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Screwy moniter display..wont start too.

Question: Screwy moniter display..wont start too.

When I turn my PC on all I get is a bunch of lines and little boxes in purply, blue and red colours. I try going into the bios but it wont let me as I doubt it could display the page. When I press the F8 button a bunch of times it does make that beeping sound for error.All the fans are working. I can even hear that start up sound going after about 10 seconds that shows that stuff is being processed or something or other.I have a feeling it might be the Graphics card or maybe motherboard. ITs a Geforce 6600. The mobo is a Gigabyte K8NF-9 nForce4-4X chipset MotherboardBut I cant get past the screwy display.Recently I did have a virus of sorts and some adware. Majority of it I think was removed when I get a virus/adware protection program on. Whether or not if all virus' were gone Im not totally sure.This screen did happen in the past. One example I think is playing Civ4 and when I exited the program the lines and stuff come up (freezing) and I restart. Then everything would be fine.But now it pops up immediately after starting the PC.SO yeh.. IS there anything I can do? before handing it to someone for some rip off price to get fixed. I was though planning on getting a new Graphics card in around 3/4 months. Should I just fastrack that to now?The Ironic thing is my PC is only a about 16 months old while the PC im typing from is about 4 I think

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Preferred Solution: Screwy moniter display..wont start too.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Screwy moniter display..wont start too.

One thing you can check before you spend your hard earned money would be to borrow a known good vid card to see for sure if that card has gone South...Try another monitor as well.

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I suddenly got BSOD, i hope it was one because it was blue and it showed on screen for one sec and then my PC restarted, and after that its not showing anything on my moniter screen, its not even showing windows booting up.

I have nvidia gts 250 installed and i recently reinstalled my windows xp, this error never occured before.

Can someone please help me what to do? Is this some driver problem? How can i reinstall drivers and get the display back?

Answer:BSOD and moniter wont display anything now, help?

Some reasons for blue screens.
New hardware - software installed.
Device driver - Video etc - corrupted - faulty.
Faulty Ram - overheating - dying hard drive.

Check your cables are correctly connected.
Remove Pc case and remove Video cards Ram sticks etc and reseat them.
Clean any dust from inside of the Pc - use a can of compressed air.

Have you made any changes to the Pc?

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A little while ago my screen stopped coming on when i booted, i would have to reboot and wait 10 minutes, then turn my moniter on. that worked for a while. today i cant get windows to start at all. when i push power the fans come on and it sounds like its starting, but then the light on the cd drive starts flashing and my computer starts to click. I know my way around computers, but when it comes to cracking the case and tinkering, i know nothing.

Answer:Computer and moniter wont start

Do you ever see anything on the monitor, even before Windows loads?
Can you boot with a floppy disk and see anything on the monitor?

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If you want assistance you need to provide a lot more information.1) Tell us about your system2) What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?3) Tell us EXACTLY what is going on IN DETAIL

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having to use the works computer to post this. My home pc is failing to startup.

Before it had gotten this bad, I had experienced crashes and reboots whilst it was working. They became more frequent and now the computer wont start at all. The power comes on, the fans all whirr, but the computer doesnt even get to the point where it displays the introductory bios screen.

Any advice?

Computer is a little old now. Intel 2600k inside.

Answer:My PC wont start - Even the BIOS start page wont display

Hello leicestersq,

Please provide information about your computer, this includes is it a notebook or desktop, is it a custom build or brand name such as Dell or HP, if a brand name, provide the model name or series number (not serial) if a custom build post the brand and model name or number for the MB, the RAM (including the amount) add on video card if one is used and the PSU (power supply unit) providing these details will enable us to better assist you.

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my computer wont boot and still it wont display.
i already changed a video card and stil it wont.
it have no beep at all and it will not display.

what should i do?

Answer:guys my computer wont start and wont have a display

does it beep any. if not this will indicate more major problems. (unless you dont have beep speaker installed) a mother board is programed with a set of beep to play if there is a problem like such as three beeps if the ram is not working, 1 long beep if the vid card is not working etc etc. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR BEEPs WILL BE. if you are not getting these then you need to find out why. see if you have a speaker inside your case. if you do and all of your fans spin but still no action from you pc then you may have a larger problem such as mother board or processor.

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The issue is, websites are loading with white backgrounds. MSN for example loads white even if I click Classic Blue option. Same with Comcast. Anyhow, I have tried reseting IE settings to default, cleaned temp files etc. Same with Major Geeks. The background is white instead of the regular color scheme used.

I attached screenshot of msn home page to give a visual.

Thanks for any advice or solutions.


Answer:Browser display screwy...

First off delete your temp internet folder and cookies, maybe corrupt files.


Goto in IE, tools > Internet Options > Advanced and try this first, scroll down the list and tick everything under the title of Multimedia apart from "show image download placeholders" > apply

then close IE and re-open, if it doesnt change then, same menu in IE, Tools > Interent Options and Advanced and click "restore defaults" > apply and try again.

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(admin - move if necessary)

I recently took my computer to a shop that had a maintenance checkup special. When I took it in, my display settings were fine and the colors were fine. Yesterday when my dad hooked the computer back up, my display was resized all weird like and I only had the option of 32 or 16 colors. And my norton protected recycle bin was empty even though the guy who personally worked on my computer said he did NOT empty it.

Also my menu with all my installed programs after I got to start ---> all programs is screwed up (I think this has to do with the display).

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get my computer back to normal? I don't really care that much about the recycle bin files (nothing remotely important) but I thought that Norton protection is supposed to protect files and help undelete them if deleted......

Also, is it possible for spyware to get into the windows operating system folder? I did the "home" edition of the maintenance checkup from this local business and it worried me that it found "spyware" in windows folders! (At least I think it was the WINDOWS folders) So far, it seems okay.........I can boot up fine. But it freaked me out.
So, what I have wrong is my display on my desktop is screwed up - when I booted up yesterday all my icons were all over the screen and some were hidden because I think the desktop had been resized to like 1024x860. I removed some icons into the unused desktop icons f... Read more

Answer:Display Settings, etc are all screwy

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I'm running WinXP sp2 on an emachines T5212. Yesterday most of my desktop icons stop displaying their normal graphics and are showing a white squared icon with a blue bordered top that I do not like. I've tried System Restore and changing the desktop theme then tried Display Prop - Desktop - Customize Desktop and through here was able to get my Recycle Bin and My Computer icons to display properly but the rest? Nada. They still look ugly; see pic a href="click here">here /a>.What can I do to fix this?If link code above doesn't work, go here:click hereThanks!

Answer:Desktop Icons Display Screwy

Do the icons still work when clicked on?Get TweakUI click here, select Repair, make sure "Rebuild Icons" is showing in the box, click Repair Now

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I really dont know where to begin to try to describe this to anyone so please bear with me.

I shut my computer down like always and on rebooting I had (across my desktop) a bar that stretched from one end to the other. All of my applications work as well as my IE but whenever I open -say, the Start button everything is sort of like...scrambled.

Also my mouse in no longer a pointer but a transparent square of sorts about 30x30 pixels. There is no longer an arrow anymore.

I have attached a screen capture. Though nothing is exactly like the other so am a bit confused as to what might be causing this screw up.

I have completed a system restore from a point yesterday when everything was fine and still no change.

Could this be a monitor issue? Perhaps a fault somewhere in XP? I have never seen this before so really have no idea on where to even start to get it sorted

Thanks in advance

HIJACK LOG ------------------->>

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 18:27:48, on 01/09/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCDsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\ntl\ntl Netguard\fws.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\sv... Read more

Answer:Solved: Screwy display and mouse point


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I can't tell if my issue is hardware related, software related, or both. I have a Gateway CX2610 tablet notebook. I'm having a bunch of problems and wonder if they are all related:

Sometimes when I boot up my laptop the BIOS doesn't show up. The laptop is powered on but no BIOS shows up. So I power down and try again. Sometimes it gets past BIOS and stalls. But I'm getting no beeps or sounds.

When the laptop gets past BIOS sometimes XP won't load. Sometimes the XP logo won't show up, sometimes the XP logo will show up but it freezes, and sometimes it boots normally (although slowly).

Also, when I am able to boot into XP it won't recognize USB devices like mice, external HDD, and USB sticks. Also, the touchpad pointer sometimes freezes and I have to push down both buttons to get it to move.

This sounds like I have fifty different problems but up until a week ago the system was running pretty smoothly. I've tried running Ultimate Boot Cd to find out if my drive is malfunctioning but there are no instructions on how to use the Fujitsu diagnostic tool. It's a command line tool. Do you think my problem is with memory, BIOS needing to be updated, hard drive on its last legs, or with XP? I'm at a loss.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:Laptop Screwy OS Buggy BIOS Screwy

Download and install SpeedFan. It'll let you generate a SMART report on your drive to see its overall health.

