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Hosting a website at your house. Good/Bad idea? Hardware questions as well.

Question: Hosting a website at your house. Good/Bad idea? Hardware questions as well.

I've been kickin around the idea of making a website and I want to host it at my house. I don't expect many hits realistically, I can't see their being more than 10-30 hits a day at it's peak. I'm not too concerned about bandwidth and upload speed. It's not going to be more than 1-3 pages with mostly text with some pictures, so I won't be hosting any downloads.

Do any of you host websites at your house? What are the major security concerns? I plan on using Ubuntu 9.04 for it. This is the hardware I was thinking of using, I didn't think it needed to be that powerful and I wanted it to use the least amount of energy possible since it'd be 24/7. - Winsis Wi-01 Black SGCC / ABS Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case 200W Power Supply - Computer Cases - Intel BOXD945GCLF Intel Atom processor 230 Intel 945GC Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo - Motherboard / CPU / VGA Combo - Crucial 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory - Seagate ST9120817AS 120GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive - Laptop Hard Drives - Sony Optiarc Black 8X DVD-ROM 24X CD-R 24X CD-RW 24X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA Slim Combo - CD / DVD Burners

I would assume an Atom would be sufficient.

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Preferred Solution: Hosting a website at your house. Good/Bad idea? Hardware questions as well.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Hosting a website at your house. Good/Bad idea? Hardware questions as well.

really to host a website it isn't difficult at all, grab a good copy of ubuntu server edition and apache. the only thing that really limits you is bandwidth. Also if you don't plan on getting many hits then hardware is a minimum. The atom processor would do just fine in that case, but if you ever got a lot more traffic then it might become a problem.

I used to host a website from my house on a modded xbox...worked fantastically.

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What are the pros and cons of hosting my own website (other than it sounds fun)? What software and hardware would be required?It would be overkill since the site I'm building is small and doesn't have much that is complicated - maybe 100 jpeg photos, and a few video clips, and a searchable database.Christopher

Answer:Hosting my own website - is it a good idea?

It's very difficult to host a site on your own computer, would mean you need a fixed IP address from your ISP - most of which don't allow you to run a computer as a server, would mean leaving your computer switched on all the time and has obvious security risks from hackers. It's far better to go with a reliable hosting company like click here and leave all the hassle of ensuring your website is online and working to them.Matt

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Know just a little bit about this type of networking soo.
Moved into a new house and each room has cat5 ports.
Got into the box with all the wires and the guy said that the panel that is wired up is not the correct one. The way it is wired up now it acts like one long cable, which totally sux. I can't communicate with any rooms.
So my question is, is this the correct panel that I need to swith out with? Cat5e Wall Mount Patch Panel 568
Not worried too much about it fitting all perfect.

Here is what is in there now.

I can fix all the wires, cuz they are all mixed up with telephone that's on the left.

Once it get all plugged in, do the wires out the front go into a switch does the panel act like a switch?

Answer:Wired House Hardware Questions

You need to repunch everything onto a patch panel. Mount the patch panel and then you will run cat5/6 from each patch panel to your data switch (Hopefully mounted within a foot or two). Then you have a network.

That existing box was setup so could punch an analog/POTS line down to pins 4/5 of that first or second 110 block, then provide dial tone to all the rooms that have a jack.

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HiI'm in the process of doing research prior to building my own website. The site will be essentially an informative one with maybe a couple of dozen links off the home page to different (related) subjects. After seeing advice given on this and other forums I'm of a mind to use Adobe Dreamweaver for the build. My question (one of a million going around in my head at the moment)is this: Is it a good idea to have these linked pages "Blogger" pages as they are free. I ask this because I assume the cost of hosting a site with many pages is significsntly more than a site with only one page. I must emphasise that this is assumption based on very little knowledge.Also will there be a difference in the loading times and would they automatically open in a new window etc.Thank youNot Waving.

Answer:My First Website - are Blogger pages a good idea?

The cost of hosting a website depends on the package you get frm the hosting provider.In broad terms you will be charging depends on the following:Storage availabilityBandwidth useageNumber of email addresses availableNumber of domains to be hostedNumber of sub domains requiredShared or dedicated serversand a few others...I don't know of any company that limits the number of pages you can have, although anyone is welcome to point one out to me!So, the number of pages you have is likely to be inconsequential as long as you don't go over your storage allowance.There are companies that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, which may be suitable for you depending on exactly what you want from you site.

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On my Website I have decided to put the disqus commenting system (as for feedback) in the footer of the site. I think it is a good idea, but I'm not too sure if it may turn out a bit confusing? What is your opinions? As for a professional site kind of point of view, a site you'd go to every day such as here, what do you think of this idea? Unique, clever, convenient, confusing, not a good idea?
I feel I am improving such a lot with my websites, and looking back at the very first website I made back in 2010, to how I am now making websites, I just don't recognise it as a site I may of made lol. I know I am using website builders so I'm not actually making the site, I'm just well doing everything other than the coding and having it on my own server, so I'm basically designing and //i think I am getting better with designing my sites.
Thanks for any feedback, (hoping you FE as you are experienced with websites so you will be able to give a clear answer if having the commenting system how I've put it is a good idea)
Jase Wolf

Answer:Could I have some opinions on if this is good idea or may turn out a bit confusing for my website?

What is it that you expect people to comment on?
One of the problems with inviting feedback in this way is that you'll be open to abuse. You're running the risk that people will simply use false email addresses, and leave inappropriate messages.
If you want to invite discussions about the subject matter on your site you would be better to use a forum system that requires a registration process.

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I plan to build a system with an Intel Core 2 E6600 with a NVidia 8800 GTX and was wondering if there is any big problem with running my copy of Windows 2000 Professional I already have. I still use it with my 3Ghz Pentium 4 and it's been perfect for me.

If it's not wise to run Windows 2000 on this new hardware is it better to get Windows 2003 64-bit or Windows XP 64-bit and why? I pretty much use my computer to play games like Half Life 2, Flight Simulator 2004, Doom 3 and to watch movies and look at pr0n.

Answer:Windows 2000 on new hardware, is it a good idea?

FM 3370 said:

I plan to build a system with an Intel Core 2 E6600 with a NVidia 8800 GTX and was wondering if there is any big problem with running my copy of Windows 2000 Professional I already have. I still use it with my 3Ghz Pentium 4 and it's been perfect for me.

If it's not wise to run Windows 2000 on this new hardware is it better to get Windows 2003 64-bit or Windows XP 64-bit and why? I pretty much use my computer to play games like Half Life 2, Flight Simulator 2004, Doom 3 and to watch movies and look at pr0n.Click to expand...

Boy that pr0n is gonna look great with that 8800GTX. </heavy_heavy_sarcasm>

2K had it's time in the sun, now it's past. Get XP SP2 on there and you'll be fine. As most others will tell you, with any 64 bit OS you're going to encounter issues with gaming and drivers. I personally don't have any issues at all on this Core 2 Duo running at 1.66 GHz and using Intel GMA950 onboard graphics, so that monster you're going to build would absolutely scream with XP or Vista for most intents and purposes.

But sticking with 2K at this stage in the "game" of Windows and computer hardware would be like putting racing stripes and a Recaro seat on a Segway...

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whats a good, cheap website where i can get ram and a video card?

Answer:good website for buying hardware is one to check.

I also check and These two sites link to a lot of other sites that actually sell the products. Prices and shipping aren't always right, and there are some places that are not very good that they link to. If you use these sites, make sure that you check the feedback on the sites, and see what kind of feedback and how much feedback the site has received.

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I have a Panasonic DVD Video Recorder and i have worked out how to transfer my VHS tapes onto a blank dvd but how do i know how much space i have left on the blank dvd once i have burned on one film and the second question is once i have burned my vhs tape onto my blank dvd, i have another program on my computer this time called CD Stomper Pro which allows me to print out the centre inserts and jewel case inserts for a blank dvd and i can use any image i want, but one thing i can't find is a good website that has movie film images just like the one's you get on the dvd's you buy from the shops, where do they get the images to put on there dvd's? : For example The Godfather movie, if i burn it from vhs onto dvd where will i get the picture for the centre of the blank dvd, which will be the same or nearly the same as the cover of the vhs tape.

