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video game consoles 7th gen

Question: video game consoles 7th gen

Just a quick poll. I want to see if the Wii actually has a chance.

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Preferred Solution: video game consoles 7th gen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: video game consoles 7th gen

im sure it does with the younger people. nintendo has kinda always been more for the younger audience.

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Question: Old game consoles?

Just wondering if people are still into retro gaming.. Just looking for some guidance to some of the old school great hit that are not well known...  

Answer:Old game consoles?

Samba De Amigo ? This is a great Sega game that you have for dreamcast. I have a dreamcast sitting in a shelf LOL  If you really want to get retro, get yourself a famicom (nes) if you can still find it

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Question: Old game consoles?

Just wondering if people are still into retro gaming.. Just looking for some guidance to some of the old school great hit that are not well known...  

Answer:Old game consoles?

Samba De Amigo ? This is a great Sega game that you have for dreamcast. I have a dreamcast sitting in a shelf LOL  If you really want to get retro, get yourself a famicom (nes) if you can still find it

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Will a TV tuner enable me to play my Gamecube or PS2 on my PC? If so, can anyone recommend one?Thank you.

Answer:TV tuner for game consoles

Yes, BUT, you will need to buy specific components to do what you are asking. Some machines will have an S video in (not to be confused with svideo out) which you can then buy a separate cable for your PS2 or an adapter for your current one and attach it that way. Most TV tuner cards wont work with it and you would need to get an RF block and at last check these were fairly expensive and dont give a great picture quality.

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Am I correct in assuming, since a game console like Xbox360 has a hard drive in it, it must have some sort of OS, so, can it be infected by playing on-line? If so, how do you protect it?

Answer:Solved: Can Game Consoles Get Viruses?

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By MATT SLAGLE, AP Technology WriterFri Apr 20, 2:09 PM ETFrom the movie-like graphics in the action game "Gears of War" to the nearly photorealistic racer "MotorStorm," video games have come a long way since the bouncing blocks of "Pong."A new breed of visually striking games promises to light up computer screens with even sharper, more lifelike graphics than ever before. But unlike the popular "Gears of War" or "MotorStorm," the games won't be debuting on Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news).'s PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 consoles.Instead, the PC is returning to the pinnacle of video game graphics ? thanks to some under-the-hood tweaks in Microsoft's Vista operating system.The technology behind these improved visuals, called DirectX 10, is the result of a collaboration among video game developers, graphics card makers and Microsoft. For years, they have been working to streamline and standardize the software used by Windows-based PCs to display graphics.The latest improvements, many believe, far surpass even the very best of what the consoles are capable of. Case in point: the upcoming PC shooter "Crysis," where players take the role of a battle-savvy soldier who has to uncover the secrets behind an asteroid that has smashed into Earth.Beams of light glimmer through a jungle overgrown with swaying palm trees, and the thick underbrush gets more detailed with a closer look. Gaze into the di... Read more

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need help setting up a network for a PS3 and a Xbox 360.
i have a at&t dsl with a motorola modem and a linksys network everywhere
NH1005-WM 5-port hub. when i connect my pc and one of the game consoles to the hub my pc is the only thing with a connection. i have searched around and found several topics about this altho helpful most of the help topics skipped alot of inbetween steps for those who are new to setting up a network.

Answer:setting up a network with game consoles

how exactly is your network set up?

do you have your modem going into your linksys wan port and you connect your computers/game consoles to the switch ports?

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I know on computers that utilize Windows that if you do work or view files from a USB the file names, headers, and dates are saved as Metadata and Hotkeys. Does the same hold true with game consoles such as a PS3 or XBox or are their OS's different???

Answer:Viewing USB files through Game Consoles Folder name retention?

Closing duplicate thread too:

You may want to elaborate on your question there, Hotkeys doesn't make sense in the context of your question.

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I recently installed a new modem and router, and the internet has been fine for these past few days, but starting today, the internet on one computer has completely stopped working. It's an HP computer a few years old running Windows XP. We have Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox on this computer. When I attempt to open Firefox, the hourglass appears next to the mouse pointer for a split second, disappears, and nothing opens. When I attempt to open Internet Explorer, it opens after a few seconds, but the bar at the top of the screen only says "Connecting..." and never changes. If I attempt to do ANYTHING in Internet Explorer, it says "Not Responding", and must be closed. Also, When Internet Explorer is opened, a message pops up asking whether I would rather restore my previous session, or go to my home page, but both options lead to the same result. All signs on the computer point to the fact that it is connected to the Wifi network and that everything is good, but this happens every time. I have tried restarting the computer, and running a virus scan, neither have worked. Anyone know what is wrong? I'm usually pretty good with computers but this one has me completely stumped. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Internet on all computers/phones/game consoles, but not one computer?

I will move to networking

have you tried a restore to before the problem started
system tools>
system restore>
choose a date before the problem started

also try safe mode - tap F8 as the PC starts and choose "safemode with networking" and see if that works OK

When I attempt to open Firefox, the hourglass appears next to the mouse pointer for a split second, disappears, and nothing opens. Click to expand...

try in firefox safe mode
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)>
Firefox should start up with a Firefox Safe Mode dialog.

Here is a link to diagnose firefox

It maybe the firewall blocking access - turn that off - what is the firewall you are using

to see if you are actually connected to internet do the following

{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> in the RUN box
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + ... Read more

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I know on computers that utilize Windows that if you do work or view files from a USB the file names, headers, and dates are saved as Metadata and Hotkeys. Does the same hold true with game consoles such as a PS3 or XBox or are their OS's different???

Answer:Viewing USB files through Game Consoles Folder name retention?

bartjohnson1972 said:

I know on computers that utilize Windows that if you do work or view files from a USB the file names, headers, and dates are saved as Metadata and Hotkeys. Does the same hold true with game consoles such as a PS3 or XBox or are their OS's different???Click to expand...

It is the same.

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I have a Gamecube and Playstation 2.

Soon, I'll be getting my tv tuner card for my PC and am planning to play with my console on it (not to mention record videos from gaming and watch tv.... plus watch movies with my dvd player [PS2]).

I was wondering if I should just use the default "audio Left/right" and "video" to view my movies and play games.... or should I use "S-video" instead of "video" since I know it's higher quality and such.

The reason why I asked is because I dont know what I should buy if I plan to use the S-video connector (since obviously the GC and PS2 doesn't come with one).

Should I just buy the s-video connector seperately for each console or is it possible to use an "S-video adaptor" or if so I can plug the "video (yellow plug) into the S-video adaptor for it to work (if there is such a thing).

Any advices is welcomed. Hope you understand in despise my horrible explaination.

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Hi guys, i just got a wrt300 N linksys router and i wanted to know if it is possible to use a 3rd party usb wireless N adapter with the 360, is it compatible?

also the question goes to the wii and ps3.


Answer:Video consoles and Wirless N

Sure, 802.11n should function across brands. I have three different brands of 802.11n equipment here, and they all play nice together.

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The game is scheduled to enter alpha phase in Q3 2013.

Answer:Start Citizen Video Promotes PC over consoles & mobiles

Interesting, thanks.

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We all have them whether we love them or despise them, video game villains. What video game villain deserves their own game?

Answer:Video game Villians who deserve thier own game.

 Captain LeChuck from the Monkey Island Series and koopa king!

