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continuous beeping sound and freezes on the post screen

Question: continuous beeping sound and freezes on the post screen

Hi Group, Could you please give me some information on how to fix this problem. When I turn the computer on it makes a continuous beeping sound and freezes on the post screen? I also get an error message on the post screen saying “Keyboard error”.
The keyboard is plugged into a PS2 connection. I don’t have a problem with the keyboard because I have tried a different board and still have the same problem.
I can’t even get in into the bios!!! Can some one HELP, Thank you, Mark

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Preferred Solution: continuous beeping sound and freezes on the post screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: continuous beeping sound and freezes on the post screen

Unplug the AC Plug from power supply, Ground yourself by touching something metal, Open your PC Case, Locate the CMOS Battery, Unattach it from its Holding Clips, leave it out of PC for 2-5 Minutes, Place battery back in slot. Place AC plug back in, Turn on PC.

Post Back with results.

Have you added any new hardware Latly?

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So first I had this problem which I think I may have solved. Windows will not load into or beyond login

Now I have replaced the video card with this one. - SAPPHIRE 100292DDR3L Radeon HD 5450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card

After replacing the video card the computer was non-responsive, after testing the PSU I found out it had gone bad. I found it weird that it blew up at the same time I replaced the video card. I did take the proper precautions with an anti-static wrist band while doing both jobs.

This is what I replaced the original PSU with. - Rosewill Stallion Series RD450-2-SB 450W ATX V2.2 Power Supply

Now with all of this having been done when I try to start the computer I get 17 post beeps. I have tried to search Google and my documentation for an explanation of the beeps with no luck. I don't know what to do now, everything has been plugged back in exactly as it was before. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Continuous post beeping after PSU replacement

do you still have the old video card ? if so try replacing it and let us no what happens.


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Currently running Win2K Pro with Service Pack 4 on Abit TH7-II motherboard, Pentium 4 1.7 GHz, 512MB RDRAM and Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80GB hard drive.

When scanning my system for viruses using either Norton Antivirus 2004 or Trend Micro's online Housecall, the hard drive will suddenly stop scanning and the desktop tower's speaker will start to beep. I don't quite know how to describe the beep so please forgive me.

The beeping is just two tones, kinda like an ambulence or police siren. As in it is not "beep beep beep..." but more like "ee or ee or..."

Would users please advice me on what might be the problem? Just to be safe I am going to back up my data now.

Answer:system gives continuous beeping sound!

There are several possibilities on the top of my head, but most are highly improbable. The most logical ones include, though:

1. The HD is going bad.
2. The Motherboard's boot virus protection or some other protection scheme is going apea and freezing the system.
3. A bad driver for the MB/HD sending improper instructions.
4. Hardware resource conflict.

Does your system totally freeze when this occurs? Does this symptom occur in any other circumstance than virus scanning???

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Hi Guys,

I have an Acer Aspire 4715z laptop, the problem is that when i boot up a continuous beep starts to play. i ran a memory diagnostic tool and no memory problems had been found. I dont know what the beeping sound means. please help me. :( thats all the details i can give you guys.

there's one more problem, my space bar goes hitting on its own you cant type normally so i need to log off and log in again. what could be the problem. thanks for your help. :)


Answer:Continuous Beeping Sound on Boot Up

i think the boot beeping sound will last for 10 to 15 seconds. :(

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As of today I have a machine that will not boot. The power light comes on, the fan spins but it quickly starts beeping. The beep is continuous. I took the memory out and put it in another machine and that machine booted fine. So I don't think it is the memory. Everything else I am reading says it may be the power supply. If the lights come on and the fan spins would it be the power supply? The machine is an Acer. I would appreciate any help.

Answer:Machine won't boot has continuous beeping sound

Could you provide a bit more detail? Is your PC and desktop, or a laptop?
Beep codes should tell you what fault the computer is finding. Do you have the manual for your PC?

Possibilities could be (but aren't limited to) :

1.) Bad power supply or connection problem (desktops)
2.) Bad motherboard
3.) Dead Video card
4.) Memory not seated correctly
5.) Corrupt BIOS or problem with BIOS settings
6.) Dead CMOS battery
7.) Dead CPU (not very common)
7.) Dead CMOS battery

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As of today I have a machine that will not boot. The power light comes on, the fans spins but it quickly starts beeping. The beep is continuous. I tried took the memory out and put it in another machine and that machine booted fine. So I don't think it is the memory. Everything else I am reading says it may be the power supply. If the lights come on and the fan spins would it be the power supply? The machine is an Acer. I would appreciate any help.

Answer:Machine won't boot has continuous beeping sound

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Hi Group,
:suspiciou Could you please give me some information how to fix this problem.
When I turn the computer on it makes a continuous beeping sound and stops on the post screen. I also get an error message on the post screen saying ?Keyboard error?.
Can someone please help with this matter, Thank you?Mark

Answer:Help Needed...Continuous beeping sound on start-up

Oh and the keyboard is working ok. Tested on another PC! Also when i unplug the keyboard i still get the same bleeping sound.

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I never had this problem before today. Well I was typing on my laptop which is a Sony Vaio VGN-N320E and the acted as if they were stuck. Then I restarted my laptop only to come across a continuous beeping sound at the start-up screen, and when it finally rebooted I got to where I type in my password but the keyboard is no longer working. How Do I fix this issue?

Answer:Continuous Beeping Sound And Keyboard Not working

Either there is an electrical short in the keyboard or one of the keys is stuck. This would explain both the continuous beeping and keyboard not working. Try tapping on each key and feel for one that might be stuck. If you do find a stuck one, tap on it for a while and see if it loosens up. If all of them feel ok, you probably have an internal short in the keyboard and it will need to be replaced.If the cursor is in the password box and nothing is happening, I would lean more towards an internal short, if a key was stuck, it would most likely start auto typing a character in the box.message edited by THX 1138

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When I turn on my laptop the screen remains black and there is a continuous beeping sound. I ran a diagnostics test and there were no errors. The problem is still the same. What can I do?

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:suspiciou My computer Is freezing, When I Start it Goes to a blank Black screen Then at The Top cornor It has a _ And all it does is beep, Ask me any questions, I've tried tons of stuff :dead:

Answer:Black screen on boot up, continuous beeping

what do you mean beep, does it keep repeatedly beeping or what? does it only beep when you touch something?

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My Dell Vostro 3560 rebooted after installing the latest updates for Windows but when it restarted it showed flashing buttons on the keyboard and then only a black screen with a slow continuous beep.
The beep sounds once every three seconds and just keeps repeating continuously.
After googling for a while, I found the advice to remove the battery, unplug the laptop, hold the power button down for 60sec then plug in the power again and try to reboot. 
This initially worked. But I decided to try and figure out what had caused the problem by rebooting again with the battery removed. 
The same error occurred but this time I couldn't get it to boot by doing the process described above. Every time I tried to reboot it showed the flashing three buttons on the keyboard, then a black screen with a continuous beep. I do hear the fan startup and it sounds like the harddrive starts working. 
Some more googling, and I learned you could start ePSA diagnostics by holding down the function key while pressing the power button to start the laptop.
So I did this and the screen started up and showed the Dell loading screen. It then ran the ePSA diagnostics but that showed that everything was ok. After ePSA the only option is to reboot so I did that and again the same problem: black screen with beeping. So I rebooted again holding down the function key and when the Dell screen was shown and I was able to press F12 and go into the boot options. After looking at the bio... Read more

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My computer does not boot up. Whenever I push the on button, it does not boot. Nothing appears on the screen, all I get is a continuous beeping.

Here is the beeping:

Please have a listen and tell me what you think the problem is and possible solutions.

Thanks to anyone who helps.

Answer:Help. Computer wont boot...just a continuous beeping (beeping included)

Welcome to TSG....

I did not download the file but I would make sure that the memory is reseated properly and also all of the other cards like video card is/are also seated properly. Do this reseating with the computer powered down.

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Hello, my name is Martin and I come from Croatia.

GPU: RX 460 4GB
CPU: AMD FX 6350
MOBO: AsRock 970 Pro3
RAM: Vengance Ram 16GB (1 stick holds 8gb of DDR3 Ram)
CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster Evo 212
Power Supply: Akyga 600W
OS: WIndows 10 64bit
I do have 3 PC Case fans, temps are really good, no issue with that. Also own a huge PC Case which has lots of ventalations.
(I've built this PC)

Now I've been having this issue for quite a while now.

What happens?
- Well what happens is, I had this issue where for no reason, or no errors shown, my PC would freeze randomly, while doing nothing important on Windows (Windows 10), I had this new AMD Driver (18.1.1) where my PC would't freeze (Maybe it would but it didn't happen while doing nothing important in Windows 10), but it froze in games, where it would freeze with some kind of beeping sound, which would continue to beep for 5-10 seconds, after that, pc would just stay frozen with no sound at all (No black screen, I can see frozen screen).

What I've tried?
- I've tried rolling back my AMD drivers (Did not work)
- I tried replacing RAM Sockets
- I checked if everything is plugged correctly in my PC (It is)
- I've tried reinstalling OS
- I've tried deleting Windows updates (Which might've worked for some time, but happened again, even when my Updates are stopped, they won't download until I tell them to download).
- I'm currently on Stable AMD Driver which should cause 0 problems.

I'm asking here now, anyone had any similar is... Read more

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Hi everyone,

my Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11D is beeping when I try to start it. The Beep Code ist 2 long, 2 short, 3 long, 2 short.

The screen ist black and there is no POST message.

Any Idea what is wrong? Sometimes the Notebooks starts, but most times not.

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MY 11 year old HP Media Center m7330n worked fine yesterday and shut down normally after playing a DVD on statistics. This morning I tried starting it and  I observed the black screen with no evidence of the POST starting (pressing the computer ON button the monitor shows the 'no signal' message for a second or two and then the screen goes black/blank), no little arrow of the cursor on screen, a constant beeping starts with about one second between beeps.
The following tests and observations were made:
1.  CMOS battery measured 3v.
2. Power supply tested OK with a battery tester (after all connections from the supply disconnected from mother board and other computer components).  Green light on power supply ON when connected to 115vac.
3. Monitor tested on another computer and OK. 
4. When computer turned on the cooling fans run fine.
5. Hard Drive ruins when power on.
6. Not sure if this important  :  but think I had to pull the ac plug to turn computer off all the time ( or maybe occasionally)occasionally while doing some of the tests.
I have no idea what the steady beeping means/indicates. 
A search of this forum for similar conditions seems to indicate the motherboard has failed.  I'm hoping there are some more tests that can be done before coming to this conclusion.
Any suggestions/comments greatly appreciated.

