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office 2007 document icons are all grayed-out even for new documents

Question: office 2007 document icons are all grayed-out even for new documents

im not using trial anymore but still all of the icons are grayed-out (or unclickable)

before this happened, i remember the microsoft office 2007 ask something about macros.. then i clicked on the enable macros and this is what happened.. what should i do?


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Preferred Solution: office 2007 document icons are all grayed-out even for new documents

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: office 2007 document icons are all grayed-out even for new documents


When you say all of the icons, do you mean the ones that are at the top of word etc when you are in it, eg edit icons etc.


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I am using MS Outlook 2007 in XP. I am trying to insert a picture into an e-mail (not as a file but as part of document itself). The help for office says under the INSERT icon use the picture icon to place a picture in the document. My ILLUSTRATION box of icons is grayed out under Insert. On my Vista machine, it works fine. Anyone know why? If I want a picture in the document and not as an attachment, how is that done?

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Someone posted a similar problem before, but I don't know if the original author ever had a solution. I posted this on the Office Online board several days ago, but no one has answered yet.

Question from 8/27/08:

I'm using Word from Office Home And Student 2007 with Vista Home Premium. Word was working perfectly until about 5 days ago. I have not installed anything different. It used to show a counter where it was counting the words of the document and then the documant would open. Now it shows a blank screen with the counter at zero. The document itself is not empty. It still shows the appropriate number of kbs on the desktop.

I went online to try to diagnose, repair, and update. It told me that I had
all of the Microsoft updates. (By the way, this might or might not be
related, but other Microsoft updates keep asking me to download them even though they installed successfully.) I uninstalled and then re-installed Office Home And Student 2007 and by doing so I had to purchase a new product key since I misplaced the first one. Still nothing helped.

I did notice that if I clicked on the Microsoft icon in the upper lefthand
corner of the blank document, I could see a menu of my recent documents and even search in an explorer type of menu system. In that roundabout way I could open the files. But if I tried it the normal way, I still got the blank screen.

When I would close the blank document, it said Word has stopped working, that it was trying to recover th... Read more

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When I try to open a 2007 Word or Excel document I recieve as an attachment in Outlook 2003, I get the following message:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Office 2007 compatibility pack was installed and it still did not work.

I then uninstalled Office 2003, uninstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and then I ran CCleaner to clean up the registry. I updated my OS (currently has Windows XP SP3) with all updates, reinstalled Office 2003, installed Office 2003 SP 3 and then reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

I still get the same message when I try to open an Office 2007 attachment in Outlook 2003.

OS is Windows XP SP3 fully updated
Office 2003 SP 3 fully updated

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any hel on this issue.

Feral Geek

Answer:Solved: Cannot open Office 2007 documents even with Office 2007 compatibility pack in

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MS Office 2007 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning is not able to recognize the scanner.
Every time when given scan its giving error message "Scanner not responding".
But scanner working fine when using MS Office 2003 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning. Also it works with software called Desktop Bind V2.

OS: Windows XP 32-bit
Scanner: RICOH IS200e Network Scanner.

Answer:Scanner not detected by MS Office 2007 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning

check if you have installed all the office updates.
check if there are any latest scanner drivers, update the drivers for your scanner.
run office diagnostic and check if there are any errors

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I've just created a letter using Office 2010, saved it in this program and printed a copy - but I want to put a copy also in "My Documents".
I can't seem to find how to do this?
Any help?

Answer:MS Office 2010 document to My Documents

Copy and Paste it in.
I would have thought that your Documents Folders was the default save location?
Can you explain what you mean by "created a letter using Office 2010, saved it in this program"
Are you using XP, Vista or Windows 7 or 8 ?

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I recently installed the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, but this morning its intro screen stays stuck at "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run." Googling it resulted in only two threads, neither of them having the answer.

I'm back to using Office 2007, by simply setting my Word and Excel documents to open by Office 2007 by default, but now my Word and Excel icons have become much less pretty, such as my Word icons becoming a very plain "DOCX" icon instead of the normal "blue W" icon. I checked, and the file types are still regular Word documents. Is there a way to get the pretty icons back?

Answer:Office 2010 Problems: "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run" & Unattractive DOCX icons for Word documents.

Regarding changing the icon:
Go to either My Computer or Windows Explorer.
Click Tools, Folder Options, File Types tab.
Scroll down to the DOCX file type (file types are in alphabetical order), click on it one time to highlight it.
Click the Advanced button.
The "Edit File Type" screen appears.
There is a Change Icon button in the top right area.
Click the Change Icon button.
You should have other icon choices to pick from.
Side note: If you don't like any of those icons, you can always hit the Browse button,
and browse to where other icons are, (you can assign any icon to any file type that you want, it is a matter of personal preference).
Icons are found in .exe files (executables), some (not all) .dll (dynamic link library) files, and .ico files.

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The title basically says it all. I would like to know how to combine a bunch of Word 2007 documents without overlapping the first page, so basically I want there to be as many pages as there is for the amount of documents I want to combine with the original. Let's say there's the title page, then I want to add another 20 pages, well I should have 21 pages in total by the end of this.

If anyone knows how to do this, it would be greatly appreicated.


Answer:Combine multiple Word 2007 documents into one document on seperate pages

If this is a one off project the easiest way is to open the document that will be your main document, go the to the end of the document , Go To Insert>Text>Object>Select>Text from File and repeat until complete

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I have a document that was created in Office 2003 and had document protection enabled. When I try and open it in Office 2007 the protected document settings indicate that there are no restrictions yet I am unable to edit the document. Does anyone know how to disable the document protection from within Office 2007.

There are many of these documents that were created in Office 2003 so setting up an office 2003 machine would be very impractical for the random times I happen upon these documents.

Answer:Protected Document Office 2007

This might be a ridiculous response, but here goes. What if you were able to save the document as the new Office 2007 format, and then resave it back to the Office 2003 format? Would the protection follow?

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I have Windows 7 and Office 2010.  Some months ago, I was doing a Windows update and lost power in the middle.  I believe the update included a major update to MS Office, maybe a service pack.  After I recovered, everything worked OK, but I no longer have MS Office icons for any Office documents (.doc, .xls, etc.).  I instead see a generic Windows document icon.
I've put up with it for a while, but it sure would be nice if I could get those icons back so that I could easily recognize documents on my desktop, in Explorer, and elsewhere.  Is there any way to restore them?

Answer:Missing MS Office Document Icons

Let's give this a try...
Click Start
Type programs and features in the search field.
Click Programs and Features from the Control Panel list.
When the Programs and Features window opens find and right click the Microsoft Office Installation entry.

The exact entry will vary by the version installed... mine is Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010.
From the displayed menu choose Change.
From the Change window choose Repair and click Continue.
Let the repair complete (this may take a few minutes) Click Close on the window and although not mandatory, reboot the computer.
Visit the Microsoft Update Site and install any missing updates.
Best of luck and Please keep BC posted!

