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Odd Drive noises etc, grinding?

Question: Odd Drive noises etc, grinding?

Well, my HD has been making some weird noises... i cant tell if its the sound of grinding or if its the platter arm bouncing/getting caught somewhere...

The thing is, my hard drive works perfectly up to that point, and my computer only seems to do it under high stress for a long ammount of time. (as if the computer heating up might make a difference?) Ill be running a system-wide virus scan from Panda Antivirus Platinum, and at some random point it starts. This doesnt happen all the time it could happen at any time, like maybe installing a game after my computer has been on all day.

Its like a "(click, click.....................bwaAaaaaAAAAAAaaAAAAa)"

Not quite grinding its hard to explain

The drive's a Seagate 30gb.

My Hypothesis:
1. My $chitty power supply (a Deer 300w) at some point has trouble powering the drive, like maybe a jump in voltage... the the drive's internal parts would not be where the drive thinks they are, or maybe a lower voltage would cause things that are normally synchronized to get out of wack...

2. My ECS mobo installed in that particular system?
3. Could the drive be heating up too much? How could i test this?

Well anyways, if it starts to happen i have to completely turn the system off, as "restarting" via the button in the front doent acutally restart everything, and the problem would still occour.
Even after turning it completely off, i have to let it sit for about an hour before i can load windows without it doing it again. This is why i was thinking it was a heat issue

after i do a proper restart, it works fine.

Maybe the drive's just F***ed. I just doubt it at the moment. its too intermittent

help meh!

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Preferred Solution: Odd Drive noises etc, grinding?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Odd Drive noises etc, grinding?

Your drive is dead. I've had this happen several times. before you use it again, i would suggest buy another dirve, copy the bad one to the good one and then have fun pulling the old one apart to see how it's broke. if you keep using it you'll lose all your information anywhere from a week to a month after it started making the noise.

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Whenever I open or close a .txt file my floppy drive makes grinding noises, even though there is no disk in the drive, and the file I'm acessing is on the C: Drive.

Any Ideas?

Answer:Floppy drive making grinding noises

well you need to make sure this isnt your hard drive making this noise.
unplug the floppy [ remove the side ] after you turn it off.
if it happens to be your hard drive, back up all your info a.s.a.p.
post back

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All of a sudden, my main desktop freezes today while on a webpage, then I can't do anything but power off. When I try to reboot, I get a Disk Boot Error message and the BIOS doesn't recognize the hard disk. To make matters worse, my external backup usb drive won't install on either of my two other systems (just to check it's integrity), as I get a "Device not installed properly" message and it can't be viewed in My Computer.

If I try to reinstall Windows XP, during the install, it doesn't see any hard drive. If I leave my USB external drive attached while trying to install XP on the main internal drive, it does see that external drive and the correct capacity and free space, but can't access it otherwise.

Should I try the freezer trick on the hard drive? If recommended, how long do I leave in the freezer and do I just put it back in the system and try to reboot while it's still cold or do I let it warm back to room temperature first? If that fails, any other suggestions before I head to a store for two new drives?


Answer:Hard drive clicking, making grinding noises

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Hi all , Is there any way to find out what is going on within my PC when I login to windows ME . There is a lot of low grinding noises while the little hour glass symbol is keeping company with my cursor.

Answer:P.C. does a lot of grinding noises at startup

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Even when it is just sitting there doing nothing. If I open a new window, racing noises, like the fan gearing up and down loudly. When opening programs grinding noises. I am not sure what to do about this, is it something simple?

Answer:Computer makes racing and grinding noises


Is this a laptop or a desktop?

What is the make and model of the system?

How old is the system?

How long has the problem existed?

Also, grinding noises are usually just old worn fans, which is it is a desktop, can easily be replaced. What has me wondering is why it goes to full fan speed everytime you do something.



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A few months ago my PS2 Slim broke and I thought the laser burnt out so I just let it sit in my closet cause I did not want to buy a new one. I decided to spend the entire day today researching stuff about it and eventually took apart my ps2.

The problem was that when I turn it on and close the lid the laser arm will move to drive to read a disc but then make this horrible grinding noise. After I opened it up I noticed that the grinding noised was caused by that plastic thing that sits on top of the worm gear (golden screw on the right side that guides the laser arm up and down). What is happening is it moves down towards the spindle and the worm gear or w/e its called would spin super fast and the teeth of the plastic from the laser would grind against the grooves of the worm gear.

Normally, what I think is supposed to happen is the laser arm moves toward and backward from the spindle and for what ever reason it is getting stuck once it moves to the spindle and it cannot go backwards.
Do you know anyway to fix this?

Answer:PS2 Making grinding noises from the worm gear


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Hi, i have a 400GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive. I got it recently and the problem is it is making constant loud grinding noises. I got the thing of trademe. What can i do please help

Answer:Hard dsik making grinding noises

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Hi, I am getting HDD like noises from the front right of my thinkpad near where the logo is on the palmrest. It sounds like a spinning disk but a bit quiter. I am assuming it is either hte SSD, RAM or CPU. It is definately not the fan as the issue does not come up in the BIOS. Issue comes about with low CPU load <5%. This is really bugging me, the noise is nearly as bad as a spinning disk and super annoying. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Hey, everyone. I'm a first time poster but I feel that posting here will bring me far more useful answers than calling tech support.

My computer is a Compaq Windows Vista, Basic Home Edition. It's got 2.50 GHz of RAM and is fairly new in my opinion, purchased in the spring of 07. It has only one PS fan from the looks of it, the one facing the back to suck air out.

Shortly (guessing 3 months) after the purchase of my new computer, the Power Supply failed, and I had it sent off to the manufacturer for two weeks to be replaced. Since then it has been running very smoothly.

About a week prior to this occurrence, my computer made a similar noise (to the beginning of the video, link provided below) and more central in the computer. This was due to a dust build-up, which I cleaned out thoroughly. It was fine after that.

The matter at hand: This morning I turned on my computer to find it making ungodly grinding noises, coming from specifically the back of it. I turned it off and opened it up, cleaned out any remaining dust from the last time and turned it on with the side panel off to watch the fans. After listening and turning it off the second time, I decided it was coming from the power supply, since I'd realized that this was the only location I hadn't cleaned the last time.

I cleaned it with compressed air as carefully as I could, but there wasn't that much dust inside of it, nor on the fan. I turned it on a third time and the noises had quieted dow... Read more

Answer:Solved: Power Supply Fan Making Grinding Noises (video included)

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Hi there

I am new and I have a laptop Satellite series C660-1LD.

Sometimes when I watch videos, there is a short blast of a noise and the best way to describe it a vibrating grinding noise. The noises are not constant, they just come in short blasts.

Sorry for the poor description.

Please can someone help?

I will be happy to give you any information you may need.

Answer:Satellite C660-1LTD Strange grinding/vibrating noises when I watch videos

I would first install the current sound driver. Here you can download the driver.

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Hi, I have an Hp Pavilion dv2700 special edition laptop. I used to have Vista, but now I have windows 7 after I got the computer fixed. I downloaded and installed some programs, but I didn't like the effect they had on my computer after running them, and so I did a system restore to a previous date, which changed the settings back to when I didn't have those programs. Ever since, Windows has been installing updates to my computer, and some of those updates were obviously for the audio device installed in/on the system.

My question is for some reason, (and I can't really discern when the problems started arising), every time I try to listen to something on my computer like songs or videos, etc.-- with moderate volume level--and I try to load something else and/or the hard drive is active, the sound coming out of the my speakers starts to crackle and make weird electric-like grinding noises. This never happened to me before with vista, and it's irritating me a great deal now. Is there any way to fix this problem? Or am I just stuck with this?

Oh and I forgot to mention...when I plug in my headphones the sound continues to play on my speakers rather than within my headphones, any explanation for this? And what I could possibly do about it to fix it?

Thanks for the help in advance; truly appreciate it .