Answer:Black Screen, no Post, no boot, no cursor, with steady beeping

Depending on BIOS, a single beep repeated can be a RAM fault. The simplest check would be to remove the memory modules and power up to see if the beep code changes.
Are you into opening the system case and dealing with internal parts?

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Hello all,

I have been experiencing BSODs or vertical gray line freezes while playing the new WoW Cataclysm. I am able to play 2-20 minutes at a time and then I get those crashes. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series graphics card and I am running Windows 7 (64 bit). I am up to date on my graphics card (10.12 driver released 11/25/10). I have tried many of the solutions on the WoW technical forms and have had no success. I can provide a DXDIAG or MSINFO30 if needed.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Continuous Black Screen Freezes with Radeon 4200, Force Restart

Quote: Originally Posted by bhendri

Hello all,

I have been experiencing BSODs or vertical gray line freezes while playing the new WoW Cataclysm. I am able to play 2-20 minutes at a time and then I get those crashes. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series graphics card and I am running Windows 7 (64 bit). I am up to date on my graphics card (10.12 driver released 11/25/10). I have tried many of the solutions on the WoW technical forms and have had no success. I can provide a DXDIAG or MSINFO30 if needed.

Any suggestions?


Please provide the information.

Have you tried turning down your quality settings? You have to remember the Radeon HD 4200 is an onboard chipset and is not nearly as powerful as a discrete card.

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Question: Continuous Beeping

My HP Desktop PJ506AA does not boot, at all, not even BIOS, and beeps Continuously. This Happened when I was putting in DDR2 512 RAM (I have DDR1, and I didn't realize I got DDR2 RAM and was trying to put that into my computer). After I put it in, I turned on the computer and it beeped, not once, not twice, but kept beeping, with around 7 second pauses in between.I also smelt a burning smell coming from around the area of my fan. I then took out the RAM, realizing it was DDR2 not DDR1 and attempted to power on my PC again. It kept on beeping. I then decided to narrow down the problem. I took out all unneeded parts. Including my GForce video card, DVD Drive, Hard Drive, Modem. All that remains inside is my motherboard, processor, my original DDR1 512 RAM, and my Intel Graphics built in card, that is attached to my motherboard. I powered on again, and it kept on beeping. I consulted the HP manual, to find out how many beeps mean what. It doesn't say anything about continuous beeps. I called HP, and they can't help me since my Warranty has expired. Please help me, thank you.

Answer:Continuous Beeping

BiosCentral - AMI BIOS Beep Codes

Try this for your beep codes.

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Question: continuous beeping

I`ve installed a new cd rewriter but when i reboot the pc all it does is beep continuously. The screen is totally blank. Took out the the new cd rewriter and replaced the old one, checked all the cables, rebooted but same thing happens.
Any ideas?

Answer:continuous beeping

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My PC has recently started to make a siren noise - the system speakers sound continuous beeping. It will last a few minutes then stop. It happens when playing games and has done this when ive played a video on youtube. I dont know whether the problem is to do with the graphics card, cpu memory, over heating, or something else.The graphics card was changed a few months ago because the fan on it was too loud and may have been replaced with one that doesnt have a fan.It has also been very hot recently.Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks in advance!XP Home SP2. If other info is needed i will try get it.

Answer:Continuous beeping when using pc

Itˇll be overheating or a voltage out of tolerance from the PSU.Best to check yje temperatures - you can do that in the BIOS by rebooting when thw beeping starts and looking what's out of or close to the limits on fan speeds and temperatures.You could also try a monitoring program - I usually use the free Everest software, which can display temperatures, fan speeds and voltages, except on the latest here

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Question: Continuous beeping

I've got an HP laptop (TX2508CA), which has been causing me problems (mostly overheating) from the moment I bought it, but now it's worse than usual.

It won't boot up, the HP logo appears for a second and then it just beeps continuously (no lights blink).

I cleaned it out a bit with a can of compressed air, but that didn't help.

I tried taking out the memory modules and putting them in back in (to see if one was the problem or in there was a problem with one of the slots).

There doesn't appear to be an issue with the slots, and if it's an issue with the memory, it's an issue with both of the modules.

Not really sure where to go from here.

I'm more of a software person than a hardware person. :confused

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Answer:Continuous beeping

Sounds like you have done all the right things so far. If you cant even get to POST I suspect either Motherboard, RAM or CPU in that order. Have you tested your RAM one stick at a time in both sockets? ie Stick 1 in socket one then stick one in socket 2 then stick in socket 1 and lastly stick 2 in socket 2. (I would have put the RAM at the top of the suspect list but you say it would have to be both sticks, so by inference you have already tested as above.

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i also tried changing out the power supply(DIDN'T WORK)

Answer:continuous beeping(HELP)

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Hey, I have this old HP laptop Compaq 6910p, altough it's old, it still runs. But the latop beeps and screen freezes for a few seconds, when I move it roughly. I wanna get rid of it. Also, the battery indicator says 80% but the laptop always shuts off randomly being somewhere between 100?% - 80% of battery. Any help? Thanks alot

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Computer boots up normally giving one beep but after the windows completely loads the beeping problem starts.continuous short beeps and it continuous till i use my PC!!! Is the problem in the BIOS? or due to recent hardware changes.

Answer:continuous Beeping Problem

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My built in lenovo keyboard recently stopped working. None of the keys are stuck, so I know that the issue is an internal short circuit in the keyboard. However, there is this never ending beeping sound that I cannot disable. Please help.

Answer:How can I turn off continuous beeping?

If the beeping is caused by a faulty keyboard you'll need to get the keyboard replaced.

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I have two identical Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 motherboards, and two Intel i7 3930K CPUs. Upon my initial build, there was no POST and just continuous rapid beeping, which apparently means either a motherboard problem or a CPU problem. I hooked up the second motherboard and the CPU outside of the case, on cardboard, and yet the exact same problem occurred. This happens with or without a video card present, or any DIMMs, so I have eliminated those as the cause. Nothing else was added. The only constant is the Scythe Shuriken 2B heatsink and fan, of which I only have one and its a real pain to fit! However, it did feel tight on the boards, although I had to use the 4 supplied nuts which the included fitting illustration for the LGA 2011 omitted. The power supply is a Corsair 650w.

I have built over 100 PCs and yet this one has me completely puzzled. Admittedly this is my first foray into UEFI but I can't even get that far. I think its safe to assume that nothing I tried is faulty, which means either I am missing something, or the Scythe is the culprit.

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continuous beeping noise started after yesterdays win 10 update

Answer:Continuous beeping since Win 10 update, how can I stop it?

Desktop box?
Beeps from the motherboard indicate faults. motherboard beep - Bing Many of them are BIOS or Manufacturer specific.
Or did you mean something else?
More details would help get a better reply...
If you need to add additional information or want to post additional questions, please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the same thread you originally made. Please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hello people of eightforums, I'm having a little bit of a problem with my computer atm and I'm hoping you guys can help. Every once in a while my computer will start beeping repeatedly from the speakers but only when the mouse is moved. If the mouse is still there is no beeping. Also the cursor on screen moves in a choppy motion and it won't let you click on anything. I can still navigate via keyboard, but not mouse.

I checked the event viewer and the only thing out of place is the igfx display driver failing and rebooting successfully. I have the most up to date drivers and this has only started happening recently. Anybody encounter this before?

Answer:Continuous Beeping and Laggy Mouse

Have you tried another mouse, a switch may be stuck

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hi guys may i thank you in advance because you have always come up with a result which is why i always pass the word on, thanks very laptop running win7 was running ok then all of a sudden it has a continuous beeping. i have tried it loads of times hitting f12, f8 all different keys at start up but once and only once by pressing the f12 i managed to get it to boot but that hasnt happened for ages. when it starts with the beeping it shows the name of something on the screen,not sony or anything, but i cant get it into bios or any advanced menu. somebody did tell me it beeps like that when theres no keyboard attached but i checked that and it was ok. i have a clean hard drive so if i can boot it somehow and run a win7 disc at start up and install a fresh copy i would be happy this that......model is a sony vaio PCGmany thanks for your time guys....jim

Answer:continuous beeping sony vaio

sorry the model no. should be pcg 7113m and i have also changed the ram just in case..cheers

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I have a windows 8 laptop - Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A Series - and just recently it has started making a piercing beeping noise after i click pause on any audio of any kind. It doesn't happen every time but when it does, it doesn't stop until I play music again.
Please help!

Answer:Continuous beeping after playing music

Hello Peterbindloss and welcome to TSF,

Could you provide us with the full model number of your laptop?

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I have basically the same problem with two different PCs.I built a new PC from scratch but when I try to start it all I get is an endless series of single beeps. Nothing appears on the monitor except “No signal”. I understand this suggests a memory or graphics card problem but I have tested the memory (PC133) and graphics card (Elsa Synergy II, AGP card) in a friend’s PC and both appear to be OK. I had to set the FSB jumper to 100MHz to get this much out of the PC – set at 133 I don’t even get any beeps!My other PC is an older one that worked fine until I tried swapping the PC100 memory it has always used for the PC133 memory from my new PC (to see if the PC133 was working). Now my old PC won’t start with either memory card – not a single beep, and the same “No signal” display on the monitor as I get with my new PC.If it’s any help I am running Windows 98 and I have an ASRock K7VT2 motherboard.

Answer:Start Up problem - continuous beeping

I know you said 'endless stream', but if you listen carefully, is there any pause in the sequence (e.g. after the 6th, 7th, 8th etc). This will help pinpoint the exact error code."2.Q:What?s the meaning of AMI BIOS Beep Codes?A: The following are AMI BIOS Beep Codes that can occur.Beep Code Descriptions1 short Memory refresh timer error.2 short Parity error.3 short Main memory read / write test error.4 short System timer failure5 short Process error.6 short Keyboard controller BAT test error.7 short General exception error8 short Display memory error.9 short ROM BIOS checksum error10 short CMOS shutdown Read/Write error11 short Cache Memory bad"(From the ASRock web site).

