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front USB  ISSUES! front USB's not working?

Question: front USB  ISSUES! front USB's not working?

Please help! I am stuck on an issue with a USB stick recently purchased. The stick is fine, the issue is it will only work on the 2 USB ports on back of the computer, not with the USB ports on the front. I have tried other devices, and the same thing happen, fine with back usb ports, but not with front. I downloaded a program to see if the fron ports were recognised, and this has told me they are USB 1.1, but i'm not sure if this means they are actually connected? Anyway, i cant get any device to work on the front USB ports, any suggestions?Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: front USB  ISSUES! front USB's not working?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: front USB  ISSUES! front USB's not working?

The front ports may not, if they are indeed USB 1.1, deliver enough power for the USB stick to work.Try connecting a device that does not draw a lot of power, like a mouse, to see if they are functioning properly.

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I have an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard and recently (after moving the motherboard to a different case) there is no sound coming from the rear ports. When I connect headphones to the front, the sound works. Is it a sound card problem (I'm using the integrated card)? It's not a big deal, I can just pick up one for 20-30 bucks but I just want to know the problem beforehand. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sound issues: back ports not working, front (headphone) port works

the front ports are most-likely canceling out the rear ports, unless you've dealt with a similar setup that worked fine.

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Question: Front Audio issues

Hello all-

I did a search and read through others issues regarding this and tried some of the solutions with no luck. I just purchased a case with the front audio and mic ports and hooked it onto my motherboard (wondered why I was missing the power pin/connector from the case).
No luck then I realized I still had my PCI sound card still on my board so I removed it and tried again. Still no luck.
I disconnected the wires and tried rear audio to make sure the onboard sound was working, and it was.
So then I reconnected the wires but left off the rear audio pins and when I boot up I now have sound but after a minute or so I lose it.
I went to device manager and uninstalled Realtek 97 Audio and let it reinstall after boot up and I had sound until I shut down my comp for the night. Now I am back and again sound at boot up then it cuts out.
I have updated the driver as well.
Other things in my sound portion of device manager that I didnt know if I should uninstall or not are as follows:
-Audio Codecs
-Legacy Audio Drivers
-Media Control Devices
-Standard Game Port
-Video Codecs
I am wondering if there is something possibly conflicting from having a soundcard on the m/b and I need to change a setting? or if I am just one of those unlucky ones where I will not be able to get this to work.

Any ideas?


AMD Athlon 64 3500
1gig ram
Soundblaster Live 5.1 (taken off)
Win XP SP2

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Having some trouble here. I'm not getting any errors, the problem is I'm not getting the output I expect.

Form1's code is here:

Dim hwndWinamp As Long
Const WM_USER = &H400
Const WM_COMMAND = &H111

Private Sub cmdGetTime_Click()
Dim CurPos As Long

MsgBox (hwndWinamp)
CurPos = SendMessage(hwndWinamp, WM_USER, 0, 105)

MsgBox (CurPos)
End Sub

Private Sub cmdWindowHandle_Click()

hwndWinamp = FindWindow("Winamp v1.x", vbNullString)
MsgBox (hwndWinamp)
End Sub

There is also a module, whose code is here:

'''' Find window handle Number for wINAMP
Public Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long

''''' Message Sending Stuff

Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As Long) As Long

The findwindow part works just fine.

But the part to get the current position in milliseconds... well, the variable CurPos always equals 1. I've tried different parameters, none of them seem to work. So I figure I"m doing something wrong.

Any ideas? I would appreciate pointing out what I (could) have done wrong, not just an example of what's right, especially a long one... because I could stare at it for hours and not find the difference... look ri... Read more

Answer:VB 5, Winamp Front End... issues with SendMessage API

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Ok so I'm running a MSI 790x Plat and Windows Vista x64 everything is plugged in correctly according the the manual, and I have all of my drivers updated, but it still doesnt recognize the headset or head phones for that matter. This headset works on other computers so i know its not the headset. I've asked around and people have told me i might need to enable it in the BIOS, but I've looked around and i don't know how to find it there. So I guess what im asking is if anyone can help me find the setting within the BIOS where i can enable it, or do i have to do something else.

Answer:front audio panel issues

make sure nothing is muted in the audio properties applet by right-clicking the speaker icon in the taskbar

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The backs ones work fine but the front ones when plugging in a device don't do anything nothing comes up in wondows to say something is in.i opened the computer and made sure that the cable from the front usbs were inserted correctly into the motherboard and they were.Device manager looks good too.So what can i do?Thanks

Answer:Front usb not working

maybe check your bios???and/or remove(under device manager)all USB, the re-boot and let all be re-installed...Good Luck

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never has worked but it gets worse.
Over 4 yrs± it's had XP, Vista and
Currently it is Win 7 Pro 64, Core 2 Duo E6550, 8GB Ram
intel G33FB mothereboard
generic case

All the USB terminal connectors I've seen before this case were connected to mobo with 9 wires in one connector. Not this one.

It has 2 terminal connectors. Both marked for USB
First one is 5 wires ______Second one is 4 wires
VCC __________________VCC
USB— _________________USB—
USB+ _________________USB+
GND __________________GND
The worse: There are 3 USB connections on mobo.
I noticed last night a couple scorches next to the 2 connections I tried on the mobo. It smudges like charcoal.

Any ideas to get USB working?

Answer:USB- front not working

You could always take the easy way

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Pentium 4 Socket 478, Intel SE7210TP1-E Sever Board, DDR RAM 1 GB, SATA Drives 160 GB 300 GB, HDA Digital X Mystique 7.1 Gold, Radeon X1300I'm having problems since I have changed this over too a new board.  I tried both usb headers and the front usb still aren't working an I'm plugging them accordingly

Answer:Front USB not working

I tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it

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Hi,I built myself a computer and it works fine. But ever since I have built it the front usb do not work. I thought I will try to get them sorted out but I don't know what else to do, I checked that they were plugged in and even switched sockets on the mobo but nothing. Under device manager I get display of 4 usb controllers which must be the back four; they work fine. My motherboard is an asus p5b vm se and the cable to connect is all joint up rather than loose individuals bit. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Front usb's not working

If you've already checked that the front USB cable is plugged in and you've tried a diffeent socket, I would say the panel is dead.  You should be able to get a replacement from the case manufacturer though.

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I'm so so sick to death of this. Microphone won't work at all. The plugin for the headphones works SOMETIMES. Right now it's not. It's a good system so I'm thinking it's the Creative drivers which are up to date. It's an Audigy card.

Not sure what other info will be needed.

I'm running 8.1 currently updated.

PS. If you need my system specs they are filled out, so click on the "my specs" link at the bottom of my post.


Answer:Sound issues in the front panel of the computer

I would check the connections from the motherboard to the front panel. Unlike the rear connections that are part of the motherboard, you have cables running from the motherboard to your front panel. According to your user manual, the connection is the F11 connection at the bottom. Make sure the pins haven't come loose.

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So I get my HAF932 and unplug everything and transfer it over to the new case and get it all working and plug it in how my MOBO says to....

and Front Audio fails.

Not just audio, but mic as well. I thought.. ok maybe I forgot a plug or something.. so I unplug it all pull it out from the desk open it up and... it's all plugged in.

It had 2 audio so I figure "ok maybe my audio isn't HD" so I unplug the HD Front cable and push in the AC97 cable and go into my mobo and set it to AC97 instead of HD (so everything matches up) and...

still nothing.

SO... either my Front audio port on my case has arrived DOA....

or my motherboards audio connector has been DOA for months now, but my last case didn't have Front audio.. so I never knew....

anyone have anything i can try to figure out which? Hate to pay shipping back on the case just to find out it was the motherboard.. which I don't think I can send back to get a replacement...


It's not the case... it's the motherboard. I found some old parts and one was a front audio- so I plugged it in and tried it under both HD and AC97 settings and still no front audio.

Would possibly a BiOS update fix this? Cuz the other option is Sending back "DOA" after nearly 6months of owning it... or buying a new board.... (or going without front audio which means my headset is gonna be a pain to plug in)

Answer:Front Audio not working

You may have to enable to front audio in your audio driver's settings; that's I had to do on my old Asus board.

