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Computer powers on with a blank screen

Question: Computer powers on with a blank screen

My PC was on all night last night. This morning, it had a BSOD.The thing told me to restart the PC, and when I do, it seems to be loading up and then all of a sudden, the screen goes blank and the case starts making quiet noises..."rev rev rev rev" pause"rev rev rev rev"Is that my hard drive dying?This is the first BSOD on this computer. It is running XP SP2.I believe the BSOD error mentioned something about a kernel, but I cannot remember exactly what and I now cannot reproduce the screen.EEK.Help?Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Computer powers on with a blank screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Computer powers on with a blank screen

I suspect a hard drive problem but if the machine is out of warranty, can you open the case and attempt to pinpoint where the noise is coming from?

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please some1 computer can be start normally but there are no sound of RAM....the power button is on but it cannot display anything on the is like no process happen but the fan is not sure what is the problem is...the motherboard or the RAM...i have try to change the RAM but there are nothing change..can some one tell me the problem..:-?

Answer:Computer powers on with a blank screen

All right, here...It isn't the RAM, obviously. You managed to rule that out.When you say no sound of RAM, you mean no whirring coming from the computer?Any beeps?

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hi i have an xfx g31 motherboard with an intel core 2 quad processor,4gigs of ram 500gb sata HDD, grafix ati radeon HD5770 1gig and a 500watt superchannel(power supply make) powersupply.My computer kept restarting after about 2 hours..On sunday i turned it on and it restarted and now it powers on but the screen is blank..all fans are working.I tried a new motherboard,i tried a new cpu,i tried a new powersupply nothing works.I took my ram sticks out and there was beeping sound.i took my battery out to reset the bios.i changed my battery and it booted up.but after i went back to the same problem the screen is still blank.any suggestions?what could be wrong?

Answer:Computer powers on but screen is blank

Problem Solved

Hi, i have solved the problem with my computer.I discovered that it was indeed the motherboard that was faulty.Even though i tried some of the suggested methods of troubleshooting,they were ineffective.I heard beeps when i took out my ram from my computer,so i guess that method of determining the motherboard is fine is not always right.Yes i now have a newer and better motherboard.
Thanks to all.

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     My G60-441 powers up, the DVD drive activates as being checked for a boot disc and the power fan is operational but I do not ever get anything on the screen. There are no error beeps and the power light remains on solid. This applies to both the power button lamp and the indicator lamp on the lower left edge of the case. However, I do notice next to the power indicator the wifi lamp is blinking with a repeated frequency: 1 long flash and 4 short flashes. This repeats until I power off the PC.I never observe the hard disc lamp lighting although I did remove the hard disc and access it in an external disc case via USB on another PC. I see the POST information on the HP site refers to beeps or caps lock lamps signals. I am not seeing information on the wifi lamp as a POST indicator. Please advise.  Thank-you

Answer:G60-441 US powers up but screen is blank

As a follow-on to my original post, the blinking lamp is the battery indicator, and NOT the wifi lamp.Soory about that.

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Hello all,  I have a HP G60 Laptop, sometimes when powered up nothing comes on the screen and the power button blinks and the CD drive makes a clicking sound. On the other side when one of the RAM is pulled out it powers up sill no screen but the clicking sound is stopped and the power button ain't flashing no more. WHAT I'VE TRIED! I've done all the hard reset EXAMPLE: pulling battery out, reseating ram and so on.. I've done all that still no look, I've also reflowed the GPU and still no look. Can anyone help me ? Adam

Answer:PLEASE HELP! HP G60 Powers up but blank screen!!

I would have to say you probably have a major hardware problem which could be something like this: 

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I am an IT professional (DHL Aviation)
I am supporting a user whom I advised to purchase Toshiba due to my very good experience with it.
Laptop is approx. 3yrs old - W7 Ultimate.

Problem: laptop doesn't boot up at all, screen remains dead, only powerlight and fan indicates it is working. No BIOS screen options, no Toshiba Welcome screen, nothing...

Laptop MOBO gets power. Power light is on when on AC power, on/off light works, middle light (icon unreadable) is orange, no other active lights.

Bottom fan start and continues to spin.

Actions taken so far:
1) remove all power and press power button for 30sec then reboot
2) reseated memory
3) replaced HDD
4) blew out fans (user is a smoker - machine now stinks like HELL)
5) tried booting a Fedora & Fuduntu liveDVD, starts to spin, but then stops spinning. No OS seems to be loaded into memory.

No change

Any help would be appreciated - many thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite L350, powers up, blank screen, no BIOS, no startup screen

> Problem: laptop doesn't boot up at all, screen remains dead, only powerlight and fan indicates it is working.

No BIOS screen options, no Toshiba Welcome screen, nothing...
Sounds like motherboard problem? if the Toshiba splash screen does not appears, then this means thet POST (power on self-test) cannot proceeds and this means that this is an motherboard related issue?

I think that you will need to replace the mobo ;(

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i have a Toshiba netbook NB200-10Z.
It powers up but the screen is blank.

Can anyone help me coz i don't know the cause to it

Answer:NB200-10Z powers up but the screen is blank


Try this:
Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Then wait a little bit (1 hour should be enough)
Then connect both parts again and try to power up your NB200.

If it?s not a serious issue, then your NB200 should power up properly.
Otherwise it?s a serious issue and you will need an professional help from an ASP technician.

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Hi, I have a dell laptop Inspiron 3520. Whenever I attempt to power it on the power light turns on and stays on. The disk light turns on and off. I can also hear the fan go for a short time, but the screen shows nothing and there is no beeping. Can anyone please help?

Answer:Laptop powers on but blank screen

Hi Jmfoss98,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Can you check if you are able to boot into BIOS <F2> or <F12> (Dell diagnostics).
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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Hello, I just got everything in my case. New parts. I got the Asus M4A78LT-M motherboard and AMD Phenom II x4 3.2 955 am3 cpu. I got everything together and booted it one time, it started just fine. I went into bios to change device to usb thumb drive, bc it has my OS on it. I read that the mboard comes only working with 3 cores. I saw the setting under advanced-cpu and changed to all cores, while i was in the process of changing boot priority. Rebooted to a blank screen and unable to get in bios.
I tried clearing the CMOS data by turning off, unplugging, and moving the clrtc jumper. Also did the same and removing the battery. And then the ram. Then I tried unplugging all components(cd and br rom) & hd. To no avail. I also tried (with cdrom only as master) putting in the motherboard dvd to see if it would auto fix. Didn't work. I even d/l'ed the initial bios file from Asus and put on USB drive put in and turned on still didnt work.

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HP laptop powers us but only displays a blank screen with HP logo in the centre. Does not go beyond this point in the startup sequence. Please help. Laptop only one month old.

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Hi all! I recently cracked the original screen of my Y510p and immediately ordered a replacement. The new screen has all the compatible specs (15.6", LED, 40 pin connector, 1920x1080, etc) but it's not working properly for some reason. I know there's nothing wrong with the other internal workings of the computer because I'm using it fine right now just on an external monitor, and there is power going into the replacement screen because its backlight turns on, it's just the screen itself is blank. I've tried some easy fixes to no avail, like removing the battery and draining all power before turning it back on again. I've also tried plugging the connector back to my old screen and it still powers on but only for a few seconds and then jumps back to the single external monitor display; the same thing would happen for the new screen where if I select to have double display it will power on for several seconds and jumps back to only displaying on the external monitor. Hopefully someone can help me with what's going on. Is the new screen faulty or was I just clumsy enough to have broken something while replacing the screens? All replies much appreciated, thanks!

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I usually connect the vga cable from my monitor to the port on my gpu,but for some reason it doesn't display anything now.

I tried to locate the source of the problem by doing these

1) Connected the vga cable from my laptop to the monitor, and it displays the laptop's content just fine so the monitor/cable isn't the issue.

2)Connected the cable to the vga port on my samsung smart tv and to the slot on my gpu and my desktop boots and functions just fine.

3) I opened up my cpu cabinet and dusted the ram and the video card and put everything back in place but that didn't help either.

I don't have a DVI cable with me so I can't check if that works and I don't have another similar monitor either I can test it on other than my tv.

Video card: AMD HD6770

Monitor Samsung 23'S22B series

Answer:Monitor powers up, displays blank screen.

Before anyone can help you, you need to post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact mb installed, exact cpu installed, exact pw supply installed, etc, etc, etc. If this is a big box system ie dell, hp, whatever, then post the exact make and model# If you have a service tag, post that as well.

Next is this a relatively new build or has this system been running fine for a while?