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A few weeks ago the mouse pad on my laptop froze. Pressing the key that brings up the start menu would unfreeze it, as would switching off the pad and switching it on again. After a few minutes it would freeze up again (but the system was still running, music was still playing etc). The first time this happened I tried rebooting the laptop, which is when the bios screen popped up and started screaming at me (continuous beeping, beeps all the same length). I had to hold down the power button to get it to stop. I tried removing the power cable and battery and holding the power button down, and I took out the RAM and put it back in again just in case it had magically dislodged itself, and after several attempts the laptop booted up as normal. It worked perfectly for weeks. Then last night the same thing happened again, mouse pad freeze, bios on startup. Except this time no amount of poking around is making it boot. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

This laptop is around 4 years old so it's pretty ancient and it gets a lot of use with graphics and videos, so I'm thinking it's probably just knackered. But since reseating the RAM worked the first time I'm wondering whether upgrading the RAM to 8gb would help? Or could it be the graphics card that's dying?

I'm using Acer Aspire 5742, Intel Core i5-450M, 4gb DDR3 ram, Windows 7

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My laptops beeps continuously while it is coming on, and stops just as it tells me to chose an operating system to start...then it types on my password space provided on it own like a key is pressed down.. but no key does like its pressed down when am on microsoft word or any other application that can allow for typing..summarily its ok as soon as it starts up, but the continuous beeping before it starts up is really annoying, can anyone help.

Answer:Continuous beeping while coming on(laptop)

You have a stuck key or a faulty keyboard. Check all the keys and clean the keyboard.

Or use KeyBoard Test to find what key is causing the problem:

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Hello everyone!

Here is my situation: I got a new computer, custom build. And everything is fine apart from 2 issues :

1) In some games my PC start releasing really annoying endless beep sound from it's system block, not speakers.

Interesting moments:

* It only happens in some games. From those I tested it's Crysis, Sniper Elite V2 and sometimes Mount and Blade Warband (sometimes means that there are days, when I can play it for hours without beeping, other days it starts beeping after different amount of time).
What's interesting, it seem to be independent from game's "heaviness" - it runs Napoleon - TW, Mafia 2, Metro 2033 DX11 on highest settings possible without single beep.

* Beeping stops like 2 seconds after I minimize game ( saying a little bit ahead - I have temperature registering programs running at the same time ( Video card - Asus Smart Doctor, CPU - Core Remp 1.0), so I can notice that beeping ends BEFORE temperature starts dropping )

* Beeping is NEVER followed by graphical artifacts/ stuttering/ lag. Game continues to run perfectly fine and smooth.

* Beeping NEVER leads to crash. You can play all day, if you don't mind that annoying sound.

* Beeping NEVER happens outside games. There is only 1 beep on startup (afaik it says that my hardware passed POST check or smth)

Reasons I was able to lurk up (beep codes) :

* Overheating : I suppose it's wrong, coz I was watching my temperatures closely, and had following... Read more

Answer:Continuous ( 1 never ending ) BIOS beeping in-game

Check the CPU temp warning setting in the BIOS, the alert may just be set too low and certain games set it off. If thats the case then increase the alert to a higher value as your temps are fine.

Also make sure that both power supply connectors, 6 and 8 pin, are properly connected to the video card and not coming off a splitter but each cable comes directly from the power supply.

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Hi all. Can anyone help me out. The lad decided to boost his PC with a new video card and extra RAM. It became unstable and so he decided to put things back to their original state however now it will not start up. There is no signal to the monitor and it just beeps rapidly with the power and hard drive lights on. The system is a P4 Titan motherboard with 512 of 2100 RAM and intel P4 processor. He put in a Geforce 128mb video card and has now put the 64 md unit back in.



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Hi is someone able to help me because i have a sony vaio laptop which has started making a continuous beeping noise. The laptop won't turn on unless it is charging, but when it does turn on, the screen is blank (black) and all i can hear are short repetitions of some sort of beep.

What does this mean and what am i supposed 2 to do to fix it?

Answer:Laptop makes continuous beeping noise.. HELP!

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I have a new PC, built by a computer shop. It has been working great, but recently, without any apparent reason or warning, it seems to power down. There is nothing on the screen, the power light is on, the hard-disk indicator light is on, and the computer tower makes a beeping sound. This sound is a long beep, every 4 seconds, which seems to keep going until the power button is held long enough to turn the PC off.

The PC specs are as follows;
Mother board - ECS C51GM-M S AM2 MATX DDR2 S/L/V
Processor - AMD ATHLON 64 3500+ 512K SKT-AM2
Memory - 2x 1Gb DDR2 533 CL3.0 16 CHIP
Hard disks - 1x Hitachi T7K250 200Gb ATA133 7200rpm 8MB Cache
1x Maxtor 6L160P0 Diamondmax 10 160Gb 7200rpm ATA/133 8MB Cache
Graphics - Asus X1600 PRO 512MB DDR2 / 128bit
CD drive - Samsung 52X32X52 OEM CD REWRITER
DVD drive - DVD±RW NEC ND-3540 16x Double Layer
3.5” Floppy Drive
MIDI Case ATX-900 300W

The computer shop have not encountered this before so cannot provide much help. There seems to be no loose wires or connectors. There also seems to be no pattern as to when or why it turns off, it happens randomly. Different things I have been doing when it has gone off include when I’m editing videos, playing games or simply copying files to different folders.
Can anyone help with this problem?

Answer:Problem with random powering-off and continuous beeping

might be overheating what kind of cooling setup do u have and maybe ur proc fan isnt working (doubtful cause ur comp shouldnt be able to run wihtout it) get a program to monitor ur tempatures such as motherboard monitor or speed fan

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Ive had this computer for a while now, (since 2009) and it has been very good. the only problem ive had was that one of the video cards died. that was fine. The PC was working fine last night, wake up to find the screen was black. but the monitor was still receiving a signal. i guess the signal WAS black. but i restarted the computer, and come to find intermittent beeps, coming from the motherboard. it sounded like RAM issue, so i cleaned the contacts and put them back in, but no luck. after taking the ram out, (just to see if it would make the same sound without the RAM) it made a quicker beeping sound than before. i think its bad RAM, i just want to be sure. can someone help?

Answer:.Continuous Beeping Sounds On startup. XPS 630i

Beep Codes and PSA Diagnostic Chart - Desktop Wiki - Desktop - Dell Community

Look at the beep codes chart and try to closely match the number of beeps...

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Okay so my desktop computer (PC about 5 years old) has been having this issue. Almost every time when i turn it on it crashes. I turn it on and log in.....then after i'm logged in and things are loading....about 5 to 10 minutes later the screen goes black and the computer becomes unresponsive and makes a continuous BEEPING sound. Then i have no choice but to reboot it.

Sometimes it crashes with a blue screen, but most of the time its the black screen (it goes black because the computer is no longer giving a signal to the monitor), and the beeping sound. THIS ONLY HAPPENS AT STARTUP! Within the first 5 to 15 minutes that the computer is on. It NEVER happens at any other time. If it makes it through the first 15 minutes of being on, then there is a 0% chance of a crash later on. I'm actually using the computer right now. It crashed this morning when i turned it on. I had to reboot it and the second time around i got it to stay on. Its been on all day and hasn't had any other problem.

This whole thing started happening around May. I've tried to deal with it and just not go on it as much since i have my laptop.......but lately the crashing at startup seems to be becoming more frequent. I ran a million virus scans and they found nothing. I thought it might be caused by a program or i'm running it on a "selective startup" where i'm not loading any programs or services at startup, except things required to make the internet ... Read more

Answer:Computer crashes at STARTUP, continuous beeping.

Sounds like it may be a hardware issue.

Try changing out the power supply first, with another one.

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I have an HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx running:
windows 7 service pack 1
Home Premium 64 bit
i5-2410m 2.3GHz
8 GB Ram

My issue is that the computer has suddenly started beeping continuously while it boots. Boot time is also very long, much longer than usual. It drives me crazy almost when it starts up, that beeping is horrible and non-stop.
The machine has also been running hot when it's doing nothing at all program-wise, as in when I first boot it up and let it sit there, it almost burns me to have it in my lap.
Another issue that only happened once and was fixed with a restart, the mouse quit responding and whatever webpage I was on would scroll to the bottom and stay there despite efforts to scroll back up.
I'm going to college this summer and taking two internet courses on top of two paper-heavy lecture courses. I need this laptop in running condition for those school needs. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Answer:HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx continuous beeping during startup

The beeping usually signals a hardware issue. you may have to open it up and renew the thermal paste on the CPU and Graphics chips to assist in temperature control, also try removing one of the Ram sticks to see if that helps. The long boot time could also be a signal the hard drive is about to fail. You will have to run some diagnostics on the drive, and ram.

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Answer:Continuous beeping no display mous keybord light

Computer never stops beeping or has solid beep troubleshooting steps

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My "new" computer started singing to me yesterday when starting up.  It sings a continuous beeping of many short beeps that almost sound like one long continuous beep interrupted by clicking.  It stops as soon as Windows starts up.  Then, almost always on the first start up, I get crazy stuff happening, such as clicking on a shortcut icon and while the program is starting Windows wants me to confirm I want to delete the shortcut.  Or being unable to find any plug and play camera such as my iPad.  Sometimes it takes one or two reboots to get things working fairly normally again, but that Carol of the Beeps is every time I start up.
This is a Dell Optiplex GX620 running Windows XP.
As much as I love to hear pretty music, this little refrain sounds scary to me.

Answer:One Note Christmas Carol? (continuous beeping on startup)

Dell has some lights on the back. Labeled A-D. what color are the lights

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I have just brought a secondhand satellite 3000 - 214 notebook which worked fine on first start up but i turned it off then decided to turn it straight back on and now it makes a continuous beeping nosie until windows load then it stops. The machine then works perfectly from then on. Any ideas.

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Answer:Continuous beeping on start up which goes once logged in - Satellite 3000


as the beeps stop when Windows loads it should not have anything to do with installed software on the hard disk. I think maybe reinstalling the BIOS will help.


