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Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

Question: Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I'm looking for a program that can add a watermark to images in bulk. This isn't the standard watermark where it is overlayed onto the existing image. I want to be able to add, say, 50px to the bottom of the image canvas and write the watermark there on the new white space.Freeware would be nice but anything will do.

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Preferred Solution: Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I haven't used this or any watermark programs, but this one surely warrants a look:

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I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.

Answer:Mass/Bulk Image Converter Program

Blown Cap said:

I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.Click to expand...

ImageMagick makes it very easy from command line, and being command line there are no bells and whistles.

When installed and the DLL is registered you have all the commands available from command line, no need to start any programs to do graphics manipulations, tons of options if you read up on it on

What you want would be as simple as opening a command prompt, go to the Dir with your pics, and type...
mogrify -format jpg *.bmp
...and that's all.

But as said, it can do MANY other things, if you read up on it.

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Just released a now piece of software that you can use to add watermarks to images, pictures and photos.
Watermark Images with freeware TSR Watermark Image Software
Anders Pedersen

Answer:Watermark Images with freeware TSR Watermark Image Software

I have seen many of these type of things before so there is nothing particularly new in this idea but having looked at yours its does seem one of the better ones.

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I am creating a new website for my photography business. It is only a hobby so I don't want to spend a fortune on it. The last step for me is to copyright my images. I need to create coyright watermarks on all images. I've only seen free wtermark software that does one picture at a time. I have thousands of images so need a batch or bulk watermark software. I prefer to download it as well. Not go through some watermark website each time I do watermarks.

Answer:Solved: Free Bulk Watermark Software? Does it exist?

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As I dabble in art/photography I find I'm rapidly gaining hundreds of images on the pc, some of which I put on cdr and many of which I would like to have better track of.I'm looking for a catalogue program which will support tif,jpeg,psd and ideally but not urgently Canon RAW still formats and maybe avi too. I've already dismissed Iview Media because although it says it supports Photoshop post 3.0 it turns out that that's only in it's Mac Pro version. I've heard some pretty poor reviews of Adobe's new program and Jasc's PhotoAlbum4 doesn't specify what format it covers.Any other ideas would be much appreciated.Dan

Answer:Looking for a good image cataloge program

Have a look a Irfanview. Don't know if it will do exactly what you want but it's very comprehensive and FREE! click hereBrian

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I'm looking for a good digital imaging editor program for my computer. I'm currently running Win 98 first edition. I'd prefer the software be free seeing as how I'm a broke college student

Answer:Need a good image editing program

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Hello all,

While I know quite abit about computers and the workings of a personal computer I have yet to create a hard drive image. Now that I have installed a clean install of XP Pro and all of the software I use, I would like to create an image so that I can avoid the pain taking task of doing this whenever something gets fubar'ed when running the same install of XP for a few months. So any suggestions are very much apreciated. Thanks all.

Answer:Just Reformated And I need a Good Disk Image Program.

Acronis True Image ... is just about perfect my friend

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I'd like suggestions on a simple-to-use image backup to save my entire 'C' hard drive on a WD 120 gig external drive. I have read comments about Norton vs Acronis, and would appreciate comments about the most simple, foolproof backup choice between these two.

Also, any others that anyone can suggest.


Answer:Good, foolproof image backup program?

Well, I'd recommend Acronis True Image, available from for $30 on a downloaded purchase. It doesn't get much more idiot proof than that.

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Question: Image to Watermark

I think this is what I mean.I want to take an image and convert it so that it appears as a very faint background image (watermark I think its called). Is this possible. Do I do this in Dreamweaver or in Photoshop or how else can I do it.I've searched various areas but dont find anything conclusive. Cheers.

Answer:Image to Watermark

I'd put the image into Photoshop then change its opacity to 50% (or somewhere around that) then add it as a background in your body tag:<body background="IMAGE URL">

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Hi, I am doing a project which needs to be done in landscape. I originally started the project in Word as I prefer it over Publisher but it gets difficult when your working with lots of pages moving pages around and inserting and deleting them and so forth so I have moved to Publisher before it gets too complicated. I am using a watermark background effect in word by going to Format > Background > Printed Watermark and I want to still use this in Publisher on all my pages. I went to Format > Background > More Backgrounds.. and then clicked on the Picture Tab. When I applied the image I got a tiled effect with the picture duplicated all over the page instead of the centered watermark one I was looking for, see the snapshot below to see what I mean. Can anyone explain how to get it looking the same as before, I use Word & Publisher 2002.

Thankyou for any replies, please post back ASAP because the project has to be given in on Wednesday (16th).

Answer:Watermark Background Image

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Hey guys, I recently wrote a bulk image downloader that scans pages and lets you save images.
are supported.

Unzip and run Floader.exe!rloUWZqS!hcYevvLwSSlSbWbHNsfs0DmjupNUXZoNnTceNEg qtRA

Answer:Bulk Image Downloader

To all interested in this application -
Be warned that you download and use this application at your own risk.
BC does not support or endorse this software.
Chris Cosgrove

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I've got a little problem.....i have a folder with a LOT of images (.jpgs).

I need to resize them ALL. The only way I can figure out doing this is opening them one by one in my image editor, resizing, saving, going to the next one.

With several hundred images, I would love to be able to do this in bulk. They all will be the same size when I am done with them.

Can this be done?

Answer:Image Resize (in bulk)

Check out the Image Resizer, it has a batch mode that is pretty awesome, yay for freeware.

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some application that is able to run on win7 and can add some watermark on videos (every) with the lowest size at export.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:video editing software good for watermark

Try this.

Free Video Converter: convert video files easily, AVI FLV WMV MP4 MKV MOV converter.

iWisoft Free Video Converter can fast convert videos between all popular formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, XviD, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, FLV, MKV, RM, MOV, 3GP, and audio MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG. Directly convert video for playback on your PSP, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox, Zune, Creative Zen, Archos and other digital multimedia devices.

The video converter also has powerful video editing functions including crop, trim, merge, adding watermark and special effects. And it's totally free!

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I'm working on a project right now but I've run into a problem. I have a CSV list of URLs for around 700 images and I need to download, resize, and rename them all. Manually this will take way too long for the project to be practical in any way by downloading each URL one at a time.

Is there a program out there that can take a list of image URLs and auto download them all? Would be a huge help if anyone knows of one. I've tried searching for one but all the one's I've found only work one URL at a time.

