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need help with microsoft word document via email...

Question: need help with microsoft word document via email...

I need to know how to send an email attachment via Microsoft Word to many different recipients. I asked someone previously and they told me to go to mail recipients but it didn't work. Is there a step by step instruction guide on how to do this so I don't have to keep typing the same document each time? I have the document typed up ready to go right now. I just don't know how to create an attachment and email to many recipients. Any help is appreciated thanks.

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Preferred Solution: need help with microsoft word document via email...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: need help with microsoft word document via email...

Open your email client and start a new outgoing email message, select the names of those to whom you want to send the document, and then depending on the specific email client click on either "attach file" or "insert file" or something similar and navigate to the file you want to send and double-click on it. That's it

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My documents open as an email. I need to know how to turn off the email feature in Word 2003.

Answer:my microsoft word document opens as an email

Try:Highlight the Word doc, Right click,select Properties,Next to line that reads: Open Withit should say Word, if it does not, click the Change button and select Word.See if that works.MIKE

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I keep getting "Microsoft Exchange Mapi" yadda yadda yadda. I don't want to use Microsoft Exchange I want to use Yahoo Email. The "Share" suggestion doesn't work. For gosh sakes, there has to be a way !

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This is just one of those odd quirks I have run into. When I open a new document in Word, then open an older file, the new document closes and only the old one is displayed.Using Microsoft Office 2010, specifically Word.Windows 7 64-bitA bit of explanation, I often do research/writing for school or for fun. This issue has always happened, just one of those small annoyances.Here is the exact thing that is happening:1. I open a new (blank) word document, by clicking on the Word icon or by selecting "Open New Document" in the Word program.2. I open an older (saved) Word document, by clicking on the saved file, not by using the "Open" function in Word.3. The New (empty) document disappears, only the older document is open. I must now open a new empty document to write in. What I want to happen:1. Open new document2. Open old document3. Both new and old document are open (2 windows).Other notes in no particular order:- Word has always operated like this. Just wondering if there is a way to stop it.- I am not using the "Open" function in Word to open the older file, I am opening the older file by double-clicking it in the File explorer. When I use the "Open" function in Word, it does the same (basically "closing" the new file in order to open the old one). - I tried searching through Word's settings but couldn't find anything that seemed to relate to this behavior.- As per regular Word behavior, the new document is auto-na... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Word Question (Opening old document closes new empty document)

Yes, you are right. That is normal for MS Word.Do this:Open a new document. Type something. Even a single space. Save it with a name you want. Now open an older document. Both documents can be on the screen or cascaded.If memory is not an issue, you can haven two instances of Word.

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I am developing an add-in for outlook that consists of creating a customized send button next to the standard one. when outlook is configured to use the word editor, when I add the customized send button to the command bar of the mail in edit mode, the add-in is also added in word document. The reason is that the word editor is activated in outlook. How can I tell my add-in not to add the button in word as well. I don't want to deactivate the editor word. There must be a way how to detect the opened application. I searched for my problem on the internet and people said to test if the kind of the document is word mail or word document. Here's part of my code that didn't work correctly:

//event triggered when item is opened

private void Inspectors_NewInspector(Outlook.Inspector i)


//some code to test if it is a maiitem, etc.

Word.Document document = (Word.Document)i.WordEditor;

if (document.Kind.ToString() == "wdDocumentEmail")



The problem is that the button is still showing at word level. Visual studio is not launching the condition on all the windows. So he?s adding it in word as well, although word document is a wdDocumentLetter.

I have 2 options in mind:

1- The code must not be called at new inspector level. Because this trigger is not launched in the case of the word document

2- The inspector from which we get the word editor is not the right one for word document (Word.Document ... Read more

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Hi, I have an access Database that has a form wich contains 2 OLE Object fields in one I use it to paste a link to an excel field and the other field I use it to paste a link to a word document. This is running under windows 7 and office 2010. Every was working fine. I had to change my notebook harddisk and mother board. After this I reinstall windows 7 and office 2010. The problem that I have is the following: When I double click in the excel link it works fine an open my excel file. When I do the same with the word link I got the following message (translated because I have my notebook with spanish language "Error during an operation over an Object Document. It is possible the OLE Server is not registered. To Register it, reinstall it" Its very extrange because my database worked fine before I reinstalled windows and office and the thing the it works fine with the excel link but not with the word link. Please if anyone have and idea of what is going on??? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Answer:Issue linking to a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Access

Welcome to TSG jcantini,
Since no one is offering any thing here I'm going to suggest you save the document in the current version of word and reistablish/rebuild the link. I suspect this is an older version of access running with office 2010? mdb file type?

If you google "the ole server isn't registered access 2010" there are tons of confusing suggestions out there! Good luck..

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just deleted micorosoft works and installed microsoft word(office) BUT now i cant open my old works documents? I have read alot about this but just wanted to check here before i did anything. Im sure i know what to do but just wanted to see what other methods are suggested? thanks!

Answer:microsoft works document to microsoft word?

What version are you using?

e.g. for 2003:

for 2010:

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With the help of DB, I've created a document in Word with Text Form Fields etc. Now, what I'd like to do is create a button, which the users presses and the document is sent via email to whoever automatically. Is it as simple as recording a macro or a little bit more?

Answer:Email Word document

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I have a user which needs to open a file but this comes up with the attached file window
No matter what you select the file does not come up with normal text(regardless of format).
Is there any help to this situation?

Answer:Microsoft Word Document

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when i do a microsoft word document at school i save it on a usb flashdrive then i put it on my computer then i open the file and on microsoft word it says select the encoding that makes the document readable but none of the work it only shows numbers and letters

Answer:when i do a microsoft word document

Are you using a newer version of Word at school then the version you have at home? If so you will have to do a save as, then click on the Save As Type options and select a version that is compatble with what you're using at home.

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Hi guys,
When I press the new mail icon (to make a new email) instead of the email form popping up it seems to be opening a word document. Even though this still shows: To:, Subject fields etc.

Is there a way to put it back to normal?

Thank you :)

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I have just bought a new laptop with word 2007 installed on a free trial. I have just about got grips with it but cannot see a way to email a document as an email rather than as an attachment using outlook, which seems to be the only option. Previous versions of word allowed you to email the document in 'Outlook express' or 'Windows mail' as they now call it. Is there a way of doing this other than copying and pasting?