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Dell Inspiron 15R (5537) suddenly wouldn't want to start. When boot up, nothing seem to appear, blank screen, no logo, no text, nothing. there is a continuous beeping, it not 2 beep or 5 beep or any number of beep, it just beep continuously, never ending, until I turn off the laptop. 
Did some searching around on the web, forum, and so far I attempted:
-Checked ram and hard-drive to see if it fully connect.
-Turn off computer, unplug battery and ac power, press the power button for 30 sec.
still haven't resolve the problem yet.
Next, I try to do a Pre-boot System Assessment, FN+Power. Took SEVERAL attempt to finally got it to run Pre-boot System Assessment. Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off, Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off.
Did that for about 20 times and finally got Pre-boot System Assessment instead of the beeping.
This is the result I got from it, Currently doing the remaining memory test. It taking a long time, ill have an update once that is done, it stuck on 98%. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15R wont turn on (continuous beeping)

This paper discusses troubleshooting steps for notebooks that are not turning on.  Typically it could be one of three issues,  No power (no power to the notebook), No post (the system has power but is not fully turning on), or No boot (the system has power, it is turning on, but it is not booting to the Operating system).
From your post it is obvious that the notebook has power,  but it isn't fully turning on.  I would have to say that this is a No post problem. This paper will go over further troubleshooting steps to help determine the problem.
If the notebook is not starting up or showing a blank screen:

Remove any peripheral devices that are attached to the computer. Peripherals include:

Media Card Readers
Mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets or portable digital assistants or MP3 players
Digital cameras or video recorders
USB storage devices
Remove the computer from a docking station if it is in one
Remove any CDs or DVDs in the optical drive
Remove the AC adapter from the computer and remove the AC power cord from the wall outlet.
Remove the computer's battery. For instructions on how to do this, consult the Online Owner's Manual.
Press and hold the computer power button for 15 seconds.
Insert the AC adapter plug and make sure it is seated properly.
Plug in the AC power cord to a known good working outlet.
Press the power button to see if the computer turns on.
If the computer starts, turn it off and put the... Read more

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I have Dell Inspiron 15N 5010.  When I press the Power on button, it starts making beeping sound  8 times continuously and does not start. Screen is totally blank. What to do ? Please help me.

Regards Vivek

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week of hell. 1st my laptop and now 2nd laptop. 1st one is doing alright with the help of this forum.
2nd laptop Info:
HP Pavilion dv9910US
Vista entertainment

mouse became non-responsive. It felt hot.
Shut it down. On start up got continuous beeping. Shut down. Did it again.
Finally got a hp logo and had to hit esc to get to welcome message and windows started.
I updated windows and drivers.
Now, I have to hit "esc" each for it to continue to boot.
I also, did a hard reset. Didn't help.
Also, it acts weird. Mouse keeps working, will select something, but click won't function. I have to keep disabling the touchpad to get it to work again.
Also, I installed speedfan. It didn't seem that hot.
But when typing to search in google, the "9" stuck and went on forever. Had to keep hitting the "9" and "backspace" to get it to quit.

Husband is cleaning the memory and stuff now.

Any ideas? I am in way over my head.
update: we cleaned mem sticks etc. I tested memory on startup by using BIOS
I really think now it has something to do with a stuck "9"key
because when we restarted beeping started again and I kept hitting and giggling the "9" key and it booted properly.
when the mouse would not click anymore (but still moves) I hit and giggled the "9" and mouse started functioning again.
Thank you.

Answer:Continuous beeping on startup, can boot by hitting esc, but strange behavior

So is all good now or is Key 9 still wonky? By the way, the DV9000 had massive recalls for basically the same issue as the DV6000 series: heat due to underpowered fans and design.

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Hey everyone. I seem to have a problem with an older computer of mine. I built this computer back in 2005:

Athlon 64 2800+
Abit NF8 motherboard
GeForce 6800LE 128MB AGP
3 HDs: 200GB, 250GB, 250GB
Antec SmartPower 450W PSU (old)
Antec SmartPower 400W PSU (new)

Originally, the computer would emit a high-frequency sound when it was both turned and off. When the computer was powered on, this sound would lessen, but still be apparent. After about 2 weeks, my brother turned on the computer, and suddenly he could hear some sort of buzzing for a few seconds, and then the whole computer turned off. He also smelled some smoke. So I believed the PSU might have died (due to the high buzzing sound that was apparent 2 weeks before something “fizzled” out) because nothing would turn on anymore.

I replaced this with another older PSU I found from one of my computers: an Antec SP 400W. I plugged everything in and powered the computer on. However, after 3-4 seconds, I hear a two-tone continuous beep that has one high and one low in tone. It sounds exactly like an old school siren. It is coming from the motherboard. There is no OS beep or BIOS screen. Just nothing comes up while the computer is powered on (all fans okay) and the two-tone starts. I quickly tried searching online and digging through my mobo’s manual. Online suggested something of overheating while the motherboard said nothing about error beeps.

I have tried taking out the motherboard battery for a few mins and put... Read more

Answer:2-tone continuous beeping coming from mobo. No video/BIOS shows upon powering up?

1 long and 1 short beep is usually a ram problem. Since you posted you have installed other ram, I would tend to think you have fried the board. The only way to really test is to swap in known good parts ie mb, ram, etc.

FWIW antec has a good rep however I am very down on their pw supplies. After having two fail in a short amount of time, I no longer buy or recommend antecs. I use either corsair, FSP, or seasonic power supplies.

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Hi, firstly, not sure if is the most appropriate section because i'm not sure if my problem is software or hardware related.

I was trying to install os x 10.8 onto my HP Pavilion dv4 1041tx laptop but i ran into a problem when it was booting up, i got the mac equivalent of the blue screen of death, a kernal panic i think, so I decided to give up and reformat my hard drive to put windows 7 back on it. I formatted the hard drive to MS-DOS(FAT) with Master Boot Record using the mac disk utility, but when i restarted my laptop it wouldn't go past the POST screen and it wouldn't let me access the BIOS setup.
However, when I remove the hard drive it boots up fine using other available devices(USB, CD,etc).

I'm thinking either the mac disk utility has mucked something up on my hard drive or my hard drive has died.

Just wondering what the best way to go about this problem is.
Should i buy a SATA to usb cable and try and reformat,
Buying a new hard drive probably isn't worth it, (laptop is pretty old)

BTW the hard drive is a Toshiba MK3252GSX, not sure if that helps.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Computer freezes at POST screen

You were trying to install a Mac OS on to a laptop designed for Windows, and on a laptop for which no Mac drivers are available (and never will be)??? A Windows PC (or laptop) cannot run a Macintosh operating system as the hardware is incompatible.

(More recent Macs [those manufactured since 2006] can run Windows, but a PC/laptop cannot run a Mac OS).

There was no need to re-format the drive with any third-party utility either, all you needed to do was boot from the Windows 7 DVD and it would do all the partitioning and formatting for you, even if the hard drive was brand new and never been used before.

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Hello all,

I'm not exactly sure where this should be posted but this seems as good a spot as any....shall we say "TechSpot"?. :haha:

I'm in the process of building my second PC and have hit up against a brick wall when firing it up.

To fill you in on the specs of the build, here is a list of components:

New parts:
PROCESSOR = AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz
RAM = CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel Kit
CASE = Athenatech A412BB.400 Black / Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Case ATX 2.01v 400W Power Supply

Other parts have been recycled from my previous PC, i.e. WD 1600 IDE hard drive, CD and DVD drives, Floppy drive, ZIP drive, etc.

Now, on to the issue at hand...

When I fire the system up, it seems to start normally except that it stops at the POST screen (where you have options to enter BIOS setup, etc.). It stops there and I have no control over anything, I can't enter BIOS and none of the options are accessible, none of the keys on the keyboard work.

When the system starts, the lights on the keyboard and mouse flash briefly so, I'm making the assumption that they're OK (they're from my old system as well).

Oh, let me back up just a bit...the very first time I tried to fire it up, I had no activity from my monitor, there was no signal (according to the message on the screen). After a while of looking into that, I managed to get the monitor to work a... Read more

Answer:New build freezes at POST screen

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

Special emphasis on Benchtesting
Even unplug the Harddrive itself to test

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i updated the bios on my EliteGroup 661FX-M mobo, everything went fine and the computer booted normally. i then found a newer version so i updated again but this time when it booted everything came up on the POST screen like normal and thats it, it will freeze. i cant press del to go into the settings or anything.

Answer:Computer freezes at POST screen

Try downgrading the bios again (to the one that worked OK)

Updating bios is a critical thing to do, so make sure that you have the correct rom file

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So, I had a working laptop (see below for details) and decided to finally install a bunch of Windows Updates a couple of days ago. Since then, I have not been able to log into Windows successfully 'normally' - it keeps freezing at the Welcome screen. I can successfully log into safe mode with networking (which is how I'm posting right now). I tried doing a system restore a couple of times from safe mode, but it could only go as far back as the SP1 from which I believe was one of the updates and also that froze at the Welcome screen too both times. I wanted to reinstall the Updates from safe mode, but unfortunately can't. I did an anti-virus scan in safe mode using MalWare Bytes which got rid of some malware, but still didn't allow my computer to start up properly. I then got a ordinal 383 error (The ordinal 383 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll). Doing a quick search I found that maybe my Internet Explorer 9 didn't install properly - I reinstalled IE in safe mode and don't have that error anymore in safe mode, but still it hangs on the Welcome screen. In pressing F8 to try to get to "Last known good configuration" (which I haven't been able to get to) I got to an automatic repair, which it did fix some files, but still I have the issue with it freezing at the welcome screen and can't get into my laptop.

I am hoping to not reinstall Windows 7 if possible ...
Any thoughts??? Help please!... Read more

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My Windows XP Pro box will not boot. After POST, the screen goes black (with flashing curser) and nothing else happens. Ctrl-alt-del doesn?t even work. I have to power cycle.

My problem appears to be similar to this MS support item:;en-us;314503 Except I cannot boot to Windows as they instruct.

I?m running WinXP Pro (with all updates and service packs). Zonealarm, NAV (nightly liveupdate and check), regularly run adaware/spybot, and have Spywareblaster/Teatimer.

System has been stable and fast in the last 3~4 months since I did an install on a new HD (Maxtor 200GB, single partition). Two days ago, I installed Azureus Bittorrent and haven?t seen any problems.

Today however, I have a problem. After a system cold reboot, I can no longer load windows. My system POSTs, then the screen goes black (with a flashing underline curser in the top left of the screen). I am likewise unable to boot using my Windows Install CD. In that case, it says ?checking system hardware?, then the screen goes black and the machine freezes. (I suspect that Azureus has messed up my filesystem)

Boot floppy also doesn?t work.

So I tried disabling my HD in the BIOS (set IDE 0 to ?none?, left IDE 1 as cd-rom. No other devices). Once I did that, I could boot via the CD and enter the recovery console!

chkdsk /p reports ?found one or more errors on the volume?

