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New Sata Drive detection and Windows Bootup

Question: New Sata Drive detection and Windows Bootup

I currently have two IDE harddrives in my machine. However the second smaller one is failing so i brought myself a nice shiny 500gb SATA drive. However, if i plug in all the cables into the Sata Drive and then plug the other end into the Motherboard and PSU. When i turn the machine on it won't boot up. I get past the BIOS (Which has detected the new addition) and then the point where it should display the windows loading, i just get a blank screen.

If i switch the computer off and boot up again, i get the message saying "Windows did not boot up correctly" and if i pick safe mode or normal boot up, i still get the blank screen..

If i upplug the hard drive, i get normal operating computer.

Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: New Sata Drive detection and Windows Bootup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: New Sata Drive detection and Windows Bootup

Yup, boot into Safe Mode, and download and install the SATA/RAID drivers for your particular board. Then, restart, and you should be fine.

You could do the same by unplugging the new HDD, and booting up normally, if you're not getting internet access with Safe Mode.

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I've considered installing Windows XP32bit instead of Windows Vista 64bit, but when installing Windows XP you need to hit F6 key to install RAID drivers for it to detect the Sata HDDs.

This was simple with my old motherboard (ABIT AV8 3rd Eye) because I had a floppy with the required drivers on, but now I don't have any floppy... can I download the files somewhere?

I hope what I've said is clear Please ask if there are any problems understanding something



Answer:Help with ASUS P5K-E SATA drive detection

You should be able to find the drivers at:

I've had to install a driver for a RAID array, but never a drive.

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I am running XP Pro, with Asus K8V SE M\B and currently Maxtor SATA drive.
I needed to clone my hard drive to a new one, as the old one was suspect.
I used Norton Ghost to clone my O\S and data over to the new "WD" SATA drive (which was connected via a sata-usb adapter for convenience)

When inserting the new WD drive in to the M\B, the bios wouldn't detect the drive at all (although Windows had previously). I tried all SATA connectors on the board, but no joy with detection.
The old MAXTOR drive was only 2 yrs old (80gb), and the new drive is 250gb.

I can't see any settings in the bios to detect the sata drive.

Any ideas guys?

Many Thanks


Answer:Asus K8V SE and SATA Drive detection

IIRC these old VIA sets with the VT8237 southbridge did not upport booting from SATA. I coud well be wrong and it might be that you have to install the VIA motherboard drivers for the SATA to function. Either way it is indeed a pain.

I would reinstall the old drive and make sure the SATA drivers are indeed there. Then I would reclone the new drive from there and stand back and see what explodes.

Good luck.

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I believe this issue is an (XP) OS question as opposed to a hardware (drive - controller) issue, since once my system boots up it operates normally.

Brief background:
Have an Abit AX8 mobo with Via VT6420 controller)
Have 1 WDC5000AAKS 500GB Western Digital SATA-II drive
I have jumpered pins 5-6 together to force the drive to SATA-I mode
This SATA drive is my boot drive. I ghosted my OS from a previous
EIDE drive onto this drive.
I have other drives that are usually in a swap tray.

The problem with slow startup began when I booted off another (Linux RH) drive, updated RH and RH located and tried to "configure" the VIA controller. The next time I booted off of my SATA (XP) drive, the slow-bootup symptom started. It takes about 20minutes. Once booted up, everything appears fine with a few minor exceptions (Firewire adapter shows up as not working in Device Manager even though it appears to work fine.)

Help or ideas appreciated. Is there something I need to eliminate from my startup list (ie, by using msconfig?)


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I have recently had a problem with my on board network adapter, telling me the cable was unplugged when it plainly was not and was OK the last time the PC was used.
I am running XP Pro with SP3 with 3GB RAM. I have a 40GB hard drive as the master and a 250GB SATA as slave.
At the same time that I had the network card trouble, the shortcut icon for the Sata drive had the red question mark on it, and clicking it gave a message " The drive drive or network connection .... is unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network is available and try again".
I installed a network card and rebooted and a Broadband connection was effected, but the SATA Drive problem remained. It's not recognised by bios or device manager.
Any ideas how to solve this problem please?

Answer:Sata hard drive not being recognised on bootup

I would check the sata cable connections to the hard drive and motherboard. If not a latching lock type then it could have worked lose.

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I have a 40gb hd that loads windows and I just recently installed a 160gb sata hd just for storage. Now when the computer starts up it takes forever to load the 40gb hd that has windows. My question is what is causing this to happen? I even edited the boot.ini file so that it only sees 40gb hd that has windows on it. If anyone has an answer please let me know.

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Hi folks,

I was working on my pc the other day when it kind of locked up on me. No combo of key strokes could resolve it, so I was forced to do a hard reboot by pressing and holding the power button until it shut off. When I hit power to bring it back up, I saw the Dell splash screen with the options for F2 (setup) and F12(boot menu), then I heard 6 clicks, a short pause, then 2 more clicks. Shortly after I get the message:

SATA Primary hard disk drive 0 failure
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility

I press F1 and got a message saying that it could not find the boot sector.

I tried hooking this drive up as a slave with a known good hard drive as the master, but I hear the same clicking and it doesn't work. The drive is a Western Digital WD2500JS. I went to their website and downloaded a diagnostic ISO file and put it onto CD and loaded it into the drive and booted up. After a few minutes of no data on the screen it came up with this message:

"Unable to locate the License Agreement file, DLGLICE.txt!!!

Please make sure that the License Agreement file is located in the same path as DLGDIAG.EXE"

I put the disk into another computer and checked the contents of the disk. There are only 5 files:

The first file is not a typo, there is a 5 at the end of the filename. Maybe if I corrected this first before burning to disk? but how to do this and still have it be ... Read more

Answer:SATA hard disk drive 1 failure on bootup

Download a Linux ISO (Ubuntu, Mint, Knoppix are all OK) and
create a live CD to boot with and transfer your files to an external source.

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Recently I was in the middle of using my laptop when it bluescreened and crashed. Now I'm not proud of this, but for some reason this is not an uncommon sight; I bought this off of eBay a couple months ago and it worked fine for a few days before randomly bluescreening often. Now I tried to change and install all the eight drivers, and while that solved most issues for awhile. But then I received a detection error 2100 main hdd0 on startup. Now I actually fixed it that time, and none of my files seemed to be damaged, which is strange given the nature of the error but I didn't question it. Now however the error is back seemingly inspired and I can't seen to get my laptop to simply boot. I ran the memory test and it passed and I don't even have an ssd so I don't know what the issue is or why it was fixed last time (I changed the SATA to compatability and then back to ahci and reset it). I think it might have to do with a faulty or corroded contact but I have not opened it to check. If it's anything like last time, I'm willing to bet that there is actually nothing wrong with my drive but something is again causing it not to be detected. I do have photos if that will help, but they need to be compressed so for now I hope this will be enough.

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Whan I am doing is trying to install Xp on a SATA drive. But I do not have a floppy drive to put SATA drivers on.

Any options?

Answer:How to install SATA drives for OS install at bootup without floppy drive?

Nlite should let you slipstream them in. It's a shame you didn't have an Intel chipset board, or else you wouldn't need drivers.

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I have just finished putting a new case together , AMD XP 3000 with Thermaltake Volcano11 cooler on a GigaByte Triton GA/7N400 Pro2 motherboard , 1 gig DDR400 memory , 2 x Maxtor7200 Serial ATA 80 gig hard drives , GeForce 256MB graphics card , Creative sound card.Everything is nicely seated and i have powered up and accessed the Bios , both HDD`s are SATA , neither shows until exiting the bios where they are mentioned under RAID setup.I do not really want to bother with a RAID setup , is this interfering with the drive detection ? does it need to be turned off ? if so how ?Also would like to know what to set the FSB Frequency at , its set to 166 MHz , options available are 100/133/166/200 , any ideas .

Answer:SATA detection and FSB

The First boot device is SCSI , second CDROM.The SATA/RAID/SCSI boot order is SATA.The Onboard H/W Serial ATA is enabled.Serial ATA function is set to Base.I have noticed that my DVD and CD-RW drives are showing up as ATA33 using an ATA133 cable , any ideas?

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Hi, i'm new to this site but very familiar with technology, i built this machine myself.
im currently running off my old HD but i want to reinstall windows onto my new SATA hardrive (160GB) this one is an IDE. The BIOS and Nvidia Raid config recognize the drive but the windows installation does not. I was reading this thread on this site that i foudn from google

because he has the same MB as myself but different hard drives. I am currently in the process of trying what he did but i do not have a floppy drive. I only have a 1 CD drive and a 16GB floppy drive. i'm going to try these routes first for the configuartion software but if not im going to see if i can find one laying around.

IF i cant find one and the CD/flash drive don't work is there another way to try the methods described in the previous web link?

*Hard Drives are Western Digital Caviar

Answer:Installation Problems of Windows XP onto SATA HD. SATA Drive not recognized.

Most newerBIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer )

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Hi.  I have a T430s (original owner). At boot-up, I receive a "2101: Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata)", BUT I don't use a Mini SATA!! Windows 10; All drivers current via Lenovo system update (incl. bios 2.69).I have a Crucial SSD drive; I have verified Crucial SSD has latest firmware.I do not have (and have not had) a Mini SATA card installed - this is why the error is so weird to me.I DID recently change the Wifi Switch and cable (which is when the error started showing)The wires that would feed the Mini SSD are still covered with tape from the factory (I forget the colors)I have removed the battery, internal battery and power (and rebooted).  I have reseated the SSD and the DVD drive (and rebooted).I do not have Express software installed; the software that would control the Mini SATA drive (I can't see any "express" software in Add / Remove programs) Can you help me with this annoying mystery?

