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SATA PROBLEM(sata drivers arent detected on the cpu)

Question: SATA PROBLEM(sata drivers arent detected on the cpu)

hi well i am new to sata stuff i got 2 satas integrated into my motherboard and i am trying to flash my xbox 360 hard drive but my satas dont get found it cant find ne connection from the sata to the 360 drive. the sata drives are also labeled SATA0 and SATA1. i also just checked my bios when i tryed to enable them it wouldnt let me it just said unknown device...whats going on here how do i enable em? im running windows xp sp2 home on dell dimension 8300.

heres the drivers that r recognized


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Preferred Solution: SATA PROBLEM(sata drivers arent detected on the cpu)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: SATA PROBLEM(sata drivers arent detected on the cpu)

If the drives are not found by the BIOS you need to get a updated BIOS first.

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I just purchased a new Sony DRU-710A DVDRW. I currently have a CDRW, DVD drive, and SATA HDD. The CDRW and DVD drives were both connected to my Abit IS-7 mobo's Secondary IDE slot. I connected the Sony DVDRW to the Primary IDE slot and set the jumper to master, connecting it to the appropriate place on the ribbon, etc.

Unforunately, My computer is not detecting the new DVDRW. When I boot up, the set-up is as follows:
Primary Master: ST3120026AS (Seagate SATA HDD)
Primary Slave: None
Secondary Master: Samsung DVD-ROM SD-816B
Secondary Slave: Lite-On LTR-522465

When my DVDRW first went undetected, I switched the jumper from master to slave, and attached to the appropriate place on the ribbon. No luck yet.

Does the SATA channel mess up my Primary IDE port somehow? How can I get my DVDRW to be detected? If need be, I'll just swap it out for my CDRW, but I would like to first get to the bottom of this problem!

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Answer:DVDRW not detected, SATA/IDE problem?

Quick update: for some reason, My Computer recognizes the drive exists, and my burning software recognizes that the drive exists... but the drive isn't listed in the Device Manager (at least, not under the Primary IDE Channel or the Secondary IDE Channel). My computer doesn't register a disc when in the drive... but I guess I'm making progress.

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Dear All, What is the type of SATA interface of ThinkPad E420? Is it SATA 3 or SATA 2? I notice that this laptop's hard disk drive transfer rate is 3 Gb/s which means it's a SATA 2 HDD, isn't it? Does this also mean the laptop's SATA interface is SATA 2?  I have tried to search lenovo support and product site for this information but I can't find it. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Haris


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkPad E420 - What is the type of SATA interface of this laptop? Is it SATA 2 or SATA 3?

You are right, the E420 is SATA2.SATA3 is very uncommon in laptops!

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Hey there, it's my first post on these forums I got this strange problem, I hope someone will be able to provide a solution to it.My SATA HDDs are detected in the BIOS and I could partially install Windows XP on this brand new 500GB HDD . Yet at startup when my computer looks for a media to boot from, it says there's no hard disk detected!? (hence why I couldn't complete the Windows XP install)It doesn't come from the cables nor the disks (I tried other ones).My motherboard is an Asus P5Q. I already messed with the SATA configuration in the BIOS and tried all settings available but it didn't help. I also updated the BIOS and it didn't help either.Could anyone provide help to this strange problem? Thanks in advance!

Answer:Problem with SATA HDDs, barely detected!

Very early on in the install process there is a prompt to "PressF6 if additional drivers are needed"...At this point insert your MBoard driver CD for the SATA/RAID driver installation...

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Hello guys,
I've got a strange problem, and I need some fresh minds working on it.

I recently decided to try out running OSX on my PC. This post isn't about that, so don't worry about any legal issues.

Anyway, I was planning on just using Windows' disk manager to create a new partition, but the guide gave the following instructions using the command line-based 'diskpart'. I figured maybe it would work slightly different than the usual method, so I followed the instructions listed:

>> List disk
>> Select disk [disk #]
>> List partition
>> create partition primary id=af
>> active
I looked in the graphical disk manager, and I could see the new partition (filesystem unknown), and it was marked active. Not a surprise.

Anyway, when I rebooted and went into the OSX install, neither of my SATA drives showed up, not even in disk utilities. So I quit the installer, restarted again with no CD, and this time got the dreaded "Missing operating system" error. Again, not really a surprise, since I now have an active partition with no filesystem on it.

The wierdest thing, however, is that no OS seems to be able to see my drives at all. In WinXP's recovery console, my drives are reduced to 2 drive letters (C and D - I'm supposed to have 7 or 8 partitions total), and both give an error when trying to 'dir' the contents. 'Diskpart" shows the two disks, but they both have "unknown fil... Read more

Answer:Solved: SATA HDD suddenly not detected - partition problem?

I suggest to boot to a bootable rescue type CD, such as a Linux partition tool which is called Gparted. Also here is a good tool; , that test disk will allow you to rebuild the partition table which in next to the master boot record. And here is the other link;

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Relatively new hdd disappears after some time.
(1Tb WD black sata3 jumpered to sata2)
All cables are sata click.
The drive is used for storage and is accessed only few times a month.
So is any way to test somehow what is the problem
hdd, cable or mb sata connector (GA-EP43-DS3L).
It's all start with annoying red hdd activity light lighting all the time when a drive disappears.
After a reboot all is back to normal for some time.
Tested a drive with hd tune pro and it seems ok.
-up normal
-down 1Tb missing

Answer:Sata Hdd / cable / motherboard sata / problem?

a few things to try first.

-use a different sata cable
-use a different power cable
-try the drive in a different sata port on the motherboard

my first thought was a motherboard fault, which it may well be but try the above first, if nothing else you can eliminate three things as possible faults in the mean time.

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I'm trying to set up a dual-boot with Ubuntu and XP64. Initially I just had Ubuntu on my one sata hdd and XP on an ide hdd. I decided it'd be better running XP on the sata drive too, so I resized my linux partition with gparter, and created a new NTFS partition.

The problem is, when I try to install XP onto the drive, it cannot seem to see the sata drive. Nothing was listed at all except the ide drives and my usb drive.

I did some looking and found the 64 bit sata drivers for my motherboard, managed to load them onto a floppy and load them into the XP setup. This was all fine again until the time to select a partition, where it seemed to list the drive, but only shows 'Unknown disk' 'There is no disk in the drive'.

I tried deleting the partition I made with gparter to see if XP could at least see the 'unallocated space' but to no avail.

I even tried making a boot disk in nLite with the sata drivers, but it made no difference (not really surprisingly)

If I try to use the 32 bit drivers that came with my mobo, it won't let me install XP.

I'm all out of ideas to why it won't work.

Answer:problem with sata drivers while installing XP 64

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I know there will be plenty to say, and this is only my second post on the forum, but  trust that I understand what I am asking.  I know that the real world difference between SATA generations for HDDs is miniscule.  I also know how to implement, and check the storage controllers. I have the correct drivers, and REGARDLESS OF MY REASONS, I would like to know why my Seagate 5400.6 is running at SATA 1.5 and not SATA 3.0. I checked it over and over after installing the Chipset, the AHCI, and the RST driver.  I even tried countless versions of both, so I am fairly sure that its not a driver or software issue.  That leaves:  The chipset, The "UEFI/BIOS", or the HDD firmware.  I should also mention that my last, and only other experience with Lenovo was with the T61 series that had the SATA II governer placed on it.  I don't know how you would feel about that, but I simply did not like it. There is one other promising post that is hasnt been updated for a while, but on it there is information about seagate Firmware.  That being said, I have seen the same issue, without resolution, tucked in the far reaches of the forums of cyberspace....Its a Mystery.  I should mention that  the machine is question is a:Lenovo V570 with the 2nd Gen i5 2450, Sandy Bridge Architecture (so not the 2 port intel problem) and HM65 Chipset(so perfectly capable of SATA II). Windows 7 64bit

Answer:V570 reports HDD at SATA 1.5 rather than SATA 3.0 (SATA I vs. SATA II)

I'm also wondering this about my V570. I went to install an SSD into the optical drive bay, and even though system states everything should be Sata 3 Capable (6gbits/sec) it was capping at sata II speeds (3gbits/sec).  Can others chime in on what the heck is going on here? 