First of all, I?m going to try and... Read more

Answer:WinXP freezes with a black screen when booting. (After POST)

Well, it seems I either didn't make my subject line provocative enough, or nobody else has ever had this problem. :-(

I think I will keep a running commentary of my efforts here though, in case it might help someone else later.

So, the first thing I did was boot the system using Knoppix.

Under the Penguin icon, there's a place to install new software. I ran that and chose "f-Prot virus scanner". After it installed, I ran the scanner, allowed it to update it's virus files, then scanned y system. It was done the following morning with no viruses found (whew).

Under the the Penguin icon (again) there a place you can start the ssh service. Once that was done, I could login to my computer from my wife's box using WinSCP and copy off all the really essential files (like email folders, pictures, etc).

According to the MS article in my first post, my problem is that I have a broken Master Boot Record, Partition table, Boot sector, or NT Loader. I'm unsure if the fact I can boot Knoppix and view the whole drive means I can cross any of those out as "not the problem".

I also found which has some walkthroughs for doing repair work. I'll post later how that works out.

First though, I think I should boot back into the recover console and run chkdsk again. I'm not sure if running chkdsk /r on the drive with help or hurt at this point/ My guess is that I s... Read more

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Yesterday we had a 3 second power failure and when my computer restarted, the desktop icons were taking foreverrrr to show up (usually my computer takes 30 secs to load up because I only have a few programs installed at the moment). So I forced shutdown using the button and then booted up again.

Now it won't get past the MOBO's post screen and I can't even use my keyboard to get into the startup or the bios. Every time I shut down my computer, when I go to turn it back on the same thing happens and the only way I can get it going again is to reset the jumpers.

I did research prior to asking for help, but it seemed that everyone had different issues. I've never heard of this one before. My only guess is the MOBO battery, but I highly doubt it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Answer:Freezes at post screen. Need to reset jumpers EVERY restart

The cmos battery does not stop a post. You will get an error however the system will post.

I would put the system into a very basic state.
1 Open the case and pull the pw connector from ALL drives; hd and optical.
2 Disconnect any usb type device
3 Pull out any add-in cards such as sound, nic, etc. Leave in your video card
4 Remove all ram except one stick.

Now attempt a post. If it fails, shutdown and try a different ram chip.

If it still fails to post, you will need to swap parts with known good ones; ie power supply, motherboard, ram, etc to find the problem.

FWIW I just fixed a family member's system that suffered a power failure/surge. It was just the pw supply that went out [they were lucky]

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I posted this elsewhere and have since discovered that place was inappropriate; sorry.

Fixing an old machine, p3 phoenix bois, and it boots with a single beep, and seems fine until it initialises the keyboard. What transpires i can only describe as an angry successive beeping that develops into a seemingly continuous beep. The background is bizare, at least as far as i understand it, a client brought in 2 machines, the first had swolen caps on the board, which we replaced, and ran successfully for some time. However, the keyboard began to stutter with beeps after post and after re aligning the pins also worked fine. Subsequently, the client brought the first back, the keyboard had begun beeping again, only with more intensity and irregularity, simmilar to a stuck key but more erratic. I sent the client away with a new keyboard and success. However, the client returned again, reporting that the beeps had begun again 4 or 5 days later. Again I replaced the keyboard with, and no beeps. Subsequently the client brought in a second machine reporting that the first had persisted with its beeping issue, and that he had chosen to use another machine at his disposal. As it turns out the second computer had the same issue, solved at least initially with the replacement of the keyboard. The problem still persists however, and seems to have gradually worsend over time. In both cases the same original keyboard may have been used by the client, in the case of the first machine the keyboa... Read more

Answer:Continuous Beep After Post

You sure this client isn't messing with you and has somehow caused this? Are there any *.bat files or something similar that have some code in them to cause this? I guess last but not least, is this an error code that the bios is throwing you due to heat problems or something of the sort.

Just seems a little suspicious.

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Since installing Safeguard Easy disk encryption, my M5 freezes at the initial Toshiba splash screen. Pressing Ctrl - Alt - Delete gets passed this and onto the Safeguard password screen.

It seems there is a BIOS patch for the Satellite Pro series but I'm not seeing anything for the Tecra, or indeed Tecra M5.

Any advice appreciated.

Answer:Tecra M5 freezes at splash screen on startup (post Safeguard Easy Install)

This is because of Vista bios support for fastboot.
There is a new version of utimaco released that fixes this bug.

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Question: POST Beeping

Hello everyone.

I have just got a new motherboard, but after setting things up it refuses to show anything on the screen when power is on. The only thing that happened is the beeping (recurring long beeping, each lasting for 3 seconds or so).

I did not plug in any card (everything's on board) and I have tried replacing the RAM with one that I borrowed but same thing happens. What could have caused this?

Answer:POST Beeping\

read this site, and listen to the beeps, it will tell you whats wrong..

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Question: After POST beeping

Hava a client with a "Targa or Targus" motherboard running a 450 Pentium three CPU. [Gateway Essential]

It seems to be running fine and issues no beeps during POST. However, at the Win98se splash screen I get a post type beep consisting of a single-followed by a triple-followed by a double beep. I have never seen or had this kind of issue in 20 years.

Any ideas. Unit continues past "splash" and loads Windows. Seems to work O.K. now but the client was getting a lot of GFP and misc. errors while running software.

Can this still be a POST error?

Stephen Kroll
SKK Computer Services

Answer:After POST beeping

Please don't post the topic more than once, thanks.
Go here to view topic
closing duplicate

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Question: No Beeping at POST

Hi, I recently bought a "CoolerMaster CM-690" Case, along with the "ASUS P5Q PRO" Mobo.

My brother and I set it all up, but there was something we weren't sure about.

The case has a Mic/Headphone connector on the front panel, that has 2 ends on it, one labeled "HD Audio" and the other "AC '97". Reading the Mobo User Guide, 2 pages are of importance in this situation, one labeled "Front Panel Audio Connector (10-1 Pin AAFP)" and the other labeled "System Panel Connector (20-8 pin PANEL)".

Under "Front Panel Audio Connector", it says that both HD Audio or legacy AC'97 audio are supported, but recommends that HD be used.

Under "System Panel Connector", There is a section called "System Warning Speaker (4-pin SPEAKER)", that says "This 4-pin connector is for the chassis-mounted system warning speaker. The speaker allows you to hear system beeps and warnings."

My brother said to put the HD Audio on the Front Panel Connector, and we left the System Panel Connector empty... My problem is that I don't hear any system beeps/warnings at startup, and was wondering what to do?

Does the System Panel Connector use HD Audio or AC'97? The cabel isn't long enough to connect the 2 different things to BOTH different connectors, so I think I'll have to sacrifice the front Panel conncetions, but I won't use them anyway... So, what do I use for System Pa... Read more

Answer:No Beeping at POST

Those are two different devices. You have the audio connected to the right jack from the sounds of it but the system beep is not produced through the sound card which is what you have connected - do not connect either of those plugs to the system speaker header. To hear system beeps you need to connect a small speaker that usually comes with the case(chassis) or the motherboard to the 4 pin speaker connection as well.

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Question: POST beeping

I have an older computer -- ASUS board, AMD 600 -- that has recently developed an interesting feature. When we boot it up, it seems to run through every POST code beep error in the book. And yet, beeping aside, everything seems to work fine once it has finished beeping at us.

The only things I have noticed is that the main hard disk has started to develope bad sectors. Not a lot. There were none, there may be four or five now.

The BIOS settings are fine; the clock shows the correct time and date.

Does anyone have an idea of what all the beeping might indicate? I just know that the whole system is going to come to a crashing halt if left uncorrected, but it's not a system that gets used enough to justify the cost of a new system.

Thanks for any ideas you can offer.

Answer:POST beeping

First you will need to find out what type of bios you are using I.E Award/IBM/Phoenix etc.

Then listen very carefully to the sequence of beeps and make a note.

Once you know these two pieces of imformation you may want to take a look at the beep code list in this thread

I hope this helps.

Regards Howard

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Hey all,

I just recently got a large hardware upgrade (new mobo, video card, psu, RAM) and have run into problems getting things up and running. Here are my new specs.

Asus P5N-D 750i
OCX GeForce 8800GT 512MB
OCZ DDR2 PC26400 RAM (4GB package)
Corsair TX 650W Power Supply
Note: Using an Intel Pentium D 2.66 mhz processor from old system

I had a friend who is very experienced with installing computer hardware come by and over-see the installation. Everything was double checked that they were installed properly. When we powered on the system we got a long continuous post error beep coming from, i assume the motherboard. We tried disconnecting the RAM (didn't have another stick of working compatible DDR2 RAM to test with) and still got the same thing. My buddy seems to think my CPU may be the problem, as the video card was tested to work fine.

I guess i should also mention that last week i had a PSU malfunction that may have fried my old motherboard, so there is definitely a possibility that the old PSU also took the processor with it as well... Anyone have similar issues or know what a continuous loud post error beep on an Asus motherboard means? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Long continuous post error beep!

Well it depends a bit on what BIOS you have what a continuous beep can mean but in general it means there is a memory error but can mean a system board failure or even a PSU failure.

So what BIOS do you have?

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please read last post for info on the current situation

Answer:Rapid beeping on post

Hello, We need to know a few thing before we can help you; what type bios dose your motherboard have and are the beeps long or short??

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EDIT: Updates posted below! New issue detected...

Hello, I just built my first PC off an MSI K9NBPM2-FID. I'm getting beeps when I turn on my computer and after reading all the AMI beep code explanations I'm conflicted over what they mean. It's two quick beeps (about a half-second apart), but it's sometimes followed by a longer beep (probably signaling the end of the POST test?) I'm reading that the two short beeps might be a memory failure, but the one longer beep means it passed the POST tests...

Here's the situations. I have the following dual-channel memory, rated @ 2.2v:

2 x Patriot 1GB - PDC22G6400LLK
2 x Patriot 512MB - PDC21G6400LLK

With all 4 DIMMs in, the computer won't even go to the POST screen... just blank. Does it matter that two are 1GB and two are 512MB? I made sure to match them in pairs for the dual channels...

With the 2 x 1GB DIMMs in, i hear two short beeps (see image below) and then it boots-up fine. However, if I set "Quick Boot" to disabled for those extra diagnostics, I get one more solid beep right when it switches to load the boot disk and boots up fine.

With the 2 x 512MB DIMMs in, I still hear the two short beeps, but it doesn't matter whether I have "Quick Boot" enabled or disabled, i always get that longer lower-pitched beep just before it loads the boot disk.