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We all have them whether we love them or despise them, video game villains. What video game villain deserves their own game?

Answer:Video game Villians who deserve thier own game.

 Captain LeChuck from the Monkey Island Series and koopa king!

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I just got a clean bill of health on my computer a week ago, but the issues going on with my computer have worsened to the point where I thought another thread might be worthwhile.

As of this past week, I'm experiencing choppy streaming on videos, and a noticeable lag rate on frames on video games. It's gotten to the point where youtube videos have difficulty streaming and are of extremely poor quality. Since it's choppy on videogames - and not ones I connect to the internet to play or play online - I know it can't possibly be my ISP or wireless connection. I'm still experiencing a slow shutdown and an even slower boot-up as well, and the space just below my keyboard feels hot to the touch. Are my video drivers going, or is it something else? Still a Compaq laptop running Windows 7.

Answer:Worsening video-lag/video game picture rate stutter

Hello,I will be helping you with your problemsSome points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post. Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process. Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Button, select Immediate Notification, and click on Proceed. This will send ... Read more

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Hi, so I play The Sims. I checked out the device config log and my video card isn't being recognized. Is there anyone who can help me with this? I have a XFX R7 260 (is that a good card?). I bought the card becuz it was specifically listed as a card that'll work with The Sims.

I tried to get help on 2 Sim forums, but I couldn't follow their directions and they lost patience

Can someone please help me?

Thank you.

Answer:Video card not recognized by video game

There's several different ones link to the one you have

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I'm looking to be able to take screenshots and/or video of video games off my television and save them on my PC. I am pretty uninformed about technical aspects of computing so go easy on me please. My questions are:

1. What will I need to hook everything up properly? My current HDTV has PC input but I have no clue how I would run a game console through one TV input when the PC input is different - do I need to hook the console up directly to my computer somehow?
2. What software do I use? Is there any FREE software that allows me to do this?

Maybe I'm missing something and there's an easier way altogether?

Once again, please excuse my ignorance.


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Question: consoles

havoc do u have an xboblive account cause i got a friend named havoc


are you trying to contact a member?

use the PM function

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Hi guys,

I have finally decided to skip the next gen consoles and move on to PC gaming. The problem is, I have no clue what to look for in a gaming laptop (I travel a lot and desktop is not really an option). I've seen many laptop optimized for gaming, such as Alienware, but these seem very expensive and my budget is somewhat limited, around 900 AUD.

Can anyone help me out? I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Moving from Consoles to PC

I think you may be moving backwards rather than forward. Laptops tend to get hot and playing games intensively will give them a hard time. Expect to pay a substantial premium.

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Hey everyone,

I don't have a TV anymore in my room (at least it don't work right), and I have no way to play any of my consoles, especially the new ones coming out.

Anyhow, I'm thinking of this monitor:

But I'm not sure of how the quality will be. I want something with HIGH quality (like I'm playing my console on a regular TV).

I'm also up for a USB 2.0 TV-tuner box. Something like this:

Like above, I can really use because I have a laptop, two desktops, a video camera that I could record some of my old memories on to DVDs..

I'd pay for the monitor if it gets better quality for gaming (that's what I want the most), but if the USB TV-tuner is going to give me better quality then the LCD, then I'll get the TV tuner instead.

So if you have any ideas, or tips, let me know !


Answer:Playing consoles on PC

well, you could always get a better monitor and ten buy a Composite to VGA converter.

Here are three, i know it says for xbox, but it will work for any composite source: VGA Adapter

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i have the powercolor radeon x1600xt bravo edition gpu and it has the VIVO connector port on it. i was wondering if i could plug my ps2/xbox into it or something because it comes with video in cables and many more. i tried plugging the cable into the VIVO port and plugging my xbox into the video in port and turned my xbox on, no picture came up so im either doing something wrong or i need some software to view it or you just cant do it at all lol.

thats a link to my GPU

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Question: Gameboy consoles

I know this site is for computer problems, but I have a problem. My daughters aged 11 and 9 yrs both want a Gameboy for their birthdays. I know nothing about Gameboys.Has anyone out there with children aged about the same age, have any comments regarding Gameboys, I think they cost about 100 each, plus the cost of the games, so not something to buy without some thought. They already have a PS 2.Will welcome you tips

Answer:Gameboy consoles

Well, you can get a GBASP, the latest models, for about 60 if you order an import. Then all you need to be able to play it here in the UK is an UK adaptor which shouldn't cost more than 5. And don't worry, every single Gameboy ever made is universal and therefore, PAL (Eg. UK) and NTSC (eg. Japan and USA) games will all work on ANY Gameboy. A GBASP will also play Gameboy Color and the original Gameboy games since it's backwards compatible, much like the way your PS2 can play PS1 games.Games can cost a bit, especially latest releases which cost a maximum 35 but since the GBASP has so many great games, you can get some classics like Golden Sun 1 and Advance Wars 1 for less than 20. Oh yea, don't be bullied by others to not bother with the GBA SP and be pursuaded to wait for the 'oh-so-great' PSP, Sony's planned handheld. The PSP might be a gazillion times more powerful but what makes a console great is it's games, not it's specifications.I have a GBASP and I absolutely love it. I'm addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Fire Emblem at the moment. The GBASP has most of the good RPGs out there at the moment which is one major reason why I got it.

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I'm looking for a monitor that I can use for my PC but would also like to play xbox 360 games on it.

what i'm confused about is which port should i be looking for in a monitor (component? HDMI?" and how do I get sound.

For example, the following samsung monitor has an hdmi input, but it has no speakers so how do I set things up to play my console games on it with sound? - SAMSUNG T260 Rose-Black 25.5" 5ms Touch of Color Series HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 DC 20000:1 - LCD Monitors

Answer:consoles on monitors

get some speakers. or do you not wnat speakers and rather a monitor with built in speakers?

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i know this must get asked a lot, and there must also be stuff out on the net too. but i'm dambed if i can find anything....

anways, it's a very complicated question, but what do you think the PC equivelent spec of, for instance, a playstation 2 would be? and maybe other consoles too...

Answer:PC equivelent of various consoles?

What do you mean by equivelent? You mean in hardware parts or in capabilities?

Anyway, if you are interested in buying a gaming PC consider the following:
-PCs are usually better in games because of their more powerfull hardware. But the gamer's dream machine needs a great sum of money to be given away...Do not except a 400euros PC (Box only) to provide all the graphics of XBOX 360. Consoles will play their games until replaced by the next version while PCs may need upgrades more regulary in order to keep em up with the evolting software.

As for the playstation 2 question, I guess that it could provide graphics equivelent to those of a
P4 2.0/AthlonXP 2000 or lower with a Geforce 4 gpu and about 256MBs of RAM. That's a guess only...

If you want to buy a gaming PC search the forums for that, there are several similar threads.
Or you could start a thread at games forum where gamers with more console experience could answer you.

I'm adding this here too: The old Xbox has a "cut down" PIII 733Mhz CPU, 64MBs of RAM, and a GeForce 3Ti based GPU. But it provides much greater performance compared too a PC with these parts, I'd guess it's performance it's like the playstation2 equivelent PC.

You may of course be aware of the above stuff...;-)

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The pages all read streaming, which pretty much is using your console on a different screen.