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


Answer:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports

I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there

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I have a Lenovo T410s - 29123RU BIOS - V1.5 (6UET70WW) 2012-10-11 - (updated from V1.1 this morning hoping it wold solve the problem)ECV - 1.14MTM - 29123RUCPU - Intel Core i5 M520 @ 2.4GHzRAM - DDR3 - 4GBx2 - PC3-10600s This laptop uses a 250GB - 1.8" Micro Sata HDDTOSHIBA MK2529GSG - 250GB - HDD1F07 M BL02 The other day the laptop was running fine then all of a sudden crashed.  I tried to reeboot and i got -  ERROR 2100: HDD0 (HARD DISK DRIVE) INITIALIZATION ERROR (2)PRESS ESC TO CONTINUE I have run scans on the drive itself using: HD Tune ProHDD RgeneratorCrystalDiskInfoTestDiskUBCD- ViVard v4.0- TAFT v1.2Passmark BurIn Test Pro v8.1 All the tests came back excellent which lead me to see if it was a BIOS issue.  I downoaded the updated v1.5 this morning and replaced the original v1.1.  No change in HDD detection. What really puzzles me is that when i use an OS through my USB or USB-SSD, they detect the drive and I am able to read/write to the entire drive without any loss of data or S.M.A.R.T. errors.  I just can't use this as my primary drive anymore because it will not initialize with BIOS.  I am hoping that I do not need to replace the MOBO as they go from $50 - $150 US plus shipping.   OS's used:Win10x64Win7x64WinXPWin98SELinuxMintBT5-R3KaliLinuxUBCD - FreeDOS - LINUXDoss6.22 Any thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated

Answer:ThinkPad T410s - Primary Micro SATA HDD not detected by BIOS - Only Detected By OS Platforms

It sounds like something is timing out.  It is hard to be sure without swapping either the drive or the MB.  You might go into the BIOS and select diagnostic mode for boot.  That would do a memory test and it might slow things down enough to mask the problem

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Hi,I'm trying to install XP on a friends laptop, but I can't find SATA drivers for it! The laptop is a Gateway MA7 MT6834b, and the drive in question is a Western Digital WD1600BEVS.I've checked on Gateways and WD's site, but neither have the drivers, and a Google search turns nothing up either... Can anyone help?

Answer:Problem finding SATA drivers for Laptop

It's the way they have of getting you to use Vista, usually there's no way around it if the manufacturer hasn't released XP drivers.

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Hi all, yesterday my brother kindly gave me a grand to build him a system (just the case and everything inside) this is what i got him...

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 64 bit Retail (3 yr.warr.) Skt 754

Creative Soundblaster Audigy2 6.1 Surround Sound Card OEM

80 GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 SATA 7200rpm UDMA150 8MB Cache

512MB DDR400 PC3200 RAM (major brand)

Pioneer 16x 120-S Slotload DVD IDE oem

Pioneer DVR-107 DVD +/-R/RW Beige 8X IDE OEM (Drive only)

Coolermaster TAC-T01 Wave Master aluminium +2x fans USB, mic, audio firewire NO PSU

Abit KV8-MAX3 Skt754 VIA KT800 8xAGP + SATA RAID + Giga LAN +USB2 +F/Wire +6 ch. audio ATX

ThermalTake Butterfly 480W (Black) PurePower,8cm Case Fan+ Dual LED +Fan Speed Control,SATA Ready

Plus an Asus RX800 Pro 256mb ive yet to recieve from

Anyway, i built it all, it fell together nicely, everything pluged in, i plugged the SATA cable into the SATA 1 socket and used the SATA power cables from the PSU to power it, anyway...

I briefly fiddled about in the BIOS to set it up a bit, it doesnt detect the HDD, but i know why, because you need to install the SATA drivers from a floppy disk, right?

Ok, so i put the Windows XP Pro disk in, the blue screen comes out and it says "Would you like to install a 3rd partys SCSI or RAID Device, Press F6" (or something like that), i Press F6 and after a moment i get another screen saying "blah blah blah, press "S" if... Read more

Answer:Abit KV8-MAX3 SATA Drivers Problem

If you've plugged the HDD in the SATA-1 connector, it is connected to the Via southbridge & thus does not need to have a driver loaded prior to the XP install.

The SATA-3 to SATA-6 connectors are connected to the Silicon Image SATA controller & you would need to load the driver if you were planning on installing XP on a driver connected to those SATA ports.

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Hi, when i try to install Windows Vista 64, i get the same problem that many other have, that i cant find anny drives to install on, and i have understood that i need sata drivers.But i cant find anny drivers, i have a Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard.and was wondering if anny one knows where to get sata drivers ?Thanks

Answer:Windows Vista Installation Problem (sata drivers)

On the CD that comes with the board maybe, or else the Asus website?

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I have just bought a Toshiba Equium P200-1ED laptop with Vista installed and want to install my copy of Windows XP Pro. This is the latest disc with SP2 included.

When I boot up it does not recognise the hard drive. I assume I need to download these drivers and load them onto a floppy and hit F6 when the windows setup screen prompts me to do so.

Questions are;

1) Where can I get these drivers from?
2) Will the machine recognise a USB floppy Drive?
3) Am I right about what I need to do?

Thanks in advance for your help. :8}

Answer:Equium P200-1ED Installing Windows XP Problem - SATA Drivers

The key is the Intel Matrix storage manager which can be downloaded also from the Intel page!!!

Note: use firstly the forum search option to find similar questions!!!

Using the advanced search option you could find such threads;


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I've managed to use XP setup to partition and install XP on my new sata hard drive BUT XP doesn't install the correct driver - so when the system reboots the hard drive isn't recognised.

I can't get nlite to work on my laptop to slipstream the driver onto an XP installation disk...

I tried manually including the driver using a walkthrough from

- but I couldn't get it to work...

Ideally I'd like to find an alternative to nlite which is capable of installing the drivers onto the xp disk for me...


Anyone know of a really clear guide on how to prepare an unattended windows xp disk?

Answer:Problem installing drivers for sata controller on boot drive

have you tried loading with f6
have you set the sata to be seen as ide in the bios

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So I've been having trouble slipstreaming my SATA drivers onto a XP install CD. I've done it before, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Whenever I hit F6 to install the drivers before I install XP my computer never finds them.

Answer:[SOLVED] Problem installing SATA Raid drivers @ XP install

Hi hcblankscreen and welcome to TSF !

F6 is only needed when the drivers are not slipstreamed on the CD. If you let it go further does it find your drive ? If not check that the drive appears properly in the BIOS.

If you have a floppy drive try the regular floppy method.

What methord did you use to integrate the drivers, nlite ? What's the brand and model of your motherboard ? Please post your complete system specs (check the posting system specs link in my sig).

Don't forget to answer dai's questions in your other thread, I suspect it's about the same computer. Give him the brand and model of your power supply (look on the sticker on the side of the PSU), the model of your video card and the voltages readings (+3.3, +5 and +12V from the BIOS). While you're at it post that information here as well.

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Good day,

I will like to know how to go about removing vista from the above Toshiba model and replace with win XP as the SATA HDD denied me.

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.



Answer:Equium P200-1IR Installing Windows XP Problem - SATA Drivers


It?s pretty easy to remove Vista and install XP.

First of all, you need a Windows XP CD and license.

To install it, you need the SATA driver or you change the SATA mode in BIOS from AHCI to compatible but so you will lost a little bit performance and I think this is not so good.
The SATA driver is in the Intel Storage Manager and after you booted from CD you must press F6 to load it from an external FDD or you create your own CD with this driver. There is a good tool like nLite.

If you booted from CD, you can format the HDD and delete the partitions.


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When I connect a 2nd SATA disk to a DELL Dimension, it's recognised by the BIOS but not by XP Home-SP2 (nor Partition Magic, nor AIDA).

What I find odd is that I can see only 2 SATA plugs on the motherboard. However, the BIOS sees the original boot disk under Drive 0 and Port SATA-0. The new one is recognised as Drive 1 and Port SATA-2. What happened to SATA-1?

I wouldn't mind except that this might be a reason why the new disk is not seen by Windows.

FYI, there are no IDE plugs on the MB except for the 2 optical disks.

Answer:SATA-0 / SATA-2 Disk problem

Don't know about SATA but what happens if you boot from the XP cd? Does it see the drive? Maybe it needs formatting before getting into windows????

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When I connect a 2nd SATA disk to a DELL Dimension, it's recognised by the BIOS but not by Windows (nor Partition Magic, nor AIDA).

What I find odd is that I can see only 2 SATA plugs on the motherboard. However, the BIOS sees the original boot disk under Drive 0 and Port SATA-0. The new one is recognised as Drive 1 and Port SATA-2. What happened to SATA-1?

I wouldn't mind except that this might be a reason why the new disk is not seen by Windows.

Answer:SATA-0 / SATA-2 Disk problem

Hmmm... Since Sata is set as shared... it will not required to set jumper. Put the SATA 0 as OS, try boot it up. if it works, plug in SATA 1. If it works. here u go. if not, it is bios problem. you should set it as Enchanced or SATA only under BIOS. If it has auto, use it.

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Please help.
I've been getting this message for about a month. However, after rebooting sometimes once, sometimes several times the computer eventually boots up. After reading multiple posts on similar issues, I went and got a new hard drive. I backed up all the files and was going to reinstall evertyhing from scratch onto this new hard drive. I took the old one out and put in the new one. I get the same message when it tries to boot.
At this point I swapped the drives again (the old one is back in).
I am at a loss.
Am I doing something wrong when I'm installing the new drive? Why am I getting the same message with this new drive?
System specs:
Inspiron 531
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.81 GHz

Thank you.