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Motherboard - Asus P5g41t-MLX
Last week i changed my cpu cabinet. Done the installation. But, after installation, i have some problem with the cabinet's front usb ports & audio ports.
The motherboard have 4 usb ports & 3 audio ports (rose, at the back side. All these are working properly.
The cabinet's front panel consists of 2 usb ports & 2 audio ports (rose,green). Here is the major problem.
1) When i connect pendrives to both usb ports, they work 100%.
When i connect a usb modem (Huawei which i use for internet), the system detects the device (shows in Device Manager), but when i try to connect to internet (Mobile Partner), the error shows as "The device has been disconnected or is unavailable".
Also, when i connect usb DVD drive, the system detects it (it shows in Device Manager & the indicator light in the dvd drive blinks). But, i can't eject the dvd drive.

2) Both audio ports not working.

I checked all these without connecting anything to the back expect a usb keyboard.

I'm feeling so bad that i cant use the front panels of a brand new cabinet. I searched alot in google & i can't get a final solution. I guess that the probelm won't be of the cabinet bcoz usb pendrives are working properly & the problem is only with usb modems & usb DVD drive. & i also done a fresh OS intall. So, it must be some other hardware problem.
I will be really greatful if someone can solve this. Waiting ...........

Answer:Front Usb Panel Not Working.

by "changed my cpu Cabinet" I presume you mean you got a new case for your computer. Make sure you connected the cables from your front panel correctly to the USB and Audio headers on your MB. Some cases have cables with one plug for the USB and one for the Audio but others have individual connectors so you need to consult your motherboard manual to suss out which is which. If you only used one of the USB headers on your motherboard try to move it to the 2nd one

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I just bought a new creative sound blaster live 24bit 5.1 sound card. I had it installed but when I play music through any player ie itunes, WM player, the creative player that came with the card, i only hear sound through the front channels. How do I get the sub/center and the rear channels to put something out. I have gone though and made my audio settings 5.1 in control pannel/sounds and audio/speaker settings. Can anyone help??

Answer:5.1 only working in front channels

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I don't know if this post belongs here, please feel free to move it if it doesn't.
Be easy with me, I am pretty computer stupid, just know enough to get myself in trouble But I promised my internet illiterate husband I would try to find some knowledgeable people to help us...
My basic problem is why aren't the usb ports on the front panel of the computer working- when all of them on the back are. I thought they were all connected (obviously not)
Anyway we have a fairly basic system, desktop pc 2.4 ghz, 512 memory, dvd/cd rw, running windows xp. Trying to muddle through some old messages here, this is what I found in device manager under universal serial bus controllers, 3 SiS 7001 PCI to USB open host controllers, 1 SiS 7200 USB 2.0 enhanced host controller, 1 USB 2.0 root hub, 1 USB mass storage device, and 3 USB root hubs. (that confuses me- i thought a "hub" was something you had to buy and connect to a usb port so you could have more, kind of like an extension cord I do have a router, is that what it "sees"?
Anyway,back to the original problem-this front panel thingie always worked before, BUT a few months ago the dvd drive died and it was sent back for repair and they had to install a new dvd, maybe that messed it up? In any case device manager reports everything is working properly. But it does not see any device connected to that port, (digicam, external dvd etc.) I don't even get that "tone" that sounds wh... Read more

Answer:USB on front panel not working


It'll be hard to troubleshoot if you are uncomfortable inside the case. One possible scenario: when the shop installed the new optical drive, they may have unplugged/knocked loose the cable from the motherboard to the front panel, but the only way to check is to open the case.

If you just need more USB ports, and they don't have to be necessarily in front, try:, or something like it, there are many options. If you have a walk-in like Fry's, CompUsa handy, or maybe even a Radio Shack, you could save the shipping, but maybe pay a little more. Just plug one into a known good USB port, and away you go! :knock:

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I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS card and AVIA 5.1 surround sound. Ive ran speaker tests to ensure everything is plugged in correctly and all speakers work and are where they should be. The problem is only the front two speakers work unless I run Half-Life 2. Ive tried putting in a DVD and running it on Cyber DVD (with the 6 speaker setting enabled) and that doesnt work. Ive also ensured that my speaker settings are set on 5.1 surround sound. Could somebody please explain how to get my sound to come out of all my 5.1 surround sound. Thanks.

I downloaded a plugin for Winamp that allows it to output 5.1. The only difference this made was that now the center speaker has sound as well as the front. The rear still do not work

Answer:Only front speakers working on 5.1

what's avia 5.1 surround sound?

what's 1/2 life 2?

what's cyber dvd?

i've got a 5.1 sb live card and run 4.1 klipsch speakers thru the creative software and when i do the test of r front, l front, r rear, l rear they all work properly so it sounds like you have things that aren't needed and are mucking up the works.

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Hey guys.

I'm having a rather unusual issue with my USB 3.0 ports (Asmedia) on the front side. The back ones work fine so I'm unsure if it's anything to do with the drivers or even in the BIOS? Could anyone suggest any troubleshooting methods?

CPU-Z validation for specs below.
Speccy information:

Answer:Front USB 3.0 ports not working?

What does Device Manager show, any issue with USB Controllers?

Make sure the case USB ports wire connector is plugged into the Motherboard. Unplug then plug the connector back in.


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I am wondering if someone can help me here.

I have a new motherboard which I installed myself, and connected the front usb and audio ports. They connect fron the front to the back (cheater ports I guess). They worked when I first installed the drivers, now, on reboot, the USB in the front does not work at all (even when i unplug it and put it back in at the back), and the front audio panels do not work at all either. When the headphones are plugged directly in the back, the speaker jack will work consistantly after reboot, but I constantly need to reset the mic jack (pulling it out and putting it back in) for it to work.
I am so frustrated, and I don't know what's going on with it.
Tips / advice please?

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The Audio front panel (where you plug head sets) on my PC is not working. I have a IN9 32X-MAX Wi-Fi MB and am using a Xcilo Windtunnel Extreme Case. I plugged the cable (from the case) marked Audio into the the
FP-Audio1 socket in my board, I assume this is correct? I have updated the Realtek drivers (AC'97 Audio Codecs?) but the front panel nor Realtek HD Audio Manager register the head set (Creative HS-390, free with WiC Collectors Edition) however the head set works if plugged into the backpanel...whats going wrong?

Answer:Front Panel not working

Examine your board. Trace the connections from non-working external socket. It is likely that is no cable going to the socket on the motherboard, or there is no cable from the optical drive to the correct port or socket. There are usually two to four ports for audio on the motherboard. There are also two to four ports on the audio card if you are using a PCI Audio card. On some boards, those cables must be connected by a very thin cable with special plugs on each end.

I assume you have already examined all the possibilities in the Control Panel.

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my computes operating system is split into 3, one being windows xp, vista and windows 7...windws 7 being the one i use the most. Im having problems with front jack cuz when i connect headphones or speakers it doesnt rear jack works...but the kick is dat the front and rear jack works properly in windows xp. Its only in windows 7 im having this problem..Im using a Digital Audio (S/PDIF) audio it a driver problem?...if so wat kind of driver should i use and wer can i download it..any help would b appreciated..thanks

Answer:front jack not working

First we need to know what sort of sound card or chip set you have on your computer, follow the instructions here to post that information:
System Info - See Your System Specs

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I don't know if it ever worked, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to maybe check it or what to do to get it to work.



Answer:Front USB port not working

look on the motherboard & see if they're connected.

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Hello, I recently bought a new motherboard and tower. I have installed all the latest drivers from Asus and know the case uses AC'97 sound and have set the Mobo accordingly. However, when I plug in my headphones (tried multiple pair) it continues to play from main speakers, with nothing coming through the headphones.

when I plug in the speakers from the rear jack, a pop-up tells me something has been plugged in. not the case with the front jack.

also, I have checked "Playback Devices" and it shows me the headphones as "Not plugged-in".

while playing around I managed to get the H Phones to work, but the speakers didn't mute when I did. in tinkering, it went away again and wont come back.

any ideas what I could do?

Answer:Front audio not working

Hi Novercalis,
Are you sure that your front jacks are connected?
You forgot to mention your .OS, but anyway you can find all settings from control panel

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The front ports on my compute, i.e. usb, sd, are not recognizing anything that I connect to them.  The ports in the back are working fine.

Answer:front ports not working

Did they ever work ? ?Check the wiring and consult your MBoard manual...

