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Hardware installation on a server

Question: Hardware installation on a server

Am new and have been wondering for some time how you go about replacing a single processor on a server with a faster processor. Maybe even installing additional processors and upgrading the operating system for multiple processes

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Preferred Solution: Hardware installation on a server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Hardware installation on a server

Good question. What motherboard is it running? That way I can try to find out some info on it.

I'm wondering if all the CPUs have to be identical, or would it run with different speeds... I am leaning toward identical, but I'd like to pull the specs to be sure.

I the server is only running a single processor, period, then changing it out would be just like changing a cpu on a PC.

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I'll appreciate some ideas on how to safely migrate an existing ATA Center installation across server Hardware. The capacity of the present ATA Center Server was sized for a Pilot deployment. Now we plan to move into full blown deployment. In-place
Hardware resource upgrade is not a likely option. Additionally, the motivation is not to do a fresh install of the server, more importantly not to start learning the environment afresh.


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I have started searching around for the correct docs on how to do this but haven't had much luck finding one that addresses what I'm trying to do.

I have an existing Windows 2000 server and am going to replace it with a server running Windows 2003 Server R2.

I would like to know the best way of doing that. Most of the docs I have seem talk about it as though you're keeping the same server hardware in place. That's not what I'm trying to do.

So, you don't have to go through all the steps I need to do. If you could just point me to the correct doc and give some helpful hints I would appreciate it.


Answer:Help Needed To Migrate Windows 2000 Server To Server 2003 On New Hardware

Need to know what services you are running on the server to be able to help you further.

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I have a client with a web server running Windows 2000 Professional. They also have a server on the network running NT 4. They have been told that there is a device that will route requests to the NT server if the 2000 server is down that costs about $100. I have not heard of such an animal, and if anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. The device should somehow, I suppose, automatically detect that the machine at IP address A is not responding, and route the web request to IP address B. Anybody?

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My friend bought a new computer with a 40 gig HD (Maxtor Model:34096H4) He installed Win xp professional on it.. A day or 2 later he got a new 160 gig HD and put that in instead. He gave me his old one and i decided to put it into my girlfriends computer because she has a old 10 gig one. Well, I installed it correctly and set it to master.. But when i turn the computer on, it freezes at the COMPAQ screen. Is it because win xp is already on it???? When i hooked up her old HD back it ran like normal so its not the computer. For some reason i think that the computer is not detecting it. If anyone has any info or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

Answer:hardware installation

MAXTOR IS GAY , anywho , maxtor is probley not compadable with your motherboard and youll need to install the ez bios crap that comes with most maxtor hard drives , you can download it from there website , put it on a floppy and install the hard drive that way .

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Hello all,

I am going to be building a new desktop PC and have a new question about compatible parts.

I am trying to bide myself some time for windows 7 and more money so I was curious if I would be able to run my Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) which is on a samsung sp2504c...
Capacity : 250 GB
Interface : SATA 3.0 Gbps
Buffer DRAM Size : 8 MB
Rotational Speed : 7200 rpm
...on a new x58 mobo with the i7-920 (64-bit of course)

I know I won't be getting the full use of the 64 bits, but I will soon as possible be buying a new HDD to install windows 7 on (when I get more monies). Just curious if this will lead to any major issues rendering the new build useless for a while.

Answer:run old OS installation on new hardware

Why not use the Windows 7 Release Candidate which is totally operational, unitl June 2010?

You download the .ISO file and burn it as an ISO image to a blank DVD, you can install from that DVD.....

For $49.99 you can purchase the Upgrade for Win 7 which is to be released and available in October buy it discounted now, and the disk is shipped then.

It can also do a clean install OR Upgrade, even if you are still running the Release Candidate...

Normally, an OEM installation of Windows XP and I believe Vista, once activated, is bound to the first computer it is installed on for life....

A Retail (special license, very much more expensive, and does not come preinstalled on branded computers....)

is transferable to entirely new hardware environments, provided it is uninstalled from any previous systems....

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I am having problem in installing any hardware to my pc. Its an amdsempron, 80gb, 256mem, using windowsxp home edition. there were three (3)i-dont-know software blocking the installation. Help me please!

Answer:hardware installation

Did you load the chipset drivers first? . .

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I am trying to install a driver for a PCI card whichis part of a satellite broadband installation. The card is a SkyStar " TV.
Version 4:2:2.. The system recognizes the card.
I follow the WIN98 SE wizard and tell the system to find the driver on a CD and it recognizes my Drive E and a path to what looks like a driver.
When pressing, 'Next', the system says it cannot find the driver.
At this point I try to cancel and start again, but I get a black screen telling me that there has been a Windows protection error.
The only way back to sanity is to remove the card, and restore my Registry in Safe Mode.
All help appreciated please.

Answer:Hardware Installation

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whenever i switch on my system, it shows 'new hardware found' and ends with 'error installing hardware'. in device manager it is listed as other devices>unknown device. i want to get rid of this, please help.

Answer:new hardware installation

Do you have anything plugged into the USB ports?

Post the hardware id for the unknown device (instructions below)


Open the Device Manager
Right Click on the Device in question
Details Tab

In XP the VEN_ #### and DEV_ #### is located under Device Instance ID
In Vista and Win7 the VEN_ #### and DEV_#### is located under Hardware ID

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Every time I boot up, after a few minutes, I get a dialog box titled "Hardware Installation" which says "The software you are installing for this hardware: Non-Plug and Play Drives" has not passed Windows Logo testing..." yada yada.

I don't know why I am getting this dialog or how to get it to stop.

In Microsoft's infinite wisdom, they don't provide any more information in this dialog box, such as what program is invoking this box. I have not installed any hardware recently

How do I get it to stop?


Answer:Hardware Installation Pop up

Hi dependablejoe, and welcome to TSF.

A few more details would be good but at the very least......what operating system ?

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im running sis chipset with untegrated video i disabled video and tried to install new card. its seated correctly and is getting power because fan turns on but windows wont recognize that i have it installed. i tried installing it manually using add hardware in the cp but its no in the list of cards.

Answer:hardware installation

You need to install the drivers. Download them. For Nvidia based cards:
For ATI based cards:
Make sure your onboard card is disabled in your BIOS settings.

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I have a Dell 2400 XP Pro. Problem is, it won`t let me install new hardware, printers, etc. Has box come up saying cannot find new hardware. No matter what I try to install. Have ran, spyware/adware/virsus scans. Other than that, computer functions normally. Has 1GB RAM. Any ideas? Thanks

Answer:hardware installation

Are you using xp pro ?
Are you logging in as an administrator?

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I just installed a DVD burner to my computer and I am trying to get it to work, I went into the boot menu and I thought I put in the settings right but now I am getting a restart message when it is suppose to go to the OS. What do I do? NTLDR is missing keeps coming up does anyone know what I can do?

Answer:New Hardware Installation

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Question: Server Hardware

Hi there, I've looked online but can't seem to find advice about which type of hardware you need for different servers. I guess for Exchange or SQL you'll need a number cruncher with 2 Processors and lots of Ram, but what do you need for a Fileserver and a Printserver?Any ideas?Thanks

Answer:Server Hardware

click hereclick hereclick here.

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Question: server hardware

I will like to build a File/FTP/Web Server using RAID 0 or +1. What would you recommend (e.g. make):Processor:Motherboard:Memory:RAID controller:Hard Drives:NIC (how many):Do I need a video card? Do I need a CD-R writer or or a DVD/CD?Do I need a Sound card?How can I get just terminal to attach to the server or do I need a proper PC client.Help much appreciate.loco

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okay, the budget is about 1500 Euro.
this thing will be doing the following:

- Webserver
- Gameserver (think BF: Vietnam and the llike with 24 player max orso)

what would be the best setup for this thing?
keep in mind it has to be one pc as we're not allowed to have more than one pc running as a server on the Business ADSL we've got.

Answer:Server, what hardware?

addendum: HDD's are all accounted for so we don't need those, nor do we need floppy drives or cd-rom drivers or a monitor

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I have been working on this packard belle computer with xp. I fixed the original problem but now I have another problem the dvd drive does not work I have been inside the computer and checked the connections all seem ok. I have checked in devices manager and there may be a problem here the NEC rw dvd drive has an exclamation mark inside a yellow circle. I have uninstalled the driver and then booted up again I am getting the found new hardware message it has found the dvd drive but then I get another message saying a problem has occured during installation the device may not work properly, How can I find out what this problem is???

Answer:a problem hardware installation

Go to device manager and remove it. Then reboot, see if it clears
it up.
You could also try reinstalling/installing mobo drivers, the cd that
came with the pc,,chipset drivers.