Answer:no boot device available sata 0: installed sata 1: installed sata 2: none sata 3: non

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Does anyone know what type of SATA interface is available on the S415? Is it SATA II or SATA III?

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Just a simple question. I have an Asus formula III SATA II motherboard and I am planning to buy a cheap SSD sata III drive. Will there be any problem if I use both HDD (for files) and the SSD for the system?
I believe not, but I ask because someone in a forum said that you sould have only the ssd attached. Is this true?
If someone know for sure, or has such configuration, please tell me.

Answer:SATA III SSD on SATA II motherboard with SATA II HDD's attached.

will work for sure

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Hello. I want an installed SSD, but the version of SATA is unknown. On the manufacturer's website there is no evidence of SATA bus. What's in this notebook Sata Sata 2 or Sata3?

Answer:installation SSD What's in this notebook Sata Sata 2 or Sata...

HI. Your computer comes out as SATA ... We can say that the generation of the equipment is SATA 3, being compatible on SATA 1,2,3.,3kL7YJ/ Regards.

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For some reason my Inspiron 5537 laptop intermittently chooses not to detect the DVD/CD rom drive. Discs can be read in the drive at random times, but usually I'm not able to use this drive. When checking the setup utility F2 . . . I noticed that the SATA ODD is not detected. Just yesterday it was detected (no changes were made to the computer during that interval). Is this a driver issue? I would appreciate any help in troubleshooting.

Answer:(SATA ODD) not detected

It's a recent model so if it's under warranty I'd make use of it. You could try uninstalling the device in System Properties, Device Manager. Restart the laptop and see if the drive is detected with the default Windows drivers. Dell computers are well designed for maintenance and you could remove the drive and then reconnect it in case it's loose. That's most likely done by removing the battery, undoing one or two screws on the bottom and sliding out the optical drive.

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Well, this is probably no fault of Windows...
Nevertheless is was a shock to notice that my backup drive was not detected by my Acronis rescue DVD, when I had sort of a crash...
It does show up in the bios.
The Acronis forum has nothing on this issue.
Anything I may not have thought of guys and gals?

Answer:e-sata HDD not detected outside W7

know issue and recognised by some vendors, like Nero.

see also here

HDD not seen with backitup imagetool

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Hey Peeps, need sum help. did a clean install of XP pro on my kids old msi k8n Diamond board and seem to be in a loop on procedure as OEM XP disk keeps trying to rewrite an OP SYS over the old one in the 640 partition. I cannot get the thing to get to the part with "splash" screen so I can input user data, authentication code etc. Its like it cannot see my serial HDD (samsung 640 OEM new) even tho it wrote the OS to it a dummy pls !! :cry TUVM , Skip

Answer:sata hdd not detected

:wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

I'm a bit confused... so you installed a new HD in your kid's PC. You successfully completed the full Windows XP install and got to the desktop. But now it doesn't load? I'm assuming you completed a full install because you said this: "wrote the OS to it already". However, the rest of your post sounds like the PC is not installing XP correctly; it sounds as if you're pressing a key every time the system reboots and says "Press any key to boot from CD". You only do this once. After the first time you see this, do not press any key again. Ignore it and XP will finish the install. If I'm way off base on this, then you'll have to explain yourself more clearly.

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I just reformated my pc and everything went smooth (including drivers), but when I arrive in My Computer, I only see my 80 GB IDE master. No 140 GB sata there... (although the connections are the same as BEFORE the format).

What changed, then? I did went to check my bios but once there it only detects one of them, the IDE. So well...I am kinda confused about how a simple format could suddenly hide my sata drive like this, and yea, I'm kind of desperate! Any help would be greatly appreciated ASAP. Thanks in advance!!


Answer:SATA HD not detected under win xp

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Hey there,I recently bought two new sata3 drives and set them up in a raid stripe and installed win7, all work fine. I added an older sata2 drive, it shows in the bios but Windows 7 cant see the drive.. not in disc management or device manager... I had a similar problem with my other sata2 drive but that one showed up in device manager as a 'scsi' and after a few reboots suddenly showed up in disc man. but after disconnecting that to try the other drive its now got the same problem.any ideas??

Answer:Sata Not Detected In Win 7

"raid stripe" as in stripped volume or raid0?If so that will be a choice with regretDo you have import foreign disk as a option in disk management?Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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Question: Sata Not Detected

I am having trouble geting my new SATA drive to work. Here is my set up.

ECS K8T890-A
AMD ATHLON64 4000+

Here is the problem.

I installed a new WD Caviar SE 7200 SATA drive. I used the Data Lifeguard Tools (DLT) cd and that software sees it fine and allows me to go through the hard drive set up, Partition, format, ect. After HD setup is complete I remove the DLT and reboot to DVD with windows xp. No matter what I do after Windows loads all the setup files it states that it can not detect a hard drive. I have tried to hit F6 and not hit F6. No IDE is attached. I can't find any new bios update from ECS. Hard drive is not seen in BIOS. Am I missing something. No floppy came with the MB. Only MB drivers CD. No floppy with the HD. Just the DLT CD.

Answer:Sata Not Detected

the HDD may not show in BIOS, if the SATA controller is not part of the main CHipset, and runs off a Secondary Onboard Raid Controller (theres usualy a different Key displayed after POST to enter any Secondary Raid Controller options).

though you dont need to change any BIOS setting inorder to simply detect the HDD. need to go to the MOtherboard Manufactuers website and download the SATA Raid Boot Driver for Floppy.... extract the Driver to a Floppy.... boot to WinXP setup and press F6 when it says, it will automatically read the Floppy and prompt you to select the Driver from floppy(if theres more then 1 version).... once it loads the Driver it will detect the SATA HDD as normal.

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Ok after the latest XP security update my HDD isnt being detect at bootup, I lterally have to unplug hdd then plug power back in to boot. also a couple of case fans quit working. This is a new system i built. I used XP hpme ed disc repair...bootcfg /rebuild.../fastdetect problem now is I have several of those options I have to choose at startup. How do I delete old Boot.ini and get just 1 on my bios?antec p-180 caseantec trio 650 watt psuAMD orleans a64 3800+ 2.4 sock AM2ECS KA3 MVP extreme (ver 1.0A) moboXP Home OEM OSSeagate cuda 250 GB 7k SATA2 hddlite on DVD burnercreative X-fi Extreme SCATI X1900XT 512 M Vid Cardcorsair 512 M 6400 ram ( I know I need more!)Any help would be greatly welcomed TY!!!

Answer:SATA HDD not detected

"Ok after the latest XP security update my HDD isnt being detect at bootup, I lterally have to unplug hdd then plug power back in to boot. also a couple of case fans quit working. This is a new system i built."  Not sure but it sounds like a hardware issue with all this stuff going bad at once..." unplug hdd then plug power back in to boot. also a couple of case fans quit working...".  Got another PSU you can try?"How do I delete old Boot.ini and get just 1 on my bios?"  If you delete the boot.ini you'll hose the system.  You can edit it but again, if you edit it incorrectly, bye-bye Windows  Alan <><  

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Question: SATA not detected

Decided to add an extra drive Mator DiamondMax 21 320Gb SATA.When I get to the Via Tech VT8237 SATA raid bios, I can see the drive listed, but none of the bios is 'highlighted' so I cannot access it.Have tried changing and removing the jumber on the SATA drive, but it doesn't show in bios, and cannot see iot in windows disc management.I am using a Optronix MB, AMD 3500 with 2Gb ram running Win XP 64. It has 150Mbs raid data rate.Any ideas please?KJR

Answer:SATA not detected

If you are adding a single hard drive then you cannot enable RAID. Disable it in the BIOS and just have SATA enabled as BASE or similar

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Hello guysI am using intel DG41RQ motherboard with core 2 duo processor and 2GB DDR2 RAM. Previously ii was using Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD which was SATA II HDD, but unfortunately that stopped working so i decided to upgrade my HDD. Now I've got a Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD which is SATA III compatible. The real problem arised when i connected my HDD to the motherboard and started my computer and noticed that system is not detecting the HDD. But, sometimes (1/10 times) it luckily gets detected and then if i start installing OS to it, it again gets disappear in the middle of OS installation.I have really got frustrated. Please help/guide me.Looking forward for a solution.

Answer:New SATA III HDD is not getting detected.

I have had a bad PSU cause the issue you are having!Are you sure the PSU is good and that the 500GB drive really is dead or not?I had an older system 5 years old that was used daily all of a sudden start showing up as HDD issues and finally the one day it wouldnt boot the OS and the HDD was not detected by the BIOS.I swapped out the HDD with another HDD I had on hand and while I was installing the OS the HDD disappeared on me, and once again not shown in BIOS.Checked my PSU and my 5V was 4.73VDC and my 12V was like 11.39VDC. I swapped out the old 300 watt PSU with another I had and my 5V was now 5.01VDC and the 12V was 11.89VDC and the HDD was detected right away. I then installed the OS fresh to the replacement HDD with no problems. I then decided to swap out this HDD and place the original back into it and it detected the drive right away. I then just needed to run checkdisk on this and correct for soem corruption, but then after that everything was good.So it wasnt a crashed drive, it was a crashed PSU. So it might be worth checking into given the age of your computer.Do you have a good PSU to swap out with this system to see if that corrects this?

