it and it worked again! I changed the date, etc again, and ran a virus scan and can find nothing else wrong. Has anyone run in to this before?

All ideas are greatly appreciated.


Answer:CMOS Startup Problem

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Question: cmos/boot problem

Hello allI just upgraded my gfx card - a nvdidia 7800gtx to a 8800gt. Yet I couldn't get my system to recognize it. I'd read that there have been some compatibility issues with this card and earlier mobos - mine is a Abit kn8 Ultra - and on checking saw my BIOS were very old. So I cautiously went about the BIOS upgrade/flash process. But I never even got that far. I followed the instructions from the Abit website, made a bootable floppy, then to this added the BIOS upgrade/flash files I'd downloaded. Then I went into BIOS to change the boot order to floppy first. But, all of a sudden, BIOS demanded a password - even though I'd never set one, and I'd got into the BIOS screen before and never been prompted for one. I tried some backdoor passwords but none worked so I reset the cmos by repositioning the cmos jumpers for a few minutes. After that, I replaced the jumpers, turned on, got into BIOS without the password prompt, set to boot from floppy first. Restarted, but now I get a 'disk I/O error hit any key error'. Then when I tried to boot from HD again I get a 'disk read error press cntrl, alt delete'. So I can't even get to the BIOS flash stage or even into windows! Why is it not booting from the floppy? I've never had problems with the drive, and I checked that all the necessary files were on there. And why won't it instead boot from HD either? Has resetting the cmos caused it to not see the raid config properly? Any ideas anyone?

Answer:cmos/boot problem

If you've reset the CMOS you may now have incorrect settings for floppy and RAID - so recheck the BIOS settings.

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ok so my computer has been running fine. and just recently my asus a7n8x-x dosnt wont to start.

it goes to the first load screen and just freezes, majority of the time telling me that my cpu freq./voltage (or something like it) isnt set right, BUT ! when i go into bios and look at it it is perfectly fine. ? so i save and exit etc etc reset. and i have the same problem

i found out that it only start when i swap the motherboard cmos pin over. wierd

i dont wont to have to keep doing this and ive read alot of things that havnt helped. my friend said it could be that the battery is old and stuff but it never crossed my mind that it had much to do with it.

any ideas because i dont wont to spend money on my computer if i dont have to.

Answer:motherboard cmos problem *dam*

What bios version are you running?

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I receive a diskboot failure when I turn on my computer. I tested the hard drive on another PC and it is fine.

The last intelligent message I received was that I have a CMOS problem and checksum errors.

I have an Award Modular Bios 4.51PG dated 7/2/1999.

How can I reset the CMOS and/or BIOS so that it can detect the hard drive properly. I can't get to the floppy drive for some reason, even though the boot sequence is set to C:A:CDROM

The CPU is an AMD K-2 360MHz.


Answer:[SOLVED] CMOS problem

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Turned on my wife's computer- this morning

Packard Bell IConnect 866
model- MON-GL1
Win XP Pro

A screen came up 'Enter PW to log on as admin or log on as guest.' never seen that before!
The guy at the shop said to try clearing the CMOS by taking the battery out- did that for half an hour- still the same!
(I first turned it off at the power point & unplugged it)
How can I clear the CMOS? I found the jumper, not sure whether to change it to clear & turn comp on, or what?
I can't even get into setup, without a PW.
The guy at the shop denies all knowledge of any PW??
I'm lost!


Answer:Problem clearing CMOS

First make sure the computer is off. Then take out the battery. Next, move the jumper and wait at least 30s. Move jumper back, put battery back in and then power up.

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I been having problems booting with my acer extensa 5220. Can only get it to turn on when i remove the cmos battery. if i remove it then put it back in i will be able to switch it on. however as soon as i cut the power, it wont turn on again until i remove the battery and reinsert it. I have tried removing all the components except the CPU but still get the same problem. have checked the power jack ac adapter and cmos battery with a multi meter and they are all fine. when i put the charger in the laptop will just stay on a flashing amber charge light, i do know the battery is virtually dead but also know the laptop will run strait off the ac adapter. there should be a green light to tell me the board is ready to turn on but when i take out the battery and just use the charger there is no lights unless i take out the cmos battery and reinsert it. appreciate anything you guys can think of.

Answer:Acer cmos boot problem

Have you got any kind of overclocking software setup on this pc.??? ed

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I have a Tecra 9000 that thus far has been superb. However, in the last couple of days when it boots from cold, I see a message which says "Bad Checksum (ROM), and asking mew to press the F1 key to enter Setup. I do, then press End and Y and the machine then boots fine into XP. Time and date are fine. I have tried flashing the BIOS but I already have the latest version and so it won't let me do it.

Does anyone have any ideas? Whilst its not stopping me working, it is irritating!

Many thanks,
Greg Thomas

Answer:Possible CMOS Problem on Tecra 9000?

Hi Thoma

It seems that your BIOS battery is defect. There is no way that notebook can memorize BIOS settings. Please contact Toshiba Service Partner. They can fix it. There is no way to do it alone.


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Hi guys,
The problem I am having is, every time i shutdown or re-start windows xp O/S the cmos clock resets. This is not a hardware problem because if I do not boot in to windows or uninstall the hdd, cmos does not reset the time. The problem only happens if i logon to windows and shutdown or restart. I have already run the anti virus program, it is up to date and did not find any virus.
Is this a virus? Does anyone know how can i fix this problem without re-isnstalling xp?

