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Budget upgrade for HP/Compaq Presario CQ5000 Series Desktop CQ5802

Question: Budget upgrade for HP/Compaq Presario CQ5000 Series Desktop CQ5802

I don't really know a lot about upgrading my computer. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Budget upgrade for HP/Compaq Presario CQ5000 Series Desktop CQ5802

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Budget upgrade for HP/Compaq Presario CQ5000 Series Desktop CQ5802

I forgot to mention I am trying to make it run games like CS:GO and DayZ at a reasonable level.

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i was recently working on a computer that had some sound problems...this one was bizarr and i dont knw what to do now. First off, the problem is with the sound, it doesnt play any at all. the sound card is onboard. Withing the Device manager, all is perfect and said to be working. The oddness occurs when you go through the control panel into the "sound and audo devices" icon...all the options are greyed out. the default sound device, the recording device, the midi device, the spaeker volume, the system volume, etc. when you go under the "Hardware" tab, the dialog there states that all the devices are working properly, i uninstalled the drives, and devices, and reinstalled them using the drives directly from Compaq. If anybody has any idea as to a solution for this, it would be greatly appreciated. is it possible that the sound of the Motherboard is dead? .. but then it wouldnt show up in the device manager would it?????

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Is there any affordable way to upgrade Mother board MCP61PM-HM (Iris8) and HHD to this very old system. Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:Athlon 64 X2 with Dual Core technology up to 4800+ (up to 65 Watt TDP)Athlon 64 up to 3800+Sempron - All Hard drive is Size: 500 GBInterface: SATARotational Speed: 7200 RPM I pulled it out of box after years of beinf idle after learning that Vista will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Thanks,

Answer:Upgrade Compaq Presario SR5510F Desktop Motherboard and HHD

@CGBow3,Interesting question, so I'll give you my opinion on each item.Processor update to the AMD ADO4800DDBOX Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4800+ 2.5GHz 1MB Cache Processor. Used chips can be less than $30, New about $100.Hard drive replacement.  Get a newer AF (Advanced Format) drive, either 500GB or 1T.  Do not go above 2T.  I like Seagate, but WD is a second choice.  Both offera free version of cloning software. OK, now about the OS.  You might be able to find the "upgrade" DVD. Be sure it states "Upgrade" in the top left corner of the packaging. Also you need the 32bit version, as your original was 32 bit.  The upgrade version does an overlay into the OS. It does not destroy the files.  Some drivers will need to be researched.

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help my compaq keeps frezzing, i dont know whats wrong with it i have opened it but i cant see any problems. help

pc info

compaq presario 5000 series
1 ghz
128mb ram

i have had this computer for a few years and have had a few problems with it, the first problem was that the cd drives didnt open, next the modem installed on it didnt work, next something happened to the cpu, and at the end of all that compaq just gave me a new pc, the first pc i had was a dell dimension xps t500 which im using now until i can get my compaq workin the dell has worked great from the day i got it havnt had one single problem with it, its a bit slow but it works great its only 64mb and pentium 3.

Answer:compaq presario 5000 series

freezing Compaq

It sounds to me like you got a Compaq Lemon But you can try to relaod the operating system next becasue you have replaced almost everything else and this is all that is left give it a try and that lemon might squeeze out some results if not I would sell it to the fruit factory and get a different Compaq

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First off, I know this model is a few years old, so bear with me. I'm having issues with the video driver. It seems that whenever I restart the system, the video driver fails to load. I attempt to troubleshoot the situation, but I all seem to get out of the process is a message saying that the device will not start. the display adapter is a Radeon IGP 320M. I have to update the driver whenever this happens, and it's becoming quite a pain. Any help would be great.

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The computer is running windows XP and appears to run okay. The problem is that when it is shut down completely it goes to a Blue screen that says the following:

*Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
***The system has Halted***​
Like i said the computer seems to be running okay, but when it is shut down this is the message that comes up and it has to be turned off manually. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be or things i should check.

Answer:Compaq Presario Series 5000

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I'm giving away my old Compaq Presario CDTV520 and need to purge all first. I know how to restore it back to original but don't know the command to purge it first.

Thanks for your help~

Answer:Need Compaq Presario 500 series purge command

If you want to Format your Hard Dive you first want to create a startup Disk with a 3.5 Floppy A. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Star up Disk > Create Disk. If you want to back up any files you can save them to Disk. Anyway, once the Disk is done, Restart you Computer, and a DOS prompt should show up saying "A drive:\" type in without Quotes "format A:" then it will ask you if you are sure if so then type in Y or if no N. It will ask you to label the Drive I Labeled my "Local Disk" when I recently formatted my computer. It will restart then make sure to take the Floppy A out then put in your System Restoration Disks if you have them. and it will load them. After Installation and if you have access to the Internet with it or another computer you should download HDCleaner in order to "Wipe" the free Space on the Drive. Here?s the link
You should Wipe the Drive at least 3 times so whoever you are giving your Laptop to can't download a program to view possibly personal info that has been imbedded in the Hard Drive regardless as if it has been formatted or not. Once Downloaded and Installed open it up and over on the right side should say. "Clean Folders" click it and under it should say Wipe Free Space. Over on the right choose The Drive by clicking on it then click on Clean all free space on your Hard Drive. It will take awhile depending on the size... Read more

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Any1 use the Presario B3800 Series?
The USB ports all screwed up and are sending them to get repaired but that will take years. I just bought the laptop a couple (okay maybe 4) months ago. Why are they screwing up.
Also any1 with this laptop what do u think of it?
And i don't get the GhZ thing. If a 1.7GhZ Pentium M VS 1.7 GhZ Pentium 4. Which would be better?

Specs of Presario B3820:

Pentium M: 1.7GhZ
ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility (128MB)
1GB Dual-Channel Ram
Enthernet LAN
DVD-Burner, CD-Burner

What do u think of Compaq? (HP)

Answer:'Compaq' (HP) Presario B3800 Laptop Series

Pentium M use less power, and are a bit slower than a Pentium 4. I did have the same problem with my laptop, made from the same company, Compaq EVO n1000c. I just rebuilt it, and everything worked fine.

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I won a Compaq Presario CQ40 series laptop. But got forgot bios password.

Answer:Compaq Presario CQ40 series bios password

madarya137 wrote:I won a Compaq Presario CQ40 series laptop. But got forgot bios password.What luck .. If you do not give a code by placing your 3 times one randomly, this time do not open so lucky, you have to contact HP. Regards.

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I just thought I would post this for anyone with a Compaq Presario F500 series notebook. HP has announced a service enhancement and this is a link to identify if your laptop is part of their enhancement program.
There is also a link there for the latest BIOS which HP recommends.

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Does the Compaq Presario 6000 model 8350us need amplified speakers?  I tried using my speakers off my HP (non-amplified) and I get very very low volume.  I have a Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCi 128 installed on the compaq.

Answer:Compaq Presario 6000 series sound question

If you have low volume, try checking all the volume controls.Your main system volume, the volume control on the speakers themselves, the other volume controls in Control Panel --> sounds and audio devices, and the volume control in whatever you are using, eg Windows Media player.If you don't have some of those volume controls, don't panic.  For example, there may not be one on the speakers.And make sure the speakers are plugged into a speaker output (and firmly), some sound cards have headphone outputs which are much quieter and can look similar.Hope this helps.

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I was having problem with my battery not charging so I went to Compaq web site for help. I was told to update the rompaq I guess thats the Firmware for the bios. After installing the update the computer rebooted, but it did not start. Now the computer has power but nothing happens when you hit the power button. Any thoughts

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okay hi, I have a Compaq presario 5000 series that's been sitting in a closet for quite sometime now. It was working fine the day I stored it away. Okay anyways, I wanted to give it to my Brother to use. So I hooked up everything and started the computer. It started up normally, no unusual sounds, But the screen just stays on the Compaq logo screen with a blinking light on the top right hand corner. I don't know what to do as of now. I have the recovery CD and everything, i just cant boot it because the computer wont start up that far.Its been on the Compaq screen for at least 30Min's now.Can someone please help me?

Answer:Compaq Presario 5000 series, Dosnt boot?

Did the post run before the compaq screen came on? I'm not really familar with this series of machine but if it didn't go into the bios and disable quick boot or quite boot.