Answer:email a document in word 2007

Click the Office button (top left) > Word Optrions > Customize > select All Commands and add 'Sent to mail recipient' to the Quick Access Toolbar.

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Hi can I save Email as a word doc and if so how please. I'm sure this must have been asked before ( I have tried to find in search area ) but it comes up no matchthanking you in advancePaul

Answer:Save Email as a word document

You can highlight it and file/save as and choose text file. Then right click the saved mail and open with Word if that's any use?

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Last week a friend sent me an email file since then i cannot send attachments of my own e.g. .doc documents. When I try to upload them it just hangs and crashes my internet connection so that I have to reboot my machine.

I tried wiping my entire HD and reinstalling everthing but I still have the same problem any ideas?

Answer:Cannot attach a word document to an email

What application are you using for email? Outlook, outlook express, Thunderbird?

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I have changed the name of a document in Word  but the original name still appears in the new document list on the desktop. i have tried many ways to delete the original name but have no success. Can anyone help please. walter.

Answer:Microsoft word.removing name from new document lis

Exactly, what is "the new document list on the desktop"?  At first, I thought you might be talking about the recently used file list that you see in Word when you click on File, but I'm not sure that's what you mean.

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Hello experts !How can I protect a confidential document in Microsoft Word with a password so I can be the only person with access to it ?Thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

Answer:Password to a Microsoft Word document ?

Open the word document.Goto "Tools/Options/Security"There you have all the security options needed.

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I have inadvertently saved something somehow that every-time I open Word for a new doc, it opens with a previously saved line already there. Please help!

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Word new document

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I have my resume on microsoft word and am trying to put it into PDF adobe format using the adobe acrobat (the free version) Anybody know how to do it? thanks a bunch

Answer:how do you convert a microsoft word document into pdf?

There are plenty of programs out there that will do this for you for free. Try "Primo PDF"

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Hi! I'm new but really glad I found you. Please forgive me in advance for my very basic questions.


My son typed a report and saved it in word. Now everytime I open word, that report automatically comes up as the new document. It has somehow become a default setting I guess. I've tried every tool, template, option etc. with no success in restoring the original settings.

Any suggestions? ( I mean, I like Jim Morrison and all, but having to see "Why the Doors were the Greatest Band Ever" on my screen numerous times daily is Brainwash!!!)

Thank you!

Answer:Solved: Microsoft word new document

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We have two older computers, both with Microsoft Works - as well as Word. Our newer laptop has stand alone Word 2013. I would like to know how to copy a WDB document on flash drive and put it on the laptop with Word 2013.

Answer:Converting a Microsoft WDB to a Word document

If you can save the file on the older computer as a .csv file it will open in Excel if you have that on the laptop. As far as I'm aware .wdb files are database documents so you'll probably struggle to open it in any word processing program without the use of a third party file converting program. I could well be wrong there though.

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I have a document where I need the password before I can open it. I know there are programs out there that can open it instantly, but they aren't free. Is there a free program or an easy way of quickly opening the file (not brute force).

I've googled and come across many programs that aren't free, and I don't want to pay for them.

Answer:Microsoft Word Passworded Document

remove Word doc password

a little cryptic but it worked for me a while ago. Add tool button for web script editor to a toolbar.

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Yesterday and today I've created documents in Word (2002).  I discovered the problem when I went to copy a document and open the copy.  It was blank.  When I look at the original file it say the size is 0 (zero) kb.  When I open the original files there is content.  I have no idea what's happening.  Please help.Thanks

Answer:Microsoft Word document is 0 kb in size

Let's make sure the computer is clean. What are you using for malware protection.? Have a read here: else is the computer doing strangely? What operating system? Details are needed to help with a fix.  

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Hello everyone, I've been having some issues with Word 97 lately and I'm absolutely stumped. Any help would be wonderful...

Twice now, I've had Word 97 tell me that it cannot open select documents; a few weeks ago I tried to open a doc and it gave me this message:

Word cannot open the document.
Try one or more of the following:
* On the File menu, click Open to open the document.
* Make sure the file has a .DOC extension

I did both; it would not open from the File menu and it DID have a .doc extension. I tried everything I could think of to get it back, including moving it to another computer and trying to open in there, renaming the document, everything. The closest I got to getting it back was opening it in WordPad - even then, it ate certain paragraphs up and lost the last page completely.

After having no luck at getting it back, I decided that since the document was only 3 pages long, I could stand to retype it and deleted the document. I had no problems opening up any of my many other documents; and so I figured, somehow that one file got corrupted and I just needed to cut it as a loss.

But now, it has happened again with another, much longer document. Again, I can get some of it back with WordPad/RTF, but not all of it. As before, all other documents are fine and openable, just not this one. I have scanned for viruses and the like - my computer seems to be clean. I have moved all my other documents to a removable flash drive so that they don't... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Word 97 document not opening

It strongly suggests that your problems stem from using Word 97 on Vista.

It is not a recommended activity to do so and many others have problems with trying to operate Office 97 on Vista.

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i have a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document that has suddenly changed to "read-only".i can type & edit the document, but then i can't save can i fix this?

Answer:i can't save my Microsoft Word document!

Save it with any new name.Example:If the DOC file was: Harry.docSave *censored* file name : Harry2.docLater, fine out what went array.My guess is another program has locked the file.

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Hi Folks,Sometimes from the Newsletters I receive I copy & paste what I want from them on to Microsoft Word 2000 document. The problem is that the Text doesn't fit my document fully from "Align Left" to "Align Right."To get the Text to fit the whole page I have to do it manually. That is putting the Curser at the beginning of the second line - and so on - and hitting the Delate Arrow Button - just after (+ =) button at the top of the Keyboard. This is a Laborious Task. Can anyone please suggest a better and quicker way to do it.ThanksHenmin

Answer:Microsoft Word 2000 Document

Having copied the test to the clipboard, open word and a new document. From the Edit menu choose Paste Special and select unformatted test.

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I've been using MS Word without problems for ages but this morning (mid - morning!) it stopped letting me save a file. The disk icon is greyed out and the menu 'File / Save As' path is also greyed out. This is both opening an existing file and upon creating a new one.No new programs loaded or any other change to config or setup. Other MS Office products seem OK.Any ideas welcome .........