Answer:Cmos Keeps Resetting-not Hardware Problem

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I've seen a few problems like mine on the boards but never a satisfactory resolution. My problem started with a frozen screen. I did have a few windows open and i was listening to music and surfing at the time. Upon restart case light came on, M/B power light came on, fans on psu, cpu and graphics card all spun up as well as hard drive, but no post beep. Long story short is that I have done everything recommended on various forums, like resetting the Cmos via the jumpers, taking out the CMOS battery, leaving the CMOS battery out overnight, new CMOS battery, changing the PSU etc. and am now at the stage where I have the M/B stripped out of the case on the workbench with just the psu, one stick of memory, Graphics card, Hard drive, mouse and keyboard. Strange thing is computer WILL post with default Bios settings when CMOS battery removed, go through bios setup routine, launch Windows and run perfectly normally. But as soon as I put the battery back, nothing, no post beep, nothing, just spinning fans and no display. Has the Bios Chip got corrupted? The battery clip does look firmly soldered to the M/B and is not bent. I am at a loss. Can't RMA the M/B as its an Ebay job. All the Caps look sound. Is it worth replacing the BIOS chip as they're fairly cheap or is the M/B toast?? Does anyone know anything elseI can try??

System is:

Motherboard: ASUS A8N-E
Bios: Phoenix Tech. Ltd AWARD BIOS ACPI rev.1013
PSU: CIT 750W ATX Power Supply
CPU: Athlon64 3500+
Graphics ... Read more

Answer:CMOS battery/BIOS problem

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Hi guys,

I'm new on forum procedure, so please bear with me if this is in the wrong place.

My desktop is a predator from Power Computing running an AMD dual core 3,800 2.01 GHz on a Asus A8N-VM CSM motherboard 960 MB RAM.
The software is XP Home with SP3.

I replaced the CMOS battery recently because it had run down. Everything went smoothly,I rechecked the bios, everything ok. the computer booted up and started ok, but with one exception; I had lost the post screen.

Normally, when the system boots it presents the post screen options on the monitor, but now it starts with a splash-screen from Asus, The Asus screen gives the option to press del or F8, I feel this is an unwanted intrusion, but I don't know how to get rid of it and return to my normal post screen.

Any suggestions out there?


Answer:Problem after CMOS battery replacement

Typically...there is an option in the CMOS settings...something called "quick boot" or whatever...that determines whether you see the POST check or not. Take a look at your current BIOS settings.


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I have an HP Pavillion ze4900 laptop only about a year old that will not keep the accurate time when it is turned off. It also seems to lose settings for some programs (bookmarks in the web browser and passwords and settings in other programs). It keeps good time while it is on but resets back to 12 a.m. Jan. 1 2004 after shutdown, so I don't think its a problem with the real time clock. I checked with HP Support and they recommended a bios updgrade, which I did. I even did a clean reinstallation of Win XP Home Edition SP2 but neither solved the problem.

We've had this problem ever since we got the computer. I suspect it is a bad cmos battery and I've read elsewhere that its not uncommon for these laptops to come of the assembly line with bad cmos batteries. Does this sound right?

I've changed cmos batteries in desktops but not in a laptop. I downloaded the service manual but there's nothing in it about changing the cmos battery. I believe I read somewhere that you need to remove the keyboard to get to it. Once the keyboard is out is it just unplugging the old battery and installing the new one or do you have more parts to remove to get to it? What should I expect to spend for a new cmos battery? I haven't had much luck finding any on the Internet.

We have about three weeks until the warranty is up, so should I just send it back to HP and hope they can fix it? Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.

Answer:cmos battery problem in hp laptop?

Good Morning Bob, these batteries should last at least eighteen months, although your description would appear to be a battery problem it is a little premature.
There is a possibility that some element of the clock and CMOS circuit could have some problem and is using excessive current thus producing this effect.
Some of these battery holders also can break when an unknowing person tries to remove a battery, some can be quite tricky.
It would therefore make more sense to return the machine for warranty repair.
Cheers, qldit.

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I have cmos checksum error so i replace cmos battery with a new one.
when my pc starts, i mistakenly pressed "printscreen" button instead of "del"(setup) button.then my monitor didnot displays nothing.
os:windows xp

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Hi this is my first post so I apologise if I don't do it right and please bear with me :)

I needed to clean up my computer as its been used for absolute crap over the past few years so looked up how to erase my hard drive, got the xp disc off a mate then went into my bios settings and told it to boot from cd BUTTT i must have accidently set the secondary to boot from the wrong hdd and i don't think i set a third.

It then didn't boot from my cd for some reason and ever since I haven't been able to get it to so I looked up what I should do. Found out the best way to sort it was to reset the CMOS so I tried removing the cmos battery which didn't work, then tried what I thought was the 3pin jumper and still it didn't work.

So being frustrated i tried the jumper next to it, it still didn't work. Obviously I was getting a bit annoyed by this time and my problem is that my computer still wont show on my monitor when it starts up and I'm now not sure if the jumpers i moved are even in their correct positions.
I'm not too sure what system things to put down but I'll put down what I can.

Computer runs xp
I believe the bios is phoenix.
I believe the motherboard is MSI.
I don't particularly know where to find everything else.

I have a picture that has my cmos battery and the two jumpers ive moved on my motherboard if that helps.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your help :)

Answer:Startup: No screen. CMOS problem.

