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shut down issue

Question: shut down issue

We have a computer thaty keeps going into hibernation despite resetting it. We think its possibly the video card. Any suggestions?*edit* Actually, it just shuts down. I thought it might be a power supply issue. It is turned on and will stay on 20 minutes then shut off. She will turn it back on and it will stay on. *edit....again* OK. She says it has done this several times this morning before I arrived. Now its not even staying on 20 minutes. One thing she did mention was that it was doing it when she was in Outlook deleting spam. I don't think that's an issue but figured I'd make mention of it just in case. But she did say that eventually it will stay on. Thoughts anyone?

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Preferred Solution: shut down issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: shut down issue

What is th emake/model of the computer and the make/wattage of the power supply (it should be printed on the outside of it). How old is the macine?

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Question: PC Shut down issue


I haven't had my newly built PC for long and a couple of times now, when I have clicked to Shut down the PC, it goes through the shutdown process (displays shutting down windows screen), then goes black and then a blue screen appears for a second or so and then the PC boots up again rather than shutting down, telling me when it boots back up that "windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown", not sure how its unexpected when I asked it to shutdown. Here is a copy of the error report that comes with it:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 7f
BCP1: 0000000D
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
Anyone know what this problem is and how to fix it?
Below is the log files from BlueScreenView


Answer:PC Shut down issue

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Question: XP shut down issue

Iam currently working on a new build for this 790i mother board.
When I go Start>shutdown> and click shutdown, the machine turns off to a certain point then I have to press the power switch to shut down further(It is now safe to shutdown windows) as per instruction of a message.
How can get this to shut down all the way with out having to hit the power switch to do so.
i have Win XP Home installed as an OS.

Answer:XP shut down issue

Hmm sounds like the motherboard does not support the feature. What type of mobo is it

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Question: Shut down issue

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Once I press on shut down button the screen goes off but the cpu still keep on running. So, I have to press the cpu button to force shut down.

Its my personal thought some program is creating problems because I installed fresh copy of windows fews days back it was perfectly alright.

Thanks for your support

Answer:Shut down issue

Hello and welcome Ahmad am a bit confused by what you mean by the CPU button?? If you mean the power button for the machine you should not shut down the machine with it unless you really have to.
Using the shut down via the Windows shut down will take some time to shut down the machine if it does not shut down then something is wrong.

If the latter is the case run these < use the /f option in Option 2 ifnecessary

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I am using WinXP SP2 and it seems to just hang when it says Windows is shutting down? I have to turn it off manually. I was having some other problems and Cheeseball81 helped me in the Security Forum by looking over my HJT log and seeing things were fine. I did fix some security issues but I thought they might fix advice would be appreciated as I don't know if shutting down the PC manually all the time is a good thing?...CG

Answer:Win XP Shut Down Issue

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I have tried all the suggestions for getting rid of this issue, but it still remains unresolved. I have to continuously press the shutdown button on the laptop to achieve a total sutudown. using the windows shutdown button always resulys in an automatic re-start. Is this a result of an underlying issue with the p71 in which case I may have to return the laptop to lenovo as it was only purchased a few months ago, or does anyone know how to solvev this. I have already tried deselecting the auto shutdown that the the wndows help suggested.

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I have a question. I am working on a system that is running windows 98. On shut down the system automatically reboots itself. I have tried several things to solve the problem:

1. The hd has been formatted and a fresh install of the operating system has been performed.

2. Fast shut down has been disabled.

3. power scheme has been set to home/ office

4. I tried restoring to an earlier point but that did not have good results and so i ended up formatting hd again and resinstalling windows 98.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:win 98 shut down issue

I went to the microsoft site and did the steps provided and the system still does not shut down.

I have exhausted all of the ideas that i have any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Installed new ssd along side wd1tbblack and everything works fine and much faster.
Os and needed programs only on ssd>balance of data and apps from platter.
My issue is that when shuting down or rebooting system,a( windows task manager screen )always pops up > with no notice of programs still running before system finally shuts down.
This just seems to slow down the shut down sequence by some seconds.
Do i have an issue ??????

Answer:Shut down /new issue

Where did you get Win7? Is this a retail disk or did you download and burn it yourself, and from where?

Work through the Troubleshooting Steps for Win7 to test for infection, check System File integrity, establish a clean boot, and the other troubleshooting steps and optimizations suggested which resolve most problems.

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Question: IE Shut Down Issue

On both my computers, upon shutting down, I get an IE message and end up having to "end program" to exit and continue shutting down. If anyone could direct me to where I can find how to get rid of this, I would be eternally grateful.

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Question: shut down issue

I am not able to shut down my laptop with Xp pro automatically every time I have to forcefully shut it down.Neither I can restart or standby my laptop.

Answer:shut down issue

Can you explain a little more?

Does it freeze, Do you get an error? Does the screen go black but power remains on?

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Question: Shut Down issue

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 about two weeks ago. Everything when fine and all devices working great. No error messages and all Windows updates installed perfectly.

However, the last couple of times when I went to the Start button then selected Power button and then selected Shut Down, on the screen it says, Shutting Down and then in a few seconds a dialog box opens with the following:
Closing 1 app and shutting down (but it never does I have left it for a long time but it never shuts down)

To go back & save your work, click Cancel and finish what you need to do.

Task Host Window
Task Host is stopping background tasks. (\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\Automatic App Update)
To get Windows to close I have to choose Force Shutdown and I don't like doing that because something is obviously wrong.

Any Ideas?

Answer:Shut Down issue

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Just got finished building a newer computer--using some older pieces--and am having a shut down problem. First I have Win XP SP-1 installed on an older Abit BH6 MB with a 600 Celeron processor OC'd to 900Mhz. Going to use this with my MyHD OTA tuner card. Anyhow everything works good until I try to shut down. Windows goes through the normal screens and when the screen goes black like it's going to shut down, I hear a click inside my computer case and a new screen pops up saying "It is now safe to shut down windows". I seem to remember Win 98 doing the same thing a few years ago, maybe it was Win 95!! When I push the power button on the front of my case nothing happens immediately, but after about 5-10 seconds it doesn't shut down but goes into a reboot!! The only way I can get it to truly shut off is to pull the power plug when it goes to the safe to shutdown screen. The power button works fine to start the computer and the reset button works fine to reset the computer. Any ideas out there??

Answer:Win XP SP1 shut down issue

Firstly, don't yank the cord. If you hold down the power button for about 5 seconds it should power off. Besides which there should be a switch right next to the power cord going into the back. Use the power button method though.

AFAIK usually when XP does this it is actually crashing while trying to shut down. By default XP automatically reboots when you would get a BSOD. Go into system properties (right click my computer, properties) and open Startup and Recovery Settings under the Advanced tab and uncheck Automatically Restart.

At that point, try to reproduce the issue. If it gives you a BSOD, write down in detail what it says and report back.

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Question: Shut Down issue

When I try to turn off computer it will now restart on its own? The only way to turn off is on the log on screen or manually power button on the tower. Any suggestions for a normal shut down? Thanks

Answer:Shut Down issue

Try reinstalling your video driver.

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Question: PC Shut down issue

When Windows 8 is shutting down, it won't turn power completely off. The HD-led is lighting allthough the power-led has turned off. If I then press powerbutton, nothing happens. I have to take power-cable out of the wallsocket, wait about 20 seconds until the HD-led turns off. After that I can again turn my PC on as normal.

Booting into Windows 7, and letting it shut down, it works normally.

Is this a driver issue with my mobo? (ASUS P7P55D-E) Any ideas how to solve it?

Answer:PC Shut down issue

Check out your Device Manager to make sure there are no missing drivers, if there are you might have to install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard.

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I have an ASUS laptop, running Windows 7, and recently I've started having a minor problem closing my laptop. As far as I recall, it started out of nowhere. I have my power settings configured so my laptop is supposed to sleep when I close it, but instead it shuts all the way down. When I start it back up again, I get that message telling me there was an unexpected shutdown. Does anyone know what's up with this?

Answer:Laptop shut down issue

Lately, I have been googling a lot about the sleep functions with Windows 7. And what I have discovered isn't very promising.  I have changed various sleep settings to get my computer to "stay" asleep until I wake it up and haven't figured out how yet.  It randomly wakes up in the middle of the night and has nothing to do with updates.  One post on this forum, person has windows 7 going to sleep and she has it set to never go to sleep.  So unless someone posts who has won this battle I guess we will just hope for the best.  Sounds like it is a glitch with Win 7 sleep functions.

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I am receiving notices that my computer is being asked to shut down in an unusual way and that I should contact you.  In fact, sometimes it shuts down with no warning.  How do I correct this problem? Thank you. pacificoceanblue

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I recently updated my HP Pavilion P001tx laptop to windows 10 (was running original 8.1 single language previously).Now, when i try to shut down/ hibernate it won't happen. The screen will show 'shutting down' message and only the screen will be turned off. The The processor will still be running.
After the computer goes to sleep mode it won't turn back on.
At times, i could see a message that some process is preventing from shut down but couldn't find any what it was.
I had to force shut down many times to turn off the PC..
It's been almost 3 days and this is really frustrating me. Please Help.

Answer:Windows 10 shut down issue.

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Hi everyone, I'll try to provide as much information, but be as brief as possible. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn't sure if this belongs in XP Support, Hardware/Hard drive or somewhere else due to multiple issues (related?).

