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Routers & 'jumbo frame'

Question: Routers & 'jumbo frame'

If one has a NIC with 'jumbo frame' capability, how important is it to pick a router having this capability on its gigabit WAN? I've no interest in LAN, as I will never have more than one PC, so this question is entirely focused on gigabit WAN and jumbo frames. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Routers & 'jumbo frame'

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Routers & 'jumbo frame'

More than likely you would not be able to see a difference in Jumbo frames on a local LAN/WAN vs. standard packet encapsulation. Unless you are moving a crazy amount of data back & forth between a fileserver, NAS device, your PC & the WAN connection. However, to utilize a jumbo frame encapsulation you would need a router or a switch that supports it.

Here is a few links to learn more about Jumbo Frames & Packet Encapsulation:

Hope this helps!!

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Ok, so I'm finally looking into replacing/consolidating my current network setup (cable modem > bb router > 100mb switch > comps/wap) and need a little advice. If possible, I really wanted to purchase one device to handle all/most of these tasks. The device that looks like it is coming the closest to what I am looking for is the D-Link DGL-4300. The one thing that is keeping me from getting this right now, is that it does not support jumbo frames. See here and here for more info. Now the Asus router in the second reference link there would be a decent wireless-less alternative, but the review makes a point to say that the routing options and interface are outdated, barren, and unfriendly, whereas the routing features on the 4300 are fairly highly regarded.

Question is, then, does anyone know of a gigabit broadband router (wireless pref., but not req'd.) with good routing features and support for jumbo frames? Price range for consideration probably needs to stay under $200.



Answer:Gigabit broadband routers with Jumbo Frame support?

<$200 for a gigabit router w/ jumbo frames support? Hard. Gigabit switch with jumbo frames + ipcop box w/ Intel PRO1000s under $200? Easier.

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Question: jumbo frame woes

Tried some different NICs over the same switch to get jumbo frames running between the boxes. Guess I need to try a different switch. The switch and NICs are all 9k capable. If it ends up not working with a new switch I guess I'll blame the OS?

Answer:jumbo frame woes

Try a direct wire first before you try a new switch.

Switch support can be confusing, with different revisions in the same model supporting and not supporting jumbo frames. Which switch and revision are you trying?

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Have a small home network with 10 computers, most on GB ethernet, a couple laptops on G wireless. Netgear GS748T switch. Question is this - can I enable Jumbo Frames between 2 of my computers that I do the heaviest file transfers between, without enabling it on the others? Also, will those other CPU's no longer be able to communicate with the 2 CPU's that have the Jumbo Frames enabled? Just curious if anyone has messed with this and found any speed improvements for large (e.g., video) file transfers. Thanks.

Answer:Jumbo Frame Question

Yes you can, but you need to do a bunch of reading. Not simple enough to post here.

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Looking at boosting our NAS/SAN appliance's performance. Have a 48 Port Cisco Gig Blade in a 6509. I know how to turn Jumbo frames on at the CatOS level, but (stupid question), do I need to do something on the NIC side to force jumbo frames, or do most of the new Gig NIC's auto-negotiate that parameter? Just wondering if I need to do any server side setting changes.

Thanks gang.

Answer:Jumbo Frame Useage in Enterprise


You need to enable the jumbo frames on the NIC side. By default its set to 1518 bytes.

Did the same for our NAS/SAN.

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I have a ZFS NAS that can pump 300MB/s+.

I wonder if Jumbo frame could help getting the max of my hardware, and improve NFS Datastore for my ESX.

My switch supports Jumbo frame, and I know how to enable it on host, however, not all device on my network can work with jumbo frames. Such as my sqeezebox, PS3, Samsung smart tv, and of course my cable modem use a MTU of 1500.

So I am going for more trouble than it's worth? What will happen if a Jumbo frame enable device talks to a regular one?

Does it make sense to enable it for 2 hosts that only talks to each other then? (Such as ESX to it's NFS datastore?


Answer:How to properly do Jumbo frame, is it worth it?

Internet Protocol subnetworks require that all hosts in a subnet have an identical MTU. As a result, interfaces using the standard frame size and interfaces using the jumbo frame size should not be in the same subnet.Click to expand...
Bandwidth savings from going to jumbo is under 10Mbps best case, so you'll maybe notice a 1MB/sec throughput improvement. You're never going to see 300MB/sec over the network since the only way to get over ~125MB/s is aggregation but most protocols don't support spreading a single data stream over multiple links so you'd only see speed benefit if you were doing multiple transfers but as soon as you start reading more than one file and your HDs start seeking your throughput tanks.

So no, not even remotely worth it.

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I'm trying to achieve the near 100MB/sec performance with my NAS but cannot seem to get past 15MB/sec with 25MB/sec bursts on my gigabit LAN.  Do I need to enable jumbo frames for this to work?  If so, is the Intel 82566 gigabit NIC even capable of jumbo frames or is this an OS dependent issue?  In addition, does my switch also need to have jumbo frame support or is it built into gigabit? And lastly, how would this adversely affect my 802.11n clients connecting to my server - are jumbo frames something 802.11n clients capable of?

T61_Wide | Model No. 7662 - CTOCore 2 Duo T7250 | 2GB OCZ DDR2-80082566MM Gigabit | 4965AGN Centrino Pro

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I would like to know if i can have the next thing:

I have 2 pcs and a router, but would like to put a smc jumbo frame support switch 8 ports between the PCs and connect the switch to the router.

I know that a jumbo frame means a large packet but would like to know if i can still connect with the router without any problem!

Is there any problem in connecting a jumbo frame switch and a router???

Also, i would need 2 network cards with jumbo frames, sure???
Thanks a lot!

Answer:Jumbo frame switch - router question

Yes you can connect the switch just fine. It will/should auto-detect the peers capable of jumbo frames and use the feature on those ports.

Jumbo frames are a feature of gigabit ethernet so if you have 1000Mbit NICs then you probably already have jumbo frame support - just enable it in the driver properties. Your switch will work just fine with any other ethernet card with no problems too so there is no need to go out and buy anything.

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I just had a wasted afternoon trying to install a TP-Link TG-3468 (Realtek 8168E) NIC on my W10 x64 system on a Dell Precision 690. Basically the whole thing either froze of bombed out with a WHEA Uncorrectable Error BSOD (even when trying to boot in Safe mode) during boot, so no opportunity to load any drivers that actually worked (if there even are any) . I had two of these cards, both behaved the same.

So can anyone suggest a reasonably priced PCI-e Gigabit NIC that'll actually work on W10 x64 and that has Jumbo Frame support (MTU 7000 at least).

(hoping that this isn't a problem with the PCI-e support in the Dell Precision 690).

Thanks, Dave

Answer:Reliable GBit NIC with Jumbo frame support Windows 10

Why do you need that MTU as most routers use 1500

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I am very interested in the ideacentre q180.Please advise if the Ideacentre Q180 wired network support jumbo frame? Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Ideacentre Q180 - Jumbo Frame support (network)?

Finally get the machine on hand, and now, I can answer my own question above, the answer is "Yes". Q180 using Realtek ATL8111e Gigabit ethernet controller which support 9k jumbo frame. 

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Precision M6500 laptop on Win8 x64. I have the Broadcom Driver from their site for my 5761E chipset. Under the NIC device in Device Manager, under Advanced, there is no option for enabling Jumbo Packets/Frames or setting the MTU (packet) size. Any other way to enable this? I would find it hard to believe this chipset doesn't support it.

I can get 70+ MB/s upload speeds to other PCs, but not to my Netgear ReadyNAS. However, another PC on my network gets at least 60 MB/s to this same ReadyNAS, but it didn't until I enabled Jumbo Frames. The NAS has a setting for it, and my switch does support it. If I turn off Jumbo on the other PC, I only get about 12-15 MB/s which is what I am seeing from this 5761E right now.

I also tried the Microsoft driver, and while there are more options on the advanced tab, I don't see the Jumbo Frames option.

Any ideas would be great.

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Whats the most practical way to do this? I'd like to pick up a 16 port GigE switch that supports Jumbo frames like the Dell 2716. But I still have many 100 Mbps devices that I need to connect as well.

I suppose one way is to take a Windows XP box with two nics, one GigE with JF on and one on the 100Mbps half and bridge them.

Is there a better way? Something more practical?

Answer:Best way to bridge jumbo frame GigE network with regular network?