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how can i enable/disable the ability to change the shortcut icons in microsoft office(97 or 2000) for "open office document" and "open new office document"? is this done in the registry?

Answer:office document shortcut icons

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there is supposed to be an option in the tools tab of the office suite to access document and image scanner yet it doesn't appear to be there.

the software that came with the printer isn't compatable and no updates are available for the software which isn't very good anyway.

has anyone seen a link or know of a link to download this side of office as an addon or plug in?

any help would be great thanks.

edit: oh i should add it's for a vista 32 bit system not my own system.

Answer:Office 2007 document and image scanner

Apparently Microsoft says the scanning option is not available in Office 2007. Here's the quote from the Office 2007 Help section search result for scanning:

The "From Scanner or Camera" option for scanning documents and pictures is not available in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Instead, you can use your scanner to scan the document, and then you can save the file to your computer.
After you scan the document, you can use Microsoft Office Document Imaging to create a version of the document that you can edit.

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Windows 7When I scan a document in the above programme the result has a black area at the bottom of the scanned page. How can this be removed - tried all the usual things nothing seems to work.JohnM.

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 document imaging

You need to alter the size of the scanned area in your scanning software

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I have Office 2007 and I downloaded a 2010 calender template. It's just about what I need and fills up the page nicely, however I've noticed that there is room to stretch the calender on the page. Trouble is I can't figure out how to do that! The little grabber thingy on the top left of each month allows you to pull it but not re-size it. How can I do that to take advantage of every single area of space on the page?

Answer:Want to resize Word document on Office 2007

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I have office 2007 on a windows 10 machine and when I'm in OneDrive I right click on a document and click open in excel, but it does nothing, then I open it in excel online then click open in excel and it brings me to a page to purchase office 360........did they drop support for office 2007?? This is really really annoying because I'm pretty sure I was able to do it before I upgraded to windows 10.

Answer:Can't open OneDrive document in office 2007

Welcome to Windows Central.
Perhaps this link from Microsoft will help:

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All of my data in my documents disappeared. I have been told by others that this happens in MS Office 2007. How do I get it back? ALL OF MY DATA IN MY DOCUMENTS DISAPPEARED. I HAVE BEEN TOLD BY OTHERS THAT THIS HAPPENS IN MS OFFICE 2007. HOW DO I GET IT BACK? edited by moderator: Shouting Eliminated

Answer:Ms office 2007 Document data disappeared

You could start by asking your question without using All Caps, which is the Internet equivalent of shouting.

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 I have lost access to the file because of the change in file formats, it was in windows old but how do I recover it and then change the file formats? It strikes me this may be a problem in a business or a charity who just didn't have
the money or just didn't see the need to upgrade to windows 10. 

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operating system xp-sp2 , office 2007.
when i pin a document (word and excel) and see that it is in the list and changed to green it disappears from the list after rebooting. the list is just empty.
can you please recommend how to keep the list of recent document/s visible.

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I have found that when I run word 2007 or any other office 2007 program and go to the open a file icon, you then get the open file window that has all of my word documents. Since I saved them with thumbnails, there is a thumbnail of each document saved. Now here comes the problem; over on the right there is the preview pane and when you click on a file for preview, I get the error message: "This file can't be previewed because of an error in the Microsoft Office Word previewer". Of course I have googled this problem, but I haven't found much info other that to run the program with the /a on the end of the desktop short cut which turns off many of Words add-ins and other things that I really don't know about. Yes when you run it in this mode, the preview handler does work as it should. Does know the cause of this behavior and have a solution?

Answer:Office 2007 Open Word Document Window

Since running the program with the /a locks out plug-ins and such, I should of known that a plug-in was causing the problem. I disabled Adobe plug-in and it now works. How about that.

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In a Word document in Office for XP if I type in a URL or email address it immediately turns into a link (Coloured blue). This does not happen with Word in Office 2007. Is this by design and how do I get a URL or email address to appear as a link please?

Answer:Inserting link in Office 2007 Word document?

Quote: Originally Posted by Judesman

In a Word document in Office for XP if I type in a URL or email address it immediately turns into a link (Coloured blue). This does not happen with Word in Office 2007. Is this by design and how do I get a URL or email address to appear as a link please?

Hello, Welcome to SF,

Try these steps and see whether it works

In Word 2007, go to Office button > Word Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect
Options > AutoFormat As You Type tab, and check the box for "Internet and
network paths with hyperlinks".

Hope this helps,

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I'm trying to embed a PowerPoint presentation within a Word document. I'm hoping someone can walk me through how to do this. No one responded to my formatting issue I posted earlier. Perhaps someone can respond to this one?TFR,Jen

Answer:Importing a PowerPoint into a Word Document (Office 2007)

I don't have Office 2007 yet but I found this Microsoft info which may help: Link or embed a PowerPoint slide

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I need help with word 2007. When I open my document (.doc format), word automatically reformats it during loading. After this, I see a lots of garbage in the contents list. This garbage are in fact lines from my document. In the document they look just like other text, but they appear in the list. When I update the style of these lines (for example it uses normal and I just click on normal style), they disappears from the list. I save the document but next time word reformats it again and I have the exactly the same garbage in the contents list. I realized I can stop the formmating during document open by ESC, which at least does not corrupt the document again, but how do I repair the document permanently?

What is wrong with my document? How do I repair my document?

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When I click the "beach ball" at the upper left corner of the page, a new window opens and shows me the most recent files I have worked on. The nice thing is there is a push pin that I can select to make sure that file always appears as a Recent Document.

I have figured out how to increase the number of files shown as Recent Documents. Another great feature!

It also shows files that I have deleted from my computer. If I click on such a file, I am told, The file does not exist or it has been moved. Information that I already know. Here is my question. How can I show only Recent Documents that actually exist on my computer?

Your guidance, as always, is greatly appreciated.


Answer:Recent Documents In Office 2007

I am interested in the recent documents list as well. You say that you figured out how to include more documents, just how is that?

Also, I have a couple of files that I use a couple of times each week, but I can't get them to stay in the recent documents list. After I open them, and close / save them, they are in the recent docs list for a day or two, but they disappear before I next use them. Conversely, I have file in my recent docs list that I haven't used in a year. ( Really )

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I have a problem with Office 2007 related to the displaying of recent documents when open an Office App such as Word or Excel.
I've set the number of the recent documents (lioke 6 or 8 or 10 whatever).
The recent documents I work on or create show up when I open the app for a few days. If I do not use the Office apps for a certain time (I have not systematically experimented with a precise lenght of period yet) they just disappear from the menu windows.
I got to click on "Open" and search for them, which is inconvenient.
Anyone got the same problem? and any idea how to cure this bug?
Thanks in advance for any input.

Answer:Recent documents in Office 2007

No issues on my end,
Set it to remember 15, but clear it about every 4 to 6 months,
I also have word.. on the start menu list with 10 doc's to show and pin several of them there to actually open word,
Do you have any system cleaners like ccleaner.......
Also what security suite have you installed ?
Use the Fill in your system spec's link on my signature and add more information about what other third party utilities you have installed.