Answer:Microsoft Word will not let me save a document

What sort of document are you trying to save.

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Dear Sirs,   I would like to know why the column designation doesn't seem to work on my documents. I would like for it to create two (or 3) columns in which I can then type in my content.I set it to do three columns and it kept moving my typing underneath and to the right of the first heading I had typed. It also does not designate differnet type for the headings.Thank you.[email protected] email addy removed to prevent SPAM

Answer:Microsoft Word document- on Vista

What version of Word is this?

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There is only one Word document that I am having trouble with. The document contains only 3 pages of info. I have viewed that with "Print Preview" to be certain. The document prints just fine except that a fourth blank sheet comes out of the printer. This is the ONLY document that it happens to. I have tried to delete information, copy & paste to a new document, deleting the last bit of information on the document & reentering it,...Not sure what else I should do...Any thoughts?Kevin

Answer:Microsoft Word Document Issue

I've had this happen many times over the years and have never been able to figure out why. But I never considered it a big deal - just one of those things

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i have a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document that has suddenly changed to "read-only".i can type & edit the document, but then i can't save can i fix this?

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I was typing all the day. But after sometimes happened and MS Word viewed: Word cannot open the document. I opened it again, and error repeated. I don't know how to recover word document. Any variants...please.

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I opened a word document from an email (attachment) and worked on it and hit "Save". I am unable to access all the work, and the "Search" is unable to find the document.
Can someone guide me how I can retrieve the file?

I am a newbie and I would appreciate any help urgently.


Answer:Word document saved in Outlook email

The easiest way to figure out where your document went is to open an email message that includes an attachment, open the attachment, then go to File--> Save As. The Save As default path is always the same for emails, and the reason the search doesn't find it is because it is hidden in a temporary internet file folder. (Something like C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK) Chances are as soon as you click Save As, you will see the document sitting in the temp folder. Then instead of saving the dummy doc you opened, simply right click on the doc you want, and hit copy. Then paste it somewhere (like your desktop for easy access), and there it will stay! Hope this helps!!

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I received a letter as an attachment via my ntl email account and opened the attachment which opens on word 2003. I could only see the date and my name on the document. A bit of exploring showed that the text of the letter was contained in a text box. I could not change the size of the text box or get to the text except by deleting the first part of the text to display the second bit. Using the menu option I could convert to frame and read text that way (a job rejection letter!)Anyway, I then forwarded the email to my yahoo email account, where the attachment was scanned and the document opened in all its glory, including the company logo and graphics.....So far I have checked that both documents are loading up the same version of word (same license number and version) and am stumped......I have norton installed on my PC so at the moment am debating if there is a problem with that when it is scanning the ntl delivered document (if it is) or maybe even if my outlook needs reinstalling.I can't blame ntl if the document forwards to yahoo ok.reopening the attachments for both sources several times and I get the same result so it isn't a one-off glitch.....Confused? Oh yes....

Answer:word document not opening properly from email

Word is opening the document differently from outlook. It opens it in report layout and I have to click on the actual page button to display the contents of the document. If I save the document and open it it opens up normally. very odd.

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I'm using Office 2007 with Windows 7 Ultimate in this case.

I have changed the default settings for Word (font, line spacing, etc.) and new Documents to open with my settings when I open them from the Word shortcut (to the .exe file in Program Files). I followed this guide: How do I... Change the normal template in Word 2007 to my preferences? This works fine.

But when I open a new document from the right-click context menu, it always goes back to the old default settings (with Calibri font, etc.), even if I redo the settings again.

The "Normal.dotm" file in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates folder has my changed settings. Where does the context-new word document get the old settings? I've looked at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.docx but would not like to alter the ShellNew key without guidance.

Any suggestions for untangling this would be most welcome.

Answer:Context menu - New - Microsoft Word Document

Try restarting your computer after changing the template, Word might still be using the old Normal.dotm.

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Can anyone try and explain this?

I can have a document open and already typed up; if I go back through it to edit it, instead of the characters being 'pushed along ' either by the space bar or by the letters inserted pushing them along to accomodate the inserted ones, the charaters instead get wiped off ; as I move the characters with the space bar, they get wiped off instead of moved along

I hope that makes sense more than 'clear as mud'

but can anyone hazzard a guess as to why this happens?

Answer:Oddity While Creating A Document In Microsoft Word

Step 4:Add text by moving the cursor to where you want the new text and begin typing, pushing the existing text to the side. If you want to erase the old words as you type the new, press the "Insert" key on your keyboard. You can toggle between the two choices; when you are in overwrite mode the "OVR" in the status bar at the bottom of the screen will be highlighted. Another option is to highlight the text you want to delete and begin typing. The text will be erased automatically.Sticky "Insert" key?

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When trying to save a document in microsoft office 2010 when I go to file and click save, save as, click the save button on the word document it will not save and will go back to the document but will not save. Is there any way to fix this?OS is windows 7

Answer:microsoft word 2010 won't allow me to save a document

No error messages?No sure 2010 has a Diagnostic, but try this:Running Microsoft Office Diagnostics from within Excel/WordClick the Microsoft Office button (File button on 2010)Click on the Excel/Word Options button to bring up the Excel/Word Options dialog box (at the bottom of window)Click on the Resources button in the left hand paneClick on the Diagnose button in the right hand paneClick ContinueClick Run DiagnosticsIf you do not have a Diagnostic try do a repair.Select Start,Select Control PanelSelect Uninstall ProgramScroll down to either Microsoft Office or Word, which ever you have.Select, but do not double click, at the top of the list, two options should appear Uninstall & ChangeClick on the Change button,In the next window select Repair.You may need your original install media.MIKE

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I am using Office 2000 with XP Pro, IE8, and SP3. I had three pages typed in MS Word for a newspaper article and lost everything except the first two paragraphs. I've never had this happen, so I certainly have no idea of what caused the problem. I was wondering if there is anyway to recover my information, there was a great deal of thought and work involved in this document. I would greatly appreciate any help I may receive, this has been energy draining as I have tried to recover this information to no avail.

Thanks for any help someone may be willing to offer.

Answer:Solved: Lost Microsoft Word Document

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I upgraded my PC from Window ME to XP Home edition and cannot for the life of me find how to insert accents - accute, grave, etc. in letters. Help. please?! CRK.