Hopefully this has attached the picture

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I went on vacation and came back four days later to find that my computer would not start. Pressing on the power button did not do was simply dead (no spinning fans, HD, etc.). At first I thought that maybe my PSU or some other component got fried because we had a brief power outage/brownout the day I left for vacation (the computer was running at the time). However, it was hooked up to a UPS and to my knowledge the computer never lost power/shut down unsafely (I was able to use and shut it down normally after the brownout). Also, when I opened the case I saw that the motherboard LED was lit just fine whenever the computer was plugged at least I knew that the PSU was providing power. I checked the power button cable/connectors and also found nothing wrong.

After some further experimentation, I discovered the (temporary) solution: I must take out the CMOS battery and leave it out in order to be able to start the computer. Otherwise, it simply refuses to start. I find this very strange since CMOS battery problems usually lead to loss of BIOS and time settings but never have I read a case where the battery itself was preventing the computer from starting up. So right now the computer is running fine...just as long as I leave the CMOS battery out. I have found no other issues so I doubt that anything (except maybe the CMOS battery) got fried during the brownout. Obviously, I lose my BIOS and time settings everytime I kill the power or unplug the... Read more

Answer:CMOS Battery Problem - Really Strange!


Dead batteries can do all sorts of strange things.

A new one should make it all better.

You can get one wherever you want.

Local may work out cheaper.They only cost $ 2

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computer is a compaq deskpro sb series. operating system is windows xp professional. time clock is erratic when restarted after power being disconnected. cmos battery has been replaced twice ( voltage below 2 volts both times). keeps good time if left connected to mains power when switched off. is this a mother board problem? does the same clock work from both mains power and battery? your thoughts appreciated.

Answer:cmos time keeping problem

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Hi there,My 6 yrs old laptop has got a run out CMOS Battery (CR2025) (displaying errors CMOS battery low, bios setup defaults blah blah while booting up.) I bought a new battery and replaced it. But to my surprise, the laptop won't boot at all now. When I press power button, the power LEDs just blink green once and goes away without booting up. I replaced the old battery but same thing, no luck. What could have happened and what could be the solution?Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!Regards!Narayan

Answer:CMOS Battery/BIOS problem

Replace the battery

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I have been having a problem with my pc cmos on my asus a7n8x-e deluxe, when i change the settings for the pc and save them then the pc restarts the pc comes on but hangs and there is nothing on the screen so i restart the pc again but the same happens and because of that i clear the cmos.after clearing the cmos the pc starts as normal except there is an error saying that there is a problem and the bios settings need to be changed so i change them and the pc restarts but then it will hang again with nothing on screen.I cleared the cmos again and tried entering the bios and not changing anything but the same thing happened and at that i gave up, so i was wandering what could be the problem as i have read a few other threads with a cmos problem and the battery is the problem but i just wanted to be sure as my problem seems a bit different with the system hanging and no screen display.

Answer:A7N8X-E Deluxe Cmos problem

try this, power down the PC, clear the cmos (with the jumper across the pins, then remove the round battery which powers the cmos, leave pc for about twenty minutes, put battery back into pc and boot up.when it gives the warning, enter the bios and change the DATE & TIME ONLY. reboot and see what happens.if you still have problems and if you can get into the bios, maybe try the default setting (safe setting) to get the pc up and running, rather than trying to go for the best settings.dont know the asus bios too well so cant help much.try looking in the bios for safe settingsdefault settingsfailsafe settingsetc.etc whatever you can find that looks like it might help. if you actually get the pc to boot, then try changing things ONE thing at once.if you are still stuck, please come back with the full error message so we can have a look.

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My name is Joe  and my parents worked for IBM for 30 years so needless to say I've learned a few things about the thinkPad's as I've been free-lancing for 16 years my self. However this one has me Stumped. I found a 600x thinkpad in my garage. It was covered in sawdust and crap. I cleaned it off to see what we had. I turned it on to find The CMOS error codes 00163,00161 Keyboard Code 00301. Usually these codes go away with a new CMOS battery, as I've encountered this set of Probs with nearly every thinkPad I have found. I bought a new CMOS battery and It tests @ 3+ V. When I connect it I still have the same error codes. There is only one way to hook it up. I cant get to BIOS even by pressing and holding F1 with power off then turn power on. I love working on these old ThinkPads as a hobby.  Is this the SYSTEM BOARD telling me to give UP. Please help me as I am trying to fix this up for a friend to use as a Navagation Computer. ThanksJoe

Answer:IBM 600X CMOS PROBLEM (not how do I replace) lol

Welcome to the Lenovo Community!
Check the site I set up several years ago:
Before the 301, there may be a numeric code which would indicate which key is stuck.

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So, I have a lenovo yoga 11e laptop administrated by the school. I wanted to reset bios and have access to it. It does not have a supervisor password set, just a power-on password. So I took the necessary steps to perform a cmos reset. But, when I plug in the AC cable and waited the computer to boot, it just turns on with a completely black screen and then it shuts off and it will repeat itsel over and over again achieving nothing. Is there something that I did wrong? Do I have to wait till the cmos clears at some given time and then plug in the AC cable? Need help?

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hey, i do have a problem installing/repjavascript:replaceText(' ', document.forms.postmodify.message);Lips Sealedlacing CMOS battery.. this is what my mobo battery slot:..where i should position the batery?i also turned the battery arround but all position doesnt seem to work!im using CR2032, 3V Maxellplease help...thanks !