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My Dell XPS-8700 was recently replaced with a Dell XPS-8900 running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I am a penny-pincher, so I am still using Office 2000. It installed with no issues. It even had links in the context menu like it should have, for creating new Office documents on the fly. I've used Excel and Word for the past week with no issues whatsoever.

The one minor thing that irritated me was that the short-cut icons for the Office apps in the Start Menu took up too much space. There was already a folder in the Start Menu named "Microsoft Office Tools," so I renamed the folder "Microsoft Office 2000" and moved the short-cut icons for each of the Office apps to that folder.

Everything seemed okay when I did that, but now most of the icons for the Office apps are blank (for lack of a better description). I don't know whether that's because I moved them or if it's because of something else. Making those changes to the Start Menu is the only thing I can think of that I did to the system since the last time the icons looked normal, but I supposed there could be other things that might cause this.

I tried moving one of them back to its original location on the Start Menu but that didn't help. Instead of being an icon that clearly shows it's Excel, it simply a blank icon with a "Microsoft Excel" label.

I realize this is a small, picky thing but is there any easy way to restore the icons to their original appearance? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Blank icons for Office documents

You could try an Icon Cache Rebuild and see if that fixes it:
Icon Cache - Rebuild

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I have got loads of files that I have created in Office 2007, but I now have 2010 installed on my PC but I can't seem to get 2010 to print 2007 files as it is saying that I don't have permission. How do I get 2010 to have full functionality for 2007 files?

Answer:Can't get office 2010 to work with 2007 documents?

Check the Information Rights Management of Office 2010. I have 2010 and have never had problems printing 2007 files.

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Good morning
My laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro seems to be crashing constantly in Office and perhaps its had its day. I ran driver update and it said 17 drivers were out of date, but when I tried to update them through Toshiba it kept asking me to register with a key? No idea if this is part of the problem of course...
I think I need to take a complete back up of all my Microsoft Office documents, in case it crashes for good and also so that I can transfer this info to new laptop when I take the plunge for a new one...
The laptop is running Vista Business and Microsoft office 2007.
I wondered if someone could point me in the direction of some instructions on how to take a full backup for 'dummys' or talk me through it...
Also what size back up thingy would I need to do this, please. I wish to back up Word, Excel, Outlook calendar, Publisher etc
As always thank you so much for any assistance offered

Answer:Help needed to take backup of Office 2007 documents please

Backing up the MS Office files is easy. Just buy a USB memory stick - they're cheap and easy to use - plug it into your laptop, and wait for it to be recognised.
It will be assigned a drive letter. Go into Windows Explorer and you'll see it. double click on the icon, and the drive will open.In the left hand column of Windows explorer find the My documents folder where all your Office files are. Left click on the folder you want and hold the mouse button down. Now drag the fold across to the new drive and drop it. Your files will be copied to your memory stick. If you like you can simply copy the entire 'My documents' folder.
Do that to any other folders to want to back up. Reverse the process if you get another computer.
The size of the memory stick will depend on the amount of data you want to store, but I would imagine you'll be more than covered if you get a 16Gb stick. That's actually quite a small capacity; if your budget permits get a bigger one - they're always useful to have around.

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Summary:Upgraded Win Vista Ultimate x64 to Win 7 x64 [not a clean install; way too many programs to reinstall].Office 2007 Pro ran without a hitch [Vista Ultimate x64].After upgrading to Win 7 x64 I can?t get access to Home/Word Options/Advanced/Display/Show this number of Recent Documents [it is grayed out and tells me I need Administrator rights to change it ? Right clicking on and run as admin {Word} doesn?t work either]. Using Administrator login results in same message and grayed out area. [MS Word diagnostics applied ? everything functions as it?s supposed to]. I?m a lazy writer and prefer to pin the stories I?m working on, to the Recent Documents easy access panel.Searched the web to no avail. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.DanielP.S. More specific [system] info can/will be added if need be.

Answer:Office/Word 2007 Recent Documents - Win 7 x64

I think your problems may have started the minute you upgraded instead of doing a clean install. Okay, so more work involved re-installing your applications, but it's the only way to go if you want the best chance of having a well-behaved and stable operating system.For one thing, some of those applications and drivers in your previous OS may not even be compatible with Windows 7 - did you check them all with Microsoft's compatibility website before doing the upgrade?

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Everytime I use any ap to 'clean' the junk out of my computer, it cleans out my "recent documents" in Word 2007 I'm using on Windows 7 x 64 system even though I take our the options in the 'cleaner' to do so! Is there an 'ap' that will allow me to build a "Recent Documents" and tailor it with a few options? If so, what is the name of the ap and it's publisher ?, i.e. where can I get it ?

Answer:Is there an ap for Recent Documents in Office Word 2007?

Try "Ccleaner": installed, open it.Under the "Windows" tab, look in the "Windows Explorer" section.Untick "Recent Documents" before using the Cleaner.It will stay unticked in future.message edited by phil22

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I get an error message every time I either open and close a new Word doc or open and close an existing doc, same thing every time. I've tried the repair feature and run Office diagnostics but nothing found. I'm attaching a screen shot of the error message and subsequent error windows.

Answer:Solved: Office 2007 Word gets error message when document closed

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In my office we are using MS Office 2000 & Some of our clients are using higher version of office may be Office 2007. The problem is when we are trying to open these documents in our office it never opened. Is there anybody who can give me the solution for this problem. I know it is a small problem for you all. But please help may be any converter can help me but I don't know which

Thanks in advance


Answer:Solved: Unable to open Office 2007 Documents

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The older version I have used for years has a straightforward index list of documents. I use the list option instead of icons. All were logically alphabetical, scrolling across. 2007 Office has the most ridiculous mess I could imagine. It clumps together documents that have alike starting names, putting them side by side in columns, rather than one after the other and uneven at that. To quickly scroll and find what I'm looking for makes me dizzy. Is there any way I can change it to a logical alphabetical list, the way every computer system I've used is done?

Answer:2007 Office Home & Student documents index

Also, I forgot to mention, I put numbers in front of documents that I want to keep at the top of the list for easy access. Files I use most often. Now in the 2007 Office, these numbers aren't under each other. They are scattered. "6." was so far away, I had to scroll to find it.

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I can not open ms Word documents by double-clicking on them anymore, When ever I do so I get a mesage saying: "There was a problem sending the command to the program."
I do get the Word window open but there is nothing in it. I have tried this with .doc, .docx and .txt files and I get the same thing.
But I can open files if I first open word and then go to Open and select a document from there, but not by double clicking.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and Microsoft Office Word 2007, can anyone help me?

Answer:Can not open documents in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Open Word, go to the Office Orb, then Resources, and then "Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

This will check out the install and do a repair if needed. You will need to the "Office cache" file on the hard drive or have the Office CD handy, if it is needed.

