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help me choose a good video card plz ...

Question: help me choose a good video card plz ...

hey guys ,i am gonna buy a new video card .... 1st which is better ? Nvidia or ATI ?second , there r 2 video cards i am hesitating between : these are : Geforce 7300 GT , and Geforce 6600 XTalso i wanna know what is the meaning of GT , GS , LE .... ?plz help me

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Preferred Solution: help me choose a good video card plz ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: help me choose a good video card plz ...

Track has been summoned....

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Hmm, seriously must i have a audio card if i already have an onboard audio? i really dont see the difference

Answer:How to choose a good audio card?

Getting an addon card does not use computer mem resources. Most have mem on the card giving you more computer resources to use elsewhere. You will howerver have to disable your builtin sound card to use an addon one. Sound Blaster sound card seem to be compatiable with most programs.

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hey guys, i am trying to get a good video card for a low end budget. i have around 60 bucks.

and i need it AGP. i found these and i was hoping you guys can help me choose because the fact is that i have no idea which one is better at all. its not for gaming or anything, just photo editing and shell customizations in windows interface.

I can honestly tell you that i have no idea of which one makes it better than other. so if anyone is so kind and to elaborate on why its better, i would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:help me choose a video card

Of the 4 you linked go with the top one it has DDR 2 memory not DDR. This will give it a llittle more pep than the other 3. Really any of them should work for what your describing you want to do.

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I have a Compaq Presario that I game with a lot. I would like to upgrade the Graphics card. I currently run a Radeon 9250 (PCI/256 DDR), and my 3DMark03 test runs about 1083 (ugh). I do have an AGP slot from the original card that came with the PC, open.

I have seen the same games I play run on friend's PCs that have, for example, an ATI Radeon 9700Pro, and the difference is amazing. I want that!

But, a I have looked at reviews, etc, surfed Newegg, and such, I find that when folks talk about high performance, they are also quotes in those threads about the cards generating so much heat as to burn components up, etc.

So, I am in a quandary...don't want to perform a PC meltdown, but do want to get better graphics performance. A couple questions:

1) Any general recommendation on cards that can be installed in an OEM computer, and perform well with games like Delta Force, Tribes, UT2004? (been thinking of an ati 9800pro).

2) Would it be mandatory to add an additional fan of some sort to cool the new card (over and above what comes on the card for heatsink/cooling/fan)?

3) Are their ways to install some sort of temperature monitoring capability easily, if my case does not have one (from the factory)? Suggestions?

Not sure I shouldn't just embark on the challenge of building my own PC, but I fear I would buy wrong components, etc, and spend more than just going out an buying something like an Alienware....

Any help, guidance would... Read more

Answer:How to Choose a New Video Card

With a video card you have to look at 2 things - your budget and the performance.

A 9800pro will give you great performance, as will the nVidia equivalent, a Geforce 6600, think it's a GT not sure...
Most of the "higher spec" cards now come with cooling fans built on to keep the card cool, but you can also install case blowers which you can put underneath to extract air and help the airflow.
Standard case fans also help keeping the system cool, but you want a reasonable amount of fans blowing air in and blowing air out.

Temperature monitors can easily be bought, ranging from simple kits which enable you to put a sensor almost anywhere and read the temperature on a small display, all the way up to 5.5" bay controllers which can do many things!

Hope this helps

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Hi all.

I am buliding a new server/database system that will also double as my secondary gaming machine (located at work ). My question to all of you is, which vid card woudl you run, a Geforce 3 Ti200, or a Geforce FX 5200?? I know it sounds like a landslide for the FX, but in my experience, The cheapo of the newer gen doesnt touch the high end of the older gen, ya know? FX 5200 is a very low end card and it started that way, the 3 Ti200 was pretty high end, which would you choose? BTW I will be playing World of Warcraft. Thanks for the input.

Answer:Choose a video card!

why not try them both out to see which one works best?

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I am getting a new Dell PC with following Configuration.

I am going to use a 46 inch OR 55 inch TV as my monitor so I can do regular computing as well as use it as a Home Theater PC.

I am not going to use it for gaming at all.

Intel i-7 3.4 GHz Processor


Windows -7 Ultimate

Integrated 7.1 Channel audio

Hauppauge® WinTV-HVR-1200 Hybrid Analog/Digital TV Tuner

They are giving 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT420 as default video card.

And they want almost $ 100.00 Extra for 1GB ATI® Radeon? HD5770 Graphics Card

Should I pay extra for Radeon HD 5770 ? If yes, What will it do that NVIDIA won't ?

Thank You.

Answer:Help me choose a video card

the 5770 is more powerful than the GT 420, but either would be suitable for a HTPC. you wont need 12GB of RAM though, that's for sure, so if i were you i would save myself $100 on the memory and get the 5770.

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I'm a special effects design & an avid gamer*** and I'm looking foward to buying a new computer. The only problem: the graphics card. I'm torn between: ATi Radeon 9500 Pro, Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 or 5800, and the Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4800. I see mixed results @ Toms Hardware review ( Help, fast! I have 5 more days to burn before I have to buy a computer for the special effects training course @ dvGarage.



** The Matrix Reloaded is coming soon. I HIGHLY recommend you see it **.

Answer:Video Card. Help! Which one to choose?

Go with the ATI Radeon 9500 Pro, if you have a little more cash, go wiwth the 9700 or 9800.

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i know- i just said something about this the other day,
but i need someone to tell me which is the best deal here. i don't know jack about video cards- still my weak suite, so any help would be appreciated.

here's the line-up:

1. Albatron Geforce 128mb model "FX5200EP"

2. Apollo model "Devil Monster 3 Radeon 9200 SE 128"

3. Chaintech model "A-FX20"

the prices are around the same.... i think they are all 128mb. I know radeon is supposed to be better for gaming, but I don;t really play any games, though I would like to leave the possibility open in case I change my mind (i always do) and start playing.

Answer:help me choose... video card

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I am getting a new Dell PC with following Configuration.

I am going to use a 46 inch OR 55 inch TV as my monitor so I can do regular computing as well as use it
as a Home Theater PC.

Intel i-7 3.4 GHz Processor


Windows -7 Ultimate

Integrated 7.1 Channel audio

Hauppauge® WinTV-HVR-1200 Hybrid Analog/Digital TV Tuner

They are giving 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT420 as default video card.

And they want almost $ 100.00 Extra for 1GB ATI® Radeon? HD5770 Graphics Card

Should I pay extra for Radeon HD 5770 ? If yes, What will it do that NVIDIA won't ?

Thank You.

Answer:Please Help choose Video Card

I have a normal Hp Pavillion. I slapped a Radeon in it and it kicks *** now! I mean, I can run bioshock 2 at full setting with no lag! This is NOT a gaming rig by any means. so yeah, I would

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Major repair about to start for elderly friend. New M'board bundle and PSU, old HDD CDRW etc. and Win98Se.I have to choose between his basic S3 AGP video card (not sure exactly which), and from my spares, an S3 Trio AGP or PCI Voodoo 3000.He uses it for high end photographic editing (not video), and word processing. No games or internet17" CRT monitor...........Which card should I use?