From what I've read, a router can fragment any jumbo packet that is destined for a normal 1500-mtu host. So, create a VLAN for your jumbo-using servers, and you should be good.

If you are thinking of using a Windows XP machine to do this, then I'd wager that you don't have a router that supports VLANs, but the Windows box should be able to do it if you set it up properly.

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I'd like to try using Jumbo Frames on my Gigabit Network, but I'm really confused about some stuff.

Most documentation for a devices Jumbo Frames setting says something like "Set to the same value as the other devices on your network"

Well, that's the issue. NONE of them support the same frame sizes!

My DGL-4300 Router is gigabit, but doesn't support Jumbo Frames, so any device I wanted to use Jumbo Frames with I was going to run off the switch only.

The Switch is a DLink DGS-2205, which supports Jumbo Frames "up to 9600"

My Intel/Pro 1000 MT Adapters support Jumbo Frame Sizes of "4088, 9014 and 16128"

My QNAP TS-201 NAS supports Jumbo Frames of "4074 and 7418"

My QNAP TS-209 Pro NAS supports Jumbo Frames of "4074, 7418 and 9000"

WTH am I supposed to make of all that when everyone says "use the same size on all your networ devices" ?

Answer:Jumbo Frames = Jumbo Headache!

I set them to the max supported by each device, up to around 9000. TCP MSS exchange will take care of communicating the maximum supported MSS, and then TCP will only use the maximum size supported by each side of the communication.

If anything tries to send large frames via a non-TCP protocol, e.g. UDP, this scheme might fail, which is why the general advice is that everything should be set to the same max size. But if that happens it probably won't be subtle, and you can just turn off jumbo frames at the NIC level to fix the problem at that time.

Some devices happen to work better with a frame size around 4k, so another alternative is to use that as the target -- use whatever's available around 4000.

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Can I do frame by frame in Media Player Classic?

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This is really stupid, I just want to watch an animation video file to see how they did it, movement wise and it's in Divx format but Quicktime claims it doesn't have the Divx codec (I'm on Windows XP and all the other programs work correctly with Divx) Is there, either a way of installing Divx for Quicktime or another program which will allow me to watch an animation frame by frame without putting it into an editior like After effects. I mean I thought Media Player would have had this build into it, it's not like cutting edge tech. or something.

Thanks in advance for all help.

Answer:Frame by Frame video program like Quicktime

Windows Media Player is not the thing to expect features from. Pretty much every decent video player supports frame by frame. Try BSPlayer or Micro DVD player or Virtual Dub for example. You may not be able to watch the movie frame by frame even with a more advanced player and you will need a video editor. I think it's the encoding style of some codecs.

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I would go onto my computer and after a few seconds everything would freeze. I couldn't close the program I was in or open a new one. Having tried numerous times I decided to reinstall XP from the company CD given to me by the company I bought the computer from. I did this. The computer is now exceptionally slow and the screen seems to scroll downwards in slow motion, as if frame by frame. On restarting the computer this happens and the dark screen gradually becomes lighter and eventually becomes light blue. I am told I might have be a problem in Device Manager, but I haven't a clue to be honest. The mouse indicator moves about - not too badly, but everything is so slow. This is the same in Safe Mode. Please help.

Answer:Reinstalled Xp Very Slow Moves Frame By Frame

Did you also reinstall all of your device drivers? Find your machine make and model on the web and download all the drivers. Then install them.

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Hi, I have Vista and my version of Windows Media Player will not allow me to view my .wmv files frame by frame which I really need to know. Can anybody suggest a media player that will enable this facility?

thank you for any ideas

Answer:Media player that will let me view frame by frame?


Use the button that I have circled in my screenshot (click on thumbnail at base of post) to slow the playback down.


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I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a movie player that plays FLV movies that has the ability to pause frame by frame. if I want to pause, I would to advance to the next frames, without having to hit pause really fast.
anyone know?
figured Software was the place to ask, since I'm looking for a program to download?

Answer:FLV player that can pause frame by frame?

I think kmplayer has lost something in the last couple of years but I am most familiar with it. (I see it has finally gone to version 3.0 so I am going to check out the lastest to see if they have smoothed things out. It has been getting heavier anf heavier on resources.) It will go frame by frame. Push pause/space and then each tap of "f" will advance one frame.

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I keep getting this error on my computer at work. IT has ignored my request for help for over a year. If this isn't something that you can help me with it's OK. but if this is something that I can fix myself, I'd like to go ahead and troubleshoot the problem.We are running Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 3. I've a Dell Optiplex 755.

Answer:**SELECTION-LIST fld-Shortcut-List does not fit in parent FRAME FRAME-Shortcuts. (649


Do you have any desktop widgets installed?

See this first:
EDITOR widget does not fill in parent frame

May not be related... But its a starting point.

To change your display settings follow the following link:
Microsoft Corporation

Let us know how you get on.

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Question: Jumbo Frames

Are they appropriate for every situation? Are there situations where Jumbo Frames would cause more harm than good? For Example, in a streaming media environment?

Answer:Jumbo Frames

Unless every device on the network segment supports them, chances are it's going to do more harm than good.

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I am in need of some [H]ard networking knowledge. To ask my questions, it is easier to show my network topography:

My side of the network is 2 PC's, a laptop, a PS3, and a Wii. In the near future, I plan to revamp my home network; replacing the XP Server with a WHS box, moving all my data to WHS, and upgrading my computer and the switch to Gigabit. As you can see, I plan to have a mixed network of Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, and Jumbo Frame Gigabit devices.

I keep hearing that Jumbo Frames makes gigabit file transfers even sweeter, but I have several questions which my research can't clearly answer.

If I get a Jumbo Frame (JF) switch, can devices that are regular GigE coexist with JF-enabled devices? I heard that Megabit devices might not play nice on a JF GigE switch, but what if one port is used as an uplink to my router; will its packets get dropped?

Will this mixed network work, or do I have to divide things up into a three, distinct regions (which would suck)?


Answer:Need help with Jumbo Frames

Basically you need to get a switch and netwrok cards that support jumbo frames. From there you would need to configure them for the appropriate jumbo packet size. Keep in mind that all devices involved with the packet transfer must support jumbo frames or the transfer will be knocked down to regular gigabit speeds.

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Question: Jumbo frames ?

Will enabling jumbo frames mess with things that are not jumbo frame enabled?

Answer:Jumbo frames ?

I don't know of any problems except a performance penalty... I'm not sure if it's very noticeable though.

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I have a D975XBX with an Intel Pro/1000 PL LAN using a 82573E/82573L controller. That's the easy part.

I have spent the better part of the last hour trying to find out if I can support Jumbo Frames (since my NAS apparently loves them). According to Intel, the 82573E/82573L controllers do not support Jumbos. However, my LAN is a Pro/1000 PL, which apparently does. Also, Intel says that the D975XBX supports Jumbo Frames in the documentation.

I'm running Vista Ultimate 32 and have installed all of the latest drivers and under the 'Advanced' tab of my adapter, there is no option for Jumbos.

So. Do I or don't I? Any other Bad Axe owners with Jumbo Frames?

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Does the DIR-655 support Jumbo Frames? I found some stuff on it that the DIR-655 uses the same switch as another dlink switch that supports Jumbo Frames and the switch automatically detects the Jumbo Frames? is this legit?

Answer:DIR-655 Jumbo frames?

I've used them with mine before with success so yeah, they do.

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I've been doing some reading on the possibility of enabling Jumbo Frames could increase latency and was wondering is that the case if all nic cards along with the switch are configured for jumbo frames of 9KB MTU?


This is the case. If you are doing something on your local network where everything has jumbo frames enabled then everything will be fine and latency will not be affected, however when you go to the outside world your gateway has to take your 9k packet and break it into 1.5k packets to be sent to the internet. Jumbo frames are really only good in cases where you have a dedicated iSCSI or NFS network and your host and targets are set for jumbo frames for max transfer but the rest of your network is set to 1.5k.

