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Access 2003 - Filter records to show current week returning wrong values

Question: Access 2003 - Filter records to show current week returning wrong values

Hi all,

I am having a bit of a problem with a query I am working on to display only the current week of records.

I am using BETWEEN Date()-DatePart("w",Date())+2 AND Date()

to filter records from the Monday of this week to the current day and my results are returning the 15th, 16th and 17th of this week like I want but also the 15th, 16th and 17th of every other month and year in my database.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Access 2003 - Filter records to show current week returning wrong values

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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have a simple table with projects, some dates and a column "status" showing if the project has finished or not (yes/no type). The projects are identified with nummbers (Project-Nr). in the table it ist possible that one and the same project number has not been finished and is marked with no, but at a later time it has finished and is marked with yes in the column status.

for the report I need to extract projects that are finished and the ones that are not. but I cannot simply choose the ones that are marked with yes or no, because some projects with the same number are simply both status yes and no.

the parts of the table :
Project-Nr Status
400 No
401 No
402 Yes
403 No
403 No
403 Yes
Date-at a certain time a project was not finished at a later time point it is finished, that's why I have duplicate entries in Project-Nr

Project-Nr ist numerical, Status is Yes/No (True/False)

I need to extract Projects for the report, the user can choose if he wants to see the finished or unfinished projects. The problem is for example with the project number 403, because it was first set to status NOT FINISHED and later the same number is finished, otherwise I could simply just check the status column and extract the finished and the unfinished ones. I cannot do that, because then project number 403 would appear as unfinished and it is finished in the end.

this ist my code:

stSQL = "SELECT [Pr-Nr], Status, Max (Termin) FROM Termine GROUP BY [Pr-Nr], Status"... Read more

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how can i add a new record between two existing recorfs in access 2003 ?

thank you in advance

Answer:add a new records between two existing records in Access 2003

Sorry I do not understand your question, in what way will the record be "Between" 2 other records?

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Is it possible for an access form to filter specific fields in the record source table so the user can deal with them only a part form the rest of the table fields.
The table contains many fields and the user needs to enter data in all fields for the different records in the table. To make it easy, I need to filter the records which have similar or are common in a specific character to enter their data, then remove the filter and put another filter for another character.
Please advice,
Thanks in advance.
M Hegazy

Answer:Building a form in Access can filter specific records in a table

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I am still trying to get to grips with Access 2007 - there's a lot more than cosmetic changes!!Here's my conundrum....I have a form with a subform in it and that subform has a subform in it (nested subform).Main form Name: frmEngineerSubform 1 Name: joinTasksEmployeeSubform (joined to Main form by EmpID)Subform 2 Name: joinTaskServersSubform (joined to Subform 1 by TaskID)I would like to create a command button (or an event procedure) to open up another form called frmServer (which also has a subform called frmNote joined by ServerID).I would like frmServer to open and show the record (will be singular) for the selected server (and in turn display all the notes associated with it in the subform) I've tried a number of things and can't seem to get it right - have started climbing the walls! Any ideas? Will be much appreciated - have wasted almost a week on this!

Answer:Access 2007 - Open a form from a subform (filter records)

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I have a table with a Date/Time field called Date Created, it is in the General Date format, and it is a time stamp (EX: 12/3/2004 3:00 AM). I know that if you have a date field that is formatted as a Short Date you can easily pull records in a query based off of a current date (EX: Date() as the criteria). I have tried using the Date() criteria as a parameter for a query, but I am unable to pull the current date's records. The query will work if I test the "Between #12/1/2004# and #12/4/2004#" parameter range, but I would like to be able to pull records for the current date without having to change the date range or even the date field to a short date in the main table. I've even tried converting the date within a query to display the date as a short date, by adjusting the field properties in the query, but the Date() criteria still doesn't work. Is there any other type of syntax that I could use within the query to make this work? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:MS Access 2000-Pulling Current Day's Records From Time Stamp

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I am just learning Access, and I have run across a problem I can't seem to get around. My queries are coming out incorrectly, and I'm not sure what I did wrong. For example, for "Category and title order information", it's giving me the same title for all but one record. Can someone help point me in the right direction? I'll be happy to forward the database - it wouldn't let me attach it here... (sigh - I'm such a newbie...)

Answer:Access query returning wrong data

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I have an Access 2003 database of only moderate size and complexity. I would like to add a field (column) to each table showing when that record was updated. I would like this to be automatic; that is, when a record is saved, a current timestamp should be inserted into that field ONLY IF the record has been modified. Any ideas??


Answer:Timestamping records in Access 2003

How long do your processes take? You will probably want to "freeze" the timestamp so that everything that runs for a particular process has the same timestamp. For Example, I used to have to run this complicated payroll process that took about 3 hours. If the timestamp wasn't frozen, some tables would be updated at 2:00, others at 2:10, etc... With the timestamp frozen, all tables appeared to be updated at 2:00. - And in fact, there were other indicators within the tiemstamp (PYRL0200RTC). This gives every record that was updated the exact same timestamp. This way if we found out the client sent us a bad payroll file and we needed to delete the records, we could delete by our timestamp field. Just something to think about there.

Do you have the timestamp field created in the tables that you wish to update? If not you will probably want to create a loop that creates that field in all of your tables.

If you are starting from "scratch" (that is no tables have the timestamped updated) and you want to pro-actively update them, you can create a loop for that as well. Otherwise if you are looking to update the new timestamp fields as they occur within the regular flow of your applicatoin, then you may want to create a sub that updates the timestamp and then everytime records get updated, call the sub.


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First of all, Im a total beginner and have only been using access for about a month - therefore, ive never run a query (so shouldn't have lots of tables, only the one im working on!)

My problem is that, after adding about 600 people's data to access, it has very randomly messed up about 5 records. Peoples names have turned into funny symbols etc. The database will not let me change their details; every time I re-open it they have gone back to funny symbols. Also, they cannot be deleted. Ive tried using 'delete' on the keyborad, the delete record function in access, deleting them from the spreadsheet view and so on, but it keeps coming up with the same message... "the search key was not found in any record", whenever I press delete. The database will also not let me run a query until these data are gone!

Help, Im totally stuck!!

Answer:Trying to delet records from access 2003...

claire, have you tried Compacting & Repairing the Database?
To do this open Access, (not the database) and go to Main Menu>Tools>Compact & Repair database
Browse to your database and double click it (or single click and click OK) and then when it asks for a name to Save it as, I would click on your current database and add something on the end to denote a newer version. I increment a version i.e.
databasename v 0.0.mdb increments to databasename v 0.1.mdb.

Is there only the one table or do you have other Tables with Relationships set up to the "Problem" table. If you do you might have to delete those relationships before you can delete the records.

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I am attempting to put together a database to keep track of machines and who the machines are assigned to. I am trying to make a form with drop menus for the purpose of data accuracy. I want to be able to search/filter for a user and then see what the current machine is. The problem is that when opening the data entry form, it defaults to a user and not all the info about the user shows. The fields that have drop down menus show nothing. Even if I filter for a user, the info in the drop down menus is still empty. The information only shows after I have selected an option. I was wondering how I could get the information to show before any changes have been made.

Answer:Solved: Access: Can't get drop menu values to show

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I have a list of forty cities that are to be ignored. I want to run a queury that gets all records from a table that are not in that list.


Answer:Access 200. Show all values where city is not in a lookup table.

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Hi everyone i have a database and in the database i have a invoice form. How do i get it to minus 20% for the cis deduction and then add 17.5% for vat? I am using access 2003 on windows vista.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:access 2003 calculating values

the calculation should be

(value * 0.8 ) that should take the 20% off - for cis deduction
then * 1.175 should add the VAT

(value * 0.8)*1.175

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I'm pretty good with databases, but this one has me stumped as I can't find a solution anywhere, nor do I really know what the deal is - but I'm sure it'll be something so simple that I overlooked that I'll feel retarded.