Answer:Choose between AGP and PCI for video card

my guess would be agp unless your card is so far in front that you would still be using it.

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Hi all

I want to buy a new PC, and will probably buy a complete package online. But I'm a bit thick when it comes to all this stuff. As I am a writer, I spend all day reading the screen, so I want to make sure that I don't end up looking at anything blurry. I'm told that most TFT screens are of a similar quality, and that it's the video card that's important, so I'd like to know how to choose one if I'm not going to try before I buy. It doesn't have to be all-singing all-dancing - I'm don't really play games or anything - but I do want my word files etc to appear crystal clear.

Any advice?

Many thanks

Answer:How do I choose a video card?

well like you said you wont need a Geforce 6800 256

what do you run on that pc

i play and work on mine i am not realy to happy with this 5200 for games these days but hay it was fast once

FX 5200 would do fine or a GeForce 4 would be up to the job

there around the 30 -50 $ area

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I want to get either one of these but i cant choose witch one help me please

Answer:Cant choose my new video card help me

I'd go with the PCI-E card

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alright. I'm a full-time college student without a job. MY parents said they'd spend $145-$150 MAX(anything lower is better) for a video card for me for christmas and/or birthday.

I'd like to know what to choose. Newegg has quite a few good deals going on right now it seems and they'll prolly get better. I saw an Nvidia 6800XT for like 139 with a $20 mail in rebate. the reviews said it could play basically any game out with med to high settings and get good fps. Just saw an ATI x1650PRO for like $140 with rebate. Both of those are good, i just don't know enough about them to choose. I've been posting on a couple boards asking this question, but all the people don't know how to read because they're givin me links to cards my comp can't use.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 4600
2.66Ghz processor
512mb RAM (i'll be upgrading this to 1 gb or more when i get the card)

AGP SLOT!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-----------------------------------------------

no PCI-E slot unfortunately, if so i prolly wouldn't be asking this question.

I've been reading websites talking about the best agp card for the money and have seen a couple dif ferent cards. The X850Pro was one and the 7600GS(or GT if i could find one for cheap enough). Both of these are at the tip top of my price range and i don't think i really need them to do what i want. I'd liek to be able to pl... Read more

Answer:New Video Card..What to choose?

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I am ordering new Dell system.

Processor : Intel i-7 ( 2.93 GHz )


I will be using TV as my Monitor.

I am also getting a TV Tuner Card with it.

I want to watch High Definition Movies too.

Which Video Card should I choose from following options ? OR will it make any difference if I choose the first one ?

It says ATI Raedeon HD5770. Does it mean High Definition video ? Should I choose that to Watch High Definition Content ?

1024MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT220 [Included in Price]
1024MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 240 [add Rs.3,143.55]
ATI® Radeon? HD5770 1GB [add Rs.5,239.25]
1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 [add Rs.11,526.35]

Thank You

Answer:Please help choose video card

For my fellow TechSpot users unfamiliar with India's rupee currency, here are the conversions. ;D

FREE ..........1 GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 220
+ $69.42 .....1 GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 240
+ $115.72 ...1 GB ATI® Radeon? HD5770
+ $254.59 ...1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460

Personally, I would stick with the GT 220 that is included in the price. Any of those cards will allow you to watch 720p, 1080p or higher definition videos, no problem. However, if you play a lot of new, graphic intensive games then I would recommend the 5770 as it is extremely cost effective.

On a side note, go for a huge hard drive or two if you intend to record shows with that TV tuner.

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I'm looking for a PCI Express x16 card to upgrade to from onboard graphics. I'd prefer nvidia 8000 series with DirectX10 support. I don't game at all but do do a lot of photo work with photoshop and video editing. And of course I don't want to break the bank!
Any reccomendations ?

Answer:Help me choose a new Video Card

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Hello --

I, too, have read many "video upgrade" related posts but still am unsure which card I should purchase to improve my video performance for Tiger Woods Tour 2006.

I contacted HP through online chat but they didn't want to tell me anymore than get a 128 or 256MB card - they then spent 1/2 hour harrassing me to buy more RAM from them before they would tell me my power supply is 250W.

Having read much online I am confused about the compatibility specs for the various components such as MOBO, Power Supply, cooling ... etc...

I feel kind of stupid for not being able to figure this out with all the info on the web but can someone please help me to determine which are my best options.

I have listed some specs below based on what I see others post who have similar questions. If more is needed please advise.

thanks to all for your generous and continued help to myself and to others.


HP Pavillion A384x;
MOBO: ASUSTek Computer INC. A7N8x-LA Rev 1.xx;
Bus clock: 166MHz;
Bios: American megatrends Inc 3.05 09/17/03; 2.07 Ghz AMD Athlon XP;
64kb primary mem cache; 512 2ndy mem cache; 40free / 80 GB 512 RAM;
Current Display: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8x (display adapter);
Power: 250W

Answer:How to choose video card?

For a game like that, yes you would need a slight memory upgrade on your video card. 128 MB is OK, but 256 MB is very efficent, something powerful enough to run many games.
Now all we need to know is what kind of video card you are running on right now. There are several types of video cards : PCIEX, PCIEX16, and AGP. All you need to find out now is what type your current vid card is, and buy a video card that's that same interface, except with 128mb or 256mb.

EDIT: Keep in mind that with more parts, you may also need a better power source.

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Lemme just give you the main parts:

Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester
MSI Neo4 Ultra
1GB PC3200 RAM
Antec Neopower 480W
Dell 2005FPw

I'm looking for a video card between $200 (6600GT) and $360 (6800, x800XL)

i know i know, broad price range

I'm going to be playing HL2, CS:S, BF:V, MS Flight Sim, maybe a couple of sports titles (my guess is that the latter wont need much gfx enhancments)

Basically, I want a card that will last a couple of years until DX10 comes out (then i'll go for a SUPERCARD)

is it worth it to pay extra for a 6800 vs a 6600GT? Or should I wait a few extra weeks to get the x800XL for about 350?

FYI: I havn't built the PC yet, all I have received is the CPU

Answer:Help me choose the video card

i would get the 6600gt because it will play everything there with ease, and since you are upgrading in a year or two, why waste money on a top end 6800gt when a 6600gt will do you

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I recently purchased an ASUS EAX1650PRO/HTD/256M Radeon X1650PRO 256MB GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card. I want to return it though because the fan on this card is very LOUD! I paid approx. $85 for this card so I'd be looking for another card in the same price range. Would love to have a video card that is quiet. I've looked into the video cards that are fanless...but it just appears that no matter what the heatsink is attached to them they are going to run hot. It's pointless to buy a fanless video card just to have to install a pci fan right below it to keep it cool. Can anyone please suggest a good video card that is real quiet? Max. that I'd like to spend is about 90-95 dollars. I don't play many games on the computer although I am running windows vista ultimate edition. I need the card to be a PCI Express x16 video card and prefer that it be atleast 256MB. All of your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Help me choose a new video card please!