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my sons pc wont start the display, i have tried my monitor but nothing as well. he was playing a game the fan got loud and he turned off the PC, since then he has had trouble getting it to start the monitor. Also the keyboard and mouse don't get power wither. the PC sounds like it is starting OK.
I bought him a new power supply, he changed the motherboard with my old one, he said it started and showed display from on-board for a short time but didn't recognize the graphic card. or alloy for driver uninstall. he bought it out to me, i tried putting my monitor on it with no joy. it seems to be running ok with the old power supply or new.
any and all help would be gratefully accepted

Answer:My PC wont start the display?

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before this happened ive noticed a few weird things when turnign on my computer.
when i push the buttons i can hear the fans and everything go on, for a second, then it turns off, than turns back on
than when its loading(before going on xp)
its said something about overclocking failed
do i want to go back to settings
or continue with default

i chose default, than after that everything went normal, turned off my computer...and i couldnt start it up again

wheni push the buttons theres nothing on the sceen, i can hear the fans,
but there isnt that BEEP sound that i usually hear when i start it up.
the screen is all black, i cant even go into bios.

so i gave it in to repair, they fixed it, said somehting "ROM" n "flash" cant remember

the computer worked for a few times, than the samething happened, no display... im pretty sure its not the monitor.

anyone know whats wrong,how do i fix it?
i think i have the same problem with this guy..

Answer:No Display, computer wont start up!

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Hi all, well I need your help again. I'm running dual 8800GTX's and I decided to update my drivers. I started by ununstalling the NVIDIA display drivers using the "Add Remove Programs" function in XP Pro. It prompted me to reboot which I did and ever since then XP wont start. I get the black screen with the little windows loading picture. Then I get to the login screen with my user profile box that i usually click to start windows but my keyboard and mouse are dead at this point so I cant start windows. The little pointer is there but wont budge. I tried safe mode, last known config mode, VGA mode, etc. I have use of the mouse and keyboard up until the windows user login screen (where you choose you prrofile) I know this cause I can select and deselect CAPS lock until then and it shows on my keyboard so using the keyboard mouse commands doesnt work with the numpad. Also all the backlighting on my keyboard and mouse stay on the entire time, even after I cannot use them. I tried another mouse and keyboard, as well as the old style mouse (non usb type) and nothing works. Any ideas? I just want to get into windows and not lose all my files .. thanks.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Xp wont start after uninstalling display drivers

Have you tried to boot in Safe Mode, or boot using the Last Known Good Configuration? When you power up your PC, wait until the POST/manufacturer logo screen passes, as soon as it does, start pressing the F8 key repeatedly. You will be presented with a Windows boot options menu and Safe Mode and Last Known Good Config are just 2 of about 10 or 15 different boot options....

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Question: display moniter

properties display settings for color is set at 16 and every time I change it it won't stay I am getting errors to change these settings but they won't stay my os is windows 98 I am a beginner at this so please help.

Answer:display moniter

First, we need some details for your pc- can you post the make and model, and find any details about "AGP graphics adapter" or anything about video from your paperwork that came with the pc? If the pc is under warranty, the first step is always go through your tech support by phone or website.
Your warranty could become void by you opening the case!
Your computer has probably just lost it's video driver, a piece of software that must be present to run video at proper settings, that is why you are "stuck" with only 16 colors. Does your screen by any chance say "Safe Mode" in all the corners? If so, please post right back and we can help you.
Without knowing what video adapter card your pc has, it will be a little harder, but we can guide you in finding out. ( Turn off and unplug the computer before doing anything below this)
IF AND ONLY IF there is someone around who can open the case and only if your'e not under warranty- get the case open and write down the names of and numbers from the bigger chips on any circuit board "card" that plugs into the motherboard in either a short brown slot (AGP) or white PCI slot, probably would be next to the one the phone wall jack plugs into, sound speakers plug into, etc. Some computers these days do not have added in "cards"- their devices are soldered on chips lying flat on the motherboard, in which case, you will have to post all you can find.
The video card, should you have on... Read more

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Question: Moniter display

I am running XP Home 32Bit SP3
I have recently upgraded my monitor from an old TV style 10H X 13W 16" diagonal screen to a new flat screen 10H 1/2 X 18w 21"diaginal.
The screen image works great after the computer boots up, but It shows only a half screen image app 8" x 8" when booting up, and if I go to safe mode the box is smaller again, and I loose even more image in the 8" x 8" box than the correct screen size should be.
When I tried to play a game (Diablo) the screen jumps back to 8x8, and and loose about an inch of the correct screen size. Thats where the game play controls are, and I have to guess where to click to operate the game.
Im hoping that its just a settings problem, but I don't know what to do. I have tried Controle pannel -- Display, and I get Monitor 1 Moniter 2 big-small.
Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Moniter display

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I recently installed RAM sticks, but when I turn the PC on, the moniter doesn't pick up anything. If it helps any, I have an eMachines PC the product is EL1358G

Answer:Why won't my moniter display my PC?

Sounds like you put the wrong amount or type of ram in. List the ram you used. Here are the specs for your machine.

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Basicly.. I come home one day and my computer was turned off (Like usual) And I booted it up it beeped three times and wouldn't turn off unless i held the power button down or removed the cable to the power socket. As I kept removing the power cable and fidgeting around inside it started working again... I then got told by a friend that i can upgrade from Windows xp to windows 7 without paying so I believed him and he then got to work by downloading and install... He then ran a .EXE file and it began installing windows 7 as it got to part 2 when it needed rebooting it turned off... I then turned my pc on and it would try and load boot manager? and it said do you want to load ( Old windows, Windows 7 or Ubuntu) So I tried all 3 the windows 7 one took me to when it starts up and it crashed (every time) the windows xp one didn't work at all and the ubuntu was just a ail install where wubuntu or something couldn't install (this worked on my Eee pc Btw) I then turned it off and gave it too my auntie who then took it home and tried to solve the problem... The problem was that the 3 beeps kept happening and I don't know the rest all i knew was that it was "****ed" .. I then tried a load of different ways of troubleshooting the problem, But none worked i then fiddled around with the cables until I come across an option to open BIOS But I didn't think much of it and thought, It works.. Soo then i plugged in one of my three hard drives and there was n... Read more

Answer:No Moniter Display?

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my 1 year old NEC versa laptop wont start up. it turns on because i can heaar the fan, and it beeps twice but the screen wont come on, and i don't think windows truely starts. please help.

Answer:Laptop wont display screen or start windows

Sam, when you power on your laptop do you see the initial boot information prior to the windows log on screen?

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If I leave my computer alone for over 10 mins, the display turns of from non-use.

Sometimes, as usual, if you move the mouse it will turn back on normally.

Most of the time recently - and only since I got my Windows 10 update, but that may just be coincidental - when the display turns off, it seems the computer goes to sleep. If you shake the mouse, press the power button etc - it looks like its starting up again but it never completely gets there. The power up button will light up, the wifi sign will go orange and the computer will make a noise, but only for a few seconds before they stop and the lights switch back off. Then after a few seconds it tries to turn back on again, fails and repeats. I could leave it doing that for ages and it'll just be on repeat. It doesn't matter what I click, nothing helps it start up properly.

(Not sure if this matters, but if I left the Caps Lock button on before the display turns off, the light stays on no matter how many times you press the button. It's like its frozen, along with all the other buttons and screen)

The only way that I can get the computer to start up, is by holding down the power button to force a shut down and then powering back up from the start. Sometimes it'll start back up normally, othertimes it'll say "windows configurating" and sometimes it goes start to a green "restarting" screen after powering up.

It's very weird and it's getting annoying now because sometimes I've lost work that hadnt be... Read more

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Another W510 "bug" x2 I have W510 and 3 series plus dock - with 2 external screens attached but: 1. After using internal screen, putting W510 to sleep and docking it - a. only screen 1 will turn on. I cant even force screen 2 onb. Screen 1 only starts in 1920x1080 resolution and not 1920x1200 native resolution This happens every time. Im using latest Lenovo driver: Problem 2:If power management shuts of displays - primary display comes back fine upon "activation" but 2nd screen comes back in "zoom" mode. (looks like everything is blown up to 4-6 times the size) - forcing me to enter display settings and change resolution to something else on 2nd display - and then just let it revert back to original settings. Anyone got a clue on how to fix the above?