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Hey dudes, i was wondering if you could help me figure out what's going on here, though i might already have a guess, i'd like to get opinions as well as solving matters.

I'm helping my friend solve a problem with her laptop where her Compaq Presario v3119AU suddenly just stopped detecting the wireless card, even in device manager.

Now, we've tried reformatting, running it in linux or win vista and I've even gone so far as to take out her wireless card to test it in my laptop, and to test mine on hers only to get the same results, that the card isn't detected in her compaq, whereas her Broadcom Wireless works on my ASUS laptop...

I'm suspecting that over time of her using the laptop on the bed or so that the board has somewhat cook off... probably... any input on this? so far the only option i see now is to head it back to compaq...

Answer:Wireless issue on Compaq Presario v3000 Series

hamsteyr, i'm sorry, this is first symptoms of northbridge dying(nv6150go). the problem is that nv6150go makes some disturbances in pci-ex bus,and thus preventing the wireless card from detection. well, you an try to update your bios, it may help. i had 10 or 20 cases like this in my repairing practice. 5 laptops were cured(completely?) with BIOS reflashing. the others - nv6150go/nf-spp100 replacing.

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So my advent is a right off because of my/daughters stupidity turns out not only has the h/d failed and needs replacing but I never made a back up and the key for the legitamate xp download has worn off the back of the notebook.

So my ex has said ..hey I have a couple of laptops that need a little work, get them both going and you can have one for free..she's shrewd that one.

So first one an old Toshiba satellite 1800 series with xp model number s1800-814

I can't find the wifi setting to get wifi..she only remembers it ever being hardwired lan I think she had this tail end of 2001..also sometimes when it's on a long just turns off


Compaq presario r3000 that she had after the toshiba..I think the backlight is out,,as it shows a black screen after start up and on start up the colour is very amber..after start up the screen goes black but tilt it slightly and you can see in the shadows the screen...I've been told this is a backlight failure and it's a simple fix? but also on this one the mouse pad will not work as i try to use the pad and no movement.

I know these faults may not seem biggies to the more informed but at the momment I can't afford new so if I can re-love them and give them life two happy people will be ..well happy

Any ideas Guys?

Answer:Toshiba satellite 1800 series & Compaq presario 3000

For the Toshiba
download them here

In check box click to show these below.You can choose all, or, any individual driver.

Product type ---- Archive
Family ---- Satellite
Product series ---- ---Satellite 18xx
Model ---- Select here ----Satellite 1800-814
Short Model No ---- All
Operating system ----- All -----
Driver type wlan driverr

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When I insert a PC Card in my Compaq Presario 1200-series laptop computer, I receive a message that indicates MTD-0002 hardware is detected. Also, an unknown device named "PCMCIA MTD-0002" appears in my Device Manager.

This is my problem, exactly from the Q274509 in the Microsoft Knowledge base. When i attempt to do what it suggests to fix, (To resolve this issue, disable the Sound Blaster setting in the Phoenix BIOS, but do not disable Onboard PCI Audio in the Phoenix BIOS. ), I find that neither the Sound Blaster Setting nor the Onboard PCI Audio setting exist in my BIOS.

What am I to do? I cannot connect to the internet with my laptop anymore because my modem doesn't work with the laptop!!! Please help me either find this setting (if i just didnt look hard enough) or find a way around this. Either and/or Both would be much appreciated.

Help Please!!!

Answer:PCMCIA Cards Are Not Recognized in Windows 2000 on Compaq Presario 1200-Series Laptop;EN-US;q274509

is the link to the microsoft knowledge base site that explains this problem.

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I need a sound card that will fit in the slots. It appears that the slots are for graphic/ video cards and not for sound cards.

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Original 500GB HDD was showing signs of eminent failure.I successfully cloned the drive to a new 400GB HDD, using NORTON GHOST.(I know this drive is smaller than the original, but less than 30GB was being used on the original)Anyway, The new drive would not boot.Assuming that the problem may be OS license-related, I ordered the Compaq Recovery Discs Set.While waiting for the Recovery Disc Set to arrive, I purchased a Sandisk 120GB SSD.(Again, I know that the 120GB SSD is smaller than the original 500GB HDD that came with the computer, but I do not plan to even fill it 50%.)Anyway, The Recovery Disc Set arrived and I attemted to use it on the new Sandisk 120GB SSD.The process seemed to go fine, all 3 discs of the set seemed to copy, and then the computer restarts and a screen displaying files flying across the screen from one folder to another stays there forever.I waited 15 hours and came back and I still just see:Files flying across the screen, from one folder to another folder.The drive activity light is blinking, but obviously there is a problem. Some possible related facts/information:The SSD is detected in the BIOS.The SSD Checks good, by the BIOS Diagnostics "Smart" Tests.I cannot find anywhere in the BIOS to disable AHCI, it only shows SATA or IDE.Current Bios version is 5.5.5, and I have been unable to find a BIOS Update anywhere.Current Memory (RAM) is 4GB (2x2GB), which was an upgrade since the machine was originally purchased. Can someone p... Read more

Answer:Compaq Presario SSD Upgrade

Greetings, I use Paragon Professional Disk Imaging software. Try Macrium Reflect free. Disk cloning is also included in the free version. Cheers!

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Answer:Compaq Presario Upgrade

I own a COMPAQ PRESARIO 5290 which I have been upgrading. I have upgraded the RAM from 128MB to the maximum 768MB. I have also upgraded the graphics card from a Nvidia GForce2 32MB to a 3D Blaster4 Ti4200 64MB.I am keen on playing memory detailed games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and for it to run perfectly, I really need a processor upgrade.My current processor is a AMD Athlon 1000 1Ghz with 128 KB primary memory cache and 256 KB secondary memory cache. My motherboard is a Compaq 06E4H with a bus clock of 100 megahertz and BIOS 786K1 (whatever that means!). Please - What processor would I need? How much would it cost? and what would I need to do to install it (apart from putting it in the computer?.Many thanks!BZ

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What can I upgrade my current AMD V140 to?

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I have had a Compaq Presario 1500 laptop for about 2 years now, and I am quite un-satisfied when it comes to multi-tasking several applications at the same time. Sometimes it is so slow that I cannot minimize a full-screen application to read up on something on the net. I currently only have 256 megs of ram, but I read on the internet that tihs model could have up to 1 gigabyte. This is great, but therein lies my question. The laptop has two ram slots, one of which has been empty since i got the computer. Could I get a gig of ram and still keep the 256y meg stick as an added boost? or is the 1 gig the maximum for both slots?

Answer:Compaq Presario RAM upgrade

Well if your laptop supports a maximum of 1gb then that means 512mb per RAM slot.
Here are a few links on Newegg which is the Maximum Memory you could get for your Laptop. This is if you are in USA

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I am upgrading a Compaq Presario 5000 model #5WB220 with a very low 15 GB hard drive for a friend. It currently has Windows ME and there is no Compaq Restore CD.

I have increased the memory to 320 by adding an additional 256 MB RAM.

I am wanting to totally replace the 15GB hard drive with an 80 GB hard drive and load Windows XP Home.

The problem I am finding out is that Compaq has propriertory info on a partition within the existing drive. From what I understand without the Restore CD, I can't put the new drive in.

I'm wondering if there are any other alternatives to doing this.

Can I install XP on the existing drive and then transfer all the data (to include the compaq proprietory info) to the new drive in a slave position?

Answer:Upgrade Compaq Presario

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Hi i have a compaq presario SR1705UK which currently has 512MB of ram i want to max it out to 2GB but i dont know which type to get and also wher i can get it the cheapest can anyone tell me where to look?