I have an access database that has a table with the following structure:

company, address, state, zip, state, phone (all with data populated)

I then created another table named "new" and added a field called phone.

I put in XXX amount of phone numbers into the new table named "new".

I basically want to compare the records from Table 1 Phone to the Phone in "new" table, and remove them from the original table.

Everytime i do that, I get a "Recordset not updateable" error, I've tried all sorts of queries, etc. - no avail.

/squirm - help!

Answer:Solved: MS Access 2003: Cannot Compare & Delete Records

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I just created a query for a one table database. I'm trying to find the top and bottom values in one query for one value. I can manage to organize it by ascending and taking one top-value, but I can't manage to get top and bottom simultaneously. I was wondering how one would go by doing that, and I'm in Query Design view. Thanks for anyone that can help me out.

Answer:Access 2003 Top-values Query Question

Nevermind, I've figured it out, thanks. This thread may be deleted as it is of no need anymore.

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I wrote an append query to add new data from one table to another table, but when I ran the query, it had duplicated each record ten times.

The table I am appending to is the main table. It has five more fields than the append from table. It has an auto number which is also the primary key. I did not include the auto number field in the append query, as advised by the help file. The tables have no relationship.

Not only did it post 430 lines instead of 43, the autonumber started at #397 instead of row #10 which was the next row. No rows have been deleted from the table as I just created it, so it's not that. This error may correct itself if I can correct the other error, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Can anyone give any pointers to where I am going wrong?

Many thanks!

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 append query duping records

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I've searched on the forums and google but I've been unable to pin down a solution that would help with this issue.

I have a form (see attachment), bound to a table (called tbl_samp). There are 4 fields in the table: X (Yes/No field), Plan, Year, and Type.

In the example, I have the first 4 records highlighted, and I would like a way to have the X checkbox checked for those 4 records (using either VBA or keyboard shortcut if it exists). So for example, perhaps a subroutine where I:
1) Select the desired rows (like in the attached image)
2) Press "Spacebar" (or command button or something) that takes the selected records, and marks "Yes" for each record.

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 Form - checking select records

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Can anyone help please? I keep thinking that this should be simple and am I just missing something From the example attached, each group of records with the same shelfmark needs to have at least one record with an Ord Status of SV.
How do I find a group or groups with the same shelfmark (5678.000000 in this case) that doesn’t have at least one SV Ord Status against any of its records?

Answer:Solved: Filtering out specific groups of records on Access 2003

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Is it possible to create a field in MS Access 2003 that will allow a user to select multiple options?

For example I want to create a filed called "Reason for Change" that has the following values: Customer Request, Quality, Safety and Legal, Supplier Request, Engineering, Cost Savings, Other, and System Integration. Next I want to create a form based on the table and the user will have the option to select one value or multiple values for the field above.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Answer:MS Access 2003 - Field with Multiple Values Creating

yes, you can use the select or/and radio option prop to do with.
for one option selct drop down menu is recommended. if u want more than one option then u can use radio buttons for that

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I would like to set the dropdown values in VBA, here is what I am using (that doesn't work):

Me.Loan_Number(0) = strPri
Me.Loan_Number(1) = strSec

​Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Solved: Setting Drop Down values in VBA (Access 2003)

Are you trying to add items to the control or trying to set the default value of the control which already has items in it?


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My website runs off of an Access Database. 2 days ago I attempted to add 1400 new records to the DB, doubling its size to about 5.5mb. I haven't touched the queries or anything.

The problem now is that when someone accesses the site it creates a .ldb file and this ldb file gets bigger in size with each hit on the site. The site gets progressively slower as the ldb file gets larger. After only a few hits, the site becomes completely unbrowsable as the database fails to respond. The ldb file is locked and I have to restart the server to be able to access the database again.

I removed the new records and reuploaded the database. The site went back to working as usual. I can catch a glimpse of the .ldb file once in a while but it doesn't build up and shut down the site like it does when the new db.

I tried adding just one new record and the database still worked properly.

Why is that .ldb file sticking around for so long with the new db? What can I do to add the new items without completly crippling the site?

The server is Windows 2003 and the site is coded in ASP.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:MS Access 2003 DB on Website. New records added - connection timeouts, .ldb growing.

Are you importing the new records into the database?

I have found that importing records, expecially large amounts increases the size of my database, and that means the ldb will grow.

After your Import, do a Compact and Repair. I've seen my db go from 8+ MB back to just over 4MB after this.

I think that may help.

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If I wish to append the current record on a form there seems to be only two ways. One is in the append query for the table to leave all criteria blank in which case all records are appended not just the current record. The second is to enter a parameter value in the append query for the table which just deletes one specific record.
For each record on a form I can have a number of different records and I want to be able to append those.
Would appreciate some help here. Thanks

Answer:Solved: Append all data from records returned on form Access 2003/7

See my response to your other Thread.

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I have a database I've created for our Geology folks to edit the list of publications they have. Short background: this data was originally located in an Access 95 database, an excel spreadsheet, and an old paradox text file. It wasn't normalized, nor was it clean, nor was anything entered with anything like a standard format. I was tasked with merging the three sets of data into one, and presenting the users with a new database they could use to edit (and clean up) the existing data, and add new records to it.

I smooshed the data together and had originally created an Access front end on an Access back end in Access 2003 (I usually use 2003, though my users are on 2007). This was working fine but I didn't have them doing much editing as we were waiting for scanned images to come back from a contractor. When we got the images back they wanted to start editing in earnest, and I needed to move the data to our SQL server for the backend. I linked to all the tables, and created queries in Access that pulled from the linked tables, and the queries populated the forms.

Editing works fine on existing records, but when the I try to enter a new record, the initial entry goes fine, but once I've saved it, then try to edit it again, it says "this record has been changed by another user since you started editing it..." and only allows you to drop the changes or copy to clipboard. The thing is, that's not what is really happening.

I did a little poki... Read more

Answer:Access 2003/2007 with SQL Backend, can't edit newly added records

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Semi beginner in Access 2003. My problem is I think a little complicated so here goes. On a specific week, our department will get a list mail renewal packets with 5 different expiration months. So I have to find a way to create a form (which I have done) with a week ending date that will allow the user to enter multiple expiration month dates. I figured how to do one at a time and get the form to update but can't figure out how to update all of them at the same time. The problem I think has to do with the control source but not sure. so here's a sample of the info:

For week ending 9/20/2008,
August September October November December
Opening Balance 1000 1200 1300 1500 1600
Received in Unit 200 100 50
Deferred Closed
Deferred Pilot
Deferrals Return
Closing Balance
Mail Room Count

So I set up a form similar to the look above but can't figure out how to update it to a single table that has all the left handed information on it. Please help!!!!!

Thanks a million... You know bosses they want it particular way.

Answer:Access 2003 - Updating multiple records from a form to table simutaneously

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I am trying to match two fields in two different tables.

Table 1:
Account #1 | Name #1 | Days #1
Account #2 | Name #2 | Days #2

Table 2:
Account #1 | Code #1 | Charge #1
Account #1 | Code #2 | Charge #2
Account #1 | Code #3 | Charge #3

Now when I match on Account #, I get:

Account #1 | Name #1 | Days #1 |Code #1| Charge #1
Account #1 | Name #1 | Days #1 |Code #2| Charge #2

Is there a way I can eliminate double entries of Days #1? My end goal is to sum up all the days (Days #1 + Days #2...+ Days #n). Currently, there are duplicates in this field.

I hope I was able to explain my issue well. Please do let me know if you need clarification. Above all, thank you for spending your valuable time trying to resolve this problem of mine.