What you need to find is a card that is fantastic for multimedia but not so good for games. They tend to be the cards which are cheap and quiet and are able to run on vista.

The Ati X1300 is a good card for you which is in your price range. Also, you might like the GeForce 7300. It's a good card for Multimedia, and my friend has it and it works silently.

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Hi there,

First time poster, long time lover of computers. Alright, well here's the scoop. I started with a basic Dell Vostro 200 with no video card installed. I took the video card out of my older PC and installed it but I began having problems with the rest of the computer not being up to par. So what I've done is upgrade the parts one by one:

-standard Dell Vostro 200
-installed ATI Radeon X300 SE video card
-installed Intel E5700 dual core 3.0GHz
-installed two(2) Samsung 1gb PC2-5300 DDR2 (3gb total w/ two 512mb)

Essentially all I want is a graphics card that would work the best for my PC. It can run Starcraft 2 which is absurd, considering how old the graphics card is, but what I really want it for is to play the game Vindictus on really graphically appealing settings. I really don't know much except the max. wattage is 250. Hope that helps!

Much appreciated

Answer:Help me choose a video card!

Hi salad,
The problem here is that any card that will accomplish what you want needs a PSU of 400w or more. even the cards that do not have a PCIE 6 pin.

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Hello everyone.

My computer is nearing 6 years old now and I've been thinking about upgrading a little to give it some more kick.

You can see my motherboard at:

My current video card is a very old RADEON 9000 pro 128mb.

I was wondering if anyone could point out some good agp 8x/4x cards that I could use to upgrade my system. I'd love to find something in the $50-100 price range if possible.

I also had a couple questions that I am still unsure of. I couldn't find clear concise answers on these on the web.

Will (almost) any agp 8x/4x run on my computer?
What should I look out for that may bottleneck my card? I currently have 2gigs of DDR333 ram and a Intel 4 2.0ghz (Northwood I think). I can also clock my cpu from 2.0 -> 2.3ghz (100mhz->115). The motherboard specs are above, so if there is something that may bottleneck the card on the motherboard you can check it out there.

Thanks for any help. There are about a billion cards in the market now and I really want to make sure I make the best purchase I can.

Answer:Help me choose a video card (AGP8x/4x)

AGP is more-or-less an obsolete/expired platform, and very few quality cards are available in the AGP form factor. Check EBay. You're looking for a 256bit bus. Some good 256bit cards from days of old are the GeForce 6800s, 7800/7900; Radeon 1900/1950. I think Sapphire is making the ATi HD3850 in an AGP version, but it's way out of your price range. For the price you listed, EBay and a used card is your best bet, but in a year or less, the card you're going to buy will be out-of-date to the point of being almost useless for gaming since most newer games will not support the older cards and the older drivers that these older cards use. IMHO, your money is best saved until you can buy some new gear. Back in early 2008 I was in the same spot you are now: stuck iwht an aging platform, but not willing (or financially able) to take the leap into new, up-to-date gear, so I spent about $170 on the best AGP card I could find at the time (a brand new Radeon x1950 Pro; it rocked for what it was). But then I was still stuck with single channel DDR400, and a single core CPU. Had I not bought that video card, I would have been in a modern dual core system much sooner than I was. That $170 could have bought a new motherboard/CPU combo. So I ended up biting the bullet, buying all new gear, and selling the older stuff at a loss :cry

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My motherboard is going bad (i believe) and I need help choosing a new Motherboard and video card to go with it as i am not to knowledgable on this subject. I have a cheap Video card now so i want a new one of those too. I don't want something very expensive but i also don't want cheap, so something intermidiate. Here is what i currently have:
ABIT NF7 Motherboeard
AMD Athlon 2.08GHz Socket A
(2) Corsair 256MB DDR RAM

I might want new RAM as well so please give me some recommendations. All advice will be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:help me choose a new mobo and video card.

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hey all!!! im new to the forums and wanted to get some advice on which new video card i sould get because im computer impaired . I have a Geforce4 mx 64mb vid card <-- funny i kno that came with the comp, and am looking at either the radeon 9600xt 256mb or the 9800pro 128mb card. before i go any further let me give you my specs:

pentium4 @ 2.4GHz w/533MHz fsb / 512k L2 cache

512MB DDR SDRAM at 266MHz

120Gb hard drive

DSL broadband connection

Wich would work best with my setup and not create any bottle neck type problems? Im a CS junkie so im planning on running HL2 on my comp and i deff want to have a decent fps while playing CS:source online. Would there be any power concerns with either of these cards? im not even sure how many watts my power source is... how can i find out? One other question i have is why is a 256MB card less then a 128MB? Will this make any differance in performance? Plez any information would be great, i NEED to learn so show me the ropes!!!!

Answer:Help choose my Video card PLez

The 9800 pro is a much better card than the 9600xt. You cant go wrong with the 9800.

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I have a desktop with a radeon x550 video card and it's not enough to play Tomb Raider Underworld.
I don't know video cards at all, and I need your help to choose one which is compatible with my system.
So, what do you say?

OS : Windows XP Profesisional SP3, Procesor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz(2 CPUs) , 2x512 MB RAM, System Manufacturer : GBT , System Model : AWRDACPI, 120 GB HDD, Video Card : Radeon X550, 256 RAM, DAC Type : 400 Mhz

Here are some prints from Everest, more details regarding my computer specs.

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Hello Geeks!

I am looking to upgrade my video card (see my computer specs in my sig). I'm not a serious gamer (mostly Civ, SimCity, and A Tale in the Desert), but I have been running into trouble recently due to the crappyness of my Radeon 9200SE (ATITD doesn't like it very much). So, I am not going for a lot of bells and whistles, but I would like something that will get the job done for around 100 bucks.

The two cards I am looking at are the Sappire Radeon 9600XT and the ASUS Geforce N6600 TD. Anyone have any experiences using these two cards?

A couple things about my situation...I use Linux a lot, which means the nVidia might be better (better driver support) but I have not had many problems with installing the ATI Linux drivers for my current card. In the above links there's a 30 buck price difference. However, I can get the Geforce card for a little over 100 dollars from a vender here in Japan. The ATI card, though is really expensive in Japan, but I can oder it from NewEgg and then have my family ship it over. Either way, the price is going to be about the same for both cards.

Right now I am leaning towards the nVidia card, if only because it presents a lesser amount of hassle. I figured, though, with such a great resource as MajorGeeks, it wouldn't hurt to ask a question in the forum.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Upgrading Video Card--Which to Choose

the 6600gt is better than the "vanilla" 6600:

less ram, but much faster. not quite sure about comparable ati cards, dont like them

or u can go with this:
and try to unlock the hidden pipelines etc.