Answer:Speaker sound crackle or make weird grinding, electric type noises

I just checked the HP website and they do not support Windows 7 on the Pavilion dv2700, meaning they don't have any drivers for Windows 7.Evidently you didn't check that out before installing Windows 7 on it.Drivers for HP laptops are custom-made for the manufacturer (or at least some of them are) so that they match the custom-made components.Furthermore, although HP do have Windows Vista drivers for your Pavilion dv2700, they are not guaranteed to work properly on Windows 7.I'm guessing that's the cause of your current sound problem. Go back to Vista & you will almost certainly have no such problem.If you want Windows 7 buy it pre-installed on a new laptop which has been designed to run it, or before upgrading the OS in future, check that suitable drivers are available from the laptop maker's website!If you were led to believe that all Windows Vista drivers will work just as well on Windows 7, you've been misinformed.

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Recently, two nights ago, my pc began making some rather annoying grinding noises. The sounds vary in pitch and volume, sometimes stopping completely and later, starting again. At first I assumed it was one of the fans, so I made sure there were no wires caught on anything, while I was in the case I did a good vacuum job as well. Needless to say this didn't help, and I'm not really sure what the problem might be.

The sound appears to come from the power supply, but at times it seems the noise starts when I load a new web page, or enter new areas in a game, which makes me wonder if it could be the hard drive. I've also had a few "hangs" in process time, as well as some graphical issues since the noise began (things like ghosted FX not going away when they should and "sticking" on the screen)

Its a god awful whiny grind that I simply cannot "grin and bear" and definitely needs attention asap. I'm just not sure what to troubleshoot next to determine which component it might be. Would like to try as much as I can on my own before I run off buying misc components that "might" be broken.

Answer:PC making "grinding" noises

Id suggest using the harddrive manufacturers testing tool from their website as it could be a sign of imminent drive failure.
This link provides sound files of the most common failures.

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Hello,I had my pc seviced about 3 weeks ago and since then the hard drive has a grinding sound.I have had the pc for almost 2 yrs. and it never ground before.

My internet connection keeps droping me.Please help.

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One of my HP laptops, HP Pavilion dv9650us, went off warranty about two months ago. I was using the machine to help fix another computer's problem when I noticed that its dvd-drive is making loud grinding noises and is slowing down the computer whenever I would access the drive. I suspect that the drive is about to die.

I am not sure how long the drive has been doing this since the laptop is being used primarily by another family member.

I purchased an extended warranty through Office Depot, but that family member cannot afford for that computer to be sent off for an unknown amount of time so I am actively considering replacing the drive myself.

I am looking at drives on and unsure if a 'universal laptop slimline drive' will fit. Are the drives fairly universal between manufactorers? The current drive is an HD-DVD drive so I was hoping to upgrade to a blu-ray drive. Is it possible?

FYI: These kind of internal laptop dvd drives are not available from newegg or even frys. I'd rather not buy directly through hp.

Answer:dvd drive grinding noise Found a few laptop BD-Roms there. Panasonic makes the UJ-220 for laptops as well. They are a bit pricey. I would google something like 'Notebook Internal Blu-Ray' and see what pops up for you.

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Can someone please rescue me? I'm having an unresolved issue on the below thread & I'm going nuts. I had transferred my grinding-noise issue from this forum, but now I'm thinking it may be a virus. Please help (either on this thread or the below thread):

Answer:Grinding Hard Drive - please help!

Well jellym,

You have been told, by both NiteHawk and motherboard to have HiJack This fix some things in both of these threads below, and not one time have you said you did.

So first be sure to put a check by what is in the quote below and have HiJack This fix them.

Run HighJack This again and make a new log. Then post the new saved log. Please! DO NOT post the old HiJack This log!

In Hijack This, check ALL of the following items. Double check so as to be sure not to miss a single one.
Next, close all browser Windows, and have HT fix all checked.

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page=
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar=
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title=Access4Less
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default)= Read more

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I have an HP xt840. The hard drive grinds most of the time, even when there isn't a program running. Everything takes so long to open, Outlook, IE, Microsoft Word, etc....... I've cleaned, defragged, deleted, added RAM and everything is still so slow, very frustrating. Would replacing the hard drive help? We have a 40g hard drive now. If so, what brand, size, etc?? Can I install it myself? or should we just buy a whole new computer system?? or any other suggestions???

Thanks........ Sharon

Answer:grinding hard drive

Grinding sound from hard drive usually means it's about to fail. Most new drives come with easy to follow instructions on how to install it. You should be able to do it yourself. If you need anything off that drive, or plan on copying that drive to the new drive, I'd hurry up

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Hello. Yesterday my hard drive started grinding. When it does it it lasts for a few seconds and then stops and computer goes as normal. What should I do?

Answer:Hard drive grinding

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hi - when i loaded my computer up this morning the hard drive started to make a grinding grating noise which stopped once my programes were loaded.everything seems to be back to normal now. this also happened one day last week. is my hard drive on the way out? its a Maxtor 4D040H2 [Hard drive] (40.00 GB) is there anything i can do (apart from scrap it and buy another?)

Answer:grinding hard drive

Are you sure it's the harddrive? I had a similar experience and it turned out to be the system fan. If you are sure it's the harddrive then backup your vital files and get a new one.

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Hello to all, I have a new Pavilion 15-bc000nv and after 4 days of use it started a scratchy noise from the left side of the laptop. I see that when the led of Hard Drive switches on the sound comes up (it's like something is scratching from the inside) and when it turns off the sound stops, it's not that loud but when I work at night it buzzes my head and I am worried since the laptop it's brand new. Please help me to solve the poblem. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hard drive grinding noise

@NIKIKUKO Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! This may simply be the sound that the newer drives make -- given that the laptops are thinner than the old ones and more easily conduct the drive sound.You paid for free HP Tech Support as part of the warranty coverage, so you might as well make use of it.While this PC is still under warranty, you should contact HP Customer Support directly to have them put you in touch with HP Technical Support to see what they can do about troubleshooting and repairing your machine remotely.They should be able to tell you if the sound is "normal" or if it indicates a problem with the drive.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836Good Luck

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I have been given an MSI VR601 laptop here to check out, as its hard drive was always grinding, its dvd drive was not working (would not read discs-despite the eject button being ok), and it was also taking a long time to boot. On my first look at the system, the psu gave up completely (it got too hot to touch and started smoking, so I had to switch off and replace the plug immediately). The system on my first boot made a beep on startup, asking at first to repair or boot as normal into vista. After 'repairing', the beep is still heard on a boot, but there is no message or warning along with it, and is alot faster to boot. There is also so far no longer any grinding of the hard drive at all, and no constant flickering of the hard drives 'reading/writing' cylinder icon/light on the bottom right of the laptop. Could it all have really been the cause of a really bad power supply? If so I would like to try reinstalling windows completely, but I may still be stuck as the dvd drive wont read any discs. Can a bad power plug really damage the drive? I need some tips on how I can find out if the laptops dvd drive is fixable or what its true state really is-thanks for any help!

Answer:Is a grinding hard-drive always a failing one?

I'm guessing that the PSU had a short somewhere , which was causing the problem of overheating, bad connection/loose wire on plug?.If you have a spare DVD power lead on your computer (is it SATA or IDE ?)try using that, you could also try replacing the data cable, else you may need to get another DVD drive.If that is all the damage that was done , you got off very lightly. Terry

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For about a week I've noticed that the A drive tries to read/write to a floppy when I download a file.  I'm using Firefox and have download location set to a folder on my C drive, but to get the download to start I have to have a floppy in my A drive.  It saves the file to the correct folder on my C drive but I can't figure out why the A drive thinks it needs a floppy before the download can occur.It's annoying and I either forget to put a floppy in the A drive until the noise starts or forget to take the floppy out before I shut down the computer, which means I get that error message the next time I boot up that tells me I have a non-system disk in the drive.Dell Dimension 2400, Pentium 4 1GHz, 1 Gig Ram, Windows XP Pro w/SP2 and all later updates installed.Thanks, in advance, for your help.Walt

Answer:A drive keeps grinding when downloading file

Sorry, a correction - the Pentium 4 is 2.8 GHz.Walt

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A hard drive on one of our office computers in making unpleasant sounds--kinda sounds like a car in desperate need of a tuneup

To what culprit, generally, would a loud hard drive be attributable? Does it mean it might be overheating? Or getting ready to die? Haven't had any failures on it thus far. It's behaving fine, just loud--sorta sounds like it's hitting small rocks or something as it spins. What can/should I do to diagnose?