Answer:W510 Win7 X64 - 2nd external display wont start

I would not be at all surprised if these were bugs as I suspect this configuration doesn't receive much testing from Lenovo.... If I were you, my first step would be to try the latest drivers directly from NVidia's website and see if they help. Be sure to make a restore point though, so you can flip back easily to the 8955 drivers if you're not comfortable (or if it doesn't help).

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When i open my computer,the cpu runs,the cpu fans also runs but the moniter does'nt display any only shows "check signal cable"...But the moniter is not damaged i have tried it in other computer it works........Whats the problem......?????????????????

Answer:My cpu opens but no display in my moniter.???

Do you receieve any BIOS Post Beeps ??

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...without any luck

All i get is a black screen.... Could anyone do me a step by step guide? or even better just tell me where im going wrong? Im using a 17" LCD Moniter that i got with my old dell dimension5000 as the secondary screen. Idealy i would like both screens the same size but one is 2" bigger

Answer:Trying to set up dual Moniter Display

Alright ill try to remember what i did for my 6600GT.

First have only 1 moniter pluged in. Make sure its primary, next plug in the second, go to n niew enable it and turn on the screen? lmao thats what i remember, for ATI cards, dual screen configures automatially so yeah :/

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My nephew has a gateway computer that's relatively new....he received it used....attached an older moniter(radio shack VGM 470) ...can't change the display properties and he can't get more than 16 colors....don't know what to do as he can not even view pics on the computer. Please help !!

Answer:Moniter and display problem

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Hi all,

I have got a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop that has been giving me a headache... It is more than 3 years old and came with Windows XP pre-installed. I ran Win7 (legitimate copy) on it for awhile (about 4 months) without any problems, then suddenly it would die while in Win7. Things like system shutting down by itself and freezing when displaying videos were common. Then it started showing “Memory Parity” errors. I tried swapping RAM modules but to no avail.

So I re-installed Windows XP with SP3. Installation was smooth and driver installation was in order. It ran ok for about a week before auto-shutting down again. Now it even screws up the screen during BIOS loading (when the Dell logo and progress bar shows) and when loading Windows (please see attached photo for crazy fonts/capitalisation during Windows Restore screen).

I am now running Ubuntu from it without installation (i.e. booting and running from the CD) and am encountering no problems whatsoever.

The Dell BIOS diagnostics would run while I was running Win7 and report no errors, so I’m trying to assume that there’re no hardware errors. Perhaps the photo might be telling to you experts out there.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Answer:Laptop auto-shutdown and displaying screwy/wrong fonts even during start up

Try to boot from the window 7 Disc and run the Memory Test Program from there.... If it pass.... I think may be teh build in Video card Issue.... I see similar error in Desktop... The video chip have problem ... it work ok without load the driver ... but whenever you load the driver .. it cause problem...

Did this problem happen in safe mode?

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i have a hp pavilion 6767tx running visa 32-bit on 1.8Ghz with 3gigs ram.
last night i shut down my laptop, but realized that i left my cd in the drive.
Thus, i started it up again, and wen the hp logo came, i ejected the disk and held down the power button until it shut off, without waiting for it to start up.(i know, very stupid)
the problem is that now when i start it, nothing happens. It doesn't even show the hp logo. The processor liht does not flash even once. The DVD drive whirs twice and goes silent.

Answer:Solved: computer wont start! doesnt even display hp logo!!

Try tapping F8 on start up and see if you can get into safeMode

Or tap F2 or Delete key and choose boot from the HD

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Answer:for some reason my moniter wont recognize DVI

Make/Model of the number and Graphics card?

This will help us help you

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connected a new computer (A) to my other monitor (B) with the same cables and the monitor will not come on. could it be the cable? I've never heard of a faulty cable. We never turned off the monitor (B) or the other computer (C) as we have magic jack. The monitor (B) has a past of acting up so that's why we leave it on. I then borrowed a monitor (D), connected it to computer (A) & now the borrowed monitor (D) won't come on either. Please advise.

Answer:My moniter wont turn on at boot up.

check your power cable.Pentium 4s - The processors for the rest of us.

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I have a laptop with a VGA output socket, and my TV also had a VGA input connection. I have tried to hook them together to watch movies playing in windows media player to watch on TV. I can view the computers desktop on the TV, but when i open windows media player to start a movie, it doesnt show the picture on TV. all i can see on windows media on TV is a black screen were as I can see that the movie is playing on the laptop. I have changed to the correct resolution as noted in the TV manual guide but it doesnt seem to help.

any ideas would be well appriciated.


Answer:using my TV as second moniter wont play AVI movies

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hi i am new here and i have been have tried to figure out y my moniter wont recieve signal yet says it is recieving power

Answer:moniter wont recieve signal

It's broken. Seriously, see below.

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Hi... my display settings seem to be outta wack after my brother used the comp last night. It's set at 640x480 and when I try to change it back to 1024x768 and restart, I get the message...

"There is a problem with your display settings. The adapter type is incorrect, or the current settings do not work with your hardware."

I've tried unplugging the monitor, deleting the adapter and reconfiguring, and even tried hooking up my old monitor. All to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Moniter Display Settings problems.

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Hi all, Just had a search through the helproom and can't seem to find anything relevent. Probably using the wrong search terms but anyway, i recently installed a new hard drive as my old one broke. Since doing this when using internet explorer and scrolling down the page it 'freezes' and moves in sections instead of freely, also some keyboard characters are not useable i.e. to use @ i have to press " and vice versa could anyone point me to thread that may have covered this or tell me what's up? Using windows xp by the way. Thankyou

Answer:Few problems with moniter display and keyboard

For the keyboard, Control panel, Regional and Language Options, Languages tab, Details button and select United Kingdom.In Internet Explorer, Tools > Internet Options, Advanced tab, tick Use Smooth Scrolling.

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when i on my computer my mo-niter start blinking i don't have any idea why my computer his blinking

Answer:when i start computer my moniter start blinking

Most likely the monitor itself. Try it on another computer or someone else's on yours.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi, i just a built a new pc with a 7800Gt in it. When i first started it up, everything ran, all fans were spinning, temp was ok in the components, but there was no action from the Hd or anything. I think i can solve this, as i may has simply misplaced the little adapters for the hd light. The thing that i found really weird was that when i use the DVI/D-SUB Adapter, the moniter goes on standby instantly (i have to use the adapter due to having a really old moniter). The DVI/D-SUB Adapter doesnt even have to be connected to the graphics card, it can just be left on its own, and once i stick the socket for my moniter in it the moniter instantly goes on standby, as soon as i take it out again it comes back on green. Why on earth is this? I have no way of visually finding out the state of my computer (though i dont hear any beeps from the bios).

Can somone please help?

Answer:Either a dodgy moniter, or my new computer wont POST, please help!

Hello Diomedes1:

Am I to understand you that you plug things in and out with your computer running? I was under the impression that you could cause a spike or surge on any one of many connections on a connector that could give you a problem while powered up. Most monitors today go into the Sleep mode or give you a warning that no video signal is present, before going into the Sleep mode. I personally would never plug any peripherals to my computer while both of them were ON. If I am wrong in that assumption, judging from your thread, I take back what I said above. Can you get another monitor as a test unit to verify your system?

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Ok got a problem that is driving me crazy. Every time i go to open a window it showes up on my default displayl But the problem with that is the default was what was set to my onboard graphics card.

I have put a Geforce 6200 in and now i have option 1 and 2. They both say they are running the Geforce but option 1 works when my vga cable is pluged into the onboard port.

Option 2 Runs my Geforce But the Problem is this. When i am hooked up to the Geforce port and go to open a window ... say Mozilla . It pops up out of screen and i can use the Move option to get it. but if i switch to option one the window i just opened in option 2 is on option 1.
I want eveything to come up on my Geforce option. . .. . How do i do this ..... Help me before i go Bannana's

Answer:Solved: 2 Display Moniters Setings Only 1 Moniter help

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I walked away from my laptop (sony Viao VGN-FZ340E), came back and my fan was blazing hot and there was a black screen... so i turned the laptop off, and then i got some weird blue screen and my display is all nasty. i've got black lines going throughout the entire screen, everything is super sized, and the colors are all inverted, or gray.... my computer is running SUPER slow also... what can i do?!?? do i have a virus? i am so saddd please help! Windows 7 btw.

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i need a step by step guide to how to fix this. everything is just upside down. my comp is perfectly fine i am just reading and typing everything upside down. guess how long it took me to register for this thing. please god help me.

Answer:[SOLVED] my entire moniter is display is upside down

k i figured it out no worries. just pressed ctrl alt up.