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I am an IT guy, so security is constantly on my mind -- I would like feed back as well some input and opinions into this injustice done by major manufacturers. This is the fact that major manufacturers of Consumer Routers (Mostly) are building in "Default" back doors to these devices that are not documented in their manuals. The fact that they (Companies) have built in users like "User", "Admin", "Mso", "Moxi", and "Root" Not only do they have built in [users] but they also have multiple inputs to those [users] ie. "User" / administrator "User" / Michael. Most of us are aware that the "User" is there and can be changed as well as [user] ie. "Admin" / admin "Admin" / Password ==> But I recently found a vendor with the hidden user named "Root" with default "password" and also the user "Moxi" (which is a multimedia acronym) with the default password "Blank". These type of back that are not documented and pose a threat to our home routers via government or hackers and I personally think that they should stop. I did not list the names of the five most popular brands on purpose. I don't think this forum would like it much, so I left the names out. ALL are guilty of creating this type of back door with users. I learned of this when my ISP called and said I downloaded some type of illegal music. Which turned out to be... Read more

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I am an IT guy, so security is constantly on my mind -- I would like feed back as well some input and opinions into this injustice done by major manufacturers. This is the fact that major manufacturers of Consumer Routers (Mostly) are building in "Default" back doors to these devices that are not documented in their manuals. The fact that they (Companies) have built in users like "User", "Admin", "Mso", "Moxi", and "Root" Not only do they have built in [users] but they also have multiple inputs to those [users] ie. "User" / administrator "User" / Michael. Most of us are aware that the "User" is there and can be changed as well as [user] ie. "Admin" / admin "Admin" / Password ==> But I recently found a vendor with the hidden user named "Root" with default "password" and also the user "Moxi" (which is a multimedia acronym) with the default password "Blank". These type of back that are not documented and pose a threat to our home routers via government or hackers and I personally think that they should stop. I did not list the names of the five most popular brands on purpose. I don't think this forum would like it much, so I left the names out. ALL are guilty of creating this type of back door with users. I learned of this when my ISP called and said I downloaded some type of illegal music. Which turned out to be... Read more

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1 modem
1 Belkin N600 router
1 Linksys E1200 router running DD-WRT

Currently, Belkin router is connected to modem. Belkin's ip is
Linksys router's IP is and its WAN port is connected to Belkin's LAN port.. internet is working fine however my PC can only access the GUi of the Belkin router since it is conected to the LAN port of the Belkin Router. I also want my PC to access the Linksys GUI without having to plug my PC's cable to the linksys..

How do i go about doing this?

Thanks a lot

Answer:Solved: 1 modem and 2 routers conedtion access both routers GUI

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I've been trying to figure out why my transfer speeds are so slow between my desktop and HTPC (both running vista, x64 & x86 respectively) and am trying to figure out how to enable jumbo frames on my GS724T v1. I've been through the manual and it references an Advanced menu under the Switch section that does not exist (even in the screenshots in the manual).

Anyone out there with this switch that can shed some light onto this?

Answer:GS724T & jumbo frames

shows jumbo frame support only for v2.

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It is disappointing such little info on gigabit Ethernet jumbo frames exists on the internet. All I can find is spec stuff, and implementing it in a large enterprise environment. Basically I have issues with just using it in a soho environment.

I have NICs capable of jumbo frames and a SMC switch capable of jumbo frames. I am able to turn it on with the NICs but it causes the network connection to become unstable and it disconnects a lot. I have it tied into a standard 10/100 switch via a crossover cable. To use jumbo frames does every device on the network have to be compatible or will it auto sense? Do I have to configure things locally more than just enabling jumbo frames on the NIC settings?

Anything you might know about this would be helpful in trouble shooting my issues.

Answer:Tell Me All You Know About Gigabit Jumbo Frames

Everything needs to be jumbo frame capable. The 10/100 device is causing the problems in this case. It's recommended to use a layer 3 switch to switch between 10/100/1000NJ(non-jumbo) and 1000 jumbo.

One cheap way to get around the problem is to use a machine as a router, put a jumbo capable gbit nic card in it, hook it to the smc. Put another 100MBit card in there, and hook it to the other switch. The machine would then take care of breaking the jumbo packets apart for the 10/100 devices.

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Anybody else having issues with this combination? I haven't been able to access Tinypic for a while now. I did some googling and the problem is supposedly related to having Jumbo Frames enabled. Sure enough, if I disable them, I can suddenly resolve Tinypic links. Is there a logical explanation for this? I haven't had issues with any other websites.

Answer:Jumbo Frames and Tinypic

Must have something to do with fragmentation. Jumbo Frames are for large file transfers in the LAN.

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Hello everyone,

First time poster, long time reader.

I've been meaning to switch into a Giganetwork and I'm currently trying to plan ahead as to how my topology should look like and would like some input.

As far as cabling is concerned, I will be using CAT 6 cables (since they aren't really more expensive than CAT 5e anyways) and all NIC's and devices will be Giga capabale with support for Jumbo Frames (MRU/MTU 9000) - so I've already got that covered.

The connection to my ISP (Internet) will be a fiber 100/100 full duplex.

What I am trying to figure out is wether or not I will need two (either physical or through VLAN) networks or if I can incorporate full giga w. jumbo frame support without having to go that route. My two current thoughts on topology:

1. ISP 100/100 Full Duplex Fiber (1500 MTU) ---> Dedicated Smoothwall computer with dual NIC's (One of which is Giga w. Jumbo Frame support set at 9000 towards the switch and the other a normal 10/100 towards the Internet set at 1500) ---> Giga-Switch w. Jumbo Frame support (SMC most likely) ---> Clients with Giga NIC's w. Jumbo support set at 9000.

2. ISP 100/100 Full Duplex Fiber (1500 MTU) ---> Layer 3 device (Router with Giga ports or Giga Layer 3 switch - if any can be had for a reasonable amount of money) ---> Clients with Giga NIC's w. Jumbo support set at 9000.

The question I am asking is twofold;

Will any of the two above mentioned topol... Read more

Answer:Jumbo Frames, Giganetwork, MTU/MRU's.

well what layer2 protocol is your inet comin in on?

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I'm just fiddling about with the MTU size but my NIC's (in seperate machines) show:-

Realtek NIC

Jumbo frames

NVidia NIC

Jumbo frames
1500 bytes
2500 bytes
4000 bytes
9000 bytes

I'm not familiar with the notation on the Realtek NIC, what does a 3KB MTU equate to in old money, 1500 bytes?


Answer:Jumbo Frames and NIC's : Settings

Here's an online converter to help you

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I want to get new switches for my home network which are all running 10/100 ancient switches. All my equipment already support jumbo frames EXCEPT the switches, so they are the weakest link.

The question that I have is that in some of my NIC settings, there are settings that say 9013 bytes, and in others that say 9000 bytes. If I enable jumbo frames on a NIC that says 9013 bytes but the switch's specs say 9000 bytes, will it still work, or will it drop the packets?


Answer:Question about jumbo frames

it will work, but the packet will be fragmented causing a decrease in performance.
So, instead of sending out a single 9013 byte packet, it will get broken up into 2 packets.

at least, that's how I understand it.
But I could be wrong since I'm not a real networking guru

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Hello everyone,
I am a newbie on this site in need of help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer Dell Dimension 5150, xp home edition, around 5 years old, (intel pentium 4, cpu 3.20GHz, 512mb ram) has suddenly started to develop a loud noise, with the fan cutting in.

It comes up more when play games on facebook, it sounds like a jumbo at full speed.

I have totally had the tower apart and cleaned out all dust, everywhere, including the hard drive.

Its driving me nutty, any ideas would be great,

I am thinking along lines of new graphics card (running Radexon X300se 128mb) but dont know much else,


Answer:Noisy Fan - sounds like a jumbo

If you stop any of the fans, will the sounds stop? Just use your hand and gently push in the middle till it stops.

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I am looking to allow all my computers on my home network have jumbo frames enabled. I want to make sure I am doing this right. My Linksys EG1032 does not do this easily. I go to configure it, Advanced Tab, and to check out jumbo frames, I go to Maximum Frame Size. Now to use 7KB MTU, I used 7168 for the value correct? I searched a few threads already, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

Is there a place on the internet that can help me understand conversions a bit more?

Answer:Jumbo Frames conversion help

K usually means 10^3 in networking, but it doesn't really matter here -- just set it to the biggest that it can support; it'll always be able to support frames that are smaller. Around 9K is usually a good target. You can control the maximum frame sizes actually being transmitted by the adapter / workstation settings for the cases where smaller frames give better performance.

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Question: Mumbo Jumbo Word

Okay, Word experts---try to figure this one out. My friend in the naval reserve has the following problem. Whenever he receives documents done in Word, from his boss in the reserve they look like this:

Answer:Mumbo Jumbo Word

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I had a DI-624 which I replaced with the DGL-4300 because of countless reboots, reboots every 12hrs.