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I have recently purchased a USB Cable DCU-11 for my K700i mobile. I have installed the disc, and now the computer is installing the cable itself. I get a Windows XP warning box, telling me that the the software does not have a Windows XP testing logo. It is telling me that if I install this, it could destablize the computer, either now or in the future. It gives me two options, which are to 'Install Anyway' or 'Dont install'. What would you do?Tarmac

Answer:Hardware installation problem

Install AnywayIts just microsoft annoyed because the manufacture hasn't paid them alot of money to get a license (which means nothing anyway.)If you do't install the drive you will not be able to connect your phone to the PC.

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I received a Tascam us-122 for Christmas, and can't get it to install. It may be the something with my USB, but then again maybe not. After I install the drivers, re-boot the computer, and connect the hardware I get the error:

Run a DLL as an App has Encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The data error report says:

Event type : BEX P1: rundle32.exe P2 : 5.1.2600.2180 P3 : 41107dbc
P4 : setupapi.dll P5: L 5.1.2600.2180 P6 : 004644e P8 : c0000409 P9 : 00000000

And the Technical Information is:

The following files will be included in this error report:

My computer is:
Dell 8300
Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
Pentium® 4CPU 2.6GHz
1.00 GB of RAM

Please let me know if you need other info! Thanks in advance for help with this problem!

Answer:USB Hardware Installation Problems

I'd start with their tech support, since that's the folks that have the best shot of solving this one.

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I want to re-format my hard disk armed only with my Win98 CD and start-up disk. I know from a previous re-format that I had a problem with a driver for a particular piece of hardware which clearly wasn't present on my Win98 disks but was resolved by paying £30 to a local computer store to locate the driver. Although everything has worked fine since then - it was such a long time ago that I have forgotten which piece of hardware I had the original problem with.My question: Is there a way of backing up all the appropriate files prior to re-formatting to ensure that I have them to hand when required?Reluctant to pay out another £30+ I made enquiries to my local store, Dell (my machine is a gas driven P11 400) and "Computer World" none of whom were willing or able to help.It goes without saying that any help in this area would be greatly appreciared

Answer:Hardware Installation Files

There are programs like Driver Backup click here, that do that sort of thing, Thick As a Brick, but they aren't usually to be relied on 100%. Your best bet is to use Everest click here to identify all the devices on your computer, then download the revelevant drivers, from the net, before formatting.

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I would like to install a hardware firewall not a software, but don’t know how. I have installed the Sygate Firewall and I use Windows 2000 Pro. Could you please advise me on this matter? I look forward in hearing your advice, since I know very little about computers.

Answer:Hardware firewall installation

sygate is fine for a home application , but a hardware firewall such as a router is great in a network or even by itself ....i have a network with a d-link 604 4-port which does it for me ...were you looking for a name or just reviews of a hardware firewall.

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I?m trying to install a web cam but the installation wizard is telling m ?You can install only one device at a time. Another device installation is underway; when it is finished you can try this wizard again?Slightly confused, as I am not stalling anything and I?ve had this error for the last week.I?m running xp, on a Packard bell machine.ThanksB

Answer:Hardware installation problems

Are there instructions? Wondering if this is a device that needs the software installed BEFORE you plug it in.

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I just Reset my Gateway LT2802u to factory settings and it restart
**The Problem**
When the "Setup is Starting Services" an error pops up saying ,

Windows Could Not Complete the installation. To instal Windows on this computer restart the installation.

Now after I press ok the system restarts and just continues to do the same attempt but will give me the same message.
Any knowledge on this issue? Answer at link below
Windows 7 Ultimate vs Factory Settings

Answer:Installation Hardware Trouble

Obviously, the factory recovery has not succeeded.What operating system was installed when you first bought the computer?
What operating system are you trying to restore?
Did you burn a set of recovery discs?
If so, did you try and use these recovery discs?
The reason I'm asking these questions is that you've already posted a couple of threads asking about product keys and activation methods in particular.

Ultimately, your best bet may be a clean install of Windows using your COA product key to activate the system afterwards.

This tutorial explains what to do.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I would like to install a hardware firewall not a software, but don’t know how. I have installed the Sygate Personal Firewall and I use Windows 2000 Pro. Could you please advise me on this matter? I look forward in hearing your advice, since I know very little about computers.
Thank you!

Answer:Installation of Hardware FIREWALL

Hi theo,

You'd be better off starting a thread over in the Networking forums.

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I am installing a sony cd-r/rw, the comp matches all specifications, i have tried to install it as slave with the original cd-rom as master/ replaced the cd-rom and installed as master.when booting up it is recognised in the bios at the beggining but when windows installs it freezes when the dialog box "windows updating hardware" box appears and in the task box it comes up as unresponsiveOS system is MEthanks in anticipation and happy new year

Answer:hardware installation problem

click here might help

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Yesterday I installed a new HP color laserJet printer 2605dn. It is working fine--however, now I do not have the Windows default music that comes on when you turn on the computer or shut it off. I have done everything and am frustrated. Can you please help? Do I have to do anything else after new hardware is installed? I am using Windows XP office Professional.

Answer:Problems after new hardware installation

I appreciate a quick reply so I don't spend another late night trying to fix my problem. THANKS

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Hi,Every time I start up my pc (Dell Dimension E520, Win Xp), I'm greeted with this pop-up:Found New Hardware wizardThis wizard helps you install software for:DLARTL_NI've no idea what this is, all I can do is click "cancel", yet it comes back next time I turn the pc on.How can I get rid of it?Thanks!

Answer:DLARTL_N new hardware installation pop-up

Don't know if this will help but, click here

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Any time I plug anything into the computer using USB (printer, camera, etc.), I get the following message:

Cannot install hardware.
An error occurred during the installation of the device.
The Data is invalid.

It has happened ever since I started using my computer. I tried microsoft's "solution", which is to restart computer in safe mode, rename file in C:\windows\driver cache\i386 driver.old, put in windows cd, browse cd, copy file to same folder as driver.old, restart. This did not work. Help?


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my computer does not accept any USB input devices...this includes mp3 players, printers, scanners, flashdrives, cameras and external harddrives (my mouse and keyboard are not affected as they are PS2) i have looked at other threads on this forum and followed them as instructed uninstalling usb drivers ect including all otherwise hidden devices and updated the registry then rebooted twice but now the USB ports are registered as unknown devices so obviously nothing can be put through them.

(to see this other thread click here)

However it did not work so i am left with the following question Why did this not work? Do the usb drivers need to be updated? What should I do?

Before i took these steps i created a system restore point so i can undo changes if neccesary.

Any help greatly apreciated this problem has been happening for a while now
and it is driving me slightly crazy!



Answer:!HELP! USB Problems...Hardware installation

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I have installed XP SP2 which I intend to use offline so I can play games because my more uo-to-date OS can't play some games my older OS (XP) can play. However, I can't update the hardware on it. I tried going to Device Manager and updating the audio and other items in there but it doesn't want to work, I tried installing Lavalys Everest Home Edition to visit the relevant site for the hardware to update them but that gives me a BSoD (I nearly miss those!!), and I also tried using windows's own update but it says I need to update IE 7 because it encountered an error so it won't work on IE7, to which it also says I must upgrade to a later version of windows in order to update IE, which I am not doing on purpose because I want to play games the more modern OS won't allow to work... Going to download Everest again, it says to try another programme which is a successor to it. I don't want to try anything which will be only a trial and tell me I must pay; I want to have free home versions which is what Everest was, which I used.
I also use a good old CRT monitor instead of my laptop's screen; for whatever reason, it doesn't want to allow the monitor to work with it. How can I update the graphics and audio and get the monitor to work, as the minimum, so I can play my games enjoyably, please? (I have a connected mouse and keyboard which I use.)
It's a Samsung laptop and 64-bit. If I need to "upgrade" to SP3, then that is not a problem because I downloaded the SP3 executable ages... Read more

Answer:Updating Hardware After New Installation

Hello? Is this thing on?

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I'm upgrading to a new ASUS motherboard, new chipset (x79 to x99) and a new processor. I'm going to try to run my current Windows 10 installation (a retail copy - not OEM) without reinstalling from scratch.

On the previous install (after backing everything up) I removed as many of the old system drivers as made sense (USB3, graphics, etc..) and deactivated any software that needed that. I'm close to ready to see what happens. If it all fails then I'll just reinstall from scratch - which I'll do anyway on some rainy day. I'm just interested in seeing how well Windows 10 will cope with such a change of hardware - though it's still an ASUS Deluxe board, a recent Intel Chipset, and a fairly recent processor.

BUT - HERE'S THE QUESTION: When one makes such a major hardware change Windows10 will certainly complain and require reactivation. But is there any grace period??

I'm hoping I might have a couple of days to confirm that everything works properly before having to call Microsoft. If there's a serious hardware issue then I would have to revert back to my old hardware until any problems are resolved.