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I bought my wife a new pc as the old one was a single processor and very slow. It has 2 issues. The new one seemed straight forward, quad core much faster but two issues are annoying enough to make my wife not want it.

1. The front panel seems to be wired differently to the old pc - my wife uses headphones with a mic for skype. Plugging in the phones did not get any sound. When I fixed this (I ticked the disable jack detection box which makes the phones part work but the mic does not work) the muting of the rear did not work. I swapped the old front panel from the old pc which includes a firewire port - so I am guessing the cables to the motherboard are digital rather than analogue? - and with this auto detection works. So is this an analogue vs digital issue? Trouble is the old panel won't fit the new case so I am stuck with the new front panel. As I say I can get the phones to work, the mic generally not but it did seem to work one time my wife played with setting (I was absent) and the auto mute does not work. I read some threads about ac'97 but nothing seems definitive.

2. I added in the hard disks from the old pc. One of them is recognised but after a while disappears. Explorer just does not show it and you have to reboot. The other is ok all the time.

Any help appreciated - I am semi techy by the way but not very. I can get the processor/motherboard spec if needed - it's Gigabyte I believe. Running Windows 7 64 bit.


Answer:mic not working on front panel

hi there
to help diagnose the pc could you download a program and show the results partially the sound/Graphics etc that will show the details its very safe and secure used by many members on this forum its called speccy by piriform. link is here Speccy - Standard

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

What's in your computer? If you're like most of us, you can probably name the processor (Intel or AMD, Celeron or Pentium), maybe how much RAM it has, and maybe how big the hard drive is.
When you go to a computer store and see all the bright shiny PCs laid out next to each other, most will have tags or stickers indicating the:
Processor brand and model
Hard drive size and speed
Amount of memory (RAM)
Graphics card
Operating system
Two or three years later, when it comes time to upgrade your computer, that tag or sticker may be long gone. Speccy was designed as a free electronic "what's inside" sticker for your PC.

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Help would be greatly appreciated. My sound and microphone are working perfectly on the rear jacks of my desktop, plug into the front jacks and NOTHING.I am runing windows xp home edition with service pack 3and Realtec HD audio manager.

Answer:Front Mic jacks not working

Have you opened the case and checked to make sure the front panel audio cable is hooked up

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I have a friend who has an E-Machine. (Not sure of model type). He has one USB port on the front and, from what he tells me 1 USB port on the back. When he plugs something into the back USB port, everything works fine. When he plugs a device (printer, ipod, etc..) into the front port nothing happens. They system does not recognize that a USB device has been plugged in. Any ideas why things would work in the back USB but not the front? Is there a setting somewhere that may have turned off the front port for some reason? Doesn't seem to be a resource conflict as this happens when there is nothing plugged into the back port. I appreciate all your great assistance.

Answer:Front USB port not working

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I am running Vista, I cannot get my front mic (headset) working, I have tried everything I have seen posted on this site.

My headset earphones are working and vista shows that the front mic is working and it is checked as the default device.

But I cannot get anything from the mic when I test it in any programs.

I have tried connecting 2 different headsets and a standalone mic...nothing!!

Answer:Solved: Front Mic Not Working - Help!!

Have you made sure the microphone is muted in sound properties?

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I have Creative Inspire 5.1 5200 and a Creative Audigy 2 Platinum. I recently came back from the Creative site, updating all my products. Now, my front right doesn't have any sound. I decided to go further and check the inside of the speaker... it looked perfectly fine. I hooked it up somewhere else and it worked.

Now it seems to be a problem with the woofer where everything is connected.

Yes, don't ask, I've been playing with Creative Speaker settings and the EAX console for a LONG time.

And now, sometimes when I plug the speaker into the right channel on the woofer, it plays as center.

I can't properly calibrate the speakers because after choosing rear left for instance, the sound plays again there and I can't choose it again.

All help appreciated.

(I can't roll back Windows XP, I'm using 0% backup saving)

Answer:Front Right Speaker not working (5.1)

Actually, for some reason, it doesn't detect my front right speaker, but it works. Then, for front right, it sounds like all the speakers are playing at low pitch.

Something is definately wrong.

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I had to do a system recovery do to many problems, lost a lot. After reinstalling all of my softwear, I tried to plug in my dig. camera and found nothing. I also tried to use my CAD key and got nothing. The USB ports in the back of my computer work fine. My OS is windows XP. Thank you very much; j-vit

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This computer will be sent out for repair for the second time in a little over a month.  Packaging material arrived yesterday after I spent over three hours with online HP technicians.  Bottom line advised it would have to be sent to Indiana for 9-12 days.  Last month it was the MOTHERBOARD that had to be replaced, possibly the MOTHERBOARD again. This has prevented my wife from having her photos entered in upcoming contests.  I have emailed Max the last case manager and told him how I really felt.  Sending a desktop computer back twice in 8 months is unacceptable. Money back or new upgrade to a computer without these inherent issues. Social media may be my only alternative. Regards Bobby-left

Answer:Issue front USB three out of four not working

Hi @Bobby-left, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.

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Sir, Motherboard - Asus P5g41t-MLX Last week i changed my cpu cabinet. Done the installation.
But, after installation, i have some problem with the cabinet's front usb ports & audio ports.
The motherboard have 4 usb ports & 3 audio ports (rose, at the back side. All these are working properly. The cabinet's front panel consists of 2 usb ports & 2 audio ports (rose,green). Here is the major problem.
1) When i connect pendrives to both usb ports, they work 100%. But When i connect a usb modem (Huawei which i use for internet), the system detects the device, but when i try to connect to internet (Mobile Partner), the error shows as "The device has been disconnected or is unavailable".

Also, when i connect usb DVD drive, the system detects it (it shows in Device Manager & the indicator light in the dvd drive blinks). But, i can't eject the dvd drive.

2) Both audio ports not working.
I checked all these without connecting anything to the back expect a usb keyboard. I'm feeling so bad that i cant use the front panels of a brand new cabinet. I searched alot in google & i can't get a final solution. I guess that the probelm won't be of the cabinet bcoz usb pendrives are working properly & the problem is only with usb modems & usb DVD drive. & i also done a fresh OS intall. So, it must be some other hardware problem. I will be really greatful if someone can solve this. Waiting ...........

Answer:Front Usb Panel Not Working.

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This computer will be sent out for repair for the second time in a little over a month.  Packaging material arrived yesterday after I spent over three hours with online HP technicians.  Bottom line advised it would have to be sent to Indiana for 9-12 days.  Last month it was the MOTHERBOARD that had to be replaced, possibly the MOTHERBOARD again. This has prevented my wife from having her photos entered in upcoming contests.  I have emailed Max the last case manager and told him how I really felt.  Sending a desktop computer back twice in 8 months is unacceptable. Money back or new upgrade to a computer without these inherent issues. Social media may be my only alternative. Regards Bobby-left

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I lost my old panel which worked ok, I'm using a new panel but the microphone is not working.
I had interference from the usb ground to the audio ground (that's why panel is scratched/wired)
Audio output works perfectly.
The only change from when my mic worked is the panel, every configuration and drivers are the same.
Motherboard asus m5a97 r2.0, (diagram attached is from motherboard manual).
I already tried both HD and AC'97 setting on bios, with the old panel I used AC'97.

For the PCB/motherboard connections:
black = AGND
white = Line out_R
green = Line out_L
red = MIC2 (I already tried connecting it only to MICPWR and to both MIC2+MICPWR)

Any ideas what is the problem?
could it just be the jack on the panel or is there something else wrong?


Answer:AC'97 front panel, mic not working

Trace out the wiring, both in the AC97 plug that connects to the motherboard and the jack. An Ohmmeter can be used to verify the wiring from the AC97 plug to the Pink mic jack Tip, Ring and Sleeve.

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all of a sudden everytime i put something in my usb slots i get usb device not reconized or i get searching for drivers only for windows 7 to not find them,i even uninstalled them and re-installed them but still wont reconize and usb stick or my wifes kindle.

Answer:Front usb ports not working

pongo said:

all of a sudden everytime i put something in my usb slots i get usb device not reconized or i get searching for drivers only for windows 7 to not find them,i even uninstalled them and re-installed them but still wont reconize and usb stick or my wifes kindle.Click to expand...