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Often when I open an existing Word 2007 or Excel 2007 document, two document windows open. One is the desired document. The other is a blank and untitled window perhaps better termed an ?empty? window with a pale blue color. None of the elements in the Ribbon are active (grayed out, or dimly ?blued out?). It is like a phantom window alongside the desired window. Nothing can be typed into the phantom. The phantom can be closed and the desired document remains. Also, the desired document can be closed and the phantom remains.

This only happens when I am opening by double left clicking on a file from within a Windows folder. If I open the file by right clicking and ?Open?, I do not get the extra document. The behavior is inconsistent; after a few various Office documents are opened, the behavior ceases and only the desired window appears. Behavior is confined to Word and Excel; double clicking on other types of documents, such as text, Acrobat, or photo files does not give this problem.

I also looked at this problem in Task Manager.
When I open a file by right-click + Open, I see one application task in T.M. that begins with the normal Word 2007 file icon on the left: a small W with a few tiny lines (within the icon) under the W. Then Filename - Microsoft Word non-commercial use; then under Status is shown Running. This is the desired file. When I open a file by double-clicking with the left mouse, two application tasks show up in T.M. Neither of these tasks has the normal ... Read more

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I have been having a weird issue with Office 2007 ever since switching to Windows 7. For some reaons, the recent documents keep getting erased every couple of weeks. I clicked on the office button and verified that recent documents is not grayed out or set to zero. Does anyone know why they are getting cleared out automatically or how I can fix it?

Answer:Solved: Recent Documents being cleared automatically in Office 2007

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Hi all,

Today I had to do a re-install of my PC, and re-installed Office 2007 Pro. However, under 'word (or any of the other application) options' > Advanced, the number of recent documents entry is greyed out. I had originally got it working with MS tech support, but now, of course, they want to charge me $49.00 for doing it (and of course I did not write down the procedure at the time!!).

Any assistance in getting this entry back would be appreciated.

Mike T.

Answer:Solved: Office 2007 Number of Recent Documents option greyed out.

Hi hastings,
Sounds like it's a problem with your registry key. Take a look at this article and see if it helps.

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My icons for the MS Office 2007 Package and Adobe Acrobat have disappeared. The icons have been replaced with the icons which display when there isn't a program associated with the file. I went to My Computer/Tools/Folder options and tried to change the the icons and programs associated with the file and it didn't help. When I tried to change the icon, I received an error message that said, Windows couldn't find the file C:\Windows\Installer\..... wordicon.exe.

I read in a previous entry on this website of a gentleman who had the same problem and even tried several times to reinstall MS Office 2007 but then he'd get a fatal error message when the reinstall would start.

Is there a fix for this? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

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I made a topic quite a long time ago, with little response from this community.. I've decided to download desktop recording software and take a video clip of the error..

I've tried downloading recommended updates from Windows, I've tried repairing the installation, I've tried reinstalling Office 2007, I've tried repairing the program internally, I've tried many other solutions, with no progression.

Any help towards a solution would be greatly appreciated.


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The icons for my Microsoft Office 2007 have gone such as in this attachment
 icon.bmp   12.53KB

It should not look like this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 Icons Are Gone

Do the programs still work? If so, go to program files/microsoft office/office12 and make shortcuts to the programs you use. Sometimes when you reinstall office, the older installations shortcuts don't work. Also if you rename the shortcuts, the icons vanish too. Hope this helps.

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hi gang-

i have win7 pro 32bit installed from scratch with a pak license. i installed office enterprise suite 2007 and immediately noticed that the icons didn't display. i couldn't reinstall or repair, and an uninstall broke office altogether. after much fussing andf no luck, i reinstalled the OS and the problem persists. seems ok at first, but then teh icons for the program apps & files began showing as the default "no file type" image again. i'm not positive, but i think it might be related to pinning the apps or app folder from the programs list to the start menu or taskbar.

anyway, i manually fixed the program icons with only mild annoyance, but the actual file icons are still broken. browsing a folder full to the brim with various office files is way painier in my butt when they don't have distinctive icons... =[

and its more than just office, i experience the same woes with roxio, itunes, & more.

any ideas anyone?

Answer:Office 2007, broken icons

Quote: Originally Posted by czollers

hi gang-

i have win7 pro 32bit installed from scratch with a pak license. i installed office enterprise suite 2007 and immediately noticed that the icons didn't display. i couldn't reinstall or repair, and an uninstall broke office altogether. after much fussing andf no luck, i reinstalled the OS and the problem persists. seems ok at first, but then teh icons for the program apps & files began showing as the default "no file type" image again. i'm not positive, but i think it might be related to pinning the apps or app folder from the programs list to the start menu or taskbar.

anyway, i manually fixed the program icons with only mild annoyance, but the actual file icons are still broken. browsing a folder full to the brim with various office files is way painier in my butt when they don't have distinctive icons... =[

and its more than just office, i experience the same woes with roxio, itunes, & more.

any ideas anyone?

Hi and welcome

Yep. Just delete the iconcache so it will rebuild. Same instructions here Windows XP Icon Cache work in win 7 as well

Ken J++

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I had MO XP and MO 2007 on my Win 10 and they worked perfectly. I decided to install 30-days trial of MO Pro Plus 2016 but didn't impressed and uninstalled it after the trial ended. During it's installation I checked "Keep all previous versions" and "Run all from My Computer" (which I do in ever MO installation). After MO Pro Plus 2016 uninstall the in-built Repair in both old versions didn't work so I needed to use CD for MO XP and ISO for MO 2007 to repair them. The programs were repaired yet all documents became with white icons. Additionally when closing a document I'm asked to install some language feature which installation closes the document.

I uninstalled MO Pro Plus 2016 with Revo (it used the in-built MO uninstaller). I didn't clean any leftovers because I was afraid of losing something from MO XP and MO 2007.

While I had MO Pro Plus 2016 I installed Adobe Acrobat DC which integrated in it and also in MO 2007.

Any help?

PS. Forgot to say that in same way a long ago, when I still was with Win 8.1, I lost the icon for HTML documents.

Now I installed 30-days trial of MO Pro Plus 2013 just to get things temporarily ok. But I really need a solution because I don't like MO Pro Plus 2013 either and won't buy it.

Answer:All Microsoft Office 2007 icons became white

Have you tried Option #6 in this tutorial?
Choose Default Apps in Windows 10
Office XP is no longer supported, but Office 2007 is. Why do you need both? I would set all defaults for O2007.

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I'm trying to find which is the best forum to post this problem.

Until now I have always used MS Works for word processing & spreadsheets, converting to Word or Excel with "Save As" for emailing documents. I have used Word & Excel Viewers to read.

I have always saved webpages with IE, all versions up to and including IE7 because I like the single icon for "Web Archive, single file (*.mht)" as opposed to the double icons for "Webpage, complete (*.htm,*html)" with IE and other browsers.

Loaded Office 2007 H&S the other night, played with Word 2007 for a few minutes as it is VERY different from what I am used to, then shutdown.

Booted up the next night and founds the icons on ALL my saved webpage files have changed from the familiar blue " e" that I have seen from year dot to a gold picture frame over a blank document.