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I have two L460G computers.  Over the weekend both will not boot.  Power light is on.  I have used a volt meter to check power supply.  If I remove memory, it beeps continuosly as it should.  I tried replacing the mother board battery but no success. Any ideas?

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Hey everyone.  I am using an HP Touchsmart 300-1020.  It was working fine, one morning when turning it on the fans powered up, they were clearly spinning to fast as they were really loud, but the screen was black.  No logo, no bios no beeps.  I do not know what has cause this problem as we have never had a single problem with this computer.  I would like to know if it is an issue with the CPU, Video card, or the motherboard?  What can be done to fix this? 

Answer:HP Touchsmart 300-1020 Powers up, blank screen, never boots

Exact same thing happened to me in May...just 1 month out of warranty. The computer repair people found that my hard drive had burnt out and had to replace it completely. And the hard drive was completely gone so there was no way to recover anything, so I lost all of my files, including my client files. The worst part was that he told me that it was common among 'the new hp' and how hp was getting a lot of their parts made in china now and that it is widely known that they are only good for around a year. I don't know how true that is, but I do know that I know how you are feeling right now, and I hope that your outcome is better than mine was.  

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This laptop powers on, get a steady green light, the HDD light flashes a few times and stops, blank screen, and if I plug in a vga monitor same thing blank. I can hear the HDD sounds like wipers back and forth. I took it out it booted another computer and I can see what is on it. I put in the recovory disk DVD spins up for a while that's it still blank screen on laptop or vga monitor. For giggles I replace the hard drive with a new HDD bare with recovory disk same thing. NO sounds or beeps with any of the above. Is it the motherboard or CPU gone bad. How can you test this without seeing whats going on?  How can you fix the wire conector with the balck bar that lifts up to release the ribbon mine is broke now for mouse pad or do you buy a new motherboard?  This is a dumb idea for connections.... Thanks

Answer:SL410 2842 powers up, no boot and blank screen

Hello miked1960, To answer your question, it is the CPU. If you would be getting athe blue screen of death, system freezing, or when fans run very fast with no screen loadup of system, it's the CPU going bad.

A+ Certified

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I have a HP ZE1210 notebook which is about 3 years old now. I replaced the motherboard and cpu.

Before replacement, the computer would not charge a battery, and when the power button was pressed, it would turn on for about 1 second, then immediately shut off.

When I first booted up the laptop after replacing the parts, it booted fine and started to load XP Pro. The computer froze on the "Loading Windows XP" part of boot, and I had to restart it.

Now, when I turn on the laptop, the CPU fan comes on, the hard drive indicator blinks, and the power stays on, but the CPU fan stops within 5 seconds, and the screen never turns on. Also, the hard drive access indicator does not light again after the first 2 seconds. It appears to do absolutely nothing, but stays on. The battery charges fine, and all the regular indicator lights seem to be working.

I am wondering what the problem may be, since the first time I booted with the new parts it seemed to work?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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The laptop sometimes boots up when fully charged (whether connected or not connected with power cord) with display working fine and other times (at random) when turned on will show that power is on (indicator light is turned on on side of laptop) but no display. Screen is blank and no sound is heard. Again, this is completely random. I can follow the exactly same process (always when fully charged). Sometimes the screen works fine; other times it's black and never displays. Please help.

Answer:Lenova Yogo 700-11ISK (ideapad) powers up but with blank screen

Hi, Carol ?
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
You can also start by flushing out all static, remove AC adaptor and hold down power button for about 15 seconds.
Installing new OS might help, but I wouldn't count on it to fix the problem. It is probably some power supply to screen issue or bad LCD cable, might be completely wrong though.
Try updating the BIOS
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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I have an Acer Aspire 7720G that shuts down 10 seconds after powering ON. Fan spins for half the time, screen is blank - NO ACER LOGO. I have checked every hardware possible. I even changed the CMOS Battery. Now I am suspecting the processor is faulty. It could be the BIOS Chip also. Please help as I can't afford a new motherboard or a laptop for now. Thanks

Answer:Aspire 7720G powers ON, no ACER logo, screen blank...

What happens if you remove the battery try to run it on the charger alone? Jack E/NJ

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So I have this Dell Mini Inspiron 1018 not in correct working condition. As stated in title:
-Powers on.
-No monitor, completely blank.
-Not hearing any kind of beeping.

Any ideas on a solution?

Answer:Dell Mini Inspiron 1018: Powers On - Blank Screen - No Beeps

Sounds like a display issue, such as a bad LCD or connector.
Try plugging it into a monitor to rule out the possibility of a bad video card.

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heya i dont know if anyone has had this problem or whether anyone is able to help but i have a lenovo ideapad z580 model type 2151 core i5 3210m laptop that powers on, fan spins, led lights come on and screen lights up but nothing is displayed, no lenovo logo, no access to bios, nothing. if i use the nova key the blue menu pops up in the middle of the screen but if any of the options are selected the menu disappears and screen stays blank. i have tried connecting to an external monitor and get nothing, i have reseated ram, swapped ram slots, reseated hard drive. tried it without a hard drive, taken out the cmos battery, taken out the battery and held down the power button for 60 seconds, tried it on just the ac adaptor, unplugged all peripherals i.e dvd drive, wifi card ect. if i press ctrl alt delete computer restarts but still the blank screen, ive seen many posts and forums that describe a display that black as in doesnt turn on but mine is on, i can see the light switch on when i press the power button. any help anyone could give me would be grately appreciated. thank you

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Don't know if I'm posting in the right area but I'm going to anyway,I shut my computer down after being on for a week. I went to turn it on the next day but it will not show a loading screen or any boot up. The fan comes on but i don't hear any beeps from the hard drive. I cant remember if it beeped before, i think it did. But there is just a blank screen.I tested with another monitor and no luck, also tried pulling out the video card and no luck. Tried swapping hdd's, no luck.My power supply recently blew, it was a 400w , so i got another one... 530w. Don't know if this will make a diff. but yeah.Any suggestions, thanks.

Answer:Computer powers, no screen.

Maybe something other than the power supply itself caused the power supply to blow... Maybe the new supply is blown as well ( partialy ) with a low 3.3V, 5V, or 12V etc.I'd swap power supplies if you have a spare or buy a cheap POST Diagnostics card to point out the error further such as this card.... have this card and it is perfect for pinpointing issues that dont point you in a direction as to the true problem, when there could be almost any problem that is not straight forward at this point. Some top end motherboards come with this integrated into them as a bonus feature such as my A-Bit Fatal1ty motherboard. You could be looking at a Motherboard shot ( it will likely point out the probelm on the motherboard with what is not initializing or in a hung state ), CPU shot, power supply ( low voltage conditon ), and on and on.... This would point out the issue further.

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Hi I turned on my PC this morning and I lights on fans on hard drive light flashes for a few seconds ,but it doesn't seem to go through the boot process,the monitor is black. i cant get into the bios by clicking delete and i can not boot from the vista CD . pcu,gpu,psu.the psu is 2 weeks old .I have clicked restart but doesn't seem to do anything,so i hold the start button and it stops press start again and it starts but same thing nothing .any ideas please.

Answer:Computer powers up but nothing on screen

Custom build computer? What kind of computer?

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When I try to power on my Lenovo R61i, the screen shows a Thinkpad screen for a second, then it powers off.I cannot get it to behave in any other way.I have taken the battery out, tried to power on just on mains, but still it does not power on.Has anyone come across this problem before?Thanks

Answer:R61i Powers on - Shows Thinkpad Screen - Powers Off

Hi pvrms90,Welcome to the forum!Try the following:-1.) Unplug the power cord and the battery.2.) Press the 'Power' Button 10 times repeatedly.3.) Then hold the 'Power' Button down for 25 seconds.4.) Put the battery back in and plug the power cord back in.If it shows no sign of life then try removing the RAM and HDD one at a time to diagnose if it boots or throws any errors. If no go then maybe it's the motherboard that needs to be replaced.Hope it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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Gateway DX4640 powers on but outputs nothing on screen either with internet cable or by itself. What is likely the problem and is it worth fixing or is it time to replace ?thanks

Answer:computer powers on but shows nothing on screen

Try another monitor...Post more details...

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My customer got an email from a known contact that said "The entire mail is not able to be displayed. To see the full message click here:" He clicked the link and a message popped up saying that his computer has a virus and to call a number to resolve it. He called and the person identified themselves as representing Microsoft and proceeded to gain access to his PC. He was told that if he hung up his PC would become useless. He hung up and now his PC is useless. I tried resetting his BIOS by accessing the motherboard, removing the CMOS battery, and then reorienting the jumpers (2 jumpers/3 pair of pins) right next to the CMOS battery. I was just guessing about the jumpers, but the net result was that I was able to get something to appear on the screen, but then I got a WDF_VIOLATION. I also tried resetting the BIOS by tapping the F10 key for 8 seconds, pressing the down arrow twice, and then pressing the Enter key twice. It seemed to work at first, but then in the end I was still left with no display at boot. I also tried doing a factory reset which started off with promise, but now I'm left with the power up - no screen scenario and no combination of buttons/power up combos seems to do anything.  I would like to have a manual for this motherboard and instructions on how to reset everything that can be reset via the mobo jumpers. Regards,Wayniack

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Screen won't turn on but computer powers on...