As we have seen, halo guardians has NO splitscreen, but coop and vs online. Could i "stream" to my pc and play with someone else who is on my xbox one. Like use my pc's force to play with someone. Obviously with restrictions to force me to use a remote and 60fps.

So, could it happen?

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Ok So We have an Xbox One And a normal crap laptop and things we're running nice for a while but My friend changed The Nat to bridged thinking it would help us connect to others easier but its just made me Have horrible disconnections every 10 mins and i cant Acess anymore to fix it... ;-; i keep trying and ive tried alot but i need help i dont understand what to do here's what it says ...


Answer:Nat Help With Modem and Consoles! Please :(

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I would like to know, I have found a page that says the Logitech Z560's can be used on a console, is this true and if so, how do you do it?

P.s. I am thinking of using it on my xbox if I can get these any adapters I need I would thank you if they are mentioned.

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hey , william here just wondering what would be an ideal monitor

to plug my 360 in ?

im looking for great picture quality 24 " or so full hd 1080p so my games will look crisp

at the moment im thinking of a Acer H243H or a Samsung 2494HS

if you can suggest any others would be much appreciated ( not looking for 500000 $ monitor )

last of all jst for kicks i have 2 buy a stupid xbox 360 hdmi cable to play games on one of those 2 monitors above .. sounds ok right ? but 60 $ and im seeing all these things u have to connect to bypass or something -.-

stupid 1st gen xbox i jst wana play hd games on my 360 why must microsoft hate me :

Answer:Monitors + Consoles

You don't need a $60 HDMI cable. You can pick up HDMI cables for about 90% less than that.

Keep in mind with high resolution you have to have a high end video card to play the game you want at the high resolution levels.

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Question: Are Consoles Dead?

This was the title of an IGN article I just read.

The article is somewhat interesting and makes for a few minutes of questioning reading. The comments are , as always mostly pointless.

So what I got from the article is that the technology of the future Iphone and the like will basically put console gaming into the grave.

This is an interesting thought.

But I think the numbers they get this idea from are not being looked at correctly.
This is just my opinion based on what I know of the gaming and Iphone (the latter being "Not a lot").
My girlfriend enjoys playing games on Facebook and those sorts of free games, which look like they could be fun if thats your thing.
My son spends a huge amount of time on his Iphone.
When my girl wants to play a "Real game" she will load up some form of strategy or puzzle game which she purchased.
When my boy wants to play a "Real Game" he sits on his PS3 and fires up something like Battlefield or COD.

This is where I think the numbers are wrong, you see while my g/f plays facebook type and Hidden Object games, she's not a console gamer anyway.
So if (and there has been) there is a console in the house and the computer exploded, she would still not play the console.

My boy on the other hand would die without either the Console or the Iphone.

Me? I have my PC and have less interest than I should in buying another Console.... but likely will in the next 6 ... Read more

Answer:Are Consoles Dead?

Nedlamar said:

Consoles will never die because the gamers who don't use computers will always want to have a console on a big screen TV with 7.1 surround.Click to expand...

U pretty much said it there.
I used to do that with my Playstation II, but when PS3 came out, I couldn't buy it (not because of its high price, but due to the high price of PS3 games).
So, I turned back to PC.
And one more thing, My guess is that PC gaming is really growing fast (I mean buying games not pirating) cuz games are at low prices and there are loads of discounts.
I remember buying the whole GTA collection (GtaI, II, libertycity, vicecity, sanandreas, iv, eflc) for 8 bucks :drool.
If offers like that go to sony and PS3 games, I will surely buy a PS3.

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hi. i've got a HP media centre PC. it comes with a TV card with an RF port and composite (red/white/yellow) ports. i've got an arial and thats all fine but i can't get my media centre to receive my gamecube/PS2 signal from the composite ports.

can anyone help? i'm posting in here because i think its a software issue with media centre not my card. i don't want to fork out for an RF cable for my consoles (if i can even get an RF cable for them)

thanks for reading.

Answer:getting consoles to work on my tv card.


well this is a bit more info.
no matter how many scanning options i try i can't find the console signal. if no one knows an answer then could people sugest alternative software to receive tv and console signals threw the FR and copmposite ports respectively?

thanks for your time.

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Quite simple really... does the SMP client offer any productivity advantage over dual console clients on separate threads?

Right now I'm running the console clients because I was having trouble setting up the SMP (it refuses to be set up on my system because it doesn't want to auth on another account).

Answer:[email protected] SMP vs. Twin Threaded Consoles

Only if you have a high end dual or quad core heavily overclocked.

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So, what're your favourite retro consoles?Favourite retro games?Retro consoles you owned/own?I had a Sega Megadrive, but I sold it.I have a Sega Gamegear at the minute, I absolutely love it, some of the games are awesome.Sonic Chaos, Sonic & Tails, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift, Sonic, Sonic 2, Alien 3 ... I'm a big Sonic fan.I alos have an old Atari system (computer rather than console), but it's missing a monitor  Oh yes, finally I did have a Gameboy COlor, but I sold that too because I didn't have any decent games for it.Anyway, happy voting!PS if I've missed any consoles you think should be on there or there's anything I need to clarify, please let me know.Thanks.

Answer:Favourite retro consoles?

NES has to be one of the best ones out there (voted other). Snes isnt bad on that note. I think Mario > Sonic and always will.. mario 64 beats any of those modern sonic games that go so fast you cant keep up but at the same time are so challenging that my 3 year old nephew has completed most of it : /Also alot of the games on the NES were actually challenging.. i found with megadrive and ps1 etc. all the games you could complete with relative ease within a day.

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you forgot "i dont plan on buying any one of them."  

Answer:Re: Up and coming Consoles Review

I refuse to buy any of the next-gen consolesThe PS3 has the horribly restrictive Blu-Ray, the Xbox I don't have room for, and the Wii ... I make enough of a fool of myself without waving a stick around to control whatever on screen, and it just has a silly nameI'll stick to my PS2 and PC, thanksPS. Forgot about my Gamegear....that rocks!  Easily my best console

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Hi Folks - hope you can help here.

I've a fully-Netgear network:
Cable Modem -> Router
1 PC Ethernet -> Router
1 PC Wireless -> Router
1 Laptop Wireless -> Router

My son has a Gamecube and we're being given an Xbox (not 360)- and for both would like to do online gaming. They are always likely to be within a few feet of each other.

All the "console" adaptors that I've seen (e.g. Netgear's WGE111) seem to only have a single Ethernet input. My question is on the best way to gear this up. It's unlikely that two consoles will be on simultaneously, but I don't want to be climbing round the back to switch cables.

- not clear if it's a switch or access point i'd need?
- are there wifi switches with multiple inputs (not $$$$ and pref Netgear)
- is there an etherner equivalent to the much cheapness USB hubs?
- can I buy a second router - as they have the connections and are relatively cheap

All suggestions welcome.


Answer:Multiple Consoles Wireless

All the "console" adaptors that I've seen (e.g. Netgear's WGE111) seem to only have a single Ethernet input. My question is on the best way to gear this up. It's unlikely that two consoles will be on simultaneously, but I don't want to be climbing round the back to switch cables.Click to expand...

You can do wireless - or

- not clear if it's a switch or access point i'd need?Click to expand...

If you do it wired you need a switch if you can't run the wire back to the router you need to go wireless.

- are there wifi switches with multiple inputs (not $$$$ and pref Netgear)Click to expand...