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I am currently trying to fix my old computer I sold a month ago !! I have a hunch the guy messed with something he should not have !! The moniter turns on but dont respond to computer, the dvd player is not responding at all,the mouse and keyboard arent responding (both USB)! The computer has 2gig ram and duo processer !! I hear no beeps !! If someone can give me a clue or a hint of what this is let me know !! Also I run Windows XP pro !! I had this computer  about a year and had no problems except a couple of months ago I changed the power supply box !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:My dvd player wont respond,or moniter,mouse,or keyboard !!!!

You only need one of these at the end of a sentence ("!") Not every sentence needs one. A period is the usual way to end a sentence.Do hdds, fans etc spin up? Check all wiring. Try changing power supply. If the guy is claiming it just went wrong, and he did nothing to it, is he asking for his money back?

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My Sony Vaio recently started acting up. I've been using this laptop for a couple years now and works perfectly fine. All of a sudden, it started showing white line and blurry display whenever I turn on the computer. I have tried to "drain power battery" but didnt work. When I plug it with an external monitor, it works perfecly fine with that external monitor. I have tried to take out the RAM and clean it and put it back in, however doesn't seem to work. Is the RAM my problem? Maybe replacing a new RAM will fix it? I'm a student with a tight budget and cant afford to buy a new RAM without knowing if it work. I was wondering if you guys can come up with a solution. That would be appreciated. Thank you for your timing and have a nice day!

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a few times i've had the following problem put in a plug and play display adapter load the right moniter driver. moniter comes up plug and play moniter no problem! But when I put a older used svga moniter on even if I load that moniter/unown moniter or pulg and play moniter I get distorted unreadable screen. I put the newer moniter back on and set 640x480 thinking this is the problem even knowing that old moniter on a diferent pc was runing 16 mill colors and 800x600.
Still get wavey lines three distorted screens side by side.
Any help please.
regards Alan G

Answer:display adapter-moniter still shows lines/distorted screen

The monitor refresh rates are different in what they can support. Change the monitor type to SVGA @640x480 256 colors and it should work. What make and model is the newer monitor? And does it support the rrefresh rates and number of colors you are setting it to. No monitor will display more than it is physically capable of displaying.

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I wasn't sure if this is an OS problem or moniter problem but I thought I'd start here. This is about a computer that I'm not very familiar with-job related. It's OS is windows ME and is basically used to record and play audio. It just started going blank on start up. The black screens with writing come up (bios?), the ME screen comes up and then a click is heard from the moniter and it goes blank. The moniter power light is still on. The computer still makes sounds and appears to be finishing start up. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. the computer is not connected to the net.

Answer:moniter goes blank on start up

Can you boot to safe mode?

Tap the F8 key as soon as you see the ME splash screen.

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i plugged in my new LCD monitor to my new PC . i turned monitor and pc on. and nothing happend. Only on screen was display "no signal". than i changed new LCD for my old CRT monitor -and the same problem.

can u halp me?

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So today I opened a brand new Asus VS247H-P LCD monitor. I hooked everything up and at first the power wouldn't turn on to the screen so turned off the computer and fixed the cord that goes into my power bar. The computer began to boot and I got that dreaded "Windows did not start properly" message and a screen asking me to choose how I wanted to start up. Here are the options and the resultsSafe Mode :nothing/ computer rebootedSafe mode with Networking :nothing/ computer rebootedSafe mode with command prompt :nothing/ computer rebootedLast known configuration: BSOD that flashed across the screen followed by a white screen that also flashed then a rebootStart normally: BSOD that flashed across the screen followed by a white screen that also flashed then a rebootwhat happens when I let the timer time out: BSOD that flashed across the screen followed by a white screen that also flashed then a rebootDeciding that i may have had a bad monitor, I hooked up my old monitor -a 17" HP- and I experienced the same results. The Asus monitor did not come with an installation CD and I've triple checked all the cables and I have the monitor's settings to VGA. I only unplugged cables -mice, keyboards etc. AFTER trying both screens. My computer is a HP slimline running windows XP 32 bit Media center edition- it's a retail PC. I'm unable to see what error the BSOD is referring to as it flashes across the screen and is gone in an instant. I've contacted AS... Read more

Answer:Computer BSODs on start up after hooking up new moniter


Unmountable boot volume loop XP -

Unmountable Boot Volume -

The normal initial attempt to overcome this...would be to run the chkdsk /r command from the XP Recovery Console. The first link I posted covers procedurees for those who don't have a MS XP install CD.


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Hi how u going,I bought a ga-990fx-ud3 m/b an put my Asus nvidia geforce gtx750ti oc 2Gb card in the first pciex16 slot an plugged moniter into the vga slot/hdmi slot an then started up the pc an I get no response from the moniter just a blue checked everything over an over but still no start up of moniter,cpu is a phenom ll x6 3.3ghz 1100t black edition an a 550corsair psu,an also the g/card works fine in my other pc so if u could help it would really be appreciated.
cheers an thanks for taking time to help..

Answer:ga-990fx-ud3 m/b,cant get moniter to start(blue screen)

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As soon as I implemented Java 8 version 66 (Windows 10) my SAPGUI for Java App refused to display the SAPGUI Screen. The SAPOGUI for Java worked all the time prior to implementing Java 8 version 66. I have removed and redeployed Java 8 version 66 and SAPGUI
for Java 7.40rev4 a number of times without having any success. What should I do. Can I download the previous version of Java that will work with SAPGUI for Java 7.40rev4 and how do I do this or is there another solution.

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So I turn my computer off one day only to find it wont start the next day. I open the case up and see the led is on. I flip the switch on the power supply off then on and quickly press the power button. My computer starts but the following time I shut down the computer it again wont start and now the led is blinking. I've never had any issues like this before, any help would be appreciated.

I don't routinely use many usb devices, only my mouse and keyboard and every now and then my ipod. I figure the issue is likely either the power supply or the motherboard. The ps is almost two years old while the motherboard is only about three months old.

Answer:Computer wont start, power supply wont start, blinking led

It sounds to me like your PSU is the problem, get a hold of another and plug it to your computer and see if that will make it start, if it doesn't it might be BOTH your motherboard and PSU. A bad PSU will burn a motherboard.

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hi, i have a problem. i have a 9300GE pci-e card then i put in a FX5200 into the PCI slot and loaded it up. my main 24" monitor connected to the pci-e didnt load but instead my 19" monitor started up. I couldnt get them both to work so i took out the fx5200 and went back to my 24. Only problem now is that it doesnt work properly. when i right click then click personalize and then click display settings my graphic card isnt listed instead it says "default moniter" on. also my previous windows index score was 4.9 with 9300GE and now it's 1.0
any help or advice would be appreciated. im on windows vista home edition 64 bit

Answer:Moniter doesnt recogonize Nvidia 9300GE anymore! instead it says "default moniter"!

Originally Posted by viperstalkerx

hi, i have a problem. i have a 9300GE pci-e card then i put in a FX5200 into the PCI slot and loaded it up. my main 24" monitor connected to the pci-e didnt load but instead my 19" monitor started up. I couldnt get them both to work so i took out the fx5200 and went back to my 24. Only problem now is that it doesnt work properly. when i right click then click personalize and then click display settings my graphic card isnt listed instead it says "default moniter" on. also my previous windows index score was 4.9 with 9300GE and now it's 1.0
any help or advice would be appreciated. im on windows vista home edition 64 bit

any chance you can take a screenshot of your display properties? and possibly a screenshot of your device manager under display adaptor?

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Tried "Do not reset " from F8..but still as above. New P4M900-M4 Biostar MoBo. Hard drive is a clone of XP from my laptop, from 80Gig to Toshiba 1Tbyte. Possible hint :my 12V is only ~11.16,all others are much closer to spec.Can't get to any diagnostic,can't get CD to play a XP boot disk to try for Chdisk etc. Bios is accessable but no change I've tried has cleared the problem.

Answer:XP resets,wont boot to any mode,wont display bsod or failure statement

1. 12V outside spec.  I agree that 11.16V is outside specs, but don't know what effect this will have on system.  You probably should resolve this before continuing...2.  Windows XP.  Windows XP was designed to be installed (built) on the system it is to run on.  It doesn't transfer well between different computers.  Reinstall it on the system it is to run on.3.  Windows Advanced Options Menu.  Does F8 bring up the Windows Advanced Options menu?  If so, have you tried the following options:     a.  Disable automatic restart on system failure     b.  Safe Mode     c.  Enable VGA mode4.  "...can't get CD to play a XP boot disk...".  You need a functional computer before attempting to install the Windows XP operating system.