I got the same kind of error for one of the side ports on my laptop. The port was damaged and in my case, I had to replace the system board because the USB is surface mounted to the board and I can't desolder/solder new ports. Since your computer apparently has a separate small board for the front USB ports, you may need to replace that small board.

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So I've had my Erazer X510 for about 5-6 months and my front 2 USBs aren't working correctly. The blue one, I think USB 2.0, still works for charging but every time I put something in it says the Device Description request failed. The yellow one, I think 3.0, is just not working at all. Doesn't charge, doesn't make my headset USB turn on the light, stuff like that. They both stopped at litteraly the same time. There are 240 days left in the warrenty from the time typed.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Front 2 USB not Working Properly

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
A couple of things to try.......
First, try reseating their USB connections on the motherboard.  Page #36 of your model's User Guide has a diagram of the motherboard for your reference.  First unplug your computer and then press the power button for 15 seconds then unplug and then plug back in connectors #10 and #16 in the diagram.  Here is that User Guide for your reference.....
If that doesn't resolve the problem then try clearing the CMOS.  To do, just unplug your computer and then remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard.  The battery's socket may have a little tab that you press to eject the battery or a little slot that you can insert a small screw driver to lightly pry up the battery for removal.  Once the battery is removed then press the power button for 15 seconds.  Then replace the battery, plug back in and power up your computer to see if the problem was resolved.
If the problem still remains then I suggest you contact Lenovo Support for warranty service.
24 hours a day 7 days / week

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I have a Gigabyte motherboard in a Antec Lanboy case. The case has two front USB ports. The USB ports do not work with most devices. For example if I plug in a USB key or a webcam I get the balloon that says "the device may not be recognized". But if I plug in a keyboard, mouse, or RF receiver, it works. Could it be that the front ports are USB 1.1 or are underpowered? I've read that Gigabyte USB connections are a bit different, but I've checked them before and are as illustrated in the manual By the way, I'm on XP SP2 and the USB connections from the mobo are not a single block - they are individual pins.

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I lost my old panel which worked ok, I'm using a new panel but the microphone is not working.
I had interference from the usb ground to the audio ground (that's why panel is scratched/wired)
Audio output works perfectly.
The only change from when my mic worked is the panel, every configuration and drivers are the same.
Motherboard asus m5a97 r2.0, (diagram attached is from motherboard manual).
I already tried both HD and AC'97 setting on bios, with the old panel I used AC'97.

For the PCB/motherboard connections:
black = AGND
white = Line out_R
green = Line out_L
red = MIC2 (I already tried connecting it only to MICPWR and to both MIC2+MICPWR)

Any ideas what is the problem?
could it just be the jack on the panel or is there something else wrong?


Answer:AC'97 front panel, mic not working

Trace out the wiring, both in the AC97 plug that connects to the motherboard and the jack. An Ohmmeter can be used to verify the wiring from the AC97 plug to the Pink mic jack Tip, Ring and Sleeve.

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In my new Win HD LTE phone, Imo front cam is not working. It shows only main cam view. Even though there is a cam changing button; it makes only the rotation of the same cam. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Pls help...

Answer:imo app front camera is not working...

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question In my new Win HD LTE phone, Imo front cam is not working. It shows only main cam view. Even though there is a cam changing button; it makes only the rotation of the same cam. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Pls help... ? Restart the app is a fix but sometimes not work . So you can fix it by Soft Reset. Otherwise, reinstall this app. .--------. / A TIP \ If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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WEll, last night I went to plug my headphones into the front audio jack on my Antec 900, and no sound came from them, it was still coming from my normal desktop speakers. I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R mobo, Antec 900 case, and Win XP, and I connected the HD audio, rather than the AC'97 cable, to the F_AUDIO whilst building. Does the HD audio not support the front panel, whereas the AC'97 does? THanks for the help, I appreciate it.

Answer:Front audio not working.

Nevermind... fixed it... And I had AC'97 plugged onto the F_AUDIO on the mobo initially, and I just switched it to the HD plug, and now it works.

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The Specifications

Computer type: PC/Desktop
Computer Manufacturer/Model Number: Custom Build
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: i7-5820K
Motherboard: X99-A
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4
Graphics Card(s): Either GTX 970 STRIX or GT640
Monitor(s) Displays: BenQ GL2250H
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Hard Drives: A WD10EZRX that is still trying to tell me it has 1TB of memory. Yeah yeah...
PSU: Corsair CS450M
Internet Speed: Optimistic

(Please tell me if you need anything else on this front!)
The Issue

So I'm finally finishing up on installing a load of new components, and the last pressing issue seems to be that, for some reason, my audio jacks do not work. Both the front and back ports do not register my headphones or my speakers. Neither of these are defective, and I've tried them in a friend's laptop to verify this. I tried reinstalling both my NVIDIA Audio Drivers as well as the Realtek ones that came with the motherboard. NVIDIA reinstalled fine, but Realtek comes up with errors during the install (such as 0x000000FF) but 'completes' regardless. That is to say, when I restart it can be found and uninstalled via Control Panel, but it can't be found in device manager. I'm pretty sure that's the culpit, but I've no idea how to deal with the issue.

Side Note: Due to the issues laid out in this thread, I am working on backdated NVIDIA drivers. I don't think that's t... Read more

Answer:Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues

The audio jacks don't work, obviously because the sound driver is not installing.
Does the Windows installed "High Definition Audio driver" install? (instead of the regular hardware Realtek) If that is not installing there would seem to be a hardware problem or that the sound is disabled in the BIOS.

Another remote possibility is that you are using the HDMI port, which in that case Windows automatically switches to the HDMI for audio. The regular sound should still install, but this is one remote possibility.

The last possibility is a hardware problem on the motherboard.

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Recently Swapped out my old enermax PSU for a new one. Plugged everything back in. I inadvertenly disconnected a a twin wire two prong cable which connects to the hinge of thefront door of the tower. It is tied into the other connectors for the system pannel(20 pin) connector on the motherboard. However i do not know where it plugs in?

I would not normally care but the PC will not power up with the new PSU. All i am getting is the standby power LED on the motherboard to light up. I have connected the two fans to the same cables as the EZ_plug( which i just use a ordinary four prong connector). The DVD and CD-R drives use the same power cable. The HDD i have using a SATA power connector. Finally the floppy drive just uses a standard connector with nothing else on the other 12v connectors. The motherboard uses a ATX connector, EZ_plug and 24 pin connector.
I just realised i connedted the PSU up incorrectly. I used an EZ_plug with the ATX connection which i should not do with a Geforce 7800 GT on Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe(ez-plug should only be used with two cards). I also forgot to connect the six prong connector on the video card. Would this earlier omission on my part have damaged the mobo? I rectified and still no change?

Answer:Alenware Aurora Front door connector/PSU issues

The connector is for LED which can be installed in the door. I twisted ALienware's arm to answer this. On rechecking my system connection panel, i discovered my pwr switch connect was wrongly connected into the wrong slot(my fault)!I installed a new hard drive as well and my system now appears fixed and stable. I am hoping the inital problems with with system resets, usb connections and damaged file segments on HDD were to do with either the PSU or HDD. I hope the mobo is unaffected( i hope so the warranty ends in january). Any suggestions to ascertain if i need to check anything else would be helpful?

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My front headphone jack was working properly yesterday, untill I ran across this problem. I left my computer on for at least 8+ hours doing nothing, then when I got back, my headphone jack did not work. When I put my headphones in the front audio jack, it does not detect it. I looked for the 'Headphones' in audio system (yes, I put it on show disabled devices, and disconnected devices),but it did not show up. Everytime I put my headphones in, the speakers keep on working, but it does not detect the headphones. Please help!

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Hey guys, I have some trouble here.
I've just installed the OS Vista Ultimate 64 in my Asus P5N-D motherboard.
The problem is that when I was using the XP 32bits the front panel was working perfectly. And now on Vista it doesn't, and I didn't touched the connectors...

My PC specs:
C2D E8400, Asus P5N-D, 4gb DD2/800 Kingston, Zogis 9600GT 512MB, Vortex 752, ST-450P-CG, Seagate 200GB sata, Pioneer DVDRW
All this mounted in a Maxxtro Saturn Case

Can anyone help me with this issue? I've installed many versions of the sound driver and none worked with the front pannel and the connector sensor seems not to work either. thanks

Answer:P5N-D Front Panel not working on Vista Ult.64

I'm not sure I caught What soundcard are you using? Is it on-board sound (intergrated)?