I'm new to these forums so if this is in the wrong forum let me know.

Answer:Solved: Bulk Image Downloader?

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I am looking for a FREE bulk image downloader program or chrome extension that will not crash my browser.

I want to use the program/extension to quickly download the pics I've shared on Facebook and Tumblr. Because it would take HOURS to go through and download each one by one.

I've tried a few extensions already, but each of them crashed chrome because they tried to save them by opening a "save as" window for each. So I need a program that allows you to save them into a folder or into compressed file/folder so that it doesn't crash my browser or my computer.

Any ideas??

Answer:Looking for a free Bulk Image Downloader

Most of these sites have protected the images from be downloaded in the manner you wish.

Have tried contacting "Support" of these sites and see what they have to say?

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I've found quite a few programs that will resize images in bulk, but none of them will quite do what I'm looking for.

I need to convert a number of images with various sizes (175x25, 140x100, 110x50, etc.) into 250x250. However, I don't want to stretch the original image, just add white trim around the outside of the image to make it 250x250. Any software I've found will only stretch the image. I can't do each image individually, because I have over 30,000 of them to go through. Does anyone know software that would do that in bulk?

Answer:Bulk Image Resizing Software

How about this Microsoft power toy?

Just select the images you want then right click resize.

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Can anyone suggest me an Image Optimizer desktop software which have the feature of watermark. Actually I want to reduce the image file size from 1.5MB to 50-70KB, without reducing images quality. I also want to put watermark on the images. So the software must have both features.

Free software is preferred.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Image Optimizer plus Watermark Desktop Software?

"Actually I want to reduce the image file size from 1.5MB to 50-70KB, without reducing images quality"

That degree of filesize reduction on images cannot be achieved without some degree of image data loss.

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I've created a Word template that has a 72 dpi (low res) full-page watermark image set in the background. This document, with no text or anything, is 76 kb.

If I paste in a couple pages of text and save it on a PC, it balloons up to almost 2 megs. If I flow in the same copy and save it on a Mac, the filesize is only 92 kb. The two files are exactly the same except for the fact that one is saved on a PC (I've tried with both Word XP and Word 2000) and one is saved on the Mac.

So why would the file size expand that much on the PC? Is the PC having to duplicate the watermark for each page, thus bumping the filesize up?


Answer:Word + watermark image + text = big file

To test a bit more, I took the 2 MB file and saved it as a PDF, with the resulting file ending up at a nicely tiny 60 kb. Something's up, and Word's at fault... I just can't figure out why.


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Does anyone know of an app in which you can automatically reduce the file size of, say, 30 images all in one go rather than having to reduce each one separately?I've quite a few images which I want to put into a photo gallery. The first one I looked at was over 1 MB which I'm sure is too big for a web page!

Answer:Bulk reduction of jpg image file size

Ifanview click here

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Hey all, just thought I'd leave my 2 cents here. I bought a Thinkpad Yoga i7 version from the Microsoft store for a pretty decent price, knowing the potential issues it has but under the assurance of a 30 day warranty. It's an absolutely lovely laptop, and it knocks everything else out of the park in almost every regard... however after a couple days of using and constantly inspecting it for any issues, it began to display minor ghosting issues. With the checkerboard test, it showed a faint but long lasting retention (for a minute or two). Not only that, but I'm noticing a faint yellow splotch on the middle left portion of the screen.  I'm very disappointed with this because this machine is absolutely fantastic in every regard, but I'm almost certain I'm going to have to end up returning it within the next few days. I should note that I do have the SPB2 updated screen, so it seems that the new screen unfortunately doesn't resolve these issues. It's a shame for the computer to be so well built but have a poorly built screen to top it off. I'll hold onto the laptop for another week or so while I look for a suitable replacement, and see if the conditions worsen or plateau as it is now and let you guys know. It's sad to see such a wonderful machine to be plagued by such minor but deal-breaking issues, and I hope Lenovo can address them accordingly as they'll be producing one heck of a laptop.

Answer:Re: Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

@dave - That are really bad news regarding the SPB2 panel.  In my case, It's been a week and a half since I got my first screen replacement, unfortunately spb1 model, and the ghosting in this one is much worse than in the previous one. It appears after one minute using chrome, and is stronger.On monday I will get my third screen, and then let's see what happens, but I am really disappointed whit this issue.That's not a matter of perception, I haven't seen so a strong ghosting in any modern device. It lasts for around 5 minutes to completely dissapear.Anyone here with experience getting a refund in Germany?Regards

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Hello all,I've finally made my decision and purchased the Thinkpad Yoga last May of 2014 -- That Thinkpad Yoga ( to be exact. What a wonderful machine it is, and I immediately fell in love with it!However, sadly a few months ago, the screen retention began to become an issue, a serious one, and weirdly enough, my USB slots are acting funny whenever I have a "detectable" device connected (such as phone, storage, camera, etc). I still have about 180 on my Lenovo original warranty, which I still can extend to another 2-3 years if I wanted to. and I also have purchased another 3-4 years 3rd party warranty from amazon. Both still valid to this date.I'm wondering, am I still eligible for a return? If yes, is there a chance for me to get the improved 2nd gen Yoga? if yes, would you guys be so kind and guide me through the process if you're familiar/experienced.If not, what would you guys advise me to do? What would you do in my situation? If you don't know, can you direct me to someone who might know and and maybe willing to help?That'll really mean a lot, and I'd very much appreciate any help I could get.Thanks a lot in advance! regards,

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

I've sent mine to the RMA (within 12 months period after purchase) and they have replaced the LCD under warranty. Seems to be the problem with many Thinkpad Yogas. Gosting does not occur now. Regards, P.

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Hello everyone.
I teach students in conferences over the computer who are too sick to go to school or are having surgery.
I usually broadcast my screen live with Screenleap. In Florida, we don't have enough funding to have fiber optic speed or good enough computers to use Twitch or I would live stream my face on the bottom of the screen.
At the very least, I'd like to "pin" my photo in one of the corners of my screen as I broadcast live while showing them how to do math, etc.
Is there a Windows 10 app that does this? Or a manual way to do this?
Thank you,

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Admin Note: This thread has been reorganized for escalation purpose -  using ajpot's info for escalation since he was the first to respond to my request of collecting information.
I've got the ghosting issue on my yoga as well.  It was OK for the first few weeks (no noticeable ghosting at all) but now it only takes around a minute of having something on screen for ghosting to appear when switching to something else.
I'm in the process of sending my yoga in for repair as I'm experiencing some other issues, so I've asked them to repair the screen as well.  From what I've read, it's likely they won't be able to fix it (in which case I'll be asking for a refund) but I'll see how it goes.
Machine: ThinKPad Yoga
Machine Type Model: 20CD-CT01WW
Date manufactured: 3rd December 2013


Go to Solution.