Answer:Solved: Access 2003: Match Multiple Values to Single

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I have an Access 2003 table (Table1) with four fields:
Amount (number, single format, 3 decimal places)
Add (number, single format, 3 decimal places)
Calc (number, single format, 3 decimal places)
Test (number, single format, 3 decimal places)

There is one record:

The first query updates the "Test" field by [Amount]*[Add] with the result that the test field now contains the value 40.84

Then I run a query to find records where [Test]<>[Calc] and it returns the record even though the values in the two fields are equal.

Help! Please???

Answer:Solved: problem with access 2003 calculation comparing values

What does the record say when you run the 2nd query?

When I run the second query, I get a 0 for the first record (using the info you listed). I added in a few records of my own and got -1. If I'm not mistaken the 0 means False/No and the -1 means True/Yes. So the 0 means that no records match [Test]<>[Calc] and the -1 means that records match [Test]<>[Calc].

Either way please explain more so I can get a better handle on what you are looking for.


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Hi all,

I have been struggling for a few days to build a functioning query. I actually managed to make it work for a smaller set of data but I'm using the following function:

RankOfDup: (SELECT Count(*) FROM [Table] WHERE [field1]=[table].[field1] And [field2] >= [table].[field2])

which I believe slows my query, if I do select query it runs for around 2 minutes but if I try to make table it never executes.

The reason I need make query is that after this I need to create Crosstab query that basically turns the ranks from rows into columns. I tried to create the crosstab using the select query with the RankOfDub but it gives an error that the the database doesn't recognise a field.

Any ideas how I can make this work for large set of data, ie rank the rows and turn them into crosstab?

If anything is unclear please ask questions and I will explain.

Thank you very much, I hope someone can help!

Answer:Solved: Access 2003: Make-table query with around 2 ml records taking too long

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I have a form built with access 2003, in my form there is a field that has a drop down box, it has options for (Open, Hold, Part's Ordered, closed) different status types for each record. I hae a filter that searches for all the records that contain Open, Hold, Part's Ordered. I am trying to or would like to create about button for each option, so if I click on open, it finds all the open records, and if I search for Hold and so on.

thanks in advanced.

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Hi All

I need a criteria within a query to return the last 12mths data from a date field, it must return 12 mths data from the most recent date in the database not from todays date.
All help is appreciated
Cheers Brian

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 filter data by date

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Signatures in Outlook 2003, whether automatically or manually inserted, show in Arial but were defined to be Times New Roman.

Answer:Outlook 2003 signuatres show in wrong font

Have you tried editing the signature?

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I have a search form where i have a text box that has a input mask which is the same as the table i am searching in. When i go to get the phone number from the txt box and put it as filer for my subform, it says missing operator. This is what is in my txt box (615) 777-7777 and in my table looks the same way but is not searching for it correctly. please help

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 error when trying to filter for phone number

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I've created a couple forms, that will work harmoniously in creating awesome reports.
One of the forms is used to log all of the miles travelled by several different drivers through various states. So the driver's form has two lines to fill out. One is a combo box with all of the states listed so he can slect one, then in the next blank he can input the number of miles travelled in that state. Then, if necessary, he can select the next state and how many he travelled there. I can create a complete total, that's wasy.

I need to build an expression that isolates the total of just one or two states.

I'm not experienced in writing code, so if I need to, please be specific.

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 Expression building filter for a report

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I have two columns, district and customers. i want to list the customers based on the users district input. vlookup will only return the first customer entry per district...any ideas?

Answer:Looking up and returning multiple values

Hi,Have you tried using the filter function.Select the the column of cells with the district data (including heading row)From the Menu bar select Data - Filter and then AutoFilter.This will give you a drop-down list at the top of the column.Select a district from the drop-down and only rows containing that district name will be shown - and you will see all customers for that district.The visible data can be copied and pasted elsewhere if required.Regards

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#include <iostream.h>

using namespace std;

struct mystruct{
int x;
char y;
float z;
}example, example2;

mystruct myfunction(void);

int main(){
example2 = myfunction();
cout<<example2.x<<" "<<example2.y<<" "<<example2.z;
mystruct myfunction(void){
cout<<"Enter a integer: ";
cout<<"Enter a char: ";
cout<<"Enter a float: ";
return example;

Is there a way to return multiple values in a function without having to define them in a structure and simply returning that?

Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Answer:C++-Returning multiple values

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I want to look up multiple values in a column and give back the same value.So if I search my coumn for A and B and C, I want it to return a value of X and then look up D and E and F and return a value of Y.Can anyoneplease help, I'm starting to confuse myself

Answer:Returning one value after looking up multiple values

I do not understand what you are trying to do.Please post an example of your data, both the input data and the desired output.Please click on the following line and read the instructions found via that link before posting your data. Thanks.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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If the date reads 02/01/2013Is there a command that returns the day of the week i.e WednesdayMany Thanks

Answer:Returning The day of the week

Depends on how you want to display the Day.You can use a Regular Date Format, on my 2007 the second choice under Date will display the Date as: Wednesday, January 02, 2013If all you want is just the Day of Week, then a Custom Format ofDDD = WedwhileDDDD = WednesdayThere are other ways if these are not suitable.MIKE

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Im new to access, but Im still unable to figure out why my form doesn't filter the records I want..I created a Combo Box on my form and when I select the record it does not populate the form..Can someone tell me if this is a Access bug?

Answer:Combo Box won't filter records

soldaten, welcome to the Forum.
A combo can only "filter" records if it is used by VBA code to set the Form's Filter property.
However a "Find" combo can find a particular record.
Is that what you are trying to do?

The main use of combos normally is to select data from other tables to enter in to the Form.

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Is it possible to build several if statements that return multiple values if satisified to one cell in excel. For instance, I have the following Info in Excel:Cell A1: Coborrower Cell B1: John DoeCell A2: Principal Cell B2: Jane DoeCell A3: Coborrower Cell B3: John SmithCell A4: Coborrower Cell B4: Jane SmithCell A5: Guarantor Cell B5: Jack DoeIn Cell G6, I want to create an if statement that says if coborrower is found in cell A1, A2, A3, A4, or A5 then return the corresponding values of the B Column seperated by commas. For instance, in the scenario above I would want G6 to read: John Doe, John Smith, Jane Smith

Answer:If Statements Returning Multiple Values Excel

The result listed above does not have to be seperated by commas but would be preferred.

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I am using a line of SQL code to change the record source on one of the forms I use after a sort is performed by the user.

Form_frm_ClientContactInformation.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM tbl_ClientContactInformation INNER JOIN tbl_Account ON tbl_Account.[Account PSID]=tbl_ClientContactInformation.AccountPSID WHERE (((tbl_Account.AccountName) Like '*" & txtAccountName & "*'))"

The user puts in the Account Name, but because the name is not stored with the Client, the AccountPSID is, i have to compare the places where AccountPSID and Account PSID (client and account, respectivly) are the same, and filter it as such.

It works on all but one field. Randomly, when I use this and look at my new results on the ClientContactInformation page that results, the City field will appear as #Name?

I've done some basic troubleshooting, such as changing the control to make sure to point to City, and I've compared the City control to something else, like State, which is appearing, and they are identical except for obvious exceptions.

Is there a problem with the code, or is something more sinister occuring?

Answer:Solved: Select * SQL Code not returning all values

Have you tried putting the SQL in to a Query to see wehat results you get.
Without seeing the database it is very difficult to know what is going wrong.