I'm not quite sure how your trying to do this you want it to be router - wireless - switch - 2 cables to the 2 games?

- is there an etherner equivalent to the much cheapness USB hubs?Click to expand...

No ethernet is usually more expensive than USB due to the technology but both are usually cheaper than wireless.

- can I buy a second router - as they have the connections and are relatively cheapClick to expand...

Sure you can buy a second router but depending on how your wanting to hook it up it may not be what you want.

Can you illustate where these gaming devices are in relation to your current wireless router?

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I"ve been reading a lot of reviews on the next generation consoles (Xbox 360 & PS3). Now, most of this stuff I know has to be "He said/She said, media hyped, fluff it up, marketing crap." But, it seems like even game developers for the NGC's are saying that these games will look and perform a lot better then on PC Game machines with 6800 ultras. Now, I know that PC games and Console games are completely different but, they must create all of these games on PC's, NO?

If these two NGC's are using the soon to be G70's and R520's as GPU cores, and a lot of games will be using the Unreal 3 Engine... Aren't these things that hardcore PC gamers lust for?

If these aligations come to be true with the NGC's, what impact do you think this will have on PC gamers? If you can buy a NGC for $300-$500 and get a better gaming experience then you could spending $500.00 for a top video card, another $200 for some fast ram and another $250-$1000 for a CPU? It's been almost implied that the NGC's will be better then 85-90% of all current gaming PC's. I don't know?

I've also read that the cost of these new games will be 10 to 15% more per game, due to the higher cost of production. And the final issue at hand also is, to take full advantage to the NGC's potential you "NEED" to have a HDTV. <---- Very, Very Expensive compared to the cost of the Consoles themselves...

What's everyones thoughts?

Answer:Gaming PC vs Next Generation Consoles

It should be interesting to see some "Real" game demos and not some real-time rendering fluff. Did you see the Killzone 2 trailer? Please are they blowing smoke up our arses?

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Hey I was wondering, how do I connect my consoles (such as Gamecube, SNES, PS etc.) to my computer? I have the correct ports built into my computer, so I don't think I'd need an adapter, because I think my computer has that built in (I am referring to those colored plugs in the back of your TV, which you plug VCRs and DVD players into, as well as the cable port for a TV). Any help would be very very much appreciated, because I have been trying to get this till doomsday. Thanks.Here are my computer's specs (to my best of knowledge):System:Microsoft Windows XPHome EditionVersion 2002Service Pack 2Manufactured and supported by:Sony Electronics Inc.VAIO Computer              Intel(R)Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz3.19 GHz, 512 MB of RAM

Answer:How do I connect consoles to my computer?

I THINK this might help: it works:C}{r1$

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I am having a problem running two xbox consoles on xbox live. Both consoles come off a router. Internet provider is Road Runner. When both consoles are online at the same time (such as playing Halo2), we both get booted off. IP addresses have been checked and are different. I am not super knowledgeable when it comes to computers, so I will need help in simple terms if possible. Thanks for any and all help.

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Hi Guys,
I got a problem here... I'm doing a marketing assignment and the topic I chose was gaming consoles. I'm just wondering where I can find information on the target market of the 3 main ones: PS2, GC, and XBOX. Also, what do YOU think the target market (age, sex) is for these 3?

Answer:Target Market for consoles

It might be an interesting agle to look at the game titles as well as the console itself. It is well known that Nintendo has always favoured the younger crowd by releasing less violence oriented games, and Sony has tried to cater to all by releasing some kid friendly and some uberviolent stuff. Seems mostly violent stuff. I don't play XBox but it seems to me they cater to a more adult market, with many sports titles and the always favorite FPS games.

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I am looking for a 17" or 19" TFT monitor that I can also connect my PS2, Xbox & Gamecube to. I am told that this is possible, but have had conflicting advice. I also don't want to spend too much. Please would someone help me aout and tell me exactly what I need to look for.

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Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible to configure Vista Ultimate for multiple RDP consoles like in Server03/08. Thanks.

Answer:Multiple Consoles under Vista?

Windows desktop operating systems only allow one RDP or console connection. Server03/08 only allow 2, unless they are licensed as a terminal server.

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i have a tv, but do not care for playing games in my room, so i found out my lcd monitors give me the option to change input, currently all my monitors are connected using dvi-d so i thought since i have a vga input available that ican freely change the input to, it would be more efficient to use my monitors. problem being, i have no clue how to convert the, or where i can get an addapter that turns the red white video cables into a vga cable. any ideas. pleas not that i am planning on purchasing a 4x vga switch box so i can connect multiple consoles to one monitor so the fewer 3d party stops i can make with the cables the better!

Answer:need help connecting a ps2 and possibly other consoles to vga

Here: Brainydeal YPbPr Component to VGA Video Audio Converter Adapter 1080p for PS2 PS3 Xbox Xbox360 Wii Game Cube Connected to Computer Monitor Projector#

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I really want a kvm console for my rack (not even a kvm, just the console) and everywhere I look they are at least 1k! It's just a monitor, keyboard and mouse on a fancy shelf! If it was half that price it would not be so bad.

Anywhere I can get them cheaper? Or is there a better solution I could have in place? I was thinking a one port IP kvm but even those are in the 500 bucks range.

Answer:is it normal for kvm consoles to be this pricy?


new: (700usd +)

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Hi folks

I looking to replace my big 19" CRT Dell monitor which has served me well over the past few years. Man its a bulky thing!!!!

So I been looking at TFT screens and am thinking of buying something which is 20" and above, is widescreen and the main reason is so I can use it as a screen for the PC and also as a screen if i buy a 360 or ps3, which I am thinking of when the prices come down.

Does anyone know if I can use a next gen games console with a TFT. I pretty sure I can do it with a LCD screen from brands such as sony and samsung but am not sure if they are the way to go to use for PC monitors ( I know they all say PC input - but are they actually any good for PC applications?)

Am I also right in saying that the next gen consoles have an HDMI output for the best quality in video gaming so ideally I need one of those for ultimate gaming pictures?

If anyone can advise me on solutions or pitfuls of my ideas, that would be most gratefully appreciated. I dont have a particular budget in mind but dont want to spend more than 350 (GBP).

thank you

Answer:A TFT for both PC and Games Consoles HDMI

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I may be missing something here but I'm unable to modify or change the RSAT MMC consoles. The best I can do is Save As or create new consoles from scratch.
Example: DHCP (dhcpmgmt.msc)
I add my DHCP servers to this console, close the console and when I re-open it the servers are gone. This is annoying.
If I open it in "Author" I still can't save the changes back. It is owned by the "TrustedInstaller" user short of taking ownership I can't grant myself enough permissions so that it saves my changes.
What am I missing? I expected the various MMC consoles to be seamless. I make changes, their saved. No prompts to Save As, or Save, etc... The previous admin tools for 2003 worked like this, why does RSAT not behave this way?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this.

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The game and server is Socom US Navy Seals Combined Assault.Which is being handled by Sony now.
Sony is not currently helping when I call
When my 2 consoles are connected to that sever from here one gets priority over the other and one begins to be very laggy gameplay.