Answer:Problem installing CMOS battery

What a confusing post.  The battery goes in the circular receptacle under the clip. Make sure the correct side is facing up. Did you look at the previous battery's + - orientation?

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Having a problem with my printer port. Checked it out in system information and all is fine, no conflicts. Try to print a test page on my Canon LBP 460 and it doesn't detect the printer. Is there a general setting in CMOS for an onboard printer port?

I have been trying to use the following (works on my other PC): 378/IRQ7 ECP/EPP and on ECP mode DMA 3......

Answer:Problem with cmos settings? (LPT port)

What shows up in your device manager?

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Hi I've run into an issue with my CMOS. I'm using a Lenovo Y40-70 and the CMOS version that is currently installed is 99CN28WW(V1.11) and the EC version is 99EC28WW(V1.11). I had read somewhere that when you start to have problems with the CMOS you should flash it or update it. I tried that and got the following error message: The version of ROM file is the same as that of BIOS.This is true as I checked that the latest update for CMOS is 99CN28WW on the site. So here is my problem... My system is losing the date & time when I shut it down. For instance if I shut the laptop down at 7:40PM on Jan 1, when I boot it up the next day it will still be Jan 1 at 7:40PM. I have to manually go into the CMOS and change the date and time everytime I turn the laptop off and turn it back on. If I do not turn it off, it is fine, but I prefer to turn it off when I'm not using it. I've read that the best way to combat this type of CMOS problem is to install a new CMOS battery.  My question is how do I go about doing that? Do I need a special setup for it? The reason I aks is because I bought a standard CMOS battery at a local store and when I opened up the laptop the CMOS is actually in a black wrapper. When I unwrapped it there were two connectors on the battery itself which leads me to believe that perhaps I need to buy a specialized battery with the connectors already installed. Is that the case? If so where do I get that? If not how do I get those little connectors ... Read more

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My MO-BO is a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7, and I've noticed the CMOS display is showing FF. If there is a 'h' after, it's blocked by my graphics card.The MO-BO manual states that FF or FFh is "Boot attempt (INT 19h). It doesn't explain what that means. Cheers, In advance =)Now, this board has an onboard Reset Switch (RST_SW) and CMOS Switch (CMOS_SW). The manual says the latter clears CMOS values.So, what does 'FF' means exactly, what could have caused it, and does it have any negative effects on performance?Build:990FXA-UD7AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8 GHz (Quad Core)2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance2 x Gigabyte HD6870 OC

Answer:CMOS POST FF(h?) on CMOS display.

FF is related to 2b and appears to be graphics card related, this was taken from a web page:"2bWhen the system powers on and the Debug LED shows the usual POST code sequence but hangs on 2b or you get a beep code as soon as the sequence reaches 2b, then the Mainboard cant detect your Videocard properly. Note that the POST code sequence might not halt at 2b but continue, so the final POST Code it displays could be FF, 00 or 7F which means the Maiboard booted, entered BIOS, or OC recovery kicked in and is waiting for Input to enter BIOS. Since the Videocard couldnt be detected properly you will only see a black Monitor and either 2b, FF, 00 or 7F. Check if there is something wrong with the Videocard, the PCIE slot or BUS, the Monitor or monitor cable. Turn the Monitor on and off, switch the Monitor cable from one D-SUB or DVI plug to the other in case your Videocard has two. If this doesnt help then reboot and load the optimized defaults. If that doesnt help either try another Videocard if possible, or try the Videocard in another system to make sure its working properly. Try another monitor or try the Monitor on another System."Googling is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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After a "move" PC started and mouse did work but keyboard did not. Next day on start-up did not complete and request to press either F1 or F2 to continue (in different modes), but, the keyboard does not work and have confirmed wireless keyboard operates fine. Does this mean a main battery replacement or?

Answer:CMOS Checksum bad .... CMOS Battery low

It's possible after the move the battery is not entirely seated.I'd replace it anyways....part # CR 2032 available at any PC shop.Make sure all power is removed and take anti static precautions whenever working inside the case.

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This is a first...

A friend was visiting for three days and a few things seemed to change. He shut off my monitor when not using the PC. It didn't come back on when I hit the power, so I hit the menu button and tried to get the thing up & running. I didn't get into the monitor's menu.

That's the only thing that was done differently. Now XP asks for the CMOS setting every time I boot up. It asks for standard (F1) or advanced (F2). When I do the standard setting, my computer starts back to the year 2002 at 12pm.

How can I get things back to normal, when I turn the PC on and it boots up in XP like always?


Answer:CMOS setting: XP won't boot w/o going through CMOS

If the date changes, chances are that the CMOS battery needs to be replaced. Just a co-incidence on timing and your friend, I'd say.

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Hi, i have an anoying little irritation with my pc, hope you can help.Here are the facts:Its over 3 years old nowThe mobo is an Asus A7V333The problem started the same day as i attempted to connect a friends external HDD (USB2) it wouldnt work until i updated "enhanced host controller" then it worked. But in the process it had restarted the pc giving me the black screen with options to "start normally", "start with last known good configuration" i chose the latter.The follwoing day i couldnt get the pc to start, here are the symptoms:On shutting down i need to flick the main back switch to off and leave it at least 30 mins before switching it back on enabling me to start the pc.The mouse light also goes off now when shut down.The latest thing ive noticed (about 4 days later) the clock isnt keeping time when switched off at the back and i get an error when i try to update the time from the net.Ive done a search and there seems to be a connection between bootup problems and mobo batteries going flatDoes this sound like the battery to you?If so, is there anything i should know about changing it, im very able to do it, although ive read that the cmos has to be reset??? Dont understand that. The PC works normally when on.Thanks for any help

Answer:startup problem connected to cmos battery??