Hope somebody out there can help, thanks in advance.

Answer:2X Questions on Disc Capacity and on a good website.

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Hi all,

I had a question on hosting email using exchange server 2003 in house. Right now our company uses godaddy to host our email and then POP's it to our outlook. I have all of the necessary equipment/software to do this in house, I just don't know where to start. Basically, how do I migrate over everyones emails, contacts, etc. I know how to create a pst file in outlook, I just wanted to make sure that is correct. Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have a website that I made with Front Page 2000.

What I need now is a free website hosting site that supports Front Page extensions.

Also the hosting site must not add add banners to my site/pages. Or at least the banner should be as small as possible at the top of the page.

I have been searching different hosting sites, but most do NOT support Front Page extensions on their servers.:dead:

I need to find a free hosting service that supports FP 2000 extensions.

Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Free website hosting for Front Page 2000 website? Is there one?

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Dropbox + Sugarsync - running both at the same time - good idea or bad idea?
Will they both be thrashing my machine and eating up lots of CPU like a hungry monster?


Answer:Running Sugarsync + Dropbox at the same time - good idea or bad idea?

You can be specific about what each actually synchronizes so I don't see that as a CPU issue. However if using both over the Internet with one of the more substantial data plans to sync, I would wonder which gets priority or how well they share the upload bandwidth. Wouldn't be so good if one was always grabbing it to sync in the off-load times and the other just kept waiting and waiting for its turn.

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Hi there

For a couple of weeks I have not been able to access our business website or the hosting company website from our main office. I can access all other websites.

I can ping the website with no loss through a command prompt. Other people can access the website no problem and I can access it fine from my pc at home.

I have checked the hosts file and the address is not blocked.

I have contacted the ISP and the hosting company and they can find nothing wrong, so I am assuming the problem lies with me.

Does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening?

Many thanks in advance

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Question: website/hosting

is it possible to have a web site (just one or two pages) without having anyone "host" it - this would be just a personal thing for family/friends to look at. I aim to use software that "does everything" for me to make it as easy as possible, would that software (not chosen yet) also put the page on the net at the click of a button? Any advice gratefully received. I did have the idea of password protecting the site and saw a post a few days ago about that which was very helpful.


often has space specifically for this. Or else there are free sites such as piczo click here or myspace click here or - if you want it a bit more grown up - lycos tripod click here

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Question: Website Hosting

I'm looking to set up a basic website.Looking to get .com/ & .netBasic website nothing to fancy + hosting for a year + .com email.So who's the best to go with within the UK?

Answer:Website Hosting

this is probably the most common question, and there dozens of threads in the archive. A search will reveal all.

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A friend uses Microsoft for webhosting her barn holiday letting business. Microsoft is now switching to Office 365 and this entails a charge of 48 pa. for hosting and the ability to configure ones own website. Is there a better alternative? Presumably she wuld need a web hosting server and then require some web design software. Any ideas/suggestions plesae?

Answer:Website Hosting Etc

To be honest I'd need some more details to answer this one. How is the website currently managed? Is it custom written if so in what language and if not what's it built around? Sharepoint, Wordpress, Joomla etc?
If you can answer these I'm sure we can see if there's any form of work around.

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Question: website hosting

I want to be able to host domains for people. I have a couple of questions:
1. How do I do this?
2. Do I need to be a registrar or whatever they call it?
3. If someone registers at then will I be able to host for him? Or does he have to transfer?

Thanks for any that help!

Answer:website hosting

All that you need is a reseller account with some one who is into hosting. I can provide you with one. You don't need to be a registrar. I can set up a reseller account within 48 hours.

Then after logging in with user name and password, you can start making hosting accounts and giving it to people.

You can host for domain names registered with or any other. All that you need to update is nameservers (DNS) depending on what your hosting service provider gives you.

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Question: website hosting

I was wondering if someone could tell me a good place to get my website hosted. I was also wondering if someone could give a breif description of what it takes to get it hosted and where i buy the domain name etc.

Also is there any way for me to host my own website from my home comp?


Answer:website hosting

Double Post

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Question: Hosting Website

I am getting cable soon and I was wondering if there is a way to host a website off my computer.


Answer:Hosting Website

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Question: Website Hosting

HiCan anyone recommend any web hosting service which can take 25-35 Gb Bandwith and is less than 200 per year??ThanksAkbar

Answer:Website Hosting

Is that bandwidth figure yearly or monthly ?

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Question: Hosting Website

I have had a website built in PrestaShop and it appears that there is a problem having it hosted by 123 Reg without a great deal of problems according to my web designer.I have put a number of question to the hosting site and am awaiting a fuller answer.Has anyone used PrestaShop and 123Reg and if so are they aware of any problems?

Answer:Hosting Website

You say your web designer says there are a great deal of problems, but what are those problems? PrestaShop uses a combination of php and MySql, which many content management systems use. I can't see any particular reason why that should cause a "great deal of problems".I note that PrestaShop says on their site there are issues with certain versions of php and Mysql.Perhaps that's where the problem lays. That said, I use MySql version 5.0.51a and php version 5.2.6-1 on my Debian server without issues, albeit with WordPress.I appreciate I'm not giving you a direct answer to your question, as I don't use PrestaShop and quite honestly, before your post, had never heard of it. But without knowing what your problems are likely to be, it's difficult to make any reasonable stab at the likely outcome.If it's simply an incompatibility of the versions of php, MySql and PrestaShop, you may have no choice, but to use a different host that is compatible with PrestaShop.

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Question: Website hosting

i recently had to reformat my computer because of a virus i got most things i needed but i lost my favourites list and there was a hosting site in there which looked quite good i was gonna sign up end of august but i no longer have the adress. could any one help?as far as i can remember it had 3 hosting plans priced at 19.99,29.99,39.99 per year not sure on the first one but the middle one had summat like 100 MB 1/2GB bandwidthmy sqlphpaspcgi etccontrol pannela load of stuff like that at the bottom of the list it had an extra option at 5.99 per year which was like another control panelthe company was based in yorkshire or the surrounding area and its domain name had something like at the end it was .uk.something anywaycan anyone help me find this site or a similar one?? thanks for reading!

Answer:Website hosting

Just replying to get this in my postings.I am with one and one at the moment but this looks interesting.It could be worth changing I shall keep my eye on this just incase someone comes up the the site you are looking for.Meantime I shall do a search in google to see what I come up with.M

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Question: Website Hosting

I don't know if this is the correct forum for this but....I am looking for a site to do some website hosting for me. I checked out GoDaddy but the package I was looking at only offer 5GB of storage and I would like somewhere around 10 if possible. My main issue is the cost of something like that, does anyone have a good reliable site that offers between 5-10GB but is fairly cheap. I searched Google but had a hard time finding anything that seemed good.

Answer:Website Hosting

Do you want "free" or paid hosting? You have searched using Google and found nothing? You have to be kidding right?

Look here:

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Question: website hosting

I was wondering if someone could tell me a good place to get my website hosted. I was also wondering if someone could give a breif description of what it takes to get it hosted and where i buy the domain name etc.

Also is there any way for me to host my own website from my home comp?


Answer:website hosting

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Question: Website Hosting

what does it take to host my own site? i have a DSL modem, and an ISP. can i make one of my old 486 comps into a server?
would i need linux, or can it be done under windows (i dont have NT though).

Answer:Website Hosting

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My family is just about done building our new house. I manged to somehow talk my parents into getting the entire house wired with cat5 (they went one step further and did dual coax and dual cat5...) One ethernet for phone and security sytems and one for the network.