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Hi, this is my first Post, though I have use computer hope before, I have a custom built PC that includes:ASUS P5N32-SLI SE DeluxeIntel Core 2 Duo E6600 Geil GX22GB6400DC 2GB kit at 800MhzCorsair 2GB DDR2 Twin2X at 800MhzSapphire Radeon  X1950XTX 512MB GDDR4, PCI ExpressSeagate ST3200820AS 200GB SATAII/300        x2Thermaltake W0103 600W PowerWindows XP Professional x64 64-bit editionI recently bought new RAM, when I installed it there was a conflict and the BIOS became corrupted, nothing would work, I reset the BIOS and installed the RAM all was good ?..until it got to the point at which windows normally boots I got  a can?t boot fro drive press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. It turns out that when I reset BIOS the RAID 0 I had was deleted. I Checked BIOS it was set to RAID mode, the next problem came when I attempted to access the RAID utility, it stated that no devices where detected and to press any button to continue through POST. I can?t do anything; re-formatting via windows set up, an error occurs just before it gets to the section that displays partitions and Installations, it also doesn?t recognise the RAID drivers on my floppy when setup is activating.  The Discs are Visible in BIOS but that about it, I can?t access them in any way. If anyone has any ideas or has had a similar problem you input would be appreciated .

Answer:SATA RAID Detection Problems

Very early on in the XP setup process there will be a prompt "PressF6 to install RAID/SATA drivers"...This needs to be done or Windows will not see the drive.

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I ran a clean install of Windows XP, now one of my drives is missing. My computer was originally setup with RAID 0...not sure how that plays into all of this.

2 physical drives: My C drive is 40G, the E drive (now missing in action), is 80G. I looked in BIOS, Device Manager and Disk 80G hard drive...but, there Z drive (RAID partition?) which was used to back up files from C and E shows up.

When I installed XP, I had a floppy with FastTrak 133 drivers (RAID for WinXP). Being the extreme light bulb I am, I thought this was how I was suppose to setup my RAID config. So, I don't see this 80G guy in bios or there a way to recover.

Could I have deleted everything on E? If so, how come I don't have 80G of free space...? Thanks for any advice.


Answer:Windows XP, New Installation, Hard drive detection

Well, though I do not know much at all about RAID, I do know that I have had a bit of trouble with getting windows to recognize my SATA drive. I had to do a couple things in device manager to get it working, though I cannot remember exactly what. Is your E drive an SATA?

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Recently, I upgraded a friend's computer and operating system from Windows XP to Windows Vista. I ran into very few kinks until recently, when the new hard drive I added stopped working. Upon inspecting the problem, I checked the BIOS to find that the second hard drive was detected, but it only 'occasionally' is detected by Windows. I've been at a loss for what to do to solve the problem. As far as I can detect, all of the Windows drivers are up to date. ...And yes, I jiggled the wires: I wouldn't be coming to you guys if I didn't. Any suggestions? I know may not be the most appropriate section for this problem, but any help would be greatly appreciated from the experts. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Windows Vista Hard Drive Detection

I know you jiggled the wires but have you tried different sata and psu cables and tried a different sata port on the motherboard?

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I ran a clean install of Windows XP, now one of my drives is missing. My computer was originally setup with RAID 0...not sure how that plays into all of this.

2 physical drives: My C drive is 40G, the E drive (now missing in action), is 80G. I looked in BIOS, Device Manager and Disk 80G hard drive...but, there Z drive (RAID partition?) which was used to back up files from C and E shows up.

When I installed XP, I had a floppy with FastTrak 133 drivers (RAID for WinXP). Being the extreme light bulb I am, I thought this was how I was suppose to setup my RAID config. So, I don't see this 80G guy in bios or there a way to recover.

Could I have deleted everything on E? If so, how come I don't have 80G of free space...? Thanks for any advice.


Answer:Windows XP, New Installation, Hard drive detection

how many physical hard drives are in your computer and which ones were set up as a RAID?

When you boot with your xp cd press F6 when it tells you to (at the beginning when it loads everything) and then insert that floppy and it will load the needed drivers from that to recognize your RAID setup. In the bios it will (should) just come up with the separate hard drives and not the RAID drive that you saw in windows.

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I got this error out of the blue the other day on startup, and now I get it every time I restart.  I have tried a number of solutions that I found in these forums (which I'll outline below) but it seems like my system just can't find the drive anymore.  Here's what I've done: 1. ran the ExpressCache program via Command Prompt (eccmd.exe -info) and got this error:  "**ERROR** ECCmd Request device is not available"2. unistalled the ExpressCache software, shut down, pulled the battery opened up the memory module slot cover, removed the mSATA drive and then re mounted it.3.  reinstalled ExpressCache4.  I'm trying to reformat the drive, but I am receiving similar errors     a.  When I try to format the drive (eccmd.exe -format) I get the following error:  HFS Volume is not mounted  **ERROR**  ECCmd Requested device is not available     b.  When I try to create a partition (eccmd.exe -partition) I get the following error:  0x10df (4319).  I looked this up and maybe there are system files missing? I have also tried this but it then says "There is NO mSATA detected, please check mSATA attached" If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

Answer:2101 detection on HDD2 (mini sata) error on my T430

Hello and welcome,
None of the symptoms you describe sound to me like software issues. There is something wrong with the mSATA SSD, or the controller that accesses it - or it needs to be re-inserted in its socket.
Is this machine under warranty?  I'd suggest calling support and running this by them.  They may suggest re-seating the device in its socket, or may offer replacement or some other option.  I don't speak for Lenovo, just offering my personal suggestion.

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I recently bought an OCZ Nocti mSATA SSD for my w520 and after I installed win7 on it, the system started showing 2101etection Error on HDD2(mini SATA)...... does anyone know how to fix it?? thank you!

Answer:How to deal with 2101: detection error on HDD2(mini SATA)

I had this problem with w510 and corsair force SSD. but after update a laptop BIOS and SSD firmware I have this problem very very rare (may be one time per have a year)Stas

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I ordered the mSata mini 128GB card to go into the half size slot under thge keyboard.  However when I boot I get:  "2101: Detection error on HDD2 (Mini SATA)".  I thought that a half size drive would work, as it does it my Lenovo W520.  However it appears the BIOS does not recognize it.  It does however recognize it in my W520. Has anyone else successfully added a second drive internally to the X1 Carbon Touch?  


Go to Solution.

Answer:X1 Carbon - "2101: Detection error on HDD2 (Mini SATA)"

Hello and welcome,
No personal experience here, but I do see this note on the page you linked:
Note: Only works with systems with mSATA standard connector. NOT compatible with Mini PCIe slot for WWAN/wireless cards
The way I read the Hardware Maintenance Manual  that slot is WWAN only, not a WWAN/mSATA combo slot.  Could be wrong.

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I started getting this error everytime I reboot my machine. If I press ESC boot continues fine. Whats strange is I dont eve have a HDD2 Mini Sata, and if I do I have never known about it and I cant set it in device manager, etc. How do I get the machine from stopping to try and detect this? Very annoying. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:T530, 2101: Detection error on HDD2 (Mini Sata)

Disconnect AC power, remove battery pack, wait for a while, then put everything back and try if 2101 disappears.

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On Thursday a bootup problem occured, where the point where the OS
should start loading, ie at the point after 'Verifying DMI Pool Data....' it
just stops and does nothing. The first time this error occured, the problem
"A disk read error has occured
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart."
Since then, it doesn't say anything, just stops there.

In BIOS it only picks the drives up as 127.99GB drives, even tho
it's 250GB.

What I've attempted so far:
Using another 160GB SATA drive.
Buying another motherboard, testing it, same problem.
Flashed BIOS, cleared CMOS. Erased previous DMI data.

My system specs:

GA-K8NF-9 motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
1024MB Corsair RAM
Radeon x800xl 256mb PCI-e

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Im guessing it's
the RAM.

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Hello Lenovo Community, My laptop is as follows:Lenovo T430sMachine Type: 2352-CTOWindows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Please let me know if there is any other necessary information. Problem:During startup, I receive the above "2101 Detection error on HDD2 (Mini SATA)" error. It is important to note that this problem is intermittent. I have a 16gb mSATA installed on my computer. I've attempted to do the following to fix this error: 1. Run several virus scans - no viruses apparent2. Earlier I ran "eccmd -info" and the command prompt indicated that everything was working correctly.3. I reseated the mSATA card last night.4. Today, when I run the same command as an administrator: "eccmd -info" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C:\Windows\system32>eccmd -ifnoExpressCache Command Version 2010-2011 Diskeeper Corporation.Date Time: 7/8/2014 17:33:18:579 (STEVEN-THINK #0)HFS Volume is not mounted.USAGE:ECCmd [-NOLOGO][-INFO | -PARTITION | -EXCLUDE | -CLEAREXCLUSIONS | -FORMAT | -PRELOAD]-NOLOGO - No copyright message will be displayed.-INFO - Display ExpressCache activity information.-PARTITION - Create an ExpressCache partition.[DriveId] - Optional drive ID[PartSize] - Optional partition size in MB-EXCLUDE - Exclude a drive from being cached.DriveLetter - Drive letter-CLEAREXCLUSIONS - Clear all cache exclusions.-FORMAT - ... Read more

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What is the trick to get a SATA hard drive to boot up with a standard IDE hard drive ( as slave) hooked up too? When we take the IDE hard drive out of the loop the SATA hard drive boots up normally, but as soon as we plug in the IDE hard drive (as either a master or slave) everything freezes up when it looks for the boot record

We even tried installing windows on the IDE drive, and when it booted up then the SATA card was not picked up What are we doing wrong? There are no settings (master/slave) on SATA drives so why doesn't it boot from the SATA drive, with a IDE drive set up as slave?