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Hello Everyone,

I really have a problem with my hardisk. It's not being detected on 'my computer' nor 'disk management' anymore. A coupla days back i was detecting the drive on disk management (it says that it is not initialised) but now i don't know where to find it,it's totally gone. I've been using this drive for almost 5years now or more i guess..I bought an enclosure case to use it as an external, it actually worked for about 3mos. I've got tonsa files in it. I went looking for a new enclosure (thinking that the problem was only within the enclosure) which didn't help. I also don't hear the drive running anymore. Probably this mean that my drive's completely dead right? Do i still have a chance to revive it?? Is there any way? though it really seems to be impossible...

thanks for the response whoever you are..

Answer:Sata HDD not detected.

See if the drive is being recognised in the bios. Try using a different 12v molex connector. Try a new ribbon cable.

Sometimes you can remove the drive and put it in the Freezer til it gets really cold and then access your files. You may have to freeze it multiple times in order to copy all of your important files thou.

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I've recently bought a 250GB Samsung SpinPoint P120S SATA2 Hard Drive which I want to use as my primary hard drive and was planning on upgrading from windows 2000 to XP by installing XP on the new Samsung drive.

But when I disconnect my old HD (a Maxtor ATA 120GB) and begin the install on the SATA drive it says that there is no HD connected. I've tried hitting F6 at the beginning of the install and installing the SATA drivers from the floppy disk that came with my motherboard but I still get the message that there is no HD detected.

I'm using a proper SATA connection cable as well as a SATA power cable. I googled the problem and found a website with a walkthough that used a similar BIOS but the pictures show options under Inegrated Peripherals to enable SATA drives that don't appear on my BIOS.

I've got a K7N2 Delta Series MSI motherboard with Phoenix BIOS 7.80, Version 1.3 (I updated to this version because I thought that perhaps I was missing some SATA options on the BIOS, but after the update there still weren't any) Any ideas?

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My computer was working properly until my AVG antivirus was automatically disabled and made me reboot the pc. (I beleive it was all done by a virus). From then on, my SATA 500G hdd is not recognized by the CMOS!
I flashed the CMOS but it didn't work.
Please tell me if there is any virus that can lead to such results? If yes, please let me know how I cam overcom. Else, what is the issue?
Please help

Answer:SATA is not detected

It is also possible that the hard drive has failed. Take it out, mount it in an external enclosure, attach it to a working machine by USB cable and see if it is recognized and you can look at your files.

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Got a new PC in October and it has worked OK until a few days ago. Switched it on in the morning, booted OK. Closed it down and tried to boot up later and got a message asking for the proper boot device. Windows 7 will not load. Checked the BIOS and on the first page which lists the SATA devices, the DVD drive was listed, but neither of my HDDs showed up. However, they both were showing on the boot page. Checked Boot order was OK, but would still not load. Stuck my Windows 7 (64) CD into the DVD drive, tried a repair but didn't find an operating system. Used the Command prompt option and was able to access both Disks, so they're both working OK, but still not listed on BIOS screen. Ran a Windows start-up repair and also a CHKDSK/F on the C: drive which both appeared to find problems with file allocation tables and fixed them, but still no sign of either HDD in the SATA list and will not boot. This is an ASUS P7H57D-V EVO mobo with a 640Gb WD C: drive and a 1TB WD secondary HDD. Both connected as 6 Gb SATA drives (IDE option). 4Gb memory I really don't know where to go from here and would welcome any suggestions. I have contacted the tech support of the vendor (online company), but they don't seem to have a clue so far, so any other ideas might help.

Answer:SATA HDDs not detected

It would appear you have a hardware problem. Either the SATA controller has died or one of the drives is killing the bus. Try the drives one at a time. If that doesn't work you either have to replace the MoBo or try a PCI SATA controller.

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I've got a SATA HDD which is not detected by the BIOS. It has important data. Is it over or there is software or something that can bring it to life?

Answer:SATA HDD not detected by the BIOS

So basically you cant boot the computer to normal mode right?? this maybe a bad sectors .. how about transferring that HDD to a diff computer ., that may be help , if not contact this phone number 8005513917 Data Recovery By CBL - Hard Drive and RAID Recovery

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I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-212D SATA and my SATA1 and SATA2 are set on non-raid. My bios detects that there is a DVD in SATA1 (where i connected the red ribbon) but in windows it doesnt show under Devices with Removable Storage section. I have Windows XP. Theres power going to the DVD writer and it detects in BIOS, so do i have to do something in Windows? or continue fiddling with BIOS? I have a CD burner on IDE and the DVD burner on SATA1

Motherboard: ASRock P4VM890

Please help....

Thanks in advance.

Answer:SATA DVD Writer not detected in XP

Ok i just updated my chipset and now it detects the DVD writer, so the problem was my chipset.

I apologize to those who felt they've waisted their time in trying to figure what was wrong...

Hope people learn from these newb problems/solutions

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I have tried several different Sata drives as a 2nd internal drive but none of them are detected in Disk Management or Device Manager. I have also tried relocating my working Sata from my C drive to one of the other Sata slots but that is also not detected. As an XP system the Sata mode in the bios is set to IDE.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 402520 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, K10N78
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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SATA hardrive detected in BIOS boot priority but not when win XP about to be installe

I installed a SATA hard drive ( to SATA port) and a CD ROM (to IDE port). When I go to the BIOS, Primary IDE is showing the CD ROM no where I could find the SATA hard drive. So when I inserted the Win XP installation CD and I get to the part to detect my HD, it shows not detected. Is there any special setting I miss in the BIOS? Please advise. Thank you.


Answer:SATA hardrive not detected

You must be using an OEM SATA drive. They have to be installed, and the easiest way is to go to the website of the manufacturer of the SATA drive.

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Hello all.

I just purchased a few upgrades for my PC. Mainly due to my old motherboard dying (AGP). So i purchased a new mobo Gigabyte p35 ds4 and graphics, Ram etc. So i went to pick it up and they handed it over. So i brought it home..

The dvdrw is not detected. its a Pioneer 212d DVDRW. I have a feeling that it hasn't been installed properly.. i had a look and it only has 1 wider black cable attached. there are 2 extra cable slots on the drive. one white. and one smaller black one. This is my first experience with Sata so any info is appreciated.

The Drive does power up, but is not detected

Do i need to change some bios settings?
or am I missing a cable?

Answer:SATA DVDRW... Not Detected.. HELP!

boot to bios see if listed
if so boot to os check disk manager may need to change the drive letter
if bios does not show check MB manual for settings on sata drives priority
and make absolute sure cables are good
update sata chipset controller drivers
make sure UDMA is set

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So, I've had my hard drives installed in my computer now for years. About 2 months ago one of my slave drives, a 300GB or 500 Western Digital (or maybe it was Seagate - I can't remember) decides to erase every single thing on it. The next time I rebooted, I get the error: SATA Port - 3 : Not Detected. I opened her up and everything was still the same, of course - nothing moved, or changed - all connections still fine from something like 2 or 3 years ago. So, of course my question is, what's going on and how do I get it to recognize my HDD again? OR, do I just remove it and try and send it back for Warranty replacement?

Here are the specs of my computer using the suggested utility of Tech Support Forums:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 231303 MB, Free - 113281 MB; K: Total - 38145 MB, Free - 22978 MB; L: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 426476 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D915GRO, AAC89748-202, BQRO52003738
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

That's funny, I couldn't update my AVG about a year ago, so I had to uninstall it and now I am using AVAST. Their removal tool could not even remove the rest of their (... Read more

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Hope somebody can help me out on this one, I disconnected my hard drive to install a chipset fan that had failed on my ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard and when I tried to plug in the harddrive the computer could not detect a hard drive on start up. I also checked the BIOS settings and noticed that with the drive plugged into SATA port 1 that it was also not detected in BIOS. I tried another SATA cable and another power cable to no avail since the HD, a Seagate Barracuda 7200 300 Gb, was still covererd under warranty, I sent it in and received a repaired HD. When I plugged it in I got the same problem, no disk detected on start up and BIOS. I had an old 80 Gb IDE drive that I plugged in while I was waiting for the SATA drive and it was working fine, but I want to get the SATA drive back up and running. Any ideas???? Thanks

Answer:SATA HD not detected in BIOS

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howdy yall,
i have a weird and unusual problem with my SATA drives as they are being detected as USB devices. when there actually internal..
O/s is XP S2

any help appreciated

Answer:SATA drives detected as USB

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urgent help... i tried to do some clean format on my pc acer aspire e500... and i got a huge problem with it... my hard disk cannot be detected on the setup(blue screen).. its kinda wierd bcoz the hard disk is detected on the CMOS... need assistance asap...