(in the picture, i had 128MB set aside for VGA, so 1920MB sounds right)

I have tried each DIMM seperately in slot one... Read more

Answer:Interesting POST beeping... what is it?

I already tried them paired though... here's something I read in the manual: it says "in dual-channel mode, make sure that you install memory modules of the same type and density in different channel DDR DIMMs."

does that mean all four slots must have the same 1GB in each? because what I'm trying right now is 1GB in slots one/two and 512MB in slots three/four... I don't understand why that wouldn't work though...

Thanks for your help

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ok so one of my machines lets out a rapid steady beeping about 2 seconds after the pc is powered on. Whats usually the cause of that?

Answer:Rapid Beeping before post

overheating (depends on BIOS type)

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Okay i got a new motherboard and hooked it up and nothing would boot up on it... after playing with it, i finally got it to boot up and it worked fine and had until windows froze on me yesterday.

Now i get no POST, nothing. The fans spin up, the lights on the motherboard work but nothing else. I took EVERYTHING off the board and tried booting it up with just the processor on the board, and the same thing happened. But whats interesting is the board doesnt beep at all complaining that there's no memory installed.

Its a MSI 865PE Neo 2 board with a P4 2.66 GHz processor. By the way, i did test another processor on the board (a known working one), and the board was still non responsive. I've checked all the easy stuff, including CMOS clearing, and that good stuf, but still nothing. MSI tech support sucks as they have no support on weekends. Anyone have any ideas? Why would it work for a couple days then freeze and stop working? Did i get stuck with a dud board?

Answer:Update: No Post, no beeping....

I think that if I were you I`d be inclined to take the mobo back and try a different one.

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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Hi all,

Strange thing happened where booting does not produce a POST screen and OS doesn't seem to load. The way it seemed to happen may provide some clues as to what is going on.

How it happened: I turned on the computer tonight and though I normally have a two display setup, my secondary display was the only one that produced my windows desktop. Going through display properties, nvidia's control panel assured me that there was no other display connected (and I haven't been messing around with the cables recently so it was connected for sure). I didn't know whether my monitor had gone bad or that particular DVI out had gone bad on my 8800gt. So I tried switching the two monitors across the two DVI ports and upon reboot, neither monitor had left power saving mode at any point during this time. I also noticed that Windows wasn't loading because there was no boot up sound, sparse hard drive activity, and finally because I couldn't connect to my mounted network drive on this computer.

What I've done thus far: I've tried pulling out the power cable and holding the power button down for 30 seconds. This changed nothing. I tried removing all the RAM and my PC produced the beeps I was expected, complaining that their were no RAM modules. I them stuck one of the RAM sticks back and my PC had gone to the original state of no POST nor Windows login sounds. I've tried the monitors with a different computer and both of them ... Read more

Answer:No POST screen, no windows boot up sound.

I think that this is more liking to a power supply failure, how old is your PSU ?? as it loses 20% of its output each year.

iain.t :major

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Long time no see, friends.
My beloved I570 is acting up, probably some sort of Alzheimer or similar.
Here is what happened, will try to be short.
Initially I was using PCIE SATA card to attach 4 more HDDs to the system, then SATA card died (already second in this PC), so I decided to remove all extra HDDs sitting in the case.
Did all standard precautions, including grounding etc. In order to remove HDDs I had to clear MOBO of a lot of cables and remove GPU. Long story short, after I put everything back together and attempted to boot up, I got long continuous beep and WIN7 sliding bar freezes almost at the end, no further activity, just a long beep. BIOS was not accessible as well.
So, I removed GPU, pull out MOBO 24 pin PSU cable, removed CMOS battery, did multiple 30 sec press and hold power button thing, left everything dead completely for about 30 minutes - completely reset system clock and all BIOS settings to default. Also, swap RAM (I have 2 sticks in slots 3 and 4) places. Put everything back, fired up, went to BIOS and fixed everything, DONE, rebooted and everything went back to normal.
Multiple restarts were OK, did also a few cold reboots with some minutes apart - all seems to be normal. Turn it off for a day or so.
Now problem is back again, like nothing happened.
Please, help if someone actually can. I checked multiple thread here and all over the WEB. My keyboard is clean, RAM was resettled, all connectors are firmly attached. This doesn't make any sense.
... Read more

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So here is a new one I have never seen, and of course it happens to me!

So ok, my 2 year old son was watching nickjr on my PC this morning. Heard something associated with the keyboard being knocked around. No big deal go it, he is still watching all is well, I goto work. My wife calls me and says the keyboard will only type when CAPS lock is on. Ok, my son screwed up the keyboard, it sucks but whatever.

Here comes the fun part. I have my wife check the keyboard conection and restart. The comp then does not post and starts to beep a music tune. dededda dedededaaaa, over and over again. I repeat NO POST screeen. Tried to reboot with out keyboard same thing. The computer is a custom build that has been pretty stable for the last 1.5yrs, no overclocking. The only problem i have ever had was the Network interface on the Mobo failed, so I had to get a NIC card.

- Abit KN8 Ultra MOBO
- Athlon 64 3500+ Venice
- Patriot Signature Series RAM (2x512)
- Segate 7200.9 120GB drive
- XFX 6800GS video
- Everything else pretty general DVD, Monitor
- Windows XP Pro

Any ideas what this could be? Virus? PS? RAM??? Any ideas would be great to hear.

Update - Just remembered we had a pretty bad lightning storm here yesterday. Could it be a CMOS error?

Answer:Problem - Now No Post - Just Beeping as music

If you say there was a lightning storm yesterday, you could have some electrical interference. Apart from the beeping and keyboard - is everything else fine?

If you have a Belkin surge protector than they will refund you any damage to your system after a lightning storm.

It could just be some static, try leaving the computer for a day and see what happens after that.

Not sure though - weird?!?!?!?!/?>?^?!"???????

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Hi I have an Iwill DVD266-R the specs are:2 identical P3 1ghz processors 2 PC1600 ECC Registered 1gb ram chipsProcessorSupports single or dual Intel? Pentium? III processor from 500 MHz to 1.0 GHz and higherSupports single Intel? Celeron? processor from 300 MHz to 733 MHz and higherChipsetVIA? Apollo Pro266 chipset? VIA? VT8633 (552-pin BGA) Northbridge? VIA? VT8233 (376-pin BGA) SouthbridgeBus Frequency133/100/66 MHz system busSystem Memory4 x DIMM slotsSupports up to 4GB DDR266/200 SDRAMSupports Unbuffered / Registered DDR SDRAM modulesIDEDual channel ATA 100/66/33 IDESupports ATAPI IDE CD-ROM, ZIP-100 and LS-120Supports maximum of four (4) ATAPI / IDE devicesIDE RAIDAMI? MG80649 IDE RAID controllerDual channel ATA 100/66/33 IDESupports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1AudioC-Media? CMI8738 audio controller4.1 channel hardware sound32-voice HRTF 3D positional audioSupports Microsoft? DirectSound? 3D and Aureal? A3DSupports EAX (Environmental Audio eXtension) sound effectsExpansion Slots1 x AGP slot supports 4X and 2X modes5 x PCI 2.2 Bus Master slotsI/O Interface4 x ATA/100 IDE connectors1 x Floppy connetor1 x SMBus header1 x Internal IR header2 x PS/2 connectors (keyboard and mouse)2 x 9-pin 16550-based serial ports1 x 25-pin ECP/EPP parallel port2 x USB ports1 x Internal USB pin header3 x Audio connectors (Line-in | Line-out | MIC)1 x MIDI/Game port DVD-R, KA-RBIOS2 Mb EEPROM with flash protectionIwill "Bye-Bye Jumper" Smart SettingPC99 CompliantPlug and Play (PnP)ACPI 1.0A... Read more

Answer:Iwill DVD266-R Beeping before post

Two things you may want to check:  video card and memory.Make sure the video card is seated well as the memory.Have you checked this?If you're still experiencing the same problem...try using a different video card to see if it still happens.  If it doesn''s the video card.  If it does...try testing the memory for any bad sticks.

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Hi - I have an HP Pavilion 7975, about 3 years old. Believe it has an Asus motherboard and Phoenix BIOS. It has worked without any problem for 3 years. Today I installed an upgraded video card to go with my new DVI LCD monitor. When I turned the machine back on, it is beeping in a pattern of 4 or 5 seconds of beep then 2 or 3 seconds of silence, indefinitely. No attempt to begin the boot process into Windows, just beeping.

I assumed I either didn't seat the card properly, or the card is incompatible with the MB. So I made sure I'd seated the card properly, same problem. Took the new card out and put the old card back in. Same problem - beeping just like it did with the new card. So now even with the original setup it does not work. And its worked fine, without problem, for 3 years.

Any suggestion what might be going on?

Thank you!

Answer:Solved: beeping during post test

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I bought this pc two months ago and usually my hp assistant ask me to update bios.Yesterday I did it and now my pc has continuos freezes, for example when i'm working it stops without any message error and the only way to use te pc is switching it off with the power putton.But when the PC restart it shows a message saying "your pc hardware has been changed".Which is the problem?Can i use a tool or a program to fix this bug or mus i contact assistance and use warranty and change te pc?

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Question: Continuous Freezes

Hey there, I've got a problem with my Windows 7 Home Premium..
I guess, I should start from the beginning. I have a VAIO VGN-NW150D laptop approximately 1 year old. It was sold with Vista, but Sony was nice enough to send me an upgrade to Win7. I've upgraded it right away, a year ago.

In the beginning of November'10 it started freezing. It mostly happens about 5-10 minutes after Windows boots up. I got a BSOD a couple of times, but mostly the system just didn't respond, and I had to force restart it.
What I did that time: RAM tests (no problems), Hard Drive test (no errors), system restore to an earlier time (kept on freezing), Antimalaware scan (nothing found), Antivirus scan - even made Kaspersky bootable flash for it (nothing found), checked for any hardware conflict (again nothing). After a couple of days of desperation, I've just restored the system to the factory settings (Vista), then updated it to Win7 again..

Till today everything has been working flawlessly (2 weeks), but the system started freezing again in the same manner (no BSOD). I've tryed everything listed above again, did the clean boot, but nothing helps..

I'm really desperate to fix my laptop since it's getting closer and closer to finals at university. Please, help me to figure out this problem, I can't keep on restoring the system to factory settings. Tell me if you need any other information or files I can provide.