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Each name should have unique number code. how will i filter the names with different number codes. example all 249 motor work should have 131866339 code. how will i filter the cells with same name but with different number code Column A Column B131866339 249 MOTOR WORKS131866339 249 MOTOR WORKS145335357 3E AUTO GLASS145335357 3E AUTO GLASS000000000 1ST CALL GRIP RENTAL209432382 1ST CALL GRIP RENTAL000000000 1ST CALL GRIP RENTAL000000000 92470 TRANSPORT SERVICES201222556 92470 TRANSPORT SERVICES

Answer:how to filter the name with different values

I don't understand your question."Filter" usually means to remove data and only show certain values.I'm not sure what you are trying to filter.You given us an example of your input data ...why not provide an example of your desired output?

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Hi, I need some help, think it's mainly VB syntax, but could be more. In a Form called frmDescription, I want to select a description from the combo box and then display the realted fields from the subform Costing Sheet CS Form. This description is pulled from the table Costing Detail tbl. And I want the fields, route, blank length and waste factor to all populate from the description choosen from the combo box. I've already made a sample of the database, because I do feel it's syntax and it's easier to help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer:Filter records based on a combo box

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I am working on a project, and trying to figure out how to sort and filter the records on the child table with a datagrid.
I have a datagrid control bound to the dataset with two tables. Underneath is a text box with a 'filter' button next to it.
I can successfully filter the parent table, (ex: State='CA') but when I click the plus sign and navigate to the child (details) records, the filter does not work. It only seems to recognize the parent column names.

Does anyone know a good way to do this?
Thanks for any help!

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Not sure how to do this, I have a form (frmIntro) that displays project number, title and PM (Project Manager)

Control source is tblProjects, I want to filter on "PM" to just show records by project manager by using a combo box and I need to have "All" as one of the options also.

How do configure the combo box properties and make this work? this is not to add data, just to filter.
Thanks, Joe

Answer:Solved: Filter records on form with combo box

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Hi,I have a record with more than 200 rows. It is displayed in column C. Now, i want filter only and RETAIN records with negative values (formatted to be inside a parenthesis), while those with values zero and greater are to be deleted out. By the way, this is related to a payroll data where the negative values represent the time to be deducted. So how do i do that in excel? Thanks for the advice.rian

Answer:How do I filter rows with negative values

Set up a table like this:
1 Value
2 ="<0" (This will display as <0)
4 Value
5 1
6 9
7 3
8 4
9 (4)
10 (7)
11 6
12 (7)
13 0
14 (4)
Data...Advanced FilterChoose either:Filter the list, in placeorCopy to another locationList Range: A4:A14Criteria Range: A1:A2Copy to: Optional, based on the choice you made above.

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I filtered a list of records on a number of fields. I used the filtering to then delete the rows that appeared after filtering. I then removed the filtering to Show All undeleted records. However, I found that some data rows were being deleted that normally remain. Since I've never had a problem before with this technique, I'm wondering if this is a 'known Excel problem'?

I know this is a tricky one for anyone to help me on because you can't check the way I did my filtering.

However, any ideas much appreciated!


Answer:Excel 2000:Filter then delete only filtered records

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For starters, the process for doing a clean install of W8.1 with OEM keys is idiotic, broken, .... And Lenovo's support docs and manuals are no help at all, they pretty much end at 'Use Recovery Partition'. Which is exactly what you don't want to do because it just puts all the bloat you're trying to get rid of right back.
Even after one 'acquires' an ISO for W8.1, near as I can tell, the Lenovo Yoga 11S cannot boot from a USB stick unless Secure Boot is disabled AND the Boot Mode set to Legacy. Otherwise, the Yoga will see neither the USB stick nor the Samsung SSD. Ok, so I left those disabled and installed 8.1 anyway. Seemed to all be fine, activated without a hitch . . . except W8.1 now cannot boot if Secure Boot is re-enabled, again, it will fail to even see the SSD. Power it off fully, hit the NOVO button, select Boot Menu, and it will be completely empty, no options. 
I've also noticed that it also seems to have a sleep of death problem. Close the lid, come back in an hour or so, and you'll be holding down the power button to do a hard reset to get it back up. I wonder if this particular unit is defective, but its hard to tell with the BS hoops Microsoft makes one jump through. 
The 11S was purchased as an upgrade from my older Acer V5 122P, which no longer has adequate performance for my needs. But if I can't get the **bleep** Yoga to actually work right, it'll have to be returned.  
So, here are my questions: 
 ... Read more

Answer:I bought a Yoga 11S earlier this week, & I'm getting close to returning it

Hello and welcome,
I don't have any personal Yoga experience, but I'll take a stab at addressing your questions #1.  This is based on what I'd expect to work.  Hopefully someone who has actually done this on a Y 11s will join the conversation.
How did you prepare the flash drive?  If you set it up the way one would with a Win 7 installer it would only boot in legacy mode.  No fault of the laptop.  Once installed in legacy mode turning on Secure Boot - which forces UEFI mode - is not going to boot your install since there's no UEFI boot entry for Windows.
Here's how I prep a UEFI install flash drive:
1) Format with single FAT32 partition.  I use DISKPART if in Windows.  I always prep a new flash drive since they sometimes come from the vendor in a strange state that may not boot.  From memory: DISKPART ( list disk, select disk xxx, create partition primary, select partition 1,  format fs=fat32, assign - make sure you select the flash drive and not some other drive in your system!)
2) Use an archive tool like 7zip to extract the contents of the ISO to the flash drive.
3) There is no 3.  1 and 2 are all you need.
Set the boot mode to UEFI.  Secure if you like but once installed in UEFI mode I'd expect that you could boot with this on or off, although Win 8 may fuss about not being secure.
This also works for newer 64-bit Ubuntu (and Red Hat IIRC) distros.  Even in ... Read more

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I have a problem I was playing Halo 2 on my new GPU and looked at the overdrive section in ATI CCC and the current values are way low for my card. I looked around and saw that it might be because of the 2D state that it looks low. I loaded up Halo 2 and even when I'm in the middle of playing the GPU Usage is at 99% yet the current values are still low. I tried to download the latest drivers and CCC and still no dice. I want to know if I can manually override this low power state so I can get the full potential out of my GPU?

My System is:
CPU: Intel i7 950
Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D-E
GPU: ATI HD 5870
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
RAM: Corsair XMS3 6GB

Answer:ATI CCC Current Values Don't Change

What kind of power supply do you have?

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Hi all,

I have a continuous form in Access 2007 that's based on a query. My users want me to add 5 or more check boxes that will filter the records on the form when clicked. The check boxes should be able to filter independently and also have the ability to filter the records specified when say 2 out of the 5 are checked. The checkboxes are filtering one field of the query called CompanyArea which is the areas each company is in which is a number from 1 to 9.

So far my code is as listed below and doesn't work. I also have a text box named txtQuery that shows the SQL being run but so far it only shows that I've selected all records and not the query. Right now the code is stored in the on click event of a command button. What I would really like to happen is that when a user clicks the check box, the code runs. I know that would be the after update event of the check box but I figure it's best to get the code working on the whole and then worry about the after update of each check box.

Also I want Check112 to be a show all or remove all sorts and show all the records again. I also need check112 if checked to remove the checks from the other check boxes. Does that mean I should run the code for check 112 separately?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Const strSQL = "SELECT * FROM qryCompArea"

Private Sub btnfilter_Click()
Dim strFilterSQL As String
strFilterSQL = strSQL

If Check106 ... Read more

Answer:Solved: VBA multiple check boxs filter records on a continuous form

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1) Even if no other problems, the solid touchpad is an insurmountable problem.
It's a horrible idea (rather than having the left click and right click 2 separated pieces.
I'm CONSTANTLY getting the right click menu when I left click.

2) The other insurmountable problem is that pages - not just web pages, but text files also - will on their own rapidly scroll to the top or bottom of the page.
I spend a decent amount of time, when I am not undoing the unwated right clicks from the touchpad, re-scrolling to find my place.
Unbearable problem.
Thought perhaps a Firefox issue, but then when text files started doing it, I have to blame it on Dell. (Or Windows 10?).