Now the problem is that I cannot access the admin interface on the DGL-4300 if I have jumbo frames enabled on my PC. I can access the internet fine though.

I have the following connection:

PC ---- SMC 8505T ----- DGL-4300 (Cat5e cabling)

With my DI-624 I could access the admin interface with jumbo frames enabled.

I am aware that jumbo frames are not supported on the DGL-4300, but I don't understand why it can't reach the admin interface.

I need jumbo frames because I have a NAS on one of the ports in the SMC and I get 12MB/sec without jumbo frames, but with jumbo I get close to 23MB/sec, so jumbo is a must. I don't want to disable jumbo everytime I have access the user interface.

I appreciate any help.

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Hi, just recently sent a T510 (4313-CTU) to a customer before I realized it was limited to 4k Jumbo frames. I use hi speed gig-e camera equipment that requires 9k. I'd appreciate any help offered in this matter as I have an upset client at the moment. Thanks,Rob

Answer:T510 and Jumbo Frames

Hey flood9,could you explain more on what you're trying to achieve here?

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I posted a thread earlier this week where I got some info on setting up jumbo frames on my gigabit network. I completely isolated all gigabit devices and set the MTU to 9000 on all of them and enabled jumbo frames in the network card configuration.

It works for like surfing the web but then when I go to browse files over the network in windows explorer the network drives show up, but none of its contents are listed. Also my remote desktop to my server is flakey. It disconects at random it seems. I am getting no packet loss and my network connection is physically good.

I have a SMC 850ST switch and all DLink DGE-530-T NICs.

Any pointers or ideas would be great!

Answer:Problems With Jumbo Frames

Just a though:

Make sure that jumbo frames are enabled on eac individual computer on the nics in the advanced tab of the ethernet card configure area.

Good luck!

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Hi, I connected a D-Link DGE-530T on both my workstation (A64 3000+ - MSI K8T Neo FISR2 - OCZ 1GB DDR - Raptor HD - win XP) and my server (PIII 866 - Asus CUSL2C - Crucial 256 SDRAM - 200 GB Seagate 8mb HD - win 2k Adv Server).

When I enable jumbo frames, transfers between computers (using a crossover cable 5e) are slower.

Jumbo frames ON:

CPU utilization = ~50%
MAX transfer speed = 23.33 MBs
AVG transfer speed = 15.33 MBs
Time to transfer 2 or so gigs (avg of 300 MBs each) = 3min 15 sec


Jumbo frames OFF:

CPU utilization = ~50%
MAX transfer speed = 22.23 MBs
AVG transfer speed = 20.33 MBs
Time to transfer 2 or so gigs (avg of 300 MBs each) = 2min 30 sec

I just purchased these NICs and have a SMC switch on the way , and i have no idea what to do

please help, i'm

Answer:jumbo frames are slower

I don't really know what to tell you but I would be interested to see if things change when you get the SMC.

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Need some help with configuring my home network. Currently I have my desktop and a Gigabit NAS wired to a WRT610Nv1 and a HTPC + PS3 hooked up to an old WGT624 I'm using as a switch in the living room. Got a couple of other PCs connected via wireless. I'm trying to update the whole shebang to Gigabit and preferably Jumbo Frame support as well as adding in an expansion.

Currently going through the WRT610N gets me transfers speeds of ~200 Mbps while is comparable to what got when they reviewed it, its far from Gigabit speeds. The WRT610N doesn't officially support Jumbo Frames (DD-WRT does but not entirely stable) either. Newegg has a buy 2 get 1 free deal on Netgear GS-105E Gigabit/Jumbo Frame switches which according to, should be good for ~700 Mbps. So is it possible to get Jumbo Frame support by bypassing it with a switch? If it is, I'm thinking I can kill 2 birds with one stone, by bypassing the slow router with a fast switch and gain Jumbo Frames to boot.

A centralized switch would be great, but I can't run cables through the walls, I don't want to have cables strewn all over the floor. So one of the switches are gonna be right next to the Modem/Router, while the other two are gonna be in other parts of the house.

Oh and regarding QoS. My internet connection is pretty crappy (3MBps down/0.8MBps up on a good day) and my HTPC is often used to stream video off the internet while I'm tryin... Read more

Answer:Jumbo Frames and Gigabit and QoS

If I am understanding your question correctly......Is the Netgear GS-105E capable of doing NAT and DHCP? Is this a layer 3 switch? If not, how do you plan on routing your internal IP space behind your WAN IP if you replace that router with a switch?

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I want to set up a gigabit LAN and use jumbo frames. I have an SMC 4 port unmanaged switch that supports jumbo frames and I have Intel gigabit adapters (that support jumbo frames) on the workstations (3). I have a Netgear RP614 router that is connected to a DSL internet connection. I'd like to connect the LAN to the internet, but I'm sure that the router doesn't support jumbo frames. Will jumbo frames present a problem? If so, how can I use them and still get connected to the internet?

Answer:Gigabit LAN and jumbo frames?

I don't think the router will cause a problem. Just plug the router into the switch along with the computer systems and enable jumbo frames on each NIC. I have almost an identical setup and that worked for me.

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Just curious what everyone's thoughts were about implementing jumbo frames network wide. I need to initially find out if that's even possible as I'm not sure all the NICs in the network support larger frames. I have it implemented on separate NICs on each server that are wired together on a separate switch and it's increased Backup Exec transfer speeds by about 17MB/s.

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How does a network function with mixed jumbo frame/non-jumbo frame clients? I have two SMC gigabit jumbo frame supported switches and most of my computers, 6 or so, all support jumbo frames. However I also have a few clients that do not support jumbo frames and are running on standard 100Mbs network connections. Do all of these computers just autonegotiate MTU size with each other or will jumbo frames just be disabled for everyone because of those few non-supported clients?

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Question: memory Mumbo Jumbo

This motherboard BIOS has me all confused....
The timings that are listed for my dram are

Could someone please tell me how to translate this into the following settings...

- DRAM Clock -AUTO
- CAS latency Time -AUTO
- Row Cycle Time -AUTO
- Row Refresh Cycle Time -AUTO
- RAS# to CAS# delay -AUTO
- RAS# to RAS# delay -AUTO
- Min RAS# Active time -AUTO
- RAS# Precharge Time -AUTO
- Write Recovery Time -AUTO
- Write to Read Delay -AUTO
- DRAM Command rate -AUTO
- Burst Length -4 beats
- Bank Interleaving -Enabled
32 bit Dram Memory Hole -Auto
MTRR mapping mode -Continuous

The names are so simular to
CL--tRCD-tRP-tRAS-Command but I am not sure which goes where

Thank you all

Answer:memory Mumbo Jumbo

Hi, those timings are for

RAS# to CAS# delay
RAS# to RAS# delay
Min RAS# Active time
RAS# Precharge Time

When you turn CAS latency Time to manual you will be able to enter those timings

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Ok so I am having some trouble here getting my gigabit network going with jumbo frames. I completely isolated all gigabit devices and set the MTU to 9000 on all of them and enabled jumbo frames in the network card configuration. Then reset all the equipment and computers fresh.

It works for like surfing the web but then when I go to browse files over the network in windows explorer the network drives show up, but none of its contents are listed. Also my remote desktop to my server is flakey. It disconects at random it seems. I am getting no packet loss and my network connection is physically good.

I have a SMC 850ST switch and all DLink DGE-530-T NICs.

Any pointers or ideas would be great!

Answer:Problems With Jumbo Frames

i remember reading somewhere that the dlinks where not reliable using jumbo frames. I did quite a bit of reading about them becasue i was looking into upgrading my whole netowrk to gigE and i must have jumbo frames. For the price, the dlink really struck my attention but i heard quite abit about them not holding up very well.

Apparently intel is the way to go if u want to do the jumbo frames thang

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I picked up a GS116 from ebay, seen another member who purchased one from the same seller. I don't have the switch yet.

Later found out that the switch does not support jumbo frames..

We store all our data on a server in the basement, (docs, media etc). We do have the need to move large amounts of data over the network (isos, backups, etc)

Will the lack of jumbo frame support be that noticeable? Is it worth going thru the hassle of getting a diffrent switch?

Answer:Jumbo frames? & gs116

Probably not. I have never found a huge difference from using jumbo frames TBH. In most environments it tends to cause more issues than it solves.