Does anyone here know what will likely happen? I'm just concerned that I might be stuck with a computer that's locked until reactivated and then find that there's a serious problem with the new system.

Answer:Transfer installation to new hardware

Windows 10 will de-activate on the first boot on the new hardware. The only thing you will lose is some of the personalization settings customization and you will start getting nag screens to activate Windows 10.

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I have installed XP SP2 which I intend to use offline so I can play games because my more uo-to-date OS can't play some games my older OS (XP) can play. However, I can't update the hardware on it. I tried going to Device Manager and updating the audio and other items in there but it doesn't want to work, I tried installing Lavalys Everest Home Edition to visit the relevant site for the hardware to update them but that gives me a BSoD (I nearly miss those!!), and I also tried using windows's own update but it says I need to update IE 7 because it encountered an error so it won't work on IE7, to which it also says I must upgrade to a later version of windows in order to update IE, which I am not doing on purpose because I want to play games the more modern OS won't allow to work... Going to download Everest again, it says to try another programme which is a successor to it. I don't want to try anything which will be only a trial and tell me I must pay; I want to have free home versions which is what Everest was, which I used.
I also use a good old CRT monitor instead of my laptop's screen; for whatever reason, it doesn't want to allow the monitor to work with it. How can I update the graphics and audio and get the monitor to work, as the minimum, so I can play my games enjoyably, please? (I have a connected mouse and keyboard which I use.)
It's a Samsung laptop and 64-bit. If I need to "upgrade" to SP3, then that is not a problem because I downloaded the SP3 executable ages... Read more

Answer:Updating Hardware After New Installation

Hello? Is this thing on?

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I am unable to install hardware via USB interface in WindowsXP. This was supplied pre-installed on machine with recovery disc. Failed installs include Cannon printer, Minolta camera and Card reader. None successfully installed as windows cannot find driver from supplied CD's. Also had to replace failed CDRW drive (now Asus) and windows asks for driver for this (although I understand no diver is needed), however CDRW works ok; I just cancel installation wizard on boot up. I contacted supplier of PC about CDRW who (after a long delay) suggested reinstallation via recovery disc. Can anyone help to resolve this frustration problem please?

Answer:XP installation of hardware failure via USB

Not saying that this is your problem solver, but I find that some 'older type' equipment [scanners-printers]can get a little confused on installation with XP. I found that a self-powered usb hub, in some cases, solved the problem.In other cases it was best to make a direct usb connection. If you want to look up some drivers try click here click here click here click here or check the manufacturers own website for latest driver updates.

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A friend of mine really needed an O.S. re-install, which I did. (Windows XP Home) I do have a genuine dell recourse CD in which the drivers are on, or are they? I am having too big a problem for what I think is a simple thing to do. Members, I call on you once again for help. I have been through the recourse CD completely. From the Add Hardware Wizzard, to every trick I know in the device manager, and everything in between, nothing has worked for me. Yes, it's those same drivers guys and gals,,,,,The Ethernet Controller SM Bus Controller Multimedia Audio Controller and the Video Controller [VGA Compatible]. My request is for a step by step guide to solve this so I can get my friend's PC back to him. But it does for me, unfortunetely, need to be just that, step by step without omitting anything. (it's always those little things that slap me) I will mail you the beer or whatever for the assist,,,,,Thanks to you all,,,,,,The Advanced Beginner

Answer:Hardware Installation Problem

when in doubt get on Dells main site and download the drivers manually. specific drivers are rarely kept on the same disc as the OS-they are usually on a seperate disc.

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Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help me. A few months ago, I was trying to install my old printer on my new XP laptop. I inserted the disk and ran into trouble because (I think) I didn't have the correct print drivers on this new computer. Instead of messing with all that, I wound up buying a new, networking printer. I have the new one installed and it works beautifully.

The problem of this pop-up remains, though. I guess it's not really a problem -- just really annoying. Whenever I turn the computer on, it wants me to go through a wizard to help me complete the installation of the new device. Well, I don't want to install that old printer anymore. I've searched and searched, but can't figure out how to make that pop-up quit.

Any ideas? TIA!

Answer:Failed Hardware Installation Pop-up

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I'm upgrading to a new ASUS motherboard, new chipset (x79 to x99) and a new processor. I'm going to try to run my current Windows 10 installation (a retail copy - not OEM) without reinstalling from scratch.

On the previous install (after backing everything up) I removed as many of the old system drivers as made sense (USB3, graphics, etc..) and deactivated any software that needed that. I'm close to ready to see what happens. If it all fails then I'll just reinstall from scratch - which I'll do anyway on some rainy day. I'm just interested in seeing how well Windows 10 will cope with such a change of hardware - though it's still an ASUS Deluxe board, a recent Intel Chipset, and a fairly recent processor.

BUT - HERE'S THE QUESTION: When one makes such a major hardware change Windows10 will certainly complain and require reactivation. But is there any grace period??

I'm hoping I might have a couple of days to confirm that everything works properly before having to call Microsoft. If there's a serious hardware issue then I would have to revert back to my old hardware until any problems are resolved.

Does anyone here know what will likely happen? I'm just concerned that I might be stuck with a computer that's locked until reactivated and then find that there's a serious problem with the new system.

Answer:Transfer installation to new hardware

Windows 10 will de-activate on the first boot on the new hardware. The only thing you will lose is some of the personalization settings customization and you will start getting nag screens to activate Windows 10.

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Yesterday I installed a new HP color laserJet printer 2605dn. It is working fine--however, now I do not have the Windows default music that comes on when you turn on the computer or shut it off. I have done everything and am frustrated. Can you please help? Do I have to do anything else after new hardware is installed? I am using Windows XP office Professional.

Answer:Problems after new hardware installation

Double click the speaker icon in the tray and make sure the volume isn't muted by accident.

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Can anyone help? after boot up the hardware wizard comes saying install SCCI/Raid Host controller. So I click next. Then it says installing ATCY 45J4 IDE. Then I get an error message The specified service does not exist as an installed service.1 does anybody know what this is about?2 How can I stop the wizard coming on screen.I am a novice so any help would be appreciated.Irv

Answer:Hardware installation wizard

^ (just bumping this to top of list for you)

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I have tried to install a plug and play steering wheel (Logic3 PC Topdrive GT4)a couple of times but every time it says that there was an error during installation and that the hardware might not work properly. It doesn't work at all (I am trying to use it with need for speed 3). I am pretty sure that the first time I tried to install the device, a window opened and said that the firewall was blocking the new hardware, and ask me if I wanted to unblock it, which I did. Is there a conflict with this device and the window firewall?Last time I tried to uninstall the device, it said that I couldn't do it with the uninstall file and I had to do it with the device manager, I just restaured the lot to an earlier time, it is not listed anymore in the games controllers' list, would that suffice to uninstall everything? How do I install the steering wheel for it to work properly?

Answer:Problems with installation of new hardware

According to the SpectraVideo website no addition drivers are needed and it should be plug and play.I firewall is for protecting an internet connection and should not be connected with installing a joystick or gaming steering wheel.Try installing it again then going to window update and there could be an updated driver for it

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OK - Let me purge:
Drive 0 took a dump. They sent me a replacement. Same Drive, same model#. (exact replacement)

I reloaded the OS - XP Pro along with SP2. Everything was disconnected 'cept for the IDE HD and my CD ROM during the install.

I then started to reconnect devices one by one. First device was a HD, SATA Maxtor 160 Gig. After reboot I get the found new hardware - disk drive balloon.
Then I get the found new hardware wizard. The wizard states cannot install this hardware.
The drive shows up in the device mangler with the yellow exclaimation. Drive shows up in "my computer" and the data on it is accessable.

Things I have tried:
1. Recopied the C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386\ from the installation CD.
2. Removed all listings in the registry relating to the drive.
3. Reloaded all drivers and BIOS updates related to the MB.
4. Updated everything Microsoft auto update recommended.

The following are (error?) messages that are generated after boot:

- cannot install this hardware
- there was aproblem installing this hardware
- the specified device does not exist as an installed service

Maybe there is a clue that I am overlooking hidden in the messages?

P l e a s e h e l p m e

Answer:Hardware Installation Challenge

SATA Driver from windows or mobo manufacturer maybe

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My knowledge is quite limited but could anyone provide some insight and/or recommendation of the following type of servers (hardware). That is, should we looking to go for the RackMount servers or Blade? To provide some context, we’re essentially a small team of less than 15 people but looking to expand over the years, we trade daily and have a huge amount of data input. Server hardware is something we do not wish to go cheap (but within reason for a small shop like ours) on given how crucial it is, simply we want something that is effective and won’t create any major headaches in the future.

Appreciate any guidance you can give:

Min Requirements (I've been told I have been misquoted - but this what I was told):
- Server is to have 8 or 16 cores (2 to 4 CPUs) using the fastest processor available and 4GB memory.
- Raid 1 with 2x15k hard drives and Raid 10 (1+0) array are required for log and data either via direct storage or SAN.