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

I've got a Thinkpad Yoga 20CD-0033US at Fry's Electronics. At almost 3 weeks of my purchase, I noticed using a desktop app that after 5 minutes, the screen starts "memorizing" the images that are static, like the explorer bar and the Start logo. This gets worst if the image has white and is big, because more time the image remains, more bold gets on the screen. I'm not sure if it's a driver problem or is about the build quality of the screen.I have to add than I'm very disappointed with the build quality of this computer. The one that I'm using is the SECOND ONE!, because the first stopped working at the third day, and this second one has design flaws, like a defective "B" letter and visible spaces between the screen and its housing. Very unacceptable for a $1300 laptop. If somebody has any software solution for my screen problem I would appreciate it, because I live outside the US and the technical service here in Colombia doesn't answer (sorry for my English).

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I'd like to run some long-distance 3D HDMI and I'm looking to use CAT6 STP cable.

Where is a good place to buy it?

Monoprice has CAT6 UTP 1000 feet for around $100 (plus $30 - $50 shipping to the east coast) which is tempting but it's not STP.

I don't need STP but I figured it would be nice to have especially for long runs but I don't know...

eBay has a CAT6 STP 1000 foot for $100 but who knows the quality on that...

Answer:Where is a good place to buy bulk CAT6 STP? (500 - 1000 feet)

What in your environment would require the use of STP?

I vote for monoprice, never had an issue with their cable

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Does anyone know of a watermark program i can use for videos? i have some movies that i have put together, but i would like to put a simple line of text at the bottom of the screen that says the url during the whole movie. windows movie maker just leaves it sitting in the center of the screen

also, i have tried right-clicking on the video file and going into the properties, but i can't change the text displayed for author, subject, etc. can someone please help me out on how to do that?

Answer:Watermark Program For Videos

Ever used Zwei-Stein before?

I'll look up a tutorial for compositing a still image.

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Hi there,

Could anyone kindly recommend me an-easy to use - program that creates watermarks on photos ?

I know Adobe Photoshop could do it , but am looking for an easier app to use.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Program for making watermark ?!

Ulead PhotoImpact 8, XL, PRO

1. Open a new image -- color white, 320x240 (you'll find this if you click on the arrow next to Standard).
2. Click the Text Tool. In the Attribute Panel, choose Arial Black, size: 30, color: Black, Mode: 2D Object. Type your name.

3. Change to the Crop Tool. Click on the Options icon, click Active Selection. Double-click in the uncovered area to crop your image.

4. Right-click and Merge All.

5. Go to Effect / Material Effect / Emboss. (Note for PI 7 it's Effect / Special / Emboss) Click on Options button. You will see the box at left. Click the "5 o'clock" square and change the depth to 2. Click OK.

Change to your Pick Tool.

6. Now, save it in your Easy Palette:
Right-click on your image, click All. Right-click again, click Convert to Object. Drag it to your EP (left-click, drag, let it go over the EP), give it a name, or not, and you have a Watermark!

To use your Watermark:
7. Open the image you wish to watermark.

Note: The image must be "RGB True Color [24-bit]" Look at the bottom right-hand corner of your PI click on the "i" in a circle. This will tell you the data type of your image.
(Optional, but a good idea -- Duplicate the image [keyboard shortcut CTRL-D is easy] and close the original image.)

8. Drag your watermark from the Easy Palette onto the image. Click on your Pick tool and click on the Properties box. Move the dialog box that comes up, if n... Read more

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Apologies - the Urgent in this is only because I'm unsure whether any action may need to be done before I close down in about 6 hours or so.

Basically my problem began in Picasa 3 where I watched a short vid then decided to change the filename. That done I closed the preview & went back to the main program where I discovered that Picasa had somehow decided I wanted the entire folder of images renamed so it has worked through the 500+ images and renamed each one as Filename001, Filename002, Filename003 and so on which as you can appreciate is now causing somewhat of a major headache for me. It would take me a good few hours I would rarely have to go through and rename each one manually, so my question basically is - is there any method or program that can undo the action as I can't find any means of doing so from within Picasa. All other options I've found in my searches are mainly to achieve pretty much the same i.e. bulk rename as Name1, Name2 etc so are of little help.

Anyone any suggestions what else I could try?

Answer:Urgent help needed - how to revert a bulk image name process?

I assume you don't have a Backup to fall back on. I use these two bulk renaming tools. You can see if they help. This is drop dead simple to use -
This one has a more complicated interface but a couple other options -

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im looking for a prog that can take a db of addresses and print them on labels in a way that will allow me to get bulk rates from USPS. i think there is some sort of sorting that has to be done b the software...
im looking for something reasonably priced and easy to use.


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Anyone know of a program that will make thumbnails out of pics and maybe watermark them as well?

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We are having an ETL process which inserts lots of data into tables. This database is set to Simple Recovery Model and the transaction log is growing a lot. I was thinking that would it help to set this database into Bulk-Logged Recovery Model? We are taking full backups on daily basis. So is there some operations which are not logged in Bulk-Logged Recovery Model compared to Simple Recovery Model?

Answer:Is it good idea to change Simple Recover Model into Bulk-Logged on ETL

Judging by the terms used, my best guess it that you're asking something about SQL Server, right?
If so, please specify it, so we can come to an adequate answer.

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Any one have such a program? I've been searching for days in snapfiles, in here and in google trying to find one that won't break my animated pictures.

I put to much work into making them to only have to remake them just for a watermark! Thanks for any help.

Answer:need help finding a watermark program for animated gifs

I found one $30 program. I have no idea if it is good or bad.

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i wonder if there's any program out there that will remove the watermark stamps on pdf files; i have seen programs that will add the watermark but havent seen programs that will remove the watermark stamps on pdf's


Answer:any program to remove watermark stamps on pdf files?

PDF's are commonly used so that alterations to the "original" electronic documents cannot be made.