Can anyone shed some light on this


Answer:What is the trick with SATA BIOS Bootup?

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...every time I boot my system, Windows says it is installing the SATA driver. BIOS entries are OK, once drivers are installed, Disk Management shows everything OK too. So, what could be the cause for this? I have two disks, the System SSD (OCD Vertex II 60GB SATA) must have its driver installed to boot Windows, so the msg must refer to the second HD (Seagate 1TB SATA).
Any ideas?

Answer:Sata driver installed on bootup

Try Removing and putting back both the bios cell thingy and the hdd drive. and see.

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hi there, im back for help again.

my dads pc wont boot. its a sata hard disk which is detected upon boot. however i dont even get the windows splash screen.
in the bios - the hd doesnt show up. safe mode doesnt work neither does last known good settings. i put the xp disk in and attempted to do an (install followed by a repair ) rather than system console.

nothing works because the xp disk claims no hard drive exists.

is it cos its serial ata. im not exactly sure if its got raid setup etc although i do possibly remeber a viaraidtool popup that might have come up on the odd times ive been over and used my dads pc to educate him on eBay.

anybody got an idea. sorry i dont have specs.

thank you once again

Answer:xp bootup error- no hd recognised (sata)

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I recently suffered an apparent corruption of my primary SATA hd that caused me to be unable to boot into regular or safe mode. This drive was running my XP Media Center edition. I have data I need on this drive so I grabbed the only OS disc I had available (Vista Home Premium) and installed it on a secondary IDE drive that was already in the machine. I was hoping to be able to get to the drive through Vista and rescue the files I need then do a clean install on the SATA drive. The problem is, any time I even attach this drive my system fails to boot. The system just hangs on a black screen at startup. Is it possible for a drive to be so corrupted that it will not allow a system to boot FROM A SEPARATE HARD DRIVE?

System specs:
Dell XPS 400 2.8 GHz dual core CPU 3 GB RAM one 80 GB SATA drive and one 250 GB IDE HD
(originally) XP Media Center Edition on 80 GB SATA HD
(after problem) Vista Home Premium on the 250 GB IDE HD

I also installed Windows 7 RC on the other partition of the IDE because I hate Vista (that should be irrelevant to this problem though, I think)

edit: Also, I tried a Ctrl + F11 system restore on the SATA drive at one point but received an error that I interpreted as meaning the drive was corrupted... or something to that effect

Answer:SATA HD corrupted (?) preventing bootup

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After performing a fresh install of my O/S WindowsXP MCE2005 , I recieved a prompt upon bootup that I must press F1 to proceed or F2 to enter setup ? It also states that SATA 1,2, & 3 are not detected? My internial Hard Drive a 250GB Saunsung 7200rpm SMART drive is on SATA 0. I only have one internial H.D. and one externial USB H.D. a Seagate FreeAgent 320G.B.. My H.D. in the BIOS is set to Autodetect/AHCI. I have read that after a re-install of this system I have to change the BIOS setting for the H./D. to Combination ,however when I try that I recieve a warning that my system may not be able to detect the H.D.,so Iam leaving it alone since all is working well except for the minor inconvience of pressing F1 during bootup.Iam curious since I have no additionial H.D's and none located in SATA 1,2&3 if turning those off would have any ill effects on my system or any other H.W ? By default the setting in the BIOS is ON !Any help or input would be greatly appreciated,thanks to all whom reply. Take Care NicRic FYI> PC is a Dell XPS400 2.8GHz Dual Core Pentium D w/3 G.B. of DDR2 RAM,ATI PCI-E Graphics and an ATI TV Wonder TV tuner card PCI ! (I know Pentium D's are garbage)

Answer:Must press F1 on bootup (SATA error) ?

I am not familiar with the option you mention (combination). That said, could it be that you have an IDE optical drive and that is hanging the boot? To test this if you have an IDE optical drive try removing the optical drive from the boot order, or at least setting it after the HD.

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I have a healthy XFS formatted drive here. 500GB WD Blue.

Neither XP or Win 7 Pro will bootup when plugged in via S-ATA cable?

Answer:Why won't any of my Windows PCs bootup when an XFS-formatted drive is plugged in?

Check your boot sequence. If it is looking at that disk first it may well fail.

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I want to hookup my cell phone onto my laptop, but no drivers are currently supported on the laptop cause its Vista. But it DOES support windows 2000 and xp. So i was just thinking, is it possible to install a windows xp or win2k OS onto a USB drive.. maybe like a 2 or 4 gig drive.. then boot it up to the usb drive, and run Win2k/ Xp on it and still load other softwares along with it at the same time? If so, will it be pretty damn slow? Will I still be able to save/download files into the other harddrives of the laptop? Please let me know if im not clear.

Answer:Installing WINdows into a USB Drive to BOOTUP... Safe? Possible?

bump this, does anyone know?

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SATA drive detected as an atapi drive by windows xp setup.

I’m wanting to install windows xp for backwards compatible with order programs.

1st primary partition is W7 size is 243.71 GB NTFS maximum it will shrink down.
2nd primary partition is setup as 99.97 GB FAT32 (can expanded space later after installing SP2)

After installing XP,
I will use the windows 7 system boot disk and do the following from the command prompt
Bootrec /fixmbr
Bootrec /fixboot
Bootrec /rebuildbcd

Is it ok to install windows xp, since it sees the drive as an atapi and don't need to worry about the sata driver?
Is the boot fix correct?

Thank You
I also added a logical partition which has been removed. Out of curiosity I put a windows 98 setup cd. It didn't see the Fat 32 2nd partition but it did see the logical fat 32 partition as a normal dos primary partition. It makes me wonder on SATA drives if windows 98se can be installed onto logical partition. There was a size limitation, it only saw around 35 GB

Answer:SATA drive detected as an atapi drive by windows xp setup.

2nd primary partition is setup as 99.97 GB FAT32

Why FAT32?

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

Use EasyBCD 2.0 in Win 7 & Win XP.
EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies

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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

Answer:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!


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I am in the process of doing a clean re-install of Windows XP for Home on my PC. I have 3 hard drives:

c: 200gb Maxtor SATA drive - bootable with Windows XP (existing Windows install)
d: 20gb Maxtor IDE drive - non bootable data drive
g: 160gb Maxtor IDE drive - bootable with the clean install of Windows XP for home on it

Windows is not seeing all the sizes quite right yet but I will tackle that when I have solved this major problem that follows:

If I boot from the C drive - I have no problems at all. Windows will see all the different drives as it should do, I can access them all and they all work fine.

When I come to boot the clean install on drive G windows changes the drive letters - G becomes C, D remains as D but the 200gb Maxtor SATA drive isn't seen at all and might as well not exist.

Disk Management within Windows is no help as it can't see the drive, Maxtor software MaxBlast 4 is also no help as it can't see the drive on this install either.

I have checked and rechecked the BIOS but have pretty much discounted any issues here as it clearly shows all 3 drives and all 3 drives are listed on boot up. It's just when Windows kicks in that I have the problem.

I guess it's a simple setting somewhere, but I am pulling out what little hair I have left trying to think what it is - so any ideas would be very gratefully received.

Thanks in advance and kind regards


Answer:Hard Drive Bootup Problems, Help required - Windows not seeing new hard drive Options

This is what I would do to enhance performance and storage strategy:

1. Use the 20g for the os and housekeeping utes such as av, spyware, etc only, nothing else goes on that drive.
2. Use the 160g for apps installs.
3. Use the 200g for data.

This might get you past the bios/firmware/os/drive letter issue and make better use of the drives. The 20 isn't really good for storage anymore, but would be great for an os/system ute drive. It's performance is less than the other drives, but that's ok, most of the os will stay in ram anyway after boot, you won't make any real diff having a faster os drive.
You might want to place a pagefile on each drive so pageing can occur concurrently too.

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I'm currently running a system with a Gigabyte GA-K8-NXP-SLI Mobo that has only one HD on it - an old Western Digital (Henceforth WD) 80Gb drive that is 60Gb full.

The machine is not nearly as noisy as it used because I replaced all the fans but my WD drive makes more noise than I'd like (because I use it a lot at 3am when my wife is sleeping).

Anyway, I've bought and have sitting right here on the desk one brand new Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160Gb - more than enough storage for what I want but I figure this should last out it's 5 yr warranty that comes standard (I think only with the retail kit though).

Anyway, I would like to image the old WD drive smack-dab onto the new Seagate drive then replace the WD with the Seagate transparently and end up exactly where I am now but with a newer quieter faster bigger HD and a the WD HD sitting in a draw somewhere able to be plugged in if something happens with the Seagate

I want to copy everything from the WD drive exactly - Filing System, Boot Settings, absolutely everything so that I can plug the Seagate into a SATA port next to the WD Drive - Copy the data, settings, kit, kaboodle and all and then move the Seagate into the port where the WD was and boot straight from the new Seagate with no changes of any kind.