All the wireing leads to a main closet and I am looking for a good 16 port switch to use. Would a switch that supports gigabit on all ports be worth the extra cost? What about jumbo frames? Would one with the only gigabit port being the server uplink be a better choice?

I need the ability to stream audio and video files and every now and then host games for friends (nothing long term).



Answer:New House, New Hardware

What do you plan on plugging into this? Like, AP's, your laptop, an Xbox, etc.

100mb is fine for streaming audio and video BTW.

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Hi Dear folks, Is there any free website available in internet to check live view of my house? Thankshi folks what is new!

Answer:Available website for live view of my house!

That would be very useful for busybodies wanting to spy on others. Thank goodness that no such thing exists.

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My new house is wired for cat 5 and I was wondering what the benefits of this are. There's a panel in the master closet that is supposed to connect into it. I'm wondering if I can get a cable modem and maybe a router and wire the whole house in different rooms to plug into the cat 5 wall outlets. If not, I'll have to set up a wireless network. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Cat 5 wired house questions

Most new homes in my area are using Cat 5 cable for Telephone, as that is 4 pair wiring, 4 telephone numers in the house you can have.

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Okay, i have probably simple questions about wireless. I am getting the 3M Charter Cable internet service, not the 384k service. What i want to know is what type of wireless do i need to not bottleneck the computers running wirelessly. Would wireless G be okay for this (or do i need the super G, or what not)?? I want to be able to surf and dl at the speed i am paying for. Just a little info about my setup. I will have one computer (XP pro) running downstairs by the cable modem that will not be wireless, and two computers upstairs that will be wireless. I am thinking about either d-link or belkin for my wireless needs, are these okay brands or should i get something else?? Also does the wireless routers also have at least one port where i can connect my downstairs pc to or do i need a router to do this?

Answer:Wireless for my house.. I have some questions

i think that most any wireless roughter you buy today will run at no less than 11mbs. i dont know about that internet service, but i envy you if you can bottleneck 11mbs up and down.

edit: any wireless roughter will have a port where you can connect a lan/cat5 cable to it

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A friend asked me to build a website for his girlfriend to sell her wares so I'd like a free site that's business oriented to get them going and give them a taste of what's involved to get eyes on their products, the lady is smart though.

Keep it simple please, besides there's no way I could ever build a site from scratch so stay away from that.

Answer:Free website hosting


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Hey everyone hope this is the right spot to put this if not im sorry. Anyway I have an old pc which at the moment my dad is using, can I use that pc to host my own website so that ppl can look at at sites like this.

Here is the my olld pc specs...

AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Jetway V500DAP Via Chipset.
Generic 512mb ram.
Radeon 9600XT videocard.
WinXp pro
40Gb IDE harddrive.
standard psu keyboard and mouse also monitor.

also what I mean by hosting my own website is I want to do everything myself like editing it,updating, etc etc I dont want anyone except me building this site. and what kind of networking stuff do I need to get the website to be on the net, I have an 1port adsl modem with USB and ethernet can I connect the ethernet to the old pc while having the USB connection in my gaming pc.

and yes I an a complete nOOb at this so bare with me.


Answer:hosting a personal website with this pc.

Hmm, your asking for information on being a webserver owner, network admin, hardware specialist, and web developer all in one. Well, I hope you have a pen and paper available. This looks like its gonna be a long topic.

To me, this have been a wonderful dream of mine to have my own webserver and run a website. I have so far had to learn how to do this stuff for as cheap as possible. I am currently learning how to run Apache, MySQL, and PHP. I also have had previous networking training from reading the books my brother, the network admin, brought home. I have had lots of experiences setting up home networks for people through routers, switches, and such. Learning tcp/ip, port forwarding, trigger ports, etc. I have responsibilities to run a small website. Its just basic HTML, but I have reciently been given to the task to learn using Java Script and CSS. These all sound useful and will hopefully help me in the future job outlook.

With that being said, I have been working on all these projects for my own personal use for over 2 years now. I am a slow learner. At times it easy to pickup stuff, other times I have to read it 6-7 times to get it correct. Unfortunately getting the answers in one post on a message board seems a bit tough. I would suggest that you post what you know so far now on these subjects so that we can target the specific areas to help you out. I will be glad to pipe up when ever I have that one answer that I actually know.

(*note to all... Read more

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hey guys I'm wanting to host a couple websites and maybe a few in the future and I heard was the best.

Does anyone know if they allow multiple domains?

It says unlimited bandwidth, but I couldn't find anything on more details.

Thanks guys.

Answer:Question about website hosting


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I operate a small cleaning company and recently registered a couple of domain names. I would like to get a site up and running, I also need a host.
There are so many sites making many different promises and claims.
It is very difficult to determine which is legit.
I nearly bought into 'site build it' I did some research and had a change of heart, ha.
Can someone please refer me to a reliable, legit way to build a site and find a host?
These questions may be a bit lightweight for computer "savvy" geeks but this "not so savvy" geek is having an issue in sorting it all out.
I am a single mom also raising a granddaughter, I employ 3 other single mom's and look forward to expanding. We are hard workers and I believe a good website will not only make us appear more professional but also bring in more clients.
How do I go about beginning a blog?
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out.
I have come to trust the opinions and suggestions of 'Major Geeks' over the years, which is why I turned to ya this time.

Answer:please help. website building and hosting

Who did you register your domain names with?

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Is it possible to host three web servers through a Linksys router, using a single static IP address assigned by my ISP? How would I go about doing this?


Answer:Website Hosting with Router

You would have to run each server on a different port. You can define this in most Web Server software.

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hi ive been learning html and think i no enough to now make my first site but wanted some opinions on what would be the FREE service to use to host my site and also domain thanks

Answer:website hosting ,domains

Domain Names will cost you money i'm afraid so you cant make it totally free. You can however use such things as click here as a address. Hosting you can use things such as to host it. Best Wishes...

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My boss wants a good website hosting site that offers over 400MB of storage, good bandwidth etc...Googling doesn't help much, there's so much out there. Does anyone here have some sites they could offer as possibilities?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Answer:Looking for Website hosting service

Owned by Mike Cermak, the owner of this website. I have several websites hosted with them, and there isn't anyone better with service, speed, and reliability. Excellent rates.

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I am looking at hosting my own website on my home server. What I need to know is would this affect my 10mb Broadband speed in any way, with users accessing my website and my family + me using the internet as well.

Answer:Website Hosting at Home

of doing it (and it's pretty easy in any case), there's no good reason for trying to run a web server at home.

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My daughter and I want to set up a website for her kart racing. We have no design software and saw the 1and1 package that includes Frontpage 2003. Does anyone know if this is a complete version on disk or is it just a download with just enough to get a site built. Also what do they mean by F/P extensions.Any help and advice on this or other packages would be appreciated.

Answer:Design and hosting a new website

and yes, you will receive a CD. The FrontPage 2003 offer is for the full version, so you have no need to worry about functionability.Frontpage extensions are server-side components that are installed by a web host. The extensions enable the more advanced FP facilities - such as web-forms, hover buttons,discussion forums and animated test effects - to work. You can publish a FrontPage site to a server without the extensions, but the special components won't work.I wouldn't delay too long with this decision, the 1&1 promotion is only valid while stocks last, and it's been running a while now.

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I am looking for a web hosting service that allows my website accessibility via World Wide Web. It should handle the whole process of domain registration and parking in addition of providing me a web based control panel to manage my website. Please recommend if you are aware of any web hosting service provider in UK that will suit me. Thanks!

Answer:Web hosting service for my website.

Well there are many web hosting service providers in UK. You did not mention the type of domain you want to register. I would recommend you click here as the web hosting service you are looking for. I am using this service for my personal website. It offers best prices on domain registration and transfers in UK. You just have to choose your domain name and check its availability after which, you can rely on the b1hosting service for the domain registration and it?s parking. It also provides a powerful and easy to use web-based control panel which you can use to manage your website. I hope this would help you.

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can I do this using the IIS? if so how? and are there any step by step guides out there?