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Ok, it all started when i was dloading a program to make windows setups.(.msi). Then i decided i didnt like it and uninstalled it. After tht was done. I decided i was going to stick with Inno Setup. I have used it before and liked it. But then i noticed all or most of my desktop icons were missing. And all the start menu ientries were missing. So i figured i had a virus. SO i went to do a system resotre. But found that i oculdnt find it...due to to missing folders. So i decided i would then try to boot into safe mode. When i tried to boot it said it cannot find a file(same with normal mode). Ubfortunely i dont remember what it said. I think it said windows cannot find NRDL press ctrl alt delete to reboot. or somthing like that. Any ways i tried a few more times and it all failied. SO then i tried the windows recovery console. Nothing. I really didnt know whre to go with it. Then i decied to go into the bios and reset. Or i thought i was resseting them. I seleteced. "fails proof settings". But then i rebooted and things got worse. My monitor is now getting no signal, it says it is ocnnected though..... So i cant see what i am doing. Please any ideas. I have a Programming project that i have been working on for months now. i dont wanna lose that. And a Lang arts project. I am very computer savvy but i have tried everything. and yes i tried a differ monitor. No Dice.


Xp Home
Nvidia 6200 TC
amd 3000+
Standard Monitro.

Plese help i need my computer i cant go on... Read more

Answer:Windows wont boot, Monitor wont display picture. Cant access safe mode

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I have recently taken out my 128 mb SD ram chip and put it back in and now I cant get my moniter to display anuthing and my keyboard and mouse dont work...I do get three beeps but it takes like three minutes for them to sound.

Answer:My monitor wont display/my keyboard and mouse wont work...

Without more details about your motherboard, it sounds like your memory is not seated properly, or you damaged it when you took it out.

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Processor:Intel Pentium 4 650 Prescott 3.4GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor HYPER THREADINGCPU Fan: Intel Socket 775 Heavy Duty Cooling Fan With Heat SinkMemory: 2GB DDR2 533 1024MBMotherboard:Chipset: PC CHIPS P23G V3.0 Intel Socket 775VIA P4M800 PRO North Bridge Chipset and the VIA VT8237R South Bridge Chipset.Hard Drive: Western Digital 250GB Hard Drive 8MB Cache 7200RPMs SATADisc Drives: LG 18x DVD BurnerSound: 6 Channel Realtek ALC655 for high quality audioNetwork: 10/100MbpsPorts: 4 USB 2.0 Ports with 2 USB front ports, 1 Serial, 1 Video, 1 Network, PS/2 ports, Parallel Port, 6 Channel SoundCase: POWMAX Bio II Silver ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side, Front USB and 450-Watt Power Supply x1 LED FanOperating System: Windows Vista BusinessThsoe are my specs. When I wiggle my mouse or press a key, my computer screen does not show up. Now, the first thing coming to your heads is restart your computer. I do. Nothing shows up. I tried letting it cool off for a couple days but it didnt work. Can someone help me out? Thanks, much appriciated

Answer:Moniter wont "wake up"

No power light, either?

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Today I noticed that I could not open my start menu with neither the windows button, ctrl + esc, or a click of the mouse. I've also had a problem the last couple of days saving/opening files in one of the programs I used to make music. I tried to go into safe mode to do system restore, but the safe mode didn't boot. It scrolled all the system files on the screen but then just stopped and nothing happened.

So, I tried the other option (forget what it's called) that lets you perform various other system restoration tasks. I brought up the system restore screen from there, but got an error that said something about corrupt files so it could not perform the restore. I checked again, and all my restore points had been deleted.

Lastly, when I click computer, all the drives are blank with no names beside them, only the icons. I can still click them and they seem to be functioning normally, so I don't know if there is a relation to this. I don't know if some registry files were deleted or if there is some other problem. I didn't notice the start menu/safe mode/blank icon issues until I just recently installed the latest windows update.

Sorry if this seemed a little long winded, but I would appreciate help from anyone.


Answer:Safe mode wont boot, Start menu wont appear and various other problems

Hi -

Try a repair/ install -

Regards. . .



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Last night I updated windows 8.1 from windows 8.
It got to the stage where it needs to restart so it done that started the configarations and once it reached 100% it restarted.

Since then what happens is when i press power on the samsung logo comes on the screen then the black screen with the windows picture then the bsod comes up for around half a second and it restarts. then it constantly does this.

The whole cycle only takes a few seconds.

Ive tried booting in safe mode but this isnt working so I downloaded kav rescue on another computer and saved it on a flash drive, But it wont boot off this either.

Any ideas?

Answer:Windows wont start after 8.1 update wont boot in safe mode

What does the BSOD state? Most times it is a driver issue with the Display drivers. Other times it is hardware.

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None of my internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, mozilla or the new one that comes with Windows 10 will open or load. Also when I click on my Windows start button it does nothing as well as the dialogue next to it that says I'm Cortana ask me anything. I have run Malwarebytes anti-malware and it has identified 0 threats. I have adware antivirus but it won't run. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

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I got a new p4 3 gig with hyperthreading pc. For a while it was working like a charm, on overdrive. But only after a week of use, I started to have problems. While playing very visually demanding games (Battlefield 1942, Medal Of Honor) I would keep gettin those dreaded blue screen of death thingies. I would get one of 3 errors. One said, "IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_TO_OR_LESS_THAN" another said, "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" although im not quite sure about the NONPAGED part, i know it said non something. And the other one I think I only got once and cant remember exactly what it was, it had something to do with IRQ.

Now on all of them it said it was shutting down my pc to avoid hardware damage. Which it did, I had about 3 seconds to read the screen before my pc shut down. After a while, It got so bad that I would get an error while just browsing the internet with explorer. I tried taking out my vid card and using the on-board video, didnt work. I dont remember if xp stopped starting or not, but I decided I should format my hd to fix the problem. I only have the xp upgrade cd so I had to install win98 first. Win 98 installed fine, except that on the first startup after installation my pc resarted itself and I got the "failed startup, choose an option" thing, I chose normal start up and it worked fine. So then I tried to install xp again. I got to the part where it restarts to install xp from the files copied from cd. During that installtion phase, It said... Read more

Answer:BSOD errors, xp wont start, reformatted, xp wont install.

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My pc does not give display when i start my computer but gives display when i restart it.
My motherbord model is asus P5GC-MX/1333
recently i opened my cabinate and did some cleaning work+ i formated my pc with windows xp sp2
can anyone help me
thank you....

Answer:My PC does not give display when I start my computer but gives display when I restart

pls help me sm1

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Nothing will load on my Compaq Presario 700 notebook. It wont even turn on in safe mode.
When I go to turn it on it sounds like the hard drive attempts to spin. I don't hear the fans, but all the lights come on. The battery is fairly new and everything is plugged in properly.
All this began when I was running Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and it locked up forcing me to shut down.
Any ideas?

Answer:XP wont load/Computer wont start

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I had this computer for almost 2 month now but recently seems to be acting a bit strange.

My specs are:

ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

EVGA 320-P2-N811-AR GeForce 8800GTS 320MB 320-bit GDDR3

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 Conroe 3.0GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775


Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (Perpendicular Recording) ST3500630AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s

The problem with the computer started when i tried to restart it and it simply wouldnt boot everything seemed to work the fans were spinning in every component yet it wouldnt boot as in the beep sound when a computer starts didnt sound off. One part thats intresting is that the DVD-R drive light would keep blinking green like it is reading something and make sounds. After a while leaving it for about 15 minutes or so on the computer suddenly worked and I realized this when the mobo beeped signaling its coming to life.

This was 2 days ago now yesterday late at night i was running windows when it suddenyl got really slow and froze so i restarted it manually and bam the computer wont turn on. I took it down started looking at all the components making sure everything was alright and in place I even disconnected the DVD drive completely to see if it is the cause of the problem but to now avail it just wont turn on normally. So i left it on went to my PSP hijacked someones wireless and went online to check if this problem is comm... Read more

Answer:Computer just wont work(Wont start up)

Ok my computer worked and when it booted it listed these following problems:

1-Display switch is set incorrectly

2-CMOS checksum error

3-Override enabled

4-Keyboard error or no keyboard

5- this last one it gave it to me couple of times then stopped : Warning CPU

has changed!

After listing all this it says press F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup. When i enter setup since i flashed the mobo the date was reset when i try correct the date the area where it shows which day it is flickers quickly between tues and wed and when i try to input 2007 it goes to 2056. I removed every hardware piece by piece and rebuilt the whole bloody thing I cant tell whats wrong is it my CPU, Mobo, Harddrive or powersupply all these parts are brand new and been working fine for sometime now.