Answer:Compaq presario ram upgrade

Did you mean SR1750UK? If yes, click here is the type you need & apparently 4Gb is the max.Will have to get back about who's the cheapest though. G

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    I have this computer that i got from my stepson that he was trashing. I do not know much about it other than it was an 80 Gb memory, and 192 Mb of ram. I have had it for about 2 years, and i used it mostly for a trial for an operating system to see the different ones. I installed and uninstalled LinuxMint, PuppyLinux, and some xp operating systems from different downloads, that were created from other individuals. I am not computer eliterate, and that is why i use this computer to try out. I did not want to do all this on my good pc, because, a lot of it i do not know. I would like to be able to just wipe everything off, and start over again, but a lot of the things i hear, do not understand. I cannot make it read a disc, (windows), I do not know which way to go, but would just like to see if it can be done, before i trashed it. I have tried another forum from another program, but i got nowhere. If you think you could help me, i will try what i can do. Just let me know.
a lot i do not understand, nor how to do, and last effert i did somewhere else, i was sometimes told, that i did not know what i was doing. I told this group this, and i already know of my... Read more

Answer:Compaq Presario SR1400 Desktop PC

 I have solved my problem, so far. One of the os disc that i had been useing was windows 8 elite, and it also was not working. I tried it again, and withen there startup menue, there was a link for what was called a mini, and i never used it. The larger part of os would show on my on my older pc, but never would load. I clicked the mini this time, and a very small program came on. most of the links would not even work, but i could get to disc management, to see that there was a partition there that was not alocated, like the program that was there been deleted. I reformated this partition, and tried the larger os again, and it worked. the operating system went on my older pc. Do not know what happened, but what ever it was happened when i was putting another system there. I even divided that partition, formated, and put another there. I plan to get rid of the one that i put on first, extend the second one, and go from there. Now, i saw somewhere that you could increase ram and memory by somehow formating usb flash drive, and it adding to my old computer. Is that right? Thanks for all the help, i got a lot of replies.Jimmy

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I'm new here. Hello people..

Well I heard it's hard to identify compaq's motherboards. Is there any way to identify it other than copying down the code at boot up like opening the computer case? I also tried entering BIOS but only info I found was 'Phoenix' which is probably the manufacturer.

Reason is I want to buy a GeForce 6600 GT (8x AGP). Not sure if my MOBO can support AGP 8x because I only have a Radeon 9000 which is 4x AGP. I'm assuming it can ??

Answer:Compaq Presario 6000 (P4 desktop PC)

Everest may help Identify the MOBO and other hardware:

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A neighbours Compaq will not recover by using the Recovery Disk and I'm considering FDISK-reformat and reinstal of MS ME. However I pick up from other threads that this may not be possible with the Recovery Disk as there are required files left on the HDD and not on the Recovery Disk.Is this true and what is the best way to achieve of complete clear-out please?

Answer:Compaq Presario Desktop FDISK?

you could always borrow a copy of me and make sure you use the licence from the machine and not the one from the borrowed copy.

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Ive looked at the other links, and tryed seeing what i can figure out. I went to the compaq site and couldnt find network this rate im just gona buy a new ethernet card but rather not. I have windows xp service pack 3 but yeah, it doesnt even detect the pllease thanks

Answer:compaq presario desktop sr5130NX

I could only find one driver for your model; something for the Samsung hd.
If the card is not detected, maybe it is dead.

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when I turn it on it asks for a power on password and I have no idea what it is-How do I get around it? I have pushed every button I can think of. It has windows xp home.

Answer:Compaq Presario 5700N Desktop

Sorry, TSG-Rules -Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided.

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I have a compaq presario 800. It have run out of warrenty. My friend have given me a 20GB harddisk, i am thinking of installing it in myself, but i am scared when i open the laptop up, some small components will drop out and i will not be able to use my system anymore.

Anyone with the experience in upgrading harddisk or know of any website that have pics that show how to upgrade a compaq presario 800 harddisk?

Answer:upgrade compaq presario 800 harddisk

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Here's the problem:

Someone asked me to see if I could upgrade an early (old) Compaq Presario 5WV254 computer. The first thing I did was max out the RAM (768MB) using Crucial's 'certified' Compaq modules.

This dinosaur has a 40GB hard drive and an nVidia 8MB graphics card. I placed Windows XP Pro into the drive and proceeded to format the drive with NTFS. Everything went smoothly, and the machine rebooted after installing the drivers, etc.

Unfortunately, instead of continuing to proceed with the usual installation process, it starts the initial setup process over and over (I let this happen about 7 times) and will not complete the installation.

I've performed upgrades on lots of these older Compaq Presarios, but have never encountered this before.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how this issue can resolved?

Thanks in advance.


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Good morning, I have Windows 7 on it now, and it runs just fine, but the specs say it can only take 2GB of memory. I didn't know if the Compaq Presario SR5030NX is capable of running Windows 8, and if that would allow it to use more memory, or if the memory is a hardware limitation. Thank you,Tania


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Answer:Can I upgrade my Compaq Presario SR5030NX to win 8, and can ...

The following weblink will suggest whether HP has tested your system for Windows 8: If your system is not tested, HP will not release the drivers directly for your model through website. The following weblink will suggest if your system is compatible with Windows 8: If your system is compatible with Windows 8, most of the drivers would be available through Windows 8. If you need any specific drivers, please follow these steps:1. In the Run box type devmgmt.msc.2. Unknown devices would be listed as such and marked out with a yellow question mark.3. Select the unknown device or other device for which you need drivers and right click to access Properties.4. In the Properties window click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id  or Hardware ID from the drop down.5. An alphanumeric string like this PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_012F1025&REV_01\4&6B16D5B&0&33F0 is the identification marker for the device.6. Please provide this number so that we can suggest the appropriate driver. According to the specifications of your system, the motherboard can only support 2GB maximum memory:

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I have the above laptop, but the harddisk space is running out. The quotation from compaq for the harddisk upgrade is very ex. I have bought a new harddisk. But i can't find any webby that teaches how to DIY upgrade the harddisk for my presario 800. How any1 done it b4 or maybe thats a web site that teaches how to do it?

Any help is appreciated.


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My Presario CQ60 is quite old, but still works great, but the operating system and Office needs to be upgraded.   Currently running under Windows VISTA (Basic), and Windows Live Essentials 2011.  I would like to upgrade the operating system (VISTA) to one of the later versions of Windows, and would like to upgrade to a more modern version of Microsoft Office which includes MS Outlook as the email manager. Any help in how to determine which programs can run on this model laptop is appreciated. Tomja2 in Kinsale, VA

Answer:Upgrade of a Compaq Presario Notebook

@Tomja2 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! There are two kinds of "upgrades" to newer versions of Windows -- one with an Upgrade Path, and others without. The Upgrade Path means that when you upgrade the OS, you can retain your settings, personal data, and applications.  This is only offered (historically) from one OS version to the next.  So, in your case, that means it only works upgrading Vista to Win7. Without an Upgrade Path, you would only upgrade the OS components.  You would have to redo all your settings, restore all your personal data, and reinstall all your applications.  Anything newer than Win7 is going to be this kind of Upgrade, basically a whole new installation of Windows. As to Win8, your best bet there would be Win8.1 -- if you can find it, as that introduced a lot of improvements over Win8.  But, MS also removed the Start Menu, starting with Win8.  So, if you decide on Win8.1, I strongly recommend you then consider installing a third-party Start Menu.  And finally, I would advise very strongly against trying to upgrade to Win10.  HP does not provide any Win10 drivers for your PC, and without those, you are stuck with the generic drivers Microsoft will install, and most likely, that will mean that one of more of your hardware devices are not going to functional properly. As to the specific programs, your best bet is to visit any support forums for the programs you are ru... Read more

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Hi, i have a compaq presario c700 runing on vista home premium. It has only 1 gb ram installed so i tried to upgrade to 3 gb ram, all i get is a blue screen saying there is aproblem, i have tried to instal a fresh operating system but it won't let me??When i put the original ram back in it works fine. I have another compaq and swapped the ram and the hd over i then had nothing? The system will only work with the pre-installed ram,    'HELP'


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Answer:Ram upgrade, compaq presario c700

2 gigs is the max:  

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I put in a 128mb dimm ram in my compaq presario and its only registering 32mb. How can I get it to 128 mb?

Answer:Compaq presario memory upgrade

can your mobo handle 128?and have you updated the bios...what ram stick was in there before 32mb?

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Had to make some upgrades to accomodate windows 10: gpu NVIDIA GeForce GT 730,  power supply Rosewill RG430-S12 Green ATX12V & EPS12V 430 watt, and  Ram is now 8 GB. Windows 10 installed and running fine. Figured "why leave the cpu hanging?" My research tells me that the motherboard is:Motherboard, M2N68-LA (Narra6)The serial number is: 4CE0100R9LI am not 100% sure (98% sure the motherboard is correct)My question is:        Can I upgrade the cpu (which is AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240 Processor 2.8 GHz) to a       AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz Quad-Core ( HDX955WFK4DGM) 95 watt? I believe I can. Also is there a chance the motherboard in my pc is not whomI think it is?                 Thank you in advance for any help! 