I don't want RAID (obviously) I just want a straight replacement.

What's the 1. easiest 2. most idiot proof 3. quickest way of doing this?

Is windows XP Home w/SP2 pe... Read more

Answer:Need to Replace old noisy SATA drive with new SATA drive - with same data

What's the 1. easiest 2. most idiot proof 3. quickest way of doing this?Click to expand...

Migrate Easy can solve all your problems just in minutes.

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Hi A pc was switched off by the wall plug accidentally by someone else when it was switched on. Since then it won't boot up. When you switch it on it gets as far as the window logo (which doesn't quite load fully, the coloured cirlcles swirl but do not form the windows logo before it reboots). The operating system is Windows 7. The pc had a 250GB HD in, this was cloned onto a Solid State Disk. Only the solid state disk is plugged in along with the CD drive. The original Hard Drive was left in the computer but unplugged. Both hard drives fail to boot up, the original one could not be faulty as it has never been used. Plugged both disks into a new pc and they boot up fine individually. Is there something obvious in the BIOS that is preventing the disk starting up? Safe mode does not workCheckdisk finds no errors, but as previous said, the hard drive works fine in another pc. I get the startup repair and start windows normally options. Startup repair starts up fine, start windows normally reboots. Resetting BIOS to defaults does not change anything. Removing the battery does not change anything. Tried different memory and different SATA cables. Any advice welcome.It is a Lenovo Small Form Factor Windows 7 PC - Model number 7360WN4 Jason 

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Hi, Is this possible? I have tried numerous times on my PC to install Windows 7 onto my Sata Drive to no avail. Yet as soon as I plug in my IDE HD it installs fine.

I have unplugged all external peripherals USB and internal Card Reader. Set my Bios ok as it sees both the Hard Drive and DVD fine (Both in the bios and during selection of hard drive during windows 7 installation). Yet when I come to install it, it craps out at a random percentage saying cannot read from source or worse yet it crawls so slow through the percentages (I really don't think Windows 7 should take 6 hours to get to 15%!!) Yet both the hard drive and dvd are fine and the disc works great on my other PC without the sata drive in. I'm pulling my hair out here!!!

My motherboard is a Biostar G31-M7 TE with latest bios now what is odd is that I recently updated the BIOS to the latest one so does my problem come from here or was it always going to be a problem on this board? Also when I do have win7 installed on the IDE drive when I plug in ther sata drive inside the whole system goes belly up (from freezes when transferring large files to just not seeing the drive)


Answer:Install Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE DVD ROM Drive

Have you checked out all of our Questions list ?

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

One of my favorite tips is to pre-format the HD on another computer to the partitions that you want for the new install on the new computer. Sometimes SATA drivers are required during install either from Disc or USB flash drive containing the correct Sata drivers needed.
Also check your Bios setting for AHCI, SATA, IDE.

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Hey, i recently ghosted my 250gb ATA 133 drive to a 200gb SATA drive. I made sure I installed the drivers before I imaged so it would boot and detect correctly. It worked fine for 2 months. I am currently contemplating re-installing Windows because of a few problems with my current installation and general junking up of the OS. I have a SP2 disc but i dont have a Floppy drive installed and i really dont want to install one just for the SATA drivers. Is there any way to install XP to a SATA drive without a floppy disk?


Answer:Installing Windows XP to a SATA drive without a floppy drive

Wayne I am actually in the same boat you are as we speak I dont know if its an option to search your CD-ROM drive for drivers or not. I have never had to do it so I willl tell you my findings when I get done tonight...It is going to be a bit harder for me as I am setting 2X250GB SATA drives in a RAID0..wish me

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I have Windows XP sp2 on a Hitachi 80 GB SATA drive partitioned as drive C: and drive E: with ntfs. The operating system is on the C: partition and other programs are on the E: partition. I purchased a larger 250 GB Hitachi SATA drive and installed it as drives D: and F: I want to transfer Windows xp from the 80 gb drive to the 250 gb drive and activate the 250 GB drive as the boot drive.

I copied the files from the E: partition to the F: partition. How do I transfer Windows from the 80 gb drive to the 250 drive and boot from the new drive.? I want to use the 80GB drive as a Linux drive and multiboot Windows xp and Ubuntu Linux .

Romeo Dais

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I have a V570 running Win 7 64 bit that I've been using for about a year now. For the past few days, when I try to boot up my laptop the hard drive makes a louder, higher pitched whine than usual followed by a total freeze-up at some point in the booting process. A couple times I have gone into the BIOS the next time I booted and set all configurations to default, which seemed to work the first time. The boot priority order seems to be normal as far as I can tell. Two other times it recognized that Windows didn't start up properly and asked if I wanted to use Setup Repair (or whatever it is) which then loaded a system restore point from before I installed 14 updates to Windows a couple days ago. The laptop booted fine until I installed the updates again. Here is a picture of the updates in question, not sure how to embed images on this board, I don't really feel like installing each of them individually to try and figure out which one or more are screwing things up, so I was wondering if anyone had any insight.

Answer:V570 hard drive stops midway through bootup - possibly Windows Update?

I just used OneKey Recovery and set it back to stock. The next time I turned it on it froze just before the Windows logo came up, and after a few minutes in the BIOS (where there did not appear to be any hard drive recognized in the boot order) the hard drive stopped spinning completely, after which it turned on again and made normal sounds instead of loud whiny ones. Now I'm thinking maybe it's just cold, but it's definitely no colder than 50 degrees F in my house which is well within reasonable operating range.I would like some insight if anyone has some to offer. Is it the link that's putting people off? I'm not an adbot, I swear. I know they all say that, but still.

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Whenever I try shutting down my computer normally, it is extremely slow and displays the message: Error 2101  Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata). This causes some problems on my computer. My laptop is a Thinkpad T530 with Intel Core i7, 500 GB HDD, and 8 GB RAM. Any suggestions?

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T530

do you have mSATA installed on the system???

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running 1.40 biosthink I have WWAN model as there is a SIM slot and there are a red and blue wires ready for the 3G wireless card.all lenovo drivers etc checked to latest versionsInstalled 128GB Kingspan which failed to do anything and caused the whole system to be unbootable. Turns out the ssd was dead as it did not work in working usb enclosure.swapped in 64GB msata minipci from my old eee901 it is the correct size for the lenovo slot - it wasn't for the 901 and I am now getting 2101 Detection Error on hdd2 on boot up.I have tried reseating the card, cleaning the pins, reseating, booting to Hirens, Slacko, Gparted, Fedora and not been able to see it as the error code is pre OS... Anything I can do? - roll back drivers, roll back bios, buy specific brand msata any suggestions welcome :-)

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) X220

HiIt seems newer drive is needed or its firmware. Chek out SSD manufacturer site for fw update.Since x220 BIOS 1.16 or something like this one, msata SSD error detection has disappeared. Except of rare cases with some Crucial (or Corsair, didn't remember) and Samsung drives. Also do not use OCZ drives.

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I got my 430s, and it's with a 16Gb mSATA SSD cache inside.Now everytime when I open my PC, it shows Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) and I need to press ESC to continue.Is there any software or driver's problem, or it just phsically got wrong?Any techician could help to solve, or I have to do it my own?

Go to Solution.

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in...

Have you ensured you are running the latest BIOS?  What version BIOS do you currently have? After pressing escape does the computer boot normally?

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Hi guys, I fitted a 64GB Sandisk P4 mSATA SSD today in my week old X220 4287CTO & get this error, I thought it maybe the bios causing the problem as reported in the forum but the threads I have read seem to be the SSD not being recognized at all. Any help would be appreciated. Product SKU: 4287CTOProduct Name: ThinkPad X220 - 3 Yr Depot Topseller Warranty Intel Core i5-2410M Processor (2.3GHz, 3MB L3, 1333MHz FSB)7 Home Premium 64 English12.5" Premium HD (1366x768) LED Backlit Display, Mobile Broadband Ready, 2x2 Antenna2 GB DDR31333MHz (1 DIMM)Keyboard UKFingerprint Reader720p HD Camera20 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpmNo Micro Solid State DriveThinkPad Battery 29+ (6 cell)Country Pack United Kingdom with Line cord & 65W AC adapterBluetooth 3.0Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (2x2 AGN)Integrated Mobile Broadband - Upgradable

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata)

Yeah I am getting the exact same error 2101. Also X220 but 4286-CTO which I brought from US. The BIOS version is 1.17(highest I can find now).Wonder if it is a compatibillity problem or simply the bios is not programmed rightly.

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I'd lost my power cord and haven't been using my E220s for few weeks.When I finally bought a power cord, the screen only shows:Thermal sensing error.2103: detection error on HDD2 (mini sata).And it turns on.How do i fix it?

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I recently bought a new DVD RW drive to replace my old one which had a burnt out laser. When I put in the drives I set up my secondary hard drive and my new drive as cable select and attached the master connector to the hard drive and the slave connector to the DVD. I booted the system and immediately got a boot error saying it couldn't locate either of the IDE drives. So, I spent the next hour or so trying every possible jumper combination setting and got the error no matter what upon boot. Finally I put them both back to CS and just skipped past the error because I was sick of messing with it. To my surprise, the drives showed up in My Computer and functioned but at a very very slow speed. I ran a PC Pitstop scan and it showed a drive speed of 2mb/sec which is really slow. So, clearly something isn't being detected properly. For some reason also, my BIOS doesn't have any "auto-detect" option to try to detect attached drives so in the BIOS it just has two unknown devices attached to the primary and slave IDE drives.