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Hi guys its been years since I been on here but I am stumped.
I bought a "new" motherboard a socket 478 to replace my older 478.
My processor is a Celeron D 3.06 ghz
Ram: 512mb
video card: FX-5200 128mb?

both boards are pretty old fsb 533 and 1.1 usb...yeah..

This computer are parts from my closet and really want it to work, except the board I bought because I thought that was the problem.

newer board
AOPEN AX45-533


When I put the computer together I got both of the boards to power on but no screen posting or anything.
I took out the memory same thing
Took out the video card, same thing
Now I put in a dead P4 processor and that got hot but same thing(powers but no screen), that was weird because the Celeron D that works I put in was cold.

Now this got me thinking, maybe these boards are so old they don't support a Celeron D and maybe I have to buy a old pentium 4. could this be the problem?

Answer:Computer shows nothing on screen but powers up

Friend of mine just had an old graphics card die out, luckily he had onboard video as well to test. No extra agp card laying around?

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I turn on my computer. Gets the Windows XP black loading screen (with the blue loading bar).That fades out, then the computer physically powers off. The power button on the front of the computer does nothing, however if I turn off and on my Power Supply's switch, it starts up again.I can boot into Safe Mode just fine. If I uninstall my Video Card drivers while in Safe Mode, then reboot, my computer boots just fine (but low resolution). I can then re-install my Video Card drivers, adjust settings (Resolution, Digital Vibrance and Gamma), reboot and it comes up fine again. My computer will then run for days until the next time I reboot it, and this all starts over again.Any thoughts?

Answer:Computer powers off after XP loading screen

If its a separate graphics card, replace it?

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My HP All In One screen won't turn on. The power button's light comes and the AC adapter port light comes on. I've taken the back off to see if the fans worked, and they do, but the screen won't come on. I've detached all USB devices (mouse, keyboard, etc) and I emptied the CD ROM, to restart the computer. Didn't work. What can I do? Also, I noticed that when I pressed the caps lock on my keyboard the caps light doesn't come on. Help me please.

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Hi, im new to the site, but im NOT new to computers, recently i had a problem with my custom built computer.
when i was surfing the web my computer just randomly shut off, i thought it crashed, so i just rebooted it, it got to the 1st screen where the CMOS information was, and it cut off, so, i let it rest for a little while and tried it again, it got to the password screen in vista but it cut off as well.

is it a PSU problem?
is there something wrong with my hardware?
is it shorted out?

the shorter i wait the quicker it cuts off, but, the longer i wait and turnit on, the longerit takes for the computer to turn any geek would say, wow, this is strange....

thanks in advance,

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After I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer using windows anytime upgrade, i restarted my computer to install windows 7 ultimate than it was stuck on a black screen right after it turned on. I have a HP Pavilion dv6

Answer:Black screen when computer powers on after Win7 Ultimate installation

Does the black screen (BlackSOD) show a mouse cursor?

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I have Dell Dimension 2400 with 2G of Crucial Memory. It is running XP Home edition. It had run updates and was powering off but got stuck for over 24 hours without successfully powering down. I did a hard powerdown by holding the power button until it shut off. When I tried to restart the computer it will power on for a second, power off for 2 to 3 seconds and then power on. No image is sent to the monitor and I do not know if Windows is booting. Checking the monitor it says it is in sleep mode and press any key to wake it up. Pressing any key does nothing. Hooking my laptop to the monitor, it works fine. Could it be the video card or a short? Or could it be a virus?

Answer:Computer powers up, turns off, powers on, no image.

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. Disk Check Outside Windows (Windows XP) The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools, or WD DataLifeGuardin my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I have an Acer Veriton M460, I recently replaced the motherboard on it. plugged everything in and then plugged the power in. It immediately started running. The fan for the processor and power supply started to spin but I never had to push the power button on the front. When I look at the button the light never lit up and when I would push the button it wouldnt do anything. When I held the power button in, it wouldnt shut down the computer. To shut it down I would have to pull the plug. Now whenever it would turn itself on automatically, I never heard any beeps or anything, the fans would just start running. So I disconnected everything that wasnt esential, USB's etc plugged it in, still the same thing, unplugged the power button same thing. I pulled that motherboard out and stuck the old one in, *which would work sometimes but not all the time I at least would get some beeps* and the exact same thing happened. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Answer:Computer automatically powers on but never actually powers on

Make sure you have the 4-pin 12 volt power supply connector connected near the CPU socket on the motherboards. Also, make sure you are not shorting out the motherboards to the case

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my Envy 23 Touchsmart has a blank/black display on startup. 2 days ago, the screeen was all jittery, the image was bouncing up and down and full of horizontal lines, now it doesn't display anything. The desktop powers up, I can hear the fans and the power button is lit up. I have tried the F10 trick (multiple versions of it) and have not had any success with it yet. This desktop is 3 years old and is pretty much worthless in its current state, I have a ton of info I need to get off of it, so I would love a way to fix it. I have looked thu the forums already, and none of the tricks have worked so far.   If there is another option out there,  I would appreciate it. Thanks to all who look at this, and bigger thanks if you have any suggestions! Dave

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I have a refurbished, out-of-warranty Gateway Profile 5 desktop. The screen is totally blank. I contacted Gateway. They are pretty confident the built-in display is defective. I was able to attach a second display which would also go blank just after the Windows XP Pro splash screen appeared. Using the 2nd display, I was able to access the bios. When I looked at the display setup, it was set to LCD & CRT. Not thinking, I changed the setting to LCD since I wasn't using a CRT. That disconnected my 2nd display, so I now have two totally blank screens. How can I re-access the 2nd display and then also avoid a blank screen when Windows XP boots up?

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Dell vostro 220

My computer was lagging and wasn't connecting to the internet properly, and then it froze so I shut it down. When I started it back up, the BIOS loaded but then went to a blank black screen with a mouse. I can move the mouse around. It won't load any further. I've tried all the safe modes and it does the same thing. And I tried cleaning all the dust off the computer. I've tried waiting at that screen for longer than 3 hours. It just stays there.

It's possible that it's a virus but I don't know. How can I solve this problem? Because I can't get into the computer to do a system restore. Please help, thank you!

Answer:Computer problem - computer froze, when restarted, blank black screen w/ mouse

Try a start-up repair from the Vista install disk - Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

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I have an Acer laptop which is about two years old. It started to run slowly and not very efficiently - then the screen started to go blank. Sometimes it goes blank when i am using it or when i am not. . I can see the computer is actually still processing so the whole computer does not shut down. I would be able to reboot and then the computer would be fine again. It started to do this more and more frequently until it was happening every couple of minutes and then my computer stopped booting up and loading software. I took my laptop to a recommended pc repair shot who reinstalled windows (unfortunately). It definitely was running much better and the screen stopped going blank. about 10 days later and the computer is running well still but the screen is starting to go blank again regularly - every 10-20 minutes! is this a virus/software/hardware??? thanks in advance for any help you are able to give me!

Answer:My computer screen keeps going blank even thought the computer is still running.

When the system is operating properly, set a System Restore point.

Then start out by updating all drivers and programs to the latest avalilable version.
Get all drivers from the PC Manufacturer's website, and get the updated programs from the program manufacturer's website. If you cannot find an update for a program older than 2 years, uninstall it.

Then visit Windows Update and get all updates
Then visit Windows Update and get Service Pack 1 (usually under Important Updates). Read these notes for installing SP1: Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Download Center
Then visit Windows Update and get any other available updates

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests. They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.
If you find hardware issues, here's a link to the hardware forums: Hardware Support - Tech Support Forum

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, boot... Read more

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I am installing a new mobo ( Shuttle AK35tgr2) after a series of problems with my former Soltek board which culminated with a problem in which the computer powers up and then powers down after about a nano second.

Well I'm having the same problem with the Shuttle.

First the problem was no video and no beeps from bios and in the process of trying to solve that I readjusted by CPU fan ( actually turned it around) and after that the computer powers up for a second then powers down.

I tried tightening the mobo screws and then it powered up for two or three seconds before shutting off.

I am thinking of changing the fan. It is about the only component that isn't new or hasn't been tested.