Answer:Compaq Presario CQ5320F cpu upgrade

Hi I found this, hope this helps Processor upgrade informationMotherboard supports the following processor upgrades:Socket type: AM3TDP: 95 wattAMD Phenom II X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (Deneb)AMD Phenom II X3 7xx/7xxe Triple-Core (Heka)AMD Phenom II X2 5xx (Callisto)AMD II Athlon X4 6xx/6xxe (Propus)AMD II Athlon X3 4xx/4xxe (Rana)AMD II Athlon X2 2xx/2xxe (Regor)AMD Sempron 1xx (Sargas)Refer link : 

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hii have bought my notebook in year 2012.and now my pc is running very doesnot support any game  over 2 gb and also it gets over heated while using for 2 pc has 2 gb of ram having intel pentium cpu B906 which clocked @2.20GHz.i wanted to upgrade my pc with minimum 4 gb of ram and 3 gb of graphics card ..will this pc support this type of hardware.?can its processor be upgradable to intel i3 or or i5.? 


Hi, What is your COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ57 ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:

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Hi Guys,
I have an old Presario 5461 and I wanted to see if it was worth uprgrading (for some reason I am emotionally attached to it LOL).

How would you upgrade this machine if you had it?
(I already upgraded the memory once but there's room for more)


Processor: 500 MHz AMD-K6-2 processor with 3DNow technology

System bus: 100 MHz system bus

System memory: 64 MB, 100 MHz SyncDRAM, shared memory architecture, three total DIMM slots upgradable to 384 MB - 8 MB dedicated for video memory (SyncDRAM DIMM required)

Hard drive: 10.0 GB 2 UltraDMA hard drive

CD-RW Drive3
- Use CD-R and CD-RW media for recording or rewriting capability.

- Store up to 650 MB of data or up to 74 minutes of music.

- 24x Max reading and 4x MAX recording for creating CDs with maximum performance and flexibility.

- Create CD-ROM discs quickly and easily with just!burn software.

Modem: 56K ITU V.90 modem 4

Cache: 512K L2 Pipeline Burst Cache

Compaq Easy Access Internet keyboard:
Explore the Web with powerful tools for easy Internet access - all with the touch of a button.

Instant Internet - Instant access to news and information

Instant Search - Your direct link to AltaVista for easy online exploring

Instant e-mail - Quick, one-touch access for sending and receiving e-mail

Online Marketplace - Better ideas for the most satisfying shopping experience

Ret... Read more

Answer:Compaq Presario 5461: How Would You Upgrade It?

so not sure what your final specs are - i would upgrade the memory - thats the quick upgrade - but you have upgraded 3 times ... to what ....

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I would like to upgrade the memory on my Compaq Presario f500 laptop but I can't find the specs anywhere to know how much I can upgrade to. entering the product number gives me Compaq Presario f500 CTO, and states info is not on the web.

It had vista on when I bought it, but I wiped that and installed Linux. Linux tells me it currently has the following:
L1 cache 64kB
L1 Cache 1024kB.

I assume from that I can put a 1gB stick into the 64 slot?

Do I need to take the current sticks out to determine what type it is, and how to I decipher that information?

Many thanks

Answer:Compaq Presario f500memory upgrade

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Hi thereIm looking to upgrade my desktop pc.What i plan:-Amd phenom iix4 965 black edition-Msi r7 i thnik it needs 500watts-Maby a new psu, my one only has 230wattsPlease can you tell me if i can fit these items and any recommendations if not.Thanks Note: Im paartly new to building computers only had experience of changing hard drvies, gpu and ram.Thanks!

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Hallo, I'm trying to upgrade my CQ60 300 SI which stock CPU is a Sempron SI-42 mounted on a Wistron 303C Socket s1 MOBO with a AMD Turion 64 X2 TMDTL60HAX5DM but as I have installed it my PC didn't start. I had a black screen with no tentative bootstrap. I had already upgraded my BIOS to the F.54 from the old F.35 version, but this didn't help at all. Is there anybody who experienced the same problem and have found a wayout to solve the issue? Thanks in advance

Answer:Compaq Presario CQ60 300 SI CPU Upgrade

 Hi, Turion 64 X2 MDTL60HAX5DM it is not compatible because it belongs to the previous generation AMD Socket S1g1 Processors compatible with your laptop, belong to AMD Puma platform (2008) core Lyon Socket S1g2 AMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-88 2.50-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-87 2.40-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-86 2.40-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-85 2.30-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-84 2.30-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-82 2.20-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Ultra Dual-Core  ZM-80 2.10-GHz, with 2-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Dual-Core    RM-70 2.00-GHz, with 1-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Dual-Core    RM-72 2.10-GHz, with 1-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Dual-Core    RM-74 2.20-GHz, with 1-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Dual-Core    RM-75 2.20-GHz, with 1-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Dual-Core    RM-76 2.30-GHz, with 1-MB L2 cacheAMD Turion Dual-Core    RM-77 2.30-GHz, with 1-MB L2 cache   

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Can I upgrade my RAM and GPU for this system ? Is there any limit to the upgrade ( Maximum ) that my desktop pc can support? If so what would be correct product to buy? Thank you, Ar.Jerome Benhur

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I've been using my desktop since 2005 w/ Xp OS (which no longer supports). Since last year OS won't boot up with first try.On first try PSU fan will keep running & running- faster but won't bootup until shutdown power & try 2-3 times, then OS will start & complete the booting process. Recently, noticed it's taking 10-15 times rebotting before you can see the windows coming up & alos noticed the date/time is several years back(probably the battery also dying).  Meantine, I tried with different PC Power cable but the same thing. Lately, the Power supply unit seems won't get any power, so, now even PSU fan also won't run & even the green light-not seeing. So, I opened the cover & took out the PSU -opened it & found lots of dust in it-cleaned it  & plug into power outlet (alone) & now I see the green light. Bought a new CR2032 battery to install. Do you think I need to change the CMOS postion? Do you think it's PSU problem or it's Mother board problem or  Hardrdrive problem? I've lots old data & my little child's sweet memories of pictures & videos. I do not want to loose anything. Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Can my Compaq Presario CQ5500Y Desktop run Win 10 64bit.  I am loading the desktop for the first time. It originally came with Win 7 64 bit installed but the HDD was removed. I want to load Win 10 64 bit from scratch. 


View Solution.

Answer:can my Compaq Presario CQ5500Y Desktop run Win 10 64bit.

Hi,Even though HP doesn't supply official drivers for windows 10 for your PC, it will most definetly work. You can let Windows install the necessary drivers automatically the first time you start windows. You can also find individual drivers for the various devices by going to manufacturer website of the device, such as Nvidia for graphic, Reaktek for audio. However it isn't really necessary since Windows will install the necessary drivers.When you have finished installing Win 10 and have installed all updates go into device manager (right-click on start and click on device manager) and see if any devices do not have drivers (yellow exclamation mark), which you can then look for. Let me know if you need any further help,David

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Dear Friends,

Good day to everybody. i'd like to ask for your advice or opinion re: my computer trouble.

I have a Compaq Presario Desktop (5000 series) who has been consistently having intermittent power on and off problems. I will be able to use it one day, and then the following day, it just wont turn on! I already had it checked by numerous technicians, but they can't seem to find anything wrong with the computer because when they turn it on, the computer powers on. I bring it home and then, a few days after, it just refuses to turn on again!

I had every aspect of the computer checked and observed. Power source is ok. The AVR is new and works when i use it with other devices. RAM is working fine. I dont know what to do anymore! I know something is wrong with it but the technicians can't put their finger on it. I had one technician who told me that the motherboard is short-circuiting with the casing so he put foam/insulator all around! *Sigh, I dont know if that is even possible, not to mention logical...

I hope any of you guys and girls out there could help me out.. I will be extremely grateful for any suggestions that you could give. THank you very much.
Sincerely yours,

Answer:Intermittent Power On and Off- Compaq Presario Desktop

could be a problem with the power coming out of the wall..can you connect to a different outlet..

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Ok guys, im new here so i hope you can help me to figure this out.