Any help would be much appreciated.... thanks !

Answer:Solved: IDE Hard Drive and CD drive detection issue

And the make and Model of your PC???????

my BIOS doesn't have any "auto-detect"Click to expand...

use "Load defaults"

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My pc died on me and due to a lack of spare cash I bought a cheap pc. It is a AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core 3600+ and it came with only 500mb ram. It also has vista pre-installed. The pc was so slow, I thought this was probably due to the lack of ram, so I bought another 2g ram (total 2.5g ram) but the machine still takes ages to do anything, if I am running a file convertor then I cannot surf etc. I have a legit copy of XP pro and would like to install it on this pc instead of vista. I am assuming from what I have read that it is not possible to simply put the xp disc into my pc once vista has loaded and simply 'upgrade' (or downgrade) to xp.  I have downloaded all the xp drivers for my current pc, however I am far from an expert at this.The problem is my pc uses sata drives and I have read that xp cannot install on a sata drive as it does not contain the drivers for sata. I do have a floppy disc that came with a raid card and the floppy contains sata drivers, but my pc does not have a floppy drive so I can't boot from the floppy to load the drivers first.I was wondering whether it would be possible to copy the drivers from the floppy to a memory card and load them by booting from the built in card reader prior to booting from the xp disc (is it possible to boot from a card reader?). Another option is that the pc has 2 hard drives, is there any way I could install xp on the second drive, load all the xp drivers and then use acronis to clone the drive onto the... Read more

Answer:Installing xp on sata drive, can I boot from card reader to install sata driver?

That is simply not true, you can install xp straight to any SATA drive.

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

Answer:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.

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In building my new comp. Im debating on what is the most efficient and fastest way to go about things. Partition my 300gb SATA drive to have my 40gbs worth of apps on one side and files on the other, or salvage my old 40gb IDE drive for my apps, and use the 300gb hard drive to house my files. Time is always a issue at my work and I just want to know if its faster to use independent drives. Thanks for all the help!

Answer:Whats more efficient? Single SATA Drive Partitioned or 2 separate SATA with IDE?

partition the SATA drive. that way you will be able to take advantage of the faster SATA interface on both partitions. if you wish to have an independent drive incase the SATA drive fails then using the IDE drive to house all your apps would be best.

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I have to replace my original hdd on my 9 year old Dell XPS 8100. The desktop  has an i7 chip so I'd hate to replace it with a new i7 PC because they are expensive.The bad drive is an esata drive. I notice that current crop of hdd's seem to be sata III drives. Will the old Dell PC mother board  on the desktop support the new sata III drivesIf I replace the bad hard drive would I be able to restore the W7 OS and all my data by using a macriumbackup file on the desktops external  backup drive?
Thanks for your help!

Answer:Can old oem sata hard drive be replaced with a new current generation sata III hdd on an 8 year old xps 8100 with an i7 chip??

Any 3.5" SATA drive will work.
As long as the system is in working order, and you purchase a SATA data cable for the additional drive, you should have no trouble cloning the existing drive to a new one.

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Hi, hopefully should be straight forward enough...

I have just bought one of these space saving Acer Revos which does not come with an Optical drive.

I have a Blu-ray reader (dvd writer) which is SATA, but the Revo only has USB or eSATA.
So... i was wondering what is needed to get this (SATA) drive to work via eSATA or usb?

Is it as simple as a SATA to eSATA cable or will this not give the necessary power to the drive?

Or do i need an eSATA enclosure, and if so what size for an optical drive 5.2?

Cheers for any help.

Answer:New PC with no optical drive or SATA connection (can i use a SATA drive in it?)

Ya no problem use it. For more details contact us at

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I need to reinstall my Windows 7 from cracked to legal. My PC has 3 HD in it. 200 GB SATA, 200 GB Primary IDE and 160 GB Secondary IDE. It is currently loaded on the 200gb Primary IDE and the other 2 are for backup and saving data. Would I be better off installing Windows 7 on the SATA drive and using both IDE drives for backup and saving data? If so is the easiest way to just disconnect the IDE drives until Windows 7 is installed then format the original OS drive to use for backup?

Answer:Windows 7 SATA or IDE drive

My computer boots to W7 pro SP1, 32 bit, in 60% of the time, using a 120 GB 5 series Intel SATA drive, compared to an 80 GB Western Digital 7200 rpm Cavier Black Drive.
AMD II x2 3.6 GHZ cpu
4 GB ram

I have no data; only anecdotal information that all tasks [ I am NOT a gamer ; no offense intended if you are ] will be [ edit are for me end edit ] faster. W7 updates zip by on the screen.

Your computer will boot faster with the boot drive being smaller than the data drives.


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Ok before every one reams me for not searching...I did! I tried everything that i could find about it and i'm not sure that it is the SATA HD but i thought i would post it and maybe someone could help. ok here goes...

Western Digital 200GB SATA-150 (WD2000DJ)
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe Mobo
the rest is in my sig...

Anyway here is what i have done so far...I put together my PC and everything seems to work...i fought with the SATA drive and finally i thought got it to work...I installed the drivers and then selected my then began to copy windows to the hard drive. During the copying process it errored out on three files(don't remember the names) but every time i pressed Retry and it continued copying the files. After it's done copying the files it goes to start windows and then says "Windows cannot continue setup" or something like that. I'm lost what to do...I'm installing windows on an original CD and its PRO. If you have any other questions i'll try and answer them...i'll also try to get the file names if that will help at all.

Answer:SATA drive or Windows XP?

ok i was thinking about it...

I have a 20GB POS HD that is using IDE. Would there be a problem installing windows on that hard drive and then ghosting it to my 200GB SATA HD? What do you guys think?

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when my computer boots up i can see that my mother board is seeing my sata drive but for some reason my windows xp pro will not display it . i already have a sata and it is workign fine i was wondering if anyone can help me

comp specs
win xp pro sp2
ram 512
cpu 3.2 ghz

Answer:cant get windows to see my sec. sata drive

Try this:

1. Right-click My Computer
2. Select 'Manage'
3. Click 'Disk Management'

Here, you should see your HDD listed. If not, try selecting 'Rescan Disks' from the 'Action' menu, and if possible, 'Import Foreign Drives' from the same menu.

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Hi, Im thinking if i can use a SSD as my main hard drive, and then put my old hard drive to the ultrabay slot. But im wondering if the SSD is using SATA 3 and the old hard drive is using SATA 2 or they both using SATA 2 connection??

_________________________________________________________W520, i7-2630QM, Nvidia Quadro 1000m, 320GB 7200 RPM hard drive, 64GB MyDigitalSSD mSATA SSD, 1600x900 resolution screen.

Answer:Lenovo W520 regular SATA 2 hard drive with a SATA 3 SSD?

Welcome to Lenovo Community
You can use SSD as primary drive and install Operating system on the same .
Secondly SSD which is installed in your system is SATA III while as the other hard drive is SATA II
Please find the link which will guide you to install the Operating System on SSD
Hope This Helps

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Hi guys,
My old A215-S4747 has a Toshiba SATA drive (200 GB, model name: MK2035GSS) in it. However when i look at device manager, the drive appears to be configured over IDE bus, rather than SATA bus. I know, old motherboards were providing such option in order to eliminate compatibility issues with older OSes like XP, however this machine has Vista (SP2) by factory default.

I wanted to upgrade the drive (it's really aged) with a new faster SATA drive, but i couldn't find any option to configure it as SATA (not IDE) under BIOS!

I'm attaching screenshots here, and really disappointed about it. If i bus brand-new SATA drive, will it be forced to run over IDE channel (UDMA 5 max) which is really slower than SATA.

It seems Toshiba left no such option in BIOS and configured drives automatically as IDE eventhough they're actually SATA-provided.

Screenshots here:


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I have a sata pci card on a computer that only uses ide. Which is why I bought the sata pci card of course. The card itself has 3 sata ports and one extra ide header. I bought a sata optical drive and connected it to the old pc with a molex to sata power connector, and it powers on fine. But I can't say the same for the data. I have the sata data connector plugged from the optical drive to the pci sata cards 2nd sata port, and I can't see the drive in Win XP!!!!

I don't know why... I checked my device manager and scanned for new hardware but still can't see it. Nothing comes up, and there is nothing with an exclamation.

Hopefully someone can help... I will try to check the cable connections now and see if one end is loose. But I'm sure it's plugged in right.

Answer:Sata Optical Drive Not Recognized By Sata Card

I had a sata cable connected to the 1st sata connector on the card but nothing plugged into the other end of it. Just kept it there in case I ever wanted to attach anything to it. It would be ready that way... So I unplugged that useless cable and plugged the optical drive to that sata port on the card. Weird it works in the 1st sata connector on the sata pci card now that I've switched it over. Though I still have to test it and see whether or not it plays dvds fine without lags, and burns without a glitch.

Does anyone have any idea why it wouldn't work in the second port on the card?

I did a massive windows update yesterday on this pc since I hadn't turned it on in like a year. Maybe it installed something that was useful for my Win XP SP3 to make it work. I'm going to test this optical drive now and than plug it back into the second port on the card and see if it works. Than if it does I'll plug the useless cable back into the 1st port and see what happens.