Thanks for everyone's help!

Answer:Hard drive making grinding sounds

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after a power problem, the laptops dvd drive and mains plug broke down, and a grinding sound could then always be heard from the system. after replacing the hard drive in a test, I can now safely say that its not a grinding hard drive at all. the harsh noise seems to be from the systems cpu fan. usually after a few mins of use the noise gets lower (almost disappears), as the temperature of the system increases. I have blown out all of the dust, but the noise remains. whats my other option? would a fan replacement or oiling really solve the issue? I dont have a small enough screwdriver here to remove the fan, and wouldnt be too sure on what to use if an 'oiling' was necessary-no doubt a replacement would be the best bet? surely its not the cpu itself creaking away-lol. thanks for any suggestions if possible. is a grinding/loud fan over a few yrs of use a common problem in laptops? this system is from 2007

Answer:grinding noise from laptop was not a hard drive!

Try taskmanager at start up and see what is using up the CPU.If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 96% that is normal.

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My brand new T500 Hard Drive makes off and on very faint grinding noise. The grinding happens for 6 times and then goes away for 5-10 seconds and then happens again and so on. Is this normal or is my new hard drive defective, and should I ask Lenovo for a replacement hard drive?  I ran the lenovo hard drive diagnostic tool and it did not find any issues.

Answer:New T500 Grinding Noise from Hard Drive

it would be good to make a recording, but the frequency of the noises suggest your drive head is constantly parking itself... 

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I have a four year old HP Pavilion with windows XP. Three years ago, the CD drive needed to be replaced so we bought a used one for $10. It worked fine until today. I ejected the tray and it only came out halfway and made a grinding noise. I inserted and ejected it a couple more times and it did the same thing. Then, it finally wouldn't open at all. Now when I try to eject it, the light flashes and it makes the same grinding noise but it doesn't open.

I tried to eject it from My Computer and it did the same thing. I take classes on the computer and use CD's for class so I need my CD drive. Is there any way I can fix it? I'm a student on a small income and I don't know when I could afford another one. If there's something I could do to get it working again, that would be great. I'll try to answer all your questions.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:CD Drive will not open, makes grinding noise

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Hey. I need help fixing my external passport hard drive.My hard drive was functioning normally until it was jerked off the table and knocked against something when the laptop was suddenly moved. I noticed a dent on the outside case. Afterwards, the hard drive icon wouldn't appear in My Computer and I get a "device not recognised" message. I have tried plugging it into a desktop computer with no success. I am fairly sure it is a hard ware, not software problem.Upon plug in, the hard drive spins with a sort of grinding/clicking sound whenever I press my ear against it, then stops and falls silent. The light still stays on. I'm guessing that the heads have become jarred. Is their anyway that I can fix it? I don't have warranty on it.

Answer:External Hard Drive Dropped While In Use. Now grinding sound.

There is absolutely no way you can fix this drive. It is dead, and the data on it has gone to heaven.

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My CD drive is making loud noises. This doesn't occur all the time. For example,I'm watching a DVD - Criminal Minds Season 4 and it allowed me to watch the episodes fine but when I tried to watch a deleted scene, it made this loud grinding noise and it wouldn't stop even when I clicked stopped in Windows Media Player. It only stopped when I removed the DVD.

This also occurred when I was watching another DVD, I was trying to skip through it and it made that loud grinding noise again but it still played after it got to where I wanted it to be. But with the Criminal Minds DVD, it won't work even when I leave the DVD grinding to see if it'll go to the deleted scene.

I don't understand what's going on. I barely used it before but now it's acting up. I never dropped my laptop or hit it.

I'm attaching the sound it makes. I hope there's a way I can fix this on my own.

Btw, the deleted scene worked on my sister's Toshiba laptop. It made no loud noises. It was smooth.

Edit: Here is the sound it makes. It's the one named DVD drive

Answer:Asus Laptop CD Drive Makes Loud Grinding Noise

A DVD drive will make noise. Whirring and a little bit of clunking and ticking are normal, but a solid grinding sound does not sound good. You may have to replace that DVD drive.

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Right, got a brand new pc 2 weeks ago. Been really lovely to me so far, apart from the HDD grinding..
I've looked through the whole interwebs and a bit more but none on the solutions has helped me! I've disabled Super fetch and Windows search which helped a little. But i still hear grinding from my harddrive? is it just my case (ive removed the harddrive screws)?
I've been looking into the Reliabilty and Performance monitor and it looks like Svchost.exe is causing the problems.
Trying to get screenshots of it (in the reli and perfor montior) but for some reason its being quite quiet! Bah!

Light grinding
Semi grinding
Semi grinding 2
My system specs:
OS: Windows Vista 64 Ultimate

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2400 MHz)
GPU processor: GeForce 8800 GTS 512 512mb
Motherboard: eVGA 780i SLI
RAM: 2 x 2gb OCZ Reaper PC2-6400
Soundcard: Creative X-FI ExtremeMusic
HDD: 750gb WesternDigital CavierSE16

Is there any other information i can give?
Thanks a lot!

Answer:Harddrive grinding and grinding and gri....

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Hello I just joined the forum. I tried to find the right forum-and since I'm really don't know what is wrong- I just thought --WinXP . WARNING--MAJOR NOVICE ALERT. note, I have now noticed that I can hear the sounds of my phone being dialed on this computer. I am with Verizo Fios, landline. My internet is also with them, fios too. I seem to run into a lot of Trojans and rogue security programs. I'm not on Porn sites- usually it is music , lyric and searching for images. I don't "game" . I do go to several discussion boards, but they are all harmless sites. I have an Intel Pentium 4 , 512 MBytes. WIN XP SP3. IE7 TREND MICRO PC CILLIN SUITE It is a refurbished computer. Optical mouse, HP monitor and printer. I mention this b/c once a driver of HP was causing major problems and I was ready to throw this computer how the door and like magic- i fixed it. I am hearing a computer beeping noise at times -this is not on restart. it is while I am on line. It is not all the time, but lately at least 1-2 times a day. My computer at times makes what I call "grinding" noises. I do not always hear this, and usually it is at start up, but just now at shut down and later turning computer back on it made grinding noises for some time. I notice that while on the net I will often hear mouse clicks. ....I hear clicking when I am not typing or clicking. . I'm not being redirected- I just hearing the sound your computer makes wh... Read more

Answer:Computer Beeping Noises, Mouse Click Noises

I added a problem - hearing the phone being dialed. This one is scary.

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My pc keeps making click noises (like that of opening a folder) every minute or so, it clicks four times - during which the pc freezes! The noise is a speaker one and not hardware; I haven't installed anything recently... help!



Answer:Pc Keeps making folder clicking noises (x4) and freezing during noises

Post what processes are running in your task manager. To get there press the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys all at the same time then click on processes.

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I recently saved some documents to a floppy but now whenever I do something like open a web page or any saved documents a noise comes from the A Drive as if I am trying to use it for something. I have shutdown and restarted but it still happens.

Answer:Noises from A Drive

Sorry, I meant to say can anyone help me as to what this could be.