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I need a compatible card for my pc.Needed for movies.I want to spend <$75.I currently have an ATI Xpert98 AGP2X 3D Rage Pro 8MB.I have a Dell pc, Windows ME soon to change to Windows 2000 Pro, 256 MB SDRAM memory,chipset Intel 440.I believe I have an AGP 1x,AGP 2x.If I have an AGP slot, will any AGP card work?Monitor supports 1600x1200 75Hz max resol.16bit, 32 bit, etc.,what is this?Do I need to choose a card that has SDRAM memory or will any suffice (i.e. ddr)?Can I get a 4x AGP or do I have to stick with 2x?What is tv out?Is this something I need for movies?Any help would be appreciated & specific card suggestions would be welcomed as well.If you need more info from me let me know.I really want to find the right card on the first try.

Answer:[SOLVED] How do I choose the right video card for my pc?

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What video card do I choose for a Lenovo M57 6072 SFF?My specs:-Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33Ghz-4 Gb Ram DDR2-Intel Gma 3100-280W Power SupplyI know this model is an old one, but I like computers like this I would like to buy a "HP FirePro V3900 1GB DDR3 128 Bit" card but I'm not sure if it will be compatible with my PC because in the past I bought an "Asus Silent HD5450 1Gb DDR3 64bit" that proved to be incompatible.Then I learned from this forum that I should have upgraded to the latest bios version, but I still did not risk it.What do you think? A "HP FirePro V3900 1GB DDR3 128 Bit" would be compatible with this PC? The only 280W source will be enough? I would have an alternative ... and that would be an "ATI Radeon HD6450 1GB 128bit". What do you think? please help! Thank you in advance!                                                                              *Excuse me of my bad English.*                                                                                                 -My PC:             ... Read more

Answer:What video card do I choose for a Lenovo M57 6072 SFF?

Hi GeoGrimm,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
Your system being SFF model there are limited options like GeForce Zotac 610, GeForce GT 430, Club 3D GeForce GT 520, ATI Radeon HD 5570 to name a few. Well older Think systems have limited support for AMD/Radeon cards.
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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My sister owns an old Dell B110 desktop; I'm attempting to upgrade the OS from XP to Windows 7. I downloaded the windows 7 upgrade advisor and found out that all I needed to upgrade was the video card. The current card is an: "Integrated Intel Extreme graphics 2 w/64mb". Her computer uses pci slots, Pent 4 etc. She is not a gamer; All I want to do is buy a comparable card that will be compatible with Windows 7. Can anyone help me to do this? Thank you.

Answer:Does anyone have any idea about how to choose the correct video card?

As far as memory(system) goes, you will need a min of 2gb mem, 4 gb is optimal, it will run with 1gb but not well at all. It pretty old hardware, I wouldn't throw too much $$$$$ into this.......

the chipset will take 4gb I see it is a Intel? 865GV Chipset I believe


oh I think it has pcie expansion for graphics, if thats the case see these:

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I have about a 5 year old computer i will tell you the specs.

MSI (VIA) MS-6309 v2.0 - Motherboard
850Mhz Intel Celeron - now overclocked to 1Ghz
40GB Western Digital 5400rpm HDD(now slave) - now with a second 7200 40GB as master
it came with a (tornado?) video card but i now upgraded to a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 which is a 256MB AGP 8x card.

I got it because it was at a VERY good price and it out of the packet but my friend builds computers and he got the wrong gfx card so he sold this one to me cheap... my computer is an AGP 4x. I understand i cant upgrade that unless i get a new motherboard. I have drivers that microsoft installed by itself (Nvidia GeForce FX5200 Microsoft Corporation) is it worth going to the nvidia website and upgrading to their drivers? my computer is really old and slow and i want to get the best performance out of this card... I dont think i can run games like Need For Speed Underground 2 can i? because i have a slow processor? i tried to play Halo Trial downloaded from microsoft but it went to the loading screen at the start but then just shut down before it got to the menu.

My point is... what can i do to get maximum performance out of this card but without increasing the startup items too much etc


Answer:Good Video Card... Not so good computer

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Hi TechSpot folk, and thanks for in advance for anyone who can help me.

I've bought myself a new video card yesterday; HIS Radeon X1650 Pro 512mb IceQ, AGP. I went ahead to install it, and I get no picture after booting up.

I am receiving a signal to the monitor (I am not getting a "check signal" message) but no image comes to the PC. I went to put my old card in which is a Gigabyte 128mb 9600 Pro, and it now it doesn't work either!!!

Both cards are receiving power as theirs fans are chugging along.

I had also purchased a 1gig stick of RAM to complement my new video card, so I set my PC up the way it was before the attempted installation of the new card. Still nothing happening.

Current components of PC are:

P4 2.8ghz (D865PERL)
Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
512mb RAM
DVD and Lite-On burner

Answer:New video card install no good, now older card doesn't work either

I don't know about the 9600 Pro but the X1650 Pro should have a power connector on it. Possibly a floppy drive type connector. Was that plugged in?

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My power flickerd, Usually I just reset my power supply.
But this time it didn't work. my hard disk doesn't want to take off. and I can't get any video I have a new Raeon 512
but, my onboard wont work either.


Answer:power outage, no video, and good video card

get something like this Ultra 20/24 Pin PSU tester 2 for 1
and if it tests ok its your motherboard
if it doesnt test ok than a new psu is in order
or maybe try changeing the fuse in it

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HIS Hightech ATi RADEON 9600XT Turbo Video Card 650 MHz, 256MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "EXCALIBUR RADEON 9600XT PLATINUM" -RETAIL


i wonder is this a good video card that can easily run all the newest games doom3/halflife2/farcry/stalker etc.??

since i only have a 64mb video card right now

Answer:Will this video card run Doom3/Halflife2??? please :) i wanna get a good card

Yea, another forum member runs Doom3 on Ultra High Settings with that card.

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Question: Good video card?

Hey, I jsut bought this videocard... Is it a half decent one for playing games and such?
PowerColor Radeon 9550 / 256MB DDR/AGP 8X/VGA/DVI/ TV Out/


Answer:Good video card?

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I need to know if this Video card is good for gaming.. Like playing games like Battlefield 2 and COunter Strike Source etc

name: Gecube ATI Radeon X1300(PRO) 512Mb (PCIE)

Answer:Is this video card any good?

Certainly not the worst card you could but it's at the low end of PCI-e cards. What's your budget for a new card and what's the rest of your system like?

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I'm about to purchase a new video card for my PC. And would like some suggestions that will be compatible with my MB. My board is a MSI P7N 750i, and I currently have a GeForce 9800 512MB. Or maybe I should just get an additional 9800, and use th SLI tech????

I definetly wanna stay with nvidia, and somewhere.. in the neighborhood or 200 bucks is the price range. thanks for the help

Answer:Look ing for a good Video card.

lego126 said:

I definetly wanna stay with nvidia, and somewhere.. in the neighborhood or 200 bucks is the price range. thanks for the helpClick to expand...