3) Previous touchpads let me scroll using 1 finger, not requiring 2.
Also I was able to make a circular motion with 1 finger to scroll.
Not possible on this touchpad.

4) TV has only recognized the HDMI cable twice.
No response to my asking how to remedy this in this forum.

5) Several times I've gotten the message "Power surge on the USB portDevice.  Port needs more power than can be supplied."
This has occurred on all of the 3 ports.
One device which caused it is an external hard drive which I've used with other computers without having an issue.
The other device it occurred with multiple times their tech support person hadn't heard of this issue and I've never seen it mentioned in any forum.

6) Where are the Dell employee tech support people in the forum?

7) And trying to send... Read more

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I've got an excel spreadsheet I'm using as a running log and A4:A369 contains all of the dates of the year. I'd like to automatically scroll when sheet is opened to weekday(1) Sunday of weeknum(today()) the current week.The hope is my training log will "jump" to the current week. I've already got the conditional formatting to highlight the row for the current day.

Answer:excel: want to scroll to a row for day 1 of current week

This code should do what you asked for.I suggest that you try this in a backup copy of your workbook in case something goes terribly wrong.1 - Press Alt-F11 to open the VBA editor.2 - Find your workbook name in the left hand pane (VBAProject)3 - Double click the ThisWorkbook module4 - Paste the code below into right hand pane5 - If Sheets(1) is not the correct sheet, modify the code as required.6 - Save the workbook7 - Close it8 - Open it9 - Smile if it worksPrivate Sub Workbook_Open()
'Determine date of Sunday in current week
curSunday = (Date - Choose(Weekday(Date), 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6))
'Find that date in Sheet 1 Column A
With Sheets(1).Columns(1)
Set s = .Find(curSunday)
End With
'Select that cell
End SubClick Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi there,

I was looking for a way to hightlight the current week on an Excel worksheet based on today's date and I found a post here which described the formula:


It does work ok, however it considers the week as starting on a Sunday. How can I get this formula to recognized my week as starting on TUESDAY instead?

I've tried different things and I've checked the WEEKDAY syntax* but I'm unable to get it work. Its always defaults to Sunday. I cannot even get it to start the week even on Monday.


Thank you in advance!


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I have used XL to create a database of events. The first column is dates, and is formatted accordingly. I want to filter the list so that it does not show records having a date earlier than today's date (whatever that may be).

Could some kind person tell me how to achieve this ?

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My excel sheet contains data for different months.
So I want that when I run the macro my excel sheet should be filtered such that it only shows the data for current month. The Date format in my sheet is "20110419".

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I would like to "Build" an expression for a date/time field that will query the date and display my query output as "01/01" or "January, 1st", and leave off (omit) the year.

Im trying to print a report of my employees birthdates without displaying the year, so i can post it publicly.

the name of the column is dob (date of birth) and the format is standard date/time, displayed normally as 01/01/2009 etc ....

The best idea i could come up with so far is

= Format (Date(), "dddd, mmm d")

but this displays todays date and not the date stored in my column lol.

Answer:Access 2003, want date/time to show day and month only (& no year) in query

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I need help trying to come up with a formula to calculate the sum of values (row 3), for the previous Friday to Yesterday's date i.e. Wed would sum Friday to Tuesday; Thursday would sum Friday to Wed...and Monday would sum Friday to Sunday.

My example is not posting correctly...but essentially Row 1 has Day headers (Monday, Tuesday, etc.); Row 2 has the actual date that corresponds with day header (3/7/2011, 3/8/2011, etc.); Row 3 has the values that I am wanting to sum according to criteria mentioned above. So for TODAY, 3/9/2011, I would like to sum the values of Friday, 3/4/2011, through Yesterday, Tuesday, 3/8/2011...and so on...
Greatly appreciated!

Answer:MS Excel 2007: Formula needed for sum of values from Friday to current date

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I have a macro below that filters out certain data; I would like to add an additional filter based on the criteria for the current month. here is the logic: in addition to the other filters already in the macro only show data if column #35 = current month.Can someone help me with this?Code:
Sub Pipeline_ShowNetRegs()
If (ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode And ActiveSheet.FilterMode) Or ActiveSheet.FilterMode Then
End If
ActiveSheet.Range("$a$7:$AQ$1000").AutoFilter Field:=34, Criteria1:="<>Pre-Approval"
ActiveSheet.Range("$A$7:$AQ$1000").AutoFilter Field:=8, Criteria1:="<>Post-Closing"
ActiveSheet.Range("$A$7:$AQ$1000").AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:="<>DECL", _
Operator:=xlAnd, Criteria2:="<>WITH"
ActiveSheet.Protect AllowFiltering:=True
End Sub

Answer:Autofilter to filter using current month as criteria

Try this. This should filter by the current month and also return any rows where Column 32 is blank.
ActiveSheet.Range("$A$7:$AQ$1000").AutoFilter Field:=32, _
Criteria1:=Array("="), Operator:=xlFilterValues, Criteria2:=Array(1, Now)Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I want a batch file which fulfills the below requirements:-
i want to create a label for tagging purpose.

tag should be D_1323
where D would be incrementing next time the .bat file is run and 13-is year and 23 is the week number which should be fetch in the .bat file.
I am not able to make this work.Could anyone please help me.
I need this urgently.
please help

Answer:.bat file to increment alphabets and fetch current week and Year

Batch files should be able to alter themselves just like any other file, so if you make sure the first line sets the current letter, you could have code in it to move it to the next one.
You can use code like this for getting the next letter in the alphabet,!topic/alt.msdos.batch.nt/VEruIR4CYCw

As to getting the week number, how about this solution and dividing the day of the year by 7?

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I have a database with a form of [projects]. I have two tables, one for [projects] and one employee table that lists the [user], windows [login name] and their [department].

I am able to get the form to open and filter on the users windows [login name], but how do I tell the form to match the user [login] with my employee table and filter all projects based on the users [department]?

I'm going crazy trying to get this to work. Thanks!

Answer:How do I filter a form on open based on current user's associated department?

I think you need to base your form on a query where both tables are joined.

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I want to look up criteria over multiple sheets in Excel and return all the values of a cell that match that criteria. Similar to a Vlookup but over an undefined number sheets and to return multiple values. Can anyone help?

Answer:A Vlookup over multiple sheets and returning multiple values

This code assumes that the headings shown above begin in A1 in all sheets.Paste the code into the Sheet Module for Sheet1 and then enter a tracking number in B2.Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
'Check to see if change was made to B2
If Target.Address = "$B$2" Then
'If Yes, disable events
Application.EnableEvents = False
'Store Track Number
trackNum = Target
'Find last row in Sheet1
endRow = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
'Clear Sheet1
Range("A2:I" & endRow).ClearContents
'Loop through Sheets
For shtNum = 2 To Sheets.Count
'Find last row and begin search for Track number
lastRow = Sheets(shtNum).Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
With Sheets(shtNum).Range("A1:A" & lastRow)
Set t = .Find(trackNum)
If Not t Is Nothing Then
firstAddress = t.Address
'For each Track number found, Copy data to next Row on Sheet1
nxtRow = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range("A" & nxtRow) = nxtRow - 1
.Range("A" & t.Row & ":D" & t.Row).Copy _
Destination:=Range("B" & nxtRow)
.Range("E" & t.Row).Copy _
Destination:=Range("G" & nxtRow)
.Range("F" & t.Row).Copy _
Destination:=Range("F" & nxtRow)
.Range("G" & t.Row & ":H" & t.Row).Copy _
Destination:=Range("H" & nxtRow)
Set t = .FindNext(t)
... Read more

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I have frequently used an array formula like this to look up multiple records in a list in Excel:
It nicely retrieves all the rows where A10 is the value to be looked up.