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Question: DVD Drive Noises

Pioneer 103S DVD drive.
Out of guarantee (just!) but having seen relatively little use and no abuse.
Whenever disk (DVD or CD) is inserted, has started making repetitive 'Whiiirrrrr, Whisshh, SNAP!, Whiiirrrrr, Whisshh, SNAP!' noises (give me a break - you can see what a technoguru I'm not!).
These can go on for minutes, while the PC freezes. Then, sometimes the drive will read the disk, other times (mostly) not.
I can work out that all is not well ...... but is this a common occurrence which could be rectified by me somehow, or am I looking at terminal decline? Is there some software drive-checker or re-setter which could help, please?
Many thanks.

Answer:DVD Drive Noises

Overall, it doesn't sound good (no pun intended). Just for fun you might try taking it out of the case and hooking it up on the outside to be sure it's still sitting level....if it does the same's days are probably very limited.

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Question: Hard Drive Noises!


My hard drive is making noises from time to time...sounds like clicking noises....

Does this mean I need a new hard drive because it is sticking??

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Hard Drive Noises!

how bad is the clicking all hard drives click in normal use but if it is a ver bad clicking that has developed rapidly or gotten progressively worse over time it may be a problem

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Question: Hard drive noises

Hi I am having a similar problem regarding this except mine is a 3 yr old seagate barracuda 1tb hard drive..I noticed the problem recently..I tried with HD tune;it didn't detect any error..the noise is just loud enough(not loud in standard scenario) for me to get irritated..the pc actually got hung(once) last night..I am doubting my PSU as well, as it is just : 400w,20A,no effiency rating,getting loud too; not from a good recommended manufacturer,pretty old too..could it be that it is not providing enough power to the HDD..I actually run 2 hdd and a card hd6670..would be good if somebody with prior experience could explain it to me as I am considering buying a CX430/CX500 or a new HDD..

Answer:Hard drive noises

A good PSU is never a bad investment.

With that out of the way, you could get some software to watch your voltages. The hard drives will use the +5V and +12V rails, so watch those. A general rule of thumb is you want your measured voltage to be within + or - 10% of the rated. So the +5V should be between 4.5 and 5.5V, the 12V should be between 10.8 and 13.2V. Personally, I get a little uncomfortable if I see voltages outside of + or - 5%.

Run some benchmarks and watch the voltages, if they dip or spike outside of that 10% range you've got a problem.

I have not used this software, but it seems like it would be fine for monitoring the voltages:

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Question: hard drive noises

Every 10-15 secs my hard drive has started making rrrrr noises. like it is writing - is the hard drive on the way out?

Answer:hard drive noises

You can download software from the manufacture website to check out hard drives.

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I probably know the answer to this but I'm just looking for some hope here. I started my computer today and when windows was booting my hard drive made a noise similar to that of trying to start a car that's already running. I take this as a sign my hd is ready to crash. It's a WD 80gb se, my second one. I've only had this one for about six months. The last one wouldn't work after I changed cases. I could of possibly damaged it even though I was extremly careful with everything. But it was acting kinda funny before hand. Well anyway my question is it for sure a sign my hd is going to crap or can I hope there's nothing wrong? If it does crash I think I'll stop buying wd since it would be the second time in a year one of their hds crashed on me.

Answer:Funny hard drive noises

This could be a sign of a HD nearing death but it may as well be just a bad sector or a driver/controller glitch.

Run a thorough (non destructive) test on your HD using the diagnostic software from WD and back up your critical data just in case.

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Ello there,

I'm a little concerned about my PC. It was built in November at which point it was installed with a new Maxtor DiamondMax hardrive. All was well until a month or so ago when a very audible crunching sound started to be heard. It happens most often when there's a virus check running which i know is quite ordinary but at first even virus checks were silent, now its getting a lot louder and seems to be happening alot more regularly. Even opening 'my computer' sounds like its putting the HD under alot of strain.

Any ideas on possible cause/solutions? I've run all the virus/malware checks advised in the malware forum and all comes up clean. I've defragged, checked for errors and run disk cleanup. The maxtor site provides a diagnostic tool that i'm aprehensive to use because it wipes the drive, thought i'd exhaust all other options before that route.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Crunching noises from the hard drive

Crunching/clicking sounds coming from the hard drive are usually bad news. Download PowerMax and run a diag on it. You should still have warranty on the system or the HDD at least so I'd get it taken care of asap.

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My 4 year old toshiba satellite is now making noises when I tilt it or put any pressure (resting hands) over the area of the hard drive. It sounds like the hard drive is wobbling or jamming. If I keep tilting it the computer goes to the blue error screen and the computer restarts. Is my hard drive about to die me? Think there is somekind of fix for it?

Answer:notebook hard drive noises

Pop it open and see if anything is loose like Connectors ect ect....

Whilst you have it open turn it on and find what is making this sound..

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I've mentioned this noise before but now i have some audio.I was running diskeeper at the time but this noise happens when most of the time when there is disk access.File is about hereShould I be getting a new one?

Answer:Hard Drive noises (With Audio)

If that is the hard drive and not a fan, it is definitely failing. There was a post earlier with hard drive noises.

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Ive had this issue for some time now with my floppy drive making strange grinding noises whenever i boot up, shut down or log off my computer. It also happens when i right click the floppy drive icon on my computer and further proof that this is the culprit whenever these grinding sounds occur ive noticed that the light next to the floppy drive goes green. I have a few questions about this:

1. can whatevers wrong with the floppy drive affect startup of my pc ie timewise etc.

2. Can i remove the floppy drive (since ive never used it and never will)

3. this should fix the problem?

many thanks for any time you can spare to help me solve this problem

ps: merry christmas

Answer:Floppy Drive strange noises

The noises you hear are fairly common, you can remove it with no problems. ed

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Hi, I have a SATA 200GB hard disk for my PC. It is about half a year old and I noticed that it is making weird noises these days. The noise is pretty quiet but when I press on the disk, the noise becomes louder but sometimes it stops if I press it 'the right way'... The noise is like the sound coming out from a running microwave oven but obviously much much quieter. Weird thing is that if I deliberately position the disk out of place, the noise is completely gone. It comes back only when I snap it back to its proper position and close the case...

Answer:Solved: Hard drive is making noises

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So the drive took a small fall off the top of the computer, nothing major it was about 6 inches inside a Venus external enclosure. Well now it makes some noises on startup and I can't see the drive in windows. The bios sees it correctly on startup, as a MAXTOR Sabre drive, but when I run powermax, it just tries to initiate the drive (which makes it make noise) and sits there... I let it do this only for a short period because I didn't want to damage the drive...... any opinions?

Answer:Hard drive noises, BIOS sees it but nothing else does.

Try running the HDD standing ti on it's side and see if this works. I was able to rescue data from a HDD once using this method.
At any rate be prepared to backup immediately as you might only get one chance.


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WD 500GB Caviar Black began occasionally making what sounded like high speed spinning noises for a limited time. I have been exploring noises, clicks and beepings on the internet, but have not gotten anything that explains my circumstances. IIRC it occurs only on start up. You hear a noticeable high speed spinning like noise from the drive. This occurs once in a while, not like once a month or even two, but has been going on for over a year. WD quick scans passed, and chkdsk was run a multitude of times. indicating no problems.
I finally decided to replace it and used Paragon recovery to load the new WD Blue. I then ran a full WD extended scan on the old 500GB and it passed. Again ran a chkdsk and it did not note any reallocation or any issues.
Is there any occasional operation of that type of hard drive that would NORMALLY cause this noise? Does anyone have an opinion on what the noise is or what it indicates.
Thanks for any assistance!

Answer:Hard Drive Noises - exploration and advice


I know you are using WD. Read this article. Might be of some help.

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aspirez5700 intel i3wdc wdeads-22m2b0 hard drive6 mo ram

Answer:my hard drive makes very strange noises when my co...

Hello, Could you give me the first ten characters of the computer serial number (S/N)? Only the first ten.