Answer:SATA not detected.. help urgent

What operating system are you trying to install? XP?

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This situation is a bit screwy, and I might not be able to explain it fully. If there's something I said that doesn't make sense, feel free to say so.

My story starts out with one rainy day and cleaning out my harddrive. I'm a fairly messy fellow, and kept most of my personal files just in the C:\ directory. Going through and cleaning it out, I deleted I know -- it was a stupid thing, especially not knowing what it did, however my stupidity isn't part of my question.

Jump forward two weeks when I finally restart my computer. I get an error saying "NTLDR is missing". A quick search on the internet shows that this file I deleted could very well be the source of these troubles. "No problem" I think. I just pop my XP disks into the computer, run the system repair on it and try and copy the file over to my C:\. However, it turns out that C:\ doesn't exist. My harddrive now goes urecognized by my computer. Grumbling a bit, I head over to the bios. In the CMOS section, it tells me I have no primary master drive, but a primary slave drive (LITE-ON LTR-523275 if that helps). This is a bit peculiar I think, however I think I remember seeing this before, and this computer has ran for over a year with no problems.

Another weird thing -- the f6 to install sata/raid drivers with the XP disk doesn't work. When it says it doesn't detect any mass storage devices prescent though, I am able to go select t... Read more

Answer:SATA Harddrive not being detected

I had a similar problem a while back with my Sata drive however the sata wasn't the C: drive for me so I could still do many things fine. I had to go into the Bios and Checked around long and hard and eventually I started enabling things and such that I thought would involve a Sata drive eventually I got it and It worked however I can't remeber the setting so my advice would be look in the bios and search around and play with them a little don't change things that are critical though try to play with minor things untill something happen don't mess with things that are obviously not invloving hard drive like cpu settings but you probably already knew that you probably know too it's not smart to screw with the bios but I did and it fixed my problem even though I got lucky It'd say it's the best option unless someone else has a better idea.

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I just bought a WD 250GB 3.0gb/s SATA drive and can't get the bios to detect it. I am using it as a secondary drive and have windows installed on a 80GB ATA-133 drive. I put the limiting jumpers in the right place ( pins 5 and 6, to get it to run at 1.5gb/s) and the drive is getting power... it gets warm to the touch when powered on. But the BIOS does not detect the drive at all.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Sata HD not detected in Bios...

some SATA controllers need to be enabled first in BIOS for it to read the harddrive, if the corrsponding SATA controller is enabled and still BIOS cant read it, double check all your connections and if still no good..then return the drive

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I've already posted this question in a different area, which I think was wrong as it hardware apologies if anybody had to read this twice.

I'm a newb to these forums and I've been dealing with this problem for days on end now.

I've literally been building my new PC, so it's a complete newbuild but my Hard disk and DVD drives won't get detected in the BIOS. When I turn on the PC, the 'POST boot shows it has picked up a 160GB Sata II Hard disk only. However, when I go into the BIOS there's nothing detected. I've checked the SATA configuration and they are 'IDE'. The DVD drive has power, but is also not detected in the BIOS which means I can't install anything.

These are the specs:
Motherboard: Asus P5Q PRO
HDD: Seagate ST3160815AS - BARRACUDA 7200.10 160GB SATA-II
DVD: Sony AD-7203S-0B

Any input would be great peeps.


Answer:SATA drives not detected

Have you tried different SATA ports on your mobo? Also, make sure RAID is disabled and it sounds like SATA mode is already set to IDE.

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I recently purchased a Western Digital My Book Studio Edition (1Tb) for the main reason that it has eSata conectivity.
It works fine through firewire and usb but it not being detected through eSATA. I have an Asus a8n-sli deluxe with a sata breakout. I purchased a sata to eSATA lead on ebay and connected it. Ive tried restaring and made sure everything is alright inside but to no avail.

Any Idea

Answer:Sata to eSata Not Detected

"not being detected" means what? You don't see the disk device in Disk Management?

Do you have a fakeraid SATA controller? The crappy "RAID" controllers sometimes require you to assign even single drives to an "array" for them to be detected by the OS. (Mind you, doing that will overwrite the data at the beginning of the drive, effectively making all data unaccessible)

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Ok, I have a sata dvd burner and windows detects it as scsi and so installs a scsi driver. I thought it orginally was a southbridge problem, but its not. ATI guy said he had the same problem and he fixed it by forcing a driver update to make it look like an IDE drive. anyone know where I can get a driver to do this? I am using XP x64. The main reason I want to do this is that SecuRom blacklists scsi and says that it is emulation software.

Answer:sata detected as scsi

That's interesting... I checked my PC's which use ICH and Marvell based RAID/AHCI controller's for my onboard SATA and they've all installed IDE based drivers.

What controller does your PC use?

Also, do you have your controller in RAID, AHCI or IDE mode? I wonder if it's in RAID mode, if that might cause it, and switching to AHCI (a switch XP should be okay with assuming you're not actually using a RAID array) might solve it.

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I have an hp proliant DL180 G6 server running windows server 2008. when i power it on , the post lights show but it cant boot. when i go to set up it shows primary master not detected. what could be the problem and how can i go about it?

Answer:Sata drive not detected

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Hey there,

I recently bought two new sata3 drives and set them up in a raid stripe and installed win7, all work fine.
I added an older sata2 drive, it shows in the bios but Windows 7 cant see the drive.. not in disc management or device manager...

I had a similar problem with my other sata2 drive but that one showed up in device manager as a 'scsi' and after a few reboots suddenly showed up in disc man. but after disconnecting that to try the other drive its now got the same problem.

any ideas??

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Hey Guys,

Ok first post and it is a desperate one! lol

I have just installed a SATA Asus DRW-1814BLT drive into my k7n2 Delta motherboard and I can not get it to detect.

I am not running any SATA hard drives - they are IDE and this is the first SATA device I have bought.

Therefore how do I get this to work?

I have a SATA cable going into the SER1 slot on the MB and the Power is connected to the back of the drive and working (I can open and close the drive).

I thought I was good at this hardware thing but I guess I am stumped......

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:SATA DVDRW Not detected?!! Help Please

Try a different SATA port on the motherboard and if possible, a different SATA data cable.
There are no jumpers to worry about with SATA so that isn't the issue.

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Hello all, installing a 250GB Maxtor drive into a Asus P4S86 motherboard. This is the only hard disk in the system, and I have tested the hard disk on my own PC and it worked fine, this if for a friend. The drive is not being detected at all. I absolutely have no idea what to do. Even the MaxBlast software that came with the drive does not detect the drive. I went to the ASUS website and I don't see any type of SATA drivers listed and I'm completed confused. Can anyone take some time and help troubleshoot this with me?

Thanks to anyone willing to help.

Answer:New SATA drive not detected, any ideas?

I forgot to add I'm doing a complete new install of XP pro and have the disk slipstreamed with SP2. I don't understand why this is not being detected. I see no options in the BIOS pertaining to SATA like I have in other systems but it has a primary and secondary SATA controller on the board.

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I replaced my motherboard today with an Asus P5KPL SE because my computer refused to boot at all (no beeps, nothing).

Anyway I plug it all in and start the PC up but am quickly led to a screen telling me:

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Meia in selected Boot device and press a key"

This was a problem so I popped into the Bios and quickly saw that no sata devices were detected at all (which is my HDD and CDROM).

Any idea what the problem could be? I will need steering round the Bios because I tried searching for SATA controller to enable and couldnt find it nor it anywhere mentioning RAID to fiddle around with.

I would presume a HDD failure as its a seagate.11 drive but the fact that the CDROM is not detected either seems to indicate a problem within Bios perhaps. All suggestions welcome because I am at a dead end.

Answer:SATA Not detected in Bios-CDROM and HDD

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i brought sata 320gb hdd but as there were no ports on my Intel 845gv i brought a ide to sata converter but then also it is not detected

Answer:Sata Hdd not detected on Intel 845GV

Buy an IDE Hard Drive, lot less bother.Alternatively buy a PCI SATA Card with BootRom:

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I recently installed my new seagate250g barracuda 7200.10 sata drive on my asus A8N-SLI motherboard and there is no detection,i already have had a maxtor40g sata drive installed and no problems there,is it that the hard drive is junk because i don't even hear the drive spin after power is on or am i just that much of a noob and i am not doing something correct please anyone help.