However I have not had any success using the same type of formula with an OR statement:

I want to retrieve all the records in a list where the value is what is as in A10 OR A11.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Answer:Excel - looking up multiple records of multiple values

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Router SpeedStream 6520 (WPA PSK/TKIP)
Router's IP and Gateway
With DHCP enabled, Wireless picks up a gateway and a Dynamic IP
Did Flush DNS, ipconfig /release and renew, same thing
Did Safe Mode with networking, same thing
Even did a reboot to factory setting on the router, same thing
Run "NetStumbler" only my SSID is reported

Any suggestions would be very appreciated

Thank you
Thynker is online now Report Post Edit/Delete Message

Answer:Solved: DHCP returning wrong IP

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Is there a formula where it will show the text within a range of data?
For example "a1" will show 1-10, "a2" will show 21-30.
a b c d e f g
Row1 0 1-10 0 0 0 0
Row2 0 0 21-30 0 0 0

Answer:Solved: Show values of non-blank cell

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how do i get excel to show 325,987,654 as 325million

Answer:I want to get excelt to show the values in cells in millions

You can do it with a formula, but it is not a very good option.I would advise using a Macro.Here is a formula that should give you what your looking for:This formula expects your number to be a regular dollar amount WITH decimal places, IE 1001.12and using zero zero, IE 1001.00 does not work because Excel will strip off the trailing zeros, so you end up with 1001=IF(LEN(A1)>=10,LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-9)&"Million",IF(OR(LEN(A1)=9,LEN(A1)=8,LEN(A1)=7),LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-6)&"Thousand",A1))If your numbers NEVER have decimal places, you can use this formula:=IF(LEN(A1)>=7,LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-6)&"Million",IF(or(LEN(A1)=6,len(a1)=5,len(a1)=4),LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-3)&"Thousand",))But I would really advise getting a Macro, there are several out on the web.MIKE

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Please move if this is in the wrong form.
I have noticed for a few week now that when I do a search that anytime I use the shift key with a number or symbol or punctuation mark I get this this is the ? mark after I press enter %3F then if I press search or enter again it I get this %253F then if I press enter or search again %25253F An ! gives me this %21. I have already looked under the language and it is set for English. Can anyone help me get it back to normal. I have done system restore as well nothing has changed. This happens when searching on internet
Thank you for any help you may have for me
I just found this online this is what my keyboard is doing

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Please move if this is in the wrong form.
I have noticed for a few week now that when I do a search that anytime I use the shift key with a number or symbol or punctuation mark I get this this is the ? mark after I press enter %3F then if I press search or enter again it I get this %253F then if I press enter or search again %25253F An ! gives me this %21. I have already looked under the language and it is set for English. Can anyone help me get it back to normal. I have done system restore as well nothing has changed
Thank you for any help you may have for me

Answer:My keyboard is typing wrong values

After you have restarted, the problem comes back quickly? Or awhile later?

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Ive installed Exhchange server 2003 on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition -

Test domain is, and my address to the exchange server is

I just cannot work out how to point the MX records etc...

I use HeartInternet for my hosts, and usually my mx points to -

I would give anything to get this exchange server up and running, if anyone knows how please give me anything you have.

Thanks very much -

PM me for DNS login at heartinternet.

Answer:MX records / exchange 2003

You need to have a static IP from your service provider. Then make sure that your firewall will allow SMTP inbound to your server. After that is done create an A record in your domains DNS zone that points to your servers public IP address. Finally create an MX that points to the A record that you created. Give it a couple of days to take effect as DNS changes aren't instant, but it should do the trick.

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Hi. I'm baffled. I'm comparing a string in a function, and getting a result I don't understand. I've narrowed down where in the function it's failing, but I can't figure out why it's failing.

If I'm doing this right, it should be looking for 2 characters followed by 8 numbers, but it's showing the test result as true on a 12 character input. Can anyone help with this?

What I'm currently testing (simplified) is this:

var old_atn_pattern=/(\D{2}\d{8})/i;var atn='abc123456789'; alert(old_atn_pattern.test(atn) );alert(atn.length);

The alerts are there simply as debugging I put in to try to find out what's going on...

by the way, my function also checks it against :
var new_atn_pattern=/(\D{2}\d{10})/i; and that fails, as i would expect it to.

If anyone can help, i'd appreciate it.


Answer:help - javascript function returning wrong result?

NEVERMIND--I found the problem... i had () instead of {} around it... my mistake.

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I've just recently purchased a XFX NF2S-ALH motherboard. This board supports an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ at 266MHz FSB processor which I have installed. However, the BIOS (Award BIOS) reports the processor as being a XP 1800+ and will not allow me to increase the FSB beyond 233MHz.

I also have installed a 512MB PC3200 (400Mhz) DDR stick of RAM. The motherboard supports PC3200 RAM. The BIOS reports the memory frequency at 200MHz and I cannot increase this to 400MHz.

I do not have an operating system installed.
I do not have a HDD installed.

I simply installed the CPU, memory, and video to make sure things worked.

Any help or response is appreciated. If you have any other questions I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.


Answer:BIOS reports hardware values wrong

well if your bios will not allow you to up the fsb then i would reccomending flashing it. And see if that unlocks fsb and mutiplier and just crank those up until its at 2400+. That would not be ocing it but rather setting it to normal settings. But thats a little hasty i usually go for things that solve the problem but there might be a quicker solution. Let somebody post an other solution before you seriously consider mine

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Hello again,

I have a form on a web page. There are text boxes down a column, and at the bottom there is a text box that I want to have the total of the textboxes above it. I have the initial value of every text box set to 0. I have this javascript in a external file, and have set it to the onChange even of each of the text boxes:
function fillAppsTotal()
var appsTotalValue
var americoAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.americoApps.value
var chaseAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.chaseApps.value
var chesapeakeAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.chesapeakeApps.value
var coloradoAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.coloradoApps.value
var fgAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.fgApps.value
var illinoisAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.illinoisApps.value
var lifeInvestorsAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.lifeInvestorsApps.value
var lincolnAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.lincolnApps.value
var mutualAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.mutualApps.value
var presidentialAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.presidentialApps.value
var shenandoahAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.shenandoahApps.value
var usFinancialAppsValue = document.weeklyProduction.usFinancialApps.value

appsTotalValue = americoAppsValue + chaseAppsValue + chesapeakeAppsValue + coloradoAppsValue
+ fgAppsValue + illinoisAppsValue + lifeInvestorsAppsValue + lincolnAppsValue + mutualAppsValue
+ presidentialAppsValue + shenand... Read more

Answer:Solved: Values adding up wrong with Javascript

Well you are adding strings instead of numbers, you should convert all values to ints to be able to add them

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Server A: Windows 2003 Enterprise - Domain Controller / Exchange / DNS / DHCP
Server B: Windows 2003 Standard - Domain Controller / DNS / DHCP

Very basic problem with what I'm sure is a very simple solution:
Server A and B are at different sites with static IPs, connected via a TUN VPN. Within the DNS MMC snap-in ServerA has three IPs associated with it. One is correct. The other two, while able to be deleted, just keep coming back minutes later. (Or just after a reload)

How do I make them stay away?

Thank you, as this is really starting to $&@* me off.


Answer:Windows 2003 DNS Host records won't go away!

have you tried deleting the records from both servers? Are both servers DCs in the same domain?

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I have number of designation like (project manager, programmer , designer) and different salary of each employee . and how to Display record of employee having designation as project manager and having lowest salary?message edited by ravi2

Answer:How to display records in excel 2003.

With the VERY vague information you have provided all I can suggest is using filters.