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I have two Windows 7 machines with Gigabit NICs connected to a Gigabit switch that supports up to 9k Jumbo Frames. I configured both NICs to use 9k Jumbo Frames, restarted both machines, but when I run a ping with the "-f -l" flags set to test Jumbo Frames, I get the following result:

Desktop --> HTPC: I can successfully ping with packets up to 8872 in size, as expected
HTPC --> Desktop: Any packets over the normal 1472 size give me the "Packet needs tobe fragmented but DF set" message

What gives?

Answer:Jumbo Frames 1-Way Fragmentation

I performed a WireShark capture on the HTPC, and it looks like the 8972-length packets are being fragmented, so I guess that means Jumbo frames aren't working in either direction.

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I'm trying to setup simple jumbo frames on my home network. There will be one printer that is 100mbps, and a few wireless clients. Otherwise, all desktops support jumbo frames, and it is working well between two Realtek adapters.

The problem is with an Intel Pro/1000 MT adapter. I set it to 9014bytes (Alteon). Frames up to somewhere around 8000bytes work just fine. But if I try 9000 bytes, it knocks the NIC offline. It comes back on its own after a few minutes, and works fine as long as no 8000+ byte packets occur again.

With all adapters, if I exceed the mtu and specify -f, it shows that packet needs to be fragmented as it should. The Intel does not go down. This is good and normal.

If I don't specify -f, the Realteks will still respond to ICMP properly, obviously fragmenting automatically as it should. But it takes the Intel one offline for a few minutes.

What is happening?!

Answer:Jumbo frames trash NIC

I know this is trivial, but have you made sure you're running the latest NIC drivers on both NICs? This sounds very much like a bug in something.

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Hello, I have a few pc's I wanted to enable umbo frames on they are running intel pro1000 cards and the switch is an airlink+ . I am not sure whether the switch supports jumbo frames, I just e-mailed the company asking. I want to know what are all the settings that ate needed to be changed when you enable jumbo frames becuase I read somewhere that you have to change your MTU and the confusion is to what? the jumbo frame size? Also are there any other settings that need to be changed?
Thank you all for your help and time.

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I just bought a Cisco managed SG200 18 port switch, because I want to try Jumbo Frames and Link Aggregation (later) on my private home network. Just to test the speed and also to learn a little in the process.

My network diagram:

As I read all devices on the same network should be running the same MTU else you will see weird stuff some connections not working and so on..

I Tried enabling my Synology NAS and my Desktop and Cicso siwtch to use Jumbo frames.. Then I couldnt even access Synology NAS web interface anymore hmm?

Anyway.. any ideas how to set this up? Should I create a MTU 9000 VLAN or something like that? If so where do I add the VLAN? In both my router and cisco?

Answer:Private Lan (VLAN + Jumbo frames) ?

What did you set the MTU size for on the Nas, Desktop and Switch?

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My network speed was below 22 MB/s with 1500 byte frames.

I set my X7DWA-N Intel NIC to 9000 byte frames. My Thunder K8WE to 9014 byte frames.

Dlink gaming router DGL-4300
CAT 6 Plenum Grade solid wire backbone

Dlink DGS-2205 switch
Thunder K8WE
Fedora 7 web server
CAT 6 Plenum Grade solid wire backbone

Everything is CAT 6 and 1 Gbps. Vista reports 44 MB/s when copying 100 MB+ files. I am adding a DGS-2205 on the DGL-4300. The DGL-4300 does not support jumbo framing. I found how to do it in Fedora 7. Set MTU=9000 in a network file. I was expect closer to 70-80 MB/s. The Dlink DGS-2205 has a 10 Gbps fabric switch. I might put Intel server NICs in each workstation and server to match frame size. Any other suggestions?

Answer:Enabling Jumbo frames on NICs

Originally Posted by SCSIraidGURU

My network speed was below 22 MB/s with 1500 byte frames.

I set my X7DWA-N Intel NIC to 9000 byte frames. My Thunder K8WE to 9014 byte frames.

Dlink gaming router DGL-4300
CAT 6 Plenum Grade solid wire backbone

Dlink DGS-2205 switch
Thunder K8WE
Fedora 7 web server
CAT 6 Plenum Grade solid wire backbone

Everything is CAT 6 and 1 Gbps. Vista reports 44 MB/s when copying 100 MB+ files. I am adding a DGS-2205 on the DGL-4300. The DGL-4300 does not support jumbo framing. I found how to do it in Fedora 7. Set MTU=9000 in a network file. I was expect closer to 70-80 MB/s. The Dlink DGS-2205 has a 10 Gbps fabric switch. I might put Intel server NICs in each workstation and server to match frame size. Any other suggestions?

Looks like you got it all covered...Just remember if it reports 44MB/s copying files the real throughput will be 88MB/s because its reading/writing the files, so dubble any reported speed.

You can check this from the Performance Manager in taskman or Performance tools in control panel


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I'm looking to pickup 3 identical NICs and use 2 in Win XP and eventually Vista boxes, and one on my NAS (unRAID) in linux.

My current setup involves a Cable Modem into my WRT150N router running DD-WRT, and then Cat 6 running out to a Gig-E switch (Netgear GS108 v2) which connects via Cat 6 to the 3 PCs. The router also connects directly to a vonage box, PAP2 I think.

Now, the GS108 switch supports Jumbo Frames with a 9000 MTU AFAIK.

This is a list of NICs known to work well with the unRAID software:

# Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (At least one report of this being broken)
# Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet
# Netgear GA311 Gigabit Ethernet
# Realtek Gbit - RTL8169S-32 chip
# D-Link DGE-528T Gigabit Ethernet

I was leaning towars the Netgear GA311NA, because I like netgear products and I assumed they would work well together easily.

However, I can't find anything on netgear's website or newegg or ncix etc that says it supports Jumbo Frames.

This really is a must, as I'm serving large video files and copying stuff around a lot (4.5GB - 15GB files)

I want to get the best performance out of my network so that I'm not swearing at it (as I am right now, it is too slow.)

So, does the GA311 support Jumbo Frames with an MTU of 9000?

If so, is it a decent NIC?

If not what is my best choice?


Answer:NIC supporting Jumbo Frames 9000 MTU

Here's a list of some jumbo frame capable equipment. It's not a complete list mind you, but it's a start. It states that the GA311 only supports an MTU up to 7500.

I know that SMC makes some PCI NICs that have jumbo frame support and are based on a Marvell chip. This is the one I've got and it supports up an MTU of 9000.

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I just got a switch that support jumbo frames that will plug into my normal router that does not support them. How does this work when I go to send data out to the internet through the router?

I will set the computers connected to this switch for Jumbo Frames but what happens when frames destined for the internet through the non Jumbo Frame router are sent?

Answer:Jumbo Frames device questions

For TCP traffic (web browsing, etc) no problem. TCP negotiates the maximum segment size (MSS) that works. The intial connection request message (SYN) is always a small packet so it will go through NP.

For UDP traffic, any packets larger than the MTU size for your router's physical interface are dropped. For many/most applications this is no problem because few applications use large UDP packets. Most common fail will be some older UDP-based IPsec VPN implementations. A really good example of a UDP-based application that is pretty much fail with MTU-mismatches is Microsoft Terminal Services (Remote Desktop). But most of the time - if you use it at all - you'd be using it inside your LAN where the MTUs all match.

For other less common transport layer protocols, your mileage may vary. Some will adapt, others will not.

I happen to have this very configuration at my home. All PCs/etc, and my layer-2 switch configured for jumbo-frames, my internet router is limited to 1522-byte MTU (Mikrotik RB-450G). For almost all day-to-day use it works just fine. There are a few quirks from time to time, but its worth it for the extra performance to/from my file servers.

Note that most internet connections are limited to 1500 byte MTU (layer3, 1522 byte layer2). If your router DOES support jumbo frames on the interface then jumbo-frame traffic outbound to the internet will get fragmented by the router rather than dropped. This is better but introduces a whole new set o... Read more

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In a diversion of a thread on "Load Balancing" here:

longblock454 made certain claims;

longblock454 said:

While on the gigabit topic, don't forget about the advantages of jumbo frames.

Gigabit with standard frames of 1500 will only net you about 350Gbps, give or take in most common situations.

Gigabit with jumbo frames can usually saturate the connection!Click to expand...

The discussion is fine, IMO, but shouldn't be in that thread. So here it is.

longblock454, in face of measurements to the contrary, how do you defend your claims? In which cases will it be important to have jumbo frame support in order to have good performance?