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Hello everyone, I have an odd problem with my 690. In BIOS it always says that the CMOS battery is low, and it always says the system has shut down due to a "thermal event" (although it has NEVER shut off due to overheating). It also NEVER saves ANY CMOS BIOS information, regardless of what CMOS battery is in it. I've tested 3 batteries and they all do the same thing. BIOS says the battery is low, can't save settings, etc. It even does this if there is no battery in it at all (reporting low battery and thermal shutoff). I am guessing this could be a capacitor issue, or is it something else?

The system's specs:
Intel Xeon DP 5060 3.2 GHz
14GB of FB-DDR2
NVidia GeForce 9500 GT overclocked (650 MHz core, 535 MHz Memory)
160 GB HDD (OS, applications)
80 GB HDD (Games)

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I just finished building a new computer with the following specs:

PCChips M916 Motherboard
Pentium 4 2.26ghz Processor
512MB PC3200 Ram
Radeon 9600 Graphics Card
10GB Maxtor Harddrive (Old, getting a new one soon)

Now, I set it up and put it all together fine. When I go to power it on, it tells me my CMOS settings are incorrect, and sends me to the setup utility. At first I tried default values, which apparently did not work. I tried to boot with the default settings, and it didnt work - no picture on the monitor, keyboard doesn't light up, no motherboard posting, etc. So I clear the CMOS via the jumper, and try again. It brings me back to the CMOS setup, and I try some different settings. So far, no matter what I try, it will not work. Given my current system specifications, is there anything special I need to do to get the CMOS settings right? So far I can't really find anything I need to change other than changing the date and time.

Thanks for any help.

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hi all and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
the cmos battery back up failed and wiped all the cmos settings all went to defalt which i am not 100 percent sure what they used to be that is one problem that started everything not working it now boots up to the screen that says last known configuration, start windows normally then when you press enter it reboots and keeps going round like that.when i go into the cmos it is not seeing the hard drive which is a sata one it only has one main drive it is shown on one of the boot screens and when you go into the raid section it has a maxtor 6y120m0 117246mb

on one boot screen it says the following
geforce fx57
bios version
copyright 99-03
nvidia corp
128mb ram

i think the computer is a amd athlon xp 1250MHZ

phoenix-award bios V600PG
i dont know where to start with this at all please make any instructions as simple as pos for me please thanks again if you need anymore info please reply and tell me where to find it and i will post

Answer:asus A7N8X-E deluxe cmos problem

Replace cmos battery

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I recently installed a new Power Supply Unit. A 420 Watt Dual Fan Chieftec.However, I have a Trust multiple wall socket with an on/off switch. If I keep it on, but turn my computer off, there will be no CMOS checksum error, but if I turn off the wall socket when my computer is turned off, there is a chance of a CMOS checksum error occuringWhat could this indicate? According to this[/url  article it can indicate a faulty or bad BIOS battery. However, the battery is barely less than a year old. I cannot seem to remove the battery, I once had to reset my BIOS and the battery would only be lifted up a few milimetres. This was enough to make it reset, but I couldn't peel it out.It concerns a Gigabyte 7N400 Pro mainboard. Revision 1.0

Answer:CMOS checksum error problem persists

Well, what you're describing is indeed the classic symptom of a bad battery.  You may have bent the battery holder where it's not making good contact.  To remove the battery, it's only necessary to pry the contact up a bit and just push the battery out the open side of the clip.

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Please can anyone help me how to solve this,I've been using ASUSP4P800 E-Deluxe for over 3 years without any problem. But now, there's a message frequently shows up like this : "CMOS not setup, CMOS date and time not setting, press F1 to enter CMOS SETUP, F2 load defaults value & continue" everytime when I powered off the PC. (but if I'd setup the date and time, and booting the pc without powered off the pc, it goes correctly as before)

I've taken out the battery and re-insert it, and tried to reset all the jumper, but it seems not change.

Can anyone give me any hint to solve the cause/problem? And one more thing, can anyone tell me which is the correct jumper te reset the CMOS. Any tips would be welcome and greatly appreciated, thanx.

Answer:mobo asusp4p800 e-deluxe cmos problem

Replace the battery.

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About 3 weeks ago my computer has been freezing. My computer would freeze so I would turn it off by unplugging the power supply. When I plug the power supply back in it I would try to turn the computer on and it just wouldnt turn on. I would press the on button and it just wont turn on. So I leave to go watch tv about an hr later it turns on... wierd huh? So I ran a system recovery, set all defaults in the bios and ran virus scans and all. All was good. I turn off the computer. Next Day I try to turn it on and it wont turn on..... So i hate then the computer screen would turn on and the screen it showed was this:
EV91510A .04T.0068.2005.0914.2111
Intel(R)EM64T Capable Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz DDR-400 operation in single channel memory mode

Total installed memory: 1016 mb system ram

Legacy keyboard: Detected
USB Legacy: Enabled

Fixed Disk 0 PM- Samsung sp2004c

CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad
CMOS Date/Time not set

Press f2 to run setup
Ok so what I do is press f2 and load all default values into the bios. Then i presss Save and exit. The computer restarts and boots up normally. THe computer works normally. When I turn it off and go back to turn it on.. the same thing happens again~!!!!! it either wont turn on or it will turn on right away and go to the above screen, [email protected]!!!!! I have changed the CMOS BATTERY. And still same problem.