This even applies to documents in the external HDD I use for backup for 2laptops. I haven't checked to see how they appear with the other laptop, but I will assume they will be unchanged.

Can anybody tell me what caused this and what I have to change so I view all these icons as I am used to?



Answer:Office 2007 H&S Changed IE Icons for Saved Webpages

the icons you see indicate the program that the file is associated to, sometimes a newly installed program can "steel" the association if you are not happy with the change, you can change this association by right clicking the icon and choosing open with and selecting choose program. when the dialogue box appears place a tick in the box beside always use the selected program to open this kind of file then from the program list select the program to open the file in this case internet explorer

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Please keep tech-speak in replies to a minimum as I am a basic user.

Until now I have always used MS Works for word processing & spreadsheets, converting to Word or Excel with "Save As" for emailing documents. I have used Word & Excel Viewers to read.

I have always saved webpages with IE, all versions up to and including IE7 because I like the single icon for "Web Archive, single file (*.mht)" as opposed to the double icons for "Webpage, complete (*.htm,*html)" with IE and other browsers.

Loaded Office 2007 H&S the other night, played with Word 2007 for a few minutes as it is VERY different from what I am used to, then shutdown.

Booted up the next night and founds the icons on ALL my saved webpage files have changed from the familiar blue " e" that I have seen from year dot to a gold picture frame over a blank document.

This even applies to documents in the external HDD I use for backup for 2 laptops. I haven't checked to see how they appear with the other laptop, but I will assume they will be unchanged.

What caused this and how do I make the change so I view all these icons as I am used to?



Answer:Loading Office 2007 H&S Caused Icons for Saved Webpages to Change!!

It is likely that the association on your computer for .mht, .htm and .html files changed from IE to some program in office 2007 suite. To change back the icons, right click on one of these saved web pages, choose open with and browse to pick IE. Then make sure you check "always use this program to open files of this type" (or some similar verbiage) before hitting OK. That should re-establish the association of these files with IE and cause the icons to go back to how they were before.

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I have been using Word and “Microsoft office 2007 - Document Imaging” for doing OCR and passing text to WORD. Recently it has been doing something very strange. When I try to send the OCR’d text to WORD (“Send text to Word”), WORD gives an error message:
“Server Busy. This action cannot be completed because the ‘document 1 - Microsoft Word’ program is not responding. …”
If I can minimize the empty Word document window, a small dialog box appears asking me “Do you want to convert from
[list of file formats] to WORD?” If I select HTML, The text finally appears in Word. Sometimes the Word/Document Imaging programs hang up completely and I have to go to “Task Manager” to get out of the predicament.
I have un-installed and re-installed “Microsoft Office 2007” with no success in solving the problem.
Can anyone tell me what is going on? How can I go directly to Word instead of having to convert from HTML? How did it get to HTML in the first place?

Answer:Office 2007 Word and "Document Imaging" software

Hello Frank,

Welcome to the Vista Forums.

Have you gotten all of the updates for Office? Did this start after installing other software? You could try a system restore to a point before this started. Info if needed: System Restore - How to

Hope this helps. Sorry for the slow response.
Please keep us posted.


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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

Answer:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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I have two questions regarding documents created in Word 2007...

1) Can links be created within a Word document? For example, can I click on and item my table of contents and have the document jump to that particular section of the document?

2) Also, is there a way to make sections of the document hidden until the user clicks a specific word or graphic in the document?

I'd like to specify a particular instruction and include a "Show example" link that would make a detailed example appear for those who needed the extra help.

Thanks everyone!

Answer:Word 2007 - Links within a document? Hide/Show sections of a document?

If you created table of contents through References - Table of Contents, you can hold Ctrl and click on the item in that table, word will take you there. This feature is standard.

Also, to navigate inside document you can use bookmark option.
Insert bookmarks. Word 2010 Bookmarks
Then insert Hyperlink - in the window select second tab "Place in This Document" and choose your bookmark.

As for hiding parts of document, I do not think that is possible.
You can create that in HTML document with javascript, but not in Word document.

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hi all i have a genuine 07 office pro that i am trying to install, i have previously tried a beta version and have also had office pro 2003 version on my laptop

when i start the cd it starts to initialize then says office 07 cannot install as previous version of 07 have been found uninstall before continuing

i have gotten rid of all traces that i can find through the registry in safe mode with uninstaller pro but i still get the same error

i am running media center with an upgrade to vista premium

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Hello, today the automatic update performed
Cumulative update 1703 and
MS Office 2007 update, the KB numbers follow

on a machine with CZECH Windows, Office 2007 installation was also Czech.

After the update, my Outlook 2007 started to speak half Czech and half Swedish or what
(see image). Can that be fixed?

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I have been frustrated by my boss's laptop trying to fix the grayed out NETWORK, VOLUME and BATTERY icon at the notification area. I have followed the THIRD option in one of the threads to no avail. Pls help me out

Answer:Notification icons grayed out

Hello Mzeelali, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sometimes a simple restart of the computer sorts this out. If not, then the tutorial below map help.

Notification Area - System Icons

Hope this helps,

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On Windows 10 start screen, the live icons are greyed out and do not work. Switching them on or off makes no diference.

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Hello all,

This is my first post, and I'm glad to be a part of this forum.

I am the tech support person at my company, and we are using Outlook 2007 on an XP system.

I just got a call from someone who suddenly can't use the Resend, Delete, Recall, or Move to options.

They were working ok until this morning, but now the options are grayed out.

We tried a reboot, but nothing changed. I plan to go back to her office later on to see what happens when I log in.

Does anyone have any other ideas about how to resoleve this issue?
Thanks in advance and I look forward to your suggestions.

Answer:Outlook 2007 Options Grayed Out

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hello, i have win 7 rc running on an asus f3jp laptop.

a few of my system tray icons are grayed out, but acually working. ==> my wireless bars are all grey, but if i move mouse over it it shows all green and connected . . . my audo speaker icon and battery are also greyed out . . but are both fully working fine.

im thinking this may be a driver problem?? i am gong to try to find the newest vista drivers i can for this.

ALSO - kinda a general windows 7 question, when i am updating drivers and no 7 drivers are avail, should i choose the vista or xp? im thinking vista b/c of closer architecture . . but im not sure


Answer:various system tray icons grayed out

Quote: Originally Posted by bigsur

ALSO - kinda a general windows 7 question, when i am updating drivers and no 7 drivers are avail, should i choose the vista or xp? im thinking vista b/c of closer architecture . . but im not sure

That assumption usually works for me, but I'd back it up with a web search, paying attention to any forum thread results.

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Need Help !

I want to install Ms Office (reguler) 2007 or Ms Office Professional 2007,

but my setup is always go to Ms Office Enterprise 2007 Setup !

1. How can i fix that setup normally ?
2. My Problem number 2 :


(how can i fix this warning ?)

What should i do ?

Thx very very very much for help.