Answer:Insertion of accents in Microsoft Word document.

I can't remember either, but is Alt+0226, is Alt+0224, is Alt+0234, is Alt+0232, is Ctrl+Alt+e, is Alt+0231, is Alt+0244.But somebody will enlighten us.

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Hello ? I am working with a client right now who is having trouble with a logo that we created. When they print it out it shows a very faint shadow in the background. However, it is only at their site. No one else has the problem with it and I know it?s not the logo design. We isolated the problem to their systems at the client site. We found a workaround by having them insert the logo file picture into a word document, then click on set transparency, and then it doesn?t print the elusive shadow. All of the rest of our systems must have this as a default setting ? how do they set this at the client site on their word so that they don?t have to do this each time.

Answer:Setting defaults on Microsoft Word document

We ran into "logo" and other printing problems where I work when our IT department decided to install the Xeorx Global Print Drivers for all of our Xerox laser printers, regardless of which model we were using.Our company logo printed as a black box, shaded boxes in Excel printed only the shading, but not the text, and there were other issues.I wouldn't be suprised if the problem is related to their print drivers.BTW, this created a pure Dilbert-esque situation...Our company recently merged with another company and adopted a "merged logo" that contained the names of both original companies.All of our forms had to reworked with the new logo and we were forbidden to use the old forms that had just one name on them. Many of these forms get printed out in branch offices, signed by our clients and vendors, and then mailed or faxed to our corporate office.So, here's the Dilbert part - It was OK to use forms that had a black box as a logo - in other words, no company name - but it was not OK to use a form that had one of the old single-named logos on them.Lawyers!

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Iam trying to do a layout for a design on a t-shirt, and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to box in the lettering of each advertisement.  Make a box square for each name on the t-shirt.  Thanks.

Answer:microsoft word/powerpoint document question

Not sure I can help since I'm not very familiar with PowerPoint.  But, to help us help you, please tell us what version you have.

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I normally have my document in the center at 100% view while typing. However, it now wants to shift the paper I am working to the far left rather than the center at 100% view. When I click page width view, it takes it to the center again but if I try and zoom out back to 100%, it shifts it to the left again. Anyone know how to fix this?

here is what I am talking about

Answer:Microsoft word 2007 document view

Looks like you need to change the View settings from Reading Layout to whatever you want: Normal, Web, Print, or Outline will switch it back to the 'single page' layout.

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Can anyone offer some assistance. I am currently working on a 5 page Microsoft word 2000 document and I have not inserted any page or section breaks. The strange thing is that faint dotted lines appear accross each page when I view it in normal view. I can't seem to delete the dotted lines. When I attempt to print the document it prints out around 60 pages with a few lines of text on each page.

Many thanks for your help.


Answer:Microsoft Word 2000 Document Problem

Andrea: Can you send the file? [email protected]

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dont know how i ended up with a back up document, i think i was trying to hide files at some point. now i have a "microsoft word back up document" that i can't open. i am offered the choice of opening the document in windows (default),ms dos or other encoding but cant open it successfully. any ideas how i could open and read it or change it back to a standard word document.many thanks 

Answer:microsoft word back up document - can't open

What is the extension of that file?

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Hello!      What does it mean on my tool bar at the far right side:  paper found in history but...& document recovery the little x where you can pose a question? 
Next, thanks for the info about back-up saving documents under tools, and every 5 minutes.  That will help alot, and I didn't know about that option as well.  I have tons of floppys that I purchased when  I got the computer but haven't used them.  I never knew that the computer could save since it wasn't able to at the college or public library, so I had to save on floppy then.  I appreciate your help once again. 

Answer:Microsoft Word Document Recovery...another question....

just use backup

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I am working in a Word document, and any checkbox or symbol I insert, show fine but when I save and reopen my Documents. They show up as G instead of checkbox or sysmbol.

Answer:Microsoft Word Checkbox in document open as G

Which file formats is it saved as?

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do any of you guys know how i can do this ?? any special decoders or software???

Answer:how to convert MS 7.0 to microsoft office word document??

any one help please???

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In the last Preview before printing a word document, the document property page is displayed, and prints before each copy of the letter or document. I cannot delete this property sheet.
help please

Answer:Solved: Printing Microsoft Word document

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I don't know how I've done it, but everytime I open a new document in Word the cursor flashes at the very top of the document (i.e. there's no top or bottom margin). I know that by selecting 'header and footer' I can insert these, but it is a pain to have to do everytime I want to start a new document.
Having read another thread where the blank templete had been altered by mistake I took the advice and tried renaming '' to 'normal.old' but this hasn't made any difference.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Solved: 'New Document' altered in Microsoft Word

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I tried to fix this for hours. I'm trying to copy a table on the first page to the other pages. (I need several pages with the same table) but each time I copy the next table is a little bit more to the right. It's like it's adding a tab automatically or something. I know I can fix it manually but I would like to know why it's doing this.I fixed the problem, thank you.

Answer:Microsoft word problem (tables) Please look at my document

take the image and paste it on your pages like you are, then go up to the tool bar , click on the 2nd box from the _U  < underlined U box..."looks like a bunch of lines.......this should center your table in each page.  continue...etc....

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Please help, we are renting a Dell computer from Rainbow Rental and it has all the latest bells and whistles the only problem we have is when we type a document in Microsoft word 98 and save that document and close-the next time we want to open the document we get a message saying the document is locked by another user 'Rainbow Rental' open as a read-only document or notify when document is not in use--and when we push the read-only button the window closes. Does microsoft word need to be re-installed. We also get a "" template message as well. This is very frustrating because we have kids who do papers for school and unless they print print right then and there they can never get the document opended again. Please help us!


Answer:Solved: microsoft word locked document

Call Rainbow and tell them their PC is a piece of junk. Actually, it's not the PC, but the software is poorly install and should have been tested.

Try Word troubleshooting, which CANNOT hurt:

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I have a document, a scanner and Micrsoft Word 2000.I want to scan this document, then edit it in Word. Would be very grateful for step by step instructions on how I proceed.Many thanks,freaky

Answer:Scanning a Document to edit in Microsoft Word

You need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function - which any half decent scanner should have.

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Hi all,

On an outside chance, do any of you know of a program that will automatically name documents within Microsoft Word for you? I am using the program to transcribe documents and have to manually go in and name them each time which is time consuming. I heard there was such an entity and you guys were my best resource for any ideas. Thanks for all your teachings.