I have been more than 3 days fighting with this an my options now are CERO. My problem:

Im formatting and reinstalling a fresh Windows XP on a Compaq Presario SR1923WM desktop, the first installation process that copies the files to the hard drive its fine, the problem starts when xp starts to install devices, it firstly was stopping at 35 minutes, i tried to find out the problem opening the setupapi.log, then i did erase the .inf causing the trouble and nothing. By the was i was using aXP version.

Then i tried with another disc, this time a Windows XP for HP machines, this times the minutes went down completely, the progress bar reached the 1% and then again showed me one gray screen and the system was hanging again.

Then, i figure out that the initial XP installed on the machine was the Windows XP Media Center Editio 2005, so i tried to install this with an OEM disc and then again it started to hang at 35 minutes.

I have tried other XP disc and nothing happens, i just can't get any OS installed on this PC.

Any help would be so much appreciated!

Sorry for my grammar im not native english speaker.


Answer:I can't install any windows XP on a Compaq Presario Desktop

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I need the Realtek sound driver for my Compaq Presario SR5130NX.  The automatic system on the HP Website does not show the driver and gets an error. I wound like to have the sound back on my Desktop.

Answer:Compaq Presario SR5130NX Desktop PC no sound

Hi: See if the audio driver directly from Realtek works for you. Accept the agreement.  Download and install the 1st driver on the list (32 bit).

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Hello folks my son inherited a Compaq Presario SR5210NX desktop which has basic came with it hardware. I want to upgrade his machine upgrade his memory add a graphics card and if possible add a better CPU . My question is since the mother board is generic I can not get any more specs except that the CPU slot is a socket 775 series socket for this machine. Which would be best CPU for his system and would not melt down his system ill post link to the site that had the best info below.

Compac Presario SR5210NX

Well I found motherboard specs but it has a few different CPU that can be used the question now is which would be the better one for gaming?

Mother Board Specs

Answer:Upgrading Compaq Presario SR5210NX desktop

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can anyone tell me what kind of ram do i need..apparently i have to have a specific part number according to my pc...
thanx muchly!

Answer:Solved: ram upgrade on a compaq presario 6000?

Go To And Use The Memory Finding Need To Know What Kind Of Pc You Have And It Will Tell You What Memory Upgrade You Need.

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Hey guys,

Ive got 6-7 year old Presario M2000 lappy that's running 1GB of RAM on it atm. I used a piece of software to test the max RAM that can be used on the laptop and it said 2GB.

Now when i read this (And i checked out a few other sites too):

512MB, 200-pin SODIMM, DDR PC2700 upgrades for HP - Compaq Presario M2000 Series Laptop/Notebook, CT526869 from

It says that the max RAM that this laptop can handle is 512MB per slot (which is what i have right now).

Does this mean i can't upgrade to 1GB per slot in order to have 2GB on this laptop?? If so was the software wrong?

Thanks for any help..


Answer:[SOLVED] Compaq Presario RAM upgrade Question

Run the Crucial System Scanner on the computer. This should tell you the RAM type and how much RAM the motherboard will support. This should confirm that this motherboard will only support 1X 512 MB chip per slot for a total of 1GB

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I have a Compaq Presario 5BW284 computer. It is pretty old, but I don't need to do any gaming or higher end computing. I purchased some high density memory to upgrade it with, and when I install it, I only get a black screen. I switch back to the original memory and it works just fine. The bios on the motherboard is from 2000. I can't find where I can upgrade it. The motherboard is Compaq 06COh. I have seen some mention that it needs low density memory. Is there any way to make it work with the high density memory?



Answer:Compaq Presario 5BW284 Memory Upgrade

To get help, you need to tell us the details of the memory modules.
First find out what type of memory your old modules are (SDRAM, DDR or DDR2) then find out what the new ones are and post the info here. Also find out the speed of the memory.

In order to work together, the modules need to be the same type and preferably the same speed.

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I intend to upgrade my laptop. Need to verify the cpu i found online will work with existing motherboard and if it does what bios upgrade will I need. I also would like to upgrade my wifi adapter. Need to know if the one I found online will work and what drivers to download from your site.
HP Compaq Presario CQ56 (Purchased in 2011)Model: CQ56-115DXSerial:[Personal Information Removed]Product: XG809UA#ABA
CURRENT SETUP (same as factory except for HDD)OS          Widows 7 sp1 Home PremiumMB          Hewlett-Packard 1604 88.17Chip         ATI? RS880M / Southbridge - SB820BIOS       HP F.18 04/18/2011CPU        AMD V Series V140 Single Core, Socket S1, 2.3GHz, 1.6GHz Bus, .512MB L2Mem       2GB 1333mhz DDR3HDD       Seagate MomentusXT 750GB 7200RPM SATANET        Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n 1x1 WiFi adapter 605560-005
INTENDED UPGRADEBIOS       (Not sure, HP F.18, 4.07M  05/03/2011 upgrade is recommended on your site for this laptop but probably not if I am going to a dual core cpu)CPU         AMD Phenom II N660 Dual Core, Socket S1, 3GHz, 1.8GHz Bus, .2MB L2Mem      &n... Read more

Answer:Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX CPU upgrade

Nevermind! After reading a bit futher information on product manufactures sites and HP site I found all the answers. The motherboard does support the AMD Phenom II N660 Dual-Core Mobile (HMN660DCR23GM) and has been tested and benchmarked. The HP F.18, 4.07M  05/03/2011 BIOS update will be fine as far as I can tell from reading. The Broadcom Mini PCIe card BCM4313 802.11n with Bluetooth is supported on the motherboard and the drivers are listed on my product page. Sooo, wish me luck!!

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hey guys, i just did a scan with 'HD Tune 3.50 Pro' and it found one 'damaged block' and from what i can tell it isn't possible to repair it?

does anyone know how i can replace the hard drive?

i was thinking about replacing the RAM. how difficult is this?


Answer:How difficult is it to upgrade HDD on a Compaq Presario v4000?

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Hey guys, been a while since I last posted here.
Alright so recently I got myself a Compaq Presario SR1000 which I stumbled across in my local market after buying some new gear for work, the PC is fully refurbished and was W-XP and now W-7 after a complete format of the hard drive and sticking Windows 7 on.
Also got myself a decent enough graphics card for the PC games I currently own.

Okay now so, eh...The computer itself is very old and the hardware within it before I had installed the new graphics card which is a Radeon HD 6670 is say more than five years old at least, I'm wanting to turn this computer into a new gaming PC and so I'm looking for a new motherboard.

I'm not sure at the moment of what type motherboard it is, but I'm thinking its a MATX (Mid-ATX) board.
I'm wondering though if anyone knows of any other motherboard that would fit the Presario SR1000?

Answer:Compaq Presario SR1000 motherboard upgrade

If you want to upgrade, along with a new motherboard, you will need new memory, CPU, CPU cooler and power supply at a minimum. Basically you are building a brand new computer. As cases are relatively inexpensive I would also go with a better case that has more cooling as it will be needed for a "gaming" system. Factory PC cases are not usually designed with the cooling needed for a gaming PC. Also consider Compaq Presario computers (and cases) are the "low end" or "inexpensive" line from HP.

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What is the largest hard drive I can put in a Compaq presario 4108

Answer:compaq presario hard drive upgrade

this is usually in the boot up process or if you enter setup when you switch the pc on it may be listed at the very top of the screen above or just under something like Award, American megatrends.I have a feeling that you pc will have a splash screen at boot which stops you seing the memory check and drives in a White on Black screen.I will look to see if the Compaq site has any details on you machine spec.

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Ok.. no need to say it, I know that this machine isn't the best, but it's all I have. I now find myself in a pickle (not literally.. but you know what I mean). I need a faster processor to run a game I LOVE on this machine. The game requires a PIII or AMD Athlon 1GHz. This machine is running an AMD Duron 750 MHz.

Please tell me there is a solution cheaper than buying a new CPU...

I may not love this computer.. but it's all I got.. *sniffle*

Answer:Compaq Presario 5000 (upgrade processor)

Whats the CPU socket? If i were you i would just buy a new pc lol

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After purchasing (1) 128 MB SDRAM, PC133 RAM stick for my old Compaq Presario, Model 5822, with a Pentium II processor, 550 MHZ, I realized that the "Computer Wiz" sales kid at the Best Buy didn't know what the heck he was talking about.