For the love of god someone out there send some help as this is getting hopeless. Sometimes it turns on if i leave it on for long time on time turned right away which was after i rebuilt the pc.

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I am so frustrated! emachine only 10 mnths old. when starting gets to the welcome screen and reboots. have run all the scans and system restore - gives me an error System Restore ox8000ffff now it wont even start in safe mode! also had the error Startup Repair offline should I just shoot it!

Answer:Windows 7 wont start up, wont restore

Do you notice if the screen flashes a quick blue before it restarts?If it does, go back to the Safe Mode menu and select instead Disable automatic restart on system failure. The computer will try then to boot normally. If booting should fail and 'bluescreen', the PC will display it instead of rebooting. If possible, take a picture of it and insert it into your next reply. Otherwise, type in what it says.

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It keeps Restarting and doesnt ever let me get to my desktop to perform a system restore, then there is a blue screen of death with stop code 0x00000ed....I don't know what to do please help me.

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After only just having one problem solved on here I have encountered another and I think it is fairly problematic but am far from understanding it - please help!!!

I downloaded the new version of Internet Explorer (version 8) as this was an option when I signed onto the web this afternoon (I previously had IE 7 and am running Windows XP version 2).

But after downloading this I had trouble getting onto the net (though I seemed to be able to initially). So I restarted the PC. But, it did not restart.

Instead I get the following message on a plain black screen when I try to run my computer:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

What is this file? I have an Acer Aspire notebook which came installed with Windows XP Version 2 (I have no CD drive currently).

I have looked on the microsoft website (I am currently on a different PC) but dont understand anything that is posted on their about this problem.

Do I need to re-install a new operating system? Will this mean I will loose all my data that is on my computer? This is very precious to me as I am travelling and I have saved on my computer photos and diary entries - I would be very upset to loose them.

What is my best course of action? Should I take it to a specialist. Again I really hope I can prevent the information that I did have saved on there from being deleted.

Thankyou to anyone who can assist.
&... Read more

Answer:I cant start my PC - Windows wont start - missing root system 32 file

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_sometimes_ my sattelite A660-10x (PSAW3E) wont start.
I turn it on, you hear the fan coming up, on screen you see blinking cursor on left top screen, than it sort of jumps more to left and top more into corner and stops. Nothing happens, after a while i turn off the laptop.
If i do this 3-5 times eventually it starts. Sometimes it starts on first attempt.

What i tried:
Reinstalling the PC from disc partition with Win7
Taking out HDD into my desktop PC and running CHKDSC with scanning and repairing errors.
Cleaning up the whole PC from dust, fans etc.
Pulling out/in battery/AC
Memory check (RAM)
Processor power management change the minimum processor state from 5% to 100%

I understand PC well but so far have no idea what can cause this. The only thing what comes to mind is that the partition at start of the disc has errors which i cant reach since there is boot partition, original-installation partition, and the rest which is the only one i cant reach with CHKDSC.
What i heard that someone tried is changing the Motherboard battery (the small round one), can it be it?

It doesnt seem to be disc or LCD problem, nor RAM memory.

Answer:Satellite A660-10X sometimes wont start - black screen at start-up

> I turn it on, you hear the fan coming up, on screen you see blinking cursor on left top screen, than it sort of jumps more to left and top more into corner and stops. Nothing happens, after a while i turn off the laptop.

Flashing cursor in the left upper corner is a known sign and could be related to faulty HDD or RAM memory problems.

Memory check could be performed and from my experience such memory checks provide approximately correct results. But even if the memory check would not find any RAM problems, it could be still an RAM related issue.

Of course, I cannot say for sure, if its RAM related issue or maybe its related to another faulty part.
Fact is that such issue is caused by hardware problems and in worst case the motherboard would need to be replaced.

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Windows8 Pro laptop wont start and just cycles on and off every few seconds.  Removed battery and AC and held power button for 30 seconds, replace AC and battery with same results.  Never boots long enough to get any screen info. Ideas? 

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I hope it's kosher to post a link to another post I made in the XP forum (I'm only doing this because someone suggested I do). I dont think I have a virus/malware problem, but maybe someone here will recognize it. I just finished running the a-squared command malware tool and all that it came up with was 19 cookies.

Answer:Failed To Load Dll, No Start Menu, Programs Wont Start, Etc

Please try using this to repair the broken registry entry that may be causing this.Download Autoruns, search for the related entry and then delete it.Create a new folder on your hard drive called AutoRuns (C:\AutoRuns) and extract (unzip) the file there. (click HERE if you're not sure how to do this.)Open the folder and double-click on autoruns.exe to launch it.Please be patient as it scans and populates the entries.When done scanning, it will say Ready at the bottom.Scroll through the list and look for a startup entry related to the file(s) in the error message.Right-click on the entry and choose delete.Reboot your computer and see if the startup error returns.

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ok this is my problem, i had major problemes with my pc, first started with shuting down, then it wouldent start at all, so i tryed to start it useing BIOS, it worked so i decied to format my pc and i did that, then it shut down druing the instalation of XP, so i had to restart everything format it again and well install xp again, and now the pc wont start up, well if this is any help at all when i turn the pc on it starts when it comes to the windows xp logo loading it restarts, then when it starts again i get the option to start it normaly, last good conf, safe mode etc i try everything and only safe mode works, so im realy stuck cant get my head around it. if anyone could help me out i would be greatfull.-Thanks you

Answer:i format my pc and now it wont start, allthought it will start in safe mode:S

Have you attempted to install it again? If not, I would try that first. It may have just been a bad install. If it fails a second time, download memtest86 and test your RAM. Also, download your hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic disc and check the health of the hard disk.Try those three things. Install again, test memory, test hard disk. If it still has issues we'll go from there.

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Hi. I got some knowledge on repairing computer problem but i got this particular one i wasnt able to fix. Ive tried everything i know to try and fix it before doing a fresh install but coming to this site as a last resort. Ive done everything from safe mode to sfc scan to chkdsk /r and nothing. Only thing is sfc /scannow have found some corrupted sys file but was unable to fix some of them. I cant log into safe mode so cant install any fixing program either to run it through cmd (thats the only thing i have access to) system restore cant help cause pc say there is no restore point but last time i was able to power on pc without problems it updated some files and made a restore point when done and that was weird when it didnt find any rp. Please I need some help here since im running out of resources. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks

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i really have no idea, i believe its a problem with the actual start up button instead of the computer itself, ive pried the thing open, seeing the generator is on, everythings in place and there are lights on, showing there is power. any ideas?

Answer:powers in, but start button wont start computer

Does it boot?

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I can't open my Microsoft Outlook - when I start it it states it wasn't shut
down properly and asks if I want to start it in safe mode. If I
select no I get a message "Could not start the RPC server' and then I
get a blank outlook screen. It doesn't work if I select to start in
safe mode either.

Any ideas? As non techie as possible.


Answer:Solved: Could not start the RPC Server - Outlook wont start

Problem solved - I uninstalled HTC Sync software and Outlook was able to start correctly. I had installed the HTC Sync software the same day Outlook stopped working.

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Hi. I got some knowledge on repairing computer problem but i got this particular one i wasnt able to fix. Ive tried everything i know to try and fix it before doing a fresh install but coming to this site as a last resort. Ive done everything from safe mode to sfc scan to chkdsk /r and nothing. Only thing is sfc /scannow have found some corrupted sys file but was unable to fix some of them. I cant log into safe mode so cant install any fixing program either to run it through cmd (thats the only thing i have access to) system restore cant help cause pc say there is no restore point but last time i was able to power on pc without problems it updated some files and made a restore point when done and that was weird when it didnt find any rp. Please I need some help here since im running out of resources. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks

Answer:Windows7 wont start normally, do not start in safe mode either

System manufacturer and model?

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hi..found a computer in the garbage its a pony but it has a soyo motherboard with a pentium III 450mhz and 512sdram.It never would start windows normal but would in safe mode,so now i did a diskcheck and restarted now it gets hung up on the system32\drivers\ least thats the last one that pops up before it new to this and this forum but if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it...thanks..

Answer:windows wont start...did start in safe mode now cant even do that

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Dell Dimension 4700 running XP Home Service Pack 3
Did not boot merely loops to start options screen but no options work and I am returned to the same options screen.
Have tried advanced start up options "disable auto restart" to generate BSOD which gives the following:


STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x4E884D26, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x800F8941)

I have no XP system disk available at this, my mothers, address and it is her computer that has stopped this AM.

Help please

Answer:Wont start just loops to start options screen

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My SP A60 is refusing to start up.