Jeez man, $200 will get you a GTX460, way better than a pair of 9800GT's and will use less energy. Just make sure that your power supply is up to the task for either option. I like my my 460, takes anything that I throw at it.

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Hi, my computer was recently fixed from a display driver problem. The person who fixed it put in a driver called: ATI 3D Rage II PCI.

How many MB's of video RAM is this, and does it support OpenGL


Answer:Is this a good video card???

Its got 4MB of ram and doesnt support OpenGL to my knowledge. Its a VERY old card that is no longer availible for purchase. What kind of computer do you have?

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i am going to order me a new video card and i am in the pricerange of like $250 and its got to be AGP what would be the best card to get its going to be for playing games like starfleet command3, doom3 battlefield 1942 and vietnam,fs2004 and soon fs2006 when it comes out and Grand theft auto Vice city and the last one to come out what should i get? thanks for any help

Answer:help looking for good video card

best bet would be either a 9800pro or 6600 .... I can usually turn all the setting to max w/o AA or AF ... sometimes with depending on what game

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is this a good video card to play battlefield 2

Answer:is this a good video card

your link doesn't work for me and it depends on what you are going to use the graphics card for.

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My son is trying to run Brothers in Arms, *censored*'s Highway game on our computer but, it's characters are bit jittery, not smooth on our computer.  We have a Plug&Play Monitor NVIDIA GeForce 6800 currently running.  Should we get a better card?  What kind?We have enough RAM (2GB) and we have a 3.19 GHz intel pentium (4) processor.Thank you

Answer:Video card good enough?

Should be all right, here are the requirements for that game:

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im thinking of upgrading my video card to this..

how good is this video card etc.

Answer:How good is this video card.

That's an awesome video chipset; however, I'd get this card instead. It's only about $14 or $15 more expensive, and I'd rather get an eVGA, cuz I'm not sure if PNY's that great.

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I'm wondering if I need a new video card? I have a NVIDIA with the number on it of MS-8830 ver 1.0, which honestly doesn't mean anything to me.....

I'm wanting to run a Pinnacle Studio Quickstart 10.7.
1. It captures video all herky-jerky and not smoothly in real time like my Toshiba, and,
2. The playback is like 2x speed. I downloaded the "fix" that Pinnacle refers to but didn't matter..........

Is this a video card thing?

I'm running WIN XPSP2 having 512MB RAM and plenty of HD, 1.7GHz processor.


Answer:Is this a good video card?

Yes the video card may need to be upgraded... Is this a Compaq computer? Model? Serial number?

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is my video card good enough for guild wars factions?

its a ATI Radeon Xpress 200M
system requirements lab said that my card is not good enough. microsoft game advisor said that my card is fine.

Answer:is my video card good enough?

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Well I Just Ordered A X850PRO Off Of Newegg For My AGP System...Take A Look

If You Read The Comments...It States That The Core Clock And Memory Clock Are:

Core Clock : 500
Memory Clock: 1000

It Also States That You Can Overclock It To The More Expensive X850XT...

Please Leave Comments So I Know If This Card Is Good And If It Is Smart To Unlock The Extra 4 Pipelines...Thanks Guys!



Answer:This Video Card Good?

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I'm upgrading my system and I wanted to know of a good performance video card for a decent price.

The best I've seen so far is the Sapphire X1650XT on NewEgg for 104.99...

It has to be PCI-e, but DX10 isn't required.

Any ideas? I'm trying to keep it around/under $150.

Answer:Help for a good video card

best bang for around $150

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Question: Good video card?
This is the card I plan to buy on friday (payday). It will be the last piece of my new pc.

Heres what I want to ask: Will all this crap actually work? I think i've done my research, but I dont really know if it will.
Also, is there a better video card for me out there?

Here is the rest of my hardware:

Answer:Good video card?

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I am looking to buy a good value for money video card specifically for watching movies on TV. There are many models out there with TV out, but I can't find reviews that look into that feature. And most reviews tend to concentrate on the high-end cards, and I am not sure that their capabilities make a difference for TV Out.Could you please recommend a video card (preferably not too expensive) that has a good TV Out.

Answer:Video card with good TV out

try this site to see if any of them help you might see one on it that sutes you .happy new yearclick here

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hi, i just build a P4 2.4ghz Prescott system, with 1 GB of Geil dual channel pc3200 ddr 400 ram, and im wondering, should i get a sapphire 9600xt, a powercolor 9700, or a chaintech geforce 5900 fx? the most i want to spend is 170, that puts my comp at 800, and my parents are making me pay half of it, so....

Answer:need a good video card!

out of that mix, HANDS DOWN get the sapphire 9600xt

sapphire is in fact a VERY reliable manufacturer, as they make a good deal of the "ATi" named video cards in their own factories.

almost every user on this board will support the sapphire name as has been stated in countless threads here.

the only other option you might take is to get a 9800pro 128MB, as it is about the same price as a 9600xt now.

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I am looking for some advice on which PCI card would give me the best possible performance in games like RTCW and Q3.

I understand that having an AGP card is pretty important for today's games, but my old pc doesn't have an AGP slot and im not quite ready financially to invest in a new machine yet.

The GeForce FX 5200 PCI looks to me like a pretty good card for being PCI.
Im running a PIII, 800mhz, 512mb sdram, 64mb Geforce2 mx 400, win98se. Would there be a considerable improvement if i bought this card, or would i just be wasting a hundred bucks?

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated .

Answer:Looking for a good PCI video card

I'd just sell that computer you have there, and buy a new one. Just my opinion though.

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Question: Good video card?

Hey everyone, I'm helping a friend of mine build a computer and he's wanting to get a new graphics card but he doesn't want to spend more than $60 on one. He found one that he liked but I'm not too familiar with ATI's stuff. I haven't had good experiences with ATI but it might've just been that my card was a lemon. But here's the one he was looking at: do you guys think? He's wanting to do a lot of gaming (with the newer games) and like I said, I'm not familiar enough with ATI's stuff to know if this is a good card. So I figured I'd get ya'lls opinion. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Good video card?

The cards below are also pretty good for $60. the GPU FAQ also, the X1550 isn't in because it's not all that common, but it's just below the X1600.If he's going for serious gaming he'll have to raise his budget though.

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Hey everyone!, I just received my new card, an ati radeon x1950 pro sapphire 512mb... And im playing oblivion. Well when im just exploring around the map, in the distance all the terrain (the mountains and stuff) is just kinda blurry with all the green mixed together and so forth. You can't see all the details from a distance. And you can especially notice when you ride your horse that all the bushes and stuff appear in front of you not too far. Why is it doing this? Lack of power from processor unit? Not a good enough video card? Not a good enough mother board? Can someone help?

Answer:Video card not good enough?