Answer:sata drive not detected by my asus A8N-SLI

Make sure that power and signal cables are connected correctly. Try a different set of cables since you may have a bad cable.Important: if the drive has never been initialized, partitioned, and formatted, it will not show up under 'Computer', go to disk manager and see if it is there as a raw drive. If you find it there, you will need to do the above before it is assigned drive letter(s) and show up along side of your other drives in computer.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Hi. I had to replace the sata hard drive because the original started failing. I carried out hdd tests as recommended (failed on both short and long DST checks). I recd a Hitachi travelstar 7 k1000 1Tb replacement hdd which I have now installed. I've followed the Hp  guide for checking in bios that it is listed  but I can't find it. I ran f2 diagnostics and it tests the new hdd fine and passes short and long DST tests.  But the bios is still not seeing it. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I have the  recovery media on a memory card (not stick) and not usb. Will this cause a problem when trying to recover? Many Thanks Neil

Answer:New sata hard drive not detected

Normally that would indicate that the Hitachi mobile SATA drive is  not connected or has failed. I would try one of two methods to verify that. On another PC, download the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics 3-in-1 USB Key and run it  to install on a USB flash drive. Once you have it created, boot to it and run the hard disk diagnostics. or Plug a Windows  10 USB installer into an available USB port and boot to it.  Once it starts choose your language > Click Next > Click on Repair your computer > click on Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.  Now type in commands as seen in the following image. If the disk is OK, it should now be seen in diskpart. 

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Hi to everyone.I have a desktop computer, and because a virus(I think that's the cause, because I didn't do anything unusual) my pc doesn't boot, shows the message "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert a boot media...." I ran the bios and I realize that there is no sata device detected.I've changed the cable, both and nothing....I can't detect it... when I ran the windows instalation cd, there is an error related with setupdd.sys.Can anyone help me.... is my disk dead?thank you all. Gabriel

Answer:My sata hard drive know isn't detected by bio

Have you reinstalled the sata drivers?

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I have a SATA Blu Ray Drive and Windows isn't detecting it, it is detected in the BIOS as is my other SATA DVD drive (which shows up in Windows) I know it has worked and is all connected correctly it just doesn't want to play ball.

Edit, there is power to the drive I can open and close it in Windows.

Answer:Sata Drive not detected in Windows

This was a new build using an Asus P6X58 board. I have a DVD and a Blu Ray drive to start with both optical drives worked fine. Now the blu ray drive doesn't, It shows up in the Marvell raid controller but not in Windows, the DVD does but the blu ray doesn't there is power going to it, and I have tried swapping the data leads, no joy. I changed the Marvel controller from RAID to AHCI nothing. I also plugged the drive in using a USB - SATA cable which worked. Any ideas?

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Hey there,

I recently bought two new sata3 drives and set them up in a raid stripe and installed win7, all work fine.
I added an older sata2 drive, it shows in the bios but Windows 7 cant see the drive.. not in disc management or device manager...

I had a similar problem with my other sata2 drive but that one showed up in device manager as a 'scsi' and after a few reboots suddenly showed up in disc man. but after disconnecting that to try the other drive its now got the same problem.

any ideas??

Answer:Sata Drive Not Detected By Windows 7

Are you connecting the sata2 drive to sata2 drive port on the mobo?

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Hello everybody.I'm trying to install WinXP Pro on my Y510. As I don't want to loose AHCI features, I have integrated the drivers on my XP Pro CD with nLite. I integrated the Inf files according to the FAQs of this support forum.XP installer does not detect any hard drive. What could it be?* I integrated the folder "All" present in the downloaded file. Other folders have x64 and Vista drives. (I'm assuming that "All" means previous OSs)* BIOS version:  06CN30WW (I have not updated the BIOS as I think this BIOS is newer. I bought the Y510 two weeks ago)* Intel T5550, 4GB RAM, nVidia 8600M, Hard drive Hitachi HTS54 250GB)Suggestions?Thanks a lot,BrunoB.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Sata AHCI Inf for XP not detected & BIOS

Very strange.Try integrating this universal AHCI driver that I usually use to integrate drivers. After install remember to install Lenovo driver.

//help will save the world

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Hi, I've been using 2 SATA drives as storage for a while now (about 6 months to a year.)

Just yesterday my PC has been hanging on startup. I realised quickly that it was not detecting the SATA drives and that was causing it to hang.

I think it must be the SATA controller on the motherboard (Asus P4P800 SE.)

The drives are Maxtor Diamondmax 10.

I'm about to try them one at a time then try them on my other PC and see what happens, will report back with more details.


Answer:SATA drive not detected all of a sudden...

Right I unplugged one, booted up, hey presto it works!

Now I've got both plugged in again and it seems to be working.

Not sure what happened there?

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Hi there , i have a problem that i think some of you have or problably dont anyway my problem is that my WD Sata hard drive cant be detected because it in a raid mode but i dont have 2 Hard drives, i tryed to change it but i cant, tryed in the BIOS in the primary IDE master : not detected and i tryed the f6 but it doesnt work neither way. I have a K8v SE deluxe Mother board. If someone can help me plz

Answer:WD Sata hard drive can`t be detected.

Hello and welocme to Techspot.

Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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i had a spare IDE hard drive recently and as i was running low on space i thought i'd put it in my pc, but i'd run out of IDE slots, but i had 4 free SATAs, so i bought a IDE/SATA dongle at Maplin (thinking at 20 there'd be a hope in hell of it working) i've now installed the drive and dongle, plugged everything in, but nothing :-S i've tried the hard drive on all it's jumpers, tried a different power wire in the drive, i've tried the IDE lead both ways up (there's no blocks or anything to stop me doing so i thought it was worth a try), but still nothing, so i'm open to suggestions, any ideas are gratefully recived ^_^
thanks in advance

Answer:IDE - SATA converter/dongle on HDD not detected

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Samsung 500gb Sata not getting detected It shows in the bios but not on windows it doesnt show in disk management also so i cant format it
how to i make it work there?

MB- Intel D945GCLF

Answer:Samsung 500gb Sata not getting detected

Is it showing in Device Manager.

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I need your help to resolve this issue.

I am trying to install new WD SATA hard disk in my dektop . But Bios recognized as IDE. So its not properly detecting in System.

Here is my cofiguration

Motherboard - ASRock -Wolfdale1333-D667
IDE - 80 GB Samsung - Master - windows 7 installed
IDE - DVD writer - Slave

My new wd SATA hardisk model - WD5000AAKX - WD Blue / SE / SE16 (SATA II) -500 GB

What i already did:

Checked with another data cable to detect HD correctly
Tried all SATA port on my mobo
Set Enhanced option on BIOS
Please please someone help me.

Answer:SATA hardisk detected as IDE in BIOS. Please help

Maybe Win7 is not recognizing it yet if it is not initialized or formated. Can you do a Disk Management screen snip ?

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hi,I just installed Windows 7 RC on a new SATA Drive, but my previous SATA Drive, with Windows XP is not being detected in the Windows 7 installation. If I boot into Windows XP, the new SATA Drive is not detected either.Any ideas on fixing this?My Motherboard - let me know if I've missed anything, or if this belongs in the software category.Thanks for any help in advance. God bless!

Answer:[SOLVED] SATA Drive not detected


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Win7hp/32b. SATA DVD RW drive is detected as a cdrom drive in my computer (explorer).
I have searched all kind of resolutions and until now no solution. Before I tell what i've done, I have a multiboot configuration. In XP, Vista, and Ubuntu on same pc the drive works correct. If I connect an external usb DVD RW drive, same symptoms. Explorer says CD rom drive. This external drive works also good on my Win7hp/32 laptop. So no cable/connection issue. If I put a DVD video in the drive it is not recognized as such, though I can play it with VLC. But WMP12 does not see a DVD in the drive. Funny is that if I put the DVD in when WMP12 is open, it autoplays and runs in WMP12. Neither I have a burning problem. DVD maker and Roxio do see the drive and I can burn DVD/CD's. See below, I think it is a registry problem and not a driver (cdrom.sys) problem. Somehow the DVD references (filters?) are not working so explorer is not told it is a DVDRW drive. Guessing...

actions - result
Win 7 troubleshooters - no
Device manager de-install, reboot or re-scan - no
upper/lower filters - no
Uninstall Roxio, iTunes, Adobe, Virtual Clonedrive - no
Uninstall Intel Storage matrix driver - no
Switched off/on AHCI/RAID/IDE in BIOS all options - no
Restored with WHS a system backup - no
redo above actions in different order - no
checked bit-for-bit HKLM keys in regedit between laptop and pc - no
checked cdrom.sys - no
restored backup again - no
removed physically drive, rebooted 3 times without and... Read more

Answer:SATA DVD RW drive detected as cdrom

Try this:

Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

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Hey I just bought a new computer recently and having some problems. It was working fine and then I shut it down and then it came up the the error "reboot and select proper boot device". I wasent tampering with anything it just randomly came up with this message. I went into Bios (v02.61) American Megatrends and the SATA 1 device was not detected. BIOS is not detecting my hard drive for some reason. It detetcs my DVD player in SATA 2 but every other SATA slot is empty. I tried to make sure the wires were in correctly and they were but that didnt solve my problem. I know the hard drive is spinning because I could hear it. There was also some message regarding express gate but I dont know if thats part of this problem. IS there some setting in the BIOS to make the hard drive bootable?  I should also add that during start up before it never recongnized the hard drive but it booted up still.My system specs: Quad core Q6600 DDR2 memory 4 gigs ASUS P5Q SE motherboard Nvidia 9800 GT video card Vista home premium 32 bit Seagate 500GB hard drive Thanks