Thank you.

Answer:Continuous Freezes

Please follow these directions..

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi there,

My PC:
Dell dimension 9200

Whislt booted in windows XP, randomly the PC will freeze and 1 continuous beep comes from the motherboard. I have to turn off the computer and boot it back up again. There are no beeps during boot up.

Before windows freezes, each program I am running slowly stops working.
I can chat on MSN messenger for abit until eventually it stops working.
When I right click on the desktop the menus appear semi transparent.

After that everything freezes and 1 continous beep comes from the motherboard.

I have not installed any new hardware or software. It just happened randomly.

I have 2 1gig ram, I tried using only 1 of those each to see if it could be the memory but the PC still crashed regardless of the memory stick I use. Though this doesn't rule out the possibility that both memory sticks are broke (unlikey though?).

I tried replacing my graphics card, it still occured. I ran the hard disk diagnostic which said they pass.

I checked that all cables were fitted correctly and refit them just encase.

Tried to install windows again using windows recovery, which took ages cause the PC kept hanging, so that obviously is a hardware problem.

I can only assume it is either the Power supply or the motherboard. Though I could be wrong and it could be both memory sticks.

Hoping it is the power supply because i've heard replacing a motherboard with a dell pc is not easily possible. The pc has ran out of it's warrenty.

The bios does... Read more

Answer:Windows XP freezes and 1 continuous beep

Have you checked to see if you have the "stickey Keys" feature turned on or have you tried a different key board? either could cause the described problem.

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Can someone please tell me how to fix this. Ok when I play GTA San Andreas sometimes the sound will freeze and then the screen will turn blue and it will have stuff saying there about bios or updates or disabling stuff and like 2 seconds later my computer restarts... I dont know what causes this. My comp specs are AMD Athlon xp 3200+ 2.21ghz nVidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra 1gb memory Chaintech 7NJZ ZENITH Borton motherboard nforce 2.... Please someone help me out here!!!!!

Answer:sound freezes and screen goes blue

BUMP* please help me !!!!!

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Hello, I have some problems with my computer and I'd like some help.
Here's my configuration:

-I have Windows 7 64 bits;
-Intel core 2 duo E7400 2.80 ghz
-4 gb ram
-GF 9500 GT 512 mb

I have the system from 2008. I have freezes in games like APB, when sound freezes, everything freezes. This kind of problem i have on Battlefield 3 too. The game works just fine until this appears. And the BSODS, random, not only on games.

Answer:BSOD, screen and sound freezes.

Pandora.TV has problems. Please uninstall it, then install a fresh copy.

Logitech QuickCam drivers aren't installed. Please either install the drivers or physically remove the QuickCam from your system.

SP1 isn't installed, please do the following:

Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1
1. Visit the PC manufacturer's website and update ALL drivers. DO NOT use Windows Update or the "Update drivers" function of Device Manager.
2. Check Device Manager for any unknown/disabled devices - if there are unknown/disabled devices, fix them with the latest drivers from the device manufacturer's website (not the PC Manufacturer)
3. Visit Windows Update and get all updates (may take repeated visits)
4. Visit Windows Update and get Service Pack 1 (usually under Important Updates). Read these notes for installing SP1: Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 from the Microsoft Download Center
NOTE: For Vista, read these notes:

Read these notes for installing Vista SP1: Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Read these notes for installing Vista SP2: Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)

5. Visit Windows Update and get any other available updates. May take repeated visits, but keep it up until you get several "Windows is updated" results.
If you're having difficulties with installing a Servic... Read more

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I have a situation that is quite irksome. Whether I am using my Nero multimedia viewer or using the Windows Media Player, I have an issue where my screen image freezes (stops) and the sound gets stuck during the middle of playback. I have no choice to hard boot (Control-Alt-Delete is not an option here) because the cursor freezes up as well... I am currently using Service Pack 3, Windows Home XP...

Please advise,


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I have an LG R480 K.ARD8WE1 laptop and have had it for about 4 months. Recently however, my laptop speakers have begun making 'glitchy' sounds, and the picture usually freezes for a split-second too. This usually happens in games, but it also happens outside of them too. For instance, Windows starts, skype preloads, and the sound that it makes when it does so is distorted. The sound is kind of like the electronic sound that you hear in some remixes.

Sometimes this does not happen at all, but at other times, it can be quite frequent. I have already tried re-installing my sound drivers multiple times and from different sources, and updating my display driver, but that did not work.

I thought at one point that it could be a physical defect with the speakers, but why would that cause the picture to freeze for a split-second? I also considered that heat could be causing this, as I noticed that my CPU temperature was 71 celsius (with a cooling pad) at a point when it became particularly bad, but then I noticed that it could also happen immediately after a cold boot.

I've been figuratively tearing my hair out with this. Although it does not happen all the time, it is extremely annoying when it does happen. Since the sound is the most obvious problem, it took me a while to notice that the picture did freeze when it happened, so I'm beginning to think that it is not the sound driver or speaker that is causing the problem, but only a particularly noticable sid... Read more

Answer:sound stutters and screen freezes

Long load times, skipping sounds, lag in games, and a hot CPU temp together point to an overworked / under-cooled cpu. Make sure the computer is dust free and all air flow points (areas around the vents) are unobstructed.

Edit: I am currently looking up specs on your laptop, However it seems the company's website does not offer exact specs. Could you please upload a Dxdiag or system specs of Belarc Advisor (loacated here:

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I am glad that I found these boards. I have been experiencing several weeks of continuous BSODs, reboots and freezes.

I have checked each individual ram memory stick, carefully cleaned all the dust off each component, replaced and upgraded most drivers, checked the temperature of my CPU and GPU, etc. The symptoms only seem to be getting worse.

I am attaching the minidump file corresponding to the last crash.

Thanks in advance for your help with these issues.

Best regards,

Ander Garmendia

Answer:Several weeks of continuous BSODs, reboots and freezes...

Here are some more recent Minidump files from my PC (in case there is more than one cause for the erratic behavior).

Thanks in advance for your help,

--Ander Garmendia

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hi everyone out in the internet! i have a problem when listening to target christmas on my com, i run winXP home edition, what happens is i am listening to music like christmas lights synced to music, and then my com freezes and i get a blue screen.
Please post if you have any tips to keep it from happening


Answer:playing sound freezes then blue screen

What do you mean by "Target Christmas"?

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My pc randomly Black Screens, and then the sound skips, and it freezes, then i have to restart it completely and manually. I do not think it is the ram but i will be doing tests to make sure as it is brand new ram..... my pc specs are:
Windows 10 Pro
ASUS Radeon RX 460 2GB GDDR5
AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7Ghz
500 Watt PSU
8Gigs Ram
1TB Hard Drive

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First of all, I don't expect to find a solution to this problem, because it seems really weird to me. Recently, my monitor has been emitting a split second crackling/static like sound two or three times a day - I dunno. But when that happens, and I happen to be moving my mouse, it will freeze for a split second then go back to normal. But the screen doesn't freeze if I'm pan-scrolling with my middle mouse button. It's almost not a problem because of how infrequent and short it is, but I thought I'd post it in case anyone knew what the hell I was talking about. :P

It seems like it's been happening more often recently, that's why I've noticed it more and finally became inclined to post about it here. Hell, I'm not even sure if this would belong in this section of the forums. It could not be related to my graphics card, but since it sounds like the sound is coming from the speaker from my monitor, this is the closest place I could think of posting it. And yes, I've updated my graphics card driver to the latest one. I had 197.45 last time and updated to 257.21. Dunno why they jumped a lot of numbers cuz I update it every now and then.

So... anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Sound from monitor speaker, screen freezes for a second

That used to happen on "old" PC's and usually the problem was the graphics card. If you haven't done it, reseat the video card and see if that helps. With the PC powered off, disconnect the Video cable to the monitor and then remove the Video card. Then reinstall it, reconnect the Video cable.

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Relevance 52.07% is me again,
In an earlier thread "blue line" I asked about deleting coninuous columns (not being used in a document) and I was instructed to highlight one column, control, shift, end and this has now twice frozen my application. Any thoughts?


Answer:Solved: Deleting continuous columns freezes Excel

Uh, if you read my post there, you saw that I said it did the same thing to me, so I copied the data to a new workbook and posted it for you.

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Hey guys. I've been having this problem on and off and with various games now. At some point during playing a game, my laptop will freeze and make a buzzing sound through the speakers/headphones. I have a Dell XPS L501x laptop with Windows 7 64bit on it. I have an Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU with 6GB of RAM. My video card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 540M.

I've contacted Dell about this and they replaced my motherboard 3 times and the problem persisted. However, the replacements were about a year ago when this problem occurred while playing League of Legends. After Dell not really being able to help and their flawed and pointless circle logic became more of a nuisance than the buzzing problem, I decided to just endure the issues. The buzzing sound and the freezing did stop happening however after a few more times of encountering the problem. I didn't change anything or update anything to my knowledge. It just stopped happening.

However, recently while playing Skyrim, I've been facing the same issues! The screen will freeze and a buzzing sound will play through my headphones. If I disconnect the headphones while it's buzzing, the sound doesn't come through the speakers though.

Dell Support wasn't fully able to get rid of the problem, but maybe you guys can help me find the root of it. Let me know what other information you need and thank you all in advance!

Answer:Laptop: Screen freezes followed by a buzzing sound during gameplay

All of the bugchecks are the same and are very old, throughout 2012.
But still referring to a driver still present on the machine.

A driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time (usually 10 minutes).
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
Arg2: fffffa8005f004a0, Physical Device Object of the stack
Arg3: fffff800044023d8, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7, otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack
Arg4: fffffa8005863a90, The blocked IRP

!irp fffffa8005863a90 1
Irp is active with 9 stacks 8 is current (= 0xfffffa8005863d58)
No Mdl: No System Buffer: Thread 00000000: Irp stack trace.
Flags = 00000000
ThreadListEntry.Flink = fffffa8005863ab0
ThreadListEntry.Blink = fffffa8005863ab0
IoStatus.Status = 00000000
IoStatus.Information = 00000000
RequestorMode = 00000000
Cancel = 00
CancelIrql = 0
ApcEnvironment = 00
UserIosb = 00000000
UserEvent = 00000000
Overlay.AsynchronousParameters.UserApcRoutine = 00000000
Overlay.AsynchronousParameters.UserApcContext = 00000000
Overlay.AllocationSize = 00000000 - 00000000
CancelRoutine = 00000000
UserBuffer = 00000000
&Tail.Overlay.DeviceQueueEntry = fffffa8005863b08
Tail.Overlay.Thread = 00000000
Tail.Overlay.AuxiliaryBuffer = 00000000
Tail.Overlay.ListEntry.Flink = fffffa8006186ae8
Tail.Overlay.ListEntry.Blink = fffff8000328fae0
Tail.Overlay.CurrentStackLocation = fffffa8005863d58
Tail.Overlay.Origi... Read more

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I downloaded a movie from Limewire. The movie is one hour twentynine minutes long. When I playback on Windows Media Player the screen freezes up but the sound continues on. This happens at fortyfour minutes into the movie. Its the only movie I have tried to download. I am asking if there is something I am doing wrong before I try downloading another. I have downloaded this movie three times.