Answer:Hosting my website on my computer?

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Hi all, im looking for some info. I want to build a website and get it live on the net, ive been intouch with hosting companys for info but they havent really told me alot. what i want to know is- if i go thriugh a host- do they supply the web space to build a site, do they supply webdesign tools and how do i get the site live on the net??? any info would be much appreciatedwestham24

Answer:building a website and hosting

A host provides webspace will however offer free webdesign software and tools + a easy site builder.Nither will build a website for you, unless you pay a webdesign company.

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Hi all,
I would like to know if it is possible for me to upload a website I created in Adobe Muse to 1&1 web hosting or do I have to use their built in website builder?
Aaron G.

Answer:Can I upload a website to 1&1 hosting?

Their FAQ's are usually helpful see Intro to web hosting
For your own site then you will have to use a FTP client.

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My website is hosted privately on a friend's server. It is becoming increasingly unreliable and I want to find another host, but still keep my domain name, for which I pay an annual fee. Is there any way that I can get free cloud hosting for my files and still have them accessible as a website?

Answer:cloud hosting of my website

What I do, although it may not be feasible for you, is to use my ISP's free webspace for my site and then have my personal domain direct to that site.

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Hello friends.
I decided to start my own site just for the hell, maby also to learn a bit of HTML and Flash :giddy: but I am not interested in that "angelfire" crap.
Now my question(s) are:
I understand that I first have to register a domain name
Second, I have to register with a web hosting service such as
But my real question is, whats the difference between the "Windows Hosting" va "Unix Hosting"
Another thing I wish to know, if I register both a domain name and a domain hosting service, is there anything ealse I should be aware of? such as do I need a PC, or does the web hosting service provide that, the website IP and all other necessities.
Let me know. :stickout:


Answer:Web Hosting New-b questions.

After you have your domain name, the chosen hosting service provides you with the choice to use "Windows Hosting", meaning you are using Frontpage, MySQL, PHP and/or ASP as programming languages, in addition to normal HTML/CSS/JS.
If you don't use Frontpage & Co, the "Unix" hosting type will be fine (and cheaper normally).
You only get the Server-Space and perhaps some software (try and check their offerings), and as with most hosting companies, pretty good customer support. Your new host provides the IP for the new domain.

You need your own PC, with an ASCII editor such as Notepad. There are tons of commercial HTML-editors out, both free and paid for. Most popular is CoffeeCup.
I prefer EditPad Pro from It does all the color-coding just as good, it is no-clutter, multi-tabbed, unlimited in file-size etc.

You will also need an FTP-program to transfer your file to the server. CoffeeCup again provide even a freebie. Well-known others include WS_FTP and CuteFTP. If you have Ontrack's (now Symantec) Powerdesk (explorer replacement), that has a built-in FTP function. I use that.

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Ok i bought a domain, we will call it I have been running mysql server, php and apache smoothly. I wanted to add a email server to my domain. The domain serve ris just set to relay to my ip address on my server. I want to be able to send outgoing mail, as which i can do with some programs, but i also want to recieve mail through this address. Ex. [email protected] I cant figure out how exactly the mail servers work. Ive been able to send mail sucessfully but not been able to return mail. Im nto worried about remote access or anything, but what program should i use and how do i set it up to recieve mail from [email protected] Any suggestions. Also i have my dns server setup not to mask my ip address, will this cause any conflicts?

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Ok i bought a domain, we will call it I have been running mysql server, php and apache smoothly. I wanted to add a email server to my domain. The domain serve ris just set to relay to my ip address on my server. I want to be able to send outgoing mail, as which i can do with some programs, but i also want to recieve mail through this address. Ex. [email protected] I cant figure out how exactly the mail servers work. Ive been able to send mail sucessfully but not been able to return mail. Im nto worried about remote access or anything, but what program should i use and how do i set it up to recieve mail from [email protected] Any suggestions.

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i have some questions about hosting sites...

1- how do i make that first page where you have to click "entert site" page? like in is there any program?

2- whats the program to instal templates for a site? is it dificult to use? price?

Answer:some hosting questions

The Enter page is very simple.

The specific page that you point to is the index page it contain two pictures the smaller lower picture is an Hyperlink to index2 which is the regular entry page.

Templates are program specific you have to decide first which authoring rogram you would like to use and look for templates.

Most of the popular programs have many free and for pay templates.

If you want to play around first, this is a free very popular easy to use HTML program.

Link to:

You can try it first by creating few pages on your computer and use the browser to see how it would look on the Internet.


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I am currently trying to make some sense of the LAN in my fraternity house. We run a basic Comcast connection into a Cisco 1721 router {running software version 12.4(5a)} and then to the rooms through a Netgear FS516. The rooms are setup with static ip addresses and most people run this connection into another wireless router in their rooms. Im not sure exactly why its setup having static IPs, and would like to know if it would be beneficial to changing it to assigning IPs by DHCP.

After one brother graduated a couple years ago nobody really knew how to use the router, but I have been checking into it more now and have a few questions. Would it be beneficial to install something like the SDM to manage the device since most people in the house cannot use the command line interface, making it harder to deal with over time? I can deal with some of the command line interface, but even for me its a little beyond my abilities.

The main reason I am trying to access and configure the router is because of xbox live problems. When the xbox is connected straight into the wall plug coming into the room, it lists the connection as having strict nat. If I connect through my room router, such as my time capsule, then the nat is listed as moderate. Last night I forwarded the ports required for xbox live on my time capsule and it now reads strict nat again. When we try to connect through the house to each other it only works when everyone plugs their xbox straight into the wall, not... Read more

Answer:Fraternity House Internet Questions

I think anytime you use dual routers, you're going to have issues with XBOX. Truthfully, I can't imagine why they're running static IP addresses, and that does pose some issues that probably dictated the secondary routers.

If this were my network...

I'd configure the router to enable uPnP so that port forwarding wouldn't be an issue. Since you can't forward the same ports to more than one workstation, it's pretty hard to effectively support any port forwarding.

Next, I'd use the DHCP Server function so that a simply switch in a room would be sufficient to connect more than one computer. For wireless connections, you can use all those wireless routers they purchased as a WAP, which would eliminate their NAT layer as well.

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I'm hoping to finish my basement once spring rolls around, and I figured if I'm ever gonna run ethernet lines in the house, it's probably my last chance. So I'm just trying to draw a few pointer from experiences some of you have.
I ran wired network in my previous residence, so I have all the hardware and ideas on what to do with them, But I've never installed wires behind walls, so I could use some pointers.

I'll run all wires to the basement where I'll house all my servers and networking gears. As I mentioned, the basement is still unfinished, so wiring the first floor seems simple enough. Just drill through bottom plates of the framing and subfloor panel between joists, no?
2nd floor is a bit tricky, but it looks like there might be some extra cavity next to return air duct. Not sure how much wood I'm going to have to drill through between floors though. Is it just bottom plate+subfloor+top plate or is there something else? Also How big of a hole can I make with out weakening the frame? I'm going to need to run at least 6 wires to 2nd floor, maybe it'd be better to make 2 holes? And I was wondering how hard would it be to run a cable along the outer walls with insulation? Would that be just impractical without opening up the drywall?

Also, I have a full sized rack cabinet that's going to house all my equipment in basement. I'm debating using patch panels or a bunch of regular wall plates to run the cables... Read more

Answer:Some questions about running ethernet in a house

The first floor will be easy. If you actually want to get the wires in the wall you can use a flex bit. They are handy when you don't have direct access to what's below it, but can still reach the wire with a fiberglass rod.

Your best bet for the 2nd floor is getting to an attic through a chase then down through the top plate. If you don't have an attic, getting from floor to floor can be a challenge depending on how old the house is. Unless you have a really old house, you probably have fire stops. Even then your only practical hope is fishing an inside load bearing wall as outside walls will have insulation. Basically you have will end up having either a blank wallplate on the first floor that you can pull through or you'l put a jack there too. Outside walls can be done, but they aren't easy and suck. All I can say is my magnepull is a lifesaver.