Your card is definitely good enough to run Oblivion. That's not a problem. What settings are you running the game on? Sounds like you just have the video quality turned down...

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I'm looking for the best video card I can buy for under a hundred dollars and I'm looking for advise .My daughter wants the game sims2 so I went and looked at the system requirements and found out that with my tnt video card I would need all of my 2gig cpu resourses so please help!

Answer:Looking for a good video card

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Hey umm i have a dell dimension e310 and my video card isnt that good. are there any that are compatible and can play games like call of duty modern warfare 2 and halo at around 60 -70 fps for under 50$ maybe. Thanks for the help

Answer:Looking for a good video card

Here are the two economically viable solutions for your system (but don't count that they will give you performance you want them too, keeping in view your system's age):

1. PNY GeForce FX 5200 256MB PCI $40

2. BFG GeForce 8400 GS 512MB PCI $50

3. DIAMOND Stealth S9250PCI256SB Radeon 9250 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Video Card, at about 65$, expensive too.

If you really have to by a graphic card right now go for 2nd choice; however, I would rather advise you to save money, and build a new system.

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I plan to do some gaming on my computer, I also wanted to play Crysis, How is this video card?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Single 1GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon? HD 5870

Answer:How good is this video card?

Its great, but it will be useless if we don't know your hardware - post a screenshot of HWinfo32's summary screen in my driver's guide - also what PSU do you have? What connectors, amps, and rail's?

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ok well I fixed my other pc, I bought a new motherboard and installed it. Not as hard as I thought it would be. But now im getting more ram and a new video card. Can someone tell me if this is good enough for CS Source and all those types of games?

Answer:Is this a good video card?

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I want to get a decent card for my new PC, but I'm not sure which to get. My motherboard is an ASUS P4S800D-X. Here's a link to it.

I have a 3 GHz processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and a 320 gig HD. Any advice?

I was thinking of maybe this one.

Answer:I need a good video card!

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Im putting together a computer for a friend of mine, and so far it has the Athlon XP 2800 CPU, with the Shuttle AN25/N Ultra mobo, and a gig of ram. Everything is all up and running, but he wants to put a good video card in it. I know what he really wants to be able to do is to play Oblivion. Hes not going for a high resolution, just 1024x768. So the question is this... Which video card would be a good match for this system, without bottlenecking the CPU? Any help on this would be great, I just dont want to go out and spend $120 on a video card, thats just going to bottleneck the system. -Dennis

Answer:What is a good video card for this?

At Tiger Direct the Nvidia 7600 GT OC is a 256mb card w/128bits. Core clock is 580mhz, memory clock 1450 mhz with a memory bandwidth of 23.2 GB/sec. Good numbers for your $120 price that you mentioned. It's $144.99 but has a $30 rebate.($114.99). For that price range you won't do much better. Good Luck.

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looking for a video card that is a all around good performer that don`t hurt the wallet to bad

Answer:Good Video card to buy

never mind reread your specs and its time for work

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Hey, i can't decide on whihc one to pick, cause i have no knowledge of which is the best one. Please help me pick a video card on the list (look down for the link) which is AGP and is the best for gaming. (less than 60 bucks, but if u see one that's a lil over 60, tell me)

Here's the link:


Answer:Help me look for a good video card!

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I was planning on upgrading my video card for my system. I have a 150$ budget, a PCI Expressx16 slot, and my PSU is

I had planned on buying this

Would this be a bad idea? If so what would be a good upgrade from a Geforce 6600 with 128mb of memory.

Answer:Would this be a good video card?

Perhaps I am missing something. Your current power supply is a Delta 300 Watt. You want to buy a BIOStar GEForce 7600 GS V7602G551 7600GT BFGR76256 GTO CE 256 MD GDDR3 PCI-e X16 with $5.64 shipping.
Looks good! Are you in a state where you will have to pay sales tax?
An alternate would be where their video cards shipping is free. Take a look at the ASUS EAX 1650PRO GAMER Edition HTB 256M Radeon X1656 Pro 256MB... and the other ASUS units they have.
Some people will quarrel with the power supply based on specs, but it is solid and performs well. You would have to pay $65 to upgrade to an equivalent 400 or 450 Antec or other model...
Don't listen to people who poo poo the Gateway Deltal PSU. It is designed for that box... I would add a case fan soon... cost about $12 to $15.

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I just bought and installed black hawk down, and the team sabre expansion. I also installed new drivers for my video card, yet, it still does not work. In the requirements it says "GeForce Series." My video card is of this series. Please help

Answer:Video Card not good enough?

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Hello Guys,

I want to buy a good video card with pixel shader 3
I don't wanna it very expensive and I want it to be suit with my mother board,power supply isn't heating and making dump

My computer's hardware:-

1-mother:MSI 740GM-P21

2-Cpu:AMD Sempron 140 2.70GHz

3-3 GB ram DDr3

4-Vga ati radeon 2100 attached to mother
(I want to change it)

5-power supply: Pixel P4-450W 50/60Hz
115v 215v
That's all I know

P.S:I prefer ATI video cards

more information about power supplyPower supply label:

Pixel Power supply

P4 450W

voltage:115v- 230v



Behind Power Supply :

input AC 220v 3.5A 50Hz

: output AC 220v 1.5A 50Hz

Thanks in advance


Answer:want to buy good video card

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Does anyone know a good AGP card that will play Oblivion well for about $100? I want to be able to play oblivion on my current computer until I get my new computer. (current computer only has a FX 5200 128mb)
currently im looking at this card: - POWERCOLOR 26PRO512M AGP Radeon HD 2600PRO 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X HDCP Ready Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards
also looking at this card too - HIS Hightech H165PRQ512AN-R Radeon X1650PRO 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

Answer:A good AGP video card

The 2600 looks like the best solution. There isnt to many AGP cards out now a days. Most have switched over to PCIe. There are some but not the neset stuff.

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Is that video card any good? im not very familiar with video cards so id appreciate an expert's advice.

Answer:is this a good video card

If you're not a gamer its fine. If you are a gamer then you'll hate that card.

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Question: Good video card?

Here is a link to the video card i was looking into. I am upgrading from an nvidia 8500GT and thought this was a good deal. I want to be able to play newer games on higher graphics and if this card is good then any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

Answer:Good video card?

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I have a Compaq laptop an ATI Radeon IGP 320M. Can I play game that requires a 32 MB OpenGL 1.4 compatible PCI or AGP 3D Hardware Accelerator with Hardware Transform and Lighting (T&L) Capability required card?

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My power supply:-Fortron Source FSP250-60DC Output 250w Fuse rating +3.3v & +5v = 165w Max.AC Input 230 - 240v~, 3A, 50-60 Hz+3.3v - 14A+5v - 25A+12v - 8A+5vsb - 2A-5v - 0.3A-12v - 0.8AI have connected:-MSI 6701 motherboardPentium 4B 2.6660GB hard driveCD-RWDVD RomFloppy driveCard readerUSB modem2 X 256 MB DDR SDRAMUSB JoypadKeyboard and mouseWhat do you reckon? Is that Power supply just too weak for a high-end card like the 9800?