PLZ help... Than... Read more


can anyone help? please

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i have a satellite c50-b-14d a few days ago the hard drive gave up on me and i replaced it. exact same model. i installed windows 7 as i dislike windows 8 lol, started updating it fine then half way through updating i go to boot the laptop and it comes up with ---rtc battery is low , press enter to set time and date---- so i go in and set the date and time and hit exit saving changes, laptop starts i see the toshiba sign for 2 seconds and it turns off.

surely its not the rtc battery being low that is stopping it booting, i thought it might be the charger so i got a new one and still have the same problem, any help would be appreciated please.

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After renewing the CMOS battery (CR2032) on a PC the following problem has occurred :-

Startup - Normal
Login - Normal
Computer operation : Normal
Shutdown : Normal
Standby : Won't go into Standby

Clicking on Standby switches the Monitor OFF but the PC remains ON. There is some ongoing disk activity and then after around 2 minutes the monitor comes back ON and everything is as normal.

I have checked for updates to the BIOS but there are none available.

Before I start messing around with the BIOS settings I am asking if this is a common problem to which there is a simple fix. I have replaced CMOS battery's on many, many computers but have never experience this particular issue.



Answer:Solved: Problem after renewing CMOS battery

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Running XP and it wont boot up. I keep getting the option to start in safe mode etc but cant boot from there either. have tried hard drive in another pc and it boots up ok. Have also tried another graphics card and a different memory stick. Noticed on post screen the message "CMOS/GPNV checksum bad" so changed the battery and now get CMOS battery low?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Help. At a loss. Wont boot. CMOS problem?

Does this help click hereIf not look through these click here it may give you a starting point.

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 I am trying to repair a TP I Series 1721 2627-721(P11 300 /192MB /20GB HD) that will not fully boot on most occasions. It will boot but only after several restarts while pressing the F12 key. When it does the cmos resets to default settings and the system clock reverts to 1/1/1988. I get error messages 0251 (Time and Date error) and 0271 (Default configuration set) as well as a red message stating " save to disk file not found/ save to disk feature is disabled/ run phdisk for info. file: create new. partition: consult manual". If I enter cmos and correct everything the machine boots up perfectly to Windows XP Home SP3. All devices work properly as well. When it shuts down it reverts back to the problem. I replaced the 3volt lithium battery but there was no change. The main battery is dead. I thought possibly flashing the bios to the current one may help. Is there a way to do this with a dead main battery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:TP I Series 1721 2627-721Boot & cmos problem

miradiem, welcome to the forum, just replace the CMOS (Backup Battery), how to instructions can be found in the Hardware Maintainance Manual. Replacing it will stop it producing the error messages.

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hi folks. good day to you all. my name is max. i can install windows and manage basic troubleshooting related to software without any problems. a couple of months back i installed windows xp on my friends computer and it was working fine but a month after installation, when he booted the comp up, he would get the startup options msg (safe,normal and so on) instead of windows booting up normally. when he tried to boot it up in any mode,the windows xp loading logo would just appear and windows just kept restarting. i thought it might be a software problem ,so i made a fresh install of xp and it was working fine . but now once again the same problem seems to have occured. this screen pops up when he starts the comp. i have included the image he sent me (its a bit blurry but you can make out whats on it). i searched about it and as you can see in the image, the problem seems to be about CMOS settings. now, from what i have learned so far after researching about it is that its either the CMOS battery that has lost its charge, died, or maybe its just a CMOS (or bios? not sure) settings problem. can you guys please take a look at the image and tell me what exactly is wrong and what steps i would have to take to fix his problem? thank you in advance.

Answer:Solved: CMOS settings problem american megatrends.

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In attempting to solve a booting problem, I set my CMOS to fail-save defaults and now all I have on screen is a half page of what is best described as a light blue, red and black woven type pattern, bottom half of the screen is blank. I don't know if this is just a screen issue and everything is loaded correctly behind it or if it indicated that nothing has loaded or booted. Given how fast this screen comes up when I press the start buttom, I'm guessing these is nothing booting behind it. Any suggestions?

Answer:cmos setup fail-save defaults problem

Welcome to CH.Can you get back into the BIOS at all?What Computer is this? (manufacturer and model number)

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I have a satellite 1405-s151. Since July it won't start. when i turn it on the green lignts is on but nothing else happens. however it sometimes starts with a bad checksum (ROM) or Cmos error.
someone told me that it could be a dead the cmos battery.

what u think about this ? i live in senegal and there is no toshiba center

Answer:Possible CMOS Battery problem with my Satellite 1405-s151


I don't think this is a problem with the CMOS-battery. If it is defective or has a low voltage, the machine will give this error message, BUT it will never have a problem booting up because of it. A defective battery will make the system lose track of time and date and possibly some settings You might have made in the SETUP but when the unit starts and gives the error message (You have to press F1-key to continue) the default settings will be set and they are good enough to make the system boot. I suggest You remove any hardware You might have added to the unit (memory, PC Cards and so on) and try again. If it still fails then I think Your machine is defective and need service.