If you have an attic but don't have a chase you could put conduit from the basement to the attic outside, run the ethernet into a room or closet with power and put a switch up there. You would be running all your upstairs drops to that switch.

Last option is putting all the Jacks on an outside wall and running the wires outside, ugly. If you don't use conduit the wire will eventually rot, even if you use uv stable wire. Uv ... Read more

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Parents Gateway died, so building them a new one. This list look good? I'm thinking of making a 1:1 with the 2 drives so everything is backed up, but theres no mention of any raid control on the mobo, so I'd have to get a raid controller right? In addition to everything on the list I'd be connecting their old hd and 2 cd/dvd drives. Everything look right?

Answer:New PC for the house, this list look good?

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I've got the appropriate domain ( and decent hosting to start. After many times trying to produce something, I've found that my design skills are sorely lacking. I need someone to design my site and make it simple for people to use (I.E. Imageshack, but even easier). It would allow adult content. Obviously I would want google ads or something so I make a few cents a year.

So.. I need to know how much it would cost for someone to design for me a decent, simple website. I tried Coppermine; yeah it's awesome but what do I know about editing php or css? Not that I'm an idiot... I tried for over a year on my own, then decided I needed help. And I started here


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My friend is running a website through some free host. Well, I want to do it for her on my own server. I have a old Gateway and Dell laying around so I want to do it on one of there. Anyone know of any good "guides for dummies". I also ran acrross this (Host a Website - IIS7.5[2]=Networking%20Internet) and said that I would need to "register a DNS Host from here for free". So would I still need to do this?

Answer:hosting website on personal server?

No, you only need the internet connection obviously. I'll post you a good start site in a sec...Let me know.

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I've been with my present ISP for years ? since the days when most of its staff and clientele used to get together for a drink every Friday night. The company's customer service was knowledgeable, polite and largely conducted on first-name terms, and I was entirely happy with the whole arrangement. However, the company was bought out some years ago when the local commercial TV giant decided it wanted to get into the internet game and made its founder an offer he couldn't refuse. Since then it has grown greatly and, in the process, has developed many of the problems that seem to afflict larger organisations: the quality of service is no longer what it was; the familiar, friendly voices on the tech support line have all disappeared, and to cap it all, better deals are now available elsewhere. As a result of all this I'm considering jumping ship. My problem is that this ISP hosts my strictly non-profit website (approx. 750MB total) for free. So I'm wondering: do other ISPs offer a similar service or is it a rare survivor from a time before maximising profit at any cost became the name of the game? I haven't seen it listed in any of the ISP comparison charts I've seen up to now.I'd be grateful for any relevant information.Thanks ? and a Happy New Year everyone.

Answer:ISPs and free website hosting

Sounds a bit like back in the good old days!Sorry I can't help with your query...Dio

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I run a simple website for a social club. We have our own Domain Name - we are quite happy with that. The website is only used for advertising purposes, and for prospective members to find out a bit about us. I want to change the web hosting company from Googlesites to Yola. I've already got a couple of test websites with Yola, and am quite happy with them.Last time we switched website hosting it was fairly straightforward, as we were changing our Domain Name at the same time, and the two websites were running in parallel for a while.Question 1 - Where can I get information on this whole subject - I need some sort of Guide for Dummies - is there a website that explains the whole subject in very simple terms?Question 2 - During the switchover from the old Web Host to the new one, is there a time during which our website will not be accessible?All help will be welcome, please!

Answer:Changing website hosting company

Hi Fourm Member,Many thanks - it's explained quite well I have to admit. I've now just got my timing right.One more area of concern that I've got, if anyone can help me please. We've gone with the free route for this website, as we're a small non profit making club. I'm concerned that Yola aren't a UK based company. Given that our domain name is registered with 123, would we be better to transfer our website to them instead, on one of their cheaper packages?The reason I'm asking this is that we used to be with Streamline - in fact our old website still is. The old domain name was originally registered by another club member with 123, and when we set up the Streamline website, the Domain transferred to them - which was an irritating surprise. I don't want the same to happen again, as I want to keep any domain we take out in the same place for simplicity.All comments and help are really welcome please - many thanks!

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I want to set up a website for a concert I am promoting, where people can find out about the concert details, read about the artists, and link off to our ticket provider.One of the things i want to include is a media player which will stream tracks from the artist. But I am worried that with a basic hosting package that this might not have enough capacity to deal with streaming music to a large number of simultaneous users.Once we start marketing the concert, I would expect a few hundred visitors a day, maybe into the low thousands as the concert draws near.I have been looking at's hosting packages (click here) but really have no idea how serious a package i might need (or not need) for this - can anyone help?

Answer:Website hosting - what type of package do i need?

yep thanks that is a good option which i had already considered, but i'd still prefer to use the media player if possible

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Is there any free file hosting web site that has no advertising? I need to share a few small files, say 25 MB little files, to some friends oversea, they are very amateur computer users. The 1s that I have seen has ads and phoney links on it. Please help

Answer:Looking for free file hosting website

Happy Hopping said:

Is there any free file hosting web site that has no advertising? I need to share a few small files, say 25 MB little files, to some friends oversea, they are very amateur computer users. The 1s that I have seen has ads and phoney links on it. Please helpClick to expand...

YouSendIt comes to mind as a good choice, but there are still some ads. But it isn't obnoxious by any means.

Also, reconsider your question: You want to use a service without them having any means for reimbursement of the costs incurred -- electric, Internet, etc.

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Okay, I came accross this by complete accident.Here is the link but I dont think many people will want to click on it: Code: [Select] cant actually get a virus just by clicking on it but adult material came up on it also.It keeps reloading the page and I think its connected to the LOVE-LETTER.TXT.vbs virus.I was wondering how to report a website like this.Thanks.Link edited

Answer:How do I report a possible virus hosting website?

If you got the URL via e-mail report to but you may want to report it anyway even if you didn't get it from e-mail.If you use something like trustwatch you can report to them: can report to the FBI at the Internet Crime Center

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I am looking to set up a website to advertise a holiday home i want to rent out. This site will have images of the villa, calender of availability and forms requesting information. I am not sure how much webspace this will require. I have made some initial inquires with different packages available. The main sticking points are how much webspace will I require and what monthly traffic will be sufficient. Any help with this matter would be much appreciated.

Answer:website hosting site advice

will not require much server space - a 20Mb package should be more than you'll need.Monthly bandwidth consumption is also not going to be that high, even if your site gets quite a few visitors. Any decent hosting company will allow you far more than you'll actually use.

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Hi All,

Not sure where this post should go, so I picked networking as it seems nearest to the topic I want to discuss.

Basically, I am thinking about relocating my website hosting to my house - the biggest reason is so I can learn about web-hosting.

I have already looked at a business internet connection (including a fixed IP as I think I need one).

My question, preferably to someone who hosts a website from home, is how much upload speed will i need?

The package Im looking at offers 512kb upload, bearing in mind I have 3 websites I would like to move over - the greatest number of hits I have on any of them is about 60 unique visitors a day/ 150 page loads - so I probably never get concurrent connections And i think my home page ( including pictures is about 40kb or there abouts. I want to know if it is feasable to host this site with a 512kb upload, whether it is likely to slow the site down, and whether it would effect my positions in google etc??

Answer:Home website hosting question

davids said:

Basically, I am thinking about relocating my website hosting to my house - the biggest reason is so I can learn about web-hosting.Click to expand...

Apache2 can be downloaded (binary) and installed on any x86 windows platform ; -- even on my Laptop! see this page

I have already looked at a business internet connection (including a fixed IP as I think I need one).Click to expand...

it is best that way. You will also need to register a Domain Name
and apply your fixed IP to that name at the time of registration.

My question, preferably to someone who hosts a website from home, is how much upload speed will i need?