PC: homebuilt, aquired from a failed business (no disks)

Foxconn Mobo
Intel P4 3.0ghz
512 ram
60 gig hd (Samsung sv0602h)
Windows XP SP2
400w PSU (Raidmax)
3.5 floppy drive
CD-ROM/writer (HP)
CD-ROM/DVD writer (Phillips?)

I have some HDD issues (XP won't boot past 2-tone blue load screen), but FIRST, and more importantly, it shuts off frequently when loading a bootCD or LiveCD as I'm trying to diag the HD problems.

The boot issue started about a month after the PSU was replaced. The old PSU was a 230w, I think. The new is a 400w and everything was ok for about a month. This was back in Nov '07 - so it's been sitting for a while since then.

Here's where it gets weird: if I let it try to boot XP, it'll sit on the load screen for ever - well, not sure if there's a time frame, but I've let it sit for at least 1/2 hour and it never shuts off this way. But if I boot UBCD and run TestDisk, for example, it'll usually shut off as soon as a scan starts: It acts just like the power was turned off with the front power button, the fan LEDs go out, all of the case and drive LEDs go out and the monitor goes into stand-by. However, the "NumLock" on the keyboard stays lit and the optical mouse stays lit.

... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Can HDD issue cause shut-down?

Hello ,

yes it can

from what you have described you have hard errors on the harddrive

you see you can load the linux and it will run fine untill you reboot so that ia a clear indicator that the harddrive has major issues

they are faily cheap these days and so is software

follow links


hope this helps

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Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: System ErrorEvent Category: (102)Event ID: 1003Date: 1/20/2008Time: 4:48:29 PMUser: N/AComputer: SHELLDescription:Error code 1000007e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 82d209d8, parameter3 f8b8ca84, parameter4 f8b8c780.For more information, see Help and Support Center at 53 79 73 74 65 6d 20 45 System E0008: 72 72 6f 72 20 20 45 72 rror Er0010: 72 6f 72 20 63 6f 64 65 ror code0018: 20 31 30 30 30 30 30 37 10000070020: 65 20 20 50 61 72 61 6d e Param0028: 65 74 65 72 73 20 63 30 eters c00030: 30 30 30 30 30 35 2c 20 000005, 0038: 38 32 64 32 30 39 64 38 82d209d80040: 2c 20 66 38 62 38 63 61 , f8b8ca0048: 38 34 2c 20 66 38 62 38 84, f8b80050: 63 37 38 30 c780

Answer:Pc Shut Down And Restart Issue

Although there isn't much info to go on here, here's a link to a description of the error code: error of this sort can be almost anything - so it's necessary to scan for other messages just before the error to see if there was something causing this (both in the Application and System logs of Event Viewer).You can also search your hard drive for files ending in .dmp (usually in C:\Windows\Minidump) - and if you find them you can use this link to analyze the dump file: the results of the analysis here for us to have a look at.

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I recently purchased a full version of Win XP Home only to be told that the M/C is safe to turn off, but waits for me to push the power button. My motherboard is a GigaByte G71XE, which I believe is two years old. I have plenty of memory, disc space and every thing else, so a friend suggested I updated my BIOS, but the last updates pre-dates XP. It looks to be that a new motherboard is the next upgarade I will have to consider - I wonder if that would also cure the need to hit the reset button to get my new 64 mb Nvidia video card to kick in on start up?

Answer:Windows XP Shut Down Issue

click here

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Hello, Before anyone shouts I have read through the current ongoing issue with x201s randomly shutting themselves down. My issue is slightly different;I've created an image using KBOX2000 (image consists of Windows XP SP3, IE7, Office 2003 all latest Windows/Microsoft updates). Once the image is downloaded, sysprep runs, the laptop successfully joins the DOMAIN and everything seems fine. However, if I try to shut down or restart the laptop the window appears informing me that Windows in shutting down, the screen then goes blue and stays blue (waited for over an hour !). I have to physically powerdown the laptop using the power button. I've since tried installing some recommended updates after running TVSU, but every time these installation fails. An option is given to me to "install manually" but clicking on this link does nothing. Has anyone experienced this issue ? Many Thanks,Steve

Answer:x201 - New Shut Down Issue

Sounds like you have an application or program or windows explorer itself not shutting down properly.  Check the event viewer in system tools, software environment, might give you a clue.The events in there that have to do with windows not shutting down properly might be because of you having to manually having to shut it down. Focus on anything having to do with programs or applications not shutting down properly. Right before you shut it down next time, open task manager and see if there is anything under applications that is still running.  

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I got my computer a couple of months ago and I have always had the following issues: When I select Shut Down:- Force Shut Down message: not sure what program because it stays on the screen for a couple of seconds and disappears; the computer then shuts down.- Once it is shut down, the power button stays on.  If I do not manually hold it down to turn it off, the battery is drained and I have to recharge it afterwards. When I put the computer on sleep mode, I cannot restart it.  I have to hold down the power button, shuts it down and then restart.  Defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Any suggestion here?  This is really driving me crazy. MG  

Answer:V570 - Shut Down issue

have you ever made any changes recently?is windows update on?have you tried to update power management drivers and/or flash bios update (if there's any )?also, check if the issue persists on safe mode. could be drivers or software issue.

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Three times in the last month my system has simply shut itself down abnormally and rebooted, right in the middle of whatever I was doing.

Upon restarting it informs me that windows has just shut abnormally (duh) and do I want it to do a diagnostic and repair.

Given that the alternative is go pick posies, I say yes. It takes quite a long time (20 or 30 minutes?) but eventually it is running as if nothing had happened.


Is this more likely a hardware problem or a software problem? Either way, will it help to kick the computer in the shins? If not, what?

Answer:Serious shut down issue - I assume.

Some hardware tests to run.
Graphics card test:
Video Card Stress Test with Furmark

Hard drive(s)test(s):

Pick one for your HDD brand or use Seatools.

7 Free Hard Drive Testing Software Tools

RAM (memory) test:

This will require memtest on a bootable CD or USB stick.
RAM - Test with Memtest86+

You can give these a try to help narrow it down.

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Whenever I am typing online my curser jumps to the previous sentance. my sentences are mixed up. And when I recently tried to typing in a website it closed the internet explore window.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 10:36:44 PM, on 11/17/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\acs.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeC:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exeC:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSvcs.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exeC:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\ccSvcHst.exeC:\TOSHIBA\IVP\ISM\pinger.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exec:\TOSHIBA\IVP\swupdate\swupdtmr.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ThpSrv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\TODDSrv.exeC:\Program Files\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack\TosBtSrv.exeC:\Program Files\... Read more

Answer:Browser shut down / issue

Hello,We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up.My name is Syler and I will be helping you to solve your Malware issues. If you have since resolved your issues I would appreciate if youwould let me no so I can close this topic, if you still need help please let me no what issues you are still having, in your next reply.Download random's system information tool (RSIT) by random/random from here and save it to your desktop.Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT.Click Continue at the disclaimer screen.Once it has finished, two logs will open. Please post the contents of both log.txt (<<will be maximized) and info.txt (<<will be minimized)Then please post back here with the following: log.txt info.txtThanks

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OK, been having some issues with my T60 in the last few days. It's a 2007-72U version. I have 3GB RAM, running Windows 7 Ultimate, 750GB WD HD. Currently running BIOS 2.26 - haven't had issues. When plugged in, it would just randomly turn off.  I checked the inside for dust accumulation, and blew it out anyway (didn't see much if any - I do clean it regularly). Checked temperature with HWMonitor, wasn't running hot, 65-75 degree C range, some occasional spikes to high 80s but nothing consistent with high temperatures. Lower temps with battery, and for the last year I've been pretty consistent with using a fan pad under the computer. Got BSODs after the shutdown - WhoCrashed pointed in the direction of ntkrpamp.exe and ntkrnlpa.exe.  Doing some research gave me the idea that it could be a memory issue. Booted up Hirens Boot CD and have been running MemTest86 at present for over 19 hours and over 10 passes. No errors. UPDATE: 11 FULL passes, no errors. Funny thing is, if I let the battery discharge, and then plug it in, seems fine, and no shut downs - only seems to happen when plugged in minus battery or if the battery is at full charge.  Could the logic circuits for power be messed?  I have tried this with the dock as well, and was getting similar issues with battery at full charge and plugged in - getting the shutdowns.  I don't use the dock much, FYI. Less than 5% of the time. Or could this be a software issue with Windows - might... Read more

Answer:T60 Random shut down issue

Have you tried booting the T60 from a Linux Live CD/DVD/USB image and using it for a while to see if it has a kernel panic (Linux' equivalent to a Windows BSOD)?  If so, I would suspect a hardware issue to be the root cause of the issue.
I don't have a T60 anymore, but the temperature you posted seemed a little high.  Perhaps doing a thorough cleaning out of the insides by carefully disassembling it per the T60 Hardware Maintenance Manual and removing and dust and debris, along with regreasing the CPU with thermal compound would help?
Aryeh Goretsky

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Just got a Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 to replace my 10 year old Lenovo. I cannot turn the thing off. No matter what I do, when I open the lid, it comes back on like it was in the sleep mode. Help!

Answer:Windows 8 shut down issue

How are you trying to shut down? Use (e.g.,) Windows key+i to get to the Power button--which allows shut down.