Answer:Bios SATA 1 device not detected

Go to seagate tools [google]

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Hello, right heres my problem

I built my own computer, got a raid array, around 12 HDD/SSD's, and since i have so many drives i needed to buy a sata controller to get extra sata ports at 6GBPS, so i brought: 4 Port PCI Express SATA III
4 Port PCI Express SATA III (6Gbps) Controller Card w/ eSATA - PCIe x4
NEW 4 Port PCI Express SATA III (6Gbps) Controller Card w/ eSATA -
PCI Express SATA 6Gbps Card - 4-Port PCIe (x4) SATA 3.0 Card | Global
NEW 4 Port PCI Express SATA III (6Gbps) Controller Card w/ eSATA - | eBay

my motherboard:
Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H

may be irrelevant but heres the rest:
AMD Phenom II X6 1090t Black Edition 64 Bit
Spire Thermax Eclipse II (SP984B1-V2) Heatsink
Corsair DOMINATOR GT 2GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module x 4 = 8Gb
Thermaltake Toughpower 1500 Wattage
Seagate Barracuda 1.5 Terabyte 7200.11 x 3 = 4.5TB
Sapphire Ati Amd Radeon HD 6970
Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

so anyway, my current drive connections, this is the numbering as it would appear logically in information on the pc

| 0 | 2 | 4 | 6 |
| 1 | 3 | 5 | 7 |


0 - 5 are blue ports that are SATA 3 6Gbps, which are controlled by ICH10R southbridge and support RAID 0/1/5/10

6 - 7 are white ones that are GSATA 2 3Gbps, which are controlled by two JMicron 322 sto... Read more

Answer:PCI-E Sata Card not detected and not working

I would be curious to know what are you doing with so much HDDs.

Let's see if we can sort this out. First and foremost, a link
Your sata card manuals, drivers and utilities Download the manual and read it, it's pretty short. Now, page 4 says how to check if the drivers were installed correctly (they say win7 has already the drivers and doesn't need installation, but let's check anyway), do it and report back.

There is also an utility in the page above, which you can try installing to see if you can get a bit more control over the card.

Another possible issue is power, although with a 1500 watt PSU... anyway, fill your specs in this calculator so we are sure that is not the issue.

old programs hdd with bad sectors, Seagate Barracuda 1.5 Terabyte 7200.11 ?43.00

This is failing at worst or unreliable at best, suggest to move away data and put it to rest. Don't use it atm to troubleshoot the card.

the fourth screen at my pc boot up shows:
marvel adapter 88se91xx
pass thru ahci
which im assuming is the sata cards raid controller, or ide controller, or its bios itself? since this sata card is supposed to have a bios in it
and theres a fifth that says marvel as well which im assuming is another controller of that sata card

Those names identify that card's chipset, so it's the card talking to you.
Look if it states a key to press to open a bios-like window where adjust the card's settings.
Theoretically it... Read more

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Hi guys,

I've found a similar thread to my problem, but the solutions there did not work for me, apart from the fact that it's a tad different. Let's get this straight.

I've got 2 optical drives, 2 Sata HDDs (500g and 150g) and 1 IDE drive in my system all running up correctly. I'm running 2 vistas, main boot drive is the 500gb one and later I installed another version of Vista on the 150gb drive (so I assume the MBR is on the 500gb right?)

One fine morning, my pc dediced to hang on POST. After long seconds, an error shows up that the primary drive has not been found. It's detecting the Optical drives and 1 sata drives out of the 2. I've tried a bies reset, changing cable and power switches but to no avail.

When I remove the 500gb drive cable, system posts correctly and does not find a Master boot record, though I can boot from CD.

I've tried the same drive on another PC and the same thing is happening. COuld this have to do something with the MBR of the drive? Can I save my data? Is there a setting that needs to be fixed so I can load my windows Correctly. If I have to remove the 500gb drive, how can I fix so that the vista on the 150gb is detected and will be able to boot?

Could use your help guys.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer:SATA HDD not detected and hanging on POST

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Hello everybody, I'm am having a problem getting WindowsXP to detect my newly installed WD 250GB SATA Hard drive. I have all the latest patches/fixes/upadates and service pack 2 installed. The drive shows up in BIOS but when Windows loads up, the drive does not show up in My Computer. It's also not present in Disk Manager nor Device Manager. I have an Intel D865GBF mobo with integrated SATA controller ports with all the latest drivers installed. What could be the problem? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:New SATA Drive not detected in Windows

SATA needs to be enabled in the bios.

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I'm setting up a new system. this is the first time I've ever used sata. the power and the sata cable are connected to the drive (and the motherboard). when the bios is in sata scsi/raid mode, it doesn't detect them at all

when it's in sata/ide mode, it just hangs (if I unplug the hdd and reboot, it doesn't hang)

any suggestions?

Answer:gigabyte k8s760m- sata hdd not being detected?

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I am trying to install windows 7 for a friend but the hard drive isn't detected within windows setup or within the bios. I have tried installing SATA drivers to try and get windows to recognise the hard drive but to no avail. Is there anything else I can try before assuming that the hard drive may be faulty?

Answer:SATA Hard Drive Not Detected

are there any other drives in the system?
if there is try replacing that drive with the new drive . if theres no other drives in the system try pluging the sata cable in another sata slot .. also check your power cable to the drive .


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Hi all I have a Pentium D sytem with a ASUS motherboard(P5P800-VM).I was susing a and 40GB Seagate IDE harddisk.But 2 months back i purchases an Seagate [email protected] first i attached it to my SATA1 port of my board and everything went on fine and i installed the os and was using it.Then sumtimes i codnt boot my pc ,i get the bios screen but no windows booting.But if i restarted 2ice or thrice I cud boot into OS.Then 1 day i cudnt boot into hard disk and in bios also i cudnt see the HDD.I thought it to be a Harddisk probs and got an replacement from Seagate.But now also my board doesnt detect the old ide hardisk hardisk when i connect is working fine.I wonder what has happened.Plz help .I am a SAP professional and need 160 GB to pracitce SAP whci needs atleast 80GB space.

Answer:SATA hardisk cannot be detected by the system

it is almost as if the cables have not fully seated in the sockets so try that. Also look in the bios and make sure sata is enabled. It can be turned off by odd things. I used to be SAP certified but the company I was with went into liquidation. I always refer to it as simply a pig - wonderful when it is set up correctly and working but really difficult when not.

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I'm not sure, if it is the write place for this thread, because I think it's completely hardware related. But possibly I'm wrong and it is about the OS too.

So my problem is, when I wake up my PC from hibernation, it doesn't detect my only HDD at all. If I soft reset it, it works and if I boot from HDD, it continues Windows properly.

My HDD doesn't have any problem, all the SMART values are good, no problem with spin up time too according to SMART. However, my PC doesn't detect my WD HDD in case of 90% of wake ups.

It is very frustrating, because I lose time with the restart and with set up the boot order in BIOS. I always have to do that, because the BIOS forgets it should boot from the WD SATA HDD, but as it doesn't exist (it's not detected), it changes the order, which is reasonable and logical.

There are no errors when I use the computer. Everything works right except that.

Answer:Waking up from hibernation, SATA HDD not detected

Could be related to some misbehaving Power Plan settings, try Restore the Default or also it could be related to large SATA hard disk problems

See also: Hibernate - Enable or Disable

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Hi, I installed a M.2 SATA SSD in my Elitedesk 800 g2 mini but I can't find it in BIOS and Win 10.My M.2 SSD model is Kingston G2 SM2280S3G2/480G.Does the Elitedesk mini support M.2 PCIe SSD only?Is there any way to set my SSD as the first boot device so I can install Win 10 in the SSD?

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When I turned on the computer it made a weird noise and the CD and DVD lights blinked and would not boot up after working fine was also not being detected in the BIOS..I put in a new drive and installed the OS(IDE) and it boots up...any one know what the problem could be ? is it the SATA controller or the hard drive..maybe even the power supply connectors...any help is appreciated

Answer:SATA hard drive not detected

I would bet your drive died. The sata controller cannot make noise, however the disk connected to it can.

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I'm trying to connect an internal, powered SATA HDD to the eSATA port on the back of my motherboard.

To do this, I bought an eSATA to SATA cable.

Unfortunately, no matter what I do, the drive is never detected, not even by the BIOS.

So, I bought another cable. Same problem.

Finally, I tried moving the drive and the cable to another computer. The HDD is not detected there either.

So, either I am making the same mistake on both computers, or both cables are faulty..