I'm hoping the ports aren't shared. It's a sata pci card I don't know much but don't think the ports should be shared since they're both internal and meant for adding devices! Why would anyone make a card that shares two internal ports? lol

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The time has come for me to wipe the hard drive and re-install Windows 7 following a recent disastrous download that's effectively knocked out my Internet Explorer 11 and rendered Internet browsing difficult. My system has since become unstable and progressively slow and unfortunately, for some reason, I am unable to Restore to any previous installation. As I have loads of files I want to access, I've decided get a new Hard Disk and run the original H/drive (if possible) from a SATA drive Docking Station. So essentially, I would like to know if my Dell DXC061 will run and support a new Seagate 1Tb SATA3 7200rpm Barracuda. My BIOS is Ver. 2.4.0 dated 05/24/07. I have opened the CPU to see that the current drive connectors appear similar to those on the SATA Docking Station and think my old drive will fit it. However, it's now occurred to me that its possible the newSATA 3 drive may not be compatible with my BIOS or Motherboard. Any help or comments please? Incidentally I have most of my most useful files backed up on an external drive, so all, hopefully is not lost.

Answer:Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive

You need a SATA3 port to connect a SATA3 HDD to be fully compatible.

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I understand Sata 3 is backward compatible with Sata 2. So will a Sata 3 Seagate HD work if plugged into the Sata 2 port of an Asus motherboard using the included Sata 2 cable? Will there be any problems/disadvantages apart from the HD only performing at Sata 2 speeds?
Hard drive

Answer:Will a Sata 3 Hard drive work on a Sata 2 Motherboard?

Go ahead, you will have no problems at all.

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I have 2 IDE HDs installed and added SATA drive lately. SATA runs in IDE mode in CMOS. Problem is, even though SATA drive is recognized by BIOS, Disk Manager, Norton Ghost & System Works, it doesn't show in My Computer, causing problems with saving and opening files. Tried a couple of tricks (changing the drive letter,disconnecting & reconnecting the drive, reformatting etc. ) nothing seems to work. I use this SATA drive for storage and for now I have to drag the files down there manually.
I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard.
Has anyone encountered this kind of a problem ?
Thanks Carl

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I'm wanting to upgrade to a better mainboard. I don't know much about SATA, but I've been using a SATA I hard drive very successfully through a pci controller card.

My question: If I get a new motherboard with SATA II headers, will it readily accept my SATA I hard drive? I can see how the reverse might not work, that is, not being able to connect a SATA II hard drive in a SATA I header, but maybe I'm wrong on that...?

Answer:Will SATA II mobo headers accept SATA I drive?

Yes, sata 3gb/s ports(commonly called sata II), are designed to be backward compatible. I'm using a sata I hd on my sata 3gb/s port on my chaintech vnf4/ultra, so yeah, it works.

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Hi i've got a p4 built on an intel D865PERL motherboard. I used to run only a 160G SATA hard drive, and I decided to get a new hard drive. I bought and installed a 300G ATA hard drive, and installed windows XP on it.

The problem is that the SATA isnt recognized anymore. When I load the bios before startup, it doesnt even show up!
I have tried a bios upgrade, and it already had the latest bios version.
I have also tried going into device manager, to see if it had to be enabled under the admin username, but of course its not recognized in the bios so it wouldnt show up there...

The old SATA still has windows installed on it. i was hoping to run both hard drives for a while, and transfer over data onto the new ATA drive and then remove the SATA and run the one hard drive.

Does anyone know why I cant run the SATA with the ATA? I thought this would be possible!? Is it because I have windows installed on the SATA, i wouldnt think that would be a problem in recognizing the drive...

Answer:run ATA hard drive and SATA? wont recognize SATA?

is the SATA master and the ATA slave?

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Hi guys,
My old A215-S4747 has a Toshiba SATA drive (200 GB, model name: MK2035GSS) in it. However when i look at device manager, the drive appears to be configured over IDE bus, rather than SATA bus. I know, old motherboards were providing such option in order to eliminate compatibility issues with older OSes like XP, however this machine has Vista (SP2) by factory default.

I wanted to upgrade the drive (it's really aged) with a new faster SATA drive, but i couldn't find any option to configure it as SATA (not IDE) under BIOS!

I'm attaching screenshots here, and really disappointed about it. If i bus brand-new SATA drive, will it be forced to run over IDE channel (UDMA 5 max) which is really slower than SATA.

It seems Toshiba left no such option in BIOS and configured drives automatically as IDE eventhough they're actually SATA-provided.

Screenshots here:


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Hi All

Ok, I have been pulling my hair out, with an issue trying to install Windows 7 on a new build PC. Initially I was installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, but a file error on file extraction scuppered that. On retry I got the same thing, so I ended up deleting the small partition (made by Windows) that was on the drive and formatting. Then I got MISSING BOOTMGR errors.

I took the drive out and plugged it in as an external drive on my laptop, I then formatted it and copied some files to it to check it was working ok - seemed fine.

I downloaded the 90 day Windows 7 Enterprise edition 64bit, I changed some bios setting then reset them to 'fail - safe', I can now get it to the stage where it will boot off Windows 7 CD to install, but at the point of detecting the HDD it can't see it, I put the motherboard driver CD and searched on there - nothing.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L (Windows 7 Compatible) and HDD is a Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB SATAII.

Why did it see the drive to begin with and now it doesn't? Could it be an issue with the hard drive itself? I don't want to have to buy an other if there is no issue with the drive......please help.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:SATA Drive - Windows 7 Install - WHY!?

Wipe the drive with Killdisk and try again -


Download the ISO (or the .exe for USB drives) from here

Then (if you have chosen the ISO) burn the ISO using IsoRecorder: ISO Recorder v3 Download (How to use IsoRecorder)

Boot from the CD/USB and wipe the drive - be careful which drive you are wiping, as it is designed to make data recovery near impossible

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asus- kt600
amd athlon 1700
512 ram
windows xp pro

my current operating system is and xp upgrade which i got from college as a zip file over an original windows 98 install. I bought a serial ata hard drive and just did the disk copy and everything worked great. I have since gotten rid of the other ide hard drive and was running the new one, worked fine. I decided to format the serial drive and start over. I own windows 98 and the xp upgrade that I have used for the past couple of years. I load 98 on it fine. when I do the xp load it goes through the install and when it restarts for the first time, I get the blue screen of death that says to there was a problem and windows will not load, to run chkdsk and scan for viruses. Also says to check the hard drive to make sure it is connected and terminated correctly. I have done all that, checked my bios and confirmed the sata enabled options. I cant get any further except to load back into 98. any suggestions?

Answer:cannot load windows xp on new SATA drive

you don't have to load 98 first,just run the install on a clean drive and windows will ask you to pop in the 98 disk to verify you are entitled to the h/d.
boot from the xp cd and choose install and let windows do the format when it asks

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I returned my Rosewill RC209 SATA card and purchased an IDE to SATA Adapter. I am now trying to install Windows XP on my 1TB SATA Western Digital Hard Drive. I am aware that Windows XP cant format on a SATA Drive without SATA Drivers. The problem is my motherboard doesnt support SATA as standard (reason why I bout IDE to SATA Adapter). I have no way of getting drivers for hard drive. XP asks for a floppy diskette but I dont have a floppy drive and I dont know what drivers to get since my motherboard doesnt support SATA. Im stuck. How do I install Windows XP on a SATA Hard Drive thats running off an IDE to SATA Adapter. THANX!!!!!

Answer:How to install Windows XP on SATA Drive

I think that you need the floppy drive and drivers if you are instlling a RAID. I just formatted and installed XP on a SATA hard drive. It installed like it normally does. You should onl need the SATA drivers for install on an array of disks. Have you tried to install normally?

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I had another post about this, but my problem has changed.

I have an asus A8V delux motherboard and I'm trying to use a 250gig SATA drive with it. the drive is the only hard drive on the system. I extracted the data from the CD to the floppy containing the drivers for the drive. Then, when I booted the system, I hit F6, selected the Windows XP drivers for the motherboad, it seems to accept them, I hit continue, but it wouldn't let me install it because it doesn't find the hard drive.

This is my first time ever using a SATA drive, so it may be something extremely basic. The bios recognizes it in either SATA slot I stick it in (during boot it says SATA 0(or 1): XXXXXXXXXX ) (Xs are w/e it says about the device).

Answer:Using a SATA drive to install windows

can you identify the the SATA chipset on your motherboard?

ex. is it VIA? is it silicon image? is it Hightech Point? is it SIS? is it Intel? is it ALi?

if you can locate which company the chipset is from then go to their website and download a driver for the controller. they usually consist of

1. separate folder for floppy installation(these folders are usually told in readme.txt and normally does not exceed 1mb)
2. utility app(after windows installation is done which does not fit nor needed for initial windows installation)

also are you sure that your sata controllers are enabled in your bios? some motherboards have more than 1 sata controller on the motherboard and has separate options in bios.
ex: intel ich5r sata(not sure if i got the model name right) + silicon image sata.

how many sata connectors are there?
if you have 2 connectors then you have one sata controller. if you have 4 then you are likely to have 2 controllers(possibly diff company).

if all else fails

do you see the sata bios screen after the intial POST?
can you enter the sata bios?(usually TAB or some Fx or ctrl+x)

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I have purchased a new SATA drive so that I can install Windows 7 on a separate drive to my current XP installation. Should I format/partition the new drive using XP before trying to install Windows 7. If I do this I cannot choose C: as the drive letter as this is already allocated to the XP drive. Does this matter?Also I would like to install the 64 bit version, which my hardware is capable of running. Will there be any problems with dual booting between XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit?