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Hi I am reposting an issue with my microphone, here is the info on my system: HP Pavilion Dv7 running Windows 7 and im am using WebcamMax. When I try to stream videos of my family and some instructional videos. I turn on Adobe Flash Media and WebcamMax then turn on justintv when i play the videos the builtin mike on my laptop picks up the sound and broadcast my talking while streaming. When I turn off the mike it kills the sound of the stream as well. Could someone help me please and thanks.

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I've had problems with a shut down issue on my laptop and the problem still persists even after I updated the bios as reccommended. i've checked the system task manager and it turns out that a few of my programs are using up a lot of memory/making the CPU and disk run higher which i believe is the reason for the shut down issue but I don't know which processes I should disable or if disabling the processes, if it will fix my shut down issue.  As I mentioned in a previous thread, the laptop only shuts down a few minutes after the first bootup after hours of not being used. Turning it on again after that, the laptop runs normally but the initial shut down without warning is concerning and I'm afraid that if this issue persists, the problem will fry my system enitirely. I've scanned for virus' and fixed any performance issues my laptop might be having with Norton but the shut down issue is still there despite this. What can I do to fix this? Will restoring the laptop to factory settings fix the issue? will killing process that take up too much memory fix the excessive usage and what processes can I safely kill without harming my laptop in the process? Would it be safer to restore my laptop to an earlier setting?

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Hello guys, I am new here.I do own though 2 IBM's and 1 Lenovo. One of my IBM's. the T43p started acting up recently even though my meticulous TLC I was giving it.As I was powering it on, after 2 mins total shut down, like a black picture/hard discs off sudden shutdown. I replaced the fan, battery (with an original 1 month old 9cell one) and original IBM charger. The same problem persists. Note that when on battery alone, the problem is never there. It only appears when I plug in the charger. Any help guys? Pls I am desperate!Dan

Answer:T43p Sudden Shut Down Issue

Welcome to the forum!
Do you feel that the machine might be overheating? Have you cleaned the fan/re-applied the thermal paste recently?
Do you have ThinkPad Fan Control installed?

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Hi I am very glad I found this forum because I had a few questions for over a year and did not know where to ask them.

I have a HP Pavilion A700n that is about 5-6 years old Win XP Home with 2G RAM

About a year ago I installed a new video card a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

Ever since then I have not been able to shut down the computer with out having to hold the power button as the computer reboots. While this is not a major problem because I only shut down once every 2-3 months I would like to cure the problem.

In addition I want to know if I go to add and remove programs is it safe to remove all the references to the VIA?S3G UniChrome IGP video?

Below is the information I copied from System Information>Components>Display

Thanks in advance for the help.

Name VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP

PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_7205&SUBSYS_72051106&REV_01\4&10AF1F73&0&0008

Adapter Type GeForce 8400 GS, VIA/S3G compatible

Adapter Description VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP

Adapter RAM 512.00 MB (536,870,912 bytes)

Installed Drivers nv4_disp.dll

Driver Version

INF File oem106.inf (viagfx_3205 section)

Color Planes 1

Color Table Entries 4294967296

Resolution 1680 x 1050 x 60 hertz

Bits/Pixel 32

Memory Address 0xD0000000-0xD3FFFFFF

Memory Address 0xD9000000-0xD9FFFFFF

IRQ Channel IRQ 16

Driver ... Read more

Answer:Video Card and Shut Down Issue

The VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP is an onboard graphics card if im not mistaken. You should disable onboard graphics card in the bios which will probably solve your PC not shutting down properly aswell

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I have a 5 year old eMachines desktop (yes, I know..) that I'm working on for a friend and it's got some very strange issues. The system will begin it's boot process, it POST's and then it shuts down once Vista starts loading. My first instinct was some type of power supply issue. I tested the power supply and it tested out OK but I still put in a spare working PSU.

If I am in the BIOS setup screen or if I disconnect the hard drive, the system will stay booted with no issue. I've monitored CPU temps in BIOS and they are normal but as soon as I plug the hard drive in or let the computer start booting up as normal,

I've had system booted for last 30 minutes and no issue but if the hard drive is plugged in, the system will shut down completely about 2 seconds into Windows Vista boot process.


Answer:Strange Computer Shut Down Issue

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Hello everyone,

I just installed Windows Vista home premium and of course had the same problem with the pcmcia.sys. After solving that everything is working fine but one thing.
When I try to shut down (not sleep) my computer something weird happens. The laptop screen shows all the shutting down images of vista and then the monitor turns off. However the power lights are still running and the fan is still running as well.

So it looks like the software shuts down but the hardware is still running. Thats really annoying since I have to hold the power button for a few seconds to turn of the running fan and the power light.
Did anyone encounter the same problem and have a solution.

Thank you very much for your help.


Answer:Vista shut down issue at Satellite M40

I had the same issue as you,
my problem was that i was just going to the start menu then clicking the power button, but you have to actually click on the little arrow next to it and select shutdown.

I think the power button only puts it in standby?
i hope this helps

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Good morning to all. Hope everyone is staying warm.Last week devastated me. I got slam dunked by something that busted through my security and wiped out my AV ware and before it let me go, did a complete rewrite on my C Drive. I ended up having to change out the drive and then doing a complete reformat and clean reinstall of my OS. Got the machine back up.My link Been working in the "Am I infected" forums, to make sure that there are no lingering traces of anything. This machine was given a clean bill of health. The reason for me coming here, is a problem that came out of the blue, happened yesterday, 2/1/11, twice and not since. Since doing the reformat and fresh install I reinstalled the driver package for my MOBO. I have one driver that is being difficult. I cannot find the right driver. I am wondering if that missing driver, might be the cause for the sudden shut downs I experienced yesterday. Maybe that missing driver caused a conflict between the programs I was using to clean this machine, and something on my MOBO. I have no idea.The problem driver, is PCI Simple Communications Controller. I have tried every driver on the HP website where I got the driver package for my MOBO. I have received error messages that say, 1. this driver is not installed because the hardware cannot be found. 2. The driver is not right for the installed hardware. 3. This driver is not compatible with MOBO. Each time it is a new problem. Never the same one twice. I finally became so fr... Read more

Answer:sudden development of shut down issue

Okay, I had a DUH! moment.

I figured out the driver. It was staring me in the face the whole time. My tunnel vision was on full and I didn't see it, then I read a post about chipset items and the light bulb went on.

Thank You.


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cannot do a full system scan without it crashing and restarting. This is the error I get...

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 00000004
BCP2: 00000258
BCP3: 8479B798
BCP4: 82F3AB24
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

I have had problems installing Windows Updates but have managed to finally get everything updated. I have also updated the drivers on this pc.

I have installed and ran Microsoft Security Essentials. I could only do a quick scan because running the full scan, the computer would crash and restart in the middle. I tried 3 times.

I ran the anti-root utility, nothing found.

I ran the system file checker, everything ok.

I also ran a disk check.

According to WhoCrashed, these are my issues.

On Fri 9/18/2015 12:29:44 AM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\091715-31090-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: wwanusbmp.sys (WwanUsbMp+0x22FAD)
Bugcheck code: 0x9F (0x4, 0x258, 0xFFFFFFFF84D9A020, 0xFFFFFFFF82F39B24)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\wwanusbmp.sys
product: Ericsson Mobile Broadband Module
company: Ericsson AB
description: Ericsson WWAN Wireless Module Device Driver
Bug check description: This bug check indicates that the driver is in an inconsistent or invalid p... Read more

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I am new to Toshiba notebooks, and have just bought an A100-201 (Windows XP MCE)

When I switch off by using Start, Turn Off Computer, Turn Off, the system closes down to a black screen but the blue "Power Indicator" stays on.

Is this correct - it would appear to me that it is still powered up??

Answer:Satellite A100-201: shut down issue

Hi Bob

When you check ?System indicator panel? in front side of your notebook there is placed ?ON/OFF light? (the second one from left side). When notebook is off this light must be definitely OFF.

Can you please describe what happen with this light (LED) when you switch off the unit?

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Recently bought an X230 and realized that is going to sleep at what I thought was a random time and I so I tried messing with the timmer settings. Then I realized that its not a random time, it goes to sleep/suspend whenever its plugged in to AC power and I ever so lightly move the AC plug on the back of the laptop. If I knock the plug, tap the plug, and even when I unplug it sometimes it goes right to sleep/suspend and I have to start it up again. What in the world? Anyone else experiecne anything like this? Thanks in advance!

Answer:X230 sudden shut down issue

I am guessing that your battery is discharged and the jack is damaged

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I have a IdeaPad Y500 that I bought about 4 months ago. Recently, It has been Freezing during google chrome usage and doing other tasks such as opening task manager and other windows 8 Apps. Many times, the computer will freeze when trying to load a website, but the mouse will continue to move. Sometimes, opening other windows programs will be delayed and I will see the loading symbol next to the mouse, but nothing loads and the computer ends up freezing except for the mouse. Occasionally, I get a pop up from the intel rapid storage device notifying me of some sort of disconnection of the device. Everytime, and I mean every single time, that I try to shut down the computer (settings>shut down) the screen turns off but the computer is still powered on. The keyboard is lit and the fans are moving, but the screen is off. I have to munually hold the power button down for several seconds until it shuts off. All of this started to occur about 1 week ago. Please help me.