After a search here, (what I should have done before buying) I checked the following sites that were recomended by the TG members:

Apparently, I should have bought 1(or 2) PC100, SDRAM RAM stick(s). However, I still have a few questions that I hope someone will answer:

1) & say that the maximum memory for this computer is 256 MB, while says that the maximum possible is 512 MB. The computer has two RAM Slots (64 MB & a 32 MB). Who is right?

2) On the package of the new, ill purchased, 128 MB PC 133, it shows also 16x64. What does this mean? Should I watch out for these numbers during my next trip to BEST BUY?

3) Whats the deal with DDRAM, SDRAM, RAM, .....Which one is right for my computer?


PS. In case anybody is wondering, I put in the 128 MB RAM along with the existing 64 MB RAM. The Computer displayed (counted) the RAM up in the top corner (white characters on a black sc... Read more

Answer:Another RAM Upgrade Problem~Compaq Presario 5822

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Hi all, I have searched all over the internet and cannot find anything that tells me whether I can upgrade the processor in my laptop. I currently run an Athlon XP-M 2400+, and I would like to upgrade it to an Athlon XP-M 3000+. I am pretty sure I will need a new bios, and the chip is supported by the motherboard. Can anyone help me find a bios that will work? Or is it just not possible to upgrade my laptop. . .


Answer:compaq presario 2175 processor upgrade

There are two letters after 2175. Could you post those?

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I have an old Compaq and want to increase the RAM to the maximum. Presently have two sticks of 128 SDRAM. I want to know if I can increase the RAM beyond 256 MB. What is the highest possible amount on this machine? I have searched the HP/Compaq sites endlessly but can't find out what the maximum RAM I can install. The only success on the HP/Compaq site was a out of stock stick at 128.

Compaq PC
System Serial Number: 1X07DTZ9R1T7
750 megahertz Intel Pentium III
Board: Compaq 06C0h
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Compaq 686C3 04/18/2001
256 Megabytes Installed Memory
Slot 'DIMM1' has 128 MB
Slot 'DIMM2' has 128 MB

Answer:Memory upgrade for Compaq Presario 5000

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I would like to upgrade the RAM in this dinosaur. What exactly do I need, and where is the cheapest place online I can find it? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: I need to upgrade my compaq presario 5050's RAM. What do I need and what is c

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I have a Compaq Presario V4240US.Windows XP, RAM 2x250 Mb.Processor Intel Pentium M 725 (Dothan), 1.60GHz, Motherboard Intel 309D (0x000000E0-0x00002200).The maximum capacity of RAM is 3GB  Can I increase RAM UP to 4GB. For example -2x2 GB DDR2 PC2-5300S 667MHz CL5,link >> 2x2 GB DDR2 PC2-5300S 667MHz CL5, Type: DDR2Size: 2GBPin Count: 200Speed: PC2-5300 667MhzECC: NoRegistered: NoVoltage: 1.8VCAS Latency: 5Component Configuration: 256Meg x 64                            OR is better suited-2GB DDR2-533 (PC2-4200)-?link >>> 2x2GB DDR2-533 (PC2-4200)Type: DDR2Size: 2GBPin Count: 200Speed: PC2-4200 533MhzECC: NoRegistered: NoVoltage: 1.8VCAS Latency: 4Component Configuration: 256Meg x 64 What is better for this (Compaq Presario V4240US) model?    I understand that only 3GB will be used from 4GB (2x2GB). BUT it's still better than 2GB (2x1GB memory). Or still 2GB, as suggested by --- this is the limit for my Presario V4240US?link:-  Thank you! 

Answer:Ram Upgrade Compaq Presario V4240US up to 4GB-Possible? capa...

Hi: Notebooks with the chipset your model has are limited to a max of 2 x 1 GB of memory. 2 x 2 GB will not work at all.

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I need some help with my compaq on whether i could change my processor to a better one.
i have done some upgrades myself by changing the ram to 2gb and the graphics card to a ati 5670 and the power supply to a 560w.

Heres the link to the computer info:

I would also like some suggestion on a cpu that is a mid-high range processor thks!

Answer:Can i upgrade my processor on my compaq presario Sr1960Ap?

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I have doubled the memory in my laptop and the basic system seems to note the increase.

However, I notice from the memory usage monitor that the usage never exceeds 50% ..... which would suggest the system does not appear to use the extra memory ... there a software / confirhuration thing I need to do in addition to simply adding the memory ......???

I confirm that the basic system seems to note the full memory is present ... its just that the op sys does not seem to use it???


Answer:Compaq presario f500 memory upgrade

Hi -

Let's see what system info files say.

Please run this app -

When it is complete, Windows Explorer will open to your Documents folder and a newly created folder named Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2 will be hilighted.

Zip up the entire folder and attach to your next post.

Regards. . .



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I was recently given a Compaq Presario CQ57 (300 Series)  by a friend running Windows 10 64 Bit.   Processor - AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.30 GHz It was running very slow so I upgraded the Hard Drive to an SSD and increased the RAM to 8GB. I then did a clean install of WIN 10 64 bit. While this has improved the speed a little bit it is nowhere near as fast as I would have expected.  The only software I am running at the moment is McAfee Anti-Virus and Firewall. Does anyone have any suggestions that could still be making it very sluggish. I gather that it is not possible to upgrade the processor. Thank you

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I just installed a simm in the external memory slot for the compaq presior 1200, for my neice.

She didn't have the manual. Her notebook is running with windows 98.

Do we need to anything else besides put the memory in the slot on the bottom of the presario 1200 for it to function. And if so what?

Do we need to change any settings or anything, or will everything happen automatically once I have installed the Simm.

Answer:memory upgrade for compaq presario 1200

Make sure the memory is FOR that Compaq, as generic memory is sometimes not compatible with Compaq computers.

But otherwise, pop it in, put the cover back on, power up... the system may BEEP "MEMORY CHANGE" - then reboot or something... but nothing to it.

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A friend brought me their Compaq Presario SR2173wm running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. (reason: It was too slow for them, I should clean it up / update anti virus and stuff)

I have a workstation set up with confirmed working peripherals and monitor. I plugged in VGA cord, PS2 keyboard, USB mouse and Power cable.

At first, it turned on and I was met with the log on screen. The odd thing is that since the mother board doesn't have a working speaker, it doesn't have beeps. (not even the 1 good beep)

I put the supplied password and it was running really slow. This was late at night, and I decided to work on it in the morning. I let it go to sleep and didn't worry about it. The power light was blinking amber. I went to bed.

Next day, it was completely off! (My other computer was on, and was woken up with a shake of the mouse) This Compaq did not.

I power cycled the computer, even removed the power cord for several minutes.

It turned on, the lights come on, the fans turn, the hard drive spins up, the keyboard's LEDs flashed, but no signal is reaching the monitor. I let it stay like this for over 5 minutes to see if it would finally come on. (since it's a slow PC) Nothing.

Things I have tried to no avail:
confirming VGA cable & montior still work on other systems - they do power cycle the machine re-plug in all the peripheral cords, then turn on opened the case to try other things: reseated the RAM replugged the PSU cables to the Mobo reseated the on... Read more

Answer:Compaq Presario desktop - No Video Output after going to sleep

bios flash? there should be a jumper connecting the bois circuitry, just take that out of its existing position and move it along 1 pin, it should look like this at the moment/
now you need to move that jumper down 1 pin and turn the computer on (it wont do anything when you switch on) turn it off again, move the pin back to how it was and turn back on, the bios should now be flashed and hopefully that should bring back the signal.


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Last year, I did a clean install of Windows Vista Basic 32-bit in this computer and then donated it to a neighbor.

Its motherboard has SiS 760 graphics, but the heatsink on the chip was broken off and I was concerned about overheating, so I installed a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 AGP card.

The computer has been working fine since I set it up.

The neighbor contacted me today about the display alternating between normal size and too large, depending on when and how many times the computer is restarted.

I discovered the display adapter in the Device Manager to be on "Standard VGA Adapter" instead of on "NVIDIA GeForce 6200".

Thinking the neighbor had accidentally uninstalled the driver while uninstalling some other programs, I checked the Programs And Features list and saw it still listed there.

I decided to uninstall the driver and then install a more current version.

To my surprise, the current version and a few older versions refused to install because they detected the graphics device as incompatible.

I know the AGP card hasn't died because the monitor is connected to it and displaying.