Answer:Is this psu good enough for this video card?

Have a look here click here

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Considering an upgrade from a Radeon 9800XT (it still works for some games, but its threshold to heat has been reduced due to overheating and newer games simply lock up).

Dell has other cards listed here:

It would be replaced by Dell as part of a replacement-upgrade.

See my profile for system specs.

I have a 460W power supply. Is this a better card and will it work with my configuration? Is there anything bad about it I should know?

Answer:Is this a good video card?

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Hi everyone i have a Nvidia2 mx 200. Is this a good video card? will it run alright pc games like warcraft, battlefield, counterstrike? I like detail so what do you think of this video card.

Answer:Is this a good video card??

Yeah, that's a great card!


You definately need a new card. It will probably run battlefield, but not battlefield 2. And It won't run any new games. Let me know if your looking for a new card, and I'll help you out!

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After endless reviews I was still as confused as ever,but I went with a ati radeon 9550 video card for my Sony Vaio 1.5 mhz,512mb RDRAM,agp.I plan on getting a new computer in the next few months.Is this card going to be sufficient for now for games like CALL OF DUTY,and DELTA FORCE EXTREME.Also when it arrives can I come to this forum for help installing.Thanks.

Answer:Video Card Any Good

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I am building a new PC nad was wondering on what a good PCI-E video card was have figured out pretty much everything eles but that.Any info would be a big help.

Answer:Good PCI-E video card

There aren't that many and they are all from nVidia or ATI.

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ok heres the deal... went to Sierra web site phine # called tech ...and he says that my video card...will not support multitexturing that i need a new one how do i know what to buy....

Answer:need a good video card

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I am looking to buy a new video card and have around 150 to 240 to spend. I am looking for something that can run doom 3 and some of the newer games, without any hangups. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer:need a good video card recommendation

A Radeon 9800 128mb is going for around 100 USD now, great card. If you want even cheaper but a card that will run every game, just not on highest settings go for the Radeon 9600. If you really want to spend the bucks then check out the nVidia Sli's or the 512mb Ati cards they got goin on. They are crazy. Another great card is the nVidia 6800 256mb or the GT Version, both are pretty pricy.

*Edit* sory didnt see your price range, forget about the SLi's
My crappy Radeon 9200 can run doom3 fine, they go for 30 usd on ebay if oyu feel cheap.

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Hey all!

i was actually planing to stick with my no agp mobo as i have like 50 bucks of cash for the comp this month. But i was planning to offset the measly 512mb RAM ive got by getting a diamond stealth radeon 9250 256 mb pci card.(for about 50 bucks) 3GHz celeron and 865gvhz with 96 mb shared video Any thoughts tech masters?

Answer:PCI video card good option?

You aren't going to get much of a performance boost, and some games won't run properly on PCI graphics cards.

What are you looking to do with this card?

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I'm looking for the best video cpture card I can get for a bit less than 100$.

I'm using Windows 7, and a laptop, so it must be external. I'm planning to use this to record gameplay from my video games (video reviews), so I can't really allow much lag, and the clearer it is, the better it is. It doesn't have to be HD, but it's a plus, obviously. What else...? Nothing, I guess. I'll look forward to any ideas you may have.

Thanks .

Answer:A good video capture card,+SECAM+-+Video+Capture+Device+-+TBS-1125-01

PC mag said the Turtle Beach was a good buy.

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Looking for a good, "fast" video card for 2D. Would like DVI and HDMI outs.

Answer:Suggestions For A Good 2D Video Card

If it's just for 2D then pretty much any will do.

What's your budget?


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after testing my computer with 3dmark 2003, and noticed that my scores are pretty poor. So with all the new games coming out, I figured I should upgrade my video card.

I don't have that much money to afford a card thats around $300, so any good cards that can provide great performance but at a reasonable price? my limit is anything under $160

Here are my system specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2100+ (1.7ghz)
MSI Kt7 Turbo
Visiontek Geforce 3 64mb AGP
Maxtor 20gb HDD

Answer:Looking for a good, yet affordable video card

Hopefully I will be posting a FX5200 card review soon that will be compared against other Radeon boards and older GeForces currently in a similar price range... I haven't finalized testing but it'd seem that the old Ti4200 is a winner for boards above the $100 mark if your budget doesn't allow you to go for a Radeon 9500 Pro board (the best value your money can get right now).

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I'm wondering if I need a new video card? I have a NVIDIA with the number on it of MS-8830 ver 1.0, which honestly doesn't mean anything to me.....

I'm wanting to run a Pinnacle Studio Quickstart 10.7.
1. It captures video all herky-jerky and not smoothly in real time like my Toshiba, and,
2. The playback is like 2x speed. I downloaded the "fix" that Pinnacle refers to but didn't matter..........

Is this a video card thing?

I'm running WIN XPSP2 having 512MB RAM and plenty of HD, 1.7GHz processor.

Answer:Solved: Is this a good video card????

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Looking to purchase a new video card, I will look to budget to $125.
I am running older system that I built recently installed Windows 7 on.
I have MSI socket A mobo with AGP slot for the card. ANY recomendations on a really good card for video viewing mainly since I am not really a gamer on the PC anymore since the purchase of my PS3 so all thoughts are welcome.

Answer:Recomend good AGP video card

Forgot to mention that 7 does not recognize the drivers for my current radeon 9500 pro. Hence the reason for he search.

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I have a lot of analog 8mm video tapes that I want to burn to DVD's. I have the ATI All in Wonder video card but the capture is very poor. I was told to get a dedicated capture card that will have better quality. I looked at the Canopus site but found it difficult to understand their products although I'm told they are very good. Any suggestions.
I am running XP prof with 1Gb RAM.


Answer:Need a good video capture card

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Hello, i have a game i want to play but my video card needs to be better.

I have a Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Controller


Video RAM =128.0 MB

3D= yes
Pixel Shader version= 2.0
Vertex Shader version
= 0.0

All i need is one with vertex shader version 1.0, preferably 2.0. There are alot of video cards out there, but i need one thats compatible with mine.
I have: Product::: HP Pavillion Laptop dv4000

windows XP, home editon version 2002 service pack 3

HP intel(R) Pentuim(R) M
processor 1.73GHz
1.73 GHz, 0.99 GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension

Where can i find video cards compatible?

Answer:Good compatible video Card

You can't upgrade your video card, most laptops including yours, do not allow the graphics card to be upgraded.

But you may be able to try an updated driver and maybe it'll work, the 915 doesn't have hardware Vertex Shades but it can be emulated in software/drivers.

Intel drivers:

3D Analyze is one program that can emulate hardware support:

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I currently have a ati radeon 9800 pro 128 mb and looking for a upgrade. My MB is AGP so i am limited

I was thinking of going with this or a ati radeon x850 pe edition.