Answer:Shut Down Issue and Computer Freeze

hi fuhombrechu,
Welcome to the Forums.
Are you able to recreate the issue if you boot into Safe Mode?
- If the system is fine on Safe Mode, try to perform a clean boot to isolate softwares running on the background that might be causing the issue.
- if the system is still freezing up on safe mode, try to check the HDD's health and run an error scan on the drive (try HD Tune)
Let me know how it goes.

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Hi,  bit help needed please,  since updated my laptop to windows 10 it just will not shut down, i have tried all the usual power options etc but if I am on it longer than half an hour and shut down, the screen goes off but nothing else, power button still lit up and discs whirring, i always have to shut down by holding the power button in for several seconds.I have searched the forums and seen downloads for EMEI driver, but not sure if this is the same driver for all laptops, or if this will actually fix the problem and not cause any other problems.Any help would be appreciated as I am getting nowhere with HP, Thanks

Answer:pavilion x360 shut down issue since win 10 update

tracy44 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about shutdown problems since the Win10 Upgrade and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:Sleep and Hibernate Issues (Windows 10, 8) | HP® Customer SupportHow to Resolve Post-Win10 Upgrade Issues on HP Laptops ... - HP Support Forum - 5209825Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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Hey guys, I've been working on this desktop for a while now and can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Hoping you guys can help.

The system randomly shuts down. The furthest I've gotten was logging into windows and the system shut down within 3 seconds (only got this far 1 time). I've had the system shut down while in the bios, entering safe mode, entering safe mode command prompt, and at the windows logon screen. Haven't ever been able to successfully enter the command prompt to run chkdsk or even have enough time in the bios to check settings.

The system basically powers down within 10-30 seconds of powering up.

It's not my system, so this is the best I know about the system:
Processor: Pentium 4
Motherboard: Asus P4C800-E
PC3200 DDR Ram (512 MB x 2)
PC2100 DDR Ram (256 MB x 1)
Video: ATI Radeon 9600 XT - 256 MB
Power Supply: 380W
OS: Windows XP Pro
2 optical drives

I've tried the following:
- unplugging both optical drives
- switching power supplies (to one from my personal working desktop, also 380w)
- switching graphics cards (to working one from my desktop)
- trying 1 memory stick at a time (to weed out bad memory)
- checked motherboard and no sign of leaking capacitors
- heatsink fan is working fine

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Solved: Shut Down issue... running out of ideas

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Here too, same problem.
One Thinkcentre 71 Sff works well after updating to Windows 10.
The other Thinkcentre 71 Sff upgraded to Windows 10, created an installation disk using Microsoft's Media Creation tool and reinstalled Windows 10 on a new 2Tb harddrive. That computer has the problem, it doesn't completely shut itself off. Power button is constantly blinking.
Since one computer is working good, it seems to me it is a driver issue.   ***And yes, the bios is fully updated ****
It will be nice if an expert from Lenovo looks into this matter. I'm more than willing to help with testing and or screenshots.
Mod:   edited title for clarity, and split from Win 7 thread

Answer:Edge 71, Sandy Bridge, shut down issue with Win 10...

Poei wrote:
The other Thinkcentre 71 Sff upgraded to Windows 10, created an installation disk using Microsoft's Media Creation tool and reinstalled Windows 10 on a new 2Tb harddrive. That computer has the problem, it doesn't completely shut itself off. Power button is constantly blinking.
Since one computer is working good, it seems to me it is a driver issue.   ***And yes, the bios is fully updated ****
I have seen power-off and sleep-wake issues when the Intel processor and chipset are not supported for Windows 10.   You can check that here:  
Intel® Processor Support for Microsoft Windows® 10

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I have Adobe Reader 8 installed and I am having the continuous issue of its Adobeupdater.exe engaging when attmpting to download PDFs. The Task Manager shows this executable at 99% cpu load! Even after successfully downloading a PDF this executable remains.

I have attempted time and again to shut this down via the Task Manager but it won't. The only way I can get the processing CPU load to normal operation is to reboot and then the executable is not engaged.

Any ideas on how to correct this? I have tried to see if the updater would have a fix but it never connects. I am thinking of uninstalling and then reinstalling. I never had this issue with version 7.


Answer:Adobeupdater.exe Issue: High CPU Usage/Won't Shut Down

Yes, Adobe Reader 8 is a bloated program with many useless and unnecessary features.

To remove some of these you have to do some hacking.

Here is an edited version of THIS

1.Copy the Adobe setup files from here - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Setup files\*

to here C:\Temp\Adobe\*

2.Download THIS

3.Extract both files to C:\Windows\Adobe\* (the same as above)

4.Go to to the Run box and paste in - C:\Temp\Adobe\InstallAdobeReader8.CMD

5.The worst changes from Adobe 7 have now been removed, whilst keeping the rest of the program intact.

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Hi there very weird problem,

a friend turned on his pc this morning, and for some unknown reason when windows starts up the bottom right handside shows the generic not genuine watermark and a box comes up saying that the software isnt genuine, and to resolve now or later, once clicked on later windows loads up correctly, the desktop doesnt have the embosed logo which is really weird as from what ive seen it should be a blue or black screen with the watermark on the bottom right, this isnt the case, and windows updates work wga passed correctly showing the key to be correct the key is also on the side of tghe box and is a genuine key, i really dont want to reformat, ive done the usual scans and cannot find anything malicious currently running a kespersky online scan just in case but my usual applications mentioned on this site and havent found anytyhing
does any one have any comments or ideas on how to resolve this?
many thanks

Answer:weird windows issue on start up and shut down this key match the eula sticker on the side?Does the installed OS match?Some well meaning wantabee techs repair and then crack windows with the wrong disk

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I am trying to add 2 small PCIe cards to the XPS 8900 running WIndows 10.  One is for IEEE1394 Firewire support the other for additional USB ports because the front paneI for the Firewire also has USB ports, so might as well use them.
My issue is that when I install these 2 PCIe cards and plug a power cable between one of the spare SATA cables & the PCIe cards every time I try to Shut Down in Windows 10 the system Restarts instead !!
VERY irritating!!  In nearly 50 years playing with computers I've come across a great many that refuse to start when you want them to but not very many that refuse to shut down !!
(I have checked in Device Manager and none of the devices are set to wake the computer)
Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Answer:XPS 8900 Desktop PCIe shut down issue

I have one suggestion, to reset CMOS.
With the system powered down, and unplugged from wall power, remove the motherboard battery, wait half a minute, then with the system still unplugged from wall power press and hold the power button.
Reinstall battery, plug in and see if the condition continues.
It may do nothing but it might just work, and there is no harm except for having to reset your clock.

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I am a newbie to this, and have an eMachine with an AMD Athlon 64 3300+, 512 Ram, 160 HD, running XP home. The system is 2 months old.

The computer will occasionally not shut down. When shutting down, it goes through the normal routine, saves settings, and then gets to the "Windows is shutting down" screen and freezes. It will sit for hours if I let it, and I have to eventually manually turn off the tower.

Is this a registry issue? Anyone got any good cleaning tools? I have Norton Antivirus, and Ad-aware, but do not know how to check/clean the registry. Can anything else could cause this?


Answer:Computer Wont shut this a registry issue?

Here is a collection of Article at Microsoft.
Yours is an old issue .
Better you look for one that is relative to your hardware/software situation.

Let us know if you have success.

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My computer will not shut down, not even when I hold the power button for several seconds. The only way I can shut down is to reach behind the computer and turn off the power supply switch. I have tried the power supply area, no luck, I've tried the shutdown -f -s -t0 with no luck, I have restored to an earlier date, no luck, ran virus scan (House call 32 bit) no luck! Can anyone help???


If your power button doesn't work I am inclined to think that it's hardware. The wire to the power button could be loose but that shouldn't prevent windows from shutting it down. Have you tried safe mode? You can try a bootable version of Linux such as knoppix or ubuntu to further eliminate windows.

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I have a shutdown issue on my H.P. laptop which was upgraded from windows 8.1 Did not have the issue with Windows 8.1. From what I have read online people can resolve this issue by unchecking the power settings on fast start up. This worked at one time but no more. I have reinstalled Windows 10 over the past year so many times to correct this problem but it keeps coming back. I hear that it is an Intel problem, but what do I know? I have H.P. tech support and Office Depot remote virus removal support and I also have taken it into the Windows store to have the tech guys there try and figure it out. No one can fix it permanently. H.P. updating drivers fixes it for the short term sometimes but it always comes back and the only option I have is to reinstall Windows 10 again.

I believe that I have a unique shut down problem which may make it easier to troubleshoot, maybe not but here goes. I have done the long and short hardware tests everything seems fine. My laptop shuts down just fine if I am on for under an hour. After an hour when I shut down the screen goes black, but the keyboard stays lite and the fans keep going. It does not seem to be a heat issue since I have a temp app. In fact I have tested my laptop by turning it on and walking away for an hour without even signing in. When I go to shut down, it won't shut down. Hitting the mechanical power button after this I have to keep it pressed an extra long time compared to if I pushed it after 1/2 hour when it would hav... Read more

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My Equium P200 seems to have developed a problem when shutting down.

If I select the 'Shut Down' option in the Shut Down menu then all proceeds well but then the notebook will re-start all by itself and there will be a 'blue screen of death' teling me that it is doing a physical memory dump.

When that is complete the notebook boots and there is a message saying that Windows (Vista SP1) has recovered from a serious problem.