Recommendations made to us:

Rackmount: DL360 G7 – Model 579240-421 (1 Xeon 5650/6Gb Mem)
Raid 10 of 4x15k 72Gb drives – Model 512545-B21

Blade: BL460c G6 – Model 595725-B21 (1 Xeon E5650/6Gb Mem) with HP SB40C Blade
Raid 10 of 4x15k 72Gb drives – Model 512545-B21

Answer:Server Hardware Recommendations

What are you looking to do with the server.

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Hey Guys and Gals:
I have a Compaq Prolaint ML370 server that does not want to turn on.
Seriously: YES! The power cable is connected and yes I press the Button!
The Leds on the mother board and Raid card are on but when I press the power button nothing goes on not even the main fan on the tower.
The interesting thing is that the power leds on the power connectors are off, but the server seems to be getting power.
Another crazy thing is that there are three small leds lights in the middle of the motherboard and when they go on everything seems to start going, but then they just turn off and the system does not turn on.
It seems like the system is not holding on to the power charge.
I have checked all the cabling and everything seems to be on least I thing they are...
If anyone can help, I would be very grateful...thanks a million!
The one and only grateful one......TASKWON....."smiling always fixes everything!"

Answer:Server hardware problem

Try a different power supply. How old is this server?

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I'm planning to build a new data server for my small business. Very small businesss. I don't need enterprise capabilities since we only have 5 client PCs in the network. I have a good idea of what I want in the system... except for the video card. The server won't be used as a workstation at all, so I don't need all of the features that are loaded on video cards that are found in every tech shop. I just want something simple. Can anyone recommend a brand and model?

Also, the following is a list of what I plan to put into the server. If anyone sees any mistakes that I might be making, please steer me in the right direction.

Abit KX7-333 mother board
Athlon XP 1900 CPU
Antec SX635 Mid Tower
350W Power Supply
512MB PC2700 DDR RAM
Standard Floppy
CD Writer (brand not yet determined)
3COM 56K Modem
Net Gear NIC
2 UDMA 133 7200 RPM 60 GB HDD
(maybe raid, but I'm not knowledgeable on the set up)
15-inch Monitor
Standard keyboard & mouse
NT 4.0 OS with SP6

I don't need sound of any kind.

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Need server hardware advice...

Howdy there Logie2...

Try going here and look for the cheapest PCI card you can find ( just make sure that it has drivers for NT ), also I would upgrade NT to SP 6a...

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hai guys,
i want to know one thing, is there any hardware proxy server available. ie., some thing like display card, ethernet card like that.
iam asking this because, i am using wingate proxy server, there is often problem with it.
so i want to know, whether there is any hardware proxy material so that i can buy it and use it
reply me as early as possible

Answer:hardware proxy server

There are internet appliances that are very expensive that allow you to share a connection. Just get a Cable/DSL router and a switch chained to it if you need more ports.

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I am looking to run SQL Server 2000 and Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 server and I need to buy a new server. I have approximately 75 users who will use Exchange and about 5-10 users who will use SQL. I was going to buy a server with dual Xeon processors, 2GB RAM & RAID 5.
I was told that I should not use RAID 5 and that I should use RAID 1.

My question is, why not RAID 5? I checked online and found that RAID 5 is recommeded for email and database servers, so why would I be told not to use RAID 5 and to use RAID 1?


Answer:Server Hardware Requirements?

raid 5 uses multiple drives and it is hot swappable. If 1 drive dies, you can put a new one in and it will rebuild itself. it is fault tolerant. Raid 1 is mirroring. whatever data you have it, is copied to both drives, it is fault tolerant. Generally speaking, you get a lot better performance with raid 5. You could use raid 15 if you wanted, it is a where you mirror your raid 5. i personally would just use raid 5, depending how many disks you get

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We're starting to plan a server migration. Mgmt wants us to follow procedures similar to a recovery process, which means they want us to restore a backup. We backup our servers a couple different ways. One is to a online hosted service and another is to tape using Symantec Backup Exec. The catch to this is that we're buying different hardware for the new server. Backup Exec has IDR to cover this; see link below. I wanted to ask if anyone has been through a similar process and if they would share the experience.

Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR) Restore | Symantec Connect

Answer:Migrate Server to New Hardware

Have you resolved this issue yet?
I would be happy to give you some more info on a VPS solution if you're considering that avenue.

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I'm in need of some suggestions on what type of PC (hardware requirements) would be good to run versions of Windows Server. The PC would not be used for business purposes, purely for learning. All I need is for the PC to run Windows Server and run it without being too slow ie, I want an old PC to run Windows Server not a new one but I dont know what would be sufficient.

So if anyone can provide some suggestions, such as a PIII 700mhz, 256MB RAM etc it would be great.

Thank you.


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I'm taking a college course in networking basics. I have an assignment that requires me to spec out a server for a small business network that supports less than 30 users. I have found sites where I can pick and choose servers and server hardware upgrades, but I don't know what is overkill or underkill.

Can anyone refer me to a site that offers guidelines to help me with my research?

Many thanks,

Answer:Server hardware specifications

Don't really know the exact info you need but try these links

Computer Bits

PC Mechanic

Practically Networked

World of Windows Networking
hope they offer some advice

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I have to PC's of similar spec, and I can't decide which one is better to run game servers on like COD, COD4, UT2004 ect and a teamspeak server. Both run windows XP Pro
(This is only for a LAN btw)
First one is an old HP ProLiant Server ML 310 G1
It has a 2.80Ghz CPU
2gb RAM PC2100R
2 WD800 setup in RAID 0 (supposedly 7200 rpm but they are old now)
Intergrated 1gb/s network card.
Only has USB 1.0 ports
IDE Raid Controller
Also put page file on another intenral system disk

Or a Dell Optiplex GX270
2.6Ghz Pentium 4 With Hyper Threading.
1.5 Gb RAM DDR PC2700
PCI 1gb/s Network Card
WD5000 Harddrive (seems to get very hot short time, case has s*** airflow but nothing i can do about that)
Has USB 2.0
Overall the Optiplex seems the faster PC, but the harddrive although new (about 8 months old) is rather loud / cranky

The Proliant is about 6-7 years old atleast, but has more RAM and slightly faster CPU but with hyper threading on the optiplex, would the slightly faster cpu make any difference or not?. However even with the RAID setup, it still seems to have the harddrive as the limiting factor and is noticable secong lag every now and then.
EDIT: Also just bought a high speed usb memory stick, so was thinking i could use a program like eboostr to act as vista ready boost?

Also was thinking of switching the fast ram to the ProLiant server, would this help at all? currently it has ECC Ram, can you mix the too or not?
Just wondering what your guys opiions ... Read more

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Hi i want to make a server the min requirements is SQL server Standard or Enterprise

RAM 1GB - 2GB, But in most cases 4GB + 30MB for Reporting Services + Analysis Services, 50-60MB for SQL Management Studio & it’s recommended each user connection takes 24KB

CPU 64Bit Proc Intel Xeon 3.4GHz

HDD Internal for the Min of 500GB

We will need Fibre connection to external storage array, Fibre cards in servers for connection to storage array, UPS & a Rack & the server should be cheap & upgradeable in future.

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I've just purchased Think Pad T61 6460-D6G with Vista and I tried to install an external CD ROM through any USB port or IEEE 1394 (I tried them all one by one) but I always get a message prompting for a driver and check the information that came with the device or go to the manufacturer's website to see if a driver is available. Well the strange thing is that the device itself is IBM ThinkCentre Multi-Burner Plus Drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B that used to work fine with my old notebook IBM Think Pad R40. Need to add that the CD provided with the device has no driver inside only user instructions saying that the computer must detect the device automatically. This is exactly what happened with my old IBM Think Pad. The error message also says that Windows found driver software but encountered an error while attempting to install it and that this operation needs an interactive window station. Later on when I opened Device Manager I saw the the device listed in the"Other Devices" section. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it several tmes wth no result.Can anybody please give me any suggestion on what do I have to do to finally install it?Thanks in advance, George.  

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anyone care to recommend any good step-by-step general hardware installation websites? e.g. building computers, installing components etc etc


Answer:hardware installation guide websites

Try and scroll down to "Step-By-Step How To". Interesting read and offers some pictures, too.

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Let me start off by saying that I have seen several similar posts in these and other forums, but none have exactly the same symptoms as I have with this problem.

Backstory :
I previously had windows 7 dualbooting with Ubuntu on my barebones computer kit (with a Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT video card upgrade)
The specifications of this machine were as follows:

Motherboard - Evga 7050/610i
Processor - Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 (at about 2.4ghz)
Memory - (2x2gb) 4gb DDR2
Power - 450W
HDD - 500gb Sata

details beyond this, I either don't know or can't find.