I'm really stumped at this point, so I'm hoping someone has a solution.


Answer:Graphics Problem With Compaq Presario SR1320NX Desktop

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I want to perform a Windows repair on a Compaq Presario desktop computer but the person doesn't have an OS CD. I think what Compaq does is put the setup files for windows on a seperate partition so you install it using their recovery console. However, if you do this then it reformats the hard drive no matter what. This is NOT what I want to do. So my question is, if I can get my hands on a Windows XP Home full install CD (The computer came with Home) and enter in the CD key that came on the side of the Compaq, will it work correctly? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Compaq Presario desktop and Windows repair

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New to PC. I have just received a Compaq Pressario SR5113WM and need to install a wireless card. I am not sure what I would be looking for. Type of card and how to install. Thanks.

Answer:Wireless Internet card for Compaq Presario desktop

You need a standard USB wireless device like this:

Install the software and plug it into a USB port when told to by on-screen instructions. Secure the wireless network by providing a password. Done... Simple

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OK guys, im still learning here so be easy on me here.

I have an old Compaq Presario v5000 Desktop, I no longer have the original monitor for the screen, which seemed to some control the sound, ive read in other threads its VIA 646a?.

Anyway, before I get too lost, Can I simply throw in a sound card under the current graphics card, there appears to be a slot here? all the original sound is through the motherboard..

Answer:Compaq Presario v5000 Desktop.. Sound Card?

HP Drivers:

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Hey to all! Since my girlfriends cq61 died, and led blinking gives me CPU failure,  i would like to replace its CPU.I have already taken CQ61 apart and CPU inside was AMD Sempron M120. Since i am replacing it anyway i tought i would put something more powerful in. What CPU-s are supported by my model? I read in this thread That M620 - Turion II Ultra @ 2.5GHz  is supported on some CQ61 models, will it work for me? Is that best i can do?   Best RegardsMix

Answer:Compaq Presario CQ61-420E0 CPU replacement/upgrade

Before you focus in on the CPU I will let you know that it is much more likely the problem is the motherboard than the CPU. 

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I just bought a compaq presario cq5320f computer and i am wanting to upgrade the video card. Im kinda new to the hardware end of things and was wondering if any body had any ideas for a power supply and video card that would be easy on the low budget side of things. Any help would be very much appreciated! Here are my specs as listed on
Brand COMPAQ Series Presario Model CQ5320F(AY030AA#ABA) Recommended Usage Home / Home Office Processor AMD Athlon II X2 240(2.8GHz) Processor Main Features 64 bit Dual Core Processor Cache Per Processor 2MB L2 Cache Memory 3GB DDR3 1333 Hard Drive 500GB SATA Optical Drive 1 SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics with 256MB integrated shared graphics memory. Up to 1407MB Total Available Graphics Memory as allocated by Windows 7 Audio Sound card - Integrated Ethernet 10/100Base-T network interface Keyboard Compaq USB keyboard Mouse Compaq USB optical mouse Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Motherboard Chipset NVIDIA nForce MCP61P Chipset CPU CPU Type Athlon II X... Read more

Answer:compaq presario CQ5320f upgrade video card?

Try the Windows Compatibility Center for finding compatible hardware:

Windows Outreach Team

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I have a Compaq Presario Model No. V2036AP Notebook. It?s Product No. is PP967PA#UUF. Other details are,Processor :- Intel CentrinoRAM :- Upgraded to 2 GB (1 GB x 2)OS :- Upgraded to Windows 7 Home Edition, SP-1, 32 Bit The original HDD which came with the Laptop crashed 2 days back (November 01, 2015) and since then I have been searching like crazy on the net regarding upgrading to a SSD, but did not find any relevant information about my particular model referred above and hence this post. My queries are:- Option-1, can I fit an Internal SSD of 256 or 128 GB?If yes, then what should be the specifications for the SSD?What modifications will I have to do for Option-1? Option-2, can I fit an External SSD and operate it through one of the 3 USB Ports?What modifications will I have to do for Option-2? Option-3, can I fit an External HDD and operate it through one of the 3 USB Ports?What modifications will I have to do for Option-3? Option-4, can I fit an Internal HDD of 256 or 128 GB?What should be the specifications for the Internal HDD for Option-4? I am really interested in operating my above Laptop through SSD only, so if somebody can give a solution to that effect it will be very very helpful. Waiting for your early responses & Thanks In Advance! Warm Regards LUCKYSTRIKE


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Answer:Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook/ Laptop SSD Upgrade

No the issue is the type of hard drive and how it plugs in,  and you have this kind   And an SSD is this kind:  See the difference in the interface? So it is a round plug/square hole kind of thing. I could go on technically about different types of storage controllers and how SSDs optimize speed but the different plug-ins is a deal-killer from the get-go.  About all you can do if you want to speed up hard drive performance is to find a 7200 rpm PATA (top picture) hard drive which will be significantly faster than a 4200 or 5400 rpm kind, which is likely what you had/have. I actually bought a supply of 60 gig 7200 rpm IDE/PATA laptop drives I use in my hobby of refurbishing older laptops. I don't want to sell to an HP Forum member (kind of a conflict of interest) but I can probably steer you to the place I got them if you will send me a PM.  My real best advice is that your laptop if it were a car would be entitled to have "Antique" plates and is actually just a little newer than some of the "old" laptops in my "vintage" collection. The market is very buyer-friendly and you can get a laptop that will run rings around yours for maybe $300 these days and will allow you to use a modern operating system with some semblance of security. I don't think yours could run anything newer than XP.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I was wondering if the following are able to be put into a compaq sr5110nx. Mind you I will be either getting a new HDD or formating the one in it and putting Windows XP Home Edition as the OS,and getting rid of Vista.


Thanks so much for responses!!

Answer:Solved: Compaq Presario SR5110NX Upgrade (And downgrade)

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Hello, I want to upgrade from the E-300 dual core 1.30ghz processor currently installed in my Compaq Presario CQ57-426SA. Can you please provide a list of compatible AMD Processors I can install into this notebook PC? Thank you.

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Answer:Compaq Presario CQ57-426SA processor AMD E-300 upgrade

Hi, It is an AMD processor: Model number    E-300CPU part number    EME300GBB22GV is an OEM/tray microprocessorSocket    BGA413BGA processors, like this one, are soldered on a motherboard, as a result, upgrading or replacing them means buying a new motherboard which means buying a new computer. Regards.

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well here it is I just put a down payment on this machine at walmart and then I find out there was an e machine at another walmart that was like 3 dollars more plus it have a dvd writer and dvd rom.

So you can see I would be alittle ticked but salave

Anyway I would like too know if any one has worked with computer and is it a HT technology in it I know it dont say it does but this has to be good for the speed unless they really did change the way the pc clock is clocked now.

If anyone can at least tell me will this be a good computer too burn movies and edit.

There is one more thing is there a way too disable everything that starts up when you first turn it on and is there a way too partition the 80 Gig HDD

I reall just want too know should I have just waited just a little longer for the comps too drop.

Thats cool I am real excited too get this.

It will be my ffirst Brand new computer at this speed 3.2.

Compaq Presario SR1803WM Desktop PC w/ Intel Celeron D 351 3.20 GHz.

Thanks in advance if I dont get back too this thread right away.

Answer:Compaq Presario SR1803WM Desktop PC w/ Intel Celeron D 351 3.20 GHz need info

Wal-Mart / Celeron / Emachines

Those three words don't make up a good computer for anything, except for a waste of money. Get a good quality custom computer for video/audio editing and DVD burning.

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Hello C.H, I can't seem to get my cd drive to burn some files from my documents.  I opened up the cd drive from my computer and moved the data over to the cd drive.  Put a disk into the cd drive. Clicked copy to cd and got the error message (Please insert a writable disk into drive.  The cd I'm using is a (Memorex cd-rw ultra speed 700mb) and I tried a Hypermedia cd recordable multi speed 700mb. neither worked. Could some one tell me what I'm doing wrong?   PhinsTrain.

Answer:Compaq presario desktop (Please insert a writable disk into drive)

Possibly drive is faulty.

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i have a compact preserio pc, about 8 yrs old, I am unable to remove a disk. the tray opens, and disk stays inside. I have opened the front cover, can see the disk, can move it back a bit, but doesn't seem to be enough space to grab it with pliers. can you assist. is it a matter of removing the entire tray. thanks.