What you want to do is likely to be very difficult, without recreating the document again.

Some printer driver software will add a watermark. None will remove one thats part of the document composition.

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I have amassed 50 groups of 50 people each in OE over a few years from enquiries to my website.

I email them once a year, and it is a bit time consuming to do 50 emails - is there a freeware/shareware Bulk Email program that someone can recommend that is free from bugs or malware - can't be sure what you download nowadays ?


Answer:Suggestions for a Bulk Email program

Your problem will be that many ISP's now limit the numbers of emails in any time period, to stop spammers and 2,500 emails would certainly trigger such limits!

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I have about 500 customers
I want to make groups to send mass emails to them once a month
best Free program to do that?
suggestions appreciated


Answer:Best BULK Email free program?

Your not plannin on spammin' are you dude?

actually I dont know of anything to help you...sorry!

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Win XP not allowing Management-Ware Mass Mailing News to work


Recently switched OS to Win XP Pro from Win 2000 Pro. Also have laptop running XP Home. Neither can run Management ware Mass Mailing News (ONLY for Opt-in mailing list). On Roadrunner but have disabled all firewalls, routers. Its is a smtp-server based program where I simply input smtp-server name. Was working before on Win 2000 and still works on son's desktop running Win 2000. Can also run the program successfully thru gmail server. Fairly new to XP but can't find anything that should block access to smtp server. Get error message "Connection has failed because connected host has failed to respond". Anyone...any ideas on what to try?
Thanks so much in advance for your time and trouble.

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Occasionally, I find a need to copy files from one disk to another and when I do, must answer "yes" or "no" when asked whether I want to replace a newer or older file.

This is not bad for a few files but if a few hundred files are involved, it would be nice to have a program or way to tell it to automatically replace older files.

Anyone know of a way to do this or a program that will do it.


Answer:Need program to update files in bulk

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Universal Watermark Disabler will help you remove the build number desktop watermark from Windows 10 Preview.
Go get it here.

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Hi,I'm having trouble opening some files which have the file extension .bcp I've tried using the windows web service to find a program which can open them but had no luck - I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what I can do or if it's something to do with my computer itself (its about 4 1/2years old, with windows XP home on it).Many thanks,Jenny.

Answer:Opening bulk copy program (.bcp) files

You need to install the software that created the .bcp file. I think it was this:

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I believe the program 89exinjs.n.exe in this hijack this logfile is sending bulk emails out to random addresses. According to spyware terminator the parent process is svchost.exe, but I know you can't delete that as it is essential to the OS. It seems to spew out those .n.exe files, and I have had enough of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:44:22, on 13/11/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\UPHClean\uphclean.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLDial.exe
C:\Program Files\BT Voyager 105 ADSL Modem\dslstat.exe
C:\Program Files\BT Voyager 105 ADSL Modem\dslagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Terminator\SpywareTerminatorShield.exe
C:\Program Files\iolo\System Mechanic Professional 6\SMSystemAnalyzer.exe
C:\Program Files\AOL 9.0\aoltray.exe
C:\... Read more

Answer:program sending random bulk emails

hi, welcome to TSG.
Disable spyware terminator until we are finshedas it may interfere with the fixes!
Right click spyware terminator on the bottom right of your status bar and
choose exit.Then tick the box and that is spyware termintor disabled!

you don't appear to ahve either a firewall or an anri virus program. donlaod thee form the links below and install them, update anti vi when installed!

Comodo firewall. Sign up it's free!
Threads on comodo!


Click Start > Run > and type in:


Click OK.

In the services window find Winlogon Notify: winkve32
Right click and choose "Properties". On the "General" tab under "Service
Status" click the "Stop" button to stop the service. Beside "Startup Type"
in the dropdown menu select "Disabled". Click Apply then OK. Exit the
Services utility.

Note: You may get an error here when trying to access the properties of the
service. If you do get an error, just select the service and look there in
the top left of the main service window and click "Stop" to stop the service. If that gives an error or it is already stopped, just skip this step and proceed with the rest.
Also disable this file!
Windows Log
Download the pocket killbox

D... Read more

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Watermark Tool is the free online watermarking software that allows you to add watermark effect to your images quickly and easily. You can also personalize your images in a variety of ways - including text size, color, and position.
For people with photoshop, illustrator, or other advanced graphical software, applying watermarks isn't very difficult. However, many people don't have these kinds of tools, which means that their images can't be photoshopped without more advanced computer knowledge and extra hassle. With this website, anybody can apply personalized watermarks quickly and without needing to know anything about graphic manipulating software. Even people with advanced graphical know-how will probably find that this site's process to be a quicker and easier solution than opening Photoshop and creating a watermark from scratch.
visit: Free Watermark Tool - Generate watermarks for your images quickly and easily.

Answer:Add Watermark effect to images online using Watermark tools

Nice and useful tool
Any download-able freeware app, btw?

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There is a case, where i have bulk of user names and bulk of flat files(.txt files). I have to search each and every user name in all the flat files and if the user found it should picked up. I have to repeat this for all the user names. Is there any possibility of doing this in an easier way.. Please help..

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If you want to remove watermark from the Windows 8 RP desktop, you can use this Watermak Editor. It even lets you change the watermark if you want.
I used it and rebooted my computer and the watermark had disappeared.

Answer:Remove Windows 8 watermark with Watermark Editor

Yes - I have used it. I need to remove the watermark - else the blog post screenshots can look dated. Thanks for posting it here.

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I used to see file editors back in the early days and never was able to handle them due to arcane
help files, TMI and other problems associated with pedantry in lingo.

Soon I will need to edit my HD of duplicates and no longer- needed items.

Please don't mention the "ability" to hold down the control key and make a box and delete what's inside.

No, what I need is something along the line of a wildcard delete such as delete myfile*.*

Is there anything like that in Win7 freeware? Something with a bit more control than
a screen full of highlighted things or the opposite: clicking each and every item, delete and confirm?

Answer:A file editing routine in Win7 or a program to deal with bulk files

Your title says "file editing". Your text refers to deleting.

Are you talking about identifying duplicate files and deleting the duplicates, so that you have only 1 version?

Are you referring only to files that have the same exact name, regardless of content? Or do you mean files with the same content, regardless of name?

Text files? Pictures? What file extensions generally?

You can do a lot from the command line using switches and wild cards.