The package Im looking at offers 512kb upload, bearing in mind I have 3 websites I would like to move over - the greatest number of hits I have on any of them is about 60 unique visitors a day/ 150 page loads - so I probably never get concurrent connections And i think my home page ( including pictures is about 40kb or there abouts. I want to know if it is feasable to host this site with a 512kb upload, whether it is likely to slow the site down, and whether it would effect my positions in google etc??Click to expand...

I've got 3600kbs via a standard cable modem and it is more than enough.
A DSL connection (~756k) would be low. Suggest you ought to try to get
at least 1500kbs.

Your position in Google is information/content dependent, not the speed of the connection.
&nbs... Read more

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HiI would like to build a website for my local village. The technology would be ASP.NET version 2.0 and a backend database of MS SQL Server or possibly MySQL.Could anyone please recommend a hosting company that could host a non profit making village website either for free or very cheaply ?Apologies for the cross-posting but I posted it into the "Help" forum after which I thought that this forum was more appropriate.RegardsDavid

Answer:Village website hosting recommendations please

Have a look at click hereTheir packages for hosting start at around 10 per year, plus your domain name.. I'm sure they host asp on a Windows(R) server.Never go for free hosting, full of nasties..

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HiI would like to build a website for my local village. The technology would be ASP.NET version 2.0 and a backend database of MS SQL Server or possibly MySQL.Could anyone please recommend a hosting company that could host a non profit making village website either for free or very cheaply ?RegardsDavid

Answer:Village website hosting recommendations please

What about click here

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OK, right now my company has some crappy hosting for our website and our e-mail. My boss approached me and told me we're losing a lot of e-mails and being that they're orders I need to get this changed quickly. We're also in the process of getting our Exchange server upgraded and in the near future we're going to start hosting our e-mail ourselves.

In the time between now and when we get the exchange server up we're going to need our web host to provide us with e-mail, pop3 preferred, and then in the future we'll just want them to configure their mail server to just queue the messages for us until our server comes back and then start sending the messages back to us. I was wondering if any of you knew of a host that would be able to provide us with the pop3 and then let us switch over to having them just provide queuing for us.

Thanks and ask anything else you need.

Answer:E-mail hosting questions

i use they can host your WWW and pop3 and DNS. then when you have yoru exchange up adn running they will simply forward all your mail to your exchange. they hold mail for up to 72 hours incase your exchange ever goes down

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So I moved into a new house and the room I have my PC in has no way of getting a hard line to it.. my options are wireless and the piece where it goes through the electrical outlet. I currently have it through the electrical outlet and my 24mg connection is benching around 29mg.. so my question is what would be the best setup for gaming? Worried about added latency now.

Answer:New house.. no hardware capability.. whats best?

If you have a cable outlet, perhaps MoCA. Atlernative, wall fish some CAT5.

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Hi all,
One laptop on my home network has stopped letting me browse the internet for about 2 weeks now. Its still connected to the net because i can ping google successfully and i am still actively seeding my torrents on that pc (its my seedbox/media pc). My throughput is not affected at all and im not experiencing any packet loss whatsoever.
This computer is running windows 8
I have rebooted the computer multiple times, removed all other browsers and reset IE's internet settings.
I have found that it seems to be routing all of my Http traffic through to a weird IP address (sorry i cant seem to find it again) but its page (when i browse to the IP using another computer) is one of those dodgy search engines.
I have reset the TCP/IP and Winsock as advised in a thread created on the Windows support forums but have had no responses from them once i said that that hadnt worked.
When I run cmd as administrator and run the command  netsh int ip reset reset.Log i get the results :
Resetting Interface, ok! 
Resetting neighbor, ok! 
Resetting path, ok! 
Resetting , failed
Access is denied 
Restart the computer to complete this action. 
Ive run RegCure Pro and TssKiller on that machine with no improvement.
What should i do now?
Thankyou to anyone who is able to help me out.

Answer:One laptop in my house wont connect to any website at all (yes its connected :-)

Is anyone able to suggest anything?

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I'm looking for something to help me plan an interior house layout - I'm thinking of moving around some internal walls, and need some software so I can see what's practical.I've had bad experience in the past of garden design programs, so would appreciate any advice.A 2-D view is fine, what's most important is that its intuitive to use, precise and I can shift walls around easily and see room dimensions.Dont want to spend too much, I can always resort to some graph paper.

Answer:Any good house layout programs?

First thing you do before moving walls, is make sure they are NOT LOAD BEARING. I was asked to sort a house out that a woman and knocked a wall out without Council Plans as she had let the first floor?s and the roof all cave in. Guess what No Plans No Woodcip

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I'm a new member here looking for some help on Windows Server 2003. I've installed IIS and all my DNS and Domain stuff, but I don't know how to set up a Website.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out,

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Website Hosting

you need to register a domain name with a site (i.e. then you need to point your domian names "A Record" at your server ip adress (your internet ip adress, if you don't know it then should help), if you are using a router / firewall / proxy you will need to allow inbound and outbound trafic on port 80 (http) (or any other port you are using if not 80)

not sure if that makes sence :S

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I am looking for webhosts that do MIcrosoft frontpage Extensions.
Please advise.
Thank you.

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My club has a website which at the moment is about 17Mb in size. We're looking to move to a free, or very low cost, hosting service, but are a little confused by what's on offer.
Googling results in several hits for free web sites, but most of them are in the US. Is there any disadvantage to having a US-based host?
Secondly, the ads mostly mention available space, plus bandwidth per month. What does that latter figure refer to? Does it restrict how many people can view our site, or does it restrict how many mods our webmaster can make to the site in a month?
One reason triggering this quest is that we've just found that our present host doesn't allow our site to be recognised if the user doesn't put the "www." in front of its name, as most web sites can these days. How do I find out if that's possible with potential hosts that we're looking at?
Finally, several of the ads mention how many email addresses they offer; our present host recognises almost any prefix in front of our web site name (e.g. [email protected] org. uk, or [email protected] org. uk) as a valid email address. Is this the same thing they're talking about when they mention the number of email addresses, or are they referring to stand-alone email addresses?

Answer:Trying to make sense of website hosting providers

There are a number of questions you are posing and some don't have straight forward answers. They depend very much on who your registrar is and how much access your hosting provider offers. The old saying of; "you get what you pay for", is never more true. You can't expect decent control on free or almost free hosts. They are designed to give you minimum flexibility and hook you in, in order to upgrade you at a later date to a more expensive option. Keep in mind also, some of the larger providers have European servers. So it may be a US company, but your site may not necessarily be physically hosted on US servers.
That said, your site is a minimal size in today's terms - almost minute! So as far as hosting in the USA is concerned, you would suffer some delay, (known as latency), but it probably wouldn't be perceptible.
Your second question - bandwidth, refers to the amount of data transmitted and received at the server. This will be directly affected by how popular your site is (number of hits) and the content. Clearly streaming video is far more bandwidth intensive than text files, but given the size of your site, it's more likely to be the later I would think. Hosts have the ability to measure the amount of data transmitted and once your allowance has been reached, often charge extra for exceeding that allowance. Sometimes by x amount per 1GB. Generally, there is no restriction on how often you can make changes.
The www. issue, is nothing to do with hosting, but i... Read more

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I have followed the guide to removing malware and I am at step 3 one quarantine error from hitman pro but as instructed I ignored it.

I was advised by my website hosting to come here and follow the instructions because I have had an attack on my reseller account with several sites being injected.

The host say's they obtained root access to my account and have changed my password as a matter of course. They say that typically this is the result of my pc being infected with a trojan or keylogger of some kind.

relevant information:
system is a split partition with windows 7 and linux mint.
I use bitdefender antivirus plus 2012 as my antivirus.
Last week I was a victim of Pceu metropolitan police screen lock I followed some instructions to get rid of it. Then 2 days later I got it again but I can not pin down where from.

Attached are the required logs.
No was generated.

I await your response

Kind Regards

Answer:Following malware removal on advice of website hosting co.