It was working fine when a blue screen came up, with random lines streaming down the screen, matrix style, and then it shut down. When I try to turn it on, the 'In touch with tomorrow' screen comes on, but the images and text are...sort of distorted, pixelated, and I know it is not a flaw with the monitor.
A second or so later, the screen comes up asking me if I want to start in...'Safe Mode' 'Safe Mode with Networking' 'Last Know Configuration..' etc. No matter which option I choose, the screen merely blanks out for a few seconds, then returns to the distorted 'In touch with tomorrow' screen, and it all starts over again.

I have tried removing the battery, but to no avail...I thought that always worked with electronics!
I've got all important files backed up on a USB stick, so solutions that involve loosing the data are fine.

Answer:Satellite Pro A60, keeps returning to start up screen and wont start up


How you know it is not flaw with monitor? Have you tried to test it with external monitor?

Anyway, if you can not start your notebook choosing ?safe mode? the best solution for me is to make ?clean? OS installation. Your important files are backed up and you must not be worried about loosing important info.

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I have a Pc running XP home.. tonight it wouldnt start up and displayed a message NTLDR is missing.. I did the repair option with my xp disk and it seemed to go ok .. but now when you try to start it up it starts as far as the dos type screen that gives you all the option,, safe mode, last know config that worked etc.. it doesnt matter which one you press it will just reboot again and start over till it gets to that screen.

any answers anybody ?

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On startup, I have it set to display the Start Screen without the Start Menu. When I exit an app the Start Menu is displayed and I have to click the Windows icon to once again display only the Start Screen (tiles only).

Answer:How to get Windows to display start screen instead of start menu

Modern Settings -> Personalization -> Start -> Select to use Full Start Screen

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I posted this in the hardware section because i know its gotta be hardware related. On one of my older computers, which is a HP(bought in 2002), wont start at all. Not even the Compaq logo will display, which means BIOS wont start either. so i cant boot at all, or operate the computer in anyway. This happened right after i installed a gig of RAM, i was upgrading from 512 mb to 1 gig, they were 2 different cards, 512 each, and both had 189 pins. I installed them, booted up and nothing.

I really dint think there is a solution for this though, because after that, i put the 512 RAM back in and it still didnt work. Im thinking the motherboard was fried, by static electricity maybe. if thats the case than ill just get a new computer. which leads me to my next question.
How do i access my Harddrive? I have a lot of valuable data on there and an expensive music collection, as well as a bounch of backed up movies.
Any help is really appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

Answer:computer wont start, not even BIOS will start

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Hi, using windows 7, have a blue screen at start up issue, memory dump. Sadly the PC wont start so unable to try too much, it lets you select user, attempts to ,log onto the user then just goes to mthe blue screen and starts the cycle again. Any ideas?? It will not start in safe mode either, basically the same result although sometimes it loads and you are in but when you try to do anything it goes to the blue screen again. I did get the error code (not always the same on the blue screen but this one comes up most time), "driver IRQL not less or equal"
Many thanks

Answer:Blue screen at start up, wont start at all

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I recently updated my 4 year old acer laptop to win10. I have a calender program called "windates" I placed a short cut in the system startup folder but the program does not start when I boot up my laptop. I did put a short cut on the desktop which works fine. Everything else has been working fine with win10.

Anyone have any suggestions how to get this to work? Thanks

Answer:Program wont start though its in system start up

you could also try uninstall and reinstalling the program. Or, you can also go to task scheduler and set it to load whenever you log into windows.

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Hi there i have been trying to fix my computer for a long time time but no luck. tried looking at threads but nothing will work!please help meI recent had a problem with my PC which would not start so i formatted hard drive and tryed installing fresh copy windows xp  but install keept stoping at final stages blue screen Stop  error message STOP 0x00000005 so i removed hard drive and installed the OS using my other pc but with same hard drive  worked fine!  windown loads perfectly... so tryed put hard drive back into my other pc and windows will not start!! it say's ... Windows did not start successfully ect.. When i choose start normally  just frezze!!!!!!on same page and when i start in safe mode gives me a long list wihch ends inmulti(0)disk(o)Rdisk(0)partiton(1)WINDOWNS/SYSTEM32/DRIVER/viaagp.sysmulti(0)disk(o)Rdisk(0)partiton(1)WINDOWNS/SYSTEM32/DRIVER/mup.sysAND THEN FREEZES!    Ihave tryed  replaceing RAM and taking out TV CARDS.. please please help me ! Is this a motherbord problem or processor or graphic card rembering i completey formatted hard drive and installed freash copy of windowns xp and hard drive  run fine with another cpu please help what can i do!!!!! I've tryed more than 1 copy of windows xp and the system whcih has tha problem is a HP PAVILION its about 5years old SOME PLEASE HELP ME

Answer:Help Help Help Please!!!!! Windwos start up wont start! frezze


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I am experiencing the following very strange intermittent problems and evil behavior in XP.

My Start Menu sometimes only appears for a split second when clicked and will not stay displayed. Also minimised apps. wont maximise and apps. and short cuts on the desktop wont launch when double left clicked and instead show properties as if they were right clicked!!

I have done the following to try and resolve these issues.

1. Updated from SP1 to SP 2 as well as all the security updates.

2. Ran Adaware and Spybot to find any unwelcome visitors. Adaware only found one minor issue.

3. Ran Symantec Antivirus which found and quarantined several viruses.

4. Ran WinDoctor which found and said it resolved quite a few issues.

This is really a pain as it makes the system virtually unusable except for when it is behaving which is rare.

Would be grateful for any suggestions, solutions, incantations or workarounds for this issue/s

Kind regards


Answer:Start Menu flickers/dissapears, apps. wont launch & minimised apps. wont maximise!!

Hi binaryboy, Welcome to TSG!!

Please post a HJT log for us to review.

Click here to download HJTsetup.exe:
Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.

Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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could someone check my log for me thank you in advance. be back tomorrow to check ,when i try to submit new thread it goes to a page that says bad request

Answer:something screwy going on

What log?

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Question: Screwy PC

Hello... i posted once before... and you guys were a great help....Here is what is wrong now... i think its a reoccuring problem... so i need your help on how to prevent it....My pc is being dumb.... it is slow and i got on it today and there was an extra bar at the top... (dont remember what it's called) but anyway that immedietly spelled out to me... SPYWARE... so i ran both spybot and Adaware.. but all they found were cookies... and the bar was still there... so i went into the control panel and deleted the toolbar and everything else that had its namesake...while i was there i noticed something that i had trouble with in the past... Windows Serve ad and taskad.... i know these spell problems so i decided to let you guys try to find out what is wrong... here is my log______________________________________________________________Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0Scan saved at 6:30:43 PM, on 3/14/2005Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KERNEL32.DLLC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSGSRV32.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SPOOL32.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MPREXE.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSTASK.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KB891711\KB891711.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\mmtask.tskC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\RESTORE\STMGR.EXEC:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXEC:\WINDOWS\TASKMON.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SYSTRAY... Read more

Answer:Screwy PC

Hello monkey_man3221988, I see Daemon cleaned you up at the end of December, what happened? He gave you this information: and since you have some baddies in your ActiveX area it appears you neglected to use link? Please do so this time so you do not continue to get infected. Please follow these instruction:1) Your HijackThis.exe is outdated, use this information to update it: Open HJT > Open the Misc Tools section > Scroll to Check for update online > Follow instructions. When asked for a new log, use v1.99.12) You are running rouge spyware, please see this information about "spywareStormer", if you have this rouge software installed, please check in use Add Remove programs and remove it if it is there. I see a lot of toolbars, I will schedule them all for removal except your Google toolbar. Look at the toolbars I am removing, if you do not want them to removed, pass over them in the instructions.4) I wish to point out that your "dumb" computer does not go anywhere you do not take it.5) TaskManager(depress Ctrl, Alt, Selete at the same time) Locate and end process on any of these you see:WINDOWS SERVEADWINSERVSUITerrorguardwindupdatesMSN TOOLBARScan with HijackThis and check the box in front of each of these item:R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Interne... Read more

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Hi there Techguy peoples,
Been having some screwy stuff happening on my pc... where to start...
-iexplore.exe keeps starting up in the processes part of task manager, but no window opens. i end task tree, and within a min it has re-opened.
-i think this is related to above, but my firefox keeps being taken off being my default browser as it asks me to change every time i start it (ff) up, and every time i say yes,
-in IE history, there are some url's that i have not been to - see attached jpegs ("history.jpeg" and "history2.jpeg") for lists. all 3 seem to be originating from the same 3 url's:, and, and all urls seem to involve random search criteria and a php.
-computer seems to be randomly freezing
-freshly downloaded (from cnet) copy of avg 9.0 shows up as no components active and gives no option to start (see jpeg "avg.jpeg")
-when trying to go to certain virus/malware protection sites through google, i.e. when i googled for "avg free cnet" i think it was, the link to the actual cnet url to download the program auto-redirected to some obvious fake-virus-scan-actually-a-virus website, but when i went to the cnet home and manually searched for the avg download , it did not redirect. the auto-redirect has happened to a few websites, all related to anti-malware. see "history3.jpeg" for examples of some of the redirected-to sites. it has happened to more than jus... Read more

Answer:Something is screwy. help please

oh yeah, and

- It WILL let me open and run a Adaware scan, but thus far, it keeps freezing either throughout the scan, or as I go to fix infections (it found a level 10 bad thing, but froze as i tried to remove it)
-it WONT let me open Malwarebytes anti-malware at all!
-on startup, a windows program-has-crashed (the kind that asks you to send or not send an error report to microsoft) window pops up saying that "Google Installer" has stopped working. it does this twice, always.