There are good duplicate file finder applications. And the "Everything" search engine is great for finding files with identical names.

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i have a post on here trying to figure out pse7. i am really trying to figure out what is a good digital imaging program that you can use so you fix photos and make slideshows on. i had one person say the picassa program and another say use photoshop still. does any one have any good advice.
i like to edit photos but put them onto a slideshow or something creative.
please let me know.
thank you

Answer:what is a good digital imaging program? any good advice?

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DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.4.1
Run by Artur Ferreira at 19:59:57 on 2012-05-26
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.351.2070.18.1023.311 [GMT 1:00]
AV: AntiVir Desktop *Enabled/Outdated* {AD166499-45F9-482A-A743-FDD3350758C7}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Programas\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\sched.exe
C:\Programas\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avgnt.exe
C:\Programas\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe
C:\Programas\Ficheiros comuns\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Programas\DivX\DivX Update\DivXUpdate.exe
C:\Programas\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avguard.exe
C:\Programas\Application Updater\ApplicationUpdater.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k hpdevmgmt
C:\Programas\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avshadow.exe
C:\Programas\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\ccc.exe
C:\Programas\Oracle\JavaFX 2.1 Runtime\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Programas\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k HPZ12
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k HPZ12
C:\WINDOWS... Read more

Answer:Everytime i open a program (program name).exe bad image appears

this was solved by:
When i opened a program (program name.exe) appears
but inside the warning the following directory was written
destroyed the files on mediabar and it works.

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My Sharp Organizer is discontinued so I feel unsafe putting new contacts in there. Is there a great free program independent of Thunderbird? I'd like it to stand alone so I don't have to go into email for a number. Thanks!

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 This is the correct color form Google Image: This is the color from Windows Photo Gallery:    It looks like it is a issue of Windows Photo Gallery bcause if the same image is opened in another program(Photoshop, paint, etc), the color stays same, the thumbnail color is correct as well. However, it is different in Windows Photo Gallery.Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________W520 4276-23U | Intel i7-2920 XM CPU | 16 GB RAM | Nvidia Quardo 2000M | 1920x1080 Display | Intel Advanced- N 6205 | Color Sensor | Finger Print Reader | BIOS1.34

Answer:The image color in Windows Photo Gallery is wrong, same image in other program color is correct.

Windows photo gallery is not colour profile aware, so assumes your monitor is sRGB.  The same is true of the desktop wallpaper.  There is nothing you can do about this, other than use a different default picture viewing application as default, or convert your images to the ICC profile of your monitor (which you can do in photoshop).  I would only recommend this for wallpapers though.  

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Can anyone shed any light on my problem?click here

Answer:Good web page... but no image.

You spoke of a place holder with a red cross in it, Right click on this and make a note of the URL, then compare and check the the image file is where is say's it & that it's the correct format eg *.jpg, *.gif or *.pngPost the URL of the problem page if you would like further advice

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Hi guys,

I recently installed a new graphic card - new Gigabyte HD585OC. Prior to that I was running only integraded chipset HD 3200. Of course Im very happy with my new graphic (I also installed new PSU - Corsair VX550 550W) and the difference is remarkable.
But.. I thought that with this graphic I would be, for example able to run LOTRO at full details at my current crapy resolution 1280x1024. but if I turn on Anti-Aliasing x8 instead of x4 the game runs good (fps metter 40-50) but it lags. Like the FPS is still up and high, but the image is tearing a little. Also my copm makes this tear-noise for example when the far textures are loading and Im sure thats the noise comming out of my procesor or whatever but not the graphic card.

Here are my specs:

1. Motherboard - ASUS M3A78 PRO
2. Graphic interface - Gigabyte Radeon HD 585OC
3. Memory -2048mb (dual)
4. CPU -AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
5. CPU Speed -3111 (overclock from 2900) / bus speed: 213,6 MHz
6. Power Supply Make/Model - Corsair VX550 550W
7. Watt output/Amperage -dunno where to find the one, because there are so many displayed in AMD OverDrive / other programes
8. OS: Windows XP Prof. 32bit

Now, I know that my procesor is slowing the card down, thats obvious, But I though that if I added maybe some aditional RAM it might have helped a little (even though running XP with 2gb, resp. 1,75gb should be allright).
So do you have any suggestions on what should I do to get rid of this tearing ?
Thanks f... Read more

Answer:FPS good, but the image is tearing

Tearing is typically caused by 2 things (that I can think of); 1 - drivers, 2 - heat.

Drivers being the more likely of the 2. So I'd make sure you have the most up to date drivers for the card before getting concerned about heat. If you have done that, then I'd look into something to speed up your GPU fan (RivaTuner?).

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i see people sackriding True Image everywhere and never understand it.
I have tested and compared True Image 10 vs Ghost 12 vs ShadowProtect. and if not for the fact that Ghost 12 does not do backup from boot CD, True Image ranks last in every single category. the most terrible thing is that True Image's boot CD is very slow to backup/restore to USB drives because it does not support USB 2.0. you have to build a bartPE bootCD with USB 2.0 plugin to use it .
on the other hand, ShadowProtect is extremely fast, even faster than Ghost 12, and has almost no flaws. but i dont see anyone using it

Answer:what's good about True Image??

okay?? And your point is? Did acronis crash your system and you had to buy or build a new pc???
For me, i have acronis 8.0. It works perfect, and thats all, why consider the alternatives when this does exactly what i want it to do????
And second, I dont care about speed, because it takes a while (about an hour for 50 gigs) to do a full backup without compression. So, i just find something else to do, or hop on one of my two laptops.

Also thats a lie about not able to backup via usb2.0. As i have stated before i have 8.0, and you see the time i posted for 50 gigs, thats to my external usb drive that you see in my sig. Hell i remember when i had to move just 25 gigs of music from my old pc via IPOD (using usb1.0) it took the whole night. So with 50 gigs in 1 hr is using the usb 2.0 feature.

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Hi, I've just connected the Spectre 360 (new model) into my 4K monitor, and the image displayed is not sharp as it should be. I've tried connecting them by using HDMI>HDMI and Thunderbold > DisplayPort cables and nothing has changed. Any clue?