Answer:Good deal for this video card?

Its not a bad deal, but check these out,

There is a ASUS and a PNY 6800GT for less.

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I have just finished building my first PC and usign the Gigabyte MoBo with onboard video.

The MoBo is GA-965G-DS1 (Ver 1.0) and the grahpic is not to my desire.

I would like to purchase my own video card and need some advice.
What shoudl I be looking for if I am not using it for playing games, just watching DVD movies and online movies etc.

Please tell me the minimum spec that I need and possibly a few brand names.


Answer:Recommend a good Video Card

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I need a recommendation based on your experience for a good video capture card for my PC. I am running XP Pro, 1.9 Gig AMD AthlonXP processor. I would like to stay in the <$150 range, but I would go a little higher for quality/features. I want to convert family VHS and 8mm tapes to DVD. Thanks in advance.


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i JUST GOT AN hp a6314f WITHA A M2N68 mb AND A hpw2207h Monitor, the monitor has a HDMI IN and VGA in but the onboard video is vga only. I wanta good HDMI out video card for movies I am not a gamer. Any suggestions? :confused

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Answer:Which is a good HDMI out video card

Take a look at the nVidia 7000 series, I have used the 7600 512mb myself and found it to do quite well on graphix and video. The price is far cheaper than the 8000 series.

But as always, shop and compare.

7000 series - you can still get in AGP as well as PCIe
8000 series - I believe these are all PCIe
9000 series - (Just coming on the market) are all PCIe

Hope this helps.

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I have a gigabyte GA81875 Ultra with a video card 5700XT,Whenever i play a game using after some time it starts beeping, i think it is the 5700Xt heating up. I tried to find out how long before it would beep in three scenarios.

scenario 1) when i started the game at random
scenario 2) when i started the game 30 seconds after scenario 1
scenario 3) when i started the game right after i had stopped the game in scenario 2 or 1.

the time before it started beeping went down scenario 1>scenario 2>scenario 3.

this is what suggested to me that it was the heating up of the cpu or gpu.

i wanted you guys to suggest a fan or some other cooling mechanism which would cool my system down to non beeping temperatures.

Answer:really good fan needed for video card?

I never heard of beeps coming out due to graphic card heating, yes they do come due to CPU overheating.

as even if you are on GPU, still CPU has to take some load in processing the miltimedia extensions like DirecX, SSE, DSP, 3D Now/Professional etc.

and in grphic processing, the CPU as well touches the 100% barrier of performance (though random).

get your CPU checked. rather than GPU

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Hi, I'm looking for a new AGP graphics card and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I was thinking of getting a 6800GT, but maybe it would be worth it to get a 7800GS or a 6800GS (gs is better than gt, right?)

I have a gig of ram and my mobo is an Asus k8n-e.

Also, where's a good place to buy a graphics card?


Answer:Shopping for a good AGP video card

the 7800 gs is the best buy for agp. the gt is the pcie version of the card. get the card from, i would reccomend the evga.

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i am looking for a friend they ask me what would be good to get for £60 to £90 i dont know how much that is in $ lol its got to be pci the video card they are useing now is a 82810E intel video and everyone knows that onboard video is no good so anything would be better lol its got to beable to play doom3 and fantastic 4 anynew game

Answer:whats a good pci video card for Ā£60 to Ā£90

Good luck!

It seems you can only get either a 9200 or 9250 for ATI.


You can buy a FX5700LE:

Comments on this card:

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I have posted a few other posts about graphic cards, and I am trying to get afew more opinions on what card I should get. I have an AGP 8X slot with a 450 watt power supply. I have a budget of around $100, and prefer ATI over Nvidia.

Answer:Good Oblivion Video Card?

How many amps your PSU delivers on the +12V rail?

Here are good, under 100 AGP cards:

9800 PRO

X1600 PRO (just be aware of their possible frezzing problem)

6600GT ( I know you don't like nvidia, but it is a good card)

You should save a little more and get better cards, like a X800GTO or a 6600GT.

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i was looking in my device manager (I'm using Windows XP Pro x64) recently and noticed that my radeon 9600 pro and soundblaster live 5.1 were both running on irq 16. It also says my radeon is pci, but it is agp. could my computer run better if i switched my soundblaster to a different slot is this even affecting anything at all.

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Hello! I'm planning to build a new PC but I'm on a tight budget right now, I don't want to go cheap with MOBO, so, I'm probably getting E6750 and Asus MOBO, (still not sure which one) maybe P5K, P5N i don't know but for sure I want dual PCI-E16 for future SLI, since I want the computer for gaming purposes and video editing I need a good video card, but for the moment, I want a "meanwhile" video card and maybe "meanwhile RAM" but I don't want to get a really low end card, maybe 8400? 8600? can you suggest something maybe around 90-100, and for memory I think 2x512 will be ok in the mean while since I want to get 4x2GB when I have the funds, and for video card definitely 8800Gt or Gtx, so as you see that why I don't want to spend a lot right now on a "meanwhile" video card and memory.

All advice, opinions, suggestions highly appreciated Thanks!

Answer:Good Cheap PCI-E16 Video Card

The P5K is a Crossfire motherboard and the P5NSLI dosen't support the E6750 Processor.
EVGA Motherboard with SLI & E6750 support 2 PCI-E slots at 16X each $177.00 retail 147.00 after rebate

Or if you just gotta have ASUS
ASUS Motherboard with SLI & E6750 support 2 PCI-E slots at 16X each $188.00
2GB Mushkin DDR2 800 with SLI profiles $68.00
XFX 7950GT with 512MB of DDR3

The above is a good gaming card you'll be able to SLI with if you feel the need. Video cards with 128 bit memory bus (like the 8400, 8500, 8600) aren't usually good video cards for games, but if you insist:

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Basically, I've tried my luck at 3 different video solutions:

Pinnacle 700 USB Plus with Studio 10 (not horrible, not good, external)
Hauppauge WinTV card (slightly better becuase internal, still not good)
Sony LocationFree BaseStation (NOT good at ALL, no capturing methods built in, used screen recording program)

I want something that can capture from a component source. I'm recording footage from my Xbox 360 to do machinima's and the like and I want really good quality. Price at this point isn't an issue, I just need a list to choose from. I've tried googling this but I can't find anything useful. Can someone just help me out please?

Thank you!

Answer:I'm looking for a good video capture card

Bump. It takes 5 minutes to write up a list of what you know, so please help me out. I've done my research, but I want more opinions.

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i bought a xfx Geforce 8600gt 1gb 128-bit 540Mhz. i play battlefield 2142 and want high resolution. didnt have too much more money to spend otherwise i would have gotten something kickass. but i have 4gb ddr2 800Mhz ram w/ 3.2Ghz processor on a Asus p5k-e motherboard 1066Mhz 1600 FSB. do u think it would be choppy still if i ran high graphics?

Answer:Solved: is this a good video card?

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