And then, how does a typical (home/mixed) network go about ensuring that jumbo frames support is available and viable? How do you mix non-jumbo capable routers with jumbo capable gear?

If you would like to rephrase your claims, please do so.

Let's have it out and get it straight. Maybe we'll learn something new.

Answer:Jumbo frames -- critical for performance?


and because this happens more than once on this forum:

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I am trying to learn the ins and outs of computer usage so when my kids hit the upcoming tech years I am able to keep ahead of them. I feel this is my job as a parent. Could someone suggest a starting point for a novice computer user? I really enjot this message board, however the level of info is overwhelming and hard to abosrb.

I ran the start up list software everyone is talking about and this is what it spit out. Does anything look dangerous to me or my computer?

So it does not become lost in the mix, please my thank you ahead of time to any one that helps me out.


StartupList report, 4/27/2003, 2:45:35 AM
StartupList version: 1.52
Started from : C:\Documents and Settings\Gary D. Keese\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 1 for\StartupList.EXE
Detected: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Detected: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)
* Using default options

Running processes:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\eEBSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\ISS\BlackICE\blackd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System... Read more

Answer:Help novice decipher this mumbo jumbo


I didn't see anything in your Startup List that might be harmful. Though of course wait for more input to be certain.

If you want to do some background research of your own to familiarise youself with computing a bit more then I recommend you take a look at these two sites :

The above have lots of information on every conceivable aspect of computing - and at the second, if you the search function say for 'Reinstalling Drivers' you will get both a series of short Win Media Player videos and text / graphics tutorials to help you perform the task.

And for other general windows help perhaps these sites :
Hope you get something useful.

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Guys I am playing around with ESXI and jumbo frames in my home lab this is mainly for learning purposes. I am running an HP 1800-8G switch which supports up to a 9216 packet size the nics I'm using both on the storage server and ESXI are Intel Pro 1000 PT they support 4088 and 9014 packet sizes. Now here is where I think it get's interesting ESXI max size is 9000. I always thought when doing jumbo frames everything had to use the same frame size. Because in my setup my nic on the storage server would be at 9014 and ESXI would be at 9000 anyway let me know what you all think.

Answer:jumbo frames esxi concerns

When you set a frame size, you are setting the MAXIMUM frame size. If you set one machine higher than the others, it might take slightly longer to negotiate what they support, but generally it's not an issue. Otherwise if you enabled jumbo frames only machines with the same setting would be able to communicate together.

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So I know my switch can support the MTU of 9000, I know my PC's and server can, but what I'm not sure about is what would happen to my Roku stick or nVidia Shield if I up the frame size?

Another option, which I'm not sure is possible, is to utilize both GB connections on my main PC and server (since those are the two that get most large file traffic). Would it be possible to configure one of the GB connections to use a standard MTU size for video streaming to local devices and configure the other GB connections to use Jumbo frames only when talking to other devices that support it?

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I have some gigabit NICS and a gigabit switch coming in all capable of jumbo frames, but I am not so sure how to enable them in windows XP pro.

Any advice on this in general, I am a gigabit n00b.

Answer:Gigabit Jumbo Frames Question

it should be in the driver properties. right click My Computer --> Properties --> Hardware --> Device Manager. Select the appropriate device, right click --> Properties --> Advanced

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I use Raccoon speed test to transfer a 150MB file for my testing. With a crossover cable between my NAS device and my Dell server, both with Intel Gigabit cards, I get between 16,000KB/s and 19,000KB/s. I've been trying to make this faster and can't seem to manage it. With jumbo frames enabled and set to the same size on both adapters, things just don't work. Is there anything I'm doing wrong here? There isn't a switch involved, and we just bought brand new CAT5E crossover cables. Thanks!

Answer:Gigabit speeds and jumbo frames

That translates to 160 megabytes which is approx 1 gigabit. You're cruising.

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I got the Gateway 8-port Gig-E switch. It is pretty affordable ($30) and supports jumbo frames.

I still have the same set up as above.

I enabled jumbo frames on all 3 computers using Gig-E cards with the Realtek 8169 chipset. Two of the cards are Netgear GA311, and one is a no-name, but all have the same chipset.

I did this last week, and only today installed the Gig-E card in the HTPC. Even before today, the HTPC worked just fine with jumbo frames enabled on the other cards. So does my router connected to the Gig-E switch, so I'm not sure why others are having problems. Maybe the switch segments the frames... I dunno.

Anways, my friend has the exact same setup, and using Ixia Qcheck, he gets approximately 800mb/s over standard Cat5. He upgraded to Cat5e and didn't see a difference. My house was professionally wired with Cat5e when it was built last year, and I'm only getting 470mb/s no matter what I do.

We both followed the directions on this page, which I've been told is a good guide for setting up your computer's TCP stack for Gig-E:

After following this article, I did get a speed boost, but it was from 350 or so to 470 max (usually 440).

For some reason, the HTPC only allows up to 6K packets, even though the drivers are the same for all 3 PCs. I set the others for 6K just to be sure that wasn't the problem. What size should I be using?

Are there any other speed tw... Read more

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i live in a house with 7 people. we have a cable connection and 2 routers (a linksys befsr41 and a netgear mr814). right now i have the setup as cable modem -> netgear router -> linksys router. all computers get internet but only computers hooked up to the netgear modem can see eachother, and only computers hooked to the linksys modem can see eachother. i have disabled DCHP on the linksys router. how can i see all computers in the house?

Answer:2 routers in house, internet works but not lan across routers

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For my work I am looking to create wireless capabilities to remote locations. To do this we are using a standard modem/router that is connected to an Engenius (802.11b/g) wireless outdoor radio connected to a dish antenna. We are able to go to locations (3+km) and then with a corresponding receiving antenna (using LoS), receive the Internet and connect both to computers at the transmitting point as well as to the WWW. The problem exists is that we want to employ a series of routers at the receiving end that would be able to carry the transmission to a different location (relatively close), due to the fact that some of the locations do not have line of sight to the antennas.
We are using Encore routers, model # ENHWI-N3. When we connect the radio's Ethernet into the routers WAN reciever, we can connect to the Internet with a computer. The problem exists is we want to pass that connection over to a second router (R2). This connection is done when the routers are on access points set to a WDS function with R1 having R2's mac address and vice versa. Both routers are set to channel 1. Even when the routers are seperated by distances >50m a computer plugged into R2 can see a computer plugged into R1. Files can be transferred between the 2 computers wirelessly at speed around 3 mbps. However computer 2 on R2 can not connect to the WWW. This router features a spot that lights up if it has Internet access and R1's is lit up but R2's is not. How do we transfer t... Read more

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My stepfather who lives next door to me has a windows xp desktop and a actiontech modem with dynamic routing turned on for up to 4 computers on a dsl connection. I ran a cat 5 cable out of one of the ports and ran it to my house next door... about 175 feet roughly. I can get online next door. I am attempting to get all of the computers on the same network so we can share various resources and drives. All of the computers are apart of the same network, and I have double checked spelling... I have disabled all the firewalls, both on the machines and in the routers. If anyone can think of a step I might be missing, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Mulitple routers, computers on diferent routers can't see one another.

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So I recently upgraded from a 2 core CPU to a 4 core CPU, which means that my computer is using twice as many cores, which means that it is producing heat twice as hot, which means my CPU fan is going twice as fast, which means it is producing twice as much noise. So I did a little research, and I want to get air cooling because I am highly skeptical about water cooling and air cooling is cheaper.

So, to get straight to the point I have a motherboard with a 4-pin connector with the label "Case Fan 1" does that still mean I need a fan controller to control the speed of the fan? If I do need a fan controller, where do I connect it on my mobo? What type of specs do I need to look I have absolutely no clue on what I need to do.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: What Is all This Mumbo Jumbo About Fan Pins and Fan controllers?

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Hey all,

First off, here is my network diagram: (click for larger)

So as you can see, currently my main switch in the basement is an 8 port Netgear GS108 in the basement.

My network is growing, and as such I need more ports. I was originally looking at 10 and 12 ports as I only need a couple more, but then I thought that it might not be too long, and I'd be shopping for switches again, so I ahve decided to go with 16 ports to future proof a little.

When I first laid out this network I got all netgear GS switches, as I felt there was going to be a greater chance they would play nice together when it comes to Jumbo Frrames. after all Netgear's GS series claims "Silently delivers up to 2000 Mbps on each port".