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I have a Proview CY 765 17' TFT Monitor which was connected to my old PC which had a nVidia GeForce 4 64MB card giving excellent image quality.I have now connected it to my new PC which has a ATI Radeon 9200 128MB card but the image and text quality and sharpness are not so good.I using XP with all the updates downloaded.I installed the Proview Driver from their website but no improvement so left it on the Plug & Play driver.? Anything else I could do.


click here may help with the text.

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Can someone please recommend me a good image downloader application ?

Answer:good image downloading application

If you are asking for free imaging programs, use free Macrium or free Paragon. But if you are looking for a picture viewer, use Faststone Picture viewer.

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Hello Guys,
I am just in the process of producing a (ghost) image on a Samsung p500. This is for our student Higher Education courses at our college. What came to mind was that i have never seen a post that specifies the features of a good (ghost) image. Im a trainee Helpdesk Engineer at the moment so im sure my images could be improved! But what i usually do with my images is this:

Install Fresh Copy on unpartitioned Drive of Windows XP Professional with SP2
Install Relevant Drivers.
Add Remove Components, Outlook Express, Msn Explorer and Windows Messenger.
Windows Update - All Updates.
Install Nero Burning Rom + BurnRights
Install Microsoft Office 2003 with SP2
Install Acrobat Reader 7
Disable Error Reporting Service.
Install our Student VPN Software.
Make a new Admin Account for ourselves (Students use the Administrator Account).
Sysprep the Machines.

We also support Apple Mac's at the college for student Media Courses and make Images for these. so if people could feed back on what they put on their Apple Mac images that would be great.

So there you go, if everyone could feed back on what they do with their Images and if there are any improvements you think we could make to ours. This would be much appreciated.


Answer:How to make a good (Ghost) Image!

Right so no one on this whole forum makes ghost images? no one can think of any improvements, no one does their images differently to mine?

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Looking for a good backup software for windows 7 64-bit. I would like something better than Norton Ghost 15 or Acronis. Any Suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Looking for good backup/image software Win 7 64-bit

Better, how? You just knocked off 2 top products.

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I am running Win2000 Pro SP4 - in home, single computer. I have several images in Microsoft Power Point Viewer that I'd like to convert to JPEG, but am at a loss as to what is a good, reputable, FREE program. Anybody have any recommendations?

Answer:Looking for a good, free image converter

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I am in the process of changing from a Dell Latitude E6430 to a Dell Latitude E7450 due to an ongoing warranty issue. I did a system image from the old computer, but when I tried to do the system restore from this to the new Lappie, all hell broke loose. Obviously some of the hardware had changed, making the drivers irrelevant.
I have had to re-install Windows 7 pro from the DVD supplied by Dell to start again.
What do I do now? And how do I get the backup active on the new computer???

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I ran across THIS and downloaded it, I was quite impressed for freeware , it seems to have many of the features of the big boys, but it's totally freeware, no nags, no spy ware.

It's available in several languages, and you must get the help file in a separate download, but, unlike so many of these programs, the help file actually tells you what things do ! There are also forums available for help, as well as plug ins and development options, something for the beginner to the expert...check it out...Rhett

Answer:Good Freeware Image Editor

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Before we got BT Yahoo Photo and we found it was user-friendly and very easy to use, but sadly, BT pushes us to join Flickr and BT Yahoo had to close BT Yahoo Photos and we thought we could try Flickr and we realise it's very difficult to use and spoil our privacy of photo's. We have decide to stop Flickr and still looking for free image sharing that has,

Send-out invites to people and view them whatever they are registered or unregistered member
easy to navigate
And privacy, only invites, not public

My mum is trying out Kodak Gallery... Is it good?

Answer:Any good Image Gallery on the Internet?

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I backed up one of my games on a iso. I got my new rig up and running with Windows 7 X64 Pro. I lost the disk and know I need to know, what is the best image mounter that WONT CRASH MY SYSTEM. Thank you

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First, I got Mike Cermak's OK to post this request for someone comfortable with Photoshop to improve my image.

I lack the skill and the patience. My impression is that it would be a fairly short job--perhaps 1/2 hour at most -- for which I would be willing to pay some reasonable price up front.

If some such person should be interested, perhaps he could contact me through the private messaging system and give me his email address in that message. Then I could email the image I have as an attachment explaining what I wanted done and we could discuss things via regular email at that point. It is a 4.73 mb file as I want to make an 8 x 10 or even an 11 x 14 print. (I photographed the picture with a 5 megapixel camera.)

Edit: corrected spelling of Mike's last name


Answer:Re a person GOOD with Photoshop improving an image for me.

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I'm looking for a good image uploader script that will let people do public uploads. Celeron Dude's PHP script was *this* close to being what I need, but it doesn't do public uploading. I haven't been able to find anything else, so I'm hoping someone here can recommend something to me.

Answer:Need a good public image uploader script

CeleronDude's script does support public uploads. You have to pay for the latest version though, and I don't think he's selling it at the moment...
I'm not familiar with any other public upload scripts.

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We have a Epson Prolite 76c that does not give an image. We changed the bulb and that did not work. We tried the old bulb in a different projector and it was good. It is only a year old but sadly out of warrenty... Go figure.

After being powered on for about 5 min the Power LED will turn Steady Red and the Bulb LED will flash Red. According to the manual this means the bulb is bad. But its not we have tried 3 different bulbs 2 of which we are positive were ether brand new or not over 5 months old.

We do not want to buy a new one. If we could we are wanting to try to repair it ourselves.....


Answer:Epson Projector.... No Image Bulb is Good

See here and look for reseting the lamp timer.
It is a PDF manual.
May need to follow the replace lamp instructions first.

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Running windows 8.1 which came with the laptop.
New out of the box.

As per title.

I find the image quality of the camera image to be very grainy, poor color etc.

When I start the web camera using the search bar on the right, it starts using the Microsoft application, when you scroll down to settings all that is available under settings/options is Photo aspect ratio, Grid lines, Location info.

I have been in touch with Toshiba Tech support who advised to do a Laptop refresh, which I did.
This made no difference.

After which they asked me to find the Toshiba web camera application on the laptop, this should have been in the Program Files folder in the Toshiba folder.
This application does not exist on my laptop.

The tech checked the same model laptop that he had available, which I was told when he selected the web camera, it opened using the Toshiba Web camera application, not Microsoft.

I have looked at other Toshiba laptops with web cameras, and found the image quality to be better. Unable to get to settings as these laptops were on display and in demo mode, hence locked down to some extent.