Ive called my router support which is Belkin and the model # F5D 7230-4 version 6002.They are most always from Indian decent and very hard to understand their english.They suggested opening the UDP/TCP ports and told me to call back after i get the numbers.
If im not mistaken they said the ports to my playstation are what im suposed to open,but I heard that the server has its own ports too???
The first call to Sony :after she asked me what game im trying to connect to I got a huge long list of numbers which I didnt know if they were seperated by commas or just a huge list of numbers.The second call to Sony this guy told me if I already been connected to the server before theres no need to open the ports.Thats just for stuff like if the mics dont work etc..
I got a small upgrade to turbo from my ISP,but they dont handle 3rd party routers.
Im familiar kinda with the routers utility,heres a photo to give example of what Im dealing with

Any ideas and help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Slow connection with 2 PS2 consoles to one server

whats the speed of the internet connection in question?

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I am having a problem playing my consoles via the TV tuner.

I have Windows XP media center and since i dont have net in my house right now,i cant install the RF tuner (tv controller) needed to use my TV card as a ''satellite'' in media center to play with my console.

Any program to play consoles through my TV card?
My TV card is either WinTV-HVR1100
or WinTV-HVR1300.
Now,I can only use it with Media Center because I don't have another program for using my TV tuner.
How can I play with my Consoles in any other way than using Media center,and also,if you can ,find me a driver for the USB RF receiver CM23E .

Thanks a million.

Oh,and my TV card has RGB to put the Consoles.

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I've had problems for awhile now with this. I had no problem playing WOW on my computer, but i cant stay connected long enough to play anything on my PS3 or Xbox 360. I CAN download stuff to those boxes without much of a problem, although i do notice that i seem to drop connection alot. Games usually wont even let me connect to a game, but can occasionally put me in a video chat room.

I'm using a linksys Wireless-G WRT54GS w/speedbooster (whatever that is) to connect everything. I've run the internet setup checks on my xbox and they all pass, but i want to eliminate my router settings as a possible cause before i go yelling at my ISP.

If you can suggest settings to config to my router i would appriciate it.

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So, some of you guys may have see my question about how much Cat5E cable was too much, and would cause signal loss.

....well now I've got a new problem.

As I said, a friend of mine's dad works for Comcast and gave me like 80feet of Cat5E, with plugs and tools to set it up. (Pretty nice guy he is).

Well to run this cable from my living room to my bedroom is going to be quite a task, since most of my basement is concrete/above ground, the only part that isnt, is the part below my living room. So in other words, I'm going to have to drill a hole in the floor in my living room and crawl through a small hole in my basement on dirt to pull the cable though to the concreted section of my basement, and up into my bedroom.

Well, I figured earlier that it would be a good idea before attempting this, to check and make sure the plugs I was given with the Cat5E would fit in my console's modems....the plugs didn't fit.
I really won't be able to find anything out for probably a couple more days (at least) from my friend's dad. So I was hoping someone would know the answer on here.

I checked the cable that is plugged into my cable modem, and it fit fine in my consoles.

The plugs I was given appear to be more rectangle shaped, when the plug that is in my modem appears to be more squared shaped(this is the plug that fit).

Was I just given the wrong plugs to hook it up? Or do I need a different type of cabling?


Answer:Cat5E-Plug Too Big for Consoles Modem

CAT5 (or even higher or lower) uses an RJ-45 connection. A standard modem port that uses a phone connection uses RJ-11. They are different types of connections.

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hi and before i start,great site guys!
right lets go....I have a pc and a ps2 connected to the internet through my ZOOM X4 adsl router/modem/firewall and everything works fine.My problem is that i need to have another ps2 connected also(too many kids not enough phone lines!!).the x4 says i can connect 254 computers to the net at once but the instructions are as clear as mud.can i do it with this router,or can you recommend one for the job?Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.cheers all.antikas

Answer:Two games consoles and a pc sharing my router?

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Hello to you all

I was browsing the net for possible ways to hook up a console (ps2, xbox) to a computer and play it. I have a tv tuner card because it came with my HP Media Center PC, and it has the red, yellow and white connectors (in) that a console needs to hook into a TV. The card also has s-video in, and coax.

So...what would happen if i plugged in my xbox? Would it play automatically? Do i need software? Is any of this even possible?

Any help here would be great appreciated!

Answer:Hooking up consoles to media center PCs

o.o, why use the computer as a media medium?

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Hi, does anyone know how a website such as IGN would get screen captures from current gen consoles?
Does it involve a special device or a simple cable across to a PC? Obviously getting screen captures from old consoles such as the Megadrive and NES is easy because of emulators, but I am really keen on taking quality images from my PS2, Xbox, PS3, Wii etc.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Screen captures from games consoles

The simplest ways at home involve recording to a DVD, or DVR, and pulling the images from there. Alternatively, you can get a video capture box which will use a USB plug to transmit the data to the computer. There are also video capture Cards which do something similar.

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Hi folks,
My Questions are--
1. With the same EXACT configuration, why cannot you build a PC cheaper than a console?
For e.g. suppose the cheapest console is the XBOX 360 at $200. With the same $200 is it possible to build a PC CPU Unit (just the case, without speakers or monitor, but including controllers) with the EXACT same configuration of an XBOX 360 and play games?

Why or Why not?

2. If one decides to go gaming, but on a budget. Which system would you suggest??
A gaming tablet, gaming phone (Sony Xperia), PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U, XBox 360, PS3 or PC?

Which one would be cheapest to buy and would not go obsolete for the next 5 years. Modern games can be played and a wide variety of genres would be available. Novelty items like motion controller is included with the build. And also note that, the more versatile the system (other work can be done) the better. High-End graphics is only optional.

Thank You

Answer:Why are PCs more costly than Consoles of the EXACT specification?

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I've been having issues lately with my 4 year old laptop crashing on me with "Blue Screens of Death". These "Blue Screens of Death" have said two things so far: DPC Watchdog Violation and Video Scheduler Internal Error. I play a lot of Lord of the Rings Online (a popular MMO) through the Steam video game program, and the BSoDs only occur when playing this video game. I do not play any other video games lately.

It should probably be noted that my Dell laptop was built with two video cards in it:

Intel HD Graphics 3000
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

What I've tried so far:

Removing the Lord of the Rings Online game from my Steam program, reinstalling it separate from Steam, and playing it without Steam instead
Uninstalling both video card's drivers completely with Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstalling with the latest drivers for each
Playing the game with DirectX 9, 10, or 11
In the nVidia Control Panel:
Running the Lord of the Rings Online game with the default Auto-select options
In Manage 3D Settings: Setting the Global Setting for using the nVidia card (instead of Auto-selecting the 'best' card)
Set PhysX Configuration: Setting my nVidia Geforce card to the PhysX processor (as opposed to leaving it at the default Auto-select)

Playing the Lord of the Rings Online game through Windows 7 Compatilibility mode
Eliminating malware as a possibility (my system is cleen): Read more

Answer:Bsods Caused By Video Game? Windows Driver? Nvidia Video Card (or Driver)?

Also, I am using Windows 10 Pro. I have not had problems with Lord of the Rings Online in the past (I've been playing it since 2011). I've been playing it for years on this laptop and have never had problems with it crashing my computer before.

When playing Lord of the Rings Online lately, the game often seems to pause/lag when I am moving around in the main especially seems to do this when the game is having to load other players nearby. This seems to occur a lot less when I am inside a building or other structures in the game.