I decided to upgrade my computer in the hopes of expanding it further later this year, so the changes I made were :

Motherboard -> Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3
Processor -> Intel Core i5 655k (at 3.2ghz NOT OVERCLOCKED)
Memory -> (2x4gb) 8gb DDR3 (at 1333)
Power -> 600W

I planned on keeping the HDD the same and doing a system repair to recover the Windows7 and Ubuntu installations on this hardware. Basically....I was putting the old harddrive in a completely new computer.

I tried to run the computer with the video card, but quickly found out that the mobo wasnt set up for it yet. I started off only using 1 stick of ram as well. The bios and post run exactly as they should, I made ... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 fresh installation on new hardware

My suggestion is with Win 7 dvd start the install, go to the point where it shows the hdd to install too, you will see at the bottom right of that screen you'll see drive options click that and do delete volumn then do the same to the second partition and leave the whole drive unallocated and x your way all the way out of the install. Shut down with the dvd in the drive and start back up and it should start the install. Have any other hdd's unplugged and sound card removed, also make sure in bios the other hdd's are turned off and if you have onboard sound it's turned off

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I've recently fitted an old mm100 pctv card into my computer, I'm running xp pro. Card has been recognised but when I go through the install procedure it says that the drivers cannot be found (which I have both on cd and on the hardrive) I would really appreciate some help in this matter.

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Problems started after the last hard-drive partitions adjustments using 'Partition Magic 8.0'. Microsoft updates also occurred unintentionally during the reboot. The'Found new hardware wizard' now pops-up for each partition during 'start up' but says it failed installation. However, the computer seems to generally function OK, but another problem is 'new flash memory sticks' do not show up in 'my computer window' although the 'new hardware wizard' window opens it fails to install these USB items. (They do show under 'unknown items' in the 'device manager' along with the nine partitons plus yellow '?'.) Flash memories previously used on my computer work normally.
Also my Keyboard keys do not work during booting?
My motherboard is an 'ABIT NF7-S/NF7,NF7-V(nVidia-nForce2)
I have tried manually finding drivers. Also my new Flash Memories do work on other computers.
I would very much appreciate some help.
Martin Pope

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So I've just replaced some of my PC parts with the following
- 720 W P4-A720 PSU
- 1090T AMD Phenom II CPU X6
- 2 GB Kingston RAM DDR3
- M4N68T-M V2 MOBO

Alright, so I'm able to get up to the Windows 7 logo screen which is when the computer will blue screen. I can't see what it says as the text is smaller than it usually is for me, and the blue screen only lasts for half a second. I'm thinking that it's most likely the PSU as I notice that when I switch my CPU to 6 core from 4 core, it crashes faster. Also, the PSU is obviously from one of those cheaper PSU brands. It is the P4-A720 APOWER PSU, which only costs about $70AU. I just want to make sure that it is the PSU before I buy another one (I'm thinking of the CX-600W V2 Corsair PSU)

I also think that it could be that I had not applied enough thermal paste. I'm pretty sure that I did apply enough (I put about a pea size amount, then spread it around) but I have read that not putting enough will cause the PC to crash. Other then them two, I'm thinking that I was suppose to update my BIOS or something like that which I haven't done yet.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Answer:[SOLVED] PC crashing after new hardware installation

Hi Sleekism,

If you change your Motherboard (and other hardware components for that matter) You need to do a complete reinstallation of your Operating system. The other installation you still have in, is bound to your other hardware, and thus will not work. It either results in no boot at all or bluescreens.

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I just recently installed a new motherboard, graphics card, 4gb RAM, and a 500w power supply unit. Upon installation, I can now no longer boot into Windows. I am pushed into a "Windows Error Recovery" where I can choose from two options: "Launch Startup Repair" or "Start Windows Normally"; both of which end up with me having to restart the computer and eventually get back to this screen. Before getting to this screen, I do see a message for a brief second that reads, "AMD Data Change.......Update New Data to DMI!"

Here are my computer specs as of right now (items in bold are new as of today and are the cause of the problem as far as I can tell):

Compaq CQ5700F
AMD Athlon II 170u Processor
Windows 7 32bit
4gb RAM (DDR3)
Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P Motherboard
EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti Graphics Card
500W Power Supply

I tried a system restore from about a week ago with zero results. I REALLY do not want to have to do a complete restore back to factory specs (I do have the disc and all to do this, however) as I don't have another hard-drive to back all of my files onto. I cannot afford to lose what's on there.

Can anyone help me? This has been a week-long fiasco with Micro Center giving me the wrong hardware and a lot of running around to clean up their mess since they are unwilling. Now this happens and all they can tell me is to make another 40 mile drive for them to "see what they can do" and charge me loads ... Read more

Answer:Windows Will Not Boot After Hardware Installation. HELP!

You'll probably have to do a clean install. You have changed boards, and the new board will not run on the old board's drivers. Just hook your hard drive up as an external on another machine and copy your info, or try to copy/paste from the recovery console. You will need someplace to store the info, like an external hard drive. Then format your hard drive and do a clean install. Download the drivers from Gigabyte's website and EVGA's/Nvidia site.

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Hi, I'm new and wanted to seek for some assistance. If I post in the wrong section, please notify with me as I'm have serious troubles right now with my computer.

The scenario: A couple of days ago, I turned on my computer, it started to load the Windows XP Professional Windows. Whilst it was loading half way, it stopped and resetted. But before resetting it gave me the so called, 'Blue Screen of Death' saying a recent hardware installation has disabled me from accessing Windows. I did some heavy research and many stated the tedious and cliche comment of reformatting my computer. This statement holds validity BUT, I do not want to reformat exactly yet, because I did not back up my stuff unfortunately, as that day, I wanted to backup because I had time on my hands.

I extended my researched and discovered something called, Parallel Reinstall which is activated without accessing windows. It is activated through pressing F8/F12 [F8 for me] and accessing ur CD/DVD Drive, and it will start the proccess. The most common tutorial for this so called, "Parallel Install/Reinstall" is from Google and probably the only one used. This Link is the tutorial about how to access this install to I guess reformat your computer.

Now this to me is the controversial section. Some say, you can recover either your C; Drive [main drive] or any other seperate drive and will be pasted into your spare drive and saved there. For example, D; Drive was my one. It will be copied there... Read more

Answer:A Recent Hardware Installation Error?

I think a blue screen of death during the windows loading screen usually means bad RAM. Do you have multiple RAM's? If so, try taking them all out and boot with one stick of RAM at a time to figure out the bad one. At least, that was the case with my PC.

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I have repeated failure to install hardware via USB. Failed installs include a Cannon printer, Minolta camera and a card reader. Some time ago, installation of Epsom printer and HP scanner worked ok. Installation wizard cannot find driver on supplied CD's or says it is not "digitally signed and may not work properly". In the case of the printer I appeared to get the driver installed (eventually) but printer would not work (it works OK on son's W98 machine). Camera and Card reader have been complete installation failures. WXP was supplied pre-installed on PC with recovery disc. Vendor not very helpful.

Answer:hardware installation failure - WindowsXP

Ensure that you have all windows update from; also see if the peripheral manufacturer has updated drivers on its site.

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Hi all,

Never nice to have your first post as a problem, but I reckon I'll be spending a lot of time on here as there seems to be no end of good advice. Any help would be much appreciated!

First off my spec:

Gigabyte N650SLI -DS4L (can be found here:
Q6600 2.4Ghz G0 stepping (
Corsair RAM, 4x1 gig (
Inno3D 8800GT (G92) 512MB 256bit GDDR3 Dual DVI HDTVOut PCI-E Graphics card
Samsung spinpoint 500gig and an Antec Sonata case with 500watt psu.

After masses of problems with my Asus board (pre Gigabyte) and a faulty gigabyte board city link have finally found my house. Put everything together and start up the PC.

Problem 1:

"Warning: A new CPU detected & ROMSIP table has been updated accordingly."

I have no idea what this meant, might not even be a problem, but in any case I restarted as it told me and tried to go into the bios. All seemed fine. After messing about with my old xp harddrive and the USB mouse & keyboard support in the bios I decided to get on and install vista on the samsung.

A couple of times it hung right at the beginning of the install. I put this down to my crappy usb dvd drive but went to the bios and loaded the fail safe defaults. It installed all the way up to the 'completing installation' screen and then froze. Tried it again. same thing except this time half the screen went blank and had a colour ban... Read more

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I have a Toshiba L20 - brilliant new notebook PC.

Sadly it did not include a Line In socket, so I purchased the Imic2.

I cannot get the device to work.

Can anyone help me with the set up procedure?

I have Windows XP service pack 2

When I connect, it says New Hardware Found, and prompts me for drivers.