I can't believe that a web camera in this day and age for this value of laptop to have such poor image quality. My digital camera from 10year ago has better image quality.

I have checked through the laptop, and I do not have this application installed.

I have checked for updated drivers and software for my laptop, and cannot find this applicatio... Read more

Answer:Satellite S70-A-11H web camera image quality is not good

> The tech checked the same model laptop that he had available, which I was told when he selected the web camera, it opened using the Toshiba Web camera application, not Microsoft.

The Toshiba webcam application is available for Win 7 system but the Win 8 and Windows 8.1 system use the own Microsoft webcam application.

> I have looked at other Toshiba laptops with web cameras, and found the image quality to be better.
Different Toshiba notebooks are equipped with different webcams.
Satellite S70-A-11H was equipped with a *0.92 mega pixel webcam*

A Satellite A660 for example was equipped with an _1.3M mega pixel webcam_

So there is a difference in webcam resolution

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Hello there.

Does anyone know of a good free image printing utility? I would like to have more flexibility than the XP pro photo printing wizard gives. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious but the image printing that comes with XP pro seems to force a particular shape of rectangle on you and forces you to have your image stretched or cropped to fit. I just want to be able to print my images in their original shape at the size I want. Printing several images on one page would also be good.

Does anyone know of such a utility? I'd be very grateful if you'd let me know.


Answer:Anyone know a good free image printing utility?

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I'm looking for a good Windows 7 image viewer/organizer. What I would like is something that is as good as iPhoto on the Mac. Also, it MUST have the ability to "pin" the image to stay on top of other windows so whatever images I open are always in front of every other window.

I was looking at ACDsee and a few others but wanted to see what others thought or used for Windows 7 as a good alternative to something like iPhoto on Mac.


Answer:Good Windows 7 image viewer/organizer?

you can have a look at the Picasa Photo Organizer. Picasa is a delightfully easy-to-use and inexpensive program that seems to have been developed for who want to manage a set of digital photographs.

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What are some of the better apps for making a complete image backup that work in either Windows or by booting up from disc and will create the image to a USB drive? I have used Norton Ghost and True Image for a long time, but want to move away from paid apps.

I ran across this EaseUs Todo Backup Free 3.0, but don't know anything about it. Anyone used this?


Answer:Looking for good free image backup software

what OS?

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Wondering if this is a good setup or should i leave it as automatical managed

have 4gb ram.

Uploaded with

Answer:Virtual memory - experts is this a good set? image included

Hello hkop, welcome to Seven Forums!

As it looks as though you're using a 32-bit Windows 7, it can't access more than about 3.6GB of RAM (or so) to start with so it's best left at "System Managed".

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how good is win 7 drive image fs buying a 3rd party software. I used accronis in xp but will win 7 internal drive image on a external hard disk give me equal results

Answer:how good is win 7 drive image vs buying a 3rd party software

A lot of us on here use Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

Works great and fast. Give it a try it is FREE.


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I've been trying to find a good image hosting to upload my art work (I'm a graphic designer)
I'm paying for Photobucket PRO, but I'm seriously thinking about switching to another server becasuse all the issues I've had in photobucket.
All my images are clear & the quality is really good, however whenever I upload them to photobucket the quality of my images will be destroyed! they look GRAINY, BLURRED, even the COLORS look different!
I realized that what they are doing is COMPRESSING my files!! I don't think this is OK
I'm so tired of deling with this, they will not offer a good solution, even when I'm paying for a PRO account.
I don't care what size the image is "stored" at, I care about how it is displayed.

I will try to upload a sample here so you can see what I'm talking about and the difference of how my images look after they have been uploaded to photobucket

Any suggestion or ideas of what I can do?
Most of the iamges I upload are small because they are "samples" of my work so they measure approx 550x350 ...

Answer:I need info about a good Image hosting, Photobucket PRO disappointed me! :(

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Hi everybody. Im kinda new here so dont be to hard on me. I have an older Dell pc that I am running with windows 2000. Over the years it has gotten a bit slower and Im sure a little clogged up. I went through my programs and discovered that over the years I have collected several programs all related to maintaining the pc. What I would like to do is uninstall ALL of them and do a fresh install of ONE program that does it all. Is there a program that does it all? Currently I have installed:

System Mechanic 6 Professional
Kaspersky Internet Security
SUPER AntiSpyware
Spyware blaster
Smart Defrag

I also must admit, I really dont have any problems with spyware or anything else. Like I said, a little slower than it used to be. But that is to be expected. I know that there is a new System Mechanic 8 out. I was thinking about upgrading to that and uninstalling everything else. Good idea or not?

Answer:Is there a good one for all program?

No. I used System Mechanic several years ago. It's not worth the money. Some of the things it does can be done better by free programs and stuff like a registry cleaner you shouldn't use anyway. It's not an anti virus. It has an anti spyware but it isn't very good. And it doesn't have a firewall. Chances are pretty good that Kaspersky is what is slowing down your computer because like most anti virus programs, it's running in the background and all anti virus programs slow down your computer to some degree. You have to sacrifice some speed to get that protection because you'll get infected if you don't have it. With the exception of Spyware Blaster, none of that other stuff including System Mechanic runs in the background so they're not slowing down your computer. Ditching all your security programs just because your computer is a little slow is throwing out the baby with the bath water.

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I was wondering if such a program exists and if so, can someone recommend one? I'm looking to clean up some files on my registry. Is that safe? I've already used some programs like Spybot, Ad-aware, Norton and Trojan Remover. But, it seems I still have somewhat of a lot of programs still running in my registry which could possibly be slowing my computer. Any recommendations?

Answer:Looking for a good program

Hi Chadwick0211,

Registry cleaners are not recommended. When you say there appear to be programs running in your computer and slowing it down, how do you know this? What programs have highlighted them?

The reason I ask is that programs that run in the registry are either necessary system files, optional programs which you have installed or malicious files which have sneaked in. You can damage the registry very easily if you don't know what you are doing.

There are safer things to do with the second group, like stopping them running on startup, and experts here can help you with the last group. We just need to know a bit more about them.

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I want to...
add subtitles to avi
convert avi to dvd
and burn dvd to dvd disk
With win xp all this was easy using cucusoft but cucusoft doesn't work with vista 64bit

Answer:I need a good program

Originally Posted by panais

I want to...
add subtitles to avi
convert avi to dvd
and burn dvd to dvd disk
With win xp all this was easy using cucusoft but cucusoft doesn't work with vista 64bit

VSO all the way. software you're looking for is called ConvertXtoDVD. does all that you need it to do. can even make menus and all that jazz. i love this software.