Answer:Microsoft Word naming document program?

Microsoft word comes with a built in feature that will automattically name each your new docs but you will have to take the time to set it up. Sooooo,

Be sure to get the step by step instructions by clicking on the office assistant and searching for "master document" then select create a master document.

Once you have this done you can choose to insert existing docs or not and as the instructions explain every new sub document you create or insert will be given a name automatically.

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I have received a document created by Clarisworks which i think is an apple can I view tis document in Word. I am running Word 2003.

Answer:Opening claris .cmk document in Microsoft word

Can't the sender save it as a .rtf or .txt file and send it?

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System:  Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010
ASUS K52F laptop
I have many Word documents on this laptop and they all work fine - except for one document. When I scroll this document, Word crashes. That is, a dialog box appears with the message "Microsoft Word has stopped working". Details of the problem are shown below. This document consists of multiple images captured from a word site using Microsoft Snipping Tool plus a little text.
Is there any way to determine why this particular document crashes when all other Word documents work fine?
Note: I scanned the laptop last night with Malwarebytes, SUPERAntiSpyware, Avira, TDSSKiller. I ran CHKDSK and SFC. And I used Seagate's SeaToolsForWindows to check the integrity of the laptop hard drive. None of these tools indicated that there were any problems with the laptop.
 Details of the Word crash as shown in the Windows dialog box:
 Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
  Application Name:    WINWORD.EXE
  Application Version:    14.0.7162.5000
  Application Timestamp:    561e6c2b
  Fault Module Name:    StackHash_b9ce
  Fault Module Version:    6.1.7601.19045
  Fault Module Timestamp:    56258e62
  Exception Code:    c0000374
  Exception Offset:    000ced0b
  OS Vers... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Word crashes when one particular document is scrolled

Based on the error message, there is an add-in in Word that is causing the document to crash. Try opening Word in safe mode by opening a command prompt, and type in winword.exe /safe. Or, go to the Start menu, find the Office 2010 folder, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on Office, and keep holding the Ctrl key until you are prompted if you want to open it in Safe mode.
If you can open the document and scroll through it without issues, the problem is one of your add-ins.
You can disable add-ins by going to File>Options and selecting add-ins. Unfortunately, it will be a process of trial and error to determine which add-in may be causing the issue.

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My girlfriend was writing a report and Microsoft Word started acting really funny (like posting 100 "i"s in the middle of her writing, along with some other things).  She saved her work, closed it down and restarted her computer.  Now, she can't do anything in Word.  She can open her old doc, but can't edit anything.  Most of the menu options are greyed out, as well.  She can't do a thing and she's yelling at me.  Help!!

Answer:Microsoft Word crash, can't edit document now

probbly a virus.use notepad or something.

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I'm having an issue with sending a Word document as an HTML email through my Microsoft Entourage. When I click "send as an HTML document" in Word the email pops up in Entourage, but it looks scrambled. The graphics are in all the wrong places and some of the text is missing.

Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong?

I am using:
Microsoft Word 2004 Version for Mac 11.3
Microsoft Entourage 2004 Version for Mac 11.3.3
Mac OS X 10.3.9


Answer:Converting a Word Document to an HTML email in Entourage

Word Document: Correct Format

Entourage Messages: Scrambled


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OMG! I was working for hours on a group. I continoiusly saved the word document throughout. I closed the document and now it is gone! I can not find it. I tried searching for it- but still no luck! I am so frustrated. I am on a school computer but logged in under my user id. I am still here trying to figure this out! Please help I want to go home!

Answer:Lost word document! Originally attached in email

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I opened a word 2010 document from an email in windows live mail desktop version and made some lengthy changes. Now I cannot find the document on my windows 7 system anywhere.

Please help


Answer:I cannot find a word document I opened as an email attachment

The file will be located in a folder somewhere in
C:\Users\(youraccount)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet

"\AppData" is normally hidden
"\Temporary Internet Files" is normally a hidden protected Operating System

You'll have to remove the checkmark (if they're hidden) in Windows Explorer:
Organize - Folder & Search Options - View

Good luck in finding it, though.

The correct way is to save the attachment first, then open it
from the saved location, if you wish to edit it.

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I opened a word 2010 document from an email in windows live mail desktop version and made some lengthy changes. Now I cannot find the document on my windows 7 system anywhere.

Please help


Answer:I cannot find a word document I opened as an email attachment

a very obvious question which is.. did you save it in your computer? you may also check the recent docs you opened by going to file>recent

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I type my document in Microsoft Word on my laptop computer and put them onto a flash drive from my laptop. When i go home I put in my flashdrive to sent the document by email and it goes through, but is all garbled on the receivers end.

Answer:word document on flash drive garbles in email

There are a lot of steps in between. Does the file open on the flash drive? What about when copied to the computer? What version of Word was it created with? Using standard fonts? Any special coding? Does the receiver have the same version of Word installed? Is the problem with just one recipient?

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Whenever I send and receive emails that have ?word? documents attached, the documents often get corrupted in transmission. This shows itself as spaces between words disappearing. Only a few each time. For example a recent 20 000 + word document I?ve been working on, had about 30 ? 40 spaces lost. Any ideas what the issue could be?

Answer:Attached Word document changes When send or receive email

Possible solution here:

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I have an index card in word that has cutoffs when i print on the start and at the end of the words.

Answer:Microsoft, Help on Microsoft Word Document

It sounds like your margins are too narrow for the printer. Try adjusting them.

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who make Microsoft word document on windows phone 8.1
I m using lumia 635 and
who use Microsoft windows phone for Microsoft word document work?
is there a totur for how to make Microsoft word document on windows phone 8.1 ?

Answer:How do I create Microsoft Word document on Windows Phone 8.1?