best regards

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System Info: Gateway NV53A-36u with WIN7 Home Premium 64-bitRAM: 4GB DDR3Processor: AMD Phenom II N830 Triple-Core @ 2.10GHzGraphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 w/ 2GB available graphics memoryHD: 284 GB (can't find info on speed but I'm sure this isn't an HD problem)Problem: -Upon restarting, my system date/time resets to factory defaults (sometime in 2008). -Some of my notification trey icons are missing and the ones there are spread out across my entire Windows taskbar with blank spaces between them. -When restarting, it won't reboot (keeps trying to, shutting down, trying to, shutting down) unless I close and reopen the lid.Gateway support thinks it's a faulty CMOS battery but they've misdiagnosed my problems before (saying I needed a new HD when a previous problem was caused by a simple Windows error that only required a Windows reinstall)Steps I've taken in attempts to resolve issue: Ran a safe mode full system virus scan with AVG Pro 2012.-Restored to before problems began using System Restore.-Reset BIOS settings within the BIOS setup menuSpecific questions I have:-Does this sound like a CMOS battery problem to you?-Is there a way to figure out exactly what type/model of CMOS battery I'll need to replace my current one WITHOUT opening my laptop and physically examining the current (factory installed) CMOS battery?-Does anybody know, either precisely or generally, how to access the CMOS battery on this laptop? Gateway claims it&... Read more

Answer:Gateway NV53A36U CMOS battery problem? Help fixing it, if so, please.

Is it out of warranty?  Is the computer about one year old?QuoteGateway support thinks it's a faulty CMOS battery but they've misdiagnosed my problems before (saying I needed a new HD when a previous problem was caused by a simple Windows error that only required a Windows reinstall)How do you know it was NOT a HD error? If you are an diagnostic expert, why are you asking nus?  Do you not imagine that the Dell company has had some experience with its own products? Neither the HD not the Windows systems should fail non a new PC. Any premature failure puts every tung about the PC under suspicion. You can try no replace the CMOS cell, but it is an item that fails after years, not months of use. So it is deep inside the case. See the service manual. Look under the keyboard.

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After replacing of CMOS battery the CPU fan is running with full speed and Intel AMT/ME future was disappear. How to fix it?
Last version of BIOS was installed with ThinkVantage System Update more than month ago. 
Machine: ThinkCentre M57 (8067-CTO), OS: Windows XP Pro (32-bit)
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

Answer:M57 - Problem came withh machine afterr CMOS batte...

Problem solved when two additional RAM removed which didn't supplied in original.

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Motherboard is Asus Maximum Extreme X38. I've tried to update the BIOS using USB in the ASUS EZ Flash 2 according to the manual. I copied the the BIOS updated version from Asus dowload page, to the USB. The processor is Intel® Core™2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz and 2x2 Patriot Viper 1333 MHz RAM DDR3.
Now after updating the BIOS, the system doesn't POST no more and no beeps, nothing on the monitor screen (black). I guess the updated BIOS file was not the correct file.

On the display that is connected to the motherboard, it says TESTCMOS. I tried to reset that by using the clr CMOS switch on the back of the motherboard without any result. Nothing happens. I can't reset the CMOS by using the switch either. Any ideas??

Answer:Solved: New Motherboard -Maximus Extreme - CMOS Problem

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Its a packard bell laptop, and the system started to freeze for no reason. No viruses. Now, I can usually only move the mouse pointer-if it lets me start windows at all (xp). As of tonight, the system wouldnt let me even pass the startup screen, it kept asking for a non existent system password to continue! The system bios clock seems to reset itself too, so I believe the whole problem to be related to the cmos battery.

My main question is, how much should I roughly be expected to pay for a cmos battery and installation from a general pc repair store? The laptop is out of warranty, so I dont really want to be spending £30+ just for Packard to find and install one either. The reason I need someone else to do it is because this particular packard system has the most awkward setup, and therefore access to the battery is next to impossible..

as you can see from my (slightly blurry) photo-

there are only 3 panels on the back of the machine that you can remove- 1 hard drive, 2 ram, and 3 wifi card (I think!).. the cmos battery (the circle!) is to the right of one of the panels, under the casing. I have tried removing the entire casing, all screws and connections, and even from the front, trying to get to it by removing the keyboard, but it proved impossible to me, so Id rather get someone else to do it. No doubt the difficulty is on purpose so that you would always send it to packard for repair, and for a high price, bu... Read more

Answer:wont boot, bios/clock errors-how much to replace a cmos battery to fix this problem?

If there's a dismantling guide for your laptop online you could try to fit a new battery yourself.
If you're ok with that post the exact model of your laptop and I/we will help you look.

Otherwise to get the best deal I would phone a few small local computer shops and compare their prices with big chains like PC World.