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hey what's up guys.. i wanted to hook up my ps2 gamecube and xbox to my wireless network.. linksys makes a wireless bridge for $149 and a wireless gaming adapter for $99, however they both only have one ethernet-out port. So how would I split that one out port into 3 connections, would just a standard switch work?

Answer:wireless ethernet bridge for gaming consoles

Yes, you can have the different machines plugged into a switch/hub, and then the bridge plugged into that. This should work, HOWEVER, I'll assume you are behind NAT/firewall/router and you will need certain ports forwarded. As long as each machine is using different ports you should be OK.

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Hi,I run a single network cable from my router, (located upstairs), to my Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii, (located downstairs), so that I can access their various online services. However it's a constant hassle having to unplug the network cable from one console in order to plug it in to another, to use another online Is there any way I can plug the existing network cable, running from the router, in to a device ( i.e. a switch or a splitter), from which I can then run three network cables, one for each console and thus remove the need to continuously swap over the master cable?Thanks,Evo

Answer:Network Cabling advice for Games Consoles

click here

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I'm not sure how to get the specs needed for this question, but i'll give what I know.
Windows XP, trying to connect to Nintendo Wii or XBOX 360 using a BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54-YB Wireless LAN Adapter.
My Wii can find the access point, then when it tries to connect I get an error saying 'Cannot connect to Internet'.
Firewall is turned off during connection testing.
I am using a computer without a router to do this. I am sharing internet without another computer on the other side of the house via wired router connection.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Side note: I have the official Nintendo Wi-Fi adapter and it works perfectly on my computer and Wii so I can't see why Buffalo doesn't.

Answer:Wi-Fi adapter cannot connect to internet (on gaming consoles)

Could this be mis-matched encryption keys? That seems the most likely scenario.

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Would it make my connections any faster to use a AC access point to connect my consoles or will it be faster to allow them to use their built in wireless cards? I have a PS4 and Xbox One to connect. I have to buy an access point anyways and debating to connect the consoles to it. Thanks.

Answer:AC Access point or build-in wireless on consoles

Faster for what?

They both have 802.11N wireless. I don't know for sure, but lets assume it's only single mimo, so 150 Mbit, real life speed closer to 75 Mbit, depending on your house layout.

Why do you need more than 75 Mbit? Unless you're on google fiber, your Internet connection is way slower. 75 Mbit is more than enough to stream HD movies.

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I am installing a couple of 2810-48 hp procurves in my first rack and data closet. I've had no experience with RJ-45 serial console ports on switches since I've only used webbased gui management thus far.

What's the recommended workflow for managing all the console ports on such equipment? Do you use serial to usb adapters and connect the computer to each appliance to work on them? Would cat5 w/ rj45 terminated and putty connect the pc and switch?

What's generally used to manage snmp?

Answer:Pls recommend best way to manage multiple procurve switch consoles

Most of the time you'll use the console port for initial configuration of the switch, and once you've got the management VLAN configured and the switch is IP connectible, you'll manage it that way. As far as that first time connection, I have a laptop with an RS-232 port, but a USB dongle and DB9->RJ45 console cable works too, just make sure your dongle has a male DB9 and isn't intended to connect directly to the DCE. Then obviously just fire up Putty or Tera Term and you're in. If you want a 'permanent' solution for serial connectivity, buy yourself a console server, though unless you can connect them to the network at another point, it kinda defeats the purpose of it being 'out of band'.

HP provides ProCurve Manager for free on their website. It's a pretty heavy application, but works well. I'm not sure it's worthwhile for two switches. What sort of SNMP utility are you looking for? There are lots of different ways to use it depending on your needs.

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Hello!Quite a while I?m working on my product ?Poppy and Rose? which you can download it here: click hereThe game is made in the program language Delphi 6 and I hope that it will take your attention. Please, after you try the game and study it a little bit, if you can answer the following questions:- How can I find a video game tester, the best case is that to be some volunteer who will test the game and it will give me critics about the game.- How is your opinion for the essential value of the game?- What do you think about the UI of the game (it is made in Delphi 6), can I make it better and can I get some suggestions of how can I do that?- In which category will you put this game (maybe puzzle!)?- Is there any company that in cooperation with me can commercialize the game?- I think that playing on this video game in network can be a real challenge! Do you think same?Thank you,Janev Blagoj

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i have a toshiba a505-s6980 laptop with windows 7. the machine states i have 128 MB video memory. i have recently had some problems with an online game (DDO) and someone told me to go into the bios and increase the video memory to 256 or 512. my questions are can this be done, should i do it and how do you do it.......

Answer:Video lag on a game

the only way to find out is to go into BIOS (which stands for basic input output system) and check to see if the aperture can be increased. you'll need to figure out which button to hit as the computer turns on to get into the settings. it's probably the DEL key or one of the F# keys. from there, you will need to find the video settings and look for onboard video memory/ram or similar. you might not be able to change it from where it is but after that you exit and save/discard changes and the computer restarts.

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i have a question that is bugging me for a long timei used to have a side scrolling shooter game that had a blue butterfly for its logothe game had animals for its chapters and every chapter had three levels a morning , a dawn and a night level ( that is the boss level )the second chapter was armadilo ( cant remember the first one , sorry )the story was very simple and stupid . You are a man in your underwears and sleeping in your house until somebody shows up and BANG ! He/she blows your house so you come out and chase himsometimes you have to blow out the billboard of the picture of the boss and it will turn to your pictureyou could recruit some guys that grants you with new weapons and there was this phone booths for saving your game and when you kill a so.dier he would drop some coin and then with that money you could buy health from a machine and the health was in the shape of a yellow orbplease i need the name of the game thanks

Answer:What is the name of this video game ???

What platform was this game played on, and how long ago was this game played if a PC game and what OS etc?

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Question: Video Game lag

I have an Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT 256mb, 2 gig RAM, windows 7. My games start lagging after the first 5 minutes of gameplay. A week ago it was fine. I usually play for more than an hour or 2. I was wondering if I overworked my video card cuz like i sed it lags..

Answer:Video Game lag

Overheating.When's the last time you did any housekeeping inside that case ? ?

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i have a question that is bugging me for a long timei used to have a side scrolling shooter game that had a blue butterfly for its logothe game had animals for its chapters and every chapter had three levels a morning , a dawn and a night level ( that is the boss level )the second chapter was armadilo ( cant remember the first one , sorry )the story was very simple and stupid . You are a man in your underwears and sleeping in your house until somebody shows up and BANG ! He/she blows your house so you come out and chase himsometimes you have to blow out the billboard of the picture of the boss and it will turn to your pictureyou could recruit some guys that grants you with new weapons and there was this phone booths for saving your game and when you kill a so.dier he would drop some coin and then with that money you could buy health from a machine and the health was in the shape of a yellow orbplease i need the name of the game thanks

Answer:What is the name of this video game ???

What platform was this game played on, and how long ago was this game played if a PC game and what OS etc?