Answer:Computer Powers on then powers off

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The computer turns on but the screen shows nothing on it. I did the F8 and tried safe mode and run windows normally but nothing happens. Please help, greatly appreciated

Answer:Computer is On But Screen Is Blank

When did this start happening?  Any recent hardware/software changes?Have you tried a different monitor?

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The more i use the computer the more often screen goes blank untill i have to i redo the whole system (format my hard drive cuzz i didnt now wat to do) the light on my monitor turns red and the hard drive light stays lit, and when it goes blank i cant bring it back up its not hibernating cuzz i turned that off.
system is XP SP2


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I have a Vaio Laptop. When I turn it on, it shows the logo and then it goes to a blank screen. I don't know how to get into safe mode (the f8 key does not go to safe mode). When I turn off the comp and turn it back on again, it still goes to the blank screen. I can get to the setup menu but that's about it. Any help would be appreciated.P.S. I only say blank screen because the color is off and I can't see part of the left side of the screen. So any advice regarding a blinking cursor or blue screen is appreciated as well. Thank you.

Answer:Blank computer Screen

Im having the same problem on my dell optiplex gx50!!!

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hi need help i have a packard bell computer it stopped working on thursday switched it on and all i get is a blank screen the monitor goes to green then amber and stays blank as in black with nothing at all on the screen as i am new to computers and started up my own business i have a lot of software that i bought from the internet which is saved to the computer at a few thousand pounds so could any kind person out there help me with the problem as i do not have a lot of money as putting it into the business and also the guarentee has run out i have only hadthe computer for 14 months thank you don

Answer:blank computer screen

Any beeps when you switch it on? Any changes to the PC lately, crashes (or more frequent crashes), blue screens? Any strange noises from the unit when it's on? Possibilites include overheating (and subsequent damage to the CPU) or failing power supply. If the guarantee has run out you can take the side off the machine and see if loads of dust and fluff has collected inside and around the fans, that would point to overheating, but it sounds as if the damage has already been done on that front.

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I was just using my PC last night surfing the internet and doing some other things, but then my screen just went blank and it popped up saying no DVI connection or whatever. My PC still had power and all the fans were going and everything seemed like it had power. My pC has done this before but it was because my 8800GT got to hot and overheated. So I checked the cables and everything was tight so then I shut of my PC and waited a little while and turned it back on and got nothing not even the bios/bootup screen but everything had power and all my fans were running including the one on my 8800GT. Just nothing on my screen. So I turned it off again took off the side of my case and checked everything in there and everything was tight. So then I just left it off overnight and this morning tried again but still got nothing just power. So I decided to unplug everything and have only my memory and hard drive(s) plugged in and my Graphics card and tried just that and I still got nothing just power to my graphics card fan, PSU, and the CPU/heatsink fan. So I don't know what could be the problem. Do you think my graphics card could have gone bad and if so how do I switch back to my on board graphics, or if not what else could be the problem.

Operating System

MS Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1


AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
Brisbane 65nm Technology


4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 246MHz (4-4-4-12)


ALiveNF6P-VSTA (CPUSocket)

ASUS... Read more

Answer:computer screen wen't blank

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My computer screen is blank! I've been having some problems for the past week or two with my computer and then yesterday I went away from it for a while and when I came back it looked like the "blue screen of death" was up but there was no text, just a blank blue screen. Now whenever I start up nothing happens, it seems like everything works on the tower but there's just a blank screen, and the light on the moniter blinks like there's nothing to read.
The only recent hardware added was a wireless network a few weeks ago, but it seems to work fine. Recent problems include having to update my sound driver due to cpu restarting and now this, however I have had plenty of graphics card problems, but not for a while.

Built the computer a year ago and haven't had much problems after the first month or two. I'm running windows XP with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card, and ECS socket 478 motherboard, and a 350W power supply, if you need any more info on specs let me know. I figured it's one of these 3 screwing up, so is there any way to test it or something I can do?

Answer:Computer screen blank

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 ???it was working until i decided to run the isp cd  to install and it would not accept the puter cause the color was just 16 bits and the other size font ? was 480 x 600 or something like in trying to fix it, lol, i hit the disable button on one of those displays menus thingies, and that was 3 days and long nights ago and i am stumped..have researched already on this wonderful place i found you today and tried your suggestion, along w/a couple of more...nothing is working so far....thanks, judy

Answer:Hi, help! need help on a new used computer screen is blank

Judy - Welcome to the CH forums & we're glad you found us.In order to help you we need information.  Don't forget that we can't see your computer, don't know if it's a laptop or desktop, what brand and model and can't find out what your hardware or operating system is unless you tell us.  A cure for your problem may differ between Windows 98 and Windows XP so we really do need you to advise us.Please read this and come back with some info.

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When playing particular computer games (CIV IV and Oblivion) after a short while my screen just goes blank, and the power button goes from green to amber. The computer itself seems to carry on as normal. If I am playing Football Manager or just using itunes the screen never goes blank. I have to turn the computer off and then on again to re-use the computer, there then appear to be no apparent problens (unless I try and play either of the games again). Any help on how to solve this would be much appreciated.

Answer:computer screen keeps going blank!

or a desktop PC?

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Can anyone help me with this?  On occasions (quite regularly) whilst I am typing my screen will suddenly go blank.  When it comes back on after a few seconds, the last few letters I typed are all transposed.  It is driving me crazy and slowing me down.  Any suggestions.  Windows XP.  Touch type, so not being able to see what is on the screen is not affecting my typing.  Working on a lap-top.  Someone, somewhere, must know what is causing this!It's so frustrating!  The transposed letters are not typing errors, the screen transposes the letters every time it goes blank.  It does the same whether I am online, sending e-mails or working with the word processor.  Help!!!

Answer:My computer screen going blank

Perhaps the monitor is faulty. Check if plug(s) are firmly inserted. I expect the letters get transposed because you have lost sight of what you are typing.

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I have a sony RZ402P from approx 5 years ago. Now it was playing up lately so i decided to format it so i did. so after finish formatting put all the backup files and folders and updated to SP3 and install all the updates. Then it was working well after a few restarts and shutdowns.

3 hours later my mum decide to use it but it didn't come up the screen still on standby (blinking) and the keyboard lock keys come on then goes off again. So i diced to investigate the problem. I even tried removing the cleaning CPU Fan(whcih caused the problem the last time), RAM. As am deaf, my parent saids it not sounding right. and the DVD drives wouldn't open fully it will just peek out then back in, nothing is responding. So i took the HDD out to use on my current working PC to backup all the files.

I think its dead? Any ideas which i can try?

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hi i have a medion laptop , recently it has been shutting down for know reason and its really slow , now when i turn it in it starts up but the screen just stays off ?? any ideas please

Answer:blank screen when computer is on ??

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I am a newbie on the site and I am in need of help. First time I responded to an old thread, so I hope I am doing this correctly this time.
We have a computer
AMD athlon 3000+ w/heatsink and fan
1 gig 2700 ddr333 ram with heatsinks over ram sticks
fx5200 128 mb
aopen mobo ak79d400vn
520 watt atx power supply

Problem: Tried to upgrade video card to 6600. Installed it and drivers and the computer starts up, fan is running, but nothing else a blank screen. Purchased off ebay mainly for processor and mobo to upgrade son's computer. Thought this would solve son's gaming problems ( BF2 should be hung for its greediness in cpu and video power) Now I am stuck.
Brought it to the repair shop and the guy said mobo fried and continued to tell me how bad the AMD cpu's are and tried to make me one for $$$$. Is the guy right?
Question: Is there a way to tell if the mobo is indeed blown and /or the cpu and can I change out the processor into another computer? I hate to think nothing can be salvaged on it.
I hope I haven't forgotten to say anything- Please forgive !

Answer:Computer screen blank

Brought it to the repair shop and the guy said mobo fried and continued to tell me how bad the AMD cpu's are and tried to make me one for $$$$. Is the guy right?Click to expand...

The guy is not right. Amd cpus are very good. For gaming they're tops, and for normal tasks they're no slouch either. My guess is he'd rather make the $$$$(big bucks), than make just a few $$(bucks) helping you fix your current one.

So, are you saying your system works with the 5200, but when you install the 6600, it doesn't work? If so, what sysptoms does it give? Lights, noises, fans, etc.

You could put the cpu into another pc with the same socket type(it also has to support the same cpu bus speed), to test it. Or you could swap the motherboard in your current pc and see if it works then, but both tasks are somewhat of a pain(the cpu will need thermal grease applied, and motherboards take a while to remove). You probably have a "socket A" amd cpu, since you say athlon, and not athlon64.