Answer:CD disc stuck in 8-year-old Compaq Presario desktop tray

hi. I fixed the problem. my fault. I didn't place the disk on the tray properly when loading. my pc told me that by not completely closing, but in a seniors moment, I automatically pushed the tray in. this cause the disk to slide over, and past the spindle. I could see the disk, but couldn't grasp it, till I had an eureka moment. I wrapped some sticky side out duct tape around the blade of a long knife, being careful to secure the end towards the handle with sticky side down duct tape. then I simply guided the knife under the disk, with sticky side up under the disk, and removed it. another use for duct tape. usually duct tape is placed on my mouth. thanks for all of your assistance, as I didn't see the same solution already posted. but I am happy anyway.message edited by bobmackie

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I acquired this desktop about 2 weeks ago. It's 3 - 4 years old and came with Windows 98SE originally installed, but the owner upgraded it to Windows XP SP1 several months ago. The file system was left in FAT32 format and was not converted to NTFS format.

The Western Digital Caviar WDC100AA hard drive is rated at 10 GB, but shows the following in My Computer:

HARD( C: ) - 7.35 GB

SYSTEM_SAV( D: ) - 1.94 GB

Other than the files in the Recycle Bin and in System Restore containing the same information in both partitions, everything else appears to be Compaq-related files that are years old.

What would be the best way to consolidate all 9.29 GB into the C: partition and do away with the D: partition, and what would be the best program to use?

Don't tell me to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch because that's not what I want to do.

Answer:A Question About Hard Drive In Compaq Presario 5900T Desktop

Look at Partition Magic to do that job.

Don't assume all the data will be safe in doing it, backup beforehand.

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I have an old Compaq Presario MV540 that I use just for games. It's running on Windows XP.
I had two user accounts on the computer that were password protected. Somehow, my lovely brother figured out my password and got into my account. He then changed my password along with his password. Then he forgot both of them (what a genius). We tried unsuccessfully to figure out the passwords for sometime. When that didn't work, he kept pressing random buttons (he just keeps getting smarter) and somehow, he set a COMPUTER password. So when we turn on the computer, it won't even go to the account page now. It has a black screen and asks us to type in a "Computer password" which he doesn't know. I'd like to get this ordeal over with and just reset the whole computer (nothing on there is worth saving anyway). We don't have any recovery CDs or the Windows XP CDs anymore as we had thrown them out when we got a Mac for general usage.
How can we resolve this? Can I do anything without a recovery CD? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Answer:Need to reset my old Compaq Presario Desktop MV540 to factory settings

Hi and Welcome,
It sounds as if it's the BIOS p/w that's been re-set in which case this may not work. But ... if you can boot from a CD why not try and install Ubuntu? A free & legal Linux operating system? It would make the machine usable.

How to install version has changed, but method the same.

Hope this is some help?


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so i want to upgrade my motherboard because i wanna upgrade my processor but the processor i want is a AM2 Socket and my motherboard is a 939 socket can someone give me a little help what motherboard is compatible with my system and can replace my ASUS A8AE-LE on my Compaq Presario SR1630NX Desktop PC?

Answer:Solved: HELP!! Motherboard upgrade for ED878AA Compaq Presario SR1630

With all the parts you are looking at changing,you would probably
be better off buying a new computer case and building from
If you change the motherboard and cpu,you won't be able
to use the oem operating system that came with your computer.
Buying a case can keep you from having to deal with the
proprietary connections in the compaq.
You should be able to use the drives from the compaq.
That way you can use whatever motherboard fits your new case.

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on my compaq presario sr1630nx i have a power supply running a ATX-300-12Z Rev:.BD 300W and i wanna upgrade to one of these three but im not sure how to tell if they would be a direct fit to my system or are they all one size fits all. can i get someones advise? 550

Answer:Solved: power supple upgrade for compaq presario sr1630nx

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Since it was released, I have had a Presario 900 (915US to be exact) with an AMD Athlon 1800+ processor. I just finished putting it back together after cleaning, and now have the interest in replacing this Socket A processor with something faster. I am, however, concerned about installing a processor that generates more heat than the heatsink in my laptop was designed to handle. Also, I am not certain the motherboard will support a newer chip, as the repair manual lists this as the fastest chip this series shipped with.What would you recommend?   -  Don't even try! You'll melt something!  -  You can try, but it probably wont work.  -  Go for it!

Answer:Upgrade AMD Athlon 1800+ (Socket A) In Compaq Presario 900 Laptop

I cant find anything faster

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I would be very gratefull if some could tell me how to get hold of the most recent BIOS for my rather old laptop. I have read the manual on line but there can apparently be a number of different mother boards for the V6000 series. It is a Compaq V6000 with p/n RM484EA#ABU and s/n CNF6451536 Thanks in advance, Simon

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Hello tech forums folks,

I came here to find out if I can upgrade my Compaq Presario 2100 notebook with an ATI Radeon IGP 320m graphics thingy to something better so I can play World of Warcraft. I have the latest drivers, but they don't help. The graphics card/chip thingy doesn't display any terrain correctly and causes tremendous lag while playing.

Oh ye gods of technology, please help me. If I can upgrade the graphics card, please tell me how, and if I cannot, then, well...


Answer:Compaq Presario 2100 notebook graphics card upgrade?

I don't think you can, according to
i see no graphics hardware for you.
Go to
and make sure your exact 2100 was selected, there seem to be a few varieties of that one.

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I'm not sure if this belongs in Drivers or here, but I'm having an issue with the video drivers on my laptop. It's an HP Compaq Presario V6000 series,v6205 according to the limited tech support I received.
The laptop was purchased in '06 and originally ran Windows Vista, however I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit a couple of days ago, and have had an issue finding compatible drivers, namely a driver for my nVidia graphics card. HP's website has the drivers for XP and Vista, but want to charge me to get 7 compatible drivers (59.99 for a one-time use). I've read on other forums that it is possible to take the non-manufacturer drivers and modify the .INF files to work, but I'm inexperienced with that sort of stuff. Can anyone offer some advice or walk me through this? The card is an nVidia GeForce 6150. If there are any other details I've left out, I'd be happy to add them. Thanks in advance.
EDIT: In the event that I can't secure the proper drivers, does anyone know if Linux is an option for such a machine? Or would the same driver issues be present?

Answer:Compaq Presario Windows 7 upgrade, can't use nVidia card drivers

Try these drivers,


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I cannot access the BIOS Setup screen on my Compaq Desktop SR5410F with Windows Vista.
I installed a PCI Multi I/O card for a parrallel port I need to control another machine.
For my machine I need to configure the Parallel port to EPP 1.9.
I restarted the machine and pressed F10 to access the Setup screen but the BIOS portion of the screen is all grayed out and will not let me scroll down to it.
I have tried all different kinds of other keys to access with no success.

Answer:Cannot access BIOS on Compaq Presario Desktop SR5410F with Windows Vista

often because machine is UEFI capable and you need to get in though advanced tools menu
seen this in windows 7 8 and 8.1 but not vista

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A friend of mine brought me her Compaq Presario S5140WM Desktop PC for help installing a new graphics card. What I found was that her computer was soo infected with viruses and spyware that some of the files needed to install the new drivers was corrupted and the hardware driver install failed. I ran an online virus scan from Trend Micro (Housecalls) and used Spybot S&D and Ad-aware SE to clean up what I could. After all that, I ran another online scan using Panda Active Scan and the results of that scan showed that she still had spyware and a number of Trojans which Housecalls was not detecting. I recommend that she back up all critical files and run the HP recovery program which was located on it's own partition on her HDD. It seems that she must have encountered some sort of a problem with the recovery because Windows now reports that she has less than 100MB of HDD space available on an 80 gig HDD.

She really doesn't want to go through the process of running the recovery again. Is there a way of correcting this by other means? Before she ran the System Recovery, she had approximately 41 gigs free on the HDD. From what she is telling me, it sounds like Windows created a complete system backup that was not deleted once System Recovery was completed.

What do you think.


Answer:Low HDD space after running HP system recovery on Compaq Presario S5140WM Desktop PC

I would run the recovery again, and pay special attention for option to format the drive before installing windows.

HP (I believe) calls it a destructive install - as it wipes the partition removing all data from it.

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