Since then - however - I have found some disappointing accounts of reliability issues on Netgear's GS series, so I'm not sure I want to plunk down $150 for a 16 port switch that may not last.

I have since done some research. I don't trust the cheap Chinese/Taiwanese brands like TP-Link, Rosewill, etc. I have found two contenders I think I would be happy with:


SMC has a great reputation for its enterprise products, it get 5 eggs on Newegg, and it is surprisingly affordable.


Similarly speced, and I figured it might be likely to have a higher compatibility with the Jumbo frames of my other GS108 and GS105 switches.

What do you guys think? The SMC switch claims jumbo frame ... Read more

Answer:Jumbo Frames and Other Switch Decision Questions

Ewww SMC. Between the two the Netgear would be the better pic. You could grab a used powerconnect or procurve for $150 and you'd be much better off with that.

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Looking to setup a SAN off of my Xserve RAID box, and i want all of my servers that will be backing up/talking to the SAN to be on a gigabit network. I want to run jumbo frames on this gigabit network to take advantage of any latency reductions and speed increases that i can. I am currently looking at an SMC combination of NIC's that support jumbo frames and gige, as well as a switch that supports the aforementioned. What i would like to know is any other solutions that people have used that they can give good blessings about. Thanks.

Answer:Gigabit Ethernet install w/ jumbo frames

For entry level gigabit switches I would look at SMC's offerings and Dell's powerconnect series if you can afford a little extra. I believe the 2716 Dell is the model that supports jumbo frames.

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some insights why my Brocade 1020 cards do not seem to like jumbo frames.

I set up a test with a direct link between 2 machines using Brocade SFP+ modules and a 1M fibre cable.

I have some sysctl settings in place to speed up the TCP/IP, but for both tests the settings were the same.


[email protected]:~$ iperf -c
Client connecting to, TCP port 5001
TCP window size: 9.54 MByte (default)
[ 3] local port 45415 connected with port 5001
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 10.2 GBytes 8.77 Gbits/sec
[email protected]:~$ sudo ifconfig p5p1 mtu 9000
[email protected]:~$ iperf -c
Client connecting to, TCP port 5001
TCP window size: 9.54 MByte (default)
[ 3] local port 45416 connected with port 5001
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 9.03 GBytes 7.76 Gbits/sec
[email protected]:~$

Performance is reduced (8.77 vs 7.76) by enabling jumbo frames? Does anyone know why?

I am completely baffled by this result... I had expected to see the jumbo frames lead in performance.

Answer:Brocade 1020 slower with jumbo frames

I assume that you set the MTU to be identical on both servers?

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I'm using a Netgear GS605 as a gigabit switch with two gigibit enabled computers. Both are using the onboard NICs (one is a Tyan K8WE which uses nvidia's g-bit networking and the other is an Iwill DK8X using an onboard Marvell Yukon controller). With jumbo frames enabled both can access the internet and are seen by a third computer which is connected wirelessly via a netgear MR814 router. The problem I'm having is that the K8WE can't connect to the DK8X (which I'm using as a fileserver). I've mapped a network drive to the K8WE from the DK8X and when I try to access it the system hangs. Likewise, when I try to connect to the DK8X from the K8WE using remote desktop the RDT connection hangs. When only one of the machines (it doesn't seem to matter which) is using jumbo frames this problem is nonexistent.

Here's the network topography:
cable modem ---> MR814 (wireless router) ---> g-bit switch ---> both g-bit NICs.

EDIT: I apologize for the lack of paragraphs, but I'm in a bit of a rush.

EDIT II: The server is running Win 2k3 Server and my workstation is running Win XP Pro 32-bit.

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Ok, so I have been having a war with my LAN trying to get jumbo frames enabled. I think I have done absolutly everything there is to do, but maybe not, thus this thread. Here is the equipment I am dealing with:

SMC8505T Gigabit Switch
Intel Pro 1000 MT x2
Netgear GA311 x3

Now I have tested my setup with my switch and then directly connected between my file server and my computer (both using the intel Pro 1000 NICs) so I am pretty sure its not the switch at this point. Here is the process I have done.

Note, this is a direct connect, both machines have static IPs

1: iperf test before: somewhere between 125 - 350ish Mb/s
2: Set both NICs to Jumbo frames in the network properties
3: Set the MTU to 9000 and the TCP window size to 20MB, TTL to 128. All this is from a webpage I looked the settings up on.
4: reboot both machines

Once I reboot, the problems kick in. Windows file sharing constantly resets its connection. Remote desk top to my server is flakey, and my new iperf results are in the 800 bits per second range! The same happens to the rest of the LAN if I do the same setup on all the machines and try to do things between them over the switch. I tried serveral other TCP window sizes, including the default windows one with all the same results. I am using the tcpoptimizer tool to modify these settings.

Am I missing a step? Anyone that can help would be great! Seeing as how I have spent about 200 bucks on this project I would really like to get... Read more

Answer:Stupid Gigabit Jumbo Frames! Out of ideas!

Window size is way too big, think the pros use a max of 256kbyte. I'm using 64k.
Also set the mtu to 8192 , 9k is the size of the jumbo frame, mtu of 9k doesn't leave any space for headers.

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In windows Media Player 11 are there hotkeys for frame by frame in fullscreen mode?

Answer:WMP frame by frame hotkeys

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I have a TrendNet 5 port unmanaged TRENDnet TEG-S50G gigabit switch.

Plugged into it is a 10/100 router (Asus with DDWRT). A printer is plugged into the router.

If I enable jumbo frames on two main PCs on the network, will they still be able to talk to the printer and router and WAN?

Answer:Jumbo frames -- safe without fancy VLAN with 10/100 router?

Safe to use, but it will only work between your two main machines if they are both gigabit and enabled for jumbo.

Make sure to update all of your NIC drivers first. You will end up fragmenting packets to the printer and the router which could cause some performance problems for gaming, so YMMV, but if you are constantly transferring huge amounts of data between the two PC's, you will see an improvement.

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Hello all,

I'm currently doing some research but haven't come up with anything conclusive just yet. I'm looking for a reasonably priced 5 port gigbit switch that supports Jumbo Packets to fully upgrade my home network. My uses are very basic: audio/video/file transfers amongst 4 rigs.

I realize something cheap like a Dlink would work well but i'd be willing to spend a little extra(?) for something thats jumbo packet capable. Any ideas?

I'll post whatever ideas i come up with in the meantime

Thx to all in advance.

Answer:Reasonably priced Gigabit switch that supports 'Jumbo Packets'?

The SMC 8505-T supports jumbo frames and is about 100$.

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I have come across a problem capturing Jumbo frames. I am capturing with nmcap on a 10G NIC in p-mode which is getting a mirror of traffic that includes Jumbo frames.

Nmcap works fine capturing but as soon a I add the /MaxFrameLength switch the capture start halting. That is, in the capture file there are long durations of time of no packets, from a few seconds to many minutes.
My workaround is to disable Jumbo frames on the NIC. With this config I get all the frames except Jumbo ones and I can trim with MaxFrameLength.
If anyone knows of solution to this problem I would like to hear it.

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I finally bought a Netgear 8-port gigabit switch which supports Jumbo Frames. However, I will only have 3 PC's out of 10 on gigabit. I just need gigabit speeds for my fileserver and 2 main PC's.

I heard if you are mixing a network with 100/1000Mbit's then Jumbo Frames causes more headache then good. Is this true?

I was always under the impression that CAT6 just had better shielding, so it had less interference and a longer range then CAT5e. Also, that CAT6 future proofs you a little better since it can support up to 2000Mbit. I currently have CAT5e cabling and the 3 PC's on gigabit are 14 feet from each other in the basement, which run along the wall under the carpet. Someone told me I should upgrade to CAT6 because I will see ~20% improvement in throughput. Is this true? If it is then I don't mind replacing all cables to CAT6... but it would be disappointing to see no improvements in transfer rates.


Answer:Gigabit Network - Jumbo Frames, CAT5e Vs. CAT6?

Running CAT5e, I can peg my network card at 99% utilization(DUMeter shows 970Mbps average) transferring from my fileservers to RAM (copy x:\filename NUL) with no jumbo frames.

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Looking for a decent gigabit switch with jumbo frames that also has a 10/100 WAN port to connect to my dsl modem. Or maybe something with gigabit+jumbo frames+ some kind of bridge.

Anything good available?