Also, your new card may be stressing your psu, if it's underpowered/faulty. You might want to list the brand and specs(amps per voltage rail), if you know the info.

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Hello everyone I am new here but so far reading all the topics it seems pretty helpful! Anyway I'm pretty good at repairing puters but I went all new style on my new one and I have nothing to test my equipment with. Im building a higher end gaming system so I went with SLI setup, now everything is new and is all made for SLI, yet at boot up all I get is a blank screen and one long beep followed by two short. Easy enough the booklet on the video card says that it means the video card or motherboard is bad, well without the video card in the same beeps happen, also the north bridge cooler gets pretty warm, normal?   Note: At first start-up it ran fine, installed xp and ran NFS Most Wanted smooth, then started a defrag and bam black screen of death. reseated the card, reset bios, and check RAM presto it worked for about 5min then froze.550w PS w/ SLIEVGA 6800 PCI-eAsus A8N-SLI mb w/ AMD3500512mb pc3200Coolermaster water coolerAnybody expericence the same problem? I cant tell if its a mb, video card or some other problem. I checked the BEEP POST and I know its a video code but is there any way it would be a mb issue?

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Idea K210 Desktop; it shut down about 2 days ago with a Blank screen (nothing boots up)My son said he hit the side of the tower with a chair leg by accident and it went black after.What can I do to fix it? Much thanks Frank


Go to Solution.

Answer:computer screen is Blank

I have read that the K-series have RAM that can become loose or were not properly seated into the slot at the factory..  Maybe your son hit it loose.  Good luck.

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i would classify myself a beginner.  i'm watching a women's basketball game off the internet.  after about 15 minutes the video goes off and the computer screen goes blank although the audio of the game can still be heard.  if i go and move the mouse around a little bit everything goes back to normal.  a friend of mine suggested problem may be with my computers hibernation or sleep settings.  any suggestions on this?thanks!brandy

Answer:computer screen goes blank... should help.

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My computer screen goes blank like it was going to sleep but I do not have it set to hibernate, I have it set to stay on all the time. When it goes blank I am not able to bring the screen back up, I have to hold the reset button (start button) for about
15 seconds and then the computer shuts off. After it is off I am able to press the start button once again and when it does it ask me what mode I want to start in (safe mode or regular mode).

What could be wrong?

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When I shut down last night, it came down to the wallpaper on the desktop and would not go all the way down. When i turned it on this morning all I got was the wallpaper.

Answer:Blank screen on computer

What happens if you boot to safe mode?

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Pc: g73jh-a1
Os 7 Ultimate build 7600
Cpu- i70-stepping b1
Gpu - Ati 5870 Catalyst 10.8
Anti virus - Eset Security 4
All window's and driver's updates are successfully loaded.

Ok last night i was bored so decided to re-paste my G7 so i opened her up and cleaned the Cpu and Gpu nicely. Did my thing re-pasted her up and put everything back in order.

I downloaded some benchmark tools such as Hwinfo, Amd gpu clock tools, cpu-z, gpu-z and aida64.

I also have ccleaner installed so far that is all i have as of now besides the bench mark and anti virus tools.
I was running hwinfo and checking my temp's earlier today everything seemed normal as i was curing my tim and making sure the temp's where ok.

While i was checking the temps on my g7 i went ahead and downloaded some files on my other pc transferring it to my usb so i could plug my usb and download the files from there. All of a sudden my monitor goes blank and everything seem to be fine all the light's where on except the monitor.

So i went ahead and dissembled the g7 to make sure that i wasn't pinching any wires that run to my monitor nothing was wrong there i double checked took a look at all my wires and they where fine.

I restarted the pc up 3 times before the picture came back so i decided to run a chkdsk scan and this is what i pulled up.

cleaning up 179 unused index entries from index $sii of file 9
cleaning up 179 unused index entries from index $sdh of file 9
cleaning up 179 unused security descriptors

everyt... Read more

Answer:Computer screen goes blank?

Quote: Originally Posted by HeadsUp

Pc: g73jh-a1
Os 7 Ultimate build 7600
Cpu- i70-stepping b1
Gpu - Ati 5870 Catalyst 10.8
Anti virus - Eset Security 4
All window's and driver's updates are successfully loaded.

Ok last night i was bored so decided to re-paste my G7 so i opened her up and cleaned the Cpu and Gpu nicely. Did my thing re-pasted her up and put everything back in order.

I downloaded some benchmark tools such as Hwinfo, Amd gpu clock tools, cpu-z, gpu-z and aida64.

I also have ccleaner installed so far that is all i have as of now besides the bench mark and anti virus tools.
I was running hwinfo and checking my temp's earlier today everything seemed normal as i was curing my tim and making sure the temp's where ok.

While i was checking the temps on my g7 i went ahead and downloaded some files on my other pc transferring it to my usb so i could plug my usb and download the files from there. All of a sudden my monitor goes blank and everything seem to be fine all the light's where on except the monitor.

So i went ahead and dissembled the g7 to make sure that i wasn't pinching any wires that run to my monitor nothing was wrong there i double checked took a look at all my wires and they where fine.

I restarted the pc up 3 times before the picture came back so i decided to run a chkdsk scan and this is what i pulled up.

cleaning up 179 unused index entries from index $sii of file 9
cleaning up 179 unused index entries from... Read more

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I just got this HP pavilion 762n last year. Now whenever I turn the computer on it won't respond(Goes to a Blank Black Screen) and the only way I can make the computer respond is to go to safe mode and UN-install the Graphic Card, then restart the computer back again. Once I've done that the computer would work, but I can't watch Videos or play Video Games on the computer. There also would be these little blue lines on the computer screen (Sometimes their would be alot of the lines and sometimes the lines would be made by the trail of my mouse).

I've tried lots of ways to fix the computer. I've tried:

- Un-installing and re-installing my graphic card (Nvidia Geforce4 MX420 graphics card with TV-Out) that came with the computer.

- Rolling Back My Graphic Card.

- Updating My Drive from Windows Update.

- I've tried using a program that test my computer and tells me whats wrong with it. It said I got a problem with something like the VIDEO MEMORY CARD and I don't know what that is.

Is the Only way I can fix this is to buy another Graphic Card. I do not want to waste $200.00. Please Help Me!

Thank You.

Dang Le

Email: [email protected]

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Display goes blank after initial Windows XP screen is dispalyed.

Answer:My computer screen is blank; works on different computer.

does this happen if you come up in safe mode?Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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Hi all,

I have an Acer laptop that will not boot. The Acer insignia comes up as it starts then there is nothing after that but a blank screen. I cannot even run a Windows XP recovery or reformat the HD. When I set the bios to boot to CD first. The same blank screen shows up.

I installed the HD into another known working Toshiba laptop and the same problem occured, the Toshiba insignia comes up then...nothing. So I don't think it's a hardware issue. I then took the drive out and put it into a 2.5'' USB HD enclosure and I was still able to see and transfer all my info from the drive so the data is still there, it just won't boot. Shamefully I must admit I haven't updated my virus protection in some time. Could this be some kind of boot virus?

Thanks in advance for all help offered.


Answer:Computer will not boot (XP) - blank screen

If you can put the drive into an external enclosure and see it, can you format it from another computer? This may be the only option as Windows setup isn't working.

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Hey guys,

Im new here and would like some help on my new computer problems.

These are the specs:

Case: Antec 1200
CPU: E8500
GPU: 1Gb Radeon 4870
RAM: 4gb G.Skill DDR3 1333
HDD: Segate 1TB
PSU: Coolermaster extreme power duo 650W

I have recently put a new computer together and cant find a solution to my problem. When i restart the computer it goes through the normal process of shutting down but when it actually shuts down the screen turns off "No Signal" and the actual computer is still running.

Can anyone please help, much appreciated.


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Please could someone help me out with a dell laptop 64 bit os. It has a blank screen after start up and on start up goes to recovery start up but when it opens up the screen is blank and no desktop page is produced. I have posted before and no reply, any help would be appreciated.

Answer:blank screen after starting up computer

Do you see a cursor? Is it moveable?

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I have a Compaq SR2173WM w Vista. Everything on it is standard specs for that model. After I installed the virus protector, AVG 8.0, I have had problems with the screen being blank after the computer is turned on. I have taken everything out and checked all connections to make sure nothing is broken or loose. Occasionally it will show on the monitor and everything works fine. Then when I turn it off, the screen may not come back on for the next dozen or so times I turn it on. Then suddenly without warning, the screen will come on.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Blank screen after computer is turned on

From your description I imagine you need to deep six, uninstall AVG 8.0. On an XP Home system I run AVG 8.0 on I keep getting AVG file errors in the Master File Table, and a run of chkdsk from a command prompt deletes them. Hope you can work through it, the family still marvels at the wonder of Windows, but they don't have to deal with it's maintenance, I Love Linux, and to think that if MS wouldn't have released Vista I may have never strayed away.