Initially it sounds like a driver issue - specifically a 64-bit driver issue. Did you look for, or install, Vista 64 bit drivers?

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I've got this really annoying problem, where my back sound jacks work just fine, but front one - doesn't, so I have to get under my table and switch headphones / speakers plugs. This problem appeared after my windows 7 reformat. More info needed? Type here. Any suggestions? Also type here. ^^

Answer:Front sound jack not working

Mechanically it's the connector at the front jack from the motherboard, but before opening the case and tinkering, go into the sound panel and set all to max and see what happens. Also, does touching metal to metal get static or just dead air?

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The problem: I have an issue that occurs when I have multiple windows open; when I click the taskbar to switch program to something that is already minimized or in the background, it will just disappear behind all other open windows. So for example, if I have Chrome open and want to go to a Word document (or anything either minimized or in the background) I would click on the program in taskbar, the app will flash up - but as soon as I click on the app, but then moves to the back behind other open apps. I then have to minimize all other apps to get to the app I want to use. I have tried uncheckingActivate Window by hovering over it with the mouse but it was already unchecked. I saw this thread

Taskbar bug: switching to another window -will not appear at the front
The issue was raised by mmdali and Christi in that thread, but I saw no resolution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:App Switching Not Working - Selected App Does Not Come to Front

Have similar problem. It there are multiple windows open and I click on the exposed area of a window behind the active window it usually will not bring the window behind to the front - same issue if I select from the task bar. It's actually quite unpredictable. It sometimes work if I try to bring a Chrome window or Word to the front, but does not seem to work if I try to bring File explorer to the front. I have to minimize other windows to get to the one I want

I cannot find a solution to this problem. There is another thread with a "Method 1" and "Method 2" that appears to have worked for at least one person, but neither is viable for me.

at my wits end

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I recently purchased a Dell XPS 8700.  I cannot get the front audio jacks to work at all.  Any suggestions?

Answer:Front Audio Jacks not working

Hi Jim,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Please open the Dell Audio by Realtek, under the main tab ensure there is no check mark on mute for the microphone, under advanced tab select restore defaults and restore. Check the jack information, if the microphone jack is highlighted when you connect. Also request you to please check if the microphone works on another device. If it still does not work please reinstall the Realtek audio drivers using this link (Select the OS and the version).

Please reply if you have any further questions.

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failure id for usb port 60920X-0008G4-WPTXOK-802HO3

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Hey, my headset was working fine in Windows XP but ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 it hasn't worked, I've tried pretty much every setting in the Realtek command center, updating drivers and so on but nothing seems to work, all I can record is static noise

Any chance someone can help me out here.

Answer:Mic not working in front or rear panel.

Any chance your using an ASUS board?

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The problem: I have an issue that occurs when I have a lot of windows open (12-20); when I click the taskbar to switch to an app that is open but not in the front, it sometimes will just disappear behind all other open windows. For example, if I have Chrome open and in the front and want to go to a Word document (or anything else either minimized or behind the front app), I would click on the program in taskbar, the app will flash up - but as soon as I click on the app, it then moves to the back behind other open apps. The same thing happens if I click on the App directly - it will not come to the front. I then have to minimize all other apps to get to the app I want to use. I have tried unchecking Activate Window by hovering over it with the mouse but it was already unchecked. I saw this thread

Taskbar bug: switching to another window -will not appear at the front

The issue was raised by mmdali and Christi in that thread (a long time ago), but I saw no resolution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the cable from the case plugged into the mother board, but I am getting now audio or my mic working. The back works, but I need it in the front. In audio options, everything is enabled, volume all the way up. PLz help, thanks. Spec is in my sig.

Answer:front audio/mic isnt working

Assuming you have Realtek and all cables are properly connected, click on the Realtek Sound Manager in the bottom right corner. Next click on the "Audio I/O" tab and then click on the wrench icon near "Analog Front Panel". Now disable "front panel jack detection".

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So the front panel headphone socket in my pc doesn't work. I tried re-soldering and even trying to aquire a new socket to attach to the pcb on the front panel but it seems they are not generic to the case/pcb i have etc.

So..... What i want to achieve is to have my speakers for gaming and my headphones for comms at the same time, i miss having quality for music i listen to.

To get round this initially i bought a usb pen sound card for my headphones but the quality is abhorrent. I have a pair of Seinheisser 360 headphones, so i guess i want to justify spending what i consider a resonable abount on the headphones to the quality i am getting.

What i'm looking at doing is buying a audigy/xonar sound card and having the speakers thru onboard and headphones thru soundcard because i guess from what i read you can't have both (speakers and headphones/mic) on one soundcard.

Is this a viable solution ? Will i get conflicts if i do this ? I don't really want to be splitting wires from my mobo connector and attaching sockets because my eyes are shot, or getting another case.

I guess why i am posting here is that maybe there is something fundemental i am missing, i'm not too clued up on how audio works on a pc, so any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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Can anybody help me find out why the front microphone slot wouldn't be working? I got a new monitor and this one doesn't have a built in mic so my friend gave me a headset, when I plug it in only the speakers work, the mic on it doesn't. I'm in a hurry atm so I can't put all the info, just tell me what info you need and I'll get it.

Answer:front microphone socket not working...

Does the rear mic plug work?

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I upgraded my Z620 to windows 10 and then did a fresh install and now both my front and back USB 3 ports do not work.  Everything else works great though. I cannot find drivers for the ti usb 3 for windows 10, just windows 7.  Please help.

Answer:HP Z620 USB 3 Front and Back not working after Win 10

Download that one for Windows 7 from the HP Z620 drivers site and install it as usual.  W10 thereafter may update it.  Worked for me.....

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the usb port on the front of my compac desktop does not work anymore

Answer:why has my front usb port stopped working?

Internal cable bad or off, Socket bad or out. USB header bad. Disabled ports in bios. Too much current in that section. Disabled in OS. maybe other reasons."The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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Hi, am having trouble getting the two front USB ports to work. I even swapped out a perfectly working front USB panel from another identical M91. But no luck so far. Both machines running identical Windows 10 without issue. Note that although the USB ports aren't working, the audio ports still work as they should. Any thoughts?

Answer:M91 USFF Front USB Ports not working

Hi Rob_C77,1. Power On / Restart your M91, and press F1 when you see the Power On Self Test (POST) screen.2. In the BIOS, go to Devices tab > USB Setup
3. Ensure that all USB ports are enabled.
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I have a msi pm8m2-v mother board. The front 2 usb ports don?t work. Originally the pc ran xp but now i have installed windows 7 64 bit on it (after I bought a new pc, thinking that I could not fix this msi pc- but I did). The bios is dated 28/7/2005 (up to date).
I did find a suggestion on the net to cut the usboc wire, which I did. Briefly this worked as could see a usb stick until the screen started wavering and the computer crashed. I then resoldered the usboc wire back in to the plug (jusb1) and the pc now works again, but still with the front usb ports not working.
The motherboard is in a generic case built by a local shop in 2005.
I have reset the bios a few times
I have tried jusb2 but to no avail
An old floppy disk drive is still attached. I did disconnect this to see if this might reduce the ?load? If this was an issue, but it made no difference.
I have tried driver boost but and it suggests a new via raid driver, but I?m not sure if it installs correctly as it keeps suggesting the same thing.
Has anyone got any ideas on how to get the front usb ports working?

Answer:msi motherboard front usb ports not working

I assume the rear USB ports are working ok?

Did the front USB work before you installed Win 7? If so, in Device Manager, expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers and right click on USB Root Hub. In the properties section of the menu you get, go to Power Management, and uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Do this for all Root Hubs shown. I'm given to understand this can sometimes correct USB issues that popped up after upgrading to Win 7.

If they were not working in XP either, you can try to install the chipset drivers from MSI for the board. Sometimes motherboards can be finicky when it comes to drivers . . . I've had issues like this with VIA chipsets, though not specifically the USB. The site does not list 7 under it's supported OS, but the drivers for Vista 64 bit should work fine.