Any ideas on how to resolve?


Answer:Re: Equium P200 shut down issue with Vista SP1

As far as I know the SP1 could create some serious problems due to the compatibility issues between some drivers and tools.

Did you notice the same issue without the installed SP1?

I think you should check this!

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I am a newbie to this, and have an eMachine with an AMD Athlon 64 3300+, 512 Ram, 160 HD, running XP home. The system is 2 months old.

The computer will occasionally not shut down. When shutting down, it goes through the normal routine, saves settings, and then gets to the "Windows is shutting down" screen and freezes. It will sit for hours if I let it, and I have to eventually manually turn off the tower.

Is this a registry issue? Anyone got any good cleaning tools? I have Norton Antivirus, and Ad-aware, but do not know how to check/clean the registry. Can anything else could cause this?


Answer:Computer Wont shut this a registry issue?

Here is a collection of Article at Microsoft.
Yours is an old issue .
Better you look for one that is relative to your hardware/software situation.

Let us know if you have success.

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Lately I am having an issue when doing a proper shutdown or reboot from a working desktop.
Every time I shut down or reboot, My laptop starts to boot, shuts down automatically and reboots to Automatic Repair.
Automatic repair fails after diagnosing.

I have tried all the standard bootrec /fix commands but it boots, starts to load shuts down and reboots to automatic repair and fails again after diagnosing.I am getting a [1] c:\Windows option when I enter the rebuildbcd command and get the error message of "cannot find system device".

I can do a system restore and it boots just fine.
I cannot get into safe mode because if I reboot, it goes directly to the above mentioned boot mode.
I cannot identify any drivers causing the issue. I have looked at device manager and suspect one of two drivers that might be the cause. One is the synaptics trackpad driver and the other is a microsoft bluetooth device that i don't recognize.
I can uninstall them however if I reboot, right back to the failed automatic repair after diagnosing.

I can always get back in with a system restore.

Any help tracking down this reboot issue would be appreciated.

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I've got the A75-211 3.2Ghz, and at first it started to cut out when I was burning DVDs.
OK, fair enough it just needed more air circulation.
But now if I get a lot of harddrive activity it is cutting out more and more. Seems to be increasingly sensitive.

Anyone else had this experience or advice?
Any underside laptop coolers recommended?


Answer:Satellite A75-211 shut down automatically - overheating issue


Such issues are described very often in this forum. Mostly the notebook shuts down automatically because the cooling modules cannot work properly.
Generally it happens because the dust and debris in inside of notebook occludes the air grilles. Well, in my opinion you should check the vents and if necessary try to clean it.
My tip: The cleaning with the vacuum cleaner is a good idea. But be careful.

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After about a year of use my laptop (Satellite A30-554) started to have problems with booting. Quite often when I switch it on cooler starts to work and the LEDs are showing that computer is on, but the monitor stays black. Sometimes I need to switch the computer off and on a couple of times for it to start booting. What's the reason for it and can it be fixed?

Once I had a problem that computer switched off by itself while working, which was not connected to a virus. Some people advised me to vacuum clean :) the cooler underneath. I did it and it helped.

The problem was said to be related to dust on the cooler, which doesn't allow it to work properly. Can the current problem be also connected to the cooler or is it a mother-board issue?

Answer:Satellite A30-554: Booting and automatically shut down issue


Generally speaking, if it boots up and does not even initiliaze the monitor, or boots up and turns off right away, it could be the motherboard. It helps to remove each peripheral one at a time, and try to boot up the computer. Sometimes when parts become defective they affect even the ability to boot up. If after removing all peripherals the problem persists, then your motherboard is defective and should be replaced. Hope you fix the problem.

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Hello,I've recently started to have a boring issue with my Y480.When battery reaches 10% it does not signal it anymore, it just shuts down (or ibernate) without giving me the time to plug in the charger. I have also the suspect that battery charge falls down at 5% in no time after that, since when i turn it on again it starts charging from 5%. This is quite annoying, because battery life  at 10% is likely to be 30 minutes yet, sometimes even more.What could be the cause of such an issue ? The only thing I have done before the issue was to reset the Energy Management setup to its default values. And, when I bought the device, default values did not cause any issue of this kindThank youRoberto

Answer:Y480 issue with battery. Notebook shut down without signalling

Hi Roberto,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that the battery is getting charged till 10% and draining with 30 minutes, as you have already installed the LEM (Lenovo Energy Management), by choosing the (Optimized Battery Health), the Battery charges only to 60% normally but as per the issue it is charging till 10% and stops charging the battery and then it take its power from the charger, so if you want to charge the battery to 100%, you need to choose (Maximum Battery Life).
Hope this helps!!!
Do post us back if the issue persists.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Hello,I've recetnly bought brand new hp spectre x360 13and it has a obvious problem with a battery.  The battery is getting drained when the laptop is shut-down(yes, complytly shut-down not in a sleep mode). It can drain about 8-10% battery per night, what is kinda annoying and unacceptable for high-end laptop.I'm wondering if this is due to a problem with the battery or if it is caused by some kind of setting that causing the computer not shut-downing properly.I've already disabled USB power option in BIOS. It didn't help.  Would really appreciate your help. I think this is not a common thing in a new laptop.

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I just did a clean re-install of XP Home, SP 1 on Computer #3 (see sig line). After I finally got to the desk top screen, I ran "control userpasswords2" from the run menu, and saw that it had two accounts; the usual Administrator account and a second administrator account it created during the install. We'll call that one John Doe.

I decided (perhaps rather stupidly) to delete the John Doe account, despite being logged into that account at the time. The next time I re-started, it gave an error message of "Unable to log you on because of an account restriction" and then hung up on the Windows is Starting Up screen. I waited just a few minutes before manually restarting the computer (with the power button, ctrl-alt-del did not work).

After trying this a few times, I did a repair install from the CD. It asked for another name, so I entered John Doe again. Now that I can get back into Windows, Control UserPasswords shows both the Administrator and John Doe accounts. But it tends to linger quite a long time on the "starting up" screen."

I have created a third admin account, and deleted John Doe, but have the same problem with the new account. I actually had to edit the registry again, so it would quit trying to log me on as John Doe, which resulted in the previous "account restriction" error message.

Other than staying out of registry issues I have no business messing with, what can I do to fix this?

Answer:Lengthy start-up/shut-down, a user account issue?

In my opinion, if you just finished a clean install and have already created a problem, I would just do another clean install. You're really not worried about loosing anything because you just reinstalled. I wouldn't try to fight fixing this any other way... that's just what I would do

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Dear all,

Shutting down has become a big problem for my machine since the last updates on NVIDIA and the display device change utility have been applied. This only manifests when the screen saver has been on. I'm using NVIDIA desktop manager and MicroSoft Plus! Aquarium screensaver.



Answer:Shut down issue on Tecra M5 after screen saver installation

I assume the notebook cannot shut down properly because of some applications and process which runs in the background and cannot be closed.
Sometimes such issues appear if the registry entries are corrupt or the 3rd software accesses the processes.

I think you should check what application cannot be closed. Try to reinstall this program and additional try to clean the registry with the registry clean software.

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Two days ago automatic updates began to run and locked up windows. I had to reboot to free up and now windows will not shut down after a session. It freezes at "windows shutting down: screen.

Also, I cannot access Automatic Updates in the Security Center - I get a message that the security center was stopped.

Finally, I have tried to go to microsoft updates manually to see if I could complete whatever update was interrupted and the microsoft update page times out.

It seems the update that was in process when I had to reboot is the issue. Any ideas??

Answer:Automatic Updates Issue Windows Wont Shut Down

Hello tpwverm, welcome to TSF in regards to your first problem read the following

1. Found this at AUMHA.ORG, inside a comprehensive discussion of shutdown and restart problems: "As a workaround, try dismantling the Windows XP logon Welcome screen. In the Control Panel, click User Accounts, then click 'Change the way users log on or off.' Uncheck the box that says 'Use the Welcome screen.' This removes the initial logon screen with individual icons for each user and, instead, pops up the classic logon prompt that requires each user to type a user name and password."

2. See if this will help scroll down to 179 on the right. I would suggest using IE for d/l sometimes other browsers are finicky with registry files.

3. There are 2 solutions you can try
A) On the Start/Run line enter: net stop wuauserv

Open Explorer and Delete these folders:

On the Start/Run line enter: net start wuauserv

The other solution is

B) Click Start/Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
Type the following commands. Press Enter after each command

regsvr32 wuapi.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll
regsvr32 wucltui.dll
regsvr32 wups.dll
... Read more

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Hi there everybody

Last night while in the middle of another Marathon session of World Of Warcraft, My front channel speakers shut off for no apparent reason? I didn't change any settings or mess with connections, so it appears that it shut off on its own.

I tested switching the connectors to my souncard so that the rear channel would play through my Front speakers and that worked, so its not the speakers that are acting up.

My guess is that my soundcard might just be crapping out on me since its a Old Soundblaster Live Value card, but I want to make sure, and I want my sound to work properly until I get a new soundcard soon.
My question is: Is there a way I can test to see if its the soundcard front channel port thats fried, or the connector? And any other ways I can check settings to make sure everything is set up properly?
I'm not to familular with soundcards, so any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Sound Card Issue; Front channel shut off


"Is there a way I can test to see if its the soundcard front channel port thats fried, or the connector?"