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So this past week I've had a bit of trouble with my computer. I had a hard drive fail on me to start and then this video problem started happening soon after I put in a new hard drive and installed Windows onto that. I have a Geforce8500GT and my motherboard is an AsusP5Ne-SLI running Windows XP Home.

This past week there have been random times where if I turn on the computer, I get nothing on my screen but I see that its still working, boots up and everything PLUS I hear Windows booting up in the background with the music going so I know that Windows is functional. There have been times that I have just been forced to do a hard reset and it seems to have solved the problem on its own and everythings back to normal. Tonight my luck doesn't seem to be as good as I've done a handful of hard resets and don't really want to do anymore risking other issues with my computer.I've tested the monitor on my netbook and it works fine. I've tried using the DVI port and no luck, I have NOT had the opportunity to try the video card in a new computer(plan to do that in the morning on a roommates computer). So, my question is, is my suspicion that the video card is going bad the real problem here or could it be an issue with my motherboard or Windows since I did have to reinstall Windows and put in a new hard drive.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Computer Gives No Signal, Blank Screen

Yer , Video card looks to be the issue , 1 suggestion remove the video card and firmly push it back in

Boot up and see if that solves the issue

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With every computer I've owned before, the screen going blank does not lock my computer. A quick move of the mouse or touch of the keyboard used to restore you to your logged in session instantly. With my T410, any time the screen goes blank, my computer locks itself and I have to swipe my finger to get back in. This is very annoying.I can disable my computer locking itself when it goes to sleep and that fixes this, but I WANT my computer to lock when it goes to sleep, otherwise the finger swipe to resume isn't even an if my computer is asleep the chances are much higher that I am not near it...and I want that security in place. Does anyone know of a way to get Lenovo's software to only lock the computer after sleep or hibernate and NOT simply after the screen goes blank?I have never seen a computer lock itself after going blank before so I really have no point of reference to fixing this. It just occurred to me that I might be too loose with my words. I am not talking about the "screen going blank" like back in the days of screensavers and the screen still being on....I am talking about the screen turning off, as in a function of power management.

Answer:Computer locks after screen goes blank

Screen turning off is controlled by Screen off timer, typically 5 or 10 minutes, what about your screen saver timer, if they are the same, you will see screen turned off, and at the same time, the screen saver program starts!

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At least once a day my computer screen goes blank, normally after playing music files or video editing/dvd burning, and then coloured lines appear on the screen. The computer is working ok behind the sceens but I cant see what's going on!Ther system is 98se, 512ram,64 card and Athlon 2000,4 years old.I'm pretty sure its the card (ATI all in wonder)not working. The fans running ok,card properly seated in the slot.New flat screen too. Any ideas?

Answer:computer works but screen is blank

Make sure your refresh rate is not too high - some TFTs can have trouble coping.Standard refresh rate for a TFT is 60Hz (see your manual).

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I was wondering what was wrong and how can i fix my computer. When i turn it on its a blank screen and it just shuts off by itself. Then it turns on by it self with a blank screen and then turns off again repeatedly. How can i fix and whats the problem?

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I have two questions that might be connected.
I wasn't sure about where to post this, because I'm not sure if the problem is my screen, windows 7 drivers, video card, bios or something else.

I used to have two screens connected to my computer, now I only have one (I think it has something to do with the problems).

Problem1: Every time I power my computer, the computer itself turns on, but the screen stays off until windows 7 loads, then the motor turns on.

Problem2: Many of the times I put my computer in sleep mode, and try to turn in back on, I hear the computer turns on, but the screen shows nothing.

The screen itself is fine, if I restart and let windows load properly, the monitor works.
I updated my video card drivers.
And now I don't know what to do, I want to format my computer and reinstall windows 7, but I can't get into BIOS and boot from USB / CD because the screen is blank when booting.

Please, help! :)

Answer:Computer boots with blank screen

It sounds like the splash screen is disabled. In System Configuration, Boot Tab, uncheck No GUI Boot .

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Purchased new computer approx. 2 weeks ago. First 2 days worked fine but on 3rd day computer appeared to shut down for no reason. Power was still on, but screen was blank, would not respond to any input. After pressing 'reset' several times computer booted normally. Over the next few days it repeated problem about once or twice a day, I then noticed the clock had reset to April 2002. After about a week the problem had gotten steadily worse, I also noticed the message CMOS BATTERY STATE LOW. Is this a valid error message or just a sign of something bigger? I've never gotten this message on any computer I've ever owned. I removed all my devices except video and booted to a floppy with the same results.

BTW, I have a Athlon XP 2000 w/256k and the mainboard is a ECS K7S5A. I've checked all my devices on a second computer with no problems.

Answer:Computer reboots to blank screen

Hi there...

It sounds like you need to eithr get a new CMOS battery or call the motherboard/CPU maker and see if you can get it repaired/replaced!

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so i have a Dell desktop computer and a toshiba TV so i got a cable to connect the two when i turn the computer on the dell boot screen shows then the xp boot screen shows then there is a small glitch and the screen stays black iv tried connecting the TV to another computer we have and it works fine and also iv tried connecting the dell to the computer monitor we have and it works on there so i think it has something to do with the settings on the dell that don't like the tv

Answer:Computer boots then screen goes blank

Your post is virtually impossible to read. Please use punctuation.

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Everytime I switch on my computer it starts with a blank screen. Most of the time the 2 extra HD's are crossed out. When I re-start everything is fine. Any idea what is happening?When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Answer:Computer starts with blank screen

After the Windows Logo displays or after you log on to Windows, a Windows XP-based computer may only display the wallpaper, a black screen, or a blue screen Screen on Boot XP Stops Responding at the Welcome Screen Screen or Operating System Cannot Load Profile at Logon

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When I turn on my computer it shows nothing but a blank screen. Doesn't even go into bios 19 out of 20 times. Every now and then it boots into BIOS and begins loading Windows, but freezes at the loading screen. What could the problem be? A couple months earlier the computer would randomly shut down while I was using it. I'm assuming the problem might be the probably the power supply. It's an emachine t3624: Series&model=T3624#

And yes, I know I really need to upgrade to a new computer... but I have absolutely no money I can put towards buying one at the moment. It would take me at least a couple months to be able to afford even a cheap one....

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I just got this HP pavilion 762n last year. Now whenever I turn the computer on it won't respond and the only way I can make the computer respond is to go to safe mode and Un-install the Graphic Card, then restart the computer back again. Once I've done that the computer would work, but I can't watch videos or play video games and their would be these little blue lines on the computer screen (Sometimes their would be alot of the lines and sometimes the lines would be made by the trail of my mouse).

I've tried lots of ways to fix the computer. I've tried doing a destructive recovery lots of time and it still wouldnt work. I have this program that test my computer and tells me what kinda problem my computer have and it said that the computer fail on the video memory test. I think the only way I can fix this is to buy another graphic card. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem?

Thank You.

[email protected]

Answer:My Computer Goes To a Blank Screen When I turn it on

yes it looks like your video ram has had it, looks like another card

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I have an Ispiron 530s desktop (XP Home). When I try to turn on the computer, the CPU fan is very loud and constant. I get no desktop. Both the monitor and the computer on/off button are amber color, no green. What could be the problem? What should I check first?

Answer:Computer turns on to blank screen

Usually the amber color indicates a power problem... as if your power adapter or cable to the power adapter is broken, or the power socket is damaged.

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I need some help here and I'm really a noob at IT stuff.
It started off with a trojan that ruined my cdrom.sys
and while i was trying to fix it according to the tutorial, i uninstalled my avg..

the nxt thing i knew, when i restarted my computer, it stayed at a blank screen after the *beep* sound.
There was no windows loading was juz blank..
I tried repairing windows but once it restarted, the same thing happen..there was no windows loading splashscreen...juz blank after the *beep* sound...

I really need help here...

Answer:Computer stuck on blank screen!

just to add on..
I also can't use safe modes..i tried all of them but it can't get me pass anything..

and my computer was still working perfectly fine this afternoon until the trojan thing happened...