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Just recently my hard drive has been making a weird noise. It seems to happen when the drive is inactive for a while (e.g. when browsing a single page on Internet Explorer). It will then make a sound like it is accessing the drive but quite quiet and a constant note (if that makes sense?). It stops if you force the computer to access the drive by clicking a menu, closing a window, loading a program ect. Is this a sign that my drive is on the way out or possibly a virus (I have done system scans using Panda, AVG, A-Squared, AVG Anti Spyware and Ad-Aware)?

Answer:Hard drive making weird noises.

Well, we can't know what exactly the sound is.. Some hard drives do a self-test or a reset routine occasionally when they are idle and it is perfectly normal. Some people describe this as a "meow" sound. Also, it could just be Windows doing some housekeeping.

Any hard drive can fail at any moment without warning, so making backups is always a good idea.

Whether your drive is actually trying to warn you.. Download the diagnostics utility from your HD maker's website and ruyn that just to be sure.

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Hey, guys... I came home from running errands today to find that there had been a bit of a storm, causing a brown-out, causing my PC to shut down/reboot. It was stuck in mid-boot, showing the same error message that I'd been receiving for months whenever I tried to do a cold boot: "Verifying DMI Pool Data. Hard Disk Boot Error", etc. Normally, I just restarted the machine a couple of times, and it would eventually boot and all was hunky-dory. But this time, the wretched machine simply refused to boot unless I unplugged my secondary storage drive, at which point it booted like a charm and all was well. Unfortunately, now I cannot get my PC to see this secondary drive at all (used only to store personal files and such, no OS). BIOS shows no sign of it, and when I plug it in, it sounds like it's trying to get going, and then just gives up.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on a custom-built rig. EVGA board, Intel i7 920 CPU. The bad drive is a Western Digital 500GB Caviar. Here's what it's doing:

YouTube - My Bad Hard Drive

(play in 480p)

At this point, I don't care about the drive. I just want to recover the data that's on it. Any software recommendations?

Answer:PC Won't Recognize Hard Drive - Strange Noises

I would recommend recuva, Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download.

Also try a new sata or ide cable on the your hdd and see what might happen.

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Anyone any ideas with this one?
A brand new Maxtor 250 Gb SATA drive in a new system built by me suddenly started making a really load banging noise (like someone knocking on a door), This was accompanied by a report of a fatal windows error; then it stopped and everything was normal.
I have fitted a replacement drive and ghosted the contents across without a problem - bearing in mind that ghost will not work if there is a fault on the source drive.
The "faulty" drive has been on test in the wksps using seatools and passes everything thrown at it and no more of the noises - not a sausage! There is no question that it was the drive and no other source
Deus ex machina or a ghost in the driveshaft?

Answer:New 250 Gb SATA drive making loud noises

Who knows how many times a hard drive is given excessive impact as it is shipped from Asia to the country where it is sold. The damage can be extensive if not very well protected during packing.
Then of course there is the history of unreliability of the Maxtor line as well.

There are Maxtors made in four different countries, which makes an evaluation even more difficult, because construction and reliability vary quite a bit. Even Seagate drives vary widely depending on whether they come from China, Korea, or the Philippines.

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I just bought a toshiba laptop I think it is a toshiba a63
well every once in a while the hard drive will make a hard "tap" or click sound
Like a watch or ring that hit a piece of wood.
Then the computer will lag for about 1 sec
Is this normal with a laptop?
Or is the drive bad?
Thx Nick_02

Answer:Solved: Laptop hard drive noises

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i have a compaq presario 1720 us laptop. its pretty old, around 4 years i belive. yesterday the hard drive started clicking every few seconds, and its like a accessing click, but it kept on goin. i restarted the computer and it happened again when i got onto windows, so i schedualed a disk checkup using the windows xp tool. when i restarted again, the computer locked up at the windows xp start up screen where theres that little bar thingy. it keeps on clicking but it doesnt load up windows. i have some files on the hd that i need to get, so does anyone have any idea on what i should do to fix it it. im thinking about buying a converter so i can hook it up to my desktop so that i can extract all my files that i need and get a new hd or something. has anyone evey used one of those mini hd enclosure thingys that let you put notbook 2.5 in hds so that you can use it for usb. help me out pleese. thanks.

Answer:laptop hard drive noises and problems

I've worked with a ton of HD's and every time it starts clicking louder than normal like the arm is hitting the side of the HD than it failed with-in a week. My suggestion is don't use the HD until you have some way to back it up. There are converters for 5-10 dollars that convert the connection to a 3.5" IDE and you could slave it on your desktop. The only bad thing is that you would have to open your case. or you could spend another 30-50 dollars getting a USB enclosure and use it with the converter.

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Hello, I just found this forum via google and thought you might be able to help.

My hard drive tipped over today and shut off. When I turned it back on I hear 2 tones of beeping noises. I opened it up and nothing was out of place so I recorded this video so you could hear the sounds.

You might have to turn the volume up a bit:

It does this for about 30 seconds and then stops. My computer fails to recognize the hard drive so I am concerned about retrieving the data on it. The external hard drive is buslink brand but the actual hard drive inside is western digital 160gb.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this is? How to fix it? Or whether or not the data might be salvegable?

Thanks for any advice you might have.

Answer:Hard drive is making beeping noises

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My hard drive has started making a strange noise about every 15 seconds. It only lasts for a second or two and sounds like a rapid clicking noise, as if it's trying to load something.Any ideas please. Thank you

Answer:Hard drive making strange noises

Back it up immediately, if it goes belly up and to be honest it doesn't sound too healthy. You will lose everything.

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Lately, my Samsung CD ROM drive has not been working. It can play audio CDs, but not games or any other cds. Besides that whenever I put a CD in my computer starts making weird grinding noises. I have tried many CDS I(some brand new ones) and it still refuses to work. It is a fairly new computer. No viruses. My device manager says that the drive is fine.

I may have to open my computer, but I don't know how to do that either and I really can't afford to break my computer over this. PLEASE HELP ME!

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aspirez5700 intel i3wdc wdeads-22m2b0 hard drive6 mo ram

Answer:my hard drive makes very strange noises when my co...

Hello, Could you give me the first ten characters of the computer serial number (S/N)? Only the first ten.

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I am using windows 7 home.

Whenever my computer boots up or wakes up from sleep mode the cd drive starts spinning as though it is trying to read a cd. It does this 4 times and then stops. The drive works fine otherwise.

I recently "checked" the bag with my computer in it on an international flight. I did not have this problem before the flight, so I suspect that It may have suffered some damage then.

Thank you for your time!

Answer:CD drive making noises on bootup and wakeup

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I have a Compaq laptop that had a bad hard drive (a 40gb Seagate Momentus 4200.2). I replaced the HD and reinstalled the OS and laptop is working fine. But I'm wondering what's wrong with the old HD and if it can be fixed. If I connect it to my desktop, using my "S-ATA&IDE-to-USB" adapter, the HD spins-up but just makes continuous clicking noise and is not recognized as a new device by the desktop's XP operating system. Is the hardware bad or is there a boot file that is corrupt? I'm looking for suggestions - thanks - Bill in Maryland

Answer:Laptop Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noises

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I've been through 2 HP laptops already. Both were returned because they had the same problem: A semi-loud tapping noise, in sync with the hard drive light on the side of the laptop. After returning the second laptop I went back to best buy and they said that there was nothing wrong with the first laptop I'd returned. Afterwards I went to Costco and bought a 3rd HP laptop which was a different model, but the problem is still there. So the question is: Should I return this laptop and boycott HP, or is this just a normal sound that HP laptops make?Video:

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Hello there, can somebody please help?

I think my laptop is in real trouble, the hard drive (or what I think is the hard drive) is making lots of clicking noises and my battery life is running down when the adaptor is plugged in. It only seems to be running down when the Hard drive is making these clicking sounds. When the power mode is in Power saver sometimes the clicking stops and the battery life fills up again, but recently its been doing it even in Power saver mode.

I am moving all of my files on to an external hard drive even though I have a lot of stuff on my lap top.I cannnot afford a new laptop

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you

Answer:Equium - Hard drive making clicking noises

Hi buddy,

How to help you without knowing your exact notebook model?