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hey guys what is a good iso to usb program? i am burning kodibuntu to a usb drive.

Answer:good iso to usb program?

Rufus works well. Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

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Question: Good FTP program?

Ive been using CuteFTP for a while and it is decent but I figure there may be something better out there.

I use my web hosting to back up various large files on my computer so having something that can "resume" a failed upload would be ideal - CuteFTP is not able to do this.

Any recommendations for either a free or paid app?

Answer:Good FTP program?


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I've had it with Kazaa lite. I'm sick of having all my viruses queued. Does anyone know of any alternative. I love bittorrent, but it's terrible for finding rare songs.

Answer:the next good P2P program


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I always used Easy Cd Creator 5 Plat. but I'm gettin tried of all the problems that I'm havin with direct cd. I would like to know what the best user friendly software I can get to burn mp3 cds and picture cds. The picture cds need to be able to be read by walmarts pic maker. I also need it to work on my old computer, 600 mhz processor and 191mbs of ram, I know I need to upgrade this POS machine but can't right now, lol. Let me know what you guys think. TIA!!!

Answer:Looking for a good pic and mp3 program

If I'm understanding you correctly, you're looking for a good CD burning program. There are several good, FREE programs available right here, from 'the Geeks'. One of my personal favorites is CD Burner XP Pro 3.... check the 'Back Up' section for other free burning apps......


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Question: Good rar program?

What's a decent free program to open .rar files? Most of them I can find look like they're either sharewhare or spyware.

Answer:Good rar program?

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I am looking for a good program to use with my digital camera. Does anyone know of one that will allow me to edit my photos and do interesting applications with them?

Answer:I need a good program

Any photo editor will do. I use photoshop but paintshop pro is good also. What are you trying to do exactly? Just fool around? There are lots of photo editing programs out that that are free. Here is a couple:

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I guess everyone say that MSRDP is DA BEST!
So can U tell me what must I do to install it on Win2kSP4 and WinXP SP1?

Answer:A good VNC program?

Thanks for all the great suggestions that have popped up here and there. I bookmarked everything and will come back later and see what pans out.

The open source RDC client that can be compiled seems like a likely candidate.

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Relevance 42.64% (their main site ) (direct download)Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Is This A Good Program

Never used it. There are other recommendations HERE that other members have used

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I need a good DVD creation program and ideas

Answer:Need a Good program!

dvd x, thats a good program

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I need to find a good free FTP program. Any recommendations? I have never used FTP but I will need to for a little while. Are they easy to use?


Answer:a good FTP program?

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Question: good rss program

I am looking for a good rss reader. Any suggestions?

Answer:good rss program

If you use outlook and feel like updating to outlook 2007, that has an RSS reader built right in

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I am chatting in E-Goat (RAF FORUM) and they are saying that a program called [email protected] is a good one to run as it works in the background and is for an American universiry click here is the thread link. I think it might be malware but am not sure - - any advise from you guys out there?

Answer:Is this a good program to run??

Information on Folding at Home click hereNot malware but a scientific research programme based at Stanford University in the USA.It's looking at how proteins fold or misfold and has a bearing on some forms of cancer and diseases such as Alzheimers.It runs as a background service releasing your cpu from folding as soon as another program wants to run.It is taxing on your system as it will run the cpu flat out all the time (although it is adjustable for how much cpu usage it is allowed)Also have a look on the Folding forums click hereand see click here

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Question: Good program

What's a good program to watch DVD's on for free?

Answer:Good program

VLC Media Player...

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I am looking for a good free program. One that will let me copy my music from my ipod to my computer that is easy to use. My program for the computer is Vista Thanks

Answer:Looking For a good program

'Audacity' will do all sorts as a sensible starter.If you do much editing DO save every few changes or the program will crash and lose the lump you have just been working on!

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I am having a lot of errors on start up that is slowing my pc way down. What is a good software program that will scan my pc for errors and correct them? I have ran an updated virus scan (nor virus) I ran disk defrag (no help). Also when I boot into xp it goes to scandisk. If I cancel I can start windows normally, If I scan it I go to a screen for safe mode. Can anyone help me on this? Is there a way to restore xp pro with out losing info? I have about 90 gigs of multimedia I would hate to have to burn on cd.

My specs:


(2)Intel Pentium III, 797 MHz
133MHz external bus


Intel OR840700.86E.0225.P03.0004071345 04/07/2000


512MB physical
4 memory slots, 0 free (128+128+128+128)


Graphics Adapter: RADEON 9000 Series
Screen Area/Colors: 800x600 pixels, 16 million colors
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor


C:\ (NTFS) 117232MB total, 37196MB free
E:\ (NTFS) 698MB total, 692MB free
F:\ Removable
G:\ (NTFS) 16794MB total, 16729MB free

Network and Modem

(net) Intel Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter
(net) Microsoft Direct Parallel

Operating System

Windows XP (Windows XP 5.1.2600)
Original setup date: 12/6/2002
DirectX Version: 5.1.2600.29 (xpclnt_qfe.010827-1803)
Swap file managed by Windows
File cache managed by Windows

MSIE 6.0; 5.1
Proxy: No proxy set
HTTP level: direct 1.1, proxy 1.1
Scripting version:

Programs always running at sta... Read more

Answer:A Good Program for........

Have you tried booting to the XP cd, and choosing the "repair Installation" option?

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I want to start recording videos from the 80's and Metal Mania shows that is on VH1 Classics and was wonderingis there a really good program that's easy to use that will allow me to copy only the videos I want and save themon my computer?Also, for some reason the "notify me of replies" doesn't seem to work when I check the box.

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Want to upload my webpage and Ws_ftp isn't working anymore.

I'm not a professional and don't use it often, so am looking for freeware to upload.

Which program is no-frills and easy to understand?

Thank you. J2

Answer:Which program is good for me?

I had trouble with Ws_ftp,too.I now use FTP Wanderer

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I am looking for a good ZIP program so I can ZIP and send pictures to my folks who are cursed with that blasted dial-up!! Any pointers? Thanks.

Answer:Looking for a good ZIP program

Winrar. If you use the best compression method it's great.

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