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Hey guys, I'm a total idiot.Just got hit by some odd Trojan 'cus I suck at internets, it appeared on my screen like it was installing, I immediately cut the power off, (yeah, I know, BAD IDEA,) but I was in panic. So as I turn my computer on, it counts my RAM, blah blah blah, and then it gives me some odd message. It says:CMOS Settings WrongCMOS Memory Size WrongPress F1 to go to SetpPress F2 for Default ValuesOr something alike the lines of that. I press F2 to see my Windows boot screen and I smile in joy, hoping I got through without any damage, as the boot screen dissapear and I expect my logon screen to appear my screen is suddenly covered by a grid of purple and green rectabgles, my screen goes black for a while and it finally logs in.I've been able to boot into my Widnows this way succesfully, (if you can call it that,) 4 times now, every time I get in my clock has been reset and the date is set to somewhere around April 2003. Also since this started it keeps wanting to update Windows XP (KB896428) even though I have done it several times now. It's like my computer resets to what it was long before. Plus, at certain websites I'm not able to log in, I'm bounced back to the log in page, this happened after I deleted my Cookies, is this related or a whole 'nother matter?Anyways---I'm seriously afraid something is horribly wrong with my computer, and that's probably the case, so does anyone have info on what this might be? And wh... Read more

Answer:CMOS Settings Wrong / CMOS Memory Size Wrong

Replace the CMOS always when working inside the case remove all power sources first and take the neccessary anti-static precautions...Part # CR 2032 available just about anywhere.

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I had auto update for Windows Vista turned on and at some point it updated this latest update, and when I shut my computer down and restarted it I got into the same loop. I have done some research and found out that this is happening all over the place and Microsoft put out a flawed update. I found a forum with the solution, but you need to get to a command prompt. I can't get there because my HP pavilion only lets me get to one after windows boots? Well vista can't boot because of this loop, ergo I can't get to a command prompt to fix the problem! Microsoft URL for the fix is but none of the remedies listed on this page will work on mine. SO I am UP a CREEK for NOW. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using a system utility supplied on my computer to back the whole thing up, but through a USB port it is taking forever.


Answer:Microsoft Update perpetual loop on step 3 of 3 Computer is hung in loop

Can you get into Safemode by tapping the F8 key immediately on startup and using arrow keys to select safemode and hit Enter key.

Did you get a Vista disc with the operating system on it?

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Hello, I have encountered a troubling problem with my ASUS Windows 8 Laptop. Every time I turn on the laptop, it says "Preparing Automatic Repair", then goes into complete black, then the Blue Error screen shows up for about 1 second, then restarts and the cycle keep repeating itself. I am unable to boot from a recovery USB drive, so I an unable to get to the Advanced Startup menu. The laptop did not come with a CD.

Any help is appriciated.

Answer:Windows 8 Automatic Loop/Blue Error Screen Loop

Hi Kenzilla02 & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

Could you please post a photo of the Blue Screen so that we could see if there is anything which can help us in diagnosing the problem. You cannot get into the Safe Mode as well?

Anyways, you would need an installation disc for the repairs and to check what is going on.
Let me know how it goes ^_^

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I was on YouTube and then my PC froze and restarted. Then the blue screen showed up saying "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we will restart for you. " then it goes to the Acer logo and then back to the blue screen. It keeps repeating this.
My PC didn't come with a disc or anything I have an aspire b. It is windows 8 it was so when I got it in last December. Help me.

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I have a structure (in a module for use between multiple forms):


Module Module1
Public Structure walls
Dim length As Integer
Dim width As Integer
Dim wallpaper As String
End Structure

Public myWalls As walls
Public colWalls As New Collection

End Module

This is an assignment - so not looking for a direct answer but an idea on what i should be doing.

only information that is needed across forms is put in the structure. The assignment requires a calculator to work out cost of the quote, how much of each material needs using, the area etc etc..

one of the outputs required is having a datagridview that outputs various info about the quotes. The info held in the dgv is changed on selecting different options. I've done all but one of the options it's only a small part of the mark, but i don't want to hand in an incomplete program :

so i need to look through for wallpaper type say er "embossed" add together the lengths and add together the widths. Multiply the total length by total width and have that output as say wallpaper type: embossed, total area: 5362.

will i need to use "for each"?

I cant see how to do it.

Answer:VB Loop through problem

FOR EACH Loop usually using when you are in a situation to execute every single element or item in a group

This is the syntax of for..each loop

For Each [Item] In [Group]
Next [Item]

see exmples here


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Basically, I can;t log on without logging off straight away.

I've loaded the Windows SP Disk onto the system and tried to repair the system but this hasnt worked. I cannot run the system in normal mode or safe mode.

I've looked hard around the internet for a simple solution but cannot find one. I basically am a noob when it comes to things like this but I can pickup on things easy if you can give me any worthy advice.

Cheers for the help.

Answer:That old log on- log off loop problem

Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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I'm working in Matlab but I'm hoping the principles will be the same for most languages. Here's the problem:

I have a for loop:

for i = 1:10

This will execute the code for i=1 to 10.

But inside the for loop, i have a while loop. I want to increase the variable "i" while inside the while loop:


while (certain condition is true)
{ -certain code-
i = i+1

But in matlab, whenever I come out of this while loop, the for loop ignores the changes to i in the while loop and keeps going from where it was before the while loop began.

Is this similar to what happens in other languages? Does anyone know a way around it?

Answer:Solved: How to increase a for loop variable inside the loop

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I have a HP Pav 13 x360 Win 10. The main battery has the CMOS included inside it or it doesnt have one, I have heard both. The error persists with the battery uninstalled, using only AC power.

It all started with plugged in, not charging. Then got CMOS checksum is in invalid on startup. Changed battery 3 times (twice from HP and once from me)

Gave up and set it aside for months. Took it to a tech who could not find anything wrong with it. It was charging normally and told me it just needed to be at 0 for a while and should work fine. It booted with no error.

It is now showing the error again but is charging. Could it be a motherboard error if it happens without a CMOS? I have updated it and flashed the BIOS.

Any help is appreciated

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