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Question: Video Game Help

Hello,I just installed the video game Boiling Point Road to Hell on my pc and i can't get it started. Whenever i try and play the game i get a message saying "Please remove disk from current cd/dvd drive and insert the orignal into another dvd dirve?".Why is this?, i am using a fully legal retail copy so i do not see why it says this. Any Suggestions?My specs are:AMD Athlon 64 3500+2048MB DDR2Geforce 7600GS 512MBWindows Vista Ultimate

Answer:Video Game Help

lots of people having probs with this game at the mo.should be a patch out soon..see linkclick here

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Question: Video Game (help)

Hi, I have a laptop computer HP Envy 15t
The specs are i7core duo core cpu, nividia 850m gpu, 16 gb ram,
1 tb hdd,
I am trying to play Battlefield 4 Multiplayer,
Singleplayer Campain runs great
Multiplayer is like 20 frames persecond.
I have a 2.5mb upload and 30mb download, premium internet service.
Please help me

Answer:Video Game (help)

My guess is that it is not your internet that is the problem, I think its your specs. Playing multiplayer, particularly in newer games like Battlefield 4 is extremly hard on your computer (spec wise). I'm guessing that your problem is that fact you only have t dual core cpu.

P.S. What are your graphics setting in both sp and mp and what is your fps in sp?

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Question: video game for VB

I'm am trying to make a 2D game in VB. This is the only language I know and from what I heard, it is the easiest to program graphics on. The thing is, I don't know the first thing about graphics in VB(besides inserting pictures and making a simple poker game ). How hard will it be to learn graphics?

Answer:video game for VB

Jim S said:

I'm am trying to make a 2D game in VB. This is the only language I know and from what I heard, it is the easiest to program graphics on. The thing is, I don't know the first thing about graphics in VB(besides inserting pictures and making a simple poker game ). How hard will it be to learn graphics?Click to expand...

take a look here and see if it helps ya out.

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mine is the Sims 3

Answer:The video game you cannot live without

Oddly enough, for someone who finds war abhorrent, my favourite game is a military simulator (which even to me seems pretty bizarre). So:

Arma 2: Combined Operations
(Which is the original 'Arma 2' [based in Chernarus] and 'Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead' [based in Takistan] combined into one bundle).

Arma 3
(Based in Altis)

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Right I own a video game call "POD - Planet of Death" someone should know the game (Planet of Death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). me and brother been trying to get it to work on a Windows Vista we change the compatibility to Windows 95 to play it, So the game starts and plays the intro but after that finish the intro main menu goes all weird and flickery, we got round this and fixed this by minimising the screen but when you started the game you hear sound from the game but no gameplay and sometimes after this the game crashes and shuts down. I put a video link to give you a better idea how what happens, If anyone have any ideas pleases get back to me asap. Thank you. click on the video to see the whats going on.

Answer:Pod video game problem


This link might give an insight into the graphics issues: -

Glide API - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Glide wrappers and emulators
Glide emulator development has been in progress since the late 1990s. During 3dfx's lifetime, the company was aggressive at trying to stop these attempts to emulate their proprietary API, shutting down early emulation projects with legal threats.[3] However, just before it ceased operations and had its assets purchased by NVIDIA, 3dfx released the Glide API, along with the Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 3 specifications, under an open source license,[4] which later evolved into an open source project.[5] Although no games released after 1999 depend on Glide for 3D acceleration (Direct3D and OpenGL are used instead), Glide emulation is still needed to run older games in hardware accelerated mode. With the specifications and code now open source, there are several capable emulators and wrappers available allowing older games that make use of the Glide API to run on non-Voodoo hardware. Other projects like Glidos allow even older games to use Glide.

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How can I record the action seen on screen during a game?Youtube has multiple clips from a large variety of games so there must be a way. Is there some kind of freeware that can do what Audacity does with sound for video?

Answer:Record video of PC game?

click here click here may be of help

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So I run a game on my computer (Final Fantasy XI), and it usually runs at about 30% CPU and about 80k Memory Usage, and it runs fine until my web browser passes it in usage, then my game drops to 30k Memory Usage and times out (Auto-Disconnect). I don't get why it's being prioritized the way it is. If I don't have the internet open/if it never passes it in memory usage, everything works fine. I've never had this problem until about two days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Issues with a Video Game...

0.  Computer Specs:     a.  Service pack level of operating system     b.  Make, model name and number of computer if brand name; otherwise make and model number of motherboard.     c.  CPU type and processor speed     d.  Total system RAM (in MBytes or GBytes)     e.  Video card    1.  Process Explorer.  Download and unzip latest version of Process Explorer from SysInternals (now owned by Microsoft).  Run the executable.     a.  Set Priority.  You may right-click a process name from the "Process" column and use the "Set Priority" selection to adjust the priority of the process.     b.  System Information.  From "View" pull down menu, select "System Information" to open its window.  This display will permit you to monitor system memory (Physical Memory) and paging file (Commit Charge) usage.2.  Gaming.  Pardon my ignorance, but are you playing this game over the internet?

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ok,i have found similiar questions but some responses helped a's the thing ,when i try to play some of my games that r 3d or high resolution anything more complicated then solitaire it gets to the intro of the game then lets me choose new game load game etc. but then when it goes to load the game it stops responding and i have to flip the switch off and restart the computer.the computer used to be able to play these games.what in the heck is going on?

Answer:video game problems

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Question: Video game issues.

So I've had this computer since July.. 2004-2005th. And the problems only seem to have started in November. First I thought it was an issue with World of Warcraft, but then I just encountered a Computer shut down while playing Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year.

Windows XP
1024mb RAM
Inter(R) Pentium 4, 3.00ghz
RADEON 9600 Series
SoundMAX Digital Audio.

If you would like any additional info to help me solve my problem, please do ask.

Thank you!

Answer:Video game issues.

Run and report back to us the temperatures it produces.

Have you cleaned the system of dust??

Do the fans spin freely?

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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen

STOP: 0x00000101 0x000000000000009, 0x0000000000, 0xfffff88002f64130, 0x0000000000000002

Zip file has most of the info.

I'm using Windows 7 professional 64bit
It's the original OS

Answer:BSOD because of a video game

Problematic Software:
Start Menu\Programs\Driver Genius Pro Label-PC\Label:Start Menu\Programs\Driver Genius Pro Label-PC\Label
We do not recommend automated driver update software. It often finds drivers for devices similar to but not exactly the same as the hardware actually on the system. This can lead to conflicts and blue screen crashes. If you need help finding driver updates for a certain device, please start a thread in Drivers - Windows 7 Forums instead of using software. Driver updates are not always necessary and some updates can actually decrease system stability rather than increase it, so it is usually better not to update unless a device or its driver is causing problems with the system. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The following 3rd party drivers should be updated if possible:
WUSB54GCv3.sys Wed Aug 20 21:57:31 2008 (48ACE7AB)
purendis.sys Mon Oct 27 22:31:28 2008 (490695A0)
pnarp.sys Mon Oct 27 23:57:00 2008 (4906A9AC)

Your USB wireless network adapter has drivers out of date. USB wireless network adapters are inherently unstable; USB ports do not supply the power necessary to reliably support such devices. Couple that with an out of date driver, and you are almost guaranteed to have stability issues.

For your 0x101 BugCheck: STOP 0x101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT troubleshtg

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Question: video game creator

Does anybody know an overall good and easy to use video game creation program? thanks.

Answer:video game creator

For most you have to know some coding language. I don't know of any "WYSIWYG", code-less game creators (that are half-decent).

You can try Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express. It's free but you have to know C#.