I see you have already tried the other USB header. It's possible the case ports themselves might be defective. I've had that issue when dealing with cheaper cases.

Good luck - let us know how it's going.

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CPU and power light on front of computer don't come on at all, and 2 USB connections at front don't work - plug in USB stick, light on USB flashes for a while, then computer hangs.

Checked MB connections and they seem to be right (had a look at manual), although I'm no expert there.

Motherboard Name Sapphire Axion RS300
CPU Type Intel Celeron, 2600 MHz (26 x 100)

Any ideas appreciated. Merci d'avance


Answer:USB and lights not working on front of computer

You probably have a virus on your USB-stick-----some of the viruses corrupt the drivers for USB, HDisks. Take your USB to a new computer that has a good anti-virus system
NOD32 is very good plus have Super-Antispyware,.....other malware detectors installed and functional. When you plug in your USB---if it has malware the resident AV software should detect and isolate. For real safety reformat the USB.
For your PC-----do good scans by several malware systems---use GMER, HooKAnalyz, and some of the other rootkit detection software.
Download and install Wise Registry Cleaner, CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Advanced SystemCare-----Use these to clean and reclean registry for rootkit infections.

It can be very expensive to be infected----I lost more money that most people make in a lifetime this summer because of infections.

Good Luck


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So my front usb devices (there are two) have stopped functioning properly. On the front of my case there is a usb/audio panel (audio part is fine since its connected elsewhere), and a flash card reader which also has an extra usb port. Each device is connected to a seperate USB header on the motherboard (MSI-RS480 if it helps).

My flash card reader used to appear as 5 different drives in explorer, now they are missing. I first noticed the problem when i inserted a flash drive and got a "usb device has malfunctioned" pop up in XP

The ports will sometimes give me a device has malfunctioned error, and sometimes they do nothing at all. They still seem to be supplying power though, flash drives will light up, as will my optical mouse. All ports on the back of the computer and my pci card work perfectly.

So what I've done so far is uninstall all my "usb root hub" entries in device manager and reboot allowing windows to reinstall them, i got back where i started, all but the front ones work fine. I also dual boot vista, so I booted into vista and have the same problem, so that leads me to believe this is just a hardware problem. I disconnected and reconnected the two devices from the jusb headers on the motherboard and rebooted and again, back where I started. I've made no significant hardware changes or even opened the case recently to have caused this, so I'm rather puzzled.

Any Ideas what I should do?

Answer:Front usb ports have stopped working.

I think i've actually solved this one myself. I googled and found someone with a similar problem, and they suggested this...

Unplug all usb devices and uninstall all usb root hubs and controllers in device manager.

Shut down, then unplug power to the computer for a while

boot and allow windows to install all drivers.

So what i did... unplugged all devices and unplugged the two front panels from the usb headers on the motherboard.

shut down and unplugged power for an hour or so

Now since I've booted the card reader shows up, and all front usb ports work, the only hitch is that one of them(the one attached to the card reader) keeps saying its only 1.1. The other two ports on the front work fine though. Oh well i can deal with the one being 1.1 for now. Unless anyone has a suggestion?

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I have a Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 mobo and realtek HD Audio installed on my computer which is a Win 7 64-bit Home premium

prior to all this i had a major computer update i think it was close to 70MB or so, downloaded and installed it restarted computer, everything was working fine 2 days ago (12/14/2011)

I was trying to set up my ventrilo to play music directly through the sound card via winamp and a virtual audio cable, downloaded and installed everything and changed some of the settings within vent and winamp only. I did nothing to anything else on my computer, I decided that it was more trouble then it was worth and uninstalled the two programs, and thought no harm no foul, turned off my computer went to bed

Next day when i turned on my computer logged into vent, i couldn't hear anything, couldn't hear anything with my default music player also. Went through checked playback devices, and the Headset option was gone, the mic was still showing under recording devices, unplugged headphone, speakers started blarring music, plugged headphones back in message from RealTek Audio Manager says "a device has been plugged into your computer" went through the audio manager only see Device Output, speakers, Microphone, and digital input tabs but nothing with headphones.

read on a forum to uninstall audio drivers and reinstall them which i did with no luck, tryied restoring my computer to before the update and still nothing, and i have no clue what else i can do or check

any... Read more

Answer:front panel headphones not working

try right clik in empty area of playback devices and select show hidden or disabled....

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Hello, Last month I built my own computer. I am having a problem with my Front I/O audio jacks.

- Headset is Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD

- I have went into BIOS and enabled my Front I/O

- My front I/O is properly connected to my Motherboard

- My driver is Realtek HD R267 (Newest driver)

I have looked up this problem for quite some time but can't find a way to fix it. People have said to go into Realtek Audio HD Manager and click on the folder next to analog and untick disable front detection. I don't have this folder.

Any help is appreciated i'm 16, this is my first computer build myself. If you need anymore details just ask me below.

Thank you.

Answer:Front I/O Audio Jack not working.


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I have an on-board C-Media 9880 And I'm trying to get my mic working through the front panel. I've installed the Microsoft HD drivers and the latest C-Media driver.

In my C-Media 3D Audio Configuration the icons in the front panel are greyed out (see attachment). I can hear out of the headphones perfectly, but I can't hear any sound from my mic. I've confirmed that my mic is functional by plugging it into the Rear Panel and I can confirm that my front-panel jacks are both functional by playing sound through both.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:C-Media Front Panel not working

Ok... It just seems to have spontaneously jumped back to life. But I'd still like to know why those icons are greyed, I recently formatted my PC and before I did they weren;t.

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I've installed windows 8 yesterday and noted that front panel audio doesn't work (I use a headphone) connecting the headphone to back jack it's work but front not.

It's a Intel HDA, and using windows's default driver.

any needed information tell me, and sorry my bad english.

Answer:Audio Front Panel not working

Please fill in the "My System Specs". We have no idea what hardware you are using.

Also was this a complete new build? Or was it one that was working with an older OS and now does not work?

Usually, the Intel HDA is not the PC's audio, but for the HDMI. If you only have the generic Windows installed "HD Audio Codec", that could be one software problem, you need the proper sound driver.

More info is needed to try and help you.

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I built my computer November 1st 2007. Ever since then I haven't been able to get the front mic or audio ports to work. My front USB ports work fine though. I just recently started wanting to use them, so I didn't worry much about it until now.

I reinstalled all my audio drivers and chipset drivers, specifically the vista 64-bit ones (thats my OS) included on the motherboard disc. My rear audio works fine. Also, I'm 100% positive that the front audio cable is plugged into the motherboard correctly.

Whenever I plug something into the mic or audio port, it goes in fine, but my computer doesn't detect it.

Computer info:

XFX, Nvidia 650i Ultra motherboard.

Integrated Realtek audio.

Apevia X-Cruiser case (just in case it might be something wrong with the case)

I really appreciate any help!

Answer:Front Audio And Mic Ports Not Working

Before I look up your front panel connections and your mobo, let me ask you what speakers are you using? Does it have a separate (remote) volume control? Mine has jacks for both on the side

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I have a Microsoft Lumia 540 of two years was 8.1 and by the help of app I upgrade it to 10 . Everything was fine but from the last one month it's front camera not working! I don't know why this happened! Can you please help me regarding this matter?

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Hello everyone, hope this doesnt sound to much like a noob question but here goes. I have just had to reformat my pc because of some little darlings dumping some nasty little devils into it But have it all up and running now with no troubles except for this. The microphone jack in the front of my machine no longer seems to excist It worked before the reformat but not now. When i go to sound and recording properties it only shows the mic jack at the rear of my machine. Anyone got any ideas where i went wrong.

Oh its a Dell pc running vista home premium.

Answer:Front microphone jack not working

What is your sound card name? If it is Realtek on recent pc, try to change Front Panel Inputs > HD Audio to AC'97 on the bios settings.

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For some reason my audio and mic jack doesn't work at the front of the computer. I tried unplugging and replugging the F-Audio jack cable in my motherboard. I also have realtek "Disable front jack detection" checked off in the box. Any other advice to fix this? Thanks!

Edit: The audio jack does work, but I need to tweak my Mic cord but noise only comes from 1 ear. So must be a damaged audio jack im guessing.

Answer:Front Audio/Mic Jack not working.