You did the right thing already....and you know the problem lies with the card.

By connector, I expect you mean the female plugs ON the card? Well, remove the card and examine the physical integrity of the plug to the board. Unless you jammed the speaker plug sideways or whatever it should be OK and tight to the board

If the card looks like a Dust Bunny, blow it off, reinsert it and see what happens.

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Hi,There are two issues:1. The Windows 8 shuts down or restarts properly I think one time out of 10. The blue "shutting down" or "restarting" screen is up, but nothing is happening. Tried waiting for hours and overnight - still nothing. Have to manually switch of by holding the power button.2. Sometimes, when the device is switched off, the fan starts working, device gets extremely hot, no signs of the device being in "on" mode. I mean like really hot. Once I figure this out, I hold the power button and the fan noise stops. Have to cool it off by putting it outside for a couple of minutes. I am afraid that the heat will cause the chips inside to melt.I bought the device in July this year only.Hope this helps you to improve the device or look into the power supply issue.Anton

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-After I shut down my computer and press power button, there is no response. I need to take out the battery, or hold power button for several seconds, to reset. Then, the power button is working properly.-When I put my computer to sleep mode, power button lamp is slowly blinking, NumLock button lamp remain on. After I press power button nothing happens. To start the computer it is necessary to take out the batterym or hold power button for several seconds.

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When I charge my battery, sometimes the laptop automatically sleeps muitiple times and my Fn+F4 stop working at the same time. I have a 9 cell battery that used to run between 8 to 10 hours, now it only last less than 6 hours. I just did a battery guage reset and it told me the battery can maintain 23% of original fully charge capacity and I only have this laptop a little over one year. My system suddenly can't shut down at all unless I removed the battery. It always restarts no matter what method I used. I have researched a few articles and changed a few setting in my laptop, None of them works. 

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My laptop has begun shutting down. No over-heating, no blue screens, no reboot attempt. Just black screen, laptop is off. This was mostly occurring during playing a heavy full screen game but these are now occurring randomly as well.

It had been working fine until last Friday when I had the fans/vents cleaned at a computer repair shop. It came back blue screening and unable to reach the desktop. These blue screens spontaneously resolved by the next morning and I haven’t seen another once since.

I took the laptop back to make sure everything was reconnected correctly after the cleaning and these random shut downs then began to start during gameplay. I took the laptop to a second more trustworthy shop to again ensure everything was connected as it should be and to try to find the issue but they were not able to find the problem.

Having a look at the EventViewer I think the shut downs are related to these events as the times seem to coincide:
Level- Error,Source – atapi, Event ID – 11, Task – None, Category – The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1.
I tried to work out what my IdePort1 is. I went to: Device Manager > Expanded Disk Drives > Right Clicked my Hard Drive > Properties > Details Tab > Selecting "Physical Device Object Name" from the "Property" drop down menu gave me this value: \Device\Ide\IdeDeviceP1T0L0-1

So am I right in assuming this error in the EventViewer ... Read more

Answer:Laptop shut downs, possible hard drive issue?

Quote: Originally Posted by LauraL

Currently, when I run SeaTools on this hard drive it passes S.M.A.R.T testing but fails long/short generic testing. I don?t know how to interpret that?............

I?m certain there are bad clusters on the D partition but chkdsk fails to complete.

I guess I?m asking for opinions on whether this is hard drive failure or not, how I can confirm it or are there other causes for this error or other solutions I can attempt before buying a new hard drive?

I suspect the hard drive is failing, but more details needed:

When it fails Seatools tests now, do you get any on-screen message about the failure?

The failure may mean that there are too many bad sectors. Drives ship with spare good sectors that are brought in only when existing sectors go bad. But there is a limited number of spares and you may have exhausted them.

Can you post a screen shot of your SMART screen?

I think a failure of the Seatools tests would be grounds for a warranty replacement, which presumably would not apply to you.

What exactly do you mean by "passes S.M.A.R.T testing"? As run from what tool? As indicated by what?

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Hi folks,

My wife's laptop is a 3 or 4 year old Portege M100 which is seems a good machine although the hard drive failed and had to be replaced recently.
However there is also a problem with the battery charging.

The machine works fine when connected to the AC power whether the battery is in or not but as soon as you remove the power cable it stops working immediately ie everything including the fan stops instantly.

The battery sign on the top edge of the lid/screen is blinking orange.
I assumed it was the battery that had given up and bought another toshiba one (ie not a compatible but the real thing) and slotted it in but just the same.

This problem precedes the hard disk having been changed by the way.

Any thought or ideas ?
Many thanks

Answer:Portege M100 shut down when disconnect AC adaptor - battery issue

> The battery sign on the top edge of the lid/screen is blinking orange
Are you sure that this is a battery LED?
As far as I know the battery LED shows the condition of the battery charge.
Green means fully charged and orange means being charged. But in both cases the LED does not flash/blink.
Only the AC adaptor LED flashes orange if the power supply malfunctions and the voltage is abnormal.

But if the battery LED flashes then I would assume that this code refers to the battery malfunction.
You should always buy a battery recommended by Toshiba and not any other 3rd party products.
The HDD manufacturer is not important but if the battery died then you should purchase one which is listed as supported part by Toshiba?

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My name is Gabe and I am first off NOT a computer expert. I know enough terminology to get me in trouble but I don't pretend to be a expert.

Here is the setup with the issue:

HP Pavilion Elite m9360f PC running Windows 7 Ultimate x64

2 monitors (both running from DVI ports)

USB Mouse and Keyboard

The Issue:

While I am using the computer the mouse and keyboard will randomly SHUT OFF. No power, no nothing, its like the USB port suddenly turns itself off. The screen is still up but the mouse is frozen.

I am then forced to hard reset. When I turn the computer back on it fires up just fine blinking away but the screens don't engage (aka the light on the screen (Samsung Sync Master 206BW) just blinks in standbye mode, aka never receiving a signal from the computer).

The mouse and keyboard also never light up.

I am then forced to hard restart and the same issue keeps happening.

Usually after about 5-8 times the screens light up and the mouse and keyboard turn on. I can then start my computer normally

I then will get a random amount of time before it starts all over again.

This is incredibly frustrating so any help anyone can provide will be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks a billion,


UPDATE: As I was about to write this post I was on a video chat with a friend in England via Skype on the desktop. In the middle of the chat the same thing happened but this time I had audio going and my sound froze as well.

2nd UPDATE: ... Read more

Answer:Monitors and Mouse/Keyboard randomly shut off - DVI & USB port issue?

Sometimes running DVI without scaling can cause lockups to the whole system I can't remember if it's called scaling or not but there are setting that can be set to prevent this from happening, I just can't remember what they were via the video software

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This is my third X1 (all different generations) and I was very happy up till now. The problematic one has a Skylake processor and 512GB SSD and it seemed like a really nice config.The problem is that it doesn't want to shutdown nor wake up from sleep.First symptom: when shutting down, the pc seems to have shut down, but is still draining battery. If the keyboard FN-lock button is lighted, you can notice that this stays on. Also the fan will stay on if it was running before. The keyboard is even still responsive and you can turn on and off the different LEDs.Second symptom: when the pc goes to sleep, there is no waking it up. Also here the keyboard stays responsive for fn-lock etc.I've tried many things: reinstall windows 10 from scratch, reset the bios, upgrade the bios.Then Lenovo was actually very helpful to start: they swapped out the motherboard and when that didn't work, shipped the pc to a repair center.From here it went downhil: the repair was done in less than 5 hours according to the ticket (so I was impressed) but when I got the pc back I noticed why: they didn't repair it. They put on an image of windows 7 and since there the problem was not visible, called it fixed. Very frustrating. I put back windows 10 and guess what: the problem was exactly the same. When they shipped the pc, they had created a new ticket in the system, closing the original one. Now they even closed the second ticket although I already commented that the pc still doesn't work as it is supposed... Read more

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I have a brand new XPS 15 (9550) machine which I suppose may have a factory defect, but I'd like to try asking here and see if others have similar experiences before sending it to repair.
TL;DR; Issuing a shut down, hibernate or start command makes the laptop go down. Light from the power button goes away. 2 seconds later, the power comes back on and the system starts up.

On delivery, the laptop had Win 10 Pro on it. I want to have a clean install without the bloatware which is often shipped with new computers, so I reinstalled it on the very first day with a USB stick prepared with Windows 10 Pro install media on it. Once installed, I added the WLAN driver and let the machine get all other drivers via Windows update. Once done, I shut down the machine and put it in my bag. So far so good, I thought. 
When i took it of of my bag I instantly noticed that it was hot and that the screen was already at the Windows logon as soon as I flipped up the screen. Logged on and tried to shut it down just to realize that the machine comes back on 2 seconds after completed shut down. I tried this several times to see if it was repeatable, and yes it is. Behavior is same every time. It's the same regardless of choosing shut down, hibernate or sleep. Always 2 seconds after the light on power button goes out, power comes back on.
BIOS wise, 1.2.10 or 1.2.14 release behaves equal. I have tried resetting the BIOS to factory defaults and BIOS defaults as well.
Operating system ... Read more

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Hello, i have a problem with C and D drives.when i open "My Computer" i can see only my documents and shared documents(i cannot see C and D drives) and about shut down option in start menu is also unavailible. i cant see it also as the C and D drives in "My Computer". i cant even see it in task manager. Please help me. what should i do ?