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I've experienced this problem twice in the past week. Here is my current problem:

New Windows 8 computer
Moved Office 2010 install from old computer to new computer
Copied all documents to new computer by installing the old drive in the new computer (NTFS to NTFS)

When trying to open any DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, or PPTX files that are stored in the Documents folder I get permission errors. Word will open an RTF file just fine. If I try to use any Office programs to save a file to the Documents folder, I also get permission errors. I can move the file to the Desktop and work with it just fine. I can then move it back to the Documents folder.

Here are the errors when trying to open files:
Word - Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges
Excel - 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Book1.xlsx' could not be found
Powerpoint - The path or file name for C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Presentation1.pptx is invalid.

When I try to use one of these programs to save to the Documents folder, I get the following error:
You don't have permission to save in this location.

I tried copying the files two different ways to eliminate any lingering NTFS permissions. I used a linux box to copy from the old drive to EXT4, then to a linux formatted FAT drive. I plugged this FAT drive into the Windows machine and moved the files over but got the same errors. Next, I copied the files from the old drive to a FAT32 drive using another Windows box. Then I tool the FA... Read more

Answer:Solved: Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder

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Hi Guys,
In office 2010, for all the applications which come under office, the search box is grayed out in the Help option.
Steps tried:
Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
Locate and then click the following subkey:
Note If you cannot find the
subkey, you must create it. To create the
subkey, click New on the Edit menu, click Key, and then type Internet.
Locate and then click the following value:
Note If you cannot find the UseOnlineContent value, you must create it. To create the UseOnlineContent value, click New on the Edit menu, click DWORD Value, and then type UseOnlineContent.
Double-click the
In the Value data box, type the appropriate value. The following list contains the possible values:

0 - Never show Office Online content or entry points
1 - Use only offline content whenever available, for example, .chm Help files
2 - Use Office Online content whenever available
and also found this solution which states as:
The suggestion was User Configuration | Admin Templates | Classic Admin Templates | Microsoft Office 2010 | Disable Items In User Interface | Disable Commands under File tab | Help
However in gpedit there is no value called "Classic Admin templates".
None of the above steps seems to solve the problem. Have any of you guys come across this issue?
I am using a licensed ... Read more

Answer:Office 2010 : Search box in help is grayed out

I note you have also posted at the link below.

Search box in help is grayed out

Has your problem always been there?
Have you tried Office Repair?
Have you tried uninstalling, reinstalling?

Links for you to peruse.

Repair or remove Office 2010 - Outlook -

Microsoft Fix it Solution Center: troubleshooting software issues

Microsoft Support

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I have just had my PC formatted and am using windows xp,before It was formatted I was using office 2003 pro and when I opened a programme IE microsoft word It would open up on screen In a rich blue coloured background, but now whatever prog I open It Is just a dull grayed background, I have tried using the same Installation disc to Install office 2003 on my laptop and everything works just fine, any help as to what has gone wrong and simple terms as to rectification would be appreciated. This Is my first thread so hope I have got things right.Tercol

Answer:Grayed screen In office 2003

Maybe the grey is the standard colour when reinstalling this program, not sure as i don't use it ;but have a look at item 7 click here if this doen't work i'm sure someone else will advise

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I am running XP and Outlook 2003 on my firm's exchange server. I used to be able (as in yesterday) to send a file (either through WordPerfect or my dictation software) through Outlook. It would create a new email message and automatically attach the file.

Now, however, the send is grayed out in the generated message. Outlook itself also gets this problem and I have to shut it down and restart it in order to be able to send and receive messages. I can still send/receive messages normally, I just can't use any other program to send it through. Any thoughts?
My dictation program is saying that there is no mapi email client available.

Answer:Office 2003 - Send Grayed Out

Rerun the Office 2003 installer and select Repair. I've seen this one several of our machines and repairing Office usually restores the email links in other programs.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to find and install the DIW?

I found it to be a very usefull tool for things like passwords and product keys etc.


Answer:Office 2010 is great BUT it's missing MS Office Document Image Writer

It is not missing. It is just that there is nothing out there that uses the newest version. Go under Control Panel>Devices and Printers. You will see the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. That is the same thing.

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Hi all
can you tell me if it is possible or not to use Office web App server 2013 alone without going through SharePoint, Lync, or exchange 2013?
Let me explain:
in a society where there is an infrastructure SharePoint, Lync and exchange 2013 with office web app server 2013, is a user that does not have office on his Computer, can open office (word excel..) document, bypassing SharePoint, Lync and exchange?
If it is possible thanks to guide me on how I can find nothing on the net...

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Hi all

I am using Windows XP and office 2003. I am using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to view tif files.


1. I open a tif file.
2. I make an annotation change eg: Use the hightlighting tool to hightlight some text. Fine, no problem!
3. I save the document.
4. I close the document and try reopening it:

I get this error:

"The file selected is not a valid Microsoft Document Imaging file"

I recreated my Windows XP profile and this resolved the problem

That was two weeks the problem is back!

Any ideas?


Answer:Problems with Microsoft office document imaging in Office 2003

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I have Office 2010 Standard Open License Version installed on 7 XP Pro machines. We discovered, when trying to open a .tif file, that Document Imaging has been removed from Office 2010. I found and followed instructions in KB982760 from the MS web site. I got lots of parts of Office 2007, including Word, but still no Document Imaging. I tried going through Add/Remove Programs to add the feature; still no luck. Has anyone been successful getting Document Imaging from a previous version of Office to run under 2010?


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The issue is specific to Office 2016 on Win 10 (Office 2016 on Win 7, no problem, Office 2010 on Win 10, no problem). Certain documents (reported by a user who receives documents with Japanese text, haven't seen it happen with others) have the layout messed up, a 2 page Word doc gets spread over 4 pages, and I've been given some sample powerpoint slides which have text overflowing the end of the slide.

Word doc was originally in Legacy 2003 format, I did manage to make this particular document display correctly by saving it in .docx format, then enabling compatibility changes via vba, setting to 2010 compatibility and enabling "Use printer metrics to lay out document" based on what I read here: BUG!! Word 2016 fails to print margins correctly / messes - Microsoft Community

The other sample file I received was a .pptx - haven't been able to find corresponding compatibility options in Powerpoint.

Wouldn't be quite so annoying if they didn't both display perfectly in Windows 7.

Answer:Office Document layout/margins overflow on Office 2016 + Win 10

Turns out it was some sort of font substitution issue. I noticed the fonts in Word/Powerpoint weren't present in the Windows font dir. Copied them over from another Win 7 machine, suddenly everything looks fine.

Not sure why Office 2010 did a better job of it than 2016, I couldn't really pick if there was a difference in the Japanese characters before and after the font, only that the page layout was stuffed...

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When I try to open an Excel document attached to a email Excel opens but the document doesn't appear until I click on the minimize button. Has anyone seen this before?

I'm Using Excel 2007 and Outlook 2007.