My system is Windows XP home, 57gb C, 786 ram.

Best Wishes

Answer:screen freezes halfway through movie but sound continues

Sorry we are unable to help with this, as it is illegal to download movies.

Thread closed.

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Hi all,

Been having some problems with my PC since it was first put together 6 months back, but recently it has become an almost recurring problem.

During games the system will often freeze up. This is accompanied with a series of 'static' lines dancing across the screen and the souns cutting out to a static whine. Usually, the screen goes black, then comes back on, although there is no longer any sounds. Sometimes it never recovers and has to be rebooted.

When it happens seems to be random. League of Legebds only had it happen when the game was really busy on screen. However Diablo 3 (Beta) did it from an options menu, and Super Monday Night Combat did it 4 seconds into game start. League has stopped doing it since I turned the graphics settings lower, butreally based on the spec below it shouldnt have any problem running at max settings.

My PC doesn't have a sound card - it is all done through the motherboard. I nearly always have (flash based music website) running in the background. My best guess is either there's a sound conflict, or, since the graphics card appears to reboot and League stopped doing it after fiddling with the graphics, there's a fault at the graphics card end.

The site I followed for building the PC did suggest adding a soundcard to prevent a conflict, maybe this is the end result of that?

I managed to get a quick video of the 'static' effect I mentioned when playing LoL. In this case, it never recovered.... Read more

Answer:PC freezes up when playing games, 'static' across screen and sound

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Hello, my pc (specs below) often freezes, after which turning it off is the only option, or it shuts down without warning, after which it will try to reboot. Upon rebooting there is often a loud continuous beep and the pc won't start up. This problem occurs almost exclusively within 15 minutes of booting up, and once it happens it will occur several times. Sometimes it works for hours straight, and if I keep it in sleep mode instead of turning it off it can work for days straight.

I've tried resetting the computers to the manufacturers settings three times, after which it worked fine for a month or two. But then the problem starts again. I hope someone can help me here.

The pc is an acer x3990, running windows 7 home premium 64 bit,
intel core i5 2320
NVIDIA GeForce GT520 up to 4095MB

Answer:Computer freezes/shuts down, loud continuous beep when rebooting

Quote: Originally Posted by Coolbest

Hello, my pc (specs below) often freezes, after which turning it off is the only option, or it shuts down without warning, after which it will try to reboot. Upon rebooting there is often a loud continuous beep and the pc won't start up. This problem occurs almost exclusively within 15 minutes of booting up, and once it happens it will occur several times. Sometimes it works for hours straight, and if I keep it in sleep mode instead of turning it off it can work for days straight.

I've tried resetting the computers to the manufacturers settings three times, after which it worked fine for a month or two. But then the problem starts again. I hope someone can help me here.

The pc is an acer x3990, running windows 7 home premium 64 bit,
intel core i5 2320
NVIDIA GeForce GT520 up to 4095MB

According to this:

Beep Codes - Acer Aspire X3990 Service Manual [Page 79]

it's a memory error. Try running Memtest86+ on the laptop overnight (if you can get it to run that long) and see if it finds any errors.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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Hi, my PC keeps freezing randomly, can be while gaming, online or even when it is just sitting idle on the desktop. Iv'e reinstalled windows twice and updated all my drivers but it still keeps on happening.
My Specs are:
Intel Core i5 4430 - no overclock
1 x 4gb DDR3 RAM
Gigabyte B85M-D3H
Nvidia Geforce GTX 770
Cooler Master RS-500-PCAP-I3
When the crash happens there is no blue screen and the screen just freezes. If there is any sound playing it just goes into a buzzing sound and stays like this until I reboot, after this the PC starts like normal. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?

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Hey there, I'm having this problem with my computer. Sometimes it will randomly go black and freeze up and also high pitched sound similar to a tv but louder emits from any and all speakers that are on including headphones. I think this is a problem with the sound card but I dont really know what the problem is so I didnt know what to ask support. BTW my card is the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX 24bit.

If you want the rest of the specs..

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
MSI K8T Neo 2 Mobo
ATI Radeon 9800+ Pro
Thermaltake 400w PSU
2x 512 Kingston ValueRam
Windows XP Professional SP2

I hope someone can help me on this because this has happened to me once or twice while I was playing Counter-Strike, and CAL is coming up. I don't wanna get dropped in CAL.


Answer:Computer freezes up, screen goes dark, high pitched sound

Check the fan on your processor and video card. While the system is powered down, you should be able to spin the fans, and you should feel no real resistance. If they're tough to spin, then there's your problem.

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Hey guys,

On my Windows XP Computer, a few days ago I was watching a flash video and my computer froze. When it froze, it started to make a beep noise (no delays, just one uninterrupted beep). Since then I've had a variety of issues. They include:

1. I'd restart the computer, use it for a little bit, then a slow freeze would occur while browsing. For example, I'd be using Firefox, I'd try to load a new page, and it would freeze up while I still was able to control my mouse. However, I wouldn't be able to click or open up anything. This would force me to restart.

I would also get a freeze where I'd open up a program and it would appear in the bar but it wouldn't have a border around it. It would never load and I've have to restart.

2. Firefox and Internet Explorer have been crashing frequently. They give the Application Errors that say "... has encountered an unexpected error... send error info, etc.". It seems like these usually happen on JavaScript heavy pages like Gmail.

Some of the things I've tried so far:

1. Turned off the computer and ran a fan next to it for a few hours. When I started it back up again, it froze a little while later.

2. Open up the case and vaccumed out most of the dust. Didn't really help much.

3. Installed a Spyware detector. Nothing found.

4. Ran a Registry cleaner. This did find a decent amount of problems (mostly path not found, etc.) but it still froze after I repaired them all.

5. Uninstalled a bunch of o... Read more

Answer:Computer froze while beeping... now freezes frequently

It might be worth running disk error checking (right click your drive & choose tools then error checking.

Is the inside of the PC hot even after using your fan?

You could try another spyware detector, I use spybot & malwarebytes anti-malware.

You might want to try cleaning out your internet explorer cache, the new Firefox does use this for some reason.

Good luck!

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Hello every1

I have an Acer Aspire 5738Z and I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. Every time I boot it up it works fine until I start getting onto Internet. When I am using internet say, streaming videos on Youtube or playing an online game or watching a movie online, the laptop just freezes. sometimes it freezes for like 2 secs but sometimes over 10 minutes. And then sometimes it comes back on again as normal or I will have to manually restart it from my end. I also tried to find any faults using a registry checker and couldnt find any although I am not pretty sure which is the best registry cleaner to be used. I also find that sometimes the laptop beeps just once before it unfreezes.

But it works fine when when I am not using the applications that need internet like listening to music, watching movies from hard drive or playing games without going online. So, I would guess it would be related to modem, video drivers etc. but i couldnt find a registry cleaner which can find which drivers are out of date and things like that.

Will some1 please be able to help me out here?

Answer:Laptop freezes and then a small beeping noise......

I am not pretty sure which is the best registry cleaner to be used.Click to expand...

dont use a registry cleaner causes more issues then solves

update the drivers for the video, sound and network adapters would be my first thing to do

whats the make and model of the PC - the manufacturers support website should have the drivers

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Hey guys,

On my Windows XP Computer, a few days ago I was watching a flash video and my computer froze. When it froze, it started to make a beep noise (no delays, just one uninterrupted beep). Since then I've had a variety of issues. They include:

1. I'd restart the computer, use it for a little bit, then a slow freeze would occur while browsing. For example, I'd be using Firefox, I'd try to load a new page, and it would freeze up while I still was able to control my mouse. However, I wouldn't be able to click or open up anything. This would force me to restart.

I would also get a freeze where I'd open up a program and it would appear in the bar but it wouldn't have a border around it. It would never load and I've have to restart.

2. Firefox and Internet Explorer have been crashing frequently. They give the Application Errors that say "... has encountered an unexpected error... send error info, etc.". It seems like these usually happen on JavaScript heavy pages like Gmail.

Some of the things I've tried so far:

1. Turned off the computer and ran a fan next to it for a few hours. When I started it back up again, it froze a little while later.

2. Open up the case and vaccumed out most of the dust. Didn't really help much.

3. Installed a Spyware detector. Nothing found.

4. Ran a Registry cleaner. This did find a decent amount of problems (mostly path not found, etc.) but it still froze after I repaired them all.

5. Unin... Read more

Answer:Computer froze while beeping... now freezes frequently

this is the same problem ive been having. its so frustrating. I noticed mine freezes faster when i use certain things. like if i use windows media player or if i visit specific websites like (myspace) or something. Right now im using safemode and thats the only way im able 2 use my internet. if u get ur problem resolved please let me know.

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to hear me out with this issue! My computer has started freezing whenever I open up Youtube on my browser, and the only way to fix it is to shut it down. It's strange, it freezes, I can't click, or use the keyboard, and when I try the computer begins to beep once for every stroke I attempt to make. I can watch videos on other video sharing sites I've tried just fine without an issue, it's just Youtube for some strange reason.

Any help would be very appreciated, this is a very annoying problem!

I should note I've already tried these fix's, but to no avail:
-Cleaning out my computer, fans, cards, vents, everything.
-Unplugging and replugging everything
-Updating my browser

Answer:Computer freezes when I pull up Youtube! Beeping as well!

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this has happened to me about 4 times now and im not to sure what this means.

could it be my hard drive? my motherboard or my RAM?

someone please help.

Answer:Computer Freezes Then does a short beeping noise

If would help if you provide the make and model of this computer.

If it's a custom build please post the make and model of the motherboard.

Please post the pattern of the beeps, long or short, the number of beeps...

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