I found the it was not in the folder as I expected but outside of it on the root folder.


Attached now

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Anyone had any experience of them? Any good?

Answer:Has anyone heard of FOTKI a photo hosting website

nope never heard of it , i use photobucket but that looks a good site i will start using it and post back what i think.... thanks for the heads upmark

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I'm running a server with Windows Small Business Server 2003 and am attempting to serve my website out to the internet. It has dual nics and is supposed to run in the following fashion.

Modem->Router->Private LAN on router->WAN port on server->LAN port on server

My WAN port on the server has an IP address of, and the LAN port has an IP of

The Private LAN end of my router has an IP address of, I use this as the gateway from my .39 card. The WAN on my router goes to my static ip address, which is on a different subnet(.252).

In this fashion, I can browse the internet from inside my network, however, my website(static IP addy) cannot be viewed by the outside world. (It comes up with a 403 forbidden and bring up my router page if I type it in from inside my network)

If I take the router out, and give my WAN port on my server the static IP address and subnet of .252, my website can be viewed fine. (and I can obviously access the internet fine)

I have added the .39 IP addy into the Virtual Server table on my router, still with no luck. This leads me to believe that there is some kind of issue between the 0.1 card and the 0.39 card.

I had this running through the router a couple of months ago, with the old IP address (.0 subnet), but I can't remember what I did.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated?

Edit: My router is a DSA-3100 Ver.B1

Answer:Hosting website through dual NICS and a router

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I have been trying to host a website locally. I tried serveral softwares (xampp, uniformserver, wamp and wingninx) and it doesn't work. I even tried to change port to 1337 still not working. I'm using Windows 10 64 bit 1607 build. I'm sorry if this is
in the wrong section

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I organise the website for a small social club, and we are currently using STREAMLINE as a web host, which is quite easy to use and not too expensive. Their web wizard is good.But I've now come across SYNTHASITE, which is extremely easy to use, even for a comparative beginner like me - and what's more it's free. It's not as sophisticated as Streamline, but it's fine for a simple website like ours. Perhaps I'm just pessimistic and looking for problems, butis there a catch somewhere - is Synthasite really as good as it currently seems? Has anyone got experience of these two website hosting companies, either negative or positive? I've got to decide soon between the two - if there aren't any problems with them, I'll transfer our domain name to them.

Answer:Website hosting: Streamline versus Synthasite

depends on your expectations. The Synthasite system is pretty basic, but then you realise that. Your site will be hosted in South Africa, but then you probably realise that, too, and it's not a reason to avoid the system - web sites can be hosted anywhere.The people who run Synthasite have done their homework with regards to their terms of service and their privacy policy, and there's nothing in either that is unduly frightening. There's a trade-off with any free web-hosting service, which is that your personal information will be shared in some way. It may be shared with other companies in a group, for instance, and you'll consent to this when you sign up.It's horses for courses - if you want a very simple way to get a site online systems like this will be of interest, provided you understand that Synthasite will not host your domain name - you'll need to arrange to point it to your Synthasite location.

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I have to PC's of similar spec, and I can't decide which one is better to run game servers on like COD, COD4, UT2004 ect and a teamspeak server. Both run windows XP Pro
(This is only for a LAN btw)
First one is an old HP ProLiant Server ML 310 G1
It has a 2.80Ghz CPU
2gb RAM PC2100R
2 WD800 setup in RAID 0 (supposedly 7200 rpm but they are old now)
Intergrated 1gb/s network card.
Only has USB 1.0 ports
IDE Raid Controller
Also put page file on another intenral system disk

Or a Dell Optiplex GX270
2.6Ghz Pentium 4 With Hyper Threading.
1.5 Gb RAM DDR PC2700
PCI 1gb/s Network Card
WD5000 Harddrive (seems to get very hot short time, case has s*** airflow but nothing i can do about that)
Has USB 2.0
Overall the Optiplex seems the faster PC, but the harddrive although new (about 8 months old) is rather loud / cranky

The Proliant is about 6-7 years old atleast, but has more RAM and slightly faster CPU but with hyper threading on the optiplex, would the slightly faster cpu make any difference or not?. However even with the RAID setup, it still seems to have the harddrive as the limiting factor and is noticable secong lag every now and then.
EDIT: Also just bought a high speed usb memory stick, so was thinking i could use a program like eboostr to act as vista ready boost?

Also was thinking of switching the fast ram to the ProLiant server, would this help at all? currently it has ECC Ram, can you mix the too or not?
Just wondering what your guys opiions ... Read more

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I've been trying to host multiplayer games with no success.

Do you have to set the game as exceptions in your antivirus (firewall) software?

Answer:Questions About Multiplayer Game Hosting

Yes (open the proper ports) and if you have a hardware firewall you need to forward those ports to the IP address of your pc.

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I am trying to open a pop up chat window on a website and when i click on the link it opens a chat window that says the pop up should open soon or click on this link. This is normal, however when i click on the link the same window pops up again except that it keeps refreshing, making a clickin noise (like i keep pressing a link a lot of times), and the loading bar on the page keeps reloading as well. This keeps going o for about half an hour and then it says the page I am trying to load has expired, and i don't end up getting redirected to the chat window. I have contacted the organisation it is with and they said no one else had complained of the problem, and to make sure pop ups were enabled. So I have checked that:
-Pop ups are enabled
-Cookies are enabled
-That there is no virus or malware on my computer.

Still nothing.

I have also tried the website on all other browsers (safari, firefox, chrome and IE).

This problelm also occurs for every laptop/ computer in my house, except doesn't occur when I access the webpage using my mobile phone (in my house)! Very Weird!
Any suggestions?

Answer:Website popup doesn't work on any computer in my house...but works everywhere else!

I have also mucked arond with java script as that comes up in the bar at the bottum that says done. When the website is refreshing the words waiting for (web url) keep freshing as well in that bar.


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I have several websites being hosted by different companies for different reasons.

Two of our websites are being hosted by 1 and 1 hosting. In all honesty, the sites don't always come up as easily as I would like and there have been other problems . Is there a way to test this company's (or thye web site) performance?

One of the sites being hosted by them is our site on Lyme disease.

your help in this matter is appreciated. Joe

Answer:How can I tell if web hosting company is good?

Here is one free service that can check one web site for you every 30 or 60 minutes. The free service only checks to see if it can connect to the site and does not give any type of site loading speed information. It sends e-mail reports of when a site is detected as being down and when it comes back up. You also get a free monthly report of total down time (if any).

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click hereToo good to be true or what?

Answer:Good hosting? Anyone use this place?

web site, but as you probably realise - it's not too difficult to look very good on the web. I have no way of knowing whether or not the offer is too good to be true, but I have no good reason to believe otherwise.

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Hi I'm after a hosting package for my new html website and although I don't think I'll have heaps of traffic daily as I'll have to build up the business but don't want to under do it with the hosting spec.I'm looking at two options really, I found the american site click here offering a nice package 40gb a month and 3000MB storage or to go for this one click here the pro package at 70 a year.Do American hosting packages work over here also I wanted to ask.Phil

Answer:Is this a good hosting deal

or this seems to good to be true click hereno bandwidth limit for $7.00 a month

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Can anyone recommend a good web hosting company other than GoDaddy or HostGator?

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Anyone knows a good free web hosting that have cgi or php? I want to run a discussion forum, and I already have the software, but don't have the place to put it yet.

Please I would like to have your help!


Answer:I want a good free web hosting with cgi and/or php

You might check here:

They have a pretty good list of free hosts. If this doesn't get you what you need, try searching at google or altavista for "free web hosts".

Before you sign up with a free service, let me share my experience with, which is now out of business.

I set up a web site for a local band with freehostspace. At first, everything was fine. Then after about three weeks, we started experiencing downtime of several hours at a whack, three or four times a week. There was no way to call them, you had to submit a support request.

Initially, this request was met with, "we'll have to contact our server vendor and request they look into it." After a while, they started promising to implement their own servers. In the meantime, the downtime continued.