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Question: Screwy Fan

The fan on my laptop just recently started acting differently. For the most part I use my laptop to surf the web, IM, and play music. Just recently I've noticed that out of no were the fan seems to kick into high gear or something. Honestly I'm not even sure if the fan is on at times and then it is turning on? It seems like it does this for no apparent reason. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this.

Answer:Screwy Fan

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okay my comp just started acting really screwy. It was working fine till I just booted it up and Adwatch asked me if i wanted to block or unblock a bunch of regkeys or something. I hit allow, since i thought it was asking about some boot up programs but in hindsight thats probably what messed it up. I decided to reboot and now NONE of the shortcuts are showing their actual icon and none of them work. i can browse to my computer but thats about it. Please Help, my comp is unuseable. I browsed to the adaware folder and tried to click on the adaware icon to start it, but the exe didnt have the proper icon and when i double clicked it doesnt open and it goes a little transparent (like a hidden file)... is this a virus??!?! what can I do? thanks

P.S. I've discovered it basically can't find any of the programs from the links, so on startup nothing starts up. luckily for some reason the "internet" link in the start menu (firefox) works. when i hit a shortcut it gives me this:

Windows cannot open this file
File: ...
To open this file windows needs to know what program created it. blah blah.

Answer:something screwy is up...

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I have a AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+ that has Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on it. Lately I've been having problems that seems to occur mainly while attempting to play games. The computer will crash and go to a black screen saying that windows did not start successfully and that a recent software or hardware change could have caused it (though I have not changed things). It will ask whether I want to start normally, in safe mode or last known good configuration, etc Sometimes after this it then goes to the blue chkdsk screen and other times it tries to start windows but keeps coming back to that black screen. If I turn the computer off for a while (like half an hour) and then turn it back on it boots up fine (sometimes after performing chkdsk, sometimes without it performing it). I'm typing this after such an episode and some weird things have happened. It quit letting me type and a repetitive beep came from within the CPU for about a minute. The volume bars appeared on the screen although I did not touch the volume controls. The lights on my keyboard flashed several times while repetitively typing [6d across the screen. ?? Weird.

I have Zone Alarm and Avast on my computer and have performed full system scans such as TrendMicro and PCPitstop checks but they show up no virus/malwares.

What on earth could it be? This has only be happening in the last 2 weeks. I bought this system in November 2006 I believe it was.

&n... Read more

Answer:Something screwy is going on!

Okay, now it just did it again and after it finally booted itself up again (after trying about 4 times) it popped up with this message:

"Windows - Registry Recovery" -->> (inside the blue bar at top)
One of the files containing the system's Registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful.


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okay my comp just started acting really screwy. It was working fine till I just booted it up and Adwatch asked me if i wanted to block or unblock a bunch of regkeys or something. I hit allow, since i thought it was asking about some boot up programs but in hindsight thats probably what messed it up. I decided to reboot and now NONE of the shortcuts are showing their actual icon and none of them work. i can browse to my computer but thats about it. Please Help, my comp is unuseable. I browsed to the adaware folder and tried to click on the adaware icon to start it, but the exe didnt have the proper icon and when i double clicked it doesnt open and it goes a little transparent (like a hidden file)... is this a virus??!?! what can I do? thanks

Edit: I've discovered it basically can't find any of the programs from the links, so on startup nothing starts up. luckily for some reason the "internet" link in the start menu (firefox) works. when i hit a shortcut it gives me this:

Windows cannot open this file
File: ...
To open this file windows needs to know what program created it. blah blah.

Answer:something screwy is going on here...

Well, adwatch is designed to alert you when spyware, trojans, viruses etc attempt to install and change your registry.
You told it to allow the virus to install and it did.
Now you need to disinfect your system.

Please download
Mcafee stinger multivirus removal tool
Install and run

Spybot search and destroy
Ad aware personal form Lavasoft
Install, update,run, check for problems , fix problems .
A Squared trojan remover
Download, install, update, scan and fix.
First Steps at Removing Malware and Posting a HiJackThis Log
We will handle moving your thread to the HijackThis Log board at an appropriate time. Please keep your replies in this one thread so that the entire history remains for review.

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I'm stumped. I've got a computer that won't allow the user to open a folder that was found in Search.

I try to associate the file folder with windows explorer but the check box that says "always use the selected program..." is greyed out.

I've looked through the registry and everything's as it should be, according to all the stuff I've checked out but no dice.

Anyone else run up against this kind of issue? On my own system, I don't have this problem.

Answer:XP Search is screwy

Hello abobyk. I'm not sure if you can find something to help from this.

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I have 33 computers running windows 2000 that are all on a windows NT domain. I have it set where all computers can connect to each other if desired. I have a file server running windows 2000 server. All of these machines can connect to 2000 server's shared drive with no problem. I put this XP computer on the domain and everything is fine, except for the fact that it cannot access any other shared drive on the network except for the domain server.

ANY IDEAS? I need it to be able to access the 2000 server.

Answer:XP on an NT Domain.....screwy!

Silly questions first.... Do you join the PCs to a domain when you add them to your network or just make sure their workgroup name is the same?

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Lately I've started encountering a most bizzare internet phenomenon, which slowly drives me insane.

When I try and connect to anything outside my own network (eg, every time I click on a link in my browser) I have about a %50 chance of my request disappearing into thin air. If done within a browser, I am likely to get a timeout error after a preset time, (as the request was sent but no response came in). In Firefox, I have an indication from the progress bar at the bottom right of my browser window, if after about 2 seconds it is still empty, the request is probably lost, and I just have to click on the link again, and hope this time the request will get through.

This is really inconvenient and stops my work-flow several times per minute...
(Who am I kidding, by work flow I mean game-flow, but you get my drift).

My setup is as follows:
I have several computers (all different, all suffering the same problem), all connected to a switch, which is connected to a router which is connected to an ADSL filter, which is connected to the phone line.

Which of this parts should I inspect for faults? and how?
Also, the easy solution on my side would be to blame my ISP. Do I have any grounds to do so?

If any more details are required, ask and I shall answer as soon as possible.
On the insanity scale from 1 to 10, I'm already wielding an axe.
Thanks for your help,

Answer:My internet is all screwy

It could very well be your ISP, so speak to them.

You could also eliminate the router by connecting the internet line directly to one of your PCs, and checking if the problem persists.

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Just recently I started having problems with IE pop ups(I don't use IE) and then today the volume is messing up. I've ran AVAST Anti Virus, Malwarebytes, Spybot SD,Ad-aware, Panda Scan, and TrendMicro Online scan. Caught little things like cookies but not much else. Here's my HJT Log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 11:35:15 AM, on 7/12/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField\IswSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\SoftwareUpdate\YahooAUService.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe
C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField\ForceField.exe
C:\Program F... Read more

Answer:IE pop ups and screwy volume

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Question: GPU acting screwy

When I'm playing Civilization V especially when it gets really heavy into the game (lots of units, computer processing AI moves etc...) every so often I get trails and ghosts on the screen. It'll freeze up sometimes when processing the AI moves etc... I'm running it in Direct X 11 since my GPU supports that (The game gives you the option of DX 9,10 or 11). I know my PC can handle the game and then some (Specs below). It can handle any other game I play just fine with max settings... Civ 5 should be a cake walk. What could be the issue? I'm at a loss here. I've also downloaded the current patch and GPU drivers.

Edit: Ghosting only happens when I'm playing Civ. Otherwise my monitor is fine.

Answer:GPU acting screwy

Might be a setting in Civ 5 that is aggravating your card. Could be AA or something, not sure. Try turning down features until you get no freezing, slowly make your way up.

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