Generally speaking if the HDD makes clicking noises it?s time to replace it. Backup on an external drive was a very good idea.

And how you can loose battery life if AC adaptor is connected? I don?t understand this.

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My system is a Dell OptiPlex has dual core processor...2.8 Ghz...2 Gb RAM...XP Pro with all current updates.

I've been noticing a lot of folks on various forums lately having trouble with XP in general.

Mine in particular had been making noises every time I move my mouse.

I used Process Explorer to determine that Deferred Procedure Calls were happening during the noises...and these weren't happening a couple of months ago. I haven't gotten an answer as to how to determine what those DPC's were.

I did a check disk several days ago and found no issues. I then did a Defrag (27%)...and it ran good for about 2 hours...then started acting up again.

I got pizzed at the performance...and reloaded XP Pro...then got ALL MS updates.

Still a little noisy.

Ran check disk again...nothing. Ran Defrag again...14% I did that again.

STILL a little noisy...but MUCH faster for sure.

Afraid to download Jave Runtime environment and all the Adobe crap that websites want you to have to force you to watch adverts.

Anyone having similar experiences?

Thoughts and comments MOST welcome!

Answer:Hard Drive Noises and Deferred Procedure Calls

1) XP is NOT prone to problems. It's been around 8 years and is among the most reliable OS's there is.2) How are you running checkdisk? With XP, the correct method is to boot to the recovery console and run chkdsk /r

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I'm having a problem with my external hard drive connecting to the computer, and now just recently, it started making noises ( they sound like beeps and whirs ) but then it stops and the noises continue, I don't know what's going on with it. What's it doing and is anything on it savalgable? Thanks in advance!

Answer:Weird noises coming from external hard drive

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I was a defragmenting my hard drive while playing a game, suddenly my hard drive starts making weird noises. My windows got stuck and i was still able to play the game. So i restarted my computer with the button, BIOS loading longer then normal, so i taked a look at BIOS post message.

It said:
Auto Detecting SATA1: Samsung <harddrive number in system specs>
Auto Detecting SATA2: ATAPI CD-ROM

And when Auto Detecting SATA2 came up screen the hard drive starts making an weird noise. Then it loads to an black screen with a blinking text cursor.

Here's an video (low quality, sorry!)

If needed, i will record the sound also.




Answer:SATA Hard Drive making weird noises

Is it a kind of clunking sound ? Some times when you hard boot a drive the disk platters get damaged from the heads, sound like this is what has happened to your drive.

I am no expert but there are a few here who might be able to give you more info, but it reads to me like you have damaged your hard drive sorry man.


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for the last few days, one of my hard drives have been making a weird's like this : *click*click*...pause...*click*click*...pause...

it usually goes on for a few minutes and then stops. i haven't been able to connect this problem with something i'm doing while it's happening, it just starts for a few minutes and then stops. it was doing it a few minutes ago, and all i was doing was surfing the web.

the hard drive that is making the noise is a western digital 102AA WD Caviar 10.2gig IDE drive, Model # WDCWD102AA.

it may be noteworthy that i recently formatted the drive because i was getting messages from xp that said it was having a Delayed Write Failure. I googled this and found that some people got rid of this problem by formatting, so i did, and haven't had that message since. i think these two problems might be related.

also, i use this drive for storage only. windows is installed on my OTHER drive.

can anyone help me? i really don't want to lose this drive! i know it's not super big, but it's the best i can do right now, being a broke college student!


Answer:Solved: hard drive making *click* noises

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i just got the replacement toshiba lightscribe drive in the mail yesterday and it plays EVERYTHING fine but will NOT write without making u think the drive is about to self destruct. it gives off these weird crunching sounds like the drive is laboring really bad and it takes a minute for it to eject when this happens. can anyone help me before i call HP tomorrow and rip them a new one? unless im overlooking somethin i'd say i got a faulty drive.......AGAIN.

Answer:Solved: DVD/CD-R drive makes weird noises when writing

Don't write at max speed. Better test with lower speed option 16x or 24x. If it is again producing sound then call for ur h/w vendor. Try good quality media while writing not the cheaper one.

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I have an Alienware Sentia m3200. My optical drive is not working. If I insert a disc, I get the gruntish things every second or so, but the discs never show up. (See the wav file) If I was stingy on the info and specs, please ask for more info.

Any ideas?

Answer:Optical Drive won't read, makes strange noises.

Try a new ide cable, if that doesn`t help, uninstall the drive from your device manager and reboot your computer. Windows will redetect the drive.

If it`s still no go, your drive may have died on you and a replacement may be necessary.

Regards Howard

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A new laptop's empty DVD drive/tray makes a short little noise whenever the computer is turned on or woken from sleep, as well as randomly during use. When the DVD tray is open, the noise doesn't happen.
Could it point to something unsafe in the computer, or is it just another harmless annoyance that I can get used to and ignore (like fan noise in other computers, etc.)?

Thank you.

Answer:New Asus empty DVD drive makes noises. Safe?

Just an annoyance. Won't hurt anything.

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Hi! So I bought this laptop, an HP Pavilion 15-au028ca for school and after around 3 weeks or so of using it my hard drive has started to make some kind of crackling noise and since I use it for school, it's a huge problem has it distract me but also people around me. So I went to best buy where I bought it and an IT confirmed that it was infact the Hard Drive making noise but because the 14 days refund had passed they would not refund it or replace it. The offered me to buy an other laptop while they send it to HP for repair since it's still convered and then refund the laptop one mine came back from HP but the problem is that I don't have the money right now to just go and buy an other 1000$ Laptop. Also, it's my everyday laptop for school, I'm studiying in computer science so I use it every day and I really can't afford to go a week (or more) without it. Now, some people proposed that I could swap the HDD for a SSD but I just wanted to know first if there was maybe an easy fix that would require me to go out an buy a 400$ SSD or could I work out with HP diretcly in order to fix my issue? I honestly don't know what to do, any help/anwser is highly appreciated. Thanks Antoine.

Answer:HP Pavilion 15-au028ca Hard drive making crackling noises

Your system will operate much faster, quiter and cooler with a SSD.I found a Mushkin 500G SSD on NewEgg for only $119.99.  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.        If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks!

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I just reinstalled my OS on the computer, because the computer was quite slow.  It has 384 MB RAM.  But even after the install programs take forever to load on it or get uninstalled, and there is a near constant noise from the HD I think or the CPU or something (you know the noises the computer makes when it is doing something like browsing to a page or opening an explorer window)It cant be a virus since I just did a clean reinstall, so why the computer acting slow

Answer:gateway desktop 500 makes hard drive noises and is slow

Quote from: shashgo on October 01, 2009, 09:08:24 AM It has 384 MB RAM.  That's your first problem. As for the noise, two thoughts:1) If it's a clicking or grinding noise from the hd (unlike anything you're used to), the hd is dying2) If it's just the sound of background processing, open task manager to the processes tab, sort on the cpu column and see which process is active.

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I just purchased this Asus Notebook for less than a $100 about a month ago and i like this notebook very very much, i literally think i got a steal on it but there are problems i have no experience with that id like to have ironed out. The CD/DVD disk drive is constantly making noises with no disk media present in the drive. It just clicks/buzzes away especially on start-up or when i plug in a device. What is even stranger is the fact that it clicks away when I'm doing almost nothing or the computer is doing almost nothing

This notebook runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Device manager reads: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208BB

I don't know if this is a driver problem but i do plan to download all possible drivers for this computer and store them CD or USB when ever i get the chance.

Thanks Everybody

Answer:Asus X54C-BBK21's CD/DVD drive is forever making noises

I think that's the original OS, if so then it will already have the right drivers for that Optical drive.