Answer:Issue with C,D drives in "My Computer" and with a shut down option in start menu

try this.
go to run
type gpedit.msc
click ok
in the tree go to
User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer

in the right window look for 'Hide these specified drives in My Computer'
properties on that item and see if that has been tampered with

If that doesn't work try running regedit and go to

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer]

and check if "NoViewOnDrive" is there, if so delete it

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need help, can't shut down unless I manually hold down the power button, won't automatically restart on commant either.

Answer:x41 tablet window won't shut down windows xp sp2 (on command) have to manually shut down.

I would suspect a chipset driver at first. I'm not quite sure what chipset is on X41 tablet, you may take a look an choose from the list on the bottom of this page. Hope this help!

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Hey every one. I m new to this site. Well I have a bit of a problem. First of all when I click Start, There is not Standby of shut down option... Here is a pic:

Second When i try topress Alt+F4 OR Ctrl+Alt+Del It says contact admin of computer, and I M ADMIN! here is a pic:

Third I can noit restore my computer to an earlier time eathere. all my restore points have been deleted. pic:

This happen to me befor one and I reformated my comp... but i have WAY to much stuff to transfer now.

Thanks in advance! ~Saif

P.S there is 2 accounts on my computer and only mine is screwed... But the othere one is working fine.

Answer:No Shut Down Option,Cant Restore to earlier time, cant alt f4 to shut off. Virus?

Are you sure you are an admin? It states so in user accounts? The reason I ask is the PS you ended with.

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Hey there,

Lenovo E440 that ran excellent until recently. About a week or two ago I got an error message about a power surge on a USB port. Didn't really seem to effect much so I moved on. Lately, when shutting down, it hangs for a few minutes... just sitting at the final "Shutting Down" screen. After a while, it kicks off - except yesterday where it BSOD - twice. Any ideas? When I turn it back on, get the standard prompt for safe mode or start windows normally. In the event logs, I see nothing other than the kernel critical error.

No major software/hardware changes recently that I can remember.


Answer:BSOD - Occurs during Shut Down Process. Shut Down hangs then crashes

Your Realtek PCI-e Wireless LAN NIC NDIS driver has been flagged.

fffff880`035bc268 fffff880`05bc4ee3Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\rtwlane.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for rtwlane.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for rtwlane.sys

0: kd> lmvm rtwlane
start end module name
fffff880`05aa5000 fffff880`05d93000 rtwlane T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: rtwlane.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\rtwlane.sys
Image name: rtwlane.sys
Timestamp: Tue Sep 03 14:41:39 2013 (5225E713)
CheckSum: 002E08DB
ImageSize: 002EE000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Check for an updated version here.

Is this device connected via a USB port?

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title pretty much says it all.  I had a google redirect virus which I could not clean so I formatted my drive and reinstalled Win7.  Now my V570 will not shut down, windows will close but the laptop stays powered up, I need to hold the power button for 5 seconds to get the laptop to turn off.  I also can't do a restart for the same reason. Is it the hard drive? a bad install of windows? or a setting I need to check? thanks,bob

Answer:V570 will not shut down, have to hold power button to get it to shut off

** bump **  anyone have any ideas?

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I work on my Gateway while sitting on the couch. I surf the Internet and then watch TV. I surf a little more, and then I watch more TV. Some nights, when I slide the computer near me because I've shifted in my seat, the screen will go black and I have to push the On/Off switch until the computer shuts down. The computer, when the screen goes black, is still on, but no fingerpad strokes or combination of key stokes will turn the screen back on. Super frustrated about having to turn the computer off "the wrong way" a couple of nights a week. Any advice??? Thanks!

Answer:Screen shut-off requires hard shut down

Welcome to Seven forums Matthew00.
Does the screen turn off only when you move it close to you?

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My acer aspire up and shut off one day for no reason i turned it on it blinked twice and then and shut off for good my moms hp has now done the same but with hers we went to use it and it blinked twice and shut off. what in h*** is the problem ive taken mine apart the only thing im not sure of is how to see if the charger prong broke away from mother board. i dont think its a battery or charging issue tho my adapter works fine but i got no low battery sign or anything when it shut off it just went off no blue screen error messages or anything. ive also made sure vid cable is good in the lcd and the motherboard. any suggestions. Oh ive tried the jus adapter just battery take both out hold power down and all that

Answer:shut off suddenly blinked twice and shut off for good

Are you perfectly sure that the adapter works fine? Have you tested another adapter on the two computers to ensure that culprit isn't the adapter itself?

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When I click my shutdown logo on my laptop, the computer simply looks like it's trying to for a few seconds and then reverts back to normal status.
It simply shrugs off the command, and i also press the restart or shutdown manual button but it does the same thing.

What could be wrong?

Answer:Cannot shut down my notebook using Shut down option in XP


Who knows? maybe the Win XP is corrupted.

What notebook model you have and was Win XP or Vista preinstalled on this notebook?

Did you try to repair the OS?

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In the majority of times I Shut Down my computer I have to manually close explorer.exe. Is there any way to cure this? Shut Down means Shut Down.

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Hey all, been a while, hope all is well here, nice change in the look.

I got a problem. My bud just put his first computer together , AMD 2800 on asus motherboard (forget which he has, but it is a good gamer board) 512 of ram. He's not using the AC97 Sound built on the MB, so he is using a differnt sound card. He is running a maddog fx5200 graphic card.

all is well, system is stable, runs great for his needs ( just booted for first time 3 days ago) only 1 problem.

It won't shut off!

he goes to start --> Turn off computer --> then gets the three choices "Standby - Turn Off -- Restart . He chooses Turn off and it turns off and reboots (restart). If he chooses restart it restarts, he hasn't used standby as of yet.

He lives in a different state from me so I can't just get up and go over like old times, but he still needs some help and I can't figure itout.

Anyone tell me some ideas? I'd like to beable to help him. He bought this equiptment on my reccommendation (other than the sound card and video card which I didn't reccommend) and I want to help.

I have never had this problem building systems and have no ideas anymore.

I do know he went to device manager and no problems showing, everything says is working normally.

Thanks for they help,


Answer:XP home won't shut down when choosing Shut Down

take a peek

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I recently bought 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D-138 laptops; one for me and one for my parents. I have been setting both of them up. They both came with Vista, and as Toshiba instructs, I made recovery discs, and then I downgraded to XP.
It appeared to go smoothly enough, but then when I shut down either computer, they would automatically restart. The only way to shut either down completely is to hold my finger down on the power button. What I have taken to doing is allowing it to shut down, then as I hear the fans re-activate, I then hold down the button and it shuts down properly.
At first I thought this was a Toshiba problem, so I checked their website, and I rang them a couple of times. They talked me through a couple of different options, and in 'Toshiba Modem' in the Device Manager, I unchecked a box that said 'restart on standby' or something...
This didn't solve the problem. I rang again, we did other things (sorry for lack of information, but as I now believe it is a Windows problem, I don't really think anything they said or did for me was of much help.)
Anyway, both computers still restarted when I shut them down, so I googled it, and on a Microsoft forum came up with: Right click on My Computer, go into Properties; click on Start up and failure, uncheck box that says 'automatic restart'. I don't claim to know much about computers, but I imagine the point of that little system is that when something is going wrong, the comp... Read more

Answer:Computer restarts on shut down OR blue screen- 'stop windows has shut down to protect' screen

Hi .Ati2mtag.sys is a video driver, installed for any system possessing an ATI video card/chip. possessed various ATI cards previously...I can attest that yours is a fairly common situation. I suspect that the driver has been somehow damaged and needs to be replaced by an undamaged version.What I would do is, once the system boots, remove the installed video drivers (using Device Manager)...then reboot and reinstall the drivers.How to update a Windows hardware driver - The STOP0X0000007A noted in the error message...indicates that this is a hardware error. Component drivers are considered hardware, so I would try the uninstall/reinstall for the video drivers.As for shutdown problems...every version of Windows has those. Some have solutions, others are more obtuse. You might take a look at Troubleshoot XP Shutdown Problems (MS) - AND Troubleshooting Windows XP Shutdown Issues - If you read through the links provided, you will see that the suggestions made by Toshiba personnel...followed a known, logical sequence.Louis

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Hey guys,

I have noticed this problem come up on my Dell 7537 (Check out my profile for details) when I close the lid to put the computer to sleep, the HDD light turns off, but the fan continues to run, even after several hours. When I open the lid back up, it is just a black screen where I have to hold the power button to do a hard reset. The same thing happens with initiating a shutdown sequence, although that one only does it some of the time. Closing the lid does it every time. Anyone know what could be causing this?


Answer:Fan still running after shut lid and shut down

Go over all your Power Options again in the Control Panel, set them back to defaults if you have to, start from square one.

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Wasnt sure where to start this
I leave my system on constantly.
I dont live near the sea(no salt air)
I dont really live in a dusty environment.
I do smoke(filthy habit)
I use my system for about 10 hours a day.
Question is should i shut it down or leave it on.

Answer:To shut down or not shut down?That is the question.

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My computer, beside just acting a little sluggish will not shut down using the normal windows shut down procedure OR by using task manager. I have to manually hold the power button down until it shuts down. I hope you can help.