Finally, one day, instead of our home page, we received a message that freehostspace was out of business due to failure to pay for the server hosting it used. We were welcome to migrate our site to their servers at the "special" rate of ..well, whatever it was.

I switched to , and so far have been pretty happy with them. We have had some minor downtime, but their customer service is stellar, and at $5/month, you won't find a better deal. (I actually recommended we go to a slightly more expensive host, but the band has a tight budget at this time. )

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I am looking for a web host provder. Nothing fancy, just something that I can store my pictures on. THey have to be fast and giv eme a lot of bandiwdth.

anyone have any recommendation?


Answer:Anyone know a good web hosting provider?

We use Thorn Communications in New York City. They have been great with us and we pretty much have as much bandwidth as we need as long as we dont abuse it.Their website is

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Can you give me your opinion on a few good web hosting sites? I was looking at going with Value Web (thru website) for my husband's small business. His site was on that server when the domain name was registered with someone else. I'm in the process of getting the domain name registered in my husband's name. The transfer is taking place within Networksolutions, as there is no fee then.


Answer:Looking for good web hosting site

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I am not advertising, I gain nothing by posting this, I just want to share what I think is the best free hosting I have found. will give you 50mb of space, 750mb of bandwidth a month, plus 1 FTP, 1 POP3 email, and 1 SQL database, all with no advertisements. They support PHP and SQL, and they either give you a subdomain or let you use your own domain name. The only catch is you have to get 15 posts on their forums and maintain minimun forum activity (a few posts a month is enough).

At 75 posts your account is upgraded to 75mb of space, 1gig of bandwidth, 2 FTP accounts, 2 databases, and 1 sub-domain.

At 125 posts you get 125mb of space, 1.5gig of bandwidth, 3 FTP, 3 email, 3 SQL databases, 3 sub-domains and 1 parked domain.

Finally, at 250 posts you get 200mb of space, 2gigs of badwidth, 5 FTP accounts, 10 email accounts, 5 SQL databases, 5 sub-domains, 1 parked domain, and 2 addon domains (I don't know what you would do with all these sub-domains with only 2gigs of bandwidth, but whatever)

All of the above is still free and still with no ads at all.

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Ive recntly connected my PC to a wireless network where mine is the main computer, and I have attempted to connect other computers to the network and they register that a network is there and the signal is good but they then say "limited or no connectivity". What do I do? Im very new to computers. Thank you

Answer:Good signal within house but unable to connect.

Have you actually "Connected" to the wireless network? In other words, have you run the wireless adapter's software, scanned for "Available Wireless Networks", found and highlighted the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and selected the option to "Connect" to it? Once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.There is a difference between the Wireless Network Adapter and Router communicating with a good signal and "Connecting" (as in "logging in") to your Wireless network.The "Limited or No Connectivity" indication means that the adapter hasn't been able to get its IP address from the router. Windows has allocated a default "169.254" address which won't let you access the router and get online. "Connecting", as above should resolve this.

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Wondering if anyone has recommendations for some kind of software that will let me put my floorplan in and see how things work in it. I was originally thinking of google sketchup, but think something specifically meant for houses and trying different decor and furniture might be faster and/or easier to use

Answer:Good house planning/decor software?

Sweet home 3d

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Okay guys, I am just about at my wit's end here. I will start by describing my major issue at the current moment and then attempt to a give a background about the problem, how it started, and some sort of a timeline.
My pc (actually my first build) : intel core2quad q6600, 2 gig crucial ballistix (4-4-4-12), xfx geforce 8800 gts, lg cd/dvd writer, barracuda 320 mb hd, antec 900.

As it stands right now, I am trying to reinstall windows xp pro on my computer using a legit OEM disk that i bought. My computer will NOT boot into any of the safe modes currently (it just hangs as it is loading the drivers), in regular windows xp (it doesn't even show the windows xp logo with the little scrolling animation on the bootom), OR FROM THE WINDOWS CD! Everytime I try to boot from CD, it will start loading all the drivers and whatnot from the disc and then I see the "Setup is now starting Windows" and then the computer just hangs there.

I also had tried to install windows from xp a couple of days ago when I could still get into safe mode and so the installation started just fine, it even downloaded updates for the installer and then told me to restart. On restart, I can see the partition that the windows setup created and I load it. Once again, it will say "Starting windows" and then I get a stop error BSOD. ---> either saying something like page fault in non paged area, or bad pool header. Here are the numbers from the blue screen: 0x00000050 (0xe19490b0, 0x... Read more

Answer:A good casefor the diagnosticians in the house, terrible for me

Any ideas anyone? Is there a way I can get a fresh install of windows on this comp?

Also, my motherboard: Gigabyte P35c-DS3R

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Dear Experts
Looking for an online tools that helps to identify who is a registrar for a domain
a tool that helps to find who is hosting a website (website and mails) for that domain
I am not sure if there is an online tool that can identify a hosting mail (not website) for that domain assuming hosting website is different from hosting a mail doesn't reveal all information

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Dears, we are facing issue while configuring IIS setup for weblogic servers. Following are the environment details: IIS8.5 on windows 2012 R2 standard 64x, wls_plugin_12. for weblogic server. We have done the following steps :- 1. Created a new
web site on IIS. 2. Enabling the authentication settings. 3. Enabling the Directory browsing. 4. Added the script mapping in Handler mapping and set the path of iisproxy.dll as executor. 5. ISAPI filter setting for the iisproxy.dll Issue Description : We are
able to view the directory structure while accessing the IP and Port, but the request is not redirecting to the weblogic ip and port what we have configured in iisproxy.ini. Is there any web.config or handler settings required to process the request.

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Hi all,

I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good free web hosting provider to choose -

They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

You can register here:

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I'm a student dev getting ready to branch out and start bringing some bread home. All of my work/learning thus far has been front-end with HTML5, CSS, and a little JScript so this will be new for me.
I have a potential client that i'm going to need to build a website for, but i'm torn between GoDaddy and Azure. I need both domain registration and hosting. I don't mess with any of those "site-builder" wizards, i'll be doing everything from scratch. I also have another potential client that i will be propositioning in a few months for a site and mobile app with an SQL back-end. (The apps are to be cross-platform iOS, WP/10, and Android)
For the latter client, and in general I've been leaning towards Azure.[HR][/HR]
My question, does Azure website hosting include domain registration?
If it doesn't, how do i host on Azure but register with GoDaddy? Will this not just cause problems for me later?
Thanks WPenvy

Answer:Does AZURE website hosting include domain regitration?

You cannot register a domain name with Azure, you can do that using another domain registrar (like GoDaddy) and then just point your Azure website to the domain you purchase. There should be no problems if you buy your domain from go daddy and then point it to azure.
When it comes to SQL, basically every website hosting supports this nowdays, so its up to you and the client needs.
If you need to send push notifications for your mobile app i would suggest Azure, since makes its easier to reach iOS, Android and Windows Store apps via notification hubs.
In short, if its a simple website, and you are not going to use a lot of space in you SQL database, no push notifications and a simple app, i would go for another webhosting solution, but if your website will be big/huge and it needs push notifications and pontentially big SQL Databases, i would go for Azure.
Hope that helps.

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I have hosted express nodejs website in IIS8 on wondows 8. But i am getting issue,

app.js script content:
var express = require('express');
var expApp = express();
var ipaddress = process.env.OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_IP || "";
var port = process.env.OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_PORT || 5100;
var http = require('http');

http.createServer(expApp).listen(port, ipaddress, function () {
    console.log('Express app started ip:' + ipaddress + ':' + port);

expApp.use(function (req, res, next) {

expApp.get('/', function (req, res) {

expApp.get('/index', function (req, res) {

web.config content:
    <defaultDocument enabled="true">
        <add value="app.js" />
      <clear />
      <add name="iisnode" path="app.js" verb="*" modules="iisnode"/>
   ... Read more

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