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I have an Emachine T1150 with windows 2002 home edition XP. I have not installed service Pak 2.
recently after computer locking up and going blank several times..sometimes when scanning with McAffee...or Adaware...
I have gotten this mesage:
Problem is shutting down to prevent damage:
It asks about disk space..that is ok.
Asks if driver is identified in STOP message. ( I DID download video driver on emachines website.)
It also asks about hardware vendor..BIOS updates etc....
Technical Info.
STOP: Oxoooooo8E
(OxC0000005, Ox8053E5E3 OxF256DB60 Ox00000000)

Beginning dump of physical memory
Pyhscal memory dump completed
Contaact system administrator or tech support for further assistance

What is causing my computer to mess up???Please help!!!
Karen! [email protected]

Answer:Computer locking up or screen goes blank!


Download SpyBot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware SE Install , update and do a scan according to th etutorials Get rid of all they find

Do a scan with Housecall and Panda After all that

Download Hijack This 1.98.2 and paste a log here please

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Problem with a computer I have just built, below are the specs. I have tested the hard drive, ram, video card on another computer and all work but when I turn on the computer I built it powers up but blank screen. Please help

Intel BOXED CELERON D 2.53GHZ-533FSB 256K S478
Matsonic MS9127C VIA P4X400 Socket 478 ATX MB w/Snd
WesternDigital 40GB EIDE ULTRA/ATA-100 5400RPM
Chaintech XGI Volari V3 / 128MB DDR / AGP 8X / VGA / DVI / TV Out / Video Card
PNY Optima Series 256 MB DIMM PC2700 DDR Memory Upgrade

Answer:Built a computer and blank screen

If your mobo has a vga connector try it first.
If not does your pc post i.e beep at you

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I have a Dell computer that is about five years old and uses Windows XP. The problem I have is that I will turn on the computer, the Dell logo will appear, and then the screen goes blank right before the Windows load-up screen appears. I am able to access the system menu (F2 I think) as well as the Safe Mode screen (F8). I tried starting the computer in Safe Mode but that doesn't work. For what it's worth, the computer has had numerous problems lately. Sometimes it takes awhile to log in a user and then when the user is finally logged in, the icons don't appear right away. Also I've noticed that my internet has been crashing more often so this latest problem isn't a complete shock. So I was just wondering if there is anything I could do to fix the blank screen problem. Would changing the monitor make any difference?


Answer:Computer screen goes blank after start-up

Hi Tony, welcome to TSF. If the problem that you are having isn't hardware related, the easiest way to fix it would be to completely wipe the hard drive reformat it and reinstall the operating system. Since it is booting to the logo screen then hardware doesn't appear to be the issue from the information you have given. Tell you what, let me ask you some specific questions for you to answer and I will do my best to help you troubleshoot and correct the problem.

Here are some questions for you to answer that will help me. Just answer them the best you can and if you dont know an answer its ok. If you already answered anything I'm asking in your first post just skip over it.

1). What kind of computer do you have? Laptop? Desktop? Dell, HP, Ect?
2). Whats your level of experience? Novice, intermediate, expert, or dont know squat?
3). What operating system are you using? Xp Home or XP Pro? Which Service pack SP1,2, or 3?
4). What antivirus are you using? What firewall if any?
5) Please tell us a little about your computer. How old is your computer? Hard drive size How much free space is on it?, processor size, ram, video card. Ect.
6). Do you have an Xp disk for this computer?
7). Does your computer have a floppy drive, CD drive, Ect.?
8). Do you have access to another working computer with an internet connection?
9). Did you noticed this problem occuring after installing anything recently?
10). Has your computer done a windows update recently?
11). Have you made ... Read more

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Hi when i start my computer, everything is fine harddrive, fans and everything, but my monitor stays blinking like if the computer is off and my mouse and keyboard arent lighting up either. I have had this problem happen to me before a couple of times when i was using the computer but i usually just restart and it works again. This time when i restart it gives me the same thing, ive tried switching monitors and still no go . Ive tried to attach my other computer to the same monitor and mouse and it works fine im on windows XP

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My configuration is Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, X1950XTX Radeon, 2gb ram, 250HD, 500w powersupply.
So one day I'm using my computer, which had been working wonders for 3 months, and it just shuts down. Then it wouldn't turn back on, at all, no power anywhere. So, I replaced the power supply. I made no other changes other than the power supply. Now it powers up, all the fans turn on (including from the video card), LED light turns on, even the CD rom driver works but I get nothing at all on the screen. And since i get a blank screen with both of my monitors I can't see how it's a monitor problem. I also get no beeps when I turn the computer on, and although I am not sure, I think the hard drive disk spins.

I can't see how it would be the video card since it was previously working and nothing changed on that. The only thing that makes sense to me is that when the old power supply broke the motherboard or, i hope not, the CPU got damaged. Has anyone seem or heard of someone having a similar problem? What Should I try? How can I find out if its the mother board or the CPU malfunctioning? Thank you for the help.

Answer:Computer Turns on but Screen is Blank! Tried Everything, Please Help!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First things first, when you installed the new PSU, did you connect the power cord to your graphics card? Did you connect two power connections to your motherboard? Both the 24 pin and the ATX12v connectors?

Assuming you did, I'd strip down to the basics to help with the troubleshooting. Remove your motherboard from the case, and set it on a box beside your case. Intall ONLY the cpu/heatsink, one stick of ram and your graphics card (unless you have onboard graphics as well, in which case do not install your graphics card).

Connect the case's speakers to the motherboard.

Connect your monitor to the graphics, and then use a screwdriver to quickly "short" the two pins normally connected to the case's power on switch.

Tell us exactly what happens at this point. What lights are on, what fans are spinning, and what beeps you are getting. Good luck!

Also, please give us your motherboard make/model number, as well as your PSU maker name.

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When I turned on my computer its only an orange bar. I cannot even see the windows logo or even get into safe mode.

The night before I was using my computer as normal and everything was fine, it shut down completly. The next morning turned on the computer and all I see is a blank screen. Now keep in mind. This has already happened to me about 3 months ago. Some symptoms I just replace the video card and that fixed the problem.

Back to the problem, Listening to the computer as I turned it on. There are no "Beeps" or any sound referring to any problems. I open the case and all the fans are spining, hard drive make regulars start up sounds as well. BUT it never loads windows.

I went to the store to buy other video card (brand new) installed it correctly and it doesn't fix the problem. At this point I am thinking it's my motherboard or it's my monitor, which i know isn't the problem because I borrowed my friends computer (case) and I am using it on my monitor as I write this.

2 days later

I removed Everything out of the computer case (motherboard, CPU, harddrive etc...) cleaning all the dust off of it.

1) I tested all of the hardware on a friends computer and they all work.
2) Scan for virus, Did a defrag, scandisk of the C drive repaired everything on the harddrive.
3) I installed all the hardware back on my computer and tested it. but still nothing works.

At this point I am getting very angry. I'm pressing bottons restarting th... Read more

Answer:Solved: Blank screen when computer is on

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Ok... So i have a Compaq Presario cq3020an and yesterday i walked in and it had a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATHHH...not taking much notice of it i restarted my pc only to find that the screen would be on...but completely blank...the light on the screen is solid, and my mouse laser is red...theres alot of clicks on startup and all the good stuff...but nothing comes on the screen...please help me

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I was playing Tiger Woods 2007 yesterday and my computer was running a bit jerky which i thought was strange but what I thought was even more weird was when it just turned off; no power, screen black all of a sudden, dead.

My machine is:

AMD 64 3700+ Clawhammer CPU
Asus K8N-e Deluxe Mobo
1gb Kingston RAM
250gb SATA drive
X1600 256mb Radeon Graphics Card

So, my spec isn't THAT bad, quite good i thought but it did just die! Now every time I turn the thing on I get life inside the case but nothing on screen (not even a bleep from the hard drive to say it's alive - though I can hear it spinning).

I've spent a while now taking out parts, blasting them with compressed air to remove dust, putting them back in, testing, retesting, re-retesting and so on. I've tried a friends graphics card ( i burned my last one out video editing and playing games! so checked this first!) and have tried different memory in it too in all the available DIMM slots so I know it's neither of these. I've looked at the processor and no pins are bent, no signs of overheating, the motherboard looks ok, i've tried booting from an old hard drive that was installed in the same system a while back (even though when I was doing this I though "well even if it was the hard drive I should still get life from the BIOS atleast!").

The only thing that I think it could be is the CPU or motherboard but don't see how and I don't want to go... Read more

Answer:Computer won't boot - blank screen!!

Got a spare power supply laying around?

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My computer is having this weird problem where when I finish logging in, the desktop would just be purely blank. The mouse cursor does show up and i can control it, but none of the normal desktop things would show up (wallpaper, taskbar, icons...). If I hold down the power button and force shutdown, and then go into the safe mode when i start up, all would be normal (except for the wallpaper of course due to the safe mode). If i restart from there i would be able to get my desktop back. However if i reboot the problem comes back.
Also, the computer lags significantly when the desktop is gone since the task manager usually goes to "not responding" state.
Is there a way i can fix this problem? Restore point would not be an option since the problem started about two years ago when it was not very serious. I tried to locate the problem but explorer.exe and dwm.exe are both there...
Please help!!!!