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Hi All,

I am trying to put a combo box on a form that will allow the user to both scroll through the list and start typing the first name of the employee to find the desired name. Clicking on the desired name would open the appropriate record.
So far, I have successfully created:

A 'multi column' combo box, that shows the information that I want, called "cboSelectBEP"
The combo box lives on a form called "Basic Employee Profile"
The combo box is fed from a query called "Basic Employee Profile Query"
All the main data is kept on a table called "Employee Information"
What I seem to be missing is the following functionality:

The combo box shows the test record (ie the list) when you click on the arrow but does not allow you to type the employee's name in to search
When you do click on the test record, it doesn't actually go to any record - other than the default record - btw - how can I change that so the form comes up blank?
I think part of the issue lies in the fact that my query takes the First & Last names from the "Employee Information" table and puts them together in a 'full name' format. I know the topic of comboboxes with 'search while type' functionality has been covered many times before but I've been searching the internet for 3 days and can't seem to find where I'm going wrong! Any help is appreciated!

To make it easier envision the situation with the... Read more

Answer:MS Access searchable combo box on form to access records

It is a property setting on the form that is causing the problem.
I have added a find combo to my form in your original database that works fine.

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helloI had just updated to the latest bios so don't know if something is amiss there.  my x120e has one mem module, a 4gb Crucial part, runs fine, no bsods no errors that are apparent to the user. anyone know what causes this or if it is spurious?  the main reason I would like to know is that I was about to buy a matching 4gb module, but if perchance the part in here is not just-right for this system, then I shall buy 2 in a matched pair and sell this one. thanks for your help

Answer:X120e : SIW reports that BIOS gives Wrong Values re: Memory. Is this new?

What is SIW reporting? What is expected?

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Hi guys i was getting rid of some shareware crap off my system and now i have on the taskbar an icon that comes up as : Ogg DirectShow Filter and i cant click/open/or source where it is on the systemto get rid of it. As soon as this little blighter has shown his face i haven't been able to use media player.Has anyone had this problem and if so a solution??

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When you put you cursor over IE it preview all the tabs in all the windows. Is it possible to make it just show just the one tab for each window.

It does what I want in Firefox but not IE or Opera.

Answer:Show only current tab in IE

Hi billybowden,

I think this is what you're asking? Made for you...

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so couple hours ago i tried to disable MAC address filtering at my router. I delete my mac address that was registered in whitelist, but i forgot to change the setting to disable. now the mac address filtering only recognize 00-00-00-00-00-00 as registered
mac address? I cant connect to my wifi now. any ideas hwt to turn it back?
thank you.

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How It is possible to insert values of table in another access databas in current table

Example :

Access Database Named With 1.accdb In Drive D And Folder app Including Table1

Current Table Also Table1

Thanks A Lot

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Hello Everyone,

I have been investigating an issue that doesnt seem to have the valid data that i have investigated through countless Microsoft articles pertaining to the registry path below. We do have group policies applied for the browser but even under the policy path
in the registry we do not find any clear findings that leads me to believe that adding sites to compatibility is actually logged anywhere in the registry.

Can anyone help me understand this mystery.

Thank you

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Is there any way to customize the tray bar clock. Date format, but particularly to show week number?

Thank you!


Answer:Make traybar clock show week number?

Display week number in the standard system tray clock? Not that I can see, but there are many different ways to display the information presented. Go to Control Panel> Language> change formats to see what's available. You may need a 3rd-party clock/calendar to get that type of display. Good luck.

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Lately, I have installed 2x 4 GB RAM sticks into my HP Slimline s5-1200z a few hours ago, however, upon doing this, my graphics for my games have been messing up, and sometimes my AMD video driver will crash, causing major annoyance when trying to play any games I intend to play. When I downloaded an application called Portable SIW, I noticed something quite alarming, as shown in the picture below, circled.

Here is a second picture for reference.

And for another reference.

Any possible reason for this to occur? Thanks if you can help.

Answer:BIOS reports wrong values in RAM, crashing AMD video card

Well; since you are saying the bios is reporting wrong values; you probably should check your system board "builders" site to check for any bios updates that may hopefully correct this issue. If not; also check the ram modules one by one to make sure non of them are bad and that none of the ram slots are possibly bad. Take all ram sticks out and put one at a time back in and see if you can pinpoint the issue.

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Hi, I'm really new to excel macro and VBA. I need help on how to show only selected column after filter to new worksheets? I use this code by . In this code after done filter and copy data of specific value to new sheet, the table on new sheet show all column same as previous sheet. so my problem is how to only show selected column not all column on new sheet?

below is code that I been used.

Sub Copy_To_Worksheets1()
Dim CalcMode As Long
Dim ws2 As Worksheet
Dim WSNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim cell As Range
Dim Lrow As Long
Dim FieldNum As Long
Dim My_Table As ListObject
Dim ErrNum As Long
Dim ActiveCellInTable As Boolean
Dim CCount As Long

'Select a cell in the column that you want to filter in the List or Table
'Or use this line if you want to select the cell that you want with code.
'In this example I select a cell in the Gender column
'Remove this line if you want to use the activecell column
If ActiveWorkbook.ProtectStructure = True Or ActiveSheet.ProtectContents = True Then
MsgBox "This macro is not working when the workbook or worksheet is protected", _
vbOKOnly, "Copy to new worksheet"
Exit Sub
End If

Set rng = ActiveCell

'Test if rng is in a a list or Table
On Error Resume Next
ActiveCellInTable = (rng.ListObject.Name <> "")
On Error GoTo 0

'If the cell is in a List or Table run the code
If ActiveCellInTable = True Then

Set My_Table = rng.ListObject
Field... Read more

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I did a clean install on a new HDD of Windows 7 a few days ago, but found out I accidentally installed a 32-bit OS.
I did a complete re-installed with a 64-bit OS disc, but had a hard time with updating a driver & downloaded a buch of 3rd party crap to get it to work.
Now I know the problem, I want to do another clean install to remove all that crap & start fresh.
When I originally installed windows on the new HDD, it just showed one partition for the 750GB unallocated drive.
After the second time I re-installed Windows 7, it showed two partitions, a 100MB & a 750GB one.
I tried deleting the 100MB partition, but it wouldn't let me. I just formatted the 750GB partition & went ahead.
Can I get rid of that 100MB partition on setup for Windows 7 so it can be like it was originally?
The other thing I noticed, when updating Windows 7 the first time, there were 152 updates to install.
The 2nd time I installed Windows 7, there were only 118 updates to install.
Is there something fishy about this?
I also activated my product key the first time, will that make me lose the number of uses it allows to activate???

Answer:Installed twice & plan on 3rd time this week, can anything go wrong?

Yes you can completely format the drive and any leftover partitions assuming you don't need anything from the other OS.

I wouldn't worry about the updates. You will get them all. Just wondering though, where did you get your Win7 ISO/Install disc?

As far as activation goes, you should be ok as long as you don't change your MOBO. Depending on your license, if that happens you may need a new key.

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I'm using Excel 2003. I have a table of data with the following column headings name, city, phone, areas of specialism.
The areas of specialism column may contain a number of items e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint. i.e. a person can be a specialist in 1 or more applications.

Can I produce a formula (as opposed to filtering and using 'contains') that will look at may table and extract/return all records that contain for example Excel in the Areas of Specialism column?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Excel 2003 - Return records that meet criteria

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Okay let me give you all the facts up until about 6 months we ran hardcoded PC's across the board. We then got more and more laptops and are finding it easier to now run DHCP. One issue I have is we are running DHCP off a Cicso router and not off the Windows 2003 server. Also remember we have a bunch of subnets as each location is on its own vlan (while this does not matter the same problem is happening with the local LAN with the hosting servers).