A quick fix would be to leave the Optical drive tray open or leave a disk inside it. Or you could replace the drive, any DVDRW drive should work, the only complications are you need one that will take the original faceplate (there are several different ones) and there may be an adapter that fits between the current drive and the connector inside the laptop, if so you will have to transfer that to the new drive, it's usually easy to do.

You can make backups of all the drivers, or just the non-microsoft ones, with this free program :-
I use it myself and it works well. It may not save everything you need for the more complex drivers, like Video and Audio, but it's still very useful. You can reinstall the saved drivers using the program too.

If you need to download any drivers you should only get them from the maker's website, that way if any have been customised for that particular laptop you get the right ones.

EDIT : forgot to say Welcome to TSG GoblinShark !

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My computer has a slow start up, and after its done, you know the noise you hear when you click something, it prosses that, well i hear that like ever hhalf second. duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh, and when i watch videos, its skipps every half second, programs load slow, i do cleanup! and xoftscan and alot of other things, can see whats wrong? thank you.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:48:12 PM, on 1/7/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)

Running processes:
c:\program files\\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\New Boundary\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS
C:\Program Files\Digital Media Reader\shwiconem.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Realtek\InstallShield\AzMixerSel.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee.... Read more

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Here's a video.

Please advise what the issue might be?

I know I don't have the USB cable attached in the video but that doesn't make any difference.

Also I notice there's two pins next to the power connector, should this have a jumper, I have the caddy / docking station plugged into my MacBook via USB ?


Answer:Satellite P300 2TB sata drive makes 6 noises in repetition


I'm having the same issue with this product. I've got the drive plugged in with sata and power, but it makes the 6 noises and won't appear in the Bios so is currently unusable. Did you fix the issue?

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I've been having trouble getting disks to read.A few days ago I was able to get one to come up but for the majority of the time, it doesn't work and there are way to many noises for it to be 'ok' I assume I need to get a new CD/DVD part?Is there a certain one I need to get?Ebay only has about 3 that actually have the computers name in it so I was wondering if there are others I can get..hopefully not to costly.

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I just received my t400 and the driver makes such a loud noises and shakes a bit. I can't even hear my movie because the sound is abnormally loud. Can someone tell what could be a problem with my new labtop? Thank you

Answer:t 400 optical drive make funny loud noises when watching movie!!

The question would be is that always occuring with all DVD??? Are you watching original DVD or pirated versions??? Loud noises and shakes are usually associated with a unbalanced DVD disc, such as those cheap pirated DVD. If it is occuring in all original dvd disc then, the drive motor mechanism or laser diode actutator mechanism or even the laser head assembly itself (poorly aligned and have trouble picking up signal, so it constantly goes through a seeking cycle) are bad, in which case it is advisable you call Lenovo support to get a dvd drive replacement sent to you.

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Hello Friends... My PC was giving, system battery low, message so i replaced cmos battery but it didn't boot until i set bios to its default values so finally i was able to boot but my hard drive is making strange noises now so even if right click and press refresh in the dialogue box, my hard drive produces sound and a light appears on the front of casing where i think Hard Drive is located.... Some kind soul told me to change my bios to its previous settings but i am wondering how do i do that?? is this strange behavior of my hard drive related to Cmos battery change or alteration of bios settings?? I just realized that i have made another thread probably too soon but i thought i should have a different one for a different question but still my apologies to Admin... Thank You...

Answer:Cmos battery changed but hard drive is producing strange noises...

I dont think the 2 are related. your bios has no effect on your harddrive once the system has posted. once windows starts loading its windows drivers that run the show.

I beleive your hard drive might be on its last legs. you could run some hard drive utilities to test for bad sectors ect, but in the mean time id grab yourself a spare harddrive and back everything up just in case

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The harddrive makes this chirping noise for about 20 seconds when I power on the computer, please see the link.

please add the http www as I can't post links because I'm a new member

After that and the rest of the time it runs fine.

Could it be a power supply issue on startup or is there something definitely wrong with my hard drive.

Many thanks

Answer:Seagate Hard drive makes horrible chirping noises on boot-up

It's most likely a dying hard drive. It may still be under a 5-year warranty

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Will this louder than normal noise get quieter with time?

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Hello everyone, A few days ago I wanted to copy some files from a DVD to my hard drive, when I heard some very disturbing clunking sounds coming from the computer. I thought it was the DVD, but actually I was able to use that same disc on another computer with no problems, and as it turned out, the sounds were actually coming from my hard drive. Every 20 minutes or so it would make this short sound, like a hiccup or a beep of some sort. At one point I got a blue screen (BSOD), unfortunately I did not write down the error code. After restarting, it went into chkdksk. I let it do its thing but then after each subsequent restart it would ask to chkdsk again. It's only today that I first had a chkdsk-free boot-up. Now my hard drive is not making noises anymore, but if I am to insert a CD/DVD and read from it, the sounds appear again, and I'm not sure whether it's from the DVD-ROM or from the HDD. I tend to think it's the HDD but I don't see why DVD-ROM activity would trigger it. I even took a look under the hood to see if there were any loose IDE or power cables - everything looked fine, both for the HDD and for the DVD-ROM! The problem is, however, that my computer has become very slow ever since all of this started. I can still use it but it is much slower than usual, especially with tasks that require fast dataflow from the HDD. Looking at &quot;Loading&quot; progress bars for example, it seems that the HDD reads in &quot;bursts&quot; r... Read more

Answer:Hard drive problems (slow read/write, noises, BSODs)

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hello all.
i have a 4 month old windows 7 samsung sens series 550P5C/550P7C laptop, with a TSST corp DVDWBD TS-LB23D (SC02) dvd/blue ray drive.
recently it has started making a disturbing rattling noise when i put a game disc in, however it doesn't when i try a movie dvd. its also a bit iffy in terms of performance when i try to install or play a game.
i've gone through samsung's TSST support website and installed the latest drivers, to no noticeable improvement.
i was willing to write it off as a broken component, if it wasn't for the fact it works fine with some dics but not others.
any ideas?

Answer:samsung laptop blueray/dvd drive making ominous noises with SOME discs

I can only suggest that it may be down to the quality of the Game CD and how many times you use them as compared to a DVD movie. Try cleaning the discs first.

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Hi there people, This a follow to a previous thread I started as my former 400 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 HDD was faulty. I have since returned it to Seagate who took over a month to send me a new one!

The problem is the one they sent me doesn't seem to work either, it makes a horrible noise on start-up and then in Bios it reports the status as bad and advises to first back up and then replace the drive. Once it boots into windows it seems o.k but often causes crashes and some really slow performance. I use it as a media drive and it has a lot of video and audio files on it.

The problem is really getting to me as I need the drive for my work and I worried that if I send them back this drive they are just going to send me another that doesn't work and also it cost me every time I send it back! If anyone has anay advice on what it could be please let me know, does it sound as if it's a problem with the rest of my pc or just the drives their sending me? The first HDD problem was different to this one so I guess it's just the drives that are at fault.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Seagate Hard drive has bad status and makes horrible noises on boot-up!

Difficult to tell, depends on the noise, is it clicking, or whirring noisily ?

Tried chkdsk to scan your hard drive in search of a wide range of errors. This tool can also attempt to correct a number of hard drive problems.

Would lean more towards the HDD being faulty rather then the PC, but as I said difficult to tell without further analysis.


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I'm not particularly PC-savvy so please bare with me and my 'beginner' like amount of knowledge.

Recently upgraded my home audio production studio computer with a new PC from, spec as below:

Processor (CPU) Intel® Core?i7 Processor i7-860 (2.80GHz) 8MB Cache + HyperThreading
Motherboard ASUS® P7P55D PRO: DDR3, S-ATA II, 3 x PCI-Ex, 2 x PCI
Operating System Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit - inc DVD & Licence (£79)
Memory - 1st Hard Disk 2TB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 32MB CACHE (7,200rpm)
2nd Hard Disk NONE
2nd Graphics Card NONE
Network Facilities ONBOARD 10/100/1000 GIGABIT LAN PORT
Floppy Disk Drive NONE
Memory Card Reader INTERNAL 52 IN 1 CARD READER (READS XD, MS, CF, SD, etc)
Power Supply & Case Cooling 450W Quiet Dual Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan (£25)
Firewire & Video Editing 2 x IEEE 1394a FIREWIRE PORTS (1 onboard, 1 at back panel)

First thing I ca... Read more

Answer:Background noises / audio interference when accessing hard drive, moving mouse and..