I have no drivers or installation disc. The device is plug-and-play and requires no drivers.

When I ignore all the prompts it decides the hardware cannot be found and will not recognise the device.

Perhaps you can browse C/Windows/SOMETHING to find the driver?

I inquired with griffin who said the iMic is only fully supported in Windows XP Service Pack 2. If you don't have SP2, you're likely missing some important USB audio drivers. They wanted me to contact Microsoft, because the USB audio devices are not being recognized properly.

I don't think it may be taht drastic.

Can anyone help with links etc to help set this up?

Thank you very much for your help, it is most appreciated

Lots of love - Belinda xxxxxxxxxxxx

Answer:Hardware Driver Installation Problems

Crazy Belle said:

I inquired with griffin who said the iMic is only fully supported in Windows XP Service Pack 2. If you don't have SP2, you're likely missing some important USB audio drivers...Click to expand...

The only patch/update/fix for XP that I know of is designed to add support for "Hi-Def" audio. Microsoft's KB888111. It is installed during many newer sound card driver installs. Without it, any "hi-def" on-board audio chipset will be detected as an "Unknown PCI Device" by XP. Perhaps this is the same cause for your non-detected device.

If you can't find this download anywhere, try installing some newer Realtek audio drivers (which should install the "Hi-Def Audio Pack" as part of its installer) Look for a large set of drivers (5+ MB) not a tiny little file. (~100KB)


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ok I have a brand new HP windows 7 laptop, it has been working fine for 2 weeks now. Now all of a sudden this black screen comes up and wont let me restart my computer telling me that there is a windows installation error and I just need to insert a windows disc. I DO NOT HAVE A DISC, it never came with one:( HELP ME!!!:(

Answer:HP hardware change windows installation??

Try this, tap the F8 key constantly from a cold boot. See if a menu comes up and choose Last Known Good Configuration, or Boot Windows Normally. Try this first and then post back.

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Hello everybody!
I have a question about disabling the automatic hardware installation in Windows XP. The problem is that i just bought a new Dell notebook and the ATI driver on it is outdated, and I would like to install a new one. Being a pain in the butt that it is, it tells me to try to install the new one with a standard VGA driver present. No problem, I go to device menager and uninstall the device. Wohoo! ... Hell NO! After restarting the computer the damn thing reinstalls the stupid card without asking me. I tried to stop the Plug and Play service, but that prevents any device installation from happenning completely!
PLEASE, if anybody knows the answer to my problem, help me kindly!

Answer:Automatic hardware installation! How annoying!

Find and delete the inf for the ati card. Its probably in /Windows/INF (the folder is hidden).

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I have Windows Me and
Whenever I try to install new hardware(videocard,external modem,printer), when I turn on my computer Windows starts to load then I get an error diologue box that says:

Cmdninst has caused an error in <unknown>
cmdninst will now close
If you continue to experience problems try restarting your computer.

However, in the case of the videocard at least when I took it out/disconnected it Windows loads fine. Any help would be appreciated as I have spent a lot of money on a printer/modem/ and a new videocard and would like to be able to use them.

Answer:Startup Error after hardware Installation

There are some ideas here


I would look at #1 and the suggestion after #5

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Hi, I have got a 2nd hand razer naga mouse. I plugged it in and it auto downloaded driver but I couldn't move mouse so had to shut down PC the "naughty" way. I am now unable to start the computer properly. Start up repair fails, system restore fails, using safe mode I get as far as "windows starting" screen then it turns off and restarts. New mouse is removed but hasn't resolved the issue. This seems to be the problem recorded....

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I recently installed a new all-in-one printer (Lexmark P4350) using the software provided, but ever since I still get the new hardware installation wizard pop up asking me if I want to install using the CD provided with the printer! When I click "cancel" I then get another pop-up "a problem occurred during installation - your hardware may not work properly"! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still get the same error messages. Any ideas? I'm running Windows XP professional. (The printer works fine, by the way!)

Answer:New hardware installation wizard problems

First thing to do is delete all your temporary files and do a registry clearout by running ccleaner click hereYou may have a partial installation lurking in the temporary files that is being picked up by Windows.By running ccleaner and it's "Issues" fuction you will eliminate that problem.

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At startup my Win XP Home software comes up with Found New Hardware for my already installed and working Epson Stylux C80 printer. I then have to go through a bunch of steps to re-activate the printer. Reinstalling the Epson software and driver from disk or downloading from the Epson web site does not end the problem.

Question - How can I discontinue this New Hardware Program until needed for new hardware. Or is there another approach to this.


Answer:Discontinuing Hardware Installation Wizard

Are you using:

Printer Driver v5.3cAs
Windows XP, Windows 2000
epson10192.exe - 3.7MB - posted on 01/25/02


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I was recently confronted with a "found new hardware" message with the wizard starting after I opened my PC.

It was not able to locate the driver and as such the message left was "your device may not work properly" - The mystery is what hardware was missing - it mentioned MEDIA...thats all and I am at a loss to know what harware it referred to.

I have not encountered problems to this date, although I did have a CD burning problem that I overcame, but no other issues have arisen.

I did check the system info and I have noticed under problem devices:

Device: Not Available PNP Device ID: ROOT\MEDIA\0000 Error code: The Driver to this device are not installed.

I am not sure what device it may refer to or how to find and correct.

Under device manager I have !Unknown device...under sound video and game controller ran the Wizard to search all to no avail.

Sound is working, no game controllers are plugged in and as far as I can tell there are no other plugged in components that would explain it.

Answer:Mysterious - Hardware installation wizrd

Go to Safe mode and then in Device manager just remove the Unknown Devices. Then reboot. If it comes up again then you need to let Windows search for you on the INTERNET to find the driver for it. Do you have a Sound card Disk with drivers on it? If you do when you reboot and the message comes up put that disk in and see if it can find the driver it is missing on it.

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After installing a Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard (Wave), I started getting two error messages, one pertaining to the keyboard and one pertaining to the mouse. Below is the message:

Cannot install this Hardware. There was a problem installing this hardware: HID Non-User input Data Filter (KB 911895). An error occurred during the installation of the device. Fatal error during installation.

I removed the Logitech software, the mouse, and the keyboard. I still got the error message. How do I determine what hardware is being referred to?

Thank you.

Answer:Hardware Installation Error Message

sounds like software problem. Should go in the software category

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We have got the error as listed below at the time of installation of windows 7 in Dell 520 Laptop. We have diagnose the memory too but couldn?t find any error in that. Please check what could be the issue and if you have faced the same issue there.

Please provide some solution for PM too that was communicated in a separate mail to you.

*** Hardware Malfunction***
Call your Hardware vendor For Support
NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
*** The System Has Halted ***

Answer:Hardware error while windows 7 installation

Points to RAM I reckon. Boot from the CD but into the repair mode and run windows memory diags.

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I downloaded a driver for my Epson C82 printer. I burned the zip file to a CD so that I could install the printer on another computer. How do I get the drivers installed. I burned the driver to a CD because I lost the installation CD.

Next question: I have two onboard USB ports on the computer that are not working. I suspect the ports because the same USB devices work on another computer. For instance: memory sticks, USB mouse.

Next question: The same computer in questions "reads" some floppies and not others.

Thanks for your help.


I am running Window XP Professional on the computers that I am using.

Answer:Driver Installation and Other Hardware Issues

For the printer you need to copy the zip file from the cd to the hard drive on the system on which you wish to install the printer. Put it in its own folder. Then you need to unzip the file. When it's time to install the driver for the printer point windows to that location.

Did the USB ports ever work? Is this a brand system or did someone build it and not hook up the ports? Check in Device Manager for any problems with the USB controllers.

That's the nature of floppies and floppy drives. There are floppy drive cleaners. It might help it might not.

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I recently bought laptop with Vista on it hoping the system wouldn't be as bad as I heard it was from close friends.

Well so far I'm sorry I did.

I've been trying to connect a Microsoft Wireless Desktop (Mouse , Keyboard & Receiver) to my laptop and while it gets recognized as new hardware it doesn't recognize either the disk that came with the hardware, nor the 32-Bit Vista drivers I downloaded and installed on a directory in my laptop. It just says it can't find compatible drivers and doesn't install them.

I had a logitech MX Revolution mouse as well, and same result, upon connecting it asks me for the disc which I insert, then after it says it doesn't contain valid drivers it asks me for a location, to which I point out the directory in which the updated drivers from the webpage are installed in, and it says it couldn't find anything.

Even when I insert an SD card to transfer files, it asks me for the Disc that contains the Drivers for the SD card. Drivers for an SD Card!?

What bugs me is that my brother was able to install a Generic USB bluetooth receiver, the 2nd day I had this laptop, (Ambicom brand) and that's the only piece of hardware that works outside of the laptop itself.