I really don't know what else to do.

Answer:eSATA to SATA Cable - HDD not detected

What are you using to power the hard drive. The esata cable is a data cable, the hard drive needs power too. If you are using a powered esata port, they usually will power a 2.5" hard drive (most of the time) but do not provide enough power for a 3.5" hard drive. A powered enclosure would be best for either.

Also, if that is not the issue, go to disk management (click start, right click computer, select manage, in the left column select disk management) See if you see a drive listed in the bottom portion of the screen with no drive letter. If you do, If it is a new drive, it will have to be initialized, a simple partition created, formatted and a drive letter assigned. If it is a used drive, right click it, select 'change drive letter or path', next screen click add, and assign it a drive letter. CAUTION: If it has data on it and windows wants to initialize it and format it, don't do it, you will lose all data on it.

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My pc died on me and due to a lack of spare cash I bought a cheap pc. It is a AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core 3600+ and it came with only 500mb ram. It also has vista pre-installed. The pc was so slow, I thought this was probably due to the lack of ram, so I bought another 2g ram (total 2.5g ram) but the machine still takes ages to do anything, if I am running a file convertor then I cannot surf etc. I have a legit copy of XP pro and would like to install it on this pc instead of vista. I am assuming from what I have read that it is not possible to simply put the xp disc into my pc once vista has loaded and simply 'upgrade' (or downgrade) to xp.  I have downloaded all the xp drivers for my current pc, however I am far from an expert at this.The problem is my pc uses sata drives and I have read that xp cannot install on a sata drive as it does not contain the drivers for sata. I do have a floppy disc that came with a raid card and the floppy contains sata drivers, but my pc does not have a floppy drive so I can't boot from the floppy to load the drivers first.I was wondering whether it would be possible to copy the drivers from the floppy to a memory card and load them by booting from the built in card reader prior to booting from the xp disc (is it possible to boot from a card reader?). Another option is that the pc has 2 hard drives, is there any way I could install xp on the second drive, load all the xp drivers and then use acronis to clone the drive onto the... Read more

Answer:Installing xp on sata drive, can I boot from card reader to install sata driver?

That is simply not true, you can install xp straight to any SATA drive.

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I just have bought an Samsung 1TB SATA disk but the systeme doesnt recognize more than 128Gb.I flash the last firmware but no change ! The disk is OK, with an externa USB to SATA adaptor 981GB !! but internaly NO, only 127Gb.I tried to update with lenovo system update and some drivers have been updated,  but the problem comes from the bios of the IBM/Lenovo bios !!! If i format and and partion the disk with usb adaptor then i put the disk inside the PC, partion magic see the partition table but say the disk is defective. MMC windows XP console alway report 128Gb : no LBA I have put, one year ago, an other disk, but in the IDE slot,  maxtor 320GB and no problem, just full !! the problem really come from the SATA interface that is out of date!!!!!! IBM, LENOVO PLEASE ! Help me with a new firmware for my IBM M50 Thinkcentre please 

Answer:ThinkCentre M50 8189-35G : SATA limited to 128G, NO LBA 48bit on SATA : waiting for a new firmware

Hello.I am looking for support for large drives as well. It would be good to see the bios modified to support newer large drives.

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In building my new comp. Im debating on what is the most efficient and fastest way to go about things. Partition my 300gb SATA drive to have my 40gbs worth of apps on one side and files on the other, or salvage my old 40gb IDE drive for my apps, and use the 300gb hard drive to house my files. Time is always a issue at my work and I just want to know if its faster to use independent drives. Thanks for all the help!

Answer:Whats more efficient? Single SATA Drive Partitioned or 2 separate SATA with IDE?

partition the SATA drive. that way you will be able to take advantage of the faster SATA interface on both partitions. if you wish to have an independent drive incase the SATA drive fails then using the IDE drive to house all your apps would be best.

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Hi, I have an E540 and want to use an SSD in the internal harddrive compartment. The SATA controller is running in AHCI mode and all drivers from the support page are installed. Now I tried an Kingston V300 120GB 6Gbs an SanDisk  256GB 6Gbs and a Plextor M5S 120GB 6Gbs andthe HDD that came with the notebook. All four of them are running in Sata 3Gbs mode. Tested it on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 CP on all four drives. HWiNFO 64 and crystaldiskinfo reportthat the link is only 3Gbs. What can I do? Warranty?

Answer:E540 internal SATA port only enters SATA 3Gbs mode

Chances are the SATA port you are using is Sata II, which is limited to that speed.

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

Answer:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.

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I have to replace my original hdd on my 9 year old Dell XPS 8100. The desktop  has an i7 chip so I'd hate to replace it with a new i7 PC because they are expensive.The bad drive is an esata drive. I notice that current crop of hdd's seem to be sata III drives. Will the old Dell PC mother board  on the desktop support the new sata III drivesIf I replace the bad hard drive would I be able to restore the W7 OS and all my data by using a macriumbackup file on the desktops external  backup drive?
Thanks for your help!

Answer:Can old oem sata hard drive be replaced with a new current generation sata III hdd on an 8 year old xps 8100 with an i7 chip??

Any 3.5" SATA drive will work.
As long as the system is in working order, and you purchase a SATA data cable for the additional drive, you should have no trouble cloning the existing drive to a new one.

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I want to be able to boot my Toshiba Satellite laptop P205D-S7436 using an external sata hard drive using an enclosure connected to an Esata express card. The hard drive is detected in windows, but not in the first screen of the BIOS. The BIOS does not allow search for additonal hard drives. I have a internal Hitachi 120 gb hd installed. The external hd is a Hitachi 500 gb 2.5 sata hd. If I use a USB cable, the drive is detected in the boot section of the BIOS but will not boot. From what I have read on the internet the USB is too slow to boot, but a sata drive should be capable. I don't understand why the esata connected drive is detected in windows, but not in the BIOS. I have looked for BIOS updates that address this problem but have not found any. Any sugestions?

Answer:External Sata Hd detected in windows, not in BIOS

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Hi Lenovo Community, a have an M910q 10MV0012US Tiny. I'm trying to clone an existing OS on an NVMe M.2 SSD to an M.2 SATA SSD (Lenovo PN 00JT082), it appears to reimage successfully to the drive which is showing in the software. However, the drive isn't showing up as a boot option in the BIOS and I can't boot from the SSD. So then I tried reinstalling Windows 10 fresh on it, and it looks like it installed ok and does appear in Windows installation media, but again, can't boot from it. Now, I did read on a forum topic for (I think) a M710, that it only supports NVMe drives and not M.2 SATA. Wondering if it is the same with the M910 desktop. Am I correct in this case, does it not support bootable M.2 SATA drives? If so, let me know. Thanks!

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1. My WD SATA drive is apparently an ATA drive in device manager; is this slowing down my hard drive speed/how do I fix this?

2. Internet explorer is very laggy, despite everything else in my system being very fast. 50% of the time I close IE7, it freezes up and I need to end the process. My chipset drivers and everything are installed.

specs are

-core2duo e6600
-p5w dh deluxe
-250gb sata 7200rpm WD
-2gb corsair ddr2-800
-creative sound blaster xfi-xtreme music


Answer:SATA drive being detected as ATA in vista?? (And other things)

SATA = Serial "ATA"

Its fine.

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To use an external JBOD box I have this multiplexing eSATA PCIe card (Startech part PEXESATA2): I have been using it in two different computers in the past without issue. Now, in this new HP box the card is not detected at all neither in the slots #3 nor #4 (#1 is used by the GPU, #2 untested because it was close to the gpu). By untested I mean that it does not show at all in the PCI bus, according e.g. to lshw in Linux: $ lspci -tv-[0000:00]-+-00.0 Intel Corporation Sky Lake Host Bridge/DRAM Registers+-01.0-[01]--+-00.0 NVIDIA Corporation GK208 [GeForce GT 730]| \-00.1 NVIDIA Corporation GK208 HDMI/DP Audio Controller+-02.0 Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics+-14.0 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H USB 3.0 xHCI Controller+-14.2 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H Thermal subsystem+-16.0 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H CSME HECI #1+-16.3 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H KT Redirection+-17.0 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H SATA controller [AHCI mode]+-1f.0 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H LPC Controller+-1f.2 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H PMC+-1f.3 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H HD Audio+-1f.4 Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H SMBus\-1f.6 Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (2) I219-LM I have tried disabling and enabling the PCIe slot in the BIOS with no difference.  Is there any reason why the card wouldn't be detec... Read more

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Hi! I just installed a Sandisk X400 M.2 SATA SSD 256GB and It's not Detected by BIOS and also the WINDOWS 10. Is there any fix? This item is pricey. It's too bad if it's not working. Looking for help. Thank you!   This is the image of the Sandisk X400 M.2 SSD inserted.      This is the image of Device Manager and Disk Management. Both doesn't detect the Sandisk X400 M.2 SSD. 

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