I just now went into DNS and noticed that our records are not being updated within DNS. We had some records that are in our forward lookup zones that were 3 months old + that have no computername any longer even on the network. In the reverse lookup zones there is more of the same where we have multiple records with the same IP.

This is happening in both forward and reverse lookup zones and is on 2 different DNS servers. Now scavenging was set for the forward lokup zones for 7 days abut the reverse lookup zone was NOT enabled. We went ahead and enabled it and then I did a forced Scavenge Stale resource records on both servers at the same time.

This did part of what I wanted but did not fix the entire problem. In the forward lookup zones the A records that were stale are now gone (at least the main ones that caused me to notice the problem to begin with). In the reverse lookup zones there are still a TON of duplicates - PTR records for 2 different PC's on the same IP and PTR records for 1 PC on 2 different IP's

No... Read more

Answer:Windows 2003 DNS Server - Client Records not being deleted.

Hello Stumped!

I am having the same problem in my environment with my reverse lookup zones. I have duplicate PTR records and scavenging does not seem to be working for the reverse lookup zones. I am at the point now where I am considering deleting my reverse lookup zone and recreating. I just have to answer a few questions about how I am going to recreate the reverse lookup entries that were created from manual forward entries. I would hate to have to do that part manually.

At any rate, I believe I can at least speak to your question regarding a Cisco device being used for dynamic DNS.

You're Windows 2000/XP clients should register their forward lookup name themselves. The DHCP server registers the PTR records on the client&#8217;s behalf. The client has the option of requesting to update both records; however, it is only responsible for actually updating the forward lookup zone. The reverse lookup zone in a Microsoft scenario is always updated by the DHCP server.

I have not been able to determine that Cisco routers actually support dynamic DNS. I have seen some documentation for security appliances that make it possible (but I don't think they work with MS DNS)

As far as what I've found from Cisco, they sell a DNS/DHCP solution called Cisco Network Registrar which supports dynamic DNS. My suggestion would be to pick one solution or the other. (I have no experience with CNR and I have no idea what it costs) Read more

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HI folks...

I have an issue where Word 2003 Mail Merge is skipping records once the document is merged and printed. The Merge document is a simple "voucher" (4 to a landscape page) with the user name and section being pulled from similarly headed columns in the data source document. Im using a simple (4 column) Excel data source with about 250 records.

When i merge and preview all records, every 5th record is skipped. When i got into the data source and view/edir records, i can see the skipped records and they are selected etc etc...even if i change the sort order in the data document, its still every 5th record that is skipped.

Ive tried using both an excel data source doc and recreated it ihn Word 2003, but i stillg et the same bad result.

Any ideas, or is this as clear as mud to you?


Answer:Word 2003 Mail Merge - skipping records

It looks like you have a <next record> field at the end of the printing page, so the next record is skipped.

So it prints 4, then sees the <next record> and skips that one then gets the next 4 etc.

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I have a few XP SP3 machines that show WMP 6.4 updates are required when I have WMP 11 installed and it is the default player. Why is this happening and is there a way to disable WMP 6.4 from show up when I do a scan?

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I am building a spreadsheet that I can record a series of data on a monthly basis (One sheet per month). The final sheet holds a chart that shows the monthly average figure. Its a simple line chart with the values plotted for each month then joined by a line. The target figure is shown as another plotted line.

The trouble is that for each month with a zero score (i.e. future months where have no score yet) the line plots to zero. There is an option to tell excel to not plot empty cells but as we all know zero isn't the same as enmpty !

Can anybody think of a quick way of stopping the line drawing to zero ? I know I can just add the new figure in manualy on a monthly basis thus remove the need for the chart to plot each month, every month but I'm interested to see if it can be done automaticaly. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this as its a minor niggle rather than a big problem !

Answer:Excel 2003 - I don;t want to plot zero values

I use #N/A to stop the chart
so i use an if statement
so =NA()produces the #N/A error which excel will not plot

so if you have a zero in the data file
IF( a1=0,NA(),A1)
so if a1 =0 do not plot otherwise plot

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I am trying to import an excel file into access. Everytime I import it two of my date columns get imported as the date serial number instead of the date value. All of my other date columns import just fine, and are formatted the same within the excel file. The two columns that import in the wrong format have "Unknown" in place of the date. What can I do to get the dates to import as a date value and the "Unknown" cells to import as "Unknown" into access?

Answer:excel 2003 date values

As you&#8217;ve figured out, it is these &#8216;unknown&#8217; entries which is causing Access to change the rest of the column to their serial numbers. Access is very particular in the data formats of each column, so the fact that dates are mixed with text does not sit right with it.

I would suggest that you leave those unknowns as blank.

Also, I believe OBP will be along shortly to correct what I&#8217;ve said.

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Hi All,
I do have a excel having 40 columns and 10000 records.
Column J `Mode` is having either `Truck` or `Rail`.
Now I want to insert values in another column `O` as
1. If in column `J` the value is `Truck` then
column `O` can have any one of the below value:

2. If in column `J` the value is `Rail` then
column `O` can have any one of the below value:

Is there any function with help of which I can achieve this?


Answer:Excel 2003 : Inserting Value from a set of values


Could you explain a little better what you are trying to do? Also, could you attach a sample file showing what you are trying to do?

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I was wondering how to do a chart where i have XY values. I tried to use the XY Scatter but that didn't work out well. I don't particularily use XY charts. This is basically for simple mapping of where people are based in a game that i play. Their 'cities' are located by a x,y value.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Excel 2003 / XY Values in chart

If you are willing to use a program other than Exel, winplot is a very good graphing program that will allow you to plot points on the xy-plane.

Here is a link to where you can download the program:

The program will not create a shortcut to your desktop. You will have to do that on your own. After you download the program to your hard drive, it will be located in a file named "peanut".

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I own a Satellite L850-1FF (lots of gfx mem)

Toshiba has a keyboard activated software tool which allows me to adjust the brightness using
Fn + F2 + F3 for darker or brighter screen.
This works fine.


If I close the lid (so the computer goes into power save) and reopen the lid, windows resumes - the brightness is at max or close to max. The Fn + F2/F3 doesn't work. It just openes the menu showing which keys are available for adjusting - BUT does not work.

Obviously, guessing a bug in Toshiba's graphics card driver, or the keyboard adjust brightness tool.

I wish I could restart the tool to see if it that helps, but have no idea which program exe file it is.

Toshiba - when will you fix this bug?

I feel very angry.
I have to close all programs and restart windows now to get it working again.


Answer:Satellite L850-1FF - Wrong screen brightness returning from power save

I presume under ?power save? you mean standby mode, right?

After waking up from stand-by mode, can you change brightness level using settings in certain power plan?

It is not easy to say what the problem can be but if you can change it in Windows power plan but not using F keys I presume problem is Toshiba specific tool.

Other way, when you define brightness level in Windows power plan, it should not be changed after waking up from standby mode. That?s what is confusing me.

Can you please change power plan, set the brightness level and test it with standby mode? Does the same happen again?

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I have a column of project numbers in spreadsheet called Projects with associated bank account number, BSB number & bank account names in the next columns.

I have another spreadsheet called ListPay with the same column headings as other spreadsheet and many, but not all of the same project numbers in column A and mostly the same data in the other columns.

I do not know which of the 2 spreadsheets has the correct bank account data for the project, so I need a way of doing the following:

Compare the data for each project number in the 3 bank account columns in the 2 spreadsheets and find me any project numbers for which the bank account data is different in the 2 spreadsheets. Then I can calmly check the paper files for a small no. of projects rather than the entire list of projects!


Answer:Excel: filter data to show where 2 lists differ

Though a MATCH or INDEX formula may have worked better, I emailed you a VLOOKUP formula in a sample spreadsheet that should do what you want. Check it out.

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