Here is log from HJT analyzer after running updated versions of cleanup, adaware and S& D.
Log was analyzed using KRC HijackThis Analyzer - Updated on 9/28/05
Get updates at

***Security Programs Detected***

C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
O23 - Service: CA ISafe (CAISafe) - Computer Associates International, Inc. - C:\Windows\system32\ZoneLabs\isafe.exe


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:15:48 PM, on 10/23/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\DrvLsnr.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexar Media\USB Card Reader Driver v2.1g\Disk_Monitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Ares Lite Edition\Ares.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\Desktop\spyware\SpywareGuard\sgmain.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\Desktop\spyware\SpywareGuard\sgbhp.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\Desktop\spyware\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\In... Read more

Answer:Computer will not shut off using Shut Down

Just moving this back up. I know you guys are busy...I'm just stumped.

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Google knows nothing of this problem. every time I try to shut down my inspiron 1525, it cannot shut down! it says ""Waiting For Shut Down." "This Program is preventing Windows from shutting down"" force shutdown doesn't do anything. I have to hold the power button to hard shut down

Answer:Windows unable to shut down ("Waiting For Shut Down" "This Program is

Does it tell you what program it is? what does it say the program is?

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Hey, I recently put together a PC and I've been having problems with it since. When I initially built it, the specs were:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
ATI Radeon HD 3870x2 (the card with with 2 GPU's)
500W unbranded PSU
1 added 120m coolermaster fan

Shortly after I started using my PC there was a power surge that knocked the power supply out. I recently got a new power supply. A 650W Silverstone PSU that I thought was more than enough for this. The problem that would occur now is that the computer would restart during games and sometimes while processing/rendering videos in adobe premiere.

When I would enable the 'crossfire' option on my card (to enable both GPU's to work) the computer would no longer just 'restart' the entire screen would hang or the colours would go out of sync shortly after which I'd have to restart the computer. This having happened I assumed the problem was with the graphics card, not the new 650W silverstone I got. I upgraded to a newer card; Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb. The specs are now as follows:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb
650W silverstone PSU
1 added 120m coolermaster fan

After upgrading, games like modern warfare 2 will restart in missions that has a lot of smoke, during a standard windows assessment process the computer will also restart.

There is no overheating issue, the te... Read more

Answer:PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue?

You've got Asus motherboard, hence the first thing I'll look at considering the issues you are having, is at RAM settings/voltage in the board's BIOS, these should be exactly the same as on RAM packaging, but even that doesn't guarantee that it may not be the issue, so basically you'll need to fiddle around a bit with settings/voltage in case default specs doesn't work.

You may also consider stress testing your graphic card using OCCT (including vRam). Regards

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Hello all and Happy New Year,

Recent problem with a 5 year old HP desktop.

Turn it on it goes through the BIOS and starts up as normal. Once it gets to the Windows 7 introduction screen it freezes. It never makes it to the desktop screen.

What do you guys think? virus? HP problem? win7 problem?

opinions please.


Answer:Windows 7 issue? Virus/Malware issue? or HP issue? i don't know

Hi test the hardware memtest 86 + for the ram and seatools for dos on the hard drive if they pass ok then you could try a start up repair from your install or recovery disc.
download the pre-built iso zip from here Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool and burn to a disc unzip it first use imgburn The Official ImgBurn Website to burn the iso to disc Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums
SeaTools for DOS tutorial

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my winXP can be shut down must click twice the "shut down" botton ,

once:some programs be closed,
twice:the computer be shut down yet.

can help me ?


Answer:can be shut down must click twice "shut down"


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Since upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, I remain perplexed about this one issue that is plaguing my system:

Almost every shut down is reported in the Windows 10 Reliability Monitor as the computer was not shut down properly. This happens on both shut downs and restarts using the Start - Power options. The only time this appears not to happen is after a restart after installing updates.

I first saw this after an upgrade install over Windows 7 Pro. I then installed clean using a USB ISO and I ended up with the same thing. I then installed from a Microsoft original Windows 10 Pro DVD and again, ended up with the same thing.

This happens before I install any software at all, including antivirus. The system appears to run fine and there is no error message on the next boot to say that the system was not shut down properly. It is only apparent when checking the Reliability Monitor. It currently has so many failed shut down reports that it is tracking around 1 on the graph since day one.

I ran sfc /scannow and there are no integrity violations. My Device Manager shows no problems. Msconfig shows the system is set to Normal Boot.

I did not use the Mother board CD to install drivers as many of them are outdated and probably incompatible with Windows 10 anyway. I installed the most current drivers on the Asus website. I have the most current driver for my graphics card off the Nvidia website. Same with my Logitech G110 keyboard and R.A.T.5 mouse - the only other items plu... Read more

Answer:Windows was not shut down properly but I did shut it down properly!

Hello Greg,

As a test, temporarily turn off Fast Startup to see if that may be the issue. Fast Startup can sometimes cause shut down issues on some systems.

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Ok, I've checked a bunch of sites and seen people with similar issues, but none have exactly the same problems I'm having. I have Windows XP and frequently used ZoneAlarm, Spybot, Adaware and Spywareblaster. HJT did not solve this problem for me.

My computer:
freezes at the log in 80% of the time unless I login in safe mode
if I'm able to log in, safe mode or not, I get a RPC error that says the PC will shut down in 60 seconds 100% of the time
I cannot run/install antivirus because I get a "not a valid win32 application" message
cannot connect to wireless connection and shows error message when the wireless adapter loads (there's a spot for it next to the clock, but the icon's invisible)
sometimes reboots randomly without the win32 app message
sometimes goes to a black screen and then comes back, then showing a "system has recovered from a serious error, please tell Microsoft" message
shows a blue screen at startup saying win32/autocheck didn't work, then finishes startup through the login screen
cannot system restore because no restore points are visible before infection
So far, I've been able to keep the PC running in safe mode occasionally thanks to Run>shutdown -a. The disc drives weren't reading for awhile but I've gotten those to load again. I tried to uninstall my wireless adapter to reinstall, but I get an error message "InstallShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be launched. The RPC server i... Read more

Answer:rpc issue, freezing issue, networking issue... help

Oh boy, that is a lot of issues, it would most likely take less time and effort if you just backed up your data and do a full wipe and reformat.

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The computer's a year old, running XP, and my boyfriend and I have no idea what's wrong with it (it's his). I'd put in hardware support but I don't know which piece of hardware may be corrupted, exploding as we speak, or what.

It began last night. He's done this before -- he has two monitors, one meant for a TV (I believe) and another old computer screen. Normally it runs on the TV one because it's bigger. He switched to the older one to show me how he can adjust the settings so that it's all vertical. That was great and dandy and we didn't expect any issues. He's done it before and it really isn't doing much to the computer.

Later, after midnight, he goes to switch everything back to normal. First, the computer acts like the monitor is there but that it can't do anything -- it tries to go into sleep mode or something. Then I suggest he unplug, shut down, plug things back in normally, and power back up. This appears to work.

I was a bit happy then, until we got to the XP loading screen. It's going... and then after, it flashes, then goes black. Nothing comes up, nothing does anything.

And so the three hour saga of last night begins. We restart, we spam F8, we get into safe mode, he disables Nvidia but can't open the application. Nor does his mouse function in safe mode (I know some don't, but it really doesn't help the situation). I've used my laptop to bring up shortcut keys and we're functioning through everything that way. He restarts after disabling Nvidia, an... Read more

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Every since windows 10 upgrade i have been having issues with my audio. When i start a video for the first time i will hear crackling and poping noise then it will catch up after i pause the video and play again.  Then the audio slowly goes out of sync.  At first i thought that were my speakers, but it was happening over headphones as well.  I tried the latest version of driver along with switching to the windows 10 generic audio drivers.  Anyone else having issues with this?

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I have a problem with a T7500 tower.
The unit doesn't pass the POST, bringing the solid light 1 and the 1-3-2 beeps code.  I guess I have the S8 code with the light:

It would seem to be a RAM memory issue.  If I remove the RAM in slot 1 and live the 2nd RAM in slot 2, it moves to light 1-3 issue with the same 1-3-2 beep code:
If I move the 2nd RAM in slot 1, I still have light 1-3 code and 1-3-2 beep code.
If I replace the 2nd RAM by the first RAM in slot 1, still 1-3 light code and 1-3-2 beep code.
If I place the 2 RAM in slot 2 and 3, I'm back to 1 light code and 1-3-2 beep code.
Using slot 1 & 3 gives the same light 1 code and 1-3-2 beep code.
Any use of slot 4, 5 or 6 brings the lights 1-3 solid on and 1-3-2 beep code which after reading the documentation seems normal (slot 1, 2 and 3 should be filled first).
However the unit will boot, pass the POST and BIOS if it is not used for few days.
I know that the BIOS is on version A16.
I've tried the Power Supply Diagnostic, which passed successful:

With all that I think it is hardware issue, but I don't understand why I can't succeed the POST with 1 RAM memory.
Or is the problem elsewhere e.g power supply or motherboard?
I'll try the memory test next time I can boot.

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:T7500 Boot Issue (No POST?) - Solid Lights 1 or 1-3 - Beeps 1-3-2 - Intermittent issue

Hi Joyfik,Thanks for posting.Apologies that your system isn't running as expected.Please perform a Diagnostics test either by pressing F12 at startup or by using the Dell Support Assist, make a note of any errors, and contact Tech Support for troubleshooting and possible resolution.  You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session

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