I'm really about to give up, so if anyone has any info I'd really appreciate it.

Comp Info
HP Pavillion dv9233cl Notebook PC
Windows Vista Home 32 bit OS

devices info
Logitech MX Revolution (Doesn't work)
MS Wireless Desktop ... Read more

Answer:Vista & Hardware Installation problems

Are you using Vista drivers? The wireless desktop works flawlessly in Vista. All you need is Intellitype and Intellipoint version 6.

It sounds like you are putting the drivers in a folder but not installing them. They do need to be installed.

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About two weeks ago I bought an Omron Pedometer. This device will down load its information to the Omron Software and keep track of my steps. All went well and the device works perfectly with the software when I connect it via USB. The problem is that every time I turn on my computer or reboot it WITHOUT the pedometer connected to the USB in the lower right corner a flag pops up saying found new hardware and it names the pedometer. Then the flag disappears and reappears and says the same thing. Then another flag appears that says installing the pedometer. Finally the last page of the Installation Wizard comes up with the message the Installation failed. "Required section not found in the INF". So I click finish and then in the lower right corner another flag comes up that says "problem installing drivers and device may not work correctly". The thing is that it DOES work correctly! I checked in the device manager and found the device tags under Human Interface Devices. The "HID Compliant Device" says the hardware is installed correctly. Then the other tag is "USB human interface device' says it's installed correctly. Clicking through the drivers and it says "no drivers files are required or have been loaded for this device".

I have also uninstalled everything I can that deals with this and it still tries to install the hardware that is not even connected. Any ideas???

Thanks for your help,

... Read more

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I recently ordered some new hardware and Windows 7 64-bit, which is a big upgrade from what I've got now. Though I haven't received it yet (I'm expecting it tomorrow), I'm anticipating a problem. I'm currently using Windows Vista 32-bit, with 2GB DDR2 RAM. When my parts arrive tomorrow, I'll have 12GB RAM, a new motherboard, Core i7 and the previously mentioned 64-bit version of Win 7.

From previous experience, my 32-bit Vista won't boot up if it has 4GB or more RAM (it worked fine with 2, and I didn't try it with 3). However, the RAM I'm ordering is triple channel DDR3, so 3x4GB. The problem with this is the Windows 7 I'm buying is an OEM version, and so I've heard I can only install this once and wouldn't be recommended to do so before any major hardware upgrades, that of which I'm doing at the same time.

So I figured I would install the hardware first, but then ran into the problem that with the 12GB RAM, my PC wouldn't start up with the 32-bit processor. Even with only 1 stick of 4GB, it likely won't work. I don't think the new motherboard works with DDR2, so it's also out of the question to put in my current RAM.

If I did it the other way, installing the OS and then upgrading the hardware, I think I might have to reinstall the OS again after the upgrade, and since it's an OEM version, I don't think I can do that. Please correct me if I'm wrong about needing to rei... Read more

Answer:New OS, new hardware, potential installation troubles

Is it possible that I put the new system together, and boot up on the Windows 7 disk to have it all going at once? If so, that would solve all my problems, though I don't know if I can or if that would work.Click to expand...

Yup, that's the best way to install W7, just make sure to tell it to format your hard drive first so that means backing your stuff up so's you don't lose it.

As to your current RAM issue I suspect one or more sticks are faulty, you have faulty slots or perhaps your memory controller. Run memtest86+ on each stick singly, it will quickly tell you if a RAM stick is faulty. An excellent little application.

Please post the make and model of your old/new motherboards as I'm not exactly sure of what you are trying to do with the RAM.:confused Maybe it's too early and I need a second cup of coffee.:-o

About the OEM W7, you can install it as often as you wish with the same hardware and if you do make enough changes to your hardware, calling Microsoft is a good idea if you can't activate it anymore. They're pretty good about it.

Enjoy your beast of an I7, I love it!

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i installed my webcam by cd but when i put my webcam in the usb it says a problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not be working.i rang the company then they said to go to device manager but its blank. i tired start, then run, then i type service.msc but it says window cannot find it.PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Answer:a problem ouccrred during hardware installation.

Start --> Run --> devmgmt.msc

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I have downgraded my 3000y500 Vista home to Windows XP.My desktop, after being populated promts for 'Found new hardware Wizard' Three times.Iam not getting clue which driver is required.Please suggest.

Answer:Prompting Hardware Installation Wizard

Can you provide the screenshot of Device Manager?

//help will save the world

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Hello! HP just released version of HP PC Hardware Diagnostics for its UEFI BIOS.I was wondering if there's a way to install it on my notebook, which is not currently running Windows. After all, it seems quite questionable that an OS-independent utility like this, which installs on the UEFI BIOS, requires the use of a Windows setup program as the only install option. Thanks in advance,Mauro

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Hi everyone. I'm just throwing this one out there to see if maybe someone has a clue. One of my systems is having some serious issues installing Windows 7. I'm pretty much convinced that it's a hardware issue, but I've been unable to diagnose it thus far.

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego
500GB WD Caviar
Nvidia 7800GT
2GB G.Skill DDR
Memorex DVD Burner

When I go to install Windows 7, after the disc loads the setup files, it just hangs. It just seems to freeze. I know the disc is a good disc because I have verified the integrity of the data and have used this disc to install Win7 on a few other systems without issue. My first reaction was that it was a DVD Burner issue. I swapped it out for another one, but same problem.

I then installed Ubuntu onto a USB drive and attempted to install Ubuntu from it. Not because I wanted Ubuntu on there, but because I wanted to make 100% certain that it wasn't a DVD burner issue. Same problem. When Ubuntu gets to the install screen, the system freezes.

I then downloaded Western Digital's diagnostics program to check and see if there was a problem with the hard drive. It passed with flying colors. I've tested the RAM with memtest. No problems. I'm just not really sure what the problem is. I've tried several different DVD's in the drive and they work in a Windows environment, but if I attempt to install an OS at startup, it hangs. This has happened with XP, Vista, Win7, and Ubuntu (I tried all 4 ... Read more

Answer:Strange Hardware Installation Issue

I had a problem installing the 32bit RC on a friend's XP system when the dvd burned as well as the GParted live cd for seeing the XP primary resized refused to go past a certail point as well. From there I used a usb key made for GParted in order to get that part done as well as a usb key made up for the RC. XP/7 now running together.

Later when going back to boot from the RC dvd again but canceling the installation out with 7 already on the dvd drive worked like a champ! That would be a thought for you there if you have one, an external usb drive or second partition for mounting the iso?

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I've built a new PC. Everything's wired and ready according to every tutorial I've looked at. I have my DVD drive and one hard drive on an IDE cable in order to install and set up Windows. However, I'm encountering countless errors during the dozens of installations I've tried. I'm using Windows XP Professional SP2. I usually encounter the errors during the initial setup - the 39-minute one. The errors come in all sorts of varieties. I've gotten 0x0000008E, 0x0000007A, 0x0000007E (I think), 0x000000A1... definitely others. Some of those codes might not be right, but that gives you the idea of the many errors I've come accross. These errors occurr during every installation, except different errors during each attempt at different points in the installation. The errors are terminal, so the installation progress is lost.I've even tried Vista RC1. It encounters the same errors during unpacking files.I really don't know what else I can describe - I've been troubleshooting for about a total of 10-12 hours now with no luck. I have formatted the hard drive several times.I can install Windows XP using the same hard drive and optical drive on my old computer (with its motherboard and processor, etc), I've tried a couple times during the troubleshooting. I can not, however, install Windows on the old machine and put the HD back in the new - it comes close to working, but at the 'Start windows normally'/'safe mode'/'last known good configuration' screen, selecting any option results in e... Read more

Answer:Windows installation issues on new hardware/PC

Some possibilities:-Underpowered PSU (is it? - what have you got?)Bad RAM (my favourite suggestion - Try with one module at a time (if you have two), or a different module.)Problematic BIOS settings (change to failsafe defaults)Overheating (check temperatures in the BIOS)Other faulty hardware (change item by item)

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Hi all. Apologies in advance for such a long post...

I don't know if I just have a corrupt Windows (7 Ultimate) installation or what, but this all started three weeks ago or so, after installing new hardware (specifically: motherboard [Asus A58M-A], processor [AMD A10 6800K] and RAM [Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 1866]). Since I had the extra RAM slot, I also put in one of the Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR3 I have from before the upgrade. The sticker on it says it's 1866, but it shows up in BIOS/POST as 1333.