Answer:Opening 2007 Excel documents in Outlook 2007

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to customize the "Open Office Document" program in Office 2000... this is the small program that archives shortcuts and has a tool bar on the left hand side with options that include : Web folders, Favorites, Desktop, Personal and History. I want to customize the "Look In:" tool bar...


Answer:Office 2000: Open Office Document Shortcut

I can't find a single way to change that setting. So, here's what I'd do.

Go to your (default) folder in Windows Explorer. Right-click it and hit Create Shortcut. Then, right-click the shortcut and hit Properties. Hit Change Icon. Give it the Open Office Document icon and also rename it to Open Office Document.

Copy or cut the shortcut.

Go to C:\windows\start menu and delete the old Open Office Document Shortcut and paste the new one in there.

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hello, i bought a new laptop a few months ago and rather than install my office xp pro, i chose to download the office 2007 small business trial and have been using this for 2 months including outlook for which i have many emails. my problem is i now want to use office 2007 pro and have bought an upgrade product, but to get this on my laptop i 1st need to install office xp pro then upgrade! if i bought office 2007 pro full product would this just install over trial or do i have to uninstall trial beforehand?what will happen to any files i have saved in office and also my emails? i cannot afford to lose any emails so how do i go about doing this? any help much appreciated.

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how can I transfer doc documents into pdf documents.  since my computer crashed of late, I have lost  'word' , and I am having difficulty in printing documents from emails.  Thank you.

Answer:doc documents into pdf document

If you just need to print your e-mail, you can use WordPad. If you need something more elaborate you can download OpenOffice which is completely compatible with Windows Word.

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I'm running Windows 7 on my new computer, which came with a trial version of Office 2010. Rather than buy the full version when the trial expired, I installed the Office 2003 I had on my old -- now dead -- computer. I now find that I can't open the Word and Excel files I created with the 2010 version. Is there a 'cloud' site where I could send the 2010 files and have them returned to me as standard .xls and .doc files? Or is there a free converter available for download?

Answer:Solved: How can I open Office 2010 documents on a computer that has only Office 2003?

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After you install the Office Live Update for Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta, you can use Microsoft Office programs, such as Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with your online office workspaces.
Further reading here.
Hope you find this useful (as is has been to me)

Answer:Save Microsoft Office documents to Office Live Workspace

The add-on works well with O2007 but hasn't worked for me in O14.

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When I transferred my documents to my new laptop I ended up with a string of 'Documents' within 'Documents'. How do I fix that?

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When I transferred my documents to my new laptop I ended up with a string of 'Documents' within 'Documents'. How do I fix that?

Answer:On my new laptop Windows 10 I have documents within document...

@Jozyruth?, welcome to the forum. Are you saying that you have several Documents folders within the main Documents folder?

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Hello friends. I have an MS WORD document with chapters. I need to split these chapters into separate documents for use separately. How do I do this? Thanks.

Answer:How do I split my WORD document into smaller documents?

Select chapter (highlight)- copy - select New (page symbol)when new doc opens - paste - save as (chapter number) close
repeat for each chapter

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Hi there!

I've got a word document that I need to split into new documents. Each page has a specific value on it that I could use to copy the pages that have this value on them into a new workbook. i.e. the first 5 pages of the workbook might have the value 2468 on it. the next 3 pages might have the value 3579 on them, the subsequent 8 pages might have the value 6789 on them.

Can anyone show me how to do this in VBA? I was thinking that I could maybe:

1) find the last page that the values appear on
2) add a page break
3) copy the pages of the book into new documents based on locations of page breaks I've added.

But I don't know how to do that, especially the bits with question marks...

Can anyone help me out?

Public Sub CreatePageBreaks_and SplitDoc()

Dim Mydoc As Document, NewDoc As Document
Set MyDoc = Word.Documents("C:\myfolder\mydoc.doc")
Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory

MyConst = 2468

'get page that value last appears on
Dim y1 As Integer
Dim r1 As Word.Range
Set r1 = MyDoc.Content
If r1.Find.Execute(FindText:=MyConst, Forward:=False, Wrap:=False) = True Then
y1 = r1.Information(wdActiveEndPageNumber)
End If

'create page breaks based on page that last value is on?????

NewDocName = "c:\myfolder\mydoc_ " & MyConst

'copy pages up until/between page break and copy into a new doc?????

NewDoc.SaveAs filename:=NewDocName
MyDoc.Close wdDoNotSaveChanges

End Sub

Answer:How to split a Word document into multiple documents?

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I am putting together an electronic manual, but all the documents have been created and saved separately and in different formats of Microsoft programs for example Visio and PDF. I will need to create a TOC for this manual as well. Is there an easy way to do this w/o having to chance a bunch of formatting? I want the formatting all the same as far as the Word documents go. I understand that may not be possible for the Visio documents. Am I asking for a miracle here?

Answer:Combining Different Versions of Documents into 1 Word Document

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Are there any online document editors that allow you to publish your documents?

The one I'm using right now is the one from Google.
But that one sucks compared to some of the other online editors.

Zoho: a bit better in terns of usability, but not much better than Google.

My favourite: Acrobat - but that doesn't allow you to publish your documents.

There must be some others out there?


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Admit it.
You've got one.
We believe people everywhere have great ideas. But they do no good trapped in your head. We want to help you turn them into a flourishing business by taking the hassle out of accounting and business management. So we're offering Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 software absolutely free! No strings attached. Get your free download here.

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Hello! I work in a school board and we redirect My Documents folder to F:\
(Personal key = "F:\" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders)
When set up this way, when we print something using the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer, the document gets printed but it stays in the print queue as "Error - printing in progress". The job needs to be deleted for another one to print...
It is kind of annoying since we use a software that print batches of XPS so after a document gets printed, the next one does not print because it gets stuck in the queue. The user then need to delete the job for the next one to start and so on... not really
optimal when they have 100+ jobs to print.
I would like to know how can I solve this ? I have confirmed that the problem is the redirection because if I change the Personal key to the default (C:\users\xxx\My Documents), it prints fine but as soon as we put F:\ (network location), it fails.
We also can't really change the redirection so I would really like to know if there is anything I can do so that the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer can print using My Documents folder redirection on the network...


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After uninstalling IE 10 upgrade due to compatibility issue with Outlook Web Access, I have a unique problem. I am unable to see a particular folder and doctuments in the folder located in Documents, when attempting to attach it to an email.

The folder and document is there when I use Windows Explorer but not there when I go throught Outlook Web Access. Again, this just started since uninstalling IE 10.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

CD Silver

Answer:Cant see document to attach to email in Documents folder using Outlook

Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing in Outlook Web Access?

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Running Vista Ultimate (32 bit) on HP Media Center Desktop Unit (8100y). Each time system is booted up and Outlook 2007 is accessed for the first time, Microsoft Office 2007 begins to reconfigure itself. Neither canceling of the configuation process nor allowing the process to complete seems to have any apparent effect on subsequent operations.

Performed repair function on the Office application without any discernible effect. Any help in resolving this issue would be truly appreciated!