Answer:Windows 7 install on new second SATA drive

I would format it first then install 7, though remember to use NTFS not Fat.I have had no problems duel booting XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. Installing 7 could not have been easier, it took care of nearly everything without my help. When you boot into 7, whatever drive it is installed on becomes your C drive.

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Just bought an e-sata enclosure for a sata drive. The transfer speed goes up to 46 MB/s which is good. Now Win 8 sees it as a removable drive but the safely remove icon isn't interested. I connect the e-sata cable first then the usb power. Win 8 says it's a removable drive. Never liked the hot swappable system and have always used the 'remove hardware safely' icon.
To remove the drive, and it's only a data drive, I make sure nothing is being written to it (cashe not being used?) so remove the usb power supply then remove the e-sata cable. Seems to work OK.
Would it be better to go to Disk management (easy in 8) then select the left pane for the drive, and select 'offline' before disconnecting the power?
I think it would but would like someone else's opinion.

Answer:e-sata drive in enclosure Windows 8

Well, after trying it and reconnecting the drive via e-sata caddy I don't get the pop-up asking how to open the removable drive. Auto run won't work unless reboot I think.
Back to Disk management, wait for it to load, then in the left pane, it shows 'offline', re-setting to 'online' then the auto run pop-up shows and everything back to normal. Knowing this I would appreciate if this is a safer way to remove a drive connected externally by e-sata connection?
Many thanks.

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I cannot install Windows XP onto a SATA hard drive. I read that I need to install the drivers for the HD separately during the Windows installation but how do I do that.

Professor Falken

Answer:Cannot Install Windows XP onto SATA drive

Do you have a floppy drive in the computer that you're looking to install XP to?

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Anyone know how to install windows on a single sata drive? It says that no hard drives found to install on.

Answer:Installing windows using SATA drive

Either get the drivers for it or go into bios and disable SATA (set it to IDE compatability mode) and install. Once thats done, download and install SP2 and install it. When you do that, go back into bios and re enable SATA support.

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Will XP install an a SATA hard drive? I am doing a build that will have XP for playing older games that will not work on Vista. I was just reading on a game forum that someone said "They got into some serious headaches trying to install Windows XP on a SATS hard drive"

Answer:Windows XP on a SATA hard drive

Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

XP Help And Support: 108. How Do I Install Windows XP On A SATA Hard Drive

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :



Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation - How-To Geek

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A week ago my 320gb sata drive got a really nasty worm on it and i had to wipe it out. The bios says my Drive is there and working properly, but when I istall windows says it isn't. I used Hirens boot disk to look at the partition table and it was just a jumble of garbage text. I deleted the partition and created a new logical partition formatted to NTFS and set it as active using Paragon. The computer still reads it, but the XP disk doesn't. I also rebuilt the MBR using the BootFix tool, but that didn't help either. Did i do something wrong when I wiped out the garbage partition? If I just have the partition table configured wrong, what is the right table layout for a sata drive? please help me!

Answer:sata drive read by everything but windows.

So you're trying to install XP on a sata drive and the XP CD can't find your drive during the installation ? If so there's no problem with the drive itself, the XP CD doesn't have the right drivers to detect your sata controller so you just need to provide those drivers.

Download the sata/scsi/raid drivers from the motherboard's manufacturer's website, copy them on a floppy and insert that floppy at the beginning of the installation when you see "press F6 if you need to install a third pary SCSI or RAID driver" at the bottom of the screen. If there's no floppy drive in the computer follow this guide to slipstream the drivers on your install CD : Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation

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I just got a SATA drive and I've been trying to install Windows XP Pro on it. Currently I'm running windows off a 40 gig IDE drive. If I unplug the IDE drive and try to boot off the XP CD it will say "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration" but wont ask me to "Push any key to boot off the CD". If the IDE drive is plugged in I boot off the XP disk and push F6 when prompted and load the drivers off a floppy disk. I choose to install windows onto the SATA drive when asked and get to the part where it says "Your computer will reboot in 15 seconds". The computer reboots and the screen just stays black. Ive tried setting the SATA drive to 1 on the boot priorities list with the same result.

Answer:Installing Windows XP on a SATA Drive

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here's a start to whats happening

ibm x-series 206 box, 2 sata hd's attached to the mobo sata ports, added an adaptec sata controller card and another hd, during the post the screen that list the port, drive, memory etc info is displayed, disappears as normal the a screen with "adaptec satalink utility, press f3 for configuration utility" appears, this is new, hit f3 on first boot after installing drive, it asked which set to activate, didn't known what it was asking so escaped (manual says nothing about this screen btw) to boot into windows, new hardware wizard appears as manual say it will, load controller drivers no probelmo, device manager know about the on-board sata controller and the add on card with no problem but no 3rd drive. ok re-boot and enter the satalink utility again, enter a "1" when asked which set to activate, screen changes with a 1 on the left (assume that the set #), hd model # in the middle and disk size, correctly displayed on the right of the screen, ok, but windows won't see the drive at all. xp pro sp2. any ideas????? thanks in advance!!

Answer:Solved: sata drive not seen by windows - HELP!!!

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I have a system with two SATA HDD, one IDE DVD drive, and one IDE CD RW.the first SATA drive has Windows [XP SP2] on it and is labeled 'C'.However the the second SATA HDD is 'F', the CD RW being 'D' and the DVD drive being 'E'.Is there any way to force Windows to see the second HDD as 'D'?The mother board is an ASUS P4P800-E with a AMI BIOS if this is signifigant.

Answer:Windows Drive Letters - SATA and IDE

Yes.Go to my computer and right click. pick manage and then disk management.right click the cdrw and pick " change drive letter". Pick say "G"reboot.Now right click the SATA drive and change this to "D"reboot.

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Purchased a new desktop that has XP installed on a SATA Drive, but wish to take it of to install Windows 7. Somewhere it says SATA Drivers are needed to install W7. What are these Drivers and how to get and install them?
The new desktop tower has no floppy drive, just USB.2 connectors.
Please advise.

Answer:Installing Windows 7 on SATA DRIVE

THank you very much for your reply.

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Just built a new PC with an ASUS X99 Deluxe Mother board. I have installed a new SSD drive and two SATA drives from my old computer, along with one new SATA 2G HD. I plan to migrate data from the old drives to the new one. All the drives show up in the BIOS but when I boot to the OS the new drive and one of the old ones does not show up in Windows. I have installed all the ASUS drivers in windows, and I am now wondering if the OEM version of Windows 8.1 that I purchased has a limitation of how may drives it will support. Can someone please clarify?

Answer:SATA Drive Not Showing in Windows 8.1

I just checked the Device Manager, and it turns out that Windows does register the drives, however I still cannot see them in Windows Explorer, puzzling, any one have any suggestions?

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Let me explain what I did and maybe you can help...
I got a bad sector error for my sata slave drive on a re-boot.
On my next boot-up windows xp froze right before the Welcome screen and it's been that way since.
I ran HDD Regenerator diagnostic and it corrected 422 bad sectors, windows still locks up.
I unplugged the drive and tried another sata drive and it worked fine, so it's not the plugs.
Any ideas?

Answer:Sata drive freezes windows

It is a bad drive.
Best luck is to buy a new drive, then put the exisiting defective drive in the other bay or in an external USB enclosure to drag and drop all your data. Once you have assured that everything has been saved, reformat and reinstall the SATa drive.

Tell us the brand and model... as some are infamous for weird behaviors that cause lots of trouble.

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I have built a new system with a 60GB SSD to install the OS on and a 2TB hard drive for everything else. The 2TB drive can be seen in the BIOS but cant be accessed from windows. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows not recognizing 2TB SATA drive

This may be a stupid question, but...

Have you partitioned and formatted the 2TB drive? (Administrative Tools control panel, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management.)

I don't expect a new internal drive to be usable in Windows straight out of the box.

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Hey there,

I recently bought two new sata3 drives and set them up in a raid stripe and installed win7, all work fine.
I added an older sata2 drive, it shows in the bios but Windows 7 cant see the drive.. not in disc management or device manager...

I had a similar problem with my other sata2 drive but that one showed up in device manager as a 'scsi' and after a few reboots suddenly showed up in disc man. but after disconnecting that to try the other drive its now got the same problem.

any ideas??

Answer:Sata Drive Not Detected By Windows 7

Are you connecting the sata2 drive to sata2 drive port on the mobo?