Please see the following link
Sent from my Moto X using Tapatalk

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So I am officially desperate! I worked on a project in Microsoft Word 2007. I then went to go open it the next day and all of the text was completely gone!! I am only a beginner when it comes to computers so I have absolutely no idea what happened.
To better understand the problem here were the chain of events:
I worked on 2 documents, saved them in a folder, and then closed MSWord
I then worked on them the next day not realizing that for some reason they were opened as "Read Only"
Seeing that, I copied the the text and saved them in new documents
I went to Documents and attempted to move the new documents into the folder with the originals but an error message reading something like "this action cannot be completed because the file is open in another program" when the file was NOT open
In my frustration I attempted to move it over and over again to no avail
I gave up and closed the Documents folder and turned off my computer
The very next day I went to open the project and both the original documents and the copied ones were COMPLETELY EMPTY!!!
the files were still there but the all of text was completely gone!
Through Microsoft forums I've repeatedly tried the "Recover Text from any File" and "Open and Repair" methods
They've remained completely empty
I don't think I can redo the project correctly in the time it is due! Please any info will help. Thanks

Also, if this helps- I tried to save another Document and MSW says... Read more

Answer:Please Help! Lost text in Microsoft Word 2007 document

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I dont know if anyone can help or even if this is possibleWhat i am hoping to do is to check when a word document was modified.  Now I know you can check when it was created and last modified but is there any way at all to find out all the times it has been modified and the dates?  Everytime a change has been made to the document and saved is there a trail left by the person who made the change etc?Please help

Answer:Microsoft word 2003, is it possible to check when the document was modified?

How to check revisions, open MS Word Help and type "revision history" into the search box

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I have an Acer Aspire 4740G laptop, running MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, with Intel Core i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27 GHz, and 2 GB RAM. I have AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2014 installed.

I have many problems and get error messages when I try to open a MS Word document or try to get MS Word program to open.

Problem #1 and Error message #1:

I cannot get past the first orange screen that says "Microsoft Word 2007". It hangs indefinitely. Error message: "There was a problem sending the command to the program."

Problem #2:

I tried to open a MS Word document with LibreOffice. It opened the first MS Word document but hanged indefinitely when I tried to open another MS Word document.

Problem #3:

I tried opening a MS Word document using MS Publisher; it had problems and hanged indefinitely.

Problem #4 and Error message #2:

I tried to create a document in MS Publisher using MS Word features (import) but it gave an error message: "Microsoft Office Publisher is connecting to printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer to get print capabilities and settings information." This hanged indefinitely.

Problem #5:

After I had imported MS Word features into MS Publisher, when I tried to use MS Publisher itself, the pull-down menus were all empty. Why were they empty? What happened there? It never happened before.

Problem #6:

I searched Windword.exe using Start > and I typed this in the Search box:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe&... Read more

Answer:I can't open Microsoft Word 2007 program and document

Hi Faridah, Welcome to Seven forums.

Lot of errors there.

Try this for starters. Fix MS Word.

Also, try to run MS Word after unchecking the option "Run as Administrator".

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I am really confused and frustrated. Just finished spending the last 8 hours writing a research paper. It's about 7 pages, and I went to click save as, decided the name, and then said ok...and now my microsoft word window says not responding. I checked the folder where I saved the document, and it has a document by that name, but it's 0 KB big and when you double click on it it's an empty word document. Omg, I can't have just wasted 8 hours of writing. I'm afraid to force the program to quit because then I'll lose everything for sure. I used the vista snipping tool to take a snapshot of the part of the page that is showing, but I can't get it to unfreeze...has anyone had this problem, and is there a way to unfreeze it so I can at least copy out the text?

OMG I'm dying. help.

Answer:Microsoft Word (Not Responding) error right after saving, but I need the document!

Hi, try Volume shadow copy :-
Right-click the folder where the document is stored
Click the Previous Version tab
Now select the latest item under the Date modified column
Finally click on the 'Restore ...' button.

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I have recieved a file from a colleague that is copy protected. I need to change a few bits round but cannot 'select all, copy & paste'.
How is this done and is there any way round it?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Solved: Microsoft word copy protected document

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I'm going to tell the whole story incase the answer is somewhere lost in one of the steps I took. I'm writing a paper for school and it needs to be on Word 2007. I have two accesses to this type of Microsoft Word. At my boyfriend's house and at school. I started it at my boyfriends house and didn't have my flash drive, so I e-mailed it as an attatchment to my yahoo e-mail. When I was at school, I opened it and worked on it again. I saved it. Later still at school, I opened it, worked on it again and saved it. As I was saving it I realized that the one I had originally opened from my boyfriend's house was the file extention .docx and the file extention my school uses, even though they both are Microsoft Word 2007, was .doc. So I saved it twice just incase one file wouldn't open. When I got to my boyfriends house, I opened the .doc file. It came up and I finished my paper. Throughout working on it, I randomly and continually clicked the "save" button. Not the "save as". When I was finally finished, I went to upload it onto the internet to turn it in like I always do, and I couldn't find it. I of course closed the program before I realized I couldn't find it, so I couldn't try to resave it as something else. I know I saved it more than once. I looked everywhere I can possibly think of!! The recent documents, my documents, everything.

I really need help. Please someone tell me there's a way to find it. It mus... Read more

Answer:Lost But Saved Microsoft Word 2007 Document

It "saved" to a temporary folder. If you've searched the whole drive for the file name and it didn't show up, then it has already been wiped out. When working with e-mail attachments, you need to save it to a known location before making changes to it.

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Microsoft Word will not open my Word documents when I click on a Word document icon, what happens instead is:

I click on a Word document icon saved on my computer.
Microsoft Word opens to a gray screen and does not open the document I clicked on.

If I open Word first and then click on new blank document on the toolbar and then click on the Word document I want to open, then it will open. But this is a royal pain, sometimes I have to navigate deep into folders to re-open a document after I've done the above to enable Word.

I have reinstalled the program, replaced the template by a with a new but nothing seems to work.

I would appreciate someone's help with this. Microsoft Customer support has me running in circles.

Answer:Microsoft Word does not open document when I click on Icon

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I had a word document open (it wasn't saved). I was working on something for a few hours. Then I opened another word document (that I have had trouble opening in the past) and it completely closed the other, unsaved document that I had been working on.

I hadn't saved the 1st document so I can't search for it. And when I open the 2nd document (that closed the first) it tells me that the document caused a serious error the last time I opened it and asks me if I want to continue opening it.

Please help! I really need to recover this word document. Is there any way I can do it?


Try reading here

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Hi everyone,

Just recently I've started having problems opening documents that are attachments from emails... The first time I try to open it, the Microsoft 2000 logo comes on, and then the triangle with an exclamation mark comes on with the words "This file could not be found. Try one of the following..."
Here's the weird part though-- I click on OK, go back to my original email attachment, click on open attachment, and it ALWAYS winds up opening the second time. This hasn't happened once, it happens every time I receive an attachment.