Answer:Anyone make a good gigabit + wan + jumbo frames switch?

Depends on your price range. How much are you willing to drop?

edit :

After rereading your post you want a gigabit switch that can do routing (layer 3 switch)?

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i want to make a picture of me shooting a basketball. from left to right it shows from beginning to end. do i use photoshop or something???

Answer:How do you make a "frame by frame picture"?

Do you have Photoshop ... Which version ??
Do you have a series of still photos ?? .... Do you want it animated ???

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Hi, Merry Xmas & Happy New Year etc to allI understand PCs OK, but I'm lost on routers/networks.I have recently moved and now have Virgin Media BB with modem connecting through the ethernet port of PC.I also have a laptop that I want to connect wirelessly - this has a Wirelass Cardbus Adapter 802.11g.I am hopimng to make use of January sales to pick-up the necessary hardware, but I'm unceratin exactly what I need. A router, a modem-router and how many USB adaptors? Any advise, tips or guidance would be appreciated.

Answer:Routers & Modem Routers - please explain

A wireless cable router, you can get 1 from virgin media for 40 or free if your lucky, contact them freephone on 150, if your cable connected internet and not via the phone line in which case you will need a modem router + plus phone adaptors for each phone outlet.

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Question: net frame 2.0

Hello again,Can any one advise me.I am trying to run a pinnacle media centre pci tv card (pctv Dual Dvb-t Pro PCI) on my vista machine.I found a updated version of the software(4.92) but when I try to run it it says I need net frame 2.0 installed on my machine so the program wont run.I actually installed net frame v3.5 & sqle server when I tried to get the original program working with limited success.I am running Vista home premium 64bit and when I go to the microsoft site it lists vista 64bit as one of the required programs but when I try and install it says the program is not supported on a 64 bit operating system very contradictory to say the least.I may be flogging a dead horse with this one because I must admit the pinnacle 4.92 patch did say vista 32 bit ,but when installing it said 64 bit download???? help anyone please before I just give up and buy another digital tv instead and flog this card,pity really because it should do every thing I want.

Answer:net frame 2.0

You mentioned you were dual booting.
Why can't you do that now?

Not suggesting you switch to Linux, but if you have too many problems with this and can't find a solution within a few days, I can provide a dual boot solution with Linux.

Haven't tried analogue, but digital is easier and faster than what it was on my XP. (Dual boot, same PC)

You won't need to use commands either. I haven't used a command line yet in the year I've been using it. Very little to learn.
Send me a PM if you prefer.

Good luck,

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Question: net.frame

guys plz try and give me a solution to this problem ...okay so i got a windows 8.1 ...when i install some applications which require the use of net.frame it says it needs this that(like Microsoft net.frame 2 or 4 etc) but i already have it installed i downloaded a 4.5 and it say you can't install in because its already on the system ..and i can't put something lower like net.frame 3 because it says there is a later version installed ..i also tried the net.frame online installer (doesnt allow me to download it says there is already that update on the system ..)and i tried the net.frame tool fix with also no help...anyone got anything to try?


I can tell you for a fact, that .net 2.x, 3.x, 4.x is supported, but .net 1.x isn't.  Try this:
1.  Get to the control panel.
2.  Click on "Program and features".
3.  Click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
4.  Click the box next to ".net framework 3.5 (includes .net 2.0 and .net 3.0)".
5.  Click OK.  Make sure you have your installation CD in the drive, if installed from CD.
7.  Follow additional instructions.  I have all versions of .net installed, except 1.x.
Best of luck.

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Alright, i want to replace my PSU with a better one. My friend had installed my first PSU a while ago, but now he moved and we don't talk anymore.

Now heres the problem, there is a frame around the PSU. How do i get around this frame? I tried unscrewing the first 4 screws that you initially unscrew to get the PSU out, then tried jiggling and shaking the frame out of place. It moved, but it didn't work. then i tried removing some other screws that were around the general area of the frame, then jiggled and shaked the frame again, still nothing.

I saw a hinge on the frame, so i tried lifting the side opposite to the the hinge, nothing again.

can someone help me out here? Any help would be appreciated ( Just don't say get a new case or anything like that, I don't have the time or money for that just yet).

Answer:PSU frame? how do i get around it?

Post pics. Cant help without at least seeing what you are talking about...

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Question: net frame 3.5

I cant install net frame 3.5, did everything but I'm getting errors, if try to install from the net I'm getting the 0x800736b3 error.....from command prompt I'm getting

error 14028
the referenced assembly is not installed on your system
the DISM log file can be found at c:\windows\logs\dism\dism.log...
I need your help guys.....I'm using windows 10 pro

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can any 1 get hold of this i need it to install a peice of software and i dont know if i have 1.0 1.1 or 2 any help appreicated frame work 1.1

got it now soz people

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Question: html frame help

I make my webpag and I use frames now I know the Frame file is what gets loaded.

So once the Frame page gets loaded it stays loaded and just the pages in the left and right side change.

I did have every page with it's own background sound but I did not know if this will still work because my Frame page is what stays loaded.

So what I am asking is if I put the background sound code on a page and this page gets loaded into the Browser I know the sound will play.

But now this page will get loaded into a Frame so will it still play or what do I do?

Answer:html frame help

Sorry if I make one page I name it index.html so this is the page that Loads into the Browser and any Background caod even music the Browser will play.

And when a Link loaded another Page into the Browser the Browser would also play the background music because this page would be the only page in the Browser.

But if I use a Frame the Frame is the index.html page and stays inthe Browser so even if the other pages Load into the Frame the Frame is the index.html page.

So the Browser will only play a Background sound in the code for the Frame but not the other Pages.

So what do I do?

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Question: Frame Stuttering

My high-spec vista PC struggles to run Flight Simulator X. It specs are: Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU, nVidia GeForce 285GTX 6GB of RAM. When playing the game in ultra high the game keeps pausing and stuttering. If I play it on my laptop at Ultra High it is fine. Specs: Intel Core 2 T9400 3GB RAM and a nVidia GeForce 280M.Help

Answer:Frame Stuttering

try right clicking a blank area on the screen and properties then settings and advanced then troubleshooting - then reduce the hardware acceleration to zero. This may do this for you. By the way these instructions are for xp I think it is the same for vista but being a dinosaur I am sticking with xp.

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Question: Time frame.

I have the virus that has a window pop up with a number to call to fix it. The computer shuts down after about ten minutes, so everytime I try to run a scan or install something I run out of time. Is there any way around this?

Answer:Time frame.

Does the same thing happen in Safe Mode? If not, boot into safe mode with networking. Run AdwCleaner first. It will clean your shortcuts which is likely what has 
been corrupted.
Download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.
Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Scan button.
When the scan has finished click on Clean button.
Your computer will be rebooted automatically. A text file will open after the restart.
Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.
You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well.
If you are able to run AdwCleaner and it shows it has found something in the shortcuts, be sure to click clean and reboot. If not,
stay in Safe Mode and run a scan using MBAM and CCleaner. Reboot when MBAM is finished scanning.
Use CCleaner to remove Temporary files, program caches, cookies, logs, etc. Use the Default settings. No need to use the
Registry Cleaning Tool...risky. Pay close attention while installing and UNcheck offers of toolbars....especially Google.
After install, open CCleaner and run by clicking on the Run Cleaner button in the bottom right corner.
CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here 
Double-click mbam-setup-2.X.X.XXXX.exe to install the application (X's are the current version number).
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then cli... Read more

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If I embed a small wmv file on a webpage and set it so that it does not auto start, I just have a black screen. Is it possible to to display the 1st frame of the movie or any other image until the user clicks the play button?


Answer:Display 1st frame of wmv?

This only works in IE. Wrap the player in a DIV and set the image you want as the background for the DIV. Use <param name="transparentAtStart" value="1"> or if your using the embed tags transparentAtStart="1" . That will make the part of the player where the the video is seen invisible until they push play.

The only way I know how to do it.

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Question: Frame Rates

I just OC'd my card.
I used the automatic "Optimal Frequencies" selection button.
It went from a stock 3.0 MHZ and 1.0 G, to 4.04 and 1.2
My question is, why is there "no difference al all" from the modification?
With all being equal there is no gain at all in frame rates.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Frame Rates

Someone please?

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Question: NET frame work

i am unable to install security update for Net frame work version 1.0 service pack 3 (kB930494) is the message i keep getting OS Media center can anyone help please thanks

Answer:NET frame work

click here

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