Answer:Starting Outlook 2007 causes Microsoft Office 2007 to reconfigure itself

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Is there a way to add multiple documents (meeting notes) to ONE tab & organize them in TILE fashion according to date.
Also to be able to view the corrupted documents file with having errors to open the document ? 

Answer:view the corrupted documents file with having errors to open the document

OneNote is an electronic notepad and similar to the a notepad you will be unable (unfortunately) to automatically merge meeting notes.  But alas, you can select all text (CTRL+A) from the source One tab and Paste (CTRL+V) to the target One tab.I do believe that you can tile the tabs by dragging them into the desired locations specific to your organizational requirements.
 had more information here: am unclear as to what you are asking (re: view inserted documents file name without having to open them), but I will guess that you want to insert  file into OneNote, and be able to see the name of the inserted file without double-clicking on said inserted file.  If that is what you are asking, you may want to name your files with short names so that they are easy to read.  Alternately, you can single-click on the inserted file, then hover the mouse over the selected file to read the file name.

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Hello again!!!!

Since d/l and installing Adobe reader 9, I am unable to save a document. If I email the document to myself, then I can save it, but if I try to save it from the original page, when I click on File>save as, I get no response. Any suggestions how to correct this?

Answer:Solved: Unable to save Adobe PDF document to Documents file

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Hi all,

I've recently moved from XP to 7 and realized that due to the change in path to my documents folder any references from one Excel workbook to another no longer work because the reference is to an absolute path and expects the "C:\Document and Settings\..." path rather than "C:\users\..." that Win7 uses.

Having to change each reference in my many spreadsheets manually is just not an option. Are there any tools that could help with this? I've already tried Find & Replace to change the path but the Excel still asks to select the actual file that i'm trying to link to which is still very time consuming.

Thanks in advance of any suggestions.

Answer:Excel document linking broken due to new documents path in Win7

Win7 employs a virtualization technology, (Symbolic links or junction Points), to cater for this very issue - it should work without modification

I have just set-up a shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\...... and it works, your post states "document and settings" which is probably a typo but would cause failure

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Relevance 51.66%

Windows 7 Dell Multimedia computer.
It has Office 2007 installed , which includes PowerPoint 2007.

We need to upgrade PP 2007 to PP 2010 to help run embedded You Tube videos.

I have an unused and unopened stand alone version of PowerPoint 2010 to install on The Dell Multimedia computer.

How is the best way to do this upgrade with the least amount of problems ??

Can I uninstall only the PP app of Office 2007?
What if I uninstall the 2007, and then have problems installing the 2010?

Thanks in advance.

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I am running windows 7 on a new computer. Outlook 2007 is freezing many times after it is opened. I click on an e mail and it just freezes.
Word has done it also but not as bad.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113859 MB, Free - 60738 MB; D: Total - 110275 MB, Free - 61717 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Chapala , Not Applicable, LXAQB0X612826017F32500
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

For no apparent reason my version of MS Outlook has suddenly gone belly-up. All other apps. in Office work fine.
When I now try to open Outlook I receive the following "Cannot open your default email folders. The file C:\User\Maurice\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file"

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Office from the original disks a number of times, I have successfully installed this on another Win7 desktop computer partition and it works fine. I have attempted to follow the MS repair online notification for .pst but it doesn't seem to work (or maybe it is me that isn't working). Most frustrating. Any word by word suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Free Office 2007 To Office 2010 Upgrade Period Starts Today

Microsoft plans to release the final version of Microsoft Office 2010 on June 15 and is ? as always ? offering free upgrades for users who happen to purchase the previous version of the Office suite shortly before that release. In a blog post over at Technet Microsoft announced that the free upgrade period starts today which means that users who purchase Office 2007 from today on will be eligible for a free upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 once it comes out.
The process works the following way:
Purchase Office 2007, or a new PC with Office 2007, and activate it between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010.
Have, or create a Windows Live ID.
Redeem your Tech Guarantee before October 31, 2010 by visiting

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Just bought a new laptop with Windows7 64bit installed-my first exposure to Windows7. I had Office 2007 installed on my old Dell 32 bit machine. I had also recently pruchased Office 2010 and installed that on my new machine.

Now, when I try to open those 32bit 2007 files with 64bt 2011, Iget an error message that "no picture file is available", or words to that effect. When I try to "open with", the only option displayed is "Microsoft Office" with an icon that looks like a picture file. When I try to browse to the proper office program(Excel, for example), there are none of teh Office suite programs displayed, only "Microsoft Office".

I can navigate seperately to the proper progran, Excel, etc., and drag the file into the application, and it opens, and all seems to work OK. I "save as" the proper application file, but it still will not open with double-click on the file name.

I have not seen this particular item in the forums and would appreciate very much some help in fixing this issue.



Answer:Office 2010(Win7, 64bit) won't open Office 2007(WinXPr3 32 bit) files

Hello Grubby76, welcome to the forum.

We have an excellent Window 7 File Association Tutorial here:
Open With - Change Default Program

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Many users who have upgraded from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007 may find Office 2007 a bit difficult because of the new toolbar and arrangement of buttons. So, there is a free add-on for Office 2007 called UBitMenu which will add the menu bar and toolbar of Office 2003 in Office 2007 under a ribbon named as Menu. Download Link More Info Homepage

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Good Evening Everyone,

I have a few questions concerning the Installation of 2010 Office. I know that I have to uninstall Office 2007. I have no clue on how to save or where to save my documents from Office 2007. The documents consist of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and a few various folders. Should I from the Start Menue click on Documents select all and copy. Where should I place this copy? Can It be left on my hard drive? After I install Office 2010 can I then copy the "Document File" and place in Documents. Will all the files end up in the proper place for their programs, Word files go to Word, Excel goes to Excel so on and so forth. Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation. It is greatly appreciated. I hope I described my situation correctly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Answer:2010 Office Professional Plus to Replace 2007 Office Small Business

But you don't have to uninstall Office 2007 to upgrade to 2010. That's the general rule as you can generally upgrade from lower SKUs to higher SKUs (Small Business to Pro Plus). As far as saving your documents, you can really save them wherever you like on your hard drive or on any CD or flash drive if you wish to do so. As far as file types, after 2010 is installed, they should all register properly for their programs so that Word documents open in Word, Excel Documents in Excel, etc.

Though if you have all of you documents already saved within "Documents" or "My Documents" or some other folder you've set aside and you want to uninstall 2007 before upgrading to 2010, the documents themselves will be retained when you uninstall, you just won't be able to really do much with them until you install 2010.

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We have an upgrade on our computer units here in the company, my problem is when users save their 2007 excel files an error pops up, Errors were detected while saving "File Name". Microsoft maybe able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the file, click Cancel.

By the way, the files were save on the file server and users access them through single roaming profile that we created with full access on their folders.
i am hoping i could find an answer.

thank you

Answer:Error on saving MS Office Excel 2007 files to MS Office 2013

i have many views, but no reply... i am starting to think this forum is not helping me !...

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