Hi ad84555,

Do you have another Audio cable to test and see if its the cable/connection and not the Audio jack?

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I have the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty with the front panel and the headphone and mic jack aren't working. I had it installed before and it worked, then I had it installed for awhile because I didn't have any room, and now it's back in. I have everything hooked up and it is receiving power, but the head phones and mic are not working nor are they being detected. I have installed and uninstalled the drivers and I have the newest ones. I have Windows XP

I don't know what else to do, thanks for any help!

Answer:X-Fi Fatal1ty Front Panel not working

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Hi, I have a Lumia 640 from metropcs running wp8.1 update 2 out of the box. Suddenly, the default camera app, along with the Lumia camera app and selfie app and all others doesn't let me use the front camera. Whenever I switch from the main camera to the front it's just black and shows nothing. Tried numerous soft resets and even a couple hard resets and using the Lumia software recovery tool with no luck. I'm stuck with what to do. Main camera works perfect. Any advice anyone?

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Hey guys,
its rajkalyan here.
I have an Antec case (not sure of model, will find out)
and an ASUS A7V600 motherboard.
Using ASUS's guide for the USB ports in the front (the little pins had labels)
I put the pins in.
I can plug something in to charge, like an iPod, but I can't access the data on it.
Any help?


Answer:Antec Front US Ports not working...?

Double check the connectors and make sure they are correct.
The data lines are polarized.
+ needs to be connected to + and - to -.
Make sure the cable you are using is acually a data cable and
not just a charging cable.

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The audio jack on the back works, just the one on the front doesn't work.I googled to find a fix but i didn't find one that works for me.What i know right now is that the front's device is using avnex virtual audio device and the one I'm using (the back) is realtek high definition audio.I'm not pro at these stuff so sorry if you cant understand what I'm saying
help is appreciated
pic(s) if needed VVV

Answer:Front audio jack not working?

Hi taikor,
This may be stating the obvious but if you haven't tried this may work.
As per your screen shot click on the top speakers >set default should light, click on it> click OK > exit.
Hope that might help you

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Hi all a while back my sons pc would not start when he pushed the button it did start again after we took the front panel of and pushed and proded the button it has kept going up untill this morning. We have opened up the comp and there is a green light on the motherboard, from the m/b the front panel switch is connected by a ribbon cable and the start button is connected from this panel via 15 pin header and ribbon cable. Not being electricly minded is ther a way to start the comp by bypassing the button or is there away we can test there is power from the m/b to either the front panel or start button, sorry if its a bit garbled but as i said "Not being electricly minded " thanks in advance.Oh its a Dell 4550

Answer:Front panel switch not working need a get around!

All the Button does is short the two pins its connected to the Motherboard and windows starts the computer. It a push to make, as soon as you let go the button the above takes over. Very unlikely that the button is not working, to try change the reset button to start button pins as this does the same thing. Just to test to see if it is start button

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Hi there , Can anyone help , My toshiba c850 has a problem. there are 3 USB ports on the notebook , 2 on the front left ( 1 a USB3.0 ) and 1 on the back right.
The 2 on the fron t Lef are no longer working. Weh i plug in a Laser mouse on the back right i get the red power light on the mouse but i get no light when its plugged into the front 2 USB ports and it or nothing else will work here.

I have
removed and windows reinstaled all USB related hardware from Device Managerupdate the BIOS to version 6.80 the latest availableconfigured each USB Hub in devicemanager for to swich off the USB port to save power.

Is this a know issue , the note book is fine apart from this problem and I don't think its software or configuration , has anyone seen this before?

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My front Panel Audion isnt working and im confused as to why. Plz help! my headset works when I plug it into the back but not the front. This is a custom built PC.

Answer:Front panel audio not working

Hey Quentin. I would take it back to whoever built it and have them check to see if the wires from the panel plug is connected to the appropriate point on the motherboard.

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hi. i have recently had to wipe my computer and now the front audio jacks for the microphone and headset no longer work. this is driving me crazy cause my husband plays WOW and now he cant ventrillo chat with his guild.
not sure what stats to post, this is a gateway desktop running windows vista.
any help would be appreciated!! thanks in advance!!!

Answer:front audio jacks not working

Need the exact model number of the Gateway, please

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Hi, I have built a new computer with a speaker (green) jack and a mic (red) jack in the front of the pc. I have plugged the wire leading from the audio jack to the motherboard's HD AUDIO jack.

The computer's sound drivers are installed but only the rear sound jacks work. How can I get the audio jacks in the front to work?

Answer:Front Panel Audio Not Working

My case has audio/mic jacks on the top and they have 6~8 (I haven't hooked them up, I don't remember) wires. There should be more than 1...

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Hello again!

I own an ASRock AliveNF6P-VSTA MoBo which is placed in an Antec P150 case powered by a Seasonic S12 v. II 430w PSU. I'm using the onboard audio: Realtek HD Audio ALC662, controller version

My problem is that the headphones, when plugged in the front panel, won't work. They do work when plugged into the back panel, so I know the problem is not the headphones themselves.

In addition, the microphone, if plugged at the front, works as well, so I also know it's not a problem with the connection (I've got both front panel lines connected to the MoBo through the same pin).

I've checked the BIOS, and the front panel is "enabled", and I've also tried playing around with the Realtek settings (using the software supplied with the MoBO), to no avail.

Any ideas as to what I could try to do?

Answer:front panel audio not working

Ok, never mind readup a bit more and found a solution: disable the detection of the front panel female conector.

not sure why that worked... but it did!

my problem is now another one, actually, but I'm not sure this is the appropriate forum to address it: I now hear simultaneously from both speakers and headphones. I would like the speakers to go silent when the headphones are plugged in... and turning them off is not a option, because they're integrated in the monitor.

I can, of course, disable them through the audio manager when I want to use the headphones, but I wonder whethere there isn't an option for this to be done automatically when the headphones are plugged in?

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So I took off VIsta and put XP SP2 on my Y510 with no major glitches except for this.What I am calling the "Front" speakers, located closer to the screen, do not work.  The 2 side speakers andsub speaker on the bottom do work.  The odd thing is that the side speakers and sub are controlled by the"Front" slider in the Reatek HD Audio control panel, while the "Side" slider does nothing.I installed the two audio drivers from the site, making sure to get the ones forXP.  These are driver 1: L5AUD08US24, and driver 2:  L5AUD09US24.  The sound was working so I thought everything was good, but now I realize the front speakers are notworking.  4 speaker mode is selected in the Reatek HD Audio control panel, and I have tried with the Dolbyon or off with no difference.In researching this, I found out you are first supposed to install the "KB88811 UAA Bus Driver".I don't remember installing that (about 4 months ago) but it shows up in the Add/Remove programs list, so itapparently IS installed.  Did one of the Lenovo audio drivers already install that?I'm thinking I should just uninstall all three items, restart, and reinstall in the proper order.  I wantedto ask here if anyone else has experienced this prolem first, or had any suggestions.By the way Mark_Lenovo, if you see this, I'm in Durham. Could I bring it over to you for you to fix it? 

Answer:Front speakers not working on Y510! OS is XP SP2

I've reinstalled the Realtek Drivers and there is no change.  I didn't reinstall the KB888111, it's an installed Windows hotfix and I doubt it's the culprit.>>>>>> Could anyone that has the Y510 with XP do me a simple favor? <<<<Please test your audio in the Realtek control panel. (double click the orange speaker icon in the system tray)Select the Mixer tab.Launch an audio player, winamp or anything, let a song play.While the music is playing change the levels of both the Front and Side sliders in the playback section.Bring up only one at a time.Please tell me what you observe.If it is working correctly, I would be interested to know what the settings are under the "Audio I/O" tab.