Since then, I've had the following problems:

Internet: Unable to establish any connection at all when using the ethernet cable plugged into my Cisco/Linksys EA2700 Router. I can connect wirelessly, but that connection is lousy and I'm not sure why, especially since the router is only about 20 feet from the computer. To be fair, the lousy wireless connection is something I was dealing with since before the hardware upgrade/Windows reinstall, which is why I finally gave up and bought a 50' ethernet cable (the computer used to be in a different room, though on the same floor of the house). The problem with being unable to get any type of connection when plugged in started after reinstalling Windows and then doing something like 180 updates and then moving the PC to the new spot. I made a point of moving the tower myself just so that I could be sure nothing happened to it, so I know there was no physical damage done because of dropping or otherwise ba... Read more

Answer:New hardware + Win7 installation = headaches

Update: Wired connection issue is fixed. I have to (sheepishly) admit that I completely forgot to install the router via the CD that came with it. The lousy wireless performance is still a problem, though, as well as the hard drive/partition issues.

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I am trying to install new drivers for a USB CD-RW drive.

When I'm almost done, having selected to install the newly downloaded drivers, it gives me the following:

"This hardware cannot be installed
A problem occured when the unit was being installed.
Access denied."

(Rough translation from Swedish.)

I'm doing this from an admin account, and I've made sure the windows folders are all NOT write protected. Has anyone here come across this before?

(I tried looking at microsoft's own support pages, but as I expected, they were pretty useless...)

Answer:Hardware installation: access denied

Did you connect the USB CD-RW drive before installing the software? If so it may be the problem. You should disconnect it and perform a System Restore and select a date before you connected it. Then install the USB CD-RW drive software.

Good luck.

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Briefly, any attempts to reinstall network adapter driver for onboard component and also for the just-bought-and-installed in PCI-E slot network adapter results in the message: Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer.
Details (lots):
Hardware: Acer Aspire M5811 with Win7 Home Premium 64bit Motherboard is a Foxconn P55M01 with onboard Intel(R) 82578DC Gigabit Network Connection
Driver it had at the time it stopped working was
Basically the family member who owns this PC stated the network stopped working mid task. (Yes, it was a safe site, they are not that type) Couple of hours on the phone with the internet provider ended with a "The problem is at your end, nothing we can do..." spiel. Understandable once I had the PC delivered to me and went into the device manager to see a row of yellow triangles for every network component.
Rebooted into safe mode with networking. Ran Norton Internet Security. Ran Malwarebytes. Nothing. No internet. Green and orange lights at network port. OK I think. Lets reinstall the drivers. Go to Acer website. Get drivers. Will not install. Says it cannot find any network device. Restart PC and go into BIOS. Onboard LAN is enabled there. Get newer driver from Intel website (nice to have 2 PCs) and same thing.
Fine, enough mucking around. Empty PCI-E 1x slot just begging for a network card. Go buy the Intel(R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter. Follow the proper grounding / powered dow... Read more

Answer:Device driver installation will not see the hardware

Do you have sign inside Device Manager ? Under Network

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I recently purchased a Microsoft cordless keyboard and mouse which I am quite happy with.
I had to download stuff from the Microsoft website to get it up and running properly, but there were 2 download options. The first one I clicked was the PS2 compatible mouse, but this came back with an error report 'cannot install this' etc. So I tried the other option without a problem.

Ever since then my PC starts up with a Wizard installation hardware report ' cannot install PS2 compatible mouse' which wastes times and is annoying. I have searched everywhere I can think to find where I can remove this object, but since it did not install it is difficult to locate. I can only locate it under hardware installation, but this leaves me no option to delete and only offers to try to install whilst reminding me that this could damage my existing driver!!!

I do not want it. How can I make it and its annoying pop up reminder go away?

Please help.

Answer:How To Get Rid Of [email protected] Compatible Mouse Installation Hardware?

Try using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and look for any remnants of the errant installMark

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Hi guys. Im new here so wanted to not only get help with my problem, but also say hi.

I recently installed windows 7 and initially everything worked fine. Then i noticed that one of my harddrives had disappeared. Its a 20gb barracuda. I checked in the device manager and also noticed that that I had a IDE controller and Unknown device problem.

I think the IDE controller is part of the High Definition Audio Controller set up so im currently downloading the realtek drivers to see if that allows windows 7 to recognise it.

I am howeever extremely lost as to how to get my hardrive back as everything I have done cant detect any hardware installed.

If there is anything I can put up on here that will help just let me know and ill do so, till then I hope there is someone out there that can rekindle my expectations of Windows 7!

Thanks in advance

Answer:hardware lost in new WIN7 installation

Have you installed all the latest drivers for your hardware?

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This is more of a hardware / networking question. Here is what's going on.

Currently we have a Whatsup Gold Dell T400 server that just can't handle both WhatsUp and MSSQL. We are deciding to split the boxes up and get a R510 (Or T610, depends on the price our rep can get for us) for the SQL server and keep WhatsUp on the T400. The hardware requirements will be very much satisfied (1xQuad core, 8 gig ram, 300 gig 15k SAS drives, 64 bit Win2k8, dual GigE NICs) with the new server but I've never worked with SQL server that was as utilized as this one so here is my question:

What type of network congestion will this create being there will be a lot of traffic going between these two boxes? Since both boxes have GigE NICs, I'll probably be putting them on their own GigE switch since the rest of the network is 10/100 so I'm hoping that if there are any network problems they would be resolved.

I've heard of fiber channel but don't know what it is or if it would be worth the cost in this (as I would need fiber channel cards in both servers).

What is the best way to set this up? I guess I'm just looking for some insight from some SQL gurus.


Answer:MS SQL Hardware server setup questions

1 GB should be fine, i would break them off into their own VLAN if there is going to be a lot of broadcast traffic to cut down on congestion

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Does there exist some kind of hardware solution to proxy sever for home use? Where I live many of the online proxy server services are blocked and I'm a computer lay person. I need a solution which is very simple and effective (I think a hardware solution is both simple and effective). Could you please help me with it? Thanks.

Answer:hardware solution to proxy server

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Hope this is the 'best' forum to post this query in, heres a little backstory and our thoughts so far:

Some friends and I are going to rent 1u in a data center for all our geeky needs; our 'needs' to start with are a bunch of websites (and databases), a VoIP server and a few dedicated game servers. We'll be running some form of *nix if that matters (seen some anti *nix specs regarding RAID?)

I was shocked how expensive 1u chassis can be, is there a big premium on this or should we look at renting 2u to save here? On the 1u front we don't need hotswap bays or a slim optical or anything flash, some decisions will be based on MB/CPU - more on that later.

Our 'dream' was to go straight to dual processor but it looks like we will have to be abit more economical; Im under the impression you can get a dual socket MB and run with 1 cpu, hopefully we could/would upgrade down the line if neccessary; we were looking at going Xeon not sure whats the best cache etc for our needs, what chipsets are good. Can you rely on built in raid (that isnt anti *nix)?

Storage isn't really an issue, we'll be using gigs rather than terabytes of data however we'd like to have 2+ harddrives for some form of RAID (important stuff will be backed up offsite). SATA will be fine I think, we won't be taxing the HDDs much.

We also dreamed of having alot of memory, which we can also add to later - does anyone have any advice on how memory... Read more

Answer:Building a 1u server - Hardware advice

What is your budget for this project? You may find it is more cost effective to buy a "gently used" 1U server off ebay rather than building your own.

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I have a some lab software that we are setting up to run on a server, with the users running clients. Prior to that each user had the software on their personal PC or laptop.

Since setting up the server, the software is running much slower than previously. The computer acting as the server is a typical Dell P4 3.4 Ghz, 2GB ram, and a 250 GB hard drive.

What upgrades are necessary to run more efficiently? The software is used by about a dozen clients.

Additionally, how could I tell if the bottleneck is more of an internet issue or a hard drive speed (file transfer) issue?



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Well my boss has decided to go crazy and has tasked me with trying to buy server hardware for a new Citrix farm he wants to implement.

The problem is the talks I have had with Citrix people I can't get ANY kind of help as far as number of users per server CPU, RAM requirements and things of that nature, this is making it difficult to tell my boss the hardware we should get.

I already know we want Raid 5 and a fair amount of storage (as citrix has to have the applications images loaded onto the server correct?), will multi processor help the number of users that can connect?

With this in mind and knowing we only use standard applications I.E. windows XP pro, Office 2003, and fery few other applications does anyone have a clue what type of servers I should be looking at? I.E. RAM requirements and CPU speed.

Is CPU speed directly proportional to the number of users who can connect to any given server? I know we are going to have some kind of load balencing solution for failover but I wanted to get some ideas on what to prep for.

Answer:Server Hardware for Citrix farm?

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I of course could just build one from scratch, but this is a recommendation for a friend for his business and they have to have a vendor-bought system. Now, I realize this could turn into a whole lot of "I like Dell" and "I like HP" posts, so I'm going to clarify. I'm looking for a few good resources (websites) that review/compare pre-built Server systems. An example would be READY GO.

Answer:Where can I find some server hardware reviews?

Good question, my anwser is that there are very few sites that do this.

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