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Question: video game issue

hi i have win 2000 running with a g force 64 vid card and I know its enough to run this game correctly and it pretty much does but in the game there is alot of flickering and like certain blocks of colors are missing in spots ... i was wondering if there was anythign i can do in 2000 to fix this .... i already messed around with the g force optoins .... and should this be in the games section, thnx for all the feed back

Answer:video game issue

You're right, it should be in the games section, but you never know could be a windows thing

First of all, when you say you've played with the gforce options, you're talking about the antialiasing/anisotropic filtering, hardware acceleration stuff? Also: what game is it? And last but only the beginning, show me some stats on your comp.

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Hi! I'm having trouble with The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King EA game. When I try to play it, an error comes up and says:

Could Not Prepare the Display: Could not find the compatible Direct3D devices with the required capabilities. Make sure you hae current drives for your video card.Click to expand...

I've check my video card and everything and I checked the minimum requirements; everything seems to be fine. I'm not sure what's wrong.


Answer:Video Card help for Ea Game

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When i try to open a game i downloaded i get an error message it says, WinG load failure. Error 2
What is this and what should i do to fix this?
Please help me

Answer:Video game won't open

Try downlaoding the game again. Is it for your specific operating system? Some programs for Win95 won't work on Win98 and vice versa. Did you contact the game's creators? What is the file extension of the file you downloaded?

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when playing games that are demanding for my laptop, the game will run perfectly fine, between 35-60 FPS, but will go through phases where it drops between 10-15FPS then jumps back to normal. what causes these fluctuations.

Answer:inconsistent video game FPS

While it could just be a point in the game that's more demanding on your setup, do you have an antivirus program or anything running in the background?

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ok listen... good... I want to play a playstation 2 disc with my computer, I own a playstation 2 but im lazy and i dont want to leave my baby (computer) Anyway, it may sound illegal but i dont care, senators and reps in congress do illegal unethical things everyday, are they charged nO!, why? cuz they dont get caught, those ****ers, anyway if someone could please help me out and tell me if it is possible to play a ps2 disc with my DVD drive and get some program to run it and decipher the ones and zeros


V1|2U5 out.

Answer:Video Game Conudrum

I think u need to get a ps2 emulator or something. I remember maybe 5 years ago my cousin could plat ps 1 games on his pc using a special prog, but I don't rememeber the name of it.

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just curious what type of coding is used for modern day video games?

Answer:Video game programming

The CryEngine (The engine I am most interested in) from what I know uses LUA,
Maybe when I get my next paycheck from work I can save some money to go to college and learn LUA, maybe C++.

I hear Python is becoming quite popular with games too, and supposed to be extremely fun to work with (sometimes).

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I am a gamer that recieves massive problems with my video gameplay. We all should know what 'Ping' means, so heres my problem:

I experiance "Ping Spikes/ Lag Spikes" every 5-7 mins. or sometimes, every 1-2 mins. ; and my ping will jump from around '50 to about 5000' and my ping will be at 5000 for about 15 seconds, then it will go back to 50 agian. This happens on every, game, and every game demo I have played.

I do not know what is wrong, and I have never been able to fix this problem, no one knows what causes this. This problem did not occur when I first got this computer, but about 5 months after that it started up. I cannot Ctrl +Alt+Del during the freeze either. I cannot do anything at all, until the freeze is over.

Does anyone know a way to fix this, or some possible solutions?
Replys with possible conclusions to my problem will be greatly appreciated.

Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz
Compaq Presario 40Gb
16MB nVidia Vanta
512 ram
(Also running Norton)

Thank you,
[email protected]

Answer:Video Game Lag Spikes

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ok i red some other suggestid topics on this but its not helping so......... i need a program to record my mad video gamming skills to show off to others,but i also want to be able to input my own music in to the vids too......i have xfire and its supose to do it but it is their a good free program that i can use???:confused

Answer:in game video recording???????

You can use Fraps. I believe the trial/demo version has full functionality for 14 days (or more). There is also an older freeware version of Fraps (available here) but I don't think it has the screen recording feature. You can also use Asus Gamer OSD. It's free for use with Asus video cards, and has a 30day trial for non-Asus video cards. The screen shots at the link above are from an older version; I attached a screen shot from the newer version.
I hope this helps!!! ENJOY!!!

Happy Holidays! :drink

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Relevance 41% i've recently downloaded a computer game.yet eveyrtime i get on and play, it just randomly stops and ends..this also happens when i watch videos in fullscreen. i am really tired of there possibly a glitch or virus in my computer?. if it's more likely a possible virus please inform me with low cost/dependable software it's been like this for months.

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Help!! I can't watch videos in any of my video players and play certain games, for example, Minecraft and 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. I can watch videos online, but not in fullscreen. This has been bugging me for months and I've tried updating my graphics and video card, reinstalling Java, and doing a system restore. I think it might be a virus, but I have Norton 360 Premier Edition and it's kept my computer safe since I bought my computer. Somebody help please!!!

It either shows up with a black screen or a blank screen (basically, I can see the program behind it

Answer:Video and Game problem

That is most like your Net speed or throughput. What is your ISP speed?

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Question: video game chair

Does anyone know of any sites that offer advice on building some sort of chair for racing games? I'm interested in having a chair with a steering wheel controller mounted in front and mounting pedals, etc.... Just looking for ideas.


Answer:video game chair

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I have just purchased the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for my son. It downloaded, but when it launched a screen popped up and said our video card was Shader 2.0, and it needed to be 3.0. The back of the case read: Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB nVidia GeForce 6600GT/ ATI Radeon 1600XT or better. Our card is ATI Radeon X300. Is this card able to support MW2 or do we have to get a whole new video card?

Answer:New video game compatible?

Sorry for the bad news but no it's not. You will have to buy a card. Also, please consider that it may not run like a charm even with a new video card depending on the specs of your machine. COD MW2 requires a handful for decent game play.

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Intel E6850 Core 2 Duo w/ Intel DQ350J0E board and used mainly for games.
For video I am considering either:
A. 1 EVGA 8800 GTS-SC card
B. 2 EVGA 8600 GTS-SC cards in SLI mode

What is your opinion/pick and why???

hotrodracer thanks ya... :confused

Answer:Which video card for new game PC?

It all depends on what u want and what's cheaper!

first: Energy usage, two 8600's will use up more energy than 1 8800GTS
second: one 8800GTS is faster than two 8600GTS's.

so I'd go for 8800GTS.

Also, look here for some test results:

I'm sure you've seen enough

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When attempting to load Command and Conqueror Generals the pre game video (EA GAMES bit) stutters and then plays about 1 second a minute. When it finishes playing the video it stops and will not move onto the next screen. I am using a Nvidia Geforce 3 ti 200 64 Mb, have the latest drivers and direct x files. How do I fix this problem? Thanks Will

Answer:Pre Game video Problems

Is the game compatible with your system? How much RAM are you using? Which operating system?[glb]Flame[/glb]

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mines is XBOX ....Cause it has XBL .......

Answer:Fav Video game Console ??

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When i play a game the monitor goes into sleep mode then comes up ''No video input'' This never happens any other time than part way into games and has happened on screensavers.latest driverfx5600xpphillips 17inch 1280 monitorDidn't happen for ages with nvidia 53.03 driver installed latest driver started happening then went back to driver above and its happening on that now too!!!! ? ? hellppppp

Answer:No Video Input In Game

have you checked the power options in the control panel they should be set to never...and if not check the bios setup?

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