Does anyone know how I can get the attachment to open up the first time???
Thanks for your responses,

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Suddenly, I cannot open an: .rtf Microsoft Word document file.

It is an incoming file from a trusted source.

I can download the file, see the corresponding file images, then when I
click on an image, I get a message from Micosoft Word (with the yellow
triangle enclosing an exclamation point) which says: The server application,
source file or item cannot be found. Make sure the application is properly
installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed.

Please help me open this file, it is a work-related file, and I've tried so
many times already.

Thanking you in advance.

Answer:.rtf Microsoft Word document files aren't opened

Was Office loaded on that machine at work?
If so it is my guess that one of two things is happening.

1) The Office dll that displays pictures is resident on the work network and is only loaded when it is needed - thus displaying that message.

2) A similar thing with the document that just the link (and thumbnail) to the pictures were included in the document. The actual pictures are still on the network.

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My operating system is Windows XP, Home Edition.

I was editing a very large document in Microsoft Word and somehow wasn't able to save it and it disappeared leaving in it's place a file called ~WRL3892TMP. I can't open it as it says file not found and clicking on properties tab shows that it's a hidden file. Since I'm unable to open this TMP file, there is no way I can change the file extension from tmp to doc (saw this suggested elsewhere).

I am the only person using this computer so if it's a permissions issue, what do I do? I don't understand "permissions" either. I just want my document back..

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Lost Document in Microsoft Word - WRL TMP file instead

Do you have an earlier version of the document saved anywhere? Perhaps you could reconstruct it from that point. There may be a way to restore the document from that temp file, but I don't know what it is. Sorry!

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Hi Folks,Has anyone had this problem? Each time I try to open a Word Document the Initial Microsoft Word 2000 window opens - the Icon Window/Welcome Window - and freezes. The Hour Glass and Arrow appear and I can't do a thing from then on. HELP Please!!I restart my computer to find that it sometimes starts the long diagnostic procedure. ThanksHenmin

Answer:Microsoft Word 2000 Document freezes on opening

Do a search for - search usind show hidden files and folders.Rename it to abnormal.dotTry starting Word.

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I am running Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2000. When I try to open a Word document by clicking twice on its icon, Word opens up but after a second or two a popup comes up saying "Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." It then offers to send a full technical breakdown of the problem to Microsoft but what M do with it, I haven't a clue.The Windows window then closes and that's that.I've previously used Microsoft Office very satisfactorily with Windows 2000 and this only started 2 weeks after installing Windows XP.However, if I open Word first and then go file>open> and browse to the file I need to open, it works OK.I have checked the association of the .doc extension with Word and have replaced the file but to no avail.Any suggestions from any of the learned people in this forum? I'm a bit reluctant to have to install Microsoft Office all over again.-- Alasdair.

Answer:Unable to open Microsoft Word document with clicks

Not sure on this, but have you tried making a short-cut??? Then trying the short-cut to see what happens.

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I have MS Word 2007 and the one thing I hate about it is it's default document settings. These are the settings that are applied when I open a new document in MS Word. Exactly what I dislike is the line spacing. It is always set to 1.15 and there is also a new setting I've never seen in a MS word application. It is simply stated as After and is measured by a pt value. This setting is always at 12 and I want it to be 0.If anybody knows how to keep these settings permanent please give me a heads up.

Answer:Microsoft Word 2007, Initial Document Properties

See if this article can help

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Please let me know if there is a way of finding the number of pages in a microsoft word document (not programatically ) before opening it.

This would be of hlep in my deciding what to pay to my printer administrator even before opening the document

Answer:finding the number of pages in a microsoft word document

I dont know of any software that can count pages without opening a document.

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I removed the SmitFraud trojan from a customer's computer, and she reported that when she composed an email, the word "crap" appeared in her email three times. Sometimes, she composes her emails using MS Word and copies and pastes to Outlook Express, and she could not remember if she used Word this time or composed the email in OE directly.I removed SmitFraud using SmitRem, SmitFraudFix, RogueRemover, and CCleaner. The first time I did this, she encountered some remaining spyware the next day (XP Antivirus?), so I did the same thing and then followed up with a Hijack This log. I removed an entry that referred to "BrowsingSoftware", and that took care of most of the problem. Then, a few days later, she encountered her "crap" problem.I then tried running RogueRemover again. It did not find any problems, so I ran DSS and I am posting the logs from that run.I should probably mention that my customer is blind, and JFW refers to Jaws for Windows, which is a program that reads windows aloud. It is always running. If I do anything that affects Jaws, my customer will be very upset.Here are the logs. Please let me know if anything looks out of place.Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68Run by Sarah on 2008-05-30 14:04:07Computer is in Normal Mode.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------Successfully created a Deckard's System Scann... Read more

Answer:The Word "crap" Is Added To Document Or Email After Smitfraud Was Removed

Hello Richard HuffordWelcome to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum, sorry about the delay, but the amount of people posting with infected computers is through the roof and sometimes we can't get to logs as fast as we would like to. If you have not resolved your issue and still need assistance, post a new HJT log please as your system may have changed since your original post.You have some nasty stuff on this system that needs to be removed.I need to see a Hijackthis log please.Download Trendmicros Hijackthis to your desktop.Double click it to installFollow the prompts and by default it will install in C:\Program Files\Trendmicro\Hijackthis\Highjackthis.exeOpen HJT Scan and Save a Log File, it will open in Notepad Go to Format and make sure Wordwrap is UncheckedGo to Edit> Select All.....Edit > Copy and Paste the new log into this thread by using the Post Reply and not start a New Thread.DO NOT have HijackThis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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I used Microsoft Word 97 and oftentimes have to enter the same number at multiple points in the document. How can I enter the number just once and have WORD insert it automatically at the other points in the document?

Answer:Microsoft Word data entries multiple places in document

You could insert AutoText fields, then redefine the AutoText & recalc the whole doc. But unless I'm missing something, that seems a little OTT.

Couldn't you just put a fairly unique string (eg: xyz) at the required points, then when you have your number do a find & replace (CTRL+H)?