This may be a stupid answer... are all inputs, like mic, cdrom, aux input and ect. disabled or turned down...

just an idea...

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I have -- "had" -- two SimpleTech external hard drives. One I purchased last year, 320G, and it worked perfectly. But it had an adaptor, and I was getting tired of all the wires cluttering my small computer desk, so I wanted to buy an external hard drive powered by USB only. So last week, I bought a Signature Mini, also by SimpleTech, that was capable of being powered by USB. After formatting it MS-DOS, following the instructions to prep it for use on both Macs and PCs, I transferred all my files from the old drive to the new drive. Then, since I have a Macbook, I used Disk Utility > Zero All Data, to erase all the data from my old drive -- data, which had successfully transferred to my new drive. I planned to give this old drive to my dad.

Using my other laptop which has Windows XP, I began to download some of my data from an online storage website that is going to shut down in about a month. I downloaded these files directly into my new external hard drive, and left the download running overnight.

The next morning, the download was finished, so I unplugged the new drive and plugged it back into my MacBook. The new drive began making clicking noises, and it wasn't showing up on my desktop. I immediately knew that these noises meant an internal hardware problem, so I unplugged the drive immediately. Since then, I have occasionally plugged the new drive in just to see if the problem possibly corrected itself, but it still makes clicking noises and refuses t... Read more

Answer:External Hard Drive: "Zero" Erasure and Clicking Noises

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I am having speed/space issues with my Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop. I'm running Windows XP. The last week or so it has been taking an inordinate amount of time to bring up new windows, change tabs in Firefox, etc., even bringing up the Start Menu takes time and makes a lot of noise. I've also noticed that there is very little space left on my hard drive. I have continued to move photos to a USB key and delete old files, but the space keeps filling up, and I don't know what's causing it. I also had one incident this week where I typed a web address into Firefox (I don't remember exactly which site--something very regular like Facebook or Gmail) and it brought up a completely different site with questionable content (no, it was not a pop-up, and the page I wanted didn't load in a new tab or anything). I am putting a HijackThis log below.

Thank you much for your help!


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:46:50 AM, on 5/8/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.17023)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ash... Read more

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Question: Serious grinding!

OK not serious but at the moment my hard drive will not shut up, constant CPU usage between 3 and 6 percent accessing something. All I can see in the task manager is a little bit of avg and some system tasks. Im at a dead loss on this. I thought I had it sorted when I told the .net framework to sort its self out all in one go instead of using a background process but it has started again.

Anyway any chance of you guys glancing over the hijack log.


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 09:44:36, on 07/11/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgchsvx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgrsx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgcsrvx.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories\XboxStat.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTProAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking10\Program\natspeak.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Java... Read more

Answer:Serious grinding!

C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe, the Java Quick Starter service can cause unnecessary disk access. Unless you use a lot of Java applications and want them to start as fast as possible, open services.msc (Start->Run->services.msc) and change its startup type to manual. This is a particularly annoying service and will re-enable itself everytime you update the Java Runtime Environment.

I'd also disable the Java Update Scheduler (C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe) and the installshield update service (C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe) but then I prefer to take manual control of my updates rather than letting them happen automatically.



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Question: grinding fan

I have a fatal1ty an8 sli motherboard and the smaller fan on it sometimes will make a grinding noise. it'll speed up, then come to a near halt(this is when it makes the grinding noise) and then speed back up and repeat the process. in the image below it's the orange fan near the bottom left. sometimes the fan works normally but usually it does this...should i be worried? the metal part of the fan is hot enough that i can barely touch it for a few seconds before i have to stop.

Answer:grinding fan

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Question: T61 grinding fan

I have a T61 7658 CTO, and the fan has been making more and more noise as time has gone by.  It started as a light clicking while the fan is running, and now it makes a fairly loud grinding noise.  I'm well out of warranty, so that's not an option.  Does anyone know if there's a way I can fix this, or do I need to replace the fan?  If I do need to replace the fan, any idea where I can get one?

Answer:T61 grinding fan

Bearing on the fan is properly running out of lubrication. Someone say, if you pull on the fan itself, it should pop off, which allows you add some high quality bearing oil/grease. I never tried this myself, so i don't know whether this will actually works.  If worst comes to worst, just replace the fan yourself, you can source one from ebay for around 70 to 100 USD.  Message Edited by lead_org on 04-05-2009 07:54 PM

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Question: grinding help

beside the fact it is very annoying sometimes my hard drive just grinding away for no reason. i did a gwscan on the Hd no errors found should i be curious abut this? is this happening to any oneelse? i have windows vista home premium express upgrade 32bit

thank you

Answer:grinding help

I would back up any important data asap.

Grinding is not good, your system may crash soon, I dont mean to scare you but, usually grinding on a HD drive means it wont be lasting very long

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Hello Techspot. So, yesterday I built a new computer with various parts from different internet stores. I assembled it and booted it up. When everything was done and I was configuring the windows updates I noticed a ''scratching''-like sound from the hard drive. I have no idea what it might be, it's a completely new Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black from ( a swedish site ). What might be the problem?

Answer:Hard drive noises on a new hard drive

I have the same drive, a 1tb caviar black... the noise is normal for high performance drives...

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Question: Grinding noise?

can someone please help me?
just a few minutes ago i was simply browsing and heard a loud grinding noise from my pc, i checked all the fans and it seems to be from the gpu, i restarted pc and still goes on. i left it off for now but i cant seem to find the cause, nothing is hitting anything

Answer:Grinding noise?

You wouldn't be able to see anything. The grinding noise occurs when the ball bearings go ( at one point the balls start showing wear and don't run "round" anymore, causing the fanblades to tumble.)
Simple solution: you need a new fan. In cases of emergency (like you can't get your hands on a new fan anytime soon) there is a way to prolong the life of the fan a little bit. You get some graphite powder from your automotive supplier, peel back the fan label and carefully put a little bit onto the center of the fan.
I really mean CAREFUL the stuff is worse on cloth than laser toner
Make sure to put the label back on and don't use any form of will only cause a mess.

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Hello, Im getting a nasty noise from my pc at start up, never on restart. Ive had the cover off and tested the PSU but its fine ,also replaced fan on heatsink, it made no difference. Its definitley coming from the heatsink or CPU, very odd. Luckily I have a new motherboard bundle waiting for Xmas! Everything backed up. Cheers.

Answer:Grinding noise From CPU?

Stop each fan in the system one at a time. Use something like a coffee stir stick to hold the fan blades. Insert the stick before you pw ON not after.

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hello i just build a i7 cpu this past weekend and i noticed the past 2 days everytime i have the computer on for 3 hours or so i get a grinding sound. can someone please help idk what this is

Answer:grinding sound please help

You'll have to take the cover off your case when you hear it and see for yourself. It could be any of the fans doing it.

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Hi friends,

Last week when I turned on the computer, there was a grinding sound from inside the CPU. Suddenly I turned off
and opened it.I thought it was coz of dust.So cleaned and again turned on,then it worked fine.Yesterday morning when I turned it on,again it made that grinding sound.I don't know whats wrong with my CPU. The hard disk,motherboard,SMPS all are new .Is there any problem with my CPU fan or HD?Today morning also I got the same problem.I turned off and removed the side panel.Then again turned on and now its working fine.I think the sound is probably from the fan.But the SMPS is new one.So I'm confused that is it power supply fan or CPU fan or will it be the HDD. Plz help me...!!

Answer:Grinding Sound From CPU

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