Answer:Computer Blank Screen After Logon

Could be a problem with corrupted system files. If you can get to a command prompt, type cmd in the search bar, right click the command prompt icon, select run as administrator, and run the command sfc /scannow.
If that doesn't work, try running from a clean boot. Don't try this if you're not comfortable with advanced level troubleshooting. Also be aware, this is a time-consuming methods.
Click the Start button, type msconfig in the search box, press enter.
Click the Services tab, check "Hide All Microsoft Services" and click "Disable All" if it is not grayed out.
Click the Startup tab, click "Disable All" and click OK.
Restart the computer. When the System Configuration Utility window appears, check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts" box and click OK.
If the issue disappears in the clean boot environment, turn half the Microsoft services back on, and restart the computer. If the problem doesn't recur, turn the other half of the Microsoft services back on. Once the problem reoccurs, turn services off and on to narrow it down more specifically.
Or, you can just launch the clean boot troubleshooter from here:
Hope that helps. But if this has been going on for a while now, it may be hard to pin down at this point.

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Whenever I turn my computer on I get a black screen and it doesn't budge from there. My monitor just seems to go into sleep mode and I can't do anything. Also my dvd drive makes this horrible sound whenever I start up my computer so I swapped out the drive with another one I had around the house and it made the exact same noise. I even took out my hard drive to make sure that wasn't what was making the noise. I've never encountered such a strange problem before. I tested the optical drive in another computer and it doesn't make this noise. I just have no idea what could be causing it. Any suggestions?

P4 3.0 ghz
GeForce 6800XT 256mb PCI-E
2 gigs of RAM
Windows XP Media Center Edition

Answer:Blank screen when I turn my computer on.

Since no one else will try this one I will have a go.

First if you have no picture, why are you playing with the dvd drive?

Graunching noises suggest fan problems. Either a fan is clogged up with dirt or catching on an internal cable or just wearing out. Check all these including your graphics card.

At best this is your problem and restarting the fan will restart your picture.

Next best option is the power supply failing, not providing proper power to dvd drive and graphics card. Check by substitution.

If this does not work you have cooked something, this could be any or all of, memory, processor, graphics card. Depending on the specs of your other pc you may be able to check these out, one at a time, by substitution.

Post the results and good luck

Studio T

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Okay so my computer became unresponsive while browsing the internet multiple tabs. So i was forced to turn it off by pressing the button on the computer. Then when i went to turn it on it will display the sony vaio screen, then the intell pentium processor screen(normal for booth up, both of those), but then it just goes blank. Please, how cna i fix this !! Thank you so much!

Answer:Computer Screen Blank/Black

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My uncle builds computers and he built me a brand new one about 2 years ago. It's worked really well for both years until now. I was off for Thanksgiving vacation for a week and I left the computer on for the whole week. Usually the computer is perfectly fine to stay on for long periods of time and never shuts down or needs restarted. About the third day it was on, it froze and needed to be restarted. Over the last 4 days, it needed to be restarted about 3 more times. I figured it was just because I was on it a lot and saving a lot of work on it. On Tuesday night, I decided to shut it down before I went to bed. When I went to shut down, it said that all of the programs that were currently running were having trouble shutting down (my fire wall, instant message, and internet explorer). I canceled all of those programs and when it didn't shut down after a half an hour, I finally just shut it down with the power button on the computer. The next afternoon when I went to turn it on and the screen that comes up (I forget what it's called) with the Energy Star thing and all of the writing in white on the black background did come up, and I'm pretty sure I saw a glimpse of the Windows XP loading screen, but I'm not 100% sure. Then the screen went blank and the computer let out one loud, long beep. I have sort of bad memory, so I just thought that I forgot to turn on the screen so I turned it on and off a few times, thinking it would come up. Then I made sure ... Read more

Answer:Blank screen and computer is beeping.

When you say you checked the memory sticks, what do you mean? Did you test them in another machine?

Continuous beep code is sometimes a hard one to diagnose. Top suspect is your ram, followed by your PSU, video card and mobo itself.

To test your ram, either try some other ram in your system, or try the ram you have, in a known working system.

To test your PSU (assuming you don't have a voltmeter), replace it with a known working one.

Sounds frustrating, but that's what you are going to need to do, and if you don't have the spare parts to mess around with, you'll have to take her into a shop and let the pros fix you up.

Good luck!

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Hello to the readers out there

I am having a problem with my computer. I dont know if any one can offer there support to this problem, or there could be some one out there that has experienced the same problem.

Here is the problem. My computer screen, seems to go blank, being all white screen. It seems to happen, when you do stuff on your computer. like clicking on icons to bring up the internet, also yahoo mail etc. To get rid of the white screen I need to click on to the desktop icon to make the white screen go away. You think it has gone, but it is still there, when you do the same thing clicking onto icons it seems to keep on going blank white screen. It gets annoying clicking on the desktop icon all the time.

Some days the white screen may not come up.

Would any one please, provide info about this problem I have.

Thank you for reading.


Answer:Computer Screen goes blank and white

Have you done a spyware scan or virus scan? Usually we call them the blue death meaning it will crash. Do you have ur back up cds to reformant? When you only reformant is to correct what ever the problems is unless you are going to smoke out the hard drive an start from scratch an reload everything. Hopes this help!

What windows are you using you didn say what you were running.

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A little more than a year ago I built a decent computer (with your help. thanks!).
A couple of months later the computer mysteriously stopped working and the only sign of life was a lamp glowing on the motherboard. The fans also spun for less then a split second when trying to power the computer for the first time after plugging in the power cable. I figured it was either the motherboard or the CPU, but I didn't have the time or the money to look into it back then.

Now, more than 6 months later I've found the time and some money to try and take care of it. Yesterday I tested some parts and bought a new motherboard. After installing the motherboard, the computer will turn on, but it will turn off after a few seconds then turn back on and remain that way until i turn it off manually. During that time my screen remains black. I've tested all components except the CPU now so I'll probably have to buy a new one. But I have a few questions before I do that.

First off here is my Specs:
1x MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 580
1x Corsair TX750
1x Intel i5 2500k with stock fan
2x Gskill Ripjaws X 4gb
1x Samsung SpinPoint F3 HD103SJ 32MB 1TB
1x NZXT Hades case
the new motherboard I bought was: ASUS P8Z77 LK
and the old one was: Asus P8P67 Pro B3

Do you think there is anything else that might be causing my problems? I've tested the ram, Graphics card, Psu and Hdd on another machine and they all work. I've tried putting the ram in different slots with the same result as earlier. I've trie... Read more

Answer:Computer won't Boot, Blank screen

Have you tried to setup the system out of the tower. You could be getting a ground out. Just find a box to set the motherboard on and put on your video card ram CPU and power it up.
You will need to cross the two power pins to fire it up.Try with just one ram stick if you have two then try the other. after you try that and if you still have no luck. take off your CPU fan and put your finger against the CPU chip and fire it up for just a few seconds to see if the CPU starts to heat yo. If it does you still have voltage going to the CPU and it no doubt is still good.

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Resets almost immediately after boot hardware peripherals do not turn on when plugged in(except usb devices)

Answer:Computer Turns on with blank screen

Also, no beep code to indicate successful start up

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I recently bought a used computer from my work (a gateway). I'm sure they remove a lot of stuff before reselling them. When I hooked it up, it makes the music likes it's coming on, but the computer screen stays blank. It's like it's putting itself in sleep mode or something. I can't get to the control panel or anything. Does anyone know what is causing this? My place of business sold several of these, and I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing problems. Is it possible I need to run some kind of disc if they removed something vital? Thanks for any help.

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Hi there,

I have a self made PC with Winfast Foxconn MB, AMD64 3000+ socket 754,
ATI 9250 AGP.

I installed everything, connected the cables but the computer does not turn on. I receive a blank screen and nothing else.

The MB and proccesor worked previously on a different system that I have upgraded.

What can it be?

The FANs are working, I can not turn it off from the power button.

Please help me.

Answer:My computer does not start, blank screen

If you get no beeps Id suspect a bad connection... I have seen this on the CPU. Simply remove it and reseat it. I have also seen bad AMD boards do that. I saw on two seperape occasions exactly what you describe... if I let them sit there for 5 minutes to warm up and then restart them they worked. In that case the problem could be cold solder connections somewhere on the mobo. Not a good situation as most computer users dont have the skill or equipment to find that type of problem.

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