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howdy, I wonder if you could help? I have been tasked with finding a solution to a particulary annoying issue within Office 2007 Professional. The very first time you try and open up a Word Attachment within Outlook we receive an error message as follows :- "The System cannot find the file specified". If you leave Microsoft Word open and then double click the file again, the document opens.

I have tried all solutions\suggestions on how to fix this and none of these have helped. Has anyone else come across this issue and managed to resolve it?

Answer:Double Clicking on Word document within Microsoft Outlook 2007

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Hi Friends,
I have a problem in my PC I use Windows 7 Ultimate and I have lost my New Microsoft Word Document Shortcut on my Right Click Context Menu. please tel me hove to insert New Microsoft Word Document Link into Context menu.

Answer:Lost my New Microsoft Word Document Shortcut on Context Menu

Hello. This works up to Office 2003. But you may try it.
Add Word/Excel 97-2003 Documents Back to the "New" Context Menu After Installing Office 2007 - How-To Geek

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I've got a template in my Word documents that I reuse often and today when I was entering new information there were several error notices (that little gray box) "Microsoft noticed an error and must close" and even though I re- opened and I saved it - now when I open the document the font is completely different (HUGE) and it won't allow me to change it. Before I create a new document and copy and paste it correcting the size difference to the new one is their way to bring the document back to the way it was before?

Sorry - it seems that the error that was caused by Microsoft closing only affected the document when I accessed it through "start". When I opened My Documents - it opened the correct version. Sorry I didn't check that before posting!

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Dear Sir,


I hope you will be fine. I need your help as I want to merge data on Proof of Delivery. My files are attached. Kindly guide me how to merge multiple records into lower part of document (table) as the upper part of document is not falls under Directory Merge. The key field is Patient ID. Kindly help.

Kind Regards
Shehbaz H.

Answer:Mail Merge Multiple Rows into One Document in Microsoft Word

I am really surprise to know that no expert available on this forum for reply. I have done some work but it is not corrected upto the mark. Screenshot by Lightshot

I need patient id wise breaking items into next pages. Is there anyone for help?

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I have downloaded a doc. that I am using for university. Half of the doc. is displaying musical notes the other half is in normal English text. I have tried reinstalling office, did a registry clean, cleaned any possible trojans or viruses...I cannot even find out what font it is trying to read. Many of the features in this doc. are null and void. I am using windows vista. I just don't understand it. I never had an issue like this before. Can anyone offer a viable and concise solution? I appreciate it very much. I have uploaded the file for anyone to inspect..please don't tell me, "it works for me!" Yes, that might be true, but it DOESN'T WORK FOR ME. Thank you, again.

Answer:Microsoft word 2007-document shows musical notation?!

Sounds like a font issue rather than office itself. What is the document meant to have in it? text?

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Answer:i use google mail and received an email with word doc attachment how do i download document

It usually starts with a click or a tap, depending on the device. And that sounds too simple. I feel there is some problem we are not being made aware of. I'm sure you are trying to express some sort of attempted the basics and failed concept
More details, please.
What happens when you try to download? Any error messages or popups with advice? What message is received?
What device? OS and version? How are you accessing the Gmail? Browser? Which browser, at what version? App? What App?
Is this a new problem? What might have changed recently that could affect this?
If you need to add additional information or want to post additional questions, please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the same thread you originally made. Please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hello world!
I am trying to publish html site made in Microsoft Word. All the links contain GIF images. The web preview of the document works perfectly, however, when I transfer files online, instead of images i can see only their icons, while background and text is displayed. Help me please. thank you

Answer:Solved: publishing html online from microsoft word document that has GIF images

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The weirdest thing is going on here at work. When you open a brand new page (blank page) with microsoft word, it opens with the same 3 paragraphs of a document that we copied from a website to work with (however we never saved this as a document) Now everytime we go to open a blank document the same 3 paragraphs open with it and won't seem to go away.

I tried a detect and repair, reinstalling Office and even deleting all temp files but it still pops up, has anyone seen this before or know how to put a stop to it? I would greatly appreciate any help!

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Word creates a new document but opens existing text

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I am stuck at work and want to copy the Microsoft Outlook Calender Window (the whole page not just the calender) onto a word document so i can the edit, add arrows etc..... i am using Outlook 2000.

Any ideas if this is possible.



Answer:Solved: Copy Microsoft Outlook Calender Window into a Word Document

You can go to File/Save as Webpage, and then open the webpage in Word.

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I just started using microsoft mail for my emails. I used to use outlook and microsoft word would automatically correct spelling and capitalization errors as I typed. This does not seem to be happening now. I searched and it seems like microsoft mail is not using word to edit my emails. Does anyone know how to turn it on? If you cannot is there a way to have my emails automatically correct spelling and capitalizations? thanks for any help.

Answer:using microsoft word as email editor

Hello Blake,

Welcome to the forums.

I'm guessing you mean Windows Mail. Here is a tutorial on spell check: Windows Mail - Always Check Spelling

If you just want to turn on spell check, Tools/options/spelling tab. It will check spelling when you hit the send button.

Hope this helps.

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My operating system is Vista and I have been using Microsoft office 2007 &#8220;Document Imaging&#8221; for OCR and passing the text to Word. Recently it has been exhibiting strange behavior.

When I try to send the text to Word (&#8220;Send text to Word&#8221, &#8220;Document Imagining&#8221; gives an error message:
&#8220;Server Busy. This action cannot be completed because the &#8216;document 1 - Microsoft Word&#8217; program is not responding. &#8230;&#8221;. However, an empty Word document window appears anyway.

When I minimize the empty Word document window, a small dialog box appears asking me &#8220;Do you want to convert from
[list of file formats] to Word?&#8221; If I select HTML, the text appears in Word.
Sometimes the Word/&#8221;Document Imaging&#8221; programs hang up completely, in which case I have to go to &#8220;Task Manager&#8221; to get out of the predicament.

I have uninstalled and re-installed &#8220;Microsoft Office 2007&#8221; with no success in solving the problem. However, if I I implement "Document Imaging" on a different computer (also with Vista), everything works as expected.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? How can I go directly to Word instead of having to convert from HTML? How did it get to HTML in the first place?

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Word problem with "Document Imaging" OCR software

Have you tried going to Word Options ? Check in Advanced under Compatibility and make sure Word 2007 is selected in the "layout this document as if "

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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

Answer:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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