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My hard drive became corrupted and I have been unable to use the repair tools to fix it and load windows 7 64 bit.  This is a studio desktop D540.  I ordered a new hard drive so that I can install windows 7 from my installation disk or use my original system recovery disks.  I will attempt to pull information off my old hard drive once I have my new hard drive setup so I don't want to reformat it. 
When I select factory restore on the new hard drive and proceed through the warnings that it will erase my data the screen freezes on the "formatting your partition" (it sat overnight).
Do I need a separate ISO that is not on my windows 7 installation disk nor my system recovery disks? I'm not sure how to get started with this fresh hard drive.  None of the other questions seem to address this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows 7 reinstall on new SATA drive

Advanced format drives REQUIRE F6 drivers aka INTEL RST 9.6
All new drives will be 4k advanced format drives.
"Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer's hardware" installation error on a Windows 7-based based computer
Only Ancient Sata drives 120 gigs or smaller will not need INTEL RST.
Windows 7 comes with Matrix storage manager 8.9
Windows 7 Requires INTEL RST 9.6
Intel RST replaces Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  HOWEVER you cannot update to your hearts content from 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 to 11 to 12 to 13 etc.  As the drivers and chipsets get newer the older ICH5 6 7 8 9 etc are dropped from support.  may be the max for your motherboard
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2682&CC_0104= "Intel(R) ESB2 SATA RAID"PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C3&CC_0104= "Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA RAID"PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C6&CC_0104= "Intel(R) ICH7MDH SATA RAID Controller"PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2822&CC_0104= "Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/5/3400 SATA RAID"PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_282A&CC_0104= "Intel(R) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E/5 Series SATA RAID"
NEWER Versions (Not necessarily Supported on OLD chipsets) 
Microsoft* .NET Framework 3.0 or... Read more

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I just bought a laptop with Vista on it, and I hate it. I have a XP disk, but it doesn't seem to want to read my hard drive. I bought a new one to see if that would help, but it still wont read it. It's a Sony Vaio vgn-fz140e. First I tried to partition the hard drive it came with, and I did, but it just wouldn't detect it. Then I bought a new one but still the same problem. But when I plug in my external usb hard drive it will detect it, it just wont install onto there..... I really want XP, would prefer both, but rather XP than Vista. And I don't want to pay anyone to do it fore me. Any suggestions


Answer:Sata Hard Drive and Windows Xp HELP!

What version of XP is the disc that you're using? I recently tried installing a SATA hard drive with an XP pre-SP1 disc and had some serious problems with it. If this is the case shoot me a PM and I can discuss with you the things I went through to get it working.

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Hi Guys, first time post...not new at computers. But I am new to these SATA drives and this one is giving me fits.

I've installed many an IDE drive before and know my way around them pretty good. Now, I have purchased my first SATA drive and am trying to install it, but windows just can't, or won't access it. This is what I have done so far.

My system specs are listed below, so I won't list them again. But, in addition I will say that my two DVD drives are connected to the Primary master and slave controllers, and the secondary master and slave are empty.

I connected my new Samsung Sata HDD, SP1614C to the #1 SATA connector on the MB. When I turn on my computer the drive is not recognized by the BIOS or by windows. The only way to get it recognized is to go into my bios setup and enable the RAID function. That enabled the on board Promise RAID controller which allowed me to setup a RAID 0 using the Fast Build program provided by the Promise controller. After that when I booted I saw the RAID boot screen which showed the drive and reported it functional.

I'm able to access the drive using a win 98 startup disk OK. I partitioned & formatted it to FAT32 with no problems. I then ghosted a NTFS partition of my current drive to it hoping that maybe once it had the NTFS files on it that it would boot, or at least I'd be able to access it through my current setup.

It tries to boot. I see the Windows splash screen then, it flashes to a Read more

Answer:Windows can't access my SATA drive

Well, the reason that DOS and W98 can access it is not a mystery, because the BIOS provides an INT13 interface to access the drive. Windows 2000 or XP however, require the drivers to be in place to access the drive, they can't use the BIOS interface.

This is obviously a driver configuration issue. In looking at your system specifications, I'm somewhat confused about the SATA interface, the Promise Ultra 100 TX2 Adapter is an IDE board.

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hello to all, i just got my pc and my sata drive isnt recognised. ive got 1 80gig ide and a 200gig sata, i hav a A8v deluxe mainboard and a athlon 3500+. the device manager can c it and i can see it in the bios, but it isnt listed in windows explorer. if ne has ne idea wats wrong plz hlp

Answer:sata drive not seen in windows explorer

Hello and Welcome :wave: :wave:

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I am still having the same issue, I installed the hard drive and get the same msg, So i hooked up a ide hard drive with a working OS windows xp pro, and tryed to download the mobo drivers onto that hard drive so it would see the sata drive. It failed, I used partition magic i spent about 3hrs trying to get the ide hard drive to regonise the sata drive. Again it failed. No matter what i do i cannot get this hard drive to be seen by the motherboard,

Motherboard: Aopen vK8T800a-LFa754
CPU AMD 64bit 3200+ 2.2gh
Hard drive: WB250YB sata/raid
I am trying to get windows xp pro on to the hard drive, Or atleast get the board to see the drive, All attempts have failed. I just gopt the drive new from ebay. Im going to have it tested tomorow to be sure it is not broken, Another thing it does is, When you plug in the serial ati and the power plug the drive does not even power up or spin, If i take out the serial ati and just leave the power on, It powers up and i can hear it working but the mobo wont see it due to no serial ati hooked in. Any programs or things you may know that will helkp me get this to work would be great, This entire system is new, I orderd all the parts and have been putting it together for aboiut a week now, Everything is great other then this hard drive. Thank you.

Answer:Windows Installation on SATA drive

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I have a SATA Blu Ray Drive and Windows isn't detecting it, it is detected in the BIOS as is my other SATA DVD drive (which shows up in Windows) I know it has worked and is all connected correctly it just doesn't want to play ball.

Edit, there is power to the drive I can open and close it in Windows.

Answer:Sata Drive not detected in Windows

This was a new build using an Asus P6X58 board. I have a DVD and a Blu Ray drive to start with both optical drives worked fine. Now the blu ray drive doesn't, It shows up in the Marvell raid controller but not in Windows, the DVD does but the blu ray doesn't there is power going to it, and I have tried swapping the data leads, no joy. I changed the Marvel controller from RAID to AHCI nothing. I also plugged the drive in using a USB - SATA cable which worked. Any ideas?

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My XP PC died. I bought a new Windows 7 PC and want to transfer my data from my old 500GB SATA drive (S: drive on my old PC - I used it for data only - not my boot drive).

I bought a USB converter, plugged the drive into a USB port. The drive is recognized, but my PC doesn't see any volumes or anything else. It says its working properly.

How can I get access to my files? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Trying to read SATA drive from XP PC on Windows 7 PC

Hi there

First of all welcome to SevenForums!

The SATA Drive probably will require a power supply unless its a laptop SATA drive. You may be able to use the power supply from a desktop.

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Hi everyone,

I have a pc that I'm doing a major overhaul on. I've installed a new SATA WD drive, cpu, cpu fan, RAM & mobo. Everything is going fine so far except that the XP installation is not recognizing the HDD. I found this support info about it:

The problem is I don't have a computer in the house that has a floppy drive!! Are there any workarounds to this? Like installing a regular IDE drive as master and the SATA as slave? What then?

Thanks tons!!


Answer:Solved: Windows XP & new SATA drive

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Hello everybody, I'm am having a problem getting WindowsXP to detect my newly installed WD 250GB SATA Hard drive. I have all the latest patches/fixes/upadates and service pack 2 installed. The drive shows up in BIOS but when Windows loads up, the drive does not show up in My Computer. It's also not present in Disk Manager nor Device Manager. I have an Intel D865GBF mobo with integrated SATA controller ports with all the latest drivers installed. What could be the problem? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:New SATA Drive not detected in Windows

SATA needs to be enabled in the bios.

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I have conigured my new All in One with a 128gb SSD and a 1tb SATA drive.  Will windows and any application install files come loaded on the SSD?

Answer:Which Drive does Windows come installed on SSD or SATA

@gpstom? I suspect based on my experience with HP equipment with one SSD and one HD that the OS is installed on the SSD and the recovery partition is installed on the HD. The HD should be provisioned for data.  Is not difficult to change the default save locations for common Windows 10 files to the HD.  Review this information.

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Forgive me if this is a little long, I wanted to cover as many bases as I could in hopes that my problem could be pinpointed faster. Here goes...

I recently attempted a clean reinstall of Windows XP (with SP2) on my system, and now, for some reason, whenever it tries to read one of the drives in my system, it hangs. I have an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe mobo with a Seagate 120GB hard drive on primary IDE, two DVD burners on the secondary IDE, a Seagate 200GB on SATA0 and a WD Raptor 500GB on SATA1. A third IDE and two more SATA connectors are available via onboard Promise RAID controller, they are unused.
I normally have my windows installation on a primary partition on the 200GB HD (SATA0). I formatted that partition, and reinstalled Windows on it. Right after the install finished (as it was doing it's first boot into the normal desktop environment), it froze. I tried restarting it and it did the same thing. I then tried to attempt the reinstall again, and as the install CD was loading it froze on "Scanning 500 GB disk on blah..." I then determined that there must be a problem with my 500GB drive. I unplugged that drive, turned my machine back on, took out the install CD, and sure enough, Windows booted right up.
I tried putting the drive on another controller, and I even tried the SATA connectors on the Promise controller. Now when I put the drive on the Promise controller, Windows booted up fine. But once I installed the ATA mode driver for the... Read more

Answer:Windows can't read my SATA drive

Oh yeah, my system specs:
Asus P4C800-e Deluxe
Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott
2GB RAM (2 X 1GB Corsair ValueSelect DDR400 in dual channel mode)
(see above for hard drives)
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card
ATI TV Wonder 650 HDTV

and I'm running a 3 month old 500W PSU

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Never had to dela with SATA drive yet (to lazy to upgrade) but now that i do have them i need to install a fresh Windows OS And i heard you cant just pop in the disk and load it up like you would with an IDE drive

What do i gotta do?

The OS im using is XP Pro (sorry should have posted that to begin with)

Answer:Installing windows on an SATA drive

Nothing. Vista has the sata drivers on the install disc. Boy, you're lucky you're going Vista

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