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Hi folks, need help getting the front USB ports working on my TIO24D monitor. The M700 computer is installed in the back, monitor drivers installed but when I insert a USB drive into one of the front ports on the monitor, the LED in the flash drive lights up, then goes stays dark. There's an 'Unknow Device' in Device Manager..but I cannot locate the right driver for it (Lenovo support site or CD)! I called Lenovo Support and they were absolutly NO HELP. I hope someone on this forum can guide me to a solution, it's driving me nuts! Thanks,

device manager.PNG ?64 KB

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Sorry, sure this must have been talked about before. Have been reading various sites, which all talk about unconnected USBs. I have been using the front ports on this machine for several years. Last week, they simply stopped working. There are only 2 -frail- USB ports at back of machine,they are working. At the moment......What can I do, if anything, to resucitate these front ports?Otherwise, I am thinking of sacrificing one of the back USB ports to add a hub, but this would need to have a very long cable to reach right round the desktop and sit on the floor or the computer table. Anyone have some good ideas for someone who used to undersand computers....(Sigh)

Answer:Front USB port stopped working

Right-click on My Computer, then click on Properties>Hardware>Device Manager and then Uninstall ALL USB Ports. Re-start computer and Windows will reinstall the USB Ports. Then try front ports again.

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The Bios has already set up HD on Audio
I put in the Front Panel on the right slot
Also the Cd with the drivers are installed

Help please? Thanks!
Only the Front Panel Audio Is not working
Motherboard is Z87-A
Antec Case
NZXT Phantom 410

Answer:Front Panel on both builds not working

Most cases come with audio connectors for HD Audio and AC97. The HD Audio connector should be used, but since you are having problems, use the AC97 and see if makes any difference.

As you have two cases doing the same thing, is this with the same motherboard or different motherboards?

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ok im doing some school project where we have to make a online portfolio but
the buttons wont load when i go to the website and they dissapear when you roll over them

Answer:front page buttons not working

Much more info is needed from you. Did you create the website? How? What are the buttons for?

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So I opened up the computer to see if the small pins were plugged in. They weren't so you'd think just plugging them will make them work, well I assumed wrong.

I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. The place I plugged in the 7 pins (mic power, mic in, r out, r in, l in, l out, ground) was behind the Audio plug ins on my motherboard.

I'm no tech or anything but it's not really hard to figure out where things go where. But I just can't seem to figure out why the forn panel isn't working.

After looking at where the 'power' button and where my front usb panels are plugged in I picked up the names from there. For instance it would say "Front Panel" on the motherboard and everything would be connected there. However there weren't enough pins for my front mic and audio. So I just assumed it would be put in those pins other pins located just behind the Audio. It did say "F Audio".

I know I shouldn't be messing around with this stuff but I'm not going to waste money on something small like this. Figured I'd ask how I can go about doing this. So how can I get my front panel Microphone and Audio working?

Answer:Front Panel Audio/Mic not working.

You really should find the schematics for your motherboard, there usually avialable from the mobo makers websites. Or you can do what I did as I just searched google images for my mobo as sometimes it is an easier way to get hold of them quicker. Plus you may even find an image of a mobo alreadly connected and you can see how it was done.

Schematics though should show you were and what way the cables should connect.

Good Luck though

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Just purchased this desktop ~1 week ago and tried to plug a device into the USB ports on the front of the tower.....nothing. Plugged the device into the back of the tower and it works like a charm. Any ideas why the front USBs seem dead??


Go to Solution.

Answer:K450 Front USB ports not working

Dear Customer
Welcome in lenovo community
Please check the device manager if there is unknow device not installed , let us know

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Hi Everyone!!!!

ok, i just build my Lan Party Computer

and i have a Boot, but i cant boot it off of the cases front |/O port

the way im starting it right now is by a Power on switch that one the MOBO

why isnt my front port working? is there a bad coneection or somthing? how can i fix it


Answer:Is my Cases front Port no Working???

o srry guys i got it, it wasnt pluged into the front i had to take off the revers side panel to see it

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The front panel audio doesn't work but the rear does. I DO NOT have the "disable front panel jack detection" option under the "audio i/o" tab. I've had this problem before and don't remember the solution I found. I thought it was to disable the equilizer under the "Sound Effects tab" but that didn't work this time. Everything is on the board properly and nothing is muted. This is a new build. System Specs:
RAM: 2GB ddr2 800
CPU: AMD 5200+ 2.7GHz Dual Core Processor
HD: 320 7200RPM WD HD
PSU: Cooler Master 550W
OS: Win XP Home SP3
Optical Drive: 20x LS DVD/RW

Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?

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Ok, i have an Alienware x51 and the front headphone audio jack has stopped working. I will admit that i tried messing around with the settings on my computer to solve an issue with sound in a game but, this made it worse. 
When i plug in my headphones and do an audio test with Realtek i can hear the sound but it is so low that i have to make the whole room silent to hear it. This also happens with my speakers too and any other device.
If it is a problem with the audio jack and not something to do with settings can i follow up on my warranty? Or does this not come under it? 
I really need help because i am now forced to use the normal sound coming out of my monitor and it is very bad quality. Any help will be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!  

Answer:Front audio jack not working!

Same issue and one of very many issues I have had. I can say with confidence I will not purchase another Alienware system.

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Hi there. I recently bought a barebones kit from Tigerdirect. It has usb 3.0 support, and the case I have is a cougar mid-tower case. Everything has been hooked up correctly as far as I know, and yet one of the usb ports on the front of my case does not work.

The connector that went into the motherboard from the front of the case, it yielded to both the usb 3.0 port, and the standard 2.0 port as well. So only one cable was plugged into the motherboard that I assumes powers both of them.

My usb 3.0 works (though I don't get full use out of it because I don't own any 3.0 devices to make it useful) but the standard 2.0 port does nothing at all. Doesn't even give power. I've tried plugging a phone into it, a flash drive, a plug n play device. Nothing. Does anyone know why the 3.0 port would be working and not the standard one?

I should also add that all the usb ports on the back of my case work fine too. It's just this one single port on the front of the case and I can't figure it out for the life of me...

Answer:USB ports on front case. 1 not working

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I have a fractal R5 case. On the front (top) panel there are two USB 2.0 ports and two usb 3.0 ports. One of the 3.0 ports does not work. When I plug in my portable HDD, I hear the disc spinning but the disc is not accessible. All of the three other ports work just fine. Any advice? Thanks.

Answer:1 of my 4 front panel USB ports not working

It seems strange that one port in a bank doesn't work, unless its been damaged, possibly by force.
It also seems strange that you can hear the HDD spinning, which should indicate that their is power to the port.
How did you test the ports to found out that three out of four were working okay?.

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(windows 7 ultimate)
There is some loose contact problem with my rear audio jack. So, i want to use my front audio jack. How can i make it start working?
I cannot also find Realtek HD sound effects manager in the control panel.

Answer:Front audio jack not working

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HELP! I have installed a new front panel to my pc as one of the usbs had broken the external device was knocked and had twisted the usb internally. Sooo, i decided to buy a new 20pin / USB 3.0 cable to replace the old one.After plugging in the 20pin connector to the MB, it dosnt seem to work. And says all of my drivers are upto date.There is power being sent via the new cable as my external HDDs light is on. But as you can see from the photos there is a problem with the device. I have tryed alot of the fixes online but with no resulsts. The Old usb cable will still work fine when plugged back into the MB, well the one port thats not bent.Also i cant uninstall my Intel usb3.0 driver nor my root hub to reset the controller. It just go's on and on with no result.I have ran the Microst usb tool and this has come back with ( USB controller has failed or not installed )  Any help would be great.  

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I have in the last 6 months bought a new PC that came with vista, ever since I have owned it the front audio jacks have not worked in the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" it doesn't even show as something is plugged in.

I have become very annoyed at this as time goes on as I notice how useful it is so today I just decided that I will try it in Ubuntu and the front audio jacks work perfectly I can get sound out of the headphone jack and can record with the microphone jack!

Darn you vista!

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Answer:Front Audio Jack not working

It is NOT a Vista issue, call the OEM and have them help you fix it.

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winXP SP2, ASRock P4i65G motherboard.Have wired up the Front usb Ports from the case to motherboard header 67. A USB Mouse will work fine and detect no problem from the front USB ports but put on a Memory USB 2.0 memory stick and it comes up with maulfucntion error please re-connect your device.Any suggestions would be great. Can I ask is there are difference in the usb ports on front panel cases do they all support USB 2.0 ? as the case is a Antler PC-146 Model No.

Answer:Front USB Ports not working with USB 2 devices

Hi Dusty,you may have solved an old issue i have with this mobo thankyou.Check your Bios,that usb 2.0 is enabled.Have you also checked device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks under universal serial bus controllers ?You could try uninstalling everything under the usb headings and reboot,this will allow xp to reinstall the generic drivers.

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